NLCS Rematch

Of course, even if we sweep the four-game set, it won’t make up for last year’s postseason loss, but it should be a great series here at the stadium.

For those who are interested in the ITD tour, there is definitely a group ticket component with a discount as part of it. Stay tuned for details, hopefully tomorrow. Just another busy day around here.

The lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B (back in the lineup and doing a live web chat next Tuesday at 2 if you want to catch up with him)

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Kershaw, P (along with Ethier, will be signing autographs tomorrow at Macy’s in the Northridge mall from 12-1)

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Why is Kemp still batting below Martin? Hello, Kemp’s hitting .310!!!!!!!!

Crash ~ you are forgetting Joe’s doing the line-up! lol

Torre’s the MANAGER, and he gets to decide where everybody bats in the lineup, and he doesn’t really care what anybody with ITD thinks. He’s the one going to the Hall of Fame. So if he wants to, he’ll bat Martin 2nd, or 5th, or 6th, and it will be that way till the cows come home, or the sun doesn’t shine, or whatever – you know what I mean.

I’ve had an early start on some vodka gimlets, and that seems to give me a lot of extra insight into these things. I’ll no doubt feel compelled to share it with you all, unless I fall asleep.

Actually, Raffy could be moved down. I think he would do okay batting 7th or 8th.

Bear ~ I might start drinking early tonight also! So, bottoms-up!!!

Let’s forget about last season. It is done with, finished. A win against the Giants does not make up for heartbreaking losses from the past just as a win against the Phillies will not erase any disappointment from last season. This is now, this is today and that is all that matters at the moment. In fact, the Dodgers and all the fans should be looking forward to this series because it is against one of the better teams in the National League. However, it is only one series in a season that has a long way to go.

Given that Kemp leads the club in stolen bases, is batting over .300, and has a high OPS rating, Kemp should get one more at bat a game (100 more at-bats a season) by batting in Furcal’s spot–second.


New post in my new, “other” blog, . Just basically about Post-Manny stress syndrome, and how a certain ex-owner of the Seattle Pilots is more than a little responsible.


rbranson ~ you and I agree! Matt is a fine #1 or #2 hitter. he proved that last season.

Good late afternoon ITD’ers!
I hope all is well with everybody & they haven’t had to deal with any rude people today.
Interesting conversation last night. I’m an Ethier camp guy. But I see where Pierre has some abilities as well. I’ve never had a problem with him until he was asking for a trade and looked to be moping around. Dre didn’t do that when he wasn’t starting. That is one of the reasons I’m in the Dre camp.
I’ve never rooted against Pierre. He wears the Blue and does seem to be a good guy. The main problem was summed up by Crash (I think) earlier. They have some trade off’s but with having Ferk & O-Dog at the top of the order I’d rather have the power of Dre than the speed of Pierre. Also Pierre has speed but you can’t use that speed if you don’t get on base & Pierre has shown that he doesn’t have a great OBP. Also who would you rather have up with the winning/tying run on 3rd and 1 out? Pierre or Dre? Their BA is pretty comparable but Dre will have a better chance at hitting the ball out of the infield or getting a fly ball deep enough to score that run. Dre also has shown great defense in the OF. I do think his toe is giving him some trouble running out there though. He hasn’t been running as well. He takes good routes to the ball opposed to some that Juan has taken.
I think many have complained because Joe was saying the young guys needed a night off (So he could play Juan) and then Juan hasn’t needed a night off since he has taken over LF. That doesn’t make much sense seeing as Dre & Kemp are younger and you would think fresher than Pierre.
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA!!!! Again!!!!!!!

Howzit Goin’ ITD
It looks like practice is over, tonight we play a real team.
The World Champion, NL EAST leaders, the one and only Philadelphia Phillies.

Its a long train running…….
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh Congratulations Randy for 300 wins but the Giants must loss that 2nd games.

That’s the point Raffy won’t be moved down.

The last time we faced Hamels, the young guns grew into men. Sans Manny, they came back after Brox had blown the save. Martin and Kemp had rbi doubles to beat the Phils 5-3 in 10 innings. It was a memorable game, because it seemed we regained our mojo that night.

Let’s go Dodgers and Lakers.

Kemp should be batting 3rd so he could try to drive in Pierre and Hudson if those 2 gets on base.

Randy Johnson is breathing rarified air right now. I’m happy for him; he’s had a tremendous career. But, guess what, the Dodgers have beaten him this year 🙂
Kersh, go get ’em tonight! Let’s take advantage of every opportunity and win the game! YEAH, DODGERS!!!!

Ph*ck the Phils!

Hey Josh we still have to get oldbrooklynfan out there for the tour and game.

If its any inducement, you won’t have to put up with me!!! 🙂

Yes, if you can bring OldBrooklyn out, I won’t come around either.

I & many others here echo Enchanted’s comment Josh! Talk to Frank & get him out there! The dude deserves a visit to the Ravine!!! That would be a cool moment for him & the Dodgers organization.
I’m outta here! Date night with Wifey & as usual she’s lookin purty!!!
Go Blue!!!! Beat the Phils!

Joe Torre could be God for all I care but batting Matt Kemp 8th is stupid.

I have to believe that God wouldn’t bat Kemp 8th. I do have a certain amount of faith, so please don’t disabuse me of that. 2nd or 3rd maybe, 5th even better, but 8th never.


How many Vodka Gimlets, Bear? LOL It’a going to be a fun night!!!

Thanks Guys
Congrats to Randy Johnson, but not to the JINTS

I think the only reason is Kemp k’s too many but that’s a terrible idea.

I like Vodka, but it doesn’t like me. Of all the potent potables I’ve drank, it’s the only one that makes me obnoxious, mean, and forgetfull of what kind of zoo acts & bad things I do when I’m under the influence of it.

What more could Dodger management want? The Bear and The E not being there will make it a nice G rated event for the whole family. #%^$ yeah, it’ll even be safe to bring small children.

Dogs and cats too.

Sounds like it will be far from exciting enchanted.
Too boring, and vanilla like for my tastes.

I agree with everyone else that oldbrooklyn fan shouldn’t miss the ITD tour. He’s a loyal Dodger fan and rarely misses watching a game.

We REALLY need you there Enchanted! Jhall and Bear, too!!! That would almost make it complete!!! I’d kind of like to meet Obi, too.

Oldbrooklynfan would be a great addition to the ITD tour. How about a panel discussion on the merits of Juan Pierre or where Matt Kemp should bat while we are killing time between the tour and the game? On second thought, the idea of actually having to speak to you all in person frightens me a bit.

I’m looking forward to an interesting, and competitive series against the Phils. Best home record vs. best road record.
Give Kersh some run support!

Call me crazy but I would do:
Not tonight because Dre doesn’t hit Hamels well.
Unless I felt that doing something like that would give Dre some confidence that showed by me putting him there. If I was the Manager.
I don’t get Kemp in the 8th spot.

I agree trublu, it wouldn’t be the same without all of them there too.

lbirken ~ why would you be frightened of this group? LMAO!!!

I want to catch at least part of the game, so I’m watching the vodka gimlets for now. I make those with straight lime juice, sweetened, of course, but they can leave you really puckered up if you don’t watch it, and as vl4 says you can’t be responsible for the content of your communications after a while.

Looks pretty unanimous to me so far. WTF is UP with Kemp in the 8th spot?

Collie ~ I really like your line-up! You should fax it to Joe! That would be kind of a fun promotion……Let a fan pick the line-up!

I’ll be watching you through the night, Bear!
vl4 ~ how are you tonight?

Tru, I guess the fear is not having anything clever to say and there is no delete button when you meet someone fact to face.

The Magic are hanging tough so far, but it’s early.
I’m just glad they decided to show up. It’s inevitable, the refs will turn on them, and give the game to the Lakers.

I’m just trying to clear my head of the vision of Bear all puckered up…

I gotta say, the drinking doesn’t interfere with anyone’s typing, that great.

Sober for the moment tru. But that’s subject to change!
Ibirken, I think I would try my best to put the fear aside, and just embrace it to the best of my abilities.
What’s the worst that could happen?
That ought to open up a can of worms. LOL

I am not drinking anything and obviously my typing has some issues. I meant to say “face to face”. But you all knew that, didn’t you?

Anyway, time to go home and concentrate on the Dodgers and Lakers. So much sports and so little time.

Red Wings & Penguins are on now also on Versus. Good one so far. Tied 2-2.

Like the giraffe said at the bar, I’ve got the highballs.

Have no idea what that has to do with anything, but nonetheless, there it is.

You’re on a roll enchanted!
Make that 3-2 Penguins.

LMAO, Enchanted!!! What a group we are!!!!!!!!

Good evening everyone! The start of the NBA Finals and Dodgers vs. Phillies! Great evening of sports!

GO L.A.!!!!!!!

Guess no one here is a NHL fan.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the Dodgers & MLB, but I still think the Stanley Cup is the best looking trophy in all of professional sports.

vl4 ~ trophy is great, but I really don’t watch much hockey. I find it difficult to follow the puck on TV. Dodgereric likes hockey and says it is great to see in person.

I like hockey VL. Its the only sport I can watch for the pure enjoyment of it because I don’t care who wins.

I’m really bummed I can’t get time off from work to go and see the Dodgers when they go & play the Rangers. I can’t find anyone to switch a day off with. Expecially when it’s only a about a 4 hour drive. Both teams are doing well so far, and leading their divisions. That’s the closest I’ll get to seeing them live this year. 😦

I feel like that about tennis, Enchanted. I never watch soccer…..dull, dull, dull.

vl4 ~ how about a bribe? LOL

Believe me tru, it’s crossed my mind, but it’s beneath me to resort to using bribery, and the use of knee pads like most of my coworkers.
Same old same old no matter where I’ve worked throughout my life…..

Vl, that sucks that no one will switch days off with you.

I don’t see why they are making such a big deal out of it Vl. They will still get a day off so why would it matter?

Seems everyone else has prior commitments. 😦

That’s too bad, vl. Can’t call in sick? lol You’d probably be seen on the big screen!

That would be about my luck tru! LOL
Trying to stay on a positive note. At least I’ll get the games on the tube on FSW. I’ll just have to mute the tube, and put the radio simulcast on the computer.

Go Lakers yeah Phil that 25th in the league in FT’s is a joke and you both game was over 30+

Have I mentioned recently that Furcal Sucks. Not rooting against him, or anything like that, but it’s about time he started to earn his money, the lousy hitting little bast**d. We tend to get on our young guys when they don’t perform, but this guy Furcal is getting to be a professional freeloader. Hit the ball out of the park, you gdamn *****!!!

Martin, I don’t want to sit here and be critical all night, but you ought to try and hit the ball to the other side once in a while.

Bear ~ You, not critical! LMAO!!!!

Kersh is looking good right now so, come on guys, give him some runs.

Lakers by 18, Spit. They are looking good so far.

Got to give Kersh credit. He’s looking sharp. Keep it up, Kersh!

Both are having sub par seasons so far bear.
NHL Finals Red Wings-Penguins series now tied 2-2.

Yep especially Bynum but hate those last 2 fouls he got.

Nice hit Kersh!

Pretty good inning there – nobody hit into a double play. Way to go, Team.

I hope Ariza get in the scoring column and won Magic shooting 31%.

I believe it’s not going to take looking into a crystal ball, or dirty tea cup to predict a low scoring game here.

OK now – Pierre will get it going next inning.

Okay, what has happened to Bear?


Is about time Ariza.

Is about time Ariza.

I must concur with my esteemed colleague Bear, for it appears that Furcal may not be living up to expectations.

Looks like my Gameday has been interrupted. Howard was up, but I don’t know what’s happening.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

I see many of you are on a nice roll this evening already, perhaps sipping on the koolaid and seesky’s flask.

lbirken – be afraid………………be very afraid – LOL!!!! (jk)


He should’ve walked Howard with Utley on 3rd.

It would appear Martin’s bat is still resting in peace. Alas, Russell I fear too is not achieving his full potential.

What do you think Bear??

Yeah Furcal suck in the 1st year and going to get have a better season the 2nd and 3rd yrs lol

Yeah Furcal suck in the 1st year and going to get hot and have a better season in the 2nd and 3rd yrs lol

enchanted and messagebear, not that I condone inebriation (except for you guys…after all, no one gets hurt behind a keyboard??!?!?), but Martin’s descent into mediocrity began when he stopped drinking so much! I’m all for him cleaning up his act…but I’d like him to sprinkle in a few HRs and RBIs now and then as he chases normalcy in his life.

Now that was a darn good inning by Kersh.

Come on guys, we need to back Kersh by manufacturing a run or two! We need to make Hamels work!!

hahahaha Powell with a 3’s and a free taco tonight.

Thar she blows!

Call me Ishmael.

KERSH did O.K.
This wasn’t a bad outing against the Phillies.
Now if our bullpen can hold them, we could make a game of it.

All right, Dre!!!


Andre! Man, that was quite a throw by the outfielder.

MR. ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Dodger bats,
I’m not really panicking or anything, but with all your success to date in seemingly burying the Western Division, a loss tonight will pull the Gnats to within six games in the loss column. So, please, get a few hits, will ya?

EVERYDAY DRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s interesting that in the article on the Dodger’s site about Andre coming out his slump, it mentioned that Mattingly is trying to have him pull the ball more instead of going to the opposite field and most of his power in the last few games has come from pulling the ball.

Nice hit Andre – too bad it was wasted.

And, Juan leaves Andre stranded!!!

I’m only saying Juan because according to Charlie he is our savior!

Getta Keep trying.

Here’s hoping they light up Moyer tomorrow like a pinball machine.

Seems hard to stop Jayson Werth, a real Dodger killer.

Wow. What’s with all the empty seats? Nice fanbase.

Maybe because most of them are at Staples you think that the only game in town?

Is just the freaking reg season game but still we average more than you guys.

Goodnight, vl.

Nice goin’ Leach.
Struck out Godzella.

The empty seat are called Lakers on TV…

Let’s see 18,997 is at the Staples Center

This lack of patience on the part of our batters is making this game real easy for Hamels.


Could also be no one wants to see the Phils……..

Goodnight vl !!!! It’s good to see you around here again.

Uh oh! I see the asassins have failed……..
IT LIVES!!! He forgets Dodger Stadium only seats like 15,000 more spectators than his launching pad that a 12 year old could hit a ball out of.

Goodnight vl !!!!

Took the words right out of my mouth, kahli.

Excuse me. I’m going to go pound on my heavy bag for a few minutes. I’ve written ‘F’in troll’ on it with a Sharpie.

Might as well just sit back and watch.
You never know, this team is full of miracles.
As we’ve seen.
Even if it looks like it will take one.

Oh,no…..not Mota!

LOL!! How many people live in the LA area? Staples is no excuse. If that was Philly there would be two sellouts right next door to each other.
Now there are even less people there. Oh, that’s right. It’s after the 7th inning at Dodger Stadium.

Good time to bring Mota in.

Hi, Dodgereric!!!!

If it was Philly the basketball arena would be empty because the Sixers never play in June.

Memories….Nice little picture From Dodger Stadium for your viewing pleasure…

Good Evening Dodgereric!!!!!

Loney, Martin and Ethier.

phan, you’re like the weird kid on the playground…

Dodgereric is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swing and a miss. Wow, listen to the crowd. Lot’s of Phils phans there.

Our offense is putting me to sleep tonight, so I won’t fight it any longer. Good Night, Y’all.


Nice hustle by Andre.

Aw, now I’ve broken my rule about playing with pathetic jackass losers whose own lives are so wretched and empty that they get their kicks by anonymously going into other team’s blogs and play their stupid little game of getting people upset.

Funny how we never hear from this hapless ******** unless he has the upper hand in something. Where the hell was he when we took two of three in Philly? Probably sulking in his momma’s basement, dabbing at his eyes with his blankie.

Too bad such a good baseball club has such garbage for fans.

It’s not our offense, It’s Hamels just doing everything right.

You’ve had your fun tonight. Why don’t you just complete your evening by scratching yourself and have a banana?

Good Night Messagebear!!!

Definitely ran into a good pitcher tonight, pierre. But our offense has been going south for the better part of the last week.

Touchie, touchie. Are you always this rude to visitors? I doubt your momma would approve of that kind of language with a guest.

Hi’Ya Dad/Chevelle!!!!

Oh no!!!

jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Wally!!!!

So far there’s been no surprises tonight.

Oh yes Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!! <|:-(o)

Hey, jhall and dodgereric. Hamels has been great, but the Dodgers have been equally lethargic.

See, Dodgereric…………very difficult to not engage!!!!

That was for your father Wally – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW – have you seen your brother? He seems to have disappeared.

First complete game. First shutout. 1-15 when scoring three runs or less. That was too easy.

Do Not Engage!!!!

It’s okay boys……………you will get them tomorrow.

Let’s see…..I’m seeing a trend.

Didn’t score on the starter tonight in 9 innings.
Scored one run last night on the starter in 6.
Scored one run on Tuesday’s starter in 7.
No runs on Monday’s starter in 6.
Had a nice Sunday.
No runs on Saturdays’ starter in 7.
One run on Friday’s starter in 7.
Two runs on Thursday’s starter in 7.

One positive tonight – Andre continues to fight his way out of that slump.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll get ’em tomorrow
It’s only a day away 🙂

Let’s hope for an easier game tomorrow night..

Sparkleplenty – that is very true.


Hey fool, if you came into MY house talking crap the way you do, you’d be picking asphalt out of your face from being thrown out. Nobody like you would ever be welcome in my house, but I don’t have to worry about it, because someone like you wouldn’t have the balls to say what you do to my face.

Pitchers are doing what they have to do against us, to beat us.
We’ve just been finding ways to get around it and win, but not tonight.

Wally – I think we have lost control – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is Theodore?

eric, let’s face it…the Dodgers miss Manny. With or without this 50-game mess, he’s the best right-handed hitter in the game, with apologies to Pujols. Pierre is back to earth, 6 for his last 29, and the Dodgers haven’t had a day off since May 21. They’re tired and burnt.

Ward has his dark side.

LOL Nelly!!! Beav probably playing it smart and getting some rest. HaHa!!! When a great pitcher brings the A game, these things will happen. Tip of the cap to Mr Hamels. We’ll get’em tomorrow. Their pitching falls off drastically from here. It is ironic that the decerebrate didn’t have anything to say when we went in and took 2 of 3 from them in their house.

really? I didn’t notice – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

oooh…an internet tough guy!
And you call Philly phans classless. Really dude, listen to yourself. It’s a baseball game, nothing more.

eric, you are way too easy. But hey, you don’t have to engage, you know.

You’re right about that kahli. And brooklyn, with one exception, what damage we’ve done has been in the ‘pen.

Sparkleplenty and Nelly, it is good to see Andre getting back in a groove. I am hopeful by the time Manny returns he’ll at least be back in the .280’s or better. Moyer is likely going to be tough tomorrow, so let’s hope they bring their A game.

At least I’m not the one going on other people’s sites. What are you anyway? You’re not a man, that’s obvious. You’re too stupid to be a woman, so what does that leave?

bluecrewgirl – It is a very good feeling to see him more like himself. Even that last groundout, he ran it out very well.

I felt kind of sick so I watched the game from bed. Just wanted to check in here and report that this game did not make me feel any better. Good outing by Hamels and our bats were as anemic as I feel tonight. We have our work cut out for us against other top rated teams.

Ah, what the hell. It’s a free country, do what you want. I’ve managed to mostly ignore you in the past and I can guarantee that I’ll never comment on anything else you ever say. Goodbye.

Obviously a sexually inadequate individual with much bigger underlying issues. Has to find some way to satisfy himself!!!! Seek counseling Phan, you really need it!!!!

“Other people’s sites”? No such thing, dude. It’s public domain, and your reaction is childish at best. Grow up. If you let a little smack over a baseball game get under your skin like this, I wonder how you are when something really serious happens in your life. I feel sorry for the people around you who have to deal with it.

32and53 – I am sorry the game didn’t make you feel any better. Maybe a good night’s sleep might help.

Who’s the child? If it is just a game, why are you here, on a Dodger blog site? ………simply to instigate and agitate, and that to me would be known as the playground bully.

Nelly, that was a close play. I wanted to see a replay to see if it was a good call, but they never showed one.

32and53, I also recommend LOTS of chicken soup. It’ll cure what ails you 🙂 Feel better soon.

Hey jhall! Had a little scare with the Chevelle today. Matt said the engine was making weird noises and he shut it down. I caught up with him and turned out it was almost out of oil! Put 3 quarts in, guess it was the lifters he was hearing. It’s all good now! How the heck have you been?

G’night all. And eric, don’t take it out on your loved ones. It’s pretty clear they have enough to bear as it is.

Well I surely hope you watch that Lakers game too but I assume you didn’t see it.

I do know about that. Your son was not too happy at all. Mariya was in my classroom when it happened.

32and53, I like a cup of hot tea, mixed with honey, lemon and scotch.

Shad, I think most of us were mesmerized with Hamels’ pitching and couldn’t switch channels. Did the Lakers win?

Whoa, 3 quarts low. Better show Matt how to check the oil. Good that he had the sense to shut it down right away. Glad you caught it in time. Doing well, thanks..

I am glad it was just a minor problem.

At the moment the only regular batting under the .260 mark is Furcal, all the other regulars are doing O.K.

I consider Ethier out of his funk or whatever you want to call it.
Furcal BA is horribly low.

I was watching the Lakers tonight shad! They really had it going!

Yeah Wally, we had us a nice talk about checking the oil EVERY TIME he fills up the gas tank. Also in reading the gauges, knowing what pressure it runs under while driving and while idling too. He understands this time. I say that because we’ve had this talk before, but it was the same day I handed him the keys and I guess he was a million miles away! LOL!!

LOL Dad!!! Yeah, I’m sure he was on cloud nine when he got those keys!!!

Yes we killed them 100-75 that why I said I hope 32 watch that game haha

I didn’t really care much for this game but the next 3 I will.

Pierre, our BA over the last 7 games (not including today) is .211.

………..the keys to “our” car. I have made that mistake one too many times – LOL!!!!!

Did Mota pitch another scoring inning? Believe it or not I think that will make 7.

..and meanwhile Andre’s has climbed 13 points in the last 10 games, going from a .250 BA to a .263.

I missed your comment up there, Junie! Sorry! Yeah, after we got the oil in it he took it for a lap around the block. He came back and the color was back in his face. He said his heart was beating so hard he thought it was going to break his ribs! LOL!!!

Truth is, it’s really just a matter of time until it needs rings or something. I have no idea of the history of the engine, so one of these days………. we’ll have one unhappy boy. 😦

It’s going to hard to keep everyday dre under .250 lol

I mean it’s going to be hard

Yeah shad, I guess they may have found something in Mota’s delivery. He’s doing well lately! Peel my scalp and call me baldy!

LOL Dad!!! At least it is well worth an engine overhaul!!!!

Keep it stock and original my friend if that is the original numbers matching engine!!!!

Shad and Dodgereric, what impressed me most about the Lakers tonight was the fact they held Orlando to mostly one shot and out and they were getting multiple attempts on their end. Much better rebounding and defense than they’ve played in a while and Kobe looked like a man on a mission. They’d better not get over confident though.

That it is buddy! Might have to sell some of what’s left of my 101K to do it! LOL!!!

It is one cool car Wally.

That it is Nell’!!!!

Hiya bluecrewGIRL! Everything you said is true, but Orlando wasn’t hitting tonight. From what I understand about their game, they live and die on the outside. Tonight they died. And Kobe did look as if he were possessed!

It is at the moment, jhall. We’ve talked about eventually sticking a big block in there, but that may never happen.

I’m not sure if anyone seen this but that nightmare I had last night scare me lol.

Hey Dad, if you do stick a big block in, keep the original engine. Highest values and appreciation go to the totally original cars from what I’ve seen!!!!

I think something is wrong with me. I just had a bad dream and was dreaming of Tomko in the starting rotation going 24-7 with a 1.34 ERA and he has 12 CG’s and winning the CY and also Kemp won the triple crown with a .385 batting average, 65 homeruns, 160 rbi’s and even leading the SB with 74. I was hoping for a reply to that lol.

I would pay alot more for an original numbers matching car myself!!!!

That’s good advice son! You know what? You’re FULL of good advice! I should listen to you and your mother more often! Next time I don’t take your advice about something, you have my permission – no, I DEMAND – that you grab the nearest 2×4 and hit me over the head with it.

And pray for my family. Apparently they need it.

So, why is that a BAD dream shad? Tomko won that CY in OUR rotation, right? Sounds like we probably had a great season!

Orlando=Phoenix with the slogan live by the 3’s died by the 3’s. I can’t believe the Magic was missing all those shots. I think they did a pretty god job on Howard but we needs more of that. To bad Bynum could probably had a 20/15 games if he didn’t get those 2 tacky tack fouls in the 1st.

They do not need it (well, not for that reason), and I know you know that.

LOL Dad!!! I think your family is truely blessed!!! You’ve doled out your share of good advice over the months my friend. Maybe that’s where we get it!!!

Plus, I’d love to see you kick that little d*ck morons’ butt!!!!

Too funny Wally!!


Oh, I forgot this:


blah lol


We still lost the division by 2 games and the wild card by 3 lol.

I was about to say I want Bomko back after checking out his fluke stats this year and I known it probably would take him 2 to 3 innings to blow up but Mota been good lately.

Hey Shad, where is Bombko playing? I lost track of him. I didn’t think he was signed by anyone.

The Yankees and now you know how desparate they are.

Boy, you’re right! He’s been the bridge to Rivera lately and he’s performing!

Look like he pitches well against Texas but that last game was great.

Dam’n, I guess so Shad!!!!

He has a great ERA shad – wow!!!

Maybe the Yankees would bite on Mota lol

hahahaha for now

Bombko has always had pretty good stuff. I never could figure out why he sucked so hard. Maybe he is maturing and learning how to use it. Too late for us dammit’!!!!

This ought to make you feel better:

Two years with the Dodgers, 5.24 ERA, 216 IP, 247 hits, 30 HRs, 71 BBs, 1.470 WHIP.

Maybe because he’s was an ex Giants lol. I remember that game when he was trying to get the Giants even and pitch lights out and in the same game Cody Ramson made that key error and Finley hit that game winning grand slam to clinch the division.

Makes me wonder why Ned is still our GM and glad the bum is gone Dad!!! LOL!!!

I’m sure there must be one somewhere, but I’m having trouble thinking of a Giant who came here and did well.

Bret Butler may be the only one Dad. LOL!!!!

I couldn’t stand Butler when he was with the G’Nats!!! He is one of my favorite players ever now. Class guy both on and off the field!!! Darn good ballplayer. He got it right!!!

I don’t think Tomko pitch under Torre yet but I can imagine what’s Torre would had done with him.

Who’s Eddie Taubensee? Look like he pitch well from this catcher must be a Giants catcher.,167844

Did anyone read this article? This kid hit a homerun that was messure around 570.

Hello ITD

Looks like a loss today. those have been kinda rare lately, especially at home. I’m not sweating it.

The source of a hater’s hate is usually an inadequacy in some department or other.

Just wish the offense could get into the bullpens early and often. We need to get back to those first-inning first-strikes.

How’s everyone?

Geez, Bryce Harper huh? Kind of makes you want us to have a crappy year when he’s available. Then again, I suscribed to SI for many years and saw a bunch of guys that they proclaimed were the second coming and they never quite made it. Just shows you how tough it is.

Hey north! I read your blog when it was just ‘Part I’. I started to comment on it and decided to hold off until you did Part II. Some very wonderful and heartfelt stuff in there, but then most of what you write is really good. I’ll get over there and read it tomorrow and give you a comment this time. Your passion for baseball always comes through!

Now that a couple of hours have passed and I’ve calmed down a little, I’d like to apologize to my ITD pals for my unseemly outburst. Most of the time I’ve managed to take my good friend jhall’s advice and ignored the idiots who occasionally come on with no intent to discuss and debate, but merely to get the sort of reaction I so stupidly gave him. Tonight I failed miserably.

It’s beneath me. If I upset or displeased any of you, I’m truly sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise. I’ll either ignore or walk away but I won’t ruin anyone else’s time here.

It’s tough to say nothing when people pick at the scabs. You were right about him being pathetic enough to just want to ruin other people’s time. There’s a difference between adding to the conversation, and just being a troll, and obviously someone here was none of the former, and most of the later.

On most message boards, there’s a handy little feature called “ignore”. If you don’t like a troll, or just someone who goes out of their way to be annoying and harrassing the people in a thread, you click the little button, and from that point on, you can no longer see their comments. Often, they’re so oblivious, they don’t even know they’re being ignored.

It’s cool, Eric, I don’t think anyone’s mad at you

I for one, thought you were great, but I have the distinct pleasure of really knowing who you are, and our phan couldn’t be further from the truth. You really don’t have anything to apologize for. You were just protecting our playground from the bullies.

You two are most kind, thanks. I love it here. North, I just spent the better part of the last 40 minutes trying to comment on your blog only to fail to get it through. I’ll try it again later, but now it’s late and time for bed.

BTW, if you didn’t hit shad’s link to that Bryce Harper, you should. If he can use wood bats and hit the curve, we’ll be hearing from him soon. Unfortunately, that damned Boras somehow seems to have his pudgy little mitts on him already.

Oops, forgot to say goodnight and God Bless!

eric-I’ll bet no one is upset with you. After all, you’re one of ours
Lot of zeroes in the box score. This lack of offense makes me a little uneasy, but the big lead gives us time to figure it out and get it fixed. I think this post is just to remind myself that this a looooong season with plenty of ups and downs and we’re in a pretty good spot. It does look like we’ll have to get past Hamel and the Phillies to get to the Series. We’ve got a lot of time to get it right.

dodgereric – you are very most welcome, and sorry it’s a little over 5 hours late. I fell asleep before you – ha!!!

northstateblues – I will definitely read part 2 tonight when I get home, and I am finally on vacation – yeah!!! What you had done so far was fabulous!!!!

Dodgereric ~ you NEVER have to apologize to this board for anything you say! I for one, appreciate your staunch support for us, the bloggers, and our Dodger team. Hey, we are family and family supports each other through good times as well as the bad ones.
Now, let’s get the Phillies tonight!

Good Morning…hopefully today we will have a win.
Well I thought this was funny. Atleast Dodgers did not make this list (not even Manny):

Dodgers outfielder Xavier Paul(notes) is almost fully recovered from a dangerous staph infection that started in his knee and spread into his upper leg, a condition that ultimately required surgery and a four-day hospital stay.

Paul was back on the field before Thursday night’s game with Philadelphia. He will be eligible to return from the disabled list Friday, but it appears unlikely that it will happen that quickly.

Paul was called to the majors for the first time May 7, after which he hit .214 with one homer in 11 games before being placed on the 15-day DL May 22.


Paul originally sliced open his left knee sliding into second base in a game in Philadelphia almost a month ago. A few days later, with the Dodgers in Florida on the same trip, he re-opened the gash while making a diving catch in the outfield.

A few days after that, the infection had spread to the point that team medical officials made the decision to send Paul to the hospital.

That is good news…SPIT! Wish Paul a speedy and safe recovery.

ESPN was reporting that the Dodgers may be interested in Tom Glavine. Good move for the young pitchers on our team? Does he still have anything left? Apparently, he was throwing well in the minors but, the Braves didn’t want to pay him to make the squad.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful
O- Dog is back, and it is good to see him….
All is good today, we will bounce back
What an unproductive day we had offensively
Another day another game tonight, we will turn the tables.
You were fine with me Eric 🙂
Personally I would of stopped at Who???
Hamels did turn in a stellar performance last night.
Any one order Cream Cheese????
Nelly how are you today??? Vacation Time :)))))))
Have a great day everyone…:))))

I think Glavine would be one reclamation project too many. What for? So that he can teach Kershaw or whatever? If we need an addition or change to the coaching staff – go for it, but don’t muddle up the roster some more.

I think it’s time for Torre to change around the top three in the lineup. JP seems to be returning to his norm, Furcal is consistently below his norm, and Orlando has cooled off from being way above his norm. At the present time we’re getting nobody on base from the trio at the top of our lineup. Let’s put JP back down at the bottom and try Furcal in leadoff as he was earlier in the season. That may restart his approach to the game. Hudson would be a good second spot. I would try Andre at #3, since he’s recovering his stroke and could add a power threat if either of the first two gets on. Down the line, Martin still needs to be moved down, or even way down, in the lineup, just where every other team bats their “no power – little hits” defensive catchers. Not trying to get on Martin – I’ll accept him for what he now is, but let’s stop treating him like he’s still some kind of All-Star or premium catcher prospect. He’s burned out and mediocre, just like the best that most teams can get in their catcher slot.

Bear ~ I think I agree with you on Glavine. I can’t see him helping that much. I DO agree with you on the lineup changes!

I think he needs to retire as a Braves and I wish we would give Piazza a one day contract like when Percival did with the Angels but he’s still playing for another team.

Wow if anyone watching the price is right that shirt that this guy is wearing is cool.

To be honest I think Furcal need to be dropped to the bottom and Martin good obp batting 2nd.

Russell Martin, unbelievably (to me, anyway), ranks 4th in all of baseball in percentage of runners caught stealing. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Seems he NEVER throws out anybody. 28 steals against, 14 caught…for a percentage of .333. But watching him everyday is a head-scratching endeavor for this Dodger fan.

I don’t have any problem with Martin behind the plate defensively this season. He’s decidedly improved in handling runners on the bases, and I’ve heard that he’s learned a great deal of that from working with Ausmus and his experience. Only wish that he’d prove as teachable with his hitting skills – that has been a stricly downhill slope. When he was good, he always seemed to be able to take that outside pitch and drive it to right. That is mostly no longer the case, and I think all the pitchers in the league now know it. So I have to think that Martin is either stubborn, stupid, or simply unable to correct his compulsion to try and pull everything.

His defense has improve this year but where has his power gone to?

Did Martin complaint about how much of money he would make this year?

Why can we have a catcher like Mauer?

When it comes to how much money is being paid, Martin got the favorite treatment among all of our young players. I believe he got around $3 million, while Ethier who was in the same player category had to fight to avoid arbitration.

I believe I’d say no to Glavine also. I think we need someone with a little more gas left in the tank.

I’m really quite sick of losing to Cole Hamels in particular and the Phillies in general. I hope the Dodgers are, too. That would go a long way to keeping the vermin away.

Kahli ~ that’s good. A Dodger win and the vermin is exterminated! That would be phantastic!

Bear I totally agree with your comment at 9:25. Both with Glavine & the lineup. Below is the lineup I would use.
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!

PH*CK THE PHILS AND PHAN52, they’re pretty much one big disgruntled town.


BEAR, you’re totally right about J. Martin, he is pull happy plus he’s rolling his wrists over on pitches (side-effect of being pull happy) and playing pepper w/ the SS and 2B, his k’s are up and Mr. J. Martin needs to go with the outside pitches and line ’em to right. He needs to be dropped to 8th in the order IMO. He’s my favorite player, but he needs to adjust his swing. His OBP looks good, but he’s killing rallies.

or maybe like spit10 said, put him in the 2 hole (J. Martin), Furcal at 8, I dunno, J. Martin and Ferk need to come around offensively.

Oh and Eric… no worries from me! You didn’t say anything wrong or that wasn’t true. & to rip someone who is as classy as you are is lame. I know things you have done for Nelly’s students as well as from what I’ve heard about your family you are a great Father & Dad. So don’t let someone who doesn’t know you upset you at all.
I think that there are sore winners & sore losers. Being a sore loser is pretty bad but a sore winner is even worse.
Your team won. Move on. Going to another teams website to try to cause people to get upset with your comments that are ripping on them and then say you aren’t is lame.
It lacks class.
No problem with talking about the game and your teams victory and how they played better. I’m good with that. It’s a game. But when you insult the fans of the other team or that team you are showing your lack of class. Win classy I say. I’m a Laker fan fan but I would never be on the Celtic/Nugget/Rocket/Kings blog popping off. But that’s because my Mother taught me how to be respectful of others. Which I am most of the time.
Oh and being a true fan of a team is taking the good with the bad. So just popping off when you win and hearing crickets chirping from you when you loose shows the quality of a fan you are.


I think collie’s proposed lineup definitely deserves a try. Why be stubborn about it, Joe? Every team offense slacks off time and again during the season. When that happens, it’s worth trying a different approach – no insult to anybody. Last year Joe seemed to have a different lineup all the time; this year just stubbornly the opposite.

I’m so jealous of this kid. My brother graduate from High School in one more week and this 11 yrs old kid graduate from College and I probably live around 15 mins away from this college.

That kid is amazing, don’t be jealous, be inspired, ELAC is open to you too shad. I take classes there, it’s a great school.

I was thinking about going back to college and getting my Computer Science degree that I’ve always wanted but it just too many good colleges out there in LA. Well I did go to a Compton College but for some reason that was just some boring college I really didn’t like.

Does this college have a computer science program? I know Santa Monica does.

Shad that guy looked pretty tough!!!
LETS GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!

I see Lance Armstrong has a new son congratulation.

Second the kudos to Lance.

Dodger fans are “weak”. They chant that the Phillies suck while they are losing. So many empty seats. Phillie fans are true fans. Somebody please wake up the sushi-eating, “what’s going on” Dodger fans. They’re going down in five! Watch the true fans in Philly!

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