Chad Billingsley

Wanted to let everyone know that we’ve received word that Chad Billingsley, who makes his offseason home in Reading, PA, slipped and fell on ice down stairs outside his house and fractured the fibula in his left leg (lower part of the leg). He had surgery today to put a plate into the leg and will be in a cast for two weeks before beginning rehab. The good news, however, is that by all indications and without any setbacks, he should be ready to be throwing bullpens by the start of Spring Training, which is obviously when all the other pitchers are doing the same.

I’ll keep you guys posted as I hear more news, but I guess if you’re going to break your leg and you’re a baseball player, November is the right time to do it.

We certainly hope he has a speedy recovery and feel free to leave any “get-well” messages here that I can pass along the next time I see him.


  1. amyw27

    Chad- sorry to hear about the injury. Must be a painful bone to have break. I hope your recovery is speedily and as comfortable as it can be. Like Josh said, it’s a good thing this happened in November so you have plenty of time to heal before Spring Training. You are a valuable part of this team and we can’t wait to see you dominate in 2009.
    Take Care and see you in Arizona!


  2. junkyardjamie

    The first thing I saw when I got into town, checking for messages, was the news about Chad. I wish you a speedy recovery Chad. We need our Billz back in top form at the start of Spring Training. We can’t wait to see you in Arizona and throughout the 2009 season.

    CP – I was just as nervous meeting Andre this time. However, with my reinforcements, I was able to say more than two words to him. As far as Michael Rosenbaum. He was the only reason I watched Smallville. I was so intrigued by the character and how he became the bad guy. I was standing between him and his brother when we were getting dinner, and we were also in the dugout with him. We kind of wanted to get his autograph, but he was truly having a good time (not acting like a spoiled Hollywood star). He was talking on his cell phone telling people where he was and planning a get together for the next day, couldn’t decide what to have as far as food, using bad language, picking on his brother and the others that were with him and asked us many times if we were having a good time, and then seeing him again in the parking lot, and getting lost in the parking lot following him was hilarious.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s good to read BILZ will be ready for ST.
    I fell on icy pavements a few times and I always manage to hurt my arms, never the lower part of my body.
    Of course I’ve hurt every part my body at one time or another on other occasions.
    I think with me, when ever I fall I try to brace myself with my arm, I’m glad BILZ didn’t.

  4. junkyardjamie

    joepierre – maybe as a pitcher Chad has been taught to protect his arm no matter the cost. When my son falls, dives or slides, the first thing they ask is how is your arm?

  5. trublu4ever

    When my husband and I were newly married, we lived in an upstairs apartment and I also slipped on the stairs as I was leaving for work, fell down, and thank goodness, landed on my well padded rear-end! Get well quickly Chad!

  6. cpompe1

    Oh Chad –You are such a key part of our rotation, that I couldn’t even fathom the Dodger rotation without you. I just hope and pray that you recover in time for Spring Training! And yeah, if you’re gonna break a bone, let it be in November and not in July!

    Hey Nelly! Like I said before, it sounds like y’all had a great time! I know you know about not being able to say two words to Andre! 😉 I guess if I had my reinforcements there too, perhaps I would’ve been able to have a halfway intelligent conversation. Again, there’s no way I could afford to go, but I’m glad that you and your family did. It may sound like a silly question, but did your daughter and sister enjoy going? I know your mom did. What was their favorite part(s)? I’m glad that Michael Rosenbaum wasn’t acting like a spoiled Hollywood star. Of all the superheroes from the comics, Superman has always been my husband’s favorite. He’s seen everything, and the TV shows. He’s the one that got me hooked on Smallville. I liked the storyline. I mean, Superman has been well chronicled, but this show had a twist. Not only did it focus on Clark versus Superman, but it focused on teenage Clark, a time period that was not chronicled until now. That’s what hooked me. Plus, Tom Welling isn’t hard on the eyes!

  7. junkyardjamie

    Mariya (my daughter) and Nancy (my sister) had a blast! Nancy is a Russell fan, but certainly benefited from seeing Andre as well. Mariya would be hard pressed not to be a Dodger fan now. Of course she took the best pictures, and she even was given a picture of Andre from Andre. She’s hooked!

  8. cpompe1

    That’s great to hear Nelly! Well, now, it’s the females in your household against the males (j/k). Dodgers on one side, the gnats on the other! That out to be fun for you! Plus, the thing you said about giving Andre a hug and Russ asking, “So, where’s mine?” is just priceless! So does Nancy live near you in Nor Cal?

  9. trublu4ever

    CP ~ Hi. I didn’t swing a bat or throw a ball but, I did lay down in center field right on the grass! That was fun for me. They couldn’t have chosen two finer young men to be our hosts.

  10. cpompe1

    Hey Tru! Now laying down on the center field grass sounds great! And you’re right; the Dodgers couldn’t have chosen two finer young men to be your hosts. So how did you like Pizzeria Mozza?

  11. cpompe1

    Nelly, I’m doing fine. I didn’t even have to cook dinner or clean up! My son did that tonight! He cooks and cleans up for us once a week.

  12. trublu4ever

    It was great! We told Andre we ate there and he said he was there the night before. So, now he knows we read his blog!

  13. cpompe1

    So Nelly, your son’s name is Michael, huh? If you said this before and I forgot, please forgive me, but does Michael do any other sports besides baseball?

  14. cpompe1

    That’s great Tru! I’ve gotta believe that he knows he has a BIG following here in LA! I still think about the NLCS and the Philly phans trashing on his blog and MANY MANY of us went over there to defend him. Andre MUST know how much he means to this city!

  15. trublu4ever

    I hope so, CP. Andre is so quiet and soft spoken, but aI’m sure he knows we love him……..Russell on the other hand, is still angry over losing to the Phillies and was very animated when expressing his disappointment. He’s a cutie! I think he is a keeper, for sure! lol

  16. junkyardjamie

    Michael used to play football, but he only plays baseball now. He’s a very good left-handed pitcher so I think his coaches have told him not to play football IMO, which is fine with me.

  17. cpompe1

    Russ, animated??? That’s great! If Russ takes only one thing from his playoff experience is that he MUST know that as catcher, he has to be willing to take more days off. Of course, it helps having a good backup. Again, I don’t think Ardoin wasn’t too bad. Actually, I thought he did a good job in his limited role. He did have a good attitude, which a backup catch must have – especially backup to a 25-year old.

  18. cpompe1

    Well yeah, if he’s a left-handed pitcher, if I was one of his coaches, I’d make sure that he doesn’t play football. Gotta protect that arm! What year in HS is he now Nelly? I remember quite a while ago that Eric and/or Enchanted wrote a note to Josh to have the Dodger scouts come see him and draft him out of HS!!! Wouldn’t that be a thrill!!! I don’t know about Michael though, seeing how he’s a big Giant fan…

  19. trublu4ever

    CP ~ Russell doesn’t like playing 3rd base, either! Said it was boring. Didn’t like standing around waiting for something to happen.

  20. cpompe1

    Well, that answers that. No more 3B for Russ! Read that Ned/Joe??? Don’t even think about putting Russ FT at 3B and getting a catcher!

  21. trublu4ever

    I’m serious, he really doesn’t like playing 3rd! That topic made him the most animated. SO, JOE, NO 3RD BASE FOR RUSS!!!!

  22. junkyardjamie

    CP – Michael is only a sophomore playing varsity ball. He has 4-5 pitches already, and his fast ball ranges from high 70s to low 80s. As long as he stays healthy and maintains grades, college is a definite. He has already been looked out by a pitching coach from the single A team in Modesto.

  23. junkyardjamie

    CP – Michael is only a sophomore playing varsity ball. He has 4-5 pitches already, and his fast ball ranges from high 70s to low 80s. As long as he stays healthy and maintains grades, college is a definite. He has already been looked out by a pitching coach from the single A team in Modesto.

  24. junkyardjamie

    CP – Michael is only a sophomore playing varsity ball. He has 4-5 pitches already, and his fast ball ranges from high 70s to low 80s. As long as he stays healthy and maintains grades, college is a definite. He has already been looked out by a pitching coach from the single A team in Modesto.

  25. junkyardjamie

    CP – Michael is only a sophomore playing varsity ball. He has 4-5 pitches already, and his fast ball ranges from high 70s to low 80s. As long as he stays healthy and maintains grades, college is a definite. He has already been looked out by a pitching coach from the single A team in Modesto.

  26. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly, three times with the same message!!! 🙂

    He’s only a sophomore? And he’s playing varsity ball? He REALLY must have a wicked arm! So a pitching coach has looked him out from the single-A team in Modesto. That’s all that we need – your son one day pitching for the Rox and coming back to haunt the Dodgers! 🙂

  27. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly, I was wondering what was happening! And look at the time stamps; two from 8:04 PM and two from 8:05 PM! Who’d thunk??? 🙂

  28. cpompe1

    Hey Max! How ya doing? Well, it sounds like Billz will be ready to go by ST! I just hope we fill our other holes quickly…

  29. junkyardjamie

    Hi Max! You don’t sound too confident. According to the article he is only going to be in a cast for two weeks. It’s sounds like it could be worse.

  30. junkyardjamie

    CP – the pitching coach was a very good friend of my father-in-law’s, and he happened to stop by our new baseball facitility. However, he did say he could outpitch some of the kids he has now, but he is going to college first 🙂

  31. junkyardjamie

    You want to know something interesting. When I posted a comment for “Under the Lights,” nellyjune came up as “comment posted by…” name – hmmmm! I have been trying to get this one to change ever since I became June Darlin’ – I was trying to combine the two names. Well, that is strange to say the least because when I go to post from here, it still says nellyjune can comment but will come up nellyae.

  32. junkyardjamie

    No, he hasn’t even started their practices yet. They have dead periods where they can’t do anything, and this is one of those times. It’s a highschool rule. As far as colleges, we have been signing him up for different camps at different colleges so he can see the difference. He has done one at Fresno State ( a while ago now), USC, and in December he is doing a camp at Sac State. They are an up and coming team who is really trying to build a strong program (I am also an alumni). I believe he is doing one in San Francisco too, but I am not sure.

  33. cpompe1

    That is weird Nelly! I guess I should count myself lucky that I’ve never run into that problem. But that is very weird. I guess it’s really true (no pun intended Tru!) that computers have a mind of their own… But I seem to think that I have seen nellyjune at one time or another here on ITD… Again, strange…

  34. junkyardjamie

    It’s my auction name so if you have been on the auction page, and I am involved in one, it will say nellyjune has the winning bid. That’s the only other time I have seen the name other than it staring me in the face everytime I post.

  35. cpompe1

    Well, even if he is a Giant fan (no, that doesn’t matter), I wish Michael all the best in his baseball endeavors…

  36. cpompe1

    Okay, maybe I haven’t seen the name nellyjune. Or maybe I’ve seen you talk about it in your posts. I don’t know. I guess I’ve never encountered this problem because I don’t auction. Do you have to have a different name when you auction versus blogging here?

  37. junkyardjamie

    Thanks CP!!! He has come a long way, and as long as he stays healthy and he keeps his grades up, then he might have many choices to make in the near future.

  38. cpompe1

    Michael sounds like a fine, young man. Yes, he must stay healthy and keep his grades to have any kind of shot at professional baseball! I’ve just got to remember the name, Michael Nelson! Hmmmm…… Has a nice baseball ring to it, doesn’t it!!! 🙂

  39. junkyardjamie

    No you don’t, but when I signed up for the auction page, I had to pick a username, so I chose something different than here, but nellyjune kind of stuck. I think Eric had mentioned that name one time when we were talking about a tv show or movies. Eric and his photographic memory probably knows the exact day, time and topic. I am not kidding when I say he has a photographic memory. He needs to be a Major League Baseball Historian, period. He knows it all CP – simply amazing!!!

  40. junkyardjamie

    CP – I am sure we will still be talking Dodger baseball, when and if anything happens – Pierre will still be a thorn in the Dodgers side for three more years, and Michael will be a senior. We will have lots to talk and cry about… LOL!!!

  41. cpompe1

    Yes Nelly, we will. But I’m still hoping that JP gets his wish and we find a trade partner. I mean, I know JP won’t be easy to trade, but heck, surely we could get something. It’s not like we’re trying to find a front line pitcher in a straight-up trade for JP. Something, trade for something.

    And yes, you’re right. Eric is amazing! I can totally believe you when you say he has a photographic memory. Eric also has a way with words. I mean, remember, Eric’s the one that first came up with the name Ethieraholic! And look how much it’s used – and by those OUTSIDE of ITD!

  42. junkyardjamie

    I am being one of those whiney Californians complaining it’s cold when I know jhall in Ohio is freezing his *ss off. I always have to do that to put my coldness in perspective. The same goes for the people who live in the desert cities in the summer.

  43. cpompe1

    Well Nelly, I’m with ya on this one. With my in-laws all living in colder climates than here (CO, IA, IL, TN) when I start feeling chilled by a stiff wind, I say, I know, call me a spoiled California brat, but it’s cold by California standards. I just need to be a little more empathetic to those who actually live in b**t cold weather.

  44. junkyardjamie

    Good night CP!!! Thanks for the chat!!! I am hoping to have pictures tomorrow. I am still not quite sure how to get them on here, but I can get some to you through e-mail. Good Night 🙂

  45. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear… your ears must have been burning since we were talking about you. How are you? I am sorry I missed you last night. I just figured everyone had gone to bed.

  46. junkyardjamie

    I wasn’t asleep. I was watching tv, but I know it’s no big deal. It was fun!! It was definitely more up close and personal than I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be more like they would make an appearance, take a few pictures and sign a few autographs. I certainly didn’t expect them to stay out there the entire time. It was just like they were hanging out. Now, I don’t think I could stand there for well over an hour and take picture after picture,and I am not sure how your hand feels after signing 250+ autographs, but I am sure it’s not comfortable.

  47. junkyardjamie

    ….on top of that, Andre had a function again today at the LA Rescue Mission, plus one of the workers who saw Andre’s son mentioned to him how cute and big he was getting so he was taking care of him as well when not doing the Dodger thing. The guy wears me out just thinking about all he does in such a short period of time.

  48. dodgereric

    I was with you in spirit, like many of us here on ITD. A bit green, but with you nonetheless! Judging by the photos, it looks like Dre and Russ had a good time too. Lotsa smiles. And I know what it’s like to sign 250+ autographs – I bought a house once. 🙂

    I’m certainly relieved to hear that Billz should be ok. Josh, please include me as you pass along our good wishes. We need him to continue to improve as he has done so far.

  49. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! no kidding about the house thing, not to mentioned the loan we signed for a while back!!

    You (and the rest of ITD) were definitely with us in spirit. I am hoping Josh lets ITD to the tour thing. We just saw the clubhouse and what it entails, and that was worth the trip. Just seeing the history literally on the walls was amazing. It was like the Dodger version of Cooperstown.

    So, did you do your normal Saturday stuff, and what are you going to do tomorrow without any NASCAR to watch? I got my Denny Hamlin t-shirt yesterday in the mail while I was in LA. Bill texted me and said does Andre know about Denny,and I told him Andre loves NASCAR – LOL!!!

  50. dodgereric

    An ITD tour would be awesome! I’m hopeful of such a thing, but not exactly holding my breath, if you know what I mean.

    Today was mostly a front yard clean up day. We had a large pine tree removed on Thursday. Sad, but it had died. Totally brown. I thought for a while that I’d wait until spring to get rid of it so I could go right out and seed some new grass, but after watching those fires last week – I mean that tree was a pyro’s dream.

    Definitely a bummer tomorrow. I’ll be jones’n for some of that 800HP sound! I guess I’ll have to be content with 3 NFL games (Colts and Chargers have the night game) and the Lakers/Kings after that.

  51. junkyardjamie

    Lakers/Kings – ooohhhh!! I didn’t know that! Not like I have watched a single Kings game yet. Yes, we replaced our roof last spring for the same reason. We just had an old shaker roof on it until then. My worries always came on the 4th of July. One bottle rocket too many when I was a kid that torched the friends house we were at and I am not so fond of fireworks unless they are done by the professionals.

  52. dodgereric

    LOL!! That’s funny about that little quartet you have going on there – you, Bill, Andre and Denny!!

    We’ll normally have Thanksgiving elsewhere. For years we alternated between Chris’ folks and my dad and then had Thanksgiving The Sequel on Friday at my mom’s or had her over here. Now with my dad gone, we’ve had it at Chris’ folks every year. But now they’re getting up there and said they can’t handle it anymore. That’s certainly understandable – it’s usually for 30 – 35 people! So we’re having it at one of Chris’ sisters’ house. They’re the ones with the biggest house. We bought our own turkey for The Sequel today, but it might be only for us. My stepdad has gone downhill a lot lately and his daughters are moving him into a place where he can get 24 hour care. He needs it. He took 3 falls yesterday. One cut his head open, the second raised a big bump on the back and the third one put a hole it the wall with his elbow.

  53. junkyardjamie

    30-35 people – is that all family?!! and I thought 12-15 for Thanksgiving was hard. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are my favorite holidays though. I love cooking and baking. We tend to have just family for Thanksgiving, but family and friends for Chili and cornbread for Christmas Eve. Before I started cooking Thanksgiving, we had two Thanksgivings in one day – one at 1 with my in-laws and one in the evening with my family.

    That’s too bad about your stepdad. I know the feeling, and it’s never easy. Thanksgiving is my brother’s birthday. He was actually born on Thanksgiving 28 years ago (even at the time we ate dinner), and it’s also the day my father in law passed away 3 years ago so this may be a little hard for Bill since it is on Thanksgiving this year. As far as my trio of men, I am just thankful everyday Bill lets the craziness happen without saying too much or just joking around about it.

  54. dodgereric

    Yeah, all family. If everyone shows up, it’ll be 32. The mom and dad, his brother and wife, the six kids, their spouses, the 14 grandkids, one of which is married with a son. Sometimes one of us inlaws will bring our parents or my mother-in-law’s brother and wife will come in from Chicago with a son or two in tow. We’ve had as many as 40, and still all family. There are bigger families around, but none closer. It’s quite different from what I had growing up, that’s for sure.

    Most everyone contributes, it’s almost potluck. We usually bring at least Chris’ cranberry jello salad and I’m not allowed in the door unless I have 4 dozen or so of my cookies with me.

  55. dodgereric

    I hope Bill gets better at coping with the loss of his father as time goes by. It’s starting to help with me. It’s been 4 years now and although I still miss talking with him about virtually everything, the pain has started to fade. I think I’m going to make it. I can hear him berating me now for carrying on about him, “Now Eric, don’t be an idiot!” LMAO!!!:-)

    Bill sounds very secure in his marriage to me. I think you got yourself a good one there!

  56. junkyardjamie

    Wow!!! … and of course not!!! You can’t forget your cookies 🙂

    Well, with exception of a few dishes, it’s all me. Ours used to be bigger, but with Bill’s parents no longer here, his brother and sister stay in their respective cities and my brother, who lives in LaQuinta, goes to Oceanside with his wife’s family. My favorite dishes to cook for Thanksgiving are cornbread dressing, which of course I learned in Tennessee, and I make homemade cranberry sauce. My cookies come later for Christmas Eve – another whole issue there.


    he Dodgers have already extended a two-year, $45 million offer, with an option for $15 million, knowing full well it wasn’t going to be accepted. But it’s a starting point. Nowhere does Ramírez fit better than LA.

    “There are pros and cons,” said Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa. “If he gets four years and is playing left field, I don’t know if he can do it. He might, but for that length, is the American League a better fit because of the DH?

    “I know what I saw after he got here. He was going first to third and running hard and hustling. He made a great impression on our young kids. He was a leader in the clubhouse.

    “To be honest, when I first heard we were going to trade for him, I said, ‘Oh, OK, this ought to be fun.’ I had seen it from the other side when Joe [Torre] and I were in New York. I saw Manny being Manny and it upset me.”

    And when Ramírez came to LA?

    “It was 180 degrees different,” said Bowa. “He took a lot of heat off the kids. If there’s one team out there who needs him for that reason, it’s us.

    “Don’t get me wrong, we have some kids who are really good hitters, but Manny just came in here and took everything upon himself. Everyone around him in the lineup relaxed. He put everything on his shoulders and the kids around him were able to relax.”
    COMMENTS (0)

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, but Bowa thought Ramírez taught the younger players how to approach the game. That was a big issue when Torre took over the team, because he had younger guys who weren’t going all out and Bowa was in charge of setting them straight. So when Ramírez came aboard, it was logical to assume Bowa and Ramírez might conflict. But not even close.

    Weighing all the pros and cons, Bowa would vote for Ramírez to come back.

    “Of course, the length of the contract, the money, that will be the biggest determination as to whether Manny comes back here,” he said. “I think we all hope it works out.”

  58. junkyardjamie

    LOL ~Yes, he is secure in my marriage to you, and I hope Chris feels the same. As far as his dad, this whole baseball thing was his dad’s life so he is carrying on that tradition of helping out the kids in the community. My dad (basketball) and his dad (baseball)were among the few men in our community at the time I was in highschool/college helped out kids in the community for free with no strings attached just like I am sure you do with the scouts. Bill’s goal with this venture is to break even. He, and the coaches involved, just want kids to have a place to come and train for a sport they love.

  59. dodgereric

    LOL!! OK, let me restructure that sentence.

    It sounds to me that Bill is very secure in his marriage. Red pen!

    And yes, ever since we got through that first year, our marriage just keeps getting stronger. That first year though, oh boy! LOL!!! I thought I was either going to be divorced or in prison for murder! LOL!!!

  60. junkyardjamie

    ….. I thought you were talking Ward Dear and June Darlin’ and the whole “Leave It to Beaver” thing – LOL!!!

  61. dodgereric

    To Manny, or not to Manny: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outraged bloggers,
    Or to take arms against a sea of sports agents,
    And by opposing end them? To sign: to win;
    No more; and by a win to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to, ’tis a World Series
    Devoutly to be wish’d. To sign, to win;
    To win: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;

  62. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear… we are a pretty smart bunch here if I may say so myself.

    I tell you, last night I ran circles around those men I was standing in line with when we were waiting for Russell’s autograph. I could tell they thought I didn’t know know anything, and then as soon as they mentioned the trades, I was all over it.

  63. junkyardjamie

    I owe it all to being on here. I mean I knew about the team stuff, but not really the inter-workings of trades and when and why they were happening. Same thing with contract talk. That is still a little confusing but nearly as much as it was a year ago.

  64. dodgereric

    Have you heard this?

    “Here’s something you don’t see every day at an NFL practice: the head coach arriving from the sky. That’s what happened Thursday at Baptist Sports Park, as Titans Coach Jeff Fisher jumped from a helicopter with members of the 101st Airborne Parachute team and landed on the practice field. Four members of the parachute team jumped before Fisher, who was paired with another member. The jumps were made from about 12,000 feet. Players watched in amazement, not realizing one of the jumpers was Fisher until he closed in on them. “We didn’t know what was going on. We saw the parachuters coming down and then we see Coach Fish,” linebacker Stephen Tulloch said. “It is cool to have a coach like that. … Everybody was excited. “To see him do that, it made practice that much more fun. We didn’t know it was him, and then we saw his blue jacket and knew it was him.” Asked about the jump after practice, Fisher declined to comment. Players said the coach used the jump to deliver a message to his 10-0 team about overcoming obstacles. One of the parachute team members is Sgt. Max Ramsey, who lost a leg while serving in Iraq. “He has been able to overcome that adversity and still do what he does,” Tulloch said. “It shows us no matter what, we can accomplish what we want. That’s what I took from it. … It is unbelievable.”


    chad, i wish you a speedy, and healthy recovery!! i heard about your injury while i was at dinner, and i was horrified.. i was SO worried.. but i heard that you should be ready by spring training.. so without any setbacks, the timing couldn’t be any better.. not that i wish injury upon you at all or anything.. we need you ready. you are the ace. and will continue to be. i love watching you pitch. see you in spring training!! 🙂



    i was reading all the stuff about under the lights.. sounds like it was pretty cool..

    btw, the article from the fan’s perspective on the home page is written by rhett bollinger.. i know that kid.. he’s great.. he went to USC.. he used to cover our USC Baseball team for our campus newspaper and he was also the sports editor before he graduated.. glad to see he’s writing for MLB now 🙂

  67. junkyardjamie

    Hey Sara – how are you? How did the Trojans do today? I seemed to have missed all college football today other than I heard about the Ohio State game.

  68. dodgereric

    That’s the absolute truth.

    I learned a lesson in what’s possible back in the early 70’s. I had a speech class and one fellow student had a terrible stuttering problem and another was blind.

    They both overcame these ‘handicaps’ (and I put that in quotes because they having them didn’t seem to handicap them) with remarkable poise.

    I was curious how the blind guy was going to do the ‘chalkboard speech’. He started out by taking masking tape and putting it on the chalkboard. The teacher only helped him by telling him when he had the first line straight. His printing on the board was perfect.

    The stuttering one was giving his final speech when a friend of one of our classmates came in to sit in on the class. He chuckled a couple of times and virtually the entire class rose up and ran the bum out of the room.

    Both of these seem tame I’m sure but they meant a lot to me at the time. That class was an option and they both had the courage to take it and they both finished it. I was impressed.

  69. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. that is impressive!!!! It kind of reminds me of Dodger4life, and his hearing. It doesn’t slow him down one bit.

  70. junkyardjamie

    That explains it!! I am usually told sometime during the day and neither my husband or son said anything. I didn’t think about it until I saw sara’s name.


    speaking of college football.. i cannot believe how oklahoma absolutely killed texas tech.. scoring that many points is one thing.. but holding tech on defense is a completely different story.. impressive to say the least..

  72. Dodger4life

    Hello everybody, Thanks for the kind words Nelly. I took a speech class in grade school and I wouldnt be albe to function quite as well without it. It was a true blessing. Dont get me wrong though many times Im out in left field with Manny.

  73. dodgereric

    Geez, just when people start to show up I’ve got to leave. Church rolls around early tomorrow, er, today.

    God Bless ya’ll, and let’s all remember Billz in our prayers. I’m sure he’s in pain tonight.

  74. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear….. I just happened to go to church tonight. Good Night and have a wonderful Sunday without NASCAR 🙂
    God Bless to you and your family always ~

  75. junkyardjamie

    Now, I definitely can’t complain about it being cold here 🙂

    Chad, we wish you the best, and we will be praying for a speedy recovery with minimal pain. God Bless!!!

  76. Dodger4life

    Sweet Dodger Dreams Nelly, God Bless to You and your family Goodnight ITD God bless us all 🙂

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. enchantedbeaver

    Speedy recovery Billz!!

    Whether its serious or not, does anyone else think this hastens our effort to sign a front end starter?

  78. booboochen

    Bills…Rest up, you’re our ace. When I fell and broke my foot the ortho said that new bone growth is much stonger than the broken bone it’s replacing. So that could mean your landing leg will be sturdier than before! So follow Dr.’s orders and have a great Thanksgiving with your family. By Spring you’ll be Superman!

  79. booboochen

    Bills, Rest up. When I broke my foot in a fall the ortho told me new bone growth is much stronger than the bone it is replacing. That could mean your landing leg is better than before. Have a great Thanksgiving…See you in the Spring!

  80. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, enchanted!!! I would hope Ned has learned his lesson about panic moves, but I think that might be wishful thinking, yes? The first thing I thought when I read the headline, is he will go for pitching instead of filling the holes that already exist. Let’s hope he is not acting alone in these decisions.

  81. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Tru & Nells – glad you had a good time Friday!

    I don’t see it as a bad thing if it hastens Ned to sign CC or Burnett, even Sheets. IMO Billz isn’t ready to be staff “ace” yet. He’s shown flashes of brilliance mixed in with above average and ordinary. Maybe in a year or two when he’s gained consistency we can really call him an ace.

    The success of the off season still hinges on Furcal IMO. If they don’t sign Ferk they’re going to have to sign Hudson. Then Hu’s either going to have to step up, or DeJesus is going to have to make the jump from AA ala Sax. Without Ferk that also means that they just about would have to sign Manny to get some offense.

  82. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ if you go by what Joe would want, I’d think they would sign Fercal. With him it is the length of contract and not the money. However, I still believe they want Manny and CC too. Don’t know if we can pull it off but, I’d love to have all three! I know, it’s wishful thinking. but, I always think BIG!

  83. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – You know with all the people I was around, that knew what they were talking about, most of them did feel that pitching, SS and 3rd base were a priority over Manny. So, thinking of you as our ITD GM, you have many, many who feel the same way. Most of them that had been to games during the two months Manny was there, didn’t feel he was very personable with the fans. I know that in my head that shouldn’t really be a factor, but that is just what I heard from many fans that spent many days of those months in the stands. They felt Manny did his job in getting the young core to relax and not take it so seriously (which he did very successfully), now it’s time to move on and let this core that has been built up to explode into their own. I am sure there were just as many people there that heard and think the exact opposite. My only question in not getting Manny, is that we really are stuck with JP or Jones in the outfield, which I guess if Andre and Matt explode as they say, it may not be such a bad thing, right?

  84. scurtis1999

    Get well Chad!

    Baseball gods came back and got Chad for not protecting Manny in the NLCS. Trust me karma always comes back and gets you.

    Hope Chad has a speedy recovery and is ready to go for 2009!

  85. enchantedbeaver

    We struggled with Pierre and Jones in the line-up last year, and that was with Lowe and Penny pitching like crap the first part of the year. Upgrade the pitching a little and sign Ferk/Hudson and there’s no reason why we still aren’t a .500 team again this season with Jones or Pierre.

    My thing is, I have a feeling that this Lambo kid is going to be something special. He’ll start the year at AA, but will probably move up during the year. I’d hate for anyone to be blocking him in 2010-2011. If Jones shows anything in winter ball, maybe he could get us through next season and be gone.

  86. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I can live with that. Plus, I think our young guns are going to have their year as a whole. We keep forgetting how young they are – Andre is still the oldest at 26. You find a way to keep Furcal (or someone like him),and he can be the veteran leader.

  87. aeversw

    I know Billz will be fine by Spring Training but with this offseason looking like its going to be horrible Billz breaking his leg seems like a bad omen. It all started when Frank decided to keep Ned Colletti. Am I the only one who thinks he has no plan for this team next year? It seems like we aren’t serious about signing Manny or any other impact player. We’re gonna get stuck with more crappy veterans.

  88. dodgereric

    You know Max, ordinarily I’d be “L”-ing my “A” off at that statement. Now I’m just afraid you could be right. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

  89. aeversw

    I wouldn’t be surprised either. If we signed him I’d say he’d be the favorite to start opening day which is pathetic. These last couple of season have made me hate Veteran players. I hate the idea of evaluating someone based on performances 5 or 6 years ago. I used to be able to wear size 32 pants 6 years ago but when I shop now I don’t buy size 32 pants anymore. We all used to be able to do things we can’t do anymore. The only thing that gets better with age is wine and beauty. Not professional athletes.

  90. junkyardjamie

    Max – I am worried about a knee-jerk reaction which Ned is very known to do, and not signing CC or Manny will be the least of our worries. I hope he has learned a lesson or two with JP, Andruw, etc., now to hopefully make him just sit back and think before making a decision that will impact this team for years to come.

  91. aeversw

    Hey trublue! I hope it doesn’t happen but its been reported we are interested and that its mutual with Johnson. Its very possible we sign him WHEN we miss out on CC. I am not looking forward to next year.

  92. junkyardjamie

    Very well said Max. Let’s hope……

    Dodgereric – unusual to see you here on a Sunday afternoon. I must admit, I am a little NASCAR deprived. I even worry my new Hamlin t-shirt just because.

  93. aeversw

    Yeah Nelly that is my fear. We all saw what happened when Nancy Drew opted out. Thank God Billz injury wasn’t serious. If Billz was expected to miss any part of the season I have no doubt in my mind we would have gone after Peavy.

  94. junkyardjamie

    red pen – “wore” not “worry” – yikes!!! I am sure that came out because of what the topic is…. worrying about what Ned/Frank are going to do.

  95. trublu4ever

    Max ~ I read where they thought the idea of signing Johnson was a possibility. If CC wants to play for us and, for less money than the Yankees offered, why would we even consider Randy? Don’t you think we have the money to get CC and Manny if we wanted them?

  96. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly, we dropped $60+ million from the payroll, so that ought to buy us at least three front-line players and a bench, not Randy Johnson and re-upping guys like Sweeney.

    Don’t be surprised if Ned’s waiting to see how Jones does in the Dominican WL before putting the hammer down on Manny. In the meantime though there’s plenty of salary clearance for a top of the line infelder and a front end starter that he needs to be addressing.

  97. junkyardjamie

    enchanted…….this is such a common sense thing, but it seems Ned always misses the mark when it comes to it, doesn’t he? It’s interesting there was an article about Ng being in line to be the next GM. It should have been this year (ethier her or White).

  98. enchantedbeaver

    10-12 years ago if you told me we had a chance of getting Randy Johnson, I’d have been ecstatic. Now its just pathetic.

    Maybe we can get CC when he’s 44 in 15-16 years. Mark it down on your calendar for 2023.

  99. enchantedbeaver

    Randy Johnson’s the kind of pitcher you pick-up at the trade deadline hoping that he can give you 50-80 quality innings, not someone you hang your season on as a 3-4 everyday starter.

  100. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!…..but I really shouldn’t be, should I? This is the same hot stove season from last year – Ned. It’s not the players fault, they are who they are, young or veteran, but we need a GM who is going to look at those players and say “I think I will pass on that one…”

  101. aeversw

    No trublue. We don’t have to money to get CC and Manny. Ned made sure of that when he signed Pierre, Jones and Schmidt. We wouldn’t even trade for Casey Blake without the Indians picking up his 2 million dollars left on his contract. The Dodgers won’t win a World Series with Frank as our owner. He needs to sell the team. He can’t even afford it without raising prices every year. We have an incompetent owner who has no right to have access to the kind of money he does. America is the only county where complete morons can become rich and we just so happened to have one buy our beloved team.

  102. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly with regards to Manny, Ned’s doing the right thing so far – try to sign him on the cheap, and when that didn’t work out, wait to see how Peter Potamus does in the Winter League before making a concerted effort.

    With regards to Ferk, I think he and White really have to sit down and decide how far away DeJesus is from the job. DJ doesn’t have the bat for 2B, but he does for SS. If he’s only a year away, then go after Hudson – we don’t have any 2B/3B in the minors that are near ready.

    The negative influence in all this though is JoJo. I’m sure all he wants are veterans, so we’ll end up with crappy old vets blocking new players like we have had before.

  103. trublu4ever

    You guys are really making me depressed. Poor Andre, Russell, Matt and James………..being stuck on a lousy team of has-beens!


    Amen, Max!!! I’d even raise Frank’s designation as “double moron”, because he also has the proclivity for hiring morons for the top operating position – yes, that’s you, Ned.

    I’m very sorry to hear about Bills, and I can’t be as optimistic about his expected progress. When did the Dodgers’ medical prognosis ever turn out as good or better than initially forecast? I wouldn’t look for Bills to be performing at his expected level until after the All Star break.

  105. junkyardjamie

    messagebear – you have a definite point about the medical prognosis, but now I have questions. How does that work when a player gets hurt in the off season? Is Conte notified? and does he have any say so in how they proceed with a medical procedure?

  106. northstateblues

    Thanks Nelly and E, I laughed so hard when reading that, and couldn’t get the image outta my head.

    Hope everyone has a good night, I gotta head for work. But at least hell froze over today, and my NFL “team” one. I’ll have to celebrate later tonight

  107. enchantedbeaver

    Be well North and don’t work too hard!

    I would hope that since its the off season that a competent doctor set his leg and not Conte. I’m with bear, get Conte involved at we’ll be lucky to get half a season out of Billz.

  108. junkyardjamie

    You mean the Raiders won!! Wow – Hell did freeze over today (jk) – Congrats and have fun at work if that’s possible!! You probably are one of those that makes the other people glad to be going to work – take care!!!

  109. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! I am testing to see if this worked. It’s the picture the photographer took as well.

    src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”>


    Sorry to hear about billy. If I were neddy I would:
    1. Try to resign mann ramm at all costs for 3 years or less. If he will only take 4 or more let him go to someone else and ruin their team 4 years from now.
    2. Sign some big time starting pitching. Whether that is Sabathia, or AJ Burnett(who i really love personally). Its number one on Torres list and its up there on mine because you can never downplay the importance of starting pitching. I really would like to see a true ace on the staff
    3. Sign Joe Crede. Even though he is injury prone I like him much better than Casey Blake both offensively and defensively.
    4. Try to resign raffy but if not then sign OC. There are plenty of good shortstops this year in the FA pool.
    5. Make sure Andruw works out really hard then give him another shot if and only if he comes to ST in the best shape of his life. If he doesn’t come to ST in great shape then try and make a trade then. I think he could have a bounce back year

  111. junkyardjamie
    I really didn’t care for the picture I took with Andre and Russell. I mean, really, how can you compete with those two. This was the first thing we did, and I can tell I was still very nervous. I will have you know that I was being team mom. I was rubbing there backs because I knew they had a long night ahead of them with 230 more people to take a picture with. Anyhow, this picture is a better picture of me. I am standing in right field in Andre’s spot.

  112. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Nelly – Glad that you were able to get the slideshow up here! I used Photobucket for our pics when we came back from Japan! I think that trip was before I started to post regularly on ITD. Anyways, thx for the pics Nelly! Your name in lights!!! Just as it should be!!!

    And again, I sure hope that we don’t sign Randy Johnson. Enchanted, I’m with you, “…10-12 years ago if you told me we had a chance of getting Randy Johnson, I’d have been ecstatic. Now its just pathetic…”

  113. junkyardjamie

    CP – I don’t like the picture. I sat here for 15 minutes saying post, don’t post, post, don’t post – LOL!!

  114. cpompe1

    Well Nelly, you may have said, “…post, don’t post, post, don’t post…” but I’m glad you did. It just shows what kind of men they are! And you must’ve been in heaven with both those burly arms around you!!! Again, my jealousy is kicking in! I would’ve fainted and the picture would have been of those two trying to revive me! Hmmmmm…….. Actually, that wouldn’t have been a bad picture after all!!! 🙂

  115. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! That is funny CP! I had more issues talking to him when I wanted the autograph. I wasn’t any better with Russell. You would have thought having practiced with Andre, Russell would have been easier – NOT!! We definitely got to say more to them than when we were at AT&T.

  116. cpompe1

    So is that your daughter in the 2nd picture? Has she been able to stop talking about these two men? Just tell her how lucky she was to meet them!

  117. junkyardjamie

    Yes, that is Mariya. My sister had a bet with her to go up and put her hand on top of Russell’s shoulder,but Russell beat her to it. They are almost the same height. Mariya is 5’10.” Yes, she definitely understands the attraction for both of them.

  118. cpompe1

    Mariya’s a cute girl; how old is she? I think I heard at one time, but I can’t remember now. I can only imagine what it’s like to actually to stand in the outfield where our favs stand on a daily basis. Maybe someday I’ll get to go to one of these events!

  119. cpompe1

    OMG Nelly! I didn’t even think they made those jerseys. I guess they do. Maybe the guy wanted a jersey but couldn’t afford an Ethier or Kemp jersey. Do ya suppose that Pierre’s jersey is bargain basement priced since it’s probably not as popular as others???

  120. sparkleplenty_1

    Hey Nelly! These are wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us. It’s easy to relate to your nervousness in such an “up close” situation. It’s happened to me, too. Again thanks.

  121. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! CP ~ I am not kidding, every aspect of this trip, we were thinking about this group, and that was certainly one of those times.

    Thanks Diggie – how are you?

  122. cpompe1

    Well Nelly, I think if I was able to go, I DEFINITELY would be thinking of our ITD family! You are going to have great memories of this night. I’m sure you’re reliving each aspect of that night! At least, I know I would be!

    Well, I know this was kinda a short visit, but I think I’m going to go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  123. sparkleplenty_1

    No, the Chargers lost with something like 2 seconds left in the game – by a field goal. But LaDanian had a great game and, for the most part, the defense was good.

  124. sparkleplenty_1

    I just don’t care much for Norv Turner as head coach. He’s never been a winner, and I think the team is playing down to his managerial level.

  125. junkyardjamie

    diggie – He coached my Redskins, and I didn’t like him then. He didn’t win as a Redskins coach ethier so when he became the Chargers coach, I thought maybe this was his chance to turn it around because he had such a talented group last year, and he has the same thing this year. So much talent and it kind of gets lost somehow.

  126. sparkleplenty_1

    Yeah, I know what you mean. But, you have to admit, the Chargers have been on the short end of the stick on bad ref calls this year, too. That didn’t happen tonight thankfully.

  127. sparkleplenty_1

    Admittedly, I don’t know football as well as baseball, but I voiced a few offensive play suggestions, which, of course, were not reflected in reality. But my romm mate said my suggestions were not only correct, but daring as well.

  128. junkyardjamie

    I am cooking for about 13-17 at last count, give or take a couple “not sure if coming yets.” How about you?

    I am intrigued by what the plays were. However, I didn’t watch the game so it probably wouldn’t do me any good. I was too busy trying to figure out the photo bucket thing. I am sure the Charger fans that are on here and watched the game would like to know – Dodgereric and bluecrewgirl come to mind. I am sure Dodgereric’s wife is not too happy about the outcome.

  129. sparkleplenty_1

    My family is in Northern CA (Sacramento and SF) and my roomie’s family is in LA and Philadelphia. Since nobody’s traveling anywhere near us, I’ve made reservations for dinner. It’s a thing we joke about . . . that South Orange County housewives are best at making reservations for dinner than anything else.
    There was one play in particular that I was really incensed about. The Chargers had the ball, 4th down with less than a yard to go, and I KNOW they could have gotten the yardage, but instead they kicked the ball away . . . c’mon guys. We’ve got great receivers and LaDanian was looking like himself tonight. Sheesh!!!

  130. junkyardjamie

    My best friend and her husband do that every year. They got tired of driving here (Merced) for the morning shift and then back to San Jose/Morgan Hill for the evening shift. The extended families don’t get along too well, and they felt if they went to one, they had to go to the other. We used to do that, but it wasn’t a 2 hour drive to do it. So, for about 10 years now, they’ve been going out to a restaurant, and then they tackle the families for the December holidays instead. So, you certainly aren’t the only ones.

  131. junkyardjamie

    As far as the play, I would have taken the chance with LT, especially if you say he was on. It will be interesting what the others will think.

  132. sparkleplenty_1

    Sometimes that’s the best way to do it. I’ve spent Thanksgiving with my best friend in Ojai the last five years. We share the cooking duties, and it’s great fun. Her 3 sons and her fiance’s son and daughter usually come, and we have a big “family” gathering, and my daughter would meet us there, too. But that isn’t happening this year, so we’re staying home. I’m thinking the next time I go up to Ojai, I will try to meet with CPO. She’s in Ventura, and it’s a very short trip from Ojai.

  133. sparkleplenty_1

    Yep, it will be. We ITD’ers have a lot in common, and having the opportunity to cement a relationship in person ranks high on my blessing list.
    Besides, I don’t get much of a chance to talk Dodgers baseball here in the heart of Angel-land. Although I have to tell you about a train trip I took in May. The Dodgers and Angels were playing in Anaheim, and a lot of people who were game-bound were on the train because there’s a stop in the stadium parking lot. I got to chatting with a few young men, two of which were Angel fans, and one Dodger fan. He was amazed at my knowledge of the team (that happens a lot to us, doesn’t it?), and spoke about half an hour or so. As he was exiting the train, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “It was nice talking with you Aunt Jeanne.” Now, mind you, I never told him my name!! Totally blew me away . . . .

  134. junkyardjamie

    Wow!!! That is impressive!!!

    Yeah – I think their intitial reaction is one of disbelief that we actually used a baseball term correctly, and then once you start ethier talking history or the current issues about the current team (s), then they realize we aren’t the typical baseball fans, we are fanatics- lol!! I was amazed on how much history I remembered when walking through the hallways, and that definitely comes from the people on here.

  135. sparkleplenty_1

    Ahh, the hallowed hallways of Dodger Stadium . . . it’d be SO sweet if Josh would give us ITD’ers a tour. I suspect that many of us would have a story or two (or ten) about the various players and historic moments.
    Did you have a chance to snap any pix other than those on the field?

  136. junkyardjamie

    The only place we couldn’t take pictures was in the clubhouse itself. I am sure they want to keep one area as private as possible, and I totally understood that. Plus, some of their stuff was still in their lockers.

  137. sparkleplenty_1

    Our team certainly has a great history and it’s very special that it’s shared with the adoring public.
    Deb, you really had an Ethieriffically great experience! It’s wonderful, too, that you could share it with your family as well. I’m sitting here, grinning, wishing it was ST already :p

  138. junkyardjamie

    I am assuming after Thanksgiving, the hot stove will start heating up again heading into the winter meetings in Las Vegas.

  139. sparkleplenty_1

    Such a happy thought . . . And with that thought, wishing you and yours a blessed evening and a good day tomorrow! Talk with you soon – Happy Dodger thoughts!!!

  140. northstateblues

    Hey Nelly, Glad to see the ‘Skins pulled it out in the end. If Seattle won too, then there might be 6 more weeks of winter.

  141. junkyardjamie

    Did you see them on here or facebook? Facebook has most of what I have taken, not including what my sister has taken. Hopefully she will post hers to her facebook page, and I might be able to transfer somehow.

  142. junkyardjamie

    How are you doing this evening Dodger4life? 79 more days until Spring Training begins, and alot of decisions have to be made for this beloved Dodger team.

  143. junkyardjamie

    Meaning you fell asleep?

    I had a touch of NASCAR withdrawls, then again, it could have been full blown because football didn’t interest me today ethier.

  144. Dodger4life

    No I didnt take my Nascar nap, I watched a recap of the season this morning and then football 🙂

    I hav’nt been over to facebook yet 🙂

  145. junkyardjamie

    He was able to do a slide show which was pretty cool too. I am sad that I missed the recap. I will have to look for it on Maybe they will have highlights of the highlights.

  146. Dodger4life

    It was on ESPN I think. The first picture I looked at was the scoreboard ” CAPTIVATING” LOL!!!! All your pictures look good. Where was Jungar and the Take My Juanpy Please sign when you need him huh 🙂 LOL!!!!!

  147. junkyardjamie

    That’s exactly what I was thinking!! LOL!!!! All that guy needed was a sign – “Help Pierre find a home” LMAO!!!!

  148. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – sorry, I got kicked off, and then when I was trying to wait, I must have fallen asleep 🙂 nsblues is from Barstow, originally, but he lives up in Marysville now. He is supposed to go that way sometime this week, but I don’t think he has left yet. He was working last night. However, not sure where Brandon has been (hasn’t posted in a long time), but he actually lives in Las Vegas.

    Good Morning, ITD readers and writers!!!!
    78 days until Spring Training!!!

  149. thinkingblue

    GOOD MORNING ITD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chad wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you up and running during spring training.
    I have been reading some of the stories regarding the “UNDER THE LIGHTS”. And all I can say….”Why wasn’t I there!” I’m glad Dnel, TRU, XOXO & Eric ya’ll had a great time. I was hoping to see you guys & girls in the photo gallery. But hopefully you guys can share some photos with us here at ITD. I’m glad no one got hurt…Dnel hands OK?
    DNEl wow you get Dodger celebrities plus tv stars….wow. It is sure a weekend to remember. And I’m sure your daughter WILL BE A DODGERS FAN and ETHIERAHOLIC.

  150. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning Dodgersrule!!! I did post some pictures up above earlier last night. Yes, I believe both Andre and Russell swayed my daughter’s thinking into thinking Dodger Blue.

  151. dodgereric

    Gooooood morning ITD!

    Not sure how much attention I can give here today. The sheriff is gone but so are all my compadres. I’m virtually alone in here, so it’ll either be extremely boring or frantic.

    June Darlin’, thanks for the pics! I was LingMAO at good ‘ol #9 there!! Your lead-in was perfect, I didn’t expect what I saw, which made it all the funnier! Well done!

    If you’re really jones’n for baseball, is rebroadcasting the Dodger’s no-hit win over the Angels on Wednesday:

  152. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Ward Dear….. sorry about work today. It sounds like you might be answering the phone a lot today – uugghh!! I know how you love the phone calls. Take care…..

    That Pierre jersey was the only one there. We actually saw that guy right away when we first got in taking pictures, and trublu and I had the exact same reaction “Oh God…”. Then to have to stand by him for well over 20 minutes was not fun. Like Dodger4life said – the guy really needed the sign “Find me a home please”

  153. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, trublue!!!! Thanks!!! I was actually able to create an album in there – lots of fun, but I haven’t added any other pictures yet. When I get the album done, I can post the entire album.

  154. thinkingblue

    OK I just wrote a big message, but forgot to log in….hate when that happens. Here we go again:
    DNEL those are awsome pictures. The picture of you and our boys Andre & Russell is great. You don’t mind if I photoshop my face in there…LOL! It must of felt wondeful seing your name & daughter’s name on the Dodgers bill board. I love that picture. Also I love the picture of the Giants caps on clearance…LOL…LOVE IT!
    Thanks for sharing with us. Hopefully one day I get the privilage of meeting them and you girls.

  155. thinkingblue

    That guy must of purchases his Pierre Jersey on the clearance section…LOL.
    Good morning Tru & Eric…my weekend was great, not as great as yours but it was nice.
    Eric – yup checked out the no hit win for the Dodgers vs the Angels…thanks…we need clips like that every now and then.

  156. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! Dodgersrule ~ That’s what CP said!!! Also, nsblues posted the Giants hats on clearance. He was the funny one.

  157. thinkingblue

    DNEL – Haahaa that’s what happens when I’m rushing trying to read and view the pictures…don’t want to get caught at work…LOL…

  158. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! Dodgereric/Ward Dear….. I don’t think that would have set a very good example for my students – LMAO!!! We saved all the fun for when we were sitting in his corner – LMAO!!! Thanks for the funny – that was a good one!!

  159. junkyardjamie

    That wasn’t dodgereric – The Eric we saw was a friend of crzblue/emma. We had met him at Andre’s AT&T autograph signing day.

  160. thinkingblue

    OHHH dime!….once again when rushing and also when missing the weekend of ITD blogs…I am so out of it. It is Monday morning….short week short week….By hump day I’ll get everything right.

  161. junkyardjamie

    You are welcome Ward Dear…. 🙂 I am still laughing about our not-so-favorite outfielder. However, it could have been worse, we could have seen a Jones or Sweeney shirt/jersey. Now that would have been just plain sad – not funny at all, then again…… maybe more so LOL!!!

  162. dodgereric

    No worries on seeing one of those. The Jones jersies are too expensive – Omar the Tentmaker has to purchase too much material to make them cost-effective. The Sweeney one has too many holes in it to wear – just like his bat.

  163. trublu4ever

    That’s just great! We are going to let another player get away. Oh, I forgot, we are probably close to signing Randy Johnson!

  164. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear…. would you sign Furcal for four years? Don’t get me wrong, I would like nothing more than to see him in Dodger Blue, but for a couple of years, and then extend if necessary. We have had two years of him being injured for most of it.

  165. thinkingblue

    There’s gotta be a good explaination of why that guy was wearing a Pierre Jersey. He must of grabbed it from the locker room trash. The Dodgers probably had extra Pierre Jerseys done, just for incase he was the started. But we all know that didn’t happen, so they got rid of his jerseys…LOL!

  166. dodgereric

    Hi Tru! Peter Gammons has rung in with his opinion on the Dodgers’ rotation plans.

    Personally, I don’t think we can afford to strike out on CC.

    Oliver Perez has potential, but his agent is Boras and he walks way too many. We’re looking for an ace, not a 3 or 4 guy.

    Sheets could be that guy, but he was constantly on the DL in ’05, ’06 and ’07. He never officially went on it last year, but he was unavailable to pitch at the finish as I remember and – hello – contract year. Do guys who get injured a lot when they’re young suddenly get healthier as they age? Not many. We’ve already got Schmidt.

    No way I’d spend money on AJ Burnett. That guy has spent more time on the DL than Darren Dreifort. OK, maybe not more. But close. I think he’s been on the DL at least ten times. No thanks. Again, we’ve already got Schmidt.

    There aren’t any other starters out there who qualify for what I think our need is. Everyone else is too old or too crummy. To me, it’s CC or go with the kids.

  167. junkyardjamie

    I mean, if you are looking at a wall full of jerseys with Dodger names on the back, why would someone pick Pierre over Martin, Furcal, Kent, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Garciaparra, or a HOF player even if it’s a replica. And I am talking pre-Manny. You would have to really, really, really like Pierre to spend the money on him, authentic or not, because even the replica’s aren’t cheap. Maybe ebay perhaps? I wouldn’t even buy the t-shirt before buying the other 8 guys on the starting roster, the pitchers, and then some.

  168. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I think they will try to sign CC. The Yankees have issued a deadline (not saying when) for Sabathia to make up his mind. So, I think he is waiting for a decent offer from us.

  169. trublu4ever

    I’m with Dodgersrule…..he must have lost a bet! Or, perhaps his wife bought it for him because she liked #9. LOL

  170. junkyardjamie

    CC would be good for us, and he can hit homeruns too. Maybe not as many as Manny, but I think Matt, Andre, James, Russell and Blake will take up the slack. I think we will go after pitching and SS (if no Furcal) – it’s what we are going after, which might be the scary part.

  171. dodgereric

    Furc is a hard question. I love his game. He fills two holes, short and leadoff. I just don’t trust his health any more. I understand that he wants security – I would too if my back did what his did last season. The injury he had in ’07 wasn’t anything to be concerned over, but the back is scary. Unfortunately, so is Pierre leading off. And that’s what we’ll have if Furc and Manny go elsewhere.

    Sooooooo – offer Furcal your 2 + 2 and see if he’ll take it to stay. He most likely won’t. Then we have to sign Manny to keep Pierre out of the leadoff spot. Give short to the winner of the ST battle between Hu and DeJesus and live with it.

    And sign CC. (Glad it’s not my money)

    One of the problems with spending all of our off-the-books-money-in-’08 is that our kids are becoming arbitration-eligible. We’re going to need some room real soon to keep them. (Really glad I’m not the GM). Why can’t we have an owner with money? Is Bill Gates a baseball fan? He likes charities……..

  172. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ After Mark Cuban beats the insiders’s trading charges, maybe he can buy the Dodgers. I know he is worth billions! If, I were Furcal, I wouldn’t want to play in Oakland, no matter what the money or years are………I’m with you on offering him a 2 + 2 deal. I think he’d take it.

  173. junkyardjamie

    Then it really does go back to the comments yesterday (and before) about an owner who can’t afford a big market team. We need an owner who doesn’t have to decide between Manny and CC, or what’s going to happen down the road with our young guns.

  174. dodgereric

    If I can remember, when I get home tonight I’m going to see if I can find one or twelve of my old letters to the Times that I wrote when McCourt was seeking approval to ‘buy’ our team.

  175. thinkingblue

    Ooooh I like Mark Cuban…can’t dance but has a sense of humor. He would bring more fun to the Dodgers…? Oh Tru, three are left for tonights Dancing with the stars finals. We got 2 names correct…Sapp & the Nsync guy. Brook is good. But I don’t think that she has the fans to back her up. Sapp & Lance have more fans. Let’s see what happens tonight!
    Who is CC?

  176. trublu4ever

    Dodgersrule ~ I think it will be between Lance and Warren for the winner. Brooke is probably the best dancer but, as you said, she doesn’t have the fan base. CC pitched for the Brewers and took them to the playoffs. He’s a great pitcher and wants to pitch for the Dodgers……..he’s from the L.A. area.

  177. enchantedbeaver

    The Go-Gos, Our Lips Are Sealed:

    Can you see them?
    It’s about fluff
    All P R
    We’ll watch from afar
    We don’t get them
    Won’t pursue them
    We have no say
    Who we will get to play
    It doesn’t matter what Ned say
    ’bout the free agents pool today
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    There are players
    That we must get
    The best over
    The rest
    When we look at them
    Want to sign them
    That’s when hope disappears
    That’s when its Ned we fear
    It doesn’t matter what their age
    Vet’rans are all the rage
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    Pay no mind to what Ned say
    Its P V Ls he’ll get to play
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    Now my bloggers
    Don’t you cry
    Fellow bloggers
    Tell you why
    Can you see them?
    It’s about fluff
    All P R
    We’ll watch from afar
    We don’t get them.
    Won’t pursue them.
    We have no say
    Who we will get to play
    It doesn’t matter what their age
    Vet’rans are all the rage
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    Pay no mind to what Ned say
    Its P V Ls he’ll get to play
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed
    Frank’s wallet’s sealed.

    Artist: Yada Yada Yada
    CD: Lip Service
    © NedCo Broken Records 2008

    NedCo – Where time stands still.™

  178. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! The Go Go’s enchanted – Wow!!! That is impressive!!! Very nice!!!!

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear – like you aren’t going to remember 🙂

  179. dodgereric

    Tru and Rose, CC’s from NoCal – not SoCal.

    Enchanted, you are amazing! Great song! #108 of 437!

    June Darlin’ – – – remember what?

  180. junkyardjamie

    trublu – Michael’s freshman coach played with Sabathia with some travel team from Nor-Cal when they were in highschool. He really is a great guy according to the coach, not that that should matter, but you know…….it’s the reason some of us are worried about Manny too.

  181. junkyardjamie

    I didn’t know he was that tall – 6’7″ and 250 – born July 21, 1980, so that would make him the older one out of the young ones at 28.

  182. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!! Okay, you got me that time!!!

    As far as CC – That’s what I thought – there’s no way he is 250, but he has obviously figured out how to work with what he has as opposed to Andruw, who just fell apart. I really don’t think Andruw’s weight would have been a factor if he had hit the ball like he was paid to do. That is still more disappointing to me than Pierre. Pierre is just Pierre and we knew what we were getting even though he didn’t deserve the money/contract, but Andruw is like false advertising to some degree – we certainly didn’t get what we paid for – not even close.

  183. dodgereric

    LOL!! You know one of the things I like most about you is that while I’m one of the most gullible people around, you’re no better than I am!!

  184. thinkingblue

    So Manny’s offer was withdrawled…what’s new? This is like watching a soap opera…or a Mexican telenovelas…

  185. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! I like to think of it as we tend to trust people too much. Isn’t that what you had said before about yourself? However, in that case, there was no mistaken my being gullable.

  186. dodgereric

    One of the reports also claimed that the Mets made an offer to him to play 2B, which the Mets flatly denied. Perhaps there is a Dominican Boras.

  187. kho88

    josh, what is going on? ned and frank have done nothing to fill the holes we have for ’09. something has to be done. give furcal three years and he’ll come back. we’ve got to get someone top-shelf. are we going to be stuck with a bunch of over-paid over-the-hill vets? we know manny made frank millions over the course of August to October last year. sign manny, sign furcal. that’s all i ask.

  188. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear…..definitely!! ….and I have been too trustworthy at times, especially at work, and have since learned some lessons in who I can trust.

  189. dodgereric

    Hey Dodger4!

    Yeah, I read the Gammons article earlier. He doesn’t mention the “person close to the Dodgers” in his article, but then again……
    1) He doesn’t work for a NY paper and’
    2) They’re not telling us anything we don’t already know and lament every day.

    June Darlin’, I hope those lessons weren’t too painful. I sure know they CAN be.

  190. junkyardjamie

    Hey Dodger4life!!! Good to see you!!!

    Dodgereric – no, not really – just a few things that came full circle, and in the end bit the other people in the *ss (because they didn’t expect me to bite back), but at the time it was happening, it wasn’t much fun. I have grown leary of the motives for anything they do now, which like you said, they proved they don’t deserve my full trust anymore. I carry a professional relationship with them and that’s where it stops. I figure God put me in that position for a reason, and in the end I became a stronger, wiser person – still gullable and trustworthy though – LOL!!!

  191. dodgereric

    I’m sure there’s a clever quote somewhere that goes something like “I trust everyone, but I keep my gun loaded and at the ready.”

  192. trublu4ever

    Nellyae ~ The trusting thing must run in the family…….I was the person who’d never say “no”…….whatever anybody wanted, I’d do it. Yes, and sometimes really stupid stuff, too. I wanted to please and, that can be an enormous burden.

  193. dodgereric

    Here’s one that’s close, it’s probably the one that was rolling around in what I use for a mind.

    “Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.”
    Oliver Cromwell

  194. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear…. I am sure there is, but that one sounds pretty good – LOL!!!

    My son was looking through the pictures and asked why I took a picture of Pierre’s jersey, and I said I took it specifically for this blog, and his remark was the person must have gotten it at bargain prices or lost a bet. He may not be a Dodger fan, but he certainly knows our pain when it comes to JP.

  195. amyw27

    good afternoon everyone. I hope your monday is going well 🙂
    Thanksgiving is approaching..I can’t wait for some turkey sandwiches and mommy’s homemade pies!
    I wish we had news on our team! we need a strong line-up!

  196. dodgereric

    I like this one, but I don’t know who he is. A Google search just brings up this quote:

    “A person who trusts no one can’t be trusted.”
    Jerome Blattner

  197. junkyardjamie

    The Oliver Cromwell one is good. I knew you would start looking because it probably drives you crazy not knowing, doesn’t it? 🙂

  198. dodgereric

    WFAN in New York reports that the Giants have agreed to terms with Edgar Renteria on a two-year, $18 million contract

    Rafael Furcal’s agent, Paul Kinzer, said he is still talking to the Giants and doesn’t believe the team has a deal with Edgar Renteria.

    “Unless the Giants did it in the last 10 minutes, which I don’t think they did, they weren’t close,” Kinzer told the San Francisco Chronicle. The Giants have denied that a Renteria deal is done.

  199. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon Amy – I saw the comment about the sweet potato casserole and enchanted’s quote and lost my train of thought – lol!. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!! So, life is good?


    My best wishes as well to Chad.

    I see some discussions about jerseys. I just picked up a Dodger 2009 calendar and it has pictures of A. Jones, JP and Penny featured for three of the months.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and be patient. Manny and C.C. are still unsigned as are most other notable free agents. This is a high stakes game of chicken.

  201. dodgereric

    And then there’s this, lying at the bottom of a long article about the ChiSox’ GM Ken Williams:

    “Williams has had his eye on Colorado’s Willy Taveras, and might even give Juan Pierre a shot (especially if the Los Angeles Dodgers paid much of the $28.5 million left on his contract). Both the Dodgers and Rockies are teams that could be interested in [Jermaine] Dye, who is owed $12.5 million for the one year and option year left on his contract.”

  202. junkyardjamie

    Hi lbirken – You have a great Thanksgiving too, and yes, you are right, nothings been signed by CC or Manny yet, so we can still hope for now.

    Dodgereric – okay, is this is test in being gullable/trusting again? LOL!!!! ….because THAT is just too good to be true 🙂

  203. northstateblues

    Hi ITD

    My day’s gone crappy so far, as I need an oil change, and the place I get it at (read: Can Afford) is backed up through closing. So much for leaving for SoCal at 6AM.

    Aside from that, things are alright, glad to hear Bills’ surgery went well. Definitely want him back in top condition ASAP (please Fire Stan Conte).

    Hope everyone’s doing well 🙂

  204. trublu4ever

    dodgereric ~ this isn’t April Fools Day, is it? And, I love Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle.
    Nice to see you Northstateblues!


    Like everyone here I would not be happy to see Furcal in a Giants uniform. The Dodgers have no proven, reliable replacement for him at this point in time. His back has to be of concern but if other teams are really interested in him, the Dodgers may have to take a close look.

  206. junkyardjamie

    There is a funny story about this song when I was a kid because I had the lyrics very wrong and still laugh hysterically when I hear it because I still hear those words and not the actually words. When I first heard this song I was 5-6 and we were at a community pool we belonged to at the time. I didn’t hear the words “It’s Magic.” I heard “It’s my *ick” (LMAO!!) I can’t even type it without laughing my *ss off because I couldn’t as a 5 year old understand why a song would talk about THAT – LOL!!! Anyhow trublue’s comment about Joe’s magic made me think about this song.

    It’s Magic – Pilot

    Joe, Joe, Joe
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe it’s not so
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe, it’s not so

    Never been awake
    Never seen a game break
    Leaning on his railing in the evening
    Crazy days with Ned
    Old vets are in his head
    Playing till they see the light

    Joe,Joe, Joe
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe it’s not so
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe, it’s not so

    Joe loves to watch his vets play
    Dreams of another day
    Leaning on his railing in the evening
    Never been awake
    Never seen a game break
    Leaning on is railing in the evening light

    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe it’s not so
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe, it’s not so

    Joe,Joe, Joe
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe it’s not so
    He’s magic, you know
    Never believe, it’s not so

    Here’s is the music (I think) if you don’t recall what song this is…

  207. thinkingblue

    AMY – hey girl how have you been. Hey have you seen the commercials for Christmas time at Disneyland? All the billboards and ads just show the castle looking sooooo beautiful. My daughter keeps begin to go to Disneyland but no can do. If you do happen to go during the Christmas time, please let me know if the castle does look beautiful in person? Yup and I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving aswell. I’m in charged of the mashed potatoes with my in-laws and I’m does that have to do 1/2 & 1/2 with familie. Lucky my family just asked me to show up…it’s tough, but when you get married you have to sacrafice.
    NS – Love the picture you posted of the Giants caps on clearance….LOL!

  208. junkyardjamie

    I think the rule should be no going straight from a Dodger uniform to a Giants uniform and vice versa without a good amount of years in between on another team, preferraby one not in our division ethier.


    I am sure we all hear song lyrics one way that is so far from what they really are. My kids thought “Secret Agent Man” was “Secret Asian Man”, and “Bad Moon on the Rise” was “bathroom on the right”. I saw a web site some time ago that had a bunch of these sort of lyric mixups.

    Northstate, think of it this way: if you get where you are going in one piece it has been a good trip.

  210. northstateblues

    Nelly, great song! The Great Magician never disappoints

    Well, I’m just gonna have to leave a little later than I had planned, since the place doesn’t open til 7am. I planned on leaving at 6, but in NSB time, that’s noon. So now I’ll leave whenever the oil change is done.

    Side note, if you’re ultra paranoid, never look up your house on Google Street View. yipes.

  211. amyw27

    Rose- hello to you too. It’s been awhile I know!!! The Castle during the Holidays is enchanting during the holidays. It’s spectacular. I’m sorry that you wont be able to see it. I’m not sure what days I will be heading down there in December, but I will make it happen. I’m also considering New Years Eve. I’ve done it a few years back and it’s a lot of fun 🙂 I love my Disneyland. I am ready for mommy food. A nice home cooked meal is always good for me.

  212. northstateblues

    Rose, yeah, that clearance made me laugh so hard in the store. so perfect 🙂

    Lbirken, yeah, arriving in one piece is the goal. Just wanted to get there before dark or weather, but it looks like there’s a chance of rain all the way down through Fresno tomorrow, so probably no avoiding that.

  213. amyw27

    NSB- I hope your day gets better. You are coming out our way?!? how cool 🙂
    Tru- Gotta love Tanksgiving. Do you have it with nelly and her family?

  214. northstateblues

    Hey Tru! Glad to see you and the family enjoyed yourselves on Friday 🙂 Hoping to check out a tour sometime so I can see the stuff you don’t get to see on gameday. Must’ve been awesome.

    Amy, my friend Sarah did New Years Eve at Disneyland last year, had a blast. You should totally consider it, though you’ve probably been there, done that before, eh Pop Legend?

  215. trublu4ever

    Ibirken ~ good assessment of the song titles. To this day, it still sounds like “Secret Asian Man”! Dodgereric thought signing Furcal for a 2 + 2 year deal would be safer. I think if we give him a decent deal he’d rather stay in L.A.

  216. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – drive safely please. Did you say you were going to LA area and Barstow, and if so are you going to Barstow or LA area first? Well, it was foggy here this morning (not bad) so maybe it is better you leave a little later. The fog is always worse in Fresno/Visalia/Bakersfield than it is here, and I would think it’s better to drive in the rain rather than the fog.

  217. northstateblues

    Yeah Amy, headed down for a few days. I’m ready for mommy food too 🙂

    I miss SoCal and my hometown a lot, but by the time I leave, it’s usually the right time, heh. what do they say, fish and visitors smell after 3 days. Wonder what happens after 5…

  218. northstateblues

    Nelly, I’m not going through the Grapevine, I’m headed through good ol’ Tehachapi Pass (for which I chug an energy dring at Gen Beale Rd, and have a mouthfull of sunflower seeds for good measure). Plus, I have a GPS now, so that’ll help by not having to be tempted to dig for a map while driving.

    Yeah, I prefer rain driving to fog driving too… forgot it’s that foggy time of year.

  219. junkyardjamie

    Good old highway 58 – boy!! That whole area by Mojave sure has changed. Mojave must be dying without the drive through traffic because at least the freeway still goes through Barstow. It goes completely around Mojave and so out of the way, but I guess that makes it better for Barstow for all those people willing to wait the extra 60+ miles and stop then. We used to stop in Barstow on the way to Las Vegas and Mojave on the way back when it was the old highway.

  220. northstateblues

    I feel bad for Mojave, but I love driving down a 2 lane freeway through what I remember was a a long drive behind 20 cars behind a semi moving at 45mph, heh.

    Yup, that’s Barstow, home of the Big McDonalds

  221. junkyardjamie

    Yeah right!!! I remember those days – not fun at all!!! ….and then only to get stuck waiting for the train. That’s happened to me a few times.

  222. thinkingblue

    NS & AMY – I’ve done Disneyland for New Year’s but my story was not a happy ending. I was young in Jr High and I had gone with my friend’s family. Well she had a little brother. He ended up falling asleep and her parents wanted to head out…so I was pssst of. We left at 11:30 p.m….we couln’t wait the extra half hour for the count down. That day Disneyland was extra crowded. You know how it gets during Fantasmic, you can’t walk, or move but all over the park. Everyone had funny hats on and we all had noise makers. I was so excited….sniff sniff!
    NS do be careful when driving down, fog or rain just be careful.
    TRU – it doesn’t say “Secret Asian Man” lol…having English as my second language, I use to change the words of a lot of the English songs…Like that song by Earth Wind & Fire “Let’s Groove” where it says “Let this grove get you to move, it’s alright…allll right!”…well Lil’ Ms. Rose here would sing it “Different strokes…na na na na…it’s alright, allllright!”

  223. junkyardjamie

    We did McDonalds if it was a morning drive through – Del Taco if it was even close to lunch. My husband loved THAT Del Taco. He likes this one, but it’s not the same. I know we’ve had this discussion before with all the Foster’s Freeze/Dairy Queen talk, didn’t we. We do talk about food alot on here, don’t we?

  224. northstateblues

    Yeah, that’s my stance on non-Barstow Del Taco’s: “I like them, but they’re not the same”. First St., Mountain View, I wasn’t particular. And when I worked at First St., the owner, the guy whose family started the Del Taco company, had a seminar on how to prepare the food the Del Taco way… was definitely an interesting experience (and free fries, I love free fries.

    Now I want Crinkle Cut Fries, heheh.

  225. thinkingblue

    Nelly have you noticed we only talk about food, right before lunch or dinner time….we are hungry so we enjoy talking about food and that is all we want to talk about. I’m starving right now, I still have 1/2 left of work.

  226. northstateblues

    Yeah, I know I”ve made everyone hungry a few times with the Del Taco v. Shelbyville (Taco Bell) conversation… now, all I want is In-n-Out, but we’re having burgers tonight at home, so that’s the next best thing.

    No freshly-made sponge dough, though

  227. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – they do have good crinkle cut fries. The bowling alley I used to bowl at did too, as well as a hamburger stand that is behind my new business, which used to be an A&W ( a real one) when I was little.

    rose – this is what happens when we wait for decisions to be made with the Dodgers, we find other things to talk about, which right now happens to be food.


    I have never had the misfortune to drive in really bad fog like they get on the Grapevine. I did drive once in a driving rainstorm in upstate New York (on the way to Cooperstown) and that was scary. Fortunately, the rain let up after a while.

  229. thinkingblue

    Well I use to take the 215fwy south from Moreno Valley to Temecula and man we use to get really thick thick fog…scary.
    But talking about food sounds really really good to me. But it is time for me to head home.
    Everyone (IBERKEN, DNEL, TRU & NS) have a good night, safe drive, great dinner and hope we wake up to great Dodgers’ news!


    Back to some Dodgertalk. I would probably sign Furcal to a 2 year deal with some options for a longer term deal. However, what seems reasonable to us as fans (or even to some GM’s) is not reasonable to the player. As for decisions, wasn’t Jones signed some time in December last year? Yea, I know no one wants to really wants to remember that and I only bring it up to show we will have plenty to talk about soon. Let’s hope it is happy talk.

  231. northstateblues

    Have a good night Rose 🙂

    I hate fog. The tule fog in NorCal can be scary. The two worst instances I can think of was one when I was driving my gf’s mom back from the airport a few years ago. Could barely see in front of the bumper, and the little fog clouds came at you like ghosts. (“There are 999 ghosts, but we’re always looking for number 1,000” comes to mind when I”m driving in the Tule Fog, Disney infiltrates all)

    The other was my birthday about 4-5 years ago. We were driving to school, it was foggy, and my friend (who was driving) screamed and pulled a u-turn. A woman who was driving a sedan collided head on with a logging truck, and it was a mess, the woman didn’t survive. The logging truck look like it smashed into a brick wall, oil was everywhere and it missed a head-on tree collision by inches. So foggy, when we called 911, we had no idea where we were.

  232. northstateblues

    Happy talk is what I”m looking forward to, Lbirken. I just want to see the team in a position to compete again. These young guns can do it, they have the experience, we just gotta wait for the other pieces to fall in place (and hope that chunks don’t block their road).

    I would love to have Raffy back. Injuries are an issue, but he’s due for at least a few more good years.

  233. junkyardjamie

    This was part of Josh’s post from December 6 – don’t you just love the pending a physical part.

    Ned confirmed just a few minutes ago that the Jones deal is done pending a physical, which will probably be on Tuesday. He explained how this had gained steam from Monday when they arrived and was finalized last night, right before the news broke by the LA writers who were on site here. I was in our suite when it all went down and it’s fair to say that there was quite a buzz of excitement about all of this.

  234. junkyardjamie

    That was the first paragraph of Josh’s post – this is the last paragraph….. remember when?

    From what it seems like by your comments and the various articles I’ve read today, most people see this as a great deal for the Dodgers. Andruw obviously has the power we need (10 straight years of 25-plus homers) and is a Gold Glover (10 times over, two shy of Mays and Clemente’s record). And the bottom line is, this deal seems to have gotten done because Andruw wanted to be a Dodger and that’s a very cool thing to hear.

    If you’re a Dodger fan, I’ve got to imagine today is a very good day. Now it’s back to Los Angeles…


    I know having physicals is a standard part of trades and signings but does anyone recall a situation where the deal was voided because the player did not pass the physical?

  236. junkyardjamie

    Who would’ve thought? We thought this was our answer to Pierre not being in centerfield. What did we know – we were just fans. Pierre really doesn’t seem so bad when you put him up against what Jones did this past year. However, Jones is only with us for one more year, and unless dodgereric’s article he posted becomes reality, we have JP for three.

  237. junkyardjamie

    Here are some of the comments after the post about signing Jones – names are not included for reasons of self-incrimination 🙂

    Ethier and Kemp need to play everyday on the Dodgers. To trade either one of them would be a big mistake. With the signing of Jones, that should put Pierre on the bench, which really isn’t fair to him, either. Please trade Pierre to eliminate the problems associated with not playing him or worse yet, not playing Ethier or Kemp everyday.

    I really don’t think it was necessary to sign Jones for that kind of money, but at least it’s only for two years. That should give Kemp time to develop into the superstar we think he will be and take over CF for years to come. Hopefully that was part of the plan in only signing Jones for two years.

    more to come……


    Nelly, even I wondered at the end of 2007 why the Dodgers did not think Kemp could become the everyday centerfielder. Sure, he had not proven he could hit for the power the Dodgers wanted but there was no doubt in my mind he could do the job defensively. Oh well. Anyway, I am going home. Have a great evening you ITD insomniacs. And again, thanks for the laughs.

  239. junkyardjamie


    if Juan Pierre is your left fielder, you need a new left fielder.

    Ned must have very low expectations. Pierre certainly contributed his share to the Dodgers downfall last year. GET RID OF HIM AT ANY COST. DON’T NEGATE THE POSITIVE MOVE BY PLAYING PIERRE IN LF OR KEEPING HIM ON THE TEAM.

    wow… u really do prefer Pierre over Ethier?
    Ethier has better defense, power, patience, and same BA. Only thing Pierre beats him out on is speed, which is hard to use when you’re never on base.

    I’d like to toss in my 2 cents by joining the chorus to move Juan Pierre.

    The overall theme of that thread was not how happy we were about signing Jones, but now we need to get Pierre traded – hmmmm – sounds like a rerun to me.

  240. junkyardjamie

    good night lbirken!! I think the answer is that Ned didn’t trust his young, soon to be a dynasty, players. …and now we have a manager who feels the same way.

  241. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    24 HOUR’S A DAY
    GIVE US MANNY & CC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  242. junkyardjamie

    More December 6th rewind…….all talk is about Pierre and how he wants and needs to be traded….sounds familiar once again.

    The fans deserve the best product you can put on the field each day. That does not include Pierre. Good guy but not a very good outfield option for us.

    There are probably worse options than Pierre in left, but for the life of me I can’t think of one right now.

    if he;s keeping Pierre looks like we gotta start the Fire Ned campaign again.

    Spanner, hate to tell you. Yea, he is that bad.

    Why is it that Pierre can’t improve his arm after all these years in the pro’s? No one is asking him to suddenly throw 95, but geez, how about 55?

    From what I have seen, Pierre just tries to get rid of the ball fast and flicks it. He is usually throwing going back or off his back leg. Hence the high arc lollipop throws with nothing on them. He needs to use his legs and lower body and throw thru the ball. More power and lower arc.

    We don’t need Joe Crede. Trade Pierre to the Rangers for, Padilla or nothing. We don’t need to get anything for him. Just getting him off the roster makes us a better team. Addition by subtraction.

    If Pierre is better than Ethier, how come we could trade Ethier and get lots of takers and no one will touch Pierre?

    This is great news as it indicates that Ned realizes his huge mistake of signing Pierre. Hopefully, Pierre will request a trade and end our misery..

  243. junkyardjamie

    Thanks Dodger4life!!! We needed that!!!!

    78 days until Spring Training!!!!!
    Until then we will be praying!!!!!
    That the young guns will be playing!!!!!
    Hoping Furcal is staying!!!!
    And CC and Manny Frank is paying!!!!

  244. junkyardjamie

    Yes, thanks enchanted!!!!! “Brandy” from Looking Glass is one of my all time favorite One Hit Wonders. I guess because my dad was in the Navy, and I remember my first trip to San Diego seeing those big Navy ships so the song reminds me of that.

  245. northstateblues

    Without much Dodgers news to talk of, I’ll try to offer something Dodgers-related before I take off for a few hours.

    Here’s the new L.A. Times general poll (on the Dodgers page at the L.A. Times site):

    How important is it for the Dodgers to re-sign Rafael Furcal?

    49.8 %
    Very important. They won’t make the playoffs next season without him.

    24.8 %
    Not a top priority. They can sign someone else just as good, such as Orlando Cabrera.

    2.9 %
    Not important at all. They have shortstops in the minors (Chin-lung Hu, etc) who are ready to start.

    22.5 %
    Furcal? They need to forget him and worry about signing Manny Ramirez or CC Sabathia.

    307 total votes

  246. dodgereric

    Hey ya’ll, good evening! I remembered! While we’re in our Still-Waiting-For-The-Dodgers-To-Do-Something mode,

    LA Times Letters Section December 20, 2003

    Dear Frank McCourt,

    Like many Dodger fans, I waited patiently while nothing happened in the winter meetings. I don’t have a problem in not making a deal if everyone wants the young talent it has taken so long to produce. My problem lies with the non-moves while the great amount of talent in free agency passes by the boards. They don’t cost young talent from your system.

    I hear that you are going to have a payroll ceiling of $84 million or so, if your purchase of the Dodgers goes through. If it’s true, I have two words for you: Don’t bother. As in, “Don’t bother to buy the Dodgers.”

    This isn’t the Montreal Expos or the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s not a small market or low-attendance team. It’s a team with a winning history. It’s the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team has sliced over $30 million off the payroll, but it looks like Vlad, Pudge and all the rest are going to end up somewhere else.

    We had another owner here once who hacked the payroll until the team could no longer compete at all and then moved it to St. Louis. This is starting to look a lot like that one.

    The opportunities are still there. If that payroll stays down where it is, I’m going shopping for Angel’s gear.

  247. dodgereric

    LA Times Letters Section January 17, 2004

    In the Thursday edition of The Times, referring to the owners’ approval of the sale of the Dodgers, Bud Selig is quoted, “We need the Dodgers to be the Dodgers, they’re one of our flagship franchises, but we have to be positive they’ll be operated in a manner that their fans deserve.”

    That’s the best news we Dodger fans have heard in months, because it looks to me that McCourt can’t afford the chalk for the baselines.

    We can only hope that Selig is a more honest man than Pete Rose.

  248. junkyardjamie

    I had no doubts you would forget – LOL!!! Are you going to update that one? – you should. It’s a fantastic letter, but none of them so far have disappointed. The only part you might have to change is the fact that you haven’t bought Angels gear yet, or did you? (jk) 🙂

  249. junkyardjamie

    Hey bluecrewgirl ~ Yes, they are in the early/late evening posts from last night. I figured out how to make an album after the fact – LOL!!

  250. dodgereric

    I’ve never bought any Angel gear. Never say never, but I doubt I ever will. An empty threat, to be sure.

    (This was written after Adrian Beltre signed with Seattle)

    LA Times Letters Section December 18, 2004

    I have news for you, Mr DePodesta and all your “Moneyball” buddies. The music has stopped, and we fans are absolutely left standing without a chair. Why? No Dodger fan is going to agree that Thursday was a great day in Dodger history. The only people admiring you for “fiscal responsibility” and “payroll flexibility” are the McCourts and the rest of the NL West. The only teams that have “payroll flexibility” are the ones at or under .500 each and every year.

    It was 2:10 p.m. on Thursday when I used the money I had saved for Dodger tickets in 2005 for NASCAR seats.

    (That one was true.)

  251. dodgereric

    LA Times Letters Section January 8, 2005

    (I think this was about the Shawn Green trade)

    Dear Mr McCourt,

    As long as you’re ripping out the hearts of Dodger fans, could you at least speed up the process a little and get rid of Eric Gagne a season early? We all know it’s going to happen anyway, and as long as we’re in pain, you may as well get it over with.

    (That one was prophetic)

  252. bluecrewgirl

    Great pics, DNelly! I like the one of you, Russ and Andre. That’s great that your daughter is a convert to our side, lol. She’s very pretty. Was that trublue in the first pic near the dugout? I laughed when I saw the pic you took of the guy in the Pierre jersery. Glad you had fun.

  253. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. Wow!! is all I have to say on that one

    enchanted – random, but hilarious!!! You are very jungarish today – popping in and out with random thoughts, stats, or observances, which is a good thing really.

  254. dodgereric

    LA Times Letters Section September 24, 2005

    (There was a rumor of signing Barry Bonds, and I guess I was still in the same mood.)

    Dear Mr McCourt,

    If – after taking the names off the uniforms and tearing apart a division-winning, chemistry-laden team and replacing it with a losing, injury-prone one – you actually go out and get Barry Bonds, do all of us Dodger fans a favor. Fire Vin Scully. It would complete the total destruction of the team.

    You might as well go all the way.

  255. dodgereric

    LA Times Letters Section November 5, 2005

    Congratulations Frank, on admitting to a mistake and getting rid of Paul DePodesta. It takes a big man to do that. Now take one more giant step – out the door, that is.

    Selling the team is the best way to bring my Dodgers back to respectability. Unfortunately they’re probably not worth as much as they used to be, but we all know who’s to blame for that.

  256. junkyardjamie

    Thanks and yes, that was trublue in the dugout, and I believe my sister is in that picture too – she is sitting on the bench, to the right, trying to get close enough to get a picture with Michael Rosenbaum.

  257. dodgereric

    That concludes my anti-Frank letters, at least the ones I have here. Not long after that I ceased my subscription.

  258. junkyardjamie

    Bluecrewgirl – Mariya (my daughter) even got a picture of Andre given to her by Andre. Some guy walks up and hands him a picture of himself – like he needs another picture of himself. So, Mariya is the next one in line for a picture with them, and he asks her if she would like a picture, and he hands this picture to her. She later gets it autographed. Not only that, she gives Andre a hug and Russell asked her where his was….. she wasn’t even a fan at that point – just wrong I tell you! However, by time she got the autographs she was hooked.

  259. junkyardjamie

    Well, Dodgereric – I think the first one can easily be re-submitted for sure. It’s just as important today as it was then,and the second letter as well. The Dodgers need to be able to be Dodgers. We shouldn’t have to decide between CC and Manny or worry that Furcal may or may not be coming back, and we should be able to send Pierre and Andruw off with their walking papers if they don’t get traded or don’t come to spring training ready to actually compete with two up and coming outfielders who are going to explode this year and the next.

  260. bluecrewgirl

    That’s great. They have that effect on women, lol. What do you think of the rumors the Giants have offered Raffy a contract? I hope they’re not true.

  261. junkyardjamie

    I checked the Giants website earlier today, and there isn’t a mention of them interested in Furcal. They are supposedly signing Edgar Renteria from the Reds.

  262. dodgereric

    I agree, nelly. Frank, how can you be satisfied to have spent so much money with so little to show for it? How can you say Coletti has done a good job? Because we’ve made the playoffs 2 of 3 years? Is that how you measure success? If so, you spent waaaaay too much time in Boston before 2004.

    Now they’re denying:

    “Edgar Renteria’s agent said the report of the shortstop signing a two-year deal with the Giants is completely false.

    Agent Barry Meister confirmed that Renteria and the Giants have been in talks, but he denied that anything is even close to being done. Other suitors for Renteria may not put in official bids until after the Tigers decline to offer him arbitration next month. The Cardinals, for instance, would lose a first-round pick if they signed Renteria now.”

  263. bluecrewgirl

    That’s good. I’ve noticed quite a few articles about the Rays where they mention Andre’s name. They seem to like him, but they can’t have him cause he’s ours. I so hope that Ned keeps our young core together. It’s not just that they’re great players, whiich is the most important thing, they also do the fans and the community proud with all they give back.

  264. junkyardjamie

    …the more and more I read, the more and more I am convinced nobody in media knows what the hell they are talking about in terms of this hot stove season. Just wait until you have it confirmed and have your facts straight – Geez!!!

  265. enchantedbeaver

    This now concludes my regularly scheduled broadcast day.

  266. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – I have read those rumors about the Rays too, but they are from a writer who is thinking like a GM. I guess enchanted could do the same thing – LOL!!!

  267. junkyardjamie

    You can’t go enchanted, you haven’t fulfilled your daily quota of comments yet (jk) Good Night enchanted – short but very funny today – you were great as always, with a song in there as well.

  268. dodgereric

    So, what preceeding the signoff? A standard version of our National Anthem? Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”? Maybe Ray Charles’ “America The Beautiful”?

  269. enchantedbeaver

    You unlock this door with the key of disconbobulation.
    Beyond it is another constipation.
    A constipation of ability.
    A constipation of thought.
    A constipation of mind.
    You’re moving into a land of both Schmidt and Pierre,
    Of Jones and Loaiza.
    You’ve just crossed over into…

  270. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s see what else is on… hmmmm…

    The Frank McCourt Show. Starring Frank McCourt as the sheriff. Jamie McCourt as Aunt Bea, and Ned Colletti as the bumbling GM Barney Fife. Also starring Andruw Jones as O[cow]pie.

    Nah, seen that one too.

  271. junkyardjamie

    Are you kidding me!?! – Ned’s Run again – If you are under the age of 40, you may not be the fit for us – Joe wants old and wise, not young and talented. I mean, if you are going to stick with a 40 year old pitcher, then why not stay with Maddux?

  272. junkyardjamie

    sigh – It still doesn’t sound like we are interested in too much of anything according to that article. I mean if we are not going after the cream of the crop, then play all the kids and let it be a rebuilding year. The kids might surprise us.

  273. bluecrewgirl

    Eric, that article doesn’t make it sound too promising to keep Raffy. DNelly, would be nice if we could move J & J.

  274. Dodger4life

    If we cant trade JP, can we donate him to the Toy’s for Tot’s foundation and write him off? Life size Bobblehead 🙂

  275. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! I think December needs to be “Let Juan Free Month” Last year on December 6/7th we thought he would want a trade, he did and didn’t get it. Maybe this year he will get his wish, and we certainly want him to get his wish this time.

  276. junkyardjamie

    Are you counting down already? That doesn’t seem too far away, really. By the time the holidays are over it will only be 6 weeks away. Are the awards in New York televised?

  277. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric – it is a little sad that the Dodgers can’t get this done the way the Dodger fans deserve it to be done.

  278. dodgereric

    You know, I’m too depressed to go to sleep like this. I’m going to lie to myself now.

    The Dodger brain trust is playing it smart. They’re just waiting for others to set the market. The most important ones – Sabathia, Ramirez, Furcal – are all mentally committed to the Dodgers and are just waiting for us to make our offer. We are such a wonderful organization that everyone will sign for less to play for us. Walter Alston is a great guy to play for. We have our own jet and it’s great to be able to go right to a plane that’s waiting for you.

  279. junkyardjamie

    Well, I still got up early, but not having to be anywhere was very nice. However, cleaning house wasn’t so much fun, except for the sprinkling of ITD throughout the day. That made the day not seem so painful – housework is not my thing – cooking, yes – cleaning, no 🙂

  280. jeanette28

    I spent the day moving my room around and cleaning my closet! took me almost all day! half way though I wanted to just leave it all alone!! lol Once I decide what color I want to paint my room i’ll move it again!

  281. jeanette28

    Not really. lol My sister use to do all the painting around here, but she’s living in Oregon right now. So I have no choice, especially since i’m tired of the yellow paint!

  282. junkyardjamie

    LOL ~ I know – I was just trying to stay with the Happy theme. Dodgereric is depressed over the Dodger management issues.

  283. Dodger4life

    Early Thanskgiving,

    I’m thankful for the 2008 Dodger’s what a ride!!!!!
    Im Thankful for Mr Clutch Manny Ramirez!!!!
    Im thankful Im a Dodger fan 4 Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – it’s okay – Drew kicked butt tonight I guess. 4 touchdown passes – good for him. I do like him. I just wish he hadn’t done that on a day he was on my opponent’s fantasy team.

  285. junkyardjamie

    I.. don’t.. know….. next week I play manfromchina – yikes!!! That’s why I was hoping to win this week. I needed an insurance game. He’s right behind me in the standings because I have lost 4 weeks in a row. Karma came back to bite me in the behind because ever since I declined a trade with him, I have been losing.

  286. junkyardjamie

    I am enjoying it – this was my first year, and, like baseball, I know what to do differently next time. I am glad I am doing as well as I am. There has only been a few weeks where I have lost badly, one being last week, but that person is in first place at 10-1, I think. Fantasy NASCAR is how I started watching Denny Hamlin. I had him and Randy Newman, along with Bill Elliot and Michael Waltrip. It was an automated draft because I didn’t know much about any fantasy stuff back then.

  287. junkyardjamie

    I used to be able to do that – line dance. In Memphis, we would go to the dance hall every week or so with friends – talk about a fun time. That was back when Billy Ray Cyrus, Brooks and Dunn, etc. had some big line dancing songs.

  288. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE OUR DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    24 HOUR’S A DAY
    SPRING TRAINING 77 DAY’S A WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  289. junkyardjamie

    It’s time for bed Dodger4life – don’t you think? As I am listening to Chattahoochee – LOL!!! I used to love that song too – not exactly a restful song – LOL!!!

  290. junkyardjamie

    exactly!!!! I did know how to do both of those – fun dances!!!! I learned the two step and some other couples dances that I can’t remember now.

  291. Dodger4life

    Yeah I reckon, I do have to rake laeves tommorrow 🙂

    Good Night Nelly, God Bless to you and your family, God Bless ITD, and God Bless the Dodger’s.

  292. junkyardjamie

    Good Night Dodger4life – thanks for reminding me how much country music I used to listen too. I still have all of it, and I may have to pick up some of the new stuff now. Take Care and God Bless!!

  293. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  294. trublu4ever

    Good morning, Dodgereric. I’m with you on the theory that we have to do something………NOW. We are going to sit on our wallets and end up with nothing at all.

  295. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

    77 Days until Spring Training
    Dodger Fans will be praying
    The young guns will be playing
    That they and Furcal will be staying
    Manny and CC, Frank will be paying
    And Andruw and JP will be relocating
    77 Days until Spring Training

    Good Morning, Ward Dear and trublu
    Not an article worth waking up to, is it?

  296. dodgereric

    Good morning Tru and June Darlin’!

    We’ve seen how fast Arte Moreno can get things done. If he thinks he’s lost out on Tex (and the BoSox seem to really want him) he won’t wait around for the grass to grow under his feet. He’s always looking for ways to out-do the Dodgers and frequently achieves it.

    So far, the only thing we’ve seen Ned do quickly is make stupid trades and get players when no money is involved. Well, this isn’t one of those times. Every quality free agent has been on the market for a couple of weeks now and so far we’ve made one offer to Manny that everyone knew was window dressing. To be fair, just about everyone else has been playing the same game. It’s been kind of like those bicycle races in the Olympics in the velodromes – the racers wage a guessing game for a while and then one of them goes for it and all hell breaks loose.

    If we’re going to make a fair and serious offer to CC or Manny, let’s do it. The days of players wanting to be in Dodger Blue because of the tradition of excellence are long over. It pains me deeply to say that but it’s true. We have to show some interest and get them to play here. If we don’t, just watch our kids leave when they are eligible.

  297. dodgereric

    Which one, the one from 5 years ago? LOL!!! I guess it still works today, maybe updating the salary figure. Lemme think about it for a sec. Something else is on my mind.

    This looks like something that every knowledgable Dodger fan ought to fear happening, because it’s right up Ned’s alley particularly if/when we lose Furc:
    “Bobby Crosby will be a free agent next winter, and several teams scouted the A’s shortstop near the end of the season, knowing Oakland might look to move him. The Dodgers, Orioles, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Giants are all possibilities. There has been speculation that Oakland might even be willing to pick up some of Crosby’s $5.25 million salary to get a deal done.”

  298. junkyardjamie


    Dodgereric – ethier one 🙂 The first one you posted last night was great too – a combination maybe?

  299. junkyardjamie

    My A’s fan friend hates Bobby Crosby, and would love to see us get stuck with him because she was pissed when we got Manny, and she would call it Karma coming back to bite the Dodgers in the *ss. He is injury prone too.

  300. dodgereric

    So what you two are saying is that it would be a bad thing? I know he went .237/.296/.349 in 2008, but if we could get him for say, half of that $5 mil salary? Cheap is good, right? Construction costs for the green belt are going up don’t cha know?

    SERENITY NOW, SERENITY NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. junkyardjamie

    Those runners aren’t happy runners, are they? ….especially the out of towners….I would hate to be him right now because if he doesn’t do the right thing by the Dodgers, he’s going to have some very pissed off Dodger fans as well, not that most of us are thoroughly pissed now.

  302. enchantedbeaver

    Bobby Crosby: can’t hit, injury prone, and the A’s will pick-up part of his salary – how can Ned resist? – he fits perfectly the prototype Ned acquisition.

    While we’re at it, maybe we can get Bing and Norm.

  303. junkyardjamie

    Sounds like a perfect marriage for Ned, doesn’t it?

    ….and Bobby certainly can’t lead off…. so there is another HUGE problem with acquiring him……Pierre 🙂

  304. northstateblues

    Good Morning ITD!

    I don’t have much against Bobby Crosby. Then again, at the time, I thought Jones and Schmidt were excellent signings, so shows what I know.

    Late start, didn’t get enough sleep, so I slept in a bit. Just saying hi 🙂

  305. junkyardjamie

    Drive safely northstateblues, but have fun – it will make it go faster. Oh, and take the sign, please……

    Good thinking Dodger4life 🙂

  306. northstateblues

    Thanks Dodger4life! Looks like that rain’s hugging the coast, so it’ll be smooth sailing for me.

    Some great Dodger pics I saw on UniWatch (via LIFE magazine’s new online archive at google) I thought I’d share with you all:
    Jackie Robinson playing cards
    Fresco Thompson talking to the Dodgers in 1948 (him and a few in the crowd are wearing the experimental Brooklyn Dodgers satin jerseys they used in night games).
    Pee Wee Reese wrestling with a larger teamate at spring training in Havana, 1942.

    And please Pirates, Don’t give our GM any ideas…:

    “PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Pittsburgh Pirates hope Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel really do have million-dollar arms.

    The two 20-year-old pitchers, neither of whom had picked up a baseball until earlier this year, signed free-agent contracts Monday with the Pirates. They are believed to be the first athletes from India to sign professional baseball contracts outside their country.”

    I’m all for signing international talent… provided that they’ve played the game longer than a few months. But good luck to ’em.

    Alright, now I’m heading out. Have a good day ITD!

  307. junkyardjamie

    …..I personally don’t have anything against Crosby ethier, but he is injury prone. I think for the past two/three years, he’s been on the DL at least once each year – nothing extensive, but still…..too young to be on the DL that often IMO. We haven’t had anyone in our young core on the DL in the last two seasons (unless you believe DY was really on the DL, but he didn’t play on a regular basis ethier).


    nsb, i know those guys! they’ve been working out at the USC Baseball field this whole time.. they’re really nice.. and they definitely have “potential” but we all know potential can go either way.. haha


    yeah dnelly. the same two guys. they’ve been working out hard. basically, they got a “sponsorship” to learn to play baseball.. they really are great guys. i wish them all the best!

  310. junkyardjamie

    They had a picture of them on the Pirates website, and Michael recognized them right away. He said the same thing you did – really great guys, and they talked alot about their families back home.


    if anyone wants to know what we’re talking about.. these two guys from india were sponsored by a contest called the million dollar arm.. the show is trying to find the next big arm among cricket players.. here’s a link:

    the two guys pictured on the homepage wearing USC Baseball caps are the two that northstate pointed out were signed by the pirates. basically at the end of their training, they had a showcase with like 30 scouts.. and these two got signed! congrats to them.. it really is an interesting thing.. and if any of these guys ever really make it to the bigs, you’ll probably see lots more scouts in india at cricket games.. haha

  312. junkyardjamie

    All three of them (my husband, Michael and his coach) were very impressed by both boys. Maybe Steve Garvey will have something to say. His son was at the camp too.

  313. junkyardjamie

    very well – thanks!! We haven’t even announced officially (through advertising) that we are open,and we get sign ups everyday. It’s just word of mouth at this point. We are having a Grand Opening in December. So, are you off this entire week?


    ooh good. word of mouth is always effective..

    no, i had work yesterday.. and i’m at work right now.. but then i’m off for the rest of the week beginning tomorrow..


    it sounds like such a great business venture.. if i lived near you.. i’d want a job!! 🙂

  316. dodgereric

    A lot of people think there are no lyrics to this song, so I wrote some.

    To the Kingsman’s “Louis, Louis”

    “Serenity Now”

    Serenity now, oh no
    Joe gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Serenity now, oh no
    Joe gotta go

    It’s taking too long, it seems to me
    For GM Ned to talk to C.C.
    I understand that it’s lotsa bucks
    But 4 million fans back up the trucks

    Serenity now, oh no
    Ned gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Serenity now, oh no
    Ned gotta go

    For nights and days we’ve failed to see
    Why in the world we signed JP
    And if that weren’t enough for you
    We turned around and then signed Andruw

    Serenity now, oh no
    Juan gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Serenity now, oh no
    Dru gotta go

    Okay, let’s give it to ’em, right now!


    You came along and bought our team
    Without any cash, or so it seemed
    We’re sick of these guys that ain’t costin’
    So just leave now, we ain’t Boston

    Serenity now, oh no
    Frank gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Serenity now, oh no
    Frank gotta go

  317. northstateblues

    Okay… NOW I’m leaving for SoCal, heh…

    Sara and Dnelly: That’s cool you met the players. I hope it works out, always good to get another country into the sport. I just feared that certain GM’s would see it, and start picking people up off the street to sign to large contracts… we can say that wouldn’t happen, but how much of our team’s condition right now (vet-wise) couldn’t have been forseen either.

    Oh, and is it me, or is Yahoo maybe a little optimistic:

    The top five (teams whose ticket prices could fall in these rough times):

    1. Los Angeles Dodgers: Slideshow
    2. New York Yankees: Slideshow
    3. Florida Panthers: Slideshow
    4. New York Mets: Slideshow
    5. Cleveland Cavaliers: Slideshow

    Aricle here:

    And with that, this procrastinator’s gotta run. Have a good day ITD 🙂

  318. amyw27

    Bye NSB- have a great safe trip. Eat some Del Taco for me:)
    Have a happy Thanksgiving too!
    Hello Everyone. Dnel- I’m sure you are still recovering from your trip.
    Eric- great song. awesome as always

  319. enchantedbeaver

    Another outstanding effort Eric!!

    In Samoa, they play cricket with a three-sided bat. (More useless knowledge that I thought I’d share.)

  320. junkyardjamie

    I knew you were up to something good Ward Dear – FABULOUS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

    enchanted – maybe Andruw can use the three-sided bat 🙂

    nsblues – I thought you were leaving, but I guess you finally are know.

  321. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE OUR DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    24 HOUR’S A DAY
    EVERY DAY IS DODGER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. Dodger4life

    The symbol on the “pound ” key (#) is called an octothorpe, on a Dodger keyboard the number under the octothorpe is 25


    Played by Burt Lancaster in the movie (to add more useless information).

    By the way, Eric, thanks for finally telling the world the words to Louie, Louie. I thought it was nothing but dirty words.


    I could have gone at least the rest of the day without a reference to Brintey Spears. There is another joke there but better left unsaid.

  325. dodgereric

    Nah, she’s a NIT-twit.

    You’re welcome, lbirken! I actually found the words to it.

    Here’s the audio link for comparison. The You Tube video has their own set of lyrics, but I think you find that these are the ones:

    Louie Louie, oh no
    Me gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Louie Louie, oh baby
    Me gotta go

    Fine little girl waits for me
    Catch a ship across the sea
    Sail that ship about, all alone
    Never know if I make it home


    Three nights and days I sail the sea
    Think of girl, constantly
    On that ship, I dream she’s there
    I smell the rose in her hair.


    Okay, let’s give it to ’em, right now!


    See Jamaica, the moon above
    It won’t be long, me see me love
    Take her in my arms again
    Tell her I’ll never leave again


    Let’s take it on outa here now
    Let’s go!!

  326. dodgereric

    LMAO!!!! Next to that video is a link to one that says “The True Lyrics to Louie Louie”. Play that one. It’s hilarious!

  327. dodgereric

    Fact: In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

    Reaction: Those Brits are obviously still way ahead of us in some regards.

  328. junkyardjamie

    I know that in India they play cricket with a three-sided bat.
    I know the pound key on the phone is called an octothrope.
    I know that a pregnant fish is called a twit.
    I know that I didn’t know what in the hell the lyrics for “Louie, Louie” were.
    Only on ITD are these things possible

  329. junkyardjamie

    That I did not know, and my girls will like hear that – cool!!!

    ITD is never a waste of time. Anything that makes you laugh this much must be a good thing.

  330. trublu4ever

    Along with the infamous ITD Songbook, we need to publish a handbook of very useful ITD references. Who knows when you may need to use a blessing; a twit; an octothrope; etc.

  331. dodgereric

    You look like a Dodger
    You walk like a Dodger
    You talk like a Dodger
    ITD is wise
    We’re a blessing in disguise
    Oh yes we are
    A blessing in disguise


    Didn’t someone once refer to ITD as a cult? Tell me a cult where you can learn the speaker of the house doesn’t speak?

  333. dodgereric

    Oh yeah, that remark was akin to Edison inventing the light bulb – it led to many new and wonderful things.

    And it was discovered on a space mission that a frog can throw up. I’ll spare you the ugly details (unless you make me tell you).

  334. dodgereric

    You haven’t let me down yet, e!

    The frog throws up it’s stomach first, so the stomach is dangling out of it’s mouth. Then the frog uses it’s forearms to dig out all of the stomach’s contents and then swallows the stomach back down again.


    Seriously, I do remember an ITD critic (not a regular to be sure) did refer to this blog as a cult and as I recall we all thought it was kind of funny.

  336. dodgereric

    Sorry, sorry, only time for one more:

    Cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them; a fully ripened cranberry can be dribbled like a basketball.


    Nothing gets by you, eh Eric? I don’t know why but when I looked at that video thoughts of the Dodger front office came into my mind.

  338. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear/Dodgereric – I did know about the cranberries, and the frog story I could have done without – that’s just gross!!!! I guess I should thank enchanted for making you give us the details, eventhough I am sure you would have given us the details anyway 🙂

  339. sparkleplenty_1

    That makes him too young to be a Dodger. The “new” vets have to be over 40!!! If you don’t believe me, ask Ned. (j/k)

  340. sparkleplenty_1

    Let’s just hope this is a rumor . . . although Pettitte and Joe do have a relationship. Yes, we need pitching, but this is like buying a retread when you need a new tire.

  341. enchantedbeaver

    Peter, Paul & Mary – Lemon Tree. If you’ve forgotten the song (or if you’re really young) here’s the tune:

    F A TREE
    When Ned was just a lad of ten, his father said to he,
    “Come here and take a lesson from the F A pool you see.”
    “Don’t put your faith in stats my boy” his father say to he,
    “I fear you’ll find that facts aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be.”
    Andruw Jones barely hitty, and the bucks per bomb not free
    but you’ll pay 36 million for a golf ball on his knee.
    Andruw Jones he’s just schiddy, back to At-lan-ta he flee
    but the truth as we all know it, still can’t hit it off a tee.
    One day a couple years ago, a fielder he did need
    Would youth be served, a learning curve for our ol’ Ned to heed?
    Youth be damned, a vet’ran’s grand he thought for just a fee,
    And in the end he took it again for all the world to see.
    Juan Pierre very speedy and his batting av’rage was neat
    but inside of two seasons he was asked to take a seat.
    Juan Pierre rag armed pity, didn’t matter that he’s fleet,
    can’t steal first so he just sits now cause his OBP ain’t sweet.
    Now we’re here in need again, a pitcher two or three.
    There’s CC, Sheets and AJ too that we would like to see.
    But in his head, these words again taken to heart by thee
    Stats and facts are lost my friend on ponderous fools like he.
    A. Pettitte’s very pretty and his pitching once was sweet
    but the guys all but done for, don’t need him for a repeat.
    A. Pettitte he’s still gritty and he’s thirty-six it’s true
    but his best days are behind him, we don’t need another screw.

    Artist: Bitter Harvest
    CD: Don’t Do It
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2008

    NedCo – What’s new? – We don’t know.™

  342. junkyardjamie

    Okay – did you already know about Pettitte or did you just add that last part? – you are amazing ethier way but just curious about how fast your mind is really working.

  343. junkyardjamie

    diggie – I would hope the question mark at the end of the title of that article is a sign that this is just another possibility without any real facts to back it up at this time.


    okay, so backtracking.. someone said earlier that a three-sided bat might help andruw.. but i’m not sure how that would be since a round bat is ALL-SIDED, how would only limiting him to three sides make him better? not that he really could be any worse than he is.. i’m just over-analyzing it.. haha

  345. junkyardjamie

    Maybe we need a visual to see what the bat looks like so we can make a proper judgement if we think it can help Andruw 🙂 Right, sara like any bat is going to help. What were we thinking…..really.


    probably both.. haha

    actually, i have a picture from last halloween where this guy was wearing a costume that was a large gorilla in a pink tutu.. can we make that andruw’s roster picture? haha..

  347. junkyardjamie

    I dissected frog too, but that fact was absolutely gross!!! Then again, Andruw in a tutu gives me the same feeling, just gross. LOL!!!

  348. trublu4ever

    I enjoyed dissecting my frog in school! The earthworm wasn’t as exciting but, we got to dissect little pigs and that was a bit much.

  349. Dodger4life

    But after Andruwish Princess demanded to go home (to Atlanta) and North giving him his name. Dorothy From the Wizard Of Oz, clicking her heel’s 3 times came to mind .Maybe we will get lucky and a tornado will sweep him away….:)


    eww.. dissecting anything was gross. it was mostly the smell that bothered me.. such a disgusting smell..

  351. Dodger4life

    Andruw could give Dumbo a piggyback ride and They could fly to NeverNeverLand that way Save a Dumbo Ride an Andruw!

  352. trublu4ever

    Now, they are saying the Dodgers, seemingly unlikely to sign Furcal are interested in Jack Wilson, of the Pirates. The asking price may be too steep……they want Hu and 2 prospects in return.


    i will be SSSOOOOOOOOO devastated if we lose out on raffy. i say NO to trading for jack wilson as i always have said.. i would be open to offering izturis a one or two year deal to give hu and dejesus time to grow.. but obviously, i would like them to try harder to sign raffy..

  354. junkyardjamie


    Maybe Tinkerbell can sprinkle him with her fairy dust, and he can just fly home on his own – NAH!!! I wouldn’t put Tinkerbell through that 🙂

  355. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! It makes me happy just listening to Harry Connick Jr.’s voice – I have his Christmas albums – just awesome!!!!

  356. junkyardjamie

    I like that one too – “Toes” is pretty funny too. My sister-in-law is the one who asked what I was drinking. She and my brother live in LaQuinta (Palm Springs area). All of Dodgereric’s useless trivia has hit facebook now – LOL!!!!!

  357. Dodger4life

    Nawlins~Ill drink to that, Bottoms up everyone 🙂

    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LIFE IS GOOD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. Dodger4life

    I did’nt make it to the French Quarter when I was there. I was looking foward to it but we headed home too soon.

  359. Dodger4life

    My friend Dan, His dad has season tickets to the Saints and said we could use them. But Dan’s wife was here in Boise, and he had been gone for a while. So we drove 32 hours straight from Nawlins to Evanston Wyoming not the trip I had planned. It was still fun driving around in his brand new dump truck working for FEMA.

  360. junkyardjamie

    Wow!! 32 hours!! When we were coming back from Memphis to California, we did that trip in 28 hours. I can’t do that stuff anymore. The longest since then was from here to Dallas – we did 8-10 hour shifts and just stopped. That was fun because we didn’t really know where would end up.

  361. Dodger4life

    Dan did all the driving too. Scariest ride of my life… He let me drive for about a half hour, but said I was going too slow. lol!!

  362. junkyardjamie

    My husband heard about the Pettitte rumor – that means it really is out there. He just got home, and that was the talk at the baseball academy. Also, Fuentes ( our hometown boy) is being looked at by the Mets. The rumor here is he is ethier going to the Angels or the Mets.

  363. Dodger4life

    We need a Winner, we dont have much else these day’s. Give Us The Championship, anything else is Fried Ice Cream…

  364. junkyardjamie

    Oh no!!……..he’s back!!!!!! Good Evening Ward Dear… I see you picked up right where you left off – useless trivia that makes you say hmmmm!

  365. junkyardjamie

    ….that’s a good reason for a divorce.

    So, has today’s Dodger news just sent you into depths so deep you can only talk in useless trivia now?

  366. dodgereric

    A male mantis cannot mate with a female mantis with its head attached, so when they mate the female mantis has to chop the male mantis’ head off.

  367. dodgereric

    “Sixth Sick Sheik’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick” is one of the hardest sentences to pronounce in the English language.

  368. junkyardjamie

    I knew about the bugs – isn’t that a pleasant thought? Does that mean we eat less because we require less sleep?

  369. dodgereric

    The Pentagon in Arlington, VA, has twice as many bathrooms as necessary. When it was built in the 1940’s, the state of Virginia still had segregation laws requiring separate toilet facilities for blacks and whites.

  370. dodgereric

    The expression getting someone’s goat is based on the custom of keeping a goat in the stable with a racehorse as the horse’s companion. The goat becomes a settling influence on the thoroughbred. If you owned a competing horse and were not above some dirty business, you could steal your rival’s goat (seriously, it’s been done) to upset the other horse and make it run a poor race. From goats and horses it was linguistically extended to people: in order to upset someone, get their goat.

  371. dodgereric

    I know why a marathon is 26 miles and 285 yards (they lengthened it so that the British Royals could see the finish up close in 1908), but how did they arrive at this distance?

    When playing competitive darts the player must be 7 feet 9 1/4 inches back from the dartboard.

  372. junkyardjamie

    In the stories I read in the class “Junie B. Jones” she takes all the things adults say literally, and that was one of them. For two chapters in one story, she was convinced she was getting a goat for a gift.

  373. dodgereric

    Kermit the Frog was named after Kermit Scott, a childhood friend of creator Jim Henson, who became a professor of philosophy at Purdue University.

  374. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! I guess Steven Tyler could never pass for a lady even though he has long hair.

    Is your brother agitated now? LMAO!!!!


    All the money you made won’t buy back your soul.


    Dodgers owner McCourt speaks on Manny
    9:04 PM Tue, Nov 25, 2008
    Citing the unpredictable state of the economy, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt hinted today that the team would be reluctant to sweeten the two-year contract offer that would have instantly given Manny Ramirez the second highest annual salary in the game.

    He said that the ball was “100 percent” in the court of Ramirez and his agent, Scott Boras, who have not given much of a response to the offer that has since been pulled off the table.

    “There’s nothing that’s gotten better in the economy since that time,” McCourt said. “You can interpret that how you like.”

    McCourt, speaking after a press conference announcing his charity’s commitment to helping build 42 additional baseball fields for children, said the offer Ramirez received at the general managers meetings earlier this month was an attempt at getting a deal done while the team still had exclusive negotiating rights.

    “We made what I consider an aggressive offer, particularly in light of the economy,” McCourt said. “We were hoping to get something done quickly. That didn’t happen. We’ll continue to make decisions in the best interest of the club both short-term and long-term.”

    And now, the economy is becoming even more of a factor in the decision-making process.

    “It’s not so much what we can and can’t do so much as it affecting what’s appropriate,” McCourt said. “I don’t think anyone knows. I feel things are a little different. We need to review or priorities a little bit.”

    The Dodgers’ payroll for next season has yet to be set, with McCourt explaining that it was important to maintain flexibility during an economic downturn

    “We don’t have a crystal ball,” McCourt said. “I’m not smart enough to tell you how it’s going to play out. Ned (Colletti) would love President-elect Obama to tell him exactly what’s going to happen so I can in turn.”

  376. Dodger4life

    If the economy is affecting your decision makeing. Are you going to lower ticket prices? Let us park for free? I think not, that is Fried Ice Cream. We Want A Winner in any economy. Keep the Fried Ice Cream and enjoy!!!!!!!

  377. junkyardjamie


  378. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear…. it’s time to use WAM (What a Moron!!) This is absolutely ridiculous that he is turning it around to make the fans feel guilty for wanting a winning team over ball fields for kids. jhall isn’t here to say it so I will say it for him – un****ing believeable!!!!!

  379. Dodger4life

    F. McCourt ~ as in Fried Ice Cream McCourt

    J. McCourt~ as in Just stand there and look pretty McCourt

    Give us a break,

  380. junkyardjamie

    Doesn’t he realize the other teams don’t seem to care how the economy is going. The Yankees and Angels don’t seem to mind one bit.

  381. junkyardjamie

    This really bugs me that he is using heartstrings to get what he wants – to go cheap. He’s got us in a catch 22 – we say we want a team, we are ruthless, we say we want the fields, the Dodger young guns waste away on a team who is going nowhere.


    Meanwhile the Angels are dangling mega cash to either of the best two FA’s available and were back-peddling. And for me, I smelt a rat the time they failed to sign Vlade. I admit, I have been irritated with the McCourts from that day.Each day my case vs them grows stronger.

  383. junkyardjamie

    Wait until enchanted reads that article,not to mention a few others. They are going to come unglued. I am really disgusted at the tactic to be honest – using guilty feelings to go cheap.

  384. dodgereric

    I just sent it off. I need to go to bed, but my adrenaline levels are through the roof. Anyway, here it is:

    So Frank and Jamie McCourt have a question for us Dodger fans, hmm? The thinly-veiled question is this: “When we cheap out and don’t sign any big-time free agents, how can you possibly call us cheap without feeling guilty now that we’ve done a very public charitable thing (for kids, nonetheless), complete with a press conference?”

    Of all the nerve! The timing of this is preposterous! Just when the Hot Stove League is about to explode, they come out with this! Your question is nothing but a big diversion. You’re setting us up for losing Rafael Furcal and Manny Ramirez and not getting CC Sabathia. We’re being primed to get a creaky Andy Pettitte and a creakier Randy Johnson and a used-up Edgar Renteria or a worthless Bobby Crosby and we’re going to be told that you’re heroes because you’re “holding the line on extravagance”. I have a question of my own.

    Why won’t you please sell my Dodgers and get back to Boston where you belong? Leave. Depart. Go away and never come back.

  385. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric – Fantastic letter —– This really, really sucks!!! I don’t think anyone saw this coming, well I think jungar did. I can’t believe they are using kids as a way of not spending money – unbelieveable!!!! I am really upset about this – the tactic and the timing.

  386. Dodger4life

    If you win we will come there, will be more money for even more ballparks. Basically your saying your not a winner, or even worse we are all loser’s.

  387. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – We came so close last year, and to think he is just going to throw away any chance of the same or better. I am not saying we can’t do it with the players we do get and have, but come on…… we are the Dodgers – We are supposed to shine…..always!!!!!!!

  388. junkyardjamie

    ….it sounds like all the pressure is going to be on our young players. He is saying they are going to have to step up now………they have been doing nothing but stepping up. It’s the veteran leaders who have not been stepping up – Jones, Pierre, to name a few..

  389. Dodger4life

    He is a pregnant goldfish, I believe that we have good player’s but when the nation is in turmoil, we will rally behind our winner’s, and Frank is looking for a golden parachute so to speak. He knows he cant win at this game.

    Andruw wants to finish his carrer in Atlanta which means this is his last year. He isnt going to be in shape for anything but a trip to Baskin Robbins.

  390. junkyardjamie

    If he wants to play that game, then just bring up all the kids and let this be a rebuilding year. I rather trust a young kid who is going to give 110% just to be on the field at Dodger Stadium than to a maybe vet whose motives/past will always be in question.

  391. kpookiemon

    “Ned Colletti here. I gotta tell ya, the heats on. Before I was just a buffoon, but then I got all these kudos for getting Manny…well, it’s tough, you know? I’m under the microscope, all the other GMs laughing their ***** off while I try not to bungle this thing. We all knew Manny just fell into our lap but, hey, the ride was wild while it lasted, right? But we got some things in fire. Don’t you worry about that. Mr. McCourt is dedicated to bringing a winner to Los Angeles. So we’ll see…………………..”

  392. Dodger4life

    We cant win with a Triple A team, sure I am all for our youngsters and letting them shine but We are not the Mariners. This is LA everybody comes to Hollywood!!!

    We must Win year after year , or at least give the real fans some indication we have the mindset to win. This mindset is Idiotic at best.

  393. junkyardjamie

    ……I know….but if we don’t go top notch, won’t we still be triple A? We will just be a triple A team with 40 year old vets instead. We deserve Manny or CC, and our young guns deserve Manny or CC.

  394. junkyardjamie


  395. Dodger4life

    We need to be liquid in hard times.
    Manny and CC and all the young guns. Championship Banners, World Series rings and everybody in America saying “Love them or hate them that Frank McCourt sure knows how to get it done.” Year After Year. Hail Stienbrenner Love him or Hate him he sure knows how to get it done!

  396. Dodger4life


    OH HOOCHI MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. Dodger4life

    Stienbrenner wanted the Indians, but could’nt get them.
    But he was’nt a big WEINIE and look at the Yankees now….

  398. junkyardjamie

    Well, this weinie needs to figure this out, or he is going to have some majorly pissed off fans, Dream Fields or not.

  399. junkyardjamie

    You need to go to bed. It’s 3:16 in Idaho (like John 3:16 🙂
    Good Night dodger4life – a pleasure as always. Eventhough our day ended in a sour note due to that article, all in all it was a really good, fun, LMAO day. Take care and God Bless!! See you tomorrow sometime I’m sure..

    Ward Dear, eventhough you are probably in bed…..God Bless to you too. Great job on the letter!!!

  400. Dodger4life

    Good Night Nelly, God Bless You And your Family, God bless Us All.

    I still love our Dodger’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dont be A weinie Frank Be a legacy in blue. God Bless The McCourts Amen.

  401. junkyardjamie

    Good night again 🙂 LMAO!!!! It’s a little hard trying to get to bed when you are laughing all the time ….. LOL!!!!

  402. enchantedbeaver

    The thing with Frank and his “economy” thing is that its a self-fulfilling prophecy – he puts forth a crappy product so more and more fans DO stay home, then he can say to all, “I told you so. I told you we had to be ultra conservative in this economy because people wouldn’t come.” Then he can pat himself on the back in a self-congratulatory manner.

    I also think his words just burned all his bridges to re-signing Manny.

    Hell Frank, let’s go all kids this next season. You want a cheap team, go as cheap as you can – it won’t be any different than acquiring a few has-been FAs for millions you don’t need to spend. Then it won’t matter if you only draw 2 million fans, you’ll still make a profit.

    Then do us all a favor and SELL THE TEAM.

  403. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ it was so depressing reading all that crap Frank was spewing. Every other team is willing to spend the money. We should be too. After all, we are the DODGERS!!! I think McCourt is a twit!!!

  404. Dodger4life

    I commend the Dodger organization for thier charitable donations. That is a noble and heartwarming gesture. It will provide opportunities that woud’nt normally be there. I also commend the McCourts for saying that the Dodger’s will be here long after all of us are gone, God willing. You ask us if we have a problem with paying a superstar 30 million dollars, in these difficult times. I personally have a problem with it in at any time. Those kid’s that will be using
    the 50 baseball field’s are playing a game handed down from father to son, and or daughter. This is what draws us to our favorite ballpark. The owners have seen profits soar over the years, the players union keeps demanding a bigger piece of the pie, and agents manipulate the players and thier situation. The simple fact is that as we may be losing our jobs and things are getting harder to come by, we will allways have a need for something to bielive in and cherish. We will also have a need to feel like a winner. Yes guaranteed contracts are absurd in my opinion. Why should anybody get paid for underperforming, but that is a done deal for the upcoming season and without a depression or another strike wont change. Giving all these children hope and a place to dream is a woderful thing and will produce many more generations of fans,but as these children dream they dream of bieng winners and it is only fair to do our very best to make those dreams come true. The people of LA will allways support there beloved Dodgers, just like comfort food this what we love it is what our fathers loved and should be what our children love. If we dont pay the money for a superstar or two someone else will. It wont be some small market team will it. Please let us all achieve our dreams to be a winner.

  405. dodgereric

    Fire Frank
    Fire the gal who married Frank
    Fire the guy who sold the Dodgers to Frank
    Fire the guy who allowed Frank to buy the Dodgers in the first place

  406. enchantedbeaver

    I know I’ve been giving tremendous grief to Ned lately in song, but its becomming abundantly clear that Frank’s tying his hands and feet and throwing him in the water with the sharks.

    We should’ve taken heed when they acquired Berroa, Blake and Manny for NO MONEY, and gave up prospects we could’ve used now. In the end, those moves will be another instance of Frank shooting himself in the foot – we didn’t win anything and now we’re out a 3Bman, reliever and the top prospect in baseball.

    Nice going.

  407. dodgereric

    Let’s say no one offers Manny a contract any better than McCheap has already done. Let’s say that the Yankees withdraw their offer to Sabathia and no one offers Tex a deal that even goes to 5 years, let alone 10. Let’s say that all the owners say that the current economy is not allowing them to continue the ridiculous upward spiral of salaries and long term guaranteed contracts.

    What would the over/under be for the number of minutes it would take for the Major League Baseball Players Association to file collusion charges?

  408. trublu4ever

    I think it would be refreshing for the owners to do just that, Dodgereric. But, if the owners are crying about the economy and don’t put a decent team on the field, their gate will suffer. If Frank can charge up to $90 for a ST game, he’s not that concerned about the fans that would be in attendance. I think he’d be able to sign one big time player instead of throwing more money away on Pettitte and/or Johnson.

  409. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

    enchanted – very well said my friend

    trublu – he is not a twit. He is a pregnant gold fish 🙂

    dodger4life – you didn’t sleep, did you? That post was fabulous!!!!!

    Dear Mr. McCourt,
    The more and more I think about what you said, the more infuriated I get. Our economy was not good at the end of last season. Gas prices were about to reach $5 a gallon, people were (and still are) losing their homes because they couldn’t afford to live in them anymore, the stock market was on a roller coaster ride of it’s own, and yet, the Dodgers managed to sell out every home game from August 1st until the very last game the ended in post season play. Those same people are still going to be there in 2009 if you put out the team that we (for those two/three months) longed to see.

    It’s all great you want to help kids. If you really want to help kids, then put books in their hands so they can all learn to read. Walk into a classroom for more than 5 minutes (if you even do that) and read to those kids. Those same kids will make their own ball parks, just like we did when we were kids from the front yards to the drive ways to the local neigborhood schools. The reason why they will make their own ball parks because their family or their teacher puts the love of baseball into their hearts. If you walk into a classroom and spend time with kids rather than buy them off by building them fields, they will remember that day, and they will remember you as being a member of this beloved Dodger team. So, the next time their family turns on a baseball game, they will remember the Dodgers, and maybe even go to a game or two in their life time. Or just maybe, they will become such big fans, that they will buy season tickets one day just because you did that one thing and walked into their classroom.

    Believe me, Mr. McCourt, they will remember baseball and the time you spent with them rather then the money you spent on them. How do I know this? I live it every day of my teaching life in my first grade classroom. I have managed to make Dodger fans, in Central California no less, just because I simply talk about it, and I spend time making them enjoy watching the game. We have yet to step foot on a baseball field as a class, but they have been exposed to every aspect of the game, and then some. They love this Dodger team and it’s players, and when they grow up, they will remember this year in their young lives because of time I, their family, and my Dodger friends (Eric – thanks!) spent just talking about it.

    I really am very disappointed that you would use kids as a ploy to make us feel guilty for not wanting what Dodger fans deserve. Dodger fans will always be there to support a winning team. You mentioned in your video interview that the young players need to start stepping up. They have been stepping up for 2-3 seasons now. It’s the veterans players who have been the disappointment. The fans have been short changed in the FA department for too long now, and we, as fans, deserve top notch FAs. We got a taste of that in Manny. We know the young players are do to explode, but they themselves deserve a winning team. If you don’t give them a winning team, they, I guarantee you, will find homes of winning teams. They have a taste of what a winning team can do, and if you don’t give them that taste again, they are going to find it elsewhere. Those young players (Martin, Ethier, Loney, Kemp and DeWitt) are wanted commodities right now. May I remind you nobody is giving Pierre and Andruw a look at all. So, unless you give them what they deserve, the ones that can, will find a winning home, and those they can’t yet, will as soon as they can.

    Frank – spend money on the Dodgers and spend time with the kids, and both the Dodger Fans and the kids will be very, very happy.

  410. junkyardjamie

    He is just like the people in our state education system. They think by pooring money into program they are going to fix the problem. The problem with that is that they have never stepped foot in a classroom and asked what the teachers and students want. Then when the program doesn’t work, we get the blame for it not working.

    This is the same thing, Frank acted and poored money into a system (ball parks) without asking what the fans and kids wanted. The system (the team) will fail, and they will get all the blame.

  411. Luke Goddard

    My favorite line in this blog was, “I’ll keep you guys posted as I hear more news, but I guess if you’re going to break your leg and you’re a baseball player, November is the right time to do it.” Hilarious.

    Also, I’m sorry Andruw Jones didn’t work out for you.

  412. Luke Goddard

    My favorite line of this blog: “I’ll keep you guys posted as I hear more news, but I guess if you’re going to break your leg and you’re a baseball player, November is the right time to do it.”

    Also, sorry that Andruw Jones didn’t work out for you. That was pitiful.

    Check me out sometime.

  413. Dodger4life

    Nelly~You Go Girl, simply outstanding!!!!

    I will sleep better now, talk to you later.

    DodgerEric ~ Minutes if not seconds, also magnifecent!!!!!

  414. junkyardjamie

    Thanks – now get some sleep!!!!! LOL!!!!

    cynical – no, I will be a Dodger fan regardless
    critcal – yes, I don’t like being told that if I don’t want kids to have 50 ball parks I must not like helping kids. Those ballparks don’t benefit my kids. I don’t live in So-Cal, nor will it benefit the thousands of other future Dodger fans (kids) because their parents don’t live in So-Cal either. I think Frank is forgetting there are fans out here that don’t live in So-Cal, or even this state or country for that matter.

  415. junkyardjamie

    ….one more thought before I go out for errands. In a few years when those kids are playing on those ballparks, they aren’t going to care who built them, they are going to become Angels fans because they will have a winning team again and again and again. Why, because they are spending the money on their team, not building ball parks.

  416. enchantedbeaver

    As a businessman, the age-old adage is true – you have to re-invest money back into your company/product. You can only live off your company’s name and goodwill for so long before it starts to decline.

    If memory serves, I read an article that in 2007, ML baseball generated over $6 billion in revenues. That’s $200 mil per club on average, but figuring the big market clubs make half again more, that would mean that a team like the Dodgers should gross $300 mil. Even factoring in yearly losses on bum players, the payroll still is only around $120 mil. Surely it couldn’t take the other $180 mil to run the rest of the organization without making a profit.

    As we sit here now, our current payroll is around $58 mil, say $65 when Dre and Russ get their arbitration. That’s barely even mid-level franchise. One of two things has to happen: 1. either increase the payroll and acquire players to what an elite franchise should be, or 2. reduce the ticket prices and parking to what a mid-level franchise should be.

    Cynical no. Realist, yes.

  417. dodgereric

    Cynical: adjective: believing the worst of human nature and motives; having a sneering disbelief in e.g. selflessness of others

    Speaking for myself, I don’t think that I “believe the worst of human nature and motives”. It probably seems that way to someone who only knows me through selected postings here. That’s understandable, but you have to remember that this is where I come to vent.

    I also don’t believe that I “have a sneering disbelief in the selflessness of others.” In fact I know I do not. I’ve worked with too many people for too many years in youth baseball and youth hockey and school boards and service organizations and the Boy Scouts who are so selfless that they inspire me every day. What I do have is a sneering disbelief in the selflessness of Frank McCourt and I think I have a right to feel that way.

    I don’t know how much money the O’Malleys gave to the community. I don’t really care. It’s their business and no one elses. But it’s always been my impression as a 50-year fan of the Dodgers that they were committed to the Dodgers and their success. Granted, it’s a different world now and I could also be 100% wrong.

    I don’t trust McCourt. I haven’t since his name surfaced as a potential owner who wanted to buy the team with everyone’s money but his own. Nothing I’ve seen since has convinced me otherwise. I’m still waiting for the condos to go up in Chavez Ravine. If he was truly committed to getting the Dodgers to the World Series and winning it, he wouldn’t be investing time and money in the LA Marathon, would he? Goodness knows how many other things he’s investing in that have nothing to do with the Dodgers’ success. He’s a real estate guy. He’s interested in his own success. Nothing wrong with that, it’s the American Way. Just stop lying to us about it. Stop letting little bits of info out that “we’re interested in Sabathia, etc” when you’ve no real intention of signing him or anyone else that will really cost big money. Withdrawing the offer to Manny most likely had more to do with the fact that no one else was offering anything and he was afraid Boras would say, “we’ll take it”. Ms McCourt said as much yesterday when she revealed the lesson learned in the Andruw Jones and Jason Schmidt fiascos. Guaranteed contract are evil. Well, when you make tons of money with relatively undersalaried players, is that evil too? It works both ways, IMO.

    June Darlin’ was right about a lot of things in her letter to McCourt. The time and effort you spend with kids is what they remember and will value. Throwing money at problems is just a way to avoid having to spend the time. “Here kid, here’s a twenty. Go to the movies.” I grew up without any manicured fields and managed to cultivate a love of the game that will last until the day I die. We played anywhere we could. School yards. Vacant lots. In the streets. In back yards. We drilled holes in baseballs and fed ropes through them so their flight was limited. We had fun. We had nothing given to us. That’s one of the things wrong with the world today.

    My father raised me to value things. I the last bike I was given had three wheels. Everything else I ever wanted I had to work for and save for and you can be damned sure that I locked up that bike and used the kickstand and kept it clean and working because I VALUED it. I knew I wasn’t going to get another one if it got stolen or damaged so I took care of it. Most of my sons’ friends have things replaced by their parents so fast it makes your head spin. And your stomach turn.

    As enchanted says, just tell us if you don’t want to spend the big money. Be honest about it. Tell us that you want to bring up the kids and let them all play. If we don’t want to pay the big increases in ticket and parking to watch, then we won’t. That’s our right. Just be honest about it and for goodness sake, stop using charity to inflict guilt. That’s really insulting, not to mention pathetic.

  418. aeversw

    I just read the article again. I am so enraged.***** the McCourts. Frank is just trying to get everyone ready for the inevitable. We aren’t going to sign Manny or any other player that will be an impact player. Frank is banking on the fans turning out next year because he is obviously trying to reduce payroll so he can make some money. There were money issues with McCourt before he even bought the team and they are happening again. The Dodgers will never win a World Series with the McCourts as the owners. Please Frank, sell the team. You will save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a complete moron and you will save us fans the embarrassment of having to watch our beloved organization go down the drain.

  419. aeversw

    Would Dodgers fans react negatively if the team were to pay big money to free agents when the nation’s economy is in sharp decline and many Americans are losing their jobs?

    That question was asked in the article. I have a better question that should have been asked…Would Dodger fans react negatively if the team were to raise ticket, parking and concession prices while the team owner wants to buy the LA Marathon, build youth baseball fields and not pursue impact free agents?

    When it comes to signing Manny Frank asked “What about the children?” Why wasn’t he asking that when we were about to sign Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones?

  420. 636566cy

    I feel sorry for the person in the PR department who suggested the McCourts use this line of reasoning to try to get the fans on their side. That person probably won’t be having a very happy holiday season…yikes!


    Man-McCourt is going cheap on us!! We need to tak the momentum of last year and go forward. We’re on the brink of being the best tam in the NL!!!!! If he keeps penny pinching like this, he will never lure any top FA’s. He got Blake and Manny for free!!! What else does he want……can’t stand the man!!

  422. aeversw

    I’m sure no one tried to convince McCourt that this kind of reasoning was bad. He probably just surrounds himself with Yes Men.


    It’s always about the Money with frank. Like I say for people so worried about bad PR they are the BAD PR.

    Arte Moreno has come out and said basically we are getting CC or Tex and if we cant get them (not for lack of money or effort but player choice) we will get Manny…And Frank is creating bad PR. Just shut the heck up.

    You dug this grave Frank. You hired people who went the veteran way. You paid Nomar 20 million and we had better young guys. Gonzales, Pierre, Jones, Schmidt. etc..I wont run down the long list we all know by heart. But it goes back to Bill Mueller. Danny baez. etc…

    You dug this grave by not trading those 20 or so prospects for anyone wearing a blue uniform today. All those bad trade. All those “stocks” gone.

    Now we have a team full of holes. And you have to pay or we will be medicore, again.

    We could have that cheap, very talented team you want and be in a great spot to sign CC or not even have to sign anyone but you and your people ****** it up.

    And now you whine in the press. And we have to pay by being embarrased to be a fan of a team with owners who could be in a bad movie and with a team no closer to winning a WS now then we were 21 years ago.

  424. dodgereric

    1 – I’m proud of all you guys

    2 – McCourt’s son Drew is the Dodgers director of marketing.

    3 – 2009

    Pierre LF
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Lowell 3B
    Martin C
    DeWitt 3B
    Berroa SS
    Pettitte SP
    Hoffmann RP


    Perception and reality.

    You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned the Dodgers, the only team that is known to have made a contract proposal offer to Ramirez. The Dodgers also should be a favorite for Sabathia, offering him — like the Giants — the chance not only to play on the West Coast, but also the National League.

    Well, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, Dodgers president Jamie McCourt wondered aloud about whether it would be “a little weird” to sign big-money free agents while the nation’s economy is reeling.

    McCourt also said that the free-agent game would be more tolerable if the players’ contracts were not guaranteed — an antiquated point of view that is certain to draw ridicule, no matter how much clubs wish it were true.

    McCourt’s husband, owner Frank McCourt, indicated that the club will not raise its offer to Ramirez. The Dodgers have given no indication they will be a serious player for Sabathia. No wonder agents are again questioning the Dodgers’ willingness to spend big.

    The Dodgers still could sign a lesser free-agent bat, trade for Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano and piece together thei