Congrats all around…

Got the chance to stop in this morning at the Urban Youth Academy in Compton, where Orlando Hudson had the first visit of his “Around the Mound” tour to try and get more African-American youths to play baseball. He enlisted the services of his teammate, Juan Pierre, and Angels’ center fielder Torii Hunter, to spend time with the kids and teach them a few things about the game. O-Dog is planning on doing school visits in 10 cities around the league this year, which is an incredibly ambitious program. Props to him for his efforts.

As for the Urban Youth Academy, the facility is really something else and the work they do does not get nearly the attention it should, so congrats to the whole staff there on a great morning over there.


Meanwhile, for those who haven’t seen the latest rankings, Inside the Dodgers remains in the Top 10 on the MLBlogs network, so keep up the great work. I’m going to have to check out some of the other sites that are above us and see how they’re spreading the word!

Here’s tonight’s lineup against the Angels:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Wolf, P

Torre pregame media session:

On Kuroda: He’ll go two more times and we’ll look at him all the way back on that first homestand the beginning of the month. He may pitch in Albuquerque at some point. I’m not sure.

On Schmidt: we can see the finish line, but its still going to be awhile.

On Blake: I’m comfortable with Casey hitting 8th. He knows how to hit there.
He never said a word to me about where he hits. I don’t sense its an issue for him.

On Mota: Mota was much better last night. They had him swinging his leg better. He’s working at it.

On Weaver: Weaver still not available tonight. We are going to hold off on Milton’s bullpen until later in the game just in case we need him. If you see Milton throwing in the late innings it’s his bullpen, he’s not warming up. 

Furcal and Martin will rest tomorrow.

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It is awesome work by Orlando, Juan and Torii in trying to get our youth involved in baseball. Most kids nowadays think everything revolves around football and basketball. and, who could blame them because the coverage is so damned lopsided. Baseball always takes a backburner. but, to me BASEBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo Go Blue Crew!!! Keep up the great work on and off the field.

I think Inside the Dodgers should be ranked #1. I have yet to see a better blog than ours.

I hope that if the score is tied and we have a runner on 2nd with no outs in the later innings that we never, ever, ever bunt with our 3 hole hitter ever again. I knew we lost when they did that last night. Besides giving up an out, you are asking your best hitter to make out on PURPOSE for two guys who have 13 rbi in 19 games in May, between them. The idea that they our the 4/5 hitters is a joke right now in itself, but then again no one else is hitting either.

All the best to Odawg, JP and Torii, in their efforts with the “Around the Mound ” tour.
They say, “you win some, you lose some”, but we’re kind of getting use to winning….so

Yeah man, superprops to these guys for getting out there amongst those youngsters, encouraging them to follow the great game of baseball. And those kids are pretty blessed, too, to have been visited by these stars, who are playing as if they are in the prime of their careers. Staggering statistics, phenomenal plays on the field, and running the bases. Can you tell I’m impressed by these guys?
As for the lineup I think Ethier does not deserve to be where he has been staying, in the lineup. Casey sure should be there before him. It’s like “Come on Joe, tell the kid that secret that makes him start hitting again…”
Choke up an inch or two…”Yeah right…, the kid responds.”
You know, it’s something stupid, dumb, simple.
Go Dodgers!!

schmidt just left his rehad assignment in the third inning with an injury… here we go again…

dodge ~ Are we surprised? lol

not at all… I think he was hit by a comebacker…

Stupid Angels announce Ethier have a good arm not average what are they thinking about?

So, Schmidt hd developed a permanent case of “Icantplayitis”! lol
Shad ~ Vinny said it was a perfect throw!

red pen *has developed

Wow another rare k’s from Pierre.

I think the Dodgers need to chalk Schmidt up to another Darren Dreifort and move on. It would be nice if he could get healthy and start earning some of that salary, but it really looks doubtful he will.

I take that you listen to him on the radio. I’m struck with these Angels announce on kcla ch 13.

this nuggets- fakers game sucks… the refs are handing it to LA… I hate basketball… kobe is a cry baby


Shad ~ I am listening on the radio. I like it better than the video on It’s always a half an inning behind the actual game.

Lol, Dodge! My husband always thinks it’s the other way around.

Good evening all!
So far, so good for Wolf.
I still think he looks like Opie though…

how can he trublu? this game is stupid… I dont like either team so im not biased but come on the NBA wants to see lebron and kobe… and looks like the refs are told to give em that.

Good evening, all. For those of us interested in Dodger history:
Thanks, nelly, for the link to mlb contracts. For those who have visions of Roy Halliday in Dodger blue dancing in their heads, he’s signed through 2010 on a 3-year, 40 mill contract. At that price, he’s a screaming deal. If he chooses to go through FA after next year, he will clean up. If Toronto desires to move him during next year’s stretch drive, anyone who wants him will pay a king’s ransom for,more than likely, a short-term rental. Bottom line, a bad deal, IMO. If you want him (and who would’nt), sign him during FA when all you lose is a draft choice.

NOW THAT IS OUR ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andre, way to start off!!!! That looked much more like his natural easy swing.

About time Ethier.


Dodge ~ he’s been a Lakers fan since the Jerry West days and so, of coyrse, he thinks every call goes against them. I am with you though, everyone wants to see Kobe and Lebron!

Great job Russell! Good to see them both get the job done.


Sorry, it’s all about money and ratings and the Lakers/Cavs final woud be what woukd genrate the most revenue.

I agree with your husband, trublu. But of course, I’ve been a Laker fan since I was 12, so I admit I am biased): I can admit their defense has been pathetic lately.

Wayta go R U S S E L L

what? another technical… stupid… well who cares its dodger time… 1-0 and threatening to add more… go dodgers

BCG ~ their defense has been hard to watch!

That’s the spirit, Dodge!!!!!

dodge16 ~ it’s about money and the series that will make the most money will be a Lakers/Cavs series. I have felt that way about the NBA for a long time. The mlb has it’s issues with PED, but I think there is still some major issues with money and refs in the NBA. I have felt that way since that infamous Lakers/Kings series back in the day.

What the hell Farmer get a tech because of that? Williams didn’t get one when he threw it to Howard.

Signs of the real Andre coming back, and signs of the real JP coming back as well 🙂

farmer should have been thrown out of the game… if a player throws the ball in the stands its an automatic ejection

I knew if JP comes back to normal Ethier would heat up.

So true, NellyJune!!!

oh oh Ethier is warming up.

I think Andre is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was kind of like invasion of the body snatchers, lol. Reminds me of that movie that was out years ago with Meg Ryan where her spirit switched places with this old man and finally at the end of the movie they switched back.

..and if you think about last night, he had 2 walks, and his other two at-bats were solid even though they were outs.

bluecrewgirl – It so feels that way!!!! It’s like all the power was drained from Andre and was poured into JP.

Maybe the same way that Proctor or another Mota clone is in Wade body haha.

NellyJune ~ You must have moved your Gnome! lol

True, Shad. Hopefully Wade will be back to normal in his next appearance.

Good evening all,

I did not move my gnome, but I am wearing my Andre shirt, which I haven’t been. The superstisious in me thinks maybe that is the issue. I haven’t been wearing my Ethier shirt/jersey consistently during the games.

Dodger4life ~ HOWDY!!!!!

We really need the real Wade back since Kuo is still hurting.

Dodger4life, our spirit leader is in the ITD house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake is so damn good.

Hey dodger4life.

I’ll have to start wearing ALL of mine at the same time! That way we can’t miss!

Hi tru, it is good to see you, as well as everyone else 🙂

Good evening BCG….I am in the middle of cooking a burger but I am keeping tabs of the game as well.

That wasn’t a 5 sec violation? It took a long time for him to get that ball in.

Ok ladies, I just realized I had put my Ethier bobblehead (the ones they sell at the Dodger store) on the coffee table the other night. I will have to leave it there now, lol.

I missed that Zeile walk off homerun off Percival in 1997.

I missed that Zeile wake off homerun off Percival in 1997.

damn i was right the first time lol

Don’t move it bluecrewgirl!!!!!

BCG ~ you better leave it there!!!!!

good job nba… lakers win

I won’t move it. Maybe it’s helping Andre’s Feng Shui.

Sigh Kemp should had throw that harder lol.


BCG ~ anything that makes them play better can’t hurt!

Aybar got so lucky.

**** that Aybar is so damn lucky.

Shut up Hudler

Well, that’s not too good Randy.


Man, they are going to need to have some big innings to pull this one out.

One batter to late.

We haven’t had big innings lately

Oh man Josh was in Compton and I missed the Odog, Pierre and Hunter oh well I had something to do.

Hunter kicked our a#$ again. Wake up, Dodger bats!!!!….Schmidt was hit on the side of his face with a batted ball during his rehab start. Hopefully, it’s not too serious.

juan back to being juan for this game at least.

Good job O-Dog………come on Andre!!!!!

Good point, boblee, lol. The odds have to be in their favor at this point.

That sucked………….that was such a bad call.

….and Furcal follows suit. Who says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!!

Ouch that didn’t look good.

Get you butt back in the dugout Scioscia that did hit him.

Well, that was a very strange at-bat, but we will take it. Good Job Russell 🙂

Where was these risp hit last night esp when the bases were loaded.

Yeah! Our comeback begins!!!!!!!!!

I was afraid Andre was going to get himself kicked out for arguing, but good to see him fired up and Russell comes through again!

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Bring on the risp hit.


WTG, Russell!!!!!

Nice going MARTIN.

Two out rally…. Way To Go Dodgers!!!!!

I thought so too bluecrewgirl, but that was a sucky call. Andre didn’t even swing the bat.

Great job, James. I would love for Matt to launch one now.

Time for Kemp to get his 1st career hit off of Lackey.

Damn should be 2-1.

L O N E Y ties Ethier with 30 RBI.

Sigh guess not.

Lackey was lacking in that inning.

Good Job Loney!!!!
Hang in there Boy’s!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay – Matt is still drained of power apparently 🙂

Kemp sure needs to have those new contacts checked out, They not doing him much good…

I didn’t realize Schmidt’s injury was because he got hit in the head with a line drive. Hope he’s ok.

Dang wish we had that last inning.

Keep on keepin on Boy’s….Lets get some more runners across home plate 🙂

Talk about navigating through innings, RANDY doing a good job.


Talk about navigating through innings, RANDY doing a good job.

two strikeouts for JP

Let’s make Lackey work more in this inning then last inning come on Blake we need another homerun.

Ahhh, the Juan we all know and love has arrived!

damn stupid computer and fk Pierre is back to being Pierre again lol

JP and Furcal aren’t doing anything at the top of the order at all tonight.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Raffy, put it in the gap!!!

boy tru, that was said with such enchanted style, I thought it was him.

A Dodger starter still pitching in the 7th. Now, there’s a notable occurence!!

Now Raffy not hitting. We can’t seem to get all cyclinders clicking in order.

I miss Enchanted, NellyJune!

RANDY did alright, but it’s a good time for a change.

His enchantedness is missed by all 🙂

Guess I jinxed Wolf. LOL!!!!

I think he waiting for another win or another Mota meltdown.

That’s good, NellyJune………”Enchantedness”!!!!

Overall Bellisario has been doing a good job. He’s had his bad days…..all pitchers do, but for the most part, he has been a pleasantly good surprise.

Is a good thing when Belisario comes in and don’t walk the first guy he faced.

I don’t know if anyone put this link up or not but it’s an update on Schmidt.

He is like royalty around here.

hey josh… i’m a long time reader, unfortunately, not as frequent of a commenter here. but i do appreciate all the hard work you do, and to keep the fans ‘in the loop’ with daily updates here on top of everything else you. i do know you read these comments so i do have a favor to ask of you (since i don’t know where else to go). i used to live in LA, and frequented the games (my family still has season tickets in section 15 of the field level), but unfortunately i moved out of state two years ago. one thing i always enjoyed when going to the games was the music that the players chose as their ‘at-bat/entrance’ songs. since i moved, i don’t get to enjoy it, and its rather difficult to pick up some of the songs when listening to the games on radio or watching on tv via satellite. in the past, the list was in the fan forum section of, but it looks like it was removed this year. i would love to see the list back up again since the players tend to change their songs from one year to the next. (i specifically asked for songs for furcal, pierre, o-dog, kemp, loney, blake, martin, loretta, broxton and billingsley – i picked up on kershaw and ethier’s songs). i attempted to email the club through the website’s ‘help/contact’ link, but it bounced back to me twice. could you pass this info on to whomever? thanks josh!


True that Shad.

Let win this one! Go Dodgers!

Hey Collie!!! It wasn’t posted, but we heard about it. That is just too bad for Jason.

Troncoso and Belllisario have been good, for the most part. Wade has been abducted by aliens from the Planet Gnat and Mota…just….plain….sucks!!!!!

Nice contact Andre……………..great at-bats so far Andre. Keep it up!!!!

Some of our fans on the main LA main message board want him dfa because of all the walk and sigh I don’t want a 1 2 3 innings from Lackey.

Dodgerdog ~ that’s a great idea! I’d love to have the list of songs too!!!

Urgh should had jinxed Lackey.

seesky – I agree, and good evening to you too.

Padres and Giants are both winning!

Good Evening Koufax1963!!!!!

Oh no!!! They took Andre out, perhaps for his foot.

That wouldn’t be pleasant Nelly. I’ve seen it happen many times in my softball years and I’ve seen some pretty nasty ones. A teammate of mine 2 weeks ago lined one off the pitchers knee during a game (He plays in another league that night of the week so I didn’t see it). He shattered the knee cap and he had to have surgery for it.
It sounds as if it isn’t a major injury for Schmidt, so that’s good. But now he’ll have the mental issue of course with the whole worrying about a come backer.

Uh-oh, Dre is out of the game!

Maybe Lackey won’t come out for another inning.

What happened to Andre?

I really hope Andre’s foot is ok.

He was hit by a pitch on the foot. He limped off, but seemed to be okay.

I want to hear the Loney song!!!

Lets get some run here gentlemen!!!!!!


My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Start singing!!!

Big Game James!!!


Stop talking about Frankie he pitching for the Mets. Wow that throw was so close I love Loney hustle. We need to scored now damn shut up Hudler.

LONEY :))))

Let’s get this run in Kemp. I want to be a Happy Kemper!

At least, Lackey is gone. Let’s see some Dodger Shock & Awe!!!!

Damn wish Kemp was a left handed batter he would beat that out.

Fear The Beard!

Tie ball game!


I don’t know how many time I said this but Blake is one of the best 8th hitters in the league.

Alright Dodgers!!!!!!


Let’s keep this thing going. Let’s get a Lotta Loretta

Or not…


what is with pierre tonight

C A S E Y does it, great clutch.

JP is coming back down to Earth.

Damn Loretta in his last 6 PH’s is 0/6 no way and Juan for 5 is back.

NellyJune ~ and everybody else is playing much better because of Juan’s “landing”!

Get em on, get em over, get em in. Good job, Blue!!!!

Way to comeback Broxton.

Let’s have a walkoff win today! That would make the day complete for LA sports fans (yes, LA, not Anaheim, which is in ANOTHER FREAKING COUNTY!!!)

Damn the Angels announce didn’t even know Ethier is out of the game.

Alright Andre!!!!!!

Broxton is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Let’s get Hoffman his first major league hit, a walkoff!!! 🙂

Way to throw Brox!!!!


Let’s see what Fuentes can do with a tied since and it seem most closets pitch crap aka Wilson.

Lets Go Dodgers!

I guess Shields going to pitch again.

Gnats & Friars both won. Friars have won 8 in a row.

Let’s go Blue!! Start it off Ferk!



I guess Peavy knew exactly what he was going lol.

I guess Peavy knew exactly what he was going to do lol.

We are in Hollywood… could this end where they are?

oops what he was going to do come on Hoofmann. Wow Hoofmann stance is like Rowand?

why did torre not call for the bunt with hudson

Hoffman, all we need is a single!!!

Because Hudson could of won it with an extra base hit.

Way to go, Orlando!

Nice job O-Dog!!!!!

lol we still playing the NY Bears and here come the 5th IF moving from the OF.

Yeah Baby!!!!

Ruff!! Ruff!!!!


They said Andre has a split nail on his toe if I understood Vin correctly. I wouldn’t think that would be very serious.

Oh come on Martin

Dre split his toenail on his foot & that is why he’s out.
You gotta swing the bat big boy. They aren’t going to walk you there!

Did you hear that………….a split toe nail on Andre. His big toe too – ouch!!!!!

Nothing a little conditioner can’t fix right????

He should be back tomorrow I would hope.

Come on Russ… Just a poke…

Not when you have Conte I’m worry.

I would think they could always remove the toenail and let it grow back if worse came to worse. I dropped wagon handle on my big toe when I was 5, hurt like hell. My toenail fell out and it grew back fine. At least he doesn’t have any broken bones, so that’s great news.


Nice to comeback from the walk Martin come on Loney.

All the ladies love Dre but it’s not because he has pretty feet so he should be ok.

Nice to see you vl4 hahaha nice running Martin

Shad – that is very true. Nothing is a sure thing when it comes to our medical staff. You are so right about that.

I want to hear an Encore of the Loney Song!!

So should we say Dre got nailed tonight????

It’s definitely not because of his feet!!!

I have the Loney Song ready and waiting Collie

I’d take the Lakers trainer instead.

LOL!!!You are quite the comedian tonight, aren’t you?

James Loney – that was just awful!!!!

That was some filthy pitching.
I do what I can Nelly.

Lol, Shad. If Andre does need any medical attention for his toe, I would hope Conte would be nowhere near him.

mike outmanaged joe that inning

..or it should say “James Anthony Loney” – that was just awful!!!!

Free baseball for all! Christmas in May!!

Damn what was that Loney?

Gosh damn Kcop suck about time.

bluecrewgirl – Conte needs to stay away from Andre!!!

Yes, he does Nelly! Minor injuries seem to have a way of morphing into something more since he’s been the trainer. I think Andre will be fine. I was worried his toe was broken at first.

hahahaha love Broxton tonight.

Come on Broxton one more out damn wish Furcal would had made that played.

Ferk still having trouble to the back hand side.

I love it when Brox has the slider working to mix it up.

Nice job Jon! Now let’s end this thing! We have an early game tomorrow and we need our rest! 🙂

Oh yea!

Kemp Do this: bash it! go dodgers!!

Mike — I have the day off. Seeing as it’s a day game after a night game & I’m a little older. I’ve got to rest my eyes and butt!

It’s time to give the bully some help!!!!
Lets get someone across home plate 🙂


I wish we had that in the last innings.


Way to lead it off!
Let’s go oh bearded one!

We’ve got a wonderful bullpen.

Can kemp get the steal. I would let blake hit a way

Damn Blake why did you have to hit that.

Take Mota/Ohman out and added Cruz/Pedro than yes.

Nice Blake get that sac down Castro.

Brox’s slider has just been HELLLLLLAAAAAAACIOUS!!!!!!!!!


The Bison and the Beard come through and still no outs!

Here we go……………….Come on JC, as opposed to JP.

This is why we really don’t need that extra pitcher.

seesky – that was some great pitching by Brox tonight.

Fear The Beard!
Let’s get this down. We need to execute.

I want me some Kuo flip bat homeruns dang I missed those day lol.

Do I see a squeeeeeeeze?

JP with a suicide squeeze maybe?

Let’s go Juanapy!

JP – be the hero tonight – come on JP!!!!!!

You watch, Juan is going to be the hero!

I guess with no outs maybe we don’t want a squeeze just yet?

Chance for JP to be a hero.

LMAO, NellyJune!

They better score.

lol 3-1 on Pierre he’s trying to take the walk

lol 3-1 on Pierre he’s trying to take the walk

How about that!?! He walked JP in to win the game.

Thanks for another nail biting game Dodgers, and you are all just awesome!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever works – we get the win!

Great job JP!!

Come from behind wins are always sweet.

GWRBI for Juanapy!! Woo hoo!!!
Another walk off walk for the win!

PIERRE better take 2


Way to hold up on the pitch JP!

Damn Arrendondo should just retired now lol

I can’t believe I am saying these things about JP………….and it’s really not so bad – LOL!!!!!

We Beat the Angels. Pierre came through finally

Damn Arrendondo should just retired now lol

Or should we say nail splitting game, Nelly?

A win is a win.
Rubber game tomorrow. Hope Billz brings his “A” game.

The first time Kemp gets on base he scored the winning run the first time Pierre get on is a game ended rbi walk.

Torre outsmarts Scioscia.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is funny bluecrewgirl!!!! LOL!!!! I really hope Andre is okay…………heaven forbid if Conte hurts him more.


Broxton is now 5-0.

Fabulous job Bellisario and Broxton. You kept us in this game.

Wow, what a game!!!! A student of the game’s baseball game. The 5-man infield. Personnel moves by batter. And we win!!!!!! Can’t get any better than that!!

We always had a good bullpen, for years now and this is the best one.

Pass the flask, seesky!

I must admit, as much as we didn’t give credit to our BP during Spring Training, overall they have been doing a great job. Yes, there are still a few question marks, but what team in the league doesn’t have that same issue, especially in our division.

Congrat’s All Around…..
WAY TO BOY’S!!!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless All 🙂

Another round for ITD!!!!!!

This is definitely a flask type of game.

Good night Dodger4life!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Good night D4!

Another great thing about this win, the rest of the NL West won also and they gain no ground 🙂
Good night again everyone…..:-)

Everyone in our divsion won tonight so the standings stay status quo other than the fact that we are the first team in the league to reach 30 wins.

Goodnight Dodger4life.

Dodger4life – we were thinking the same thing. Good night again…………….sweet Dodger Dreams!!!!

Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier left Saturday night’s game in the eighth inning with an injury to the big toe on his right foot suffered in a fifth inning at-bat. Ethier was hit by a John Lackey pitch and split the nail on the toe. He wound up scoring in that fifth inning on James Loney’s single. Ethier remaining in the game and lined out to left field in the seventh inning, but was replaced in right field by rookie Jamie Hoffmann in the top of the eighth. Ethier, who has struggled in recent weeks, doubled in his first at-bat and scored a run, then singled in his second at-bat. — Ken Gurnick

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anyone realize were on pace to go 111- 51? what a season that would be…

That would be awesome dodge16!!!

Somehow, the Dodgers keep finding a way to win. Their 30th victory…and Billingsley and Broxton own 11 of them.

Is official Castro stats lines is way better than Pierre with a bad performance by Pierre and in few AB’s. Castro stats lines are .391/.464/.609/1.073. JP stats lines are .383/.458/.489/.947.

Wow that was Pierre 1st career rbi’s in 97 ab’s against the Angels in his career but dang don’t like his stats lines 175/.223/.216/.440. It’s look like the Angels have his numbers. Should that numbers be little bit more accounting Broxton saves with other pitchers getting a win?

Damn I hate to see Furcal obp at .301 and I remember last year when we was all on Pierre case. Bills have an obp at .348 in 20 AB’s and when pitchers have a big obp as high as that than you have a big problem.

Good morning ~ According to the Home Page, Andre will be out of today’s game with his split toenail. Please take care of yourself, Andre. We need you back as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself Andre!!!!!! We need you back ASAP!!!!!

A little classic country – Tennessee Ernie Ford, 16 Tons:

Sooooome people say all Juan has got hims a glove,
The other Juan’s speedy but he kain’t get no love,
Glove and no love, their power blows,
A man in the dugout that says they’re pros.
You have two thin Juans and what do ya get?
A walk to load the bases and another walk wins.
Coletti don’t ya trade em or let them go.
We ain’t got much in the minor league store.
Laaaaaast year we’da put them where the sun doesn’t shine,
One had no bat and the other one whined,
We ain’t got much, but now 9s on a roll,
And all Joe says is, “Well bless his soul.”
You have two thin Juans and what do ya get?
A walk to load the bases and another walk wins.
Coletti don’t ya trade em or let them go.
We ain’t got much in the minor league store.
Weeeeee hope there-a battin’ don’t fizzle a-gain,
O B P and sluggin’ ain’t their middle names,
But when they get themselves on base they both make us go,
And they owe there fat ol’ contracts to the Neddy below-a.
You have two thin Juans and what do ya get?
A walk to load the bases and another walk wins.
Coletti don’t ya trade em or let them go.
We ain’t got much in the minor league store.
Iiiiiiif you see Juans a comin’, better look real fine,
When Manny gits back they’re both on the pine.
But for now their at bats they’re git their fill,
If Juan don’t git ya,
Then the other Juan will.
You have two thin Juans and what do ya get?
A walk to load the bases and another walk wins.
Coletti don’t ya trade em or let them goooooo.
We aaaaain’t gooooot muu-uuu-uuch in the minor league store.

Title: Two Thin Juans
CD: Power drain
©NedCo Broken Records 2009

His enchantedness is baaaaack!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Fabulous song sir!!! That is great. What a change in thinking from a few weeks ago,huh?

NellyJune ~ That can’t be the “real” Enchanted! If it is, somebody took him away and brainwashed him!! Oh, please, bring back the Enchanted we all remember so fondly.
By the way, whoever you are, great song!!!

our closer has 5 wins… more than alot of teams number one pitchers can say… lol a win is a win.

Isn’t that great dodge!!! He is 6th on the list of leaders in the NL, but the 5 ahead of him are all tied for 1st technically, and there are 8 tied with him.
1. B Arroyo
CIN 6 3 5.79 9 9 0 0 0 0 56.0 62 36 36 12 3 21 29
1. C Billingsley
LAD 6 1 2.51 9 9 0 0 0 0 61.0 41 18 17 1 4 29 63
1. D Lowe
ATL 6 2 3.45 10 10 0 0 0 0 62.2 52 24 24 2 2 22 39
1. J Marquis
COL 6 3 4.45 9 9 1 0 0 0 60.2 59 33 30 6 0 19 27
1. J Santana
NYM 6 2 1.50 9 9 0 0 0 0 60.0 49 17 10 4 2 14 75
6. J Broxton
LAD 5 0 1.17 20 0 0 0 11 13 23.0 7 3 3 0 1 7 35
6. M Cain
SF 5 1 2.40 9 9 1 0 0 0 60.0 54 16 16 6 0 25 41
6. Z Duke
PIT 5 4 2.77 9 9 2 1 0 0 65.0 55 22 20 4 2 15 39
6. T Lilly
CHC 5 3 3.35 8 8 0 0 0 0 51.0 41 20 19 10 0 12 43
6. S Martis
WSH 5 0 4.53 8 8 1 0 0 0 47.2 45 25 24 4 1 19 23
6. R Ohlendorf
PIT 5 4 4.20 9 9 0 0 0 0 55.2 49 27 26 9 4 14 27
6. J Pineiro
STL 5 3 3.48 8 8 1 1 0 0 54.1 59 25 21 2 1 7 19
6. W Rodriguez

Chad could get #7 today. That would be fantastic!!!!

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful….
Nice Enchanted, that is the opposite of Pat Boone goes metal though….LOL!!!!
Keep up the intensity and ride the wave to the end… Boy’s!!!
jungar passed this song to me 🙂
UP THE BEACH ( This Is Our Town )
Dodger Blue Forever!!!!!

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