A cloudy day in Peoria

It’s a little overcast, but still nice and warm here at the Padres/Dodgers game. If you want to listen in, the Dodger broadcast is on dodgers.com.

The news on DeJesus is that he’ll have surgery this afternoon and the expected recovery time is about four months if all goes well. We certainly wish him well, as yesterday was not a pretty sight.

Casey Blake is improving and could be ready by the weekend. Kuo and Cory Wade both threw bullpens back at the Ranch today.

That’s about the news for now. Nothing new on the Manny front. Here’s the lineup:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, DH

Loretta, 2B

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, SS

M. Jones, LF

Paul, RF

Luna, 3B

Ellis, C 

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Welcome back to the lineup Andre!!!! We have missed you!!!!

Matt and Andre – just like old times – sweet!!!!


I hope all goes well with DeJesus!! I wish him the best and a very fast recovery.


Welcome back Andre!
Who is pitching?

Well hope Blake has a speedy recovery! And I hope all goes well with DeJesus surgery. Prayers their way.
Welcome back Ethier…we sure did miss you.

Good luck DeJesus! I hope you have a speedy recoverry. Take care!

Billz is pitching πŸ™‚

Thanks Josh.

I wish a quick recovery for Ivan Jr.

I’d like to add that despite the Manny debacle so far, I do like the Loretta and Ausmus signings. Nice complementary pieces.

Rose, next time you are at the stadium let me know. Also sometimes I end up with extra tickets that I give away.

Emma – I sure will. I have cousins that have season tickets and they always give us free tickets…well when they don’t go I get to go. Yeay! Thanks to all 3 of them I got to see my boys & blue up close and personal during the field picture day last May. It was great! My husband already said that we must attend bobble head days. I won’t need a ticket but I will let you know if I go.

THanks Nelly! i talked to Billz Sunday morning. I let him know that his old coach and teacher from his HS will be there in a few days. I met them in Vero Beach and now I keep in contact with her. They are big Indian fans but also root for the Dodgers because of Billz.

I am happy for Casey Blake in getting a Bobblehead this season, but why him first. I am not playing favorites (well, maybe I am), but I don’t understand why he gets one first over some of the other players who have been on the team longer (yes, I am thinking Andre).

Mitch Jones just hit a homerun…..Dodgers 1-0 – GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Yeah, Mitch! Homer!!!!

LOL, Nellyjune!!!!

Team Playa.

Larry Bowa had some quotes about Juan Pierrre:

“He (Pierre) wants to play. He’s told everybody, “I want to play.” What’s Joe’s probably going to do is let him play some center field and let him play some left field. Obviously, if we do get Manny, he’ll give him some days off. He’ll give Ethier some days off. I think Juan will get his at-bats. I don’t think he’s going to get as many as he’d like. But right now, we’re penciling him as playing in left field. If we were starting tomorrow, he’d be getting a lot of at-bats.”

…maybe Mitch Jones over yougnomewho too?

DNEL – Maybe because they are saving the best for last and Ethier goes last…..yeah! That’s just me thinking.

Thanks jungar. Thankfully I wasn’t in the middle of eating my lunch.

JP + a lot of at bats = scott with a paper bag over his head

jungar – thanks for the wonderful news (yes, a whole lot of sarcasm in my voice right now) Oh, that is just ridiculous jungar, just absolutely ridiculous. I give you permission to go Juan Pierre on us……..I may join you – uggghhhh!!!!!

Okay Rose….I will trust you on that one πŸ™‚

And they are probably saving the other Bobble head for Manny…if he signs…imagine….that day it will be a full stadium!

dodgereric mentioned my gnome and a piano might be therapeutic……….I am definitely thinking it now.

LMAO!!!!! Scott πŸ™‚

If Juan Pierre gets a bobblehead, does the whole thing bobble instead of just the head?

Billz is pitching very well…….that is definitely better news than jungar’s.


I sooo doubt JP gets his bobble head….after what he said last year. But there is always a but (in this case JP was probably kissing one to get his Bobble head)…but if he does it will NOT bobble. IT will just stand there and do nothing…or they’ll probably put some special spring to make the bobble motion slow.

Big John is in for Team USA pitching the Bottom of the 8th against the Yankees on the Network of Champions, the YES network.


Broxton no strikeouts and allowed 2 runners but got out of the jam.

I thought, Yougnomewho” is a bobblehead!

Go, Brox!

Loooking goood!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Canada beat Toronto 6 – 4…Russell went 1 for 2 with a Run and a walk.

Yeah, Russell!!

So is Martin in Canada or Toronto?

He’s playing for Canada, but the Canada team is playing the Blue Jays πŸ™‚

I can’t believe you were all baggin’ on JP earlier |withoutme| I mean he isn’t even in the line-up today |thankGod| and he’s catching hell |onlythinghecatches| He’s well desrving of a bobblehead |bobbleseverythingelse| I suppose next you’ll want a souvenir for how he hits too |dribbleglass| I’m shocked |whenhegetsahit| and utterly disappointed |usuallyam| in this sort of behavior |pouty|

E baggin’ on JP is not the same without you…..LOL he does bobbleseverythingelse….LMAO

Thanks DNEL!

LMAO, Enchanted!!!!! We’ve missed you!!!!!

LMAO!!!!! jungar started it!!!!!!

Yeah, Dre……Triple!!!

Andre Everett Ethier – a triple……I am guessing he can run okay now!!!! FANTASTIC ANDRE!!!!!

Yeah, Loretta!!!!

3-1 Dodgers!!!! Alright Mark Loretta!!! RBI single ~~~GO DODGERS!!!

Well, when I was at Camelback, I told Juan “Good Luck Juan, I hope you have a good game today” He waived back and thanked me. I like supporting the whole team and encouraging all the players to do well.

Yeah Ethier!
EMMA – that is good…eventhough we like baggin’ on JP…he is still a Dodger and I have to support my Dodger blue. I will never wish for one of my boys in blue to do bad.

BLAKE ROBERT DEWITT – A 2-run shot – fabulous!!!!

We’re just funnin’ Emma. Don’t take everything at face value.

GOOOO Lil’ Blake!

Let the good times roll!!!!!!
Way to go boy’s!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…….I think therapy will be required if yougnomewho is in left field instead of………………anybody πŸ™‚

Booohooo they are predicting a light rain on Saturday and it is my kids first t-ball game. They are so excited.

E, I don’t really. I enjoy reading your posts.
I was not the only at the stadium yelling “Do it DeWitt!”, the people in back of me were also doing it.
Hey, anyone read this quote from Bora$$?
POSTED 2/20/2009 3:26:20 PM
Scott Boras says he’s spending his weekdays working out in Florida, but that a delicious cake like Manny “takes little frosting.” what kind of cake? Well, fruitcake comes to mind and I like a good fruicake. Any other cake?

Awesome triple for Andre, and home run for DeWitt, and don’t look now but maybe with Loretta on the bench we can actually bring in some runs with the pinch hit unlike last year (cough,cough, sweeney) If DeWitt plays at AAA I think he’ll destroy anybody he faces, I love the way he plays and can’t wait till he’s an everyday starter. Ethier is gonna let the rest of baseball know who he is this year. GO DODGERS!!

You tell them ETHIER….

Dodgers WIN!!! I am just going by the box scores but all in all a GOOD game. Way to Go Dodgers!!!!


Very busy day today, missed the game again.
Just wondering if Mitch Jones is trying to tell us something.

I think Loretta is going to be a very nice PVL pick up. He understands his role and will be a good guy in the clubhouse. I didn’t start anything about JP. He did!! Bowa did, Kemp and Ethier are 25, 26, 27, 28 (cant remember) and they better not get at bats stolen from them by JP. And you know once Manny is signed he wont be given any up other than a few vacation days.

Loretta was very nice to us fan at Canters. He grew up in Arcadia.
Joepierre! Nice reading you! Check out my post where I dedicated my #45 ranking to Johnny Podres.

I wish I had that 45 record of that song,

I just came back to check if I put a question mark on my last comment about Mitch Jones, I didn’t.
I hope this isn’t a bad question:
Do you remember Johnny Podres?

Joe, Of course is not a bad question. I never saw him pitch, but I love reading Dodger history books. It is like traveling back in time. I did see him at Dodger Stadium in 2005.

Only quality comes from Arcadia, CA. πŸ™‚

You are definitely quality enchanted πŸ™‚

haha E! I knew you would like that :-). I was at the Arcadia library last night. Guess who else came from Arcadia? They they have a picture of him hanging there.

red mark. should be “grew up in Arcadia”

I remember Padres and probably did see him pitch in Dodger Stadium. I do remember he was a popular guy and I have seen and read interviews in which he tells a lot of great stories. Emma, thanks for sharing those baseball cards with us.

I don’t remember posing for anything…

ibirken, You are so welcome!. I had posted that card at another site when Johnny Podres passed away.

Frank Howard

Bobbie Gentry lived in Arcadia for awhile. As did Frank Howard and Adrian Beltre.

Ah, E beat me to it.

One post all day long, and he wins today’s trivia question. How about that!!!

jungar – I know you didn’t start anything.

But I finished it!!

…that’s true enchanted – LOL!!!!! It’s funny how he comes out of nowhere sometimes without any warning at all – too funny πŸ™‚

Did you see this about Penny? Red Sox are pushing him back after re-evaluating him…shoulder issues again it looks like πŸ™‚


Wow, a Frank Howard story. I met him when I attended Dodger Fantasy camp. For a big guy he is really soft spoken and seems like a nice guy. I told him I remembered his line drive in the ’63 World Series that hit somewhere near center field in Yankee Stadium and he was surprised anyone would remember that.

I meant to say Howard hit a line drive that hit the Yankee Stadium wall.

Is it my imagination or does Penny look a lot slimmer in that awful red jersey?

I wanted to note two things over at DodgerThoughts. First, there is this post about the Manny saga, wherein Jon posits his unpopular belief that the McCourts are financially sound, and tries to examine what he thinks is going on with the deferred payments stuff: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dodgerthoughts/2009/03/march-1.html. As they say in Congress, I would associate myself with these comments, and add one thing–I think Frank really wanted to have this deal done in time for the Opening Day at Camelback Ranch. Rightly, he sees this as probably the only opening of a new Dodger Stadium that he will ever preside over (heck, Peter O’Malley never presided over a new stadium opening) and he wanted the focus on that. He probably wanted Manny there to draw people, and I would not be surprised if he had told this to Boras specifically–and that he was willing to pay a premium for the glow of a memorable day, and got ticked when Boras ruined that.
Second, Josh–DodgerThoughts reports on this Rookie test that used to be given at DodgerTown: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dodgerthoughts/2009/03/quiz.html. Is this still given? More importantly, we want the test. I think we should all take it and report back our scores.



According to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, Manny Ramirez has agreed to a two-year, $45MM deal with the Dodgers!!!



That is just awesome!!!!!!!

I’m so glad that my official Manny jersey I purchased last year will be relevant for at least this season!!

What a day! the dodgers finally got Manny! What a lineup they will have, 1-8 that is better than anyone else in the NL, the only question now is where do you bat all these good hitters.
Then what? No matter what this is one hell of a lineup that had the potential to have 6 hitters with 20 homers. I now expect Bills to make a long chase at a 20 win season. And now we should find a way to dump you know who for possibly a relief pitcher or maybe a new whirlpool bath tub.

Time for whiny Juan to call for a press conference…Ned’s only halfway done with the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Finally Manny signed!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!! NL WEST CHAMPS TO BE…Goodbye Juan, we hardly even knew ya!!!

Now just wait for Ned to mess this up by announcing the trade of Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier to free up room for Juan Pierre….God I hope Im just kidding lol

I am thinking it, but thanks for saying it πŸ™‚

He ain’t signed yet.

Who’s on the clock?

If ESPN reports him signed its usually a pretty good implication that hes signed.

Whew, I’m glad the wait is over. Welcome back, Manny!!!!!

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
Feb 26 between 10am and 4pm perumike
Feb 27, noon to 6 pm shepherd96
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 5 noon to 6 PST seeskybout2rain
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset
March 17th between noon and 6 PST cpompe1
March 23 @ 4:05 pm crash

it’s in between me and seesky – hmmmm!!!

I am only a day off and seesky is still a day and a half off, right? You said we aren’t playing the Price is Right way.

Nobody has the 3rd, so depeding on when he signs it should be between Nellyjune and Seesky

well now that you say something enchanted they changed the article on ESPN to say near deal, lets hope this thing gets done tonight!

Sorry, Nellyjune, I didn’t see you had already said that . lol

He’s not signed until Pierre demands a trade. come on….lol…i cant wait for this to be over..

Manny is supposed to be in LA tonight to sign the deal according to ESPN.


Nellyjune ~ your birthday present did it!! Brought us good luck!!! lol

We decided no Price is Right format, so whoever is closest wins and owes Eric 60Β’.

Next Up:
When does JP demand a trade [again]?
When does Pierre get traded?

Part 1 I’m going with April 1 when it becomes apparent [to him] that he won’t start.
Part 2 Never – he’s untradeable. So I guess he leaves when his contract’s up.

We will win it all. Get another pitcher at the trade deadline and this team will win it all.

scurtis ~ I’m with you……….it really looks good this year!!
Enchanted ~ You are probably right on both counts.

Ethier against RHP / Kemp against LHP
Kemp against RHP / Ethier against LHP

Pretty strong line-up when Marty has to bat 8th.

I would love to make $9 mill a year and sit on the bench and just pinch run or bunt.

scurtis ~ I’d do it for half!! lol

enchanted – that lineup is just sweeeeet!!!!!!

I would give up my Sweepstakes winnings (if I win of course) to be in the dugout and not do anything….just watch :)….oh I forgot, I guess I have ask Eric if I can give him an IOU for the 60 cents – LOL!!!!!

Manny enjoy your flight, and we are anticipating your arrival.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol tru

I was wondering where you were Dodger4life!

I am still around, enjoying the comments made by all on ITD.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE!!!!! Happy days are here again!!!!!

I was missing the: GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I was surprised to hear they are close to a deal with Manny, but that’s good news. I like your lineup enchanted. As long and Andre and Matt are in there everyday, I don’t care what position they bat in.

“Tell everyone Mannywood is coming,” Ramirez told Simers.

Let’s hope Genius Joe doesn’t start “resting” Dre and Kemp right off the bat.

The line-up I posted above really doesn’t have any weaknesses. Every man has the potential to go deep, and I wouldn’t be surprised if out of those 8 you had 6 .300 hitters.

jungar, you must be downright giddy right now.

Let’s all have a glass of champagne to celebrate!! One glass, and I’ll be giddy too!

Let’s hope he doesn’t do that. At their ages, they shouldn’t need to rest much at all during the course of a season.

LOL Beav!!! I think Phew reasks for a trade before April Ned’s Day (April 1). Doesn’t matter, I agree, there won’t be any takers. Money down the drain.

jhall, haven’t seen you around in forever! How are you?

Howdy, Jhall. How have you been?

Come on Manny!!! sign!!!…..nellyjune wants to win the Manny Sweepstakes. I don’t care if I owe Eric money…..it’s worth it just to have the title – LOL!!!!!

jhall is in the ITD house!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!

Bonjour Bleu Fille’ and Trumom!! Doing well, thanks for asking. How about you two? Keeping busy at work and traveling. I am so ready for warm weather and Dodger baseball. LOL!!!!

Bonjour Nelle’ and merci!!! Always fantastic to chat with you.

I’m doing well too and excited for warm weather and baseball too.

Jhall ~ I have never wanted to see warm weather more than this year…….I’ve been cold since November. Other than that I am great! The Dodgers are going to be great! Who could ask for anything more?!

LOL!! Supposed to be in the 60’s here Friday. Thank You God!!!!

Me too Trumom!!!

And we are having rain showers and gray skies all week. Yuck.

If I did my math right (remember I teach first grade – lol), if Manny signs before 3am on the 4th, then I win the Manny Sweepstakes. If he signs after 3 am on the 4th, seesky wins.

LMAO, Nellyjune!!

Hope you win Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sooner the better. Gives Ned more time to unload Phew, if that is even remotely possible. LOL!!!

Manny will bat third. He took off in that spot after fiddling around in the four hole. Game on the line…two outs…bases loaded…who do you want coming up Manny…or the guy in front of Manny? I know Ethier was a monster batting in front of Manny, but that effectively ended when Ned signed Hudson. Of course the whole batting order hinges on health, as In Furcal and Hudson. Saddest man in Arizona? Who else…#9. Trade him, keep Repko, and let’s get to April!

LOL!!! ~ I really thought it would be enchanted, just being Friday the 13th and all. However, like anything, it’s not over until he’s signed in writing. We thought Furcal was a Brave until the last minute.

Hey Kahli!! Totally agree!!

Kahli ~ perfect scenario!

jhall/Wally – all it means is owing Ward Dear money – LOL!!!!! I will gladly relinquish the title to seesky if he should win.

yougnomewho really needs to find a new home now πŸ™‚

Pretty calm around here with no moons, planets, and name changes.


We had a couple days of moon shine but at least it wasn’t blinding πŸ™‚

Jhall ~ the season hasn’t started yet………they will arrive soon enough!!!

LOL Nelly/June/Mom!!! Can’t think of a better man to be owing to.

You got that right jhall/wally!!! I won his last trivia challenge and won a buffalo nickel……now a possible sweepstakes. People will think this was planned – LOL!!!!!

BEEEEEEEEEEAV!!! Good to see/read you my friend!!
That’s what I’m afraid of Tru. Nell, I did see a little of the moon shine a while back. Pathetic!!!

I’ve been sitting here reading on and off but I keep getting business emails interrupting my fun time.

I’m excited to get Manny back and for only a year or two. Changes the whole dynamic of the team very positively. Offense will be pretty good. I think with a good offense and not constantly being behind our pitching staff will be solid. Not fantastic but adequate. A lot like the Big Red Cincinnati teams.

I think the starters will surprise a lot of people this year. If Brox can keep his wits about him, and Kuo/Wade/Mota/McDonald support him, no reason this team can’t win upwards of 95-98 games in the mild mild west.

HaHa, only metaphorically. Not to imply that our team or offense will be anything close to those great Reds teams.

from the homepage…. I am sure it’s been mentioned here before but Boras is an a**hole πŸ™‚


Hope you are right Beav!! 90 wins takes the division IMO.

Yep Nell, its been mentioned. Borass’ picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of a**hole. LOL!!!

LOL!!!! I hope once this is all done, Manny fires his *ss. Talk about a thunderous round of Dodger fan applause he would get for that.

Borass my be an a-hole, but the owners and GM’s are the super bafoons for enabling him.

:)))) Nelly!!!!

That is very true Wally.

Are you implying that Frank & Ned are possibly buffoons? Oh pshaw.

Ahhh shucks Beav, would I do that? LOL!!!

Yes, you would – LOL!!!!! You would have no problems saying yougnomewho sucks either.

Actually they aren’t bafoons. They are f-ing bafoons. My mistake.

This is gonna hurt me more than it will you –
but… nnnnnnn… Ned’s done a pretty… nnnnnn… decent job this offseason given what was available.
I think I’m gonna be sick.

Nelly, what in the heck is yougnomewho?

Yep Beav, it is sickening. He seems to have learned from his horrific mistakes. Too late. He’s still a f-ing bafoon.

Our current leftfielder πŸ™‚ We think of him as a garden gnome now…..not much doing out there other than decorating the place at the moment. See what you miss when you are away.

The only way Ned the Furter gets off my crap list is to wiggle off the Phew hook and unload him without buying the farm. Seeing Phew in a Dodger uniform makes me truely sick.

Loretta – Good pick-up
Blake – Not great, but OK
Hudson – Good pick-up
Wolf – Good pick-up
Furcal – If it works out he was a good sign
Manny – put the pop back in the line-up
Mota – yuk
Rest of the dancing PVLs – one or two might surprise.

Only jobs left:
1. Pick up a quality starter during the season
2. Dump JP

Maybe Manny’ll sign a series of one-year contracts like Walt and Tommy. Ummm, doubt it, though. I understand the dynamics of the one year–Manny stays motivated, Frank saves cash, and Manny dips his fishing rod into the free agent pool 12 months from now in hopes Mr. Dow Jones gets well. Does anyone REALLY believe Manny exercises his option for $20 million and stays for 2010???????? So a year from now the Dodgers are right back here, except by that time some AL team will shower Manny with lettuce. And it’s not like this is THE year the Dodgers are primed to make their move and take it all. Their young pitching staff is at least 2-3 years from stability and dominance. So is this all about dredlock sales? Hey, if nothing else, 2009 will be FUN!!!! Oh, did I already say trade Pierre?

LOL Nelly!!!! Concrete lawn ornaments have better arms however and are somewhat amusing.

I am stoked Enchanted. I want to win first and foremost but I also want to be entertained. For the next 6 months this just ups my fun value for real. It hurts to watch Pierre up to bat because like i have said it’s not just the stats, its the predictability and just overall pathetic-ness.

First pitch fake bunt strike..
2nd pitch, best cut of AB, foul ball back…
3rd pitch..Ball in dirt or above letters….
last pitch…Grounder to 2nd or Poppy McSlapup

I am so into every game, it’s like my escape and then he fracks it all up. But now no Mas. And I get to watch one of the best RH to ever swing a stick instead. All of us should be happy. Plus he makes everyone better which is one of the best gift the real talented athletes in any sports have

Manny may come in with a chip on his shoulder. 29 other teams didn’t want him. I know he won’t hit .396 and OPS+ over 200 but I can see him hitting his career avg of …what do u guys think?

133 rbi
314 /.411 /.593 155 ops+

Once Manny signs on the dotted line, how long until we hear from Juan’s Mama?

exactly Wally πŸ™‚

I’m with you Beav and Kahli!!!! Where is Giovanni Carrera when you need him. LOL!!!

So true Jungar, LOL!!!! So true.

I can see the .314 jungar. 111/41/133 may be a little high, but it would be nice.

Oh Theodore!!! You are the mischieveous one, aren’t you? LMAO!!!!!!!

Why you treata my little Juanpy that way Beav!!! LMAO!!!!

Now here you guys go again gettin’ me in trouble.

Good part is, we can go off on it and Beav will catch the heat. LOL!!! Sorry buddy.

Pretty much agree 100 percent there enchanted. Picking up bullpen help might be needed only maybe to allow us to work elbert and mcdonald as starters even if in the minors..


Pretty much agree 100 percent there enchanted. Picking up bullpen help might be needed only maybe to allow us to work elbert and mcdonald as starters even if in the minors..

jungar – right now, anything Manny does will be better than yougnomewho out there…..just attitude alone. Manny knows the young guns liked him, and that will hopefully make his Manny being Manny moments more manageable. Just the confidence the young guns will have knowing they don’t have to make everything happen to make up for yougnomewho’s lack of bat or in last year’s case, yougnomewho, Andruw and Sweeney. If you think about last year compared this year, they actually have some true pvls that they can actual look up to this time around.

I’ve learned to accept and welcome the responsibilty Wally.

no kidding Wally πŸ™‚ Wait until your father gets a hold of this – LOL!!!!!

Thanks Beav, you are a gem. I’d take you as our GM.

Can’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way.

Hell hath no fury like Pierre fans scorned…
[Ducking and covering now.]

First off, congrats to enchanted for getting the deal done. Now trade Pierre. eric, as manager, who will you carry as your extra outfielder(s)? As Aesthetics Coordinator, I plan on meeting with Manny personally to discuss his number. 99? Twice the man as Pierre? Maybe. But I’m over 2008. I’m open to other suggestions. 007? That works. Or maybe Manny brings texting to MLB. How about πŸ™‚ or 😦 or both, depending on what mood Manny’s in? It would help Joe if Manny could emerge from the clubhouse each night with either a smile or frown on his back. Yep…I think I may move in that direction. Anyone have Manny’s cell phone number? I’d like to get on this right away…

LMAO!!!!! run for cover Beav!!!!! run for cover!!!!!!!!


You know what my problem is – I go ahead and say what other people are thinking.

Well, now we really do have to deal Pierre. I don’t want to leave Torre with the temptation to play him when Kemp or Ethier inevitably slump (and I say that they will inevitably slump because EVERY player inevitably slumps–even Manny). And that will almost surely require paying some of his salary (part of the reason, I can only hope, that we wanted to defer some of Manny’s contract payments).
Of course, we have to wait until the deal is signed. There is still the potential for at least a little more drama before it’s done. Manny’s winging his way to LA, Frank, Ned, Boras, and Manny are all getting together in a room at Dodger Stadium. The media knows he’s coming, ready to pounce (if the media weren’t all in Arizona covering Spring Training, they would be staking out the incoming flights at LAX). The table is all set for someone to make an unreasonable demand and the other side to dramatically upset the apple cart in response, prolonging this thing for a few more days.

Manny would definitely have an in with the young crowd with all the πŸ™‚ and 😦 Very cool Kahli!!!!!

I wouldn’t worry Beav. Anything that the Phew fans throw at you will bounce three times before it gets there.

LMAO Wally!!!

Hey Leek!!!! Good to see/read you again.

Hey leekfink!!! Always good to see you here.

jhall needs to be the one to duck and cover I think – LOL!!!!!

Very hip Kahli!

Hey leek! – you still up in rockyland?

I’m sorry, but that was PIYP funny.

Dont Worry Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright. Mon
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO!!!!! enchanted πŸ™‚

D4s back!!

Hey Nell’, is it OK to come out now? LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the moons.

Hey D4!!!!

Good Evening dodger4life!!!!!

Somewhere there’s a crooked thong with Juan’s name on it.

Howdy!!!! Everyone πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wally – it’s not the moons you have to worry about this time around. LOL!!!!!!

You’re scaring me Nelly!!
LMAO Beav!!!! Andruw the Cow is probably wearing it.

Where’s Dad??

I think Andruw the Cow pretty much wears the collar.

“On the other side of town Dodgers are waiting,
With lots of bank and dreams no Gnat can steal.
He flies on through the night anticipating,
‘Cause LA make him feel the way he used to feel.”

Your father I am assuming had scouts. I can probably go ask a certain someone in my house and she probably knows, but that’s what I would have to assume at this point. He made one showing earlier today to answer a trivia question. I think his ears burn everytime a trivia question is asked – LOL!!!

Sweet Kahli!!!!

Outstanding Kahli!!

I wouldn’t doubt that one bit Nells.

enchanted ~ you have to admit……we didn’t hear from eric all day and then out of nowhere comes an answer to that trivia question. That was too funny πŸ™‚


ROLL ON ,ROLL ON, ROLLERCOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Well I’m going to head for the barn. Great seeing you again jhall!! Nite everyone!!

Good Night Enchanted πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night enchanted/Beav!!! Another great ITD night. Take care and see you in the morning perhaps. Maybe when you wake up, we will have a sweepstakes winner…….I am thinking seesky at this point.

Bon Noir Beav!!

So hopefully when I wake up tommorow to watch the Dodgers beat the gnats, Manny will once again be a Dodger. Then we can all watch sportscenter and read espn.com and hear everone say how we are all of a sudden one of the national league favorites, and most certainly favorites to win the West. Please make it happen tomorrow Ned and Frank!! GO DODGERS!!

Nice Marley quote btw Dodger4life

Gettin’ late here gang. I will catch you all later. It’s been great chatting with you all and I look forward to the upcoming season and interacting with you all. Goodnight and I hope you all have a great tomorrow.

It is good to see ya back jhall πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks bluesplash……:)

Good night Wally/jhall!!!! I will tell your father you came home for a visit. He will be sad he missed you and Beav at your finest once again. Thanks for chatting with us…..always a pleasure. Take Care and God Bless πŸ™‚

I guess this means I have to set an alarm to go off at 3am to officially hand over the clock to seesky.

Merci Nelle’!! Tell Dad/Chevelle hey for me. The pleasure is all mine. You’re all great.

Merci D4, always a pleasure for sure!!

Definitely Wally!!! Speaking of Chevelle….. I got to see the car in person…..looking pretty sharp jhall, looking pretty sharp.

Plus Pierre looks so sad on the bench. With his pouty eyes …It almost makes me want to cry…

yea right πŸ™‚

Hey if the trivia question is from me, that was not the answer I was looking for. I said there is a picture hanging at the library of this player that lived in Arcadia. The poster is of him promoting reading. He is holding Sandy Koufax’s book “A Lefty Legacy”. He briefly played for the Dodgers.

Seesky – It looks like you will be on the clock unless something goes wrong on Wednesday. Then you have dodgereric on the 6th, which if he wins, does he give himself 60 cents? LOL!!!!

Actually, not in Rockyland–am in Nationals land, for now. Not sure when I will return home to the best place–Dodgerland.

leekfink ~ You are part of the new administration? I am assuming that because of your travel from Rockyland to Nationals land.

From the Entertainment Rumor Mill:

” If Manny Ramirez signs with the Dodgers, expect KCAL 9 execs in Los Angeles to renew the sports reality television series, “Juan Pierre, Dugout Cheerleader”. Buzz is strong that Pierre and his agent are seeking to move the show to another city and team. Stay Tuned!”

LOL!!!! funny Obi πŸ™‚

“You Must Sign Me”
Words and Music by Obi Lloyd Weeber
(parody of Evita’s “You Must Love Me”)

Where do we go from here?
This isn’t where we intended to be.
We had it all
You believed in me
I believed in you

All other teams have disappeared
What do I do for the dream to survive
How do you keep your pennant hope alive
If Juan Pierre plays the left side?

Deep in my heart I’m concealing
2 years/45 mil I’m longing to say
Scared to confess what I’m seeing
Frightened it’ll slip away
You must sign me
You must sign me

Why is Boras at my side?
How can he be any use to me now?
Give me a chance LA and I’ll let you see how
Nothing has changed.

Deep in my heart I’m concealing
2 years/45 mil I’m longing to say
Scared to confess what I’m seeing
Frightened it’ll slip away
You must sign me
You must sign me

Performed by Manny Ramirez of course!

Obi – that is fantastic!!!! Very nice job πŸ™‚

Good Night ITD Dodgerfaithful, It is time to snooze…
Manny I am happy to see you speaking and so positive toward’s everthing in general. I think this is a wise choice on your part. I am pulling for you and the Dodgers to work this thing out. WE LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#99
Great game today Boy’s….:-) Tommorrow the Rivalry continue’s BEAT THEM GIANT’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love saying that not as much as I love saying this but close……..GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hang in there everybody.
Bring The Ring To L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night Dodger4life…..Take Care and God Bless πŸ™‚

Manny Ramirez has some things to say
T.J. Simers
March 4, 2009

“But then how happy will Manny be after forcing his exit from Boston and playing at a level never seen before in L.A. only to fall so short in contract demands?

“You’re not listening to me,” he says. “I’ve looked at the big picture from every different angle and life is too short to be mad. I’ve already made a ton of money and now it’s just about negotiating a deal. It’s what happens in sports.

“I’m happy in L.A. I like my teammates and had a great time. The fans were so good to me; they treated me the best anywhere in my career. And now I think we’re close [to a deal].”

“I can’t wait to show those teams who passed on me,” he says, sounding more motivated than devastated.

“Tell everyone Mannywood is coming — now go call Jeff Kent.”


Well, good late evening/early morning to you dodgereric!! How are you doing? What did we teach the scouts tonight?

When someone posted that comment earlier about “go call Jeff Kent” I didn’t know where it came from, but now I do – great article!!!

Shoot howdy to you, too! How are you Junie?

Tonight was our quarterly Court of Honor. Twenty-one rank advancements and 71 Merit Badges were distributed to those who earned them since December. At least that’s what they tell me as I spent most of the evening in the hall working with the signup sheets for our next 4 outings. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! At least I got called “indispensible” tonight! HA!

I just finished updating all of them and sending them off in email-land and am now working on my NASCAR newsletter.

Optimism is certainly running high tonight, isn’t it? Funny, when I left work I was thinking that things were awfully quiet in the negotiations. That was telling me one of two things, either good or bad. Looks like it was good!

Well, I would have to agree with those that called you indespensible.

I am doing good for the most part. It’s just been raining all week so far, and it’s currently pouring so another rainy day schedule is on the horizon for tomorrow as well. I know we so badly need the rain, but it sure makes school days longer than needed. However, it was pretty fun today. We listened to the game while finishing math today and the class heard Andre hit his triple and totally went nuts. Then they got introduced to Blake DeWitt today when he hit is two run shot. Life is good today in Dodgerland.

You missed your two (ITD) sons Wally and Beav up to their usual shenanigans. It was very good to see both of them in rare form tonight.

Well, it looks like seesky will be on the clock next for the Manny Sweepstakes since my clock will run out in 2 hours and 15 minutes. You are next for the 6th, but I think, if all goes according to plan, seesky will be the one owing you 60 cents.

They’re just greasing the wheel so I don’t leave! No one else is stupid enough to do what I do.

It’s calling for 20 – 30% rain here from tomorrow through Saturday. That usually means just about nothing.

Have you made the transition to the other classroom yet?

I read their stuff. They really feed off each other! I don’t seem to make those sessions. Bad luck so far, eventually I’ll get in there I’m sure. I can’t wait to talk about some actual games. This off-season seems longer than most.

My guess at emma’s question was just that – a guess. The City of Arcadia’s website calls Frank Howard a “famous Arcadian”, but it seems that he was born in jhall’s town.

Well, of course they don’t want you to go.

I thought you had it right, but then enchanted added a few more names to your guess. So, maybe scott will know tomorrow if he sees the question. It was more impressive that you chose that timing to show up. It was like you sensed a trivia question and just happened to stop by then.

No, I don’t have to move until next year. I won’t even know what room until all the dominoes fall from people that have been displaced and what not. We will know in a few days how many teachers our site will lose. I at least know I am not one of those, and that unless I choose to move, I am still a first grade teacher for next year. I love the grade too much now to want to leave it at the present time, whether it be 20, 25 or 30 students. As much as I was stressing having to move, it will be a good move. It will give me a chance to really go through things and decide what to keep and what to toss.

I’m guessing Johnny Podres now.

If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest tossing out anything with Gnat colors on it.

Cripes, look at the time. My alarm will be going off in less than 4 hours. Good night, Junie!

And God Bless you and yours!

Good Night Ward Dear…….take care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family πŸ™‚

Liked Simmers article:

You remember just what made him so endearing a year ago in making the Dodgers relevant in L.A. once again

Hope they have him for 2 with an option for 3

Don’t wan to go through with this again.

Not sure what Manny means by this:

“Tell everyone Mannywood is coming — now go call Jeff Kent.”

Does anyone know know what he means.

I just got off of work and i’m going to bed hoping to hear great news. I’m off the rest of today so i’ll be up to watch the game in 5 hours and find out if the final piece to our offensive puzzle is in place. GO DODGERS!!

GPRuseck…I think it means that the deal is almost signed…Manny will be coming to L.A. GOOO DODGERS! Now I have not idea what Jeff Kent meant…maybe Jeff Kent wants to come back to play if we are guaranteed a win and Mannywood is our “Fo’sure Win”…

ESPN just reported that by the end of the day, contract should be signed and Manny will be in Arizona Friday.

now call Jeff Kent, that’s what I don’t get.

Does he want the dodgers to sign Kent or is it an inside joke between him and Kent?

I think LA will do fine now. Living in the heartland of the Yankees/Red Sox competition I can now put my digs in and not walk away covering my eyes.

GPRUS it is probably an inside joke. Oh man TRU hopefully it is a done deal and our wait it over.

And Manny will be one of the bobbleheads:)

msrussyethier ~ We need an Andre bobblehead too!!!

Casey Blake #1 Bobble Head
Manny Ramire #2 Bobble Head
Andre Ethier #3 Bobble Head (since we are saving the best for last)

It will probably be Ethier #2 & Manny #3 but hey…just as long I get an Ethier bobble head

Now that the Manny deal is all but sewn up (I hope), what pitcher would you go after and who would you give up? Remember all the free agents are gone, and we were not able to bring home the ring with Lowe & Company. Do you think we can stand pat with the present team? Or do we do like the Angels and have a record year with no ring?

Inquisitive minds want to know.

No we don’t want to do what the Angels did. If all the free agents are gone then maybe we need to think of a great pitching coach. Who is left out there that it is a good pitcher.

Do you think SD would trade Peavy to us and what would we have to give up?

I’m just afraid of another Tomko and whats his name type of pitching year.

Maybe he’s telling Kent he can un-retire because he’s a much better hitter with Manny behind him.

Obi, great song! That’s # 491 on DodgerLyrics and #17 for you!

As far as Manny not staying the second year, he will be if the terms have remained the same as the former offer. I had heard on the radio that the other offer ($10 mil for ’09, $10 mil for ’10, $10 deferred payment in ’11, $10 mil deferred payment in ’12, $5 mil deferred payment in ’13) had a stipulation that he only got the deferred payments if he played for us in ’10. If he opts out of the ’10 season he wouldn’t get any of the deferred money. I’m guessing this has been changed in this new offer.

I’m curious to see how Kershaw does today, I hope he isn’t subject to the infamous sophomore jinx.

Boy, I hope LA doesn’t go after Kent. Looks like Garciapara is going to sign with Oakland.

I wanted Garciaparra to retired as a Dodger. He did a lot of the Dodgers and was born a fan and feel that he deserves regardless of how he was playing. He did do a lot last year for the Dodgers. I hate to see him go to another team. I will miss him and wish he will come back. But yeah he will sign with the A’s.
I don’t think Kent is coming back.

I’m glad LaRoche is playing in Pittsburgh, he reminded me to much of flash-in- the pan Sudakis. I also have concerns about DY and Repko. I do like what I hear about Xman.

If Garciapara wasn’t hurt so much, I’d probably feel the same way.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!! Seesky has been officially on the clock since 3 am in the Manny Sweepstakes.

So are you new here or just having a name change? If you are new….welcome!

Good Morning Nelly…I think Seesky will win.
GPRuseck1 – That just means no more Carne Asada after the games….booohooo….I think Ethier will have to take over and cook up something.

Actually, I’ve been an occasional reader. Thanks for the welcome though. Are there alot of name changes LOL.

GP – yes there is a lot of name changes and it is all for fun or how people are feeling at the time. I was dodgersrule1655 but now I’m MsRussyEthier (after my 2 fave players). Then Enchanted temporarly changed his name to brownpaperbab…LOL! Nelly is the queen of name changes. Dnel, Nelly and many many more….NELLY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

I came here writing when my frustrations built up with the whole Manny thing.

I thought Jhall and enchanted were one of the same.

And then I thought I was on the Leave it to Beaver show.

gpruseck1, my boy Kent is not a wishy washy, he retired and that is the end. Like Bill Dwyre of the L.A. Times told me “Kent was always a straight shooter”. I am glad I got to attend the WIN baseball clinics with Jeff Kent and also the Carne Asada with Nomah. I wished Nomah would have retired as a Dodger. I hope the fans in Boston will treat him well when the A’s go there.

Good morning ITD, Nellyjune, trublu, Dodgereric, Dodger4life, crz, cpompe1 (where are you?) Dodger faithful. Finally I am done with that long stretch working and I am at the airport waiting to go to Arizona. I always hoped that Manny would be signed in time for my trip and it looks like he might be there today. Joe and Ned were headed back to LA to meet face to face with Manny and Borass to finalize the signing. My friend called me to let me know that Manny had signed in the afternoon. I guess it is a formality to meet in person to finalize the signing. I am happy. I guess I didn’t officially put in my guess to the sweepstakes but I think I would have guessed today, my first day in camelback. My sister was so sweet, she bought me five new Dodger shirts and a Dodger sweatshirt, all Nike. I am so lucky to have the best sister in the world and believe it or not, she hates baseball. She is ambivalent about the Dodgers and puts up with me during baseball season. I am going to ST alone as I do with all of my Dodger activities so it will be an experience for me. Luckily my hotel is very close and the hotel provides transportation for a 6 mile radius so getting to the field is not a problem. I can’t wait!! Hopefully I will get there in time to catch this afternoon’s game with the giants. I already have good tickets by the Dodger dugout. Yaaaaah go Dodgers. Go manny!

Crz – That’s why I thought it was an inside joke.


kahli, since you asked, my roster:

Starting 8

Furcal SS
Hudson 2B
Ethier RF
Ramirez LF
Loney 1B
Kemp CF
Martin C
DeWitt 3B

Starting pitching

McDonald (gotta break up the lefties a little)





As I said, this is MY roster.
1 – I’m telling Ned to get rid of Pierre.
2 – I’m telling DeWitt the job is his to lose. I like him a lot, he has a great attitude, and Casey becomes a valuable (but expensive) vet on the bench.
3 – I’m telling McDonald he’s a starter until he proves otherwise.
4 – I’m telling Schmidt he has to earn his way back into the rotation and giving him a couple of spot starts in Kershaw & McDonald’s places to show his stuff. I’ll handle the controversy if he does well. If he breaks down, hello Albuquerque.
5 – I’m giving Mota a shot. I won’t be patient. Stults would be my first choice to replace him to get another lefty in the pen.
6 – I’m banking on Furcal to stay healthy. I’ll spot DeWitt (sticking Casey at 3rd) and Loretta (he’s played a lot of SS) to give him regular rest as he needs. If he goes on the DL, Hu comes up.
7 – With Pierre gone and DeWitt a starter, that leaves DY my only lefty on the bench and that’s unfortunate. But then, I’ve never been much of a believer in that lefty/righty mumbo jumbo anyway. Loretta is .293 lifetime against RHP, Casey Blake is .256, so to hell with it.

Heartruss – have fun at Camelback and can’t wait to hear all about it…well read all about it.
Emma do you know if they got along (Manny & Kent)? I was not lucky enough to attends Nomar’s Carne Asada, but my husband did and keeps bragging about it…that punk…and keeps flashing the pic of him and Nomar…So I am hoping to get one with both Ethier & Martin….that will drive him nuts….LOL

Plashke had a great point in one of his articles last year, about Kobe making the Lakers relevant, I think the Dodgers have that in Manny.

I’m still scared of the pitching.

Dodgereric ~ Now I know why YOU are our manager!
So, I guess, Seesky is the winner ! Congratulations!!!! Actually, today we are all winners!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

seesky, I’ve recalculated your winnings, and you now actually owe me 67 cents. But I am a big-hearted character and am willing to defer your payments. I’ll take a quarter now. Just spread the remaining 42 cents over the next 6 years (no interest is necessary).

LMAO, Dodgereric!!!!

For Sale:

Left Fielder, Fast, works hard, shows up early. Needs new arm. Will trade for a bag of balls, OBO.

Dodgereric, you’re too frivolous with your money.

gpruseck – I have seen you on here a few times, and if I haven’t said welcome already, I am saying it now. Welcome to ITD!!!!!

As far as all of my names, a few I did myself, but most were given to me by others. So, my ITD names in ABC order are…….dnelly, June Darlin’, junie, Miss Debbie (haven’t seen porklinks/old fogey in a while), mom, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl. I have others too, but those are the basics πŸ™‚

heartruss – have a wonderful time πŸ™‚


…back to class πŸ™‚

Eric you will get an IOU from seesky
So I guess NO JP as an actual 6″ bobblehead (still a lifesize bobblehead)
Let’s go Dodgers

Ya know Torre will continue playing JP. What to do, what to do.

gp, you have no idea!!! LMAO!!!

And I welcome you into this insanity as well!

I bet I would have had to pay the whole amount if it was me who won the Manny Sweepstakes. Congrats Seesky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heartruss, You will have an awesome time! I have done the trip to Vero Beach by myself and when I went to Fenway Park it was also by myself. Anytime you want to make a road trip, let me know. It takes very little to convince me :-). I still have a whole lot of stadiums to visit and I don’t mind visiting some the second time around. Speaking of which, my friend Erik is convincing me to go back this weekend to Camelback Ranch.

I actually think JP will request a trade since he has no chance of starting regularly.

LOL scott!

LMAO!!!! Oh gpruseck!!!

Junie, if I did that I’d have to answer to Matt!

I’ve heard of a thousand faces but names? You take incognito to a higher plain.

Nice lineup, Eric! I really like De Witt, but until you’re manager I’m out of luck!

GP, you haven’t seen insanity yet………just wait until the season starts………really strange things (and people) show up most of the time! Hold on, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!

OK, a quicky ….. how long until a new thread?

I’ll take 30 minutes.

eric, first off, don’t tell Ned to trade Pierre, tell enchanted, the real GM! Second, I like your bench and I like DeWitt starting ahead of Blake. Third, the pitching will sort itself out so I won’t hold you to anything this early…but I have to believe either Vargas, Milton or Estes (my choice!) makes the team at the expense of Troncoso (who Dodgers seem to want to groom as a starter). Lastly, this is my favorite quote of the whole Manny intrigue:

“I’m happy in L.A. I like my teammates and had a great time. The fans were so good to me; they treated me the best anywhere in my career.”

We love ya, ManRam!!!!!!

WELCOME BACK MAN-RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dodgereric ~ what’s your prize for wining this one? lol
I’ll take one hour

No kidding Ward Dear!!! LOL!!!!

There are all busy but I will say that JOSH is typing right now and the new thread will go up around 9:30…He knows that this is what we have been waiting for….

Ooops 9:30 pacific time for ROSE

Well, it looks like Juanpy got my piano. Oh, my piano is named Manny. πŸ™‚

Well we can go back to our original position for JP….the MASCOT!

Jhall and I are twins with different mothers.

So which one of you is Arnold (the Gorvernator) and which one is Danny DaVito

Your twin from another mother? LOL!

As your father I have to admit that it’s possible.

We were separated at birth by about 7 years.

We get a free live webcast of today’s game at noon pacific:




Its really quite tragic. Only one of us got the other ones moms’ looks.

Manny Ramirez and Dodgers meeting; deal still not complete

The Dodgers and Manny Ramirez were still meeting in Los Angeles as of a short time ago, with a high-placed team official saying no deal was set despite several Internet reports that an agreement had been reached. The official required anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

So much fun…………


The Times doesn’t know squat. Manny’s back.


IF the dodgers website says Welcome to Manny…then it is official…

LMAO!!! Good Morning All!!!
How’s it going brother Beav?!
When you consider that the 25M not only put Manny in our lineup but also took Phew out, it is a bargain. LOL!!
Increased ticket sales and revenue from Manny will probably cover Phew’s salary.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Juanpy’s Cryin’!!!!!
Catch you all later, got to go to work. Have a great day!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta agree with you, rose. The Times story doesn’t have a timestamp on it as some of them do, but it does refer to internet stories jumping the gun.

Maybe that was last weeks ….LOL!

Good Morining ITD,Dodgerfaithful,
Welcome back Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to turn the page….:-)

Eric I think the writer for the Times must be a Giants fan…

What that means is FU jeff Kent and your attitude and your Manny didnt help me bs. Kent was the biggest cancer to the younger players. Manny dont mind where Kemp puts his trashcans.

“I can’t wait to show those teams who passed on me,” he says, sounding more motivated than devastated.

told you guys!!

Well, gotta go – doobie calls.
Oops, that’s duty calls.

Have fun people!!

jhall, was that you? LOL!!! Come back when you can stay longer!

I’m shutting down while an IT guy takes my computer apart. In the meantime, this is going to the Times letter section:

Dear Frank,

Thanks for growing up long enough to end this fiasco. Now if you can just palm Juan Pierre off on some unsuspecting fool, you’ll have a pretty good club.

Hi and Bye jhall/Wally – it’s good to see you here in the morning!! Have a great day sir!!!

Josh – It seems that the Dodgers have some very happy fans right now:) Please inform Frank not to screw it up by jacking up prices on things or some other screwball scheme that he may have. If he just stays out of the way and let’s the boys play, people might actually start to tolerate (notice I didn’t say like) him.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Well, well, well. I can FINALLY stop saying β€œyou-know-who” and say WELCOME BACK MANNY!!! The pre-season drama got to me in a way that I never thought it would. But now the drama is gone from the pre-season and goes into the season. I just hope and pray that we don’t get bad Manny now. I don’t think we will, but given his history, I can never say for sure.


One more and I’m done with the music,
We are Jammin………GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THEM GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CP – your “you know who” problem may be solved, but my “you gnome who” isn’t – LOL!!!!

Well, I guess we can get Juan to some team who needs a lead off speedster! πŸ™‚ I’ll even ship some pianos to that team in case they need them later on!

Good Morning/Afternoon Dodger4life – Life is good today, yes?


Life is alway’s good but yes, LIFE IS GOOD TODAY!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THEM GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Rose – You’re right; the drama never ends. There will be drama no matter what; especially where Manny is concerned.

My Nellygirl – I’m sorry that your “you-gnome-who” situation isn’t resolved. I just heard ESPN say that JP’s the β€œodd-man-out” now. I REALLY hope the Dodgers can deal JP or package him in some deal, but like the Manny negotiations, I won’t believe it until I see it. If they were able to convince Manny to take the deal that we’ve been offering all along, then perhaps there is hope that they can deal JP away!!!

Well, I’ve got a full day today. I’ll catch up on everyone’s Manny talk later!

msruseithier, Yes, they did. you know they played together in Cleveland.
Congrats Seesky!

Hey Emma – so whos picture was it in the library?

Thanks for the info EMMA…I was just wondering cause they are both attention grabbers that I didn’t think that they got along. But that is good that they did.

perumike – until “yougnomewho” finds a new home, your services still may be required.

Kershaw and Zito are pitching

i just want to say that i’m glad we stuck to our guns.. there was no need to panic, overpay, or bid against ourselves.. and i think we all knew that he would eventually have to accept the initial offer we made because it’s the best he would get..

LA Dodgers
Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Ethier, DH
Loney, 1B 0
Jones, M, LF
DeWitt, 3B
Hu, 2B
Ausmus, C
Repko, RF

Batting 2nd…………

Some good pitching and a double play works every time. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

……..but playing centerfield πŸ™‚

hey trublu and dnelly.. how are things?

Jungar, I heard good things that Kemp, Dewitt & Loney had to say about my boy Kent AFTER they got to know him.

I am doing great sara – How are you? How are the Trojans doing in baseball so far?

juan being juan – ground out to first πŸ™‚

i’m good.. i’ve just been SO busy.. i missed being on this board.. our baseball team is not doing well right now.. everyone is pressing.. we have 18 errors in 7 games, and we’re hitting .200 as a team.. not good at all 😦

Hi Sara ~ I’m doing great. Looking forward to a great season.

Andre grounds out to 2nd.
end of 1st – 0-0

Where is the link for the game on dodgers.com???

You are right sara. That isn’t too good about the baseball team. We miss you around here πŸ™‚

Uh oh!! 1 – 0 Giants

Enchanted! Oh, I forgot about that. It was ony this guy:

I am listening to mlb.com. I am not sure about the podcast. The only downside for me is I am listening to gnat announcers. However, it is not Kruk, Kuip or Miller so it’s tolerable so far.

They are saying McDonald will be pitching next.

I’m just listening too. Didn’t know it was on air.

looking forward to a great season too trublu!

thanks dnelly! i should be back and around now.. things are quieting down a bit.. february was ridiculous

Yeah James & Mitch!

Mitch Jones with a double. He is 6 for 13 this spring.

Tie game πŸ™‚

Even the gnat announcers are talking about yougnomewho being the odd man out πŸ™‚

if anyone is wondering why Hu started today over Hudson, here’s what tony jackson says:

The O-Dog had some soreness in his surgically repaired left wrist, so he was scratched as a precaution — kicking and screaming, apparently. That’s a good sign, because it clearly wasn’t serious. As Torre tells is, Hudson felt it when he got here this morning, then went through the morning workouts before he told the medical staff. Sounds like there is a good chance he’ll play tomorrow — or the next time Furcal plays, whenever that is.

We should send Yougnomewho to AAA and keep Mitch!

I finally found the link to watch the game on MLBTV. On the main Dodgers.com screen, click on the fast forward button to get past the Manny story. The game link is on the second screen that comes up.

Thanks, 32 & 52!

Oops. 32 & 53, sorry!

Got the game, yeah!

Thanks everyone for the feed on the game πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethieraholics Arise!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ha! All Andre had to hear was that we got Manny back and he’s already killin the ball! 2 run home run Andre!! I just woke up and found out we finally got our Manny and then I start listening to the game and Ethier ties it up with a homer, I love this team, GO DODGERS!!

WAY TO GO ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed it!!!!!

My first ever diagnostic of Pierre’s swing. I am no expert but shoulders were not level and too much wieght on the back foot for a contact hitter.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kershaw have a bad day? McDonald got ripped in his inning so far.

I just got back from Lunch and it is good to read that my Man Ethier scored an HR…..yeah baby!….That’s my Man! Wooo hooo…

are there a lot of new people? or are people just changing around their names?

sara ~ There are a lot of new people. Really nice ones, too.


Shea’s name is on our Little League outfield wall along with Todd Worrell among others. I played there and now I coach my son there.


SARA – I am Rose a.k.a. Dodgersrule1655. See Rose loves Russell & Andre so now I’m MsRussyEthier. But we do have more new people….the more the merrier!

Scott did Shea play there aswell?

Regardin Shea:

Yeah, that’s why he’s on the wall. He’s younger than me enough that we didn’t cross paths, but I played soccer against his bratty older brother. Spoiled punk.

Did you win against the bratty older’s brother? Yeah my brother played with Troy Percival ex-Angel during High School and after high. I’ve met the guy but I don’t remember (you know brothers friends were gross).

rose, i knew that was you πŸ™‚
i can tell by your posts.. haha

i’m glad there are new people.. it keeps the blog fresh!

Sara…was it my dot dot dots I tend to use. I don’t know why I just don’t space instead of ….

and you tend to capitalize the people’s names who you are addressing.. so i always see your posts πŸ™‚

yougnomewho looks pathetic, he really does 0-3 today and 0- for whatever since spring training started.

Oh yeah I do that….LOL!
Well hopefully yougnomewho requests to be traded.

That would be 0 for 12 Nells. 0 Runs, 0 RBI, 0 BB, 2K, 1CS

Not that notice these things when it comes to JP.

Who’s going to want him. He hasn’t gotten a hit all spring training, and he just struck out. He can’t even use the one skill he has because he hasn’t been on base yet. I am sorry, I can’t support this…..If he starts for any other outfielder without them having an injury (they DO NOT need days off), there is something seriously wrong with our management. He needs to be a late inning replacement off the bench at best.

Shea’s brother was an ok athlete, came across as a spoiled brat. Didn’t know he had a younger brother. I’m assuming this is his brother: (how many Hillenbrands can there be in one town?)


πŸ™‚ thanks for the actual stat

i think we’re in a bad situation with pierre.. we can’t cheer for him to be terrible, because then he’ll be even more impossible to trade.. and we can’t cheer for him to be good, because then crazy joe might start him.. it’s a bad, bad place to be in 😦

Scott~ Neet! so you knew the answer! Where exactly is the little league field?

Oh crap. Better make that 3Ks then if he struck out his last AB. Now he’s even losing one of his only skills – contact. Striking out at 25% now.

Could be worse – anyone know how he did in the “B” game the other day??

I have an excuse Emma – 1. I obviously don’t spend too much time in libraries, and 2. I moved from Arcadia in ’93.

I saw him just strike out last inning so that did happen. He looked about as good as Andruw. I am not sure about the B game enchanted.

enchanted – it’s 3 – I checked the stat page πŸ™‚

SCOTT—WOW check out those hair do’s…thanks for sharing Year book pictures….those are always great when they are not of me.

rose, i’m sure they’re trying.. so much easier said, than done..

I’m sorry people, but JP is totally untradeable from both a talent and a contract standpoint.

What’s worse, Joe likes him because he’s a vet and will give him every AB he can. That means barring injury, JP gets 12 starts for Kemp, 12 starts for Dre, 20 starts for Manny, 50 appearances as a PH, and another 40 or so as a defensive replacement. I’d say a minimum of 250-275 PAs, and a bare minimum of 175 outs.

Glad Manny’s back and the serial “As the Manram Turns” is on hiatus. I’ll have to wire my winnings from brownpaperrapper’s Swiss bank account before the Swiss government gives me up to the Justice Department….now, Frank, get creative on the Pierre exit strategy.


try typing in “longden ave park” in google maps


THEN WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH JP! I mean keeping the bench warm is not acceptible…maybe we should having scrub the gum out of the bench in the dugout…

If Andruw Jones can be let go, so can JP. Cut the fat! Or in JP’s case, the gristle…

..and enchanted, in jhall’s terms…….totally unacceptable!!!!!……and enchanted………I can’t support it, I really can’t.

If Frank & Ned can “86” AJ, nothing is impossible. Where there’s a will……….

I’m with you, Scott……..let Yougnomewho go!!!!! Any one of the alternative outfielders is an improvement of 100%. Our job is to win…..not appease sour personalities.

Declare JP a “toxic asset” and sell him to the government!!!

That would work, Seesky!

Ha – I grew up on Longden Avenue.

The problem’s going to be you’re giving up a bench spot to a guy that has no pop and can’t throw. Ergo 80% useless as a PH and totally useless as a “defensive” replacement.

I’m surprise JOSH has not post it a new threat! What’s up with that….HE–LLO!!!

Yes, Seesky, we need a bailout!
Consider that if JP patrols the outfield for 84 games (based on Enchanted’s estimate), that would also result in: (a) 25 singles stretched to doubles and (b) 20 runs scored that should not have.

Enchanted ~ We have to push him off the bench!

i completely agree with all of you.. those 200 or so plate appearances could be put to much better use

enchanted, of course you are making total sense. That’s why we have been going insane for 2 years!! If Pierre was making 500k, he would never make the team. Total BS.

Scott, I know exactly where that is. Is less than 2 miles from my home.

Joe Torre was saying, when he was promoting his book, that money never mattered in who should play, it was pure ability………well, Joe, let’s see if what you say is true!

LOL I’m with TRU let’s push him off the bench and have him pick up every single sunflower seed (used & un-used) off the ground. That should keep him busy for the season.
MAYBE we need to start being POSITIVE and MOTIVATE JP to be a better TEAM PLAYER…..well that’s if we don’t loose our patience.

LOL I’m with TRU let’s push him off the bench and have him pick up every single sunflower seed (used & un-used) off the ground. That should keep him busy for the season.
MAYBE we need to start being POSITIVE and MOTIVATE JP to be a better TEAM PLAYER…..well that’s if we don’t loose our patience.

Oops sorry for my double entry…I got “CLICK” happy!

Congratulations Seesky!!!!! Make your check payable to dodgereric. I believe he made you a deal up above. Glad it’s you and not me – LOL!!!!!!!

Hot Damn! Been waiting all morning at work to bust out this celebratory tune, courtesy of Gypsy Sun and Rainbows (Jimi Hendrix):

As John Sebastian would say, “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!”

small world, emma! I’m a few blocks up 10th ave myself.

As for other issues, well, the universe tends to work out things as they should be πŸ˜‰

My prediction, Everybody’s happy in a month.

Nsblues ~ Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tru πŸ™‚

Really good to see you, Nsblues!

NSB, By “everybody’s happy”, I’m assuming you mean JP will be playing for the Padres?

Hey northstateblues!!!!!!! I can’t do youtube here, but I will make sure I view the video when I get home.

hey nsb!

Rock on, nsb!!!

Hey North! Can we expect more Manny drawings now!!?

Hey Scott – if you’re still there, is Moffats (sp.?) still there in West Arcadia next to Longs or Osco or whatever it is?

You are right about JP’S swing. He is a hitch and transfers his weight to his back foot as the pitcher starts his delivery. And, we get the expected result. An arm and shoulder swing with no power.

For those who love baseball and the English language:

A Linda Ronstadt pitch– a fastball that Blue Bayou.

rintinjim – I was hoping it wasn’t my prejudicial thinking clouding my judgment. He’s not exactly my favorite player on the team if you haven’t noticed.

seesky – thanks for the link πŸ™‚

Pierre 4 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 .000 .000 .000
A Jones 5 13 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 9 0 0 .214 .154 .154

The race is on.

At least Andruw has an average right now πŸ™‚

yougnomewho’s strikeouts kind of stick out a bit. One out of every 4 at bats. Like you said, not a good stat for a supposed contact hitter.


Moffett’s is still next to CVS (formerly Save-on) on Baldwin Ave. Hey, I feel like some chicken pies!! Baskin Robbins is still in the same mini mall.

LOL!!!!! very good Obi!!!!

Great one, Obi! NSB – In a month, I predict that JP and his momma will still be unhappy.

So do I scott!!

Good one Obi!!

Let us not forget the only time JP has been on base (via error, he got caught stealing. 12 ups, 12 outs. So the two things Juan can do – make contact and steal a base, he can’t do now. Maybe he’s saving up all his hits for the regular season.

…however if that were anybody else, they would be playing in Albuquerque come April.

Now that we have Manny, the only unfinished business is……………………………………………….the ITD STADIUM TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josh????????

For sure, for sure Kahli!!!!

Well, the news is confirmed, and it’s great. This is as solid of a team as I have seen in a long time–and the payroll id down from last year, which means if there is a hole to fill near the break (like a fifth starter), we can make a deadline deal. I only regre that I am not in LA to take it all in.
Nelly–I am not part of the new administration . . . yet.
We do need to deal Pierre–let him play somewhere else. We can make some rookie the fifth OFer (Pee Wee Young is the fourth), pay him $400,000, pick up half of Pierre’s salary, and still save $4 Million. and kep Torre from the temptation of playing Pierre.

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t reply, went to the movies with my girlfriend to see Coraline. Good movie.

But damn! It really happened. The air is clean, the water’s clean, even the dirt is clean. All is right with the world.

By everybody happy, I mean Juan Pierre happily playing everyday… for a team that will play him happily everyday. Then everybody’s happy.

But for now, I’m happy, heheheh. And yeah, more drawings probably soonish, what else am I gonna do, study for midterms? Bah.

leekfink, good seeing you around here again, and glad to see you in DCland, as opposed to Chicagoland, if you catch my drift πŸ™‚ See if you can’t convince someone to check out the new Chicago White Sox spring training facility this month, heheheh j/k

Hopefully Dodgerland comes soon

The season will be lots of fun and our offense will keep the fans in the stadium until the 9th. McCourt will make lots of money, and all his doubts about signing Manny will vanish.

The key to making it to the WS will rest on our pitching. Will our young pitchers grow fast enough to handle the second season. Will they be able to learn everything they need to learn in this long season? Or will we make a blockbuster deal by the trading deadline. And who will we have to give up? Yikes.

Yeah, we signed Manny, I just want to savor the season.

Welcome back Manny!!!!!!!!!!

25M is a bargain when you consider it also takes Phew out of the lineup!!!

Gp ~ Great post. I also think it will be an exciting season. I’m hoping the pitching is good enough to keep us in the games. Spring Training is just a tune-up so, even they look a little shakey right now, by the time the sesson starts, I think they will be pretty good.

I like our chances alot more in the NL West now!!

So, true, Jhall!

Hey Trumom!! How was your day?

I had a great day. Watched the game, did some housework and listened to some music. Not bad at all. How about you?

Jhall ~ do you realize, Yougnomewho is 0 for the season!

Tru – I trusted in what you said about the signing of Manny…the time may not have been correct, haha, but I figured this would be the place to come to, because we’re all Dodger fans here.

I had a nice day Trumom, thanks!!

LOL Trumom!! Phew 0 for Spring. I’m not surprised.

Some more tracks for this jubilant occasion, courtesy of the spirit of Wolfman the K.

Beatles “I’ll Be Back”

The Cars Good Times Roll

Phil Collins “Take Me Home”

and if you google the lyrics for this one, it’s oddly appropriate (thought the video… well, that’s another story altogether):
Huey Lewis and the News “Stuck With You”

“Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the sky!”

jhall – two nights in a row……..wow!!!!!!! Good Evening to you sir!!!!

Gp ~ I was wrong on so many of the off-season signings, that I figured I had to be right at least once! LOL
Jhall ~ he only got on base once and got thrown out trying to steal.

Hey North!!! Good stuff.

northstateblues – love the music choices!!!! Also, sounds like a great movie!!!!

Hey Wally. Hey TruMom.

If Kemp progresses as he did last year, no reason he can’t go 25/100. Loney has a year under his belt. The starting 8 have a legitimate shot at having 7 .300 hitters. That’s asking a lot, but 5 wouldn’t surprise me, and 3-4 are a certainty.

Too funny Trumom. Bonjour and Merci Nelle’!!! How are you?

Hey Beav!!! I think we will score some runs.

Enchanted ~ I feel the same way about the youngsters. If they get to play regularly, the will all have awesome seasons……..and with Manny in there, Wow!

Hey Mom. Hey North! Hey GP!
Y’all snuck in on me.

LOL, Enchanted.

Beav, how long till the Phew trade request/demand!!! LOL!!!

He probably asked for one today!!!!

Hey! I’m in a musical mood today. I’d post more modern songs, but everything I like post ’89 is a little dark anyways. Today is a good day.

Everything feels right now baseball-wise. I’m sure many Dodger fan(atic)s will be getting their first night of restful sleep in a while (and ESPN.com’s hit count goes down).

I see no problems with our offense, barring injury, we’ll be alright. Torre will only make us sweat about lifting a marquee player for JP this year. I don’t think he can screw with us on the infield (3rd base). Pinch hitting shouldn’t be a broken record again. Colletti/Torre will make us only sweat about the pitching.

Very true North. It is also very refreshing to be rid of the worthless PVL’s Kent, Nomore, and Sweeney. Geez!!!! Although bringing back Sweeney would be interesting to get Beav’s reaction. LOL!!!

When you start talking Leave to Beaver, I need a scorecard.

NOOOOOOOOO, SWEENEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing good jhall/Wally!!!! Glad to have Manny, wish we had a solution for yougnomewho πŸ™‚

Gp ~ Nellyjune will explain the Cleaver family to you.

Hi GP!! Haven’t had a chance to say Hello and welcome to the blog. I enjoy your comments.

Nellyjune ~ tell GP about your Cleaver family, please!

Not to keep beating up JP, but how many runs have the D’s scored while he’s actually been on the field so far? I think its 8, and he hasn’t been involved in any of them. All the rest of the runs have come after his final AB for the day. And the games he doesn’t play at all, they have run explosions.

Since JP can’t play all three OF positions at once, they’ll always have at least a pair between Kemp/Ethier/Manny for some offense. Bad as it is giving away 4 outs, that doesn’t frighten me as much as having JP as a PH off the bench. I would hope Joe would have the brains to use him leading off or in bunt situations (ha ha), but what scares me is Joe using him in key RBI situations. Bad enough we had Sweeney last year – at least there was some hope (remote as it might’ve been) of a double or homer. With JP, the best you can hope for is a little dink hit or that he beats out a slow roller. Whoooop-ti-do 1 run max. Now you still have to have the next guy up get a hit to do any damage.

I guess what I’n saying is, without any power and without defensive skills, JP coming off the bench is a waste of a roster spot. How often do pinch runners really impact the game? And Repko is just as fast if not faster. Then if they decide to keep Castro rather than DeWitt as the second back-up infielder, we’ll have two dink hitters and our bench will be just as weak as last years.


The Cleaver Family: The cast of characters
Ward Dear – dodgereric
June Darlin’ – me
Wally – jhall
Beav – enchanted

Explanation is another story……… that happened many MOONS ago – LMAO!!!!!!

I stationed myself here last Spring and got a big kick out of this crew. I really enjoyed the banter. Living in Yankee/Bosox land this is a great retreat.


How did I get to be the Beav anyway?? Couldn’t be cuz I’m always gettin’ in trouble with the grown-ups could it?

JP hasn’t done much to impress me this spring. Like you said earlier, E, it would be a lot better if he tried to “diversify his portfolio”, but he has an “I am what I am” attitude. I would hope ANY ballplayer, manager, or person in general would never settle for “who they are” but would try to become better.

It’s too hard not to criticize a guy when he’s just not getting on base. Stealing does you no good if you can’t get on base, and even then… he got nailed the other day. If “who you are” and “who you settle to be” is a speed threat, you’d better hope that doesn’t go.

LOL Nelly!! The Cleavers were conceived when Josh thought we used too much profanity on the blog. Unbelievable!!!

The reason they switched to the Cleavers is because of some language not approved by the censor here. So, they decided to become the sweetest family ever……the Cleavers.

…quite possibly Beav!!!!! LMAO!!!!

LOL Beav!!!

And we all know who/what kicked off that little episode don’t we?! πŸ™‚

Enchanted always seemed to catch alot of the heat even when he didn’t start it. Just like the Beav!!!!

I still have one question. Are enchanted/Jhall one person, Superman/Clark Kent or should I ask? Bad Language? I’m a pirate, they’ll never go for me.

LMAO, Isn’t it amazing what they think is profanity!

Popeye he ain’t North!!

Seems like I remember someone being called OldFogey.

LOL!!! Twin sons of different mothers GP. Not the same but kindred spirits.

LMAO, jhallwally

I’m just going to cut and paste these names

I remember someone being called bombastic. Oh wait a minute…

GP ~ Old Fogey hasn’t been around much lately……his name got switched several times (not by his choice I may add) to Porklinks and Winflava for two.

And, someone thought Enchanted was a lady! LMAO!!

enchanted and jhall are two different people for the most part. LMAO!!!!!

Old Fogey hasn’t been around in a while.

Porklinks and Winflava? LMAO

Coulda been the thong that did it Tru.

….and to top it off Ward Dear and June Darlin’s real kids are an item. How about that for ITD drama!!!!!!

Yah, I thought enchanted was a lady, too.

…boy, your father is going to put us all in our rooms tonight when he gets home πŸ™‚


Enchanted has to stop acting so seductive!!!! LMAO!!!

I’m obviously not making a very good first impression…

Becoming the Cleavers was our way of telling the blog cretins to kiss our a**!!!!

Enchanted dates the Navy Fleet!!!!!!!!!!! Wears high heels and a thong!!!

Best evidence of Wally and I being twins with different mothers was when we both came out with the same song 1 minute apart.

Jhall ~ at least we can spell!

You just need Eddie Haskell, Whitey and Lumpy and you can have a remake.

Hey Tru, if I was a woman I probably WOULD be at the dock wearing high heels and a thong!! I’d also make a great lesbian.

That was classic Beav!!!
Yep Tru, we do alright on spelling. I guess we aren’t a total loss. LOL!!!!

…Beav….that is still one of the most amazing things that happened here on ITD.

….we have had our share of Eddies around here πŸ™‚

Uh-Oh. Wife’s calling. Act like I was never here.

Somebody actually kicked you off?


Oh GP, we’ve got some Eddie’s and Lumpy’s. They will invariably rear their unwanted heads. It’s just a matter of time.

Enchanted dates the Navy Fleet!!!!!!!!!!! Wears high heels and a thong!!!

That’s Good!!! Funny.

See you guys later. My husband got home and I guess I should feed him!

The Marine Corp is also very fond of our Enchanted!!!! Is there anything he can’t do?

See ya later Trumom!!!


No, somebody else was kicked off, but when that someone was kicked off, the comments that person made were erased as well. So, when josh read the thread the next day, it appeared we (well, mostly enchanted) were the ones creating the problem. So, we kind of got in trouble for our behavior, which was misdirected and we decided to do a complete 180 from that language to “Leave it To Beaver” language. I must say, we play those characters pretty well seeing how I have seen a few episodes here and there since then.

Gee Mom/Nell’, it’s sure swell that Josh isn’t sore at us anymore.

I think the last hundred comments have been about the Cleaver Family. LOL

You’re saying Beaver got in Big Trouble?

Oh GP – We can go on for days with the Cleaver family and our craziness πŸ™‚ BTW – not to confuse you more, but trublu and I are mother/daughter in real life.

Yep GP, we also peeved the cretins when we bantered about things other than baseball. Sometimes we just had to get away from the Cow, Schidt, Phew, and Ned ineptness/ignorance.

What do all the other criminals on this board say? I guess if they didn’t know before, they know now.

Well, we can scratch Cow off the list. Yougnomewho should be next to go πŸ™‚

I sure hope so Nell’!!!!

You called him cow instead of fatty, is that what you meant. Or, did you disobey the antiswearing law in LA?

Of course it’s about the Cleaver Family. With the Manny signing, we’re all as happy as a 1950’s sitcom. Let’s face it, this place gets a lot more active when we’re losing–of course, I think it was during one of our worst slumps last season that Josh came down on us for the language. . . .

Well, my ITD life can’t possibly get any crazier than it is right now, and I can bet dodgereric/Ward Dear feels the same way. …and to think a year ago, my family thought I was out of my mind belonging to this ITD community and now look, I can guarantee you Mariya has texted Matt (dodgereric’s son) in the last 5 minutes, and not only that dodgereric has a group of 20 first graders who have become his fan club.

Well, my ITD life can’t possibly get any crazier than it is right now, and I can bet dodgereric/Ward Dear feels the same way. …and to think a year ago, my family thought I was out of my mind belonging to this ITD community and now look, I can guarantee you Mariya has texted Matt (dodgereric’s son) in the last 5 minutes, and not only that dodgereric has a group of 20 first graders who have become his fan club.

Did Donna Reed yell and scream at you? You know Father does Know best.

Hey Leek, good to see you!!!

Yep GP, Make Room For Daddy!!!

Always a pleasure Jhall. Spring is in the air!

I just wonder if JP reads this or if Josh censors ITD from JP.

Thanks Leek, you too. Thank God, I need some warm weather. LOL!!!
GP, we’ve often wondered if Phew reads this blog. LOL!!
I hope so. Some people take our Phew bashing as hatred toward him personally. It’s not. We just don’t like his game and he is just not a good fit on this team. Especially when better players such as Ethier and Kemp were forced to sit so he could play because Ned is a bafoon and gave him that ludicrous contract. I personally hope Ned can trade him to a team where he can play more and is appreciated. I’m sure he is an alright guy and I wish him well. However, somewhere else.

Leekfink – you were part of the reason we became the Cleaver Family – LOL!!! The good part anyway πŸ™‚ It’s funny now, but it wasn’t so funny then.

sorry for the double post…..I am having connections issues tonight.

I’d be thrilled if Ned could unload Phew on the D’Backs, G’nats, Puds, or Rockies. LOL!!!!

Well, the Rockies have already had him. I would love the gnats to get him. That would be just heaven in this house. They all think we are a little harsh on him, but when told you can have him, they are quick to say no way in hell.

I don’t know if JP wouldn’t take personally. He probably would consider playing postal worker if he did. I mean JP is JP, Torre is the decision maker, he’s the guilty party.

LMAO Mom!!!

…you are so right about Joe being the decision maker, and that is more of our issue than JP being JP really.

Exactly GP, Joe and especially Ned are the guilty parties.
One for dad, Fire Ned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean JP is JP, Torre is the decision maker, he’s the guilty party. I just wouldn’t want to read JP playing Postal Worker.

Hey everyone, I’m not sure Goodwill would take JP at the moment.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had a double post….sorry

Hey D4!!!!! Yep, Phew is like a condo in Detroit, you can’t get rid of it. LOL!!!

Jhall, good to see ya…:-)

This is a shame to waste all this money. To do another fatty deal will be such a waste. Somebody talked toxic assets. So true, so true.

That’s why one of Phew’s nicknames is Herpierres. You can’t get rid of him and he pops up at the most inopportune times.

Ya gotta love the nicknames. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love the gnats to get him. That would be just heaven in this house. They all think we are a little harsh on him, but when told you can have him, they are quick to say no way in hell.

By nellyjune on March 4, 2009 8:48 PM


They had their chance… then their former Asst. GM decided if his ex-boss wanted him, he MUST be the answer.

Would’ve been a GREAT idea if we were looking for a speed guy (though not with that contract). But trying to replace a Power-hitting outfielder… not so much.

Death and taxes, we’re stuck with him….and torre keeps playing him…insanity.

JPs the gift that keeps on giving, so we give it right back to JP. πŸ™‚

If it weren’t for Pierre, I’d only have about 4 songs to my credit.


Too funny Beav. Don’t forget Ned the Furter. He’s been good for alot of songs. LOL!!!!

OK, 5.

Frank and Furter, one of your finer insights Beav!!!!!

Both weanies!!!!

Well I gota go, its after midnight. Great talking to ya.

And they say you can’t go far with a 6th grade education.

later gp1!

Catch you later GP!! Good to have you on board.

Later GP! Welcome to the deep end!!

Okay – I am back again…..major connections issues tonight.

This song reminds me of JP this spring….

I hope he doesnt try and pitch….

Goodnight GP!!!!! I hope we didn’t scare you aware. We really are pretty swell characters. Take Care πŸ™‚

LOL Beav!!!
Welcome back Nelly!!!

Wasn’t I also Jim Jones once? Wally was Applewhite. Eric was Charles Manson (or was that North?)

northstateblues – if only πŸ™‚

Good Evening Dodger4life!!! How are you doing?

Ahhhhhhhh, the old cult days!!!

Had the Manny negotiations resulted in him going elsewhere, we might’ve seen this make DodgerLyrics:

Frank N Furter, It’s all over
The contract was a failure, defferments too extreme
Manny’s now a [insert team here], You two are now prisoners
Of a rabid fan base incensed at your team…

(please tell me SOMEONE gets that reference, and thank god this is now MOOT.)

Yes, right before we became the Cleaver Family. I was somebody too……I can’t remember the name, and I remember Eric specifically as Charles Manson because of the last name, on letter changes it to his real last name.

I was Ian Astbury

One thing encouraging is no one is talking about how with Manny signing it muddies up the OF situation..Kemp and Ethier are firmly starting..us diehards..sure no brain er, but on national scene that’s good stuff

I think I was Tammy, right?

Frank and Ned have had a fine off season. What more could they have done? The last little piece–in order to please ALL concerned–will be to find Pierre a new home…allowing JP to play regularly and ensuring Repko becomes the “defensive replacement.” Repko’s being aced out by DY just because DY is out of options. That’s no way to build a roster. Sorry, DY is a fine player, but Repko has more speed, a better glove, better arm, and if he ever got a few ABs, maybe even an equal stick. He reminds me of Martin–TOO intense for his own good, putting huge amounts of pressure on himself at the plate. RELAX, Jason.

Hey Jungar!!!

Hey Kahli!!!

I’m I the only one who doesn’t like this extra long ST?

That’s right Nells – you were Tammy.

Hey jungar!!

Howdy Kahli!

Tammy Nell Baker. LOL!!!

Beav, what did you do with all that freaking Kool-Aid?

Where’s eric? He’s got Manny batting in the four hole. I say the he bats third. jungar…jhall…enchanted…dnelly…northstates…thoughts?

Yes, it is too long enchanted ,and speaking of, did you see…. Mexico slaughtered Arizona today 19-4

Oh!!! Who can forget the Koolaid? LMAO!!!!!

Kahli, I liked Manny batting behind Kemp. Kemp is a free swinger and really benefits from batting in front of Manny. Sees alot more good pitches. Just a thought.


Just a thought.

I’m sure I’ll think of something to do with it Wally.

I go Manny 4th Kahli. I like Furcal-Hudson 1-2, and I like Dre or Kemp in front of Manny with Loney batting behind him. With the 8 man line-up we project, Manny will still get that extra AB per game that he’d get in the 3-hole. If you hit Manny 3rd, then everyone moves up a notch and Hudson bats 8, which I think’s not using him effectively.

….Isn’t it cool how one guy can make your line up seem so versatile? We pretty much know Furcal and O-Dog will be 1 and 2, and we know Manny will be 3 or 4, but with the rest, it seems like any of them (Martin, Loney, Kemp,Ethier, Blake) can fit anywhere and be a serious problem for any pitcher.

If Manny bats three, the starting pitcher automatically has a crummy first inning, nerves-wise. Pujols bats three. A-Rod bats three. Best hitter on every team bats three. Just my opinion.

good point Kahli

You certainly have a great point Kahli!!!!

Watch JoJo do something asinine like bat Blake clean-up.

I’m thinking Manny in the 3 spot as well. works well in video game land.

That’s our Beav!!!

Beav is always trying to rock the boat, isn’t he?

I put it to you all – Does anyone trust Joe??!!

Most teams don’t have talent like Kemp and Ethier to bat 3rd. The benefits of batting them in front of Manny may out weigh a handful of AB’s for Manny. Now and in the long run.

Beav being Beav!!!!

That’s why we love him!!!!

In answer to your earlier question Beav, not really!!!

enchanted – on the yougnomewho front….not at all. Andre and Matt will get the brunt of that issue, and I am guessing Andre more than Matt.

…..you got that right jhall/wally πŸ™‚

You could pencil in a line-up with Dre and Kemp being interchangeable depending on if its a RHP or LHP, and with the exception of resting plaers (or players as you folks like to say in English) have the same line-up day in and day out.

I’m willing to put hard earned money up that says Joe can’t figure that out in ST and we go through June rarely having the same batting order twice in a row.

Unfortunate but very based in fact Beav. I still don’t have a lot of faith in JoJo the Clown. I think he is a ***** and bows down to the mother of all ******, NED.
Hey Dad/Chevelle/Ward,
Fire Ned!!!!!!!!!

So, that means another 60 (or 67) cents is up for grabs πŸ™‚

As far as Uncle Joe, remember, he batted Manny fourth before he TOOK OFF in the three hole. Manny didn’t come to L.A. to make our number three hitter better. He came here to mash, preferably making the score 3-0 after three batters. If he leads off the second inning, why throw him a strike?

Oops, guess I’m in trouble. LOL!!!! Oh wait, Beav will get the heat. LMAO!!!!

I saw too much of that last season to think it would be any different now. However, there is a chance, slight as it may be, that he may surprise us πŸ™‚

Another great point Kahli. You are convincing me!!!

Wally is picking on Beav again……….it never ends πŸ™‚

Dodgereric/Ward Dear……..your services as manager are really needed right now. You have some serious decisions that need to be made.

Gee, I didn’t know dil’do was a bad word. Honest Mom.

LMAO!!!!!!!! boy! if that word doesn’t ring a bell/name. I remember a pretty heated discussion about Matt Holliday and Andre, and where is Matt Holliday right now……….Oakland, for now anyway. Also, it sounds like Nomar might be there? They certainly don’t need any pvls.

Nedildo!!! Kind of says it all!!!!

That works too Wally.

I think Dad/Ward will agree. Gee, I hope so. I don’t want him to be sore at me.

I still haven’t figured out why a Burger King hamburger is a bad word.


Must be the onions Beav!! LOL!!!

…maybe mlblogs likes Big Macs better than ******** – LMAO!!!!!!!

….and it still doesn’t like it πŸ™‚

Too funny, LMAO!!! Thanks June Dear/Mom.

I guess we will have to go with the Quarter Pounder!!!!

jhall you were comment 666 – oh no!!!!!

…or the Jumbo Jack…..but not everybody has Jack in the Box, do they?

So I guess we’ll just have to call them by a more PC name like plastic peepee and char-broiled hamburger.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. I will be the Anti-Ned!!!!


Of course this is worse than Joey coming on and dropping F-bombs and that other cretin threatening people. Geez!!!

definitely not jhall/wally!!! I guess they will find their way back once the regular season games begin.

not to mention fake joey’s need to… um… show his love for Jon Weissman of Dodger Thoughts

This place is going to be a CIRCUS once the season starts.

I guarantee it.

yes, yes, yes…..who can forget that? Oh geez!!!!!!

Yep North, that is truely pathetic.

LOL!!! nsblues – that’s good

I never got the whole point of the Weisman rant North. Guy obviously was a couple bricks short of a load.

As for Mr. Torre, after watching him with the Yanks for however many years and then with us for one, I’ve come to a conclusion that he’s a lot like Mr. Magoo.

The ones where he’s driving down the mountain road, about to careen off the edge at any moment, swerving around deer, boulders and whatever else along the way, all the while not seeing any of what’s going on.

But damned if by October, he finds himself safely at home in the Playoffs. Must be doing something right.


(and I’m sure someone came up with that first, come to think of it…)

Its Magic!!!

nsblues – this lineup, if he keeps the best in the lineup, will make him look good. He will be able to really sleep on the rail so to speak.


I don’t get it either, E. must’ve been jilted somehow. From what I can remember, there’s a REAL Joey poster that the idiot who came here was impersonating. Maybe the Real Joey p’d off the fake Joey, hence fake Joey coming in here and dragging the JoeyP name through the mud.

Do Joe’s horses like to be on the rail too?

Yanks had The Ol’ Perfesser, we have The Ol’ Magician

There were two joeys at one time….the good joey was joey_rock27 (I believe) and then there was the bad joey, joeyp. joey_rock got accused all the time of doing things that joeyp did.

Since I’m switching up to Wii blogging in a few, I did this (by myself) the day we got Manny the first time, with my mom and bro looking at me like I was crazy as the news reports broke. In honor of #2, I now present: THE DANCE OF JOY!

LOL!!!!! that’s good nsblues πŸ™‚

Funny North!!

Afraid its Beav’s bedtime. Wally – always great to have you in the house! You too Nells & North!!

G’Nite gang!!! Its been a blast. Thanks!!!!!

G’Nite Beav!!!!

Catch you all down the road!!!!

Good night and take care Beav/enchanted!!! Wally should be getting to bed too. It’s 2 in the morning in Ohio. It’s still early for us on the west coast πŸ™‚

See, told you he should be going to bed. Good night jhall/wally. The pleasure is ours as well, my friend. Take Care and see you soon πŸ™‚

Merci Nelle’!!! Mom knows best.

Well, your father/Ward Dear will be sad once again he missed you, but you will eventually catch up to each other.

Shucks, didn’t get back in time… I was going to explain the difference between a plastic Peoria and a Wii Remote.

There’ll be other days.

Signing Manny solves everything, eh Nells? EVERYBODY HAPPY!


“I have no idea,” Pierre said, shaking his head. “I can’t even speak on it.”

701 comments?!!! This is giving my poor Nintendo a workout!

But yeah, I really did do the dance of joy. Today, it was gloating in glee in the banquet room at work watching TV (while filling in napkin holders) as ESPN showed the top 5 Manny Dodger moments. In Giants country. In front of Giants fans. In the room with a Junior Giants t-shirt. They can have their little spring training victory. We are in BIDDNESS!!

Is that a real quote, Jungar? because there isn’t a lot of thinking involved in how getting Manny is a good move for the DODGERS. Whether getting Manny is a good move for Juan Pierre, on the other hand…

I try to be positive about JP, I really do. But it’s tough when there’s no comments about the Good Of The Team, just how hurt he is that he isn’t contributing.

He’s a big leaguer, if he took the time to focus on the aspects of the game he isn’t good at, i.e. getting on base, not being consistently the top 4 in strikeouts, etc… then maybe the team would have an excuse to use him more often.

Of course, I trust what the media writes as far as I can throw them, so who knows?

Reporting from Phoenix — Juan Pierre said he was expecting Manny Ramirez to re-sign with the Dodgers. But he had no answers Wednesday when asked how this affected his future with the Dodgers.

“I have no idea,” he said, shaking his head. “I can’t even speak on it.”
Would this make him any more inclined to demand a trade?

“I haven’t even looked into that,” he said. “I don’t know what this does for me right now. I can’t speak on it.”

Pierre, who is in the third year of a five-year, $44-million contract, finds himself where he was a season ago — the odd-man out in a crowded Dodgers outfield.

The signing of Andruw Jones pushed Pierre out of the lineup last year. He fought his way back onto the field when Jones revealed himself to be a shadow of his former self, but the trade for Ramirez at the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline moved him back to the bench.

Pierre said he understood why the Dodgers wanted Ramirez.

“What he did with the Dodgers last year, man, it speaks for itself,” he said. “Fan-wise and on-the-field-wise, he took over L.A. He’s the man.”

You have to laugh at “…..He fought his way back onto the field when Jones revealed himself to be a shadow of his former self.” FOUGHT HIS WAY BACK???? LMAO!!!!!

for fairness: (somewhat, he still dosen’t say what he should)

Pierre said he understood why the Dodgers wanted Ramirez.

“What he did with the Dodgers last year, man, it speaks for itself,” he said. “Fan-wise and on-the-field-wise, he took over L.A. He’s the man.”

kahli, I agree that the 3 hole is where your best overall hitter should be. In fact, when we got him last season I posted several times that Torre needed to move him from the 4 to the 3. But we didn’t have Hudson last year and I sure did like Ethier in front of him. I’d at least like to try the Furc/O-dog/AE/Manny lineup for a month to see how it works. Damn, I hope we can stay reasonably healthy.

Hey Eric, thanks for the article. Wow, he gives props to Manny. I’ll eat a little crow for speaking out of ignorance.

I hope wherever he plays this year, he’ll be happy. he has his spot on the team for a reason, more than a few pitchers have struggled with changing their role from Starter to bullpen since JP’s been here. Then they accepted it. Then they looked forward to it. (then some of them were outta here at the end of the season). I would be more than happy to have him if he could accept the role as a non-starter in the same way.

Everyone’s dissapointed when they don’t get to contribute in the capacity they’d like to. I can see why he’d be bummed at this point. He knows he’s Juan Pierre, the CFer of the World Champion Florida Marlins (can’t remember the year, and no tabbed browsing on the Wii). That’s who he is inside. But if he accepts what the Dodgers need him to be while he’s on the roster in Los Angeles (not Vegas/Alberquerque), and do what he does best in that role, it would endear him a lot more to other teams who know he’s capable of starting everyday. He can still start for a MLB ballclub, but we have better offensive options at this point, and with our pitching situation, we need offense more than ever.

Juan Pierre needs to understand Ned didn’t sign him to be Juan Pierre. Ned signed him to be a Dodger.

Jungar, what’s missing is that Juan Pierre isn’t saying “What he did for us/our team last year speaks for itself”. Reffering to the Dodgers in the third person when being paid what he is by the ballclub (non-deffered?) seems kinda self-absorbed when he’s wearing the same jersey 162 games a year.

I think I’m having a moment of clarity. It’s like how he sits at the end of the bench by himself in a corner of the dugout when he doesn’t start. It’s like if he isn’t starting, he’s so dissappointed he can’t bring himself to join the rest of the team.

Truthfully, Juan Pierre’s never failed to be what they knew Juan Pierre was. It’s not his fault. The whole root of the problem is that the GM signed him in a knee jerk reaction to a Good Fielding, Power Hitting outfielder opting out of his contract. So he went for a PVL Good Fielding outfielder, namely the one being courted by his old boss (probably still upset they took his phone back during his first winter meetings, that was a little embarrassing).

Then, they went for a PVL (ex)Power Hitting outfielder in Gonzo, logjamming Kemp and Ethier, the only truly successful thing he had going until Manny fell into the Dodgers’ lap. Yet, they signed two players to replace what they had in the Old No. 7.

When that PVL P-Hing OFer left, they signed another in Andruw Jones. That failed worse than LuGo, and Joe’s new, not knowing the offense he has in Kemp and Ethier. So, Joe the Players’ manager went with the veteran, who doesn’t produce well in a Power Hitting role (see: Tony Womack).

So here we are today, with one of the best right-handed Power Hitting OFers in history, with something to prove. With two Good Fielding OFers with known potential for Power also on the roster having phenomenal years last season, the Dodgers have 3 Good Offensive outfielders to compensate for our current lack of a Veteran Ace in the Bullpen.

And that’s why there’s no place for JP as a starter on the team at this point. A team player would understand the team’s need, not make it seem like he was the last kid picked for the kickball team.

Alright, I’m off to bed, so I can get some sleep before I wake up for classes around 6ish…. Have a good night :).

Good Night ITD,Dodgerfaithful
North excellent comment’s tonight and I enjoyed the songs as well.

Everyone else, I enjoyed your comment’s as well πŸ™‚

Manny we Love ya and are glad you chose to come back πŸ™‚
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning ITD
I am writing this from my room at Comfort Suites. Gorgeous hotel. Very nice staff. I am sharing the floor with the minor league White Sox, more to come on Friday. Yes, yes, girls, be jealous. Very good looking guys. The nice thing is that I have 24 hour shuttle anywhere I want to go within a 7 mile radius.
I was able to go to the game yesterday since they gave me an early check in. I was only 5 minutes late. Camelback is quite impressive. Arizona is a bit hot. Despite 90+ SPF sunblock, I did get a bit of a burn on my chest. Ouch. There were many Giants fans which annoyed me. The highlight of the game, of course, was Andre’s homerun. I think that some of the guys were distracted by the Manny signing. Some of the fans were unhappy that the team was not signing except for the minor leaguers. Apparently according to some, Camelback is very different from Vero Beach in that the accessibility to the players is limited. Camelback is limited pretty much to the Stadium, a couple of concession stands and one very limited team store with few items. I bought a Russell Martin bp jersey, the one with one button in the front and an Ethier pin to wear in honor of Nellyjune. My one autograph, the one I really wanted, was Mitch Jones. He has played well and I mainly wanted to tell him so. He gave me a huge smile and thanked me for telling him. What a nice guy. I will be posting pictures on my facebook page and also on my two blogs: http://catlovesthedodgers.blogspot.com and http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com. Please check it out. I took 85 pictures today and just have to sort out the best. The scenery is quite awesome. The seats are quite good no matter where you sit. I was right behind the batter’s circle so I was able to see very well. I will post more tomorrow. I probably should sleep a couple of hours before my free hot breakfast which is included. I suppose I will have to sit with all those good looking white sox minor league players. I plan on going to the game a couple of hours early. I have a great homeplate club seat so I will be eating again. It should be fun. More to report tomorrow. let me try to sleep a little. Good night everyone.

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