Tonight's game

We just had the news conference for Manny and I’m sure there will be tons of coverage all over and the rest of the media world.

Joe Torre also spoke and I think in a lot of ways, the media seems to have been able to get the soundbytes they came for, though he really only spoke about the baseball side of things and not any of the other questions about his medical records, etc.

In any event, they’re expecting a sellout tonight and I’d imagine there will be a lot of Dodger fans and a lot of booing Padres fans. Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Kuroda, P

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Looks like a winner.

I’d give Furcal 2-3 weeks leading off to get things straightened out. If he doesn’t, I’d swap Ferk and Kemp in the line-up.

Larry Bowa was just on TV talking about the upcoming circus with Manny. He was wearing a red LA hat. I wonder what that is about?
Manny showed up on an interview wearing blue sunglasses and not really saying anything other than he was glad to be back and it might take him some time to get his timing back.
The analysts on MLB TV thought wearing the shades was weak and that Manny was hiding behind them. I am glad to have Manny back but I would like to see him say a little more than “I’m sorry” to the fans. He should just dive into the cold media waters and tell the whole story instead of wiggling his toe in it. It will be uncomfortable at first but he will soon adjust and be able to move on with his career.

Wow, a media circus. What a surprise. And some of us wondered why the Dodgers did not get more media attention. Did anyone see the cover of the latest Sporting News?

32and53 fan, I think the time for Manny to have said anything meaningful has long passed. The media will be hard pressed to come up with anything other than the usual “glad to be back” or “glad to have him back” from Manny, management or the players. Dodger fans will accept him if he helps the team and the opposing fans will boo him just as Giants fans cheered for Bonds and opposing fans gave him a hard time. The booing did not bother Bonds and it won’t bother Manny.

The big difference is that Manny is a more likeable guy both to the fans and the media. He is popular, personable and outgoing. Bonds was just the opposite. Bonds often looked as if he would rather be somewhere else while Manny looks like he is having a good time.

The timing for Manny’s return is perfect since his first game is on the road in a stadium that will have plenty of Dodger fans in attendance. My hope is he comes out strong although I don’t expect that. The problem is he will always have the stigma of getting caught and I am not sure I can forget the disappointment.

32&53: the red hats are the stars and stripes hats to honor the vets. Last year they were dark blue, this year they’re red… maybe next year they’re white? They wore them during Memorial Day as well, and will wear them September 11th.

Great to see Manny back in the lineup… albeit with a little tsk tsk for good measure. He did his time, he’s more of a man than that punk Bonds will EVER be, paid for it unlike teflon A-Rod (though he sat out on the DL with a hip cyst…. hmmm… a cyst in the hip… hmmm… how would THAT get there?…. fancy an answer, Bud?).

Hopefully we’ll be the L.A. Dodgers, and not the L.A. Mannys. Players win games, teams win championships.



Welcome back in the lead off spot Furcal WB Manny and blah at Martin batter ahead of Kemp.

I’m surprise Torre doesn’t have Blake back in the 8th hole lol.

Hello everyone…..
Welcome Back Manny…….Lets give Kuroda some run support tonight…..Lets Beat the Padres……Lets keep on battling our way to the ring!!!!!
Life Is Good Today!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

Is good to see Manny back in the lineup. Now let’s go out and win some more ball games guys. I hope all the guys ate some good home cooked meals before they left as well.

Perhaps of interest to those interested in Juan Cruz… from Jayson Stark’s article on Manny ( )

Cruz control: A couple of reports last week suggested the Phillies were a team in on Meche. But one source who spoke with the front offices of both teams tells Rumblings that the Royals pitcher the Phillies actually made a run at was reliever Juan Cruz. But the Royals, who have Cruz under contract for next year, are telling clubs they’re only willing to trade him for an upper-tier, near-big-league-ready prospect.

…. as for Jayson Stark’s rumblings and grumblings on Manny, maybe he’s just butt-hurt at what happened when Manny was on his team… If you keep reliving the past, you’re just doomed to disappointment, because it isn’t going to change.

I cheer for Manny with a grain of salt, and he did do his time, and he didn’t personally hurt me. We’re still leading everyone. What he did was wrong, but he’s paid for it, and he sure as hell better not do it again.

As a great president once said: “Fool me once, shame on… … me, Fool me twice… … we… won’t get fooled again”

Cue Peter Townshend and the Who


Anyone seen that drawing on It have Manny raising one hand and a big bat in the other hand and it have the Rocket, Bonds and McGwire just sitting there.

I saw that, Shad. the other three had old tomatoes on them, and Manny was in front of all the cameras and “We Love Manny” signs.

The AL East loving ESPNers can say what they want, but Manny did his time. Forgive, but NEVER forget. And don’t forget who plays 3B in the Bronx, and what sent him to the DL to open the season.

And don’t forget where Manny came from, either. Your house, Bristol.

We’re all responsible in some way, really, as baseball fans looking to be entertained, for the steroid problem, since we keep buying tickets to the games, keep buying hats, jerseys, programs and everything else. All after we know something was up as far back as when McGwire and Sosa were fighting for the HR record looking like Lou Ferrigno.

I don’t condone what happened. I do think that Manny’s paid, though, just like Brooks and Red (in Shawshank).

Guess I have a lot to say for a quiet guy.

Plus, like they point out in Stark’s article, Manny actually has a likeable persona, unlike just about everybody else ever suspected of it. That’s gotta factor in to how Manny’s being received.

You say it well, NSB!

Northstateblues ~ You may say whatever you like, sir! I may not always agree with you but boy, I do love reading your posts. You have a wonderful way with words.

Thanks Sparkle and Tru. We don’t have to always agree, isn’t that what makes America great?

Off to the Farmers Market, I’ll be in my Brooklyn hat and Jackie Jersey again… to support my team and draw dirty looks as always… without the jersey, half of these people think it’s a Boston hat anyway, so shows what they know.


As opposed to using the word Love, for some can interpret it incorrectly…..( Not mentioning names) Ha ha!!!!
Let me just say North I have always enjoyed your’s and all of the other post on this site…..Well Phan (Not so much!!!)
Keep Em Coming Everyone….
Awe what the heck……I LOVVVE THE DODGERS!!!!!!

Hiya ITD
Well it looks likes the Dodgers will get some coverage tonight around America, since Manny is baaaaack.
And the 9th best hitter in the N.L. will be sitting it out.
He’s also the 2nd best base stealer.
But JP knows what his roll will be.


Good Dodger evening to you oldbrooklynfan 🙂

And the same to you, Dodger4life

Have fun at the farmer’s market ns. I am hoping to see some new sketches from you soon. I have to say that Manny looked in really good shape at the press conference. He is a great player and I am happy to have him back. No doubt anyone who hits in front or behind him can’t help but benefit, but it will bug me if the press attributes any success Andre has for the rest of the season to hitting behind him. He was a great hitter before Manny arrived and most of his success is attributed to a lot of hard work just like anyone else on the team. If Manny’s comeback couldn’t be at Dodger Stadium, Petco is the next best place. I had never been to a game at Petco until recently and I expected there to be a lot of Dodger fans, but not as many as there were. There were tons. Go Dodgers!

Notice something different already?

The pitch count.

Message pitch from Gaudin?

Wow, ESPN News cut in for Manny’s minor league at bats, but not for his first one back on the Dodgers?


Nice going LONEY.

Pitchers have to throw strikes to beat the Dodgers.
Hope he doesn’t settle down.



Now THIS is how you start a baseball game!

Hi D4L and BlueCrewGirl! Just looking for inspiration for something to work on… I’m cooking up something.

Hi JoePierre, good to see you!

no the first inning run.

Here we go team, here we go!

Glad to see us taking pitches, making the pitcher work, and scoring in the first inning!

I’m liking the looks of this game! Let’s hope Kuroda-san can shut down the Pads!

Wow, even Enchanted’s Wussybat!

Great way to start off the game. They’ve scored more runs in this inning than they have in most recent games.

Go KEMP great start.

look like another time warp thanks to the computer time.,

WOW< WOW< WOW< What a way to start a game.


I don’t smokecigs, but I feel like I need a cigarette right now!

Kids: don’t smoke. Smoking is bad, mmmkay?

Good evening all!
What a great way to start off the game.
I hope Kuroda’s in fine form tonight.

KURODA, old that lead.

Good evening oldbrooklyn. This is the way I like to see Dodger games begin. Manny definately has a presence.

46 pitches. That’s more than half of what Marquis threw the entire game against them the other day.

P.S.: We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

but we can’t say we’re back, ’cause we were never gone!


Do it again Boy’s!!!!

Hey North and everyone else……

Nice job by Juroda not to give them something right back.

Then 9 pitches the second inning.

Go figure.

Is that a new name for Hiroki or did I miss something.

I can’t believe someone made a poll about this.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

I would like to think of this great start as a combination of having Manny back and having a new lead off batter. A nice and refreshing feeling for a change 🙂

Alright Andre!!!!!!!!!

Yes, ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D4 – its slang for “I can’t type.”

RED should be a Dodger color, it matches the number in the front of the uniform.
That red number has been there since 1952.
It was to be worn in the 1951 World Series but the Dodgers never got there.

LOL, NellyJune!

lol 8-0 SF damn freaking overrated bums.

It’s all good E….. Opposing pitchers are now like an old Motel bed (insert some Manny and they start a shakin!!!! )

Good job to Move them over, James and to drive in the run, Russell!

Damn what the hotdog champ on are you smartest than a 5th grade and I thought this event was for asain.

Imagine after Jason Marquis and Jason Hammel, who threw nothing but strikes to this.


Atta way tago RUSSELL

Hey, peeps. I haven’t been around nearly as much this year as last and I don’t really anticipate that changing. Mostly I’m just busier. Also I this blog is MUCH more popular than it was at the beginning of ’08 — a good thing — but I just don’t have the time to read so many posts, and don’t feel I should participate more than I read. Ramble, ramble, ramble.
Mixed about the return of Manny. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the Dodgers cut him loose. I feel much the same way I did the day he got caught. I’ve been trying to go to the World Series since 1977 having been foiled by lack of money, bad luck, malfunctioning ticket machines, geography and finally by 20 years of futility. Thirty-two years is a heck of a long time to wait for a tainted seat at the Fall Classic, and I would almost rather not go this year than go watch a known cheater as a major part of my team.
But in the end, I know we’re not going to cut Manny and that the lemmings that are all-too common among the Dodgers fandom will buy Manny dredlocks and “99” jerseys and go wild for him. As for me, I will save my greatest enthusiasm for real Dodgers like Matt Kemp, James Loney, Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, Jonathon Broxton, hell even for Popgun if he’s batting in a crucial situation. I’ll cheer for Manny but not very enthusiastically.
Bottom line. Manny took my baseball innocence, and I can never get it back. How I managed to stay an innocent so long is obvioulsy a story of extreme naivete. But it’s gone now. And my only choices are to turn my back on baseball played by anybody over 10 years old, or accept that baseball isn’t — probably never was — the old-time, green diamond of pastoral innocence I let myself believe for 45 years.
go manny (but note the lower case and lack of exclamation point).

lol espn boxscore damn -1 for the Padres that funny

lny4loney ~ Good to see you. Anytime you stop by to visit is a pleasure.

Other than that, Joe Torre is still an idiot. How do you have one of the best power-speed guys in baseball hitting eighth all the time? I’ve heard the supposed baseball intelligentsia (eg. Joe Morgan and Jon Miller) say what a genius Torre is for this bassackward strategy. Man, I really can’t stand those guys.

Thanks, trublu.
Thanks also to oldfogey (aka oldbrooklynfan) and northstateblues for the red uni trivia.

INY4LONEY: I’m not Oldfogy.

Maybe 2nd lead off hitters doh? This team is stacked and do you want Blake back in the 8th spot?

Hey lny4, long time no see. Welcome back!

Raffy seems more comfortable to be back in leadoff.

Hudson can’t hit crap anymore.

Hey, enchanted!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I keep forgetting that Manny is back.

CRAPOLA!! At least it’s a solo dinger. They don’t hurt as bad.

lol 13-0

Those solo dingers hurt when you don’t have a 5 run lead.

We’ll be in pretty good shape waiting for Manny to come around with the bat if Ferk and Marty are starting to remember how to hit.

No prob MLK, was just curious after how thrown off Vin was by it.

46 pitches in the 1st and 41 the next 3 innings hate that.

It seems to happen often, when an opposing pitcher settles down after being lit up in the first inning.

There goes 13 pitches.

Thanks, teach. : )

lny4loneyn(mlk) – It is soooo good to see you back on here, regarldless of the amount of time you have. You are always a welcome sight around here.

lny4loneyn(mlk) – It is soooo good to see you back on here, regarldless of the amount of time you have. You are always a welcome sight around here.

Something tells me we’re gonna see Huggy Bear before the nights out.

Then things may get interesting.

I love Grady Sizemore and I hope that Tigers/Twins goes all the way to the 40th innings if it possible.

I think I should be happy with a 1/4 with 2 bb’s for Granderson but I’m not. My offense is not doing anything this week.

Did Raffy just swipe a base?

Oh gosh come on we need Hudson hot back like old time say.


I wonder what’s wrong with Hudson.

I’d like to see Kuroda get through the 6th.

Think Hudson just has a hole in his bat brooklyn.

Notice when Pierre come in than Kuroda gets into trouble.

Damn Kuroda.

Sure am glad Joe saw fit to take Manny out for a defensive replacement in the 6th.

They should take Kuroda out.

Oh boy hope the good Mota show up.

A couple of good defensive plays to stop the bleeding.

Nice work Mota

Alright Mota! Nice play by Loney again!

Good going M O T A

Wow Mota 4.04 ERA. If it wasn’t for that run he gave up against the Angels Mota ERA would be under 4.

Well it’s up the bullpen again.

lol 3.93 for Mota who would had guess that?

Including the Colorado series that makes 13 2/3 scoreless innings.

Nice 1.2 for Mota

Mota really has turned it around. He’s been pitching great lately.

Looks like a Troncoso Broxton finish.

Nice to know I was among that 1,176,000.

truebluewill – Are you new to ITD? I have seen your name a few times in the last couple of days. So, if you are….. welcome!!!

Wow the Twins got 3 straight hits to tied it and I don’t know what was Morneau thinking to make the first out at 3rd.

Watch it guys.

Yep and now is McDonald turned and I still wanted him to be our #5 starters lol.

Hey guys great catch by JP! Does Manny make that play?

Leach vs Gonzo I was expected this.

Unusual walk right befoe Adrian Gonzales comes up.
Tough spot.

Good play, JP!!


So, it looks like Furcal misses being in the lead off spot. Good for him 🙂

I’d like to welcome you too, truebluewill!

What a nice night for FURCAL.
Good for his BA.

I knew when Raffy get back in that lead off spot he was going to get hot and now it Hudson turned.

Both Pierre and Ethier were robbed by good defensive plays.

Let’s go Jonathan.

Shut Em Down Brox!!!!!! Put this game in the win column!!!!

Hudson is in little funk.

Let’s see if the Tigers can hold this lead.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!

Way to go Dodgers! Let’s make it another win tomorrow! Brox Rocks!!!!!

Jonathan says – Fu-Q Y’all, why’d you even bother trying!!!

Damn 103 mph?

103 MPR

102mph? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Good Night and God Bless All!!!!
Have a wonderful 4th and God Bless America!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Good Night and God Bless All!!!!
Have a wonderful 4th and God Bless America!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Guess Brox was pumped up a bit.

Alright Brox!!!!!! That was a great first inning of offense, and then the pitching kept the lead from getting away from us, and then Jonathan shutting it down………………..another awesome team effort that goes into the win column as win number 51.


Impressive win! 4 hits for Raffy, hope this is the beginning of the turn around. Thanks for the welcome trublu4ever

That just show a Manny South signed on ch 9.

WooHoo, win streak!!!

Hello gang and Happy 4th of July!!!! It is the 4th here. LOL!!!

And a happy 4th to you too Wally!!

And welcome truebluewill!!!

Hi’Ya Beav, my brother!!! Thanks!!! Good way to get it started, eh?!!!
And I would also like to add a warm ITD welcome to you TruWill!!!!

jhall is in the ITD house. How are you doing Wally?

Happy 4th of July to you too jhall!!!!

4 hits for Ferk is certainly encouraging.

JP doesn’t leadoff tonight and we score 5 runs. Coincidence? I think not.

BonJour Nelle’ mon bon amie!!! Merci!!! How about you and yours?!!! Sweet win tonight. Even got some Johnny says in there. LOL!!!

JP doesn’t leadoff tonight and we score 5 runs. Coincidence? I think not.

By enchantedsunset on July 3, 2009 10:28 PM
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Nuff said, LMTO!!!!!!!!!!!

enchanted – It’s Furcal’s natural spot in the lineup. Of course it’s not a coincidence. Not only that Furcal is capable of going yard too. He just needs to stay healthy.

42,217 (98.9% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Damn guess no sellout but it probably double the Padres home average.

We are doing great jhall!!!

Wow that was Mota first hold to lol. I would thought Mota would go a whole season without one.

Thanks Nell’, happy Independence Day to you and your family as well!!! I thought Kuroda had 7 inning in him tonight, but Mota really has sacked up of late. Let’s go Dodgers!!! As far as the All-Star Game, I think Billz might get named to the pitching staff. I really think Ethier should get invited. I would rather Billz not go and rest. Take Brox instead. Penny never has been the same since he got invited and overthrew to strike out the side.

The rumor is Kemp is being invited………….at least that is what is being said over at Dodger Thoughts.

I would love for Andre to get invited, but I would be happy for Matt as well. They both deserve it in their own way and for different reasons I suppose.

That would be great if Andre got invited, jhall. Raffy did seem stoked to be back in the leadoff spot. I think leading off is what gets his engine gong and gets the Dodgers going too.

Did JP make a good play in the OF? I missed it. If so then I owe JoJo an apology for my sarcastic remark about taking Manny out in the 6th.

I would contend though that you don’t replace Manny defensively that early in a game.

I thought Penny had a good 2nd half that year.

After 80 games…Place

hmmmmmm interested


The Dodgers’ win on Wednesday was their 50th of the season, the most in the majors. It’s the fifth time in his managerial career that Joe Torre’s team was the first (or tied for the first) team to reach 50 wins in a season. He also did that two times with the Braves (1982 and 1983) and twice with the Yankees (1998 and 2004). Torre’s total is the most for a major-league manager since Walter Alston did it six times in his 23 years with the Dodgers.

This was the 5th times that his team reach 50 wins before any other teams.

Holy crap I forgot the rerun of Bluetopia was on at this time and Happy 4th of July.

Damn Martin and Kershaw getting all the older women lol.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all of my ITD Blogmates! Have a wonderful, safe day. And, let’s find the time to cheer on the Dodgers and Randy Wolf as they take the field against the Padres today! GO DODGERS…………….DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th to all 🙂
Let’s get another win today!!

Happy 4th to all at ITD!!!

It’s good to see Raffy’s and Martin’s bats come alive. If that continues, it won’t matter much what Manny*roid does. Let’s just take this series before we head east.

Damn Owings is such a good hitting pitcher.

R. Furcal ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250
R. Martin c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250
M. Ramirez lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .337
A. Ethier rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .256
C. Blake 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .284
J. Loney 1b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .278
M. Kemp cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .303
J. Castro 2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333
R. Wolf p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .100
Totals 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Just what the doctor order. He’s Back!

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