1. trublu4ever

    Andre, I am so glad you are finally back with us! Posted on your blog already and am looking forward to seeing you Friday night, “Under the Lights”.

  2. amyw27

    Andre is the voice of the players. We need his blog updates.
    Thank you Josh for the heads up 🙂
    Is it Spring yet??

  3. 636566cy

    Didn’t get to the Spring Training post quickly enough, but can you please address the thought process of the organization for their Spring Training ticket prices? I was able to buy Season Tickets in Florida last year (yes, I live in the LA area) and my cost was $20/ticket. I was six rows from the field behind the on deck circle of the visiting team. Now, that price would only get me Baseline Reserved seats. Is this what the Dodgers had in mind for their “loyal fans” when they moved Spring Training to Arizona? The prices are absolutely outrageous for Spring Training games! Once again, when the McCourts start to build up some goodwill with the fans, the completely take advantage of that and stick it to us “loyal fans”.

  4. 636566cy

    One more thing Josh,
    Ever since the pricing structure has been announced, I have not heard a word from the McCourts. There has been some questioning from the media on the pricing, but the Dodgers always use a spokesperson to address the issue. That would be fine except Mr. McCourt always goes out of his way to address any positive issues when all of the love is coming in to the Dodgers, but he always goes into hiding when there is a negative reaction. I’d sure like to see him address this personally instead of waiting for all of the dust to settle.

  5. crzblue2

    another person from L.A. that used to go to Vero Beach and had great seats there without having to pay those high prices. I have never been to the Cactus league. I just hope that it will resemble our wonderful fan friendly experiences in Vero Beach.
    Thank you for keeping us informed. Not sure of the hotel situation in Glendale, AZ.
    NSB, Happy belated birthday!

  6. junkyardjamie

    Josh ~ Not that I don’t check it everyday anyway, but thanks for informing us of Andre’s new post. It is wonderful he is taking the time to write even though it is his off season.

  7. thinkingblue

    Josh thanks for the posting about Andre.
    Well that is the excitement of the day…Andre is back! Yeah! I’m glad to hear that he is doing good.
    Well I was casting my votes for “This Year in Baseball Awards” and congratulations to KUO for making the “Set-Up” list, Congratulations to Manny eventhough it was Manny as Dodgers, Congratulations to Torre & Coletti, and oh yeah Congratulations to Berroa for being ODD, yup his shirt-ball-magic-trick got him a nomination. It sad to see that we did not make any other list, like MOMENT or PLAY. I think Dodgers had a lot of great moments…we won a game without a hit, the time Andre threw the ball all the way to home and Martin catches the ball and we won…and many other moments…sniff sniff…I miss my boys in blue…can’t wait til spring time.
    2009 the year of the Dodgers!

  8. ramslover

    Well the 90.00 a ticket is the premium that he feels he can get from the LOYAL Dodger fan so they can get to see ST in person and he will probably get it…It is the American way….it stinks but if you ask and people pay it, so be it….It will take the fans to do the unthinkable, stay home and wait for the Dodgers to get home….but this will not happen because we are all way to anxious and love our Dodgers so much that we will do the unthinkable!!!!

    If the economy continues to crumble and the big 3 automakers go under….he may be in a for a rude awakening….1 out of every 12 jobs in the US are related to the auto industry and tougher times could be ahead….Lets pray that the economy and the Dodgers pick up!!!

    Well now the positive, only 86 days to ST…I hope to be able to make it to ST to see the Dodgers I will not be paying 90.00, but would love to see the complex and compare it with the TRUE DODGERTOWN OF VERO BEACH. I hope they somehow keep the intimacy of Vero…it was truly a great FAN place to see our boys in BLUE….

    I keep waiting for the 1st shoe to drop in free agency, I hope it happens soon….this is agonizing…..

    Also a shout out to my buddy Juan Bustabad (Single A manager of the Great Lake Loons for the Dodgers). He was manged the Waikiki Beach Boys to the league championship….Way to go Busty!!!!

  9. ramslover

    The Waikiki Beach Boys are a team in the Hawiian Winter Leagues…He had 4 Dodgers farmhands and minor leaguers from the other organizatons….just to clarify if anyone cares for the details…

  10. trublu4ever

    As is stands right now, the Mets are very close to signing Fuentes and K-Rod, with an interst in signing Lowe, too. The Giants have already talked to Furcal. Have we approached anyone? Is Manny our only priority?

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t worry Tru – there’s plenty of time to sign the Ray Durham’s and Craig Counsell’s of the world. 🙂

  12. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, does anybody want Joe Torre managing McDonald out of the BP all year? That has ruin a career written all over it.

  13. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ I think it’s kind of odd that with all the off-seasons rumors, the only team I haven’t heard anything about is the Dodgers. Joe Torre as manager scares the heck out of me!

  14. trublu4ever

    I really feel sorry for the Padre fans…….they are totally cleaning house………apparently the owner is going through a nasty divorce and, wants to slash payroll. Hopefully, we we still have our core of young players intact.

  15. enchantedbeaver

    This is also the kind of thing that baseball shouldn’t allow – fire sales. How is having one team no better than a AAA team playing a full season against ML competition in the best interests of baseball?

  16. trublu4ever

    You are so right, enchanted! You go from one extreme, the Yankees, buying every player available, to the other end of the scale with the Padres, getting rid of everyone.

  17. trublu4ever

    And, heaven forbid, if CC would rather play somewhere else for less money but a better environment……..MLB Players Association would frown on that, too. You must take the most money, to set the scale for your fellow players. I wish CC would say screw the Yankees, I want to play in L.A.

  18. enchantedbeaver

    I can see the union’s point, but it doesn’t make it right. If I’m offered 100 mil to go play in a place I’d hate, or 90 to play in someplace I’d like, that 10 million wouldn’t be worth my happiness. Of course, I won’t see 10 million in a lifetime, and neither will 99.999% of the rest of the world. I guess with you and I its a sense of ethics and fair play, and there’s nothing ethical or fair about big business. Baseball might look like a game on the outside, but it’s every bit of big business on the inside.

  19. trublu4ever

    Didn’t that kind of happen to A-Rod? Wasn’t he about to sign with the Red Sox for less money than he was offered by the Yankees? He probably would have been happier playing in Boston, but MLB wanted him to take the money.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    I always thought that whole A-Rod thing was staged for the Yankees to steal some headlines from the Sox. If I recall, they announced his re-signing the same day the Sox won the series. He never did go on the open market.

  21. trublu4ever

    Okay, I get it now. The whole thing was a bit confusing at the time. Then again , it doesn’t take much to confuse me! LOL

  22. enchantedbeaver

    I was reading up on a few of the Dodger farm hands and checking their stats for this past season and despite the spin they want to put on things that there are still some young potential major leaguers, I can only see that we’ve got about 2 sure bets (DeJesus and Lambo), plus a few ifs and maybes.

    So that’s 12-13 openings on the ML roster and no one there to step up and fill them. I’m more than sure we’ll end up with more than our share of Durhams and Counsells.

    … and Pierre and Andruw.

  23. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!

    What’s happening? Well nothing is happening it seems. No deals, no trades, no talks, nothing. It’s amazing we are #3 in the blogosphere with absolutely nothing Dodger-wise to talk about. We are such a family aren’t we? That we can make up things to talk about (other teams) to pass the time until some big family news comes at you like a freight train. I hope we are ready for the freight train because I have a feeling it’s going to be huge and we won’t know where it came from.

    So how is everyone?

  24. dodgereric

    Hi Tru and Beav!

    We’re faced with a lot of really hard questions. I’d like to see us bite the bullet on Furcal and CC and do what it takes to sign them both. I’d really hate to see us lose either one without a real fight.

  25. trublu4ever

    Ray Durham is hurt as much as Nomar……he’d fit right in with Randy Johnson and Counsell! Oh, and they were talking about getting Isturus back! Maybe we can have a reunion……….Dave Roberts, Isturus, and Beltre.

  26. enchantedbeaver

    Isturus would be typical of the Dodgers – they always seem to get back something they gave away earlier. If it comes down to Isturus, I’d just as soon see DeJesus or Hu get the job.

    Greene’s an FA in 2010 I believe.

  27. dodgereric

    Looks like I followed you through that door, nelly!

    I’m sick to death of all these veteran retreads. I’m scared of having to dig out “I Got You, Babe” in the spring if we don’t sign Furc.

  28. enchantedbeaver

    You ever notice we always seem to get the red-headed brother of someone too. When Maddux was in his prime, we got his brother Mike. Padres had Tony Gwynn, we had Chris. Braves had Adam, we had Andy.

  29. junkyardjamie

    Every question leads to more questions.

    If CC is happy with the Yankee deal, then why isn’t he taking it? Is he really searching for a place on the west coast. Where will Manny be here or somewhere else. Why are the Padres selling off the team? Why doesn’t Furcal want to stay with Dodgers? Why is Matt Holliday with the A’s (not one A’s fan I talked to believes THAT is going to happen)? Which came first the tree or the seed? That was part of my discussion tonight. So many baffling questions and no answers. Just confusion I say…..

  30. enchantedbeaver

    Maybe Frank’s so scared that Ned’s going to burn him again with a bad sign/contract that he tells him to make conservative offers.

  31. junkyardjamie

    Are they really going to let Furcal just go away without even talking to him? I really don’t want to see him with the Giants – that would not be fun!

  32. junkyardjamie

    enchanted, enchantedGM or Beav has lost his mind? If you have lost your mind already, I would hate to think of what might happen if these deals go sour. Many of these new ITDers haven’t seen the wrath of E yet. LOL!!!!! ….or back in the day when you would spend days in the Abyss of Torreville and Nedville. Those were the good old days.

  33. enchantedbeaver

    I’d think without Ferk we’d have to sign Cabrera or Renteria. Izturus – we might as well go with what we’ve got. My fear is that Torre has a lot of input as well. Anybody on the market that played against him 5-6 years ago?

  34. dodgereric

    Another one from the King

    The Wonder Of You

    When no one else can understand me
    When everything I do is wrong
    You give me hope and consolation
    You give me strength to carry on

    And you’re always there when I get slammed
    For letting guys go free
    That’s the wonder
    The wonder of me

    And when I look into the mirror
    The bloggers all seem to go away
    Your mustache looks just so damned good
    There’s not a hint of turning grey

    I guess I’ll never know the reason why
    They don’t love me as I do
    It makes me wonder
    If I’ve stepped in poo


    I guess I’ll never know the reason why
    They hate me as they do
    I mean, I’m trying
    But my IQ is 2

  35. junkyardjamie

    yeah right!!!!! understanding my a.. !!!! We’ve been understanding for a long, long time, don’t you think. We tried to be understanding when they signed JP. We tried when Andruw couldn’t hit the frickin’ ball. We tried to understand why they would bat JP in lead off every frickin’ day when there was definitely a better solution all along. I think we have been very understanding with 432 songs to prove it – LMAO!!!!!!!

    432 songs – Wow!!! enchanted has about a quarter of the songs – amazing!!!!

  36. junkyardjamie

    We tried to be understanding why Dre sat on the bench for days on end for no good reason than to let vets play. We tried to be understanding why the sent DeWitt down and brought in Berroa and Maza. We tried to be understanding why we have a pitcher we haven’t seen pitch past the first week as a Dodger. We tried to understand Jeff Kent and why he is the way he is. We are trying to stay calm and not over react with all that is happening (or not happening) right now.

  37. junkyardjamie

    I think the fact that we are still here as fans is proof we are trying to be understanding. We may not always be successful, but we are definitely trying.

  38. cpompe1

    Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
    Well, I know it’s been a long time – too long away from my ITD buddies! But we just got back from our trip that took us from Ventura to Primm, NV to Bakersfield to Fresno to Sequoia National Park, back to Bakersfield to pick up my mom and take her home to LA and then, finally, home to Ventura!

    I’ll post tomorrow, but I had to say hi! I’ll catch up with y’all later.

  39. cpompe1

    Oh and two parting thoughts:
    (1) Great to see a new post from Andre and (2) we aren’t serious about acquiring the old man Randy Johnson are we???

  40. junkyardjamie

    CP- I don’t think anybody knows what is going on. I think that is what is most frustrating. Talk to you tomorrow, and yes, it was great to hear from Andre.

  41. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!!!! I was just being funny. I have no music in me lately so I am trying to spark something. Maybe when I am off this next week. You and enchanted are doing a fabulous job on your songs, really.

  42. enchantedbeaver

    Hey CP!! Bye CP!!

    And goodnight to you Nells and Eric. Busy morning tomorrow. Gotta break some knee caps collecting on some past due accounts.

  43. junkyardjamie

    I am trying to have understanding, but I am not being very successful. Not to mention, this Dodger Organization doesn’t make it very easy to have understanding, especially recently with the mention of ST ticket prices.

    That would be a good song to try.

  44. junkyardjamie

    To Elvis Costello’s “What’s so Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding”

    As we walk through
    This Dodger world
    Searchin for light in Ned Colletti’s insanity.

    We ask ourselves
    Is all hope lost?
    Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

    And each time we feel like this inside,
    Theres one thing we wanna know:
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding?

    And as we walked on
    Through Dodger times
    Our spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
    So where are the young?
    And who are the trusted?
    And where is all the money?
    To buy CC?

    cause each time we feel him slippin away, just makes us wanna cry.
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding?

    So where are the young?
    And who are the trusted?
    And where is all the money
    To buy Manny?

    cause each time we feel him slippin away, just makes us wanna cry.
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding?

  45. enchantedbeaver

    This one kinda wrote itself – Joan Jett, I Love Rock and Roll:

    Saw him standin’ there he’s a pitchin’ machine.
    Knew he musta been at least forty-three.
    He stands so big and tall,
    Think I give him a call-ooh-all-ooh-all-ooh-all.
    An’ I could tell it wouldn’t be long
    Til he was a D, yeah a D singin’
    I love PVLs
    So put another vet on the DL baby
    I love PVLs
    So please make up your mind to sign with me.
    Was old so I got up an’ asked for his name
    “What’s the difference Ned
    cuz were all the same?”
    Said Brocail I’ll take you home
    where you won’t feel alo-ooh-o-ooh-o-ooh-own
    An’ next we’re movin on an’
    he was a D, yeah a D singin’
    I’m a PVL
    So put me on the DL with the vet’rans baby
    I’m a PVL
    So thank you Uncle Ned for signing me.
    [guitar interlude]
    Said here’s Green Girdle land, where you can dis the fans…
    An’ I’ll be movin’ on
    They’ll all flock to me, yeah me
    An’ I’ll be movin’ on
    an’ lookin’ out for old vets
    Yeah old vets, singin’
    I love PVLs
    So put another vet on the DL baby
    I love PVLs
    So please make up your mind to sign with…
    [Repeat chorus 4 more times]
    So please make up your mind TO SIGN WITH ME.

    Artist: Ned and The Veterans
    CD: Time for a Change
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2008

    NedCo – Where the past comes alive. Briefly.™

  46. trublu4ever

    Sorry I missed all the fun last night……my husband gets home late and, would you believe, he expects dinner!! So, by the time he gets fed and I clean the kitchen, I’m ready to call it a night.

  47. junkyardjamie

    Wow!!! enchanted!!! Fabulous song!!!!! Good way to start the morning!!! I had a little help with mine. Eric led me to the song, and much like yours, it kind of wrote itself.

  48. jhallwally

    Good morning gang. Great songs everyone. Nice way to start the morning with a laugh. Hope you all have a great day. Catch you all later.

  49. northstateblues

    Good morning ITD!

    Well, the Shelbyville Gnats aren’t wasting any time, making the first splash in Free Agency this offseason with the signing of might pitcher… Jeremy Affeldt. But that news was soon trumped on local (NorCal) sports talk radio by their wanting to sign Furcal and Beimel. They even said that the Gnats were interested in Manny… but were waiting on the three to see what other people offered.

    And in the search for any Dodger news… no news is good news?

    Glad Spring Training is only 80something days away, all this unrealized suspense is killing me. But I have a guess as to what will happen, as per the last few years. Colletti will sign a FA that makes sense, and we’ll hear the PVL speech. Then the season happens and Stan Conte earns his paycheck checking the guy into the Hotel California of the Dodgers’ DL, where PVL’s can check out, but they can never leave.

    Meanwhile, an Andy LaRoche or Jon Meloan has a breakout year, in a position the Dodgers so desperately needed to fill the previous offseason. Meanwhile, the guy filling that posistion for the Blue is making more money an inning than most see in a year either sitting in the dugout or on the trainer’s bench.

    I hope things change, but the last few years, the song’s remained the same.

  50. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon jhall!!!!!
    You must be one busy guy. I hear it’s snowing in Ohio :).

    Amy – I hope all is well with you down in so-cal. And your mom as well.

    Have a wonderful day!!! Catch up to all of you later!!!

  51. acardona16

    good morning ITD!!

    man its SSOOOO great to hear from Andre again!!! and great posts everyone!

    Dnel- i wont be able to make it to the “under the lights” event so make sure you tell me everything that happends lol!!

  52. amyw27

    good morning
    NSB- my pop star friend. Can relate to your Boredness without Dodger baseball. We really need to start making some moves around here.
    Eric- you are right. Happy birthday Mickey! Our Favorite Mouse.
    A coworker of mine actually just got back from Japan and he found “Disney Athletes” brand of ‘key fobs’. They are for the Japanese ‘Giants’- the most popular baseball team in Japan. So I have one of Mickey and one of Minnie all in Baseball gear with Giants across their jersey’s and hats. It’s cool, but it’s eerie cause the Giants are supposed to be enemies. Thought I’d share my baseball related Mickey present from Tokyo.
    Acar- good to see you around. The under the lights is basically just going to be (from ITD )are Dnel and Tru . They will have to fill up in. I’m sue it’s going to be amazing. See, we can start saving that $500 and have a wonderful time in Spring Training..yea 🙂 I hope your day is well.
    Dnel- I got to visit with mom last night. Her school is still open, but they have to have indoor recess. It was good to see her, but that smell is giving me a soar throat…not cool!

  53. northstateblues

    LOS ANGELES (APP)- The Dodgers went a long way towards making a splash next October with the signing of free agent Mickey Mouse.

    “Over the past eight decades, Mickey has shown he’s a proven leader”, said Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. His quick wit and animated personality make him the perfect catalyst for our lineup. His work ethic and character are second to none, and he knows what it takes to win. I truly believe that the city of Los Angeles is gonna love this guy!”

    Meanwhile, the Dodgers are still searching the market, and are said to be interested in a pitcher by the name of “B. Bunny”. Little is known about this prospect, but Saturday Morning scouts say his arsenal includes a wicked screwball, and a change-up that is second to none.

  54. trublu4ever

    I’ll bet at 80 Mickey Mouse can throw the ball to 2nd base!
    Gee, if the Dodgers sign Furcal and Beimel, it will be like the Old Dodgers playing the New Dodgers………and Manny too! I can’t see Ned and Frank letting that happen. However, I couldn’t see the dynamic duo signing Andruw, either!

  55. northstateblues

    Amy, that’s cool you got that Mickey gear. The Yomiuri Giants are the biggest team in Japan, similar to the Yankees over here. Except in Japan, Giants fans have a feeling that rooting for the team is the same as rooting for Japan, and that rooting against them is also rooting against Japan. The fans of the other baseball teams in Japan have a saying: “Jigoku ni ochiro Jyaintsu!”, which literally means “Go to hell, Giants!”.

    the Chunichi Dragons are my favorite Japanese team ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chunichi_Dragons ). They used to model their jerseys after the Dodgers, even having the script “D” as their hat logo (as you can see in the Tom Selleck movie “Mr. Baseball”). Within the last decade, they have gone to a block logo, but they’re still my favorite. Don Newcombe and Willie Davis even played for them.

    Always wondered why we have a contract with the Orix (formerly Kintetsu) Buffaloes when the Dragons obviously have a lot of respect for the Dodgers organization.

  56. amyw27

    Nsb- I appreciate you and your Japanese knowledge. I like my souvenirs, except is says Giants in Orange and black. If you really didn’t look closely it seems that I have SF paraphernalia in my office.
    I saw the Chunichi Dragons..they have a cute mascot and logo.
    Did you see the article that the 16 year old Japanese girl was just drafted to play baseball in Japan? How cool is that. she is only 5 feet tall.

  57. northstateblues

    Tru and Enchanted… call me crazy, but I think I have a better feeling about this signing than many of his other ones…Too bad we can’t sign Dumbo too, Frank’d love that, they could pay him in peanuts!

    Amy, yeah, I read that! They said she throws a sidearm knuckleball. if she could work on a decent slider and get her fastball over 85mph, she might go a long way!

  58. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – Optimism, maybe not, but I am trying to be understanding – LOL!!!!

    nsblues (again) – LMAO!!! That’s for the article on acquiring Mickey as a Dodger. Fantastic!!!!

    Amy – I am glad you got to see your mom 🙂

    acardona – I think it is finally sinking in that I am even going. I am excited and very nervous at the same time. And yes, it was great seeing Andre back.

    HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!! Thanks Dodgereric for the reminder!!!

  59. thinkingblue

    Good Morning ITD,
    I read Mickey Mouse and Dodgers, so I am here. LOL
    NS – that is funny…and each team needs to have a menace player…so Dodgers signed Dennis & Alvin. Talking about the Japanese, didn’t a girl get signed to play pro’?
    Amy – Those are great collectibles. Disneyland needs to start selling the Mickey in Dodger gear bobble-heads.
    And oh yeah….HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKEY! I can not believe he is 80. But hey, he still looks good…LOL!
    DNEL & TRU please come back with a full report and details on “Under the Light”…Please give both Andre & Russell and hug & kiss (if allowed) from “Rosie, Rose, Dodgersrule1655”. LOL

  60. northstateblues

    LOS ANGELES (APP) – Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre has been known to run a tight ship in his clubhouse, and reports have shown their new free agent is no exception.

    Upon seeing new Dodger Mickey Mouse’s ears sticking out of his hat, Torre told his new star to “clean it up a bit”.

    “Gosh, I don’t know,” said Mickey in a press conference, “talking to him felt like being in the principal’s office.”

    And how.

  61. enchantedbeaver

    So, so far, the A’s have acquired Holliday; the Yankess have made offers to CC and Burnett; the Cubs are re-inking Dempster; and all we’ve got is a friggin mouse (and for a change I’m not talking aboute Pierre.)

  62. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! oh enchanted and nsblues, you are killing me today – too, too funny!!!!!!! I “understand” that you are hilarious.

  63. thinkingblue

    NS -LOL…well Goofy’e ear’s are too long and Donald is not wearing pants what does Torre have to say about that. Pete can take Jones place & Donald can take Pierre’s place.
    Enchanted: Dodgers are probably sweating it. With the new training center, the Dodger stadium remodels, trying to acquire Manny, money lost with Pierre, Jones & Sweeney there is probably no more money left for other players.

  64. dodgereric

    ANAHEIM (APP) – The owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim filed suit in the Superior Court today in an attempt to block the signing of Mickey Mouse to a Major League Baseball contract by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Arte Moreno was heard to say outside the courtroom, “They can’t do that, he’s an OC guy and too well identified with my Angels.”

    Dodger owner Frank McCourt was contacted by this reporter for comment, and all he would say was, “Goofy world, ain’t it?”

  65. enchantedbeaver

    LAGUNA BEACH (APP) When asked to comment on the Mickey situation, Scott Boras said, “Now you know why I can’t deal with that Goofy bas**rd!”

  66. junkyardjamie

    Maybe Mickey can get some of the princesses to join him. Heaven forbid we have enough of them between JP and Andruw. Why not have the real ones?

  67. dodgereric

    I wrote a lament to Barry Bonds some time ago to Don McLean’s beautiful “Vincent”. It’s been bothering me ever since that I scarred that song with his name.

    Here’s a little retribution.

    starry night
    paint the scorecard with those K’s

    look out on a summer’s day
    with eyes that know the
    heroes of a child.
    Memories compliled.

    List’ning to the radio
    catch Vin Scully home or road
    the colors start to dance across my room.

    How can you understand what I’m trying to say to you
    how delightful then was Dodger blue
    and how effortless he threw.
    You could listen
    to his fastball pop
    and hear his curveball drop.

    Number thirty-two
    firing balls that seem so mean
    fouled straight back into the screen
    reflect in all the zeros on the board
    A white knight with a sword

    A thousand cherished memories
    vanquished child anxieties
    that stirred up in a crummy broken home

    How can you understand what I’m trying to say to you
    how wonderful that Koufax threw
    and how his greatness grew.
    You could listen to the cheering crowd
    but then came the growing cloud

    and when our team began regress
    After his last press conf’rence.
    He took his game
    to New York’s Hall of Fame
    But I want to tell you, Sandy
    this world will never see someone throw
    as beautiful as you.

    Sandy’s portrait’s in the Hall
    other names surround the walls
    and children’s eyes pass by and can’t be met
    by mem’ries that I get

    Dandy Don and Hershiser
    Fernando and Game Over
    were wonderful but they cannot compare

    And now I think you know
    Just what this man became to me
    what he meant to me and so many
    and why we love to praise Sandy

    We need a thrill and we’re waiting still

    perhaps we never will.

  68. northstateblues

    DodgerEric, E, Nelly and Tru, you’ve been having fun while I’ve been on the road! 😀

    Winners of the Vin Scully “Long Fly Ball” award, as in “Long fly ball deep to right… and SHE IIIIISSS… GONE!!!!!!!!!!”

    Looks like the Cubbies got their Dumpster back. swell for them… speaking of Cubbies, check out what happened at the Smashing Pumpkins concert in Boston last week. (for frame of reference, the band is Chicago-based, and the lead singer, Billy Corgan, is a die-hard Cubs fan):

    Per the Boston Globe review:

    ”'[. . .] the house lights come up without an encore. And then, bizarrely, an unknown guy (a comedian, perhaps?) dressed in a Los Angeles Dodgers cap, wearing mock Manny Ramirez dreadlocks and clutching a broom, comes onstage to blast Boston. He ridicules Pumpkins’ lead singer-guitarist Billy Corgan for his baldness and “whiny nasal voice” while he’s at it, before being shooed away by Corgan, the good guy in a white tiered skirt.”’

    I’ll take 1988 over 1908 anyday!

  69. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! Ward Dear ~ You are amazing!!! I hope you feel better now. I would hate for you to go around with guilt over a song that includes “what’s his name.” That is an awesome song!!!! Just Fabulous 🙂

  70. enchantedbeaver

    LOS ANGELES (APP) – In a move harkening back to the days of Bill Veeck, Dodgers General Manager Goofy has signed all 7 of the Dwarves. When asked specifically about Grumpy, Goofy was heard to say, “duh I tink itds no difrent dan having Deff Kent.”

    In a related interview, when asked how he plans to use them, JoJo The Clown said, “I just can’t wait to see them all pile out of that little car.”

  71. thinkingblue

    Channel 5 News: Breaking news…Dodgers Stadium is becoming the “Happiest Place on Earth”. After signing the 7 dwarves, JoJo the Clowns, Mickey and most of the Disney Friends Dodgers Stadium is becoming the most popular tourist attraction. The Left Pavillion is being transformed to the “Small World Pavillion”. Dodgers owner added, “We will have a parade every day during the 7th inning stretch, will all our Disney Characters will be singing “Taking Me Out To the Ballgame”, and we will end our games with TinkerBell’s Fireworks”. Will there be any new Disney Character Signed with the Dodgers?

  72. thinkingblue

    Channel 5 New: This just came in…Hercules, Tarzan & Mr. Incredible have shown interest in playing for the Dodgers. When asked the Dodger’s General Manager, Goofy commented: Gosh, it won’t be necessary, we aulready got KEMP, MARTIN & ETHIER!

  73. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    I thought after a good night’s sleep last night that I’d be refreshed today. NOT! I’ve had lazy days before, but this takes the cake! Oh well, just bear with me my ITD friends! 🙂

  74. junkyardjamie

    You are worth it CP!!! How are you? I was thinking about your wild trip to Fresno and back. Did you have to go that route because of the fires? Or were you taking the “scenic route” – LOL!!!!

  75. junkyardjamie

    Yes, we are…… CP – I am getting nervous now :). I have actually been taking batting lessons just in case.

  76. trublu4ever

    Just one of those days where I’m laughing out loud and my poor dogs think I’ve go mad! Kepp up the good work, Dodgereric & enchanted…………you too, dodgersrule! Just awesome stuff today.

  77. cpompe1

    Nelly – No, we missed all of the fires. This was just the scenic route! We left Ventura Wednesday morning around 7 or 8 AM, long before the Montecito fire started. We were already planning a trip to Primm, so we stayed there Wednesday and Thursday nights. But since we knew we were going to Bakersfield to sleep over at my sisters, we took Hwy 58 (thru Mojave and Tehachapi) to get to Bakersfield. So we missed the Sylmar fire that was near the 5 and the 210. Those would have been the only two fires that would have affected our travel plans. The other fires were too far south to affect us. We’re just glad that our timing just took us away from that mess – not to mention that we missed all of the Santa Ana winds and hot weather! Whew!

  78. enchantedbeaver

    ATLANTA (APP) – An amber alert has been issued for the Three Little Pigs, last seen being chased by a man(?) shouting, “Carnitas!!” Witnesses say the man was wearing a tiara and sporting the number 25 on his pink leotards. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Three Little Pigs or the suspect, please contact Atlanta PD.

  79. trublu4ever

    I can’t wait to go Under the Lights! Just hope I can hit the ball once. I know I can throw it………catching it, that may be a problem.

  80. cpompe1

    Nelly and Tru – The two of you are gonna have to take pictures and somehow post them for the rest of the Ethieraholics and Martinistas to see!

  81. thinkingblue

    CPO…glad to hear from you…it is Fun time here at ITD
    DNEL & TRU…I’m getting excited for you two…can’t wait to read about “Under the LIght”….oh man…ahhhh!
    Enchanted….LOLOLOL! that is just tooo funny.

  82. thinkingblue

    ***BREAKING NEWS****
    Due to the activities at the Left Pavillion (name calling, fights, rude fans), Owner have change the Left Pavillion from “Small World Pavillion” to “Adventureland Pavillion”, where Pirates have been hired to be securities!

  83. cpompe1

    Dodgersrule – It’s great to be back! I miss my ITD friends when I’m away like this. That’s why I don’t like to be away from ITD!!!

  84. thinkingblue

    CPO-I understand how you feel. It is fun here and everyone welcomes you regardless of how goofy I am…Love it. I just can’t wait for Spring Training to begin.

  85. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! Where do Dwiddle Dee and Dwiddle Dum fit? How about the White Rabbit or the Mad Hatter? I am giving suggestions because I am laughing to hard trying to come up with something. Cheshire Cat? Bambi? Thumper?

  86. cpompe1

    Oh, dodgersrule. Can’t wait for Spring Training ethier! (See your influence on me nelly!) Sitting at home can get quite boring, but it’s never a dull day here on ITD!

  87. enchantedbeaver

    LOS ANGELES (APP) The Dodger’s interest in pitcher B.Bunny has seemingly waned due to the impending conversion to “digital only”, thus making rabbit ears obsolete.

  88. enchantedbeaver

    ATLANTA (APP) The suspect the disappearance of the Three Little Pigs has been apprehended face down in a trough of Fritos near the east side Dairy Queen. Witnesses say his stomach looked enormously distended, and faint traces of pork were in the air. As he was being driven away in the back of a police squad car, he was seen mouthing the words, “carnitas good.”

    No traces of the Three Little Pigs have been found.

  89. thinkingblue

    Enchanted…That’s sad!…funny but very sad!
    CPO & DNEL…11/28/08 help me out…I am lost…Christmas music???

  90. cpompe1

    Okay dodgersrule, I’ll give in. My very first ITD song parody was entitled “Juan Pierre got run over by a reindeer.” It was a parody to that novelty Christmas song, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer! I’ll reprise it on 11/28/08 – the TRADITIONAL OFFICIAL first day of Christmas shopping.

  91. thinkingblue

    DNEL – I’m guess Dwiddle Dee and Dwiddle Dum will be umpires, Mad Hatter will be selling caps, Cheshire Cat will seat next to Vin, Pinochio will be Bat Boy, Thumper will be our “SetUp” (if his arms get tired from pitching…ears will do the trick), Bambi….???

  92. cpompe1

    Dodgersrule – When I reprise this song, it’ll give me goosebumps! Heck, just thinking about it already is! Let’s see how long I’ll last. Who knows, I may not be able to wait until the 28th! Just keep watchin!

  93. cpompe1

    Well my ITD friends, I’ve gotta go. I purposely waited until I signed off to mention this, but I REALLY need all of those who do to pray for my friend Karen, and her entire family. Karen and I grew up together since we were 11 years old (we’re both in our late 40s). And even though she and her husband Thom currently live in Washington, we are still very close. Well, Karen’s niece, Kelly, was killed in a car accident this past weekend. The girl’s father Bill is Karen’s brother. I’d go to Karen’s house quite frequently as a girl, and I know Bill quite well. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Bill, so I might have only met his daughter, only as a young infant. Attached below is a link to the news story. Thanks.


  94. thinkingblue

    CPO – That is very sad news. Loosing a child is probably one of the hardest things to deal with. My prayers will go out to Kelly’s Family and your Friend. God bless them all and rest in peace Kelly.

  95. kpookiemon

    As Ned mulled last season…and his teams’ future….

    I pulled into Angeles, I was thinking it’s another lost year;
    I just need some player to help me save my career.
    “Hey, mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bat?”
    He just grinned and shook my hand, and “Yes!”, was all he said.

    Take a load off Manny, take a load for free;
    Take a load off Manny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

    I picked up the phone, I’d heard that the Red Sox were fried;
    When I saw old Frank and Jamie walkin’ side by side.
    I said, “Hey, Frank, I got a great deal this time.”
    A Hall of Fame hitter, and he won’t cost you a dime.”

    Take a load off Manny, take a load for free;
    Take a load off Manny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

    Go down, Mr. Torre, there’s nothin’ you can say
    It’s just ol’ Manny, and Manny’s waitin’ on the Judgement Day.
    “Well, Manny, my friend, what about those dreds I see?”
    He said, “Do me a favor, Joe, can I please keep some of those dreds for me?”

    Take a load off Manny, take a load for free;
    Take a load off Manny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

    Crazy Boras followed me, and he caught me in the sun.
    He said, “I will fix your team, if you’ll just pay me a ton.”
    I said, “Wait a minute, Boras, you know I’m a baseball man.”
    He said, “That’s okay, Ned, won’t you pay me when you can.”

    Take a load off Manny, take a load for free;
    Take a load off Manny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

    Catch a Cell Phone, now, to put me on the line
    My team is sinkin’ low and I do believe it’s time.
    To get back to Mr. Manny, you know he’s the only one.
    Can save my job again and it’s time to get it done.

    Take a load off Manny, take a load for free;
    Take a load off Manny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

  96. dodgereric

    Great song kpook! I don’t remember The Band being covered in here before! A buffalo nickle to someone other than kpookie to give me the title! Hint: It ain’t “Take The Load Off Annie”

    Officially ITD#436 and kpookiemon#20!

  97. trublu4ever

    dodgereric ~ you have to do a song to the Mickey Mouse Club March………..now the official song of the Dodgers.

  98. dodgereric

    Yep, Rose! Hopefully by that time we’ll be writing happy songs in praise of the great off-season signings and not filled with howls of derision and woe. Hope springs eternal.

    And CP, thoughts and prayers to you and your friend’s family as you all come to terms with your grief. A drunk driver in the morning. 😦

    Your friend Karen has a lot of class to be able to forgive.

  99. dodgereric

    Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?
    No one’s broke as me!

    Hey there, hi there, ho there.
    I’m as dumb as I can be.

  100. enchantedbeaver

    Wow Kahli!! The Weight – that one never occured to me – great job!!!

    Can’t remember if I did Up On Cripple Creek or not, but it seems like a natural for Ned’s boys.

  101. junkyardjamie

    Kpookimon – fantastic!!!!!!

    I know I have said this many times, but this has got to be one of the most gifted group of fans, period, on the planet. I mean we turn one comment made by Dodgereric this morning into a whole days worth of antics about having Disney and Co. as part of our Dodger Team. Then there is the added 436 songs (which are phenomenal BTW), poems, thought bubbles, role playing, cheer leading, etc., etc., and we can’t forget our serious stuff too (the real Dodgers, prayers, family stories, which are funny at times too). It seems so unusual to have so many people on one blog with so much talent and to use it just have fun is pretty incredible. ITD is the perfect escapism when you need to step back, take a deep breath and most likely laugh your *ss off. And believe me, with my class this year, I have needed a lot of deep breaths. Thank you for making this a fun place to come into everyday. You are all remarkable, and I am honored and thankful to be a part of this phenomenal group.

  102. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! …and as I finish typing, yet Dodgereric/Ward Dear strikes again – just amazing dear!!!! Never, never is there a dull moment in this place – LOL!!!!!

  103. thinkingblue

    DNEL – Beautiful speech. I am with you. This place makes me laugh. And allows me to be insane at times, it allows me to vent all that creativity in my head, no musically-lyrically, but in other ways. It is a lot of fun. When you need help people here give you great advice. And with that great advice comes a great laugh. Yup there’s been time when I’m seating here in my cubicle, the office all quiet. And there’s go me checking my ITD, next thing you know, I’m just laughing, all by myself. Well I’m sure ITD pips are laughing with me.

  104. kpookiemon

    Through all the free agent posturing and all the possibilities…one thing is certain: Manny was/is a GREAT fit for the Dodgers. There is NO guesswork about chemistry or impact. The kids gravitated toward him and excelled with him. The city was electrified and the Dodgers made it to the Final Four for the first time in two decades. If the Dodgers are going to throw big money around, spend it on Manny…not on an injury-prone shortstop, not on a mega deal for an overweight starting pitcher, not on some middle-of-the-road PVL. For whatever else he is, Manny is pedigree and the city absolutley loves him. He will make 2009………….fun. Name any other player out there that can turn that trick? Championships are a crap shoot. It’s the six-month season we live and die for.

  105. trublu4ever

    Kpookie ~ I totally agree with you! In my heart, I do think Frank will do everything he can to sign Manny. Matt and Andre loved is influence on the team, he made them relax and enjoy the game and, I’m sure if you took a vote, the entire team would want him back.

  106. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!!


    Kpookiemon – I think chemistry is everything. They Dodgers really had a hard time finding it until Manny came. I think we got a glimpse of a good team chemistry during that series in Houston where JP, Andruw and Nomar were all on the DL, and Kent actually looked like he was enjoying himself for the first time being the only veteran on the team at the time (aside from pitchers). That was when we saw how this young core could make stuff happen. Then those PVLs started creeping back and they kind of lost that chemistry again until the first weekend in August when Manny came. I am not saying he is the answer to all the problems, and I am still worried about too long of a contract, but what he brought our young players during those last two months was something great.

  107. junkyardjamie

    Andre was the 2nd person to hear Dustin Pedroia had won the AL MVP….

    On the road en route to a gym in Arizona on Tuesday morning, the Red Sox second baseman received the phone call that jolted him out of that comfort zone.

    “It was from my wife. She said, ‘Turn around, maybe you can take a day off today.’ I said, ‘Maybe I can (work out) later.’ I work out with André Ethier of the Dodgers. I kind called him and said, ‘Hey man, I won the MVP and I’ve gotta go home.’”

  108. cpompe1

    Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
    Thx to all for the prayers and well wishes for my friend’s family. So how is everyone in ITDland???

    I know I said a long time ago I’d write a song parody for Russ, but I could never get the right song or the right words to change ‘em up to! But I’ll figure something out!

  109. junkyardjamie

    Hey CP!!! It is very slow here tonight. I got in a little after 9, but it doesn’t look like to many have been on since early evening. How are you doing?

  110. cpompe1

    Oh, and I EMPHATICALLY echo Nelly’s words earlier when she said, “…this has got to be one of the most gifted group of fans, period, on the planet.” And not just that, but everything else she said! You guys are a lot of fun and I love being here! I can’t wait to meet many of you in person. I’ve met Nelly, Tru, and Acardona at Andre’s signing in August. I would LOVE to meet everyone else! I can’t wait until Josh plans that ITD tour for us next year! Hey, I haven’t been on here for a while; did he give any more news about that???

  111. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly, it did look to be a little slow. As for me, I’m doing fine. It still was a lazy day for me today, but I did manage to finish our laundry from our trip!

  112. cpompe1

    And Nelly, if truth be known, the Dodgers have so many FA holes to fill that lately, it’s been giving me headaches, so I try not to think about FA stuff too much. All of that STUFF just drives me nuts!

  113. junkyardjamie

    How was Fresno? Did you end up going to any restaurants, etc.? We were there the first weekend in November for a shopping trip. I have to go there for teacher materials so I tend to make a day of it.

  114. junkyardjamie

    CP – It doesn’t do us any good to think about it because everytime we think it might go one way, it goes the exact opposite of our thinking. Even the Manny signing at the end of July was a surprise because the last thing we thought we needed was another outfielder to clog up an already congested outfield. At least that worked out in the end.

  115. junkyardjamie

    Friday morning!! I am taking the entire day off work. I have over 50 days of sick leave, and I very rarely take days off like this even when sick. It is more work to take a day off because of lesson plans than to actually be go to work sick. We want to be there for lunch time. We want to try one of Andre’s restaurants (probably the pizza one).

  116. cpompe1

    Hey Nelly – Fresno was fine. Jim and I left my sister’s house in Bakersfield around 10 AM and got to Fresno around noon. We stayed at the Quality Inn on Ashlan Road (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Well, I’m sure you know the road; it’s on the north end of Fresno. After lunch next door (it was like a cabin setting; I just forget the name) we rested in the room and eventually got ready for and went to the wedding. The wedding was beautiful! It was an outdoor wedding, which, I know, is challenging at best to plan an outdoor wedding in mid-November. But it was a “heat wave” by mid-November, Fresno standards so the wedding went great! After that, we went to the Fresno hockey arena (again, the name escapes me) where the minor-league hockey team was playing Bakersfield.

    And about FA and the Hot Stove Report, well, like I said before, it gives me headaches just thinking of this possibility or that possibility. For me, I just wait to see what shoe will drop where, and then I’ll deal with it…

  117. junkyardjamie

    ….I have even been taking batting lessons from my son’s pitching coach. I even used a wood bat today just in case. For never playing softball, I am doing pretty good. Being in acquatics, I never had to worry where my feet were other than kicking. I think once you’ve played a sport with any kind of ball, the hand-eye coordination is pretty much the same. I can play catch pretty well. Now, catching a fly ball might be a totally different story.

  118. cpompe1

    And Nelly, Andre’s pizza restaurant sounds great! Hope you and your mom have a great time! I’m sure both of you will!

  119. junkyardjamie

    I know the street Ashlan and the Falcons I believe play at Selland Arena still. I guess you did luck out on weather. It is usually foggy this time of year too. I am glad to hear it all went well.

  120. cpompe1

    See Nelly, even if I had the $$$ to go (which, of course I don’t), I have NEVER been an athlete and catching fly balls were the worst when I did try. I could hit the ball (not that far, but I could hit it) but catching is an entirely different animal! I give you and your mom props for doing this! You two are going to have a blast!

  121. cpompe1

    Okay Nelly, yeah, it was the Falcons and it was at Selland Arena. Just trying to figure out Bakersfield’s nickname. Hmmmm….. Oh, that’s right, it’s the Bakersfield Condors. But yeah, we did luck out on weather. The trip went well… Oh, and those Sequoias are just MASSIVE!!! I’ve seen pictures of them, and we took pictures of them, but pictures don’t do them justice – not at all!!!

  122. junkyardjamie

    CP – to be honest, I am very nervous. I mean I’m excited, but just nervous. My students are completely jealous and half of them want to go with me. I have got at least half my class in a Dodger – Andre/James/Russell frenzy right now, and it’s all they talk about. Well, that and Dodgereric. Everytime I laugh at the computer they think it’s an e-mail from him. I have tried to explain that it’s more than him, but his name always sticks. I told them it was Mickey’s 80th birthday, and they asked how I knew – I told them Dodgereric.

  123. cpompe1

    Yeah Dodger4life, I’ve gotta be headin’ off to bed soon too. Can’t snack this late at night, but I can talk to my ITD friends!

    Wow Nelly! Dodgereric is a legend in your classroom!!! And I’m thrilled that so many of your kids are in that “Andre/James/Russell frenzy” you talk about!

  124. junkyardjamie

    …also today after school the other first grade teachers and I were planning our Christmas Program. Well, guess who knew how to find all the songs on line. I started laughing because it’s because of doing all the songs on here. Between youtube and google lyrics, I was able to find all the songs. ITD isn’t just about Dodger baseball – It’s a computer class too.

  125. Dodger4life

    Good-Night CP, You and your friends are in my prayers GOD BLESS 🙂 Nelly dont be nervous your a Dodger they are Dodgers…. 🙂

  126. junkyardjamie

    Good night again Dodger4life!!!!

    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  127. junkyardjamie

    I know you are 🙂 LOL!!! I was putting up all the phones and I just realized I have Denny Hamlin’s name on my caller ID – how fun is that?

  128. trublu4ever

    Good morning ITD readers, bloggers, song writers, poets, statisticians, and most of all, Dodger fans. Hope you all have a great day!

  129. ramslover

    Good morning all, just reading yesterdays blogs…Mickey Mouse and Disney, that was hilarious….Congrats to Pedroia and you have to give the Red Sox Scouts alot of credit to draft him that high….he is not your typical 5 tool ballplayer, but he is a winner! Sometimes scouts have to use common sense and see a real ballplayer….

    Nelly good luck with your baseball adventure and do not get hurt!!! Have you gotten bruised hands or blisters yet?

    Well, we can cross Dempster off the list and it is kind of eery not to hear any rumors involving the Dodgers. Furcal is a goner…so we have a lot work to do…

    Ned your decision making has always been suspect, so do not wait too long and then panic!

    I guess Frank is feeling the effects of the economic downturn and it may lead to a very disappointing offseason.

    We just lost one of our avenues to dump Pierre with Coco Crisp going to the Royals…Dag nab it!!!

  130. ramslover

    No Dodgereric you are not and the silence is very scary….for no rumors to be out there about the Dodgers is very troubling, maybe the money issue is bigger than we thought…

  131. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ God I hope Ned and Joe don’t see your article! Just what we need, Randy Johnson and Bernie Williams! Mickey Mouse is looking better everyday! I like you and Ramslover, am quite concerned that there is no mention of the Dodgers at all in the rumor mill.

  132. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!!

    Ward Dear…. I don’t think silence is golden in this case.

    Ramslover – I got a blister on my hand during my first lesson that I now am using bandaids and athletic tape to protect. No bruises yet, from baseball anyway – LOL!!! Thanks for asking 🙂

  133. junkyardjamie

    Don Wakamatsu (A’s bench coach) is the Mariners new manager. The first Asian-American manager in major league history.

  134. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Well, at least I had a good night’s sleep last night! I worked out, came home, took a shower, and now I’m ready for the rest of my day! Ya know what’s funny? Yes, I’m still unemployed, but for some weird reason, I’m still feeling kinda calm about it. By all rights I shouldn’t feel this calm, but I do. But I was thrown back down to earth when the county sent me that, “Thank you very much for interviewing…” letter that said that I didn’t get the job.

    So how is everyone else this good morning???

  135. cpompe1

    But I do agree that the silence from the Dodgers is unsettling. And not to hear the Dodger name even in rumors, is unsettling.

  136. dodgereric

    Morning all.

    I’m not necessarily talking about free agents from other teams. I’d like to hear that we’re talking with Furcal or Beimel or SOMETHING! Criminy, it’s like everyone went to the Bahamas!

    June Darlin’, get yourself some moleskin. Most drug stores carry it. It’s an adhesive pad that you can cut into whatever shape you need. If you can catch the blister before it raises up (called a ‘hot spot’), just cover it with a patch of moleskin. If the blister raises, use scissors to cut a hole in the middle of the moleskin the same size as the blister. It works great, especially on the feet. Boy Scout trained, that’s me!

  137. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I keep the moleskin company in business. I use it on the bottom of my feet everyday………great stuff! I’d like to hear what we are going to do about Furcal, too. With a lot of other teams looking at him, it makes me very nervous, indeed.

  138. cpompe1

    Good morning Tru! I was talking to Nelly last night; you two have a blast “Under the Lights”!

    Good morning Eric! It is very weird not to be hearing anything. I sure hope we are not in eminent danger of losing Raffy before we even talk to him! I’m sure we have, but you’d think that we would’ve heard something by now!

  139. trublu4ever

    CPO ~ I’m getting a little bit nervous going ” Under the Lights”………..actually, very nervous! My stomach is a little queasy. But, once we get there, everything will be okay.

  140. cpompe1

    Tru – I’m sure both you and Nelly will do great! Nelly was talking about the two of you going to that pizza place Friday afternoon that Andre reviewed before! That should be terrific! Enjoy!

  141. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. thanks for the tip. My blister never developed into a blister. It’s calloused over already. It is in between my index finger and my hand. I have a few paper cuts that are bothering me more than the calloused blister spot, and that has nothing to do with baseball. I also mentioned the bruise because yesterday I managed to get a giant bruise on my thigh, and I have no clue of how it got there. It happened sometime between lunch and P.E. because I was passing a football with Andres and Tyler during PE and noticed that my leg was bothering me. I didn’t know that math can be such a contact subject!! LOL!!!! Once again, thanks for the tip. Of course, the scout in you would know… I had no doubts 🙂

  142. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    whoa..(NY paper)

    And that’s why the answer to the question atop this blog post may well be: “The Dodgers.”

    Sabathia and many others are waiting to see what happens with the Dodgers, who have emerged as a very interesting team this winter for a number of reasons. They may want to bring back Manny Ramirez. They may want Sabathia. And if the Blue Jays explore trading Roy Halladay (as some continue to insist they will), the Dodgers are believed to be his most likely destination.

    Toronto is in on the A.J. Burnett free-agent negotiations, but some think they’re just in it to make things look good, and that the Blue Jays actually will cut payroll. That wouldn’t necessitate trading Halladay, but he is slated to make $30 million over the next two years, could bring back a treasure trove of talent and may not want to stick around in Toronto if the Jays decide to rebuild. Toronto did some quiet snooping around the trade deadline to see what kind of package they could get if they did put Halladay on the market, and the Dodgers were said to be the potential trade partner they found most appealing.

    If the Dodgers believe they can get Halladay, it may make them more likely to sign Ramirez than Sabathia. Halladay would give them their staff ace on a two-year commitment, rather than a six-year commitment, and Ramirez was such a nifty fit there that it’d almost be sad to see him have to go somewhere lame like Baltimore or Washington.

    But if Halladay’s a pipe dream, then the Dodgers will try to figure out whether Sabathia is as well. There are rumblings today that the Dodgers either have offered or are about to offer Sabathia a six-year contract worth between $110 and $120 million. If he man truly wants to pitch in California, and in the National League, you’d have to think an offer like that could begin to be “close enough” to the Yankees’ offer that he would consider taking it instead.

  143. cpompe1

    Wow jungar! And here we were thinking that the Dodgers were sitting on their hands! Yeah I know, I know. I don’t want to part with any part of our Young Gun Dynasty, but (1) they are very good players and (2) if we could get Roy Halladay, boy, he may be worth the trade! And the CC sweepstakes still continue…

  144. dodgereric

    Well now, that’s better. I don’t even necessarily care if it’s totally BS, I just want to hear something. And until now it’s been the original offer to Ramirez and nothing else. Of course we are ‘the potential trade partner they found most appealing.’ We usually are. But what do they want for Halladay? Kersh and Kemp? No thanks.

  145. enchantedbeaver

    I would think that the D’s could offer CC $115 mil for 5 years with a team option for a 6th at $25. That would match the Yankees numbers and years, yet only commit to 5.

  146. dodgereric

    I’ve been looking at Rotoworld just now. Here’s a couple of musings, take ’em for what they’re worth:

    “Jason Varitek (Red Sox) – Scott Boras can keep talking big, but since the Red Sox aren’t going to bid against themselves, he simply has to find another interested party. The Dodgers aren’t biting, and the Tigers have little money and bigger priorities.”

    “Casey Blake (Dodgers) – The class of the third base market is 35, a mediocre defender and a career .233 hitter with RISP. Blake is coming off another solid year, and a team will be able to count on him for about 20 homers and 80 RBI. Still, under ideal circumstances, he’d be a stopgap, not someone who is going to require a long-term contract. The Twins, Indians and Dodgers are interested. The team that goes to three years will probably get him.

    Previous prediction: Astros – three years, $18 million
    New prediction: Twins – three years, $16 million

    Joe Crede (White Sox) – Crede can’t be counted on because of his back, but his troubles there figure to guarantee that it won’t take more than a one-year commitment to secure him and he’s a better player than Blake when healthy. Besides the teams looking at Blake, the Rangers, Giants and Brewers could be in the mix for Crede. The White Sox aren’t expected to make an attempt to re-sign him.

    Previous prediction: Dodgers – one year, $7 million plus incentives
    New prediction: Rangers – one year, $5 million”

    “Rafael Furcal (Dodgers) – It may seem like bad timing, considering that he had his worst year in 2007 and then played in just 36 games in 2008, but Furcal is poised to receive another big contract as a free agent. He might be one of the best buys available anyway. Furcal was terrific when healthy last year, and he’s still in his prime at age 31. The Dodgers, Orioles, A’s, Giants, Tigers, Braves, Cubs, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Royals and Twins are all in the market for shortstops, so Furcal should get the four-year deal he wants. While the A’s are making a strong run, the odds are good that he’ll stay in the NL.

    Previous prediction: Dodgers – four years, $60 million
    New prediction: Dodgers – four years, $56 million”

    “Manny Ramirez (Dodgers) – It looks like agent Scott Boras is prepared to let this one drag out, but that might be a poor strategy in this case. The further removed we get from Ramirez’s incredible 2 ½ month run for the Dodgers, the more everyone will start to remember just how he orchestrated his exit from Boston. Ramirez will certainly get his money, but he’ll probably have to settle for a three- or four-year deal if he wants to play for an immediate contender. With the big spenders more interested in Teixeira at the moment, it’s hard to tell just who will join the Dodgers as the finalists for his services. The Yankees, Angels, Mets and Phillies have yet to rule him out, and it’s possible the Giants, Nationals or Orioles will decide to make a huge run.

    Previous prediction: Phillies – four years, $80 million
    New prediction: Giants – four years, $88 million”

    “The Dodgers are likely to be stuck with Jones through spring training at least, but they might be able to get rid of Pierre in exchange for another bad contract. I rather like the idea of Pierre to Seattle for Carlos Silva. …”

    Entire article:

  147. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    paying for CC is the way to go. The holes created by obtaining a Halladay/Peavy would be huge either in the short or long term. More than the cost of signing CC I think.

  148. enchantedbeaver

    I agree on the Halladay/Peavy assessment jungar. We’ve already got half a roster to fill, and creating more holes is counterproductive and assinine.

  149. junkyardjamie

    I would like to go with CC. Like many of you have said, we already have too many holes, and the trades would only create bigger/more holes. Well, at least the Dodgers are talking – good!!!!

  150. crzblue2

    DNelly and True,
    Hey don’t be nervous. Andre, Russ and the former Dodgers will be there to help. You will have a blast. Just relax, enjoy it and take lots of pictures. I know I look back at all the WIN baseball clinics I’ve attended at Dodger Stadium and at Vero Beach with very fond memories. All the players and former players that helped (especially Jeff Kent) were great at putting us at ease and teaching us. My desktop picture is one of Jeff Kent with a big smile and me on the field.
    Friday night when I pass by there on the Metrolink, I will look back at the lights from my beloved stadium and be a little jealous. I will be at a birthday and going away party that night not too far from there. We want to hear all about the event when you two ladies come back. I know I will get a full report from my friend Eric.
    Anyone here have tasted Tommy Lasorda’s wine? I just found out that they sell it at Gelson’s market. A friend told me he was signing bottles there last week. Too bad she told too late.

  151. colliethec

    Tru-You & Nelly have to go to that pizza place! It is really awesome! Plan on a little bit of a wait though. We went on a Saturday afternoon & had to wait for about 15 minutes. They said 30-45 but it ended up being only 15. Great food there and you never know who else might be in the place!!!

  152. colliethec

    Manfromchina-I saw you were looking for a place to stay while in town for the 9’ers Redskins game. Well it depends on what your looking for. If you want just a place to lay your head near the airport than the Hyatt is nice. There are a few hotels around the airport (Mostly south of it). The stadium is north of the airport about 10 minutes, depending on traffic. I find Hotels.com pretty good for places like this.
    If you want to stay near Union Square which has much to offer (With the holiday lights, an outdoor ice skating rink, shopping, window shopping, nice places to eat, fun bars, etc.) especially this time of year. Then look into travelzoo. They are a internet deal finding place on the internet. If you go to their website you’ll find hotels for the given city that you request.
    They get these deals from other internet sites such as priceline or the hotels themselves. You can get great deals. This week Wifey & I are staying at The Prescott Hotel and it’s only going to be a little over $100.00. This includes a wine reception and a few other little extras. However b\Be aware that you will have to pay more for parking. Anywhere from $20-60 a night.
    They have many deals ongoing now.

  153. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ thanks for the information on the pizza place…….we are looking forward to going. I don’t mind waiting at a restaurant if the food is good.

  154. junkyardjamie

    Thank you dcollins for both your restaurant review and helping out manfromchina. I knew about the airport stuff, but thanks for the Union Square stuff. You are right ~ plenty to do down there.

  155. thinkingblue

    Hello ITD friends, I hope you are all having a great day. My blessings go to all that have lost their homes to the SoCal fires. Those pictures just tell it all. Thanks Eric for sharing. We keep having fires every year, same mountains year after year and different homes each time.
    Well I hope Dodgers Management have a great plan for acquiring Manny and still keeping some of our best players. They are taking forever, or is it just me. Men does it always take this long?
    TRU don’t be nervous. But I do understand! I would be having sleepless nights if I was going to be that close to Andre & Russell. But just relax and enjoy the experiece. You & DNEL are going to have a blast and will have a great meal at the Pizza place.
    DNEL – Take care of hands. Are you wearing batting gloves? Well girl, once you are with Andre & Russell you will forget about those blisters. Hope your hands are better for Friday.

  156. ramslover

    According to Tony Jackson we have not made an offer to CC, but if they offer as Enchanted said, near the Yankees I think he bites. He wants to be in the NL and he can hit…that would be fun a pitcher with power in the 9th spot or eighth if Pierre in the lineup….I like the idea of Silva for Pierre that Dodgereric showed in the rotoworld article…at least if Silva blows you can hide him in the BP…and he is a sinkerball pitcher so he may pitch well in Dodger Stadium.

    We have to get Furcal….

  157. trublu4ever

    Amazing, Dodgereric! My greatest appreciation to the wonderful work firefighters do everyday.
    Dodgersrule ~ All I want to do is catch one ball……..hit one pitch……..and not fall down running! Of course, meeting Andre and Russell will be a thrill!

  158. dodgereric


    1 – Watch the ball all the way into your glove

    2 – Watch the ball hit the bat

    3 – Pick up your feet 🙂

  159. crzblue2

    Thanks Eric. Those incredible pictures. 3 firefighters ride the Metrolink I ride. We were very glad to see them today as we had not seen them for a few days. They work in Van Nuys and were working at the Oakridge mobile homes in Sylmar. Talking with them about these fires and also the Metrolink tragic accident that they had to work at make us appreciate them even more. I along with the women in our group tell them ‘We love our firefighters!”.

  160. colliethec

    The fires are just tragic. There isn’t much that I can say to those that lost everything, other than they still have their lives and prayers are going out to them for strength in a really sad time for them.
    Hopefully the silence that we hear regarding the Dodgers is because they are working on things and don’t want to do it through the media. I’ve been seeing things that are negative regarding Manny and this last season for him in Boston. That might be a help to us getting him for our needs (2-3 years) and not his (6).
    I still would like to see Beltre added as well as Oliver Perez & or Pettitte, and resign Furcal. The Furcal thing is going to be tough and it will really be tough if the Giants land him. I’m hearing they might get him and Tex. If that happens they will be a force this year. They have the pitching and don’t need CC.
    Then trade Pierre for some middle relief. I hope that Ned is listening whenever he hears a team is interested in Willy Taveras and calls them and says “How about Juan?”!!
    Hey nelly aren’t you, eric & a couple of others on facebook? I’m just started a “face” there and added some pictures of my baseball activities. Some are Giants shots because of where I live but they are some fun shots. I’ll be adding more soon. If you want look me up. I’m in the San Francisco section.
    I envy you guys with getting some of that pizza. It was tasty! Fun atmosphere as well. I wonder if they deliver to Marin?

  161. thinkingblue

    LOL! ERIC that was great advice, but let me add little more to it.
    Tru & DNEL:

    1 – Watch the ball all the way into your glove
    …..(then turn to Martin and wink)

    2 – Watch the ball hit the bat
    ……..(then turn to Etheir and wink)

    3 – Pick up your feet 🙂
    ……(at halfway point pretend to injured and then have both Andre and Ethier carry you to the side….then Dnel turn to TRU and wink….and TRU you turn to DNEL and wink!)

  162. colliethec

    Also to the consumer out there, on MLB.com they are having a 30% off sale on everything. Today only! I don’t work for them.. Really I don’t!!! I’m getting my Dre shirt today!! Woo hoo!

  163. trublu4ever

    I’ve had nothing but problems on everything I’ve ordered from MLB.com. Most of the time it’s the wrong size. I called customer service once and complained that I ordered the same thing twice and both times got the wrong item……they told me it must have been placed in the warehouse in the wrong bin. The last straw was when I ordered my playoff t-shirt and, they sent me a size so large, it fits my son-in-law who is 6’6″.

  164. dodgereric

    Hey Tru, I’m glad you know I’m just teasing! LOL!!

    Scenario: shagging fly balls in the outfield:
    1 – Tell Russ or Dre that you need some personal attention as how to judge fly balls better.
    1 – Make sure that Russ or Dre is behind you.
    2 – Back up towards him on one hit over your head.
    3 – “Accidentally” stumble and fall into his arms.
    4 – Bat those baby blue/browns.
    5 – Look forlorn.
    6 – Thank dodgereric later.

  165. colliethec

    Tru–I’ve only gotten a few things there and they fit but adjustable hats are tough to mess up on!
    Wifey got me a Dodger Customized Jersey a few years ago and it was a little small but I think she just ordered the wrong size (Also I ate a little to much that year!!
    I hope they don’t mess up my order! I’m a positive thinker so if they do I’m thinking (& hoping) they accidently add an autographed Sandy Koufax baseball with my Dre t-shirt!

  166. thinkingblue

    And TRU while you fall and stumble in to their arms, sneak in my phone number in their pants..LOL!
    And ERIC I think TRU & DNEL are smart enough to do both #1’s at the same time, so your numbering system is fine…LOL!

  167. ramslover

    dcollins we think alike…I have been puching Beltre, Oliver Perez and Pettite. Beltre is a solid .275-285 hitter with 25 hrs 90 RBI and a gold glove 3B…what is there not to like as long as his shoulder and thumb check out ok…not by Conte but Dr Andrews in Alabama…

    Did anyone see the article in the LA times about the LA sports Museum….what a collection he has….Gary Cypres, it is amazing!!!!

    A Jones (hurts me but this is probably reality)

    It would be a solid if not spectacular lineup and lets hope A Jones has one last hot streak…

  168. dodgereric

    Most sportswriters are bought-and-paid-for PR guys, but every now and then someone tells it as it is:

    “Thanks to the handiwork of GM Ned Colletti they also have two expensive, unproductive outfielders who want out of L.A. in Juan Pierre (owed $37.5 million through 2011) and Andruw Jones ($22 million for one year plus signing-bonus payments stretching into 2010), not that they’ll find many takers.”

  169. ramslover

    Mike Mussina is retiring…anyone thinks he is a hall of Famer, he had a heck of a career…and he goes out on top…1st 20 game season of his career…I think he is.

  170. enchantedbeaver

    For $59.5+ mil, we should have something better to show for it than Pierre and Jones. That’s 2+ years of CC, or more money than it would take to re-sign Furcal for 4 years.


  171. northstateblues

    Glad to see there’s some news going around, even if they’re just rumors and heresay. I love rumors and heresay! But glad to see the Dodgers are hard at work behind the scenes, and hoping that our luck will be the same as the dealings of the last half of the past season, not the first half and previous two years. Well, trading Milton to the A’s was a great move…

    Another thought…. We need to make sure that if we don’t get Manny, that the Giants don’t. If they get Furcal or Beimel, I won’t like it, but fine. But Manny… just brings back flashbacks of… you know. Joe Torre, have a conference with Ned and tell him what it’s like to sit in the other dugout while he’s pounding you 16 times a year. With Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and their young talent… that would be the LAST thing we need.

    But anyways, this procrastinator has to write a Shakespeare term paper. Boooooooooo. This should be fun,

  172. colliethec

    I like that lineup ramslover. Now throw Manny in there and we would really be looking good.
    If Jones wants out out LA it’s to bad the Players Union wouldn’t let him and the Dodgers void that last years contract and let him become a Free Agent. I mean if both parties agree, then why not!
    It would be great for us because with that extra dough, then we probably could get Manny.
    I don’t understand Jones. I wouldn’t want out of LA. I would feel bad for taking their money (Fans & organization) and want to prove to the fans that I’m a winner by getting in shape & then producing. For him to be hurt because some fans got on him when he was stinking up the joint is stupid. They would be that way in Atlanta as well.

  173. colliethec

    Good luck with the paper NSB.
    It must stink now but in a few years when you have your career it will be a blessing and rewarding!

  174. enchantedbeaver

    Shakespeare doth not suspend his command North. Heed day’s een and command thy the quiver to set thy knowledge for the morrow.

  175. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t remember putting a “the” in there. Delete that. Its extraneous and makes no sense. Don’t do that in your paper either.

  176. enchantedbeaver

    And it should be quill, not quiver. That’s what happens when your corgi comes in and bites you in the crotch to get your attention – you quickly lose your stream of thought other than “YEOWWWW!!”

  177. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I found you on facebook.

    Ward Dear – you need to pick up a copy of the current SI if you don’t already get it delivered – #48 is on the cover, and he is looking pretty good (I just thought I would add that comment not that I would expect you to answer to how he looks). Great article about him too.

    Also, Ward Dear… thanks for tips for Friday, and don’t worry about the numbering system – they all can be #1 to me 🙂

  178. northstateblues

    LOL Enchanted! True to Shakespeare, who knew the one thing everyone loved in the play was a misbehaving dog! Now is definitely my hour of discontent. Fie.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Dcollins, I keep trying to remember that inbetween struggling. This’ll pay off one day. I imagine that day will be in 40 years when I’m done paying off my student loans… j/k 🙂

  179. trublu4ever

    It worries me that the Giants are in a buying mood. Towards the end of the season, there were rumors that they were willing to get rid of Cain to acquire Prince Fielder. Now I hear they are interested in not only Furcal but Texeira too.

  180. colliethec

    I just added you nelly!
    Nice shots of the classroom. Great teaching style. I know I would of been paying attention!
    Also the academy is looking sweet. I wish they had something like that here in Marin!

  181. northstateblues

    All this Hot Stove talk about agents and contracts reminds me of one of the greatest comedies every filmed, the Marx Brothers’ “A Night at the Opera”. I watched that movie again last night on TV, and I laughed harder than I have in years! I could imagine the Winter Meetings going something like this…


  182. junkyardjamie

    Thanks dcollins!!! I am actually revamping the baseball wall with a new and improved background – fabric vs. butcher paper and new action shots. I even put a sign “under construction.”

  183. amyw27

    good evening friends. I hope the offseason is continuing to treat everyone well.
    NSB- have fun with the paper. my roomie is still in college and she is stuck in front of her computer as we speak typing away with tons of books in front of her 🙂 good ‘ole school. I hope you are doing well. How’s the pizza business? I really want to go to my local round table for lunch soon! Maybe tomorrow.
    Dnel- when are you leaving for LA? again, we are all jealous of your trip to the stadium. Say hi to Mr. Martin for me 🙂 He is one beautiful man 🙂

  184. junkyardjamie

    Hi Amy ~ we are leaving Friday morning so we can do lunch in Los Angeles. I will say “hi” to both Russell and Andre.

  185. northstateblues

    Dnelly- thanks for the luck, I’ll probably need it 🙂

    Amy PopLegend- yeah, I’ve got my big book o’Shakespeare here. The only thing to look forward to is the fact that this will be my last class of the month! then back to SoCal for the holiday… then back to stupid school.

    Pizza’s going well, still yummy as always. I’ve been doing a bit of everything lately, which is great ’cause I like being cross-trained. I’m jealous of those who get to have the Lunch Buffett… although I guess I could go have it at the Chico store, but I have class at 12:30 and the buffett special starts at 11:30, so I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. One day I”ll get a crack at All-You-Can-Eat twists… for now I just get to make ’em

  186. trublu4ever

    So, Nelly and Northstate ~ if we are going to offer CC that kind of money, what would Manny want? Or, are we just going to forget about him?

  187. northstateblues

    I think getting Manny will depend on the speediness of our offer and CC’s response. Sorta think Manny would become an impossibility if we get CC. BUT… that’s kinda funny seeing as how the fans are shelling out more money every year for everything, and we can’t think about getting two players.

    We are the Los Angeles Dodgers, we should be able to get that done, which would be AWESOME, because we wouldn’t lose any more prospects/young guns. if ANY of the young guns get traded, there’d better be a ring in less than 5 years, and not one of those sister-kissing NLCS rings, either.

    Of course, this is all said with the disclaimer that I’m a casual fan who knows nothing about the inner workings of the business of baseball.

  188. oldbrooklynfan

    It would be great if we could get them both trublu44, but they say they couldn’t do it.
    My choice would be Manny because of the need for offense.
    He not only brings it but he also has something else this team badly needs and that’s “Star Power”.
    He’s well known and his bad rep is an added quality, that makes the Dodgers stand out all over the country. This summer it was like the Dodgers came out of the darkness and into the light. THEY MUST SIGN MANNY.

  189. trublu4ever

    JoePierre ~ I think you are probably right. I think CC would be good to have but, I’m afraid of big time pitchers and the injury problems. I think Manny is a star and would hate to see him in a uniform of one of our rivals.

  190. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    IMO,our pitching could survive the loss of CC better than our offense could survive the loss of Manny. When Manny arrived, our offense took a quantum leap in terms of consistency and credibility. I’d hate to see Furcal go but there are other short term options out there until DeJesus is ready. We’ve got lots of holes to fill on this team and, like a lot of you, I think that what we do regarding Manny, CC, Halliday, etc. is going to determine whatever else we do. If nothing else, we’ll know how much bang or bounce there’s left in Frank’s checkbook.

  191. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good evening, trublue. All this waiting for news of free agent signings is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!

  192. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good evening to you, too, nelly. That, too, trublue. I try to catch up on other interests of mine that get put on the back burner during baseball season but it only helps a little bit. If we could only fast forward a few weeks….. but then it would be closer to Christmas. Arrrgh!!!!!!!

  193. enchantedbeaver

    I’d like to know where SF is coming up with all this money to chase Ferk, CC and Manny. They have that huge albatross contract with Zito; they don’t draw as many fans to the park as we do (let alone prices); and they don’t appear to have any sweetheart TV deals.

  194. junkyardjamie

    How is the weather in Utah? Lots of snow yet? I tried to fill my time with NASCAR and football. NASCAR is now over and now I am really sad about that, and my football teams suck right now. Plus, I am not doing so good with my fantasy team ethier because of my two teams kind of playing horrible right now. Dodgers is still the number one sports thing right now.

  195. kpookiemon

    Josh Beckett was a home-grown kid who brought the Marlins a championship. Cole Hamels was a home-grown kid who brought the Phillies a championship. Who’s to say Clayton Kershaw can’t become the ace? Or McDonald? Or whoever? I’m against throwing big money at a free-agent pitcher. It’s a bad investment. Pay Manny the money. It’s a sure bet…the partnership between Man Ram and Dodger Blue has already shown it works. I don’t want to hear how an unmotivated, “fat-cat” Manny will regress. He’s not some run-of-the-mill PVL. Next season will be my 40th as a die-hard Dodger fan. Sorry, I can’t get excited over CC Sabathia. Manny gives the Dodgers something no other player can—a devil-may-care winning attitude.

  196. junkyardjamie

    That is a very good question enchanted. From what my son has heard, he heard the gnats are going after Prince Fielder. Well, if that is true, have at him.

  197. enchantedbeaver

    I see the Gints are literally going after heavyweights then – Fielder and CC.

    Ned’s track record would indicate that if he signs CC, he’ll pitch 2-3 games before going down with an arm injury. And if he signs Manny, he’ll show up to ST looking like Fat Andruw. It’s Ned’s Law.

    Actually what appears to be taking place is that they’re making just enough of an offer to these guys as to make it look like they tried, but not enough to actually sign them. And THAT may be Frank’s Law.

  198. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Not any snow except in the mountains, nelly. It’s been sunny and in the mid to upper 50’s lately. The biggest sports thing here is the traditional rivalry game between Utah (Go Utes) and BYU on Saturday. If Utah wins, they go undefeated and probably get a BCS game. Where the Gnats are getting the money to make those kind of waves mystifies me as well. A lot of fog,rumors, and mirrors, IMO. I still think it would be better for us to spend our money on signing Manny and Furcal and go after some middle level starting pitchers that would command less years and dollars. I, too, am leary of expensive, long-term deals for pitchers.

  199. trublu4ever

    Right now, there is more interest from other teams for Furcal than Manny. I think Frank will sign Manny and for a lot less than Borass wants.

  200. junkyardjamie

    I would choose Manny over CC, if the choice has to be made, especially if you are going to offer a similar contract with money and length. At least we know what Manny can bring to the team right now. As much as I would love to have CC, six years is a long time considering what we are seeing with Schmidt and Zito. I still think with the prices they are charging, and being THE DODGERS, they can afford both if they really wanted it. If you get CC and Manny, the revenue from tickets and merchandise will be there, no question. Plus, you have our young core who are really making a name for themselves. Martin and Ethier already have their following with Loney, Kemp and DeWitt right behind them.

  201. northstateblues

    I still believe in Bills, as far as our pitching is concerned. Yeah, maybe he shoulda known to nail Victorino or whoever, but he knows now. Even Sandy nailed a batter in retaliation once. he hated it, but he did it. I have the feeling Bills will make sure he won’t lose his teams’ confidence again.

  202. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    No matter where he goes, Manny will get the money but not the years. There’s no DH in the NL so nobody in our league will give him a 5 or 6 year deal. I don’t think that anybody will give him any more than 4, tops. How many over 40 year old position players do you know in MLB?

  203. enchantedbeaver

    I think Boras’ delaying tactics are to drive the price up to only one team – the Dodgers. Can’t see Manny saying yes to the Giants, and the market truely isn’t what they thought it would be.

  204. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I think Bills is going to be fabulous this year, and I am looking forward to watching our young(er) pitchers. Billz is only 24-5.

  205. kpookiemon

    Of course they’re not listening to us…we’re blogger rabble. Though I must say, if Joe had listened to us rabble sooner, Juan and Andruw would have split time in purgatory, while Andre and Kemp would have played every inning of every game. Now Joe would tell you he had contracts and veteran leadership to deal with, and in the end, all was well. Except if Manny doesn’t arrive, all is NOT well. We bloggers may be ignorant, but we’re not stupid.

  206. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I, too, think our young pitchers are going to come into their own next year. McDonald was the best surprise of the playoffs. Kershaw will make big strides. Kuroda’s adjustment period should be done. If we can solidify our bullpen and get another solid starter to replace Lowe, I think our pitching will be competitve with anybody’s in the division. We just have to ensure that our offense is solid.

  207. enchantedbeaver

    In my case Tru, its my propensity to use bombastic words to mask my lack of intellectual prowess – or so I’ve been told. 🙂 Though I never thought of a 4-letter word as necessarily being able to be described by the term, bombastic, but what do I know? – It was just one dumb ***-hole’s opinion.

  208. kpookiemon

    From Yahoo Sports:
    “Andruw Jones has told the Dodgers he’ll begin playing in the Dominican winter league Dec. 6, about a week short of the anniversary of signing his two-year, $36.2-million contract. Still just 31, Jones is working with a personal trainer in an attempt to strengthen his knee and cut weight. He presumably hopes the winter at-bats will help him find his stroke, which, after signs of trouble in 2007, deserted him in 2008. Meantime, the Dodgers have yet to measure the market on Juan Pierre, whom they’ll need if Jones is still the flailing Jones in 2009. Due $28.5 million over the next three years, Pierre will be a tough sell, of course.”

    I get indigestion just reading this. It’s Deja Vu all over again. Sign Manny and put those two plow horses on milk cartons. Exorcise this sad chapter in L.A. Dodger history once and for all…

  209. enchantedbeaver

    My biggest hope is that Andruw comes to ST in great shape and smashing the ball because it’ll be the only way someone will take him in a trade. Otherwise if/when they resign Manny, he’ll just end up taking ABs away from Dre and Matt during the season.

  210. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Whether we sign Manny or not, we’re still stuck with those two toxic assets ( and I use the word “asset” loosely. better to drop the last 3 letters) Maybe we can get rid of Pierre in an exchange of bad contracts but nobody will touch Jones under any circumstances. We might as well hope for the best for Jones because he’s, unfortunately, not going anywhere.

  211. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!! I am still laughing at enchanted’s comment about his mistaken (bombastic) behvavior. That was just hilarious when it happened.

    Jones and Pierre are going to be an Enormous thorn in our sides, and in the sides of Andre and Matt if something doesn’t happen with one or both of them. We might want to start planning for some major piano action now, as to not wait until February. We have 84 days to figure it out 🙂

  212. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know why the D’s didn’t sue Jones for breach of contract for not being in “top condition.” They may not have won, but it sure would put all other players in the league on notice that that clause would be challenged and enforced.

    Of course no other athlete would have the gall to show up in that condition in the first place.

  213. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – according to the articles yesterday when Pedroia found out about his MVP, he was on his way to work out with Ethier, which they do all off season together. I can’t imagine Andre, Matt or even JP thinking about coming into SP with anything less than ready to give 110% to getting their jobs back (speaking of just the outfielders).

  214. enchantedbeaver

    Going to be interesting if they do sign Manny and can’t unload JP or Druw.

    Well, I can’t hardly keep my eyes open, so I’m going to hit it. Nite everyone.

  215. junkyardjamie

    Good Night enchanted!! Thanks for being you. You make italways entertaining around here, in a very good way I hope you know. Take Care 🙂

  216. Dodger4life

    Hello ITD this is my take on Manny. In the time Manny was with the Red Sox the value of that organization doulbled and then some. The Red Sox won 2 World Series . How long was thier drought? Manny was a big part of all of this.
    He seen the likes of Nomar, Lowe and Pedro go by the wayside. He seen the writing on the wall. Manny continued to produce. Can you blame him for calling Boras during a pitching change. If the report’s are right and he was fakeing an injury he took care of that. 536 batting average
    in the playoffs with the Dodgers at what age? We have no reason to dought what Manny can do, he has shown us only good will. Manny is in pretty good shape and there is no reason to bielive this will change anytime soon. The simple fact is Manny has proven himself to be one of the best clutch hitters this game has ever produced. Dickerson was one of the best running backs ever to carry a football. Manny is not Dickerson, Manny is Manny proven not only with the Indians, the Red Sox but with the Dodger’s. We can afford Manny, We can afford Manny, we can also afford CC. What we cant afford is Mark Cuban becoming the next Stienbrenner. McCourt the time is now put up or shut up!!!
    If your going to rewrite Dodger history rewrite it but do it right SPEND SPEND SPEND L.A will allways support a winner. I say we overtake those damn Yankkee’s, and I mean NOW!!!!!!!!

  217. trublu4ever

    Good morning ~ Joe says he wants to keep his core –Furcal, Jones and Martin. I thought the core was Martin, Ethier, Kemp and Loney.

  218. boblee14@yahoo.com

    If the Dodgers can Sign Manny and C.C. they will be able to set an all time attendance record in 2009 and their sales for Dodger gear will go thru the roof. I can’t wait to get a Manny t-shirt

  219. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Tru & Boblee.

    How can Torre even mention Jones as part of “the core.” He’s the most pathetic ballplayer I’ve ever seen, and only has one-year on his contract even if he does comeback as an average hitter. Plus the fans hate him.

    This just proves once again that JoJo is a bigger horse’s — than Ned.

  220. enchantedbeaver

    If JoJo’s talking about Jones that way, it doesn’t bode well for either (A) signing Manny, or (B) keeping Ethier and/or Kemp.

    Yeah Joe, Andruw was such a big part of last year’s success. I swear my BP is about to explode. Jones???? Give me a friggin break. I’d rather see JP play than him.

  221. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ I couldn’t believe it either! However, we all have to hope that Ned and Frank don’t have the same beliefs. Hey, maybe he is building Andruw up so some other team out there will want him. I know, it would take a whole lot of building!

  222. trublu4ever

    Oh, and Joe says Andruw is going to play in the Dominican to clear his head from the bad feeling the fans had toward him and come back with a fresh perspective. Doesn’t matter if you can’t hit the ball anymore.

  223. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!

    Boblee – it’s good to see you!!!! I guess are boys are even for the year 1-1, we got you in Dallas and you got us in Washington. That is all good to me.

    trublu – I think you ruined enchanted’s morning with that news about what Joe considers are actually “core.”

    enchanted – it’s okay, I was told on the phone on the way to school, and had to have it repeated thinking I wasn’t hearing her correctly. Unbelieveable isn’t it? After all we went through last year to even mention Andruw in the same sentence with Martin (and Furcal) without mentioning the real core of Martin, Ethier, Loney and Kemp (even DeWitt) is just absolutely absurd.

  224. junkyardjamie

    might be a double post – what I was trying to type disappeared, and I don’t know where it went.

    Dodger4life – what you said in the early morning hours was very, very well said 🙂 We are the Dodgers for goodness sake, and we should be able to get anybody we want, and if not, something pretty damn close to it.

  225. junkyardjamie

    I am so upset by reading that, that I can’t even write this morning. For goodness sakes. Ward Dear…. I think you better know where “I’ve Got You Babe” is…. and we need a song for Andruw that can be repeated day in and day out too.

  226. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t care if Andruw would homer his first 4 ABs to start the new year, the first time he struck out all he’ll get are boos – guaranteed.

    I’m going to have an anurism…

    How refreshing it would be to have a manager like Guillen that tells it like it is rather than Caspar Milquetoast and let’s everyone sing kum-ba-ya in the clubhouse.

    I think I just burst a blood vessel…

    Dammit, I don’t care about saving Andruw’s feelings or clubhouse comaraderie. Andruw won’t even be on the team after next year anyway. All I want is a team that just goes out there to plain beat your *** whenever is steps between the lines, or leave it all out on the field trying.

  227. messagebear@msn.com

    The trouble is that we simply have the wrong owner, and Bud Sielig is responsible for allowing that in the first place. The commentary simply is that the “Dodgers can’t afford it” when it comes to really contending for the big contract players, be it Manny or CC, etc. Frank should never have been approved as owner of a major market team. His finances were not up to par for that task several years ago, and one can only imagine how far leveraged he is now with his real estate businesses. So, he will simply keep the brakes on any kind of major money deal. Picking Ned as GM, of course, didn’t help him either, because what money he was ready to spend got flushed down the tubes. Between Frank and Ned there isn’t an ounce of good baseball sense in the organization – maybe even Mrs. McCourt has better sense as the president, but she doesn’t seem to do much to run the day to day operation. I only wish that Frank’s other ventures would go belly up in this economic storm, and he would have to divest of the Dodgers.

  228. trublu4ever

    Nothing like the talk of Andruw to get our juices flowing! I think Mr. Torre has lost his mind…….all the California living has made him an idiot.

  229. northstateblues

    Core, huh? I have nothing to say to that. I’m at a loss for words.

    Back to the procrastinated Term Paper, due in 4 hours. I like to live dangerously. Thinking Andruw is part of the core of anything in L.A., I think perhaps Joe does too.

  230. northstateblues

    not to mention that a third of our core is gonna be spending a few years by the Bay, unless Frank shells out the big money he doesn’t have for Manny or CC.

    Anyone need a towel?

  231. enchantedbeaver

    Perhaps we’re supposed to be reading between the lines. Maybe when JoJo refers to him as “the core” he really means he’s “the pits.”

  232. northstateblues

    “I shelled out 90 dollars to see the Inland Empire 66’ers for 6 innings, and all I have left is this stupid towel”

    back to work…

  233. amyw27

    good morning all.
    I can see we all are suffering from Andruw- itis this morning. I just want this all to end. Frank and Ned need to start making some decisions around here. How much longer can we wait? Goodness…it’s almost December already. We need a roster before we hit the spring.
    Dnelly- just ask Dre and Russ what’s up. I’m sure they’ll spill the beans 🙂
    Mornin nsb and enchanted..

  234. trublu4ever

    I’ll sell Enchanted a towel for $90……perhaps, because of his condition, I’ll give it to him for no charge.

  235. trublu4ever

    Yesterday on the “View” they had a segment…..What the Hell……..for example, what the hell are the big shot auto makers flying in private jets to ask for bailout money. Today, I think What the Hell is Joe thinking……….What the Hell is going to happen to our team?

  236. enchantedbeaver

    My guess is that you won’t even be able to keep the freaking towel!! Also, do the people in the “cheap seats” get a towel? or do they just get to suffer from heat stroke?

    Morning Amy!!

    Uh-oh, I think this is the big one! Did you hear that Elizabeth?! I’m coming to join you!…

  237. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! Enchanted, this reminds me of the time…….. Well, there have been too many times to mention all of them – LMAO!!!!!!!

  238. northstateblues

    Good morning Amy. NSB has procrastinated and is popping in between polishing (read: constructing from scratch) his term paper.

    I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere about the dangers of procrastination, but I’ll have to get around to that later.

  239. amyw27

    Nsb- haha. once the paper is done you wont have to worry about it anymore..yea. I think we will have to bring our own towels to the cheap seats if we want to survive 🙂
    hey tru!

  240. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – some of my best ideas come from procrastination – as long as it’s turned in on time -who cares???

  241. northstateblues

    Thanks Nelly and Amy, that eased a load off my mind 🙂 Just gotta keep breaking these walls inside my head, and get to the core of my own argument, which in no way, shape or form contains Dodger-fan-hating Andruw Jones

  242. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Dodgers manager Joe Torre, an honoree at the annual banquet of the Arthritis Foundation Southern California chapter, sounded more focused on the return of shortstop Rafael Furcal and finding a replacement for starting ace Derek Lowe than whether Manny Ramirez returns.

    Even though he missed five months with back surgery, Furcal is the lynchpin of the club’s infield plans and apparently the Dogders are holding off on other moves until they know whether or not he’ll return.

    Torre again stressed the importance of acquiring a pitcher for the top of his rotation with the departure of Derek Lowe and Brad Penny. He praised CC Sabathia without indicating how hard the Dodgers would pursue him and was equally non-committal on interest in signing Randy Johnson.

    He said Russell Martin will return at catcher, not third base. He said he spoke Wednesday with Andruw Jones, who will continue his career rehabilitation by playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic next month.

    — Ken Gurnick


    I am on board with CC and Furcal. Let Jones Pierre battle for 3rd OF if they cant be moved.

  243. northstateblues

    I like CC, I’m just still scared by long-term big-money contracts for pitchers. Especially the way the Brewers used him like a horse. I’ll be happy if we sign him, but won’t shed a tear if we don’t (unless A.] he’s signed by a division rival or B.] we haven’t signed Manny or another dependable offensive bat).

    I don’t think it’s a good MO to put CC and Manny on hold for whether or not Furcal wants to go to the Bay. Then again, Manny has few suitors, and if CC wanted to be a Yank, he’d be one already.

  244. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Furcal is more scary that CC. He is blocking prospects and has ruined our last two years with his health and bad defense on routine plays.

  245. trublu4ever

    The health of Furcal bothers me too, especially for 4 years. Signing big time pitchers scares me too……….so, I say sign Manny.

  246. junkyardjamie

    Spring Training Tickets for the Home Plate Club are $90 for regular and $125 for premium. Maybe for premium you can keep the towel enchanted – LOL!!!!

  247. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I bet the last time the dodgers were in the World Series the ticket prices for behind the plate were cheaper than those spring training tickets

    Yeah….watch a bunch of players who will soon be traded for guys who won’t even be dodgers the following year….

  248. trublu4ever

    Fun fact: From Jayson Stark, ESPN — Who hit the longest homerun at dodger Stadium last season? None other than Carsten Charles Sabathia! According to hittrackeronline.com. His was 440 feet, one foot shorter than Ryan Ludwick. So, you can see why CC wants to play in L.A., loves to swing the bat. If offer is anywhere near the Yankees’, he’d probably take it.

  249. northstateblues

    125 dolars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There’d better be some rings in our future…

  250. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    With that said, here is how the 2009 top 10 shakes out.

    1. Carlos Santana, C
    2. Matt LaPorta, LF/1B
    3. Nick Weglarz, LF
    4. Adam Miller, RP
    5. Beau Mills, 1B
    6. Lonnie Chisenhall, IF
    7. Kelvin de la Cruz, SP
    8. David Huff, SP
    9. Michael Brantley, OF
    10. Carlos Rivero, SS

    What Stands Out?

    First, while compiling this list in my head before the revealing, I would have projected David Huff to continue his climb up the rankings into at least the top-five. He was ranked tenth in 2007, eighth in 2008, and after his best season to date, Huff held a steady eighth.

    Though, if you think about it, he really has moved up the chart, it is just that the prospect chart has moved up along with him. Enough that an 11-5 record, 2.52 ERA and 5:1 K/BB ratio did not work to his advantage, at least for this one pre-season prospect ranking.

    Another startling conclusion that I see is, how in the world did the Dodgers trade Carlos Santana, now listed as an overall number one prospect in a deep talent pool, for a 35-year-old run-of-the-mill third baseman in Casey Blake (who is now a Free Agent) while also giving up a solid relief talent in Jon Meloan?

    If everything that we are hearing holds true about Santana and possibly even Meloan, this may be a trade that will go down in history as one of Mark Shapiro’s best moves, if not one of best trades by any organization in at least the past decade. Right now he, not Kelly Shoppach, looks to be Victor Martinez’ successor behind the plate.

    Santana not only hit a combined .326 with 21 home runs, 117 RBI, 39 doubles, scored 125 runs, and walked more than he struck out, he was also named the California League MVP despite not playing the leagues full season, and was recently tabbed by MLB.com as the best hitter in Class-A. The fact that Santana is a switch-hitter with defensive potential is just icing on the cake.

  251. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    they will love his makeup when Martin is about to test FA in a few years. Maybe it will even be rumored by Rosenthal that we may trade for him

  252. enchantedbeaver

    Gotta admit, Santana and Meloan were a pretty high price to pay for Cleveland picking up a couple million of Blake’s salary.

    Far from giving kudos, losing the top prospect in baseball, Meloan, and what should’ve been our everyday third baseman for what in all likelihood were two rentals, whether or not we paid their salaries, will probably comeback and bite Ned in the crotch (and I’ve got just the corgi to do it!)

  253. colliethec

    Did you guys hear the exciting news??!!!
    Bed Bath & Beyond is having a give away this weekend!! Free Dodgers tickets with the purchase of a scented towel!!
    Woo Hoo!!!

  254. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! So, are the scented towels going to be floral, vanilla, sweet or full of spice, or are they going to event some fragrance that goes along with baseball – fresh green field grass, dirt, popcorn, red vines, M&Ms, or Dodger Dogs, perhaps? Well, these will have to be decisions that will have to be made too. This needs to be top priority over finding best players to fit what the Dodgers really need. Then again, if Jones is part of the core, then maybe we need to stick with how to scent the towels because everyone will need them to stifle their boos at the risk of ruining his self-esteem. Yeah right!!! Ned/Frank ~ make this team what it should be – a champion in 2009!

  255. junkyardjamie

    red pen – invent not event – geez!!! This whole Jones thing has really thrown me for a loop today. I think I have messed up every time I have written today.

  256. enchantedbeaver

    Speaking of stink, do any of you Angelinos remember the duck farm along the 605 Fwy. just below the 10? Made a dairy farm smell like a perfume factory.

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