What an amazing day for Dodger fans. We’ve debated it and made ourselves nuts for four months, but I’m happy to report that pretty much every offseason goal we set out to accomplish was ticked off the list. By most accounts, the top third baseman on the free agent market, the top shortstop, the top outfielder, a good starting pitcher, some relief help and some solid players off the bench. I’m just about ready to get this thing started, but we still have to wait almost a month!

Sorry there was no post yesterday…as you can imagine, it’s been rather busy around here of late. But that’s a great thing. And it’ll only get busier today.

If you want to watch or hear the news conference live at 9:30 PT/10:30 Arizona time, you’ve got several options. In Los Angeles, it’ll be on KCAL and Prime Ticket…and if you’re in your car, listen in on KABC as you pass the billboards that are already up like this one.


manny's back_2.jpgAcross the country, it’ll be on the MLB Network and if you’re outside the U.S., check it out on…

And then, once you’re done watching all that, check in tonight on Prime Ticket at 10 p.m. for the debut of Dodgers Insider: Camelback Ranch, a half-hour special on the place where I sit typing this post.

LAD-eblast_camelback insider.jpg

OK, it’s official. Two photos in one post means it’s time to go. Enjoy the day and welcome back, Mannywood.

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Thank’s for all your hard work, Josh.
Thank’s for all the hard work put into assembling this year’s team, from all the participant’s.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THEM WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great day to be a die hard Dodger fan……..Welcome back Manny!!! By the way, Andre is going to be interviewed on ESPNs First Take some time this morning. GO DODGERS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Good morning ItD. It is a great day to be a Dodger fan. The Manny signing is big news everywhere. I think all of us knew it would happen sooner or later. I am pleased that it happened while I am here at Camelback. Hopefully I will see him here before I leave on Saturday.
I agree with you, Josh, that everything has been accomplished. With this Manny signing, it seems with his presencce, it boosts everyone elses performance. So if our weakest link is the pitching, maybe our good offense will make up for it. Remember we didn’t get Manny until the end of the season when we were almost in last place in the Western Division. Manny being Manny was what made it special. It brought fans to Dodger Stadium which made it much more exciting. I myself like Manny. He always is aware of the fans. Most baseball players act like there is no one out there in the stands but Manny always nods or even waves. He knows that we love him and I’m sure that makes the difference. And as has been said before, the other players also like Manny. Most of the guys let Manny know he was wanted back including Russell and Matt. Now the Dodgers can get on with the business at hand…winning it all this season! GO DODGERS! We are with you forever.

Couldn’t be more excited for the season to start!!

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
It is SOOOOO nice to wake up and NOT have to wonder if we signed Manny!!! Now the next order of business: find a trade partner to trade Nelly’s YouGnomeWho…

Hey heartruss!!! It seems like you’re enjoying yourself at Camelback! I’m glad! Thx for your very early morning post and the pics! They look great! You should be able to see Manny today as he’s going to have his press conference in a short time!

Good morning Cpompe1
How are you feeling? Good to hear from you. I am having a lot of fun here although it is a bit hot. They tell me that it will be cloudy today during the game but I am still using a ton of sunscreen.
Here in Glendale, the news shows are really advertising Camelback. I suppose they are trying to get the locals to get out and watch the game at the ballpark. I did notice a few Diamondbacks fans. Too many evil Giants fans however. Sorry Nellyjune.
Staying here in Arizona seems so isolated. There isn’t a mall even close!!! 😦

It’s real interesting being a fan all of my life to be more excited about the Dodgers offense than the pitching staff. It’s wierd typing that. It is going to be a real interesting year this year. I can’t wait for the regular season to start.

Good morning Heartruss!
No mall??? Oh, how can you stand it! πŸ™‚ Honestly, I’ve never been much of a shopper, but still, there should be something, huh?

As for me, I’m fine. Still unemployed. My shoulder is still sore, but I’m okay. That is the only thing though that ST is in AZ; you have D-Back fans to contend with. But I’m sure that you’ve already seen your fair share of “other” jerseys. How many teams are in the Cactus League? I just looked; 14 teams!

Well, gotta go. Take care that you don’t get too burned! Have fun on the rest of your trip! Have a safe trip home!!!

Great interview by Andre! We are so lucky to have such a nice, gracious guy on our team!

U r so right, trublu. I listened to the interview and found that he was as honest and gracious as he always is. He spent many weeks on the bench without complaining last season and has not made a big deal out of his salary almost going to arbitration, especially with Manny getting $45 million. I took a picture of Andre leaning against the rail in the dugout which I think brings out the true Andre: thoughtful and quiet. Look for it on my Dodger blog. i also posted some pix of Andre, DY, Mitch Jones, and Pierre. I’ll have more pix tonight. I feel as though I am the ITD reporter and photographer on assignment. It feels great!! Take care ITD.

oops, more pix on my blogspot blog.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Is there a way to see Andre’s interview later? Maybe on perhaps?

We have an assembly today…..the Fresno Grizzlies are coming to promote a reading program so kids can earn tickets to their ballgames. They even do field trips, which would be awesome to take my class to a game, but no funds in our district to do so. Great idea even if it’s a gnat affiliate. No worries, I am wearing Dodger blue today just for the occasion – LOL!!!


Keep up the good work, Heartruss!

Josh – thank you so much for all you do. I know your job couldn’t have been easy these last few months, but thanks for putting up with us on top of all of the other craziness that has and will happen.

Josh you looked Marvelous!!!!…..The press conference was hilarious….I am jealous that I was not in Arizona with my buddies…they got to go the the press conference….Darn it!!

It is so good to get this behind us….

Any word on Cory Wade, I have been a little behind and have not read anything on him…

There is a mall about 4 miles east and 2 miles south of Camelback Ranch. I was there about a month ago. I don’t recall the name, but it was just north of Interstate 10 on the west side of 75th Ave.

Welcome back Manny!! It took some time but your back where you belong in Dodger Blue. Nice job from Ned and Frank to get the deal done, and the campaining that was done by Joe and the rest of the team played a big part i’m sure. This was the last piece of the puzzle, if our pitching can just keep us in games (which I know they will) then the sky is the limit for this team, our lineup would frighten me if my team had to face it, but that lineup is my team! Great day to be a Dodger fan huh guys! GO DODGERS!!

heartruss, put the link to your blog. If you post on mine, I’ll post on yours. I still have to post the pictures from last weekend and my second part to “Meanwhile back at the Ranch”. There is a posibility that I will be driving back very early Saturday morning. I stayed at the SpringHill Suites which has a Holiday in to one side and a Residence Inn by Marriott on the other side. Very close to that there is a shopping center. Also close is a big shopping center where the AMC theater is with some shops and a Margaritaville & Yard House restaurant. The place reminded me a little of The Grove and a building there reminded me of the Wiltern Theather.
Have lots of fun

anyone knows how do I get the Top 100 posted on my blog? Thanks in advance.

emma, I did some emailing back and forth with mlblogs when DodgerLyrics made it in the Top 100. He told me how to do it, but all that stuff is in my laptop at home. I’m pretty sure I have it there and I’ll let you know later if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

congratulations to ned and frank for not bending and caving in to boras. the very good news is what manny said to tj simers-“i can’t wait to show those teams who passed on me”.
manny is going to have a monster year. if our pitching holds up or we pick up a pitcher-dare i dream-there could be a “fall classic” in our future
mannywood is back.
go dodgers!!
bring us a ring in 2009!!!

Hi all!

Never imagined it would take 4 months, but it is done…..finally.
I wasted so much time since November trying to see if Manny signed…oh well. Besides the .300 + avg., 35+ HR, 115+ RBI and .400+ OBP he brings, he makes our guys (Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney) better, and he makes the team so much fun to watch.

I love that Blake and Raffy are back, O-Dog (wrist willing) is great along w/ Loretta (it’ll be INCREDIBLE to have a GOOD ph), Loretta will be HUGE for us.

Just hope the rotation shakes out as well as the bullpen. 1-8 we look great, unfortunately the most important part of any team (IMO bullpen) and the starting pitching are a bit cloudy right now, if those two components work out (very good possibility) we can expect playoffs, injuries willing. Even w/ 1-8 injuries we have sufficient young depth to fill in. Nice to say my peace. LET’S GO DODGERS LET’S GO.

Plus I like the payroll flexibility right now, Colletti has himself positioned well to trade for pitching mid – late season. That’s a good move/strategy in this economy w/ so many teams will be ready to shed payroll.

I see YouGnomeWho is pursuing trade options! lol

I think that is the best option for both sides it will give Pierre a fresh new start, and reinstall some confidence. At the same time giving the Dodgers a chance to fill his spot with a player better fit for this squad. It would be nice to see both parties work something out, where both benifit.

Pierre says he’s ok with deferring some money so another team will take him. Try deferring it over 20 years.

LMAO, Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO the starting 8 we have now are on a par with the 77-78 teams. A little less experience and power, a lot more athleticism and speed. Should be a fun team to watch.

I agree with ara about payroll flexibility for a pitcher during the season. IF they can deal JP that opens up just that much more. Frank’s still going to have to eat at least half that contract to get it done though.

Repko to me is the quintessential 4th OFer. Great D, speed, and some pop, just not good enough to be a starter. K’s a bit too much, but he’s everything that JPs not coming off the bench.

Hopefully they find a place for JP, maybe a small market team where he could be one of the “stars.” I’d miss the whiny little ******* though – he’s been my main source of inspiration for DodgerLyrics.

enchanted, I guess we’re going to have to write positive songs if JP leaves!! Let’s start with “Leaving on a Jet Plane”…

All his bags are packed, he’s ready to go.
No more hittin ‘him cans of corn
Already we’re so happy we could cry.

Juan’s leavin’. he’s a big pain.
Sure hope he don’t come back again…

How’s that scott???

Very good, Scott and Enchanted!


I have to secretly chear for the dodgers because so many of my dodger fan friends say they chear for the a’s, for one because they like them and two they like me :O) … But I’m glad you guys got Manny. People talk about all the drama surrounding him but I dont’ see that much. In this market the way it is and him being the star he is he was doing what he probably should have done. I don’t know about the whole not wanting to go to spring training thing because he didnt’ get to where he is by being lazy. I think there was way more drama in Boston. It all depends on where they are. Like Milton Bradley was cool with the A’s but there was drama with the Dodgers. Personalities don’t always mesh and the A’s are just so laid back they just don’t care about the B.S. But man I wish we could get a manager with a fire under his @$$.
I just read the SI article on Walter O’ Malley it was pretty cool. If it weren’t for the Dodgers the San Francisco Giants wouldn’t be here haha. I just hope you beat them in every game you play and the A’s will try their hardest to do the same in interleague. I like how Giants fans say they don’t want Manny. Yah right!!!! And they wouldn’t chear for him either! How things change they once loved Bonds now they turn on him. Giants fans, there are no giants fans. They are fine spending126 million over 7 years for a pitcher past him prime and they won’t put out thatmoney for Manny? funny!!!! Giants should have learned when Beane gets rid of a guys its because he just knows they are done.

Go A’s!!!!

A’s v. Dodgers 2009?????? DON’T HAVE GIBSON NOW!!! (then again we don’t have pitching either) hehe….


Beane’s done a great job but he’s not batting 1.000.


Wow, that billboard is ridiculous. Only in L.A. …

I LOVE L.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren’t any gates to stop people leaving California.


Amazing, the season hasn’t even started yet!

Pierre will come back and knock us out of the playoffs. lol

Broxton got a save for Team USA today vs the Phillies. Thank god Matt Stairs wasn’t hitting.

May there should be eric! The Eric J. Le Petomane thruway. Now somebody’s gonna have to go back and get a shitload of dimes. LMAO!

“What’ll that ******* think of next?”

Boy, that filter has some holes in it!

I don’t know, but they all seem to be showing up here!!!

Yeah, Pierre will hit an HR against us in the playoffs!

Nah! Too fictional.

It makes an exception for me eric. If it didn’t I’d lose half my vocabulary. πŸ˜‰

Pierre has a hit and a SB today. Great timing!!!! Pierre is cleaning up real good for a possible trade. Way to go JP!

Now THAT was funny shep!!!

Motivation is a wonderful thing scott!!

If it CAN happen, it would happen to US.

Ozzie Smith comes to mind.

Nice triple Raffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric, one difference: Ozzie Smith used to swing. Don’t confuse that with JP’s approach at the plate.

Anybody remember the “Milton the Monster Show?”

Ozzie had two arms, shep!

…… and before I saw this, I didn’t remember Milton the Monster. I do now! LOL!!!

I have to say that I watched a lot of cartoons when I was little, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Milton the Monster.

Man, I’ve seen a lot of cartoons in my life – including Super Chicken – but I don’t remember that Milton guy at all.

Did he have good arm?

He was a kind oaf.

Just a math quiz for the A’s fan girlybaseballchick: When does 23=99? When 1988 Kirk Gibson (23) = 2009 Manny Ramirez (99). Are you sure you want to face us in the World Series? Are you sure we don’t have Gibson?
I have been thinking about starting line-ups. I would love to find a way to hit Matt Kemp 3rd. He is the quintessential 3 hitter–amazing speed, amazing power, ability to hit for a high average. Additionally, hitting in front of Manny would probably let him see better pitches. But I come down to this situation every time–two outs, ninth inning, game on the line, who would I rather have at the plate–Kemp or Manny? And while I think Kemp has the ability to at least make it a close question (or even make himself the answer, over time), until it’s a close question, I have to think hitting Manny third is the right call. From there, you can pretty much mix and match Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, and Blake, though Blake I think is better at the back end of that. But as long as Pierre is not in the line-up, I can’t complain.
Note–Andre, Loney, and Martin are all also legitimate possible 3-hitters, though none with quite the same potential to be as prototypical as Kemp. Also, I think Kemp would benefit the most from hitting in front of Manny, whereas Martin and Ethier in particular, and also Loney, are more selective hitters. Kemp needs to work on this still, but his production on a steady diet of fastballs in the zone would be something.

My moment of clarity last night got New-Threaded! AAAAUGHH!! quick repost, mainly about Pierre’s quote last night and how just about every quote from him seems to miss the obvious:


what’s missing is that Juan Pierre isn’t saying “What he did for us/our team last year speaks for itself”. Reffering to the Dodgers in the third person when being paid what he is by the ballclub (non-deffered?) seems kinda self-absorbed when he’s wearing the same jersey 162 games a year.

I think I’m having a moment of clarity. It’s like how he sits at the end of the bench by himself in a corner of the dugout when he doesn’t start. It’s like if he isn’t starting, he’s so dissappointed he can’t bring himself to join the rest of the team.

Truthfully, Juan Pierre’s never failed to be what they knew Juan Pierre was. It’s not his fault. The whole root of the problem is that the GM signed him in a knee jerk reaction to a Good Fielding, Power Hitting outfielder opting out of his contract. So he went for a PVL Good Fielding outfielder, namely the one being courted by his old boss (probably still upset they took his phone back during his first winter meetings, that was a little embarrassing).

Then, they went for a PVL (ex)Power Hitting outfielder in Gonzo, logjamming Kemp and Ethier, the only truly successful thing he had going until Manny fell into the Dodgers’ lap. Yet, they signed two players to replace what they had in the Old No. 7.

When that PVL P-Hing OFer left, they signed another in Andruw Jones. That failed worse than LuGo, and Joe’s new, not knowing the offense he has in Kemp and Ethier. So, Joe the Players’ manager went with the veteran, who doesn’t produce well in a Power Hitting role (see: Tony Womack).

So here we are today, with one of the best right-handed Power Hitting OFers in history, with something to prove. With two Good Fielding OFers with known potential for Power also on the roster having phenomenal years last season, the Dodgers have 3 Good Offensive outfielders to compensate for our current lack of a Veteran Ace in the Bullpen.

And that’s why there’s no place for JP as a starter on the team at this point. A team player would understand the team’s need, not make it seem like he was the last kid picked for the kickball team.

By northstateblues on March 5, 2009 12:52 AM

off to school… on a late start. be back later

I liked Manny in the 3, too, until Ethier started hitting in front of Manny as the 2. Ethier’s OBP went .557/ .692/ .462 in Sept, mostly hitting in front of Manny.

Of course, I would not expect an OBP above .500 for the season, but Ethier definitely knew how to take advantage of the situation and he proved it. Since Raffy and ODog are locks for 1-2, it is tempting to put Ethier in front of Manny vs. righties. This leads to Ethier 3 and Manny 4. In the ninth, it allows the Ds to score 2 in a hurry. Demoralizes the NL West!

Of course, I never had much confidence in their morals anyway. πŸ™‚

Ned is joining Jim on Rome is Burning……..ought to be interesting!

Not only that, Ethier’s Hr production went down from 7 in Aug to 2 in Sept. His rbi’s went from 13 to 18.

Let’s review: 13 rbi on 7 HR not hitting in front of Manny in Aug and 18 rbi on 2 HR hitting in front of Manny, with a much higer BA (.292 to .462) and OBP (346 to .557). He went from impressive to unconcious. He did what the team needed and hit fewer HRs in that setting.

Ethier knows how to hit in front of Manny. No one else came close.

While he was a long ways from my favorite (Bugs, hands down), I’d be lying if I said I didn’t recognize ol’ Milt.

Hi lee! I haven’t been ‘on’ when you’ve shown up lately, so let me feed your ego a little too. I love reading your posts and I don’t care how long they are! LOL!!!

Regarding lineups and Manny, I’m going to do some cypherin’ tonight.


Jethro Boudine used to call that his Goezintas.

2 goez inta 4, 2 times…

Nellyjune should know about that!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Great chatter today!!! Yeah, I saw and read that article on JP. Oh, come on Ned! If you can sign Manny to a deal he wouldn’t look at 4 months ago, you can certainly honor JP’s request to be traded!!!

How are my ITD friends today???

naught into naught is naught, carry the naught…….

Hey cp!

You carry it! It’s too heavy for me.

Hey gang! Manny is back and we’re good…

this is my ideal lineup

1 – SS – Furcal
2 – C – Martin
3 – LF – Manny
4 – RF – Ethier
5 – CF – Kemp
6 – 1B – Loney
7 – 3B – Blake
8 – 2B – Hudson

Ever notice how everyone’s ideal lineups look so much better with Manny in them? πŸ™‚

Hi, slugger!

that’s true. Manny puts us over the top. But it’s not like we don’t have anything to worry about now. Our rotation looks shaky and very thin. Especially if we are counting on Schmidt for anything.

Hey Shep! Isn’t it a happy day today!!! I am just hoping that the pitching gets straightened out in an equitable manner. That is STILL the bug-a-boo that needs serious addressing.

I saw Manny’s press conference this morning. Ya know, one of my favorite Manny lines was, “Sometimes it’s better to have a two-year deal in a place you’re happy than an eight-year deal in a place you suffer.”

We want a crooked number in the 9th.

Manny knows how to perform, doesn’t he?

Hey ucscslug! Are you new? If so, welcome! I like your lineup, but I DEFINITELY agree with Torre that Furcal and Hudson should hit #1 and #2. But after that, Manny being in the #3 spot or batting cleanup, to me it doesn’t matter. I just want him in the lineup!

About Schmidt, ya know, I don’t know what was a bigger bust; him or Princess Druw. If I could ONLY pick one, it would have to be Schmidt – longer contract, more wasted $$$. But I am hoping that he can contribute something this year.

Shep – A crooked number in the 9th??? Huh??? But about Manny, yeah he does know how to perform…

The Ds are down by 1. We don’t want a 1, we want a crooked number. πŸ™‚

Xavier Paul and Jason Repko with back to back RBI singles to win the game 5-4!

Ah, got it Shep! πŸ™‚

2 is a crooked number: that works for me!

Oh, yeah scurtis!!! I was wondering how the game was going!!! Come on Jason!!! Do everything you can to be that #4 outfielder, replacing (we hope, we hope, we hope) JP!!!

Hey cpompe1, i’m not new. I used to post a lot before under “dodgerdude17.” Just been busy, but im hoping to start posting more now.

YAY now I won’t have to sell my tickets for Dodger games at Wrigley and The Cell! GO BLUE!

Pierre CF
Noodlearm 2B
Manny LF
Crybaby 1B
Juanpy RF
Yougnomewho SS
Phew C
SlappyMcPopup 3B
Herpierres P

Well, almost any lineup……..

Okay ucscslug! Now I recognize your name!

Scurtis – I’m sure I should know, but what is “The Cell”???

Even that is better than if JP were 3rd.

Oh, Manager Eric, don’t subject us to THAT lineup!!!

But until you posted that “lineup” I didn’t realize we had that many different nicknames for JP!!!

I’ll go out on a very short limb here. Kuroda opens.

cp, the sad thing is I didn’t have to think very hard to come up with 8 of them.

I say Billz does, shep.

Shep – I think I’m with you on Kuroda-san. I’d like to think that Billz can be the opening day pitcher and I KNOW he will be some day, but he is still rather young. But remember, Fernando was a rookie when he opened the 1981 season. Just look at what he did in his rookie year!!! But yeah, I still think opening day will be Kuroda-san.

Yeah, I guess you’re right Eric. I’m sure if we think about it, we could probably come up with 8 more…

Well, I’d love to stick around longer, but I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

16-10, ERA barely over 3 trumps 23 years old.


I like seeing Juan Pierre in Dodger Blue. I wish him all the best the season for him, with us or without us. He is a favorite of mine and I will always cheer for him. I love my Dodgers–all of them!

US Cellular Field, home of the White Sox. People here call it “The Cell”

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Showcasing his skills, several scouts from ALL (Arcadia Little League) were seen in the stands today at Camelback Ranch, Glendale. “He’s [Juan Pierre] got more speed than most of our kids, but little Johnny Miller is more of the 5 tool player we’re looking for” one scout was heard to say. “He just can’t seem to buy a hit right now, and that’s just not what we’re looking for in the minors” said another on the condition of anonimity. “Timmy Johnson just seems to be a more rounded player than JP does right now. I’d find it hard to offer him anymore than a T-Ball tryout at this time.”
It looks as if Dodger’s GM Ned Colletti may find the Juan Pierre negociations as long and as tedious as Manny Ramirez.

J Pierre OF 5 15 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 .067 .067 .067

Hey Eric – you forgot Trigger.

Enchanted ~ This is so strange. I was just going to ask you our GM what kind of deal you could work out for Mr. Pierre! LOL

As long as we’re posting our favorite lineups, here’s mine:
Ethier makes sense as a 3-hitter, because of (a) he’s a pure hitter and (b) he’s a monster when hitting ahead of Manny. Loney can’t hit behind Manny, because of too many DP’s. DeWitt is on the bench, but will start about 80 games, what with injuries and scheduled rest to Furcal, Hudson, and Blake. When Furcal or Hudson are out of the lineup, everyone shifts up with Ethier in the 2-hole and Manny batting 3rd. Other bench players include Ausmus, Loretta, and DY.
Now, if only we had a #5 starting pitcher. Oh yeah, we do, what about McDonald?

Hi amy! Seems like it’s been ages. How are you?

I think I’d feel the same way about Pierre as you do if:
1 – He accepted his role as well as Ethier or DeWitt, and
2 – We had a manager who used him properly, without taking waaaaay too many at-bats away from the regular OFs. On THIS team, he’s a PH/PR period. Not someone who should be “getting his at-bats”.

But he doesn’t and we don’t. So I get mad. But I admire your loyalty. Personally, I haven’t loved all my Dodgers. I hated Juan Marichal as a Giant and I despised him as a Dodger, for one example. Gary Sheffield was another.

enchanted, I guess Trigger can be a DH, because that team ain’t playing in the NL!

Dodgereric ~ I didn’t care for Gary, either. I bet we can come up with a pretty long list of Dodgers we didn’t care for but still loved the team.

One of my least favorite players, recently was Brad Penny. Just didn’t look like he cared whether he won or lost…..would go about five innings and say that’s enough for today!

Hi Eric- good to see you. Yea, I don’t come around too often these day. I do respect Juan. I know I’m mostly alone- not entirely. I just want to imput my happy thoughts to change up this mix on the ill feelings towards him because to me, he deserves more.
I hope you are doing well too πŸ™‚

it’s a good problem to have when you have to bat martin or blake 8. Martin’s my fave, and I hate to see him hit 8, but he has such a good eye, and his speed will be good late in a game as a steal threat w/ ph Loretta at the plate. Blake struggled in 8, he’s a career AL guy who had no idea how to hit front of a pitcher. But Torre already announced Blake at 8, he’ll do fine.

1. Raffy
2. O-Dog
3. Ethie
4. Manny
5. Loney
6. Kemper
7. Hustle Russel
8. Casey

I sure hope this scrap heap bullpen does not implode, if it does we have BIG problems. I think we should of brought back Beimel.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no hatred involved. Well, for Marichal there was. I can’t imagine how many sedatives I’d have to take if Bonds ever ……. no. I can’t even think about it. But I’ll lump Pierre in the same pile as Proctor and Sweeney. I don’t hate them, I just don’t like to see them in the game. It’s nothing personal. I want the best team possible on the field and those guys don’t get it done. There is almost ALWAYS someone better than them to pick from. My anger is usually directed at the decision-makers. Torre. Colletti. McCourt.

You see, they are the caretakers but I live here. I will die here. They are the hired help and they come and go, and if they don’t take care of the place they will incur my wrath. Not that they care much, but it makes me feel better.

didn’t like Kent much, and after he dogged Vin, it was over. But he was a good player, too bad he lacked tact and communication skills, and the ability to stay off the DL his last 3 years here.

Beimel could still be had, arayd. And I think we should.

And we should be sewing a “C” on Russell’s jersey.

Beimel could and should be had, maybe after they trade pierre McCourt will spend the dough. Russ is the Cap. CAPTAIN CANADAAAAAAA. (say like capt. caveman). My gf swears I love Russel. He’s just such a good guy, hard worker, intelligent, 2x allstar. My one critique is he needs to stop worrying about a HR swing, he messes his swing up when he does that. Line drives to right center Russ, the HR’s will happen naturally, when you have your rhythm and swing at the plate, sometimes they just fly out.

Good evening Dodger faithful and ITD, trublu, dodgereric, dodger4life, cpompe1, crz, nellyjune, and my friends.
A win feels great, especially as exciting as it was, the winning runs at the bottom of the ninth. The heroes being Xavier Paul with a homerun and basehit and Jason Repko with the winning basehit. The win caps a wonderful day which started with Manny being at BP and acttually hitting a few balls. The weather was gorgeous, overcast with a slight breeze. My desire for autographs was sated. I was lucky enouugh to get Maury Wills, Steve Garvey and Joe Torre on one ball. I also got Kershaws on a separate ball. My goal was to get the heroes of the game to sign a ball for me. Success. I also was able to talk to both of them. Xavier Paul was absolutely awesome. I met one of the staff of the white sox on the elevator who told me he was having dinner with Repko. Small world. It has been a wonderful time for me. I must be in heaven. I have met so many people. It makes me even more excited about the new season. I am posting more pictures on my blogs: please check them out: and

Ned would be wise to let another week or two go by to see if anyone comes up missing an OFer before trying to move JP. Might give him a slight edge in either eating less money or getting someone better than a back of the BP kinda player.

A Jones 6 14 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 10 0 0 .200 .143 .143

I honestly didn’t think Andruw could get any worse, but I stand corrected. When you strikeout 71% of the time, that’s pretty bad.

I also made an error in JPs line above. It should be:
Pierre OF 5 15 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 1 .067 .067 .067

“If the Dodgers were able to deal him (Pierre), it would heighten the importance of Jason Repko, who can also play center field.”

And look who got the game-winning hit today! I love Repko. Juan, the very best of luck to you and your agent in finding a suitable trade partner.

Swap out Juan for Repko and keep DeWitt instead of Castro and the bench all of a sudden is very strong.

You are right, Enchanted.

That way, if somebody has a minor injury or needs a day off, it isn’t panic time!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! I took a half day from Dodgereric’s fan club to go watch some highschool ball down the road in Clovis. We lost, but the team as a whole is looking much better, and now that our basketball team has lost in the playoffs, we will have our shortstop and 3rd baseman back, which they desperately need for their bat and defense.

Lot’s of fun talk today, and the music ideas…….what will we do without JP to write songs about? I am thinking Joe might be able to give us a few,and until JP is out of the Dodger dugout, anything is still possible. I am up for some positive songs as well. I was talking at the game today about a fellow Dodger fan, and it’s just exciting stuff happening with our team right now. Just the lineup, anyway you put it, is incredible and on paper it looks unstoppable. This has got to help in the pitching as well just knowing you have a lineup of 8 players who can launch the ball over the wall or at least make contact and make things happen at any time. This should have some comforting affects for them you would think.


Nellyjune ~ glad you’re home safe and sound πŸ™‚

With a bench of DeWitt, Loretta, DY, Repko and Ausmus I am going to be so bold as to say that Joe CAN’T make a bad move.

Now what he does with the pitching is a different story.

Not bad at all, Enchanted. It kind of makes you wish the season would start tomorrow.

I sure wish we had one more front end pitcher though Tru.

Maybe we can trade YouGnomeWho for one! lol

Are there any worthy pitchers available?

Unless some club is absolutely desperate Tru, I really think the best we’re gonna get for JP is a back of the BP pitcher or A (as in singular) middling prospect depending on how much of his contract Frank’s willing to eat.

2010 Free Agent Starters – * have club option:
Brandon Backe HOU
Miguel Batista SEA
Josh Beckett * BOS
Erik Bedard SEA
Jose Contreras CWS
Doug Davis ARZ
Justin Duchscherer OAK
Adam Eaton * PHI
Kelvim Escobar LAA
Rich Harden CHC
Tim Hudson * ATL
John Lackey LAA
Cliff Lee * CLE
Braden Looper * MIL
Jason Marquis CHC
Brett Myers PHI
Vicente Padilla * TEX
Brad Penny BOS
Joel Pineiro STL
Jason Schmidt LAD
Jarrod Washburn SEA
Brandon Webb * ARZ
Todd Wellemeyer STL

Looks like slim pickens at the trade deadline unless you’re willing to give up a ton for someone who’s still got life on their current contract. Logical name that will come up is Peavy.

I think Peavy is still available now. Padres don’t really seem to want him.

This list doesn’t look too enticing enchanted.

It’s not that the list is bad in terms of bad pitchers…….just risky, depending on what you have to give up or pay.

If things go well, we might have some exrtra cash to spend.

I guess Byrd will be avaiable since he’s sitting out the first half of the season, but he’s no front end starter either.

Maybe by July McDonald is starting – its always easier to pick-up a BP pitcher than a decent starter.

I think so too………I really like watching him pitch.

From what I have been reading, Joe is looking at batting Manny 4th, with Andre and James sharing the 3rd and 5th spots.

If I’m in that situation, I’ll do it again,” Pierre said. “But I won’t ever see myself as a fourth outfielder

The question, as much as WHO the Dodgers might obtain in a trade for a pitcher, is WHO would they be willing to give up. No body will deal decent pitching form PVLs, so here are a few names off the 40-man roster:
Jason Repko (please, no)
Blake DeWitt (double please, no)
Delwyn Young–out of options
Tony Abreu–talented but injury prone
Chin-lung Hu–talented but hasn’t hit big-league pitching yet
Lucas May–good young catcher blocked by Martin
Ramon Troncoso–potential starter
Greg Miller–talented lefty but injury prone
Juan Pierre–PVL with $$$ attached
Now in terms of reality, NONE of these guys is going to get you an ace…unless you package all of them!

So if Ned has an “ace” up his sleeve, he’ll need to work magic, something I’ve yet to see in all his years here. Campanis, he ain’t! But wouldn’t it be just peachy if Schmidt had a Cinderella year????

“Pierre, who was relegated to reserve duty last year, said that the Dodgers gave his agent, Mark Pieper, permission this winter to find a team that would be interested in trading for him. PIEPER COULDN’T FIND ANYONE.”

That’s gotta leave JP feeling about as useful as an inflatable dart board.

LMAO!!! I figured you would point out that one πŸ™‚

Shouldn’t Ned be the one finding JP a new home and not JP’s agent?

Kahli – shouldn’t Repko just about be out of options?

Wasn’t Repko a little upset because of his contract and status at the beginning of the off-season?

We aren’t going to be seeing Schmidt or Kuo during a Spring Training game for another 4 of 5 days.
Torre said LHP Hong-Chih Kuo and RHP Jason Schmidt threw batting practice, pushing back their spring debuts by another four to five days. …

enchanted, Repko has TWO major league option years left…I think…

I just have to say, after reading that Manny had a photo op with Steve Perry after the press confrence, how could you NOT like Manny Ramirez?!!!!!

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning…

Good moning ITD
I don’t think Hu will be traded considering DeJesus was hurt already since how many options do the Dodgers have for shortstop. He seems to be hitting better now. Repko and Xavier Paul also hit well yesterday.
The Manny frenzy is starting already. I thought I was going to get trampled yesteray when he made his way to the ball field from the practice field. I kept yelling at everybody not to hurt Manny! They need to provide better security for him.

Well, I promised some fancy cypherin’ and fancy cypherin’ is what I done.

With Manny in the 3 slot:
Ramirez hit .411 (39 for 95)

Dodgers in the 2:
Ethier: .425 (34 for 80)
Martin: .667 (4 for 6)
DeWitt: .444 (4 for 9)
Kent: .500 (1 for 2)
Pierre: .375 (3 for 8)

Dodgers in the 4:
Loney: .259 (54 for 14)
Blake: .259 (14 for 54)
Ethier:.400 (4 for 10)
Kent: .200 (2 for 10)
Garciaparra .250 (1 for 4 )

With Manny in the 4:
He hit .380 (25 for 92)

Dodgers in the 3:
Kent: .392 (31 for 79)
Martin: .227 (5 for 22)
Garciaparra .000 (0 for 4)

Dodgers in the 5:
Loney: .314 (22 for 70)
Garciaparra .167 (2 for 12)
Kent .125 (1 for 8)
Blake .286 (2 for 7)
Martin .000 (0 for 3)

We can play with these tomorrow. I’m tired……..Good night and God Bless you all.

1:38 am – what is this? Well, I am sure glad I called it a night early. I would have been talking to myself for a while if I hadn’t. Looks like Ethier does pretty well before or after Manny. However, he had more at bats in the 2-slot. However, with Ethier and his patience at the plate, he can bat anywhere IMO. However, Manny bats third,I think Ethier would make a good 4th slot because he doesn’t strikeout, and if the bases happen to be loaded, there’s a good chance for at least a sac fly or putting the ball in play.

nsblues – I saw that with Steve Perry and thought the same thing, and what’s better, is they (Journey) are originally from gnatland. I thought of “When the Lights Go Out in the City” πŸ™‚

heartruss – didn’t mean to leave you out. I am so glad you are there for all the Mannywood festivities. You are right… hurting Manny. That would not be good. Take care and have a great day at Camelback Ranch.

…..okay – now I need to go to work…..catch up in an hour or so……

Good morning ITDland~ Don’t you know the first new item of the season will be a “Mannywood” T-shirt! I am looking forward to Manny Happy Days thi season.

Good Morning All….. Dodgers ~ Cubs, today πŸ™‚
R. Wolf is on the mound.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So at what is today’s game?
Rose – Ethieraholic/Martinista

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dodgers ~ Cubs 12:05 PT
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of liked that announcer with Lyons yesterday.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


It was my pleasure πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goooooooooood morning, ITD!!!

Regarding batting orders, last years’ numbers are an admittedly small sample – approximately 1/3rd of a season. But it’s obvious that Manny hits well regardless of position in the lineup.

It’s amazing to see the effect on batting averages that his presence has on the man preceding him. I don’t know what the other factors are, but look at David Ortiz’ splits for ’07 vs ’08:

Mr/Ap .297 .402 .615
May .333 .459 .540
June .326 .439 .539
July .330 .427 .568
Aug .311 .424 .631
Sept/Oct .396 .517 .824

Mr/Ap .184 .294 .350
May .318 .409 .617
July .391 .423 .609
Aug .278 .426 .464
Sept/Oct .244 .323 .581

He must have been injured in June and he only had 6 games in July. But Manny’s first game in Dodger Blue was August 1st and Ortiz wasn’t the same hitter after that. As I said, I’m sure there are other factors, but Manny leaving is probably the biggest. Youkilis is a good hitter, but he’s no Ramirez.

I’m not really big on shuffling lineups, but I’d like to give leekfink’s idea a shot. Put Kemp in front of Manny for a month. Torre seems set on batting Hudson #2, and that’s good. That would produce something like:


Of course with this 8 you really can’t go wrong.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!! It looks like another bright and sunny day here in the valley. I got some fun news today. I got the results from our school writing festival, and I entered a few items that relate to the Dodgers and ITD. A group of my writers tied for a first place in their biographical narrative of Jackie Robinson. The tie was actually with another group of my writers who wrote about Michael Jordan (can’t go wrong there either). We had written and given a class poem to Dodgereric. It got a first place (we will send certificate so it can stay with the poem), and also one of my student’s wrote a thank you letter to Dodgereric (no, you haven’t seen it, but I will send it to you), and it also got a first place in that category. Well, we can’t leave Andre out. My student who wrote the song about Andre also got a first place. So, dodgerlyrics now has an actually award winner in the group so enchanted has about 10 or so years to go before he gets dethroned off his masters chair. What happens now, is they all get sent to the county and if they get 1-3 there, they will be displayed on our mall in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted.

Eric either way you mix the line-up….pitchers from the opposing team have it tough…they will be scared.

New thread!!!

Names to consider on Dodgers for 2009.

Let us consider adding more pitchers.

Pedro Martinez

Would Manny like to have his old bud back for ’09

? Ask him.

Pudge Rodriquez

Can he still hit from the bench.

Who is going to fill Mark Sweeney’s roll.

An experienced catcher to spell Brad & Russell.

We can add them soon and I think the Giants will take notice.

But then we are not concerned about them anyway.


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