Juan Pizzle back in the lineup

That seems to be the name that Orlando has been calling Juan Pierre and sometimes it just gets dropped to Pizzle. Well, Pizzle got an incredible ovation in last night’s game and the Dodger fans showed their true appreciation for him stepping up when he was needed.

He gets another shot to step up tonight…here’s the lineup

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Hudson, 2B

Martin, C

Billingsley, P (By the way, in case you’ve missed it, you can chat with Chad on Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the latest Dodger web chat)

UPDATE – Torre pregame

On using Broxton tonight:

Very confident. This is something he’s had before. And he responded to the shot. He threw yesterday and felt nothing at all.

On Belisario throwing today:

Belisario did already. We’ll have a schedule arranged for him.

On Kuo:

Kuo will pitch tomorrow in San Bernardino.

On the fifth starter for Monday:

We’re still going through it. As soon as we know something for sure we’ll let you know.

On Cory Wade:

Cory wasn’t available to us that last day in Milwaukee and that raised a red flag to us. We didn’t know exactly what it was. It came down to throwing yesterday to determine the DL time. I’ll let you know what the plan is. It’s in an area they believe it can be treated.

On Pierre:

He’ll get a game or two a week. It’ll be a conbination of other guys struggling or him having good numbers (against the opposing starter).

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Hmmmm, seems to me I remember a reference to the word “pizzle” in Coming to America. Does anyone else? Does the name fit?

Juan Pierre sucks! I wonder if this has anything to do with Matty’s drunken ESPY’s.

Well, isn’t that something!!!! This ITD crowd will be jumping for joy over that lineup tonight. I see aeversw already got a head start.

aeversw – I hope you had a good time at the game last night eventhough they didn’t play well for you.

time warp again 😦

I guess Andre has to man right and center field tonight see how JP and Manny are both in Mannywood tonight. Just kidding Josh!!!


I’ve never heard that one used in a complimentary way. I always thought it referred to a male body part. Pierre ought be thrilled when he sees this.

lachat – I guess this is a So-Cal vs. Nor-cal thing, but living up in here in the central valley, I didn’t know anything about it until just now. I hope Matt’s mom is okay.

Please know that the rumor about Matt Kemp at the ESPYs is 100 percent false. Absolutely zero truth to it whatsoever. His mother passed out at the event and he was completely sober. Within minutes of this happening, a counterpart of mine at Staples called to tell me what happened and how concerned Matt was for his mother’s well-being. He wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t there with a girlfriend, and sadly, the sites that are reporting it that way are way, way off base.

lbirken – I didn’t know lachat was Josh. I learn something everyday on this blog.

In that case – thanks Josh for the info about Matt. …..and once again, I hope his mom is okay 🙂


I am in a major time warp tonight for some reason.

Josh, thanks for the information. As if we did not already have enough silly names for JP, you have to let out another one. I think someone is going to have some fun with this.

And thanks Josh for setting things straight about Matt.

Did you guys see the box that has “you might be interested in this” (under Josh’s entry) has from Dodger Lyrics, “The Caption Contest” – Oh, what memories that brings back – LOL!!!!!

lbirken – I can think of a few people too, and one may have to write a song as well – LOL!!!

Anyway, when this lineup is seen, I’ll probably hear the yelling clear out hear. Good to see Furcal leading off in this configuration.

Nelly, I am in So Cal and I had not heard anything about Matt and the Espy’s until it was mentioned here. Not that I pay any attention to the Espy’s anyway. And how did I know Lachat was Josh? I noticed there is an “about Lachat” at the top right of the blog page.

Nelly, I think I will just stand out of the way and watch this one from the sidelines! Enjoy the game and whatever else happens this evening.

Thanks lbirken!!!!!

knouffbrock – you will be hearing from both directions (the east and the west).

lbirken – I understand, and I am just about fed up with this topic. I don’t know who mentioned it last night but we just got a monster bat off the bench as a PH. IMO, however, I will take the JP bat off the bench in exchange for Matt or Andre’s 4 or 5 bats playing in center and right fields. Have a great evening.

Well thats good to know about Matt. I was afraid this would be his first step out the door. I hope his moms OK…Juan Pierre still sucks. Matt Kemp is 0-4 against Oswalt..if aynone should get benched for Slappy it should be Ethier not Bison. Pierre is an offensive black hole.

Good evening everyone…

aeversw – you know my opinion. JP shouldn’t be starting over either of them and to be honest, I thought it would be Andre sitting for JP. It just seems how it’s been so I expected it to stay that way. Joe claims he doesn’t go by numbers so who knows what he is thinking. Not that I am giving any credit to what Joe is doing in terms of playing JP over either one of them, but Andre is batting .375 against Oswalt, which may or may not be playing into it at all, mind you. My guess is Andre will sit for the next lefty that pitches. Once again, I really hate that this is happening to either of them.

Geez it can’t seem the Giants can’t go wrong.

Giants scored on a fluke wild pitch and now Winn threw Moss out at home where the Pirates should’ve had reunner on base in the first place.

LMAO!!! Dodger4life just looked up the meaning of JPs new name, and knouffbrock is rightl It’s a term for a male body part………….. I am not sure what prize you should get, but congrats!!!!


enchanted – you are good with that schedule.

Hi everyone,
Been working late the last two nights and missed last nights game. Will try to stay awake for some of tonight’s game. Hopefully we can get on the winning track. Does any one know what’s up with Jason Schmidt? I know his rehab should be done by now.

Come on Pirates


Lets go Bills!

Since May 28th Juan Pierre is batting .267/.318/.315. Steve Lyons would consider that good because thats about what his numbers looked like. Juan Pierre doesn’t deserve to start or even be a 4th outfielder. I know he’s a hard worker and didn’t complain about his benching (even though he asked for a trade and pouted like a big baby last year) and thats very honorable but he just isn’t that good.

Yup, that’s our “ace”.

Nelly, it’s really obvious Joe doesn’t go by numbers as you can see by my above post. We sacrifice so much as a team both offensively and defensively with Juan in the lineup. For Juan Pierre to be effective he has to hit over.330 which he can’t sustain for longer then 20 games…I’m worried about Billz…last year he had 20 games where he throw over 100 pitches…this year he has 16 including a stretch of 12 in a row. Thats a big increase. I hope Joe doesn’t burn him out this year a la dusty baker.

I thought I would never see the day that Tiger would misses a cut.


Well, I’ll check in a later. This game’s starting off to be another snoozer.

this cant get worst

and all of these happen with 2 outs even worst.

Anybody get the feeling that Billz isn’t going to win #10 for a long time? He doesn’t know what an Ace is if you gave him a deck of cards.

Is it possible the opposing team knows that Manny doesn’t do defense and JP can’t throw? I am not giving Billz any breaks, but this was the first hit out to right field. We have no defense out there and Andre can’t do it by himself.

Trade Bills now

What the hell is bills problem? Last 6 games he has 1 (one) uno decision and that is a loss. He ‘s starting to suck. With Oswalt pitching, this is probable over. Maybe Toronto will take Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good night, I have better things to dothant watch this poor performance by Chad .

aeversw – I read you loud and clear on the outfield issue. You have no complaints with me on that subject. Whether Billz gets his act together or not, if I am the Astros, I am telling my guys to hit the ball in right center all night long.

I heard that Toronto no longer wants Billz (wonder why); now they only want Kershaw, plus half a dozen no names.

Well, we certainly looked good that first inning (not)

I hope nothing is wrong with Bills, but he has been up and down lately.

He was clearly out.

He was clearly out.

Has anyone heard a recent status on Stults? I would have thought he would have been back a lot sooner with the injury he had.

wow i hope those are sarcastic comments. I don’t think a healthy Chad Billingsley pitches this bad for 6 games in a row. Something has to be wrong with him. It could be an injury or mechanics. We saw how big of a role mechanics play in a pitchers effectiveness with Mota. He was crap for a while and then fixed his mechanics and has been lights out ever since. Something has to be wrong with Chad.

Come on Duncan get into Oswalt head so we can come back.

I hope the bullpen is ready for another long night. Billz may not get enough innings in to even try dodgereric’s plan………….not that they would use it anyway.

Come on Chad!!!!
Hang in there…..

This is getting to be pathetic. Houston seems to be getting the good calls & bounces. Oswalt is no slouch. They may need divine intervention to pull this one out.

Good night!

Vl4, I think they may need more than divine intervention at this point, lol. Bills looks awful tonight.

I really think Chad is hurt. He just doesn’t look the same at all. He doesn’t have the same speed on his fastball and his command has been horrible. He has had a huge increase in his workload this year and I’m sure thats not helping him at all.

So much for a great start on the second half. There very well could be something wrong with Billz. I don’t see his normal zip on the fast ball. I didn’t think he was particularly effective in the All Star game either.

How can a pitcher start out so good as Bills did and then look so terrible now. I wonder if the Coaching team ever had the idea to maybe go pull the tapes of the first half a dozen games and review them very closely. There’s got to be something there that he’s not doing now. Like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.

Sweet Prince

Are we headed for our first 3 losses in a row. I certainly hope not but Houston seems to have our #.

A word of caution,
If there’s anything wrong with the mechanics, don’t send him to Honeycutt;
If there’s anything wrong with him period, don’t send him to Conte.

Excuse me, I’m going to go root for the Pirates. Be back later.

jhall would agree with you on that boblee.

2nd loss and shut out in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got in from the feast, I was held up by rain, since I didn’t have an umbrella, so I got back later than I planned.
I looks like the ‘Stros have feasted on BILZ.

Ok Bills hasn’t been that great lately. Don’t forget two starts ago against Milwaukee he had one of his best starts ever until he ran out of gas in the ninth and Brox gave up the win. As Vin said pitchers have slumps too. Hopefully that’s all that this is.

More run with 2 outs.

Albert 2 HR’S tonight…. For the Cards
Don’t we have anybody who can F***ing pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How in the hell did we win as many games as we did with this staff. They starting to look crappy.

This is just awful. I am going to watch the news instead.

Come on Pirates.

Go figure Kemp get sit and we get kill.

This is’nt over yet……Come on Boys inch your way back in this game.

Alright we can use a gift.

Kemp get pizzle fo’ shizzle my nizzle!

Giants lost 🙂

Oh look a scoreless inning.

Pierre sure knows how to make the game go fast.

And I think Manny is beginning to Suck.

Well the Pirate win 2-1 but still hate this game tonight.


Gotta to love when they lost to a rookie with 2 homeruns.

I had to google fo’ shizzle my nizzle! It means for sure my brother or simply….Yes. Which correct me if I’m wrong never mind 32 and 53 say what????

It’s good to know that the Giants lost, now let’s just relax and watch the game and keep an eye on the Rox.

5-3 Padres

In urban slang, pizzle means “urinate”. So I was replying to Shad “Kemp was definitely disrespected (by sitting so Pierre can play) my fellow ITD fan.”

oops should be 5-3 Rockies lol

I just realize Oswalt and Bllls have the same ERA.

There was an article on ESPN a few days ago and it said Chad leads the majors, I believe, in pitches thrown this year…he’s 3rd in the majors in swings and misses though. His increased work load this year could really be catching up to him. These are Billz pitch counts per start this year: 94, 106, 111, 105, 109, 111, 115, 123, 117, 108, 111, 111, 117, 97, 112, 107, 118, 97, 110…Like i said earlier…20 games over 100 pitches last year 16 over 100 this year already.

Gotcha 32and53fan, I had to google pizzle and I got a completely different defenetion altogether. Were on the same page now though.

If you have a ton of money, this is a great time to be a Dodger fan. You got to give it to the McCourts and the marketing juggernaut that they have created. When I was a kid, I got to see Don Drysdale at a local supermarket and my mother went to a bank where Sandy Koufax was signing whiffle ball bats given out by the bank. Dodger Stadium was like a cathedral to me. The field an alter to the baseball gods. Only children of VIPs were ever allowed to set foot on the field.
Today, parents with an extra $300 per child to spare can spend the evening under the lights with a couple of current players than sleep overnight on the field.
For a cool $250 each, today’s Dad can let his kid hang out and learn a few tips from baseball giants like Rob Flippo then play a game on the actual Dodger field.
Boy, I really missed out during my little league days. Why didn’t Walter O’Malley think of this?

Dewitt/Bills/Elbert and some other for Halladay.

Something tell me Dewitt and Elbert would be trade bait.

There goes Manny 7 games hit streak.


Oh look the Philly pathetic all stars are hitter in that inning except Howard.

So much for the one inning at SS for Dewitt.

Elbert looks good tonight.

You should’ve just let Elbert hit there isn’t like we were going to win tonight.

Here’s a like to that article…it’s a pretty good read. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4329089

Is anybody else have a problem of the Padre-Rockie game coming on automatically?
I keep shutting it off but it insistently keeps coming on.

Haren the only 1 I known that average 7 2/3 innings per start.

After Wandy Rodriguez last night and Roy Oswalt tonight, what’s next?

lol Manny was playing 3rd base or was it a yahoo errors?

C. Vargas P 0-0
J. Pierre LF 0-4
M. Ramirez 3B 0-4
C. Blake RF 1-3
J. Loney 1B 0-3
J. Castro SS 0-1
R. Martin C 0-2
B. DeWitt 2B 0-2

this is funny

I guess this game goes into the losing category in the saying that Tommy Lasorda likes to repeat “In baseball, you will win one third of the games, lose one third of the games. It’s the last third that makes or breaks a team.” or something like that.
It would be nice if we could get a pitcher like Oswalt who can pitch a complete game once in a while.
I hope there is nothing wrong with Billingsley and he is just in a slump.
This was an ugly game. Hopefully tomorrow will be different.

Hats off to Houston… I thought the last series might’ve been a fluke, but now we know they were just the better team, doing it against our best lineup over and over. Good job, Houston, congratulations!

Go Cubs, Go Cards, Go Brewers, Go Pirates! KEEP HOUSTON OUT OF OCTOBER!!!!

That’s the spirit northstateblues!!!! How are you doing?

aeversw – that was a great article. I do keep track of # of pitches per PA for our team. Andre and O-Dog are not far behind Casey in that one category. Andre actually has seen the most pitches on the team at 1553 with a percentage of 4.11 pitches per plate appearance, and O-Dog is second in number of pitches with 1551 with a percentage of 3.92 pitches per plate appearance. All three are doing very well in that category. However, the reason you showed us the article. That is of great concern of how many pitches Billz has pitched. That is probably not a category you want to be number 1 in.

There is no excuse for the next 2 with Hampton and ex Giants Ortiz.

Oswalt was just too much.
He probably could’ve went on all night, if he had to.
Hope we can get it started tomorrow night.

Walter Cronkite dies at 92. Where is Shad when we need him 🙂

I wonder who the 2nd person on our team after Bills? I’m thinking Kershaw and isn’t Bills number 2 in walks allowed.

You know I’m right here.

I want Oswalt pitching for us and he’s the same age is Halladay and check out Oswalt stats against the west.

Oswalt (6-4) threw 105 pitches on six days’ rest en route to his 16th complete game in 261 career starts and third this season. He struck out five and walked none. Oswalt is 12-0 with a 2.13 ERA in his last 13 starts against the NL West, and is 36-12 against that division during his career.

The Astros, who were a season-worst nine games out of first place on May 31, are three games behind NL Central-leading St. Louis following their 14th win in 20 games. Since May 29, they are 28-16, while the Dodgers are 22-19. But Los Angeles still owns the best record in the majors at 56-33, with a 6 1/2 game lead over San Francisco.

The Astros were hot since May 29.

Gosh i dont want to see an interview of Bills it make you sad watching this.

I have’nt seen the interview with Billz but he was missing the target by feet, not inches tonight. I agree he did’nt have much movement on anything, I hope it is just an off day and not something bigger. We all have off day’s.
Heck the bats have had a whole darn week off, I hope they will be arriving to the Ravine before the series resumes tomorrow. What is the deal with Randy Wolf and the lack of run support, it is almost as if everyone is hung over on day’s that he pitches. Come On Boy’s!!!!! We had so much energy, to start the first half. It would of been nice if we could have pulled together as a team and covered the other guy ( being Wolf, and Billz ) in these last two games when they needed some support. Cruise control aint gonna cut it…..It is time to put your foot on the verticle pedal to the right and kick this baby into gear………..Like Sammy say’s ( No not Mas Tequila ) I cant drive 55…….get it going or get passed!!! You guy’s have worked way to hard to get to this point so I say……..Kick this baby in gear and lets ROCK!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Keep On Truckin!!!!!!

Hang On Boy’s!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the music Dodger4life!!!

No problem Nelly,
Good Night and God Bless Everyone :))))

Good Night Dodger4life!!

Well, not a good showing again. ! run in the last 18 innings isn’t going to cut it. The break for the all star game has certainly stopped out momentum. Hope we don’t lose 3 in a row today. Hasn’t happened all year. The giants scare me with their pitching. I’m concerned we don’t drift back to the pack instead of the west putting on a spurt. We need a new hitting coach. Our hitting, our pitching and our fielding looked lousy last night.
Lets hope we play better behing Kersh tonight. He is our future…..

Don’t know why anyone would be surprised at Billz “performance” last night. He hasn’t been pitching worth a crap for over a month now. Everytime he takes the ball he just makes my case stronger that he’s no ace. In fact, he’s not even the pitcher he was last year that could take the ball and beat the likes of Haren & Webb.

There isn’t anyone on this entire staff that I would give the ball to in a “must win” game, which makes the addition of a Halladay-type starter all the more imperative.

Also, nice taking out a 5-tool player for a pizzle pissant. That worthless SOB hasn’t done anything after his first 20 games so I can see why JoJo wants him in there over a near all-star. Makes for great D in center and left. More fuel to the fire that Joe’s an idiot.

I won’t be the least surprised to see this team swoon in August-Sept. Staters can’t go 6. Bully spent. Starting inferior players. If/when that happens our only consolation will be to see Ned and his dancing PVLs gone. I only wish Frank had the balls to fire Joe’s worthless butt as well.

…And a happy good morning to all!!!

Like the man said, it all comes down to pitching. Makes me uneasy.

Quite a commentary on Kersh’s development when you have to count on him being the stopper for the pitching staff. Yet, with one more win, he’d be right up there with Billz in season’s accomplishment so far.

Like enchanted, I fear we’re headed for a real disaster in the second half, unless we come up with a Halladay kind of relief to our pitching staff. A decent bullpen addition would not hurt either, but then we don’t need another Ohman type, and that’s what litlle idiot Ned favors. I reserve “big idiot” for Joe, because even when he has the big tools available like Kemp or Ethier, he wants to play around with his little tool Pierre just because he’s the manager, you see.

The only other thing that needs to happen is for Manny to fall back on his level of hitting, and we won’t be even the top team in our division. So, there’s a lot of work to be done, and neither Ned nor Joe are really up to it. As for Frank, he’s just content to ride Mannywood to its full profit potential.

Good morning ITDers,
Went to bed after the 4th inning and was glad I did. That was a pretty lousy game last night. I know that the way the Dodgers played the last two games makes it look like they could go into an Aug.-Sept. swoon, but remember they ended the 1st half winning 8 out of 12 with 6 of those wins on the road. One thing I noticed about this team this season is every time they are challenged and it looks like their lead is going to shrink they bounce back. They haven’t had a prolonged slump all season. We have to just keep the faith.

I truly believe that Kersh will be the superstar of this pitching staff. When he learns to control his walks he will be unbeatable. He’s only 21. Wait till he reached 25 and mark my words. Everyone will want him. He’s showing signs of greatness already. Another Koufax, no, but he will be one of the dodger’s best.
Kuroda will not regain his earlier form and winning ways.
Billingsley has a head problem, no idea what it is, buts its defianately there lurking close to the surface.
We definately need to trade for a Pitcher. I would trade Martin and maybe Dewitt. Would not trade Ethier, Loney or Kemp. To me, everyone else is expendable. I don’t like the way this 2nd half has started.

I hate to be negative but had a feeling Wandy and Oswalt was going to pitch well and this is not the same team the first time we meet them when they’re were slumping but there no excuse for not beating Hampton and Ortiz and we owned these 2 in the past.

RIP Henry Allingham 113-year-old World War I veteran

I think it’s become obvious we need a quality starter at least and I would feel a lot better if we got a solid 7-8th inning reliever as well. But who do we give up? Not Billz or Kershaw. I’ve doubted all along Billz has the make up to be a #1, but I still would not trade him. It would be hard for me to give up anybody on the roster, but someone is going to go. Just who will it be?

I thought everyone want Kershaw now?

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

It looks like we woke up just as happy and cheery as when we went to bed last night. I don’t blame you one bit. I have no idea what was wrong with Billz last night, but he still hasn’t gotten over that hump to win #10. Something is up there. I hoping it was just a bad game because he did pitch that almost complete game last time. Let’s just hope he is not hurt. We do need a Halladay type pitcher because I am in agreement of needing an Ace pitcher, if no other reason, than to get the pressure off Chad of being the Ace. He is still young (he will be 25 at the end of the month), and we forget that sometimes.

Now, to our outfield. Why? Like a said last night, if I am the opposing team’s manager, every time Manny and JP are on the field together, I am telling my players to launch as many of those balls out to left center as often as you can. Not only that, JP is not a threat batting before Manny. So, Manny got no protection. Now, granted, Manny should be able to bat anywhere, and it’s not like anybody else had a dandy day at the plate, but there is a big difference between having Andre or Matt up to bat and having JP up to bat. With JP, there is no anticipation with his at-bat because you know it’s not going out and the probability of a ground ball is pretty good. With Andre and Matt, even their outs are something to look forward to. Dodger Thoughts is projecting Andre to sit tonight since he doesn’t do well against tonight’s pitcher. Since when are numbers important.

Just my thoughts, and I am keeping the faith that we won’t lose that third game in a row.

BTW – Happy Birthday Joe Torre

Good morning all! I have been out the last two nights and have missed the game, but it appears I haven’t missed much! Just in case I’m a good luck charm, I’ll be home tonight just in time for the game! 🙂 I hope you all have a great day, and see you tonight!

Glad to have you back Mr. Piano Man. No, you didn’t miss much, and by the comments you can tell it’s the same old issues…………..pitching and the outfield. Let’s hope you are their good luck charm, or if anything, get a piano ready just in case (jk) 🙂

Good Day ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue….
Happy Birthday Joe Torre, Heres to wishing you a great finish to a great day 🙂
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!

Oh yeah how did I forget me and Torre share a bday together and I also share it with Hunter and Sheets.

Oh yeah how did I forget me and Torre share a bday together and I also share it with Hunter and Sheets.

Urgh stupid errors make me posted that twice.

To be honest I was looking for Ethier to sit and Pierre starting against Wandy on Thursday

Happy Birthday Shad!!! So, how old are we today?

I can’t believe Torre screw me big time with Kemp so I miss out on starting Podsednik that goes 3/3 3 runs scored, 2 bb’s and a sb’s.

31 but still want to be 21.

I hate to heard about a WW1 veteran passing away today but he did live passed 113.

So sick of these last 2 losses.

They just show Cal Ripkens last all stars game and Arod in a Rangers uniform switching position with Cal to played SS and even Torre told him to moved over.

FYI ~ On our local Fox channel, they were doing the Angels/A’s pregame show, and they were talking about the Halladay trade. As of right now, the only way the Dodgers will get him is if we give up Kershaw in the trade. They also said this trade will go down to the wire. So, hold on tight! This is going to be another crazy two weeks of trade rumors.

I love how they said Torre want Halladay and I guess seeing him in the AL east when Torre was a Yankees he’s know what he bring to the table but Toronto can’t be seriously with Kershaw especially for a 1 1/2 yrs rental.

Hi Junie, if you haven’t already, could you check your email?

Former Great Lakes Loons Andrew Lambo and Josh Bell, as well as pitcher Clayton Kershaw, are mentioned regularly in trade rumors. The Los Angeles Dodgers are usually linked with any talk of a trade involving Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay.

timesfreepress.com: Chattanooga Lookouts left fielder Andrew Lambo resides within 45 minutes of Los Angeles and grew up a Dodgers fan.

Lambo is the No. 1 Dodgers prospect according to Baseball America and went 3-for-4 in Monday’s Southern League All-Star Game. He continues to inch closer to his goal of playing in Los Angeles, yet that aspiration could get sidetracked in a flash should the 20-year-old be included in a big-league trade.

“It can put a dagger through your heart, but you’ve just got to bounce back,” Lambo said of playing for another organization. “There is nothing else you can really do. It’s beyond your control.”


“Reggie Jackson, a two-time World Series most valuable player, said there’s no room in baseball’s Hall of Fame for those who have used steroids and he’s disturbed the record books have been affected by the cheating.”

Call me cynical, but I think that if things like HGH was available in his time, he would have been using it.

Geez why are they showing the Angels/A’s game here? The A’s defense were so terrible in that inning. I’d rather watch the Mets/Braves game.

Aybar even stole a base on a miscue by the A’s defense with the Angels leading by 7 runs.

I’ll say it again, the Dodgers would be nuts to trade Kershaw. If they trade either Kersh, Kemp, Loney or Ethier, I’m done watching this year, and thats a fact.

The Dodgers may be considered a longshot to get Roy Halladay from Toronto because they have made left-hander Clayton Kershaw untouchable. Smart. But Los Angeles still thinks it has a decent fit with Toronto even if the prospects the Blue Jays like, including third baseman Josh Bell, aren’t exactly going to be big leaguers immediately. The Dodgers want a starting pitcher who would be certain to start one of the first three games of a playoff series. So, no, that does not mean Jarrod Washburn. It’s either Halladay, Cliff Lee or nothing. The Dodgers would still like another arm for their bullpen, such as Arizona’s Chad Qualls or Baltimore’s George Sherrill.”

I don’t understand why replaced one starter for another one in the rotation especially if Kershaw would lower his walk he can go deep into game. I think losing Kershaw would hurt and it don’t make sense.

Oh look Lambo is a LA native that is a good thing for him to stay here.

Oh look Lambo is a LA native that is a good thing for him to stay here.

gosh not again

JP’s nickname shouldn’t be pizzle, it should be piddle – just like a yappy little lap dog.

If Ned didn’t trade Kersh last year as a raw rookie, I can’t see Ned trading him now, now that’s he’s starting to learn how to pitch. If Toronto won’t take a former all-star silver slugger native son catcher to replace the journeyman backstop they have starting now, a potential annual 15 game winner in McDonald, and a 2B/3B in DeWitt who are all major leaguers NOW for a guy they know they’re going to lose after 2010, then **** ’em and we’ll play the cards we have now.

Lambo, Kemp and Ethier sound so good but you never know.

Billz is either going through a dead-arm phase or is hiding an injury. Let’s hope it’s the former, because he’ll get over that.

Urgh Weaver a 7-0 lead against the pathetic A’s and I won’t even get a win.

I think it must be a tired/dead arm and he has already thrown over 2000+ pitches. aeversw posted this last night.


I was just about to posted about Russell after looking up his stats.

Oh Ward Dear…..were you calling me dear?

BTW – is there a list of names that JP has now? That list has got to be pretty extensive by now.

I was looking a Javy Guerra stats and it look good but that was with the Loons but it look like he’s over there in Chattanooga.

There is an extensive list for the GardenGnome, NellyJune! We just can’t seem to shake him. So, Andre and Matt had better step it up or they will be sitting so that Slappy can play!

Wow and those number suck.

Yippee……….Noodlearm gets a start!

dodgereric – that was a great article/interview with Kershaw, and it only resonates louder why he needs to stay.

Victor Garate numbers are sick wonder why we haven’t gave him a chance yet?

Hi everyone! Frustrating games these last two. Good thing I was at the Stich and Pitch section working on my project.
Well, go to start getting ready. I lid a candle with pictures and two bobleheads (shoot I forgot TMIMITW bbh) all around and also with a baseball signed by players of the 70’s (when we were known as the Big Blue Crecking Crew) for good luck. picture in my blog.


Let me see if I’ve got this right……JP will get one or two games a week and it doesn’t matter how well he does. But, for him to play, we will lose the bat of Manny, Dre or Matt. So, if Dre or Matt have an 0 – 4, they are out and Juan is in, right? Nothing like putting the pressure on two of your best hitters.

That’s about it!!!

new thread…

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