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On board the bus to SD where tomorrow promises to be rather busy. The center of the sports media world will be at PETCO Park, with Manny scheduled to come back from his suspension and quite obviously, his bat will be a welcome addition to the team.

It’s amazing to think that when he was suspended, we had the best record in baseball and we still do, now that he’s coming back 50 games later. The entire team has stepped up, but let’s not forget the incredible contributions of Juan Pierre. He’s really been such a huge contributor in so many ways and will continue to be, even as he shifts back into his role as more of a bench player and spot starter. He’s handled this whole thing with class and dignity and for that, I tip my cap.

If you aren’t planning a trip to SD, I’d imagine you’ll be watching on PRIME TICKET or listening to KABC 790 or KHJ 930 tomorrow night. Should be an interesting one…

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hey… Atlanta is looking for outfielders that can hit… what do you guys think of putting a package together with JP for one of their starters… Jair Jurjens????

I think you’d have to package him with Kemp and Kershaw.

Good afternoon all…….The name the candybar contest is all in good fun. I do think JP has done a good job in Manny’s absense. He stepped up big time, the pitching staff has also been superb, keeping us in the game, while our offense goes through it’s up and downs. The team as a whole has kept forging ahead little by little. I am proud of the way these guys kept at it day in and day out. Lets hope Manny’s return can instill a little fire and energy back into our bats like we had starting out the season. that was alot of fun for everyone.
Enjoy the rest of your day everyone 🙂

Juan Pierre is a huge part of why we are where we are right now… though he’s fallen off in June, maybe he needs some rest.

If Juan can concentrate on the time he does play from here on out, instead of concentrating on the time he isn’t playing, we’ll be going places, hitting the big time.

If we trade him, we’d better get something good…. because the OFers below the 4 Amigos are untested at best at this level. Maybe some don’t like it, Juan included, but at this point, we need him as much as he needs us.

But what Juan needs now is rest. lots of rest. That was a big 50 games that just passed, and some time off could do him good, so he can “prove” himself again when he comes back, whenever that is.

I put “prove” in quotations because I don’t know what 3 of the 4 Amigos have to prove, we know who they are. The only one who has something to prove is the one who… well… he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Josh- Thank you for the update, and yes, I do agree JP has filled a spot during Manny’s suspension, and he has played a role in the Dodgers remaining to be the best team in baseball. I can’t wait to see how this all goes tomorrow. This should be just one crazy weekend, and I wish you luck in dealing with the media circus which no doubt will take place.

I’d buy Slappy Taffy……Does it come in rainbow flavors???

Hey all, just a reminder for everyone to VOTE! We have until 8:59pm Pacific tonight to get our guys in! Use all your e-mail addresses and vote the maximum 25 times!

Looking forward to the series with the Padres and Manny’s return. This is one series we should be able to sweep.

Go Cards get the split.

What is up with these cuban pitchers? Another one that can throws that can throw 100 miles per hours.

Another one that can throw 100 miles per hours

If it’d get me out of Cuba, I’d throw 100mph too.

Rainbow D4, definitely rainbow.

No matter how one feels about Manny or JP, the cold fact is this: JP was not the starting left fielder when Manny was required to take a 50 game vacation and he has done nothing to suggest he should be when Manny returns. JP has played well, especially the first couple weeks but now is pretty much doing what he always has done and what he is capable of doing. If Manny does what we all think he is capable of doing, the difference will be obvious. I also like Furcal as the leadoff hitter because he has the potential to hit one out. JP did a good job and we thank you for that. You earned your money.

Wow 2nd and 3rd in the 1st and Bochy ibb Pujols in the 1st innings but Ludwich burn him. Come on Cards knock them out in the 1st,

3-0 Cards

Longtime South Atlantic League president Moss dies
By MIKE CRANSTON, AP Sports Writer
6 hours, 41 minutes ago

Buzz up!0 votes PrintJohn Henry Moss, one of the most influential figures in minor league baseball during his 50-year reign as president of the South Atlantic League, died of complications from a stroke. He was 90.

The Class A league announced its founder died Wednesday in his hometown of Kings Mountain, N.C. He had been hospitalized since June 7.

Moss helped form the Western Carolina League for textile workers in 1947. A decade later he worked a deal with Brooklyn Dodgers executive Branch Rickey to stock the league with professionals.

It later became the South Atlantic League, which Moss ran for 50 seasons before his retirement in 2007. Numerous future stars played in the league, which saw massive growth and change. Under Moss, 43 cities fielded teams run b 114 ownership groups.


The league currently has 16 clubs in eight states. The No. 50 is retired throughout the league to honor Moss’ service.

“I do not think there is another league that owes as much to one person as the South Atlantic League owes to John Henry Moss,” said Eric Krupa, who replaced Moss as president.

Moss also served as mayor in his hometown, about 35 miles west of Charlotte, for nearly 24 years. He secured funding for a 15 billion-gallon reservoir—Moss Lake—that bears his name.

But baseball was Moss’ first love.

A good fielding but light-hitting second baseman, Moss washed out of the Washington Senators minor league system in the 1930s. He then served as Gen. Ira Wyche’s bodyguard in World War II before returning to baseball.

Moss ran the league his way. In an interview before his retirement, Moss vividly recounted humorous events in league history.

Moss chuckled when recalling a story about Statesville, N.C., manager George Wilson. The manager had been bragging about going deep sea fishing during a three-day suspension. Moss waited for Wilson to get to the beach—then rescinded the suspension.

Moss said he was once asked to go to Lexington, N.C., to tell a player named Bobby Bonds to wear shoes when he wasn’t playing. Moss arrived to find Bonds had eight stitches in his foot.

“I think he had three hits that night,” Moss said.

Moss recalled Jack Hiatt, a then-17-year-old catcher, getting thrown out in the 10th inning of the 1961 league All-Star game after arguing balls and strikes. Wilson, Hiatt’s manager, walked over to Moss’ box seat and told him he was out of players.

“So I walk over there trying to think what the hell am I going to do,” Moss recalled. “So I go to the dugout and said, ‘Find Hiatt.’ Well, he comes up and I tell him, ‘I’m putting you back in the ballgame. I’m fining you $50 and I want it before you leave the ballpark.”’

Hiatt put his gear back on and the game continued. Hiatt’s relationship with Moss continued through the years. As the longtime director of player development of the San Francisco Giants before his retirement in 2007, Hiatt had his Class A team play in the South Atlantic League.

“They’ve stayed with the basic fundamental of being a young players’ league,” Hiatt said. “All of this has stemmed from John and his feeling toward young players.”

Moss, whose wife Elaine died in 2004, will be buried Monday in Kings Mountain.

“The solid, well-run league that I took over in 2008 was the direct result of John’s lifetime commitment and hard work,” Krupa said. “He will be sorely missed throughout the league and all of baseball

I want JP to do well, as long as he is in a Dodger uniform. He might have brought some of this upon himself when he asked to be traded and asked to seek out a trade through his agent. However JP has continued to battle his way through the negativity, and contribute towards the success of this team. That is what everyone wearing a Dodger uniform should do. Manny has to fight that battle in the coming days, albiet from a different prospective and the way JP stepped up when needed is the way I expect Manny and everyone else to step up for the remainder of this season all the way to the ring baby, all the way to the ring.

Wow 50 long years to be minor league president. RIP Moss

What is up with the Swarm of bees delays Astros, Padres?

Shad I love ya ……However I sure hope… I dont log on one day and find you have done a post on me.

Good Afternoon Bloggermates!
Wow lots ot catch up here and with work. I am off tomorrow. I know is a Holiday for most but is not for us as we gave up the 4th of July holiday for January 2nd. Some at work forgot and they had to take a vacation day. Anyway, I will be in San Diego tomorrow! No surprise ha?
This morning I took the train to work and actually missed the first one like Get Smart used to say “Missed it by that much.” The second one comes 25 minutes later so I spent the 50 minute ride catching up on the reading on the prior thread. I did not finish but was well entertained even with the JP bashing. I am sure Joe will put the best outfielders out there. I am not going to get worked up for something he said a looong time ago. I’ll wait and see who is on the field and who he continues to play.
I had forgotten how nice it is to ride the train. I love L.A.! yeah, I know, lots of graffity as you ride the train but you got to take it all. Some of it is quite artistic. Like the “I Love L.A.” song says “Look at the bum, he is down on his knees.”. I like to sing that at the stadium and point out to my brother. I am not making fun of it, and I help whenever I can. Heck, I even gave a guy the full amount to take the train to San Diego. He said he had just gotten out of jail……..” I know I probably should not have made it eaiser on him. He should have worked harder on getting the money.
Finally had time to come here and also update my blog. Well, I am off to walk to the train station in about 8 minutes. My train buddies and I are having a get together at the Union Station bar for a 4th of July celebration.

That was a long time to be in the game of baseball. RIP Mr. Moss.

I meant in a drunk sort of bud light kind of way man……

hmmmmm you do realize I’m a guy and not a chick sorry couldn’t resist.

Wow Martin is in the top 15 in walks but he’s the only one in the top 40 with a pathetic slg % under .300.

Holy **** we got Ron Artest damn bye bye Ariza.

I did not want this at all since Artest was talking smack to Kobe I don’t see how these 2 can coexist.

Shad ~ I thought the Cavs were getting Artest. He a Lebron even had a meeting.

Just checked it out on ESPN and you are right, Shad. Apparently a 3-year deal. Wow!!

Yeah it was just posted on yahoo but didn’t know the deal and wow 3 year?


Gees they can’t even spell his name right.

$18,000,000 ! Not bad.

After 33 years, 7 months, and 12 days, Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

LMAO, Enchanted!

In other news the Cards is up 5-0 in the top of the 8th.

Sigh I must had jinxed them 5-2.

On a brighter note…..McDonald looks like he has found his focus, as he has looked exceptionally well as of late. Lets hope he can continue on this path cause he could play a big part on the way to the Championship. I know we expect to beat San Diego and we should… we are a better team. They are’nt just going to give us the games though, we need to come into this series FIRED UP!!!! The Giants and, the Rockies are right behind us so there is’nt room to sit back and relax.
The Dodgers need to regain that focus they had at the begining and forge head. We can do better, we can alway’s improve. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

If Mota can turned it around surely McDonald can and I’m not giving up on him just yet.

Artest? Really?

Feels like Rodman all over again. The Lakers seeking a defensive player who has caused nothing but bad publicity during his time in the league.

On the bright side, he’d be the best enforcer in Purple and Gold since Rick Fox. But this just feels t!t for tat (I know that word would be censored, but this isn’t the vulgar meaning), like the Raiders and Dolphins essentially trading Jake Grove and Samson Satele via Free Agency. Unlike the Dodger’s situation, the Lakers get more baggage than pop in this situation.

I guess I’ll find a way to like him, like I did Kent when he had his stay with the Blue. But if we wanted to light a firecracker under Kobe, couldn’t they have signed Shaq for 1 year instead of Artest for 3?

If it wasn’t for the bullpen of late, we would probably be only two games ahead right now. I hope they continue to pitch well. I guess with Vargas ending his rehab assignment, it was use him or lose him. I don’t see a big role for him right now but we will find out soon enough what he can do.
I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it looks like Schmidt’s arm has not fallen off yet. Maybe he can be of some help in the second half.
Let’s hope Furcal and Hudson can regain their mojo and get into scoring position for Manny and Ethier, et al.

Actually I think Shaq would cost us more for 1 year than Artest for 3.

NS, how can you compare Artest to Kent? This guy starved his dogs, was arrested for domestic abuse, went psycho on (the wrong) fan during a game which got him suspended for the remaining 73 games of the season. He also destroyed a television camera at Madison Square Garden and has many other less than stellar incidents on his résumé. He is like Milton Bradley on steroids.

You’re right, Shad. $18 million is a bargain for 3 years of one of the best defensive players in the game.

Good Job Cards.

I heard month ago he would had took a paycut to come back and to LA to be Bynum back but I swear this would had been a lie.

oops backup

This is weird I’m watching the Spain and USA from last year summer olympia lol.

WOW The Dodgers had the best record in all of baseball during Manny’s suspension.
AWESOME indeed.
Everybody, including Juan Pierre did a fabulous job.
GO DODGERS********

oldbrooklynfan – are you going to any Dodger games in New York?

i am also curious if you are going to any of the Dodger games in NY. Start spreading the news…no, no, I am leaving to SD not NY.
I wish I would have talked to you more. Lucky for me, I was sitting next to NSB at the ballgame so that I could talk to him. I love your post NSB and yours too D4 and all of you!
Boy, those margaritas at Traxx were strong today. .My train buddies were buying me drinsks because of my bday. i had not seen them in a while. For those that might now know, Traxx is at Union Station, close to Olvera Street and close to Phillipes where some of us went for lunch Saturday.
::scratches head::: what else was I going to say? I don’t know I forgot…. still trying to convince my GF that we should stay in San Diego instead of going Friday, coming back late and then going back Sunday. She just called and she said she wants to be back Saturday. Well, she is driving. Got to see if I can leave my car at the City of Commerce Station wher she can pick me up.
I just approved your post to my blog. Guess the word b l o w s needed approval. lol.

Happy Birthday Emma 🙂

Good Night and God Bless Everyone…….Lets Keep On Keep’n On Dodgers!!!!!
Have a great Friday all…and enjoy the game tomorrow 🙂

Hey D4,
My birthday was last Sunday but I had not seen my train buddies for a while so we celebrated today.
I am trying to see what train station I can leave my car so my friend can pick me up. We are coming back late from San Diego after the ballgame Friday night.

After 33 years, 7 months, and 12 days, Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

By enchantedsunset on July 2, 2009 6:27 PM

Ariza a 5 years 33 millions from Houston seriously?

Wow they just show the stats and we only picked up a half game.

Well over the Giants but the Rockies picked up more than that.

Happy bday Emma

Wow 52 mins what was that girl thinking to have the Astros/Padres game to be delay because of bees?

Even the Fantasy leagues are dropping him…….

Juan Pierre, OF, Dodgers: So should Pierre be outright dropped once Manny Ramirez returns? Unfortunately, yes. As a Pierre owner (in a mixed league), I have been trying all week to find a reason, any reason, to justify keeping him, but I just can’t. Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are both durable everyday players, and Manny Ramirez has something to prove. No way will Pierre start more than one game, maybe two, per week. And he just doesn’t provide enough power off the bench to justify hanging on to him for the occasional steal. In mixed leagues with small benches (four or five guys), I’ve always felt you don’t own a player unless there’s a chance he could start in any given week. As it is now, you have no reason to start Pierre. As I noted above, he has been a fantasy bargain, but it’s time to cut him loose.


Shad! Thanks!
I should be sleeping. good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, Mannymania starts up again today big time. It’s going to be a media circus today in Petco park. Go Dodgers. Start a big winning streak today just before the Allstar game.

Good Morning ITDland ~ I expect Kuroda to bring his “A” game tonight and the boys are going to kill the ball……GO DODGERS………….DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!

According to the article I read on Manny returning, the boys picked up 1 game over the Gnats, broke even with the Rox and put a bunch of distance between them with the Puds and Snakes in the 50 games without Manny. Given Furcal’s and Martin’s struggles with the bat, and likewise Hudson and JP this last month, the only thing I can attribute that to is pitching, especially the bully.

I can’t see carrying 13 pitchers, but its seemed to work so far. Still the only ones a bench of JP, Castro, Ausmus and Loretta is scary to is us. On any given day you’ll have one of the regulars available from “resting”, but still that’s a pretty thin bench. I also don’t see why Vargas was brought up. If we lose him, so what? I’d prefer having an extra someone on the bench.

So what’s the verdict on Manny? Are we accepting him back for having paid his debt, or is he still and always will be a cheater? Think I’m accepting him back. Not because I condone what he did, and if there was anyone else capable of playing the position that could put up decent numbers I’d say dump the cheater, but right now I’m for anything that gets JP out of the regular line-up.

Manny who? LOL You know I want him back…..his teammates want him back (except for one, maybe) and his left field Mannyiacs want him back too!

The only reason I can see for bringing up Vargas is to determine if he has any trade value before the deadline, as compared to just seeing him leave. If that’s the case, I’m all right with it.

As for Manny*roid, at this stage I’m just hoping that he can rake and will boost our offensive performance – something that is badly needed. My fear is that it’ll take him a long time to readjust and get in major league playing shape, with timing and all. And then, being taken off the prohibited medication, what is that going to do to change his performance level. I think that we’ve proven that we can sustain a division winning performance without Manny, so he isn’t going to make our season, but Torre will probably keep playing Manny forever, regardless of what he does, only because “the fans come out to see Manny”.
As far as the cheating implications, until MLB starts asterisking Bonds, et al achievements, I guess we’ll just have to ride Manny as our steroid boy, similar to what most other teams have in their arsenal over the years. Purity in baseball, and probably most other major sports, is non-existent these days. I personally wish that we never had Manny to begin with, but good luck to him since he’s now back with us. I don’t think he’ll ever see the Hall, nor should he and the other suspects, and that’s probably as much payback that he and other ‘roiders will get for their actions.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful……….
I am on board with Manny coming back, I dont condone what has transpired. Although I am not sold on the fact that we are getting the entire truth as to the steriods issue. It is what it is, Manny has served his punishment as set by the league, and the 2nd time it is 100 games, then jumping to a ban for life. I think if he was caught again he would just be blasted by everyone including the fans that now support him. So lets keep it clean and concentrate on winning Championships. That being said….

I was thinking about the Steroid Era and, feel that if the players were juiced, so were the pitchers! Therefore, wasn’t the playing field equal? Shouldn’t the records stand? For those who were not on the “juice” perhaps they were on Uppers or some other enhancing drug. Just wondering.

Just want to add another thing to ponder. NellyJune and I were talking to someone “in the know” and he estimates that at least 80% of the players were on something. Not necessarily for an edge but more for a quick recovery.

I’ve been waiting for this day to play Arod and Manny in the same league.

That can’t be right we did break even? I guess winning that series 2/3 did it.

I don’t know Tru – to me two wrongs don’t make a right. Even if only 20% of the players were clean, the other 80% cheated those 20. I’m not so sure anymore we fans need to be counted as being cheated. From what I’ve seen with Manny fans are fickle anyway, and each has their motive for looking the other way. Mine is I don’t want to see JP play everyday, and Manny’s the means to that end.

I guess I’m more sympathetic to the 20% of the clean players and all the other clean players that got screwed out of a chance in the bigs because of those that did juice. I’m sympathetic to all the oldtimers who’s records fell and who’s legacies are somewhat forgotten due to the Bonds’ and Manny’s of the game.

Great 50 games Dodgers. Thank you JP for all you have done in Manny’s absence! I appreciate all your hard work 🙂
Now we’ve got our LF’er back and it’s going to be very interesting. I hope he is able to bring the power right away and we can start winning games by more than just 1 run. Insurance runs will be great!
Happy 4th to you all. I hope you enjoy the time with your family and friends. I look forward to all the games this weekend!
GO Dodgers!!!!

From Dodger Thoughts in the LA TIMES, talks about JP possibly being more valuable than Ethier:

Here’s a chart of how Kemp, Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre have performed this season. The Pierre Marching and Chowder Society will note that Ethier’s poor defensive showing (measured by Ultimate Zone Rating) this season helps make the case that Pierre is the more valuable player.

Matt Kemp Andre Ethier Juan Pierre
2009 EQA .300 .289 .289
2009 OPS+ 138 135 111
2009 OBP .363 .350 .383
2009 SLG .474 .482 .408
May 2009 OPS .762 .601 .940
June 2009 OPS .823 .952 .628
2009 OPS .838 .832 .791
2009 BABIP .370 .270 .350
2009 SB 19 4 22
2009 CS 3 3 7
2009 UZR/150 18.5 21.8 14.7
2009 WAR 3.6 0.1 1.6

I still Maintain JP is #4, but a GREAT #4 to have, and a great fill-in while Manny was gone. If we would of given a healthy Paul, or Hoffman, Jones or Repko a shot in LF, we might not have the best record in baseball today. JP filled in and played great, despite falling off in June from his torrid May, he was very productive and a huge part of our success. Thanx JP!

Good morning all! I’m happy for Juan and the overall good job he did holding down the fort, but now it’s time for Manny, Matty and Dre to get it done! Let’s go blue!!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Well, today’s the day. Mannymania is baaack. For me, it’s just another day. The way I look at it is this. Manny is a Dodger. While he wears the Dodgers’ jersey, I’ll cheer for him, root him on, and be thrilled if he can come back and help us win. But when the time comes when he can remain with the Dodgers or leave and go elsewhere (whether that’s at the end of 2009 or 2010), don’t ask me to go screaming, “Manny, cme back, come back.” No, that won’t be me.

And with that, I say:

IMO, anyone that can rate Ethier’s defense as inferior to JP’s is clutching at any skewed stat they can find to justify JP’s existence in the OF.

JP did an excellent job for a month. He did a below average job for a month. I admit, he doesn’t do as much damage in left that he does in center, but how much playing time is he going to take away now from Manny – zero.

There’s one game that sums up the worth of Dre vs. JP – the extra inning game a few days ago against Colorado.
JP did everything he could to win that game – 3 hits, BB, 3 stolen bases… yet he couldn’t win it because what he does ALWAYS depends on somebody else being able to score him.
Dre had a fairly bad game. He doubled, but he also struckout twice and had left 3 runners on to JP’s 1. Yet with one swing of the bat, Dre was ABLE to do what JP couldn’t – end the game.

A question I have is, if JP is so valuable, why aren’t there other GMs beating down Ned’s door to acquire him?

JP helped tremendously that first month Manny was gone – no question. But he hindered just as much the following month by OBPing at a .289 clip. If everyone’s looking for a savior for the 50 game stretch we just completed, look at the pitching staff, specifically the bullpen. There’s were most of the credit should go.

Just MHO, of course.

Glad to have Manny back. Now with JP out of the lineup and Raffy back on top if he continues not to hit I hope that doesn’t stall the offense. I’m betting Raffy will have a better 2nd half.

Can’t wait to see the lineup and get the show on the road. Hope that with Manny in place we don’t keep changing the lineup every day.

Let’s get off to a good start and whip the Pads BAD.

I’m also hoping Martin ended the 2nd half with double digit homeruns. I hate seeing an everyday catcher who has hit double digit homeruns only having 1 homerun so far this year.

Larry Bowa was just on TV talking about the upcoming circus with Manny. He was wearing a red LA hat. I wonder what that is about?
Manny showed up on an interview wearing blue sunglasses and not really saying anything other than he was glad to be back and it might take him some time to get his timing back.
The analysts on MLB TV thought wearing the shades was weak and that Manny was hiding behind them. I am glad to have Manny back but I would like to see him say a little more than “I’m sorry” to the fans. He should just dive into the cold media waters and tell the whole story instead of wiggling his toe in it. It will be uncomfortable at first but he will soon adjust and be able to move on with his career.

New thread posted…

To honor July 4th all MLB teams will be wearing red hats.

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