Hollywood history from Mark Langill

This month’s release of the movie, “Bluetopia,” (which includes the blue carpet premiere tonight) is the latest project to bridge Dodger baseball and the Hollywood entertainment community. Director Timothy Marx takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 2008 Dodger season through the eyes of everyone from players and coaches to fans from all walks of life.

When the Dodgers hosted their first game in Los Angeles on April 18, 1958, the crowd of more than 78,000 at the Coliseum included such sports and entertainment personalities as Edward G. Robinson, Chuck Connors, Walter Winchell, Babe Herman, Alfred Hitchcock, Gregory Peck, Danny Kaye, Burt Lancaster, Jack Lemmon, Nat King Cole, Danny Thomas, Buddy Rogers, Ralph Edwards, John Ford, Ted Husing, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Gene Autry, Groucho Marx, Jo Stafford, Paul Weston, George Jessel, Jimmy Stewart and Dennis Morgan.

Behind the Dodger dugout, comedian Ray Bolger and his wife wore “His” and “Her” Army surplus helmets on which he had painted “L.A. DODGER BEANBALL PROTECTOR.”

Right-hander Carl Erskine, who started the game and defeated the Giants, 6-5, recalled his teammates weren’t always concentrating on the ballgame. “Somewhere during the game, I looked into the dugout and saw three or four of my teammates with their heads turned and looking into the stands,” he said. “They were looking for movie stars like Cary Grant and Danny Kaye.”

Here’s hoping our guys are paying attention today at the 12:40…this is the lineup (and note, Scott Elbert will be coming up in place of Cory Wade, who is going to the 15-day DL)

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Ausmus, C

Castro, SS

Billingsley, P


  1. badge714

    Another day, another opportunity – more so several – for the journey ‘e’ to leave copious other runners stranded on base for LA – to date 2.3 each & every game on average.

    Five more will give him 30 in just 12 games, or 2.5 per game – 405 Dodger runs 2009 lost courtesy h’e’… so it shall come to pass, nee be…just the facts.

  2. colliethec

    Post from the end of the last thread…
    Good morning ITD’ers!
    I hope you are all well and having a tremendous day wherever you are and with what ever you happen to be doing. As for me I’m going to work so I won’t be able to enjoy the game but I will be checking the score!
    Good post Eric. Everyone on here knows how I feel about some of the goings on in the Ravine. One thing I always liked being up here in San Francisco is that our fans had class & were respectful. I mean I for years heard “Dodgers S**K”. I would just chuckle at them because it was not like I hadn’t heard that before. It was especially funny coming from fans whose team hadn’t won anything when mine had.
    The problem now is that there some fans that are changing my perspective. I mean we as Dodger fans should pay them no attention. Sometimes silence is golden. I hate hearing “Giants S**K” chanted. When they do it is SF I would enjoy it because I took it that they were so hating my team because my team was better than theirs. I’m cool with “Beat SF” chants or something like that. But we (We being Dodger fans) need to just remain classy and try to change the culture of the stadium.
    I look forward to the day where some of this stuff doesn’t happen in the Ravine anymore.
    And with that… I’m gone…
    Go Blue!!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!

  3. colliethec

    Another post from the end of the last thread…
    One other point about Brox & his amazing pitching last night & so far this season.
    He didn’t nibble and try to pitch around guys. He seems to be trusting his stuff now. I do hope he uses his slider a little more instead of trying to blow everybody away with each pitch. He also needs to learn to use a change up once in awhile. If he gets to that point look out. He’ll be pretty close to “No soup for you”!!!

  4. trublu4ever

    I’d appreciate it if you’d go somewhere where your comments are appreciated. I, for one do not like the fact that we are a team and how dare you pick out one player to give your so called FACTS! Who got the hit last night that brought us back into the game? Why has our team been on a winning streak? Because we are playing like a team!

  5. colliethec

    I guess that means that E’s going to have a great day today because as I recall the last time he hit 2 HR’s in a game when he was questioned. Every day he does something to help this team win.
    It’s okay Tru. I enjoy some mid-day comedy!!

  6. Dodger4life

    Ethier Shall Rock The House!!!!
    Manny Shall Rock The House!!!!
    Kemp Shall Rock The House!!!!!!
    Loney Shall Rock The House!!!!
    Hudson Shall Rock The House!!!!
    The Dodgers Shall Rock The House!!!
    Rock Me Baby!!!!! Go DODGERS!!!!!!!

  7. colliethec

    Badge I don’t think we need to rehash why Dre is so much better than Juan. Juan is a good player. But great he isn’t. He has 1 tool… speed and that is about it. Dre has pretty much 4 tools.
    If Pierre was playing right now instead of Dre, we wouldn’t have a 6 game winning streak.
    Pierre has 7 AB’s for the year. Very small sample size.
    Based on your post what you’re saying is Pierre should be playing in place of Manny?
    Because Manny is only hitting .278 with no HR’s & only 5 RBI’s.
    Dre has 2 HR’s and 9 RBI’s.
    That is why that is funny…

  8. shad78

    I forgot S S it beep that word. Badge mean nothing how many rbi and homerun does Ethier have? You was trashing Ethier all last night but when he got that rbi you ran away and hide.

  9. trublu4ever

    EVERYDAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYDAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVERYDAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYDAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVERYDAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ETHIERAHOLICS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ETHIERAHOLICS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ETHIERAHOLICS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. colliethec

    Looks like Khali called it last night…
    I worry about Wade. Torre isn’t going to him, not because he’s lost faith in him, but because Wade probably can’t answer the bell. If he’s dinged, bring up Weaver. No sense breaking Broxton’s arm in April.
    By kahliforni on April 17, 2009 11:22 PM
    To bad to hear about the injury.
    My guess is he’ll end up being moved to 60 day & then probably for the season with a chance of making it back in time for the postseason.
    What do you think Enchanted???
    We need to get rid of Conte. This has gone on way to long since he’s been here.

  11. trublu4ever

    Who’s got an arm? Dre. Who’s got patience at the plate? Dre. Who’s a team player? Dre. Who can hit a homerun? Dre.

  12. bluecrewgirl

    Hey everyone. Nelly, glad you had a good time at the game on Thursday. Let’s hope they make it 7 in a row and that Kemp keeps the hitting streak going. Was surprised to see Andre in the 2 hole where he was a lot last season, but our team rbi leader will get it done no matter where he bats. All the guys are doing a great job.

  13. bluecrewgirl

    trublue, I wonder if anyone will step forward to provide the comical lineup introductions on the Fox Saturday games for the Dodgers now that Beimel is gone. Most of the players stutter over the names, but Beimel’s introductions were always good for a laugh.

  14. bluecrewgirl

    James would be a good choice, or on the other side of the coin would be Lasorda, who’s definitely not shy. I feel really bad about Wade. I really like him and he did such a great job last season. I hope he’s back and healthy soon.

  15. badge714

    The journey ‘e’…approaching age 28 and STILL has never been a full-season nee full-time starter in his 4 MEDICORE year-ed career MLB…just the facts.

    Juan Pierre? A full-time starter & STAR by age 23, a World Series Champion by age 26, & multi-time NL stat category leader same.

    ‘e’? Nada, x3.

    Juan Pi-erre!


    : )

  16. dodgerkramer@yahoo.com

    I assume there are no health issues with Furcal, Casey Blake and Martin? Just giving those guys a day off?

  17. koufax1963

    So what is going on, I’m Here in Northern Cali and thought the dodgers game would be on ESPN at 1240, now I am watching Fox broadcast the Yankees/ Indians. Where are my Dodgers in NOrcal on TV?

  18. badge714

    Hey, the journey ‘e’ gets started early today: 1 at bat and already a runner left stranded…what a player!

    heh heh heh

    Now 26 runners left stranded through just 11 games…just the facts.

    : )

  19. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    As you all know, (well, almost all) Utah is between Colorado and LA, yet those jackasses at fox are showing NY and Cleveland and I MISSED Manny’s first dinger. Those jerks are bad as espn showing that east coast crap.
    I guess the real point is the fact that he hit it. Let’s get another win!!!!!

  20. badge714

    Two mor’e’ at bats, 2 more failur’e’s…another runner left stranded on base – 26 in 11 games + 2 at bats -WHEW – lucky for us/LA we didn’t have enother runner on base for ‘e’ to waste … h’e’ is now batting a robust .250 (that’s Mario Mendoza + .50)…just the facts.

    : )


    Juan Pi-erre!


    Yup, that’s my ‘e’ heh heh

  21. jhallwally

    LOL!!! Yep, Badge, PileOPhew is so good there are not takers for his services from any team at any price. Those are the rock bottom cold hard facts!!!!!!
    As Ron White so succintly stated: “There ain’t not fixing stupid”!!!!!!!!!

    Nicely punctuated while I was typing with 3 run E-Bomb!!!!!!


  22. badge714

    The journey ‘e’ – 26 runners left stranded on base through just 11 games…poorest mark of any OFr in MLB.

    heh heh heh

    : )

  23. jhallwally

    Love you too Trumom!!!

    I’m sure Badge is probably headed to the bathroom now with his Jergens lotion and girly mag!!! Sounds like that’s where he spends alot of time. Geez!!!!!!!!

  24. perumike

    badge, that’s why there are 162 games in a season, not 11. 🙂 Let’s count how many extra bases are taken on Pierre’s weak arm, how many times caught stealing, etc.

  25. jhallwally

    They do say, “If you don’t stop that, you will go blind”!!!!! Obviously not seeing real well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. bluecrewgirl

    LMAO, Jhall and Nelly! Living by the long ball today. Way to go Manny and Andre! It’s such a beautiful day in So Cal today. Perfect baseball weather.

  27. bluecrewgirl

    LMAO, Jhall! Living by the long ball today. Way to go Manny and Andre! It’s such a beautiful day in So Cal today. Perfect baseball weather.

  28. bluecrewgirl

    Sorry for the double post. I didn’t have my reading glasses on and I thought the second comment was by Nelly instead of jhall and I thought I corrected it before it posted.

  29. perumike

    Hey jhall, good to see you too!

    badge, are you going to ignore the other stats where Ethier leads, like OBP, SLG, OPS? Or that he is tied in stolen bases with that speedster Pierre? Real convenient to keep parroting back the same stats over and over.

  30. jhallwally

    Well said PMike!!! Always a pleasure to see you. I imagine you could go thru the stats and find alot of crummy players with 7 AB’s batting .400-.500. Get real Badge!!!

  31. bluecrewgirl

    Hey, jhall. Good to see you too. That’s what happens when you get older, you can’t see up close and you forget what you said a minute ago, lol.

  32. northstateblues

    Transcript of aforementioned YouTube clip (from Family Guy):

    Donkey: Nope, sorry! Kevin Bacon was not in Footloose.

    Guy: What? Of course he was.

    Donkey: No, he wasn’t, you lose.

    Guy: Of course he was, he was the star!

    Donkey: Nope, you’re wrong. Look it up.

    Guy: I don’t have to look it up, it’s common knowledge!

    Donkey: Nope,

    Guy: He was on…

    Donkey: Nope

    Guy: … the cover of…

    Donkey: Nope

    Guy: … People magazine…

    Donkey: Nope, nope…

    Guy: … when the movie came out.

    Donkey: Nope, nope, nope…

    Guy: C’mon, everyone knows he was in Footloose!

    Donkey: Nope, nope, No, Nope, NO, NO, NO, HEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. nellyjune

    Fact – JP doesn’t hit three run homeruns!

    I am at my nephew’s baseball game and obviously don’t have access to my stats, but if that stat is the only stat you can come up with to compare JP to Everyday Dre, then it’s a little pathetic, don’t you think? Batting averages don’t mean squat. Most people will tell you that. So, come up with a better stat, please!

    jhall – I love you too sir! Thank you 🙂

    Before this posts, there will be many others that point out the obvious when comparing Andre and JP, and I thank you in advance. ITD is awesome! This will be my only post until about midnight. I am doing this by phone, and takes forever when the threads get close to 100+. Midnight is when I will be back home in the Central Valley after spending a great four days in So-Cal.


  34. perumike

    Clark Gable wasn’t in Gone with the Wind! Chad didn’t start today’s game! The Dodgers are in the American League! It’s true because I say so!!!

  35. jhallwally

    Love you Nelly!!! Looks like the Boys in Blue still have some work to do. Don’t let this one get away. It would be, UNACCEPTABLE!!!!©. 3 run E-bomb is sure looking big now, eh, Badge?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. bluecrewgirl

    Hey, Nelly! I was wondering where you were. Andre did his talking with the bat again today and he will continue to do it. As far as batting average is concerned, you’re right it’s not the most important stat and besides, he’ll be at .300 or better before the season’s done anyway and I think with more rbi’s and homeruns than last year. I think James, Matt and Russell and all the young guys are going to have huge years too.

  37. shad78

    I love it another PH single for Loretta. Did he even say somethimg after Ethier hitting that 3 runs homerun? I didn’t check the recent comment yet.

  38. jhallwally

    Badge: “Peter Lorre was the true star of Casablanca”.

    ITD: “No he wasn’t, Bogart was”. Lorre (Pile) was the sniveling player that got taken out early. Literally in the movie!!!!!

  39. bluecrewgirl

    Northstate, I just watched the You Tube clip. Too funny. Reminds me of my younger nephew. He will come up with some far out stuff to try and win an argument.

  40. jhallwally

    No Spit/Shad, he’s busy in the bathroom. LOL!!! How’ve ya been Spit? Thanks for backing up the ITD babes!!!

  41. northstateblues

    Man, the Yanks are KILLING Cleveland right now. By the looks of it, Girardi’s gonna have job security for a LONG time.

    It’s true, look it up!

  42. jhallwally

    I’m stuttering again. LOL!!!! 21 to 2 in the 5th. What a freaking beat down!!!!! Hope all you fantasy players have lots of Indians on your roster.

  43. shad78

    OMG at that scored I guess no Swisher pitching today and nice dp Dewitt could’ve been an easy triple play.

  44. perumike

    So, back to the Yankees. I thought this new stadium was supposed to be a good thing? I see the Indians are christening it in their own way.

  45. jhallwally

    Badge is going to need a Viagra so he can stay in the bathroom longer after Dre’s second homer. LMFTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. bluecrewgirl

    Perumike, those era’s sound more like the price of a t-shirt at the team store than era’s, lol.

  47. jhallwally

    I don’t believe any team has ever scored 30 freaking runs in a regular game. C’mon Indians. And against the Yanks it would be ten times as sweet!!!!!

  48. northstateblues

    Up here in NorCal like Koufax1963, stuck with the Yankee game, I have to say: If it were any other team but the Yankees in the game today, Fox’d go to one of the other two games on their schedule.

    Of course, with the Cubs and Cards tied at 5 (according to Monday and Steiner 10 minutes ago), I know what game they’d go to.

  49. jhallwally

    I like the make up of this team. They play good defense and seem very confident. Even when the chips are down, they keep batteling. Something that the old PVL Dodgers with Kant, Nomore, etc.. didn’t exhibit.

  50. bluecrewgirl

    I was just reading the game thread on Dodger Blues. They are a bit over the top sometimes, but pretty funny sometimes too. Does anyone else think that Ohman looks a bit like Brad Penny?

  51. jhallwally

    LOL Bleu’!! I hope it only goes as far as a physical resemblance. I don’t know about all of you, but I was elated when Penny just got shelled in his second start. LOL!!!! Something like 8 ER in 3 innings. Freaking bum!!!!

  52. jhallwally

    It is fun to watch these guys Tru!!! Merci!!! Haven’t felt this good about our team in a long while!!!!

  53. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Someone is wearing stupidity as a “badge” of honor…….tis better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt….nuff said about that………It wouldn’t have mattered that the idiots at Fox didn’t show the D’s game because I just got my power back a little while ago after it was down for 90 minutes or so. Glad to see Manny and Dre crushing the ball in a big way. The D’s are butter because THEY’RE ON A ROLL!!!!!!!…..still on a big high from running my first half-marathon this morning. Not bad for an old !@#$$!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  54. jhallwally

    LOL Tru!!! Pile batting average down to .375 now. Still, much better then Andre!!! Better call all the other GM’s now while his value is high. LMFTO!!!! Badge still in the bathroom I see.

  55. bluecrewgirl

    Yes, only physical resemblance, jhall. I wasn’t sorry to see Penny go either. Didn’t keep himself in shape and left the team when he wasn’t put on the playoff roster instead of staying there to support them and then had the nerve to say the Dodgers didn’t have his back. My dad is a Red Sox’s fan and he wasn’t thrilled to have him because seeing a lot of Dodger games, he knew Penny had fitness issues.

  56. bluecrewgirl

    Seesky, that’s awesome about the half marathon. Congratulations! I was already feeling guilty about missing one of my yoga classes this week and now I really feel like a slacker.

  57. bluecrewgirl

    LMAO, trublu. I know what you mean. I am trying to get back on track today after eating like crap for the last week or so.

  58. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Believe me, tru, I’ve been called much worse!!!!! Actually, I’ve been on a half-marathon eating binge since I finished the race.

  59. jhallwally

    WooHoo, win streak!!! 7 games. Sweet!! Way to go Billz, Manny, and E-bomb. All around great team effort. Let’s get the sweep tomorrow. Wow!!!!

  60. trublu4ever

    Sky ~ I usually diet six days a week and take the 7th off. That way I don’t binge as much as I used to. I usually just have a meal or treat I wouldn’t normally have.

  61. bluecrewgirl

    Trublu, I am usually fine as long as I don’t keep temptation around the house. The problem lately is that people keep bringing treats to work. It makes it hard. I usually don’t eat between meals much, but lately I have been.

  62. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Bluecrew– the race was a blast. Kind of like a running party and mingling with 10,000 or so partygoers. Truly awesome!!!!

  63. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Tru– I worked hard for 3 months to get race ready so I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted. That solves any and all weight issues.

  64. enchantedbeaver

    HARKEN ALL DODGER FANS!! The Dynamic Duo of Ethier and Ramirez are back!!! First time since Beltre and Green have our Boys in Blue had 2 Homers from 2 different players in THE SAME GAME. A gutsy Performance from OUR NEW ACE CHAD. All hail the coronation!!! Matt “THE HITMAN” Kemp now at 12 and Counting!! Batman Hudson leading off. BENCH BEASTS Loretta and Ohman. TERRIFIC stand-in for Broxton by BELISARIO. THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR IN L.A.s 51st SEASON!!!

    Sorry, best I could do – I’ve been in the car for most of 13 1/2 hours today…

  65. ksdodgers@hotmail.com

    Hey guys, I have a question.

    I want to buy Manny’s authentic 2009 home jersey, but it’s sold out (size 44) every website I’ve been to.

    But they have the “Any-Player” option, and they can make it for you. http://www.fansedge.com/Los-Angeles-Dodgers–Any-Player–Authentic-2009-DODH-On-Field-Jersey_-1438312062_PD.html

    My question is, is there ANY different at ALL between buying a Manny jersey that’s pre-made and ordering one to be made via the “Any-Player” option?

    If you can let me know, or if you know of a website that has a size 44, that’d be great.

  66. kpookiemon

    enchanted, why the 13 1/2 hours…you go to the game? I know it’s very early…but this bullpen is starting to spring leaks. Honeycutt? Oh, never mind. Ned?

  67. ramslover

    Great run by the boys in blue…I cannot believe you guys let Badge drag you into a crazy argument..you do not have to justify why Ethier is playing, he earned it!!! My Dad always told me u can’t overcome ignorance just ignore it!!!

    Some thoughts…

    Not surprised by Wade going on the DL, a real trainer would have shut him sown in ST for a longer period to get healthy and Joe should never have used him 3 out of the first 4 games…Honeycutt get some balls and tell Joe when he wants to wear out a BP.

    Bellasario is a God send…12ks in 8 innings..nasty stuff..the staff in general has crazy strikeout numbers…

    What I learned about ST in Arizona..to discount pitchers stats in the light Az air…look at the staff, they are throwing great..

    Kuo, I hope he is healthy, he has not been sharp the last 2 innings, hopefully just a mechanical issue..

    Mota at this pace we will need to cut him loose by June…5 walks 1 k is disturbing….

    1st pick of 2008, Ethan Martin, has had 2 very good outings in Great Lakes…he won his 1st 2 professional outings and struck out 12 in 10 innings…

    Javy Guerra is dominating at Great Lakes as the closer…very impressive, has a great arm

    Kemp looks so much more comfortable at the plate..he seems to be more selective…he is so Talented it is scary!!!

    Loney, please start hitting with some power!!! 35-40 doubles and 15-18 hrs is what we need.

    Well, I hope everyone sleeps well and we get to see another Dodgers victory on Sunday!!!

  68. trublu4ever

    Ramslover ~ All very good points. I know you are right about the “problem” and I avoided it the other day. Today, I let it get to me but I won’t let it happen again!
    KS ~ if you are still aroud, you could try Ebay. I know they have many Manny Jerseys and in all sizes. Just make sure they say authentic (most of the sellers are pretty honest). They are about the price you quoted.

  69. colliethec

    NSB that video pretty much had me spit on my computer I was laughing so hard. Wifey to!!!
    Great game today…
    The “problem” is like I said, funny.
    & as I mentioned the last time he came on ripping on Dre, Dre hit 2 out. So maybe we should invite him back every now & then.
    Rams — nice post as usual. Good to see you made it in here!
    I also like following the Minors. At the end of May I’ll be going to Sacramento for a couple of games against the Albuquerque Isotopes. It should be fun.

  70. trublu4ever

    Dcollins ~ I think the Minors are vital to the future of any ball club. You may be attending games of a future Hall of Famer!

  71. colliethec

    Also since there was a mention this morning about Dre and his BA, here is what his numbers will look like at the end of the year based on 12 games thus far.:
    Ethier would hit 54hrs, drive in 175, and score 148 runs at his current pace.
    He won’t end up with these numbers, but he also will end up hitting better than You Know Who!
    Also it just shows that you can’t take a 12 game sample to get a true sample size of what the year will be or who should play over who.

  72. colliethec

    True Tru!
    Minor games are great. I went to the AAA Allstar game a few years ago and got some good autographs from guys that are now & becoming stars like Kinsler, BJ Upton, and Corey Hart.

  73. nellyjune

    Good Early Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    ramslover – I know what you mean, but it is soooo very tempting when it involves that #16 guy that I lose all rational thinking to not engage. You know…..Andre Ethier who just happened to hit 2 homeruns today, along with his tandem partner…….Manny. There has got to be a way to put these two together in the right order. Obviously Andre and Manny are a wicked combination for some reason, and Joe needs to really think about keeping this combination together, possibly by moving Andre to 3rd and Manny 4th, seeing how Hudson has taken to the 2-hole pretty well as of late.

  74. nellyjune

    enchanted – fabulous post today, especially after that long drive. However, I can see how those drives probably leaves way for some good song, ndeschenes material.

  75. kpookiemon

    For the Dodgers to really contend, they’re going to need an 8th inning bridge to Broxton. Kuo and Wade are too brittle, Belisario too unproven, everybody else too old or too young. More than a starter, I feel Ned needs to address that late-inning relief guy. Another hard thrower, no nibblers.

  76. nellyjune

    Just a couple of Andre Facts before I head to bed. Since we are comparing this season in terms of batting average, let’s look at some real stats.

    *Andre leads the team in runs (11)
    *Andre leads the team in HRs (4)
    *Andre leads the team in RBIs (13)
    *Andre is second to O-Dog in Total bases (26)
    *Andre is second to Manny in BB (9)
    *Andre is fourth in K’s (9)
    *Andre is third in OBP behind Manny and O-Dog (.426)
    *Andre leads the team in SLG % (.605)
    *Andre is tied with Manny for IBBs (3)
    *Andre is tied with Matt and O-Dog in XBH (6)
    *Andre is 2nd behind O-Dog in OPS (1.031)

    One more stat which isn’t discussed here too much, but Andre’s patience at the plate and the fact that even some of his outs are productive because of the number of pitches the opposing pitcher has to use to get him out. I did the starting 8 and did them in the order of who had the most PAs (plate appearances)

    O-Dog – 56 PAs/199 pitches – 3.55 pitches per PA
    Andre – 54 PAs/240 pitches – 4.44
    Manny – 52 PAs/218 pitches – 4.11
    James – 51 PAs/204 pitches – 4.00
    Raffy – 49 PAs/200 pitches – 4.08
    Matt – 48 PAs/204 pitches – 4.25
    Russell – 45 PAs/189 pitches – 4.2
    Casey – 44 PAs/166 pitches – 3.77

    Who leads in this category? Andre 🙂

    Since this is an average, I am going to include JP
    Juan – 8 PAs/23 pitches – 2.88

    I know it’s early in the season, but if some are going to insist on throwing out the beginning of the year stats like that, then at least bring stats that have some bite. We re not saying Andre isn’t going to have his bad days. I am sure he will, and nobody on ITD is saying what JP did on his other teams is not being recognized, but what has JP done for this LA Dodger team?……..not a whole lot. I will take Andre over JP anyday just based on defense alone. I don’t care if he doesn’t get another hit all season. I rather see him gun down a runner at home that to watch him hit a homerun. Oh, another thing JP can’t do……….throw the ball.

    sigh 🙂

  77. nellyjune

    I should have included Loretta and Meinkeweitz in the PAs/NP average since they are in similar roles as JP.

    Loretta – 10 PAs/40 pitches – 4.00
    Meinkeweitz – 5 PAs/20 pitches – 4.00

  78. shad78

    Apr 18 Mientkiewicz was placed on the 15-day disabled list Friday with a dislocated right shoulder. He will undergo surgery Monday and is epexted to miss at least three months.
    Advice: He suffered his injury sliding headfirst into second on a two-run double in the sixth inning of the Dodgers’ win over the Giants on Thursday night, initially stayed in the game but took himself out two batters later. Los Angeles has recalled infielder Blake DeWitt in Mientkiewicz’s place.

  79. shad78

    Gosh at stats incoporate writer can’t even spell right.

    Recommendation: Trainer Stan Conte set the timetable at three months, but manager Joe Torre said Mientkiewicz might not be back until September. He wasn’t projected to make a major fantasy impact considering his lack of playing time, but if you were hanging on to him, you can probably now put that roster spot to better use.

  80. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    Those of you yesterday who were asking about the Indians and who had fantasy players on that team. Well, I have two. I have Jhonny Peralta and Mark DeRosa (I was hoping to get Grady too,but that didn’t work out), and they did pretty well for the day, but do you know who is leading my fantasy team in points for not only the week, but overall? None other than our very own Andre Ethier. He was 2nd for the day yesterday behind Mark DeRosa. My fantasy team was helped yesterday by the Mets who had a shut out, pitching dual game with the Brewers, a 1-0 win.

  81. nellyjune

    Guess who’s stats these are?

    G AB R H 2B 3B HR
    12 51 12 14 5 0 4
    11 31 9 16 2 1 .275

    G AB R H 2B 3B HR
    12 43 11 12 2 0 4
    13 26 9 9 1 0 .279

    The first set is Grady Sizemore, lead-off batter for the Cleveland Indians. The second set is Andre, and until yesterday, batting either 4th or 6th. Just the facts 🙂

  82. shad78

    I’ve had Grady too but his manager pulled him too early lol. I know he’s not a Dodgers no more but Happy 32th Bday Beimel.

  83. nellyjune

    more facts – Andre is tied for 3rd in HRs for the NL, and he’s 7th in the mlb. Andre is also tied for 3rd in RBIs in the NL, and he’s 7th in the mlb. I know it’s early, but if you are going to start comparing early stats, bring stats that mean something. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Dodgers are on a 7-game winning streak, and that should be what’s important. Just the facts:)

  84. crzblue2

    Good morning everyone! I had such a busy day yesterday witih photo day, game and going to the premiere of Bluetopia. Check out my pictures from photo day that I posted and a review on a restaurant close to the stadium. Tim Marx did a wonderful job with the movie capturing the fans love for our team. Tim told me it was hard to cut down from 220 hours he filmed to 90 minutes. I highly recomended to all Dodger fans.

  85. shad78

    I surely hope when we gets to played Philly at CBP we can win up there this time and not got sweep like we did to them at DS. Wow that’s alot of filming.

  86. enchantedbeaver

    For Sara by request for a song about Mark Loretta. To the Kinks “Come Dancing”:

    Colletti thought he could save a hundred grand
    where Garciaparra used to stand.
    So with that he went splorin’ for some tali
    who want to play them in Southern Cali.
    That’s where Loretta said he want to play.
    I think they signed him on a Saturday.
    Come bashin’,
    Go on Loretta, mash another ball.
    Why not go bashin’? It’s only natural.
    Another sunny day, another date.
    Mark’s at the ready, but Joe always makes him wait.
    In the dugout, he’s anticipating,
    cuz’ he knows Pierre’s at bats always are frustrating.
    He knows that with his tiny OBP
    another pop-up or slap is all we’ll see.
    Come bashin’.
    That’s how they did it when I was just a kid.
    And when Joe said, “come bashin’”,
    Loretta always did.
    Loretta should’ve hit for the pitcher,
    but Joe sent Meintkiewicz to the plate.
    It’d always ended up in a big row,
    ITD wanted Joe not to wait.
    Down by the clubhouse door I can see Loretta wait
    with a bat in his hands saying that its not too late.
    The day that he come to Cali,
    Nomore he waived bye-bye.
    The day that he came to Cali,
    This team started to jibe, just jibe.
    Now Mark’s here and playing on demand
    and bides him for the time when Joe gives the command.
    The Whisker’s hurt and DeMitt has took up his place.
    Its not a sprint, but a marathoner’s pace.
    Loretta knows he’s to be ready for the call
    for him to get the chance to mash another ball.
    Come bashin’.
    C’mon Loretta, kill another ball.
    Don’t be afraid to go bashin’,
    it’s only natural.
    Come bashin’.
    Just like they used to way back in the day.
    Mark Loretta be a bashin’
    like The Garv and ol’ Ron Cey.

    Come Bashin’
    Bench Beasts
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2009

  87. nellyjune

    Good Morning enchanted!!!!! Wow!!! I see that drive was an inspiration for song writing once again. Fabulous!!!

    Good Morning tru!! Yes, I keep pretty good track of the Dodger outfield, including Matt and Manny. I will probably keep an eye on X. Paul as well as Lambo perhaps because I am sure their numbers will be great as well.

  88. koufax1963

    Morning ITD! I am greeted facts and song. Thanks NellyJune and enchanted. If I were FOX yesteday I would have switched that blow-out at Yankee stadium to the Dodgers game, much more fun. I got more information about the Dodgers Game from listening to the gnats losing on the radio while I was out in the park on this beautiful day.
    So with some of our regulars rested and day off Monday, today should be considered “ready for another sweep”.
    I trust it will come true, and so I will look for when the dodgers won an entire homestand last, if that comes to pass. Go Dodgers! Let the streaks continue!

  89. koufax1963

    Morning ITD! I am greeted facts and song. Thanks NellyJune and enchanted. If I were FOX yesteday I would have switched that blow-out at Yankee stadium to the Dodgers game, much more fun. I got more information about the Dodgers Game from listening to the gnats losing on the radio while I was out in the park on this beautiful day.
    So with some of our regulars rested and day off Monday, today should be considered “ready for another sweep”.
    I trust it will come true, and so I will look for when the dodgers won an entire homestand last, if that comes to pass. Go Dodgers! Let the streaks continue!

  90. colliethec

    Good morning ITD’ers!
    Just a short hello to everybody as I’m at work all day so I can’t post & enjoy the good times! Let’s hope they continue today.
    8 would be GRRREEEAAAATT!!!
    NELLY — Them was some nice facts there Mrs. C!!!
    Koufax – I live in the Bay Area as well. What part are you from?
    Enchanted – As usual great song! I always thought that was a fun song.
    CRZ – Glad you had a fun day! I enjoy reading your blog.
    Spit – I agree it would of probably been better if it was Tony A. instead of DY but you know what they say, hindsight is 50/50. Between the 2 I would of rather kept DY even before the injury to Monkeywhiskers.
    Go Blue!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

  91. sparkleplenty_1

    Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a restful night after such an awesome win yesterday.
    After reading the item on Wade’s bursitis, I decided to do some research. Now, I’m not a doctor (and I doubt Conte is) and I don’t want to sound alarms where they’re not warranted, but this statement really concerns me. I found it on the Mayo Clinic website. “Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the pain caused by bursitis and that caused by a rotator cuff injury.” Let’s hope that those in charge of Wade’s rehab take heed of this and check it out. I’d hate to have a repeat of the “small” injuries becoming “debilitating” because Conte doesn’t know his business.

  92. shad78

    I would love to see Pavano shut the Yankees out after stealing all of the Yankees money for the last 4 years making 26 starts and going 9-8.

  93. enchantedbeaver

    Personally, I don’t think Conte knows his *** from a hole in the ground, but given the rather timely “disabilities” when Ned wants to stash away a player or two on the DL rather than release someone, he is a good yes man to go along with the program.

  94. amyw27

    I am ready for some Dodger baseball!! And another sweep. I hope McDonald has a stellar performance. He needs this.
    GO Dodgers!

  95. sparkleplenty_1

    Exactly Enchanted. Don’t they have a phrase for that in football? I think it’s “Taxi Squad” if I’m not mistaken.

  96. shad78

    Oh man I didn’t even know Youkilis came so close to a cycle yesterday. I never notice an ump can be out for a week with a conclussion.

  97. shad78

    How much longer can Jimenez be lucky against us? He’s already 4-0 in his career but his other stats aren’t that good 5.35 ERA 1.57 WHIP and .298 BAA.

  98. crzblue2

    DC! thanks for reading my blog. I just came back from the game. It was really hot today but at least my seats are in the shade and we get a nice breeze there!
    I feel… well a little sad once the team leaves. I always feel that way once a homestand concludes. I know I am spoiled that way. Time for me to catch up with other things I neglect when the team is in town.
    Great song Enchanted!
    Ran into Tony Jackson from The Daily News http://insidesocal.com/dodgers/ He told me he mentioned me in his blog on Friday when he saw me with my 70’s outfit. He also said that he heard my name but I was not shown on the big screen like the other contestants. Well I told him the mixup was with the Dodgers that they had me waiting with a Dodger personnel in a different location. When I went back to my seat that night all the season ticket holders around me were asking me also what happened as they heard my name but did not see me. One of them was telling me that I should have complained so I did and will be compensated with tickets to a future game.
    So today during BP, a gentleman told me “What happened to the outfit?” “I would have voted for you yesterday.” Well, I explained to him the mixup when my friend noticed his name tag. Guess who we were talking to? Andre Ethier’s dad! We stayed there talking to him about baseball, Andre, Arizona and other things. He was very nice. I’ll share more in my next blog.

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