Seeking to avoid a sweep…

Hard to believe, but this team hasn’t lost three in a row all year, a modern day Dodger record for the latest that has happened. With the way Kershaw has pitched lately, I like our chances to pull this one out, but you never know with this game. I can’t say I would have predicted that Chad wouldn’t have gotten out of the second inning last night, either.

On his 69th birthday, Joe Torre is mixing it up with the lineup, as Andre gets the night off.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Kemp, RF

Loretta, 1B

Martin, C

Kershaw, P

Pierre, CF

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I’m first???


And Pierre is batting 9th!!!

And we have both Ethier and Loney not starting…

Just great!!!! No Andre or James!!!! This really sucks!!!

You said it exactly right Tru… Honestly, I’ve stopped trying to figure out Joe’s lineups; too taxing on the brain right now to try and figure out Joe’s thinking. The only things I like about this lineup is that Matty is hitting 5th and JP is last…

I kinda figured Andre would be sitting today but not James. All I can say positive about this is that our bench is REALLY strong tonight. Nevertheless, it’s a shame that Kersh doesn’t get the full compliment of bats in the lineup that he deserves.

Oh, and I forgot. I said before that I’d start referring to you as trublu4ever; that’s also too confusing just to say “tru” since we have someone else’ name that starts with tru…

uggghhhhhh!!!!! Blah!!!!

Sparkle!!! How are ya girl???

CP! I’m good – how about you?

Tru is just fine! The other one is True! Not confusing, is it?!

Or, TruMom! lol

And my Nellygirl!!! So let’s see if mega-positive thoughts going towards our Boys in Blue helps keep them from losing 3 games in a row for the first time this season!!!

Hmmm, mega-positive thoughts, mega-positive thoughts, mega-positive thoughts…

Actually, I think I like TruMom. I know many have been using that, so okay, d****it, I’ll use it!!!

I’m praying to the Big Dodger in the Sky for this game as well as sending up mega-positive thoughts. Joe’s decisions make no sense at all – any time we think he’s going to do the right thing, he does the exact opposite. I’m with you, Nelly – blah!

Sparkle, I’m fine. I’ve been intentionally not posting something, because I’m afraid I’m going to jinx it. I’ve done that before, and I don’t want to jinx this one. But I’m sure you can guess, given the tone of my response. Once I hear one way or the other, I’ll let everyone here know…


Gotcha, CP! Praying for you, my friend.

We just had a long break for the All-Star Game and cannot believe Dre and James need the day off!

And you know what TruMom? Ever since our ITD tour, my husband has asked me if I ever thought of having a screen name that mentions our beloved Dodgers. Remember when enchanted was a brown paper bag, and then many other brown bags came out? Well, I had my own pseudo screen name, but now I can’t remember it. I think it was DodgerNut, or something like that. I have to look it up. But if I revert back to DodgerNut (or whatever it was), my CP nickname won’t be in use. And I like CP! So, maybe I’ll come up with a new name, but make sure it starts with CP. I don’t know. If I do, I’m sure I’ll be very obvious; especially if it starts with CP…

thx Sparkle…

I think mega positive thoughts would be a reality if the best players were out there!

I’ll be looking for your new name, CP! I bet you can get some help from Enchanted, Dodgereric and NellyJune. They always have good ideas. Dodger4life does too!

Yeah TruMom, I think you’re right. At this point though, I’m tired of trying to figure out Joe’s lineups and I’m tired of thinking the worst. But there may be merits to thinking the worst. I thought the worst about MN weather before our trip (thinking it was going to be mega-humid, mega-hot) but it wasn’t anything close to that. It was more a Chamber of Commerce weekend in MN, so if I think the worst about Joe’s lineup, then maybe great things will happen!

And if you believe that, I’ve got some lake-front property in MN to sell you…

🙂 🙂
It is really difficult to believe that the team (Joe) keeps revisiting the same situation – not playing the best, most deserving players. What has JP done since his first month as Manny’s stand-in that warrants such preference?! If Joe is not playing by the numbers, why has he again stated that he IS??!! Drawing names out of a hat to build a lineup is one thing, but this is ridiculous.

TruMom, don’t be waiting with baited breath (or whatever that saying is). I’ll get around to it, but like me and most other things like me, it’ll take a while…

I just don’t know why he is doing it when we’ve lost two games. Juan and Mark aren’t going to make us overpowering!

Well, I’ve gotta get going. Dinner to cook. Hey, where’s enchanted? I haven’t teased him about dinner lately… Hey enchanted, next time you come on, tell me how dinner was tonight? I’ll read it later. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Total BS. Screw Joe’s birthday.

Piddle can’t even play RF so that at least you have some decent D in center. Great 4th OFer that can’t even play all three OF positions.

And why bat Loretta 6th? He ought to be battling JP for 9th. Now after Kemp you have 4 guys that can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag.

I would think you’d want to come out of the gate after the all-star break strong and make a push to bury the rest of the division so that maybe in September you can use all the call-ups to rest your regulars before the playoffs. With Joe’s “managing”, they’ll be lucky to get to the playoffs.

Steak and scalloped potatoes CP.

ugggghhhhhh! blah!!!!!!!!

Later, CP! Good chatting with you.

enchanted – I certainly wasn’t talking about your dinner :)))

Matt should not have to move over. What other position does this happen? We don’t move over a player for any position other than for JP – Unacceptable!!! Why do we have to accommodate for his inadequacies? This is just ridiculous.

I know that Torre’s gonna do what he’s gonna do with the outfield situation – that’s partly why some of us call him the idiot. Sitting down Loney because a mediocre lefty is pitching is something else again, as if it is not enough just to give up Andre’s bat. Having Loretta come up with his “edge of the outfield grass power” doesn’t exactly get me on the edge of my seat, you know what I mean. You can’t even say that he has JP’s speed where an infield bobble can at least get him to first base.

As has been stated earlier: ugggghhhhhh! blah!!!!!!!!

Messagebear ~ DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To further illustrate Joe’s managerial acumen:

A) When facing the other teams best pitcher (Oswalt) why wouldn’t you want to start ALL of your best players, thus giving your team its best chance of beating the opposing team’s best pitcher?

B) You’ve got two embarrassing loses coming out of the all-star break, 1 run scored in 2 games… why would you rest two regulars and put in a line-up that after the 5th batter you’d be lucky to get 1 hit in 16 ABs?

C) After watching last night’s fiasco of an OF, why would you start the same LF/CF tandem?

Joe Torre IS an idiot. Piddle brings absolutely nothing to the table and hasn’t since the first 20 games after Manny’s vacation started. He can’t hit. He can’t throw. Throw in Swetta that can’t hit and can’t run… if I’m Hampton, I can’t wait to get at this line-up.

BTW, in case you haven’t heard, Jason Schidt is going to start Monday’s game for L.A.

This was the best comment on Kenny G Around The Horn:
By on July 18, 2009 8:25 PM

Joe loves Piddle! Piddle loves Joe! So, Piddle gets what he wants and screw everbody else! I think Joe is the one who needs some time off! I’ll bet you Enchanted, Bear, Dodgereric and even NellyJune and yours truly could put out a better lineup every night and not destroy our bullpen!

L.A. Times article……

Oh no, Enchanted! Not Schmidt! Things just keep getting peachier and peachier!

Instead of a decent starter or reliever, we get a pile of Schmidt!!! Not at all acceptable . . . .

Juan Pierre sucks! I’m guessing we’ll see 2 ground outs to second and 2 pop ups to left tonight from slappy…We are stuck with him. He shouldn’t be allowed in the outfield. His weak arms cost us more runs then his weak bat can help us score.

Instead of a decent starter or reliever, we get a pile of Schmidt!!! Not at all acceptable . . . .

Right on, Aeversw!

I wonder how Kahli and his nightmares are coming along? I bet Schmidt pitching on Monday is a new one.

I wonder how Kahli and his nightmares are coming along? I bet Schmidt pitching on Monday is a new one.

Sorry for the double post – got the 505 internal server error.

The double post is fine, Sparkleplenty. It needed repeating!!!

This lineup is total BS. First Matt has to sit and now Andre. First it’s one or 2 starts a week for Pierre, which is bad enough, now it’s back to back starts. I’m already mad and the game hasn’t even started yet. If Joe would just stick to the lineup they started the season with and stop messing with it, they’d be fine.

I feel your pain, Bluecrewgirl!

I just read about Schmidt starting. I think we should give him a chance. His rehab numbers are mediocre, but his walks to strikeouts ratio is not bad. They can’t keep him in rehab any longer. They should pitch him, if he stinks then release him and eat the rest of his contract. They paid him most of the money already anyway. They’re not going to make a trade for another two weeks. Maybe Schmidt can regain some of his old form and give us something. I think it’s worth a shot.

How are you tonight, Truebluewill?

I’m doing ok. How about yourself, trublu4ever?

It’s really hot here………been around 104 for the past week and I’m roasting! I don’t mind the 90’s but when it gets above 100 I melt! lol

By starting piddle in place of Dre and Kemp (and possibly Manny), and starting Swetta in place of ANYBODY, Joe’s taking a potentially great team and making it mediocre.

We’ve been having a pretty mild summer so far. High 70’s, low 80’s, not much humidity, which is unusual for NY. I was in LA July 2005 it was pretty cool not as hot as you described.

I was wondering how long it would be before BPB showed up again! Welcome back!

This lineup is a good time for an appearance by BPB, trublu.

I honestly think Joe hs lost his mind, BCG! If I were a drinker, I’d be downing a few right now!

Its absolutely embarrassing watching JoJo [mis]manage this team TruMom, then on top of it have to watch us play all of Ned’s Salvation Army acquisitions.


I totally agree with you BPB! The Giants already lost and he’s putting crap out there!

I’m actually surprised he didn’t put Ausmus in for Martin, too!

If he’d have put Ausmus in, that might be counted as an upgrade.

Mark Loretta is becoming this year’s Mark Sweeney. Not as bad as Sweeney, but getting a lot more ABs. If you’re a vet on JoJo’s team and you happen to get off to a hot start, sucking for the next three to six months will not lead to a diminished role. Of course, Sweeney didn’t get off to a hot start and that didn’t hurt him in JoJo’s eyes, so this analysis may be all wrong
As for Popgun, anybody here besides me miss Delwyn Young?

Wow!!! This game is starting on a high note! WTG Ferk and ODog!!!!!

MLK!!! Great to see ya!!

I miss DY!

The first five batters had better score a lot of runs because after that we are in deep p**p!

hola, paperbag!

Ran ourselves out of a decent inning there . . . darnit!

Yeah DY… I forget who did we get for DY?
Oh I remember – NOTHING!!!
Thanks Ned.

Mark Loretta 9 for his last 56! That good enough to bat 6th for Joe Torre.

Thank you Carlos Lee!

Why in the F*** is Kemp in right field. I just got in and got the game on. Has Torre lost his F****** mind? Sitting Andre and Loney. Doesn’t Joe want to win this thing? These are young guys, and should be able to play every game. If they played for any other team in the Majors, neither one would be sitting on the bench. Torre, you disgust me…

Way to go Juanpy!

Vin was just saying that Torre had a meeting with Pierre to explain to him why he was batting him 9th tonight. I seriously doubt he has meetings with Andre or Matt to explain to them why they are batting in a different position are aren’t in the lineup for that matter.

Our pitchers need to learn how to bunt.

Good job Juan.

Maybe you shouldn’t have cut eyes out in the bag, BPG, lol.

There’s 1 ground ball to second for slappy!

Uh, oh……look out, Boblee is ticked off!

Anyone not see that coming???

Kershaw is looking like the ace we need.

That’s Pissle Pierre doing his thing.
But I’m glad to see Martin get hot. Hope the Jays are watching.

A Kiddie Piddle!

Great…..kept getting “submission error” and now I’m in a time warp again!

I agree BCG. Does he explain to Matt why he bats 8th? Does he explain why Matt and Dre have to sit in favor of piddle?

JP makes me want to puke. He can’t even make enough splash to be a piddle.


uh oh!!! He’s back!!! I knew the day would come once again when we would have to see……………..

brownpaperbag 🙂

……….just maybe Andre was too tired to play. He did have his Yoga class at Dodger Stadium today. NOT!!!! uggghhhhhh!!!!! blah!!!!!!!!!!!

All that jogging back and forth to the dugout must be taking its toll on Manny…

I wonder if James was in his class today. He’s tired too!

Gee mom, Joe’s pissing me off something fierce.

I honestly know how you feel Beav, and wait until Wally and your father get home and have a chance to write about this. I am sure they are not going to be too happy about this situation.

Charlie just said Andre has been struggling lately and since it’s a left-handed pitcher, it is a good night to give him the day off. ………….and Charlie, what did JP do last night, and what has he done so far tonight, other to bounce into a double play? …………..and Charlie, what did James do to deserve the day off?

You know Charlie has a man crush on Juanpy, NellyJune!

Nelly, they had another episode of Dining with Dre tonight on Dodgers Live and they showed a little clip of the yoga session. I guess he hasn’t been updating the blog since they’ve been doing some televised segments instead. The restaurant owner brought him some things to sample aside from what he ordered and brought him a smore for desert. He almost lit the marshmallow on fire, lol. I just don’t get why Joe can’t stick with their opening day lineup and stop messing around with it so much.

Making Hampton look like all-world now.

Here’s a thought… play your best players in a set line-up. What a novel approach THAT would be. Nothing like sitting your top HR and RBI guy for JP, and your #3 RBI guy for Loretta. Nice call.

BCG ~ for some reason, Joe thinks he has to keep Juan happy. He doesn’t care what he does to the ego and morale of Matt and Dre just so Mr. Pierre is happy.

After Pierre’s hot 20 games after manny suspension since may 28th he’s batting .260/.311/.307. Dre since may 28th is hitting .236/.292/.518 with 12 home runs….If we are going to have a below average bat it might as well be Dre with the extra pop and the better arm.

Nice play Loretta!

Nelly, I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want to stay a Dodger. I could be wrong, but I really think he likes being a Dodger and wants to stay one, but doesn’t trust the situation because like his fans, so many times when he thinks he’s finally “made it,” he gets kicked to the curb again. I really hope that he hangs in there through all of it, because I still believe it will work out for him with the Dodgers in the end and he will be one of the Dodger players whose stats they are mentioning during games years from now. It would be a shame not to be.

Thanks bluecrewgirl, and this whole issue is very disheartening. I really thought this year would be different, but no…………………back to the same old crap. It was mentioned in an article that Andre never says I want to stay a Dodger, and always referencing to the fact that he may not be here next year. If you were Andre and getting jerked around because of Juan Pierre, wouldn’t you be thinking the same way? His fans sure are!!

Just Juanderful!

Another exciting at bat by Juan.

Bravo JP. Bravo.

It’s amazing how Juanpy’s speed is helping this team!

Trublu, Joe is trying to keep Juan’s mom happy. She’s the one who will throw a fit if little Juan doesn’t play

Well, so far I think that Andre could have done everything that PP’s done, and the same can be said for Loney and Loretta. Zero gain for Idiot Joe.

Bear ~ If Andre and James were in there we could have had more than two runs, don’t you think?

You know, they might at least make Hampton work a little.

Hi Folks,
Good to find us leading 2-0.

Charlie – the speed does you no good if you are NOT ON BASE!!!

Nice going KEMP, getting that run in.

messagebear – I like the initials – PP – LMAO!!!!!!!

Come on Matt make em pay!


What are the odds we score here? 2:1? 5:1?, 10:1?

Good to see things going our way.

Well, I think we can let Loretta off the hook for the night. PP is still up for grabs though 🙂

Come on, Kersh – you have a chance to become the designated Ace of the club. Nice piece of pitching tonight.

Maybe Joe will let Dre pinch hit for PP his next at bat. That way we can have the outfield solid for the later innings.

[THUNK] – the sound of BPB hitting the floor.


Oldbrooklynfan How are you doing?

Yeah Tru. Other than that its just been hitting the fan.

WTG Kershaw! How do you like that now he puts Loney in for defense!

We had better watch out………Joe may think this is the lineup that works!

Wally!!! Your brother is on the floor again!! I am not sure how many of these he can take before it starts really affecting him………………… on second thought, nevermind.

messagebear – Kersh is dealing tonight…………no doubt about it!!! Now, let’s hope the bullpen holds up their end of the bargain.

Darn nice game by Kersh.

Kershaw has really looked great lately. He is really growing and learning with each game.

There’s our GEM.
How’s it going Truebluewill?

There’s our GEM.
How’s it going Truebluewill?

That double courtesy of Juan D’Vaughn Pierre.

juan being juan – uggghhhh blah!!!!

Can Juan Pierre suck any harder than he already does?

JP beat that out.
Bad call.

NO………NO………..NO…………..NO…………..NO……………NO…………………HE IS SUCKING PRETTY GOOD RIGHT NOW!!!

I just got in and they scored a run don’t know why you would bother PH for Kershaw when he was pitching well.

Evening everyone! I guess my threat earlier today to be around for today’s game seemed to work! I have been here at home watching, just finally getting to the computer. Glad to see Kersh did well! Also interested with the Schmidt news, we’ll see how things go!

KERSHAW looked like he replaced BILZ as our big man.

We better hold on to this lead.

Perumike, I was shocked to see that Schmidt would be starting a game. Should be interesting.

Here goes the bullpen.

Crap……….here goes to BP again!

Good Evening All,
Just tuning in as I have been in and out tonight.
I see we are up 5 – 1 in the eigth….. Shut Em Down Boy’s!!!!
BPB has returned, always good to see ya….. even in disguise

Well, how many pitchers will Joe blow through tonight trying to pitch 2 innings?

Mac not fooling anybody.

Kersh’s pitch count wasn’t that high…..why couldn’t he have continued?

You can say that again nellyjune.

Team Mom and Tru mom, you two sound an awful lot alike….LOL!!!

I’m so glad Juanpy’s in centerfield!

This is not a good turn of events. What was Kershaw’s pitch count when he went out? I wasn’t paying attention.

Runs are scoring because PP can’t get the ball into the infield fast enough.

LMAO, Dodger4life!!!!!

This is why Juan shouldn’t be allowed in the outfield.

With PP out there, singles become automatic doubles!

You are funny dodger4life – LOL!!!


Aeversw ~ Joe thinks Juan is fabulous! Joe is an IDIOT!

Who made the decision to put Juan in center. Oh, that’s right. I forgot, Joe’s in charge of that decision. What a loser. Juan, that is. We surely are not going to let the Astro’s back into this game are we.

They would be scoring runs off of JP in highschool ball. You would think the fundamental thing you should have to be able to do to be an outfielder is throw the frickin’ ball without O-Dog or Raffy standing right in front of you.

Error by Juan? Are they starting to give him errors for the lack of arm strength? 🙂

I’m glad Joe is burning through the pen again. Man he really pisses me off.


The Dodgers is the only team besides the Yankees that Joe has had a winning record with, and that’s not anything he’s done.

perumike – they really should, but no…………….he bobbled the ball I guess.

Eventhough I am hoping for the best, they really need to save this bullpen for Monday because I think they will be needed for some reason.

Come on Joe leave Leach pitch a full innings he split against rhb is insane


perumike – you bring up a good point. If a batter gets a double off of a weak-assed arm, shouldn’t it be a single with an error for lack of arm strength?

hahaha mike good 1

I really wouldn’t trust brox right now. Knowing Joe he’ll stick him out there and watch him struggle until he blows the game.

I’d like to see TRONCLOSER! at least for tonight

Do we see a 5 outs Troncoso save or Broxton?


Sure hope Brox’s toe is better tonight since he’ll be pitching the 9th. Joe’s the only idiot, I mean manager I know of that can use 4 freakin’ pitchers in 2 innings.

Good job Trocoso We got a break he was safe.

Good to see Hudson swinging a hot stick again.

What else is new, NellyJune?! LOL

bpb – they are not thinking like dodgereric, are they?

Nells, I don’t know how someone can be around baseball for a million years like Joe and still can’t figure out who his best players are and how to handle a pitching staff.

I also don’t know how you can play a pathetic outfielder like JP in center two nights in a row, especially after watching him play it last night.

I’m vexed.

You are vexed, BPB, I am pissed!

I thought Pierre owned Hampton so much for Torre playing the number lol Can Joe seem to do anything right? Kershaw had 103 pitches abd we would up 5-0 that look like enough runs for us if Kershaw was still pitching.

Yippee, they finally put Dre in! Unfortunately, PP is still in there too!

Other than Kershaw and Blake (who was intentionally walked twice and scored a run) PP was the only starter without a hit.

I see we are all happy tonight! ;D!!
I myself was psyched with Thursday nights lineup and they were shut out. So it shows what I know.
Brox needs to throw strikes…

I bet Vinny can manage this team.

ugh brox with no control.

here comes the loss…i wonder how long joe will stick with Brox…probably until we lose.

No excuses to blow this one and is not a 6 runs lead

I agree Joe. Joe did what he had to do with the bully.
I’m not sure about the starting lineup though.
It’s getting scary…

Better warm up Mota cuz MY toe’s gonna be up Brox’s *** in a minute.

Crap! TruMom is not happy tonight!

Hold on to your toes here comes Broxton!

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!! We need a “What does Johnny say?” night!! Let’s go Brox!!! You can do it!!!

Now I’m in a time warp again! This sucks!

I see we are in time warp tonight.


Joe did what he had to do.
McDonald didn’t have it. Leach was only in there for the batter and it was time for Troncoso.
We luck out on the call at first but the safe call at second was very close.

Brox vs Berk.
This is fun…

I miss Gagne I miss these 1 2 3 outs 9 innings.

bpb – I don’t know what is more perplexing……. the PP man crush or the blowing through a bullpen issue. Both issues are just mindboggling to say the least.

Well, at least Jonathon got a real centerfielder behind him.

Toe or no toe it’s up to Broxton.

uh oh!!

Okay no more posting for me tonight. I post and they show up like ten minutes before I post them.

Gosh damn time warp

.38 kept them from stealing the game in the 8th…..Now it’s time for Big Bad John to lock them up and throw awy the key!!!
GET R DONE DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is like a groundhog day type nightmare.

This is the Broxton we all thought we were going to get when the season started.

Pissle Pierre = PP for short – PPPerfect!

Woooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay Jonathon – 1 down, 2 to go – come on Brox, you can do it!!!

Way to go Brox!

This isn’t looking good.

Whew!!! Had me worried there for a bit…..

Broxton turning into Wilson.

I love it messagebear!!

Never in doubt!!! LMAO!!

Jonathan says: Fu-Q Y’all!!!, the toe feels fine – just a little rusty is all.

Now that’s the Jonathon we know!!! One more Brox, one more!!!

Why can’t we win easy anymore? The streak is still alive. No three game loosing streak!

Brox will be better tomorrow. He just hasn’t pitched in awhile and looked a bit (a lot) rusty.

COMON’ BROXTON get Berkman

7 1/2

back to the nightmare

7 1/2

TRONCLOSER! oh god…mota ughhhhhh.

That is one big, huge, enormous WHEW!!!

What does Johnny say!???

Thank God that’s over!!!!!!!!!

Finally! I still wouldn’t trust brox right now. We have a good enough lead in the division. We could let brox rest a little bit.

Oldbrooklynfan Now that we got this win I’m doing much better.

The Bulldog Special and Big Bad John……Welcome to the Pen!!!! LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!

Alright! Still have’t lost three in a row!!!

Well, they do continue their streak of not losing more than two in a row, despite the lineup.

Productive night for the Dodgers both the Giants and Rockies lost!

Now we need SD to take care of business

Even the FSW Houston broadcast team of Dechayes, and his dry monotone lunch meat sidekick gave Kershaw props.
” A 21 year old star in the making, and player of the game.”

n/m they did

I think kershaw is the real ace of this staff. We just needs to cut down on his walks.

vs. Left 18 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24.2 14 – – 0 9 36 – 0.93 .169
vs. Right 18 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 75.0 54 – – 5 50 63 – 1.39 .209

I like the 4/1 k’s to walk but against the right is a different story.

We beat a good team tonight.
Sensational outing by Kershaw.
Tough job for the bullpen, but they prevailed.

Kershaw is 4-0 with a 0.35 ERA this month. We don’t want to trade Kershaw for Halladay. The Blue Jays want to trade Halladay for Clayton!

To bad Kershaw doesn’t qualify as a rookie or else he would be in the running and to be bad the last two games in the first month was awful or else it would’ve been a lot better.

Kershaw 3.16 ERA went down to 2.95 and now he’s in the top 10 in ERA.

Looking forward to Schmidt pitching on Monday. The guy is a horse who has worked his a** off trying to come back. Never understood the animosity some on this blog have for him. He was a free agent who signed a big contract and got hurt. Not his fault. I’m sure he’d have rather been pitching these last 2 1/2 years than getting cut on and rehabbing endlessly through pain and doubt.

I met Schmidt at ST in ’08 and he was real nice. Signed auto’s for a long time and was chatting with everybody. At the time I asked him about his recovery/rehab and you could see in his face & his response that he missed playing and was bummin that he couldn’t pitch. At that time & since I’ve felt bad for him.
I know many don’t feel bad for him because he has made enough change to last him for a lifetime, but I still do because I think $$$ isn’t everything. It helps but I’m sure he’d rather be pitching then doing what he’s been doing for the last few years.
So I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got. I think it’s a good time to see what he has to offer.
One thing for sure is that we are in 1st but we’re really needing pitching because what we have now won’t bring the Ring to LA in 2009!

I think a healthy Schmidt and I hold no grudge since he was ex Giants could really go far for us. We just need the good Bills back the good Broxton the good Kuroda the good Kuo whenever he come back and the good Wade to come back. When this team is healthy we could be tough.

I would love nothing better than to see Jason pitch and pitch well, if no other reason than to let my family see he did come back. I really just hope the bullpen can get it’s rest tomorrow just in case they are needed for Monday….. just in case.

Sparkles shouldn’t even talk smack about Schmidt until we see if he still got it on Monday

All I keep thinking when I think about Jason Schmidt pitching on Monday is when Mark Mulder tried to come back last season. He happened to be one of my friend’s favorite players back in his Oakland days. I remember sitting and watching the game over at her house. He struck out Jimmy Rollins, threw about about 8-10 pitches out of the strike zone, and then a pickoff move, and after that throw, he new his night,and possibly career, was done. It was very painful to watch so I am hoping and hoping that it doesn’t happen to Jason. If he can find his way back and help eat up innings, then that would be great!

It make you think would Schmidt get booed but I don’t see why he should get them and it surely wasn’t his fault Ned the fool was dumb enough to signed him to that 3 yrs deal and we did lost a pick that the Giants used to pick Alderson and someone us in the supplement picks if I remember correctly. I hate losing 2 draft picks for someone that gave us one lousy win.

Hey I hope Schmidt pitches great. Hell I hope he pitches like he did in his vintage days, but let us not forget that Ned KNEW he was injured before he signed him (so 99% of my contempt is aimed at our fearless GM), but that also means that if Ned knew, Jason did too. Kudos to Schmidt to try and battle back to pitch again, but some of the culpability is his too for signing when he knew he was injured.

Good morning IDT’ers. A great win last night. Kersh is really starting to become the great pitcher everyone thought he would be and he will only get better with the stuff he has. I wouldn’t trade this 21 year old kid for anyone in baseball with the one exception maybe being Pujols and that would be the only one.
If Kuroda would get back to last years form and Bills get straightened out we would have a great corps of pitchers. I’m hoping Schmidt has a decent game and we can get him 8 to 10 runs for a win, that would be fantastic.
We need to get hot before we leave to play Saint Louis and Atlanta, who always seems to have out #. I’ll be at the game on the 30th in St Louis. I hope it would be Kersh pitching that night.

I hope Joe puts his regular players out there today so we have a chance for a split of this series. I, myself, as a fan, when paying the big bucks it costs to go to a game, want to see Matt, Andre and James along with all the other regular guys. They are young and don’t need days off. I know some of you will say we won the game last night, and, we did. But, we could have scored a lot more runs with Dre and James in there. We also shouldn’t have to suffer watching PP playing….where every single becomes an automatic double because he still can’t throw the ball and e may have had a good month but has done nothing lately to warrant him playing over Andre or Matt.

Good morning everyone,
It’s good to see some of you getting behind Schmidt. He needs our support. If he can come back and be somewhat reliable, that can be a big boost to the pitching staff. Almost like getting a pitcher from a trade. I know it is not going to be the same as adding a Haladay, but he can help.

Let’s see Pierre owned Oswalt in his career nothing to show for. He also owned Hampton still nothing to show for feel so why do I have a bad feeling that Pierre going to start over Manny today?

Damn, you might be right, Shad! I hope not but Manny is probably tired today.

I surely don’t like that Manny has gone 5 games without a homeruns and rbi’s and 2 for 12 in his last 3 games.

Hopefully now that PP has had his two starts, showing his usual Pissle form, the lineup will return to normal today. Kuroda needs all the offensive help he can get, and like someone stated above the fans need to get their money’s worth on the field. Not worried about Manny yet – some fans need to remember that he’s just a guy, not Superman, and he’ll go 0 for 4 sometimes. After all, presumably he’s no longer taking steroids.

What a performance by Kershaw. In his last 7 games he has pitched 42 2/3 innings and has given a total of 21 hits and 3 runs. I think we are going to have the best pitcher in all of baseball. Don’t trade this kid for anybody.

…oh, but you are all forgetting that Raffy usually has the day off on a day game after a night game. Therefore, leaving the lead off position open for PP for the day. Russell is actually swinging the bat now, but usually Ausmus catches on days like today too. So, don’t assume all will be well with the lineup today.

Oh yeah how could we forget that one Nelly?

Presumably the way JoJo “manages” it’ll be the norm that at least 1-2 regulars will sit out per game from here on out.

You guys are probably right about Joe and his lineup but, just once I’d like to see him give the fans what they want to see!

I hope Tom Watson win this and his 1st win at this course in 26 yrs and this would be a record of 6th on this course.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful……
Outstanding game from young Mr. Kershaw last night and the Boy’s in Blue!!!
Lets continue in this winning mode today!!!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone and enjoy the game 🙂

courtesy of Dodger Thoughts……….today’s lineup, and you can all breath now…………………..PP is NOT in the lineup – yeah!! However, Ausmus is catching, but I can handle that.

Furcal ss
Hudson 2b
Manny lf
Blake 3b
Ethier rf
Loney 1b
Kemp cf
Ausmus c
Kuroda p

Thanks, NellyJune. Now I can exhale!

Yeah me to.

I had a dream last night are rotation was this.

Hernandez (yeah from Seattle)

I’m going to try that on my video game.

You can also added Webb and Gallardo to that list.

new thread :))))


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