Bleacher Beach!

If you were contemplating hitting Hermosa, Malibu, Manhattan or some other beach today, head out to the stadium instead. It should be a cool new section that launches today and I’m anxious to hear your feedback. The rubber match of a three-game set against the Angels should bring a great crowd out to the yard.

As for the lineup, here’s what we’re looking at (including Jamie Hoffmann’s first big league start)

Pierre, LF

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Hoffmann, RF

Castro, SS




    Isn’t it a shame that Repko who could have had this chance at the majors is on the DL – something unfortunately familiar with that.

  2. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ are you sure you’re not Dodger4life? With all of this positive attitude, you have me dazed and confused!


    Line up does look good, and if given my choice between Hermosa Beach and the stadium, I’d do both. Manhattan, too, for good measure.


    I agree, knouffbrock, I’d do both, too, with Manhatten thrown in…Nice to see The Bearded One getting a shot at cleanup. GO BILLS!!!!!GO BLUE!!!!!

  5. shad80

    Is about time Blake bat in the clean up spot but don’t know by Martin batting 2nd but would like to have Kemp in that 2nd or 3rd hole.

  6. shad80

    Is amazing Martin defensive improve to a fpct at .997 with 1 error after last year problem with a .990 with 11 errors and now we needs his power back.


    I’m not a native Californian, knouffbrock. I came to Utah from Wisconsin by way of Michigan.


    Well, you know a good beach when you see one.
    Bet Ethier’s toe feels better.

  9. perumike

    Hello all! Glad to see our day is going well so far, and thrilled for Hoffmann! Let’s go Blue!!!

  10. perumike

    Thanks tru and collie, glad to be here. It’s a beautiful day to be a Dodgers (and Lakers) fan!!

  11. trublu4ever

    Peumike ~ The Dodgers and Lakers are going to be at the same hotel tonight. Boy, I’d love to be there too!!!

  12. shad80

    Wow I can’t believe Ortiz the only starter that didn’t get a hit in that game and was 0/5 and Boston has scored 12 runs and 16 hits and won the game.

  13. shad80

    Good to see them give him a standing ovation don’t know if Bonds would had gotten that treatment lol

  14. colliethec

    That was an awesome catch by Hunter.
    I saw part of today’s Red Sox game and Ortiz ripped a ball down the 1st baseline that was caught. It was smoked. I don’t think he’s finished. At least I hope not as I really enjoy watching him play. He is good for the game.
    I would be floored if he was using. Not that I haven’t been floored in the past.

  15. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ I know what you mean about Ortiz. I like him too. I just don’t trust very many in the game anymore. I was totally shocked by A-Rod’s usage………he didn’t seem to fit the profile of a user.

  16. colliethec

    No A-Rod didn’t. But the things that were said by Ortiz would make you think he was very much against players who cheated. Also that if he was done he would end his career before trying to use.
    It is suspicious that his production has dropped so much.
    That is another thing about this era. Once a players production falls off he is suspect. A bummer for those that didn’t cheat but were great. I look at Griffey as one of those. He never got huge as the others did.

  17. colliethec

    My guess is many are probably still using HGH.
    If they were smart they’d look back and see what doing roids before it was tested for did for some players now. For the most part, they are hated.

  18. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ And, because of the roids, the entire “era” will come under scrutiny as far as Hall of Fame voting goes. A true black eye for baseball.


    Hi, everyone. Finally got the game back. ip address problems.More phone calls to If it’s not one thing, it’s another with that chicken outfit….nice way to break in for Hoffmann.

  20. dodgereric

    I’m just fine, tru! How are you and hubby? The kids are out and around as I type this. They should be at a ceremony team rehearsal as I type this, then they’ll be off for the Little League tourney about 1/2 mile from here.

    Hi cp! Helio Castoneves took it, his third. Man, was he emotional! He couldn’t stop crying. Danica Patrick was 3rd for all our womenfolk posters.

    My two cents on the steroid thing – if they ever release the other names on that 2003 list, it would turn the game inside out. I think it’s fairly obvious that it was (or was well on its way to becoming) the norm.

  21. nellyjune

    Hey!!!! What are you doing on here in the middle of the afternoon!!!!! Where is my kid? LMAO!!!!!! Jimmie’s car is just awesome!!! I may have to cheer on him today just because of the car. How are you doing?

    enchanted – the question should be “Manny who?”

  22. dodgereric

    enchanted, how are you sir?

    shad, I’m fortunate enough to be able to listen to Vin on Prime Ticket. So I don’t have to subject myself to those Angel homers.

  23. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I watched the Indy race but, I don’t care for it much since I REALLY started watching Nascar!
    I think the enitire list has to be made public…..mostly to protect the innocent. A lot of the players have said they want their names removed from the suspect list. And, the only way to do it is make the list available for all to see.

  24. nellyjune

    nevermind – I see you told tru. I knew too – just got text from Mariya saying she was at the Order of the Arrow meeting.

  25. dodgereric

    Junie! Howdy! I just saw the thing on Jimmie’s car (thank you, picture-in-picture! It is awesome. What a nice thing to do. The announcers got it right, of all the sports, NASCAR consistently shows our military the most respect.

  26. dodgereric

    Oh, you certainly used to have it e. But I think that as Juanito drifts back toward sanity, that you will return.

  27. nellyjune

    Ward Dear ~ I saw the story too, and what great one it is. All those names on that car – remarkable!!!

    Good Afternoon Beav!!! How are you doing? Is it true you need a talkin’ to?

  28. nellyjune

    dodgereric – Do they have to complete a certain amount of laps with this length of a race to call it a race?

  29. nellyjune

    Shad – it’s going to be those fans (the ones with the Free Manny t-shirts on) that make this ordeal more of a problem than it already is.

  30. dodgereric

    Yeah, I see it’s really raining there in Charlotte. They have to complete half the laps to make it official. 200 in this race.

  31. nellyjune

    Well, that might be hard to do today. It looks like it is raining pretty good right now, and it’s already 5:30ish there now. So, at what point do they call the race? Is there a time limit to get the race started?

  32. dodgereric

    They try their best to get it in today for all the people who pay good money and their travel plans don’y allow them to stay. If they feel they can’t get it in, they’ll try tomorrow.

    I wonder if other teams sleepwalk like the Dodgers after a quick early lead.

  33. dodgereric

    Didn’t it used to be that, on a dropped foul ball, the error only gets charged if the batter eventually got a hit?

  34. nellyjune

    The Dodgers do that alot, don’t they? Other than the homerun, which I didn’t see, this game has been very slow and uneventful, for the Dodgers anyway.

  35. nellyjune

    Collie thinks aliens have abducted him and traded him with Proctor, or some story like that 🙂


    Quantity doesn’t mean quality – carrying thirteen pitchers on the squad doesn’t help much when two of them are Wade and Mota. I suppose you can’t have Troncoso and Baliserio cover the middle innings every day, and our starters aren’t going long enough to do much without the bullpen. That’s going to be our weakness in the long run.

  37. dodgereric

    Collie may be onto something.

    Maybe the same thing happened to Ohman. He’s not the same guy from ’08 according to the numbers.

    Lord, that’s all we’d need is for Hudson to go down.

  38. koufax1963

    This is not hindsight, but I really question Giving a free pass to abreu, with Hunter coming up. In hindsight its a given. Now go get them dodgers!

  39. dodgereric

    bear, assuming we have 5 starters and 3 good bp guys, that leaves 5 bums in the pen with a 13-man staff. I’d rather burn up 4 bums and get another position player up here. Torre played his last card last night in the 10th inning when he had Castro hit for Brox. THE 10TH!!! That’s too damned early to run out of moves.

  40. nellyjune

    dodgereric – I am not sure where our children are, but Mariya’s phone called me and all I can hear is background noise… and people. LOL!!!!!!!

  41. j-murray

    nice to see this dodger team comes with a new autopilot feature. it’s sort of like the one on your car, only it makes you want to pour hot sauce in your eyes and pull your hair out.

  42. trublu4ever

    You are right, Dodgereric. I was telling NellyJune this morning, with Andre hurt, what would happen if Matt or Juan got injured? We have nobody to back them up!


    Definitely think that we need another position player up here, especially if Andre is not able to come back to the lineup tomorrow. I suppose that Blake would have to play outfield if any of the current three OF’s went down. In any case, carrying thirteen pitchers on the staff for any length of time is simply admitting a real weakness to the team. Like eric said, whether it’s five bums or four among the BP crew doesn’t seem to make much difference, but an extra batter available just might.

  44. nellyjune

    I agree with the 13 man staff. It really isn’t doing much good. We need an extra position player. Good news………..gnats and dbacks lost 🙂

  45. nellyjune

    I don’t think we tried to keep Lowe at all. That’s what I think, and he is doing damn good with Atlanta right now. He’s got his 6 wins too.

  46. trublu4ever

    Padres won, though!
    I don’t think we tried to keep Lowe at all………it’s too bad because he gave you a lot of innings.


    I expect that we didn’t try to keep Lowe at all – probably didn’t even want him from a management perspective, because he would have cost big money. The only big money that Frank would spend was for Manny. Did you have him take a drug test, Frank?

  48. sparkleplenty_1

    This team sure makes life interesting . . . it’s a good thing I get a manicure tomorrow!

  49. shad80

    Geez the Angels announce made another mistake it 1 out not 0 out. I hope Furcal make them pay big time.

  50. nellyjune

    ..other than Mattingly “squeezing” his arm to make sure his awake…………probably not 🙂

  51. koufax1963

    Dodereric, I agree the bunt or slap bunt by furcal and perhaps by pierre might of got the job done.

  52. nellyjune

    ……….nothing like racing at midnight by the time they are done if they start.

    uh oh!!! Brian’s warming up.

  53. trublu4ever

    Well, dodgereric, you point about our bench is proven right now. If we should go to extra innings, the only bench player we have left is Ausmus.

  54. nellyjune

    You do realize we have a day game tomorrow? Our BP is going to be spent by the end of today, then what?

  55. shad80

    Wow Abreu hasn’t gotten a homerun yet and came so close. Why not let Leach ibb him and bring in Troncoso?

  56. sparkleplenty_1

    Nelly, we have a hidden weapon – a 14th pitcher . . . James Loney! Never fear, Loney is here!!

  57. nellyjune

    Well, he didn’t originally give him a grade at all, but when it was mentioned, he said he would have to give him an A-.

  58. dodgereric

    It’s not just that it’s a day game tomorrow. Seven games in seven days in two hitter’s parks.

  59. nellyjune

    I would love to see James pitch because I don’t they he could do any worse then these guys some days. Overall they haven’t been too bad, but today is not one of their good days, and with a day game tomorrow, and with Stults pitching tomorrow, we need to hope he can pitch another complete game, which at Coors Field is not going to happen.


    Well, I guess we could have saved the bullpen and sent Loney in to pitch, but then can Randy Wolf play first base.

  61. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – ………..and we don’t have SPs who can go into late innings. On paper, it certainly doesn’t look good.

  62. shad80

    Can’t believe Blake playing LF I knew there was some option there instead of Blake having more experience in RF.

  63. sparkleplenty_1

    Back in 1965, Bert Campaneris played all 9 positions in one game. (If memory serves, he also pitched ambidextrously to righties and lefties.) Now, if he can do it, who says Wolf can’t play first?

  64. nellyjune

    Let’s hope that is enough oldbrooklyfan. It could be as long as Eric gets a solid start tomorrow.

  65. shad80

    Damn we need those hits last inning. Well Lowry played RF and Feliz behind the plate so anything can happen and when you do replace Loney for another pitcher then you put him back at 1st but I never seen a position player go pitch and go back to his normal position.

  66. nellyjune

    I have no problems with it whatsoever, and Brian knows that too. He knows tru and I are Dodger fans!!!

  67. nellyjune

    I know you have Angels fans to contend with at work. I am safe……………..the gnats sucked this weekend.

  68. shad80

    Sparkles you right someone ask a question on who was the player who played in every position in a game I don’t know how can he do that? One position every innings? Did that game goes to extra inning?

  69. dodgereric

    Well, that’s that. Let’s not lose sight in a woeful bullpen performance that we staked Billz to an early 4-run lead against one of the worst scoring teams in the AL and he couldn’t hold them.

  70. oldbrooklynfan

    To Colorado.
    Just have to think positive and carry on.
    Can’t worry about the Pods and Giants.
    The race is in our hands.

  71. sparkleplenty_1

    I think it was a nine-inning game. It was one of Charlie Finley’s stunts (he was the owner of the A’s at that time).

  72. oldbrooklynfan

    I have faith in this bullpen, it’s very strong and it will take a lot to tire them.

  73. shad80

    It suck that Wade could had gotten that lost but in Hockey if you was on the ice when the winning goal was score than the backup get the lost.

  74. kpookiemon

    Break up the Padres.
    Don’t throw Uncle Joe under the bus just because the bullpen vaporizes. What are his options? Billingsley tanks a 4-run lead and can’t go deep into the game. A broken record for this collection of starters. And is there a more boring player right now than Russell Martin? Why not just close right field when he’s up? And his throws to second base are an embarrassment. Play Ausmus in Colorado for three games. Let Russell get good and hungry. Besides, in that ballpark, the Dodgers are going to need some savvy behind home plate…especially with Stults, Milton and Kershaw set to go.

  75. shad80

    I knew batting Martin was a terrible idea in the first place. I’m surprise Martin didn’t even rest today to give Ausmus a chance to played.

  76. shad80

    Geez I wish we had Mauer and he has like 10 homeruns in 78 AB’s and boy something is fishy now. I surely hope he’s not another one on steriod.


    I, of course, agree with kahli about Martin. Ausmus would be a good choice for the whole series. Martin should start thinking that there’s always AAA for unsuccessful young major leaguers. Ellis is doing pretty well.

  78. shad80

    To think Mauer was on the DL April 2. He had 9 homeruns last year in 536 AB’s and 2 years ago 7 homeruns in 406 AB’s and had 13 in 521 AB’s in 2006.


    That should have been enough runs to win this one. Poor performance from the pitching staff hangs us with the loss. Oh well…there’s no crying in baseball and no guarantees either. I’ll get to watch the boys a lot this week FSN and WGN.

  80. nellyjune

    Mauer has been on fire, and he is one awesome catcher too. They say that Mauer and Morneau are the best 1-2 two punch in the league.

  81. shad80

    Is amazing this team can still put up more then 5 runs without Manny but the pitching let us down except Ohman and Mota.

  82. nellyjune

    This sounds painful just reading it, and to think he didn’t come out of the game until the 8th inning. I guess he had enough.

    “It was throbbing last night,” Ethier said as he carefully pulled a sock over the bandaged toe as he dressed in the clubhouse. “It couldn’t even take the pressure of the blanket on it in bed. I had to hang my foot off the bed so nothing would touch it.”

  83. colliethec

    Sorry I dropped off there, as my computer lost power.
    Then we went to the gym and came home to a loss. 😦
    This is just a hit & run as we are now off to dinner & a movie so this will be short.
    Seeing as Torre started Hoffmann today instead of Dre, should he be applauded? I mean he is ripped when a pitcher doesn’t make the out when called upon…
    From what was said & written Ethier wanted to play but Joe gave him the day off. That seems like it was a good move to me & I’m an Every Day Dre guy!

  84. Dodger4life

    Hey Nelly, Collie and anyone else 🙂
    Hoffman took advantage of the opportunity, that’s what these guy’s all have been doing. Andre will play soon.

  85. nellyjune

    I have no idea where my post went, but I am sure it will show up sometime after I re-type this one. Anyhow, I am happy that they sat Andre today. After reading what kind of pain he was in last night, he needed to sit it out, and I am an Ethieraholic. I have become more and more confident Joe wants to see Andre in the lineup on a daily basis, and I had no problems seeing Hoffmann in the lineup today. What a great way to get your first big league hit.

  86. Dodger4life

    It is a day game tomorrow is’nt it???
    It did sound like he was a little uncormfortable, Hopefully tonight is better and he will be felling good in the morning 🙂

  87. nellyjune

    uncomfortable? When a blanket is hurting your toe, it is a little bit more than uncomfortable, don’t you think?…. and the thought of him having to wear cleats just hurts even thinking about it. However,with the medical technology they have, I am sure they can make to wear he won’t feel the pain at all.

  88. nellyjune

    They have to…………..he is our Everyday Dre, and he can’t be Everyday Dre if he isn’t playing in the outfield every day if possible 🙂

  89. Dodger4life

    I just watched the highlights, the Angels hit alot of grounders through the infield. They are good pitches just hit where they had to hit them, I’ll take those, we will make plays on them more often than not. If the ball is in the stands there is no play. Matt can say that, Torii Hunter made an outstanding catch…. Hofmann way to man up,( Your dad is enjoying this I’m sure. )
    Stults will need to be sharp tomorrow, He has impressed before, I’m behind him. Go Get Em Boy’s!!!!

  90. kpookiemon

    The Angels under Scioscia have always been a tough club…they don’t have a lot of stars, but they know how to hit, manufacture runs, and they also know how to pitch. The Dodgers go 8-4 through the supposed gauntlet of Florida, Philly, Mets and the LosAngelesAnaheimOrangeCountyCalifornia Angels. The Dodgers will visit a bad ball club and a down ball club. But Coors and Wrigley are a tough go.

  91. arayd

    Remember that big lead AZ. lost last year? Well we’re gonna possibly do the same if we don’t get a solid BP going. Colletti has to figure it out and QUICK, it is not gonna work w/ the current parts in it as of right now. A GOOD team is only as good as it’s bullpen will allow it to be, ours is TERRIBLE, esp. w/ our shaky starting w/out many pitchers going 5+.

    RUSS, you’re my favorite player, but you gotta stop OVER-SWINGING, hit LINE-DRIVES esp. to RIGHT FIELD. Your plate approach and pitch selection need work, your swing needs to be shortened up, stop trying to hit homeruns, a towering fly-ball is usually an out.


  92. enchantedbeaver

    I just wanted to thank all the veterans and others on this Memorial Day who gave the ultimate sacrafice so that the rest of us can live our lives the way we choose in the greatest country in the world.

  93. Dodger4life

    Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful.
    I would like to also show my apreciation to all the men and women who give their all, for me and my fellow Americans,
    Thank you.
    Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone 🙂

  94. trublu4ever

    I thank you everyday for keeping us safe and making me proud to be an American! God Bless all of you who have served our country.

  95. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

    Happy Memorial Day, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the men and women currently serving in our military,and I am truly thankful for ALL the men and women who have fought for our country, the most blessed country in the world, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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