Homstand finale

It’s gonna be a warm one today…but for those in Bleacher Beach, I’m sure they’ll be getting cooled off by Supersoakers. I wonder if they can bring those to the press box!

With Stults as today’s starter, we had to make a move and Abreu got sent back down. Given how well he’s played in the minors, I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s back.

It’s pretty amazing that even with the struggles we’ve had of late, we are still tied with the Yankees for the largest lead in baseball. But with a big series in San Fran coming up after today, a victory and some momentum would be nice this afternoon.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Loretta, 1B

Stults, P




  1. kpookiemon

    Don’t mind Loney sitting in the least, but you know Ned has done a “heck of a job” when your replacement is the fearsome Mark Loretta. Good luck, Stults…too bad he’s not going tomorrow…he owns the Gnats.

  2. trublu4ever

    Several of us will be in San Francisco tomorrow to cheer you on, Dodger Blue!

  3. shad80

    Fielder: ‘I know there are better ways’Comment Email Print Share ESPN.com news services

    Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder expressed subtle regret Friday over his actions earlier this week after being hit by a pitch in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Fielder had said he didn’t “remember” his delayed reaction after reliever Guillermo Mota, a former teammate, hit him with two outs in the ninth inning of the 17-4 Dodgers win, presumably as payback for Chris Smith grazing Manny Ramirez with a pitch two innings earlier.

    “I don’t feel I overreacted [to being thrown at], but I feel like my actions probably weren’t the best,” Fielder said, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “I know there are better ways of handling it. I’ve learned from it.”

    Fielder and Mota were fined undisclosed amounts Thursday by Major League Baseball and won’t face suspensions.

    “If I had it to do over again, I would have acted differently,” Fielder said Friday. “But it happened and it’s over with and I’m ready to play baseball.”

    After the Tuesday night game, Fielder charged across a hallway toward the Dodgers’ clubhouse but was restrained by teammates and security.

    Prince, this year’s All-Star home run derby champion, has been hit by eight pitches this season and 46 during his five-year major league career.

    “I think he was just trying to come inside and it got away from him,” Fielder said Wednesday. “He was trying to hit his spot. I wish he hit his spot, but it just missed. All that other stuff is out of my control.”

    Information from The Associated Press was used in this report

    By shad15 on August 9, 2009 10:45 AM
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    Mota known exactly what he was doing lol

  4. nellyjune

    A win and some momentum would be nice today considering some of us are going to the game tomorrow night at AT&T Park. A car with half Dodgers fans and half gnat fans. For half of us, the ride home is going to be a very long 2 hours or so.

  5. shad80

    I want a beat down today those last 2 games should’ve been a win and a Giants and Rockies lost. I remember when Stultz had more wins than Kuroda and Wolf combined if I’m not mistaken. Stults has always pitch well at Dodgers stadium.

    Home (2009) 1.83 3 0 0 0 3 3 1 19.2 14 4 4 1 5 11 .194
    Quick Splits
    VS. LEFT: .323 / .978 VS. RIGHT: .255 / .745 HOME: .194 / .571 AWAY: .320 / .938

  6. aeversw

    At least Loretta is batting 8th and not 5th or 6th like he used to when he would start. Joe Torre’s bullpen management has been horrible this series. I really cant wait until he’s gone. He is completely in love with lefty/righty righty/lefty matchups and it has caused him to make bad decisions and burn up so many arms it’s freaking ridiculous. No wonder he hasn’t won a series since 2001.

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Guys and Gals
    Josh, the only difference between the Yankees 5 1/2 game lead and ours, is that theirs is going up and ours is coming down.
    Come on Stults, bring us some magic.
    We’ve gotten very good pitching but that hasn’t help.
    I guess the thing is to solve any secrets that Javier Vazquez has hidden up his sleeve besides his arm.
    GO BLUE CREW***********

  8. nellyjune

    I hope so too bluecrewgirl. Dodger4life will be with us and we are meeting Collie and his wife there also. So, as far as our group, the gnat fans are outnumbered, but they do have most of the other fans in the stadium on their side. I believe we are on the right side, so we will be able to protect our boys as much as we can. I bought separate tickets for my son and his friend. He wanted leftfield, so I thought it would be best. He and I “usually” don’t get along too well during these games. I say “usually” because he did behave himself at Dodger Stadium, which I think it was because of Dodgereric and his wife to be honest, not to mention we did win that game. I really think he will behave with Collie around too, but he really wanted to sit in the left field bleachers (sorry Manny and/or JP), and that is the last place I wanted to be.

  9. oldbrooklynfan

    I will be here for the entire game today as my daughter Claudine, whom I’m ususlly with on Sundays, is at summer camp.

  10. shad80

    hahahahaha to bad Philly not playing another west team but it look like they going to get sweep and I hope so can’t stand them

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Don’t worry Shad, the Phillies won’t be up there forever.
    Maybe this entire season, but not forever.

  12. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Hey everybody… If we lose this game… we could be in BIG trouble. The Giants are playing great, and going up there, if we’re only up 4.5 games… They could really do some damage to us in NorCal…. Come on Blue! Snap out of this crap!!

  13. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Do any of you want to root for the team that could have a historical collapse!?!? ME NEITHER!! THIS NEEDS TO END NOW!! This team is way too good for this crap!!

  14. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    We just look stupid bad lately!!! Like we’re a bunch of clueless ********!! We were the class of the league for 3 months… WAKE UP!! YA DUMB *****!!! WE’RE GETTING CAUGHT! PLAY FREAKING BASEBALL!!!

  15. edog07

    Our hitters look over matched by this pitcher. Not sure if they are tired from a long series or what. This guy might get 15 k’s at this rate…

  16. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    You know… Last night… we were destroyed by a guy who is now 6-9…. Today, we’re getting killed by Vasquez….. granted he’s a good pitcher… But all we’re doing is proving all the analysts, all the people who say the nl west is weak… we’re proving them right. The schedule has been kind to Colorado and the Giants lately… Not to us so much. I was really worried about this stretch. We seem to not be doing too hot against teams outside of the nl west!

  17. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    It’s just frustrating watching a team go from having a great season and playing pretty much perfect to this…. Or were they just getting lucky?

  18. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Yes Edog… but we’ve been 1 or 2 all year in avg and hits and all the batting categories… and now we can’t hit worth a lick????

  19. messagebear@msn.com

    CO and the Giants have to play outside the division the same number of times that we do; so, there is no disparity there. The difference is that our pitching has been suspect all along, but has really overachieved, but now it looks like we’re being outpitched by pretty much everybody. Is that because Manny*roid isn’t the savior anymore? Well, in my book he’s going straight down, and we’re going to regret having him for this season and next just as much as we’ve been disgusted with having JP’s contract hanging around our necks. That’s what comes of opting for a promotional centerpiece instead of getting a starting pitcher or two.

  20. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    This is about what I expected out of Stults, he’s a decent pitcher and he’ll keep us in the game more than likely… but WE HAVE TO SCORE!!

  21. nellyjune

    Kind of makes you wonder what that secret meeting was all about, doesn’t it? Other than Andre’s walk-off, it really didn’t seem to motivate them much.

    On the bright side, Eric Stults isn’t really doing too bad. We just need to score some runs for him.

  22. messagebear@msn.com

    Have to ask how we wind up with bench guys like Sweeney and Loretta year after year – good question, eh, Ned.

  23. boblee4014

    We’re in big trouble here. we’re 10 and 11 since the all-star break. Our pitching not getting the job done with the exception of Kershaw and we’ve shown some holes on defense (catching) and we’re definately not getting timely hits. What’s with Matt watching so many called third strikes? If you go down swinging than you’ve at least tried to do your job. but to watch it go by, unacceptable…

  24. messagebear@msn.com

    Might help too if we had a manager with any kind of fire in his belly. He might go out on the field and argue a call or two, and get kicked out. He could kick a water cooler or two, or get into somebody’s face once in a while. Only, he would have to look alive first.

  25. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    messagebear… it’s who CO and SF have had to play lately that are outside of the division…. I think we’ll be ok, but this lead is going to dwindle. We’ve been playing St. Louis and Atlanta an awful lot… They get to play the Reds, the Cubbies are nothing anymore for the Rox… and so on…. Yes our pitching is finally getting caught up with. As far as I’m concerned, unless our bats wake up and start hitting at the clip that we were… We’re in big trouble.

  26. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    I agree with that too…. messagebear….. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that Bowas has been VERY quiet

  27. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Now that’s ******* embarassing!!! This group looks like the freakin’ Nats… Not a 1st place team trying to win a division!!! Come on man!!! Play some freakin baseball!!!!

  28. edog07

    Stults in some trouble here.. I think the main problem is our pitching thinks they have to be PERFECT to win and that puts a lot of presure on them. We need some runs to put them to ease.. So far nothing going here and the whole is looking to get deeper with bases loaded no out…

  29. messagebear@msn.com

    The first face that Joe should get into is Ned’s for not getting his job done. Like, how long have we talked about needing to get some pitching. Take old Ned by his mustache and shove his gd head in a toilet like for a minute or two to get his attention. Boy, would I love to do that!
    You miserable total misfit of a GM; I’d love to smash your head into the nearest locker if you ever came down from your box. Fire his damn ***!

  30. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    can we score 4 runs right now!?!? Maybe we should have saved some of those 17 runs against the Brewers so we could use them through out the week?

  31. nellyjune

    messagebear – I thought that all along during the off-season. They were spending way too much time playing cat and mouse with MannyBorasss and didn’t focus on what we really needed………pitching. We lost Manny due to a 50-game suspension, and for this last month he really hasn’t done much since he has been back, other than the walk-off, but Andre’s had five walk-offs. So, the rest of this “team” has gotten us this far.

  32. edog07

    I think stults is about what we could expect from a 5th starter.. Throw strikes and keep us close. Now we need to get some runs.

  33. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    WEAK!!! We have no freaking FIRE!! Pummell him Manny!! Come on!!! Are we trying to lose!?!!? I don’t get it

  34. oldbrooklynfan

    How could Bowa send in Manny, I know runs are scace, but he had no chance, unless the ball was thrown away.

  35. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    All I’m saying is that we don’t have the LOOK of a team who wants to win… There’s no fire… there’s no excitement… we just look beat

  36. oldbrooklynfan

    We did pretty good last inning with Vasquez and maybe a little baserunning may’ve helped.
    Sometimes that happens, Let’s see.

  37. edog07

    Maybe a rival series with the Giants is what we need to get this thing kick started.

    Lets get Odog home…

  38. edog07

    Looked over Martin’s Fielding stats and they don’t look much off of last year. I wonder why they feel so much worse. Are our pitchers just getting credit for far more wild pitches? Is there a good site for looking that up?

  39. edog07

    Found 56 Wild Pitches for this year.. Not sure what it was last year.. But we are second worst in the category. Only KC has more.

  40. edog07

    Ok.. So this year we are now at 57 Wild pitches last year all year we had 47… Is that the pitchers or Martin?

  41. truebluewill

    I agree oldbrooklynfan. Vazquez doesn’t seem so dominating now. We’re hitting the ball hard but it’s right at someone.

  42. oldbrooklynfan

    It seems we always get into this rut, when our pitching
    is good, the hitters have a tough time scoring runs or the opposing pitching matches or betters us.
    Sometimes we’re scoring runs and pitchers give the runs right back.
    We had a great start this year, for whatever reason, I hope we can hold on.

  43. kpookiemon

    Well, as long as we’re all frustrated…….I was thinking about the “youth movement” and how it’s been quietly subverted by the PVL infusion Torre and Ned seem so comfortable with: Pierre, Blake, Manny, Hudson, Furcal (to some extent), Wolf, the 5th-starter garbage collection Ned amassed in Spring Training. This team never seemed the “best” in baseball to me at any time this season. Sorry. Ned’s legacy will always be FA signings…he just never had the smarts or the guile or the creativity or the walnuts to pull off a good, old-fashioned trade, ala Campanis. Maybe the free agency era precludes such moves. Don’t know. But as the season settles into a dog fight I REALLY hope Logan White takes the reins next year and brings back that side-tracked youth movement; Uncle Joe can follow Ned out the door the season after.

  44. messagebear@msn.com

    Hear, hear, kahli!!!
    It also seems to me like either Ned or Torre, or probably both, insist on keeping some overdone PVL like Loretta in place when either DeWitt or Abreu could do at least as well and might have a chance to improve as the season goes along if they’re simply left to fill that spot at the major league level. Instead, we just yo-yo a couple of young guys along and don’t give them the chance to develop either at AAA or with the Dodgers. What’s Loretta bringing to the plate as far as our future goes?

  45. nellyjune

    Did you see highlights of the Phillies/Marlins game? Other than the Phillies getting pounded, in the 7th inning, Victorino got ejected from centerfield for making a comment about a called ball. That must have been some comment (and I am guessing it was)!! I mean I am not a Phillies fan by any means, but that was just very unusual and seemed a little extreme to me.

    Note to Manny, Matt and Andre – keep your mouth shut!!

  46. truebluewill

    Can’t say enough about the job Weaver did today. We still got a shot to win this game. Come boys show some fight.

  47. boblee4014

    Well, I’m outta here. Tired of watching this team flounder. As I said earlier in the year, when we face average to good pitching, we suck. The Giants are going to make us look bad in their ballpark this coming week. I’m ready for football to begin. I’m afraid we’re going to suck come the playoffs.

  48. messagebear@msn.com

    If Martin has got a wussy bat, then Loretta has a WUSSY, WUSSY bat, and he’s a real wussy himself, and I mean the kind of wussy that ought to go and play with a ball of yarn someplace.

  49. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Got to say I’m puzzled and concerned about this too. These pitchers can’t all be that good.
    Nothing to do but wait for the luck to turn and hope we’re still in good shape when it does. And try not to throw anything very valuable.

  50. bluesplash09

    It’s officially time to start worrying veryone, if we play like this in san fran then you can kiss this division goodbye

  51. nellyjune

    I am guessing we may find exactly what was said. I wasn’t paying that close attention. I just saw the umpire eject Victorino while out in centerfield, and then Victorino had even more to say and then got really heated after that. The centerfielder that took his place committed two errors too. I think that goes as one of the strangest things to happen this season in the league.

  52. northstateblues

    I’d rather have the team learn they’re human in August than in September or October. Luckily they’ve had such a good half that they can rebound from this much easier than if they had been a middling team.

    This can either make the team stronger in the long run, or it can sink us. And even if the Giants do good the next three days, who really thought we’d keep them at bay the whole season (no pun intended)? They always find a way, and we’ll always find a way to meet ’em halfway.

    After all, I wouldn’t want to go to the Playoffs with over 100 wins, that all but dooms your team to a wilted, listless October these days, and with wildcard teams who had to play their way in ’til the last day of the season, and other divisions with tight races, wilted and listless is among the first teams knocked out of October. Look at the Cubs of last year.

    They need a fire lit under their butts, or they’re gonna walk into the postseason, egos inflated, thinking they’re the Lakers, untouchable and unconcerned with the team they’re currently playing against, visions of pinstripes dancing in their heads.

    They need to snap out of it, and hopefully that’s what’ll come of this series, and hopefully Tommy’s waiting red-faced in the clubhouse to fire ’em up for this next series. ‘Cause right now, this isn’t cutting it.

  53. messagebear@msn.com

    If we can’t do better than play .500 ball, which we’ve now been doing since the AS Game, we’re not going to the playoffs in spite of the great record that we have accumulated so far in the season. A .500 playing ballclub shouldn’t be in the playoffs.

    FIRE NED NOW, if not sooner!!!

  54. 32and53fan

    I hope this pathetically mediocre performance we have seen from the Dodgers during that last couple of weeks is not the way they will continue for the rest of the season.

  55. messagebear@msn.com

    Of course, none of what I’m saying should prevent us from having a second bobblehead event and celebration of Manny*roid. What’s a season without the right kind of promotion, right, Frank?

  56. oldbrooklynfan

    It we could take 2 of 3 from the Giants I’d be very happy.
    As a matter of fact I’ll be dancing.

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    Well it looks like we’re holding on to 5 1/2, thanks to the Reds.
    Unless. HaHa
    I think it’s going to be real tough in SF, especially for us fans.
    But we’re pretty good at it.
    I know the team can handle it.

  58. truebluewill

    I know things look bleak now, but think back to last year late August. We had just lost the first game of the Arizona series to make it 8 in a row and 41/2 games out of first. We all know what happened next. Beating Haren and Webb in back to back series, winning 12 out of the next 13 and never looking back. You never know when things will turn around.

  59. truebluewill

    Tb4 ~ Good luck in SF. How many games are you going to? Who else from the ITD gang is going with you? Where are you sitting?

  60. dodgerzona

    Hello All,

    I don’t post very often..I’m really worried about this team
    Torre has wasted our BP..Ned need’s to go

    Logan or Kim for GM 2010

    Just my thought’s

    Hope they can at least take two from the Gnats

  61. bluecrewgirl

    It’s sad to see how many BP arms have been burned out this season and last season. Back when I was younger, you saw a lot of starters burned out

  62. shad80

    Get this freaking cancer off this team we was better with Pierre starter or else Manny get back on the juice you freaking bum.

  63. bluecrewgirl

    It’s sad to see how many BP arms have been burned out this season and last season on the Dodgers. Back when I was younger, you saw a lot of starters burned out from overuse and now, it’s the opposite, but even in this day and age, Torre seems to be one of the more conservative managers in terms # of innings he lets his starters go.

  64. shad80

    I’m not even sure if Grady was this bad or not. I know he used to leave starter in longer. I’d rather take him backl.

  65. trublu4ever

    TBW ~ NellyJune, Collie, Dodger4lifeand I are just going to Monday night’s game. We will be their good luck charm!

  66. truebluewill

    TB4 ~ They will certainly need you. Good luck and enjoy the game. And as we use to say in Brooklyn I hope you see the Dodgers “moider them Jints”.

  67. nellyjune

    Actually, Collie is going to Wednesday’s game as well. However, in a corporate luxury box with (I would think) all gnat fans. It’s okay, I am sure he is around gnat fans all the time because he actually lives in the bay area, and if not, he will get plenty of practice with my family tomorrow 🙂

  68. trublu4ever

    Thanks, TBW. I usually bring the Dodgers luck when they play in SF. I used to go with my girlfriend who is a Giant fan and the Dodgers would always win when I was there.

  69. bluecrewgirl

    I think you will all bring them good luck. They could use some right now. I think they’ll bounce back and fnish strong. Too bad a pretty solid outing by Stults and a great relief appearance by Weaver were all for nothing.

  70. nellyjune

    I have learned that for most gnat fans their primary goal is to beat the Dodgers and to watch us lose. It doesn’t matter under what circumstances, they just want to beat us and take pleasure in watching us lose, whether it’s to their benefit or not. Like last week when I was thinking the gnats beating the Phillies isn’t such a bad thing, they will and won’t ever think that way. That’s the difference between a gnat fan and a Dodger fan. The Dodger fan looks beyond this rivalry for something bigger, hopefully a playoff run. The gnat fan just looks forward to the next series with us. I did say most because my husband does at least recognize when the Dodgers do a good job, and I for the gnats as well. My son…………………. maybe twice all season has acknowledged that the Dodgers have done well. However, when we get into a debate about JP with my daughter, he is on my side of that debate – LOL!!!!! …………….because the gnats certainly don’t want him for the same reasons we want to get rid of him 🙂

  71. northstateblues

    Broken Record

    Manny being Nanny, Dodgers being Dodgers, and me, Blaschke, being THE GREATEST SPORTSWRITER/PSYCHIC EVER IN THE WORLD.

    By Pill Blaschke.

    LOS ANGELES – I told you so.

    The Atlanta Braves were true to form in their trouncing of the Dodgers.

    I told you so.

    The Dodgers, heavy on promoting their CHEATING, ILLEGITAMITE, NO GOOD BABY-EATING CHEAT, watch as their PRIZED PEDer fizzles in the California summer.

    I told you so.

    Not even usher William Gomez could save the Dodgers from an onslaught of Hotlanta nights. Now all the Dodgers have to look forward to is their once and future title as the Bums of Baseball.

    I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

    So as I dance on the grave of the Dodgers’ postseason hopes, I have only one thing to say to Dodgers fans.

    Do you know what it is?

    I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “Pie molds blue soul”.

    “Guy holds new pole”

    Getting warmer?

    “Rye bold flue hole”

    Just give up, I shouldn’t have expected more from you unwashed Dodger masses.

    The answer, in case you’re curious?


    Pill Blaschke can be found running away from angry Dodger fans through Elysian Park.

  72. truebluewill

    Actually I’ve been to SF 3 times love the city hate the Giants. I was never able to see a game there. In 2005 I was there for a week and wore my Dodger hat the whole time. No one said any thing to me, except for a cable car worker who didn’t want to let me on. He was joking.

  73. nellyjune

    truebluewill- It is one of the best cities in the world IMO, and AT&t Park is a pretty nice ballpark. It’s not Dodger Stadium, but it does have a pretty nice view (however, it’s very, very cold and windy at times). I have never been treated badly by a gnat fan, with the exception of my son on occasion – lol. I have some of the best conversations about our two teams with my custodian at our school. I think that is one of the coolest things about being a baseball fan are the ballparks themselves. They are all so very unique. I mean, really, if it had nothing to do with liking/disliking certain teams, wouldn’t that be the best adventure in the world…………..visiting every ballpark in the major leagues and even some minor league parks as well. I have been to all of the California parks, and they all have their uniqueness that makes them special. The Coliseum, where the A’s play, is probably the exception, but it’s just because the Coliseum is made for football. However, it’s very easy to get in and out of as far as location.

  74. messagebear@msn.com

    We need a humongous chorus of
    FIRE NED NOW, if not sooner!
    Retire Joe at the end of the season no matter what!

  75. nellyjune


    How is that messagebear? I am sure the chorus will ring in all through the night for you. I think this is the one area we all pretty much agree on, don’t you?

  76. trublu4ever

    R – E – T – I – R – E………………………………..J – O – E

  77. messagebear@msn.com

    Hey, I love that. that’ll make my evening, Nelly and Tru.
    I hope you both enjoy the series up north and bring some luck to our troops. You’re both the greatest!

  78. kpookiemon

    OK…time for a bit of perspective here in early August:
    Who’s MLB’s hottest team?
    Nationals, 8 in a row.
    Who’s MLB’s coldest team?
    Red Sox, lost 6 in a row, going from .5 games out to 6.5 games out in less than a week.
    Who are MLB’s second-and-third-coldest teams?
    Dodgers and Phils, lost 3 in a row.
    Who has the second biggest divisional lead in MLB?
    Dodgers, 5.5 games.
    Who has the third biggest divisional lead in MLB?
    Phils, 4 games.
    Who is the second hottest team in MLB (won 7 in a row) with the biggest divisional lead (6.5 games)?
    Aw, you know who……….
    My point? It’s the dog days……………………………

  79. nellyjune

    You are welcome messagebear!!!

    Thanks for the perspective Kahli. That is pretty crazy about the Nationals. I heard that today on ESPN as they were making sure the dbacks remain neighbors with the Padres at the bottom of our division.

  80. lbirken@aol.com

    Not going to stay long but I did learn something last night. Never again will I take the bus to a Dodger game with a group of people unless I have a written promise that the bus does not leave until the game is over. All of a sudden I see people in our group getting up to leave and I ask, what is going on, the game is not over! I found out later the bus was reserved until 11:30 which means the bus driver wanted to leave. Luckily for me and my wife, some of the people in our group had driven to the game instead of taking the bus and agreed to take us home. Too bad the Dodgers did not win another one in their last at bat.

    I know many of you blame Joe for the Dodgers fortunes lately but really, you need to look at the offense for what really ails this team. Yes, the pitching has problems and the bullpen has not been as steady as earlier in the season. Just look at the just completed series with the Braves. The Dodgers had to rely on a three run home run by Ethier to win one game but had there been a key hit in that game or any others except today and the Dodgers might at least split the series and perhaps won three. All these come from behind wins means the Dodgers are behind a lot. Again, I will concede the pitching has hurt the Dodgers, especially the walks and wild pitches but scoring some runs would go along way toward overcoming some pitching lapses.

  81. kpookiemon

    Agree, offense has been the dagger…as Manny goes so go the Dodgers. Love it or hate it. Since Blake’s home run Friday night, the Dodgers have scored three runs in 26 innings, two coming in their last at-bats. Manny needs to have a big series in Gnatville. He did man up with three hits, staying alive in the “who falls below .300 first” contest with Pierre.

  82. kpookiemon

    Torre has shuffled clean-up hitters like a deck of cards. There’s really only one player capable of protecting Manny and he’s still learning how hit. Kemp.

  83. nellyjune

    I think the bats will come around. I am more concerned with pitching arms (and other body parts) at this point, both from our SPs and our bullpen. Troncoso looked done today. I am hoping it was just a bad day on the mound, but it didn’t look good at all. ………..and then there is Billz, which as much grief as we have given him for being bad Chad lately, losing him for any amount of time would be a big hurt in the rotation.

  84. messagebear@msn.com

    I dread another Loaiza time approaching.
    Ned’s way of making up for what he didn’t do at the proper time is to try and do it after the trade deadline has passed and only the stiffs are available. When you see names like Smoltz and Padilla mentioned, it’s PVLs and Ned’s favorite trading time.
    Resist it, Ned. I don’t think they will prove to be the answer. I’d rather see Stultz and Elbert fill in for the missing pieces on our pitching staff than get some PVLs who’ve already proved that they can’t do the job for another contender.

  85. jhallwally

    Hello Everyone!!! Haven’t been around as I have been moving the last 2 weeks and for some reason they could not get my internet to work at my new place. I didn’t think I could live without TV and internet for 2 weeks. It sucks but can be done. I don’t recommend it however!!!! LOL!!! Good to be back in the loop as I’ve missed Dodger games and all your comments. Let’s hope our offense can get it turned around against the G’Nats!!! Very disappointing weekend for our Dodgers to say the least. Hope everyone is doing well and I will catch you later.

  86. nellyjune

    Wow!!! jhall was in the ITD House and early too!!! It’s good to see you,and we are glad you are back. It sounds like all is well. Cheer our Dodgers on tonight as some of us are going into enemy territory tonight (AT&T Park).

  87. dodgereric

    Hey Wally! Same town/state? Very depressing weekend of Dodger-watching. Tired of watching third strikes. Tired of watching Torre burn the bullpen. Etc, etc. I sure hope the bats wake up for the Giants, because a sweep is unacceptable©!!!

  88. jhallwally

    Hey Dad and Mom!!! Yep, same city and state. Have fun at the game Nelly!!! Agreed Dad, f-ing unacceptable!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  89. nellyjune

    Boy, what timing Eric!! ..and Good Morning!!! ………..I will try jhall. These are not my favorite games to even watch on tv, but there are a few of us from ITD going so my family will be outnumbered once again, at least within the group. They do, unlike last time, have the rest of the gnat fans on their side 🙂 Hopefully, this is the game where the Dodgers start turning things around a bit. This weekend a dreadful series that started with such a bang with Andre’s walk-off and then just died.

  90. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Tough homestand. We went to the game on Tuesday; the infamous Mota/Fielder game. What a high in runs scored! Then we went to Thursday’s game; I was jumping up and down and screaming loudly when Andre hit his 5th walk-off hit, 3rd walk-off HR!!! But then I watched the next 3 games, and I was sick to my stomach; especially after Saturday night’s game. I mean, the last 3 games against the Braves were frustrating to watch, but Saturday’s was bad. I mean, the Dodgers had a man on 3rd with NOBODY OUT!!! How in the world do you not score in that instance? I felt, well, my head was down. I figured after that inning (7th inning, wasn’t it?) we didn’t deserve to win the game.

    And throughout this series, the one person that kept on creeping back into my head was of all people, Ned. Before the season started, Torre said he needed pitching. And how did Ned respond? His reclamation projects like Vargas (who wasn’t all that bad in limited play) and Milton and Estes. Weaver is one that has done well and Mota is, well, Mota. Whatever “adjustments” he made earlier to pitch much better than he started the season out with, seem to have gone down the toilet lately. And with Schmidt back on the DL (bye bye Jason; it was nice seeing you — NOT) and Billz hurt, what rumor do I hear? That Ned is interested in … John Smoltz. And the sad thing is that I’m so fatigued that I can’t even muster any kind of energy to say…


  91. cpompe1

    Jhall!!! Eric!!! My Nellygirl!!!

    So Nelly, you’re going to the game tonight? Scream your heart out for our Boys in Blue! So where are you sitting? I’ll see if the camera pans around and catches you at the game. Don’t tell me aisle #s and such; I won’t know any of them. Tell me, third base side, first base, behind the plate, pavilions?

    So what prompted your move Jhall?

    Eric – I think at Thursday night’s game, I thought I saw you, but no, it wasn’t you. The guy I saw was shorter than you are!

  92. nellyjune

    Good Morning CP!!!!! On a positive note…………..I am soooo glad you got to see Andre’s walk-off in person. I must have watched the highlights a dozen times that night and then a dozen more times the following morning. I was working on my blog last night, and did you know he is leading the team in runs scored, walks, and total bases as well now, in addition to HRs and RBIs. He is also still leading in GIDPs, but he only had one last week, and he is no longer leading the league in the stat – thank goodness!!!! So, how are you these days? Your mom?

  93. trublu4ever

    Good Morning Jhall, NellyJune, Dodgereric, CPO and the rest of ITDland. Glad you are finally moved in, Jhall…..we need you to cheer the Dodgers to victory. Looking forward to the game tonight. I think the atmosphere of AT&T Park will get our boys’ juices flowing. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

  94. nellyjune

    CP – I am not sure where we are sitting. All I know right now is we are somewhere in right field, either to the side or behind Andre. Collie bought our tickets so he is the one with those details. However, I did by separate tickets for my son and his friend. They are in left-center field, closer to Matt than Manny. I will have to apologize to Matt and Manny if I ever meet them because my son is usually not a nice gnat fan when it comes to this rivalry, and I am sure Manny will get an earful from all the gnat fans since it’s his first game at AT&T Park since his suspension.

  95. cpompe1

    Good Morning Nelly! I too watch highlights a bunch of times, with me “rewinding” to see it over and over and over again!!! I knew he is leading the team in HRs and RBIs and slugging pct., but no, I didn’t know he led in runs scored, walks, and total bases.

    Me, I’m fine. Same old, same old. My mom is better. She got out of the hospital on Wednesday. She’s been staying with my sister ever since. But actually, I’m expecting my sister to drop off my mom at my house any time now. My sister has some errands to do, so, instead of making my mom walk all over, she’s bringing my mom to my house. I’m going to be “babysitting” my mom for a while today. But we saw her at my sister’s place on Thursday. She looks good, considering all that she’s been through.

  96. cpompe1

    Nelly – Actually, do you remember Josh mentioning during our tour about Jon Weisman and his book signing? Well, I forgot to write any info down at the time and I forgot to ask Josh about it before the end of the tour. I sent an e-mail to Dustin (my only e-mail contact with the Dodgers) and asked if Jon was going to have any other signings. Dustin replied and gave me Jon’s e-mail address. After a number of sending e-mails back and forth, I met Jon at his office Thursday afternoon and got two, signed books from him; one for me, one for my mom. It’s a VERY LATE birthday present for my mom.

  97. cpompe1

    And Nelly, I hope the camera will pan to right field; I’ll be keeping an eye out for all of you! So who’s going? You, Trumom, Collie and Wifey I assume?

  98. kpookiemon

    Great series cooking. Don’t expect much from Wolf in game 2 so here’s hoping Kuroda rises to the occasion tonight. Ned must be checking want-ads about now. Lots of players say a move at the deadline sends a message that the organization wants to win. Sherrill was a nice pick up, but not a “game changer.” Ned is a lot like Pierre…hard worker…minimal skills…does what he can with his God-given talents. A “thoroughly professional” GM…just like Loretta is a “thoroughly professional” hitter.

  99. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom and CP!!! Just downsizing!!!! Catch you all tonight and its great seeing/reading you all again!!! Whew!!!! Take care and have a great day!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. nellyjune

    Yes, plus Dodger4life, my hubby, son and his friend (who happens to be a girl, but they are just friends for now). So, my hubby is the only gnat fan sitting with us, but he is one of the good gnat fans :)) I will be decked out in Ethierwear, just like I always am.

    I am glad to hear that your mom is doing well.

  101. cpompe1

    You take care too Jhall!!! I don’t know how you survived without TV and internet for 2 weeks! Take it easy!!!

  102. crzblue2

    I went to the club level where Jon was signing his book. He was outside of that small gift shop as the auction was going on on the other side to the right of Vin Scully Press Box. I had five minutes before the auction would finish so I went there first and by the time I came back Jon was gone. I guess I’ll catch him next time.

  103. cpompe1

    Good for you Nelly! I wouldn’t expect anything different from you other than to be decked out in Ethierwear!!! Okay, your husband is one of the good gnat fans?

  104. dodgereric

    Hey Junie, just don’t be one of those idiots with their phones on their ears and waving to the camera! Lord, I just want to hit those fools with a sock full of manure.

  105. crzblue2

    Glad to hear your mom is better. Next time you are at the stadium let me so that I could go visit you.
    I did not realized it until yesterday after the game how much I needed rest after attending all the home games plus the WIN baseball clinic. I still ache a little. I am so out of shape. I need to exercise more oftern.
    So last Thursday night after the game we are walking to our car with my friends (32and53 knows where I park) when a car goes by without waiting for us to cross. We noticed it was Ned. Hey Ned: Is Ok if you run us over as long as you get us a pitcher.” 🙂

  106. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!!!
    Do you want Jon’s e-mail address? I’ll e-mail him to see if it’s okay to give out his e-mail address; I don’t like giving out e-mail addresses for someone I barely know. I’ll ask him if you want to get in touch with him.

  107. cpompe1

    Now Eric, would Nelly do that? But it is annoying when people with their phones wave to the camera. Just annoying…

  108. nellyjune

    I don’t think you have to worry about me doing that Dodgereric. Not sure about the rest of the group though :))

  109. nellyjune

    CP – He is a good gnat fan in that he sees the good in our team and other teams as well. Michael isn’t like that. He hates the Dodgers with a passion.

  110. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly, I got it. I’ve always been one that appreciates good players on teams other than the Dodgers. I just love baseball that much. And don’t give up on Michael. He’s young; perhaps as he gets older, his youthful emotions will give way to appreciation of other teams!!!

    Well, my sister and mom are on their way here, so I’ve gotta go. I’ll try to come back on later today, but well see. If not…


  111. nellyjune

    CP – Michael likes alot of other teams, but he hates (strongly dislikes) the Dodgers. The only thing we agree on when it comes to the Dodgers is Pierre shouldn’t be playing over Manny, Matt or Andre ever.

    Take Care CP, and have a wonderful day!!!!

  112. colliethec

    Good AM to all!
    Just a quick visit before I head off to the city.
    I hope all is well.
    CP — I’m glad your Mom is improving!! Great news!
    We are sitting 1st baseline in the outfield 21 rows up.
    We probably won’t get much camera time but who knows??? Maybe D4 will run onto the field when we are batting. Especially when we’re behind and need a run. I mean D4 will do what he can for the team right!! ;)!
    Go Blue!!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!

  113. thinkingblue

    Hey all
    ERIC – glad to see ya back. Now don’t go scaring us again.
    CPO – I am glad your mom is better!
    EMMA – LOL! NED should be driving carefully is Dodger Terriotory…or who knows. He is scare of Dodger Fans for not getting us a great pitcher.
    NELLY/TRU are you ladies attending the any of the Dodgers games up there????

  114. dodgereric

    No worries Rose, I’m drinking 2 liters of water a day now(minimum). I worked in the yard yesterday for about 4 hours in the sun, lost tons of sweat and feel great!

  115. thinkingblue

    That’s great news ERIC…keep on drinking….WATER and stay healthy. Dodgers need you more than ever right now.
    Giants series is about to start and this is going to be tough. They have a big time home advantage. I am already nervous.

  116. thinkingblue

    COLLIE have fun at the game and I’ll be looking out for D4 running in the field…and while he is running he should throw on a mask…LOL a Barry Bond mask and then get kicked out of the Giants Stadium…LOL!

  117. perumike

    Good afternoon everyone! I have been out of town in San Diego (not very relaxing, but at least a change of pace), and did see PetFood Park! Got back Friday and was under the weather, hence the long break. Glad I wasn’t around last week as we didn’t do to well. Hopefully we can get back on track, especially against the Gnats in SF. Let’s make their park as quiet as a library!

  118. selltheteam

    Hey there, Pianoman! I hope you’re bringing some luck back with you. We can sure use it, especially after this past weekend.

  119. perumike

    I hear you crash! I kept up with scores on my phone and celebrated Dre’s walkoff, but other than that, not a ton to cheer about. Let’s hope we turn it around and put the Yanks back down to where they belong.

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