Historical entry from Mark Langill…

This month marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most unique Spring Training weekends in team history. Because of torrential rains in Florida, the 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers played a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds at Gran Stadium in Havana, Cuba. Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax were the starting pitchers and the Dodgers won both games by scores of 3-2 and 4-3.

Reds general manager Gabe Paul called Bobby Maduro, president of the Cuban Sugar Kings of the Triple-A International League, to ask whether he could take his Cincinnati team to Cuba for the weekend. The Brooklyn Dodgers previously trained in Havana in 1941, 1942 and 1947. The 1959 Sugar Kings were managed by Cuba native Preston Gomez, who was hired to manage the Dodgers’ Triple-A Spokane affiliate in 1960. The Havana club relocated to New Jersey on July 13, 1960.

Major League Baseball returned to Cuba 40 years later in 1999 when the Baltimore Orioles faced the Cuban national team in Havana.

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Thanks for the entry, Mark. Didn’t know the Dodgers had ST so much in Havana.

With the changes going on in the world, maybe it won’t be long until MLB teams return to Cuba again… maybe even have the options for Cubans to come to the Bigs. Won’t be anytime too soon, but it doesn’t look as impossible as it once did.

Very interesting, Mark. I agree with you, nsblues………not too long before Cubans play in the Bigs.

Thank you for the history lesson Mark.

nsblues – Are you officially on Spring Break now?

Okay, back to the game……our 5th SP issue is getting kind of scary. Milton and Vargas are getting lit up big time right now.

Well, Milton and Huggy Bear are toast!!!

Anyone who is watching/listening— why did Manny only get one AB????

Since you guys are talking about Cuba… Check out this entry I did about the Cuban team from the WBC workout yesterday in San Diego…


My guess is it wasn’t a game worth staying in for IMO. I didn’t hear anything specific said, but maybe somebody else has more info.

Vin just said Manny felt a twinge in his hamstring.

It was a hamstring injury. Tony Jackson reported that.

Wow that the same Haeger that throw the knuckle ball that was a member of the Padres last year.

How about that!! Pascucchi hit another HR – good for him 🙂

Damn that was crush I love that name.

Some serious pitching issues in today’s game.

Wow good play Tony that look bad.

Hi everybody,
Just got in to catch Pascucci’s HR.

If this is how 5th spot is going to be, we’d better carry 15 pitchers.

…or hope the days off land where we can’t do a lot of skipping of the pitcher in the 5th spot.

red pen – “we can do” not “we can’t do”

What happened to the good old days when you had a 10 man staff??

Enchanted ~ In the good old days, they didn’t have specialsts……..middle reliever, short reliever and a closer. A pitcher went out a threw the ball until the game was over. It doesn’t seem like, in the good old days, the pitchers were injured as much as they are now.

Yeah Tru, more money, more high maintenance, more prone to breakdown. I think players are much better athletes now than 40 years ago, but they don’t know the game as well and any little hangnail is cause for alarm. Blame it on the multi-million dollar contracts they don’t want to miss out on (not that I blame them), and that the club doesn’t want to see millions go down the drain (well, some clubs anyway.)

Used to be able to carry 10 pitchers, 6 OF, 6 IF and 3 catchers. Really, how else could they have carried two strictly PH back in the 70’s (Manny Mota and Vic Davalillo.)

Ah well… time marches on.

Hi all,
Been along time since i posted….Hope all of you are doing well
I went to the game today at CBR…Not impressed at all with Milton or Vargas….Sign Pedro already Ned…..CBR is beautiful…If you ever get a chance go there

Take Care all

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! I can’t take credit for finding this, but dodger4life led me to it. It’s amazing how we get criticized on ITD for our treatment of our favorite 4th outfielder. Well, it looks like Dodger Thoughts has a dedication for our favorite 4th outfielder as well.


From the pages of a Rox article…
THE BIG QUESTION: Three of the NL West teams trotted out some of their questionable bottom of the rotation starter candidates on Sunday afternoon, and while San Francisco with Barry Zito’s poor performance and Los Angeles with Eric Milton’s meltdown didn’t get positive answers, the Rockies did with De La Rosa. Which team is better situated for the season, though? The Dodgers still have plenty of other options to run through and the Giants have a… well he won a Cy Young once and went to a great school. Are the Rockies in bettter or worse shape looking at JDLR and Morales as the likely fills for those last two slots?

It looks like we aren’t the only ones having issues with the 5th guy in the rotation.

Manager Joe Torre will travel to the other game against the A’s to continue the evaluation of fifth-starter candidates Jason Schmidt and Shawn Estes.


Split Squads tomorrow….Manny is going to the Mariners game if he is feeling okay.

Nellyjune ~ I guess this proves we here on ITD are very bright, indeed!

Well, we already knew that. It’s convincing everyone else we actually know what we are talking about.

You are right, Nellyjune!

ITD just rocks!!! That’s what makes us so great. We know to have fun (no doubts about that), but we also know how to be serious when we need to be as well.

We are a special and unique group here on ITD. And, pretty soon everyone out there will know it when ITD becomes #1.

……some are more special and unique than others, but they are loved equally 🙂

Nelly your a day late prop up Pierre night was yesterday..LOL!!!!

LMAO!!!!!! I didn’t think of that statement as being about him, but now that you point it out, it does kind of sound like him, doesn’t it? – LMAO!!!!!!

It is back to pop up Pierre again….and the 12 step program…

Does he reach 1st base bafter completing those 12 steps???

LOL!!! That’s a good question for Obi 🙂

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!! Split squad game tomorrow. Pitching will be fun (or excruciating) to watch tomorrow as Schmidt is scheduled to take the mound tomorrow. See you all around tomorrow sometime. Take care and God Bless!!!

Good Night Nelly… ITD and all the Dodgerfaithful
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets have a good outing from everyone on the field in Blue tommorrow…
GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. and GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day morning everyone…Life is good today..:-)

Take you pick:
E Milton 0 1 5.40 5 1 0 0 0 0 11.2 18 7 7 2 1 4 8
C Vargas 0 0 7.15 5 1 0 0 0 0 11.1 18 9 9 4 0 3 12
J McDonald 1 2 4.70 4 0 0 0 0 0 7.2 9 4 4 1 1 4 7
S Estes 0 0 10.13 3 0 0 0 0 0 5.1 10 8 6 1 0 1 2
J Schmidt 1 0 13.50 1 1 0 0 0 0 2.0 2 3 3 1 0 2 2

Coming into this offseason, Torre wanted pitching more than anything else. Other than Wolf, Ned did nothing to address the problem. Rather than Hudson, he should’ve tried to pick-up Garland. Maybe not the best pitcher in the world, but certainly better than anyone in this quintet. Only two choices I see now are let McDonald take the ball and tell him he’s starting period, or sign Pedro and hope he has something more than the rest of these people.

…or trade some real talent and try to land Halladay or some other A-list starter. Otherwise #5 is a loser slot all year long.

Good morning, Enchanted ~ If we have to go with what we’ve got, I agree with you, #5 is a loser slot. We shall see if Ned and Frank go after Pedro or someone else but, I’m not counting on it.

By the way, Milton and Vargas were awful yesterday. I could have hit the ball the way they were pitching!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

I am willing to at least see what Schmidt can do today and go from there, but as far as the others, I think McDonald deserves a shot if Schmidt can’t pull this off. However, I am not against going after Holladay.

I must admit, I usually don’t worry to much about the #5 guy this early in the year, but with the need to use him in the first week of the season, it is a bit of a concern. I really don’t care who it is, but I’d like to see the Dodgers decide soon so they can adequately stretch that pitcher out a bit. If not, we could see a 13-man staff, which would be horrible because it would mean more slow strolls to the mound by Torre in April and May. Besides Lou Pinella, is there really any manager out there that takes more time to get to the mound than Joe? All kidding aside, I hope a decision on the #5 guy is made soon.

I was just going over the Netherland roster and didn’t know we had a player on that team that is in are organization named Kenley Jansen. I don’t know the last player who played for us and was born in Curacao and no Andruw Jones don’t count lol.


Pierre/Schmidt for Halladay don’t care this is totally a steal for us lol. Someone please don’t wake me up from this dream.

What happened to the good old days when you had a 10 man staff??

By enchantedsunset on March 15, 2009 4:40 PM

Bring back the 4 man rotation so we don’t have to worry about the 5th spot but it won’t happen.

I want to here that Mcdonald would be named the 5th starter(this might happen) regardless of his ST numbers and we traded Pierre/Schmidt for Halladay(not a chance in hell).

Today’s Lineup @ A’s

Matt Kemp CF

Brad Ausmus C

Andre Ethier RF

James Loney 1B

Casey Blake 3B

Valentino Pascucci DH

Jason Repko LF

Juan Castro SS

Tony Abreu 2B

Jason Schmidt P
Today’s Lineup @ Mariners

Rafael Furcal SS

Orlando Hudson 2B

Russell Martin C

Mark Loretta 1B

Blake DeWitt 3B

Juan Pierre CF

Delwyn Young DH

Xavier Paul RF

Mitch Jones LF

Hiroki Kuroda P

That’s some nice protection in the line-up for DeWitt. Guess they want to see him back in AAA.

Since Pascucci plays both corner IF/OF spots and Loretta plays both middle IF spots AND DeWitt should be playing everyday at AAA, anyone for giving Pascucci a spot on the roster? He’d have some pop coming off the bench. Be better than sending Noodles up there down by 3 with men on.

Hi all!

I think Pierre?Schmidt for Halladay is a pipe dream. How about something more reasonable like Pierre/Schmidt for my yard clippings?

Enchanted ~ I’d love to see them give Pasucci a shot at playing but, Joe’s in love with JP!
Scott ~ LMAO!!!

tru, I’m just trying to meet half way, you know?

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!

It would be great to see Pascucchi get a shot for sure, and I would like to see X. Paul, Repko and DY to get a shot in the outfield as well, but what they are competing for is nothing because JP will be the 4th outfielder.

Here we go bitch about where Pierre is batting.

Spit ~ I don’t think Pierre should be batting at all!
Scott ~ your asking price may be too high!

I don’t care where Pierre is batting in the order – I care that he is batting, period. It is 100% politics and BS that he plays at all, Steve Lyons and Ken Levine be damned.

If Yougnomewho wasn’t being paid the outrageous salary, he wouldn’t be playing……..he’d be released or sent to AAA.

…because if had nothing to do with politics, then X. Paul has won the competition so far and should be the 4th outfielder IMO. Same crap as last year, but a different player is getting screwed, once again proving it’s not a Ethier or Paul issue (or Repko or Dy), it’s a Pierre issue.

The Yankee’s have holes to fill…We have several options available…. maybe???…..
Do the Yankee’s have something in return???

It is not bs where he’s batting at it because it just ST and we know he won’t be in that same spot when the season start and the real bs is Ned for giving him that contract in the 1st places. I’d rather him bat 3rd or 4th because we know he won’t start in the open day lineup if Manny is healthy.

Do the Yankee’s have something in return???

How about a handshake or a high five?

OMG did I really defend him?

I’m still wish for a Pierre/Schmidt for Halladay trade to put Paul as our 4th outfielders but it won’t happen.

spit, ST doesn’t matter of course, but all the talk about trying to get him at bats during the season is pure USDA bull sh1t. Is the goal winning or trying to get people at bats at the expense of better, more deserving players? If Kemp, Ethier or Manny get a day off or god forbid get injured, then I don’t want to see Slappy in there when there are better options.

And, yes, Ned was a total idiot to give him that contract.

spit – let Steve Lyons defend JP since he is getting paid to.

It’s going to be sad if he get send down just like when Bigbie had the same treatment last year.

…..yeah Scott!!!

Well if it help on him getting traded I don’t mind at all. I know the White Sox might bite since Ozzie love Pierre but if I was Ozzie I would not started him and there OF’s are all ok. I don’t know what Brain Anderson is hitting in the Spring and most people think the White Sox need Pierre but would Pierre be an upgraded over him? They already have RF and LF locked up with Dye and Quentin.

I wasn’t implying Pascucci in place of JP. We know JP’s spot is etched in stone. I was saying Pascucci takes DeWitt’s/Catro’s/Monkeywhiskers spot. We can’t have two “bats” off the bench that can’t get it out of the infield (JP/Castro). Monkeyman’s through, and DeWitt should be playing everyday. Pascucci would have legitimate power off the bench, and still be able to cover 4 positions.

I really give Ethier/Kemp a lot of credit for sticking it out and succeeding despite the ridiculous favoritism by Colletti/Torre.

Yard clippings Scott??? I was thinking more yard droppings.

Ned – pay JP’s salary and let him go!!!

Frank – make Ned do it.

Sigh I didn’t know Pascucci can played the OF should had read the other message than everything change big time. Did Pascucci played any OF this spring?

enchanted, I was trying to give Pierre a little credit!


How can we? The only credit I’ll gave him is that he’s getting paid for being an underperformance the last 2 years for us. He would not put up the numbers he had in 2004.

Darn it. Thanks to Pascucci’s emerging bat, I have to revise my outfield depth chart. Pierre is no longer eighth. Now I’d have to go with 1. Manny 2. Kemp 3. Andre 4. DYoung 5. XPaul 6. Repko 7. Pascucci 8. Mitch Jones 9. Pierre

Wow! Schidt pitched a hitless inning. Joe should take him out.

Crash – now his depth chart order matches his number 🙂

How fitting.

Any bets on who leaves the game first with an injury? Nomore or Tony Abreu?

Very nice crash

crash – probably some sort of collision rendering them both injured.

Can we say Schmidt lol?

Hey Mark! and 1959 The Dodgers ended up winning the WS against the White Sox! Can the team make a trip to Cuba? 🙂
Leave it to D4 to find that post Nelly!
I made my 3rd trip to Camelback Ranch! We had a great time!
Cat: i looked for you but did not see you.
Check out my latest thread of my traveling friends. Also what do you all think of my new profile picture? I did not know my friend had taken that picture last year. She emailed it to me.
Talked to Pepe Iniguez. Pepe: Sorry Mexico got eliminated! i was so ready to root for them this weekend at the stadium.

Emma – Nice pic. I’m jealous of your running into Manny!

Scott – I think Joe read my comment from a few days ago, and has now split Repko and Pierre onto the two different split squads. We’re going to have to count on perumike with his piano.

Wow I love the bring back Beimel.

Emma ~ Great job as Camelback corespondent!

EMMA – love the picture of you and your friends. Very creative…LOL! And you are so lucky to have ran into Manny. I’m sure your words made him feel even more glad that HE IS BACK!
It sucks that Mexico got elliminated. Good luck next time. Who is still left in the game?
It would be great if Beimel comes back…he shooked my sons hands. OK OK he is a great pitcher!

STOP THE PRESSES! Schmidt: 2 IP 0 R 1 H 2 BB 2 K

Wow! Schmidt regains his “m” from me (for now) by lasting two shutout innings. But then again, wow! this Oakland lineup is really pathetic.

How does his fastball look?

Damn Kuroda

Oh come on give Schmidt some credit for now.

2009 Yahoo! Experts Predictions
AL East1. NY Yankees 2. Boston 3. Tampa Bay 4. Toronto 5. Baltimore NL East1. Philadelphia 2. NY Mets 3. Atlanta 4. Florida 5. Washington AL Central1. Cleveland 2. Minnesota 3. Detroit 4. Chi White Sox 5. Kansas City NL Central1. Chi Cubs 2. Milwaukee 3. St. Louis 4. Houston 5. Cincinnati 6. Pittsburgh AL West1. LA Angels 2. Oakland 3. Texas 4. Seattle NL West1. Arizona 2. LA Dodgers 3. San Francisco 4. Colorado 5. San Diego

hmmmmmmm @ yahoo expert and wow Cano is hurt thanks god we didn’t trade Kemp for Cano.

Crash! We did not what to do once we saw him walking toward us but I think we handled it well. He was very nice. He was wearing sandals and shorts. He is not as big as I thought he would be.
Spit! TFWV was vehind homeplate with that sign last weekend. He was with his stepson who is shy.
Thanks Scott! You know, I never noticed that little league park next to the church I go to! Also, I take my newpapers to that church. they have the truck on the last weekend of the month.
msruss, ~ We’ve seen Jon Soohoo’s pictures taken like that so Thank you Jon! and thanks for giving us advice on the Milwaukee Park in Phoenix.
We got confused on the starting time for the Saturday game in Phoenix. My fiend thought the game started at 3:p.m. It was 1:p.m. so we made it with only minutes to spare!
Camelback Ranch is a great park!

Here is a synopsis of the major league experience of the lineup that Schidt faced today:
Davis .256 avg in 208 games
Buck .266 in 120 games
Nomore – a 35 year old juice washout
Giambi – a 38 year old juice washout
Powell – no MLB experience, and no relation to Boog
Crosby – .239 in 580 games, and no relation to Stills, Nash, nor Young
Denorfia .282 in 96 games
Hannahan .229 in 187 games
Pennington .242 in 36 games
I’m not impressed.

So, is it too late to have Schmidt pitch another inning? LOL!!!

Well, he gave up one less run than Weaver…what’s that say about Weaver then?

At least the Schmidt didn’t hit the fan today.


Honestly though, the guy’s pitched 4 innings. Can anyone expect that if he started the year as #5 that he could go anymore than 3-4 innings a start?

enchanted: of course the Dodgers brain trust knew Schmidt wouldn’t be ready and yet we’re still left with Milton, Vargas, Estes or Weaver?

At the end of last season I penciled in McDonald. They could have saved a lot of time if they had done the same.

Just another major disconnect between management. Torre wanted pitching, Ned gets hitting.

Frank’s got to be wondering too what he’s paying Pierre $9 mil a year for what any number of OFers can do better at 1/20th the price.

Juanpy impresses us today by getting caught stealing.

Ethier almost had to go to arbitration to get 3 million and Pierre is averaging 9 million a year. It’s a crazy mixed up world I tell ya.

I guess Nomar is getting his revenge. How did the Dodgers give up so many runs?? I keep telling myself it’s just a Spring Training game but why do I feel so beat up when they lose?

Nice work by Weaver today. Randolph’s pretty top notch as well.

Job well done again Ned.

I did have fun at batting practice this morning. But yuck this game is awful. I’m glad I didn’t go. What is the score of the other game?


It’s just ST, it’s just ST, it’s just ST…….

Schmidt is out of the running for the 5th starter’s spot according to Joe Torre on Tony Jackson’s site.


Yeah Scott me too I really wanted to see what McDonald could do.

The other game is 2-2 against Seattle. Kuroda gave up seven hits in 3 1/3 innings, but only 2 runs (one earned).

Yeah, spit. No more Tomko clones. Let’s try another young pitcher.

lol 9 runs in that 3rd what a joke.

I just saw the story about Schmidt being out of the running as well. Man, I’m beginning to think that Jason Schmidt will never start a game for the Dodgers again. That goes down as one of the worst signings ever (Ned and Stan, that one is on you two).

How many did Schmidt ended up given up?

Spit – Schmidt gave up one hit, two walks, and zero runs in two full innings.

Yahoo doesn’t even bother with the lineup in ST so it hard to keep track of players for now.

Yeah I know that but they didn’t let him pitch 1 more inning?

I was hoping that he have given up 3 runs.

spit – check out the live box score on mlb.com

Spit – You can get the full boxscores on dodgers.com

Is 636566cy=dodgerdude?

No, I’m clhuerth (my screen name finally took after about 2 years). I’m not a full-timer like some, but I contribute when I can.

Ok thanks

Oh ok that was my 2nd guess.

For a detailed post about my morning at Camelback Ranch look at my blog and please post so I know you visited. 🙂
I don’t want to bore those who are not interested with a long story. http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com

Can’t we just shoot Estes and put him out of his misery?

I know Joe said he doesn’t hold one bad outing against a guy for consideration as a starter, but when you’ve had nothing but bad outings, euthanizing under these circumstances is considered humane.

What’s the deal with Castro, I really don’t remember him as a Dodgers but do remember him when he was a Reds and Twins.

I see it was Weaver/Randolph and Estes that did it.

Juan Castro – I remember he first came up with the Dodgers the same time Edgardo Alfonso came up with the Mets. I remember this becasue many of my Dodger friends thought Castro was better both offensively and defensively than Alfonso. I think they probably got the offensively part wrong, huh?

Pitching is turning out to be a problem. Finding the fifth SP and the bullpen needs some work. Allowing so many runs earlyon makes it difficult to catch up. This reminds me of the season when Joe seemed to leave pitchers in way too long when it was too difficult to start a rally and even tie up. It is so frustrating. I know that they are trying out different pitchers, but it is discouraging.

I can’t believe Randolph screw up Weaver 1.8 ERA. but Weaver screw himself up by given up 2 hits and walking 1.

Yeah let’s kill Estes now stupid ex Giants

Mitch Jones just hit his 4th 3-2 LA over Seattle

Not to mention he did it against an ex Dodgers pitcher in Eric Hull. I thought he was with the Red Sox.

I leave and it’s 4-3 and come back to a game that is now 4-10, Athletics………………….I guess pitching still remains an issue. Do we know for a fact Joe didn’t get what he wanted? He does like his pvls, and pvl pitching is exactly what he got 🙂

spit – you don’t remember Castro because he was horrible. He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a #$%^$%^ boat as Lasorda would say. His ST avg has me baffled.

Too bad we couldn’t see that diving catch by Kemp. It sounded awesome!!!

Pierre only got caught stealing because he is working on a new crossover step he has learned.
The pitching will be fine. They are just all worikng on new pitches and the air is lighter in Arizona so the ball flys further.
The economy isn’t really bad, it just looks that way beacause everyone already have big screen TV’s.
The weather hasn’t been cold this year. It’s just the government working on a new non-Global Warming Machine.

Nells – The state of Dodgers pitching as of today (IMO): SP #1-4 is solid. SP #5 is a big fat question mark, unless it goes to McDonald or we sign Pedro. BP is Brox, Kuo, Wade, then is it McDonald??, then another big fat question mark.

Wow it look like are 1st round pick from 2 years ago is in.

dcollins – I like how the air is lighter only for the Dodgers’ pitchers! LOL

Something tell me that Weaver is going to steal it despite(sp) of the 2 hits and 1 bb’s he allowed today.

Randolph didn’t help much for letting all of Weaver inherited runners to score.

I know this is only ST but, it is still pathetic how many runs we are allowing. I agree with crash, that pitchers 1- 4 are going to be fine………….but, the rest of the staff, if we have to choose from what we’ve got, is really bad. We need a 5th starter and somebody to take us to Brox.

I think it true Scott but maybe I don’t remember because I was a sophomore in high school back in 1995 and didn’t even pay attention to that team much.

Andre is having a very rough day today 😦

I wish I was as optomistic as you are Crash.
Bills is young so I don’t view him as a 1 yet. He is very good, but he is going to be matched up against the #1’s from other teams. Is he up to that task? We will see.
I think Hero is also good but he is to me a #3 or 4. Not a #2. I’m thinking he will be better this year sort of like Dice K was better after a year of adjustment.
Wolf is great but I’m thinking DL in July.
Kersh is going to be great but there has been much pressure put on him already and is his arm up to a full year?
#5 is a joke.
The bully isn’t looking very good either.
What we needed to get we didn’t get. So what do we do now?
I say go after Pedro, Beimel, and try to get Halliday. Give them Pierre, cash and the whole AA team!
We are looking like we have potentially a championship offense. The Defense looks great as well provided Furcal & Hudson stay healthy. The pitching is enough to get us last place…

dcollins ~ I like your suggestion……….go after Pedro, Beimel, and try to get Halliday………..and giving them Pierre and the rest is perfect!

That’s true Nelly.
Is it time to become a Pierreaholic?
I was thinking about that picture of him & Dre the other day that people were commenting on where Pierre just looked totally bummed, that the reason he looked sad was because he saw the latest results of his Pierreaholics membership totals!

Is it to late to convert one of those relievers who’s pitching better than Estes, Milton and the rest of the #5 candiate to SP and try that out? Yep talking about Mazone, Herger and Castrillo until today when he gave up 1 run and Threets.

I forgot Sturtze but he’s an ex Yankees and I’m sure Torre would love him a lot.

Dcollins ~ Mr. Torre is a Pierreaholic! That makes a fan club of 3. (One being JP, himself).

Maybe we could trade all of our potential #5’s & Pierre for Halliday. Tell the Jays it would help with their depth!!

Tru… is that where you get your name? Because you only speak the truth!!

Of course, Dcollins. I’ve been right so many times this year! lol The only thing I got right was the signing of Manny. I am an Ethieraholic and suffer from Gnomeaphobia!

dcollins …….you mean “popupaholic”? I…………….don’t think so. Never I say will I become a popupaholic!!! Maybe Andre’s slump is just coming early this year instead of June or July, or maybe he is helping by taking away some of Matt’s K’s for him – LOL!!!! I don’t think he has ever stuck out 3 times in a game, and two times is a rarity for him – very unEthier-like at-bats.

Why must he answer to every problem for Ned be a PVL?

Tru – If Gnomeaphobia is the fear of seeing the gnome in the lineup, then I, too, have Gnomeaphobia!

Crash ~ it sure is! lol

I agree Nelly. Everyday Dre sounds so much better than Everyday Juan.
I say we name him “1 Run Juan” and he is put in only as a pinch runner in the 8th or 9th after one of our other players have doubled!

Obi is coming up with a 12-Step Program to help us with our phobia. He’s only gone through step one….with the rest to come.

Cough cough… I’ve got it to!!

Nice pictures DC!

The good news about the game vs the A’s today is they only scored in 2 innings. & only 1 run in one of those 2 innings!
Woo hoo!
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!!!

DCollins I guess you didn’t see my Schmidt/Pierre for Halliday trade earlier.

I like your idea much better.

Thanks Emma! I’ve been enjoying your blog!
I wish my Wife did the WIN event in Vero last year. We didn’t know about it until the day of it. Then I’ve heard of it ever since from you and keep thinking how cool it would of been for her.

don’t you mean Schmidt/Pierre and a really large bag full of cash?

Valenzuela and Puerto Rico going to started in 9 mins.

No, I saw it Spit. I just really want to entice them! You know make it an offer they can’t refuse.

Since I cheap I’ll gave them a bag of peanut lol

I bet they still refuses it lol. I should buy mlb 2009 the show and make that trade to them and let see if they accepted it.

Wow is it too late for guys like Gordon, Preston, Mercedes, Gallagher, Hatch and Brown?

and also Rosario, Griffin, Mitchell, Garcia, Lindblom and Belisario.

The good thing about the Seattle game is Jones and Paul is still killing the ball and Dewitt goes 3 for 5 batting ahead of Pierre.

Well that good news. How about the pitching???

From the box score it look like Lindblom and Belisario did good but all those other names are non pitchers.


This is why I said this? Is it to late to convert one of those relievers who’s pitching better than Estes, Milton and the rest of the #5 candiate to SP and try that out? Yep talking about Mazone, Herger and Castrillo until today when he gave up 1 run and Threets.

By spit111 on March 16, 2009 4:02 PM

At least the pitchers in that Seattle games wasn’t so bad but all of them are pitching better than Estes, Milton and those other #5 potential starters.

Oh wait I thought Strickland was pitching well and was going to give him a free pass today but I guess he can’t now.

DC! You were there when I was there! Wow! we probably ran into each other. It was great! and it was in the evening which it made it better.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

It sure is quiet around here tonight. I guess two losses in the same day might do the trick even if it is spring training. I am glad that everyone that is going to Camelback Ranch is having a good time.

good evening ITD!

Nelly – how is my fellow Ethieraholic doing!? yup it sure is quiet around here!
I really wish I could go to a ST game this year.. but I’m SOOO excited for the 2009 season!!

okay well it seems as though everyone is gone… lol just wanted to stop by while I had time 🙂 have a great night everyone!! Viva Los Doyers!!! lol

Acardona = Ethieraholic and Dodger fan for life!!!

Hello ITD. My name is Juan Pierre and I’m a popupholic. Today I tried, I mean I really, really tried to reach Step 2 in my 12 step ground out program, but I am so confused. Step 2 says I need to “believe that a Power greater than myself can restore me to sanity.” My question to ITD is this, Who is the Power? Do you think it’s Ned Colletti? I means he keeps telling my agent that he is , but I won’t believe that until he trades me to another team. This girl I met told me the higher power is Andre Ethier, but I need a more solid reason to believe in him as the higher power than ” he can cook, he’s half-French and he’s totally hot!” Sigh…. Do you think the higher power might be Bud Selig? I mean, if he backed an emergency league proposal allowing the use of aluminum bats in the Majors that would not only restore my sanity, it would restore my career. It would also eliminate pine tar. I hate pine tar.

Hi Acardona!!! I am doing great!! It seems our boy didn’t have such a great day today. What is up with 3 strike outs and a GIDP? Just was not his day at all 🙂

LMAO!!!!! Oh!! I will definitely have to go with Andre Ethier as a higher power. What can I say……I am an Ethieraholic!!!! Obi – you are just fabulous!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
It’s been a long time! I’m honestly not too concerned (yet) about Manny’s “injury.” It just seems like he came to ST late, tried to make up for lost time, and tweaked a muscle. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Joe, good job. Rest Manny!

How are my ITD friends today!

Hey CP!!! It has been a long time since you have graced us with your presence. How have you been?

Obi ~ you certainly didn’t disappoint with step 2! It is fantastic and well worth the wait!

Graced you with my presence??? That’s a new one!!! I know, it has been a while. I don’t want to get into too many details, but I, well, I have priorities. Not that I don’t love ITD; you know I do! But as much as I love ITD, I can’t let it take over my life. It was for a while. That’s the short of why it’s been a while for me to post. I’ll just take better care on when and how long I post. But no, I will never totally leave ITD! I love it too much!

As far as I’m concerned, I’m fine. I know I’ve said similar things like this before, and I am REALLY hoping that this time it comes true, but things are looking up on the job front. I applied and interviewed for a Customer Service Rep position with a local printer (they’ve been in business since 1976). Best yet, the original owners (mom and dad; they sold the business to their daughter who owns it now) live on my husband’s mail route. And yes, I did mention that they know my husband! They LOVE him and after talking to the mom, she said that she liked me too! So keep praying for me!

As it is Nelly, I’m kinda tired right now, so I won’t be on for long tonight. But don’t worry, I’ll be here for a few minutes…

Well, that sounds promising CP!!!

Yeah Nelly, it does. I just don’t want to jinx it! 🙂

no, no jinxing allowed 🙂

Okay Nelly! Well, I told you this visit was going to be a short one. I am getting tired. I know I said this before and I’ll say it again, but I try not to stay away as long! I’ll catch up with ya later…

Good Night CP!!! Best of luck on that job opportunity 🙂

Good morning ITD. It looks like tomorrow’s game will be on live tv so look for me to the right of the batter in row 2. I bought a different seat yesterday so I could be a little closer. I was in row 6 one section over but decdid to change. If you don’t know what I look like, look at my blog http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com. Post on facebook if you see me!! That way I know. So cool.

Good Morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all….
Tough day for the Dodgers yesterday.
Randy Wolf goes after the Cubs today… enjoy everyone.
Free webcast dodgers.com….
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning Dodger4life ~ Yesterday’s game was very tough to listen to. Even though it’s ST, I don’t like to lose games. Hopefully, we can turn things around today. Happy St. Patricks Day, everyone!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and Writers!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


Happy St Patrick’s day everyone!
I got my Dodger St Patrick’s shirt on today that I bought at Camelback Ranch! to see a pic go to my blog. I titled the thread “Here is to my favorite Irishman!”

Hey everyone. I’m down in SoCal for a few days, and am excited that the St. Patrick’s Day game is free on the computer!!!

Hope everyone has a good day!

So, I am guessing you will change your name based on which half of California you are in. Very cool !!!!

The optioning begins……….pitchers Victor Garate, Brent Leach, Jesus Castillo, and Travis Schlichting, catcher Lucas May and infielder Tony Abreu have been optioned to the Minors.

nelly, where’d you see that about the optioning.. can’t find it anywhere.

It was googled to me through my phone 🙂

The Dodgers google you on their transactions? Seriously?

google alerts – yes 🙂

My phone only tells me when it’s time to eat… RING!!!! RING!!!


Nellyjune ~ no google alerts on a new pitcher?

No…….sorry, but I just got another one adding DeJesus to that list, but that was no surprise either.

Here’s the line-up from Ken’s site…

Dodgers Tuesday Lineup

15 Rafael Furcal (S) SS

30 Orlando Hudson (S) 2B

16 Andre Ethier (L) RF

7 James Loney (L) 1B

23 Casey Blake 3B

27 Matt Kemp CF

9 Juan Pierre (L) LF

44 A.J. Ellis C

21 Randy Wolf (L) LHP

Thanks for the lineup Nelly!
Starting to look like opening day.
I just got a ticket for the last ST game here in SF. It’s against the Dodgers so I guess I’m getting to ST after all!!
7th row behind the On Deck circle behind the Dodger dugout! Woo HOOOOOOO!!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring in 2009!!!

Dcollins ~ You will look fantastic in your Dodger Blue in S.F.!

That is great about the tickets for the game…great seats!!!

Yup! I’m fired up!!
I’m going to order a Dodger Home Plate and bring it to get autographs on. Hopefully I’ll get some! Then I can hang it up in my office.
Blue in the Phone Booth is the only way to go.

Even Superman wore Blue when he was in a phonebooth!!!!

Sounds good to me, Dcollins!

that is great DC! I saw someone at Camelback Ranch with a home plate getting autographs.
I read about the cuts from Tony Jackson’s blog.

Hello there CRZ! I hope you’re having a great day!
I saw someone do it on a home plate last year and it was pretty cool. I did it on a large authenthic batting helmet and it looked great. Having a homeplate on the wall will be a great addition in my office.
The hard part will be should I work on photographs or autographs… Seeing as I only have the one game.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day everybody.

Same to you, JoePierre. How are you today?

Hello there Joe P. & Tru!
The good thing about Pierre having a bad arm is that he’ll never miss his cut-off man.
Ouch… that hurt!
I wonder if Juan good get hitting tips from Carlos???

Dcollins ~ do you see where the cut-off man has to stand for JP to hit him? I’m serious, I can throw better than that!

I had to giggle when the announcer said that Pierre worked hard last year learning to charge the ball so his throws would be more effective. Guess what; the base runners are still challenging him!

They sure are, Diggie! Who are they trying to convince?!

I’m fine.

Let me think . . . hmmmm . . . I know – it’s a marketing ploy and they’re hoping the other general managers are listening so we can trade him!

Does anyone know the name of the announcer with Rick Monday, today?
I asks this because he sounds familiar to me from somewhere else.

I was laughing at the same time Diggie.
Glad all is well Joe!
Tru — Pierre would be good in Boston because they have to play shallow there anyway. That could help him out!!

Colly, you’re right. I think we need to dash off a memo to Coletti.

Carlos halfway to a cycle in 2 AB’s. Not good…

I’m sorry but I really think our pitching is just going to kill us this year. I’m not sold on anyone of our pitchers.
If we could manage to get Halliday it would move everyone down a notch in the Starting staff. This would solidify the rotation in the same way Manny solidifies the hitting.
Then add Beimel and we would be okay.
My dead horse is not getting Garland…

Although he does have a 7.56 ERA this spring!

Okay I’m talking with myself now! Time to go. Take care all and have a wonderfull St. Patricks Day!!

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself, dc. Just don’t ARGUE with yourself.

A game like this makes you talk to yourself!

This is really becoming distressing. I know, it’s ST and I know they keep saying the are trying out different things. But, we are losing because the pitching really sucks. I thought things would straighten out before the season starts but, the only pitcher I have confidence in is Chad.

Right with you, Tru. The season starts in less than a month. It’s Jojo MUST weed out the dead wood pitchers that are taking away time from those who perhaps could help in the “real world”. It’s time to start instilling a winning attitude.

This game is just yuck!!!!

McCourt promoted? Who would have guessed that?

Yes, it’s ST. Yes, they keep rolling out those 732 different nobodies, hoping that one of them can come out of nowhere and claim that 5th spot. Some have called it the “Chan Ho Park Syndrome”. I call it the “Expecting Lightning To Strike Twice In One Place Syndrome”.

I remember when we took a chance on a kid once and drafted him when everyone else was scared off due to arm problems. Bobby Welch came through and we continued to spend high draft choices on very questionable pitchers because we got lucky with Welch. This year it’s Chan Ho.

I don’t have a problem with bringing a ton of NRIs or even minor league contract pitchers, hoping to get lucky even though they’ve flunked tryouts with other teams. My problem is that Frank and Ned are DEPENDING on some of those schmucks to make the 12-man staff this season. I (and many others) said it when we signed these guys in the first place and I’ll say it again: If we break camp with Vargas or Milton or Weaver or Schmidt or Sturtze or Estes or Mota or on the 12-man staff, we’re in trouble.

Saying all that, which team in our division was everyone saying had all the pitching? That unmentionable team up north in orange and black, right? Guess who is leading MLB in runs allowed so far (by a lot) in ST?

Very interesting 🙂 You certainly wouldn’t think that listening to the news up here because all they talk about is pitching. I hear their defense is what sucks…………easy grounders becoming errors, fly balls being dropped, etc. However, they claim they don’t have hitting, but they have more runs scored than us too…..only by a few though.

CEO…….good for her!!!!!!! It will go well with those homes in Malibu 🙂

Oh, let’s see, to make my day even brighter, Jamie is now the new CEO! I think I’m going to be ill.

How does the saying go? A rose by any other name is still a rose.
And a turrd is still a turrd.

Thanks for the link Eric!
Interesting numbers from that link with regard to ST and the WS back to 2003…
2008: T. Bay was 18-8 & Phillies were 12-18.
2007: Rockies were 13-12 & Boston was 15-12.
2006: Detroit was 18-15 & St. Louis was 15-14.
2005: Houston was 14-14 & Chicago was 14-18.
2004: St. Louis was 17-12 & Boston was 17-11.
2003: Yankees were 16-13 & Marlins were 15-16.
Of those 12 only 3 teams were under .500 and 1 was @.500.
Of those 12 only 2 trained in Arizona.
I know ST is only ST but they are numbers that are over the last several years.

Concerning the big Dodger promotions:
Cream rises to the top –
Of course, so does something else when in water.

SELL THE TEAM Already!!!

Josh – Here’s a tip to pass along to Frank and Jaime: stop using dodgers.com to post press releases and stories about themselves. The site is supposed to be about Dodgers baseball, not about the McCourts (I know, they think they are Dodgers baseball, but they aren’t).

Just read the full press release over on Tony Jackson’s blog. Such BS would be worthy of some other stalwart organizations I can think of, like AIG, Bank of America, etc. Too bad the front office crap doesn’t substitute for good pitching, etc.

Wonder what Jamie did to get THAT promotion.

But seriously, folks…

Here’s to hoping the US comes back against Puerto Rico.

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