A Rocky history…

Outfielder Dante Bichette is one of the most storied players in the history of the Rockies franchise. He finished second in the N.L. MVP balloting in 1995 after helping Colorado reach the playoffs in only its third year of existence with a .340 batting average, 40 home runs and 128 RBI. In 1996, Bichette became a member of the rare 30-30 Club with 31 home runs and 31 stolen bases.

Bichette began his Major League career with the Angels as an original 17th round selection in the 1984 Free Agent Draft. And at age 38, Bichette’s career ended in a Dodger uniform, although he never played a game. 

Entering 2002 Spring Training, Bichette reported to Vero Beach as a non-roster invitee after appearing in 107 games with the Red Sox the previous season. His chances of making the team appeared solid, especially with the team poised to make Bichette the first Dodger to wear uniform No. 6 since Steve Garvey in 1982. But on March 22, Bichette announced his retirement. That opened the door for a sixth-string outfielder coming over from the Cleveland Indians organization to make the Dodger roster – Dave Roberts.

Bichette finished with a lifetime .299 batting average with 274 home runs in 1,704 games.

— Mark Langill

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

McDonald, P

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Thanks for the post, Mark!

I remember Dante Bichette when he was with the Angels (back when the rivalry was so low key, infielders drew pictures in the infield dirt during the Freeway Series). He was on the cover of the magazine I got from my first trip to the Big A.

When he went with the Dodgers for ST that year, I was sorta surprised he was still playing. Didn’t know they’dve given him Garvey’s number. Wonder how that would’ve been received.

But seeing as how his retirement brought the start of Dave Roberts in Blue, I’m glad things ran their course with Dante. Dave was my favorite Dodger during his tenure, making it that much harder to see him in Black and Orange after he left us/we got rid of him.

The guy’s a class act, even though he’s a Giants pre-game broadcaster now. But I guess that means that there’s at least ONE guy I can stand in the Giants broadcasting team (well, Miller has his moments, especially when not seated next to Hot Air Morgan).

Thanks for recalling Dante Bichette, Josh and recent FA Dave Roberts.
I’d just like to mention a former Dodger, by the of name of Derek Lowe who must be feeling pretty good right now since his new team the Atlanta Braves score him a whole bunch of runs today. Ten to be exact.
He probably feels like he finally found a home.
The Dodgers really struggled last night but the bottom line is WE WON.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodgers are lucky to have a quality back-up catcher like Russell Martin. Granted he strikes out too much and he’s only hitting .226, but he’s young. Besides, you’ve got to give a savvy veteran like Brad Ausmus a day off now and then, even if he is hitting .417. Wait…what? It’s the other way around? Never mind…….

LOL – that is one of the funniest we’ve had on here lately, kahli. I hope Martin sees it and gets so ********** he’ll absolutely kill the ball tonight.

So, now we’re bleeping something as simple as pi**ed off?

O-Dog was just on pre-game TV, lauding the veterans, Ausmus and Loretta. Now if only Juan would accept his role, quit bi*ching, and help this team to a pennant. What a geek.

Read someplace that Martin is hitting the ball off the tee in order to get his stance and approach right. Somebody should tell him that this method doesn’t work – that’s what JP has been doing for hours when he gets to the stadium so early in the morning.

I just noticed that it was Mark Langill who wrote tonight’s ITD Blog. I referred toJosh in my earlier comment.


Andre and Matt just keep on going and Loney seems to be coming around with the bat the last game or 2. I think Martin will get it figured out soon and we’ll be good to go. He just got a hit and 2 rbi’s as I was typing, so that’s good to see.

Happy for RUSSELL

Good to see Kemp get a hit after last night.

Good for CASEY too.

Man, these Dodger first innings are something else eh?

I hope McDonald keeps us ahead.

Great catch! Kemp has made some outstanding defensive plays so far this season.

I can’t believe Al Davis picked Heward-Bea over Michael Crabtree what the hell he was thinking? RIP Bea Arthur I can’t believe she gone.

Thought Jimmy Mac beat that out.

Jimmy Mac just isn’t ready for primetime.

The question now is can the Dodgers break through on Jimenez, now that the first inning is gone?

I agree he doesn’t look quite ready yet, enchanted. He’s going to be good, he’s just a little green still.

4 RBI for RUSSELL tonight, the rest sure did him good.

I think the rest did do him good. He seems really relaxed tonight.

Actually I think that Martin did read kahli’s earlier comment, so kahli will have to come up with an encore for tomorrow.

Now what happens with McDonald?

I think Jmac need to be back in the bullpen come on called Weaver.

Can you believe that?
I know it was the bottom of the order but Mack was different.

Crap. I thought he was going to get out of that inning.

MAck looked good for a while there.

Nice strikeout of Hawp.
After Atkins creamed him.
Pretty interesting.

Games in Denver always tax a pitching staff. Buckle up, ITD, it’s going to be a rough ride. Let’s hope it’s not a Rockie ride.

Hopefully, we won’t need the flask until after the game to celebrate another victory, seesky.

Andre got robbed on that one and he was none too happy about it.

Damn Manny is having a terrible game.

We have a hole card, bluecrew: our offense and the Rockies’ pitching.

Hiya, ITD!

Looks like Kemp shook off that knee injury.

Hey, dodgereric. Too bad Loney got picked off or we’d have 2 on with one out.

Hiya bluecrewGIRL! It’s been more than a week since I’ve talked with you!

I know. You always come on later and I have to be at work by 7:30 these days, so I am forcing myself to get to bed earlier than usual when I can. I am a night person, so it’s hard.

I don’t get it. Why are we wasting a scoring opportunity byt batting the pitcher?

I guess the bully is too wasted tonight.

By the way, you can say “Hi!” to dnelly! She and her hubby are in my living room watching the game with us!

They are wasted, but it still sucks to pass up an opportunity to add a run. I will be so glad when Wade is back and hope he stays healthy. I’ll be interested to see how Weaver does in the minor league game tonight.

It looks like the bullpen barrel is near empty. so that looks like Torre’s best move to keep Troncoso in.

Oh, I have been so busy switching between the Dodgers and Lakers tonight I forgot it was prom night. Hi Nelly! I hope they have a great time at the prom. I bet you were all proud parents tonight. Nelly, did you catch Andre after the last at bat? He wasn’t happy with getting robbed of a hit. I saw some words tha would have come through as asterisks on ITD fly off his lips, LMAO.

How rude of me, say hi to Nelly’s hubby for me too, not that he knows who I am, lol.

Dodgereric ~ how’s it going? Wish I were there too!

Weaver 3.1IP, 4H, 2R, 1ER, 0BB, 4SO

Charlie was saying that Broxton, Kuo, and Bellisario were not available tonight. Torre’s also looking ahead to tomorrow, too. A series in this place could screw up your pen for a week.

She’s Ling her AO here too!

Hiya Tru!

I’m glad you told everyone that Nells and hubby were with you! It could be taken the wrong way! lol

Hey, trublue! Seesky, if that’s the case, Joe didn’t really have a choice, but it still sucks to pass up an opportunity. Dodgereric, say hi to your wife too ):

Why do you think I said it that way, tru? LMAO!

Done, bluecrewGIRL! They say “HI” back.

Nice catch, Dre!!!!! Troncoso has come up big tonight!!!

LMAO!!!! Dodgereric!!!!! You know how I like to gossip! lol


Don’t throw a whammy on him, sky!

Sure could use some insurance runs this inning.

I figured he was probably done after 3 innings but it looks like he’s going to, at least, start the 9th. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for one more good inning.

Troncoso has been great so far tonight. I hope he holds on too.

Here we go Troncoso.

1 down, 2 to go!!!!

What does Ramon say????

What does Ramon say???

What does Ramon say?????

What a fantastic performance by Troncoso! Pass the victory flask around, seesky!

el suyo imbécil

Un cerveza por favor!!!!!!!


COME ONE COME ALL to witness another glorious DODGER VICTORY. Bullpen Saving performance turned in by Ramon Troncoso. Captain Marty with 4 big RBI. Another solid team effort. BIG MAC gets his first victory of the season. CAN THIS TEAM BE STOPPED??? – NOT UNTIL THE CHAPIONSHIP IS OURS IN THIS THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND NINE!!!

Wait a minute – where’s my spanish/english dictionary???

With pleasure, bluecrew!!!!! Skoal, ITD!!!!!

Not enough capital letters, e! But a nice effort!

Enchanted & Dodgereric ~ glad you two are back!


OK, we’re headed out for dinner! Catch you later ITD!

Not enough Cuervo E.

make that TRONFANTASTIC!!!!!

A four-inning save. Now, that’s a real rarity in this day and age. Wonder when the last time we had one of those?

Ok let’s get this win Lakers than it would be a good night.

I would have to say that that’s the best game Troncoso has had in the bigs. Huge effort to save the pen. It might also put him in line as the set-up man if Kuo can’t find his Kuojo.

And a big win on a night when Manny goes 0 for 5 with 3Ks.

Shad, if the Lakers blow this lead, I don’t know what I do, lol.

After what they did 2 games ago I don’t know what happen. Gasol finally making his FT’s but he just missed 2 in a rows but we’re still pulled it out.

Oops I mean 2 days ago.

Enchanted, Vin was just saying the same thing that this team is happy to have Manny, but they don’t need him to win. I think it’s a good sign.

Damn her comes the Jazz.

Damn here comes the Jazz.

Wilson Alvarez had the last 12-out save for the D’s 6 years ago.

I guess what I really appreciated was that Torre didn’t try and over-manage the game. Troncoso was pitching great and Joe stayed with him.

Hey guys, I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts and comments and I hope you might stop by and check out Reflections of Blue. A site run by 3 fans who want nothing more than a world championship in Los Angeles. Not Anaheim.

We can be found at http://www.reflectionsofblue.com/

Go Dodgers.

didn’t get to see the game tonight but saw the results and was happy with that.can anyone honestly say they saw ramon troncoso pitch a 4 inning save for us this year. . . yeaa me neither.it’s nice to see someone out of the bullpen step up big when we need them to. how impressive was that?!?!

Oh, for cryin’ out loud…………and I was having such a nice day:

“Juan Pierre will start Sunday in left field, which Torre said before the game is something he wants to do more of as the season unfolds, although not necessarily in left field for Ramirez.”

“When we get this thing shaken out, I want to start Juan Pierre once or twice a week,” Torre said. “I’ll give days off to Andre [Ethier] or Matt [Kemp] and play Pierre in center. I can’t really sit Ethier now the way he is swinging the bat.”


Well, that ought to make Kersh relax a little bit – geez!!!!! That will go over well……………sitting Matt/Andre for JP. I know Andre has been consistent, but it’s not like Matt hasn’t been hitting too.

red pen – should be “hitting either” not “hitting too”

Congratulations to Troncoso for a very well pitched game tonight. Also, great game by all who helped get the six runs on the board…………..and did it without the help of Manny, which is a good thing.

bluecrewgirl – Andre had a few words to say at the strikeout too 🙂

enchanted – the job is still yours. You know you can’t resist doing it now.

He’s not just sitting Manny tomorrow, but Furc and Blake too. And that’s ok, gotta do it every now and then. But to read that he wants to start Pierre once or twice a week is just wrong. Looks like we’re going to be seeing more of those Pierre and Torre love songs again…….

I understand the days off for Furcal, Blake and maybe on a rare occasion, even Manny, but Andre and Matt don’t need them.

I think I’ve said this before, but if Torre was Baltimore’s manager instead of the Yankees, Gehrig would still own the record.

Yes, you have said that before, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be said again.

i really dont think he’ll follow through with pierre starting twice a week.he’ll get a start when someone needs a rest.plus its early, you dont want to use your guys every day in april and may.you do that in october 😉

Why not? It’s not hard to play baseball. Try breaking asphalt and concrete and digging holes in the ground every day. That’s working hard. Playing baseball for 3-4 hours a day isn’t hard.

hitting a 99 mph fastball aint the easiest thing in the world.nothing against the common man who works every day,we all know without them we’d be in pretty bad shape,but being a profesional baseball player is tough son

This has nothing to do with Andre and Matt needing a day off. This is about JP and is unacceptance of his new role on this team.

I didn’t say it was simple, or that I was good enough do it. I’m not.

I’m just commenting on the fact that compared to what I did for 26 years – every day, 8 hours a day minimum – going to the ballpark and playing baseball is a little less taxing on the body.

Matt is on his way home, and he knows about breakfast 🙂

he’s dissapointed,not unaccepting.you guys bash on pierrie as if this was a red sox blog and the topic is bill buckner.what pierries done in la is similar to what he’s done in his whole carrer.colettie definitely payed way too much for him,but thats on colettit.JP was a staring center fielder and lead off man his whole carrer until recentely.and hes not refusing to play,hes not yelling to the media about trade demands.the man still shows up for practice every day.roots his teammates on and whenever called upon tries his best.no matter how hard he hits the ball or where,he speeds down the first base line as if there were timing him.the man can steal bases and play a few games a month when asked to.cant hate a guy for doing that

He has publically said he wants a trade 🙂

sorry – …wants to be traded.

well dodgereric, you cant really compare what you did and being a ball player.their two completely different things.but having a tiring job like that for 26 staright years is great,and we all appreciate people like you who do that.as well as my parents who do that.im still young,i got a lot to learn,but i am appreciative of the hard workers in this country.and im appreciative of a dodger team that seems to never stop winning 🙂

“I understand the situation, and if they hadn’t signed Manny, it would have been a surprise,” said Pierre. “I’m not bitter about it. I totally get it, you know what I mean? But I want to play. So they gave us permission to talk to teams and try to find a situation that can work out for everybody, and that’s all I can ask for.”

ya. . . what a self centered jerk.

I honestly thought JP would be playing more than he has so I have to give Joe credit for sticking to the game plan of playing Andre (and Matt) on a daily basis thus far.

exactly.only his second start in 18 games.and loretta and asmus are above him in the pitch hit situations

exactly.only his second start in 18 games.and loretta and asmus are above him in the pinch hit situations

Well mdavis, my son is home now and I can go to bed, but before I do I’d like to respond to what you had to say.

Although I’ve done my share of Pierre-bashing, it pales in comparison to my Joe-and-Ned-and-Frank bashing. As far as the Pierre issue goes, by now Ned realizes that he made a big mistake in signing him but there’s no going back on that now, unless it’s to flat-out release him ala Jones.

I have a lot more trouble with Torre playing him than Pierre wanting to play. Now if someone starts slumping and needs a break, that’s one thing. But just resting a player, particularly a player who is going good, is stupid in my opinion. If you had asked Pierre himself while he was in the middle of his consecutive game streak if he needed a rest, what do you think he would have said?

Catchers are obviously different and so are players who are coming off serious surgeries or are older. None of these apply to Kemp or Ethier. Those two don’t need to rest every week. No way.

And don’t I remember him this very spring saying something like, “I’m not going to take it this year”?

Good night all, God Bless, and GO DODGERS!

Good morning ~ I was reading the posts from last night and Dnelly, Joe has not come to his senses. He is resting Manny today and will play JP in left and says he plans to use him once or twice a week when things shake out (whatever that means). Poor Joe can’t sit Andre now because he’s swinging a hot bat. I think it is a stupid idea to break up the outfield once or twice a week unless absolutely necesssary.

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Another outstanding win, in hostile surroundings last night. Russell J. Martin, applause……Troncoso, applause……The whole team effort, applause……..Lets wrap this thing up with a win today, and head to the bay!
Happy Flight Night 🙂
Enjoy the game and your Sunday eveyone 🙂

I don’t remember JP’s exact quote, but coming into ST he said something to the effect that, “I’m not going to sit back and take it this year.” Understandable on a personal level yes, team player, no. One does not see Juan Pierre pop up to congratulate a teammate. One does not see Juan Pierre adjust his game to his current abilities. That’s why one can say he’s always the same. Same isn’t good enough as a player gets older, he either has to play the game smarter as his abilities diminish or fall by the wayside.

That said, I don’t have a problem with him spelling Manny today – Manny looks like needs to recharge his batteries. Would I prefer to see someone like Paul or DY out there? – you bet. But since Juan’s all we’ve got (thanks Ned), so be it. However, with Furcal also sitting that means JP will either bat lead-off or second in his usual outmaking position. If he doesn’t get on base at least 2 out of 5 times today, he’s useless.

As far as “resting” Kemp and Dre, that’s just ludicrous. I can see it maybe once every 3 weeks, but if a 24 and 26 year old need resting once or twice a week, then we’d better get a different conditioning coach. Torre’s placating JP one way or the other, either giving into his whining or saying the words Juan wants to hear. Either way, it isn’t right for “team player” Juan to have to need it.

Not finding any takers through Colletti or their own exploration, I think the baseball world has pretty much summed up what it thinks of Juan Pierre.

Thanks, Enchanted, I needed that! I’ve been watching the games and as you said, I never see him pop up to greet a teammate! I see him just pop-out! I remember Tommy Lasorda saying that players don’t need days off, they have plenty of off-time. Why does Joe always have to mess up a good thing?

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

dodgereric/Ward Dear – fabulous post last night/early this morning 🙂

enchanted – same to you this morning as well.

I don’t mind too much that JP is getting a start today. However, in the future, if you plan to sit Matt or Andre,please don’t use the excuse that they need a day off. We are fans that are too close to the game and team that know better so stop lying and say it like it is. Like dodgereric said last night. JP played how many consecutive games without a day off, and if he were still on that streak, there is no way he would want a day off because he needed rest.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a great day. Right now I don’t have a problem with PileOPhew starting once a week or so. I do however agree with you all about the reasons. Just tell it like it is. Phew is unhappy and JoJo is placating him. This Kemp, Andre, Manny need a rest stuff if just BS and insulting. We know what the freaking deal is, don’t put some lame spin on it. Ned made a terrible deal and JoJo is stuck with it. As Beav pointed out, no one is interested in Pile. The baseball community has spoken. If POP (PileOPhew) starts taking significant playing time from Manny, Andre, and Kemp, I will then have a problem with it. Too early to tell. I think he is throwing him an occaisional bone to shut him up. Anyway, JMO, let’s go Dodgers and get the sweep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an aside, but it is interesting that we are playing exceptional defense and winning. Playing POP significantly diminishes our defense. Just a thought.

Dcollins and Nelly, I agree with you both. I really don’t have a problem with today because Manny might be in need of a rest, but if it starts taking playing time from anyone in the outfield, then it would bother me. Let’s hope it doesn’t. Too bad they’re not at home today, because it’s an absolutely beautiful day today. Not a cloud in the sky.

A very good thought, jhall. He does definitely take the defense down a notch. Even though Manny’s not the greatest defensive player, he does have a better arm no doubt.

I don’t think we have to worry too much about POPPY (PileOPhewPierre,Yuck) taking playing time from our favorite son, Andre. That would be just plain ignorance. I think Ethier has been our MVP thus far, along with Billz!!!! I like the monicker POPPY for JP as it also describes most of his at bats. LOL!!!!

Well said BleuFille’!!!

Great defense makes mediocre pitching stand up, and makes good pitching champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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