Camelback Ranch

We just put a news release that announced the name of our Spring Training complex and it’s Camelback Ranch. You can read the whole thing here and check out a recent aerial photo here:
Camelback Ranch aerial.pdf.

And, I’m actually very glad that a few of you asked about ticket pricing at Camelback Ranch, as I think that it has been portrayed extremely inaccurately by the media that has written about it so far. Yes, there are seats there that cost $90 and they are the equivalent of the Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium – all inclusive with your parking, food, a promotional item, etc. But the key thing to remember is – much like the Dugout Club, there are only about 600 of them in the stadium. That’s just over four percent of the ballpark.

The dropoff then goes to $30 per ticket – which means that more than 95 percent of the seats in the park are at that number or less (with some as low as $8). In fact, our head of ticketing told me yesterday that there are seats that are literally in the front row, where you can put your drink on top of the dugout, and they cost just $30. To me, that’s nothing to be ashamed of – I actually think that’s extremely reasonable.

It is very important to us that all fans are able to come to Camelback Ranch and that’s why there are so many options available. For those who want the all-inclusive treatment, there are a limited number of those seats. But for just about everyone else, the cost is very competitive with everything else in the Cactus League and only slightly more expensive than our seats were in Vero Beach – at a complex that is expected to be one of, if not the finest in all of baseball.



  1. trublu4ever

    Thanks, Josh for the update on the spring training facility, Camelback Ranch. It is a relief to know the tickets are quite reasonable. Looking forward to attending several games.

  2. junkyardjamie

    Josh – Thanks again for the updates, and yes, I think most of us know how the ticketing works. I think it’s just our way of passing the time while we wait for the really big news – who will be on the Dodgers 2009 team. Thanks once again for understanding and letting us vent when needed, especially in the crazy manners in which we choose sometimes.

    Ward Dear…… we have that smell in the central valley too 🙂

  3. 636566cy

    Josh, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I don’t really think that we need a lesson in McCourt economics. They have raised prices on everything since they have bought the team (not with their own money, I might add), so it was not a complete shock. However, part of the charm which Mr. McCourt spoke about keeping at the new facility should also be the low cost of seeing your team play in EXHIBITION games. It is supposed to be extremely affordable to see games in Spring Training (that is part of the charm). To say it is still very competitive with the rest of the Cactus League is typical Dodgers front office speak whenever prices are raised.
    Just like we should expect our team on the field to be more than just competitive, we should also expect are ticket prices to be more so. Somehow, I don’ think that keeping prices at the same level as the Dodgertown (not the one in LA, but the real one in Vero Beach) would keep the McCourts from being able to buy another house, especially when all season ticket holders at Dodger Stadium have seen their prices go up at least 25% since the McCourts leveraged…err, bought…the team.
    Once again, Josh, I am sorry for being so harsh, but there are just times when the Dodgers “side” of the story just doesn’t hold water and the fact that the Dodgers, through you, would try to say the story is inaccurate is not the complete truth. Once again, I would like to see Mr. McCourt make himself available for comment during this time instead of hiding behind people. Because we all know once we make a splash in the free agent market, he will be there front and center taking all of the credit.

  4. amyw27

    Josh- the update was great. I really can’t wait to check it out. I think people were just upset over the fact that they might not get close to the team for possible autographs/pictures and action unless they pay $90 or up. It is understandable that there is a VIP section..we are after all an LA team. We are very very dedicated fans on this blog and we spend a lot of money over the course of the season and it’s frustrating sometimes when you can’t participate in something because of money.
    Anyway. Spring Training will be amazing. I am starting to save my money right away.

  5. 636566cy

    Josh, I want to clarify that my frustration is not with you, but rather with the way the McCourts run the organization. I realize that you are just doing your job and I appreciate all that you do in giving us the best updates that you can.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Well It looks like everything will be ready for ST, as you share the facility with the then President of the U.S.’s favorite team.
    I hope it’s the start of a new dynasty.
    Meanwhile I would like to report that we missed the Dodgers’ 125th anniversary by a season, since this would’ve been it.
    They actually played their first season in the Interstate Association in 1883.

  7. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!


  8. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – did you have to make reservations for Pizzeria Mozza? I was on the website, and it says reservations accepted.

  9. dodgereric

    Boy, anyone who gives that much of himself to others is A-OK in my book.

    Goodness, I may have a little man-crush on Andre……hmmm……

  10. junkyardjamie

    I read that article before an article about a possible trade for him or Matt to Tampa Bay because of our outfield log jam because I guess Andruw is the new core of our team.

  11. dodgereric

    Work, work, work………. spent my whole lunch recounting baseball stuff on an email……….Matt had a hockey tournament tonight, bad first period, a shutdown second period but lost in a shootout……bummer…….

    How was your day June Darlin’?

  12. junkyardjamie

    Are you talking about the stuff you sent me, or are were you looking up other stuff too? That’s too bad about hockey – sounds like a good game though, but bummer is right.

    My day was good classroom wise. It was my meeting hell week (meeting afterschool everyday including today when all I wanted to do was get my lesson plans and activities set up for tomorrow). I always try to leave more than they should be able to do just in case. I have a good sub, so everything should go well, and if not, it won’t matter. We have next week off – yeah!!!!

  13. junkyardjamie

    However, that $25 mill to Jones/Pierre just really hurts to see. So, if we can afford Manny, could they just outright release one of them (I would guess Jones) if they can’t get one or both of them traded?

  14. dodgereric

    Yeah, I was talking about the stuff I sent you. That was a lot of fun and really took me away from the crap at work. Have I mentioned that I’ve really grown to hate the telephone? At least at work. 😦

    Matt’s game was really good. They haven’t won one this season, but this one they were really in and with just a little luck could have won. They came back from being 2 goals down. They even killed a 2-man disadvantage without being scored on. Good game for the kids, I think they learned a little about themselves tonight.

    Meetings are the biggest time-waster yet invented. Give me that hour or two spent in a meeting given by some supervisor so that he can write down that he gave a meeting to justify his bonus and disconnect my phone and I’ll be incredibly productive.

    jungar, that article was pretty interesting. I’ve looked up the Dodger’s contracts and tried to figure that out myself. If we went to ST with that team, I wouldn’t exactly be looking for those instructions on how to make a hangman’s noose. But I really hope we don’t end up with Proctor and Brazoban in our bullpen.

    enchanted, from the end of the last thread, I played slow-pitch for 15 years directly across the 605 freeway from that duck egg farm. When the wind blew from the east, it was HORRIBLE! LMAO!!!!

  15. dodgereric

    Referring to the Jones/Torre/core article, I feel that sitting around hoping for a Jones resurrection is a lot like staring at your Lotto ticket the night before the drawing.

  16. dodgereric

    And I think that they’re talking up Jones just in case CC takes their offer. They’ll cut Manny loose and sell us on an Ethier/Jones/Kemp OF in 2009. When Jones fails again, they’ll cut him loose and it’ll be Pierre/Kemp/Ethier.

  17. junkyardjamie

    That timeline was pretty incredible Ward Dear…. June Darlin’ very impressed that you know all that stuff by memory.

    As far as our meetings – it’s nothing that can’t be said in an e-mail. If we are going to have meetings, I think ours should be in the morning because by the end of the day, we are worse than the students when it comes to listening. Nobody wants to be there, and all we do is talk about the students that drive us crazy. BTW -thank you for a having one of the few good Matthew’s in the world 🙂

  18. northstateblues

    Nelly, yeah got it done. now I have a week off, which I’ll spend of the time visiting family, a good treat. Except I heard it’s gonna rain all next week. Nothing I haven’t driven in before, though, and the Gas prices make it a lot easier to decide to drive this year.

  19. junkyardjamie

    That’s good nsblues. See, as long as it’s turned in, nobody knows whether you did it a week ago our a day ago. That’s great you get to go visit family. Is your girlfriend from so-cal too?

  20. dodgereric

    Good for you, north! You’re driving south aren’t you? They say there’s a chance of rain Tue-Thur down here, but not so much in LA.

  21. northstateblues

    Yeah, headed to SoCal and the Mojave Desert. I was kinda hoping the rain would be a NorCal thing, but I’ve been hearing that it’ll spot the whole way down.

    Dnelly, she’s originally from Connecticut. she’s staying up here with her mom and brother this year. I usually make it a point to visit for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Plus, I love driving down 99. It’s like Main Street California, and puts a “face” to the places Steinbeck wrote about. As long as there’s no fog, it’s a great trip.

  22. junkyardjamie

    from the same article ~ You know me, I am not a big Phillies fan, but that is kind of sad about Utley and the hip surgery. That’s no fun at all.

    Wow – who would have thought that with Furcal. So, I guess that early statement a few days ago about many teams looking at him was true.

  23. junkyardjamie

    northstateblues – say “hi” to Merced on your way down the 99. We will be on the 99 tomorrow on the way to Los Angeles. Also, I have driven through the mojave many times going back and forth to Las Vegas. At least it won’t be 120+ degrees. However, watch for those flash floods. Have you ever been stuck in one of those? I haven’t yet, but my husbands been in a few living and going to school in Las Vegas.

  24. junkyardjamie

    …about the fog. We have had patchy fog, but nothing that’s not burnt off by 7:30-8ish. Now, Fresno/Visalia may be a different story.

  25. junkyardjamie

    How do you get from Connecticut to Marysville? I have never been to Connecticut, but I have been to Marysville a couple of times.

  26. northstateblues

    Dnelly, haven’t been stuck in one, but I’ve come close. A couple of years ago, I made it down for the annual family hunting/camping trip (grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc) in the Mojave National Preserve. If you haven’t been there, it’s very varied, from creosote bushes at the entry level, then climbs up into the evergreens in the mountains. There’s a few big roads that are regularly maintained by the BLM/Park Service Rangers, but most are smaller dirt roads with washes and cattleguards.

    Well, during the way there, it poured. We left at 9, and got to the park entrance around 12-1am. There was lightning, thunder, and about 2 feet of rushing water down every wash that crossed the road. We got into the camp after 2am, and had to just stay in the truck for the night, since we couldn’t pitch the tent in that pouring rain with no light.

    Every time we hit the wash, you could feel the truck shake. but the next morning, there was running water creeks in the desert. beautiful.

  27. junkyardjamie

    Mother Nature does have her beautiful moments, doesn’t she? Then there are those pictures that Dodgereric posted from the fires – both beautiful and tragic at the same time.

  28. dodgereric

    Looks pretty darned perfect. Same site. Just put your cursor in the map and move it around. Or enter the city/state in the box at the top.

    “Los Angeles Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 77. East northeast wind at 5 mph becoming south southwest.”

  29. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! I know how it works, but I figured since you already had it opened, it would be easier for you :). I actually use in the classroom, but I like yours better. I may have to switch.

  30. junkyardjamie

    love google earth – can go anywhere in the world, and with the computer hooked up to television, it is amazing stuff. We have been able to drop right down into certain ball parks – incredible.

  31. northstateblues

    dang, guess my post got stolen, heh…

    Thanks for the forecast sites, Eric, hoping that the weather stays good for my drive. Though over the last few years driving to Chico in fog, rain and sometimes hail, I’ve learned how to drive more cautiously in bad weather. Doesn’t mean I like to, but the 52 mile drive is good practice for the 6 1/2 hour drive.

  32. northstateblues

    About a year ago, there was a blog somewhere that had a picture of Lou Pinella leaving a local bar he frequents on the way to Wrigley. I’ll see if I can find that post

  33. dodgereric

    You’re welcome, north. Doesn’t look too bad.

    Nelly, if you feel like it, pull up Google Earth, put “Santiago Rd, Temecula, CA” in the “fly to” window. Once you fly there, grab the screen and pull it to the left until you see a neighborhood with a large 2-mile circular street. Move in until you see the camera icon in the Santiago Dr & Amarita Cir intersection. Although the picture isn’t recent enough, the park you see is the one with Matt’s flagpole in it. Hit the camera icon. Grab the photo frame and swing around the intersection until you see the silver car. Over the hood of the car is Captain Contreras’ monument. Behind the tree is where the flagpole is today.

  34. jeanette28

    I remember that picture of Lou on google maps, but I seriously don’t see him! the ppl on the forum I saw that on said he was there but I couldn’t see it…

  35. junkyardjamie

    Good night Ward Dear…. Thanks for all the wonderful information about our great American past time. I can’t believe you spent all that time on it, but then again, yes I can. Get a good night rest, and I will talk to you tomorrow sometime. I actually am leaving later than I would be if I were going to school. God Bless to you and your family 🙂

  36. Dodger4life

    I love my Dodgers, Hey Tommy you have lived a life that we all our proud of. Have you ever done anything other than love our Dodgers? I have’nt!!!!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RING’S RING’S RING’S

    Orel you have one, I’m still fighting for mine…:)

  38. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!

    dodger4life – So… I guess this means you love your Dodgers. I was a wonderful thing to wake up to – thanks!!!!

    81 Days until Spring Training – I was off a couple of days last night. I tell you, ever since I saw that article about Jones being part of the core, I have not been the same. I can’t do math or write anymore – yikes!!!

  39. crzblue2

    Happy Friday everyone!
    I am excited for Dnelly, Tru and my friend Eric ’cause they are attending the “Under the Light” event. We want to hear all about it afterwards!
    Make sure you hold the bat wrong and stand wrong so the boys can personally show you how is done :-).
    I had to lend my friend Eric my baseball glove that has the autographs of Kent, Lasorda and Wes Parker. I kept looking for the other two gloves in the house and garage and then my brother reminded me that we took them on our trip to Arizona. I think we probably left them in the rental car.

  40. crzblue2

    This morning, this guy on the Metrolink train who is an Angel fan tells me “did you see who Manny signed with?” He is forever showing us pictures or playing songs on his phone. Well, he tells me “Let me show you…” I was like “Dont’ ruin my morning”. Then he shows me this pic of Manny in an Angel uni.” Someone photoshop that. He tells me “let me send you this…” “Don’t you dare…”. Nice guy..kinda of crazy…only thing wrong with him though is that is an Angel fan. He was playing the Benny Hill theme song for us as we exit the Metrolink.

  41. thinkingblue

    FINALY…I’m able to get in. Either my computer is acting up or MLB had technical difficulties.
    Well I do hope both DNEL & TRU are having a wonderful time with Andre & Martin….and I hope that their visit to SoCAl is memorable.
    Emma…that is one crazy fan. But the other night, weird, I had a “NIGHTMARE”…yup I had a weird dream, were the news lady was announcing that Manny had signed with the Giants….of all the teams. I prefer to see him as an Angel than a Giant. Well Dodgers will be my first choice.LOL!

  42. thinkingblue

    JOSH…Thanks for the update and explaining to the pricing situation. The training center is looking great and I do hope to catch a game there. It is funny how now a days buildings & park are constructed very fast.

  43. crzblue2

    I don’t know. . I would not want Manny in either Giant or Angel. I know a few Angel fans coming off the Orange line that transfer to the Ventura line. At least I can brag that our Dodgers made it deeper into the playoff than their team.
    Last night I could see the lights at Dodger Stadium. Perhaps they were getting ready for tonight’s event or there was another event.


    Manny as a Giant is a nightmare. They would havewhat we only say is to hard to obtain. An ace and a middle of the order bat.


    If they truly wanted to win as much as being able to charge 90 bucks for spring training games then go get CC and go get Manny. But again I don’t think they have the desire to win as much as the Yanks, Angels and Sox, Cubs etc

  46. acardona16

    good early afternoon ITD!!!! how is everyone doing?? I’m very sad that i can’t attend the “under the lights” event to see Andre and Russy!!! but Dnelly and TruBlue i know you ladies will have a blast!! you have to tell us all about it!! 🙂
    so i talked to my sis the other day and it looks like we might be going on a road trip to see our boys at ST!! CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Thanks for the info on ST tickets Josh!!


    i’m guessing it’s going to be quiet on here today.. i’m just checking in.. haven’t been around for a while.. it’s been busy..

    dnelly and trublu, i hope you guys have a blast tonight!! originally, i was going to attend, but i thought better of spending $500..

    guess what?? i met Frank Robinson on monday! the man is SO nice and amazing. it really was an honor 🙂

  48. acardona16

    hello sara! i was also planning on attending the event tonight but i decided to save my money to go to spring training! also there were a few complications i ran into.. I’m bummed that i can’t go tonight but I’m excited for spring training!!


    yeah acardona.. i was always going to go to spring training.. but i figured with the holidays coming, i can’t spend so much money on myself.. also, i used some of that money i saved to go shopping.. haha.. and to buy an ipod touch.. i’m sure i can meet russell and andre another day.. without spending $500 🙂

  50. acardona16

    absolutely sara! thats exactly what a few friends told me! they said “$500 is a lot of money! especially around the holidays!”
    okay well i have to head out to work so have a great day everyone!!
    Dnelly and TruBlue – i hope you ladies have a GREAT time tonight!! make sure you take a lot of pictures!! and Dnel if you meet Andre let him know us “Ethieraholics” can’t wait to see him in ’09!!! lol have fun!!
    Acardona = Ethieraholic and Dodger fan for life!!!

  51. enchantedbeaver

    Does anyone find it interesting that 2 spots were left open on the 40-man roster? That would indicate to me that we’re anticipating signing two FA’s before the Dec. 11th Rule 5 draft.

  52. amyw27

    So E- who are you going to sign to our team my Dec. 11? You my GM, hold the power! Please let it be Raffy and Manny. Or Raffy and CC. Or Manny and CC.
    I am co confused. That’s why I let GM’ing up to you.
    Acar- sorry I missed you. I’m glad that you get to go to ST. Maybe you will be there the same time and me and Sara 🙂
    Sara- I can see you are still living the good life!
    Tru and Dnel- we are still jealous of your trip tonight. But we are also happy for you 🙂 Russy is dreamy~

  53. 636566cy

    Take a look at the article and be sure to click on link to the slideshow as well:;_ylt=AtX6PjwoeUBir4gACFzekIp7vLYF?slug=ys-forbesticketslash112008&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    I didn’t even realize that the Dodgers have raised the tickets price by a larger percentage than the Yankees since 2005. And to top it off, they have almost doubled the price of parking as well while adding spots. Stop the insanity already, Frank…geez.

  54. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon/Evening ITD readers and writers!!

    I just wanted to check in and say “thank you” for all the well wishes. We are here with my sister and my daughter as well. So, there are three generations of women on this trip. We have already had a fantastic lunch at Pizzeria Mozza. Andre nailed that review. Anything that gets my daughter to branch out and try something different has already done a good job. We got a couple of the appetizers, and then we each got a different pizza so we were able to try different kinds. He didn’t mention the desserts, but they were to die for as well. Anyhow, thanks again for all the well wishes, and I will check in when we get back.

    dnelly/June Darlin’ – Dodger fan and Ethieraholic Forever!!!!!

  55. thinkingblue

    DNEL-TRU – I’m glad you girls are having an great time and enjoying the pizza. Of course we will be waiting for “YOUR REVIEW” on “UNDER THE LIGHTS”!
    Amy – long time no hear from you. I’m glad you are doing fine.
    ACARDONA – well it is too bad that you didn’t get to go to “Under the LIght”. You get to join the rest of us and just wait for DNEL & TRU’s reviews. But hopefully you DO get to go to a Spring training game.
    Enchanted – I did noticed the 2 empty spots but since I really don’t know what’s going on, I figure it will be taken soon. Hope we get great players.


    alright.. sorry about that everyone..

    i was a little scared to see if they would steal my name because i had to sign back in for the first time.. i never sign out at work or at home.. but today, i got a new work computer.. so my log in was gone, and i had to sign in again.. and since that’s when everyone else’s names were stolen, i thought it may happen to me.. but i guess not.

    hope everyone is having a good evening..

    dnelly and trublu must be having a BLAST right now 🙂

  57. amyw27

    Sara- I am glad that you are back with your real name intact 🙂
    I have to tell you something off the record. I have a plan.
    Rose- good to see you too. It has been a while. Hope your week went well.
    Goodbye Beimel. It was good cheering for you. Sorry the Dodger don’t like the direction in which you are going. I will miss your slow deep voice and your only expression. I will miss your long hair, even when it was forced to be trimmed. And I will miss that 97 jersey/ bathrobe!!! Good luck in the future my friend. Audios.

  58. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

    Where to begin, where to begin……it was a blast!!!! 🙂 I will be back with details. Let me gather my thoughts- it’s all a blur right now.

  59. junkyardjamie

    Part one – As we walked in through the centerfield gates, we were given a gift bag filled with a ton of Dodger goodies that I haven’t even looked at yet. I know there is a ball in there that could have been used for autographs, a blanket, a Saito bobblehead and a coffee cup/thermos. We were greeted by Andre and Russell who then proceeded to take professional pictures with everyone. We got to stand in between the two of them – it was very nice. My daughter got hugs from both of them. She went to give Andre a hug and Russell asked where his was. After we got our pictures taken, we stood around taking more pictures of them without people in the picture. I don’t think you can ever have to many pictures of those two.

    While they were taking pictures with the other 200+ people there, I went in Andre’s right field spot – very, very cool perspective. Then we made our way around to the batting cages. I will have you know I made contact 5 out of the 10 pitches that I had. My furthest ball went to first base, which I was proud because it was opposite field for me.

    If memory serves me correctly, we got food after that. This was a very pleasant surprise. While standing in line to get food, I am looking at this guy say to myself “I know him from somewhere.” Sure enough it’s Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luther on Smallville. He asked how we were doing, and he was just enjoying all the festivities just like we were. We ran into him all night long, including leaving the parking lot. I will tell that story in a little bit because it was LOL funny.

    to be continued….. in a minute

  60. junkyardjamie

    After eating, we went into the Dodger Dugout, where we ran into Michael again. This is where trublu and I got a little carried away. We stood in Torre’s spot, and we just kept laughing thinking of all the rail jokes ITD has said, then we even sat in Pierre’s corner – that was just LMAO funny because we were laughing so hard thinking what most of you think, and I think people thought we were nuts. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    After all that fun, Russell and Andre were done with pictures. Russell helped through pitches for batting practice and Andre stood behind the cage and ate popcorn and drank water. It was great just seeing them hang out. After Russell did his share of pitching, he came out and just talked behind the cages. People asked him all kinds of questions and he answered – the questions ranged from the World Series to the weather in Canada. I got a lot of close up shots, and my sister was so close to him, he almost hit her with the bat he was holding. No worries, we had to sign waivers that the Dodgers wouldn’t be responsible if we got hurt. While all this was going on with Russell, Andre was still hanging out at the batting cages talking too.

    Autographs went well. I got my class picture signed by Andre and my west division champs t-shirt signed by Russell. We told Andre we had been to Pizzeria Mozza for lunch, and he said he was there last night for dinner, but the bigger restaurant side, which features an extensive Italian Cuisine.

    After getting autographs, there was a fireworks show, which Andre said he helped with. He was very proud of that gift to us. That was supposed to be the end, but they allowed us to stay and finish some things we may have not gotten to do. We took the clubhouse tour. That was just incredible, and I kept thinking of all of you who know your Dodger history so well – Dodgereric, you would love to do that job for one day. Be a tour guide for Dodger Stadium because it’s all about the Dodger history and not the club house. It was great seeing the club house, but the history and the murals and pictures to go with that history were incredible.

  61. junkyardjamie

    A couple more things – I was very impressed with Andre and Russell and how they were up close and personal the entire 3+ hours. Not once did they go take a break or leave the crowd. Also, at 9 when it was supposed to be over, they stayed and finished signing autographs for those still standing in line after the fireworks. Also, I know it’s their job, but the entire Dodger staff was remarkable – always asking if everything was going well, did we need anything, etc.

    here’s a funny – We were running into Michael Rosenbaum the entire night. Well, as we are leaving the stadium, he and his brother are getting ino their car as well. So, we follow them out the gate, thinking they knew where they were going – not the case. So, we spent about 5-10 minutes following their car trying to find a way out of the parking lot.

    All in all, it was a fabulous event. The baseball part was fun (the bullpen is the only thing we didn’t do, but you could have gotten your pitch speed done), Andre and Russell were fantastic, and the food was good too. BTW – Matthew is doing one in December.

  62. junkyardjamie

    Hi jeanette – they were in jeans and shirt with jersey over it. They both looked fantastic. There were cameras everywhere so the gallery will definitely have pictures on the home page. I will get mine posted as soon as I get mine downloaded, which will be when I get home tomorrow and figure out how to do that on here.

  63. junkyardjamie

    Tomorrow morning-ish – my sister has an evening wedding to go to and my daughter has volleyball practice for her club team. I officially started vacation today, and what a way to start one. How are you doing? Are you off this coming week too (from school anyway)?

  64. jeanette28

    I’m doing good, would have been better had I gone to under the lights lol…yeah i’m off all next week, Wednesday was my last day before the break! then i come back for like 2 more weeks then finals!! how long is your drive?

  65. junkyardjamie

    a little over 4 hours – not bad at all really. Well, it looks like they might be doing this a couple more times. Matthew is December 11th I think.

  66. jeanette28

    I want to try and make it the weekend of my birthday! the last weekend in March, I’ve already started looking at hotels since my friend works for a Marriott I can get pretty fair prices, but I’m trying to find the one that’s closer to the stadium.

  67. dodgereric

    ITEM: “MLB collected more than 1,700 broken bats over 2½ months this year and met with manufacturers to discuss quality control after commissioner Bud Selig expressed concern over the increase in broken bats among maple models. Selig can’t ban maple bats unilaterally because their use is subject to collective bargaining.”

    REACTION: Do the bats have agents too?

  68. heartruss

    I had the best time. I was planning on going when just Andre was a host but Russell was an added bonus. It was fantastic to actually meet Dnelly, her sister, mom and daughter. We all had a lot of fun. I decided not to wear Dodger blue and probably was the only one wearing black.. Wore it so much during the season, I was burned out for now. I was lucky to get a huge hug from Andre and also Russell. I also was lucky to be able to carry on a conversation with Russell. He proved to be a very down to earth lovely young man. He answered all of our questions honestly and with a bit of humor. I told him I hoped that he would be a Dodger for a long time and he agreed. He said, now how long is a career, 25 years? He signed a personal note on my Western Division shirt and asked how I spelled my name (he apparently already knew what it was) Can you imagine!I also went on the tour personally guided by the lovable Sweet Lou Johnson. Going down those long hallways with memorabilia on the walls was breathtaking. We were able to actually stand in the locker room and look around. I chose not to hit or pitch since that is not my cup of tea. I watch the sport, not participate in it. It was an unbelievable treat that everyone who is a Dodger fan should experience. Just to talk to any of the players is worth it. 🙂


    Sounds like the event last night was great fun!
    Also sounds like Beimel will be elsewhere next year. I’d make an effort to keep that guy. Why wouldn’t you want him? Numbers, I guess.
    I think Josh is probably right about the $90/towel seats. There are not very many of them. Pampered people need baseball too. I’m more of a pavilion guy, but it would be fun to do the dugout club once.

  70. ramslover

    Good morning everyone!!!

    I was just looking at the pictures and reading the articles about Under the Lights….That looked like alot of fun….Nellie I hope you did not get hurt. It is truly a dream come true. I went to 4 Fantasy Camps and have taken batting practice with the Gulf Coast league Dodgers and the Loons in the Midwest league and you really do feel like a little kid again. This is a great idea that the Dodgers are doing to keep them in peoples minds and help cultivate the love that most of us on ITD have….Frank and this Steinberg guy are marketing gurus, now since you are charging 500.00 a pop and 250 people that is 125,000, lets spend some of that money on Manny and Furcal…..

    XOXRussell, Sweet Lou is alot fun isn”t he? He justs enjoys life and is always smiling. He takes his job with the Dodgers very serious and is very genuine with the fans. Maybe someday if this economy picks up I will be able to do Under the Lights….

  71. ramslover

    Beimel is replaceable…he did a fair job, but the money he is asking we can find someone to do the job as well or better…I really think Elbert will step up and his stuff is 10 times better….Maybe no more Troy from WV….oh well!!!

  72. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD readers and writers!!!

    Josh – Just let the FO know that, in my opinion, it was one of the best events I have ever been too. I have spent my share of big time money for things, (Dodger things), but this was well worth every cent to me. It felt like a one day fantasy camp. I didn’t do as much of the baseball stuff (just batting really), but given the chance to do this again I certainly would (once a year maybe for my budget because I want to go to spring training, so money has to be saved for that).

    Can I just say I am glad I didn’t end up in the photo gallery!! I would prefer to choose what is posted – LOL!! The article sparked a couple of more things. When I was standing in line to get Russell’s autograph, which took a while, seeing how I was one of the first 10 people in Andre’s line (Why would you think otherwise? – lol), I was standing next to three gentlemen. One was from Sacramento, one was from Stockton, and one was from Maryland, and I was from Merced. So, we talked baseball the whole time. We talked about the signings – they think CC over Manny because of attitude and a possible Manny being Manny scenario. The gentlemen from Sacramento had brought his 14 year old son by complete surpise – THAT was cool!!! We talked minor league teams, we talked about the Giants and A’s, and how they are destined to suck again this year because nobody believes for a second that Holliday is going to stay with the A’s, and nobody is sure what the Giants are doing but trying to go after Furcal. Anyhow, I got a chance to show off my knowledge of what is currently happening so I did ITD proud in that respect.

    xoxrussell – It was an absolute pleasure meeting you!!!!! I look forward to more conversations with you throughout many years of Dodger baseball to come.

    Emma – It was great seeing Eric. We ran into him many times, and he was really sad that you weren’t there with him.

    Ward Dear – I am so sorry I didn’t stay on longer. I just assumed after talking with Jeanette everyone else had gone to bed. You would have absolutely loved it, and I thought of you throughout the entire tour because alot of that history I knew because of all that you (and others) talk about on ITD, and through all the history you’ve given me ethier through stuff you sent to school, e-mails, etc. Then, throwing in all the stuff you, jhall and enchanted (along with others) add in with your comical outbursts had trublu and I in stitches during some of it because of the things we talk about on here – attitudes and behaviors of our not so popular players on this board. We had the most fun in the dugout, but the outfield had it’s moments too. I know you are not on here now, but I know you read it when you do come on later on this evening.

    Enjoy your Saturday! – Once I get home I will figure out how to post pictures.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!
    dnelly/June Darlin’ – Dodger Fan, Ethieraholic forever!! However, Russell was absolutely wonderful too, so I would have to say the Martinista came out in me a little.

  73. junkyardjamie

    ramslover – I didn’t get hurt. I have been taking batting lessons for a while so I wasn’t sore or anything, and nobody had to correct how I was holding the bat or anything so my coach taught me well. Next time, I will manage my time better so I can do more of the baseball things. I think if it had just been Andre there, as opposed to both he and Russell (not that I am complaining one bit) more people would have spent more time doing the baseball things. I wanted pictures, autographs and to talk to both of them so that took up a good amount of time for me anyway.

  74. ramslover

    Fabulous Dnelly, some people think we are nuts, being the Dodgers fananticals that we are…I have a pretty extensive collection of memoribilia and all of my friends think I am nuts…

  75. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, trublue, xoxorussell, it sounds like it was a great event. I’m glad you all had fun. You had perfect weather for it too. I bet Amy will be glad she saved her money since Matt will be hosting one soon.

    Sara, that’s very cool that you met Frank Robinson.

  76. northstateblues

    Dnelly, Tru and Xoxorussell: Sounds like you had a blast last night! I’m so excited for you, must’ve been cool taking the tours AND doing batting practice. Glad you enjoyed it!

    As for me, on my DS the Chibi L.A. Dodgers whooped Anaheim 21-2 in Game 1 of the Fake World Series. Needless to say, I”m in a pretty good mood myself 🙂

  77. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    Wow! Nelly & Tru, sounds like the two of you had a blast!!! I knew you would!!! My husband and I are HUGE Smallville fans and that would’ve been great to run into Michael Rosenbaum. But, what you were saying about sitting in the dugout where Joe leans and JP’s corner, would’ve been great, and I would’ve been cracking up too!!! But remembering how I barely got two words out to Andre when I saw him at his signing, I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to hold ANY kind of intelligible conversation with him. Who knows, maybe I could have. But, now, I’m officially jealous of you two that you were able to spend that much time with these two!

    Eric – Earlier you were mentioning something about the maple bats and that Selig can’t ban maple bats unilaterally because their use is subject to collective bargaining. Yeah, my reaction was just that: Do the bats have agents too? Considering that I am still Head Bat Girl (I am, aren’t I???), I’m going to have to investigate this. And who would be my target for lead agent of maple bats? Borass…

  78. cpompe1

    Oh, and xoxo, I missed you in my last post, but I’m glad that you got to go last night! I met Nelly and Tru at Andre’s signing in August, and it was a blast to meet them! It was a lot of fun and Nelly even helped me because I could only get one thing signed, but I had two things – one for me, one for my mom. So when I ran in to Nelly (and we knew each other right away!), I asked her to stand behind me so that my mom’s picture could be signed!!! After that, the three of us had lunch at Quizno’s! That was fun! Sounds like you had a great time too!

  79. enchantedbeaver

    Whether its serious or not, I’d say Billz’ broken leg pretty much sews up the issue of getting a front end starter.

    Glad all you ladies had a great time on Friday!!

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