Tonight's lineup

Running around busy today but here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Castro, 2B

Billingsley, P

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In the words of a recent commercial, “EAT SNAKE!”

No Hudson? Martin batting 6th? That should still be good enough to beat Garland.

When exactly does Juanpy get his day off? We’ve seen everyone get a day off, except Juan!

I find this an interesting exercise in logic.

Dayn Perry has written an article in which he rates the 6 divisions. He lists the criteria that he uses to make this determination, and makes this his first one:

“Win% vs. Other Divisions: Obviously, this is how the teams of a division have fared against teams from outside the division. This is about as fundamental as it gets when it comes to determining the strength of a particular division.”

Makes sense to me. Then he lists several more. Cumulative Run Differential, Average BtB (Beyond the Boxscore – a complicated formula) Ranking and Average Payroll. Why your payroll determines your strength is a little lost on me, but ……. anyway…….

Here is the way he lists the divisions:
1 – AL East
2 – AL Central
3 – NL Central
4 – AL West
5 – NL East
6 – NL West

No big surprise. Off the top of my head I’d probably list them the same, but I’d rank the NL East higher than the AL West. But what is interesting to me is how they are ranked in the “about as fundamental as it gets” catagory – Win% vs. Other Divisions:

1 – AL East (.541)
2 – NL Central (.534)
3 – NL West (.513)
4 – AL West (.491)
5 – AL Central (.473)
6 – NL East (.444)

So, I’m just wondering if, when he did his research on Win% vs. Other Divisions and came up with the crappy ‘ol NL West as #3, he didn’t just develop all that other stuff to justify sticking us in the cellar. Is it just more evidence of ECB (East Coast Bias)?

Here is the article:,-it's-time-to-rank-the-divisions

What do you think? Personally, I think his own stats are screwing up his bias. If people like this can get a job writing for an outfit like FoxSports, they ought to read some of OUR stuff! LOL!!

No Hudson? Just resting or hurt? It’s okay, we will still win!

Interesting stats Gonzalez has 22 homeruns the whole Giants team with 26.

This is Hudson 1st day off he need the rest.

But than again Hudson is 8/23 2 homeruns 6 rbi’s with a stats lines at 348 .407 .652 1.060 against Garland so I don’t know if he need to be rested in this one.

Perumike ~ The “dazzling”, “stupendous”, “catalyst” known as the team savior will never get a day off!

Loretta is 5/10 .500/.545/.500/1.045 and a better defensive 2nd baseman than Castro 2/10 against Garland. If you going to rest Hudson at least played the number and let Loretta take a shot at 2nd bases.

Eric, I did not read the article you mentioned and I admit I am not as much of a stat freak as some but I do think folks come up with this sort of stuff just because they can. We all know the NL West is not as strong as other divisions but the Dodgers have done alright so far against teams outside their division. At the end of the day (and how I so much hate that phrase) all that matters is wins and losses. The Dodgers may not have been the best team in 1988 but as I recall things worked out pretty well for them anyway.

Dodger4life says ~ “JuanRipkin doesn’t need a day off!

lbirken and Dodgereric ~ the media always refers to our weak division but as you say, lbirken, we have done well against the teams outside our division.

Let’s look at this logically…

Does Juan wear his arm out throwing? – No.
Does Juan wear out his legs running 90 feet at a time? – No.
Does Juan have aching muscles from hitting the ball hard? – No.
Does Juan have any stress worrying about the team? – No.

Its logical then to conclude then that Juan doesn’t need a rest.

That is putting things into perspective, Enchanted!

Good Evening Everybody
Last night’s victory took me by surprise.
I was happy to see that Haren was not pitching the bottom of the eight and had a feeling there would be an uprising, but to come back and win, no way.
I’m hoping to see some runs spread out across the game tonight and not bunched in one place.
But regardless of how it’s done as long as it adds up to more runs than the D’backs.
GO DODGERS####################

I surely hope the rain goes away when it’s gametime.

Enchanted, your comments may be tongue in cheek but there is some logic there. He is playing pretty well and he is not really taking playing time away from a more deserving or better player.

If we really want to look at it logically birk – JP will get plenty of rest when Manny gets back. πŸ™‚

Probably so and I will worry about that then.

matt kemp batting 7th sucks.

Message for Josh…Message for Josh. After the ITD tour, any chance we can get a group rate to see the game that night????

That would be fantastic, Kahli! We were trying to figure how we could all be in the same area.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Dodgereric – very fascinating stats for sure because I love looking at them too. However, if you look at last season, our division was one the weakest, if not the weakest, and we still swept the Cubs, who everyone named the best team in baseball. So, lbirken makes a good point in that all the matters in the end is who is still playing in October. You are right though, it’s those people who could make a fine career with Fox Sports because they can manipulate stats to prove their point.

Kahli – we were wondering about that!!! Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

Besides our playoff sweep of the Cubs last year, you also had the Rockies and AZ in the World Series not so long ago – so much for the perennial weakest division BS.

why is torre still batting kemp so low in the order? he should be hitting ahead of martin. just my bone-headed two cents. GO BLUE!

Talking about talking heads, why does it take more than two people to discuss or break down a game either before it is played or after? Three people in a broadcast booth during a game? Why? It is hard enough for two people to have enough interesting things to say let alone three.

Stats are interesting and fun. Many of us learned about stats from the backs of baseball cards when we were kids. We just never knew how to analyze these stats and they made for good arguments about who was the better player. We never knew from WHIP, OPS, and such times do change. Many of these newer stats do help tell a better story. Remember when Ross Porter used to take a lot of pot shots because of the stats he would spew on the broadcasts? He was not all that bad, was he?

Meant to say “and such but times do change”.

lbirken ~ I loved Ross Porter! I find now, when I watch a game on TV, I turn the sound off. I’d rather just watch than listen to Fox and on ESPN, Morgan and Miller.

Good evening everyone!!! How are we all doing tonight?

Nice 12 pitch first by Bills.

Hello. Hello.

Is this thing on?????

Well I’m feeling great E – how about you?

Hi Enchanted. Glad to hear you’re feeling great. I’m doing ok, too.

Not too bad. Thanks for asking.

I was wondering where everyone was too, Enchanted! I’m glad you are here.

Yea, Sparkleplenty is here too!

Good evening everyone, I am cooking dinner at the moment just wanted to say…… GO DODGERS!!!! and Hello πŸ™‚

Hey everyone, Should be a great series with the Phillies. We’ve had some strange weather in the last 24 hrs., so they could get some rain. I felt like I was back East or in Tx with the thunder wei’ve had. It was so loud last night I didn’t know what it was when it first started. It sounded like bombs going off. You don’t expect thunder much, especially this time of year, in Southern CA.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I am here, but just checking in occasionally. You really don’t know how much crap you have until you have to move it.

Hi Tru, BCG and D4.
It’s been really overcast here in So. Orange County, but no rain or thunder. Very rare!

That is the truth, Nelly – btw, hi to you, too πŸ™‚

Ahem… Hello.

Hey people – thought I was going to have to talk to myself for awhile there (though I wouldn’t be the first one on ITD to do that!!!)

Hi Bluecrewgirl!

See, Enchanted, you called and here we are! Hello Collie.

Hey sparkleplenty, trublu, Nelly, enchanted, dodger4life and ibirken and everyone else): C’mon Andre!

Hello again everyone :-)))))))
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Hi collie, didn’t see you before. Hope you are doing well.

I bet if you mention Manny, messagebear will come out to play too – LOL!!! (jk)

What’s happened to making the starter run up his pitch count? They need to make Garland run up his so they can get to the Snakes bully.

I’m here , Hi everybody.

Hi joepierre.

I’ll try NellyJune…………I can’t wait for my Manny to come back!

Hi JoePierre. Good to see you too!

I hardly ever think of Manny.

I’m here too, and thanks for thinking of me, nelly. Hope everybody is doing well tonight.
I’m glad Manny won’t be here for another 25 games.

In the meantime, EAT SNAKE.

JoePierre ~ I don’t really think of Manny but we are trying to find Messagebear.

Billz is making too many pitches . . . .

Hello there Joe, Nelly, Enchanted, Sparkle, D4, BCG, Tru, Birk, and everybody else!
I think we need a role call Nelly…
I hope everybody is doing well tonight.

I see we’re trying the “tire out the opposing pitcher on the basepaths” strategy again tonight.

Enchanted, it worked well last night – LOL

& hello there Bear!

I like that comment by Vin… “Like a wet piece of soap”. Good description!

Manny’s hitting .519 lifetime against Garland. Could use him tonight. Hudson’s had good success against him, so I’m surprised he’s resting tonight.

I put it to you again tonight – Why can’t OUR pitchers hit?

Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a great day. Sweet win last night. Let’s win this series!!! GO DODGERS!!!

If you are here, you are here, and if you are not here, you are somewhere else – LOL!!!!! Forgive me………………I am a little wired on Mountain Dew and Red Bull, with coffee soon to come. Don’t worry, I will sleep on Saturday, and then for the month of June and July πŸ™‚


Hey jhall! That was a great win last night.

jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Wally!! Make sure you sign in and let us know you are here πŸ™‚

Lead off walk! Let’s do something with it!

Glad you are here Jhall.

Hi’Ya Beav!!! Why can’t our pitchers hit? LOL!!!!

I’m wondering if Jamie has figured out how many new ballfields she could build with the savings if Manny didn’t come back.

Bonjoir Nelle’ and Trumom!!!!

Our pitchers may not be able to hit but their bunting over the last few years has really improved. A few years ago I was pulling my hair out watching them not execute the bunt.

It’s okay JP…………..K’s happen to everyone.

Bonjoir BleuFille’ mon amie!!! It certainly was a great win Bleu!!! ITD board hung tough last night. We didn’t give up and neither did our Dodgers!!!

JP’s such a wily old pro – lulling Garland into thinking he’s the old JP with a flyout and a K, just biding his time until it counts…

Hi’Ya Colly!!!

Two Juans in a game are not better than Juan!

No hits and we’re swinging at some bad pitches. Let’s don’t wait till the eight or ninth to try and win this one.

Furcal too.

Tru if we have 2 Juans in one game doesn’t that make eleven?

boblee – you need to stay around until the 8th though. That’s when all the exciting stuff happens πŸ™‚

LMAO, Collie!!! That’s true!

I’m thinking with Juan coming back down to earth maybe Joe might start batting him 9th. That is what got him going in the 1st place.

Is the bad Chad about to make an appearance??

Crap, bad call!

Dinner break – be back later

Yeah, I know nelly but, U’ve been getting ready for a camping trip. Leaving in the early am. Wanted to get out in an early lead tonight.

Sorry, I’ve been getting ready.

Chad has been looking ok tonight. It’s the 4th, he’s not been hit hard at all and k’d 6 while throwing around 70 pitches to this point. Hardly Bad Chad. Just not great Chad.

Camping… That sounds like fun Bob!

Ahh!! That’s right Boblee!!! I forgot………… did mention that πŸ™‚

Camping is not for me! I’ll take a hotel, thank-you.

Camping is fun but I’m with you Tru… My favorite place to go camping is the MGM in Vegas!

Camping for me is like a hotel. 37 foot fifth wheel with a generator, washer/dryer combo 32 inch tv with satellite hookup. All the conveniences of home.

Me too, Collie!! lol

Way to go Billz!!!
LOL Trumom!!! I like hotel camping better. I got enough camping in the army to last 2 lifetimes.

Wow, boblee, that sounds great!

I’d say this is typical of BILZ.

If there is fishing involved then I’m in!

Jhall ~ I never liked the great outdoors…….the bugs, the elements. I did it a few times with the Girl Scouts, roughing it and hated it. I can’t stand to be dirty. Even when my Mom and Dad got their motorhomes, I was never very comfortable. But, they loved it!

………….stayed at the MGM there many time Collie. It is one of the best there. However, when we go to visit friends now, we stay at the hotels outside of the strip because they have movie theatres, a bowling alley and lots of things for the kids to do. However, occasionally, we do still stay there, just for a different view πŸ™‚

Time for a Dre long one

I do like to fish………as long as somebody else cleans them!

The motorhomes they have now would be nice. If I had one I would cross the country and hit all the stadiums, HOF, Field of Dreams, College WS, and many of the minor league fields. I would mix in the national parks as well. I’d do it over a couple of years based an the section of the country.
With of course lots of BBQ and whatever food is the local eats.

Catch and release Tru, catch and release.

I liked camping alot when I was a kid. Didn’t much care if I got a shower. LOL!!! Real camping to me is sleeping on the ground in a tent. Motor homes and trailers is not really camping.

LOL, Enchanted!
Jhall ~ that’a why I don’t like real camping! Sleeping on the ground, yuck!

Boblee – that sounds like a home away from home.

I can do either, camping and/or hotels. I am more of a cabin person, but I can do tents as well. We used to go up to White Wolf in Yosemite with my in-laws all the time. It was a camp site with already made tents, but you could really rough it and do it yourself as well. I have a friend/colleague who does a combination. They like to go to National Parks so they camp half the time (tents and the whole bit) and do a hotel for the other half. The best of both worlds I guess.

We don’t have kids yet so we do like to go dancing or out when we are there, other wise we would probably do as you Nelly. We can go to dinner, then dancing and have drinks and not worry about driving.
We also like to bowl. It’s a fun night out!
The last time we were there they upgraded us to the new Towers behind the MGM. It was real nice. I mean real nice!!!!
Tru I don’t like to clean them either!

Damn good inning.

I always figured that by the time you purchase a 5th wheel trailer, buy a truck that can tow it, and pay for all the gas it takes to pull it, I can stay in a heck of a lot of motels and hotels.

Plus it hard to drive them to the islands.

I’m with you Trumom!!! LOL!!! I really can’t figure the people that do it in the freaking winter. Geez!!! That is just pure misery!!!!

Collie ~ we can have an ITD Bowling Tournament!

There we go… Martin singles to RF!

I’m with you, Enchanted. I’ve always thought for the money spent on all that, a lot of nice hotels could be had! And, I don’t have to cook!

Roughing it for me now days is the Super 8 or Motel 6.

The bowling tourney would be fun Tru.
Wally I’m okay with camping but I know of this guy who was snow camping this last winter. I told him he was crazy. He was saying it was fun as long as you are prepared. That his friends did it and loved it. Well when he came back he said I was right. He froze the whole time!!! LOL!

There you go, Jhall! LMAO!!!

This is where Juan gets his hit…

Let me know when you are going to be @Motel 6 Wally & we’ll leave the light on for you!

Juan got 4 balls!

Now you know why he never needs a rest Tru!!!

LMTO Colly!!!

Oh well…
Anyone seen any good movies lately?

LMAO, Enchanted!!!!!!!

Umm… ok Tru.

If there isn’t a hot tub, you’re roughing it!!! LOL!!!

Umm… ok Tru.

The Giants were rained out and the Padres are losing 3 – 0.

Well at least they made Garland work a little.

I would think that would slow him down Enchanted.

Collie – we have been upgraded many times, and those rooms are nice. Have you ever done the Mansion there? I heard it’s to die for, and I am guessing it’s where all the “in the know” people stay. We have also stayed in a suite at the Mirage, and it’s very cool too.

Ahhh Collie – it ain’t the size of the balls in the fight, its the size of the fight in the balls.

Or something like that.


Nope. The Mansion at the MGM? We were just upgraded to the Signature that time. The other places we’ve stayed has been the Luxor and the Stardust. We are going in October to see U2 and hopefully we’ll stay at the MGM again.
The Mirage would be nice. I really want to stay at the Venetian. One of these days…

Enchanted — Now I think I need a hug!
Bills almost at 110 pitches in the 6th…

Let’s go Loney, Blake, & DRE!!!

OK, its time to get some freaking runs!!!!

And this is why I’m not allowed to go to ITD day…

Let’s go Loney, Blake and Ethier,
On dancer on prancer.

Let’s go Loney, Blake and Ethier,
On dancer on prancer.

Man, that ended up being a lot closer than I thought. Good job, Casey, C’mon, Andre!

Collie – The Mansion is one of those “hidden” secret type places on the property. My guess is they are saved for the frequent high rollers and celebrities. I have stayed at the Luxor. We stayed there during a rain storm, and the water rolled down the tower like a river………………..kind of freaky but cool at the same time.

Yea James and Casey – Let’s Go Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go!

Wooo hooo Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m not sure ITD tour is ready for you Beav!!! You want the Beav?, You can’t handle the Beav!!!!!

Well, so much for that.

That must have been a busted hit and run play. I don’t think he would be running with a bad toe otherwise.

I would like to ask all of you now to please bow your heads and observe a moment of silence for Marty’s bat that passed away in Spring 2009.

I want to get a spa room at the Luxor. They have these spa tubs in the bedrooms. Wally would like those!!!

I am telling you……………… Wally and Beav need to be there. Your father and I really shouldn’t be leaving you home alone.

Rip Martin

Damn’ straight Colly!!! LOL!!!!

Words Wally that have made lesser men run away in shame.

LOL my brother!!!

If there is anyway that anyone can make the tour they need to be there. Especially ones that are from out of state. That goes for D4 & Beav & Wally & Joe & I think Bear is from out of state as well!

Nelly, are you done with school yet? On a positive note, Andre didn’t look like he was in pain when he slid into second, so hopefully the toe’s on the mend and the bat’s definitely coming around.

Are the Red Roof Inns still operating in Ohio, jhall?

Hey Bear!! Yea, there still here. Actually they are very nice. How’ve ya been my friend?

I’d like to get a couple of more runs now.

Another nice hold by Belisario.

I am still here πŸ™‚ ………………and yes, he is looking much better swinging the bat and running. Even that ground out in his first at-bat, he looked like normal Dre trying to run it out.

Kemp, Castro and……

Nice start Matt!

bluecrewgirl – what I meant to say is I am actually still at school right now for those of you just now tuning in. My last day is Friday πŸ™‚

I loved having the summers off as a kid. I am already halfway through my week’s vacation. It’s going by too fast.

Looks like both Juans are coming back down to earth.

So, when will we hear about tickets to the tour? I can’t wait to see an idea from last fall come to fruition!

lol Kemp must had a Sweeney moment there.

The Juanpians have landed, lol.

Perumike ~ Josh said he would let us know about the tour details.

…………and the Ethieraholics are ready for them – LOL!!!

thanks tru! i guess i’m like a kid at christmas!! πŸ™‚


Me too, Perumike. We are trying to see if he can give us a group rate on tickets for the game also.

Ramon “El Oso” Troncoso!

Once again I hate infield single from our opp

I like Ramon “No Soup For You” Troncoso.

I’m doing well, jhall. It’s been a lot of years since I traveled on the job and spent time in Ohio.

RATS!!®. Just don’t let them put a crooked number on the board.

Just a round number. & by round I mean circular!

Round number for you Colly!!! SWEET!!!™.


That was close

No Soup For You!!!!

Yes Ferk!

We’ll be ready to turn it over to Brox. Looking good.

No hay sopa para ti!

Johnny says anyone?!!!!

Nice dp

LOL Mike!

Ferky, Ferky Ferky.
Top of the order.

I provide the translations!

LOL, Perumike! Somethimes, we REALLY need them!

Sorry *sometimes

LOL Colly!!!!

LOL, I’m translating my own!!

I really thought after last night it would inspire the bats, but they’re back in 2008 mode again.

Cierra la puerta Juanito Broxton!

Gotta nail this one down. Phillies are comin’ to town and they are playing well.

It’s Jonny Time.


1 down, 2 to go!!!

Young just looked old!

Byrnes just got burned!


1-0 victory! Reminds me of the days of my namesakes.

Johnny says:
FuQu All, Snake Meat!

Johnny Says – FU-Q Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT YOUR SNAKE!!!!!!

DODGERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO BOYS IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

What does Johnny say?

Fu Q y’all!!!!!!!! Bring on the Phillies!!!!

Roberts got tattooed! Dodgers Win!!!

Good Night Everyone!!!

Jonny says: Tastes like chicken!!!

WooHoo, win streak!!!!!

Night Bear!!!!

Get down on it!
I’ve had snake & it does taste like chicken!


WAY TO BOY’S!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!

Time for a rematch!

Later D4!!

Snakes seem like worms, lately.

The was another close and awesome game!!!!!

I am heading home from school. So, those of you leaving us soon, good night and take care. We will see you again tomorrow. Same Dodger blue time, same Dodger blue Channel.

G’night nelly.

Tru, did you try using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer yet?

Think I’ll hit it too. Nite everyone!!

Kudo’s to Billz and the bullpen. Especially Billz. He didn’t have his overpowering stuff, but really sacked up and pitched. Very good sign.

G’Nite Beav!!!

Billz is becoming a very good pitcher. He is able to mix up his locations very well now.

Well all, I’d love to hang around. I have a final exam tomorrow after work and I guess I should study!

Good luck tomorrow, Piano Man!

Good Night Piano Man!!! Good Luck on your exam tomorrow πŸ™‚

Good Night messagebear, Dodger4life, enchanted and anybody else who has hit the rack, as jhall would say.

As I was catching up on my reading here, I noticed some comments about the Mansion at the MGM Grand in Vegas. If any of you have been there, you will have seen the two massive doors that lead to the interior garden. My room mate designed, built and installed those doors. They’re pretty impressive.

That is cool sparkleplenty!!! I have seen pictures of it, and one time when we stayed there, our room overlooked what we figured was the garden area of the Mansion because their was no access to it from any of the normal spots.

If you ever go back, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with his contact there so you can have a tour, if you’re interested.

I will certainly do that. We go there once a year to visit friends. My husband went to UNLV, and many of his friends still live there. Thanks!!!

I have a cousin who lives there too.
Back in the early 60’s, I lived in Vegas for a short time and went to K. O. Knudsen junior high. It was certainly a very different environment, to say the least. But UNLV is very special.

I’ve been to the Mansion a whole bunch of times. Lotsa ghosts running all over……..

Wow, I just noticed the time – gonna sign off for now. Nite nite, Nelly! Chat with you all tomorrow. Sweet Dodger dreams πŸ™‚

I know that school!!! My original teaching credential is from Nevada, and one of my first interviews was at that school. I did my student teaching at P.A. Diskin Elementary (4th grade). We lived there for a year after we got married in 88, and we lived in an apartment out in the Green Valley area in Henderson. The friends we go see most often live off in the Sahara/Decatur area off of Rosemary.

Ok, Dodgereric, you got me wondering – what ghosts?

Since you have to be an invited guest to stay there, and usually only whales get invited, it doesn’t look like I will be staying there anytime soon. For me, staying in the $26.95 Su-Th rooms at Primm Valley is a thrill (and just about the only place I can afford.) Not too convenient to the strip though.
If your contact can take pity on a poor ITDer and comp me a room, I will save up for the gas and meal money to go there. πŸ™‚

……..always the class clown, aren’t you? Good Evening Dodgereric. How was your day/evening?

This is the smallest world!!! And I have friends in Henderson, too. Wow – go figger!!!

Good Night sparkleplenty!!!!

32and53 – I wish!!! I can only get you a tour, and not much more than that.

Ok, I’m really going . . . . going . . . . gone πŸ™‚

Ok, I’m really going . . . . going . . . . gone πŸ™‚

Frank and Jamie may have stayed at the Mansion. You could probably ask them if we see them on the tour πŸ™‚

……….first you get in this elevator that goes down. The room looks like it’s stretching and then there’s a guy hanging from the ceiling. Then you walk down a hallway with some weird-looking statues and sit down in these little moving bench seats………..

LMAO!!!! I knew exactly what you were talking about, but maybe that just shows I know what you are thinking all too well sometimes.

Yep, you’ve done that more than once haven’t you? LOL!

The Braves just got better. Check this out:
The Braves acquired All-Star center fielder Nate McLouth from the Pittsburgh Pirates for three minor leaguers on Wednesday

So, maybe the Pirates need a speedy, could-be center fielder who is on fire right now.

So, do you think anyone will pick up Glavine? My Braves fan friend, Jill, was pretty upset about that. Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux were her guys back in the day.

According to that article, the Pirates not only unloaded a contract but opened a position for a hot OF prospect of their own.

It seems that Glavine’s had 3 minor league rehab assignments and wasn’t so hot. He’s what, 45? How many pitchers were still effective at that age? (sound of crickets chirping……….)

I did see that about the Pirates, and the up and coming outfielder. It will be interesting to see if this paid off for the Braves as well.

Glavine is pretty old……………you are right.

OK, he’s only 43. And here’s a story that says his last rehab start was a pretty good one.

Let’s see if I can find the bad one I read earlier.

Well, I guess time will tell on that one. I know it was mentioned earlier on here that he could take on a Maddux-type role with a team.

BTW – great post earlier this afternoon on all those stats……fun stuff really, but interesting how people can manipulate them for their own purposes though.

I can’t seem to find it, but I’m reasonably sure I wasn’t imagining it. But most of the stories say that 1) they’re calling up a kid pitcher with some gaudy stats and 2) Glavine stood to make a cool $1 mil for getting back on the roster, $1.25 for making it 30 days and another $1.25 for making it 90 days and 3) they’re now responsible for McCouth’s contract. It all lines up. Signing him will be tempting for someone at the right price. He might be on a mission to prove something.

dodger fans who root against certain dodgers are really odd to me. so you don’t like jp? hey no problemo, but don’t root against a career .300 hitter w/ top rate speed on the paths and in the field who is a great help to your team, or a juan w/ a golden glove who gets rbi’s w/ his leather from a corner or middle infield spot. you “fans” who would start a repko, hoffman, paul, or d. young over a pierre have drunk to much of the “james” kool-aid. PHEW, has really lifted this team since MAN-ROID went down, yet you still root against JP to protect your golden boy ethier who is stuck in hell in a horrendous slump. ethy will pull out of it cause he is a good player, not a HOF’er, but a good player, just like JP. next time ask yourself who do you want in a contact situation (which is frequent, it’s just good ole Bill James has no stat for it yet), who can beat out a DP? who do you want racing down the 1B line, or laying down a sac bunt, or chasing a ball in the gap, or stealing 2nd, or on 2nd with a single hit, or on 3rd w/ a grounder hit. you guys have no idea. if it weren’t for JP’s arm there’d be no argument, and even at that his speed and ethier’s shoddy defense as of late and diminishing assists pretty much negate an argument you might have. Ethier, I’m sorry will probably NEVER EVEN BE AN ALL-STAR, much less a HOF’er, so ask Mr. James to write some new stats. GO BLUE!

nelly, why are you at school so late? Is it related to your current job or are you taking classes?

Thanks. I probably would have gone on to some other story if I were him. I went back tonight and checked out the responses to his story and he’s getting roasted. LOL!

Here’s a nice story on our own Mr Loney and his RBI/HR pace:,0,7128482.story

There is nobody on this board that I know of that DON’T LIKE JP. We just have differing opinions on who should be playing in the outfield. And, I don’t think many have said anything negative about him lately. I will say he is the one who was not too long ago asking for a trade, and just like Joe chose to play Andre, Joe also chose to sit JP. Also, to the best of my knowledge, not one person, including myself, has ever said Ethier would be a HOFer. I am like most who think he is a good, solid player, and I think for the most part, I enjoy watching him play, but I also enjoy the things he does off the field as well. I know that doesn’t matter to some, but it does matter to me. I am certainly not going to be campaigning Manny to the students I teach anymore. Andre is the type of player most will be. Very few would and should make the HOF………….that should remain an elite group, and I am guessing in the upcoming years, is going to be clouded at best on who really deserves it.

……and even more ridiculous you are for declaring martin dead. you guys are certified GREAT LAKE LOONS. Martins bat dead??!?! sheesh, I can’t even respond, you guys are absurd. here, hop on a plane, fly around the country, stop in 3 different cities, get in a street fight 3 nights in a row in each town, fly back to L.A. from those different time zones and then step into the cages w/ your jelly legs and hit ONLY 70 mph pitches (taking a squat every five pitches and let 1 hit you on the inner thigh) and see how you do. now multiply that punishment by 10 and that’s what Martin goes through and he’s still better fielding, catching, throwing and hitting than most NL catchers. THE GAME IS NOT PLAYED ON A STAT SHEET, J. MARTIN LIVES!

…..there are several folks who dislike JP on this board nel, i just recapped the last several days and many folks really just flat out dislike and root against JP and would rather have a minor leaguer playing instead of JP. i….just…..don’t….get……it. I’d take .290/.340 JP over a minor-leaguer any day, and he seems improved since last year and ’07. I bet Eric would start a healthy Paul over ANY Pierre any day of the week, ask good ole ward.

32and53fan – I am moving classrooms for next year. My room is being overtaken by kindergarten because they are going full day next year. Our district doesn’t want to pay us to do this after school, but they don’t mind us spending endless ours of our own time doing it either. It will be all good by Friday πŸ™‚

Sheesh,arayd. Take a breath and relax. Everyone is entitled to their opinion here without ridicule, you included. If you think Pierre should start over Ethier, fine. I disagree. Fact is, no one who has any impact on those decisions pays any attention to you or me.

But don’t say that no one here knows baseball, because you’re completely wrong.

Why don’t you ask me yourself? ……and you’re right. From what I saw this spring I’d love to give Paul a solid month or two to see what he can do in the bigs. You and I know what Pierre is capable of doing. Neither one of us knows about Paul.

I would rather see Paul or Hoffman over Pierre too. Pierre can’t thrown down a runner at home plate. That’s good enough for me. That has nothing to do with whether I like him or not, and if they out play Ethier some day, then I have will have no problems with it. I see great things from those two, and I can’t wait to see them up here permanently.

Ididn’t say that no-one knows baseball Mr. Eric. But I did say OTHER aspects that just aren’t quantified by anybody are ever paid attention to, esp. reltated to JP and his gifts (not just now on this tear but even back in ’07 hitting .290/.340ish) and Martin now with his 0 homers and lower BA, yet he still has an OBP of .370+, people wanna declare the CAP dead?!?!? he’s still one of the best NL catchers, offensively and defensively, 5 wild pitches/passed balls in one game are a fluke. anyway it all comes down to W’s and we lead in that category. but i am chillin’ now, gotta hit the sack, thanx for the convo….go blue. J. Martin and JP LIVE!

I know for the most part what dodgereric thinks about this team, but he certainly doesn’t need anybody to speak for him.

I have always liked Pierre but unfortunately for him, there are three better players in the Dodger’s outfield once Ramirez gets back. I lot of us have a bad taste in our mouth from 2007 when he was a regular and seemed to kill a lot of rallies with his .245 BA/RISP average.

I don’t wanna risk 1st place seeing what a Paul or Hoffman can do. We know Pierre can produce, we don’t know about guys who have had good springs. c’mon, you know baseball guys, how many players have you seen have a terrific spring, or a great start only to fade away, Pierre is a solid commodity w/ proven good numbers. And there lies the debate, you’d risk first place on an unproven commodity over Pierre, but not Ethier when really both Pierre and Ethier are a wash, not one of them really outshines the other, therefore you have an unfounded, biased dislike of JP.

All of our discussions these last few days have been wonderful. Everyone has had different views on Manny and different views on Pierre and different views on our young guns, but that’s what makes this board great. Messagebear was going bullistic on all the young guns the other day, Ethier included, and we just know that’s how he is, and the same thing with enchanted and the many others we see on here everyday. It would be boring if we all thought the same thing, wouldn’t it? Heck, my mother and I don’t even agree on the Manny thing, and we are on this board together and live in the same town.

where’s the bad taste in people’s mouths w/ Andre’s record setting pace of 12 GIDP’s this year? Sub-mendoza line hitting half the season? 3 RBI’s in what 20-25 games? Talk about rally-killer. and that’s THIS YEAR, as everybody points out, don’t look at the pastm look at THIS YEAR, Ethier is stinky. However I know he’ll pull out of it, the fact he sucks right now doesn’t cause me to have a bias. I just get incensed w/ people ready and wiling to start a Minor-Leaguer over Pierre, it’s RIDICULOUS.

where’s the bad taste in people’s mouths w/ Andre’s record setting pace of 12 GIDP’s this year? Sub-mendoza line hitting half the season? 3 RBI’s in what 20-25 games? Talk about rally-killer. and that’s THIS YEAR, as everybody points out, don’t look at the past look at THIS YEAR, Ethier is stinky. However I know he’ll pull out of it, the fact he sucks right now doesn’t cause me to have a bias. I just get incensed w/ people ready and wiling to start a Minor-Leaguer over Pierre, it’s RIDICULOUS.

Well, if it’s a wash as you say, then yes, I like Ethier more, but I don’t think that way I guess. Joe is the one making the decisions, and Joe decided to play Ethier over Pierre, and we liking him or not liking him had nothing to do with that.

“…… guys have no idea……… you guys are certified GREAT LAKE LOONS ………… you guys are absurd”

Sorry, my bad. I guess I was mis-reading that as critical of baseball knowledge.

I don’t think there’s any need to recall ’07 or ’08 stats to defend either Pierre or Ethier. We’ve done all that innumerable times in the past. I’m not going to change your mind and you sure aren’t going to change mine.

Regarding Martin, if you really have read the posts from the last few days, you’ll find that I’m one who has defended him. My only ‘constructive’ comment is that he needs to work on his throws to second. Way too many of them are on the wrong side, tonight included.

I really gotta go, I love you guys, truly, Dodger fans bleed blue just like me and you. But a Minor Leaguer over Pierre? c’mon. Maybe if you trade JP for solid pitching,then that minor leaguer gets a shot, but until then, we’ll all have to let Joe make the decisions, and Kemper too w/ his overeager base-running. Long Live JP and J. Martin. GOODNIGHT YOU GREAT LAKE LOONS!

…..and it has been discussed, (Ethier’s lack of power lately and the major slump he is in), and Messagebear and enchanted have no problems bringing it up, and I value their opinions alot for doing it. However, like many of us have said, why is Ethier on such a short leash? Why can’t he slump like others in the majors or on the team even? Why can’t he be able to work out of a slump like everyone else? He is made to hit or be sat, and we wonder why he is so hard on himself.

Dodgereric – you need to look at the time and go to bed.

Pierre vs Ethier a wash? That’s your opinion, not mine. I remember another long and drawn out discussion with you over this last year. I feel Ethier is a clear-cut, no-brainer all-around better player than Pierre. Period.

“Sub-mendoza line hitting half the season?” You’re getting ridiculous. He was hitting .327 on May 5th. Yes, he’s well under .200 for the last 25 games. I believe we’re playing more than 50.

That is wonderful, but you need to go to bed now πŸ™‚ For the month of June Andre is 4 for 11, with a homerun. I would say his June is starting out pretty well πŸ™‚

JP is 4 for 12, which is good for him too.

o.k. i peeked again, ethier is hitting sub-mendoza 1/2 this season to date. that’s what i meant, 1/2 of the season so far not 1/2 of the full season. and in many aspects ethier is a clear cut choice over pierre. I maintain no minor-leaguer deserves a chance over Pierre ever and especially right now w/ 1st place on the line. However Pierre is better in many aspects than Ethier such as, breaking up Dp’s, Balls in the gap, sac bunts, 1st to 3rd and the hardly talked about 2nd to home sprint, sliding, stealing and line drive hitting, less strike outs and putting the ball in play and a higher run % for PA’s.

all right June and Ward, I’m really out, it is late and Eddie’s gotta go to bed, I’m tired. Go Blue. Long Live J.Martin and JP.

Not yet. πŸ™‚

“I really gotta go,”
Me too.

“I love you guys, truly, Dodger fans bleed blue just like me and you.”

“But a Minor Leaguer over Pierre? c’mon.”
Well, not just any Minor Leaguer. Definitely Paul.

“Maybe if you trade JP for solid pitching,then that minor leaguer gets a shot,”
We’ll never know, because he won’t bring solid pitching in return. We know this because it would have happened already.

“but until then, we’ll all have to let Joe make the decisions,”

“and Kemper too w/ his overeager base-running.”
Leave Kemp alone, he’s doing just fine.

“Long Live JP and J. Martin.”

And God Bless.

Now……goodnight. πŸ™‚

Good night dodgereric!!!! Take care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family.

Arayd – We obviously think differently, and that’s okay. Good Night and God bless πŸ™‚

I think something is wrong with me. I just had a bad dream and was dreaming of Tomko in the starting rotation going 24-7 with a 1.34 ERA and he has 12 CG’s and winning the CY and also Kemp won the triple crown with a .385 batting average, 65 homeruns, 160 rbi’s and even leading the SB with 74.

What in the hell is up arayd butt?

J Pierre LF 3 0 0 0 1 1 18 .371 .434 .483
A Ethier RF 3 0 1 0 0 0 9 .262 .363 .435

Since when does Pierre take more pitches than Ethier in a games? You don’t rarely see that often but Pierre finished with a 4.5 per pitches/per ab’s.


I don’t recall saying that Martin was dead, just his bat after his second whiff of the night, which followed a stellar 0 for 4 performance his pervious game, and the fact that here we are in June and our catcher doesn’t even have 1 HR, and only 20 RBI depite batting in the middle of the order most of the time:
“I would like to ask all of you now to please bow your heads and observe a moment of silence for Marty’s bat that passed away in Spring 2009.”
By enchantedsunset on June 3, 2009 9:07 PM
I think that’s called humor.

JP is right now one of the three best OFers on the team. He is however 5 for his last 25 which shows me he’s trending back down to his normal levels (not that we expect him to hit .400 all year.) Could he use a day off, sure. Would I play Hoffmann over him on a regular basis? No.

Would I trade Marty or JP if the right deal came along – you bet. No one on this team is untouchable for the right price if it significantly improves the team.

Here comes the hottest team in MLB! Have they cleaned up the visiting clubhouse yet? Champagne can stain, you know.

Hi Phan. How’s it going? I had a feeling you’d show up today. Should be a fun series. Hopefully this year, we can pour the champagne.

I guess I was one of the people referred to as a Juan basher and since I wasn’t around in the late night hours, I’d like to say now that I have nothing against him personally but, I don’t think now, nor will I ever think he is a good player. He did have a streak of good luck hitting recently but overall he is just a mediocre hitter, with a lousy arm. So what if he has a little speed. That is highly overrated…..speed doesn’t steal bases………reading the pitcher does. During the time Manny is gone, we could have experimented with Hoffmann and Paul just to see what they have. Not necessarily every game but, Juan doesn’t have to play all 50 games Manny is gone. either.

Thanks, Dodgereric! πŸ™‚

Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful,
Outstanding all around win from the Boy’s last night……:-)
Phillies come to town tonight, Lets get another WIN!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚

Hey trublu, I’ll be around some over the long weekend. Should be a fun series, as both teams are hot right now. If you want some give and take, there are some decent Phillies phans at:

If we’re going to continue to defeat the better teams, we’re going to have to get our offense back on track. In the 7 games since the Colorado series, we’ve scored 20 runs. Fourteen of those were in two games. Ten of those 14 were scored in two innings. So, take away those two innings and we’ve scored 10 runs in 59 innings. Not very consistent.

Our batting average has dropped from a high of .292 on May 27th to .284.
Our OBP has dropped from .379 on May 9th to .366.
Our SLG has dropped from .436 on May 15th to .412.
All still good numbers, but they’re all falling and we’re better than this.

A good Phillie team is next, then 2 with the Padres and then another set with some AL teams, which has been giving us trouble the last several years. The pitching is carrying us for the moment, but we all know it’s really not our strength. The bats need to come alive again. Let’s get back to being selective and get into the bullpens as early as possible. It seems to be almost every team’s Achilles’ Heel this year. That’s where we won the Dback series.

Go Dodgers! Get ’em Kid Kershaw!

Just my view on the possibilities for Paul and Hoffmann.

Actually their expected contribution to the Dodgers can be described as very slim. Were it not for Manny’s suspension, neither of them would have appeared with the big club until September or only in case of somebody’s injury. Both probably have good merit, or somebody else would have been advanced in their place to serve the current purpose of being a fill-in. Everybody loves a Cinderella success story, especially me, so I too would have loved to see either Paul or Hoffmann tear the cover off the ball in their limited exposure. It would have been great to see either one do so well that Torre couldn’t sit him down, whether at the expense of Pierre or anybody else. That didn’t happen, and is rarely likely to happen in the big leagues. When Manny comes back, I expect that the time for Paul and Hoffmann will be over until again the limited exposure in September. JP won’t lose his place on the roster, because he will have established his worth for the remainder of his contract, if not with most of us on ITD, then with Torre and Ned, where it counts. My take is that Paul and Hoffmann are as unlikely to become full time Dodgers as DY proved to be. All likelihood is that Manny will be with us through next season, and even after that, assuming that his performance is still good, his chances of signing a one year contract beyond the existing one are probably far greater with Frank and the Dodgers than somewhere else.

So, we simply may not have room for an outfielder ready for the majors from our immediate minor league ranks. Let’s also remember that right behind Paul and Hoffmann are names like, Lambo, and Van Slyke, and Russell, and that’s eliminating a Repko and forgetting to include some other prospects already here and to be drafted. Paul and Hoffmann are most likely to be traded, if we still have a hole in the pitching department, and most teams including the Dodgers always do. So as much as I always like to see the new blood, unless they start hitting 3 or 4 home runs a week, that’s what I think of their chances.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
hope everyone is having a great Thursday! i had a great time in Chicago and the homestand has been great!
My recruting of blood donors on Monday went great as June from the Red Cross was very happy of the number of signatures I collected. I was not able to meet Digthedodgers and his wife Monday because of this but I met them on Tuesday and last night I gave them a mini tour of the stadium prior to the game as they will not be able to make it for the regular ITD tour. They are here for one more game tonight.
**Jordan from the Dodgers Embassadors*** Thank you so much for upgrading our (Lorena & I) seats! Come and see us anytime!
Talked to Pepe Iniguez in Chicago. He said Troncoso’s nickname is “El Lechero” “the Milkman” and Belisario is “Belly”. Those are the two nicknames he uses when he broadcasts the game.

I was shocked the Pirates dealt Nate McLouth, a young, gold-glove, power-hitting outfielder signed through 2012. I was really impressed with him last year when he played against the Dodgers. Whoever the Pirates got back (1 outfielder, two pitchers) they better be pretty darn good.

L.A. Times laid out some numbers about Manny and it shows the Dodgers are starting to miss him. 15-10 record, little power, far fewer walks. The Dodgers are to be commended for their tough play, but getting Manny back will be a good thing. Sorry, messagebear, I know you hate hearing that. But Phan should be very embarrassed today, what with Romero coming back and pitching last night……………

I’m realist enough to face the inevitable, kahli. Still 24 games or so to gear myself up to try and become a Manniac.
I’d never root even against Manny once he’s back in the Dodger uniform. Just think that signing him was a mistake and hope he doesn’t become more of a problem than he already is. I’m thinking that even Manny can’t be stupid enough to be caught a second time – what’s that, a 100 games? Then again, look at all the ballparks that could be built with those kind of savings.

surprise surprise.. the ethier-pierre debate rears it’s ugly head yet again.. regardless of what side of the fence you’re on (on this board the ethier side is much more crowded) the fact is that we’re stuck with pierre for probably some time.. i for one, am always frustrated by the guy.. i know that his numbers are creeping back down now, which makes him an easier target.. yes, he’s been productive offensively for the most part lately.. but he will always scare me on defense.. i don’t think that i’ll ever be a fan of his game.. and that doesn’t mean that i don’t know baseball.. we all like and dislike different players.. when you’re a bigger fan of a certain player, you’re willing to give them a pass every now and again.. because you see the pros outweighing the cons.. that’s how i feel about russell struggling right now..

as far as starting paul, or hoffman, or another kid over pierre.. yes, it’s hard to want to support the unknown when, as you say, with pierre you know exactly what you’re going to get.. well, what about when what you’re getting isn’t satisfactory to you? optimism and upside is a wonderful part of watching sports.. if you believe that you might get more production from one of the kids, then there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see if it’s true.. no one is giving up first place to experiement.. the kid could be bad, but he might also hit .400, and have an incredible sluggling %.. if you’re scared to see, you can never reap the rewards.. pierre doesn’t come with rewards, he’s just plain and average.. but with kids, they can always surprise you.. and surprises to me are great..

Hey there. I was surprised that nobody here (until arayd’s mention) got after Kemp when he went from 1st to 3rd with two outs on Tuesday night. Vinny mentioned that it was too aggressive with two outs. But I’m sure that if Bowa wasn’t happy about the decision, he let Kemp know about it soon after.
I’m weighing in on Ethier versus Pierre. Why does it matter? Because on July 3rd, the Blue will once again have four major league outfielders and Joe will need to make a choice. Defensively, I prefer Kemp/Ethier (cf/rf) as opposed to Pierre/Kemp. Ethier certainly has the better arm, based on an average of 10 assists per year compared to Pierre’s 4 per year. Offensively, both have a similar career BA/OBP, with Ethier at .294/.364 compared to Pierre’s .302/.349. So it comes down to whether we prefer extra base hits versus speed on the basepaths. As long as the top of the lineup includes Furcal and ODog, I would choose Ethier’s higher slugging percentage over Pierre’s speed.
Looking forward to Sunday’s pitching matchup, Wolf versus Bastardo. Sounds like a Grimms’ fairy tale. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

LOL!! Why should I be embarrassed about Romero coming back? The dude did his time for being stupid, and he is eligible to play.
At least he wasn’t so stupid that he was taking something to help him get pregnant. But I guess that’s Manny being Manny….

haha good ending to the post crash.. that’s hilarious..
i agree about kemp’s baserunning blunder.. he barely made it in there.. and if he was nailed, it would have negated the comeback.. but lucky for us, he was safe.. i’m sure bowa gave him an earful =P

phan, i’m not defending manny.. i don’t even like the guy.. but banned substances are banned substances and they’re both stupid.. equally stupid =P

The Dodgers will need Pierre in order to win the whole thing, whether we like it or not. But Pierre and Manny in the line-up together makes for an incredibly weak outfield defense. Uncle Joe is no idiot. Uncle Joe also likes Ethier…especially when Manny is around. Pierre’s resurgence can only benefit the team, and if he really has adopted a “shut up and play” mentality, then all the better. Injuries are an eye blink away, and come crunch time (late September into October), I’d rather have Pierre on the roster than Paul or Hoffmann. I’ve always maintained I have nothing against Pierre, just something against Torre when he plays Juan over Matt or Andre.

phan, phan, phan…you either cheat or you don’t. The only difference between Manny and Romero is skill level, and I think we both know who wins that contest. Just remember, come July 3, and I quote a famous blogger, “The dude did his time for being stupid, and he is eligible to play.”

Here’s the difference sara….Romero was stupid for taking an over-the-counter supplement without checking into it further. That was stupid and he paid for it. Frankly I think he got screwed because the severe penalties weren’t put in place to catch guys like him. They’re trying to catch the ‘roiders.
Manny, on the other hand, was taking a masking agent that has no possible other purpose when taken by a man. He took it to mask steroids and everybody knows it. Now he is paying the penalty and it is more than just and he will be welcomed back at the end of 50 games. What he did is why they have the severe penalties.

To be completely honest, Manny never tested positive for anything in his blood. He was suspended based on a prescription for a banned substance. Now we can speculate all we like (and I’m sure Manny wasn’t using his drugs trying to increase his chances at pregnancy), but if you believe Romero unknowingly and unwittingly took a banned substance because he forgot to do his homework, then you, my friend, are what we call a myopic fanatic.

Correction, Manny did test positive, but the SUSPENSION was based on the prescription, not the blood test.

It is well documented what Romero did, so you can stop the namecalling. He took an over-the-counter product that he did not check out and I am not excusing him. It is right that he got suspended for it and it is also right that he is allowed to return. Nothing to be embarrassed about. You don’t know anything about JC Romero other than he was suspended so stop trying to act like you do.
Now who is being myopic when you deny the purpose of the drug that Manny took?

Never denied it…see sarcasm (“and I’m sure Manny wasn’t using his drugs trying to increase his chances at pregnancy”). As for embarrassment (sarcasm again), I’m just regurgitating your reference to the Dodger ITD bloggers concerning his All-Star vote standing when you called us out a few days back. As for name-calling, I apologize for calling you “my friend.”

Pierre has been great since coming off the bench to replace Manny.

When I vote for JC Romero for an All-Star game I will let you know, and I will be appropriately embarrassed.

Phan, good luck with the series starting tonight. We will be looking to extend our season advantage from the current 2-1 over the Phillies to, let’s say, 5-2.

It’ll be interesting. We are missing one of your fave foils though. Nobody has heard anything yet on the extent of Victorino’s hip injury. He will be missed at the top of the order.

Perhaps he will be ready for Saturday afternoon’s matchup against Kuroda. Too bad you won’t be facing Billingsley this series.
If, just if, you did vote for Romero, where would you write him in? First base? Outfield?

As I said before, phan, I don’t vote for the beauty contest….er, All-Star game. So please stop painting this blog as a multi-celled, mindless animal. We are all individuals. Just like not all Philly fans would come in here talking smack. As for Victorino, I’d prefer the Dodgers beat you at full strength. I never like to see an athlete injured.

i completely agree with kahli.. we are all individuals.. and i would also much rather beat you at full strength

β€’ Melky, Yankees pick up uneven Wang


From the LA Times: “A third of the way through the season, James Loney is on pace to drive in 123 runs. The last Dodger with that many RBIs was Shawn Green in 2001.
But with only two home runs before Wednesday’s game, Loney is also on pace to finish the season with six. To find the last time in franchise history a player drove in so many runs with so few homers, you have to go back 117 years, to 1892 and Hall of Famer Dan Brouthers, who had five homers and a league-leading 124 RBIs when the team was called the Brooklyn Grooms.”,0,7128482.story
A few things that the LA Times failed to mention about Brouthers: (1) He was also a first baseman. (2) He hit twenty triples that year. (3) He made his way around the league, like many of the current players. He got his start in 1879-80 with the Troy Trojans, then moved on to the Buffalo Bisons (81-85), Detroit Wolverines (86-88), Boston Beaneaters(89), Boston Reds (90-91), Brooklyn Grooms(92-93), Baltimore Orioles (94-95), Louisville Colonels(95), then, horror of horrors, went to the Philadelphia Phillies (96), semi-retired, and finally came back at the age of 46 for two games with, …., OMG the Gnats.

Isn’t that interesting? I see posts from crash, kahli, enchanted (LMAO by the way!) and sara – but every now and then there’s a big, empty, vacuous, lifeless hole.

I hope someone puts a board or something over it. No telling what you could step into there.

E – Girardi said Wang “…going to be back in our rotation”

E, I had no idea what you were talking about, so I had to go to Google and press the button that says “I’m Feeling Lucky”

crash, if your Wang was uneven, you wouldn’t be very lucky at all.

eric, you forgot phan…he was most definitely in the house….


Jon Heyman likes us… he REALLY likes us.

excerpt from beginning:

“No team looks perfect with nearly two months to go before the trade deadline … well, no team except the Dodgers, that is. Whomever they use performs. At least that’s the way it looks now. But even the Dodgers — who are getting a .379 season out of Juan Pierre and have big performances out of Eric Stults, Jeff Weaver, Eric Milton and just about everyone else in blue — still might need some help eventually.”

and with these items in the notes:

β€’ The Dodgers hold a one-year option on GM Ned Colletti, and if they don’t pick it up, they’ll extend him. What do you expect? They are currently the best team in baseball, and even Pierre is proving valuable. The bigger question is what they do with Pierre once Manny Ramirez returns.

β€’ Some close to the situation believe Joe Torre saying he wasn’t sure whether he’d return after 2010 is only the first salvo in negotiations. (I am one of those people.)


sorry, perhaps he fell in that vacuous, lifeless hole…….

Jon Heyman likes us… he REALLY likes us.

excerpt from beginning:

“No team looks perfect with nearly two months to go before the trade deadline … well, no team except the Dodgers, that is. Whomever they use performs. At least that’s the way it looks now. But even the Dodgers — who are getting a .379 season out of Juan Pierre and have big performances out of Eric Stults, Jeff Weaver, Eric Milton and just about everyone else in blue — still might need some help eventually.”

and with these items in the notes:

β€’ The Dodgers hold a one-year option on GM Ned Colletti, and if they don’t pick it up, they’ll extend him. What do you expect? They are currently the best team in baseball, and even Pierre is proving valuable. The bigger question is what they do with Pierre once Manny Ramirez returns.

β€’ Some close to the situation believe Joe Torre saying he wasn’t sure whether he’d return after 2010 is only the first salvo in negotiations. (I am one of those people.)


sorry, perhaps he fell in that vacuous, lifeless hole…….

Hey, double double-posts.

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