Inside the Dodgers Tour

The long-awaited tour is coming up at the end of the month (June 27)…and at your request, we’ll also arrange for a group section of tickets for those who want to go to the game that night, too.

Plus, we have some great news to share. I spoke with Frank McCourt about your idea of bringing out OldBrooklynFan and he immediately agreed that we have to do it. So, OldBrooklynFan, please email us at and we’ll work out the details. The Dodger organization is thrilled to have you out here!

For the rest of you, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re interested in the group tour at 11:30, please email Dustin at and he’ll take credit card info, etc. to get you set up.

If you want to attend the game that night against the Mariners, please contact Kris at or 323.224.1308.

Hope you can all make it out…



  1. crzblue2

    WOW! Thank you Josh! Thank you Mr. McCourt!! This is going to be so cool. i am so proud to be a Dodger fan!
    Greetings from New Hampshire! I got here Sunday and my luggage was not delivered so I am at work here wearing jeans and sneakers. I had to buy a few things to get me by.
    looking forward to meeting you all there! I hope you can make it Brooklyin fan. Even if I already have season ticket, I want to sit with all of you so when I get a chance here, I’ll email you.

  2. crzblue2

    red mark. i’ll email about the tour and the ticket when I get a chance. i’ve taken quite a few tours but I want to take it with all of you. i get a tour for two with my season tickets but I give them aways to out of town friends.
    The ITD get together day is a day before my bday! I am so looking forward to meeting you all.

  3. thinkingblue

    I am soooo excited about the tour. I will be ordering my tickets soon.
    JOSH thanks so much for everything and specially thanks that OLDBROOKLYN will get his chance to fly down and take a tour. I just hope he can make it! I guess we THANK Frank aswell.
    EMMA I was there for yesterdays game. Kids did not get to try the kids corral thing since they had to be with their Little League Team. But of course I went to check it out. The Phillies were out praticing and we were by center field. A fly ball comes our way and some guy jumps to try a catch it but knocks the temporary railing thats put up. Well he tramples over one of the little sister of one of our team mate. Not a Phillies fan, but the Phillie Player (sorry I did not know who he was) he was really nice and walked up to the Little girl and handed her a ball. Little girl is only 3 and will not remember but her parents will. I was mad that the adult men were the ones pushing all the kids up front. Come on let the kids enjoy their moment. Dissappointed that we lost that game. My seats were terrible, all the way on top FACING THE SUN. Sucked, couldn’t really enjoy the game.

  4. trublu4ever

    Thank-you, Josh. The head of our group will be taking care of securing the tickets for both the tour and the game. And, a special thank-you to the Dodgers Organization for making it possible for Oldbrooklynfan to be with us!

  5. Dodger4life

    Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful,
    Thanks for all the work Josh, and thank you to the McCourts and the Dodgers for helping OldBrooklinFan attend this event.
    GO DODGERS!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!

  6. thinkingblue

    I can not wait. Even my husband is excited. We always talk about a tour but always put it off, since it is local for us. But this is going to finally happen! WOOOOHOOOO!

  7. crzblue2

    sorry we lost the game. I was at the hotel watching the game and wishing I was there. The kid’s corral is the one by the Dodger dugout. Not sure what they call the one by centerfield. That is so cool the little girl got the baseball. that fence is always coming down. I know the guys there could be so agressive going after a ball. I went there the first time it was open and then I just go to the kid’s corral but I only stay very briefly to give other kids a chance.
    Hey between the tour and the game we have some time. Maybe we can go have lunch somewhere close by…Chinatown, Phillipe’s or ?



    Josh-Very cool. The tour, arranged seating, and bringing out the old fan. I’m sure that everyone that makes it will be sure to show much appreciation. Thank you very much and could you please thank your boss on my behalf. Very cool.

  9. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!!!
    OMG!!! Wow!!! OldBrooklynFan/JoePierre will be with us!!! THANK YOU FRANK!!! JoePierre is such a critical ITDer, that I cannot imagine our tour without him!!! Kudos to you Frank!!! I’ll e-mail about the tour!!! For those who care (and even if you don’t), my husband and I already have tickets for that evening: Infield Reserved, Aisle 1, Row M!!! I am soooo excited about this!!! I can’t wait to meet my fellow ITDers!!!

  10. thinkingblue

    EMMA: OOOh so I must of been in the Wild Kids Corral…LOL. Next time I’ll make sure and go to the right one. Well I’ll make sure my kids are with me. Love your idea about all of us eating together…my suggestion: Eat at the Dodgers Cafeteria and try out the Dodgers Chef cuisine….who is with me…I know I know I am asking for tooo much. I am just happy OLDBROOKLYN might come down. Where is he? I might not even make it to the game after…BOOOOHOOOO…I have a party at night. But I’m hoping my husband decides to ditch that party for a better one at Dodgers Stadium.

  11. thinkingblue

    I am going to the tour…..that I am not skipping…but the game I might have to skip. But I am praying hard that my husband decides to ditch his aunt’s retirement party so that we can be at the game.

  12. thinkingblue

    CPO I will work on that! Donw’t want to miss it. I can’t wait……GOOOO DODGERS! Gotta get my camera ready.

  13. cpompe1

    Oh, and Emma, if you’re still around, I just noticed on your earlier post that the tour is the day before your birthday!!! Well, it’s three days after mine!!!

  14. jeanette28

    How exciting! a DODGER stadium tour! =) I’m taking my nephew, he is so excited that he said if he has a game that day (he plays for Torrance Babe Ruth League) he would rather miss that than the tour!

  15. thinkingblue

    So we must get the Chef to bake a birthday cake for both of YOU…EMMA & CPO!
    JEANNETTE can’t wait to meet you. This is Dodgersrule1655 but I went for a name change for the new season! Your nephew knows what’s best. I’ll be taking my husband and two kids.

  16. crzblue2

    Carol! Cool! Your birthday too! Last month I got a graduation cake for my friend Lore. She got her masters and I embarrassed her by putting a balloon on her seat and sharing a cake from Portos with the fans and workers around. I can take a cake but I don’t know how many of us will be there. Maybe I’ll just take cookies…we’ll see.

  17. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Josh, I think I can speak for all of us on ITD and give you and Frank and Jamie a profound and heart felt THANK YOU for bringing Oldbrooklynfan out for the tour. Out of all of us regulars, I can think of no one that’s anymore of an optimistic and diehard fan of our beloved Dodgers.


  18. jeanette28

    Hey Rose…yeah he knows what’s best! he better..he learned from me!! lol I took him to Thursday’s game and he was all like “Jeanette…when I play here i’ll get you some seats right behind home plate alright?” lol Before the game I was like “you sure you wanna go, there’s a laker game?” he was like “its baseball..i live for this!” lol he’s more like the little brother I never had, he’s 13, i’m 23 and he’s taller lol

    can’t wait to meet you too!! =)

  19. thinkingblue

    JEANNETTE…kids! Love them. We went to yesterday’s game. The Little League had their parade there yesterday and my son was all excited thinking he was going to play with the Dodgers. He says he will play with them when he gets “BIG”. He is only 4, so the promises to buy stuff has not started yet.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Just can’t. Have to go down to Houston about a week or so after the tour and can’t do both.

    Besides that I gave my word to Josh that if they got Brooklyn out there I’d stay in NM 🙂

  21. kpookiemon

    Maybe we should all tattoo our screen names on our foreheads. I won’t know anyone by their real name. enchanted and messagebear, wish you were coming!

  22. jeanette28

    yeah he’s too young to start promising, my nephew has promised to buy a large house for the WHOLE family to live in, I was like “can I get my own??” lol And since my “dream” is to work for a baseball team in the community relations or media relations dept. he’s like “imagine if you work for the same team I play with??” hey Rose do you have a facebook or myspace so I can add ya?? =)

  23. enchantedbeaver

    I’ll just ask dodgereric say something controversial and rude and it’ll almost be like I’m there. LMAO 🙂

  24. thinkingblue

    Well E I hope you change your mind. Well I’m sure JP was looking forward to meeting ya!
    KAHLI – we probably have to wear those HELLO MY NAME IS labels.
    I’ll be going by Rosie or Rose..

  25. trublu4ever

    msrussyethier ~ That’s funny. And, to bad Manny won’t be back in time to greet Messagebear! lol

  26. shad80

    A. Pujols hit sacrifice fly to deep left, S. Schumaker and C. Rasmus scored

    Did anyone see the replay of the Rockies and Cards game yesterday?

  27. thinkingblue

    TRU – Oh well…no Manny. I wonder if his locker is still set up? Can he just be there for that day?


    Thanks, kahli for expressing the idea that you’ll miss me from the tour. While I’m only up in Washington state instead of across the country, I am in my post retirement period and really can’t swing the cost of that kind of trip. Love baseball and the Dodgers greatly, but we have to observe some other priorities. Look forward to all your chats and description of what went on.

    Hope you all have a great deal of fun. Enchanted and I will keep some of the negative coals smoldering in the background.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    I’m just so excited for Joe Pierre. That is just way too cool. Guess I’ll stop bagging on management.

    At least until after the 27th…

  30. thinkingblue

    Messagebear & E hopefully there are others oppurtinies to were ITD get get together and you two can meet with the crew! The tour will be missing the special touch you people bring to this blog.

  31. trublu4ever

    msrussyethier ~ I think we are going to try to make the ITD Tour an annual event. When we are there, we can talk to those in charge about the idea. That way, if a date is put on the Dodgers schedule, people will have more time to plan for the tour.

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Russy – my “special touch” is like sculpting with a sledgehammer.

    Tru – that must mean the Ned’s got some of my songs hanging up in his office for sure!!!

  33. trublu4ever

    I’ll bet he does, Enchanted! He may even have Dodgereric’s entire book of lyrics! Wouldn’t that be a riot?!

  34. nellyjune

    I am guessing tru is referring to me on the tickets. I have to wait and here from Ward Dear and see what he thinks we should do about game tickets. Even though Wally and Beav aren’t going (just heartbreaking), our real kids are going, and I am assuming they will want to sit together.

    messagebear – it would have been to have you there as well.

  35. thinkingblue

    TRU – That is a great idea. That way those that missed it can get another chance.
    ENCHANTED – Your special touch, the “I HATE JP” touch, but we all know deep down you love him. Deep deep down you know Dodgers are not the same without JP…LOL!

  36. nellyjune

    Josh – That is just a wonderful thing you are doing for OldBrooklynfan – just fabulous!!!!!

  37. enchantedbeaver

    Now I don’t hate JP russy – without him on the team, I would have no inspiration for song! I’ve actually been praising JP here and there lately – ask Nells.

  38. perumike

    Wow!!!!! This is finally coming to fruition!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

    Josh Rawitch and Frank McCourt- Thank you both for making this a reality, and especially for the absolutely CLASSY step of getting oldbrooklynfan out here!!! We are all very excited, and appreciate this great event!!

  39. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED – I know you don’t really hate JP and it is all a front. It makes it fun. But if you really did hate JP you wouldn’t spend your time writing about him.

  40. thinkingblue

    TRU – Hasn’t E been out-of-his mind the whole time, even before the whole we-love-jp-phase!

  41. nellyjune

    If you remember he was the very first one to go off into the deepend and the rest of us have followed since then. He is trying to resurface now and go to the shallow end, but there is no going back to the shallow end once you’ve been in the deepend.

  42. thinkingblue

    NELLY – There is hope for Enchanted…thanks to the Dodgers new seating section. He should continue to resurface to the shallow end and eventually he will end up in the DODGERS BEACH BLEACHER section.

  43. dodgereric


    I want to echo the thanks from everyone else around here for the Tour, the game, and last but certainly not least, the offer to bring joepierre out here. It really is a wonderful gesture. I’m impressed. I can’t wait to hear his response. But regardless, tell Frank that he’s ALMOST got me turned to his side of things. 🙂 Hell, I’ve already stopped slamming Ned. Now, if Torre would just take Russ out of the middle of the lineup, people around here will start accusing me of drinking the Kool-Aid!

    Junie, if you think I’m going to come all the way to Dodger Stadium on a game day and NOT take in the game, you don’t know me as well as I think you do. (I just have to check with the missus to see if it’s ok)

    And the answer to the question on the last post is “D”.

  44. nellyjune

    See Rose,……………this is the real enchanted 🙂

    There is one record that isn’t on there… Juan Pierre’s record of 5 consecutive years of at least 450 slappy outs. LMAO!!

    By enchantedsunset on June 8, 2009 10:11 AM

  45. Dodger4life

    Enchanted in the bleacher beach section= a story about being stalked by a lifegaurd. LOL!!!!!

  46. enchantedbeaver

    Damn Bear, its gonna be loney around here the 27th with just you, I and jhall (all without parental supervision I might add.)

    What are the odds any of us could possibly get into trouble?

  47. nellyjune

    Ward Dear – I know you are going. That wasn’t the question on whether you were going or not. The question was do we need to make sure our “own” children are sitting next to each other – LOL!!!!!

  48. thinkingblue

    OH yeah NELLY I forgot about the LIFEGUARD…damn no wonder he won’t resurface, he is waiting for the LIFEGUARD to rescue him!

  49. nellyjune

    It’s okay enchanted I seriously have the same issue with “either” and “ethier”…………..sometimes on purpose, but most of the time not. Enchanted, Jhall and Messagebear with no supervision. That is a very scary thought indeed.

  50. dodgereric

    You guys, be warned. Junie’ll have her phone and she’ll be checking up on you while we’re gone! No wild parties! I’m marking all the booze bottles!


    Well, enchanted – at least three minds relatively of a kind will be at work away from the ITD get-together. For my own part, I’m trying to develop a reverse 12 step method to become a Manniac, since the date when he returns is getting closer. Unless your prediction of a possible 100 game suspension comes about, I’ll have to deal with the fact that you know who will be back in Dodger blue. In a game situation how do you not root for a Dodger? There’s probably a song in there somewhere, but I’m not a song guy. Maybe you can help.

  52. thinkingblue

    Enchanted, Jhall and Messagebear you people will be on check. So behave. Well gotta go now. Boss is sending me on a mission. Everyone have a wonderful day.

  53. enchantedbeaver

    Just by admitting you have a problem Bear, you’ve taken the first step… LMAO.

    How about a little Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Love Your Manny?

  54. enchantedbeaver

    Just hop on the bus Russ,
    Cuz your hitting disgusts us,
    Cuz Manny’s the key see,
    T’ settin’ Messagebear free…

  55. northstateblues

    After our recent tour of Bristol’s favorite NL East, we’ve come out 10-5, including sweeping the Mets and going 4-3 against the Worlds Champions. And we still are #1 on Bristol’s Power Ranks, with #2 being Joe Torre’s old ballclub.

    Sitting pretty right now, but not getting too comfortable until the end.

    And thanks to Josh and Mr. McCourt for doing the right thing.

  56. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Josh – Nice publicity shot for you on ITD Day – Joe Torre on one side, Juan Pierre on the other, and Joe Pierre (oldbrooklynfan) in between.

  57. 32and53fan

    Gotta get Don Newcombe in that pic too. OldBrooklynFan is one lucky fella to have the Dodgers owned by the McCourts instead of Fox.
    I am looking forward to the tour with this wild and crazy group.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    Maybe you can choreograph a few moves to go with the song Peru!!

    Hope you all have a great time!!!

  59. 32and53fan

    I don’t know what kind of arrangements there will be for those of us who want to see the game later. Can we hang out at the Stadium Club until game time? If we have to leave the stadium after the tour, can we leave some cars there and carpool down to Phillippe’s for some French dip sandwiches and brewskis and wait for the gates to open back up?


    I’m just trying to get desensitized of the idea of Manny coming back soon by playing that old Al Jolson favorite “Give me my Mammy”.

  61. crzblue2

    I got back from work and dinner and I was told my luggage had been placed in my room! Ahhh, is so good to be reunited with my luggage.
    So I see we have not heard from Pierre. Maybe I’ll go looking for him at other blogs like Tommy’s blog.
    When I get back to L.A. I will send you the picures I took of you and your wife.

  62. trublu4ever

    Messagebear ~ between now and July 3rd, I’m sure you will be bombarded with Manny songs! LMAO!!!

  63. bluecrewgirl

    Josh, thanks so much for putting this all together.

    Oldbrooklynfan/joepierre, I’m so glad you are going to be able to come out for the tour. That’s great news):

  64. kpookiemon

    Dodgers had played four more games than Gnats…hence, only 6-game lead in the loss column. Nice to have one of those games played…and with a result in that wonderful loss column!

  65. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! Going back to the last thread, and the answer “D”. So, at one point the players agreed not to be paid. How did it go from that to what it is today……………….pretty amazing, isn’t it? That players were willing to play for free back 1858 and now , in today’s times, some won’t play for a few million less than what they asked for.

  66. enchantedbeaver

    We should be stronger now Kahli with Kuroda back. He’s almost like a mid-season pick up. Even with no offense these last 10 games we’re still playing .500 ball.

    I don’t worry about he Gnats – they’re playing about as well as they can and are still going to be what they are – a .500 team. Last I looked, they were still one of, if not the worst in league OBP.

    Like him or hate him, this team will only get stronger with Manny back as well.

  67. shad80

    Sorry Tru but I’m not really sure what I have plan on that day but it’s still a long way away

  68. jhallwally

    Kudo’s to you Josh, Frank, and the Dodgers!!! Classy move all the way around. I too am excited and happy for all of you attending. It is wonderful that the Dodgers are going to get Brooklyn there if he can make it. I applaud them. As for the ITD board, Wally, and Beaver, and Bear, Oh My!!! Throw in a flying monkey or two and we’re off to see the wizard!!! LOL!!!!

  69. nellyjune

    jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wally, Beav and Bear…………….Oh my!!!!!!!

  70. jhallwally

    Beav, you take care of the booze, I’ll get the strippers, and Bear can bring the food. PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  71. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you really want that jhall? I seem to remember enchanted is a guy, or did we ever really figure that one out? There was some confusion at one point. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. jhallwally

    Good food, lots of booze, and naked women, darn, sounds like more fun than a Dodger tour!!! LOL!!! Sorry, going back to my primal instincts!!!! LMTO!!!!! Baseball is reverent, but those things are basal instincts!!!!

  73. jhallwally

    LMFTO Beav!!! Yep buddy, leave those to the Village People!!! I would venture to guess that Phan seceretly is the gay cop of that group!!!! LOL!!!!!

  74. enchantedbeaver

    Right about now Josh is thinking, “I’m really glad that Wally and Beav guy aren’t coming.”

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Tell you what guys, since I can’t be there, if you get to meet Ned and JP maybe you could get them to each autograph a song I wrote about them and send them to me sometime – that would make my millennium.

  76. enchantedbeaver

    Oh you and Dad wouldn’t want a couple of goofs like us tagging along. Wally and I’d probably sneak off in search of the girl’s locker room or somethin’.

  77. nellyjune

    Ward Dear – that’s your job!!! LOL!!! (jk) That would be very cool enchanted.

    CP actually got Andre to sign the song she did for him. Now, the difference being, her song was a nice song about Andre.

  78. jhallwally

    Nelly, I’ve got a couple of good Andre songs on the Lyrics. Get one autographed. Maybe the one about you. Just a thought!!!

  79. enchantedbeaver

    I think Ned, JP and Frank would all be waiting in a dark corner of the stadium for me to pass by…

  80. enchantedbeaver

    Gotta figure Wally that whoever Ned hired to help would already be hurt. JP never hits anything very hard, and Frank wouldn’t be able to to anything without a camera nearby.

  81. enchantedbeaver

    “to do” not “to to”.

    Evidently the two Tylenol PMs and two shots of tequila are starting to to their job.

  82. jhallwally

    Go get’em gang!! Gonna hit the old rack. You all have fun, and we’ll hold the fort!!!! Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!

  83. sammieramirez99

    ITD is everyone voting for your dodgers?!?!?!?!?!?!
    u dont have to make 20 emails to vote multiple times!

    ALL U NEED IS 2 TWO… email accounts and just alternate when voting….the last email should reset the first one used!

    PLEASE VOTE! its preety pathetic seeing garbage jimmy rollins leading for SS!

    once again all u need is TWWWWOOOOO email accounts and just alternate..

    the email doesnt work if u try to use it twice in a row but if u alternate it should refresh the one u used first!

    i dont come to this site as often but i know the regulars like…


    please i know u guys spend a lot of time on this blog but at the same time i know u guys are not voting as much as u should. i have like 10 email accounts and ive already voted 5 or more times on each of em and i have collected at least 7000 ballots! at this point we can only hope for hudson, martin, and ramirez! broxton n bills will be locke din for pitching!

  84. true2dodgerblue

    WOW! I have been so busy this is the first chance I had to check in. Thanks Josh and the Dodger organization for this great opportunity! I can’t wait!! And what fun to do it with the best Dodger fans on the planet!!!!

  85. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland ~ Things were slow around here last night around 9:00 pm, so I decided to shut down. And, then all the fun began! I’m sorry I missed all the antics with Enchanted, NellyJune and Jhall! If Enchanted, Jhall ad Messagebear were all coming on the ITD Tour, it would be a non-stop, a**kicking riot!!! I’m laughing out loud just thinking about having them all together!
    Have a great game tonight, Dodger Blue!!!!

  86. crzblue2

    I am looking foward to following the game thread here and listening to the game in my hotel room. That is the thing I don’t like about being on the East Coast but only two games this week so I can put up with that. Maybe a little nap prior to the game will do the trick.
    Go Chad! Go Dodgers!

  87. Dodger4life

    Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful
    After an actual day off, the Boy’s have a rare two game stint with the Padre’s today and tomorrow. As alway’s we are hoping for a sweep, Lets come out firing on all cylinders tonight. Go Get Em Dodgers!!!!
    Have a great day and enjoy the series everyone.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!
    I LOVE L.A. :))))


    McDonald finally had a good outing at ABQ lasting 7 innings without being wild and with 10K’s. It would be a Godsend if he could get his form back.

    In the meantime, GO DODGERS – win all the games you can before Manny comes back. Things are bound to get screwed up after he returns, not necessarily because he won’t hit, but because Joe will need to find playing time for JP – like he’s said, he wants JP to start about two games a week. Just figure out at whose expense that might be, and what it’ll do to the team to have him patroling CF.


    Fire Joe,
    Fire the guy who hired Joe,
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe.

    Just practicing up before the ITD Tour.

  90. boblee4014

    30 games without Manny. 20 more to go. We aare the best team in the National league without Manny so that won’t change when he comes back. Now’s the time to trade Pierre/
    Don’t to forget to vote over and over again for your favorite Dodgers which in my opinion is all of them. i voted hundreds of times already. Keep those votes coming in.


    I understand that the game the night of the ITD Tour is against the Mariners. At least I can see all of the Mariners’ games on my local TV, so I’m looking forward to that one. Will see if they pan the crowd and I can pick up the ITD Group somewhere in the stands.

  92. thinkingblue

    MESSAGEBEAR – The seating sections that will be available for the ITD pips to buy is Section 3, which is towards the center behind the pitcher but up high.

  93. thinkingblue

    TRU – please DO wear those dreadlocks…LOL My kids will be taking pictures for you. My 4 year old keeps asking for Manny. I’ll just tell him that you are Manny. LOL!

  94. trublu4ever

    msrussyethier ~ LOL!!!! I’d much rather wear my Ethier shirt! I wish we had “ETHIERAHOLIC” shirts, because nobody else would have them and everyone would be able to spot us!

  95. baller98

    hey, sorry for the random post…..I’m making the rounds on the mlb blogs to tell people about a new website for Ballhawks,

    You can create a profile, upload pictures, and record balls that you snagged at baseball games. It automatically updates your stats and has top-10 rankings for the current season and lifetime.

  96. selltheteam

    It’s awfully quiet in here for a team that’s about to win its ten thousandth game by pummeling the Puds. Go Dodgers!!!!!


    Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny –
    just practicing acceptance of the inevitable.

  98. leekfink

    I just want to echo the sentiments expressed here in grattitude for you and the organization agreeing to bring OldBrooklynFan/JoePierre/Pierreeastmeetswest out to Dodger Stadium for this. A couple of seasons ago Jungar and some others started talking about the idea of getting together, and helping him come. It’s a fantastic gesture for a fan that deserves it, in the middle of a season that will be truly worth it.
    My regret here is that I won’t be able to join (I might have even suspended for one day my boycott of unholy and evil illegal inter-league games), since I am in Washington DC. And it’s a shame that I am away from home during this season–I am following as closely as possible, but not being to listen in on the radio on a drive home or go to Dodger Stadium makes you realize how good we as Dodger fans have it.
    I hope everyone is doing well here. It’s been a great start to the season, and I feel that there is a slight slump underway, but I think they will pick it up and continue to play excellnt baseball. The free agent signings (O-Dawg, Blake, etc.) have worked brilliantly. Ethier is coming back on, Martin will pick it up, Loney is driving in runs and will drive the ball more. And Juan Pierre has played fantastically (in the end, do I think that when Manny returns, he’s one of the best three outfielders? No, but I am happy he has stepped in to produce). And Kershaw is going to improve. And Matt Kemp stands to do much better (of course–this is unfair from me–Kemp’s already having a monster season, but I am pretty sure that I could watch Matt Kemp hit 40 home runs and think, “you know, Kemp should easily be able to hit 50-55”).
    Just a final note on this tour, and the Dodgers arranging for JoePierre to attend. I have said this before, but I think this demonstrates my belief that Frank McCourt is doing a good job as owner–and more importantly demonstrated that while there are undoubtedly mistakes and flaws, he cares about the team, the fans, and is doing his best. Nothing’s perfect, but I think we have the philosophy down, and it’s starting to pay dividends on the field. I’ll try to check in, but 2009 is not just a good year for the team, it’s the first year (maybe really the second, or year and a half) of the beginning of a young Dodger dynasty finally coming to fruition from everything we were hoping for back in 2005 when we had one eye on the 91-loss major league team and one eye on Jacksonville and the rest of the Farm system.

  99. bluecrewgirl

    Sorry, posted and answer to a question on the tour on the new thread on this one by mistake.

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