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I don’t know how this is possible, but when we approached Vin Scully a couple months back about being on the cover of Dodgers Magazine, he said that he does not believe he’s ever been on the cover. Well, after 60 years, we’re finally changing that (the magazine hasn’t been around that long but this is his 60th year behind the mic). You can get a copy at Dodger Stadium starting tonight or you can get a subscription, but it’s a great cover story by Eric Neel of so check it out.

Meahwhile, over at Psychollingy, Eric Collins weighs in with this latest…

And here’s tonight’s Dodger lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Castro, 2B

Ellis, C

Bills, P

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It looks like all you A.J. Ellis fans got your wish tonight. Go get ’em, A.J.

AJ can go 5 for 5 with 2 homeruns and Joe would still have Martin in.


C’mon AJ, make it hard for Joe to put Marty back in the line-up.

From the last thread – Birk, you got THAT right!! 🙂

I think my clock is slow but it’s not.

Hudson gets the night off too. I hope he is not hurting.

My thought is have castro play SS and have furcal think about hitting and bunting. I hope AJ and Bilz connect!

Homeruns by pitchers at Dodgers Stadium.

Wolf 9
Troncoso/Kuroda/Elbert/Ohman 2
Schlichting/Kershaw/Leach/Belisario/Stultz/Mota/ Billingsley/Milton 1

Hudson is in a 1/18 slump and also Hudson is 1/15 against Marquis. I’ve seen this coming last night.

Finally no russ!

Afternoon all! I’m gonna run out to get some exercise, but will be back in time for the game! Let’s go Billz, get the big 5-0 for us!!!

Anyone else notice that Torre always rest regulars on Bills pitching days? If I were him and could have a chance at a 20 win season I would ask Joe why I was the lucky one.

Happens to Kersh a lot too edog.

Dear Josh and Mr McCourt,

Dear Josh and Mr McCourt, (try this again)

I just watched the ITD tour video and I have to admit what you did to get Joe Pierre out to LA makes very proud to be a Dodgers fan. This selfless act was a sign of how much you care about the fans. The video gave me chills, it had to an out of skin experience for Joe Pierre.

Congratulations Joe Pierre, your loyalty that you have shown to the boys in Blue has been admirable and has been repaid.

Go Dodgers!!! Josh and Mr McCourt you guys are the best!!

It is good to see Hudson sit..he is really pressing at the plate. I hope Manny is ready to start hitting again in 51 hours…we need our number 3 hitter back!!! The boys did well, but hopefully now we can bury the Gnats and Rockies!!!

Bills should had around 11 to 12 wins already if he stop blowing lead and another 2 wins if the setup guys did there job and Broxton could’ve still been prefect. I hate seeing him getting 4 outs saves.

from the previous thread………

Scott, it also has a lot to do with being the father of a 21-year-old daughter! LOL!!!
By dodgereric on June 30, 2009 2:25 PM

I happen to have a 17 year old daughter – LMAO!!! I know………. I am bad, but I couldn’t resist.

I hope I wasn’t too hard on Eric Collins over at Psychollingy but sometime his posts seem so lame.

Thanks Eric and 32&53 for the photos! It’s great everyone took pictures, we have so many different views of eachother, heheheh.

Still trying to soak it all in… hasn’t happened yet. Was great to meet everyone, can’t wait to meet more of you next year, if I’m able to make it.

Mighty different lineup today… hopefully the new blood will help us wake up the stagnating offense.

I’ll be at work for the start of the game, but should be here in time to be called a stereotypical late-arriving Dodger fan (which, when I go to games, I arrive for BP, and stay until Nancy Bea’s done playing the last notes).

Thanks again Josh, Dustin, and of course Mr. McCourt.

I am not going to complain about the lineup yet.

RED PEN – sometimes

Can’t wait to get my copy of Dodger Magazine with Vinny on the cover.

I’d llike to complain about a line-up like this, but with Marty and Hudson out, I really can’t – neither’s been going anything lately.

I thought the Cardinals were supposed to be a good team. They are letting the Giants beat them again……..4 – 1 in the 5th inning.

God damn Cardinals suck.

Make that 5 – 1 !

Of course we can still complaint Pierre is there lol.

Crap, 6 – 1 !!!

lol 6-1

Oh man Paul LoDuca going to be on TV blah.

hahahaaha I like that Kemp steal on a redicious pitch out.

Gotta face the music – the Giants are playing better ball than the D’s right now.

I never realize Karros is a homer lol

The Cards are mounting a comeback…….it’s now 6 – 3 in the 6th.

That traitor LoDuca.

Oh **** don’t show that Kent and Drew **** up and Green nail both of them on that 1 play.

damn why do we have different time I posted that traitor LoDuca before tru comment. I guess is the time on your computer.

Come on Ankiel.

Come on Green hit a 3 runs homeruns

At least LoDuca admitted that he was guilty as charged.

Make that a grand slam or hit

Damn Green you didn’t get the memo.

He also was talking **** when the Mets sweep us and I forgot what he say and I remember he got booed the next time he was back at DS because of it.

He said ***** the Dodgers!”

Let’s go Bills let try to rest the bullpen tonight.

He should be leading the league with 12 to 13 wins damn.

How much are those seats behind home plate?

Nice played Castro.

Another nice played Castro.

Eric thanks for the photo’s and the kind words.
Come on Billz!!!! Come on Dodgers!!!! Beat The Rockies!!!

Billz 20 pitches in the first inning. At this rate, he will barely make it to 5 innings.

Damn Green you didn’t get the memo.

Hi Everybody
Just getting on now, been busy.

gosh time warp

How did that posted and that was 29 min ago.

Good to see you Oldbrooklynfan! is about 3 batters behind gameday. What gives?

Hey Joe, the time to trade Pierre was about a month ago when he was hot. He’s worthless on the trade market now. We’re stuck with him 2 more years. Crap

man ellis sure was impressive there! he should just take the 2 time all stars job right now. torre should hand over the reigns to the ITD’ers. world series champs every year.

Two things I don’t understand:

1) How Torre can run through all 7 relievers in only 7 innings so that there was no one left last night and not one story I read had anyone asking him about it?

2) How does a thermos know how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold?

Well, here we are behind again. Not good Billz, especially against Marquis

I give up, vl. Why don’t Chickens pee?

…..I am surprised you don’t know that 🙂

I got one for you eric……
Why don’t Chickens pee?

messagebear……oh messagebear………. – JP has seen 4 pitches tonight so far, one he hit into a ground ball out, and the other three he just looked at for K looking.

Bills is in that group of guys who given up 2 homerun at home this year.

Hey all, see we’re all in the time warp again.

Giants 6 Cardinals 3 FINAL


I got one for you – Why is Pierre still leadoff and Furcal still batting second?

A: For the same reason chickens don’t pee and thermoses know what to keep hot and cold – because Joe’s a chicken**** magician.
(I’ve mo idea what that means.)

Everything, including the eggs come out of the same hole on a chicken. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with the gizzard. I won’t eat gizzards. They sell them fried up in just about every convenience store around here.

LMAO Beav!!!
Hey VL, that is disgusting!!! LOL!!! Chickens have a cloaca(not sure if that is the proper spelling). Ned (egghead), Schidt(self explanitory), and Bombko(piss poor pitcher) all came out of the same hole. The G’Nat Cloaca!!!

When last night’s game ended at 2:20AM ET, I realized that that is probably the worse thing for a Dodger fan living in B’klyn.
When I was working I checked on the real late scores the next morning, unless it was a crucial game and I stay up for the final result.
I’m glad I’m retired and usually don’t have to get up at a certain time.

Enchanted ~ because of you Russell is getting 2 days off and Furcal will be off tomorrow. Luckily for me, Manny will be back in a few days and JP will get some much needed rest!

LMAO enchanted!

I saved my write up along with the video, so I wouldn’t have to keep looking for it to show to friends and family.
It almost appears fake. (lol)
So thanks again, this is something I will always treasure.

Sparkleplenty ~ I think it sucks that we have to stroke Juan’s ego and make our best hitters sit on the bench. I think 50 games is enough playing time for Juanpy!

You know some of us on the west coast haven’t eaten dinner yet – LOL!!!!!

Let’s see how it works out, guys.

Crap, here we are in a time warp again!!!!!!!


Tru, according to what I heard on the pre-game show from Bowa, it is EXACTLY what we fear and he confirmed it – Andre and Matt will be sitting so JP can play. Joe is even going to rest Manny and put JP in. Now that’s ridiculous!!
I don’t know about you all, but I can easily put up with Manny being Manny, but Joe being Joe just takes all the fun away!

You know some of us on the west coast haven’t eaten dinner yet – LOL!!!!!

G’Nat Cloaca – that’s even worse than Herpierres.

LMAO Wally!!!

Loney grounded out on the 2nd pitch Kemp out on the first pitch and Castro out on the third pitch. At this rate the game should end in the next 30 minutes.

Kahli ~ I agree ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Hope so, boblee4014

Hi’Ya Beav!!! How ya doin my brother!!! I fell aspleep last night in the 12th. Was very happy to awaken to a walk off HR win by Andre. Another love letter to Nelly from Ethier!!!!

Wow, in 5 innings, we have 1 hit. Hey oldbrooklyn, at least we’ll get to bed early tonight.

Sad, but too true wally. lol

Thank you jhall/Wally!! How are you doing this evening? Your father was here, and then he disappeared again. I wonder where he is off to now?

It figures we can’t get any offense when Billz has only thrown 67 pitches thru 5.

Russell needs to be playing in AAA until he figures out his swing Tru.

I’d like to see an early finish tonight because I have some catching up to do.
But I don’t want it to end like this.

Yep, Ethier is your HR leader, and right up there in RBI’s. Sitting him for Phew is a freaking bad joke by JoJo the clown. He’s roughly on pace to hit 30 homers and drive in 100 runs. That’s considered superstar status anywhere else. Geez!!!!

To bad Bills didn’t do this the last 2 starts

I sure wish some other team could pick up JP in a trade. It’s a no brainer they wouldn’t get much in return…..
Reminds me of what my dad would say about the situation.”You could wish in one hand, and s**t in the other, and see which one fills up first.”

Or as my Dad would have said ” We need 2 Pierre’s. One to s*** on and one to cover it up with”

Wow the Red Sox felt apart and they suppose to have the best bullpen in the league

Nice of Juan to let Billz get that 5 second rest before he had to go back out and pitch.

jhall – if Joe plans on playing JP two or three times a week when Manny comes back, you risk a missed walk-off opportunity (Andre), you miss a possible Grand Slam opportunity (Matt), you miss a possible throw down at home plate (both Andre and Matt),and you miss all the other possible things Manny can bring to the offense if Joe chooses to sit him in favor of JP. I can see once a week, or on days games, fine, but this sitting them so he can play 2-3 times a week is just ridiculous.

56 pitches from Marquis through six!! Unacceptable!
They need to show some patience, and make him work more.

When JP plays we have to sacrifice power for slap hitting, base running if he gets on and a lot of small ball.
He’s got to keep hitting.

It is ridiculous, NellyJune! I am getting miffed and Manny isn’t even back yet!

Oldbrooklynfan ~ I’ll take power hitting over Slappy every time!!!!

I don’t want to beat this dead horse any longer but as Vinny says “For those of you just joining us…” I have reposted my photos from the ITD tour and game at

Thanks to Eric, I added several more IDs and also added a couple of extra pictures (including Vinny and his Emmy awards) and lightened and cropped a few others.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Great to see/read you as always!!!!!!!!!!
LMAO BobL!!!!

Hey 32!!! Thanks for the picture post.

Jhall ~ how are you, sir? Why oh why are these games the last few weeks so boring?!!!!

Simply put, Joe’s an idiot.

On the otherhand, Juan’s an idiout.

Even if we pull this game out and win, it is still unsettling for us not to be scoring runs.

Doing well Trumom, thanks. Hope you are doing likewise. I guess we wait till the 7th to turn on the heat. Keeps people in the seats for the whole game. LOL!!!

I like that Enchanted ……. IDIOUT!!!!!

C’mon Beav, don’t sugar coat it!! Tell us how you really feel!! LOL!!!

I hate to think this, but the way the Giants are playing and with their pitching, Manny better hurry the hell back before we get in trouble and see our lead slip further and further away.

It didn’t keep them in their seats last night.

I can barely remember when the Dodgers would string 3 or 4 hits together and score 6 or more runs. Was it just a dream?

How many pitches has Juan seen tonight – 5 in 3 AB?

Freaking Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad is pitching his heart out and getting no run support. Joe will take him out soon and he won’t get the win.

Another 7 inning gem for BILZ, but winning is still the bottom line.

Geez those 2 last pitches for him to chase it was ugly.

32and53fan ~ I remember those days. What the hell has happpened?!

Did Billz’ asp even hit the bench before Juan made out last inning?


Well, we’ve got 3 more cracks at them. Need a run or two now. Let’s go Dodgers!!!


Enchanted ~ all Idiout cares about is himself! he could care less about the team.

5 pitches and three of them he stood there and looked at for a strikeout.

He should did that with the Angels and White Sox.

“…and Pierre rushed in, scooped up the ball and came up lobbing.”

Time warping again.

I don’t think we can get 3 hits tonight let alone 3 runs. Billz proves once again why he’s no ace.

Well, Bull****, we can’t even throw it by the pitcher. Ball was right down the middle. Marquis is hitting better than our supposedly big hitters.

LMAO 32!!!

This team is numbing my creativity…all I can offer is ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……..

Goodnight BobL!!! Of course this will post before your sign off post. LOL!!!

…and 32and53fan, he will be playing for Andre and Matt who can throw down to homeplate if needed.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re now down to one all-star worthy player – Brox.

Well, we will not score 3 runs off Marquis, and I need my beauty sleep. Good night all. Get me a win like last night after I gave up and went to bed.

I hope 50 wins doesn’t take to long to get.

Does everyone on the team have a hot date or something tonight?

We would’ve gotten shutout last night too if it wasn’t for a balk and Wolf’s hit.

Nite Boblee!!

Where was this performance in his last 2 starts?

Aaaaaand the offense still slumbers.
I don’t remember Marquis ever pitching this well when he was in a Cubs uniform.

enchanted – it feels like they are late for something. They are going to go from one of their longest games last night to perhaps one of their shortest games tonight.

Good Night Boblee!!!!!!

I hope so Beav, they’ve been choking the their chickens all evening!!!!!

LMAO Wally. I haven’t heard that phrase use in years!!

Kahli needs some shock treatment.

If the Dodgers continue to play their current brand of pathetic ball for the next two innings, they will finish June with a very mediocre 14-12 record. One word sums it up for me: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh well, not a great outing from Billz tonight, but certainly not a bad one. This one’s on the offense.

Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, please correct me – when a team is up against a pitcher who is mowing them down, the hitters would expect the best pitch they can hit would be the first one thrown, therefore, they should swing. Unfortunately it makes for lots of outs and a low pitch count. Does this make sense?

I remember Candelaria in his heyday fanning 13 in a playoff game and losing Brooklyn.

What is the most strikeouts in a losing cause?



Last game vs. LAD 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.1 6 3 3 0 4 5 3.68 1.36 .214
Career vs. LAD 10 9 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 61.2 46 20 15 6 15 40 2.19 0.99 .204

At least Marquis is a dodgers killer like Hawpe

I think the word is kahliforni,000000000

probably 11 oldbrooklyn fan.

HaHa, if its any consolation, the RedSux blew a 9 run lead to the lowly Orioles and Lurch Hendrickson got the win. Kind of makes me feel somewhat warm and fuzzy!!! LOL!!!!


WAKE UP KAHLI!!!!!……………WAKE UP!!!!

You might be right enchanted – shock treatment might be in order.

Damn Barnes is one lucky sob

obf, Steve Carlton set the record with 19 strikeouts in a losing cause in 1969.

Well, it’s about time we got hit. Charlie said it’s been over an hour since we got a hit.

Whoo-hoo – a Castro rally!!!!
Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

That’s our Swetta.

Thanks for the info 32and53fan

enchanted and his mind is working overtime again……….wait…….when is it not?

I like Swetta 🙂

Loretta’s blinding speed almost stirred me…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Memo to Ned: please do not sign any more pinch hitters named Mark…or any position player, for that matter. Hendrickson, Sweeney and Loretta are enough for any GM.

That’s what we get with PVL guys like Loretta… Proven: Velocity Lacking

11 is the record?

Swetta, good one Beav!!! Appropriate moniker for Loreeny!!!

Our bottom of the 9th doesn’t look too promising……Martin, Juanpy and Furcal!!!!

13 sounds more like it?

Damn, I’m in the time warp again!!!

The world needs ditchdiggers too. How ’bout a fresca?

One thing’s for sure: If Joe insists on beating the dead horse known as JP, he can expect more eye-popping months like his 14-12 June.

oldbrooklynfan, Steve Carlton set the record with 19 strikeouts in a losing cause in 1969.


Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

That’s because its NO SWETTA gettin’ him out.

LMAO Kahli!!!

The Amazing Carnac might do the trick…(in honor of Manny’s imminent return).
A: Steroids
Q: What do you get when you sit on a stereo?


Time to breakout your rally chickens boys and girls!!!

Not you Wally.

That is funny Kahli!!!! LMAO!!!!!

$5 says the Smails kid picks his nose.

Now, since May 18…

19 IP
1 ER
10 hits
3 BBs
13 K’s

WHIP= 0.68
ERA = 0.47

You can attach the ERA and WHiP going down further in 20 innings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Cy Young Award Winner………..Jason Marquis.

Na-na-na-na-na nananana…..

JP batted 4 times and saw 7 pitches. What in that says he’s a leadoff or a professional hitter.

What it says to me is he’s frggin pathetic and should be sitting on ******* the bench.

LOL Kahli!!!!


An 86 pitch complete game. Haven’t seen anything resembling that since Greg Maddux was in his heyday.
Here’s hoping they win the rubber game tomorrow.
Good night all!

That’s the trouble Sparkle – why should we have been overmatched by a guy who came into tonights game with an ERA over 4?

LOL Beav!!! What else can you do during a game like this?
Big NL West rooster laid an egg tonight!!!!!!!!!!

ERA .65
WHIP .45

Well, Marquis did well, and we were bad. If this is our worst month of this season, I am good with that. This just better not be a sign of anything to come. Go blue!!!!

This is very much like the game King Felix pitched. We were badly overmatched. But tomorrow’s another day and we’ll get ’em good!!!!

Night brooklyn!!

You know some of us on the west coast haven’t eaten dinner yet – LOL!!!!!

LOL Nell!!! Let’s ring there freaking necks tomorrow and take this series!!!!

Good night.

Actually the numbers should be the other way around but still good for Mota don’t know how long he’s going to last.

I posted my 9:33 comment an hour and a half ago.

Go eat Nelly.

You got that right nelly. I have been glued to this stupid laptop computer for the last four hours. I was meaning to get some dinner before the pregame show but I got busy cleaning up my photos and watching this pathetic game.
As soon as I hit Submit, I am finally going to get up and have something to eat.

I just wanted to add that if the Dodgers were more discipline at the plate tonight, they would have all struck out looking.

That what happen to me.

No, what I meant was……I did eat at 8:00 and posted it then……………………..vl and jhall were talking about chickens. Now, for some reason, this same post posted a 2nd time an hour and a half later for no reason at all.

You know some of us on the west coast haven’t eaten dinner yet – LOL!!!!!

By nellyjune on June 30, 2009 8:17 PM

Damn Green you didn’t get the memo.

By shad15 on June 30, 2009 7:06 PM

Damn Green you didn’t get the memo.

By shad15 on June 30, 2009 7:35 PM

Like this one I posted at 7:06 and the same post poated 29 mins later and I only posted it once.


A flute without holes, is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish.

And a head with a hole in it is Joe’s.

definitely 🙂

He is going to screw the outfield up, isnt he?

Yes. Yes he is.

Gn enchanted

I’m gonna hit it. Nite Nells.

Pierre should had look at Figgins tonight 5 ab’s 30 pitches but we all know Pierre would never learn lol.

Wow you don’t see that often a man tearing up his clothes and ran naked on the plane.

That game was a total yawner. I can’t believe that Torre could even consider not playing Andre and Matt every day. What other team in the league wouldn’t play them every day? Andre might not be hitting for as high an average as he normally does right now, but by the end of the season he will be, even Torre himself said that he’s a .300 hitter in an article in the Times today. I think he’s just figuring some thinks out as he comes into his power years. Regardless, to lead the team in hr’s and rbi’s is quite an accomplishment and Matt has been playing great as well. Matt has made some fantastic defensive plays and he’s been really consistent at the plate too. It just baffles and frustrates me to no end to think of either one of them losing playing time.

Good Night Enchanted!!!! Take Care and see you tomorrow 🙂

I am right there with you bluecrewgirl.

Hopefully, it will be like the second half of last season and they will both play so well, Joe won’t be able to justify not playing them every day.

Good morning all! Can’t wait to watch today’s game while I work today! Let’s go Kersh, get us our 50th!!!

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