Getting ahead of ourselves…

While still focusing on tonight’s game, I wanted to make sure you knew about two things tomorrow.

First, a reminder that it’s now a day game (12:40 p.m. start), as FOX picked it up. Even though your tickets and most printed material says 7:10 p.m., tomorrow is a day game, and it’s actually the annual Photo Day, so you can come out between 11 and 11:50 and take photos of your favorite players.

And to make it an entire Dodger Day, you should make plans to stop by tomorrow night at the Pacific Design Center (8687 Melrose), where we’ll be having a “blue carpet” premiere of Bluetopia, the movie that was shot last year about the team and its fans. While the seating is not open to the public due to very limited number of seats, you can come out and watch the goings on like other movie premieres and get glimpses of your favorite players and personalities as they walk the carpet. Among the guys who have told us they plan to come are James Loney, Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ned Colletti, Maury Wills, Jaime Jarrin, Rick Monday, Charley Steiner, and many others.

And, since I’m sure you’ll all want to see the movie, you should know that DVD sales start on April 21 and you can preorder now on Amazon.

UPDATE: Lineup

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loretta, 1B

Blake, 3B

Wolf, P

UPDATE 2: Doug Mientkiwicz is going to have to have surgery on his shoulder on Monday and is going to be out for a while. Blake DeWitt will join the big league club tonight.

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Well, now it’s lunchtime and I see I’ve been new-threaded. So here’s a re-run:

Even though I’m on double-secret probation, I’m risking a couple of minutes exposure on my coffee break to chime in on the ITD Tour: ANYTIME!! Weekends would be better, but I’ll take vacation time to participate for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this. And joepierre must be flown out at Frank’s expense – just think of the press coverage!

Enchanted, you’re doing just fine (for a beginner) at ndescenes’ old job. Just one suggestion – more capital letters, i.e., “All Hail the 2009 Dodgers Led by Batman Orlando Hudson! 10 Straight Games at the Start of the Season Hitting Safely for Matt “The Hitman” Kemp. Super Pinch Hits by New BENCH BEASTS Doug Meintkiewicz and Mark Loretta. Another Gritty Performance by Fill-in Starter Eric Stults, and a GF for Newcomer Will “The Omen” Ohman.”

And I truly enjoyed watching the game with Junie, even though she brought those stinky-old Gnat fans with her. 🙂 But seriously, all praise to Michael for having the guts to stand up for his team in the nest of the enemy. I have nothing but respect for him. It sure was fun jousting with him the whole game.

One more thing – as my wife remarked during the game – I remember when Dodger fans used to be polite. I understand that when fans of the other team get demonstrative it calls for a response in kind, but when they’re just getting up from their seat to go to the concession stand they don’t deserve to be booed by the crowd, let alone the “Giants suck” chant. I was embarrassed.

Just my two cents. Coffee break is now over – back to work. Thanks again Josh for following through on the Tour. I never would have believed it.

By dodgereric on April 17, 2009 8:36 AM

Thanks for the info Josh. I luckily will be at Sunday’s game. After the freezing weather last night, I look forward to a nice warm game and a good summer tan. I get all my tanning in for the summer at ball games. Pretty fun stuff 🙂
Eric- I’m sorry that we didn’t meet up yesterday but I’m happy that you were able to catch a game. The Dodgers rule 🙂
Have a pleasant day all. Happy Friday.

JOSH – thanks for the info. And I hope everyone enjoys Movie and can’t wait to check it out myself.
FYI we just signed up our kids to the Dodgers Kids club!
AMY – Hey girl, oh yeah last night game looked pretty cold. Watching the tv there was a kid seating down low behind the catcher, the kid was wearing a blue ski mask…proof that it was very cold!

I know it’s still early but I hate to see this. Come on Manny I don’t like to see Jones outproduing you in only 3 games.

Jones stats lines in 3 games at home .545/.688/1.091/1.778 numbers 1 on the team in all 4 of those stats but it doesn’t matter because it was at home.
Manny .258/.477/.355/.832

Manny will be Manny soon!

I wonder how far this team would get with all these players?

Actually I agree why didn’t we called up Hu over Castro?

I guess Gtrain is a Pirate fan if he didn’t know Blake was resigned.

The all Ned Colleti Gave up on them team
by GTrain on Apr 17, 2009 10:11 AM EDT 1 comment

I thought this article was funny and relevant considering Young is on it, and Andy anyone from the Bay trade may end up qualifying in the future. Some of the moves were pretty rational considering the situations (especially crazy depth at catcher with Martin, Navarro, and Santana) but some are laughable. Particularly the Maddux series of events. I Still can’t believe he gave up Santana for half a season of Casey Blake which isn’t even included. Although they did make it to the NL championship with him, they could’ve signed him this offseason, so it’s hard to judge.

It actually wasn’t that cold last night. I wore a teeshirt and just a light sweatshirt over it. Someone told me it was colder the higher up you are at the stadium. She sat in the top deck and she froze the other day.
I can’t stand the day games. You are in the direct sun and always get burned even with a ton of sun screen. I look for shade. Sun is not kind to my skin.
I think it’s funny to compare Andruw Jones with Manny. Their names should not even be said in the same breath.
I think that possibly X Paul will be coming up. He was pretty awesome at Camelback. I told him that after one of his super games. What a nice guy he is.
The Dodgers are on a five game winning streak. GO DODGERS.

Looks like Monkey Whiskers might have been fooled by a Gnats decoy:
(from Gurnick’s report on the home page):
Although Mientkiewicz could have gone in standing up, he said he saw Giants shortstop Edgar Renteria out of the corner of his eye “thought he was reaching for the ball.”
Still, great hit by the Monkey Whiskers. The bench is starting to produce, and hopefully the bad memories of Sweeney will fade away (but likely take 3-5 years)…

HEARTRUSS….I don’t mind day games, but just as long as I’m NOT facing the Sun. Put it behind me. Hey I checked out your blog…that is a great picture of you (if that is you) and Russell. Love the lighting effects. And yeah Manny has done way more this season than Jones did the whole last season.

CRASH – SWEENEY WHO? Sweeney have faded away (I think he was a bit faded last season and like a ground hog he will show up once in a while and not do much). Our bench warmers are keeping the bench warm but because they are in “Fuego” an are actually making contact with the ball.

Day game, night game, cold weather, hot weather, anytime’s a good time to be at Dodger Stadium to this fan.

Tour sounds awesome, don’t mind weekends or weekdays, but it’d be cool if it was in early June so I’d have a chance to go since I’m gonna be in SoCal anyway. But you don’t have to schedule around me, I’ve been wanting to take a tour of the stadium anyways, so I can do it someother time, though it’d be cool to meet the ITDers in person.

Way to go Dodgers!!! Nelly, Eric, Amy and Sara, I have a question, did the Dodgers knock the Giants all the way back to Upper Manhattan, or did they just get knocked back to the Bay?

Will I ever get caught up at work! Oh but it is all worth it!
Josh: I got an invitation from Tim for the premiere. Tim is such a nice guy. I got to see him all thru season last year and also in Az. He also went to a Booster Club meeting but like he said the movie is 90 minutes and he taped 220 minutes. He said I will love the movie and I am sure of that.
Sorry I missed Eric, Eric’s wife and Nelly and family but I am looking forward to the ITD tour just to meet all of you since I’ve taken quite a few tours at the stadium. but I am looking forward to meeting many of you. Also I am with Nelly that if we need top chip in for Pierre to come here, count me in.
Oh that reminds me, blogger Tom from Colorado will be here. He is the one traveling around America in his car so I am looking forward to meeting him.
I am ready for the 70’s celebration tonight with fireworks. I will be dressed like the 70’s. My brother said “Oh no! I don’t know you! LOL.

Did anyone see the Power Ranking look like we moved 2 spots but the other 5 teams are still the same?

I think you should just shut up if you really think I was compare him I just stay so far and if you have nothing postive to say just be quiet.

EMMA – that is awsome that you are dressing like the 70’s. Your bro needs to learn how to have fun. Just tell him that it is your attitude that gets you in the Dodgers movie and all the invites to the special events…LOL! Please share pictures…I am soooo looking forward to meet you during the tour.

Urgh sorry I think I went overboard with that comment.

northstateblues, did you bother seeing my reply on the Facebook lately thread?


Thanks Msrussethier. The first time we ran into Tim he was filiming from the Top Deck. That picture of the stadium in his film is shot from there. I was thinking “should I dressed like the 70’s?”. Well, I already had outfit from a a work Halloween event contest so what the heck.


Spit , I didn’t understand your post but I think it was directed at me re: Andruw Jones and Manny. Please be polite on this forum and don’t tell other people to shut up.
We don’t all have to agree. Andruw did not produce at all for the Dodgers while Manny is holding his own. That is what I was saying. I was one who supported Andruw and always cheered him on when he was up to bat. I will never boo a Dodger.
Msrussy, yes that is me with Russell. Thank you for the compliment. Please read my blog and post any thoughts.. Thanks again.

Why did you ever mention I was comparing Manny to Jones? I think it’s funny to compare Andruw Jones with Manny. No one is laughing so what so funny about it? Their names should not even be said in the same breath. There is nothing wrong with that and we know one is going to the hall of fame and the other one. Who the **** is agree I just made a statement geez calm down.

EMMA have fun tonight…stay CRAZY!
SPIT….breath in breath out….it’s all cool…PEACE! LOL!
HEARTRUSS….I’ll be keeping an out on your blog…thanks!

I even applogy to you.

I know I just had a tough time last nite/and today and shouldn’t have took my anger out like that. I still can’t get over Torre pulling Kershaw like that when he should be 2-0 instead of 0-0. I surely would have gave him one more inning.

I will be leaving in an hour so everyone have a grrrrrrrrreat weekend!


Sorry HEARTRUSS I meant to say “I’ll be keeping an EYE on on your blog”

Welcome back Dewitt and I don’t know about resting Loney when he’s 5/9 with 1 homerun and 7 rbi’s against De La Rosa.

It always a good thing when Penny getting rock like that.

Does Kevin Kennedy still do Dodgers Live after the game?

“The MRI showed a complete dislocation, and the front part of the labrum was pulled off, along with the capsule…” Is Mientkiewicz a stud or what? He actually stayed in for a couple batters. As for Martin, good to see Uncle Joe dropped him a notch…I think one or two more would be even better.

Man, with all you home town Dodger fans having so much access to the team, I feel like an outsider.
But I’m enjoying myself at home the same way I always had for the past 51 years.
Actually I’m getting closer and closer to the team since I got my computer 2 years ago.
I decided to give myself a nick name which I feel is well suited to me and it is truly what I am.
Can you guess who I am?

My guess is Joe Pierre AKA Broadway Joe!!!

Good evening Dodgerfaithful, I am gonna guess longest Dodger faithful on the blog….
Go Get em Dodgers ~ Keep the good times rolling along 🙂

You’re right dcollins.

Congratulation Sheffield for finally hitting 500th homerun.

Hey MLB.TV , where is the premium service tonight? I would like to get what I pay for. I wish you would get your **** straightened out.

So, no premium tonight and then they changed tomorrow’s game to fox and changed the time so I will get to see the Cardional game instead of the Dodgers. Really sucks. This is not what I payed for. I want part of my $ back.

Hello, Mr Wolf, any idea when you will get in this game. At least keep them under 10 so we have a chance.

Bob — myself I have the Extra Innings package on my TV. My TV screen is HD and larger than my computer monitor plus I’d rather sit on my couch and watch the game other than my desk.
It is $170.00 so it’s a little more but I’ve never had any trouble with it.
I do MLB radio package for some games when I’m not watching on tv for whatever reason. That was only like $14.00.
Not a good start.
Let’s go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 20009!!!

More of a Randy Wolf type of first innning, let’s hope he keeps it up and settles down.

Still early & we have been scoring runs at a good clip so let’s get some & then have a shut down inning!

This guy has like a 9+ ERA. Let’s make it 12+!

They’re not showing the game on MLB? They’re not showing the game tonight on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain, the Rockies outlet, either. I first thought that the game had been rained out but that happens in LA about as often as Hailey’s Comet appears….great start to the season for our guys!!! For now, we’ve caught lightning in a bottle with Stultz. And what will we do when Manny and Russell get untracked?….Did somebody fix the blog? This is the fastest I’ve gotten on here in at least a week.

We just need a hit here…

Well, we looked like crap. I predict out winning streak will end tonight.

Keep the faith Bob!
Good to See Sky!
Yes it’s been better. I was close to saying C’Ya but it got better and now has been working.
At least he moved them up.
Let’s go Dre!

dcollins, I have a 24″ hd flat screen monitor to watch games on in a small room, so is really great. Plus, I can get all the archived games and 4 games at one time on the screen.

Apparently Scully forgot Randy’s last name.


Bob — Well that is pretty sweet. I would probably go that route then. I tried MLB TV a few years ago and it stunk. But I had a really lame computer that was 8 years old at the time. It would always freeze on me. Now if I had your sweet set up I would probably try MLBTV.
I just thought I throw out my .02 as an option that I’ve been really happy with.

I got a new Dell system about 2 months ago for this season because last year, I had all kinds of problems with my old one..

Now, let’s take advantage of De La Rosa’s gift!!!

A little ho hum so far. We’ve had people on but nothing yet!

5 left in scoring position. They have to start taking advantage of that soon.
Go Blue! You can do it!!!

This game looks like a throw back to the ’90s with 6 men left in scoring position in 4 innings.
I got 3 out of 4 right on the Aflack trivia question.

I said Griffey jr instead of Schmidt.

I’d like to see this De La Rosa make a few mistakes at the right time.

This is not our night. 11pm in St. Louie. I’m going to bed . We’ll get them tomorrow.

I just got home, but they don’t look very good so far tonight. They look flat. Gnorm, they said the other night that Kevin Kennedy is one of the announcers on the Ray’s broadcasts this year, at least I think it was Tampa Bay.

It’s Midnight in New York
Time to strike in LA.


Lets get some runs Boy’s!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Someway, somehow, something gotta give,

Finally! Let’s get this game tied up . . . GO ‘DRE!!!!



There you go tied game.

Way to go Andre! They definitely have a lot more come from behind power than last season this year.

We have Happy Kempers and Ecstatic Ethieraholics. Now we need Celebrating Martinistas . . . .

Every Day Dre!! Every day he does something to help this team win!! Woo Hoo!!!

Loretta comes through. Thank you Baseball Gods.


Ok, this is backwards. Why is DeWitt running and Pierre pinch hitting?

Got my answer as I was posting.

How about Lovinglorettas.

Ok Kuo dont know who was that pitching against the Giants but we need a 1 2 3 innings.

I’m with ya on that Shad.

I would had thought I would never had seen this infield.

Come on Kuo… shut down inning here!

Kuo’s not looking too good tonight. I hope Joe doesn’t stick with him too long.

He’s just setting up the double play!
I hope…

Hope you’re right, dcollins.


Ouch – bases loaded. What next? Or dare I ask?

If Kuo is going to be the set up guy he needs to stop setting up the other team!

KUO didn’t have —-again.

Please dp this look like a cheap bs for Broxton when it not his fault lol

One more out.

Jonathan Broxtonized ’em in the 8th!!!


Get down on it!

Thanks god

Sparkleplenty, thank God Brox was what next instead of Joe leaving Kuo in too long. Big John has been fantastic so far this year. He really seems to have his emotions under better control and he’s pitching smart. I was really glad to see him come back with a pitch with some drop that fooled him instead of trying to over-pitch.

Let’s get another run to give us a little breathing room!

Come on Manny your first homerun of the season would be great but it look like they going to walk you.

Good post BlueCG…
Amen Mike

Sigh that was not good Manny.

Yes he did, BCG. Good observations too.

OMG another cycle tonight this one from Kubel from the Twins so who going to hit one tomorrow?

Here we go.

Amazing stats for Hudson. He swiped his 4th bases in 11 games and he had 4 in 107. I guess he wanted to run alot now since he’s in that 2nd hole.

Way to go JB! We won!!

What does Jonathan say???

So long Saito.

Go Jon! Go Blue!

Way to go Dodgers!!!
Another gritty win. They didn’t quit & kept coming at them!
This could be the beginning of a really nice season. We got another great start from Wolf even though the 1st inning wasn’t good he really shut them down the next 5.

What DOES Jonathan say, Enchanted?

What a satisfying victory! This team has shown so much more heart than last year so far. It’s fun to watch.

Dang enchanted you surely know how to come when the game is done. Boblee should had went to bed but it was late there he’s going to surprise that we came back and won.


HEAR YE HEAR YE!! Another Amazing Come-From-Behind Win for our BELOVED DODGERS!!! Batman Orlando Hudson with another Hit and SB. BENCH BEAST Mark Loretta with the Big Game-Winning Hit!! Way to turn it around after a bad first inning from The Wolfman. Matt “The HITMAN” Kemp Extends his Hitting Streak to 11 games. Our Captain Marty and Every Day Dre Shining Brightly as always. And the BIGGEST AND BADDEST of them all JONATHAN BROXTON. Our boys will be Wearing Rings in this their 51st year in the City of Angels!!!


FU-Q Y’all!!!!



Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wow, Enchanted. I am impressed.

Beautiful enchanted! Ndeschenes better get back here soon or you will take over. Or did he retire with Superman Jeff Kent?

It’s Friday night and the strains of “I Love LA” fade in the background. A great start to the weekend. Catch you all later. Nite Nite.

Where is Cory Wade?

Great job, enchanted! Goodnight sparkleplenty. Andre said on the postgame interview that the team is maturing and they learned a lot from their experiences last season. It definitely shows.

Great job Enchanted or should we start calling you Enchandeschenes???
Great job but I do wish he was still around posting.

Shad, I forgot boblee went to bed before they came back. He will have a happy surprise when he wakes up tomorrow.

Think I saw him on the left side next to a mailbox Kahli.

Oh wait, that was Waldo.

I’m gonna run too. My to do list for tomorrow 9 items on it, so I’m going to get some rest. 🙂 Sweet Dodger dreams to everyone!

Goodnight perumike. Enchanted, you’ll have to come up with a song for Loretta. It looks like he has the makings of being a Mickey Hatcher type player for the Dodgers this season.

I’m like the ball that Manny is going to hit tomorrow… outta here!!!
Great game tonight and nice posting with you all!

Go Blue!!!

Goodnight, dcollins and everyone else. It was a great game. Let’s keep it going tomorrow!

Sweet Loretta Mark
He thought he had homer,
But it was dying quail…

I worry about Wade. Torre isn’t going to him, not because he’s lost faith in him, but because Wade probably can’t answer the bell. If he’s dinged, bring up Weaver. No sense breaking Broxton’s arm in April.

The game was at first frustrating but became another come from behind awesome, pull a rabbit out of a hat trick. I thought that the Dodgers would lose when nothing was happening at the start of the seventh inning. And then it changed. It was amazing.. We fans were on our feet screaming. I couldn’t believe the great offense.
No one left because it was fireworks night so everyone saw the mind boggling finish. GO DODGERS.
All of you Ethieroholics, I think that Andre’s double was the turning point of the game. He is absolutely awesome. When he ran in and scored the run, for an instant he looked straight at me. It was a thrill.
Mark Loretta is very consistent. Matty also played a great game. Manny did his share as well although he did not hit any homeruns. Goes to show you that the Dodgers are not depending on one player to win the games. Great pitching by Wolf after that first inning. And Brox….welcome to our powerhouse closer. He only gets better.
Tomorrow is photo day. It’s going to be very hot. Russell and Raffy are off. The guys all rushed off right after the game because of the day game tomorrow.
Let’s sweep again.

Check my blog for the 70’s outfit I had on. Josh and others had a good laugh. I was supposed to be in a contest but the lady that called me told me wait for me by the elevator, then she and I were waiting for someone else when they announced my name and I was not there. Not well organized event.

seesky-the game was shown on Fox Rocky Mtn down here.
Kuo is making me nervous. Brox will not be able to put that fire out every time, but last night was tremendous. Good start from Wolf, like they say, he keeps you in the game.
No worries about Manny. The long ball will come, and if they want to continue to walk him the others are more than capable of driving him in.

Good morning ITD and Dodgerfaithful
Way to battle last night Boys!!!!
Enchanted Awesome Attitude 🙂
HEAR YE HEAR YE!! Another Amazing Come-From-Behind Win for our BELOVED DODGERS!!! Batman Orlando Hudson with another Hit and SB. BENCH BEAST Mark Loretta with the Big Game-Winning Hit!! Way to turn it around after a bad first inning from The Wolfman. Matt “The HITMAN” Kemp Extends his Hitting Streak to 11 games. Our Captain Marty and Every Day Dre Shining Brightly as always. And the BIGGEST AND BADDEST of them all JONATHAN BROXTON. Our boys will be Wearing Rings in this their 51st year in the City of Angels!!!


Dodger4life ~ 🙂

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

enchanted – I am liking these ndeschenes-style posts. Are you sure this is you? LOL!! (jk) You are doing a great job!!!

Dodger4life – you are doing a fabulous job too of rallying the ITD troops. Not that we have needed it lately since our team is in the midst of a pretty good winning streak right now. However, keep us going because the Padres are still winning too. Who would’ve thought that!?!

Great game last night. I did get to see the last half of the game, and this Ethieraholic was pretty happy that Andre made it happen when it counted. I was once again, impressed with Andre’s interview after the game because he is always thinking “team” and what they are doing. Even when they asked him about his first three at bats, he didn’t blame anything. He just complimented the great pitching by De La Rosa. Job well done Andre!!! Job Well done Manny and Matt. Job Well done Mark Loretta!!!……and a definite job well done for Jonathon Broxton.

dodgereric – great post yesterday, while coming out of double secret probation. Thank you for the compliment about Michael. He will never say it himself, but he had fun too. Thank you once again to you, Chris and Matt for making our time down in So-Cal extra special. You have a wonderful family ( I know… already know that!), and it’s a pleasure getting to know you outside of this ITD forum.

Good morning ITD’ers!
I hope you are all well and having a tremendous day wherever you are and with what ever you happen to be doing. As for me I’m going to work so I won’t be able to enjoy the game but I will be checking the score!
Good post Eric. Everyone on here knows how I feel about some of the goings on in the Ravine. One thing I always liked being up here in San Francisco is that our fans had class & were respectful. I mean I for years heard “Dodgers S**K”. I would just chuckle at them because it was not like I hadn’t heard that before. It was especially funny coming from fans whose team hadn’t won anything when mine had.
The problem now is that there some fans that are changing my perspective. I mean we as Dodger fans should pay them no attention. Sometimes silence is golden. I hate hearing “Giants S**K” chanted. When they do it is SF I would enjoy it because I took it that they were so hating my team because my team was better than theirs. I’m cool with “Beat SF” chants or something like that. But we (We being Dodger fans) need to just remain classy and try to change the culture of the stadium.
I look forward to the day where some of this stuff doesn’t happen in the Ravine anymore.
And with that… I’m gone…
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

One other point about Brox & his amazing pitching last night & so far this season.
He didn’t nibble and try to pitch around guys. He seems to be trusting his stuff now. I do hope he uses his slider a little more instead of trying to blow everybody away with each pitch. He also needs to learn to use a change up once in awhile. If he gets to that point look out. He’ll be pretty close to “No soup for you”!!!

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