He's baack…take two

It looks like Manny really will make his debut today. Gorgeous day here in Arizona….

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I’m first? What do I say?

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have you been, Dodgereric? Missed you! You and Enchanted have both been gone……..hmmm!

Go here, hit the “Watch Live” link.

Here and there, tru! Here and there. Celebrated our 26th anniversary yesterday by driving all over creation visiting old haunts and just having a good time by ourselves. How are you and my friend D4 today?

I’m doing great, Dodgereric. Sounds like you had an enjoyable trip. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! AND MANY, MANY MORE!!

Just wonderful DodgerEric, Happy 26th and may there be many more….

I would have liked to read he’d say something betty than,”We’ll TRY it today”.

That should’ve been better not betty,


Holy SHT! CBILL just gave up 2 monsterous homers.

Not a good start 3-0 Texas
Hamilton 2- run home run blast &
Nelson Cruz solo home run

Happy Anniversary, Eric!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How ya doin everybody?
Happy anniversary Eric.
I’ll celebrate my 71st Bithday on the 27th of this month

3-1 Texas on an Ethier base hit

Manny walked, then Dre knocked in Hudson on an RBI single. Then Big Game James singles but Manny only makes it to 3rd, good decision not to push him on the hammy.

3-2 Texas on an error. bases loaded. Matt kemp up to bat

End of the 1 st
3 – 2 Texas

Good afternoon ITD’ers.
Happy Anniversary E!! That is awesome!!!
Little bit of an ouch there with Bills.
Looks like our O will have to put up some #’s this year. We also have some good D so that should help the pitchers.
Go Blue!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!

Happy anniversary Eric!
Two more weeks Joepierre for your bday!
I am a happy camper today!

Have fun in the sun CRZ! I’m jealous!!

Maybe next year for me.

BILZ was so-so today, to me.

Thanks one and all for your good wishes! It’s a lot easier to stick together when you have a great partner.

And joepierre, I guess all the great ones were born in late March. I’ll have my 56th on the 30th!

I hope Billz was working on pitches today.

Billz was working on 60 pitches or 4 innings. He is out now and Stephen Randolph is in for relief.

Getting there Eric.

Hey E.. make that mid-to late March… mine is the 19th!
Randolph looked good there.

3 -2 Texas after 3 1/2
Andre coming up.

Come on Andre 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got it, dc!

Mathis needs to grow a pair. It’s spring training, not September. Throw Manny some strikes.

It is nice seeing Manny on our side 🙂

3 – 3 on a fielders choice

3 -3 start of the 4th inning.

Manny’s in mid season walks.

It’s taken us 2+ seasons, but we’ve finally convinced Torre to put JP in the 8-hole.

So true Crash!
Asmus looks like the best backup we’ve had since Martin was the back up ;).

For those that can’t watch it’s 3-3 going to the bottom of the 4th.

Pierre batted 9th Yesterday.

What did Phew do the first time up? I’m thinking pop-up to LF the 2nd time around.

Bounced to 2nd the 1st time…

roller to 2nd 🙂

Bounced to 2nd the 2nd time…

I was wrong. But Slappy’s still in classic form.

Happy anniversary, Eric!
Happy almost birthday, Eric, JoePierre, and DCollins!

Good Job Ausmus!!!!

jhall too – 27th of March

March is a great month not only for my birthday being in it but it’s spring & that means time for baseball!

.148 for the best 4th OFer in the game.

I ask you all – How are you supposed to be able to trade a guy hitting .148 IN SPRING TRAINING – not exactly facing Webb and Lincecum every AB – and a $28.5 mil contract?

E – How about that 50 foot assist the other day?

He’s not doing a good job of marketing himself, is he?

Has anyone else “lost” the game – it went dead here!


Me to Diggie… I thought it was my computer..

Diggie – I lost it too. 😦

That assist was sweet! He looooooped him down!!!

Happy anniversary Eric!!

Happy Birthday joepierre, DC and Eric!!

I thought it was the ‘puter too. At least we’re all in this together.

I lost it also…:-(

Someone is Arizona must be going, “What does this switch do?” click, click,… click, click “Hmmm… nothing…”

It looks like I lost the picture.
I remember now, Jhall the same day as me.

At least we got to see our team for a while – Manny walking, Ethier with that sweet swing, James, Matt – and Yawn Pierre doing what he does . . . uh, what does he do best?

Wow, two great ITDers with the same birthday. What are the odds?

Well it was fun while it lasted.

I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Lost our videostream 😦
Diggie has a great new nickname for Yawn 🙂

I lost it too 🙂

It’s back….

Someone just told Frank we were getting the game for free.

I can’t seem to jam these Sacajawea dollars into my computer.

Wow, reading the last two comments, I thought Manny was hurt (salt over shoulder, tres ave marias and spit spit)… I’m having trouble getting into the game too… gotta go shopping anyway.

Live Box Score is available, though 🙂 Lots better than waiting for tomorow’s newspaper in the days before the SportsTicker (invented in part by Buzzie’s son Peter Bavasi, fyi)

We had that birthday discussion before. We had one of our weird days where everything was involving the number 27…..Kemp’s number and birthdays…I remember there were quite a few connections with the number 27….from birthdays to anniversaries, etc.

Let’s tell JP jokes…

Dinner, Bacon and JP

Name a fork, a pork and a dork.

Well back for a second anyway…
Maybe someone is telling me to get my fat rump off the couch and get to the gym!!!
Oh and LMKO E & Crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New possible careers for JP:
1. Bouncer
2. POP Technician
3. Outsourcer
4. Fastfood

I hope we get the Video back, I’d like to see Pascucci.

Yawn’s horoscope for today:
Leo (July 23 – Aug 22) You consider yourself a born leader. Others think you are an idiot. You are vain and and cannot tolerate criticism. Your arrogance is disgusting. Leo people are thieving bastages.

Frank, Torre and JP
A chump, a lump and a grump. (You mix ’em and match ’em)

….I think bouncer would be good – LOL!!!!! …..another good image enchanted 🙂

Wow Crash!! That pretty much nails it, doesn’t it?

I vote for 4. fastfood – but he’ll still struggle to find a hat that will fit!

Looks like Manny got a hit and they pulled him for Pascucci.

End of 5, still tied.

LOL Crash & Eric!!!

Still 3-3 after 5 full innings.


Juan would be a great coach for running infield drills for the infielders & pop-ups…

We need JP.7 so that he comes with a pop-up blocker.

LOL! You kill me, e!!!

LMAO!!! enchanted – you never disappoint – hilarious!!!

I’d like to see Pascucci bat. If I only could see.
No video yet, no nothing.

joepierre is being funny too, or maybe it’s just that I am glad it’s Friday, with a minimum day as well 🙂

Yeah, JP’s probably still got a 386 PC because its still the same as its always been.

No, Nelly I’m not kidding, I know Pascucci is a big guy, I just wanted to see him at the plate.

Why change? He’s perfectly happy with a .330 OBP

Juanpy finally found his right place on the team, 4th outfielder.

joepierre – for some reason you saying “if I only could see” made me laugh. I know what you mean about wanting to see Pascucci batting.

Mota and Weaver have pitched very well so far this spring.

Oh I can see alright. lol

Methinks there’s a deal to be had with Pedro. A couple mil base salary and load it up with incentives for games started, innings pitched, wins, etc.

I just looked it up, Pascucci hasn’t played since ’04.
The Dodgers sure know how to find them.

It would be nice to have Pedro back after all these years but he hasn’t grown an inch.

Andruw must have played in the B game today. He went 0-3, with 2 Ks against the Royals. His average is still better than JPs. Andruw – .286….JP – .148

Anyone see who’s pitching for Texas?
Joe Torres!!!
Is he allow to coach for one team and pitch for another??? Maybe he is trying out so he can be the pitcher as well as the Manager!
I saw Pascucci in Sacramento years ago when he played AAA for the Edmonton Oaks. The minor league club for the Expos.
Joe P. — he is huge, and really friendly. He can also crush the ball. I really thought he was going to be good but…

It would be good if they provided some A U D I O.

Why was Pascucci out so long, dcollins?

JP just stole a base – whoo hooo!!! LOL!!!

Wow, JP drew a walk. That gives him a .333 OBP for today. I’m sure he’s happy with his performance.

…have no idea how he got on though 🙂

…thanks for the info Crash. All I got was he stole 2nd base.

This took me forever, but I finally figured out the solution – We need Repko and JP on the basepaths at the same time (like they just were), then a nice mixup and a collision.

For your blackout enjoyment – and continuing Beating The Dead Horse Day, a little ditty about that black moment on November 22, 2006.

Butchering The Beatles “A Day In The Life”, retitled “Panic In The Front Office”

I read the news today oh, boy
About a lucky man who made it big
And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh
Ol’ Ned just took a bath

He blew his budget in a rush
He didn’t notice that Juan’s game hadn’t changed
A crowd of bloggers stood and stared
They’d seen his game before
Everyone was really sure that Ned had overpaid him galore

I saw a film today oh, boy
JP had rolled a throw to short again
A crowd of people turned away
But I just had to look
And find my old prayer book
I’d love to trade you off.

Woke up, got out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up, I noticed I was late
Found my jersey and grabbed my cap
Made the bus in seconds flat
Ran my way upstairs and found my seat
Felt incomplete, went back for hotdog meat

I see the lineup and oh, boy
We’ve got ol’ Slappy in left field again
And as though that were not enough
He’s hitting leadoff too
Why can’t there be some GM who’s dumb enough to not know that he’s screwed?
Please Ned just let him go …………….

LOL!!!! Where’s my gnome when I need him?

False alarm

Oh dodgereric!!!! Magnificent!!!!

Great song, Eric!
But my all time favorite is Enchanted’s “JUAN’S LEAVIN’, HE’S A BIG PAIN
That day just cannot come soon enough.

Nice wording on that song Eric.

Oh if we’re gonna talk favorites, mine is enchanted’s “Will You Still Bat Me Ahead Of Ol’ Slappy When I’m Sixty-Four?” LMTO!!!!

Nice to see Cory Wade pitch a perfect inning.

Dag! That’s wrong! It was “Will You Still Bat Me Ahead Of Ol’ Slappy At Oh-Sixty-Four?”

Sweeney’s batting average!

Nice song Eric!

Also, I vote for #4 – fast food – but he has to wear Brad’s pirate get up from “Fast Times”.


Gawd, wrong AGAIN! The memory is the second thing to go, but I can’t remember what the first thing was. After actually checking DodgerLyrics:
“Will Joe Still Bat Me Ahead Of Ol’ Slappy At O-Sixty-Four?”

Giddy-up Eric!!
Sorry Joe P. I was away for a few minutes… I don’t know what happened to him. I saw him in a couple of games when I went to Sacramento to try to get Tommy John’s autograph and he impressed me. think he’s been bouncing around the minors. Sort of like Mitch Jones. One of those 4 A players.

According to the box score look up he last played ’04 with the Expos.

Looks like we won 4-3.

Thanks, JoePierre.

There’s no place like gnome.

Gnome is where the heart is.

Top notch Eric! Top notch!!

Birk – maybe if we can get Juan to click his heels three times he’ll go back where he came from.

Oh hell, who am I kidding. Juan’s never been able to do anything right three times in a row.

If he only had a brain! Or at least a better on base percentage.

I see Manny drew two walks today. This may only be ST but I suspect we will see a lot more of that when the real games begin. At least Dodger fans won’t swing rubber chickens in the air when that happens.

You know what’s really going to be sad birk? On the days JP plays and bats 8th, he won’t even be able to draw an intentional walk to get to the pitcher. Really, would you walk a guy that can’t get the ball out of the infield? And even if he does, its to shallow left.

LOL!!!!! ….on those days, I will definitely be consulting my gnome asking, “Why he is even starting in a game?.”

JP himself once said he sees a lot of pitches in the strike zone because the pitcher is not afraid of giving up a dinger. What he didn’t say is the pitcher is also not too worried about JP taking a walk.

Oh, the ignome!

I see we are in the land of Gnome. Perfect!

They don’t like to walk JP, because then he’s in his domaine.

JP’s indian name: You gnome hittum ball today!!!

JoePierre ~ Jp is actually in his Gnomaine.
Dodger4life ~ LMAO!

JoePierre: Here’s from the wikipedia on Valentino Pascucci:



Valentino Martin Pascucci (born November 17, 1978 in Bellflower, California) is a Major League Baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. He bats and throws right-handed.

Pascucci was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 11th round of the 1996 Major League Baseball Draft, but he chose to go to college instead. He attended college at the University of Oklahoma for two years, from 1997-1998. He was originally a pitcher, compiling a 4-0 win-loss record with two saves and 64 strikeouts in 58 innings pitched. The Montréal Expos selected him in the 15th round of the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft. He began his professional career as a position player.

Pascucci’s pro career began in 1999, with the Single-A Vermont Expos. In 2000, with a 20-game stint with the Cape Fear Crocs, the Single-A affiliate of the Expos, Pascucci batted .319 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI and was called up to the High-A Jupiter Hammerheads later that season. He played 113 games for Jupiter, hitting .284 with a .394 on-base percentage. Val was promoted to the Double-A Harrisburg Senators for the 2002 season, where he sent a minor league career high 27 home runs out of the park. He played with the Triple-A Edmonton Trappers for all of 2003 and parts of 2004.

On April 26, 2004, Pascucci was called up by Montréal from Triple-A Edmonton. He debuted for the Expos in right field later that day. Val, however, was sent back down to the minor leagues on May 28. Pascucci wasn’t called back up to the Majors until September 1, when MLB rosters expanded. He hit his first career home run on September 15, 2004 and also played in the final game of the Expos’ history on October 3. He was released by the Washington Nationals on December 10, 2004, and has not played in the big leagues since.

Pascucci spent the 2006 season with the Chiba Lotte Marines of Japan’s Pacific League. On April 6, 2007, Pascucci was signed by the Florida Marlins and spent the season with their Triple-A affiliate, the Albuquerque Isotopes. In December 2007, Pascucci signed a minor league contract with the Philadelphia Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. After being released by the Phillies on April 29, Pascucci signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets a few days later. He spent the rest of the season playing for the New Orleans Zephyrs, the Mets Triple-A affiliate and became a free agent at the end of the season. In January 2009, he signed a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


“… and now you know the rest of the story.”

Anyone remember this:

The Gnome-Mobile is a 1967 Disney musical film, directed by Robert Stevenson.
It was based on a 1936 book by Upton Sinclair entitled The Gnomobile. Walter Brennan gives a fine, highly amusing double performance as D.J. Mulrooney, the kind-hearted Lumber Tycoon of Irish descent; and as the irascible yet loveable 943 year-old gnome Knobby.

Just change it to JP as the irascible and irritating 943 outs-a-year gnome Slappy.

I remember that movie, E. Always confused it with “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, probably because Disney always used to show them together.

Me, too, NSblues!

Happy Anniversary, eric and Happy March Birthdays to one and all……….JP=gnomaine poisoning.

That’s right NS! The Gnome Mobile on a twin bill with Shiddy Shiddy No-Bang, not incoincidently also starring JP.

Seesky ~ gnomaine poisoning………..priceless!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

LMAO!!!! ……still talking smack about JP. What is this? Can’t you give the poor guy a break, really? LMTO!!!!!!

…The Gnome Mobile!!! Classic!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

The Gnome Mobile has lots of speed but has trouble getting started.

…yep…can’t get up to speed if you can’t get started.

Looks to me like Weaver is this year’s Chan-Ho. He’s pitched very well so far. I’d like to see them stretch him out to three innings though just to see how he does. It was usually the second time through the order when he had a meltdown.

Mota’s been surprisingly effective so far as well. Still not a great sign, but as long as he’s no Proctoid we’re OK.

Wade from what I gather pitched very well today. Crossing my fingers he can go to the well as often this year as last.

See Nells – a whole post without mentioning Trigger.

Enchanted ~ I think the pitching will come around to be good enough to keep us in games. I’m shocked that you did a post without mentioning him!

…hey enchanted – no complaints here!! ….but yes, I am pleasantly impressed with both Mota and Weaver so far as well.

I didn’t see the beginning. I know Texas jumped off with 3 runs, but how did Billz look overall?

I was glad to hear Ethier did his job in the 4th spot today as well. Even his second at-bat was a good, but just happened to have Hamilton out there in centerfield who is pretty good at his job 🙂

With our offense and ability to field the ball and make play’s. I would be happy with someone on the mound that can just keep the ball in the park. McRanch seem’s to be a bandbox, Dodgerstadium is a pitchers park. We will be hard to beat one run at a time, I think???

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ausmus said Billz had good stuff, just couldn’t locate it.

Good Evening Dodger4life!!! They even mentioned that during the broadcast (before we got blacked out) about the ball carrying pretty good. It was when Andre hit the well hit fly ball to left center, and it took a good outfielder, like Hamilton, to catch up to it.

Good night everyone….The UCLA game is on 🙂
GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you enchanted!! I just heard about the back to back homeruns, but not much else. I haven’t read all the articles yet. So, I am sure it’s all in there somewhere.

God Night Dodger4life!!!!! Take Care and God Bless!!!!

HI Nelly, True, Enchanted Master… Gotta Run…:-)

dodger4life ~ I thought you were already watching the game. Have Fun!!! Go Bruins!!!!!


The Dodgers have three outfielders competing for two positions. Competition is good during Spring Training because it encourages players to work hard and doesn’t let them get bored. I know every spring has a deserving player kept off a Major League roster, and I know this is no different for the Dodgers. Manager Joe Torre and GM Ned Colletti will have many difficult decisions to make before the season begins, but I hate to see another outfield that will have no room for players who could make the team stronger.
No…….Eventhough JP will play unless he is traded, it’s more like there are 4 outfielders competing for the 4th outfielder spot IMO.

Okay Josh!! We Ethieraholics expect a Bobblehead this year. He has definitely earned it, and then some 🙂


Papelbon and Peavy should play on the same team.

Well, that would be an interesting combination.

Good Morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Well we had the chance to see Manny for a little while yesterday. I am happy to have him back in Blue….
Today’s game is against the Brewers and no word yet as to whether there will be a DH???
Clayton Kershaw take’s the mound again Come on Clayton!!
I hope everyone is having a good morning, and please enjoy your day today.
Life is good today!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A.in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

Manny, according to the articles I read last night, is not going to be in the lineup for either the A or the B game, but he will be in the lineup for Sunday’s game.

It should be a good game regardless and another great opportunity to see Kershaw pitch.


Good morning Dodger4life and Nellyjune ~ hope you have a great Saturday.

Good Morning trublu!! ~ Another day of Dodger baseball, mixed in with some high school baseball…….can’t go wrong there.

You are right, Nellyjune. Michael’s game home or away?

Fresno – Bullard Highschool, but against Redwood Highschool from Visalia. We beat them 1-0 last weekend. This time it should be two different pitchers for us, possibly Alex and Michael again. It depends on how coach wants to line up the rotation for league which starts next Wednesday. He may pitch others just so all starters are fresh for when league starts since these games don’t count going towards end of the season playoffs.

Sounds good. Have fun.

Have fun Nelly, Go Get Um Michael!!!!


Good morning Idt faithful. Morning nelly. Ready for baseball. I got my new Dell with 24″ HD monitor and I’m ready for the season to begin. With MLB.tv’s new 2009 player in high definition the game between the Dodgers and Korea was to say the least, awesome. Has a couple of bugs to be worked out but was a great picture. Let the games begin is all I can say. Welcome back to Manny.

I meant Itd

“Hello ITD. My name is Juan D’Vaughn Pierre and I’m a Popupholic”

Hello Juan!

Welcome to out 12-groundout program.

“Out” should be “our” but for some reason whenever I type something about Juan, “out” is always on my mind.

Very good, Obi & Enchanted!

Howzit Goin’ Everybody?

And, leading off………..Yougnomewho!

Well that was a good 1/2 inning.

That was another good 1/2 inning.

I had some time on my hands… Beatles Octopus’ Garden:

Juan’s going to be, upset you see
Sitting in the Dodger’s dugout in the shade
He will be found, skulking around
In the L.A. Dodger dugout in the shade
Manny, Kemp and Andre E-eeeeee
Will be the starters playing with glee
Juan’s going to be, poutin’ you’ll see
In the L.A. Dodger dugout in the shade
He’ll be pray tell, in Dodger hell
In his little tiny spot, end of the pine
He’ll hang his head, game time he’ll dread
Sitting in the Dodger’s dugout with a whine
No slap hits, our guys can pou-ound
Because there’s no Juan a-round
It’s gonna be, Juan’s plight you see
Sitting in the Dodger’s dugout in the shade
He’ll come out, and run about
The bases for another on occashe
(run the bases on occashe)
Oh what joy, for Torre’s vet’ran toy
To maybe score a run and win the game
(maybe win the game)
No more pops, and no drib-lers too
No more of the stinky Mister Phew
Joe you will see, have company
In the L.A. Dodger’s dugout with Phew
In the L.A. Dodger’s dugout with Phew
In the L.A. Dodger’s dugout with Phew

©NedCo Broken Records 2009

So far so good for Kersh.

Thanks for brightening my afternoon, Enchanted.



Kershaw’s looking good.
As least sounds good.

Kersh even had a hit!

Maybe we’ll add some points for that hit.

Kershaw might have gotten too fine, looking for the K
and probably grooved it for the HR.
But I think that was a good 5 K outing.

I think he did a good job, too, JoePierre.

Good to hear Troncoso pitch out of that after hitting 2 batters.
He’s having a tough spring.

Good going Pee Wee

Pierre will probably steal as often as he can, since he’ll play a lot less this year.
We hope. lol

The announcers are in love with him, aren’t they?

These announcers suck!

I’ve been watching my box score update every 30 seconds, wild.


A blast!!!!!

Garciaparra is at the plate.

Not Nomar but I think he’s the only other one. Mike.

Got to see that USA vs PR game.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! It’s good to see the Dodgers win again, Spring Training or not.

Boblee – good to see you around these parts again. It sounds like you are definitely ready for the season.

Obi – Popupholic – perfect!!!

enchanted – Fabulous song juance again.

Just renewed my MLB subscription for the upcoming season so I’m definitely ready for 2009 as well.
nelly–saw the story on the California teacher’s “Pink Friday” and I thought of you and the other teachers that are part of our family here. Hope that hasn’t touched you in any significant way…..
There sure were a lot of nonames, prospects,and suspects pitching in relief today. I’ll feel better when I see Wade, Kuo, and Broxton back in the boxscores again. Apparently, we’re one of the finalists for a Beimel signing. That would be a welcome signing.

seesky – Thank you seesky, I did wear pink and…..personally, I was not affected….only a room change, which I have lived in for about 5 years now,and it will do me good just to throw a few thousand things away that are no longer needed or are extremely out of date.

I am heading out to do some taxi mom stuff and dinner with my hubby. I will be back later this evening. Take Care and Go Dodgers!!!

Seesky ~ you are right about the pitching today. If we sign Beimel, does that mean Pedro is out? Not only that, but the announcers are in love with Yougnomewho……..almost to the point where I thought I was going to be ill.

I think Threets is going to end up being the situational lefty. Beimel still wants too much money and as someone pointed out, his ERA was 2.02, but his WHIP was 1.45, the implication being he let an awful lot of inherited runners score. Now I do think Beimel is better than Threets, but I’m not convinced Frank will spend the money on Joe. To me the best thing about Beimel is he’s durable and can take a lot of heat off the rest of the pen.

tru– my feeling is that Pedro is not going to be seriously pursued. It’s unfortunate because, assuming our bullpen gets straightened out, we are a solid 5th starter away from separating ourselves from the pack in the NL West. Unless somebody we’ve got now takes ownership, management will go with a 5th starter by committee until July when a solid 5th starter will become critical. I only hope we don’t overpay for what we get.

Step 1 of the 12 Step Groundout Program:

” I, Juan Pierre, admit that I am powerless. I have an addiction to hitting weak ground balls and Little League pop ups. I admit I am compulsive and unable to control flapping my elbow like I am Joe Morgan. Every at bat has become unmanageable and cumbersome, just like my contract.

Good evening ITD’ers! I hope all is well!!
I just read that Threets is injured and it looks as if he is going to be out for awhile.
Bummer as he was doing well.
From reading that article it looks as if he knows that it’s bad seeing as he was shaking when they got to the mound.

Guess I can scratch Threets then. Beimel’s stock just went up.

LOL Obi!!

Obi ~ Can’t wait for steps 2 – 12!

Hello there E. Yup I thought the same thing about Beimel.
I still would like to have him. I don’t think Joe was all that sold on him last year though. He seemed to really have him on a short leash.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers once again!!!

Obi – I didn’t think you would be able to top some of your thought bubbles last season, but I think this popupaholic just might do it.

too,too bad about Threets 😦

dcollins–Thanks for the link. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a pitcher going back into a game after he’d been removed from the game for a pinch hitter. How long did it take before the umps discovered it?
My thought was the same as the others regarding Threets: Beimel’s employment prospects in LA just got better.

Maybe JP’s trade value went up today and we can kill two birds with one stone.

Minty Fresh is hurt too? …..not good, but like the article said, the infield is pretty crowded so the chances of him making it to the final roster would have been iffy anyway.

It was weird on my cell phone on the play by play. They had him replaced by him??? I was confused and thought it was a typo on the phone.
You would think Joe would give the Dodgers a discount because of the stunt he pulled a few years ago in the playoffs. But then again this is now a business so I guess not.

My theory on why the announcers are talking like they are in love with yougnomewho maybe because of trade bait value. It’s not going to help our cause or JP’s if announcers talk like we do. Maybe we are going about this all wrong. Maybe we need to flood the other blogs about how much we love yougnomewho so the fans from other teams will start talking about having yougnomewho would be a good thing for their club…………………..Then again, maybe not.

Enchanted ~ The announcers were sure trying to sell him!
Nellyjune ~ Minty Fresh limped off the field too.

Juan rocks!!! His speed is super at the top of the lineup. You know what they say… speed kills! He doesn’t have an A+ arm but he doesn’t need to with his speed he catches everything!!! 😉
He is a winner as he has won a ring when he was with Florida. He was a vital cog in that team!
He is a tireless worker who is constantly trying to improve his skills and is such a great team guy he was willing to switch positions many times to accommodate the moves the Dodgers made after acquiring him.
He has an infections smile that all of his teammates appreciate!

What would I do without Juan Pierre? He’s been my inspiration since he joined the club.

Who’s next up on the JP testmonial? Nells? TruMom?

Everybody loves Juan 🙂
GO JUAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A day without Juan is like a day without sunshine……….but what I’d really like to know is what kind of infections Juan’s smile causes?????????

Let me take this opportunity to take a break from helping Juan complete his AA 12 step program to give props to the ITD for your great posts! I’ve been laughing all night. Man, it’s going to be a great season! Enchanted and Dodgereric, I think you guys are the ITD’s Lennon & McCartney. Special shout out to Trublu44 and Nellyjune!!

Coming this season: The Juan Pierre Drinking Game. Details to follow!

Obi – you’ve piqued my interest. Anything that can make the game more interesting when JP is playing and involves drinking has got to be a winner.

…and Eric and I thank you for your compliment. I’m the cute one though. LMAO!!!

Enchanted ~ I’ll drink to that!

Mornin’ Tru!

Kersh looked better yesterday. Still would like to see one more bona fide starter in the rotation and not a bunch of other people’s rejects.

Morning, Enchanted. I agree with you on a bona fide starter. Middle relief is a problem, too. Troncoso looks awful right now and, all the other pitchers they have tried don’t seem much better. I guess they are going to use Weaver out of the BP, which might be okay.

Peavy got rocked by PR yesterday – little lustre came off his shine. I’m not against packaging DeWitt somehow for Halladay though. Blake would be a definite upgrade over anything they’ve got playing second. DeWitt/McDonald maybe? You’ve got to give up quality to get quality.

I’d love to get Halladay. That would make us solid. I’d even throw in Yougnomewho!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!! That was excrutiating not being able to post last night. My computer was having a meltdown, perhaps it was all the JP love. I for one would like to credit JP for some of the most hilarious topics, songs, thought bubbles, movie trailers, and now even a 12 step program to every come through ITD. I would also like to thank him for making a believer out of some that Andre deserved to be the everyday outfielder. I think with JPs play last year especially, people were forced to take notice of the BEST 4th outfielder in the game at the time. So, in honor of JP, I will try to corner the market on Dodger Gnomes.

Thanks Obi!! You are pretty hilarious yourself, and BTW, enchanted might the cute one, but dodgereric has a fan club, and then there’s jhall as well, who is pretty spectacular in his own right.

Thank you dodger4life!!! You are the pretty awesome yourself 🙂

Good morning ITD!
I got to check out of the hotel this morning, have breakfast and head to the Ranch! Vin is in the house!!
See my short thread on ranning into Manny!

From Dodger Thoughts……..about the friendly players – never any doubts about them, really 🙂


Very good reading, Nellyjune. Of course Andre & Matt were one and two!

Good Day ITD and Dodgerfaithful
Manny debut’s in LF today against the Rockies
X- Paul is playing again today also.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

It is soooo good to hear Vinny’s voice!

Gosh I hate when Vinny mention those homerun total for Milton when he was still a Reds.

Now Milton can’t get anyone out.

Milton “The Toaster” sucks!!!

6 hits and 4 runs in first inning, unacceptable!

Well, that wasn’t such a great first inning by Milton.

I knew his 3.11 ERA 2 bb and 7 k’s were a fluke this spring.

The first 4 games he allowed 3 runs and this game already 4.

Spit ~ that’s not very impressive, is it? lol

It’s games like these you wish you had DLowe back. He had a good day with Atlanta today…….no decision (2-0) 5.0 IP, 4H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6K, 2.45 ERA Atlanta won 3-2.

The numbers are okay, but the impressive part is he went 5 innings. Have we had any pitchers go 5 innings yet?

Can we excuse Huggy Bear now? Pathetic sign by Ned in the first place.

With Milton’s meltdown today followed by Schmidt’s tomorrow (or Monday – whenever he goes next), shouldn’t they be either giving McDonald or Weaver a chance at starting OR taking more than a sniff at Pedro?

we have a new thread 🙂

Nah I really don’t care about Milton but if that was Schmidt it probably be ok since Schmidt hasn’t pitches much in the since coming to LA.

Blah I hate typing fast and not making sense half of the time but I meant to say Schmidt hasn’t pitch much since coming to LA.

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