Lineup by the bay…

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B,

Manny, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Billingsley, P


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So Iā€™m first!!!


Happy Bday Nelly. Haha Red Sox you see why we didn’t resigned Penny.

Wow I see Nomar got hurt again but no surprise here and I like what he did here but I’m glad we didn’t resigned him.

Good evening ITD’ers.
Just a quick Go Blueeeee before I head off to practice!!!!
I wish I could stay on longer but I’ve got “Practice” tonight. I mean we’re talking about “Practice” here! Can you believe that I’m posting on ITD about “Practice”? Really… “Practice”!
Okay enough of that…
But later I’ll be back with some things to say about last night. It was a fun but tough night. Sort of an old school night for me (Nothing compared to what Joe P. has probably experienced!). But going back to Candlestick (AKA “The Toilet Bowl”) days.
I hope everybody is well!
Nelly I hope the day was great!!
Go Bills!!!
Go Blue!!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!
Beat the Midgets!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody
Ready for another unbelievable game.
Let’s hope BILZ can give us another ACE-LIKE performance.

Hey everyone. Happy Birthday, Nelly! The least the Dodgers can do is give you a victory for your b-day present.

Loney’s 15th RBI and no homers yet.

Happy Birthday Nellie

That was a great play by Blake.

Let’s Go ‘Dre, Matty & James.

Happy Birthday, nelly!!! What is Martin doing hitting cleanup???? That was an ugly inning that could’ve been much uglier. Hopefully, Chad will come in off the tightrope. GO BILLS!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!

Tis better to recieve than to give. Thank you, Mr. Uribe!!!!!

Hey everybody, I’m just getting settled in. I see it is 2~2 ,

The Dodgers leading the league in walks is something to be proud of, after the frustrating years of lack of discipline at the plate.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day, and it will be even better if the Dodgers will just win this game. Seriously, from my own family to my class and to everyone on ITD and FB, it has been a great day, whether the Dodgers win or lose. This ITD family is something else, and I am still amazed at times how we genuinely care about each other, even with our differences of opinion at times. The Dodgers are very lucky to have such devoted fans like those of us here on ITD.

Nice inning Billz!!!!!!

Come on Dodgers!!!!

BILZ looks like he settling in but he some support, Let’s go guys.

Mas Tequila is right dodger4life!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

They have to take advantage of an opportunity sooner or later in this game.

I feel it, Do you……

Rakin Blake on the back end what a positive part of our line – up!!!!


Man this inning so far, 2 walks and a single to start off with and nothing so far.
Comon Raffy, let’s go.

This game is like a frustration dream. Talk about wasted chances. C’mon Dodgers!

Come on Boy’s!!!!

What a missed opportunity that was. However, we are into their bullpen,and that “should” be a good thing.

James, great throw!

Yeah Baby!!!!!

Nice play Loney and great throw.

I wish the Odog would ‘ve taken that 2-0 pitch.

Come on boy’s!!!!
Lets Go Dodgers. Lets Go!!!!

LET’S GO GUYS Let’s start scoring.

A real baserunning rock by Ishikawa…..lucky for us!!!!!!!!

oldbrooklynfan yeah we’re the only team with over 100+ walks and it’s funny the Cardinals having like some 85.


You knew that was going to happen come on Kemp.

Make them pay Matt!!!
Rock Steady Brother!!!

Andre’s getting a lot of respect lately. Matt’s overdue to launch one and he gets a hit as I type. Good job, Matt!

AWWWWWWW damn that could had been a run nice stop Bowa.

Rakin Blake on the back end!!!!

Andre is now the team leader in IBB. Now that is cool!!!!!!!

Another walk

That’s what you get for Intentionally Walking Andre……..but we certainly will take it šŸ™‚

We have 107 walks the Cards/Dback with 87 and gosh dp.

Great patience again.

One Run is better than none.

The D’s leading the NL in walks. Who’d a thunk it?????

Not the way what happen last night? We need more and knock them out.

Strike em out throw em out good job Martin.

Now THAT is Dodger baseball – nice job Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! I finally get a chance to sit down and enjoy the rest of the game. Glad to see Billz is doing well, would like to see one more run at least here in the top of the 8th. Let’s go Blue!!!

Another 7 inning Gem for BILZ.

Dodgerpoo my behind we are one boot scootin move away from GREATNESS!!!!!!
Get to scootin Boy’s!!!!

Good Evening Piano Man!!! It’s great to see you!!!

We took advantage of another Gnat gift: running Scherholtz with Lewis at the plate. He’s got something like 24 or 25 k’s already.

Thanks nelly, great to see you as always!

Another run or two would be nice, more even better.

Sigh Furcal swing on a ball.

Andre was the winner of the Carmax Question of the Game, which was “Who was the Dodger’s best player in April?” by a landslide of about 70% of the votes. The other choices were Manny and Bills.

Looks like another nail bitter ending to this game………….ugghhh!!!!!

I’m already gnawing on my wrists. The nails have been gone for a while. šŸ™‚

Oh please get the dp on Rowand.

bluecrewgirl – That is just great about Andre. This is just so opposite from what he (and the fans) had to put up with last year. I guess in his case as the saying “all good things happen to those who wait” applies to him because boy!, has he had to wait.

Oh god no.

Big Bad Jon!!

Here come Broxton for another 5 out save.

red pen – biting not bitter (however, if we lose it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth)

Another great job by Billingley. 7.1 innings.

Here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………..but way too early, once again!!!!

I hope they have one more double play in them tonight.

Let’s go Jon! Get Uribe to hit into DP!

Nice Russ!!!! Yes!!! Shut up those Giant fans, especially those in Nelly’s family. šŸ™‚

Great play, Russell! Wow, what a difference a game makes as far as the D is concerned.

Thanks perumike……it is fairly quiet around here for now. I just want that damn chant to stop.

Dang it!!!


Shake and bake Brox!!!!
Take it to em !!!!

…but this shouldn’t be Brox’s inning to pitch. Where are the other pitchers? This is very frustrating!!!!

Broxton looks like he is pushing the ball – not following through. Oh well, can’t be perfect forever. I feel bad for Billz though. Like Vin said, “All that work for naught.”

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One batter too late. Now, we need runs!!!!!!!!

TOUGH but the game continues.

Yeah Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go Russell!!!!

Great start Manny! Let’s pick him up!

Sigh poor Manny getting double with no one on base.

It shouldn’t have been Brox’s inning.Torre has no faith in the rest of his bullpen, Imagine that!!!!!!!

Come on Martin get a hit because you know they going to ibb Ethier again.

Russ is due for a clutch hit.

Guess they going to pitch to Ethier

I’m back just in time to hear Broxton come in & start walking people.
We sure do miss Beimel in these situations where Brox was brought in. Beimel would of been brought in to try to induce a ground ball DP facing the left handed hitter Ishikawa.
Why oh why is Russ batting #4? When I saw the lineup I was not happy with seeing that.

Here is your big bang bang… Nelly Happy birthday!!!!

Because Martin have good number against Sanchez could it be obvisiouly.

That was the most pathetic inning of pitching I’ve ever seen. All those 3-ball counts to those crappy hitters. I’m so ********** I can’t see to type.

Broxton had to come in apparantly because 1) Torre has no faith in Kuo or Ohman and 2) Juan Cruz was not signed.

To bad it didn’t work out.

The only reason I can see to keep batting Martin so high in this order is that Torre is trying to get him good pitches to hit.


Good job clutch Ethier

Happy birthday, Junie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe they should had ibb him again

Fantastic at bat, Andre!!!!!

But I’m not one to complain about what we don’t have now that we are a month into the season, so I’ll let it alone.
Nelly as a long time Dodger fan that goes to many Giants games in SF, I enjoy the “Beat LA” chant. The reason… they hate my team so much because we owned them forever and they wish they had what we’ve enjoyed.
So when I hear that chant it brings a smile to my face!

Thank you Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dre!!!! Ethieraholics, unite! And celebrate!!



You had that typed and ready to go, didn’t you?

dodgereric – those 3 ball counts bugged me too. I wanted to see Brox act like the bases were empty and just challenge the hitters instead of nibbling around the edges of the plate.

Yes, let’s finish off the Giants! And give Nelly bragging rights!

Martin was batting 4/7 .571 3 rbi’s 2 walks. Maybe Martin should bat in front of Manny to jump start him if Ethier could do it why not and a triple with Kemp.


Hitting is so contagious………..

Awesome Andre! Magnificent Matt!


Have I ever told anyone I love watching Dre play!!!

Vin was saying while Andre was at bat that Matt had previous success against Howard, so I was hoping he would do something and he did. I’d still like another run or 2 to pad the lead going into the bottom of the 9th.

Ok Loretta let’s go 6/8 PH.

Make it 6 for 8 Mark!

Brox came in to face Ishikawa (.224) and Uribe (.227) and Aurilia (.200). Three ball counts to all, walking two of them. Can anyone tell me why he wouldn’t challenge these three donkeys? Is Honeycutt telling him to treat them all like Luis Pujols? Truly pathetic.

Now Ohman is coming in to pitch the ninth but he wasn’t good enough to pitch the eighth? Torre is such an idiot.

We, definitely, need a good Ohman tonight!!!!

dcollins – I never thought about it in that respect……………..I will try to look at it that way more often.

Good Evening Dodgereric/Ward Dear!!! Thank you, and thank you and thank you…………….three thank yous…… for you, one for Chris and one for Matt. Junie impressed and very thankful šŸ™‚

Way to go boys…………….now hang on to the lead please!!!!!!!

Does anyone else find that Carl’s Jr. milk shake commercial a little creepy!

Now we got hold them right there.
Let’s go OHMAN.

Ok Loretta let’s go 6/8 PH.

Thanks for the feedback Shad. I know he has hit him well in the past but that is a small sample of at bats.
& with the way Martin has been going I was surprised to see him @#4.
I have thought of batting him in front of Manny as well but he really did poorly in that spot last year.

I think Michael might have unplugged nelly’s computer………

Sigh but 5/8 is still good for Loretta. Ok Ohman one more out for Broxton to get a win.

One more out and they’re home free. My friend that is at the game tonight will be happy.

dcollins – I like watching Dre play too……………………really, I do!!!!!!!!

OK, there you are! And you’re welcome!

What does Ohman say!!!?????????????

What does Ohman say?????????


lla’y Q-uF – he’s a backwards lefty.

Pass the victory flask, seesky.

A LAUREL AND HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BOYS IN BLUE!!! Three Cheers for KING JAMES and his 2 RBI. MANNY Raising his Average to .366. TERRIFIC outing by our NEW ACE BILLINGSLY!!! WILL “THE OMEN” with a save!!! ANDRE’S 2 RUNS AND GAME WINNING RBI!!! And of course all the other players on this GREAT DODGERS TEAM!!! – Batman Hudson, Captain Marty, HIT MAN Kemp, Ferk, and Blake. TRIUMPH WILL BE OURS IN 2009!!!

And a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ITD’s own birthday girl, NELLS!!!


Yeah I know small sample size suck but heck even Pierre was 2/3 against Sanchez.

Now thats what I’m talking about TEAM BASEBALL!!!!!
Great Game Boy’s!!!!!!
Good Night All and GOD BLESS šŸ™‚


Thank you enchantedsunset…………………….. perfect timing as always šŸ™‚

hehehehe like the fu torre lol/

Happy Birthday, Again Nelly

Good Night Dodger4life!!!!! Thank you again for all the pictures and videos today. Take care and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my enchanted prefect timing but at least you didn’t wait until the game was over 2 to 3 hrs later.

Oh my enchanted prefect timing but at least you didn’t wait until the game was over 2 to 3 hrs later.

Now can somebody explain to me why our worst hitter is batting clean-up??

Thank you oldbrooklynfan!!!! It was great seeing the Dodgers win this one.

A victory toast for ITD!!!!!!!!!! Skoal!!!!!!!!!!!! Good night, all!!!!! And the Gnatbugs won’t bite in Merced!!!!!!!!

Eric I totally agree with you. That has been my complaint with Brox. He nibbles to much instead of going after guys and also overthrows and seldom changes speeds.
I also thought Ohman was a better call in that 8th inning spot than Brox.
I’m a Torre fan but I do think sometimes he makes decisions that don’t make sense.
Watching Torre yesterday I was impressed with his professionalism and the way he dealt with the players, fans, and media. He was around the cage and talking with players and seemed like he was encouraging them and teaching them.
I like Torre more today than yesterday.
But I don’t get some of his decisions. Maybe some of those are why players seem to like to play for him.

Andre scored 3 of the 5 runs tonight, and he was on base 4 of his 5 ABs, one mind you and intentional walk. He could very well be tied in the NL unless Pujols had an IBB tonight. Just fabulous!!!!

red pen – “an” not “and”


Good Night Seesky, and the gnat bugs are all quiet right now šŸ™‚

I was hoping enchanted would say with great defense to Martin, Loney and Blake.

It made sense to bring Broxton in. He is supposed to be the closer, meaning the go to guy when they are in a jam. He just pitched poorly tonight and cost Billingsly a win. Like I said in an earlier post and echoed by others, he was not challenging the batters but nibbling around the plate. Don’t blame Torre, he wasn’t the one with poor control tonight.

Well I just check and Pujols didn’t get one.

Okay as far as last night.
I went to the stadium at around 1:00 to get some autographs.
The 1st was Broxton. He didn’t say much but I’ve never gotten his autograph before so I was pumped.
#2 was Everyday Dre. As usual he was really friendly with everybody and signed autographs for everybody and took pictures with people.
I let him know we love him here and a group of us have been called Ethieraholics. He started laughing and said that means he better not leave LA or people might get upset. I let him know that we would all still be fans of his. & that we appreciate his hard work and attitude. That it showed us a lot.

I’m certainly thankful for the win, but that was an ugly game from BOTH team’s standpoints. Since I don’t give a crap about the Giant’s view………

Running Kemp earlier in the game (unless it was a hit-and-run, which it wasn’t) cost us a run. Molina is just too good to run on.

No way in the world Broxton gets this win. The official scorer needs to take it from him and give it to Ohman. It’s within his power.

Top of the lineup needs to get going. Oh for nine isn’t setting the table very well.

Torre needs to get his bullpen in order NOW, not in September. I thought Kuo looked OK in his last outing, despite giving up the HR. He was throwing strikes again and getting ahead in the count consistently. I haven’t seen him do that too much this year. Ohman is performing well and should be trusted.

Vinny was saying Broxton doesn’t talk much and say hi.

It seemed like Brox was kind of slipping back into the mode of trying to make every pitch 100 mph tonight. Maybe he was too pumped up. I think he’s at his best when he has the slider working too and can mix it up.

Glad you had fun DCollins. That’s great you got to talk to Andre. I don’t think Brox is a man of many words. He seems really shy.

Thank you for checking that Shad.

dcollins – that is fantastic you got to talk to Andre.

Don’t forget leaving runner on 3rd bases and with runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out you must get that runner in from 3rd bases.

I ended up getting about 15 autographs total and so I was really happy about that.
The score I wasn’t happy about.
It was a fun night even though we lost.
Martin seems like he was pressing and takes the game very seriously. He just doesn’t look happy.

I would had started with Troncoso to be honest Broxton had no right to be in the 8th innings.

Yes, absolutely Shad. Our hitting with runners in scoring position has been terrible lately. But I think that will come around though. Today’s ninth inning might have started something. Too bad Linsecum is going tomorrow.

Nelly, even though a lot of people in the media always make sure to say that Andre’s success has come batting in front of and behind Manny, and I’m not saying it hasn’t benefited him, I think the most impressive thing is that it doesn’t matter where he’s hitting in the lineup, he’s coming through with great at bats. He’s definitely coming of age like we all knew he would.

The at bat that Manny had last night against Veldez was a really fun at bat. It reminded me of the one with Gagne vs Bonds years ago.
It was a great battle (Last night) and I’ll always remember it as I was sitting 7 rows behind the Dodgers on deck circle.

dc (and enchanted earlier), I think I get why Torre keeps batting Martin where he does, but he doesn’t seem to be responding. I think it’s time to put him where he belongs in this lineup anyway – eighth.

bluecrewgirl – absolutely!!!! It appears he has found his groove regardless of where he is batting. That last AB was 10 pitches and he still got it done in the end.

dcollins – that sounds like it was just so much fun!!!

I’ve never seen Brox talk all that much. In Vero last year I’d ask him for an autograph as he’d walk by and he would mumble something and point across from where we were standing.
I would agree that he is a quiet & shy guy. Interesting that he is in a spot in his career where he is on the center stage. Tough spot for someone quiet & shy.

I get it to Eric. He’s trying to get him better pitches to hit to get him going. But you are correct. It’s time to move him down. He isn’t even having good at bats. I don’t mind if he doesn’t always get a hit but he hasn’t had good at bats. He did better last night but was really bad tonight.
If he gets going look out.

I had a post disappear. The blog is kind if jumpy tonight. Anyway, I agree with you both dodgereric and dcollins. I think it would help Russell to relax if he was moved down in the order. I am pretty sure it was when he was moved down in the order last season that he started to come around with the bat.

bluecrewGIRL and Junie, it just so happens that I ran a ton of stats during the winter regarding our guys hitting around Manny and this is what I found:

Manny just about split his Dodger at-bats in ’08 between the 3 (39 for 95 – .411) and 4 slots (35 for 92 – .380)

Dodgers in front of Manny in the 3 slot (47 for 109 – .431)
Led by Andre (34 for 80 – .425)
DeWitt was 4 for 9
Kemp was 1 for 4
Kent was 1 for 2
Martin was 4 for 6
Pierre was 3 for 8

Dodgers in front of Manny in the 4 slot (36 for 105 – .343)
Led by Kent (31 for 79 – .392)
Martin was 5 for 22
Garciaparra was 0 for 4

So hitting in front of Manny is a nice place, right? How about behind him?

Dodgers behind Manny in the 3 slot (25 for 106 – .236)
Either was 4 for 10
Kent was 2 for 10
Garciaparra was 1 for 4
Blake was 4 for 28 – .143
Loney was 14 for 54 – .259

Dodgers behind Manny in the 4 slot (27 for 100 – .200)
Led by Loney (22 for 70 – .314)
Kent was 1 for 8
Martin was 0 for 3
Garciaparra was 2 for 12
Blake was 2 for 7

Put ’em all together and the Dodgers in front of Manny in ’08 were 83 for 214 (.388) and 52 for 206 (.252) behind him.

Conclusion – only a 2 month sample, but Either probably isn’t benefitting from hitting behind Manny…… he’s just a damned good hitter in his own right. He needs to be hitting behind Manny to protect him. This should be our every day lineup, someone tell Torre:

Furcal (S)
Hudson (S)
Ramirez (R)
Ethier (L)
Kemp (R)
Loney (L)
Blake (R)
Martin (R)

Martin would be a good #8. He can bunt. He can run. If they pitch around him, good for us.

Nelly the beat LA chant is okay. When they pull the “Dodgers S**K” chant I usually chant “Check the flags – Check the flags – Check the flags” and point to left center field where the NL west flags fly showing the Dodgers in 1st and Giants in 3rd or like during last year 4th.
Oh and of course all the Giants fans were out of the woodwork today popping off about the game last night. Even though they were swept by us not to long ago.
So I’ve informed a few people that I left them alone last year and thus far this year but now the gloves are off.

That’s very interesting, dodgereric. I would have thought the batting average for hitting in front of him would be higher than behind, but didn’t think it would be that far apart. Goodnight everyone. Great game tonight. Talk to you all later.

dc, I’m proud of you carrying our flag into the Gnatnest! You could also chant “FIFTY-FIVE YEARS! FIFTY-FIVE YEARS! FIFTY-FIVE YEARS!” lol!!!!

That is the lineup I like as well Eric. Just with some variation based on certain situations (Day game after night, day off, certain pitchers success against the players, etc…).

That is the lineup I like as well Eric. Just with some variation based on certain situations (Day game after night, day off, certain pitchers success against the players, etc…).

I’ve got to go but great win and take care!!!
Go Blue!!!
And Eric I’m going to use that chant! Thanks!!!

Good Night bluecrewgirl!!!!!

great stuff Eric!!!

dcollins – good for you šŸ™‚

Good Night dcollins – Thanks for the stories about your experience at AT&T. We will get there one of these days.

Goodnight bluecrewGIRL!

I wouldn’t mind switching guys around now and then dc, as long as they respond well to it.

Well, I think it’s time for me to hit the sack. Good night and God Bless One and All!

Let’s get Linsecum tomorrow!

Good Night dodgereric!!! Take Care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family.

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!! It was an ugly win tonight, but I will take it. Let’s get the rubber match tomorrow, which won’t be easy with Linsecum pitching. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really think Martin would bunt in that 8th spot. I’m seeing alot more walk from him in that spot.

Wow interesting stats there I like the 55 years chant.

Good morning ITDland ~ loved reading all your post from last night. I actually got to watch the game on TV and didn’t want to leave it.
Dodgereric ~ love your stats as always. And I agree with your batting order. Of course, that is why you are Manager!
Dcollins ~ thank you for speaking for us Ethieraholics. Andre is such a nice guy and I want him to know as much as possible how we feel about him.

Hey, Joe, a little backseat driving from the uninformed in ITD land. First off, Joe, you make me seasick with your ever-changing batting orders. Question to Joe and all us “old timers” out there: How often did Tommy change the batting order during the “glory years?” Answer (from what I remember??): VERY SELDOM. Lopes, Russell, Smith, Garvey, Cey, Baker, Monday, Yeager. Joe, I’ll give you kudos for keeping Hudson #2 when everyone wanted Ethier. But Ethier has shown he’s a stud, in front of or behind Manny. But Joe, Kemp went on record in Spring Training saying he didn’t care where you batted him, as long as you left him there. So Joe, why not stick with a set line-up for a while? Why do you get so freaking antsy with this match-up…or that match-up…or whatever side of the bed you get up on…or whatever your astrological forecast says…or whether you’ve see a groundhog or not? Furcal, Hudson, Manny, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Blake, Martin. There. You can thank me later.

As for your incredible handling of the bullpen, you’re killing Broxton, and while at it, how can you even consider Wade as your 8th inning set-up man when he’s activated? He’s as brittle as Kuo. Not that you asked me, but I’d like to see a DURABLE veteran who throws strikes and has a little pop on the ball. Not much down there, huh? Thanks, Ned. But maybe, just maybe (a BIG maybe!!??!) a guy like Weaver. As I remember, Weaver’s problem was always the second and third time through a line-up. And don’t look now, but Weaver’s got 12 Ks in 12.2 innings down on the farm…and only 2 walks. I mean, heck, Broxton matched that in a third of an inning last night.

Anyway, Joe, thanks for listening. Keep up the good work. The Dodgers are tied for the best record in the National League–either because of you or in spite of you. Haven’t quite figured out which one yet…

Kahli ~ FANTASTIC!!!! If it were a petition, I’d be first to sign it!

new thread…

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