A new thread!

You’ve been asking for it, so here’s a new thread for you all. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year’s Eve and that you’re all ready for a great 2009. It was relatively quiet over the last 10 days to two weeks in the baseball world, but I imagine that will change in the coming month. Obviously there are still a number of free agents out there – Manny atop the list – so I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed that he’s wearing Dodger blue this season.

A few things that I know for sure will be happening in ’09…

– An Inside the Dodgers tour of the stadium (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten)

– Vin and Tommy’s 60th year with the organization

– The Opening of Camelback Ranch – Glendale

– The semis and finals of the World Baseball Classic

– The next “Under the Lights” event, part of DodgerLIFE, which is Jan. 17 (a chance to take BP at Dodger Stadium)

And a heck of a lot more.

I should be posting regularly now that we’re back in the new year, so check the site regularly … 



  1. trublu4ever

    Thank you so much for the new thread, Josh. I am anticipating the next ten days with high hopes that Manny will be on our team. Happy New Year to you and all of the Dodger staff and players.

  2. amyw27

    Happy 2009 Josh. This season is bound to be even more exciting than last year’s. I can’t wait!!!
    I am ready for some Dodger Baseball~

  3. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Goodby Andruw. Glad you’re leaving.
    Come on Ned, time to sign Manny and some pitchers and get ready for spring training.

  4. junkyardjamie

    HAPPY NEW YEAR JOSH!!! ….and thanks for the new thread. We hope Manny is wearing Dodger blue too.

    Mike Scioscia is going to be the Angels Manager until 2018. I am very proud of him seeing how he was my Andre back in the day when he was a Dodger.

  5. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    there’s an article on espn about how manny is too pricey for the giants.. here’s the link:


    the scariest part of the article:

    Sources tell ESPN.com that in a conversation with the Dodgers last Friday, Boras continued to talk about five-year and four-year deals worth upward of $25 million a year. That caused the Dodgers to turn their attention away from Ramirez and back to the bullpen market, where they’re pursuing a group that includes Trevor Hoffman, Juan Cruz, Dennys Reyes and Guillermo Mota.

    mota??? the same mota that was suspended for using steroids?? dennys reyes?? isn’t that guy like 50 years old?

    juan cruz is fine. but otherwise.. UGH

  6. northstateblues

    Welcome back Josh!

    Okay, my turn to get it out of my system:
    *2008 Phillies

    Where’s has the Phake Aristotle gone? I’d love to hear how it’s ethical to let a Roider play on the team through the playoffs. Of course, we’re likely just to get some preschool posturing in its place now. How sad 😥 😀

  7. northstateblues

    Sara, I might be wrong, but I think Hoffman would be a good addition. Plus, he’ll have something to prove after being fired by fax from the franchise he was the face of since Gwynn’s retirement.

    Usually, PVL’s scare me. This one, I have a good feeling about. Plus, Hells Bells. I’m not huge on AC/DC, but they know how to put on a show.

  8. selltheteam

    I’m looking forward (not) to the following star-studded pitching rotation in April – of course, this assumes that those in the hospital ward are still inpatients – Billingsley/broken leg, Kuroda/sore shoulder, Schmidt/damaged goods
    1. Kershaw
    2. McDonald
    3. Elbert
    4. Stults
    5. Vargas
    We need help. We’ll need to sign on both Garland and Wolfe to make this into anything like a reasonable rotation of Billz, Garland, Kuroda, Kershaw, Wolfe/McDonald. Without the FA signings, maybe we can teach Gary Bennett to pitch? (jk)

  9. junkyardjamie

    Yes, the asterisks are very phunny!!! I am sure there will be more phoneys that come up just for phun.

  10. junkyardjamie

    Hey Crash!! You would think they would be thinking about pitching considering all we have heard about is Manny. Well, we did sign Vargas so maybe the pitching issue is solved 🙂

  11. dodgereric

    The only bad thing about fun with asterisks is that we’re talking about the Phidiot and that’s just what he wants.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    How could you not like Huggy Bear?

    You know, they get rid of Jones (supposedly by the 15th of Jan.), they get rid of Sweeney, Nomar, Kent, Procto… someone’s got to take their place on the ITD song list.

  13. trublu4ever

    Huggy Bear was one cool dude……our Huggy will make for some fine tunes this season, if he is with us.
    Peter Gammons just said the price for Manny is too high for the Giants…………will it be too steep for us too?

  14. trublu4ever

    If Manny wants 4 years and only gets 2 or 3, will Manny be Manny or will he play like the Manny of the last two months of the past season?

  15. trublu4ever

    You are right, crash. The market for Manny seems to be just the Dodgers. Apparently all the other teams still feel like Manny did his Red Sox dirty and want nothing to do with him.

  16. selltheteam

    Tru, that was the great thing about the one-year contracts that Alston and Lasorda had. They always had lots of incentive to perform. No performance? See ya.

  17. junkyardjamie

    ..with the people dodgereric posted, we will get to 1000 songs real quick depending on what decisions are made. I can see Huggy Bear getting some good song time, good and/or bad depending on his performance.

  18. crzblue2

    Feliz An~o nuevo Josh!! Feliz an~o nuevo ITD! Wish I knew how to put a tilde there.
    2008 was a great year. I have very good memories of it starting with helping decorate the Dodger float in Dec 07 up to the event for season ticket holders. That was great!
    Cheers to an even better 2009! hard to imagine Vin and Tommy will be celebrating 60 years. Anyone here watch the MLB Tv debut with the Don Larsen’s perfect game.? The only commercial in the entire game was about Gillette! Campy came out on one of the commercials shaving and you also see Vin advertising the little baseball encyclopedia you got with the shaving kit for just a buck! What a deal! i took a picture of a very young Vin in that commercial. Shades of the poet in Vin that we love to hear come thru when he says as the game nears its end, ‘“Yankee Stadium, shivering at its concrete foundation,’’. God bless you Vin! -Emma

  19. northstateblues

    *Phun with asterisks only demeans certain *phidiots if we’re talking about him. To me, he was worth only one post, though.

    Mostly, I’m jeering the *phailure of MLB to punish a cheater *phor breaking the rules, in *phact rewarding him with the Playoff experience despite his poor judgement.

    *Phor shame, Bud. *Phor shame.

  20. trublu4ever

    Northstateblues ~ if it were the Olympics, the person would be stripped of their medal…….even if one member of a team was found to use a banned substance, the whole team would lose their medals. Look what happened to Marion Jones. So, the 2008 World Series Champs should be declared a fraud and their title revoked.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    If someone, even the Gints want to give Manny a 4-5 year contract, more power to them. We’ll take our Vargas and go home.

    But eric, it was such a nice variety before to choose from and all we’ve added is Vargas. Ned definitely needs to get to work on obtaining us some more PVL material.

  22. selltheteam

    Looking forward to Inauguration day? Some quotes we’d like to hear:
    “We have nothing to fear, but Frank himself!”
    Ask not what your Dodgers can do for you, but what you can do for your Dodgers! (pay attention Frank and Ned!)

  23. selltheteam

    Don’t forget that Ned gave us Loretta, that great 37 year old PVL who is good for four dingers each year and is bound to take playing time away from Blake DeWitt.

  24. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s good that your back, Josh and I have a feeling that things will be happening any day now.
    Tonight on MLB Network, in case anyone missed it Harold Reynolds said that whoever gets Manny will win the N.L. West.
    That is if one of these teams do get him.
    Offcourse that’s just his opinion but you never know.
    I don’t think Claudio Vargas is the answer to Lowe, we might have to do better than that.

  25. lbirken@aol.com

    Will Mr. Boras pull one of his famous “negotiating with one’s self” deals with the Dodgers in trying to get Manny a deal? I seem to recall he did this some years ago when the Dodgers thought they were in competition with another organization for Kevin Brown and ended up paying him a lot more money than necessary. Boras even got the Dodgers to agree to provide a private plane for Brown’s family even though Brown signed a huge contract and could well afford his own plane tickets. What does he do to get someone to say yes to something when the response should be, “are you serious”?

  26. northstateblues

    Tru, thank you! Of course, baseball handles things differently than the Olympics…

    Which is probably partly why the Olympics dropped baseball like a bad habit, especially with the steroids whispers, and the premier baseball league on the planet doing NOTHING about it while the highest of the high grand poobahs looked the other way.

    But rest assured, Baseball can get back into the Olympics, as the IOC is coming to watch the WBC at Dodger Stadium to evaluate. Of course, a good start would be to punish the cheaters somehow.

    But Tampa Bay would get the ring before us, seeing as they made the series. If they were to award us, they’d have to compensate Miluakee too, and with that being the high grand poobah’s favorite team, you KNOW that would just invite more ways to screw things up.

  27. northstateblues

    Lbirken, I think Borass is totally naming any team name he can think of as “interested in Manny”. Last night on Dan Patrick, he said Borass name-dropped the Rangers as an interested party. Patrick didn’t buy it.

  28. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks Crash – I forgot about sweet Loretta. OK, Loretta’s Nomar and Vargas is Procto, that still leaves replacements for Sweeney, Kent, Penny, Andruw, Berroa…

    Get to work Ned.

  29. perumike

    Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. A few notes:

    -Josh, thanks for getting the ITD tour in the works. If at all possible, can we avoid doing it on a Sunday? 🙂

    -Is anyone else as DISGUSTED with Jones as I am? I cannot believe how he feels he has any place talking about how unhappy he was making millions for doing nothing, and now he’s trying to force our hand to trade or release him? I don’t want him around, but he is in no place to make demands. What an idiot!

    -I’m glad to see the signings of Loretta, Blake and Furcal. I think our outfield will be really good this season. If we sign Manny and get another starter for the rotation, we will be in pretty good shape.

    -I wouldn’t mind seeing Hoffman around with an incentive-laden contract, especially since I think he would to close out a bunch of games for us on his old team. Also, has anyone thought about us resigning Saito on an incentive-laden contract so if he does not stay healthy, we don’t lose much, but he gets paid if he performs well?

    Well, I hope everyone is doing extremely well, and look forward to communicating regularly during this new year!

  30. dodgereric

    Boras: “So are the Rangers going after Manny?”
    Ranger spokesperson: “It’s highly unlikely.”
    Boras: “So are you saying that there’s no possible way you’re going after Manny?”
    Ranger spokesman: “Well, if he would consider a 1 year deal for $10 or 12 million, maybe we could work something out. But he’s going to have to prove to us that he’s not going to pull the same crap you had him pull in Boston before I’m giving him anywhere near the money that you’re asking.”

    Boras to media schmucks: “The Rangers are showing keen interest in Manny.”

  31. bluedoc2

    I note that you’ve put Manny in your blog as atop the available list.

    I’ve no doubt the whole organization well understands the importance to the team & town of this inspirational man.

    The money issues can be solved with a couple of option years based on performance which contain provisions which guard against falloff due to injuries.

    All of LA knows Manny will virtually pay for himself.

    What about a cartoon Sat morning baseball TV show using Mighty Casey as the paradigm?: Mighty Manny… Perhaps even interwoven as representational and solicitous of the healthy recreation baseball is for the inner city & what the Dodger logo (brand) represents Turn the heat back at Simers (who loves Manny) with ManRam’s face advocating the the baseball fields that Mrs McCourt took so much heat about a few weeks ago.

    Marvel Comics is a natural to produce the show.

    I believe the org could even risk selling naming rights to the right company-

    Perhaps Dodger Stadium could become *Marvelous* Dodger Stadium.

    Manny is very much like Magic Johnson. He is already the face of the franchise. Jerry Buss gave Magic a lifetime deal. The details escape me but it was something an additional/conditional $25m.

    The good Dentist in charge of promotions should have little trouble letting his imagination run amuck, successfully.

    Having an athlete playing for his standing among the handfull of greats “aatop of the HOF homer list while becoming a national face of a baseball cartoon sshow makes heros for kids and money for everyone.

    Direct solicitation of the latin community as a consequence of Manny being a Dodger for life will put a dent in Arte Moreno’s appeals.

    Hollywood is where eccentric genius like ManRam posesesses belongs. This town worships that.

    Manny’s presence will drive attendance past four million the first full year.

    Add a surchase of a buck or two and broadcast the cartoon via computer imagery. The whole movie industry should be a chalice from which the team, Manny and the McCourts can drink great succor.

    Give the man the respect he wants. Make him love being where the streets are lined with STARS.

    Put a thermomter of his records growing in the outfield. Let his march past 600 HRs & competition with ARod become a source pride for the latin community in particular and Dodger fans in general.

    Help Frank and Ned stop playing negotiation ego games and sign the man. If they let him go, no excuse will be acceptable.

    Frank won’t ever get to develope Chavez Ravine no matter how deeply the McCourts penetrate the movers and shakers among this cities insiders. Think Cures smart. Think Manny is crucial.

    The Dodgers have never had a star of Manny’s magnitude. Sandy Koufax was as revered but too quiet, too private.

    I was born in Hollywood, ironically enough in a Drs office at the corner of Hollywood & Vine. My first Dodger game was as an usher in the summer of `57. I know this town and how it thinks. Let manny go elsewhere and it will cost an unimaginably high price…

    There is more opportunity here, in Hollywood, than any other MLB baseball town in America for a star the size of ManRam.

    Certainly it is not necessary to eemind y’all this is a very bad time for the world economically. Manny IS HOPE personified.

    Bumping bellies with Boras and not outhinking him with creative ways to satisfy Manny’s need for commitment through the respect money implies is not sensible.

    Pitchers & catchers report in a little over a month. It takes TIME to sell season ticket packages. Enough with the belly bumping. Sign ManRam and sell some tickets in the meantime.

    LA will go for nearly anything, including a surcharge of some type …if he’s signed. Pass the opportunity and the dream train is gone-

    Robert McCallister

    Hell, email me and give me some representational authority along with help with email addresses & phone #s and I’ll spend the rest of the season soliciting every studio and independent producer in Hollywood. This town is populated by the most creative people in the world for this very kind of thing. There are answers & solutions to the money problems…


  32. trublu4ever

    Nothstateblues ~ i didn’t mean to imply that we should be awarded the W.S. I do think the Rays deserve it……..however, baseball doesn’t work that way.
    Great to see you back, Perumike!
    Bluedoc2 ~ what a great post.

  33. northstateblues

    bluedoc, that was a great post! An excellent idea, I can’t believe that through all of this, Frank and Ned don’t realize how much Manny would pay for himself.

    And judging from Bill Simmons’ article a few months ago, Manny might not even cash the checks (his Boston locker was mentioned as being stuffed with checks he hadn’t cashed yet).

    It’s a good thing Frisco seems uninterested by the latest reports.

  34. lbirken@aol.com

    Doc, entertaining post. Are you sure you are not an agent for Mr. Boras? Is Manny really the face of this organization after being a part of it for two months? If so then those who run this organization (and the fans) are victims of their own futility. Remember Gagne and all the excitement he created? He kept fans in their seats until the end of the game, the Dodgers sold all sorts of Gagne inspired merchandise and then what happened? He wanted more money and things got ugly. I turns out the Dodgers made the right decision but it was painful and when he was gone the excitment was gone. If the Dodgers do sign Manny I will be as happy as the rest of you but I caution everyone to understand the risk. It is just not reasonable to expect Manny to perform an entire season the way he did the two months he did wear a Dodger uniform. And what happens when the core of the younger players reaches arbitration and then free agency? Will the Dodgers pony up the bucks for them? Stay tuned, things could get really interesting.

  35. junkyardjamie

    Fabulous post doc!!!

    Welcome back perumike and Happy New Year!!

    According to the homepage, it looks like we have interest in Hoffman – hmmmmm!!!

    lbirken – really interesting to say the least!!!

  36. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Wow! A new thread! Thanks Josh!!! 🙂 Happy New Years to you too!!! And thx for not forgetting about our ITD tour!!!

    Nelly – I saw that article about Hoffman. I wouldn’t mind that move. It sounds like it’ll be a 1-year deal; I’m fine with that. Having him in the bullpen to teach Broxton that nasty change-up would be terrific!!!

    But I still want Jon Garland. If the Dodgers are looking at Vargas like they did Chan Ho, that’s fine. I would still like to sign a 2nd starter; Wolf or Pettitte would be okay. But if they only signed Garland and then went with the kids, that’d be okay with me too.

  37. edwcarter

    Thanks for the new thread Josh! Wish there was a way for people from Utah to get the hook up on the ITD tour of beloved Dodger Stadium!

  38. phan52

    I can see that you are having some * phun at our expense.
    Bear in mind who was the architect of this situation….Bud Selig and MLB.

    They tried to make an example of him on the national stage as an example of their anti-drug policy and failed, because all he took was some over-the-counter supplement, which was allowed at the time. If it was as serious as all that, he would never have been allowed to continue in the postseason. The MLBPA let this guy down and he is a fall guy because of MLB’s failed policies over the years when they let superstars stick needles in their butts.

    *I’ll get back to you when the World Series trophy road trip gets to my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll post some pics! *

  39. enchantedbeaver

    I would like to think its the Martins, Loneys, Kemps and Ethiers that are the face of the organization now. To me Manny is what he is – a very talented mercinary that’ll ultimately go to the highest bidder and proclaim how happy he is upon his arrival, and that he’s always wanted to play for such an organization be it the Dodgers or the Royals. Manny to the Dodgers is like Reggie Jackson to the Yankees – he’s the straw that stirs the drink. And if he comes back Frank will merchandise he hell out of him because deep down inside, that’s all Frank’s about too – his next pair of $46 mil homes. Baseball – what’s that?

  40. cpompe1

    100% agreement Enchanted!!! The kids that aren’t kids anymore are the face of the franchise now!!! I know it wasn’t intentional, but don’t forget Billz, Brox, and Kersh!!!

  41. cpompe1

    Hey edwcarter!!! I wish there was some way that our out-of-CA ITDers can make their way to Dodger Stadium for a tour!!!

  42. kpookiemon

    Sign Manny so Ned can finally trade Pierre. Still, the Dodgers biggest problem will be identifying a certifiably GRUMPY player to take Kent’s place in the PVL heirarchy. Trade or free agency, this one will be tough…

  43. cpompe1

    Hey kpookiemon!!! Do we REALLY need to have a certifiably GRUMPY player to take Kent’s place??? But if JP is still on our roster at the start of the season, will he do as our resident, certified GRUMPY player??? 🙂

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Sounds like a lot of rationalization going on there phan. I don’t think Selig sat on Romero and made him take those “suppliments”. But be proud, it obviously doesn’t matter to Phillies fans how they got their prize, just as long as they got it, just as sure as one can see integrity and fair play doesn’t matter when the shoes on the other foot.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    JP’s a good nominee for grumpy CP, but you need some surliness to go along with it. I’m afraid in that capacity that true to form, JPs just one dimensional 🙂

  46. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

    Hey CP!! I don’t think Hoffman is such a bad idea either if it’s only for a year. More than that and you are just holding Brox up. I can handle a year of Hells Bells. It was pretty cool to see him walk in at Petco……..much different than Sammy Time.

    enchanted – I would like to see this core stay and be the franchise name. Even with all this Manny talk, when I think of today’s Dodgers, I am still thinking Martin, Loney,Kemp,Ethier,Billz,Brox, Kersh, and DeWitt. Manny is just an extra right now, which is a big extra that I understand we need. I would have to assume that Frank and Co are deciding how long we need that extra.

  47. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening edwcarter and kahli!!!! I think JP will make the perfect grumpy player if Manny is signed and he is still a Dodger. He seemed a little grumpy as it was last year sulking in his corner of the dugout.

  48. kpookiemon

    phan, Phurcal only phucked the Braves…Cesar Romero phucked all of baseball. Naughty, naughty boy.

    Romero tested “positive for a banned substance contained in a supplement developed by convicted BALCO chemist Patrick Arnold… Romero, who earned two wins in Philadelphia’s World Series victory over Tampa Bay last season, used 6-OXO, developed by Ergopharm, which is led by Arnold. The company’s Web site touts it as ‘the new gold standard for testosterone elevation.’”

    Little Cesar’s take: “I still cannot see where I did something wrong. There is nothing that should take away from the rings of my teammates. I didn’t cheat. I tried to follow the rules.”

    Look, phan, until we sign Manny we’re all going to be bitter. But your boy comes off REAL DUMB…………………..and UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL. UNETHICAL.

  49. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl! How are ya!

    I hear an awful lot of excuses, excuses coming from Philly now! I wonder why??? Maybe they need to be taught a lesson on ethics, ya think???

  50. phan52

    Sorry enchanted, but I would feel the same way if it was Billy Wagner, who I hate. Romero is a fall guy for Bud Selig and MLB, who apparently still have residual guilt over things like the McGwire/Sosa clownshow, Barry Bonds, and, yes, even Lenny Dykstra all the way back to ’93. This is child’s play in comparison. He took an over-the-counter supplement. Steroids without a prescription are illegal and are not available over-the-counter. If there was anything to it, they would never have allowed him to continue in the playoffs after losing an appeal. I have no problem touting the 2008 World Series Champion Phillies. Have fun with your angst, because I have none.

  51. kpookiemon

    Or as Tim Brown of Yahoo sports said so succinctly, “Romero went looking for an edge. He went over it. See you in June.”

  52. kpookiemon

    Back to really IMPORTANT matters. JP is certainly a candidate for PVL grump, but he doesn’t come with nearly the credentials of a futue Hall-of-Famer like Kent. We really missed the grump boat when The Big Grump signed with the Gnats.

  53. cpompe1

    Nelly – Isn’t it kinda hard to maintain a conversation above all of the excuses being thrown around here (pun intended)??? 🙂

  54. cpompe1

    Well said kpookiemon!!! You’re right, JP doesn’t come with nearly the credentials of a future Hall-of-Famer like Kent. Yeah, the old man with the gnats would have filled the bill very nicely!!! Oh well, pls forgive me kpookiemon, but I’m not going to cry any salt tears because we didn’t sign that old man. 🙂

  55. enchantedbeaver

    I would expect that of a phan who tries to separate the forrest from the trees. The fact of the matter is, he cheated period. No amount of rationalization can change that fact. But be proud as you like to say, maybe someday they’ll win a title legitimately.

  56. junkyardjamie

    So, if we do manage to find a new home for JP,we might actually be grumpfree,yes? …..or do we not really know our young core so well. Maybe there is a future grump amongst them.

  57. kpookiemon

    “The phan doth protest too much, methinks.”

    Really phan, I’m half kidding about Romero. I couldn’t care less about that cheating geek or the Phightin’ Phils altogether. But you certainly seem a bit tweaked by it all. Lighten up. This is the home base of Eric Gagne and Paul LoDuca, for crying out loud.

  58. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly, let’s try and talk about something else. I mean, the Dodgers know that, if pressed, they can show some creativity to rid themselves of someone that doesn’t want to be here (Princess Druw, anyone???) If we can do that, surely we can oblige JP’s request to find a new home, can’t we???

  59. kpookiemon

    Now let’s REALLY get back to important matters…finding a grump PVL. enchanted, you got work to do. Get on the phones. Check the waiver wire. Hell, Manny might be the Dodgers’ future Hall-of-Fame GRUMP if Frank doesn’t pony up a few more dollars so both Man Ram and Scotty can live happily ever after…for three years or so…

  60. cpompe1

    For me, the jury is still out on Vargas/Huggy Bear. I don’t know enough of the guy to form an opinion one way or the other. His W/L record is nothing to write home about, but we’ll see in ST. It looks like the Dodgers are looking at him like another Chan Ho. If he can fill that role nicely, then fine. But what I find weird is that as recently as 2006, he pitched for the snakes. And for the life of me, I can’t remember him pitching for the snakes. Oh well, like I said, I’ll reserve judgment until ST.

    So Nelly, how many days until pitchers and catchers report to ST??? Ooh, I’m so excited!!! Hmmmm, sounds like a song to me, doesn’t it???

  61. junkyardjamie

    I did do a lesson today on Jackie Robinson, twice. One with my reading group. I have all advanced readers in my reading class (1st graders who can actually read chapter books) so we are working on biographies so I started with Jackie Robinson. Then in social studies with my own class, we are studying MLK for the next two weeks so I am doing a comparison study using MLK and Jackie Robinson. Not a bad way to get baseball, Dodgers and some good reading in at the same time. …and I didn’t need a baseball field to do it either. I was telling nsblues that I spent the first 10 minutes explaining to them that the “B” stood for Brooklyn and not Boston. So, we actually ended up talkinga about the Dodgers and the gnats moving out to California.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    If Maddux was still around, or if Honeycutt was a real pitching coach, I’d like to think that Vargas had a decent chance of lowering his ERA and really contributing. All I can envision right now is a mop-up reliver who’ll pour gasoline on a fire ala Proctor.

  63. cpompe1

    Enchanted, you may be right about that.

    Boy Nelly, where were teachers like you when I was in the first grade??? I know, I know. You were but a twinkle in tru’s belly!!! You youngster you!!! 🙂

  64. junkyardjamie

    Well, dad/Ward Dear is probably at scouts seeing how he is probably back on a normal schedule after his vacation. Wally ~ I have no idea 😦 ……but he is very much missed. I am thinking just business and perhaps weather issues seeing how he does live in Ohio.

  65. og109@hotmail.com

    I think we need to sign two starting pitchers. One for the top of the rotation and one for the bottom. You can never enough have enough pitching depth.

    For the top spot, we can either sign Andy Pettitte to a one-year deal or Ben Sheets to a two-year deal. I know some mention Oliver Perez, but I jusy have never been a fan and as a young lefty with Boras for his agent, he will get a bloated contract.

    So now we have:

    SP #1 Chad Billingsley
    SP #2 Andy Pettitte/Ben Sheets
    SP #3 Hiroki Kuroda

    For the bottom spot, we should have made a run at Randy Johnson, but there are other options; Randy Wolf, Branden Looper, Odalis Perez, Paul Byrd, Pedro Martinez, remember this is for the 4/5 spot, we won’t be demanding a lot, finish six innings and keep us in the game.

    Now we have:

    SP #4 –Looper?
    SP #5 Jason Schmidt/Eric Stults

    I know what you’re thinking, there is no Clayton Kershaw or James McDonald in the starting rotation. The fact is Kershaw has great stuff, but he is still very young and was inconsistent with the Dodgers, I still love his talent and potential but I would prefer he start the season at triple-A, if he is to have some growing pains, I would rather he have them away from Honeycutt’s influence. I would like to have a veteran starting rotation, and if/when (Schmidt…WHEN) they falter, have the young guns come to the rescue, then have Clayton and/or McDonald struggle and have no one behind them.

    When it comes to McDonald, I would like him to follow Billingsley’s path and begin in the bullpen for long-relief and move into the starting rotation when needed. I think we should sign Trevor Hoffman, he could be a security blanket for Broxton and Kuo, and their roles can be interchangeable depending on Broxton’s performance as our closer.

    Chad Billingsley
    Andy Pettitte/Ben Sheets
    Hiroki Kuroda
    Jason Schmidt

    Trevor Hoffman
    Jonathan Broxton
    Hong Chih Kuo
    Cory Wade
    Scott Elbert
    James McDonald

    Eric Stults
    Clayton Kershaw
    Ramon Troncoso

    ALSO, I think we should trade for Rob Johnson, a catcher in the Seattle Mariners organization, absolutely ideal for backup catcher.


  66. og109@hotmail.com

    Oops, I forgot about Claudio Vargas, throw him in there too. How could I possibly forget about Claudio FREAKIN Vargas, shame on me.

  67. enchantedbeaver

    At this point in time with what Ned [hasn’t] done with the pitching staff, Randy Johnson should would look a whole lot better in the fold than Claudio Vargas. This is what the three stooges do though – Ned wants to shore up the infield, Torre wants pitching, Bowa wanted DeWitt to play third, and Frank wants to buy property in Malibu. No ones ever on the same page.

  68. cpompe1

    So og, this may be a stupid question, but in your list of possible FA pitching signings, where do you put Jon Garland? Do you put him anywhere?

  69. trublu4ever

    Good evening ~ you have all been fantastic tonight! I also think getting Hoffman wouldn’t be too bad, even though some say he’s lost a lot of his stuff………..maybe he just needs a new home to bring it back. I’m still trying to think of an all out grump to take Kent’s place. There have got to be several of them out there.

  70. junkyardjamie

    CP – I am not that young, really. I broke the 40 barrier (the other way) by a couple years now. I just am trying to find ways to keep me interesting in teaching. If I am interested, then they obviously will know that. It makes me having to give them tests all these tests that are required by our district a little more bearable when they know some fun stuff is there also. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” has become their favorite song. They want to sing it everyday and then some. So, if nothing else, they have learned the song and that Andre is #16, Russell is #55 and James is #7 and Jackie Robinson is #42 and that his number is retired. jk – Math is my strongest subject really so we may not be able to read and write, but my class rocks when it comes to math, science and social studies (which baseball involves all three)

  71. cpompe1

    Hey Tru!!! How are you???

    As far as an all out grump to take Kent’s place, I think we did miss the boat on that when the old man signed with the gnats. Can’t really think of anyone else. But I’m starting to get tired. My husband asked me if I wanted to go to Chumash with his friend, but I’m starting to get tired and said no. My cold is slowly getting better, but it’s not perfect yet…

  72. junkyardjamie

    I am thinking Kahli may have a point with Manny being Mr.Grump if he gets signed with a “less than” contract. It may not happen that first year, but we could see some major grumpness in the future.

  73. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Og – there’s been some real concern lately about Ben Sheet’s arm, otherwise I’m with you on that. Pettitte turned down $10 mil from the Yanks, so no way Frank would go higher IMO. Odalis NO under any circumstances. Same with Looper. I’m with you on Wolf, perhaps even Garland to eat up some innings. Martinez is a little intriguing, but how’s his health? I was of the opinion last year that Kershaw should’ve spent his season at AAA, but after seeing him progress late in the year have become convinced that he’ll learn more and develop faster by starting in the bigs. Schmidt I doubt throws more than 6 innings total for the year – I just don’t see him coming back at all.

    Honestly, I’m surprised guys like Sheets, Wolf and Garland are even still available.

  74. trublu4ever

    Good to see you too, cp! I’m glad you are feeling better. I’d give anything to see some sunshine……these gloomy days are beginning to get to me.

  75. trublu4ever

    I doubt if he’d be a Dodger again, but Lowe is still shopping around. The Mets’ 3-year offer wasn’t good enough.

  76. cpompe1

    Nelly – Sounds great!!! And as far as “not (being) that young” you’re younger than me! I’m closer to 50.

    But I think what you’re doing in the classroom is just wonderful!!! Oh, to go to school and actually WANT to be there, talking about my favorite subject!!! Well, at 6 years old, I don’t know if I would know that baseball is my favorite subject, but if I didn’t, I would soon find out that it is!!! I love it that your kids want to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

    Math was always my strongest subject, but I wonder, how do you weave first grade science with baseball???

  77. og109@hotmail.com

    cpompe1, I put Garland on the same list as Oliver Perez, he won’t settle for a one or two year deal, and he is on his way to being an ex-major league pitcher. He just doesn’t miss enough bats, and soon, his outings are going to look like a slow-pitch softball game.

  78. northstateblues

    On Yahoo Sports, Tim Brown has an article of the teams where Manny will or won’t fit. New news is no news again…


    Los Angeles Dodgers: The only offer we really know about is from McCourt, a two-year, $45 million bid extended in early November that is technically off the table but could still be had. Conversations between Boras and GM Ned Colletti are becoming more routine, if not necessarily more productive. You could argue the club’s greater need is for a starting pitcher and at least two relievers, but Dodgers fans fell in love with Ramirez, and the signings of infielders Rafael Furcal and Casey Blake haven’t made them forget their dreadlocked savior. The Dodgers are still the favorites, but it doesn’t sound like they’re willing to come up much from their original offer, which included a third-year option. Meantime, they’re batting around the likes of Dunn and Abreu and, of course, are trying to dump Andruw Jones. Boras and Jones did have to agree to defer much of Jones’ 2009 salary, which would help free up cash for Ramirez. But, lest it appear they did the Dodgers some great favor (in return for a Ramirez contract), it was Jones who requested a trade, and therefore Jones who had to make the concessions.

  79. cpompe1

    Thx Tru! The recovery is slow in coming, but it’s getting there. And it my opinion that Lowe NEVER wants to be a Dodger again. I can’t say that I blame him. He’s a good pitcher that was a victim of the Dodgers’ inability to score runs for him. That was the case for his entire contract. To me, I’m interested to see where he goes, because I have always thought that (1) he wanted to play on the East Coast and (2) he wanted to play for an AL team. I hope no one on ITD thinks this is blasphemy, but I think that of the NL teams that are “reported” to be interested in his services, I can see him possibly signing with the Phils.

  80. junkyardjamie

    Well, first grade major science topics are “matter”, “weather”, “landforms” and “living things” We alternate months were we do science and social studies because of the amount of time spent in reading and math now, it’s the only way we can get both in. I do baseball geography everyday so that technically can work into all of them, but landforms mostly. With every ballpark I do, I also talk about the city the ballpark is in. So, this week I am doing Kansas City, which is the one unique city because it involves two states. However, I have pictures of all the cities so we talk about where the city is in terms of landforms (mountains, desert, valley, etc),and all the famous things that may be in that city, including other sports teams. They will forever know that Phoenix, Arizona is in the desert and it is where Andre lives. Not to mention their ballpark has a pool in it. However, they are liking Kansas City’s with the waterfalls and the fountains.

  81. kpookiemon

    Scott Rolen is a grump, but we already signed the mild-mannered Casey Blake. Sign Manny and Trevor and then STOP signing PVLs. Trade Pierre for a REAL lefty off the bench…one that’ll actually worry a pitcher.

    A classic take from November 2006 ESPN.com: “The early contender for the worst contract of the offseason has to be the five-year deal just handed to Juan Pierre by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are working as diligently as possible to undo all the good work done to their farm system over the last five years.

    Pierre is a slap-hitting speedster who has drawn 50 walks in a season just once in his career (2003), and whose above-average range in center is mitigated somewhat by his below-average throwing arm. His primary asset, his ability to run, is generally the first skill to decline as a player ages, and since Pierre turns 30 in August, he’s headed quickly towards the edge of the cliff. On a good team, he’s a bench player — even at his current level of ability; if he can’t run, he’s a 4A player. The fact that the Dodgers just committed five years and what will probably be way too much money to a player whose ideal role is ‘defensive replacement/pinch runner’ is mind-boggling. It’s almost certain that Pierre will bat first or second in the Dodgers’ lineup (you don’t bat a $9 million player eighth, even if that’s where he belongs) and those 500-odd outs he makes every year will go a long way towards holding the Dodgers’ offense down.”

    Ned, how come a columnist had the foresight to see the train wreck you couldn’t see?

  82. cpompe1

    That’s a good one Tru!!! If I had to guess out of the two names you proposed, I would say Dunn would be the most likely to be a GRUMP. I mean, it’s gotta be frustrating as heck to swing and miss as many times as he does!!! 🙂

  83. enchantedbeaver

    Nells – how do you discuss Joe Torre with them – I don’t think he fits in any of those catagories.

  84. cpompe1

    Ah, I see now Nelly. KC’s waterfalls are nice to look at though!!! But you’ve gotta tell me how you’re going to handle explaining the “two” LAs and how one of them isn’t even in the county!!! Hope the kids don’t get too confused!!!

    And you’re right kpookiemon! How come a columnist see about JP what Ned should have seen but didn’t?

  85. northstateblues

    42 degrees here, Nelly, with a slow breeze blowing through.

    Happy the Giants are taking themselves outta Borass’s fantasy bidding war.

  86. cpompe1

    Yeah Tru, Pierre and Dunn can be bookends!!!

    Oh, I just figured it out Tru!!! Don’t we already have our resident GRUMP on staff??? How ’bout Joe??? I mean, he never smiles in the dugout, does he??? Just standing there, leaning on a rail…

  87. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! enchanted – I got a Dodger calendar from a teacher I work with and one of the months is Joe. So, they do know he exists, and that is about it at this point. However, the calendar also has JP, Andruw, Penny and Sammy – three of which are gone and one wishes he was. So, I am assuming for those months I can cover the picture. I can’t bear to look at them for a whole month. She made the comment on how it matches all of my Dodger stuff in the classroom. James is January, but what do I do after that?

  88. junkyardjamie

    CP – I will let you know next week…..Angels and Dodgers are back to back because of how they are alphabetically now, with the Angels now being the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

  89. cpompe1

    Nelly, I saw that calendar in the stores before Christmas. I was saying the same thing. A lot of the guys aren’t here anymore. Well, at the time, I didn’t KNOW that Princess Druw was on his way out, but oh well.

    And as far as the covering the pics of those that aren’t here anymore, who says that you can’t look at the same player more than once in a year??? I mean, how many #16 pictures can you print!!! 🙂

  90. kpookiemon

    Now wait a minute…if we’re talking coaching staff, we need not look any farther than Bowa for GRUMP honors. The guy’s a superstar sourpuss.

  91. junkyardjamie

    CP – James is the only picture I like in the whole calendar. He may have to stay up all year. Andre isn’t until September and they have him catching a fly ball…..big deal. We want to see the swing if anything, or at least show his face. Whoever did the calendar did not do our young guns justice.

  92. cpompe1

    Now I wouldn’t classify Donny as a grump. But come to think of it, does Honeycutt ever smile in the dugout?

  93. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly. Well, you can go to “Dining with ‘Dre” and copy that picture of him up top onto your desktop! I did that! Just right-click over the picture, click on “Save Image As” and then save it where you want. That’s a nice, smiley face to look at over and over again!!!

  94. junkyardjamie

    CP – I don’t see there being too much problem with the Angels and the Dodgers…..a few do like the Angels and many like the Dodgers already. I see my biggest obstacle getting through a week with the black and orange team and I’m not talking about the Orioles.

  95. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly, I can see you having problems there. I mean, as a teacher, you can’t verbalize your TRUE feelings about that team, huh? I mean, not to impressionable six-year-olds.

  96. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I wouldn’t doubt it for a second 🙂

    CP – Andre has been a screensaver many times already and he is very well represented in the classroom.

  97. cpompe1

    Good for you Nelly! I know Andre is very well represented in your classroom. I mean, someday, you’ve gotta take a picture of your classroom and e-mail it to me!!! I’d love to see it!!!

    Getting back to your calendar though, if Andre is very well represented in your classroom, then how ’bout pics of some of our other young guns??? Russ, Matty??? Or you could do what they do at Dodger Stadium: Just have pictures of the eyes!!! Ooh, now between Russ and Matty, those are some pretty, pretty eyes!!!

  98. junkyardjamie

    Oh, I have a team picture up, plus I have their team binder, which has action shots of all of them and their baseball cards, which includes all the players, even the pvls Then there is all the history stuff that dodgereric has sent. There is a binder just for that. As for the calendar, I will just tear off the top part and keep James as the picture until the next young gun comes along. Also, most of the pictures of Andre have another player in them…..either Matt, Russell, or Manny for the most part.

  99. cpompe1

    That has got to be the coolest classroom!!! I’m quite sure at least some of your kids tell you that!!! 🙂

  100. junkyardjamie

    It’s funny, our PE classes are all mixed up with all the first graders and when I have to do PE inside for rainy/wet days…..the other classes always say…..”You must really like baseball” My reading class is over half boys so it’s an easy group to talk sports with. They like football, basketball and NASCAR as well so we have a fun 50 minutes every day. My actually class has more girls, so I think that is why it is soooo Andre driven. However, many of their parents say they are Dodger fans now because of it.

  101. junkyardjamie

    I knew enchanted would like that one 🙂 Good Night enchanted……you did good tonight keeping ITD in top form. Take care and see you tomorrow.

  102. cpompe1

    Yeah, now maybe some of our late night ITDers will have something to say!!!

    Speaking of which, though, I really need to go. Since I’m husband-less and child-less tonight (my son went to a friend’s house), I’m going to go and veg and relax before I go to bed. It was great talking to you tonight Nelly!!! Goodnight!!! 🙂

  103. junkyardjamie

    Goodnight CP!!!!! Thanks for the chat……my kids just got home from a HS basketball game so it’s been quiet around here until just now.

  104. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Dodger4life!!!!!!! It is great to see you here!!! Happy New Year!!!! I am assuming your holiday was nice and white.

    only 39 days until spring training – yeah!!!!

  105. Dodger4life

    My holiday’s were wonderful thank-you. Yes it has been white and still cold… I hope all of the Dodgerfaithful had a terrific holiday season 🙂
    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. junkyardjamie

    I am glad you had a good holiday. Mine was pretty good too. The vacation part went way too fast, but that’s the usual for anybody.

  107. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear!!

    My husband thinks non of it is true, and my son heard they want to offer Manny four years.

  108. dodgereric

    For the most part, we should ignore things around Boras.
    Unfortunately, he has most of the best players.
    Chargers had quite the game last weekend, didn’t they?
    Kershaw just might surprise a few people this year.
    You do have the best classroom of all time, Junie.
    Only a pathetic idiot continues to brag in order to irritate.
    Unusually cold winter so far, isn’t it?
    Personally, I think it’s the right move wait on Manny.
    Hopefully Pierre will go away soon.
    An ITD tour would surely be a great experience!
    Not to forget treating joepierre to a plane ticket!

  109. junkyardjamie

    I knew you were up to something creative…….very nice Ward Dear…….absolutely perfect!!!!!!

    Yes, we should ignore
    Yes, he does have the best players, and Tex looks awful in pinstripes IMO. The Chargers did an awesome job. Kershaw is going to have a great year. Thank you very much!!! Yes, those people tend to do that. It is very cold and wet, but when I went to San Jose and Gilroy last week, the San Luis Reservoir going over the Pacheco is so very low. So, I shouldn’t be complaining about the rain so much. If nobody else wants Manny then it seems like the right move to sit and wait. I am hoping to see JP in a new home. The ITD tour sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  110. dodgereric

    Yep. A scoutmaster meeting last night, troop meeting tonight. Matt had practice yesterday, weightlifting today, a game Thursday and another practice Saturday. Other than that…..

  111. junkyardjamie

    ……sounds like it’s all back to normal. Same here….baseball practice, volleyball practice and a Sunday volleyball tournament, which has been moved from Rocklin (up by nsblues) to Watsonville (by Santa Cruz). At least there should be sunshine there. San Jose and Gilroy were beautiful when we were there last week. We had some sun today, which was a change from the cloudy, gloomy days.

  112. dodgereric

    It’s been clear for the most part here, but cold. At least for socal. Beautiful panaramic views around here with snow still on the peaks.

  113. dodgereric

    Chris likes to say that I’ll miss all this activity when it’s gone. I know she’s right, but, except for the bad things that happened, it was nice to not be running all over the place for a couple weeks.

  114. junkyardjamie

    See, that is what we should have because the mountains from here are beautiful when you can see them. One of our teachers lives up in Mariposa and she goes from sunshine in the mountains to fog and clouds in the valley every morning this time of year.

  115. junkyardjamie

    Our kids still had practice over the holidays…The only difference was me not having to be at work for the other 8 hours in that day. It’s the going to work and then doing all the running around that is hard at times.

  116. dodgereric

    We get our share of fog here from time to time, but nothing like you do. I do remember one freaky morning when I was doing my commute and I never left the fog. Seventy-six miles and I never went faster than 35mph. Boy, was I late for work that day!

  117. junkyardjamie

    So, you drive 75 miles there and back everyday – wow!! I thought you had mentioned that before. My goodness because you get to work pretty early as it is.

  118. dodgereric

    Yeah, the last two days were like that for me. Eight hours of work followed by two hours of computer work to get ready for scouts followed by 30 minutes at home followed by a nearly three hour meeting followed by another two hours with the computer after the meeting.

  119. dodgereric

    Hey, I was just going to ask where you went D4! How you doin’?

    I did that commute for 6 years, Nelly. But that ended in late ’99. Since then it’s 7 miles. I’m very fortunate.

  120. junkyardjamie

    My sister-in-law is looking into a job in Irvine, but right now they live in LaQuinta. My brother is a freelance graphic artist so he can work anywhere so they are trying to figure out if she were to get this job what they would do as a family. They live in LaQuinta now, and her family lives in Oceanside. She doesn’t think they can afford a house in Irvine so she’s looking into commuting from somewhere in so-cal.

  121. Dodger4life

    I am doing well, I cant complain.
    Computer problems threw me an unexpected curveball, but that is all worked out.

  122. dodgereric

    I’ve had my share of that too, D4. For some reason it stopped reading all the outside devices. Photo cards, memory sticks, CDs, external backups, you name it. I could save data to anything but not read them. Weird. I had to take it “back to the box” condition. Frustrating.

  123. junkyardjamie

    They know your area pretty well dodgereric……they got married in Fallbrook, and for now she is just researching a just in case scenario. They want out of the desert, but the school their kids are in is very good, and they are young still (7 and 9) so that’s important to them.

  124. dodgereric

    The kids are the reason we’re here.

    I hate to say it, but if I stay up any longer I’ll start raiding the fridge.

    Good night Junie and D4! God Bless both of you!

  125. junkyardjamie

    Good Night Ward Dear………..take care and God Bless to you and your family as well. They are very aware of the school districts down there. So, we shall see what happens.

  126. sammieramirez99

    Hey ITD! Just heard the news on Hoffman!! This will be a great signing!!! He is a proven winner and is a excellent replacement for saito! Broxton no doubt is the closer for the future but, im still not sold on him yet…maybe one more year. With Hoffmans leadership this should be a great learning experience for the whole pitching staff! Ive been reading some posts on Hoffman and some say that this is a bad singing?!?! and why? because they are primarily looking at his 3.77 era! please dont be fooled by that…era is pretty deceptive espically for a closer! look a little more deeper and think about the team hes playing on! hoffman played on one of the worst teams in the majors! he only pitched 45 innings! look at his gamelog and his era was affected by 2 big meltdowns! how many meltdowns did broxton have? yeah nough said that is why this will be a great signing! what you really need to look at is his 30/34 saves!

    sign manny
    sign hoffman

    the dodgers are set after that!!!

    sign a decent sp is a bonus but the rotation will be fine as it is if we sign m and h!

  127. Dodger4life

    Good-Night and God Bless Dodgerfaithful.
    38 day’s till spring training ( Yee- Haw)
    RINGS FOR EVERYONE I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday 🙂
    GO DODGER’S ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ~ so, the Dodgers may be backing away from Manny. Makes you wonder what astronomical deal Boras wants for him.

  129. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Tru!

    I think we’re going to have to face the probability that if Manny has to “settle” for under $25 mil/year what you’ll get is bad Manny. Boras has set him up so that anything under the 25 and he’ll feel he’s getting short changed. Let him go to New York now and we’ll move on with Abreu or Dunn.
    I’m OK if they get Hoffman, I’m OK if they don’t. I’d much rather see them pick up a couple of REAL starters (not never weres like Vargas) and give us a rotation that can keep us in the game.

  130. 636566cy

    Seriously, Camelback Ranch, WBC, Under the Lights? Camelback Ranch represents everything that is wrong with the McCourts (higher prices yet again). The WBC is a bunch of exhibition games that the McCourts are making you pay top dollar to see. They wouldn’t be hosting it if they couldn’t rake in the money. Under the Lights is a great idea, but the price, yikes!

    Tommy and Vin in the organization for 60 years in awesome. I’m sure the McCourts will be front and center in every photo op possible because they know that they won’t get booed when they stand next to Vin or Tommy.

    I hope a “heck of a lot more” includes Frank and Jaime sitting answering some questions in a fan forum where anyone can attend, not just people willing to shell out big bucks. That would be something that I think many people would be interested in attending because then real questions and concerns about the direction of the team could be asked by “the greatest fans in baseball”.

  131. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, the McCourts also like puppies and kittens and when they speak, the sun always shines. They’re warm soft fuzzies dressed in designer clothing. They’re superman and wonder woman endowed with powers far beyond those of the unwashed masses. They’re happiness and flowers to the people of L.A. They’re ball fields to little kids who otherwise would have to go down 3-4 blocks to their local school to play…


  132. trublu4ever

    I don’t want the bad Manny either. I don’t think any team will give him what Boras wants. so, maybe Manny will spend next season watching his beloved cartoons. I also think we need more pitching.

  133. enchantedbeaver

    I’m not sure Manny will be able to survive on the $160 mill he just made over the last 8 years. Borass is a cancer to baseball. Manny made top dollar when Manny was IN HIS PRIME. I’m not saying the guy can’t still rake, but for $25 mil for the next 4-5 years, c’mon that’s rediculous. Boras can point to Bonds all he wants – Bonds was on roids and everyone knew it.

  134. thinkingblue

    I have keeping up with my Dodger reading so I sort of know what’s going on in Dodger News. Work has been keeping me super busy (which I am very thankful) but I have not had time to visit my friends here at ITD. Well Christmas, New Years, Shopping, Work, Kids and their shows, calendars and many more items contributed to my absence here. I miss you all. I miss my mid day laughter’s at ITD. My boss is out of the office this morning and I don’t have a pressured deadline so I can breathe and relax and enjoy some ITD chatting.
    So it seems that Jones my leave us….booohooohooo sniff sniffffff….I didn’t think that would ever happen….sniff sniffff……YEEEEAHHHHH!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! Wait wait let me not get super excited until it is a done deal.
    Well I hope everyone will have a wonderful day and I AM BACK!

  135. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    Just doing a quick check in to see how everyone is doing, and it looks like we are doing fabulous!!!!

  136. thinkingblue

    AAAhhhh Enchanted can’t wait for your 2009 Dodger songs!
    Dnel how are the lil Kempers & Mini Ethieraholics doing? I sure did miss reading your stories. I’m sure with the Holidays you had soooo many, kids are just toooo adorable.

  137. trublu4ever

    Good morning Rose. Glad you are back. Oops, Enchanted already said that……….but I am glad you are here, too.
    Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time we get things done.

  138. thinkingblue

    TRU – Yup I can’t wait til SPRING TRAINING…we’ve been checking out DodgerTown (Camelback Ranch) and we are really thinking of going around my birthday. It would be great.

  139. messagebear@msn.com

    I personally am getting fed up with the “waiting for Manny” strategy. First, I don’t think anybody can expect him to perform at the level he did for a couple of months last year over the course of next two, much less three or four years. The guy may be a great hitter, but he has no character at all, and somewhere over the next couple of years he will prove to be a disaster for whatever team is “lucky” to get him. At this point I’m thinking that we need to get serious with Abreu on a two year with a third year option contract. We need somebody in order to prevent Pierre starting in default of better options.

    We certainly need another starting pitcher, and Vargas is not a sufficient standard-bearer for that role. I still would like to get Cruz for the bullpen, as I’ve maintained all along, and then we might be fixed in relief, because I think that Cruz could develop into a closer if need be.

    Looking at Frank’s reluctance to pay out any real money for FA’s, I would rather make sure that he keeps enough money on hand to give some decent contracts to the young mainstay of the team like Ethier and Martin to start with. As far as I’m concerned, that’s where the extra money saved from Andruw should go instead of trying to pad Boras and Manny beyond the two year deal previously extended.

  140. trublu4ever

    Messagebear ~ I really wanted us to sign Manny, but, like you say, I’m getting tired of waiting for him, too. Abreu is a good hitter, doesn’t strike out a lot, and would be an asset to the team. From what I’ve read, we are interested in Cruz. In fact, I think we made him an offer. We also offered Hoffman a 1 year deal with option for another. So, maybe, in a few days we will see in what direction we are headed.

  141. amyw27

    tru/message…just think, soon enough we will know and then it will be July and we will forget how we waited so long in January. If we sign him it will all be happy…yay~

  142. thinkingblue

    AMY – How are you doing? Yes it’s me I’m back and hopefully for good. Work had us working hard. I was working close to 12 hour days, 5 days a week, and I work with computers so I was hating computers for awhile. My wrist was hurting. Then after work I had do some christmas stuff and the children. So I had no free time for me. But we got the work load off. Monday was our deadline so now I can breath. It feels good. Back to my regular hours and having my Thrusdays off. It is great. Everynow and then I would check here, but I never had a chance to actually log in. I had so many comments but my boss was just on everyones butt (how are we doing? how are we doing?)…..sshshssss So this morning as soon as my boss took off for a meeting, I logged in…..yeah! And now it will take awhile to unglue me from here….haahaaa!

  143. thinkingblue

    To me Manny is becoming a little Diva, a little greedy Diva…so much Drama with his signing…yeah I know it is his future he is signing for. But come on! I know I know; have patience; someday he will sign. MLB is probably having him wait, just to add more excitment to baseball. Well hopefully the Greedy Diva sings with us….I still love the guy. And love what he did to the team….

  144. enchantedbeaver

    Hells Bells pretty much sums up Ned’s efforts to fill out the pitching staff – Reyes? Mota? MOTA THE ROIDER? Not persuing starters?

    Egads Ned.

  145. enchantedbeaver

    I found this interesting and yet another reason Frank won’t sign upside ballplayers:
    The Dodgers will meet or beat their season-ticket sales from last year even if they do not sign Ramirez, chief operating officer Dennis Mannion said.

    The club projects to sell about 24,000 season tickets, same as last year, he said. The sales pace is ahead of last year, he said, citing the Dodgers’ first trip to the NL Championship Series in 20 years and the price freeze on season tickets.

    Renewal payments are due Friday, and Mannion said he does not expect the uncertainty over Ramirez to impact most of the roughly 10 percent of accounts still outstanding.

    “We’ve had plenty of `Hope you sign Manny’ but not `You won’t see a penny from me if you don’t,’ ” Mannion said.

    Still, he said, the Dodgers probably could sell another 2,000 season seats if they do sign Ramirez. At the average ticket price of $29.66, according to Team Marketing Report, plus the roughly $17 that each fan spends on food, drink and parking, those additional 2,000 seats would translate into about $7.5 million in gross revenue.

  146. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    that’s sums up exactly what i’ve felt. this is LA and people will go to dodger games regardless.. they will never actually feel the pressure of losing revenue.. because there are way too many casual fans who go to games just to go as opposed to boycotting a mediocre team.. it just won’t happen here..

  147. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    there are also way too many die hard, loyal fans that are going to support them regardless of who/what is on the field

  148. enchantedbeaver

    Nothing like paying premium price to watch three innings of your favorite player(s). Guess the McCourts will payoff their Malibu properties in no time.

  149. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i guess it just means that everyone will go to less games.. or go watch the dodgers for road games.. they know that no matter the price they’ll get a good deal of people for each game.. i know we’re LA, but paying $45 for a practice game is just tragic

  150. trublu4ever

    To me the “super couple” are ruining the great Dodger franchise and are taking advantage of the loyal fans. I’m more than a little peeved!

  151. junkyardjamie

    So, according to the article on the homepage, we might be backing off signing Manny because he wants 4-5 years. If that is really the case, then let Manny sit. That is way too long. I know he is no JP, but still…..

  152. junkyardjamie

    So, has anyone checked the White Sox site to see how much they are selling their tickets for? Same facility………I’ll be back!

  153. junkyardjamie

    All they are selling right now are packages which start in the $480 range, which includes hotel, 3 games, and rental car.

    How much would it cost for hotel, three game and a rental car to attend Dodger games? I guess some of us wouldn’t need rental car, but that would translate into gas money.

  154. junkyardjamie

    Wow!! Plus, if they are really living in Chicago, you are talking flights as well……….not too happy I’m sure. Thanks enchanted 🙂

  155. enchantedbeaver

    I’m just disgusted that we’re looking at players line Reyes and Mota, let alone offering contracts, although Reyes would I’m sure be the situational lefty – last two seasons 125 GP, 75 2/3 innings. Why is Ned looking for set-up men? You’ve got two of the best in the business in Brox and Kuo, and Wade’s no slouch. Only thing I can think of is that he’s going to trade one somewhere along the line.

  156. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i think the reyes signing is just an invite to spring training.. i doubt he makes the opening day roster..

    at this point, we need to stop being worried about manny.. he’s already unhappy, and i would prefer him not “settling” for us and being a clubhouse cancer.. i want BOBBY ABREU!!

  157. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    as much as i loved mota when he was first here, i do not want him back now with all that roids crap.. how can we make fun of jc romero if we welcome mota back?

  158. trublu4ever

    I thought we were interested in Garland but have heard no mention of him at all. So, you know that probably means we are going to get him. It seems like we sign players who have not been discussed…….Huggy Bear, for one.

  159. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    nah, they’re talking too much about dunn for it to be real.. haha.. i do not want adam dunn the K machine!!

  160. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    and our outfield defense is shotty enough.. at least abreu isn’t a bad fielder.. between manny, pierre, and dunn no matter what you’re getting horrendous D 😛

  161. trublu4ever

    So, our best bet would be to have Ethier, Kemp and Abreu. Not too shabby. It would also spell B.A.M. (Bobby, Andre, Matt) BAM will be a lot of home runs.

  162. 636566cy

    Hey Josh,

    Now that single ticket prices are up, please explain to all of us again what a great deal paying higher prices for every single ticket at McCourt Ranch is such a bonanza for Dodger fans? These are freaking practice games in the dead heat of Ari-freaking-zona! I’m so ticked off at the whole business side of the team right now! So, please, Josh, once again tell me why I should be happy with the price points for just about everything the Dodgers set prices for because I can not think of one single thing that I would consider a “good value”?

  163. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    from diamond:

    The Dodgers will host their second annual Winter Development Program next week. Here’s the list of invited players. Viva Tony Abreu!

    Pitchers (8):
    LHP- James Adkins
    RHP- Jesus Castillo
    LHP- Scott Elbert
    LHP- Victor Garate
    LHP- Brent Leach
    RHP- Josh Lindblom
    LHP- Jacobo Meque
    RHP- Travis Schlichting

    Position Players (11):
    INF- Tony Abreu
    INF- Josh Bell
    INF- Ivan DeJesus
    C- A.J. Ellis
    INF- Austin Gallagher
    OF- Jamie Hoffmann
    OF- Andrew Lambo
    C- Lucas May
    INF- Russell Mitchell
    OF- Xavier Paul
    OF- Trayvon Robinson

  164. northstateblues

    Maybe I should start saving up to buy a sports franchise, so I can systematically destroy everything that has been built over the past century or so. Anyone know if the Celtics are for sale?

    I’ll start saving up my pennies so I can get into Real Estate, that way, I can know everything I need to know about running a storied franchise!!!

    Gigli is one of the greatest movies ever, second only to Ishtar.

    Bill Belichick is the most stand-up ethical coach in the history of sports.

    I don’t know what fight those judges were watching, de la Hoya OWNED Pacquiao last month. Oscar was nodding off out of boredom.

    And why does everyone keep saying “recession” like it’s a bad thing?

  165. northstateblues

    oops, the above link is supposed to have the tagline “Andruw Jones working out in the Dominican Winter League” (from dodgerblues.com)

  166. crzblue2

    Quick note as I need to get back to work.
    About the calendar, I think they make those calendars too early. not sure if the Dodgers are involved in that. I prefer the give away calendar. this year is a beautiful calendar with the painting of Andre being mobbed at the plate by Kemp and Loney. I love that picture! For February they have a picture of what the new Spring training facility would look like. March has a World Baseball classic picture. You could go with picures like that.

    I love April with the picture from Opening Day 2008 where you have all the past players watching Carl Erskine, Sandy Koufax and Newcombe throwing out the first pitchl to Lasorda, Torre and you don’t see the third catcher but is a batboy. I love that the days in the calendar are encircled in a baseball. Love May’s 4 pictures. it has Loney pictured with kids participating in the the Bowling charity event, Billz with a kid at a hospital, Andre handing out trays of food at the Union Mission Rescue and Martin high-fiving a kid at a baseball field. November has Vin Scully & Jaime Jarrin with a title “A Month for Thanksgiving”. December has Tommy dressed as Santa sitting on this big gold chair looking at a litle girl all dressed for the ocassion who is being held by a young lady.
    The Dodgers do a great job with the giveaway calendars but the one for this year is even better.

  167. sparkleplenty_1

    If anyone’s at home, put on your TV and dial in to MLBTV – they’re running a very awesome piece on the Dodgers. It’s a historical overview and beyond description!!

  168. northstateblues

    Interesting note from this date in baseball history on baseball-reference.com:

    Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis announces that he is cutting his salary by 40 percent. Landis’ action is a sign of the times during the Great Depression; most players will have their salaries reduced for the coming season.


  169. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!

    dodgersrule – everything inside and outside of the classroom is going great!

    crzblue – thanks for the info on the calendar. Sounds great!!

    iwastherein88 – I am definitely 636 because everyone knows I want him playing leftfield and batting 2nd.

    Just a little tidbit on my friend next door. She found out Giambi is now with the A’s, and she called and canceled her season tickets. She’s done with them until he is gone. If it were only that easy to give up on the Dodgers. As much as I gripe and complain at times, I really don’t think I could do it.

  170. enchantedbeaver

    Ironically, given some increases to our arbitration guys, Frank will have cut his payroll about 40%.

    You realize of course that the marketing calculations cited above don’t count “premium” seating and luxury boxes…


  171. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey enchanted, (Scott from Arcadia here)

    I agree. The McCourts remind me of Georgia Frontierre too much. I’m waiting for Colletti to sign Bert Jones for LF.

    I say sell the team too! (wishful thinking I’m afraid)

  172. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ Northstateblue and I have worked that out…..he is going to buy the Red Sox and give Ned a lifetime contract and I am going to buy the Dodgers and hire you, our GM.

  173. scott_in_arcadia


    Last time I drove by, it was under construction with a big sign advertising the return of the “Galley”.

  174. junkyardjamie

    Hi Scott!! I didn’t know that was you! It’s great seeing you again. I remembered the name, but I wasn’t connecting it to you I guess. Happy New Year!!!!

  175. selltheteam

    Here’s the current depth chart on Yahoo in terms of the starting rotation. A little scary, especially beyond the #3. We need help. Without another decent starting pitcher, it won’t matter whether we have Manny, Juan, or Bert Jones in LF.
    1. Billz 2. Kuroda 3. Kershaw 4. Schmidt 5. Stults/Huggy Bear

  176. enchantedbeaver

    Its nice to know Ned won’t be out of a job…

    With offering contracts to guys like Hoffman, Reyes, Loretta, and Vargas, and not even kicking the tires on guys like CC and Sheets, it just dawned on me that if they don’t sign Manny, what makes us think they’ll sign Abreu or Dunn? It’ll be Noodles in left and Vargas in the starting rotation.

  177. northstateblues

    iwastherein88, I feel the same way. It reminds me of how the Rams were mismanaged after Rosenbloom died… money going somewhere, but not towards the players on the field. Then she moved the team to her hometown.

    Hey, the Cooperstown Collection already has a hat with a B, right?

    But seriously, I doubt that’s the plan, he’s already invested so much into the stadium and plans to in the future. It would be too much like a Scooby Doo ending.

  178. scott_in_arcadia

    I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their dog!

    Happy New Year, Nelly!

    Crash – If they don’t entertain the idea of McDonald and/or Elbert as starting pitchers, but instead stick that perennial loser Vargas in the rotation, we’re screwed!

  179. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted –

    it was sometime this year I thought, but I’ll check next time I drive by. Hmmm…time for cheese bread and steak!

  180. junkyardjamie

    ….but, enchanted, even if the young guns do come of age, don’t you think some of those young guns were counting on a Manny-type player or a CC – type pitcher? I can think of a catcher and two outfielders who would think so. They would never say it, but boy, I’m sure they are thinking it.

  181. enchantedbeaver

    Definitely nells. I’m thinking that even if they do come of age we’re only looking at 83-85 wins. Starting pitching is going to suck big time, and if Furcal goes down again, runs will be hard to come by as well. Without some bigger stick to help and a solid starter or two, I think this team will struggle mightily.

  182. scott_in_arcadia

    One thing I’ve been forgetting is how at ease the players will play without Kent being around.

    cya manana!

  183. selltheteam

    See ya, 88!
    But, enchanted, should Furcal go down, Juanpy is at the ready to lead off. And lest we forget about his awesome dinger last year.

  184. enchantedbeaver

    That’s why JP is such a dangerous hitter Crash – he lulls you to sleep with 450-500 grounders to second and pop-ups to left then BLAM, he get’s you that one dinger.

  185. 636566cy

    One more thing: tell the McCourts to stop putting all of those idiotic stories about them on Dodgers.com. I don’t gave a rat’s **** about them and I expect there to be news on the Dodgers baseball team, not the Dodgers owners on there. I could care less if they paid someone to name them LA’s Power Couple. Tell them to stop grandstanding so much and get all of their puff pieces off of Dodgers.com!

  186. junkyardjamie

    xoxrussell – I could do a few calendars with all the pictures I have….a couple with Russell and James too 🙂

  187. heartruss

    And also, DNelly, our pictures make the best screensavers. I paid for my season tickets…and still need to pay for preferred parking so I think that spring training may be a dream. I also need to take a trip back east before baseball season starts. I can’t say that D Lowe would be surly if he came back as a Dodger. I like D Lowe and always have. He is a nice guy and always acknowledges us fans. He has never appeared unpleasant ever. He is actually very funny, kind of goofy, always speaks to us. I am one fan who would like him back. The whole Manny thing is getting old. So get it over with. I agree that the Dodgers may be bidding against themselves. Borass may be planting stories that other teams want him. I don’t believe that the Giants have the budget to sign him. It’s just a lot of game playing. I’m not sure about Hoffman. I probably would stay with Brox. I think Wade and MacDonald did great so why try to pick up some has beens. Of course, all this is my opinion. Manny would be nice to have but I think our young guys have matured. Matt will be better, Andruw won’t be back, James was pretty hot at the end of the season. Russell will be Russell. 🙂 It will be a fantastic season no matter what!!!

  188. junkyardjamie

    xoxrussell…..if DLowe wants to come back, then I am sure there are plenty of Dodger fans who would want him back too, depending on contract of course. However, I think he would certainly want to see Manny here…….hint, hint Frank 🙂

  189. Dodger4life

    God Evening Everyone,
    Manny and D Lowe. It seem’s like so long ago…
    Go DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  190. junkyardjamie

    It sure does seem like long ago, doesn’t it? My husband was listening to our bay area sports radio station, and they had the Giants owner on, and he says they have been talking to Borass and Manny. I guess this just proves nobody knows what in the hell is going on. Then again, we didn’t see the Vargas signing coming, did we?

  191. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening to you too Dodger4life……..I am sure I told you this last night, but it sure is good to see you back.

    GO DODGERS!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!

  192. junkyardjamie

    All this Manny talk and we keep forgetting about the important stuff…..


  193. Dodger4life

    BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING BACK MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Dodger4life

    60 years for Vin and Tommy. Now that seems like just yesterday, I am going to cherish and enjoy 2009.
    Thank You to both of them.
    RINGS FOR ALL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. trublu4ever

    The LA Times is reporting that Hoffman will make his decision tomorrow on wheter to be a Dodger or Brewer. There’s also an interesting article by Plashke saying we are playing it just right for acquiring Manny. He even thinks Lowe may come back because he likes Joe. I don’t know how to post the article here, Nelly……..can you do it for me?

  196. trublu4ever

    Thanks again……….one oif these days you have to show me how to do that. I’m such a dud when it comes to computer know-how. lol

  197. junkyardjamie

    That is a very good article by Plaschke 🙂

    I am sure dodgereric, jhall or enchanted taught me.
    You right click on the title and click copy shortcut. Then you come over to ITD and click paste. You will know if it worked or not if the type is light blue.

  198. junkyardjamie

    sorry…the type will be light blue once you posted it. It may take a few times, but you will get it eventually.

  199. trublu4ever

    Thanks. I thought Plaschke’s article was interesting. Makes you wonder if management is doing more than we realize.

  200. junkyardjamie

    …he is right….why offer him more? At least wait until another team offers him something different, and then go from there. Like many have said, there will be AL teams waiting to sign him if he plays his cards right here for those two years, and then he will nbe set for the homestretch of his career.

  201. Dodger4life

    That was a good article by Plaschke. Ned did the right thing with Raffy, and Raffy did the right thing signing with the Dodgers. Let,s hope that the Manny situation has the same good result’s, Manny was the leader at the end of the season last year and as Tommy said brought a lot of energy to the club. Energy I would like to see again in 2009. Hoffman should do well with a ballclub that wants to repeat as the West Division Champs, and help us obtain our goal of raising a World Series Banner over our Two ballparks. It is all about the rings. 2009 is the year of the Dodgers… 🙂

  202. junkyardjamie

    FYI ~ I just got a text alert saying that the Red Sox are close to signing FA’s RHP John Smoltz and OF Rocco Baldelli. This should be a done deal Thursday.

  203. trublu4ever

    I saw that about Baldelli. He has some rare disease that makes him tire after a short period of exertion. However, the Sox think he can help the team. I guess his doctor’s check-up went okay. Still has the disease but they are willing to take a change on him. I wonder if after he runs the bases, he has to take a nap.

  204. trublu4ever

    Sorry about the last remark. It just struck me as funny. I guess my true personality is beginning to show!

  205. trublu4ever

    I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them……….what am I saying, I can NEVER keep up with them! They both have fantastic minds.

  206. trublu4ever

    Be back in a little bit………have to feed your father. Boy, nothing like coming home at the wrong time…….I love fixing dinner at 9:45 pm.

  207. trublu4ever

    Good to see you, Dodger4life!! he gets home late every night. It’s okay, I’m used to it. It’s when he comes home right in the middle of one of my TV shows, that throws me off my game! lol

  208. trublu4ever

    I’m going to call it a night. Nelly, you and Dodger4life can keep the late night crew going. I’ll read all of your fabulous stuff in the morning. Just remember, BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW!!!!! DODGERS FOREVER!!!!

  209. junkyardjamie

    I know ~ I am now…..however, my husband has Wednesdays off so I had dinner made for me tonight. I get alot done between 6 and 9 now that I didn’t get done before, and I prefer cooking at 7 versus 5. I have time to relax a little bit and kind of get my second late night wind so to speak.

  210. Dodger4life

    Good-Night and God-bless TruBlu,
    I shall see you tommorrow 🙂
    GO DODGERS ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. colliethec

    Good evening ITD’ers! I haven’t read all the thread so I’m a little out of touch with you all so sorry.
    I hope all is well in everyones land.
    I like the Plaschke article as well. I think he has the correct idea. Hoffman would be great for Broxton and then Broxton could close if Hoffman needed a day off. It would deepen the pen.
    Everyone knows we need/want Manny and Manny would probably like to play here so I hope it gets done soon.
    I think if we got Hoffman & Manny it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Lowe a call and ask him if he rethinks if the Dodgers want to or have the ability to win.
    I think a resigned Lowe with the Manny & Hoff all on board might change his mind.
    I didn’t want him back at the end of the year but that was with the hope of landing CC and he didn’t seem to want to play in LA. Know time has healed my wound and maybe it has his as well.

  212. junkyardjamie

    Hey dcollins!!! It ‘s good to see you 🙂 I thought the article was pretty good too. Manny seemed to have a good affect on Lowe as well. He seemed to like having him around so just maybe……… Your thinking on Hoffman is good too.

  213. Dodger4life

    Good to see you dcollins,
    How is life for you and the missus???
    I would have to say I agree with your comments 🙂

  214. colliethec

    We are great! She was working all day and then went to visit with her Mom and just came home, so we are going to chill for awhile!
    Good to see all of you. Glad you’re back on D4!
    Is the snow removed???

  215. Dodger4life

    I didnt have to remove snow just had to retrieve my truck from town, it went out drinking and told me to walk home.

  216. Dodger4life

    That it is Nelly. I would just walk there but I usually have to go get someone else. Whether I have 1 beer or more it is just a good policy to walk home.

  217. Dodger4life

    Good Night and may God Bless us all
    May today bring us good news and one step closer to our goal of claiming baseballs ultimate prize
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. enchantedbeaver

    I see Hoffman’s probably going to sign with the Brewers and that’s fine, but I’m totally perplexed at what the hell Ned is doing. Its almost like there’s no thought behind it at all [surprise!] First, we need to replace two starters, not back of the BP (I see he’s extended a contract to Roider Mota, of which I’m totally appalled.) But if you’re going after a guy like Hoffman in the first place, why do it halfassed? Either you want him or you don’t. I’m fine with Brox as the closer, so what kind of signals is Colletti giving him by bringing is hasbeens, oldtimers and roiders? There’s always back of the BP arms available anytime of year be it other teams DFAs or a minor leaguer. Tru with the starting rotation the way its looking we’ll probably need to have 8 position players and 17 pitchers, but if you’d address the problem [2 starters] you wouldn’t need to be picking up losers off the crap, I mean scrap heap.

    I would also think it adviseable that you at least have your starting 8 position players in place before ST, meaning either resolve the Manny issue now, or move onto another player before they’re gone and all you have left is Juan Pierre. This “fluid roster” BS Ned’s been spewing is just that – BS.

    In the end I’m affraid what we’ll end up with is JP in left, the dancing PVLs on the bench, and total bottom of the barrel bargain basement pitchers.

    … and two homes in Malibu.

  219. messagebear@msn.com

    Let’s just focus on another couple of homes in Malibu. You just can’t have enough homes in Malibu.

  220. enchantedbeaver

    Bear – I’m also looking forward to when Frank finally gets a cable TV deal to an estate in southern France and a chateau in the Swiss Alps, both of which will bring we fans as much joy and happiness as the Malibu estates and the 50 ball fields.

  221. kpookiemon

    Looks like Jonathon’s the closer by default…though he still scares me with his inconsistency. He’ll surely need a hard rock song for his entrance…how about “Dazed and Confused”…though I’m sure all of you will come up with something far more appropriate.

  222. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!! Perplexed is definitely the word enchanted.

    I hope everyone is having a great morning!

  223. colliethec

    We have Hoffman right where we want him! Agreeing to terms of a contract with another team.
    Now we can swoop in and get him! Haaaaaa! (Evil laugh there)
    The west coast evil ones are on the prowl again!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    I really wanted us to sign Hoffman to a 1-year deal. I think that would be great; for the great changeup artist to teach his changeup to Broxton. Broxton, as of last year, is sorely lacking in the off-speed “stuff.” And I really thought that Hoffman would take the Dodgers’ deal, since he lives in CA, his family lives in CA. Plus, why would he take his job in Milwaukee? Just doesn’t make sense. But I’m sure he’ll be happy with his decision. The more and more that this Manny thing is being strung out, at this point, I’m not even sure if I want him – even if he signs a 2-year deal.

    Hey dcollins!!! How are ya!!!

  225. northstateblues

    At this point, Colletti catching free agents is like trying to catch salmon bare-handed. Can only get the easy ones.

    I thought Hoffman might be somewhat of an easy catch, seeing as he’s got a huge beef against SD for being fired by fax after what he’s done for the franchise, he lives in SoCal, his family lives in SoCal… slam-bang deal if Colletti wants Hoffman, right? WRONG.

    The long winter continues…

  226. messagebear@msn.com

    I felt somewhat ambivalent about signing Hoffman. One year deal could not have hurt us, but why do we always try to get another PVL to squeeze out a good last year from him, when there are some potential younger and still improving players available in the same category. Along with Hoffman we’re apparently wanting Reyes and Mota, when Cruz is the guy that could really improve our bullpen. The guy’s shown improvement over his three years in the majors and shows a great K to innings ratio at a much younger age, but do we go after somebody like that? Looks like we only want some cheap leftovers from somebody else.

  227. northstateblues

    I feel that, messagebear. My concern is, what kind of shape is the franchise in when the GM can’t reel in the “bargain” PVL’s HE wants anymore? Maybe Hoffman’s been reading Simers… I don’t know.

    If we don’t get Manny, that’d make sense. I just figured a PVL former rival with an axe to grind, who wants to live in SoCal would be a slam-bang easy signing if Colletti wanted him, especially if we’re competing with a northern midwest team.

  228. messagebear@msn.com

    In defense of Ned, and I never defend Ned, I think that he’s got his hands tied behind his back at this point by Frank and Jamie, the Malibu wizard AKA LA’s power couple. The couple is probably only holding onto Ned, because he’s on the last year of his contract, and they certainly don’t want to be paying somebody else to be the GM in addition, when they don’t intend to spend any money on the team this year. If we wanted to build the team toward a WS run, Ned should have been replaced at the end of the season by someone who knows what they’re doing and been given the tools to get the job done. I don’t think that Ned has the tools, and many of us have known all along that he doesn’t have the baseball wisdom. So, what do you expect under the circumstances?

  229. derrick22

    Guys what is really going on? Why isn’t Manny signed? I understand that dealing with Boras is probably on of the worst and most difficult things in sports. However Manny more than paid for himself last year in ticket sales and the enormous amount of merchandise (how do you sell out of wigs are you kidding me?). Fact of the matter is he is an impact bat which we desperately need and if any one other than Manny plays LF next year for the Dodgers they will receive the Andruw Jones treatment and you know this. It’s not fair to that other player
    (Adam “rally killer” Dunn or Bobby “I’m as old as Manny so why bother” Abreu) or your fans so get the thing done.

    Hey by the way when you talk to Boras ask him how D Lowe is doing. Find out if perhaps his uniform still fits him because incase you haven’t realized this our rotation is porous to say the least. With regards to Jon Garland and Randy Wolf I’ll save you some time, they will turn out to be Brett Tomko revisited so please don’t sign either one of them. At this point getting Lowe back makes the most sense unless you make a trade for pitching because there is nothing else out there in the free agent market of any interest.

    Just get these two guys back for us and then you can go out and pad the rest of our roster with your cheap garbage players like C Vargas (wasn’t he released twice last year?).



    It doesn’t jump off the page and looks pretty much like the end of 08 roster but at least we were winning and who knows maybe lightning will strike twice and we’ll get another big boost with a late season trade (the A’s will probably be out of it by then… maybe a Holliday trade).

    Let’s Go! Dodgers Champs in ’09

  230. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i understand what you’re saying in that manny is important to this team.. but i don’t like when people say that a player more than paid for himself.. maybe he more than paid for himself last year because we got him virtually FREE, but in no way is it possible for him to pay for himself at 70-100 mil.. i know it’s a figure of speech.. but it’s still bothersome.. the fact is that most of these guys are highly overpaid, and he’s sitting there crying over millions and i refuse to believe anyone should just give him whatever he wants because he’s an egotistical whiner

  231. enchantedbeaver

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t $45 mil for two years a RAISE of $2.5 mil/Yr from what he’s made the last 8? Its just Borass trying to dupe ‘ol Ned again.

  232. crzblue2

    If the Mets sign D.Lowe, we get a 2nd round pick. If he signs with Atlanta we still get a 2nd round pick as Atlanta 1st round pick is protected.
    I much rather sign him back. I think the Dodgers and D.Lowe need to forgive each other. D.Lowe was sarcastic on his last day at the Stadium as the players were leaving after we got eliminated. this lady asked him if we would come back and he said something like “you don’t need me, you got Schimidt and Penny” I forget what else he said. Don’t know if his drinking is the problem with the Dodgers. I already forgave his comments. I rather remember all the times he was nice to us fans.

  233. kpookiemon

    You want players who WANT to be Dodgers. No hard feelings, but bye bye, Derek and Trevor (who we never had, anyway). Manny? Only Manny knows whether he wants to be a Dodger or not…

  234. sparkleplenty_1

    Messagebear and Enchanted – you got it right! Seems to me that Ned’s history of being duped so often and Frank’s (all of a sudden) penurious ways have reaped a strange crop. It’s called “lack of respect”. And I hope I’m wrong, but it’s likely that’s why the better FA’s don’t sign with the Dodgers. Guess we’re very lucky we got Furcal back . . .

  235. junkyardjamie

    I will take the 12.5% salary increase!!!!! However, the CA government is much like the Dodger Organization. They don’t know what they are doing either 🙂

  236. northstateblues

    You wanna hear the sad thing? Even if the McCourts sell the team, do you honestly think they’re gonna include 300 acres of LA real estate in that deal? NO

    Slowly but surely, with each consequent sale, the francise is being drawn and quartered. It started when FOX had to find someone dumb enough to buy a ball club without cable rights (where clubs make most of their revenues)… which, of course, Fox still retains, as far as I know.

    As for Colletti’s hands being tied behind his back, I know. and you know what? I AM INSULTED.

    I AM INSULTED that our owners are operating under the autonomy of “well, we almost made it to the Series last year, that oughta keep those dopes happy for a while.”

    I am insulted that our GM, who was given the proverbial keys-to-the-car his whole tenure with the team, now has to mumble “aw, shucks” as the free agents head for destinations all points besides Chavez Ravine.

    And most of all, I AM INSULTED that they do it all under the pretense that they think Dodger fans are stupid enough to blindly plunk down their hard earned cash (which, any idiot who can read a newspaper can see that there’s less cash around), no matter how badly they handle things.

    They are the writers of our history. They are the holders of the pen. They are the destruction of Dodger Blue Dreams. They are the murderers of the Blue Crew.

    And we still give them our money. Because we can’t quit. I sure as hell can’t. I’m addicted like Chevy Chase punching the ceiling tiles of Rockefeller Center looking for his stash.

    Sure, we could placate ourselves with the constant threat of becoming Angels fans, but that would require A.) watching t-bA.L.l 162 games a year, B.)Lots of Red, yuck, C.) fighting rats for our food in the concession line, and D.) Lots of Red, yuck.

    Then again, they’re commited to winning. And we’d get to see all the Dodgers running the team that FOX and the McCourts cast out of Dodgerland. But then again… red.

    Anyone make ticket plans at the Ravine yet? I’ve been checking the calendar.


  237. northstateblues

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  238. kpookiemon

    northstates, that is one of my all-time favorite Kinks songs…and I’m surprised anyone’s even heard of it! I mean, you’re not as baby boomer, like me.

  239. northstateblues

    Thanks Sara, read enough news, and you’re bound to go crazy sometime, heheh.

    Kahli, I like the Kinks, my gf loves ’em, and reading the YouTube comments for this song was the first time I had ever heard of Davies saying this shouldn’t have been a single. I think it’s a great song, always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Plus, if anything could flush out the negativity of my previous post, that could 🙂

  240. dodger 32

    McCourts a power couple, what a joke. Who cares? When are they going to stop running the Dodgers like a small market club? When are they going to stop lying about doing whatever it takes to win. The only thing that Frank and his wife care about is themselves and their ability to buy more houses while the Dodgers are an afterthought.

  241. northstateblues

    And Sara, USC is CARDINAL red, which I have no problem sporting 🙂 . My hair was even cardinal red once. And Dodger Blue.

  242. messagebear@msn.com

    INSULTED is right. The power couple is a real INSULT to the Dodger franchise. Too bad the fans can’t do much about that, other than stay away from DS, and that’s not the makeup of Dodger fans, nor real fans of anybody. I hope the press keeps riding this power couple until they become the laughing stock that they deserve. Boston scumbags, virtual reality socialites, the shame of professional sports – may their loans be called, and their fortunes fall hard, so they’re reduced to just two mansions in Malibu.

  243. dodger 32

    They won’t pay Manny, and D Lowe realizes what most of us realize in that the Dodgers don’t care about winning , only making money.

  244. Dodger4life

    Until they have some World Series Rings. Power coulple is worthless in the ( Heart of Dodgerland! )
    RINGS FOR ALL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Dodger4life

    Come on Frank make them believe 🙂
    You want the Ring, I know you do!!!!!!!
    Jamie want’s the Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The boy’s in blue want the Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ned ‘s working his tail off, he wants the ring!!!!!!!
    Raffy came back for the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on Manny sign and lets get the ring!!!!!1
    D Lowe sign with us and again and lets get the ring!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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