A special visitor…

Former longtime Dodger executive Dick Walsh visited Dodger Stadium on Friday with his son and grandson. The former Los Angeles High baseball standout joined the Dodgers’ Double-A Ft. Worth Cats of the Texas League in 1948 after his military service. Walsh worked his way up the ladder and returned to Los Angeles in 1957 when the Dodgers purchased the L.A. Angels of the Pacific Coast League. As assistant general manager, Walsh served as Walter O’Malley’s representative during the construction of Dodger Stadium. Walsh became the first director of stadium operations in 1962.

During Friday’s visit, Walsh spent time with Dodger owner Frank McCourt and ran into some familiar faces, including broadcasters Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, and longtime Dodger employee Bill DeLury.

Near the entrance to the Top of the Park Gift Store, there is a plaque from the stadium dedication ceremonies on April 12, 1962, two days after the home opener against Cincinnati. The plaque includes the names of O’Malley, architect Emil Praeger, chief field engineer Ira Hoyt, Vinnell Constructors and “Dick Walsh, V. Pres. Stadium Coordinator.”

Walsh, 84, was asked to pose next to the plaque and he eventually pointed to his name at the bottom of the plaque, which caught the attention of a Dodger fan about to walk into the store.

“Is that you?” he asked, prompting a modest nod from Walsh. The fan shook Walsh’s hand and said, “I just want to thank you for building such a beautiful stadium.”

— Mark Langill

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I’m first??? What to say???
And thank you to Dick Walsh for building our beloved and beautiful Dodger Stadium!!!

Hey Rose!!! Wasn’t Saturday a blast? I had a lot of fun! I haven’t seen Joe Pierre on ITD since he came home, but I’ve seen his name in the comments below his article, so I just posted my comment to him under his article. I’m hoping he comes back and soon to ITD. Yeah, he will; probably during the game tonight…

Thanks Mark!
Repost from earlier and last post:
The tour was wonderful and I was delighted in meeting the whole ITD Bunch (BLOGMATES). I was very nervous at first. I had no idea had to approach an ITD member (not so good at talking). I felt like I was meeting a bunch of celebrities, where I freeze when they are in front of me…LOL!. But finally I approached NELLY (like in the BLOG, she was the first one to talk to me). I met her family. Then of course I met TRU (the lovely & sweet TRU), ERIC (which he promised to layoff Frank). Then I met CAT, EMMA, CAROL (next time we will get the name tags), DODGER4LIFE (GOOOOOOO DODGERS), 32 and53FAN (great idea to wear a name tag), JEANETTE, and SARA & AMY (the young ones). I did hear that SPARKLE was there and I saw PERUMIKE but didn’t get to meet him (MIKE thanks again for the idea of the tour….GOOOO MIKE). And for those that were there and I didn’t get to meet, but there will be a next time…LOL!
JOE PIERRE was amazing. I am soooo glad that they were able to bring him to the tour. I watched the video on the Dodgers website and it was just wonderful seeing how grateful Joe was and how emotional he got when he was on the mount.
JOSH ****** thanks for everything. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you and thanks you in person. But thanks for everything. The tour was great (THANKS DUSTIN), thanks for taking us to places no general tour will take us. Having gifts for the kids was very thoughtful. Thanks for the wonderful Dodger Experience JOE PIERRE had. And specially I am very thankful for my RUSSELL MARTIN autograph ball. YUP that is me wearing my Dodger blue dolly shirt! I just heard MARTINISTA and my hand went up….THANKS JOSH!
I was very excited in getting the ball autograph by Martin GOOOO MARTIN. My husband kept calling me BRAT all day (he knows Martin is one of my faves) . My family really enjoyed the experienced at Dodgers Stadium and they were sad that we couldn’t stay for the game. But we had prior engagements. So I didn’t get to meet Frank. NEXT TIME!

By msrussyethier on June 29, 2009 8:43 AM
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Okay, time warp again! I posted my first “I’m first??? What to say???” post, and when I did, my post and your repost Rose was already there. So then I posted my “Wasn’t Saturday a blast?” post afterwards, but then it appears before your repost! Are we having these problems again???

Got new threaded…

I think you need not worry, the only “curse” on the Dodgers is that JP is still leading off, Martin not only has a wussybat, but a wussyarm to go with it, and JoJos too stubborn to try a different line-up that might actually allow the good hitters to get an extra AB a night.

CPO….beat me to the post! LOL! And yes thank Dick Walsh for the Stadium and I can’t wait for the museum to open.

AAAARRGG! New-threaded AGAIN!! I spent way too much time on this one to let it die on an old thread!

ROSE! I KNEW I FORGOT SOMEONE! It was great to meet you and your handsome family too!!

Shad, I’m not saying that list is fake, but it’s really interesting how the order of names is constructed. If you go onto baseball-reference by team and scroll down the roster for that team in 2003, those names are in the ALMOST EXACT order as on your list. And the teams are in order by league first, then division:

American League East

Boston Red Sox
1.Nomar Garciaparra (Ouch oh no)
2.Manny Ramirez (Blah and still shock)
3.Johnny Damon
4.Trot Nixon
5. David Ortiz (I had a bad feeling that he might be on that list)
6. Shea Hillenbrand (Sigh Ex Giants, Dodgers and Angels)
7. Derek Lowe (Wow really)
8. Pedro Martinez (Wow really)

Baltimore Orioles
9.Brian Roberts (I wasn’t surprise one bit)
10.Jay Gibbons
11.Melvin Mora
12.Jerry Hairston

NY Yankees
13.Jason Giambi (No surprise here)
14.Alfonso Soriano
15.Raul Mondesi (Oh no not him)
16. Aaron Boone
17.Andy Pettitte
18.Jose Contreras
19.Roger Clemens ( I still can’t believe it)

Toronto Blue Jays
20.Carlos Delgado
21.Vernon Wells
22.Frank Catalanotto

American League Central

Minnesota Twins
23.Kenny Rogers

Chicago White Sox
24.Magglio Ordonez
25.Sandy Alomar
26.Bartolo Colon

Kansas City Royals
27.Brent Abernathy
28. Jose Lima (Ouch not him)

Cleveland Indians
29.Milton Bradley (Oh really not this headcase)
30.Casey Blake (This is awful if he’s on it since we traded him for MeLoan/Santana)
31.Danys Baez

Detroit Tigers
32.Craig Monroe
33.Dmitri Young
34.Alex Sanchez

American League West

Oakland As
35.Eric Chavez
36.Miguel Tejada
37.Eric Byrnes
38.Jose Guillen
39.Keith Foulke
40.Ricardo Rincon

Seattle Mariners
41.Bret Boone
42.Mike Cameron
43.Randy Winn (hahahahaha that would be funny)
44.Ryan Franklin
45.Freddy Garcia
46.Rafael Soriano

Anaheim Angels
47.Scott Spiezio
48.Troy Glaus
49.Francisco Rodriguez (Oh my god really)
50.Ben Weber

Texas Rangers
51.Alex Rodriguez (Not a surprise here)
52.Juan Gonzalez
53.Rafael Palmeiro
54.Carl Everett

National League East

Atlanta Braves
55.Javy Lopez
56.Gary Sheffield (Not a surprise here)
57.Mike Hampton

Florida Marlins
58.Ivan Rodriguez (Poor Pudge)
59.Derrek Lee

Philadelphia Phillies
60.Bobby Abreu (Wow I would never had guess)
61.Terry Adams

Montreal Expos
62.Fernando Tatis (I knew this guy had 1 30+ homeruns season and hit 2 grand slam off of Park something was up)
63.Livan Hernandez
64.Hector Almonte
65.Tony Armas
66.Dan Smith

New York Mets
67.Roberto Alomar
68.Cliff Floyd
69.Roger Cedeno
70.Jeromy Burnitz

National League Central

Chicago Cubs
71.Moises Alou
72.Sammy Sosa
73.Corey Patterson
74.Carlos Zambrano (Wow)
75.Mark Prior (Wow)
76.Kerry Wood (Wow)
77.Matt Clement
78.Antonio Alfonseca
79.Juan Cruz
80.Aramis Ramirez (Wow)

Pittsburgh Pirates
81.Craig Wilson
82.Kris Benson

Milwaukee Brewers
83.Richie Sexson
84.Geoff Jenkins
85.Valerio de los Santos

National League West

San Francisco Giants
86.Benito Santiago
87.Rich Aurilia (hahahaha)
88.Barry Bonds (hahahaha)
89.Andres Galarraga
90.Jason Schmidt (Damn Ned)
91.Felix Rodriguez
92.Jason Christiansen
93.Matt Herges

Los Angeles Dodgers
94.Paul Lo Duca No surprise
95.Shawn Green (Oh geez I actually like him over Drew please hope it not him)
96.Jeromy Burnitz (This guy is so good he was listed twice and a former Dodgers to)
97.Adrian Beltre (Say it ain’t so)
98.Eric Gagne (I still can’t believe it but still I’ll take him back since we did take Mota back)
99.Guillermo Mota (Still hurt because of him)

Arizona Diamondbacks
100.Luis Gonzalez (I knew something wasn’t right with him)

Colorado Rockies
101.Todd Helton (Oh man this would hurt big time)

San Diego Padres
102.Ryan Klesko
103.Gary Matthews (We already knew about him)
104.Oliver Perez

Again, not saying it’s fake, but if someone wanted to compile a list of players both famous and relatively unknown, this would be a way to do it. Plus, it would explain why Jeremy Burnitz is on there twice.

I have noticed that on baseball-reference they list the “starting 8” first (catcher, 1st, 2nd, etc) then the rest of the position players, then the starting pitching, then the relievers. And with few exceptions, that’s just the way they are ordered here.

Carol and Rose-
It was a pleasure meeting you both on Saturday 🙂 IT was such a fun thing to be apart of. Rose, your kids are so cute. And yes, It was strange approaching people whom you’ve never actually met. Now we can look forward to next year!

Dodger ERIC- I want you to know that Sara and I waited after the game to say goodbye to you and we couldn’t find you. We found the other Monson’s and the Moe’s, but you weren’t there 😦
We did try and we wanted you to know that!!

I just want everyone to know I arrived safely last night at 1:15 AM. I want to thank Mr McCourt, Josh, Dodgereric and all of you on this blog for the wonderful time I had.
It was truly a dream come true, to see my favorite team play in it’s own home ball park.
I had a great time Friday during batting practice, mingling in with the players and manager Joe Torre and Dodger favorites Don Newcombe and Fernando Valenzuela. Saturday’s tour was fantastic and I want to thank you for the way you all took care of me. The area was very strange to me and I couldn’t have gone on without getting lost without you.
This will always be a great memory to me, as it divides my time as a Dodger fan in half, before Los Angeles and after.
I can’t express how happy I am that Frank McCourt paid some special attention to me. Thanks again to all of you.
I posted a comment when I got home this morning but for some reason I can’t find it today.
So I tried to retype it.

I had a dream……….no actually, I did….and it was a Dodger trade….and even though I can’t remember who the Dodgers got in return, they peddled two minor leaguers plus Martin and Ethier. So it must have been Jarrod Washburn…NOT. The weird thing in my dream, was my surprise at trading Ethier. Martin seemed to make sense. Ouch! You can’t fool with the subconscious mind.

messagebear, your reference to ITD’s fawning over management and a possible curse may have some validity…HOWEVER, in doing some research, perumike’s initial post-tour comments did not mention McCourt or anyone else. But I did notice that right about game time Saturday night enchanted posted the link to a very funny Fernwood Tonight. The Dodgers have not been the same since. No proof…just saying!?!?!??!?!

Hey Enchanted!!!
I sure hope that us ITDers haven’t put a “curse” on the Dodgers. Honestly, I’ve never believed in curses. I mean, my husband is a Cubbie, and he uses “the curses” whenever possible, and I just say that I don’t believe in curses. To me, that’s just a convenient excuse. I thought that Martin was coming out of it in Chicago, but he’s still having problems. But I do believe he’ll get better; probably after the AS break. And yes, I still get upset when Matty is batting 7th, 8th or 9th (well won’t be there anymore this year.) The only time Matty bats higher than 7th is when the other regulars are sitting and their backups bat behind him.

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Joe – I’m glad that you had a great time this weekend! You deserve it!

Well, I’ve gotta go. Stuff to do. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Kahli – I still say the accordion player is Ned.

There is no curse! It is the loosing streak of pre-Manny. The were loosing right after Manny was suspended and now they are loosing right before he comes back.
Amy is was a pleasure meeting you and SARA too.
ERIC you are just taller in person or I am just vertically challenge…nice meeting you and your wife.
ENCHANTED – Wussybat, Wussyarm and I got his Wussyball! GO MARTIN….the curse is in the ‘J’…needs to drop the ‘J’ on his jersey. Martin’s curse was before ITD.

But Eric, being a Dodger fan over these last 21 years is no picnic.

Amy, I was told you and sara wanted to say goodbye. If you would have looked in the nearest men’s room, you would have found me! LMAO!!!!

As several others have mentioned, most of us got to meet, but not really visit too well. I got to talk a lot with joepierre and cp, and a little (not enough!) with kahli and lbirken and perumike and 32and53 and cat and northstate. I didn’t get to say much more than hello to you and sara and rose and emma and a few others. Maybe what we really need is a picnic! No distractions like tours and games to watch!

JOE PIERRE – I’m glad you made it home safe! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Rose, you may be vertically-challenged, but I’m horizontally-challenged!

bear, what you say hurts. I can’t stand the thought of being part of a curse. But what McCourt did for joe was too nice to ignore, so……

Fire Joe (he’s still overrated)
Fire the guy who hired Joe (still don’t trust him to deal without getting his pocket picked)

That’s as far as I’ll take it…..for now.

Here Kahli – if you think it will help break the curse:

I agree ERIC…next time we make it a picnic type of reunion and then a game. And I will make sure to attend that game! I really did not **** chat with anybody…but just a Hi!
I had no idea NS, Iberken & Kahli were there (GROUP PICTURE WHO ARE YOU?)

I have pictures of all three. I’ll post the link as soon as I get them all captioned.

RED-PEN it suppose to read “****-Chat” but MLB did not like the first part of the word.

OK it is still not liking it so “talkie-chat”

Joe- It was so great meeting you and knowing that the dodger organization really took care of you. I’m glad your experience was a dream come true. I am happy that I got to sit in front of you all game.
Eric- I’m glad that the message was relaid to you 🙂 So, goodbye my friend!
Rose- next time, you will be there to watch the Dodgers Win!!

AMY – Of course I’m planning to be there….SO THAT’S IT…NO CURSE…I WASN’T THERE! LOL!

enchanted, your new video may just be a clue. A solution may lie somewhere deep inside, something only a warped mind might piece together. Volunteering as that warped mind, I suggest that starting tonight the Dodgers all wear cleats matching Mull’s shoes in that very video clip. Watch closely as he crosses his legs. I think I might want a pair as well. FRANK????? Get concessions on the phone. You can sell them right next to Manny dreds.


Hey, eric – that’s the way to go in restoring some critical balance to the forum.

Oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m so glad you made it home safe and sound, JoePierre. It was a pleasure to meet you.
The thing that would have made this tour complete would have been the sheer joy of meeting Enchanted and Messagebear. Of course, Jhall too! I’m also sorry that Bluecrewgirl and several others were not able to attend.

I came on Saturday because I wanted to see the private parts of Dodger Stadium but mostly to get to meet the other folks on the blog (after all, I could take a tour anytime.) I made a name tag for myself but I really thought the Dodgers were going to provide labels and felt pens so we all could have one.
I thought going to Phillipe’s would give us a place to talk that was close by while we waited for the gates to open. I got to talk to Emma and Joe quite a bit there and a little to Carol and her husband but I really wanted to talk more to Eric, Debbie and the rest of their group.
I was not planning to attend the game since my car is not working well and I borrowed my wife’s car, but when Emma offered me the use of her season ticket on the top deck, I thought “Why not?” and called my wife to say sorry but my car is safe to use for short trips to the store, etc. I did not think that we ITD posters would be able to visit much during the game other than to whomever we were seated with.
I saw Joe was seated all by himself at seat 24 at the end of row T so I sat next to him and chatted while waiting for the real ticket holder to show up. The Dodgers obviously gave him that seat at the end knowing that McCourt was going to come by to say hello. Now, I am wondering if the Dodgers reserved the seat I was in for Frank to use during his visit with Joe? In any case, while I had a great time talking with Joe during the game, I wish I could have been able to visit with some other people as well.
I like the idea of a picnic if there is another ITD group tour/game next year. The posters at Dodger Thoughts have had such a picnic at Elysian Park with their families before attending a game. Between the organized tour and game, it was difficult to meet and visit with each other. Like Eric said, “No distractions like tours and games to watch!”

What does Martin bring to the table (I mean the plate and behind the plate) that Ellis couldn’t? I also wonder if the Indians would take Martin and give us Sanchez back.

Perfect place for the ITD Picnic and then after we catch a late night game!

TRU we were missing a lot of the regulars. It would of been nice for Enchanted to go. I was looking for a brown paper bag to see if many he came undercover…LOL!
Does anybody knows when Doug Mientkiewicz will join the team for some games?

I was hoping to talk more to 32and53 also, but now that I hear he “wanted to see the private parts of Dodger Stadium”, I’m not so sure………..

Ramirez drops to seventh in NL All-Star voting
2 hours, 6 minutes ago

Buzz up! PrintNEW YORK (AP)—Manny Ramirez(notes) dropped one spot to seventh place in All-Star voting among NL outfielders with four days remaining in balloting for starters.

The Los Angeles Dodgers star, whose 50-game drug suspension is slated to end Friday, had 1,343,011 votes and trailed Philadelphia’s Raul Ibanez(notes) (2,970,139), Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun (2,654.061), the Mets’ Carlos Beltran(notes) (2,085,028), the Cubs’ Alfonso Soriano(notes) (1,916,598), Philadelphia’s Shane Victorino(notes) (1,642,248) and Milwaukee’s Mike Cameron(notes) (1,345,763). The top three outfielders are elected to start the July 14 game at St. Louis.

Others leading their positions in totals announced Monday were St. Louis first baseman Albert Pujols(notes) (3,602,765), Philadelphia second baseman Chase Utley(notes) (3,510,082), Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez(notes) (2,026,174), Mets third baseman David Wright(notes) (2,049,487) and St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina(notes) (1,846,629).

Balloting runs through Thursday, and starters and reserves for both leagues will be announced Sunday

Damn yahoo we don’t need to know this at least Ramirez leading over Rollins and deserved to be starting over him and to be honest Rollins doesn’t even deserve to go.

Soriano being 4th is a joke.

Dodgereric ~ I would have liked to see the private parts too! LMAO!!!

Are there any pictures of you guys yet?

Some times the tours in the locker room happen off season. But hey their bags were right there as we were walking in from the dugout. Right before the indoor batthing practice area.

Eric, the one private part that we missed was the clubhouse/locker room. I read that other tours got to see that, though I suppose it was during a time when the team was out of town.

Workin’ on it, shad. Maybe tonight.

32and53, I figured that’s what you meant because I later realized we didn’t get to see the locker room. Hopefully we can get that included on the 2nd Annual ITD Tour next year! Tru and I were just being disgusting and child-like, right tru? LOL!!!

I think MLB blogs are acting funny today. The post by 32and53fan was already posted when I started writing my post regarding the Locker room…..have we enter THE ITD TWILIGHT ZONE….or is it all part of the CURSE! lLOL
Shad – Pictures were posted. Check yesterday post. I believe JOSH had a link included.

I would like to see Ellis play a few games too. It is getting old seeing our baserunners cut down on a perfect throw to the bag while Martin is bouncing his throws or putting them on the left side. Let’s see what A.J. can do.

My Martin Ball is loosing value…..C’MON MARTIN….LET’S GO MARTIN! LET’S GO MARTIN!

Us disgusting and child-like, Dodgereric! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!! LMAO!!!

Tonight is going to be a big night for Russell, msrussyethier! I think I’ll put on my Dre and Russell signed shoes to bring them both luck!

Just got home from a preliminary job interview, so I’m asking for a bit more prayer support from my “family” here.
Joe Pierre, glad to see you got home safe and sound. It was a real honor and pleasure to meet and spend some time with you.
I think the idea of an ITD picnic is awesome. We GOTTA do it!
JHall and vl4, I ate those Dodger Dogs for you Saturday night. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did 🙂

TRU – You have shoes signed by them? Cool oh please do wear them. I will put my Martin Jersey and bust-out my Martin bobble head and of course “THE BALL”. MARTIN will have a terrific night.
DON’T WE ALL ACT LIKE KIDS! Imagine if they would of let us step on the grass and run the bases….and JUST PRETEND!

I only seen joepierre I guess I didn’t stay long for it lol.

I want that catcher that we just drafted that thrown out over 50% to bad he not ready yet.

Okay, msrussyethier………..I’ll wear my shoes and you wear the shirt and they will have a fanstic night!

SHAD there should be a group picture. Try this one

Two days later, with the Rockies 18-28 and last in the NL West—14 1/2 games behind the Dodgers—manager Clint Hurdle was fired and replaced by Jim Tracy.

Since then, Colorado (40-35) has won 20 of 23 and is 22-7 under Tracy. After a 3-1 win at Oakland on Sunday, the Rockies have gained seven games on the Dodgers, who’ve lost four of their last five contests.

In the 46 games under Hurdle, Colorado hit .249 and had a 4.93 ERA. With Tracy, the Rockies are batting .283 and have a 3.76 ERA while seemingly gaining more confidence with each victory.

Though Hawpe is hitting .435 (10 for 23) with two homers and 10 RBIs versus Los Angeles, Colorado is hitting .234 overall against the Dodgers. Rockies’ pitchers have an 8.08 ERA against the Dodgers, who also swept a home set between the teams from April 17-19.

Ubaldo Jimenez(notes) (6-7, 3.83 ERA), is 4-3 with a 6.99 ERA in nine starts against Los Angeles, but all three losses have come this season while posting a 10.20 ERA.

I like are odd tonight and we already beat this guy 3 times already and I hope Jimenez remember what happen the first time around. I can’t believe how Tracy turned that team around.


OK msrussy.

I wish we had Hu up. He’s 2 for 2 with a homerun against Jimenez hahaha.

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

I just got back in town from seeing my smooshed car. Those of you that don’t know, my husband, son and another player were on their way to a baseball tournament in Modesto on Friday (about 40 miles north of Merced) when they we struck by a car that ran a red light no more than a mile from their destination. I mean reeeeeally ran a red light!! All the passengers were fine, but I was surprised by seeing the car that Bill (my husband) was just fine. The driver’s side got completed crushed. Both Michael and his freind we on the passenger’s side of the car, and they were both just fine……..just a little shooken up I was told. There was another car with players in it involved, but everyone in that car was fine too, and the car suffered very minor damage.

Anyhow, onto ITD stuff…………..

Kahli – not liking your dream too much, but in reality, I think about that all the time, and frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Andre were traded.

dodgereric – thank you for clarifying the list. ….and your idea of a picnic is fabulous, and considering Dodger Stadium is in Elysian Park…………………what a perfect spot!!!

messagebear – I thought about you alot over the weekend because I heard and heard and heard about all the Manny happenings, and I did happen to peek at the posts during the game in between innings, mostly to check to see if Wally and Beav were behaving (LOL), but I read your post referring to Manny and why does he get the all-inclusive pass to play every game. What I was pretty much told it is because people are coming to Dodger Stadium to see Manny play. Manny will bring in the money. Some will say he is the best, but he has had 50 games off, and like you said, we don’t know how that will change him. For the team’s sake, I hope he comes out ripping the ball like he always has, but you brought up a good point. What if he is a dud? ……………….but knowing Joe’s record with veterans, he will keep playing him so he can work it out, just like he did with Andruw last year. I have come to the conclusion I am just more mad at Manny than anything, more so than being upset that he cheated. The cheating I can live with and accept what comes with it, and understand he has paid his price for getting caught. However, I am mad that he created this JP/Andre debate again because if he wouldn’t have been suspended, other than being mad that JP is taking an occasional game away from Andre and Matt, we are now talking whether JP deserves to start over Matt or Andre on a more regular basis. ……………..or like in Kahli’s dream, get traded. This sets up exactly what happened last year. Andre (and Matt to an extent) will have to worry about their performance during every game, and they better watch out because if they don’t have a good game, chances are, they will get the rest the next day. So, the pressure is on them once again, and JP has everything to gain by them failing, IMO of course, and in turn has no pressure whatsoever.

Rose – I had no doubts you would get the autographed ball when Martinistas were mentioned. To be honest, I was waiting for an Ethieraholic shout out, but when Josh shouted out Andre and his 2 homeruns the previous night, and every Ethieraholic in the crowd yelled THREE!!!…..he defintitely knew who we were. It was great meeting you, and I am not sure who said it up above, but your kids were adorable.

Amy/Sara – Once I found Eric, I was trying to find you again, but you must have left. I was a pleasure meeting the two of you, and I am glad you got to sit by Joe Pierre, and then you got a to have an ear shot of the conversation between him and Frank. That must have been great!!!

32and53fan – great pictures you posted the other night, and I think Eric’s idea of a picnic is a great one because like he said, it’s hard to talk and watch a ball game at the same time.

Nelly sorry to hear about the accident. But I am glad everyone is fine.

Ouch sorry to hear that but glad everyone is ok.

NELLY – I was also waiting for him to mentioned something about Ethieraholics. And that would so be you #1 Ethieraholics. GOOOOOO ETHIER! But yeah there are a lot of us Ethieraholics so I’m sure the other tour heard us say THREEEEEEEE!
Hey does anybody knows who was the guy working out in the bike machine????? I took a picture but I can’t tell…sort of looks like LONEY but I doubt it….we would of start singing the LONEY SONG and hey we had the word handy for us…EMMA LOVE YOU SHIRT!

Thank you Rose and Shad 🙂

Frank may be off the “assault” list for a while, but there is always Ned and Joe, which bring plenty of drama around here.

Hi Nelly,

Glad to see that no one got hurt in the accident.

Hey Scott!!! Thanks and it would have been great to see you there, especially since you sparked the idea into Eric’s head about getting Joe Pierre out here.

The MLB blog is so bad today. Mine is timing out on me, and I’m really cussing it. Must be on steroids like you would expect of MLB.

Nelly, thank God everyone was ok! You can replace cars a lot more easily than people . . .
It was so great to meet you and Tru Saturday! You have a beautiful daughter – the goodness that’s within shows on the outside.

We also saw Chad Billingsley coming off the elevator.

Msrussyethier – I didn’t look in the bike room. I was one of the fortunate ones who got to see Meinkeweitz, as he was talking about his shoulder and how is recovery was going. I, and I think CP, saw Casey Blake in the elevator as he was going down, but I think others saw him as well. That would have been great to sing the James Loney song to James, making sure the credit went to looney4loney (or Martinloneykemp like some of us know him) for writing the song.

Ok, those comments were backwards! Bad time warp!!


Apparently there will be a “2nd Annual ITD Tour”, so I’ll do my best to make it then!

So here we go…if Pierre takes time away from Ethier or Kemp:

Fire Joe
Fire the guy that hired Joe
Fire the…Well, no firing at this time pre dodgereric’s request!

Thank you SO much DodgerEric and everyone else!

sparkle – you know the prayers are going up for you as I write this!

If that was MonkeyWhiskers on the field, it was probably MonkeyWhiskers on the bike, warming up for his running in the outfield.

that’s *per* dodgereric’s request…

Wow! lots to read.
Thank you Rose, thank you all for the birthday wishes!
funny that last night as I was unloading all the newspaper in the bin at Annunciation church in Arcadia, I was thinking about that little league park on the other side where Scott coaches. Who knows if I have run into him before.

I was also thinking “I should have told them about the plaque in the Top Deck when we were there.
You are too kind for suggesting that to Mr. Mccourt! I did not know you were telling him that! I love the pictures you took! The one with the kids looking at the wall is wonderful and also the one that I took of you from the Top Deck. Your suggestion to take the pic a little closer was perfect. So Brian, is that really what I weight on the moon from that scale from Phillipes?
Wonderful suggestion about going any of the park areas that suround our wonderful stadium. A group of us that used to post in the Dodger fan forum and now post at Dodgers.cc have organized picnics in the park area on Academy Road. On Opening Day, you have to get to the stadium very very early because all the park areas around the stadium (and there is a lot of that goes around Stadium Way) is all full of fans. We have done the picnics prior to games and also a smaller group in the offseason when we all miss being there.
Your post in my blog came out with the *** so I figured you could not c h i t Imagine that!

Sparkleplenty – It was an awesome pleasure meeting you, and thank you for your thoughts, and yes, even though there was some joking after the fact (the fact they were all Giants fans in my car, and there was all Dodger fans in Bill’s car) we were thankful all was well with all involved, even the driver.

I just wanted to say that It seems to be hard to settle down into my usual routine, I’ve been in my pajamas all day waiting for me to find something I really have to do.
I can’t get over what I just past through. Although I am home
my mind is still at Dodger Stadium.

That is good Joe Pierre. You need a few days to relax and let it all sink in. You certainly deserve it!!!!! ….just sit and relax and you will have a Dodger game to watch not too long from now.

ok red mark that should say “you could not say c h i t for c h i t chat can you put it togher, let see? chitchat

Doug Meikenweitz is known on ITD as “monkeywhiskers”……….a name enchanted gave him. Eric and I and are families were at the game he dislocated his shoulder. I am looking forward to his return to the roster.

MonkeyWhiskers?? Who is that?? Chad was there???? Blake was there??? And all I saw coming down the Elevator was the cleaning guy.
Nelly it was the WORKOUT ROOM some one was on the bike exercising….you know what, I think DODGER4LIFE or PERUMIKE were taking the picture the same time I was…WHO IS HE….LONEY????PAUL????

EMMA that works…I don’t know how many times I tried…CHITCHAT!

NO it wasn’t him…MONKEYWHISKERS have longer hair. This guy looked either black or hispanic….maybe it was RUSSELLL…..Hopefully not cause I would of been super not happy. His hair-do was very short and dark hair.

Nellyjune, I hope the game will snap me out of this slump, meanwhile, I’m still in a trance.
I’m glad I called myself, “old” Brooklyn Fan, I certainly appeared “old” at the tour.
So it didn’t surprise anybody.
I certainly come over better just commenting on the ITD blog.

Now, now, now oldbrooklynfan……………… we will all be thankful if we turn out as good as you in our 70’s. And you came across just as well in person as you do on the blog. You were fabulous!!!

Glad to hear everyone was OK. Many years ago, one of my aunts lost her husband because of a drunk driver running a red light.
The prayer support is on its way. I used your term “blogmates” in my blog and gave you credit. I noticed Rose is also using it. Thanks!
Also a prayer for our long time elevator attendant Horace Lee. He worked for the Dodgers for 21 years. I miss seeing him on the elevator sitting on his bench. I was told that he had complications with diabetes so any of you
Dougie was soooo nice! I told him that when I saw him give one of his bats to a kid at Camelback Ranch, I became of fan of his. He thanked me and he said “is nice to be able to do things for kids.”
I took the same picture but I can’t tell who it is.
I am glad that I got to hang out with you Friday night. And mee too, I will always remember us keeping score together that nigh.
that was so cute your dad and you keeping score. Imagine that three us in a row keeping score. I have a picture from a while back in my section of a little girl and her dad keeping score. I took the picture from the back.
I am taking my 5 and 10 year old nieces to the day game on Wednesday (shoot, I just remembered I still need to ask for a vacation day for that day). Maybe is time for the oldest to learn how to keep score.

Thanks Nellie
I needed that.
I guess I’m imagining things.

You are most welcome 🙂

Oldbrooklynfan ~ You were fantastic! You remind me of my Dad. Same look, same accent. Of course my Dad just had his 92nd birthday. If you are old, so am I! I’m just a few years behind you and I feel young and so should you.

Remember what you told me Friday night that when you were next to Ione (I believe that is her name) _the lady that was celebrating her 100 year birthday) that you felt young next to her!

At the time, someone said the guy on the bike was the bullpen catcher. Whatever. Watch Tracy tonight. When he comes out to remove a pitcher (which I hope happens a lot tonight) he always stares at the ground, like he’s embarrassed or ill at ease in front of the throngs of people. Used to drive me crazy…but I’m not sure, in the general scheme of the universe, why the hell I should even care what Jim Tracy does on his way to the mound–then or now???!?!?!? Ned! We need a left-handed reliever. Badly. How’s Kuo doing? Never mind…

NSB, I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet you on Saturday. The video of Joe Pierre on the mound is one for the ages.

I don’t believe in curses; things just happen. Of course, my suggestion that the tour would not be complete without DodgerEric hanging on the rail like Joe, which Eric gleefully did, could have something to do with it. I should say Eric declined the chance to sit on the Dodger bench where JP usually sits. And, after all, it was me who was chastised for daring to walk on the grass behind home plate. But I do have to admit something is terribly wrong when an entire thread or two can go on for so long without someone trashing JP or Joe.

lbirken ~ just wait until tonights lineup comes out…..I’ll bet Joe will be trashed! lol

lbirken – I took a picture of dodgereric GM on that rail as evidence (and it’s part of the pictures he will post later), and as for sitting in JPs spot on the bench, tru has done that before when we were at the “Under the Lights” event back in November. Also, somebody asked about the locker room. I got to see the locker room on that same night. We took a mini version of the Dodger Stadium tour, but it was all lower level stuff, and one of those rooms was the clubhouse. However, back in November, other than names above where they had been in 2008, was pretty much empty. Some had alot of mail in their mailboxes though….fan mail I am guessing. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in there. You know we don’t have the best reputation for being nice around here so maybe they were leary of us using the Piano Man in a more significant role or for pulling a not so nice old highschool prank on one of our favorite players, if we were allowed in the clubhouse – LOL!!! (I am really, really just kidding – I would never want to honestly cause harm to anyone)

Joe Pierre/oldbrooklynfan, don’t fret on your age or how you look. To me you looked just like a kid and we all fed off of your joy and excitement. I have been to Dodger Stadium hundreds of times and I still get a special feeling walking into the place (notice I said walking into and not driving up; that is getting old). Nothing against everyone else who attended the ITD tour but having you there made it all the more special just watching you have such a good time and hearing you talk about it as if everything were a dream. Honestly, if the Dodgers had not paid your way I have no doubt those of us who could would have chipped in something to make it happen for you. You were great and I am honored to be in one of the photos with you posted on the Dodger web site (the photo of you looking at one of the championship trophies in the Dugout Club).

msrussy – I took a blurry picture of the man on the exercycle. Check http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/5263/unknowndodger.jpg to see if anyone can recognize him.
I was just joking… I think the scale was broken. But maybe it really was the weight on the moon. I think there are scales at the Griffith Observatory that tell your weight on other celestial bodies. Go to http://www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/weight/ and enter your earth weight to see what you weigh elsewhere.
Here is the photo I took of oldbrooklynfan and Frank McCourt with their innermost thoughts revealed. 🙂

JP sucks. Joe’s an idiot. Martin’s a wussybat/arm.

Welcome back Birk!!!

Nice pic 32!!! Sorry I didn’t get to meet lbirken, amy and others! Hopefully someone can identify everyone in the group pics! I was in various pics with my wife (I had blue hat, gray tee she had blue and white shirt with blue hat) – in the elevator behind joe, in the pic shooting into the dugout (next to Joe), and in the group pic behind the railing (on the track). Again, it was an awesome event, and I am really happy to have met so many of you, and hope to get to put faces with names once someone identifies all in the group pic.

Thank you enchanted and 32and53fan. We now return you to your regualr scheduled program.

Holly Toledo Brian! I don’t want to go to Jupiter! lol.

There is our enchanted!!!!

perumike – I am guessing dodgereric might have some of that solved. He did a great job taking pictures and even had a few of us taking pictures of him as well.

….plus dodgereric said he is doing captions.

32and52FAN…YUP that is the same picture I have (and mine is blurry too…LOL) It looks like LONEY. But I will keep studying the pic. WHO IS THE MISTERY BIKE-USING-DODGER? The pic of Joe & Frank is hilarious…

OLDBROOKLYN…you were awsome. You were one of the blogglers that everyone wanted to meet.

SPARKLE…let me give you the credit for the term “BLOGMATES” I had read it in EMMA blog but yes she did give you the credit. Also prayers for you and hope you get the job.

Joe sucks even worse than JP, because he insists on playing him. Actually Ned sucks even more than that, because he got him here in the first place and would rate him as his best acquisition. Frank ought to sell the team to somebody who knows baseball, or at least marry somebody who does, if he’s going to make the wife the chief executive.

Oldbrooklynfan I thought you looked like a well behaved little kid.
It was really a heartwarming expierence seeing you take in the days events. I enjoyed being there with everyone. I have a slight hearing loss and have difficulties in large groups so I tend to remain nuetral at best. I want to thank everyone involved from the top of the organization all the way down to the last person oldbrooklynfan had the pleasure of seeing for these wonderful few days. I wish I could of spent more time chatting and getting to know everyone that was in attendence, as I thought you all were very nice and friendly individuals.
The Dodgers get back in action tonight against the Rockies, with Randy Wolf taking the hill. Lets give him some run support and often Boy’s.
Enjoy the game tonight everyone and GO DODGERS!!!

The most important thing is to feel good not only physically but mentally.
It felt so good and relaxing to be in your presence.
It is so good to be among my follow Dodger fans.
And to be in a place I was unfamiliar with and be treated so well by everyone is simply grand and I will live among you as long as I live.

Oldbrooklynfan, when I went to Dodger fantasy camp about 11 years ago there was a fellow camper who was 81 years old at the time and he had been attending camps for many years. That “old fart” hit a seeing eye single up the middle in one game to drive in the winning run so anything is possible.

81 years old? Well I still got a chance, but now I got to go all the way to Glendale Arizona.

That picture you printed with Frank and Me, 32 and 53 fan is is is.
There were cameras flashing all over the place and I could ‘ve swarn I got into some of them.
Did you take a picture more friendlier than that?

sparkleplenty – I was going back through the thread because I was guessing I had missed something you had posted earlier, and yes, I did……. about your job interview. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you on that.

Damn Ishikawa just a 3 runs homeruns.

Damn Ishikawa just hit a 3 runs homerun 4-0 SF.

Joe, an official Dodger photographer (I think) took a “friendly” picture of you and Frank. I don’t know if it was posted on the dodgers.com web site. If not, maybe Josh can track it down, upload it and post the link here.
I’m sorry that I did not get a better picture. I should have asked you and Frank to look my way to pose for a better shot.
I also should have asked McCourt if he could take you down to meet Vinny when he asked you if there was anything else you needed. I guess I just wilted under the pressure of the moment. 🙂

Someone else out there doesn’t care for Ned:
“In the Summer of Manny, this isn’t going to get a lot of attention, but it’s an interesting read. In contrast to reports that he had retired, pitcher Shawn Estes talked to the Reno Gazette-Journal last week and didn’t have the kindest of words for the Dodgers and Ned Colletti. Estes said, in part, ‘When I attempted to get my release, it was denied. He was not going to let me walk; he wanted something in return for me. If I signed somewhere else and pitched well for another team, it might make him look bad.'”

This just in: Joe gets a brain…Martin to bat 8th
Pierre LF
Furcal SS
Hudson 2B
Blake 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
Martin C
Wolf LHP

I am not too worried about Shawn Estes making Ned look bad by pitching well somewhere else.

Estes should have had a better agent and demanded an “out” in his contract. He doesn’t have hunger anymore to compete in AAA but he expects some other team to bring him directly back to the show. Enjoy your vacation in San Diego, Shawn.

Kahli ~ Maybe Joe finally listened to us! lol

I wouldn’t get too excited – JP’s still leading off isn’t he?

Did you guys beat him down lol?

Enchanted & Shad ~ we take care of one player at a time! lol

That’s OK 32 and 53 fan, I was the one who should of thought of something like that when he asked me. But I am so over-whelmed by what has been done for me I feel that I could not possibly ask for more.

Catch up with everyone later. Let’s hope the Dodgers hear the footsteps behind them in the N.L. West division race. Joe wanted a double digit lead by the All Star Break. There is still a lot of work to be done.

We left Joe a copy of your song “Wussybat”, Enchanted.

Next time leave him the 5-CD compilation of JP’s singin’ the blues.

Which reminds me, I have another JP song rolling around in my head.

I can’t wait for that song, Enchanted!

Giants 9 St. Louis 0

It’s time to start the game.

10-0 now Boblee!

Rocks have won 12 of 14 on the road and trail by only 7.5 games when not too long ago they were 15 back. The boys in blue had better lose their wussybats and get back some of that “swagger” as Kemp likes to say.
I hope this is the beginning of a series where we can sweep Jim Tracy back to the Rocky Mountains.

I’m with you on that, 32 & 53fan!

Let’s Go Dodgers, Lets’ Go!!!!

Glad you all had a good time at the tour and the game. Too bad Andre couldn’t have saved his 3 home runs for Saturday night. Oldbrooklyn fan, I’m glad you made it out for the tour after all and that you had a great time.

… or as OBF told me happens in NY:
Let’s Go Dodgers, Lets’ Go!!!! OOH!!!! 🙂


We need some more of that from Wolf.

Does my PC deceive me, or did JP actually lead off the game with a hit? When was the last time that happened?

I’m in shock too, Enchanted! Usually when he does get a hit, he gets caught stealing.

Furcal has no concept of how to bat second. Since our super-duper base stealer was on first, shouldn’t he have take a few pitches to let said super-duper base stealer get thrown out, I mean try and steal second?

My MLB.TV is giving both T.V. and radio.

I think our first three hitters should be the last three hitters. Hudson, Furcal & Pierre! However, when Manny comes back, Joe will have Furcal lead off. I thought it was kind of cool last year when Matt lead off with Andre following hm.


I wonder if Joe will bat Ethier clean-up, as before the suspension…or keep Blake there? I vote Andre. Joe might, too, with his right-left-right mentality.

Wolf has a good curve tonight and that complements his fastball. I still wish we would give him some run support.

Furcal needs to have the spirit of Jim Gilliam appear to him in a dream and teach him how to be a number two hitter behind a base stealer.

Randy looks good.

Wussybat, wussybat – can’t wait to get back to the dugout; go for that first pitch.

Attention: I won’t need a taxi tonight. (lol)

No brainer to tag & run on noodle arm.

I’m 69 years old, have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries and can throw better that Juan can.

That must of been a great DP that my MLB.TV couldn’t catch.

Come on Dodgers!!!!!

Whew! Dodged a bullet there!

I see Joe has the boys fired up again tonight.

I think by having them drinking his damn Bigelow Green Tea it’s putting them to sleep!

Wolf does give up ALOT of dingers.


Wolf can’t keep the ball in the park. We’re in big trouble tonight. By the time Manny gets back friday, we may be only about 4 games out in front. Wolf sucks.

vl4 ~ they’ve all been giving up a lot of dingers!!!!

What a shock…Big Game Randy blinked first…………………….

Some days all the pitchers have looked like #5 starters.

If Wolf could ever go a game without giving up a HR, they might declare a national holiday.

The ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have created another time warp!!!!

If we would be fortunate enough to get these runs back, Wolf will give them up again. He’s at 82 pitches now.

All of my posts are coming ahead of yours Echanted! You are the time warp! lol

Wolf is what he is though – a #4 starter. On a good day he’s a #3, on a bad day he’s a #5.


Hey Joe, That was the time to pinch hit for Wolf. CRAP

Our league leading average is about to go way south….


Wolf is not the problem. It’s the ZERO on the Dodgers score that needs to be fixed.

Did hell just freeze over?

Damn, I’m the one in the time warp!!!! Way to go Randy!!!

Two bits says Wolf gives the lead right back.



Wolf, if you give up a run here, I’m crawling through my TV.

Well Juan had a good few days there and now hes back to his old self. Joe, you make me sick playing him every day. Why the Hell did you bring up Mitch Jones just to let him sit. He can out hit Juan any day. At least they won’t all be dinkers or pop ups.

Hello Blue Gang!!! I’m very happy that you all had a great time at the tour and it is exciting to read your posts about the weekend. I’m especially happy that BrooklynJoe got to be there and had a fun and memorable experience. Way to go Josh, Frank, and the Dodger organization!!!! Very classy and my hat is off to you all!!! Now, let’s win this game!!!! Go Dodgers!!!! Find those bats!!!

You know the one good thing about JP making the last out last inning?
He’s not leading off this one!!!

Losing 2 of 3 at home against the Mariners this weekend was unacceptable. Time to sack up and get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top of our line up really sucks.

Next AB Hudson and goes under .300

Hey my brother – what’s up?

LOL Beav!!! How’ya doin’ my brother?!!!!!!!!!!!


what’s happened to Furcal’s power, Hudson’s power, M artin’s power, Pierre’s power. Oh sorry, what was I thinking.

Not much Beav. We need to find our offense!!!!

Well that was an exciting half inning. Can anyone on this team hit anymore?

Not much Beav. We need to find our offense!!!!

So does the middle and the bottom boblee.

Wolf is outstanding when he has movement on his breaking ball but when it hangs it is meat. The team just doesnt ever give him an early lead…He is always struggling to stay in the game.

I hope Manny can put the spark back like he did when he came to us last year.

One…Two…Three – give that man a drink!


Lets get some runs. We need to start driving the ball.

OK – this is the inning we get a runner to first – I FEEL it.

I thought that was double for sure. They can’t buy a break right now.

Standback everybody, here comes Sweeney, I mean, Loretta.

We’ve beaten Jimenez 3 times this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t tell that by this game tonight.

Come on let’s get a 2 outs risp hit.


Where is Mitch???????????????????????????????????????

Let’s go LoSweeney.


Get back home Loretta. Your Mommy’s waiting for you………..

Our “offense” hasn’t scored at all tonight. We got two runs on a balk and a two out hit by an .089 hitting pitcher.

Crap Joe, bat somebody besides Loretta everytime. He’s not doing the job. I would have thought you learned that lesson from last year. You’re a slow learner.



Wearin’ her high heeled shoes, and her low neck sweater!!
Get back Loretta!!! LOL VL4!!!

I figured someone else would chime in with the next lyrics! LOL

There goes his 2 games hitting streak and rbi’s streak. Loretta actually was 6 for 14 in the past 4 games.

Cheer up, enchanted…Dodgers have JP and Rafael to stir things up next half inning……?!?!?!?!?!? I mean, how can you not be excited? Funny, the Rockies always have a hard time winning in L.A., yet the boys in blue are doing their best to alter that reality.

Actually he had a 3 games hitting streak

Damn Kahli, you’re right.

Move along folks nothing to see here. Move along.

Oswalt just did a number on the Puds. A complete game 3-1 win.

Even O-Dog was amazed at Furcal’s ineptness…

What wrong vl4 did he gets 19 k’s?

Boy! Belisario, and Troncoso have payed HUGE dividends for this team so far this year. Outstanding relief!!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!!! Phone call for Beav!!! It’s Pierre’s mama. LOL!!!!

I feel like we’re going to get run but with Pierre and Furcal making ground back out.

All is well, I guess. I just freaked a bit on the DP that went awry. Tronco still got out of it.

A dollar says Juan gets caught stealing.

Way to work the walk Juan… now don’t get picked off!

Wolf has 11 no desicions.. not 11 losses….If Manny was’nt suspended would that be different???? If Ned can get a bonified starter can wolf get some run support aginst a different opossing pitcher??? If Wolf had another pitch could he get acomplete game???


Evening everyone!

After the game, feel free to join the Tour:

I tried my best to ID the ITD people. Let me know what changes you see that need to be made. I’m sure there’s several omissions as I didn’t meet everyone.

Furcal’s ineptness knows no bounds.

Mama Pierre; “Run Juanpy, run. Why Mrs Pierre, he doesn’t have to run, he’s got four balls.
Mama Pierre; “Walk proud Juanpy”!!!

WTF kind of #@$%@#$ is that? Two bunts in the air!! It looked like Furcal stretched kind of funny between pitches. If his back is hurt again, tell somebody.

Dear Juan, feel free to steal a base……

lmao at Furcal that look like a Pierre bunt.

Hey Dad!!

LMAO Wally!!!

C’mon Casey!

Hi’Ya Dad/Chevelle!!! Good to see you my friend!!! And thanks for the pic!!!

Beav owes the board a buck!!!!

Yes folks, that was the dreaded Matt Daley.

What was last time Odog batting under .300?

Could Tracy be the only difference here?

Wow April 12 when he was batting .250 but it was way to early.

Furcal shouldn’t have even been asked to bunt there. Pierre can’t steal with 0 outs? A hit and run would have been better. That was just stupid. A waste of an out.

That’ll be his next time up shad. LMAO

Why does Joe blow through the BP for no reason? This game goes extras now what do we have? – Weaver, Mota…

If that was Hudler still coaching we would had won by now lol

He’s batting .299 right now.

Dodgereric ~ Pictures were great! This game is so exciting, I decided I wouldn’t miss much if I looked at the pictures now. To tell you the truth, they are much more entertaining than the game!

Pitchers are not the real problem, it is quite telling when the pitcher is the big RBI guy for the night.

Great pictures dodgereric

I love pitching duel.

As opposed to Mota and Weaver now??? We have hit the Rockies bullpen, it has paid divedends so far.

He will be again next time too shad. 🙂

enchanted, under normal conditions I might feel the walk-off win in the 9th…but these are not normal conditions. I still feel the heavy, weighted burden of possible karma wreckage due to the ITD intrusion. Please, Dodgers, prove me wrong. No three-game losing streaks to date. Andre, Matt, James…HELP!!!!


Johnny says Fu-Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game should’ve been over.

Wow check out the team ERA
Seattle Mariners 3.64
LAD 3.65
SF Giants 3.66

Look going to be the Giants us and the Mariners I never seen 3 teams this close before.

No D4, as opposed to letting Troncoso go a couple innings, Belly too. Joe blows through the pen like its a save situation. They get down to Brox, bat for him and don’t score, now all you have left is the crap of the BP in extras.

aeversw, I remember a team that would get their premier basestealer to take second and bunt him to third where he could score without a hit. Perhaps Pierre has lost a step by being played every damned day. Torre doesn’t seem to have much imagination. For example, when was the last time we tried to squeeze?

Whoof. Sometimes that Broxton is a man among boys.

MLB.tv is ahead of gameday now. Whay gives??

A nice old fashion hit right here could do it.


eric…agree. Joe has been pretty much a dolt for creativity during this mini funk.

Let’s hope they bring him home!!!

1. D. Haren ARI 2.25
2. M. Cain SF 2.57
3. T. Lincecum SF 2.57

I hate seeing 2 Giants and this don’t count Lincecum stats tonight. Nice double Ethier

Eric, great job with your photos and trying to identify as many people as you can. My wife loved your photo of me getting into trouble!

Ouch no advance bad Kemp

If we cant score on a lead off double, Im afraid our JUNE SWOON has just begun

Gitter’done guys!!!!

Come on Martin. Lets do it

Ouch no advance bad Kemp

Unacceptable!!!™. Got to advance the runner at the minimum. Total crap!!!

This team still can’t play fundemental baseball.

Ouch no advance bad Kemp

Could the guy on the exercise bike from the ITD tour haved been Ausmus? Does anyone see a resemblence?

Q. True or False, a pea can last as long as 5,000 years.
A. George Gobel: Boy, it sure seems that way sometimes.

C’mon Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin totally sucks

Damn I hate when my dialup goes slow and I have to post couple of more time because it taken forever to post.

You’re welcome lbirken! Sometimes you know a great picture as you’re taking it.

Q. You’ve been having trouble going to sleep. Are you probably a man or a woman?
A. Don Knotts: That’s what’s been keeping me awake.

LMTO Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!


CRAP! I guess we used up all that Hollywood Squares Good Luck kahli!

They blew a golden opportunity there.

And now we go into extra innings JoJo The Clown has already used his three best relievers.

Is McDonald still on the big league roster, I lost track with the weekends events but other than the solo dinger he gave up he looks like he can bring it late in the game.
Shut Em Down Brox…

Just pathetic.

Total crap!!! Seem to have a huge case of recto-cranial inversion at the plate right now!!! GeeZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Brother, These rockies are hot, and we are not. The giants were 9 games back about a week ago, this isnt a critical series, but geez I hope they arent waiting for Manny to save this pathetic offense, can’t even bunt properly, furcal! and perhaps in that situation kemp should have bunted that would have been a surprise.

Never mind…… COME ON WEAVER!!!!

We’ve bailed out his ‘strategy’ several times this year with 9th inning magic, Beav. He continually spends his bench and bullpen BEFORE extra innings.

Furcal needs a vacation.

damn they have a lead off double.

LOL, jhall! Luckily, Milk of Mannyesia will be here soon ):

Weaver’s also crap out of the pen. He’s much better as a starter.

Not good.

BonJour BleuFille’!!! LOL!! Yep, we definately need it. Rats!!!!!!!!

That would have indeed been a surprise, k1963. Kemp has one sac bunt in his career (’08). I think he was trying to go to the right side on his first two swings.

WTF a FI in extra?

bluecrewGIRL, you funny! Missed you Saturday.

WHEW! Weaver walked the tightrope there.

I think we’ve just witnessed something of a miracle with Weaver here. But why does he make it so hard on himself – and us? Sheesh!!!


Yes, it does appear those great at bats and first inning runs have morphed into strike outs and worm killers to second base.

How in the hell did we survive that?

We’re still ALIVE.

How come I’m the only one in a time warp?!!!!!

Why would you allow defensive indifference in a tie game?

Why would you continually send up a .167 hitter to pinch hit all season?

Why would you bench your best overall hitter to give atbats to a slap-hitting ragarm?


Last game in relieve he almost got out of that one too and I bet if Kemp was playing closer he would got that ball.

Missed you all too, dodgereric. I am definitely hoping to make it next year.

SWEET!!! Way to go Weav!!!!

Thanks for putting names to all of the faces dodgereric. You got some great shots.
I was wondering why some guy, who wasn’t Drysdale, was wearing number 53 in that Good Old Days picture. I was able to deduce that it was 1970, when Tom Paciorek wore that number. The next year, he wore #17.


How the hell did Weaver get out of that?!!??

D Eric at least it would have moved dre to 3rd, flyball and the game is over.
BUT we got out of the same JAM, Now lets win this thing

Yep than Tracy would ibb Loney and the next guy would ended with a dp.

What’s next? JP hits one out?

Time to end this ineptness!!!

Wow about time Furcal

Juan says lets get going!

Looks like it’s up to Andre.

BTW, great pix eric!!

C’mon dog… just need a stinkin’ little fly ball.
Update – it figures that it was a weak grounder instead.
C’mon Blake… just need a stinkin’ little single.
Update – it figures that Tracy would put you on.
C’mon Andre…. be a hero.


God damn Hudson

By the way, it’s nice to see you Jhall. A little late but I’ve enjoyed reading what you’ve had to say.

Make them pay Ethier

So much for a sac fly. 😦

Hi Tru!!! Thanks. Always better when you are in the house. Enjoy your posts!!!

VS. LEFT: .190 / .674 VS. RIGHT: .293 / .912 HOME: .302 / 1.007 AWAY: .217 / .656

I’m still trying to figure how O-Dog could hit a weak grounder on a 3-1 pitch. If he can’t elevate, he should take the pitch. And the 3-0 pitch was right down Broadway. A walk is actually BAD in that situation. O-Dog, you’ve got me scratchng my head…..

OK, why pull a starter-type after one inning in extra innings?

The Rockies are not the Rockies of earlier in the season but they are the same guys.


Ouch Ethier split against left handed pitching is scary.


Hope you wake up to good news, boblee!

Right now nobody wants it.

and when furcal did the runner over, NADA

Well it’s 12:30 in St Louie. If I go to bed now, I can go to sleep knowing we have a chance. Otherwise if we lose, I’ll be awake a long time being P*ssed at Joe.
So, good night everybody. Lets win it.

Jhall, you have such a way with asterisks and exclamation points.

One more time – GO DODGERS!!!

Time warp big time!

Jhall, say goodnight to bob and laugh at lbirken……

Omg Leach k’s Helton I been very impressive with this kid.

Joe wants to make sure he blows through the ENTIRE bullpen eric. Leach will be out when they bat for him this inning. Then its Mota’s turn.

Can we get this over with a dodger win, so Our east coast, midwest and evetually west coast ITD can sleep well?

Omg Leach k’s Helton I been very impressive with this kid.

G’Nite Bob!!! I’m starting to lean that way myself!!
LOL Ibirky!!!!! I try!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! I just got in from watching highschool baseball, but I have been keeping up with the Dodger game as well………………not pretty at all, but we can still win this.

jhall ~ hang in there one more half inning………..we will get it done!!!!!

Swing from the heels Wussybat, you may get lucky.

Way to go Leach!!! Now, stop the ignorance already!!! I need my rest. LOL!!!!!

I see all the Cleaver boys are in the ITD house all at once…….very cool!!!!

Can we just get rid of Martin.

Dad, W-w-w-wally wanted me to give him a dollar Saturday for some girl.

They needed you to keep them in line, NellyJune!

I have to confess that I let them have a couple beers, Junie! It’s hard to get by on 50 cents a week.

Damn more inning.

So on we go. Leach pitched one inning. Now Mota comes in, and even if he pitches a scoreless frame, he’s batting ninth so he’ll be out of the game as well after 1.

I dont want to see a Blake Griffin Clippers Jersey.


well, after Mota, he won’t be able to stutter anymore. It’ll be McDonald until the game ends.

Game over if the bad Mota show up

What the….??? Is Torre suffering from some sort of stuttering problem? “Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! Change the pitcher! “

Pity the people keeping score at the game. The pitching record has too little room on it for a bullpen airing such as this.

Yep Dad, those strippers wiped out 3 years of allowance in a couple of lap dances!!!!!!!!!!! Geez!!!!

Come on, Dodgers, some of us have to get up early in the morning and I can’t stand going to bed not knowing the outcome. Also, Frank is getting a little nervous because he has to start paying overtime to the parking lot folks. Win this thing now, please.

We’re down to McDonald now, right?

Did Martin make that last out why not used Leach for another inning since he’s spot was coming up?

Gee Dad, Beav has a magazine with better pictures under his bed!!!!!

Well now Wally, I was nice enough to show you MY pictures…….


All right, Juan! He’s doing his job (for a change) tonight. So maybe, just maybe, he’ll steal while Furcal is up . . . .

Good Mota showed up, and I don’t want to see who Torre picks as the next pitcher by stutter! So lets win it.

Maybe if Joe starts Ausmus over Martin for a while, it would be the kick in the behind he needs.
To say Martin is having a sub par year is an understatement, and being waay to kind.
Good job Mota! Pleasant surprise.

Omg Mota did it again

Time Warp!!! LOL!!!

I have to break Cleaver Family programming and tell Dodgereric those pictures are awesome, even more so now with the captions. Those pictures of you on the rail are priceless, and I believe I was the photographer for those shots. I am glad they turned out. Job very well done Eric!!!

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m pretty proud of our bullpen.

d-eric it is not the good old days when Jim Brewer would come in and pitch 4 or 5 innings of relief if necessary.
Crash is due for his first MLB homer…

It’s not the beer I am worried about with those two.

…or not.

Stop it Pierre.

Stop it Pierre.

No doubt brooklyn! But don’t you think that Torre might trust ONE of them to pitch more than one inning?

This Rockies bullpen has a 4.93 ERA that tied them for 26th and I wonder what their bullpen ERA when Tracy took over?

I marked all the liquor bottles honey! And they were very nicely cutting down all those old weeds back of the garage!

Who can tell me why Pierre is anchored to first base? Against a RH pitcher?

Great. Now he steals with 2 out and a full count.

………cutting down the weeds?………………….yea right!

Well, dodgereric, he was waiting for that wild pitch………

Hey OBF, The Bullpen is outstanding. I mean if we lose someone in the BP has to take the loss, but it should have never gone this far with a leadoff double, and Juan getting on base like he has this game.

Hello, hello, is this thing on? You sure know how to empty a room, boy! LOL!!!

Eric, if the boys need some extra money my car needs washing.


Might as well take off my shoes and let go of that fart……

I’ve got some leaves that need raking. Do you think they can handle that?

I saw Wally and Eddie smoking some of those weeds Dad.

Oh no, you don’t want that! Last time they washed my car they did it from the inside!

This is why there’s not to many old Brooklyn fans around,
It takes years of training.

Oldbrooklynfan, a game like this will age just about anyone!

McDonald better have a lot of innings in that arm. There’s no one left but the other starters.

Is that what you young people do nowadays, Theodore?

Nice work from J-Mac.

come on mac k’s the side

Come on, boys! Bail out that nincompoop manager of ours!

When I was a kid I just loved it when games went into extra innings. I don’t think that way anymore.

Not me dad – it smells too icky… both the weed and your fart.

Theodore, air out your brother and rake Mr lbirken’s leaves. And don’t stuff Lumpy’s pants with them this time.

Blake 11HR
EThier 14 HR
Kemp 10HR

come on mac k’s the side

Evening all, got in a little while ago, watching since the 10th, glad to see our bullpen has locked things down the last few innings. Now let’s end it right here!

Well, I guess that Torre is a genius.

Thank you Andre! It was worth the wait! Now I can go to bed happy. As Vinny says, good night everybody!

Might as well take off my shoes and let go of that fart……

By dodgereric on June 29, 2009 11:13 PM
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Might as well be an “S.B.D.” eric. LOL We won’t be able to truly share the experience.

WTG Blake! Glad to be out of than little funk I bet.

You guys should had went to this game instead of the Seattle one when Milton was pitching.

Hi PianoMan!



#15 and a walk off as well – alright ANDRE EVERETT ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its about time!!!! Way to go Dre!!!!

Come on I want to have the best bullpen since the Red Sox are the only team with a bullpen ERA of under 3.

We are rejoicing!!! Finally! Too late to pass the flask?

It’s NEVER too late to pass the flask . . . .

Good Night and God Bless All..


Everyday Dre strikes again…

Oh Happy Dre is right!!!!!

Glub glub a fine night cap, Thanks Dre! Good night to all the great fans on this ITD>!

Is that what I have been smelling all these years?

This blog is jumpy tonight. My post got lost in cyberspace. I was worried when they all piled on top of Andre that they might reinjure the toe. He seemed fine in the postgame interview though. That was a real line drive hr. I wasn’t sure it was going to make it over.

Yes, chalk up another one for Genius Joe, leader of men and manager of bullpens.

12:30 here so I’m going to bid you all a fond adieu (or a fond fondu, whichever you prefer.)

Good Night Theodore. Make sure you go straight to bed. You and your brother (and father) have been on the wild side tonight. I don’t know what I am going to do with the three of you sometimes. Take Care 🙂

bluecrewgirl – I was worried about that too…………all those cleats on that one toe can really really hurt I would imagine.

Boblee going to be happy when he wake up.

Hi sparkle and everybody!!! Glad to see a win, especially by our Dre! Joe Torre and Ned – don’t even THINK about trading Dre!!!

….hopefully Kahli’s dream has a different outcome tonight.

I don’t believe in curses, normally, but does this mean the ITD curse is not a curse then? The Dodgers did win, and they kept their streak of not losing more than two games in a row.

It’s time for me to fluff the pillows. Good night all!

Eric, thanks so much for the pics! Got to identify lbirken, kahli, northstate and amy. Great to put faces and names together!!! Thanks so much Eric! I will post my pics on my Facebook in the next day or two, and you can search for me (hint: I was quoted in the Joe Pierre article). Time to shower and hit the hay! Good night all, sleep well!

Good Night Sparkleplenty and perumike!!!!

Perumike – I wasn’t aware you were on facebook. There is quite a few of us ITDers on facebook.

2:33 AM 57867.1


I’m in a state of shock!
The A’s won a game.
How come they can’t look like this more often?

Anyway I love having the Baseball Package on Comcast.
I just watched the Dodger game go to the 13th inning so I could watch Andre Eithier laser a two run shot over the wall for a win.
I know you can’t change the past but fukkk Milton Bradley and that trade.
We should have kept Andre “The Giant.”
The dude has pop.
Now Bradley can’t even hit himself out of a paper bag with the Cubbies.
I can’t believe the A’s beat the Tigers.
Remember the A’s gave up 34 runs to 9 in Detroit.
I hope we can sweep their orange and black @$$ets back to the Motor City.
Then again thinking about the Orange and Black I can’t believe the Giants crushed LaRussa’s Cards on the road in the Sea Of Red Stadium.

Are the Giants for real or reel?

If the Giants make the playoffs I might end it all.

Lincecum is beyond Beyond………………..

These A’s fan is still pissed over that trade.

I should had just deleted those last 8 lines.

Well….NO ITD CURSE after all!! And Nelly, I’ll try to keep my subconscious mind from trading ETHIER…though I can’t promise. Who’s to say what lurks in dreams? Big win. Rockies finally playing a real team. As for the Gnats, Lincecum keeps throwing complete games. Hopefully, Boche will burn him out for the stretch. Billingsley…your turn to come up big mañana.

Hey peeps, just got in from SoCal. Listened to the beginning of the Dodger broadcast in Bakersfield, and as I pulled up to my house, Ethier came up to bat in the 13th… Perfect timing to come home to!

“Mystery Bike Man” in the training room was Bullpen Catcher Rob Flippo, if no one mentioned it already (Josh answered that question when the first people in the group were coming to the door). One of the unsung heroes of our team for sure.

Great to hear the win… Looks like we’re off the hook, eh Lbirken?

And sorry I didn’t get to meet everyone… like Rose, I’m too shy like Kajagoogoo. Plus I had negative sleep the night before (which is what I get for downing Red Bulls on the way down the night before), so I was pretty Zombified… then my bro got me two of the HUGE beers during the game… so I wasn’t wasted per say, but a little stumbly. And my hand was sweaty in the muggy weather towards the end of the game, and my scoring pencil flew out of my hand and hit that boisterous Mariners fan in front of me in Row S… It was an accident, I swear, but you’re welcome 😉

Hate being late to the party…

Kahli – I may not dream it, but I sure do think it some days.

northstateblues – your writing definitely makes up for your shyness.

I hope my dream come truth Washburn or Buehrle for Pierre and we could throw in Hu since he might be useless now.

Dodgers can really use the All-Star break. They look tired. Manny should hold them up long enough to make it there. 9 road games starting in San Diego. Then they can all relax and just breathe and Martin and Furcal can say “what the f*** was that?”

Oh yeah forgot Lee name in there.

Now, since May 18…

19 IP
1 ER
10 hits
3 BBs
13 K’s

WHIP= 0.68
ERA = 0.47

Man those numbers are good but whoever this guy is can he still keep it up?

Since we don’t need a 5th starters it look like Torre moving Milton to the bullpen.


Dodgereric has inspired me to finish providing captions for my photos and to upload the rest of rest of them. They are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/32and53fan/sets/72157620758983654/detail/
If you play the slideshow, you can put it in full screen mode by clicking the button on the lower right. Pressing the up arrow key will display the caption for the photo and pressing the down arrow will clear the caption.

Good morning everyone. Yep, shad, it was great to wake up and see that we had won. Nice shot by Andre.
Great pictures 32and53fan. I saved them all. Will use a few from time to time for my desktop.

Good Morning ITDland ~ what a great finish to last nights game! I was worn out from our trip and was getting restless sitting in front of my computer so I waited for the end of the game on Sportscenter………..then I got to see Mr. Etheir’s homerun over and over, yeah!!!!!!
Let’s do it again tonight Dodger Blue! Just, please do it in 9 innings!

32&53fan ~ just viewed your pictures and they were great!

It is such a beautiful morning. Long game last night, but a wonderful game. GOOOOOOO ETHIER! I’m sooooo proud of him. Now he knows that he is extremly gooooooood. No doubt about, Ethier is an awsome player. I still want my Ethier Bobble Head. And Martin did well too. I am also proud of him. GOOOOO MARTIN! You can do it MARTIN. And to all the boys in blue….they did a great job! GOOOOOOO DODGERS!

I’m officially declaring that there is NO ITD curse. All you Tour attendees can keep reveling, and I’m slightly envious and sorry that I didn’t get to meet you all. I do feel that some of us who stayed behind forestalled the curse with our maintained objectivity and critical edge.

Great stroke by Andre to win the game, although I must admit that Pierre did everything he could to try and win the game earlier on. I’m going to back off Pierre for a while, because Furcal is being an even more worthless miscreant at the top of the order. I think this guy just makes a practice of stealing from the Dodgers. In his last contract he probably only played half the time, then suddenly put on a big spurt just in time to get another big contract – now ZIP, a BIG disappointment. Talk about a wussybat! Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for playing his position. Hopefully he’ll come alive when he returns to the leadoff position – if not, then we’re in serious trouble later on.

It’s about time that we got some positive recognition from ESPN . . . this morning, Andre’s home run was rated the number one play of last night! And Casey got kudos for his double play.

Sparkleplenty ~ You are soooooo right!!!!!!

ESPN West Coast is the best. I am glad they finally got a west coast division to cover the teams on this half of the country. First highlight they showed this morning was ETHIER’s Homerun. YEY Ethier. And the announcers actually sound excited about it. Before my husband and I will get mad cause the Dodger’s highlights will take forever to be aired.
Celebrity watch during last nights games: Christian Slater, Jimmy Kimmel & Frankie Nunez.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!

I just saw the top 10 plays of the day on ESPN, and to see Andre’s walk-off homerun as the #1 play was pretty awesome!!! On top of that, Charlie Steiner has the call of the day as he is announcing Andre’s walk-off homerun. Also, I didn’t see Casey’s play last night…………………THAT was fabulous!!!

messagebear – you are right. JP did everything he could to get himself on base last night and try to score a run.

……….just so you know,the gnat side of my family was actually hoping we won because they are looking at the wildcard slots right now, and they rather have the Rox further back from them than worry about catching us right now.

Man why is everyone dying? I don’t know who Fred Travalena is but he died couple of days and weird that he known Farrah Fawcett that pass away on the 25th and Glady Storm pass away also.

With Fawcett at the end
In June 2009 Ryan O’Neal asked Fawcett again to marry him. This time she said yes. O’Neal said the wedding would happen “as soon as she can say yes”, but no ceremony could take place before Fawcett’s death on June 25, 2009, aged 62, after her two and a half year battle with cancer.

lol that’s a rare thing when the Giants fan rooting for us to dropped the Rockies further back.

Poor O’Neal and I’m glad that wasn’t me but seriously is still terrible.

Well, it’s more of a matter of wanting the Rox to lose and not so much wanting the Dodgers to win.

Maybe they know when Manny come back Pierre is back on the bench but I seriously don’t trust Torre at all, we get another good SP, Martin and Furcal finally getting hot and amazing these 2 been slumping all year and we still have the best record and to think what would had happen if Furcal was having an all stars year like he was doing last year before he got hurt than we would probably have 9 to 10 more wins.

ok..for everyone that was at the tour on saturday..great times..but i have one question..lol ..the two younger girls that were there..migth of been Sarah and Amy..who was who?..wow ..=)..

Grizzly – both Dodgereric and 32and53fan posted photos. Dodgereric posted his in the 9 o-clock hour last night, and 32and53fan re-posted his this morning. Both of them have captions which explain most of who everyone is.

Here is dodgereric’s

Evening everyone!

After the game, feel free to join the Tour:

I tried my best to ID the ITD people. Let me know what changes you see that need to be made. I’m sure there’s several omissions as I didn’t meet everyone.

By dodgereric on June 29, 2009 9:31 PM

Since there seems to be a preoccupation with death the last few days, let’s start an ITD obituary column.
Wussybat’s bat d. April 6, 2009. Died on opening day 2009. Efforts to find relatives from years back have failed.
JPs Usefulness as a leadoff hitter d. May 29, 2009. Bated .407 before, .252 since. Will finally pull the plug July 3rd.
Joe Torre’s management of the bullpen. Stillborn – never had a chance.

Now can we move on from all the death notices? This is a baseball blog, not a who’s who of decedants.

Grizzly – here is 32and53fan’s

Dodgereric has inspired me to finish providing captions for my photos and to upload the rest of rest of them. They are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/32and53fan/sets/72157620758983654/detail/
If you play the slideshow, you can put it in full screen mode by clicking the button on the lower right. Pressing the up arrow key will display the caption for the photo and pressing the down arrow will clear the caption.

By 32and53fan on June 30, 2009 3:04 AM

enchanted – you forgot Jason Schmidt – LMAO!!!!!

Thank you nelly…It’s AMY..shes cute..=)..thanks that was helpful

You are welcome and yes, she is.

Let it be known..Amy you can always drop me an email..=)

R.I.P. : brownpaperbag; unknowndodgerfan; junkyardjamie; malibubluepaperbag.

Yep me 2 I was wondering which one was Amy and Sara.

Good afternoon ITD
I posted a few pictures of the tour on my blog if anyone wanted to take a peek. I have more which I will be posting soon.
The game last night lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes. I still feel the effects of it today but I’m getting everything charged up to go to the game again today. There is nothing as exciting as the way the Dodgers seem to win games. Those of us who still were at the game were treated to the hugesst homerun by our Andre. It was the biggest thrill. It made it more special to me since I talked to Andre before the game and congratulated him for his 3 homeruns the other day. He gave me that great smile of his and thanked me. Then he signed my shirt right below my heart LA pin. I like to believe that this was what brought him good luck. I have a picture of the shirt on my blog. Good Luck Dodgers. Let’s beat the Rocks again.

I hereby apologize to amy and am now glad that my photo of sara didn’t turn out. This was not my intent.

Thanks for the ITD tour pics everyone!

Amy: You better lay low for a while…

Well, I’m glad to have a face with a name for amy, but am married and not trying to hit on her. 🙂 I still am trying to figure out who sara is! Oh well, next time!

dodgereric, did you have that Billy Buck jersey made or have you had it for 35 years? I always thought if I got myself a jersey I’d have to go old school from the ’70s.

grizzly, LOL. yes, both Amy and Sara are cute young women. I met Amy last year when she attended the WIN baseball clinic, which reminds me, AMY: The deadline for us returnees to sign up is July 3rd.
Boy, long game last night but so worth it! The interview with Andre was played on the big screen loud and clear!
Pleeeease boys, don’t keep us up so late tonight! I had to be at work early this morning. My eyes are still red from the lack of sleep.
Eric & 32&53, Absolutely great job with the pictures!
Fireworks after the game tonight and tomorrow’s game is at 12:10 so I got to get back to work so I can take a day vacation tomorrow and take my nieces to the game.
Let’s get #10 Billz!

I know, but now I’m not telling.


Hmmm…I am actually in agreement with your last message, especially since I am in the old + married category and this is a baseball blog…

Hey all…I see my name a lot in the previous posts! haha. I am famous now. sorry boys..I’m taken 🙂
Emma- yes, I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay for the Win clinic. Sara and I know the deadline is approaching this weekend.
The pics are great Eric. It was so nice meeting you!
Great win last night~

Scott, the jersey was a gift from my wife & kids at Christmas but without any names or numbers. It was about $65 – $70 (I think) from the late, great Chick’s Sporting Goods. I had Buckner’s name and numbers put on at the same place for about $25 more.

I wouldn’t have any problem wearing Ethier or Kemp or Martin or Loney but if/when they go free agent or – heaven forbid – get scandalized, I wouldn’t feel good about wearing it anymore. It was very difficult for me to choose between Bucks and Koufax. I settled on the 22 because I usually had that number on my softball jerseys. I think I’ll let them get me a 32 jersey next year! Perhaps in the road gray! Yeah!

Same here amy! Glad you’re not upset! LOL!

Scott, it also has a lot to do with being the father of a 21-year-old daughter! LOL!!!


I hear you…my son didn’t want to wear his Manny t-shirt for a while, but time heals I guess. Think of all those Gagne jerseys! You could get a Juan Pierre jersey since he’s not going anywhere…and he’s a hard worker! I would probably go with a Cey jersey and of course Koufax is always a good choice.

Chick’s is now Dick’s in my area, but I haven’t been in yet.


Hey Dodger Erick..it’s ok..i just thougth Amy was cute..relax brother….lol..GO DODGERS!!

eric, I’m getting there as my oldest is 12…aaahhhh!!

I dont have any kids yet so maybe i don’t know

May the Lord have Mercy on your soul, scott! It’s the curse of the Hounds – remembering what you were like at that age!

Chick’s has done the same thing here. My wife went there last week to get herself a Dodger shirt for the Tour. She liked Chick’s a lot, but not so much the new store.

I know I’m about to be new-threaded, but there was something else I wanted to say last night and got side-tracked.

I thought two lines in this thread in back-to-back posts were absolutely wonderful:

“Oldbrooklynfan I thought you looked like a well behaved little kid.
By Dodger4life on June 29, 2009 5:23 PM”


“…….And to be in a place I was unfamiliar with and be treated so well by everyone is simply grand and I will live among you as long as I live.

By oldbrooklynfan on June 29, 2009 5:24 PM”

Better than perfect.

I have to agree with you Dodgereric. In a way, we are all little kids.

I’m not.

I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!

I’m not a little kid and you can’t make me!!! 🙂

Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!!!!

I can too, I can too, I can too!!!!! lol, perumike!!

LMAO, lbirken!!!!!! Very good!!!!!

Crap, I’m in a time warp again!!!!

E, clearly no one was referring to you since I believe the quote was “like a well behaved little kid”.

I’ll be a little kid if you’ll be my best friend!!!!

new thread!

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