Lineup tonight in SF…

I had a flashback earlier today to the days when the Dodgers weren’t always televised and it was the San Francisco games that you could always count on being on TV. Well, we’re on every night these days, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Tonight we’re on KCAL.

Here’s the lineup.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loretta, 1B

Blake, 3B

Wolf, P

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Oh man I’m going to missed Marlon maybe we can dump Pierre for him.

Nice lineup doesn’t even mind if Loney is out because of his 1/20 against Zito and Loretta is 4/19 but Loretta has been a good surprise for us and hitting .538 in 13 AB’s.

From the previous thread…………………..

messagebear – Like I always say, when you speak, you speak well and it speaks volumes – fantastic!!!

dodgereric – great letter to #22

enchanted – having a son who is a pitcher…….they do think that way at times. At his level it’s more about defense. If he knows the best defense isn’t on the field, he tends to think he needs to strike everyone out and will tend to over pitch instead of trusting the pitches that create ground balls, etc. I know Kersh is at the big league and shouldn’t have to think that way, but some things in a player’s mind I am sure are engrained into their thinking already and perhaps that is one of them, IMO of course.

Also from the previous thread…

I would hope Kershaw has more to think about when it is his turn to pitch than who is in the Dodger lineup that game. He is a young pitcher with a lot of upside and he is going to have games like this. Pitchers with a lot more experience than Kersh have suffered whiplash pitching in Coors watching baseballs fly all over the place.

As for Joe’s method of resting players, I would rather see him rest a couple guys at the same time one game a week than spread off days over a few games. I want the best players in the lineup as much as possible so I am willing to sacrafice that one game a week if necessary if doing so helps the player and the tea

Hey everybody lets have some fun…….
BEAT THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Let the Good Times Roll!!!

So, I guess we might have to assume most day games or fly away games will be like this. I don’t have a problem resting the 3 starters as much as why do it for Kershaw. As long as it’s not just him they do this too, then fine, have it Joe’s way. Also, like many have said, that happens to the best pitchers at Coors Field so I am not concerned at all with Kersh’s ability at all. I have every confidence he will be there in the end when it counts most.

I personally don’t think we should have “throw away” games…..they will come back to bite us in the a**. I believe dodgereric said yesterday that 26 year old players don’t need a day of rest. I think Pujols plays every game and, why shouln’t he?!

I personally don’t think we should have “throw away” games…..they will come back to bite us in the a**. I believe dodgereric said yesterday that 26 year old players don’t need a day of rest. I think Pujols plays every game and, why shouln’t he?!

I personally don’t think we should have “throw away” games…..they will come back to bite us in the a**. I believe dodgereric said yesterday that 26 year old players don’t need a day of rest. I think Pujols plays every game and, why shouln’t he?!

Sorry about the triple post………”submission error”!!!

Nelly, my guess Joe would have made out Sunday’s lineup the way he did no matter who was pitching for the Dodgers. I could see him making decisions based upon the opposing pitcher as he is doing tonight.

Kersh is only three years out of high school. Whether its consciously or not I think when a pitcher knows he doesn’t have three key starters, and one of the replacements is Pierre (and I’m talking more about his defensive liabilities now), you couldn’t help but feel you need to be more dominating to keep your club in the game. Now throw in Coors Field where sometimes a pitcher’s curve gets no bite, balls carry even this time of year, and a pretty fair hitting Rockies team, and it was a disaster.

Hard to say the game would’ve turned out any differently, but as Tru puts it, it was thrown away almost before it was started.

Dear Matt Kemp. Please shine tonight in the fourth slot so Joe has to move you up, at least to the fifth or sixth slot on a regular basis. Thank you very much.

According to SF’s local ABC News, tonight is Star Trek Movie Night at AT&T Park. There’s lots of trekkies there who were interviewed, saying the Dodgers were “Worse than the Borg”, and wanted it to be known that their phasers are set to “Annihilate”, and pointed at “Every Dodger in the Dugout.”

Where’s the Death Star when you need it? Misguided, these basement-dwellers are. (and this is coming from a person who holds Trek in higher esteem than Star Wars… though I don’t do the ears).

Attention Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog, you’re needed at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

Wow I didn’t think they was going to trash the Giants offense on Kcal. Ok you 2 don’t jinxed them tonight.

These Giant fans, duped by the Dark Side, they are…

Damn Ethier

Who are these guys with the Dodger uniforms on. That’s not the Matt Kemp I’m used to seeing.

Wolf has a psyche made of glass.

Why are you mad at Andre, if I may ask?

Come on Dodgers!!!!! Lets get some runs!!!!!

A typical Wolf start.

It’s windy up here in NorCal, and it’s nuckin’ futs like Candlestick out at the Bay. On TV, you could see the ball Kemp couldn’t come up with take a 20 foot slice from where it would’ve ended up otherwise. As for the up the middle shot that went past Wolf and Hudson, that was a rocket… just wide of Wolf’s glove.

We’re not out of this one, though. Now we know what we’re working with. And will someone PLEASE shut Kruk and Kuip up? And what the ^$(*@*)( is BarRoid Bonds doing at the game? His #@$# eating grin is getting on my nerves!

He almost ran into Kemp and almost was a big collison. I don’t know why Ethier didn’t let Kemp would had made that catch no reason to even come close to him and sorry the Giants should had zero run no excuse.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard that too northstate………what morons!!!!

Oops it should had read I don’t know why Ethier didn’t let Kemp catch that ball and he would had made that catch.

Well, this is not going to be our night.

It was supposed to be the second baseman’s ball according to Gameday so why not let Ethier take it if O-Dog couldn’t and Kemp back off…..just saying. It’s too early to start blaming players for things.

I guess you not watching Kcal Vinny also said Bonds was at the game.

like northstate said, it’s very windy and that ball could have been Ethier’s and then moved and became Kemp’s. They ruled it a double, no error was given.

I hate to be negative but I think Kemp would had made that catch if Ethier was so close to him.

After the collision, Hudson was chatting with Kemp, pointed to Ethier, and gave Kemp a bat as Kemp nodded. My guess is that O-Dawg was saying that it was Ethier’s ball (and in the replay, Ethier was the one who called for it). But the scorer gave Renteria a double for the play anyway, so I guess they felt the wind made it an unplayable ball.

Kruk and Kuip are chirping with the fervor (and the intelligence) of Spring Chickens. Sickening.

Some gray haired dude kissed BarRoid Bonds before they went to commercial last inning. Just thought you should know.

The official scorer must felt sorry for Kemp. I know what I seen on TV that ball would’ve been caught.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, it’s too early in this game to start laying blame on anything or anybody. It’s is extremely windy and there will probably be more plays like it guaranteed, hopefully to our advantage next time.

Whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Wasted opportunity there. Was really hoping to see Hudson’s fly-ball drop. so much for that.

Think I’m gonna find out if they’re carrying this game in SAP, I’d rather listen in Spanish and miss half of what they’re saying than keep listening to these rejects.

The wind so far helped the Giants a lot.

Typical Dodger inning of late. We leave a numerous amount of runners on base. Can’t seem to get the hit at the right time.

northstateblues – I went to gameday……………I can’t stand it, not to mention my son is here, thinking they are just wonderful.

MLB premium has the game on k-cal in hd.

Wolf will settle down, waiting for the Dodgers to get close or tie…then he’ll tank again. Allow me his post-game quote. “Conditions were tough out there tonight and misplays happen, especially up here. But that just means I’ve got to bear down and pick up my teammates. There’s no excuse. I couldn’t close the door with runner on base that first inning. I cost us the ball game…” ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

That’s more like it! C’mon Dodgers, let’s shut SF up!!!

Nelly, can’t get Gameday in the living room… and can’t find an AM radio to try for the Bakersfield feed.

I have premium, but I live up here so I won’t get this game because it is SF we are playing. It will be blacked out I think (at least in the past).

nellyjune, do you have reg or premium? All the premium games you have a choice of hpome or away feeds. Great listening to the Dodger announcers. Last year was always subjected to the other teams announcers when Dodgers on the road.

He got hit last time by Zito pitched too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I got KABC radio……..I am good now. Boblee – I am blocked out from this game even on because it’s a game in my area, regardless of home/away.

So Nellie, you get this game on regular TV, right?

Wonder if Wolf’ll remember that, Nelly.

I also wonder if someone will foul a line drive right into BarRoid’s grill.

And Kruk and Kuip said they’ll have a special guest for the 5th inning. Wonder if the “guest” will let them know he’s parked over by the commissary.

yes, but it’s gnat announcers, Kruk and Kuip,and like northstate says, they are very, very, very annoying to say the very least.

Come on Dodgers, lets make Zito work hard this inning.

The announcers are umpiring again… at this rate, I’m going over to Psychollingy and thank them up and down for not being the shamless umpiring homers that these two are. Geez.

I ALMOST prefer Joe Morgan. Almost.

LMAO!!!!!! I hear ya northstateblues ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to hoping the Dodgers light up the scoreboard with Barry in the booth.

C’mon Dodgers, Now is the perfect time!!

OH Yes, I remember those Giant announcers, they are bad.
They root along for the Giants and cross out people in Dodger gear on the screen.
I don’t blame you.
They stink, especially when the Gnats are winning.

I did call the first inning Typical for Wolf, but I don’t fault him for those pop fly hits.

intresting tidbits from Barry in the booth:

“Hudson’s gonna do good hitting before Manny. Rich Aurillia did good hitting before me. No slight to Kent, but I feel that me and Aurillia were the best 1-2 combination when I was playing.”

“Boston should’ve been careful what they wished for… Look at Papi, he was more successfull with Manny in the lineup” (that was a low blow to Papi)

(about the Dodger fans)”It was just a persona, I created that character. They weren’t gonna buy tickets for my ability, were they?”

Why does everyone cut Kemp so much slack? The guy has all the tools except a baseball brain. Spit, I don’t know what you were looking at but Kemp clearly strayed way over into Eithier’s territory and caused a collision on a ball that Andre had all the way.

Kemp’s new contacts sure haven’t helped him all that much .

ZITO looks good tonight,…at least for 6 innings.

… and another quote I forgot, to bring up the rear (“:: in Connery voice :: bringing up the rear, just like your mother, Trebek!” Sorry, could’nt resist), about the “persona” he created: “I’m gonna have to get in touch with Manny, and teach him how to create that persona.” (reacting to Duane Kuiper mentioning that the SF fans don’t give Manny the business that LA fans gave Barry).

Why does everyone cut Kemp so much slack? The guy has all the tools except a baseball brain. Spit, I don’t know what you were looking at but Kemp clearly strayed way over into Eithier’s territory and caused a collision on a ball that Andre had all the way.

C’mon Dodgers, let’s get into that Bullpen. and more importantly, DONT GET SHUT OUT!!!

Lets make some noise…. Boy’s!!!!

Things better start happening it’s getting late.
Maybe some mistake from Zito.

I just got home a few minutes ago, but from what I can tell the Dodgers are making Zito look way better than he’ been on a long time. They seem kind of flat considering they only flew in from Colorado yesterday, which isn’t that long of a flight. Damn, Andre hit the ball really hard on his last at bat. That must be frustrating as a player to tag the ball and get robbed by a good defensive play.

Well if that is right someone had a bad camera angle and had it on Kemp all this time and it look like it was Ethier fault for cutting Kemp off. If you watching Kcal on ch 9 than you see what I was talking about but still Kemp had the best angle it look like it from the screen.

Why does everyone cut Kemp so much slack? The guy has all the tools except a baseball brain. Spit, I don’t know what you were looking at but Kemp clearly strayed way over into Eithier’s territory and caused a collision on a ball that Andre had all the way.

This is what I see on tv maybe there was a better angle to see it.

Good job Blake.

The beard raked that one a mile. Way to go Casey!

Nice hitting Pierre run run run


C’mon Bochy, can Zito stay to play for a while longer?

Sorry for the extra post – PC power problems…
I was watching on KCAL and it looked to me like the ball was in right field, not center. After the play Hudson talked to them both and pointed to Either. It was Eithier’s play. I appreciate the great plays that Kemp does make from time to time but he still has a lot to learn.

Nice hitting Pierre run run run

Now all we need is some more of that from Zito.
Great cloth CASEY.


And Juanpy getting in on the action!

And now we get into SF’s weary bullpen. It’s getting better all the time…

Zito’s “balk” was definitely one of the highlights of the night… he had trouble holding on to it… too much Crisco? Maybe taking a page from Gaylord Perry’s book?

I think the ball was in Center than the wind blew it in RF I guess it fool both players but no big deal.

Thank you 32and53fan!!!! My point was it wasn’t anybody’s fault. The way the wind is blowing it very well could have started out being one players ball and ended up being the others. My issue was the slamming wasn’t called for that early in the game, and if you are going to slam, then why not slam Matt for the next play where he clearly misread the ball, but once again, it was in very windy conditions, and I think the scorekeeper is ruling the hits as such.

I still think we should be up 3-0. Odog is so clutch.

O-Dog! Still only one out.


Yes, Manny!!!

Nice rbi Manny.

Wow they definitely have a lot more come from behind ability this season.


Sounds like there’s a goodly number of Dodger fans at the park tonight.


Sigh maybe Kemp should had took that 3-1 pitch.

I don’t know why they gave Kemp the green light. I would have had him take one more pitch.

Why does everyone cut Kemp so much slack? The guy has all the tools except a baseball brain. Spit, I don’t know what you were looking at but Kemp clearly strayed way over into Eithier’s territory and caused a collision on a ball that Andre had all the way.


#$!@^#$@#$! Sorry again for the repost. I was just trying to check the page again.

Great catch, Andre!!


32and53fan ~ I agree with everything you said. I don’t know if you are new to ITD but either way, I’m glad to see you here.

AARRRRGGHHHHHH!!! Here we go again . . . .

Now all we need is a double play.

Thanks Tru. I have been on and off here for awhile but have not posted much under that name. This blog has more of “I love my little Dodgerpoo no matter what” feel to it than the Dodger Thoughts blog or even the ProSportsDaily board.
I love the Dodgers but do not like to see mental errors. I appreciate the physical skills that players like Kemp possess but I also like scrappy, less physically gifted players that use their brains to keep on top of the action and take advantage of every opportunity. They know when to take a walk, poke the ball the other way, or to take the extra base when the other team hesitates a little.


Fielder’s choice – wrong choice Beli.

This is unbelievable. Take him out, Joe!

I really don’t even like listening to games coming from AT&T Park…………..can’t they at least come up with another frickin’ chant.

32and53 ~ who were you before?

I love the Let’s go Dodgers must be alot of Dodgers fan

Nelly, they may be Gnat fans but they have midget imaginations.


dcollins – hang in there!!! We are behind you in spirit while in enemy territory. GO DODGERS!!!!

Nelly, I forgot Dcollins was at the game tonight.

LOL!!! very true bluecrewgirl. This will become the highlight of their season so far if they win this you know ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank goodness this inning is over!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

Got out of that with a lot less pain than there could have been.

I don’t know what Casey was seeing to swing on that pitch. He was obviously asking himself the same question by the look on his face.

Well, that sucks in more ways than one around here.

You don’t have much time on a 94mph pitch to determine whether to swing or not – especially when there are two strikes.

Nelly, hopefully they won’t rub it in too bad. Sucks that they gave the game away after coming from behind.

No kidding – LOL!!!

Well, it looks like Wilson may have gotten a talking too after yesterday’s game. I guess the rumor was is that Wilson was out partying until 3 am the night before his closing performance yesterday where he blew Cain’s three run lead. Heard that information from gnat fans at school this morning.

If Belisario didn’t try for the out at the plate, we would be still playing but the Pods lost so we’re still 2 1/2 up.

I don’t think they will be too hard on me hopefully. We are still in first place in the standings.

Lakers are having another late in the game implosion after leading by 20 they are only up by 6.

What a joke they was playing good defense until this 4th. When I seen the Jazz had like 19 points in 6 min I knew they was going to somehow blow this lead.

I remember in 1951 my teacher a Christian Brother, was the only Giant fan in a class with mostly Dodger fans. He made my classmate, the biggest Dodger bragger, put up the scoreboard the next day after Bobby Thomson HR and stated “There stands the greatest finish in baseball history”
NELLY you can make them Giant fans pay.

I think they have it now, Shad, but they seem to make it way too close too often lately.

Thank you oldbrooklynfan!!!!

I love the we want taco chant so classic there lol.

You’re up by 19 points going into the 4th and Phil can’t even rest 3 to 4 starters and it so amazing how they can blow this lead and man we should’ve won this by 25+ points.

Damn what the heck happen to the Hornets? You rarely see the +/- by all the players at -. To bad Hart wasn’t the only person that didn’t have a double digit +/- at +8.;_ylt=AqqZhVUs5L8UtjMCt_oowjw5nYcB?gid=2009042703

So, does this mean we won’t hear from enchanted after a game on days we lose?

This game reminded me of a lot of games from last season. Hope they get back on track with Bills tomorrow. I think they will. Did the kids have a good time at the prom, Nelly?

Yes, very much so bluecrewgirl. A very nice looking couple if I should say so myself. We, as adults, had a good time that night as well. Dodger game and dinner……can’t beat that!!!

tough loss.coming from behind and than letting it slip away.i was at work so i couldnt watch it but i was following it on my phone.thought torre shouldve took belisario out after 1 inning.give troncoso or kuo the ball,even ohman.i dont know the last time that guy pitched.i think we definitely need wade and kuroda back.with wade back,we got our setup man and with kuroda back we can move mcdonald to the pen.i still feel eventualy we’ll need to get another arm.probably a releiver.a good one.luckily we got bills tomorrow and i think he’ll get us a W.the guy’s been great and i hope he can continue it.and goooooooo lakers!!!

Some great things said about some Dodger outfielder who shall remain nameless………………………….Andre ๐Ÿ™‚

Wade is supposed to be back very soon. It can’t be too soon as far as I’m concerned.

Nelly, glad they and you had a good time.

I can’t wait to have Cory Wade back. I think we need him back more than Kuroda at this point, not that it wouldn’t be great to have him back also, but our BP needs help ASAP.

yea our BP definitely needs help and good article on Andre.even in a year or two when mannys gone i think having him here for a few years will make dre’ a dangerous hitter all the time for the rest of his carrer.any of you think eventually someone like milton or weaver will get called up?if so,you think they’d come out of the pen or maybe start for McD if he’s still struggling?

Some are already thinking (or hoping) for Weaver. I am not sold on either one to be honest.

I actually would like to see Weaver get a chance. I always liked him when he was with the Dodgers before. I know he’s had some real highs and real lows in recent years, but I’d like to see him come on and really contribute. One thing on his side, he was always very durable and healthy when he was with them before.

im not convinced on either as well.and i feel giving mcdonald the chance is good but if he keeps giving up 4 or 5 runs in only 4 or 5 innings eventually i think they should give weaver a shot,maybe even milton if he continues to pitch well in the minors

Oh my 119 walks I would love to see that.

I think we should dfa Elbert and called up Weaver and put McDonald in the bullpen. He was great for us last year and against Phillies in the playoff. I was getting worry about Elbert only pitches 1 game the past week.

Oh, I think it’s going to happen. He has as many IBBs as Manny already, and both of them are one behind Youkilis, Pujols and Overbay. It’s kind of good company, don’t you think? Like joepierre said, they seem to pitch around him an awful lot like they are afraid of him, and he has been hit by a pitch by Zito twice this season already, which may not be intentional, but maybe it is.

nellyjune you talking about eithier right?

Well, That Sucked! The Hated Giants Score Three Runs in the Terrible Third when they Shouldn’t Have Scored at All and then Break Down a Terrific Comeback by the Dodgers by Scoring Two Runs in the Awful Eighth by Not Hitting The Stinking Ball out of the Infield after those First Two Singles! And The Worst Part of it All was that Dodgereric Can’t Even Blame Torre for Leaving Bellasario In Because He Was Glad to See Him Start the Eighth! Too Bad the Comeback Was Wasted Because it was a Beautiful Thing To See. We’re Never Out of it This Year, But Then Again We’ll Never Feel Safe With a Lead Either!

So, I am guessing by all the capitals you are not impressed – LOL!!!!

mdavis – yes, I am ๐Ÿ™‚ I was answering Spit sort of

It’s my anti-Deschenes attempt.

Ooh, just got an inspiration! Hold on……..

For somebody who didn’t have such a great night at AT&T, he sure is making news tonight. Yes, it’s Andre again ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, is that what that was? LMAO!!!!! Now I get it!!!!! So, enchanted will be “if we win” ndeschenes, and dodgereric will be “if we lose” ndeschenes. That makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

eithiers definitely getting into pitchers minds.the mans getting better and better

Well, that didn’t work out very well. I was trying for a Bizarro-deschenes tack. Readers of Superman will know what I was going for but I couldn’t make it work.

It sure does seem that way, doesn’t it?

Well, bizarre kind of fits. If your name wasn’t attached to it, I would not have known it was you who had posted it.

So, are you still working on that inspiration, or is that not going to work out either?

The bizarro thing WAS the inspiration, but I just deleted it all. Everything is backwards to them – ugly is beautiful, you win by losing, etc. Maybe enchanted’s imagination can make it work, but I’m coming up empty.

Here is some information on our pitches with the Isotopes. I got his off of digthedodgers blog site……he is doing a very imformative site………..kind of cool.

Notable Pitchers: (Record, ERA, IP, WHIP, BB, K)

Eric Milton: 2-2, 3.86, 21.0, 1.14, 4, 14 (This week: 2-0, 0.00, 12.0 IP, 4 Hits, 3 BB, 7 K)

Jeff Weaver: 1-0, 3.55, 12.2, 1.03, 2, 12

Tanyon Sturtze: 0-1, 7.11, 6.1, 2.05, 4, 7 (3 saves)

Shawn Estes: 0-1, 3.46, 13.0, 1.46, 3, 14

It’s okay…………….so you are not perfect – LOL!!! I thought the post was great just as it was, whether you were trying to be ndeschenes or not.

miltons numbers are nice.i say at least two or three more starts before bringing him up,weaver also needs a little more apperances to show hes solid.of course if our bullpens still blowing leads and mcdonalds sucking we’re gonna have to bring some of them up regardless

So, maybe bring up Milton to see what he can do, perhaps?

BTW, there’s an interesting little movie on TCM called “Kill The Umpire” with William Bendix. He’s a guy who hates umps but is in school to become one. I think I saw this about a million years ago. I think he ends up making a big call at the plate in a big game. He calls a guy safe who really seemed out. The catcher dropped the ball and got knocked out. The crowd riots. The catcher comes to later and backs up Bendix’ call.

I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

I found it!!!!

So, do you know why he is seeing double?

This is funny Eric!!!!

He used the wrong eyedrops just before the game. The other guy he’s umping with had a whole medicine cabinet full of stuff.

“How can people get so mad at umpires? After all, we’re human too!”

“Human? Aw, go on! Umpiring is the lowest thing that can happen to a man!”


No way I don’t trust Milton at all but I know Weaver can’t be worst than he was in ST. I think with our offense he’ll probably win 10 to 11 games but you never know what your getting with him.


Oh my Eric and it just doesn’t seem right when you do that in a loss lol.

That was pretty funny……what I saw of it.

That catcher was Alan Hale, Sr – the Skipper’s dad!

And I saw enough of Weaver and Milton and Estes in ST.

I gotta go to bed. Good night all, God Bless and let’s get ’em tomorrow!

Good Night Dodgereric!!!! Take care and God Bless to you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!!! A painful game tonight, but tomorrow is another day and another chance to show those gnats who is the best team, with the best fans. I will be interested to hear dcolllins’ take on the game seeing how he was there. Take Care and God Bless to everyone!!

We really don’t have choice do we eric? I really think pitching in ST is alot of different than pitching in a reg season game because in ST the ballpark is always smaller than the reg stadium ballpark. Well actually you guys mean later on today lol.

GN Nelly


Good Morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
After reading the articles about the game last night, there were alot of should’a ~ would’a ~ coulda’s. That wont get it done, it was a tough atmosphere with the wind and cold not to mention that lame chant, but we still need to put some solid baseball together and come out on top. Wolf erase the first inning and you pitched well, unfortunatly erasing is not an option. I have faith you will step it up though. Fielding errors, we are to good of a team and have way to much talent to continue this pattern, Hit it ~ Field it~ Throw it, and to the right base, yes Belisario they teach you in little league to get the out at first. I have faith you will do better in the future also. We put one good inning together last night when we needed it, only problem was the Giants put two good innings together when they needed it.
I have heard enough of the Could’a ~ Should’a ~ Woulda’s.
Heck that is my excuse… I could’a been in the big leagues,
I should’a been a hall of famer, I would’a been but I just did’nt get it done. It does’nt work for me and it wont work for you. GET IT DONE BOY’S!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Nelly, I hope your day is just fabulous, and we can get you a Dodger win tonight!!!!

Fantastic post, Dodger4life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick pop in to say Happy Birthday Nelly!
Let’s hope the Dodgers get a win for your day!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

How is Kuo going to get back his confidence and stride if he’s not allowed to pitch in a game situation except once a week. In saying that I have to assume that there’s nothing wrong physically with Kuo – always a big assumption when dealing with Conte’s judgment. If he’s not ready from Spring Training and the early season for real game action, then send him down to ABQ, so he can get in some steady work. As it is, his situation really leaves me perplexed, so I can imagine how he feels no matter how much Joe “talks” to him.

My other thought is that Joe is getting caught up in his good Troncoso experience of a few games ago, and he wants every reliever to be able to go more than one inning. Typically that doesn’t work out. How many times do we see a relief pitcher do great in getting his three outs, but blows it in the next inning. That seemed to be the trademark of one Giovanni Carrara. Not automatically blaming last night’s loss on leaving in Bellisario, but the crux of the problem for our eighth inning woes I believes goes back to Kuo and Joe’s inability to use him effectively.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Thank you tru (mom), dodger4life and dcollins!!!! Last night everyone behaved themselves in the house, and I am guessing because of today. However, I want the win today regardless. Even my custodian said even though Zito pitched a good game, we lost the game versus them winning the game. For a Giants fan, he is pretty cool, and he actually hates the “Beat LA” chant.

BEAT SF…..BEAT SF…..BEAT SF…………..BEAT SF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good mornint ITD bloggers
Well last night lost truely sucked. PITCHERS….I’ll blame it on the pitchers…and oh yeah eventhou he is a great player and I love him but KEMP shouldn’t of gotten on ETHIERS way. HUDSON, MANNY & BLAKE good job and oh yeah PIERRE you did contribute to last nights scoring!

BEAT SF…..BEAT SF…..BEAT SF…………..BEAT SF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Rose…………………… of my students gave me a Dodger history book, and another gave me a stuffed animal named “Andre”….we already have a bears named Ethier and Dodgereric so she went with Andre for a name. However, the best gifts are the homemade cards because they all have reference to either the Dodgers or my love of baseball in general. Like I said, there are many, many days where this class is probably the most challenging I have had in a long, long time, but it’s times like these that are the ones that are cherished and I hold onto. Thanks again Rose, and yes, the Dodgers need to win tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

Homemade cards are priceless. Love them! They are wonderful students. Well I hope you have a wonderful day and you receive lots of blessings and hope you receive the best present ever….DODGERS KICKING SOME GIANTS BEHINDS!

I LOVE L.A.!!!! I LOVE L.A.!!!! I LOVE L.A.!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLY!!!!! Hope you have a great one!!!!!

jhall is in the ITD house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am having a fabulous day, but it will be a nice top off to the day if our Dodgers win tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to join the list to wish a very happy, blessed birthday to Nelly. Hoping your day is just as special as you are!

Happy Birthday, Nelly. I wouldn’t have known except for the mention by others on ITD. You’re one of the pleasant center-pieces of this ITD forum, one whose comments inspire enthusiasm not only for our Dodgers and the game, but for life itself as you describe it concerning your family and your work function. You are always especially valued here and deserving of all the best. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, once again.

Wishing you a great Dodgerholic day with Billz going for his 5th win!

Hello EMMA…I just checked out your blog…OMG! I love your 70’s outfit…you are CRAZY…in a fun way! LOVE IT. I saw all the pics with Kemp, Manny, Furcal (I think), and of course BROXTON…HE IS TALL..wooow! And of course I ran into your pics of FOOD. I am starving right now, those pics look delicious. So that reminds me…WHEN IN ETHIER UPDATING HIS BLOG?

Nelly ~ I’m so glad today is your birthday, I love a good party…..Unfortunatly I cant be there in person but if I was the margarita’s would be plentiful……
We would also have cake…..
And if I could swing it we would have presents too…..
You know we all love ya and appreciate your commitment to ITD, Andre and the Dodgers……Gotta take care of the Team Mom, now!!!
So I hope you have a wonderful day today, and it end’s with a bang!!!
Life is good today!!!!
Happy Birthday Nelly
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

There is a cake in there somewhere Nelly.

messagebear – Thank you very much, and I credit you, along with enchanted, jhall, dodgereric, jungar, northstateblues, Kahli and plus others we haven’t seen in a while for making this so enjoyable to read in the first place. It’s the writers who get the readers to sign on in the first place, and ever since the day I signed onto ITD, it’s been a place of fun, excitement, at times the needed seriousness (boy, have we had those times and still are), and of course, the LMAO moments, which definitely seems to be in the majority around here most of time. So, thank you, and as always………………..looking forward to reading what you have to say about this beloved team of ours.

Dodger4life – THAT was wonderful!!!! Thank you…. and the only thing I have to wait on is the youtube one. Everything else came through just fine. Thanks for the parade of Andre pictures – LOL!!!!!! I think Ramslover needs to look at those so he can visualize who number 16 really is so maybe it will sink in this time – LOL!!!!!! You are fabulous and you are our Dodger4life!!!!!!

My pleasure Nelly……You have seen the you tube before it was Mas Tequila….Enjoy your afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I have definitely seen the video then ๐Ÿ™‚

DODGER4LIFE…if I swing by can NELLY share her present with me…well today since it is NELLY’s day she can enjoy her present all to herself…but tomorrow is another day…LOL….that was great.
NELLY you are one of the people I am really looking forward to meet during our tour….the TEAM MOM….


can’t wait for billingsley tonight! i trust that he can be the stopper again.. i feel that maybe we’re putting too much pressure on him, but i think he’s mature and can handle it.. he is our ACE after all.. let’s get a win.. GO BLUE!

Pressure is on Billingsley and he knows it, but HE CAN DO IT…

Pressure is on Billingsley and he knows it, but HE CAN DO IT…

Happy Birthday Nelly! Hope it’s good from start to finish.

Beat the Bay! Beat the Bay! Beat the Bay!

Is it just me, or was anyone else cussing like a sailor last night when they let Belisario pitch a second inning? Not only that, but NO ONE was warming up. Even neck deep in quicksand, NO ONE was warming up. I felt I could’ve called that one a mile away. I don’t care if it was even James Loney (who did some pitching earlier in his career), they should’ve had somebody else… ANYBODY else.

Don’t get me wrong, when he’s on his game, Ronald Belisario is one of the best producers on the staff (Belisario, producer, get it?… :: sigh ::). But as of late, the guy has trouble INTENTIONALLY WALKING a batter. Seriously.

And the little flip to Russel at home… rookie mistake, hopefully he’ll learn, but another thing he’ll learn is that when it’s Dodgers-Giants, fans have long memories and little sympathy. He REALLY should’ve tagged the batter first if he was gonna flip the ball to J. Martin 3 feet wide and 3 seconds late.

Not that you are getting old, just remember these tips when you do……….

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? – Satchel Paige

The trick is growing up without growing old. – Casey Stengel

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. – Kurt Vonnegut

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. – Mark Twain

You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. – Bob Hope

You know you’re getting old when all the names in your black book have M. D. after them. – Harrison Ford

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. – Groucho Marx

Happy Birthday June Darlin’!

Dodgereric ~ I’m the Bob Hope one!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Happy Birthday, nelly. As for Uncle Joe, you really handle a bullpen shi**y, you know that? You burn out your achievers and ignore the rest…which is fine if it’s a 20-game season. Kuo pitched Friday night…”electric stuff” you called it. So Saturday and Sunday pass, a nice two days off, and lo and behold, we wake up and find the Dodgers holding an 8th-inning lead. Kuo? Nah. Pitch Kuo or DL his butt. This bullpen is gassed enough without treating Kuo like a crystal goblet.

Thank you northstateblues – just a Dodger win would be nice considering who I live with ๐Ÿ™‚

Ward Dear/Dodgereric…………..all I keep thinking about is your story a couple weeks ago at Lucille’s about when you knew you realized you needed glasses. That is how old I am today, so I keep checking my eye sight. Now, mind you, I don’t need to do even close to the precision work you needed to do. All I need to be able to see is a white board from the back of the room, but still ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you for the quotes………….very Dodgereric of you, and I love it!!!!!!!!

Thanks Kahli, and great post as well. Where’s Ohman been is another question. When was the last time he pitched?

hey dnelly, btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ohman last pitched in Colorado on the 26th (Sunday). One inning, no hits, no runs, one SO, 14 pitches.

The last one before that was 8 days earlier in LA against the Rocks. One and 2/3rds, one hit (HR), one run, one SO, 17 pitches.

In 7 games he’s pitched 6 2/3rds, given up 5 hits, two runs (both solo HRs), one walk, two SO, a 2.70 ERA and a 0.900 WHIP.

I guess Torre’s just “shaking him out”.

Happy birthday, Nelly.

Thank you sara and lbirken ๐Ÿ™‚

dodgereric – thanks for the info. I didn’t see the rest of that game on Sunday as I was on the road to home and lost reception to the gnat channels ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW – great race on Sunday as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
I know, I know. Itโ€™s been a LONG time since I posted โ€“ and when I did, it wasnโ€™t for that long. And I come back to ITD to find out that itโ€™s my Nellygirlโ€™s birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLY!!! A bit of a rough road trip, I know. But itโ€™s still very early and Iโ€™m not too concerned; yet. For me, as long as the Dodgers keep winning most of their seriesโ€™ then thatโ€™ll be okay with me. Just no prolonged slumps. Those things are back-breakers.

So how are my ITD friends today???

Josh mentioned the time when few Dodger games were televised. I remember quite well when the only games televised were the road games against the Giants. I recall watching the game when Marichal hit Roseboro with the bat. That was a scary moment!

Just thought I’d put up tonight’s lineup according to Tony Jackson.

Ss Furcal
2B Hudson
LF Ramirez
C Martin
RF Ethier
RF Kemp
1B Loney
3B Blake
RH Billingsley

Looks like it’s Russ’ turn to try at cleanup. I’m sure there’s no method to it – just Torre.

lbirken, I remember those days well also. I think that having only 9 televised games back in the day may well explain why I “have to” watch all the games now.
CP, a big hi to you. How’s the job going?

Hey sparkle! The job is okay, but I think it may be coming to an end soon. It seems like there arenโ€™t many other areas in my crew leaderโ€™s territory that needs addresses verified. We just had a meeting this afternoon. If it ends, thatโ€™s okay. I mean, I know itโ€™s temporary anyways, and I REALLY need to get back to looking for a regular job. But it was interesting while it lasted! So how are you?

Thanks! I had fun with the 70’s outfit. I already had it for one of our Halloween contest here at work. The only thing is the pants to the lime green plaid jacket was fitting me too tight so I just paired it with bell-bottom jeans. Josh laughed when he saw me. And yes, that is Rafael in the Photo Day pictures. I am going to do more restaurant reviews close to the stadium on another thread. Also another thread for those that visit Dodger Stadium for the first time. I was supposed to meet this Rockies fan that droved from Colorado but because his computer was not working, I did not meet him. I wanted to buy his tickets for that weekend, buy him Dodger dogs and show him our beautiful Dodger Stadium. He could have had a better time (except for his Rockies losing) with me showing him around the stadium.

Hey Emma!!! You are so nice; to be willing to show a Rockies fan our Dodger Stadium! How are you?

I’m doing ok. I had a phone interview Friday and was submitted by one of my recruiters for another job, but still nothing much going on. I started a “victory” garden on my patio and love it.

Hey ITD! remember to make your all star votes! anyways i was wondering if anybody on here listens to dodger talk? ive been calling the show after every game and i won the dodgers blutopia dvd! i love the show and ive been getting pretty comfortable even with the john the guy that takes the calls. its pretty cool cause they know me and give a cool introduction! thanks and btw ken and josh are doing a great job this year. probably cuase we actually have a winning team! well remeber to vote once again!

Thanks Carol! Tom sounds like a nice guy and he was traveling all around. Maybe next time I go to Colorado I’ll meet him or next time he comes this way.
Sammie, I have not been listening to Dodger talk but I’ll listen next time. I used to call KFWB and back in the days when it was on KABC before. One of these times I’ll make my debut there :-).

Well sparkle, remember Iโ€™m praying for you. Okay, youโ€™ve peaked my curiosity. What is a โ€œvictory” garden?

Emma โ€“ I remember how nice you were when I met you at the WBC game. Speaking of Colorado, my husband and I are going there for our nephewโ€™s HS graduation Memorial Day weekend. We leave to go back to LAX on Monday the 25th, the same day that the Dodgers play in CO. So weโ€™ve got tickets to that game, before our flight leaves!

I do remember your prayers – and again, thank you! You’re on my prayer list, too.
Victory gardens date back to the first and second world wars. During those times, people would set out veggie gardens so they could have fresh food. The canned foods were sent to our servicemen overseas. These gardens became known as “victory gardens” because they supported the war effort. I’d dare to say our economic problems and our fight against them can be likened to a war, therefore, I have a victory garden.

Ah, got it sparkle! Great idea!

new thread…

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