No one ever said this would be easy, right?

Just a few things to remember…

Ten times this season, we’ve won three straight games…

Seventeen times this season, we’ve won back-to-back games on the road…

We’re 12-7 in our last 19 road games…

We’ve won 23 of our last 34 games…

We’ve got Billingsley, Kuroda, and Lowe, each of whom has shown that he can win in the postseason, going on regular rest starting tomorrow night…

And tomorrow, when 56,800 fans will be showing up on our doorstep, marks the 20th anniversary that a guy named Kirk Gibson hobbled up to home plate against the best closer in baseball and with two out in the bottom of the ninth inning and his team down by a run, hit a two-run homer that won Game 1 of the 1988 World Series and took a team that no one said could beat a highly-favored team to its last World Championship…

If we don’t think we can do it, neither will anyone else. But if we believe, like Tommy and the ’88 Dodgers did back then, it’ll be all the sweeter when we pull it off.

Hang in there everyone and keep thinking positively!



  1. amyw27

    Wonderful Josh!
    We are not done yet. This team has proven so much this year and even though we should have won last night, we may be down, but not out!
    We are strong, we are scoring runs, getting on base and proving that we are not going to give up.
    GO Dodgers!!! Let’s win this thing in Philli!!


    We can do it your right. We just need to vent. This is something I didn’t even think of BTW. :

    Forget the Lowe move for a second, had Broxton done his job and got to the ninth, Torre would have had to face the heart of the Phillies order – left- handed hitting Chase Utley and Ryan Howard – without a lefty reliever at his disposal, having already used Kershaw, Joe Beimel and Hong-Chih Kuo.

  3. junkyardjamie

    Thank you Josh!!!! BTW – those Phillies fans are back on Andre’s blog being jerks again. I know he can handle it, but it still kind of sucks.

  4. heartruss

    Go Dodgers. We’ll all be there Wedesday cheering our guys on. We believe!! We got into the playoffs, didn’t we? We will not give up!!


    nice positive post josh.. no one is giving up.. baseball is the lovable game with no time-limit, and as long as you have that last strike, and that last out to work with.. you never know..

    let us all not forget that most of our key players have yet to reach arbitration.. some will this off-season.. but just keeping things in perspective.. we have a good young core, and this is just the beginning of a bright future.. we are not done yet this season, but we are most certainly not done for the seasons to come!

  6. enchantedbeaver

    The thing we have to remember about Phillies phans is, they have to try and make other people as miserable as they are so they can feel good about themselves.

    City of Brotherly Love my ***…

  7. selltheteam

    You all probably already know why today is an off-day. Me? I had to go looking. This is what I found out. Blame it on FOX. (per Sports Illustrated article 9/11/07).
    “Why all the off days? FOX wants the World Series to start (and end, given a six- or seven-game series) midweek rather than on a weekend, when ratings are lower. So they began with a Wednesday Game 1 of the World Series and worked backward, causing all the open dates. It’s the biggest change to the postseason since the three-tiered playoff.
    Every team gets at least two days off after the season ends (two American League clubs will have three days off), which will help all teams line up their rotations. Every team gets a day off between Division Series games 4 and 5 and between LCS games 4 and 5 — those are new off days.”
    Personally, I liked the Sat/Sun, Tues/Wed/Thur, Sat/Sun format for the World Series. But then, I’m old school.

  8. amyw27

    dnel- thanks, but no i’m not well. my tummy started acting up again this morning. arg. I can’t eat anything. Just when I thought things were getting better I’ve been hit with another wave. Sadness 😦 But I’m at work. I can’t afford to miss another day, plus they need me here.
    Sara- I am glad to see you keeping positive my friend 🙂
    It’s been real fun becoming your Dodger Friend!
    YES WE CAN! The Dodgers are awesome. We will win tomorrow an force it back to Philli. I just wish I could enjoy this NLCS experience a little bit more. I hate being on the DL of life!

  9. selltheteam

    Amy – Sorry to hear that you’re having a relapse. If it helps at all, just know that your ITD friends are pulling for you (to get off the DL!).


    crash, i didn’t realize that it was because they were lining up the world series.. i just figured the off days were because they wanted our games, and the ALCS games to overlap fewer times, and to make sure that there are no days where both of us have off..


    amy, i’m feeling much worse today too. this morning, i didn’t even want to get out of bed.. but i did.. and now i’m miserable at work 😦
    remember when you’re feeling bad.. dy=bff and it will bring a smile to your face.. haha 🙂

  12. amyw27

    crash- you are sweet. I know all my friends here wish me well. It’s a good feeling to have.
    And like Sara, I also didn’t know that FOX was manipulating the games like that. It makes sense from their standpoint. but I’m glad cause it gives the guys a chance to regroup. Since in baseball we don’t have halftime to refocus, these days off will be like our ‘halftime’ .

  13. crzblue2

    Thanks for the positive post! You rock!! I see you so busy when I run into you at the stadium that I appreciate even more that you take the time to start new threads!
    The winds have subsided and the sky looks bluer here in Chatsworth which is a big diffeence from yesterday with all the fires all around.
    The good Chad that we are used to seeing will show up tomorrow and the Dodger bats will show up on the 20th anniversary of Gibson’s most famost homerun.
    I was there at 3:pm yesterday for the 5;22 game but I think I’ll get there even earlier and like always, I’ll leave until the last out has been recorded. Hope is eternal! I felt depressed last night after I left the stadium, but my spirit is back! Go Dodgers! We love our team, win or lose!

  14. aeversw

    How fitting. We’re going to get eliminated on the anniversary of what is probably the single greatest moment in LA Dodger history.

    I hope us making it to the NLCS has saved the youth movement. I think it has. I still think Kemp has a chance to be traded and with Ned probably still our GM we’ll get screwed in the deal. The Kids were the team this year. Without them we aren’t talking about Dodger baseball in October. Without them we don’t trade for Manny. Without them the Dodgers are nothing.

    I am still blaming last night on Joe and I always will. Joe has been around a while but last night it looked like he never managed before in his life.
    We all have bad days and we all make mistakes but for a guy who was praised as the best thing to happen to LA baseball in a long long time, a guy who is regarded as probably the best postseason manager EVER he really screwed up when it mattered most. You can blame the players if you want but I’m not. The managers job is to put the plays in the best situation to succeeded and Joe didn’t do that last night. He cost us the game and probably the series.

  15. amyw27

    Sara- lol. I know. I actually was telling my friend/ co-worker about DY and all that comes with it. He is all for our plans/ideas about our new lives..haha.
    DY=bff I like the sound of that!
    I know you were sick, you hit your wall last night too. poor sweetie. I wish I could be healthy and scream my lungs out at these games instead of having poor Jesus cheer and boo, for me!

  16. junkyardjamie

    Crash ~ stupid, stupid, stupid people at Fox. Well, if the right teams don’t get into the WS, they won’t have to worry about what nights they are playing. There won’t be anybody watching. I am all for the Rays, but they can’t even get their own fans to come out and watch in a playoff game, and other than the filled Philly CBP, who outside of Philly is going to watch them – nobody. Well, the one guy in Eric’s office who just happened to jump on the Philly band wagon today. Stupid, stupid, stupid people….. at Fox.

  17. milkshakelad

    Hey guys.

    I have 3 tickets for tomorrow night’s game available.

    2 RF Pavilion Seats

    1 individual Loge Section seat

    Just looking for face value…

    email me at

    Still sad about yesterday. But, trust me, they can do this. They just need to play good baseball and catch a break or two. WE GOT THIS!

  18. phan52

    The thing we have to remember about Phillies phans is, they have to try and make other people as miserable as they are so they can feel good about themselves.

    City of Brotherly Love my ***…


    The bitterness. The hate! You are almost as bad as that eric dude.
    Don’t project, my friend. If you are miserable you have nobody but yourself to blame for letting a baseball game get to you like that. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

    Of course, right before it sets on the Dodgers season.

  19. northstateblues

    Got the new computer today, so I should be posting normally within a few hours.

    As for the playoffs, I’ll worry if we’re eliminated, but before then, it’s a treat to be in October. A frustrating, white-knuckling, nervous, making-baby-angels-cry-with-the-words-that-come-out-of-your-mouth treat.

    Hope everyone’s doing okay 🙂 Get well soon Amy and Sara

    Way to represent, DNelly and Eric! Failure is pronounced with a “ph”. Remember that.

  20. thinkingblue

    Hey everyone, last night game was not fun to watch. But let’s stay positive…I’m proud of the fans that attended last nights game. They kept cheering til the very end. Even the commentador mentioned something positive about the Dodgers fan!. The Dodgers have been riding a roller coaster. It has been a lot of fun, and full of Drama and many great plays. It’s been a year of DRAMA. Remeber when they were in the loosing streak how most of us here were very negative and some had lost hope…well they were wrong. Dodgers kept fighting and now they have a chance to win the NLCS. They can do it! Let’s ignore the negative people. DODGERS STILL HAVE A CHANCE AND THEY CAN DO IT…THINK BLUE….THINK WIN AND LET’S WIN…. now can I go to the locker room and slap one of their butts…LOL! GO DODGERS!

  21. amyw27

    NSB- I am glad that you are back in action. Just in time for tomorrow’s game. I hope all is well with you. I am trying to get better myself and get off this DL!

  22. northstateblues

    And Kudos for Tru for representing too, and JJ and all the representers last night. Hopefully all the phoolish phans think it’s over. That’s the first step…

    Learn from JoePierre and Rose, STAY POSITIVE!

    My computer picked the worst time to crap out on me.

  23. phan52

    nelly, the pathetic cheerleading by the sports media in general for a Manny/Torre vs RedSox series is laughable on the face of it. You could almost hear Buck exhale in submission when Stairs hit that shot last night.
    And if anybody decides not to watch because they don’t get that matchup, well they are just suckers for the hype and they are not real baseball fans anyway. Who needs ’em!

    Go Phillies!!

  24. Dodger4life


  25. amyw27

    GO Dodgers!!!
    We each love our respectable teams! There is no harm in that. Everyone has the right to love and cheer for any team in which they choose. Ridiculing others- now that is just not nice.
    difference in opinions i suppose.
    Good Luck Dodgers, We know you can win!!

  26. amyw27

    I don’t know how to make the accent on my computer anymore. So until then it will have to remain Jesus 😦
    It’s ok Sara. We will be healthy for the World Series!!

  27. thinkingblue

    Everyones’ comments are always welcome here at ITD. All the comments posted only help ITD be #1…..Dodgers fans are the BEST! GOOOOO ITD!

  28. phan52

    I read here that a couple of fans were upset that some Phillies phans were posting on Ethier’s blog, and that they thought it was inappropriate. I was going to go over there and tell the phans that they should be posting here instead, then I read what Ethier wrote. To wit, that the Dodgers were losing to an inferior team.
    What does he expect, he brought it on himself. Good for the phans, go for it!!

  29. dodgereric

    Plaschke has a new “It’s not Joe’s fault” article. Apparantly it’s everyone’s fault EXCEPT Torre:,0,7380183.column

    That creates the next letter to the Times:

    Bill Plaschke’s really got me riding an elevator. One day I’m with him 100%, as in his Monday article regarding the knockdown issue. The next day he’s putting things in a Torre defense job that he’s not even reading himself!

    “Lowe … was preemptively pulled by Torre even after throwing just 74 pitches and completing the first 1-2-3 inning of his night.”
    “Yeah, I was surprised,” Lowe said. “I had just finished the inning I had been looking for, I was ready to go.”
    Run over to another Times article this morning and Russell Martin is saying that no one asked him if Lowe was tiring.
    Yet Plaschke says, “I don’t blame Joe”. Why not? “The bullpen cupboard is bare.”

    Oh, so that’s why you pull a big-game veteran pitcher who was finally getting on track? Because you don’t have much to work with?

    Torre over-manages and Game 4 was a classic example of it. In “trying to stop trouble before it started”, he started it. But no sportswriter in this town has the guts to say it. Sure, he’s a nice guy. But please stop making excuses for him and stop calling him a genius. He managed for 15 years before winning 4 World Series in 5 tries. This is the 8th year since he last won one.

    Yes, the bullpen lost the game. But Torre went to it at least one inning too soon, probably two. Lowe used 15 pitches to 4 hitters in the 4th and 12 more to 3 hitters in the 5th. That kind of economy would put him right at 100 through 7 innings. Kuo’s dominating inning would have been in the 8th instead of the 6th and the Dodgers would have been going to the ninth with a 4-run lead and a full bullpen with Broxton and two lefties still there.

    This one is Torre’s fault all the way. No excuses.

  30. kpookiemon

    L.A. talk radio is ripping Torre and new one…but you know what? Chan Ho is the one throwing 59-foot breaking balls with the tying run at third…Ethier is the guy hitting into first-pitch double plays after a walk…Lowe is the guy failing to get a bunt down…Pierre is the guy failing to steal one stinking base in crunch time… Now I’m no big Torre fan, and Torre didn’t do the Dodgers any favors last night, but holy cow, these guys have been battling since February. The best team always wins. Cream rises to the top. You dance with who “brung” you. The Dodgers are either good enough to win or they aren’t. Tell Martin to take a chill pill batting clean-up. Tell Kemp to shorten his swing and let his natural strength mash. Tell Kershaw to throw a strike. Tell Billingsley to get pissed. And most certainly, tell someone to get a hit with runners in scoring position. We’ve come too far to go out with a whimper. BEAT HAMMELS and let’s go BACK TO PHILLY!

  31. amyw27

    Eric- 🙂 amazing as always.
    enchanted- glad you are here.
    I am ok with what happened last night, as long was everyone (Joe) sees what went wrong and does not repeat the bad behavior. We can’t make the same mistakes twice. If we do, and didn’t learn anything, then we deserve to lose.
    We can move on from this. We are the comeback kids for goodness sake!! GO BLUE! It’s not over til it’s over!!

  32. thinkingblue

    Dodgers have proven that they can come back.
    Eric – Great stuff!
    Hey I’m ready to go to Philly….GO DOOOOOODGERS!
    Amy – glad to hear you are better
    Phan – ITD will be #1…thanks!


    Living in Pennsylvania i am sick and tired of listening to all of the bandwagon phillies fans try to convince me that this series is over. I understand that there is no room for error here, but we have put ourselves in situations similar to this all season long. No one thought that we could beat haren or webb let alone both at the end of october. The common denominator is the win vs. Haren and tomorrows game, Billingsley. I don’t care what he did in his first game this series, all i know is that he will come out fired up ready to beat the phillies. I was at that game on friday in philly and i was ready to hit a few fans trashing our ace. On wednesday night, the real chad will shine and put the phils back in their place. The way that i feel is, is that if we can get past tomorrow, myers, moyer, or blanton don’t have a chance to stop us.

  34. northstateblues

    Amy, all’s well here, just cleaning the room in preparation for the new comp (a good excuse for it, I guess). I haven’t joined the Mac revolution yet, it’s a Compaq, but it’s what I could afford right now. I REALLY want to get a Mac soon, though, so I could have a reliable computer for my music, drawings and a nice studio for when I want to record.

    I guess Phillie Phans have no life. I would think if my team was one game away from the World Series, I would have better things to do than fart around in another team’s blog. Of course, I would think that a team that’s been around 125 years would have had better luck than to only pull down one championship.

    Shows what I know.

    I guess it’s easy to ignore history WHEN YOU HAVE NONE

  35. dodgereric

    Rose and amy, thanks. I wish you could scrape up enough to see an MD, amy. This is going on for too long. Sorry, just the protective father in me. 🙂

    kpookie, I’d argue with you if I could find something to argue about! You’re correct on all your points. But if we score 5 runs with Lowe on the mound, we should win 19 out of 20 times.

    I wish I could recall my letter. We would have had a 2-run lead in the ninth, not 4. Oh well, they’ll never print one that long anyway.

    And who among us didn’t see this coming?,0,5137121.story

  36. amyw27

    nsb- it’s ok, you’ll join the mac world soon enough and you will love it. It comes with so many built in features that will be great to foster your creative expressions. no doubt 🙂
    Dodgers rock. End of story.


    dodgereric, i completely agree with you about torre’s managing from yesterday.. and i also know that we aren’t just deciding this based on yesterday’s game.. both of us, and others, have been questioning torre’s decisions all season.. that naming rights stuff scares the crap out of me.. isn’t it enough that we already have more ads around the stadium than a minor league park??

  38. amyw27

    eric- I know. My mom is watching over me and if it gets to that point she would have me in to see a doctor so fast. But right now, rest and fluids is all the seems to be the percription.
    Ads, I don’t like them but fine. As long as Viagra doesn’t come in and name something we’ll be ok. The 7th inning Viagra Stretch? hmm.. I dunno 😦

  39. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear… you did it again – Fabulous!!!! and yes, Amy, the mother in me wishes you would go see a doctor too.

  40. northstateblues

    Rose, I was working on one yesterday during the game. Needless to say, didn’t end up well.

    I’ve been trying to find time between school and work, having to read a new novel practically every week. Should have some coming up soon, though.

    My girlfriend’s always drawing chibi-style (anime) avatar art for her friends on one of the sites she goes to. I’d be doing that for all of us here, but we don’t have avatars, heh. It’s a lot easier (and faster) to draw a little cartoon character than it is to do a detailed, realistic drawing of an athlete.


    phan, of course ethier and all of us are going to believe we are the better team. that is the nature of sports. you are going to believe your team is the best, and we are going to believe our team is the best. no one competitively plays and says, well they’re just much better than us. you’re not going to be a very successful athlete if you don’t have confidence in yourself 😛

  42. enchantedbeaver

    In the playoffs, mistakes of commission and mistakes of omission are magnified. We’ve had both.

    My 2 cents – If it means maybe resigning Manny and potentially Sabathia, let them rename whatever they want. They’ve already basstardized the outfield anyway.

  43. thinkingblue

    It is sad to say that ADs are taking over the world, Celebrities, football, basketball, golf, car racing, baseball…they all have to endorse something. The cars have ads, the shirts have ads, you go to the movies now a days and it is commercials instead of movie previews. You put this ads up and you get paid…it is all about the $$$$
    Amy – The 7th inning Viagra Stretch…THINK BLUE…THINK BLUE PILL! lol


    yeah enchanted.. remember a few years back when we had pictures of all the great dodger pitchers on the outfield wall? that was so great.. and now we have bud light ads 😛

  45. northstateblues

    The advertisements at Dodger Stadium used to bother me, after having those pristine blue walls for as long as I could remember. Then I took a look at photos of Ebbets Field. Check out the rightfield wall:

    Dodger Stadium doesn’t look quite as busy compared to that. I guess the main difference is that these days, ads at stadiums today tend to be nationwide (or worldwide) corporations, whereas it seems ballparks of yesteryear had more localized ads.

    FYI, that Schaefer’s beer ad on top of the scoreboard served a double purpose. After a play, the “h” would light up if it was a hit, and the “e” would light up when it was an error. I’m sure many people knew that, but it’s an interesting little fact.

    As long as they keep it Dodger Stadium, I”m good. Even if it’s Dodger Stadium Presented By Farmer John.

  46. colliethec

    Ads aren’t that bad. Since my wife cut her head open and they put staples in it I went to Staples and stuck a deal with them. .
    They gave me a new computer for the use of my wife in a commercial!
    I’m typing on it now!

  47. amyw27

    Sara- I agree. The outfield wall with Dodger great had to be the classiest thing to ever go into the Stadium. Them those damn ads kept creeping into view. Did you notice that the back wall of the dugout club (the one with the colorful wall) has statefarm ads on it now? so it can be seen by the camera! terrible.
    yes Rose- Think Blue Pill. Classic!
    Thanks for the support and concern you guys. My mom is calling me twice a day and told me this morning she will do what she can to help me out, money, etc. I will do my best to take care of myself !

  48. junkyardjamie

    nsblues~ glad to see you got a new computer. We need to work on getting that “ignore button” now 🙂 Oh, and thanks, just trying to have some fun. We know who the real fans are, and that IS what counts.

    Cute story – while taking a quarterly math assessment, one of the problems was a story problem involving baseball trading cards. The picture had a black and white image of baseball cards with no wording on the cards. The class in unison (no kidding) said the baseball cards were Dodger cards, and some specifically said they were Andre or James. Now that was just priceless.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    The good old days Sara…

    Guess we all expected too much from Murdoch and McCourt. Then again, the cost of athletes nowadays, insurance, food courts, stadium employees, etc. etc. I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less.

  50. phan52

    sara, I fully understand believing in yourself. So don’t get upset because phans feel the same way about their team and decide to express it. Instead of getting upset about a little interaction with the opposing phan base, embrace it in the spirit of competition instead of getting bitterly petty like eric and enchanted.

    Go Phillies!!

  51. colliethec

    Sara & Amy- What I like to get when I’m sick with the never ending symptoms is some spiced apple cider.
    Our Starbucks in Nor Cal makes it and it’s pretty good. I’m not sure if they are making it yet.
    Also you can go to Williams & Sonoma and they sell the spices so you can make your own.
    It’s really helped my throat in the past and is great when Christmas rolls around!
    I hope you guys are better. I’m home sick to.

  52. thinkingblue

    Hey they should put NSBlue drawings instead of the ads…we need pictures of baseball! NO ADS!

    Collins —that was a funny story. Maybe you can get tickets to see the Lakers or Kings play for free…LOL.


    yes amy, the word is classy

    enchanted, you are right. we shouldn’t expect anything less. if we want stadium renovations, big free agent signings, extensions for our young kids.. we will have to get used to this..


    mmhmm.. spiced apple cider.. good suggestion dcollins 🙂
    i think i’ll go to starbucks in a bit..


    thanks for sharing mlk/lny4loney.. that article makes me all warm and fuzzy! props to logan white, always 🙂

  56. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I remember you telling that story about your wife when it first happened. I was on-line that night, and you were pretty freaked out. I am so glad it turned out positive and that you shared it on Andre’s blog, because for how scary it was, it was a good one that will be a family story to continue for a long time. You are sick too? I am glad you people or on the computer and not around me….. I have got to take my airborne now – LOL!!! Na – don’t need the stuff, and I have never had a flu shot. It must be one of the good things about working in a classroom. If I don’t catch anything here, then the chances are, I am not going to catch it.

  57. colliethec

    phan 52. I think what most of the people on this site are saying is that if you weren’t up 2-0 you would of never been here popping off.
    We’ve been here all year long and didn’t see you here before.
    Philly fans to seem to be passionate. That is passionate when their teams win. Now I’m not saying your this way, however Philly fans are well known to be the most guile classless fans out there.
    I for one don’t mind engaging in some sports talk with other fans (I live in Giants country and deal with it daily) but to go to another teams website and start popping off about their fans or how they celebrate just pretty much shows that this proves the point.
    If the Phillies advance and don’t win the World Series or go down early I doubt anyone of us here would of been on your sites talking smack.
    Eric & Enchanted aren’t poor sports. They are just pointing out the fact that you are.

  58. colliethec

    Nelly- It’s one of the funniest stories for me this year. Wifey has never had an injury & I’m in the emergency room monthly with all my softball playing. So she got to see my side of it & I hers.
    I like my side more! I hated seeing her hurt like that. But now that it’s over:)!

    I never put it on Dre’s blog before as I was wanting to say something to him in person and play with him a little and tell him I wanted the name of his attorney as I would be suing for damages and pain & suffering.
    But I never got the opportunity yet so I think I’ll use it in a hopefully more constructive way and possibly he’ll see it and get a little laugh and help relax him a little!
    Dodgersrule-Great call for the tickets to the Lakers/Clippers games. I wish I could really do that.
    MLK great job at getting the crowd going last night. I heard you on my TV!!!

  59. amyw27

    Dcollins- sorry to hear that you are also on the DL. Thanks for the suggestions. I so do hate feeling this way.
    I did enjoy reading your story and the fact that it ended up so well. I like that fact that your wife ‘took on for the team’. Great story of a True Blue Dodger fan 🙂 It also good that you shared it with Dre, I hope he reads it and enjoys it.
    thanks lny4loney. Sara literally told me last night that you are marinloneykemp!! how did I not know this?!?!? I am soo slow with this. I thought I knew all the name changes, yet i missed you 😦 boo to me!

  60. dodgereric

    Ah, I thought I heard a high-pitched whine a while back. But it was probably just the fluorescent lighting here. That happens sometimes. I used to like almonds but now they just give me gas.

    MLK, thanks for the article. I hope we don’t let him get away.

    DC, I forgot about wifey’s noggin! That was some story! And thanks!

  61. maliceinthepalace

    Did Joe forget he had James McDonald to use? His 3.1 scoreless inning debut apparently doesn’t invoke the same confidence as Chan Ho.

  62. dodgereric

    brendan, I guess he was next in line after Maddux. We saw him warming up at one point, didn’t we?

    All McDonald has shown so far is that we’re going to have one less spot in the rotation to worry about next year.


    when i think about mcdonald.. it just adds to the promise of the future.. i love our young boys!

  64. colliethec

    I think our pitching will be improved in the next couple of years.
    I will miss Lowe. But Penny no.
    It always seemed Penny was laboring out there and even when he did well something about him just didn’t seem right to me.
    I don’t know if it’s an attitude thing or if he just seems grumpy. It’s not like I know the guy so I can’t really put my finger on it. He just didn’t seem happy to be in LA or happy to be playing baseball.

  65. junkyardjamie

    This is going to be way too much fun….. LOL!!!!! covered in dark chocolate are the best!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  66. enchantedbeaver

    Really I try to ignore them when they’re sitting there in the bowl, but sometimes they call me out and I feel I have to down a few before I can go back to what I was doing…

  67. kpookiemon

    When I think of all the crap this season…Andruw and Schmidt and Loaiza…and all the losing streaks and bad games and bad attitudes…and to realize this team rallied to nail the division…and beat the Cubs…and then to read where Colorado wants to trade for this guy or the Mets for that guy…and you realize how far this team has come…and how hard they struggles… and how difficult it is to ever get back to this point in time…well………………I’m angry and ready to rock ‘n roll for game five–and I’m just some geek fan! I imagine the Dodgers are done stewing over last night and CAN’T WAIT to take this thing back to Philly and their prematurely “rhymes with evacuating” fans!

  68. lny4loney

    Amy, not to worry about missing my name change. I disappeared for most of July and August. And honestly I haven’t posted as much in September and October as I did from March to June. Been a lot busier.


    Torre, you have no faith and you worry about too many things and you don’t believe in the supernatural. I knew we were going to lose!You didn’t know. Take your pick, curse or blessing! As the Great Dodger in the Sky with tears in his eyes revoked the year of jubilee our only hope is to start Superman Jeff Kent and you will see the Supernatural and the Impossible happen!Superman Jeff Kent and the Amazing Super Hero, The one and Only, Faithful Manny Ramirez are like nitro-glycern next to heat to they can finally blow kryptonite to smithereens once and for all. torre, you just don’t believe, How Sad. Chad Bllingsley, when ,Manny was rubbing your shoulder during the interview during the Cubs series, You seemed a bit tense, but That’s Manny’s Way, He cares for everybody and is surely One Of The Greatest baseball Players of all Time. We love you Manny Ramirez! Super Hero, Blake Dewitt, you can do something Very Noble. If Joseph Torre Tells you to play second, tell him in honor of the Greatest Second Baseman Of All time, Superman Jeff Kent, You Can’t!In The Great Dodger in the Sky’s Perfect Kingdom, you will be esteemed very highly! All US Dodger Fans love you all our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers and are routing for you all the way!

  70. dodgereric

    You’ve got a lot of us standing at your shoulder, kpookie!

    Nelly and e, know what I really like? Almond paste cookies. You can get a lot of pent-up aggression out of your system by mashing and smashing those almonds into paste. And then you’re left with a tasty little treat! But be careful that you don’t use the bitter almonds, such as those found on the east coast, mostly north of Virginia. Those almonds have a substance that can be hydrolyzed to the toxic substance hydrocyanic acid (cyanide). Nasty little boogers.

    Sorry, sorry, only one more almond fact and then I have to go. Almonds are closely related to the peach, apricot, and cherry (all classified as drupes). But eastern almonds, having neither an “r” or a “u” in their name, are commonly known as “dopes”. Just a fun fact for you between games.

  71. dodgereric

    ndeschenes, You may be The Most Unique Character I’ve ever had the Pleasure to have Come Across, even if it’s Only on This Blog. And if, by some Miracle, Things Come to Pass as you have Predicted, I will Find Out Where You Live and Spend 24 Consecutive Hours Bowing Down in Respectful Homage!

  72. selltheteam

    My favorite is roasted almonds. Here’s a recipe.
    Recipe Ingredients:
    1 cup Raw Almonds

    Cooking Directions:
    1. Heat almonds in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Sprinkle with sea salt as desired.
    Now here’s a recipe for a Billingsley win tomorrow: Drill the leadoff Phillie right in the ribs. This will get the game started on the right foot and instill confidence in the entire Dodger team.

  73. dodgereric

    Sound delicious, crash! But instead of sprinkling them with sea salt, can you just soak them in the ocean for a couple of hours. You could put them in a sack and tie a weight around it and sink the sack into the Blue Pacific for a time.

    Your idea about tomorrow has merit as well. Although I think I’d start Park. He’s still got a pretty good fastball and when he gets ejected we can bring in Billz to relieve. This also has the extra bonus of getting Torre out of the dugout.

  74. enchantedbeaver

    Wow eric, you are quite the almond afficianado.

    Do you find that the acrid ones keep coming back up and leave a bad taste in your mouth?

  75. dodgereric

    Geez, e. I don’t know about the affishyinado thing, but I do know a lot about almonds.

    Actually, my problem with almonds seems to involve my other end………


    Great stuff, Josh! It’s taken me a while to rally back after last night’s haunting, gut-wrenching loss, but we need to support this team on Wednessay for all the fantastic memories we’ve had this season. Plus, win tomorrow, then it’s back to Philly for just two games. Win Game 6 and the preassure isn’t on the Dodgers, it’s on Philly and you know the fans will let them have it. Let’s go Blue!


  77. trublu4ever

    Good afternoon/evening ~ I see you have all been busy today. I am really worried about you, Amy. I know you said because of insurance problems, you couldn’t go to the doctor but, they could probably give you something to knock that bug right out of your system. I should talk, however, I never go to the doctor! Just remember, plenty of fluids, especially ones like Gatorade……..electrolites (sorry about the spelling) do wonders for the system.
    Dcollins, Dodgereric, Enchanted ~ everything you guys said, was true and to the point.
    I feel sorry for Dre having to read all that crap on his blog. But, who know, maybe all the guys will see it and it will fire them up enough to take it to the Phills.

  78. junkyardjamie

    I just got back from a meeting, and you are still talking about almonds ~ my goodness!!!!!! almond cookies – very yummy Eric. Crash ~ definitely trying the recipe. Love almond syrup in my Starbucks too. I can give a long list of things I love that have almonds, but I have to go home now, and do all those home things now. I will check in with you all later. Have a great evening if I don’t see you around later ITD faithfuls. enchanted – it’s great seeing you back, and hilarious as always… 🙂

  79. phan52

    Sorry dcollins, but you think way too much of yourself. The reason I wasn’t here before was because I never even heard of your little blue-tinged lovefest until a couple of days ago, completely by accident. I thought you guys would like a little give and take but I didn’t consider how touchy you all are, and how that sensitivity can turn so quickly to bitterness. Some of you (nelly, trublue) get it, but some of you really can’t handle it.
    Beachballs and waves all around. Take care, nelly. Good luck with FF.
    It’s going to be a Red October!

  80. scurtis1999


    How long of a cab ride is it from LAX to downtown?

    What about the Dodger shuttle? I will be staying 2.5 miles from the stadium. Where does the shuttle leave from? Union Station?


    Can’t wait to be at the game tomorrow!

    YAY 3-0 Rays!

  81. bluecrewgirl

    I didn’t take Andre’s comment on his blog to mean that the Dodgers are better than the Phillies. If you read what he said, he said the Phillies are not better than the Dodgers, not that the Dodgers are better than the Phillies. I take that to mean that the Dodgers are equal to them instead of inferior to them as has been inferred by some of the media. What do they expect him to say, we suck and we should just write in the next game? Regardless, I hope the come back with fire tomorrow. The only way they will come back is to believe they can. They just need to take it one game at a time. I believe in this team.

  82. colliethec

    Oh Phan52 I do get it. Thats what I was saying. I don’t mind the give & take.
    Were not touchy I just think it’s funny that you come in here and pop off when your ahead. You don’t talk about the game. You just talk about non game issues such as the beach balls, wave and what not.
    I say bring it if you want to talk about teams or games.
    But we’ve all heard the same stupid things about late comers early leavers from games.
    For the record I hate the beach balls. But I also get LA traffic and it taking 3 hours to get to a game so it causes people to be late as they have to work.
    If you want to discuss the games then great. But the other stuff is just stupid.
    I do think quite a bit of myself. Thanks for noticing! Others do as well. It’s tough to be me sometimes.
    Also thanks for continuing to prove my point! Class isn’t just where you learn. It’s how you live your life.

  83. enchantedbeaver

    Hi blue – thanks!! Been concentrating on work more, plus been prone to computer screen migraines lately so I’ve laid off the PC for awhile.

    Now I find all I have to overcome is a PITA, but I digress…

  84. colliethec

    Thanks Tru! I love being here!!
    The Rays are up in the 4th. Still much time left in the game, but if they win tonight they will of WON 3 IN A ROW INCLUDING 2 ON THE ROAD.

  85. trublu4ever

    Dcollins ~ I think Dnelly mentioned it earlier, but I agree, Fox must be freaking out to have the Rays and Phillies in the World Series. They so much wanted to see what would happen when Manny went back to Boston. Ratings will be a bust.

  86. colliethec

    Truthat Tru! Manny back in Boston would be huge for ratings.
    I’ll be watching whoever makes it. I love baseball.
    I generally cheer for whoever beats my team but in this instance if the Dodgers don’t advance, I don’t think I will. Unless it’s Boston.
    I’m pulling for the Rays as one of their players is from Petaluma which is about 15 minutes from where I live and a number of the guys I play softball with as well as a co-worker went to school with him and are friends with him.
    So I’m pulling for the guy. Also it’s a cool story for the fans that have supported them (Not the recent band wagoners).

  87. bluecrewgirl

    Hey trublue, how are you? I probably should have stayed out of it, but I posted the same thing on Andre’s blog because he did not say the Dodgers were better. Someone actually posted on there that McCarver and Joe Buck were totally favoring the Dodgers and Manny. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ve be constantly bringing up what went down before Manny left Boston, they did it again last night, and McCarver even called Manny’s actions despicable in an interview. I’d hardly call that favoring Manny and the Dodgers.

  88. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ I just read what you posted on Dre’s blog and it was great! I think Andre should print all that crap out and post it on the wall in the locker room……….get the team fighting mad!

  89. bluecrewgirl

    I noticed I had a few typos, I alway find that when I type when I’m annoyed, but oh well. I wish there was an option to edit our posts to correct mistakes.

  90. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ you are right also about Buck & McCarver. During every game, they talk about Manny’s exit from Boston but, in the next breath, say he’s the best right handed hitter in MLB.

  91. phan52

    Class isn’t just where you learn. It’s how you live your life.
    – by dcollins

    LOL!! Call and raise….

    Now, THAT’S class.

    And if you all are such fans, you should all be at the game. They are giving tickets away. I have two friends who are driving down from SF who bought tickets for $30.00 apiece on stubhub. Would never happen in Philly, but now they get the chance to see the clincher on the cheap.

  92. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ I know what you mean about typing while angry… happened to me the first time I encountered our “friend” Joey! I was so mad, I couldn’t see straight!

  93. bluecrewgirl

    Hey, DNelly. I had to engage, lol. I was sick of them saying that Andre said the Dodgers were better than the Phillies like he was gloating or talking smack. That’s not what he said. He said they were not better than the Dodgers, big difference. I agree with him. I think they are two very closely matched teams. I think the fact they split the season series proves that.


    Ok I think I cool off from last night and sorry for being an *** but atill piss Torre didn’t leave Lowe in for another inning with 74 pitches, Kuo should had finished that innings and is not fair for him to bat with runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out and take him out after facing Howard. I like Wade so much but he shouldn’t have been in after 33 pitches and 2 innings the other night probably should had used McDonald in thst spot. If you going to used kershaw why not McDonald? Damn I think Maddux could had least give us 1 inning or maybe 2 if he run into trouble. I still can’t believe Torre give this game away. bad thing always happen when Pierre is playing and kemp should had been in from the start.

  95. colliethec

    phan-Not everyone in every city has class. That’s obvious to most people in the world. I’m sure a few minutes on you tube & I could find some great Philly fans.
    It’s also obvious that standing up and blocking people’s views when the game is going on & no one else is standing is pretty stupid and classless.
    Now throwing things at them isn’t called for but what do they expect. I don’t like those antics either.
    Oh and I looked on stub hub and there are tickets there for the games in Philly.
    Are you going?

  96. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – not that they should be picking on any of our players, but why Andre? He has been through enough just trying to get playing time. He needs to be able to enjoy this time, win or lose, and not worry about another team’s fan comments. I am sure we are making way more out of this then needs to be, and I am sure he has heard worse on the field, but it hurts the fan in me nonetheless.

  97. bluecrewgirl

    I just don’t understand why they can’t post their comments here instead of on his blog. I looked on Victorino’s blog and all the posts were from Phillies fans except one that said Phillies suck, which may or may not have been a Dodger fan. I would never even think to go talk smack on his blog.

  98. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – how about some mixed nuts tonight? Almonds preferably, of course, but I think some mixed nuts might be the order for tonight.

  99. colliethec

    Hey you guys, I can’t believe he’s been making fun of the wave.
    I have a new computer (An Apple) so I don’t know how to bring the address over but on Youtube they have video of them doing the wave in Philly!
    What a joke! The dude pops off and says that would never happen in Philly.

  100. enchantedbeaver

    If your team has won one world series in 125 years, you might be a Phillies fan.

    If your team squandered a 6 1/2 game lead with 12 games to go in the season, you might be a Phillies fan.
    If your team has lost over 10,000 games, you might be a Phillies fan.
    If your team’s management felt they needed a mascot to compete with “The Chicken”, you might be a Phillies fan.
    If you’re so desperate for attention that you have to go on another team’s blog, you might be a Phillies fan.

  101. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls,
    I see you have a lively “discussion” with a Philly phan. Phan, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I give you credit for coming onto ITD when your co-patriots are content to trash talking on Andre’s blog. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Andre’s blog is NOT the forum to do that; this one is.

    Bluecregirl – I too didn’t take Andre’s comment on his blog to mean that the Dodgers are better than the Phillies. I just think as I am sure he thinks that the two teams are evenly matched. Maybe one team may be better in one aspect where the other team is better in another aspect. But by and large, they are very evenly matched. Do the Dodgers have to play better than they have this series? Yes. And to the Phillies’ credit, they have taken advantage of opportunities. But again, not in the slightest do I think that one is better than the other; they are evenly matched. I think that the Dodgers will come out playing tomorrow like someone lighted a fire under their collective seats.

  102. cpompe1

    Guess what nelly! I have a REAL job interview! It’s Thursday afternoon. It’s at a retailer, but it’s not a sales job (Ethan Allen). It’s a receptionist/accounting clerk position! Be praying for me!!!

  103. colliethec

    I think before we’ve covered that most of us hate the wave and beach balls.
    So that is why his continuing to comment on that is stupid.
    And then to see his city doing the wave. HA HA HA!!!!!

  104. cpompe1

    Thx nelly! But also on Thursday, I have a doctor’s appointment that morning (the interview is in the afternoon). Remember when I told you earlier that I was having shoulder problems and my doctor originally said that it’s bursitis? Well, I took the anti-inflammatory medicine he gave me for one month. My shoulder was fine during that time, but once the medicine ran out, I said to myself that I’d wait for a week or so to see how my shoulder is once I was off the medicine. Needless to say, it’s no better. Actually, it’s worse. So I will have a pretty busy day on Thursday; doctor’s appointment in the morning, job interview in the afternoon.

  105. cpompe1

    Thx enchanted. I hope you’ve had your dinner before now. We’re done with ours. I hope you weren’t waiting on me… 🙂

  106. junkyardjamie

    First of all – was it oldfogey/westernmost/porklinks who gave us the name Ethieraholics? Anyhow, have you noticed that other people are using our ITD name on his blog? It’s kind of cool, and maybe it needs to be revisited on how to market that name.

  107. cpompe1

    Yes, call me a TB band wagoner if you want, but I REALLY hope that they continue this onslaught on the Bosox in game 5 to take the series from them!!! I’ve seen enough of the Bosox in the WS enough already.

  108. vl4ecc

    Good luck CP!
    In retaliation for the Philly nimrod phans dissing Dre on his blog, I felt the need for retaliation. So, I went on Victorino’s blog and left message regarding his behind, and a pineapple rind.

  109. cpompe1

    Bluecrewgirl & JJ – Thx for the good lucks! I will definitely need them!!!

    Enchanted usually is the first to ask me about dinner, so I thought I’d jump on it and tell him first, without him asking about dinner!!! Also nelly, you were talking about who came up with the Ethieraholics name? Give me a little bit; I’ll go back and check. I’ll be back…

    Oh JJ – I just looked on Victorino’s blog; very nice!!!

  110. bluecrewgirl

    David Ortiz is 1-14 with runners in scoring position, so I think our young guys should take note that even top players like that who have been there before have tough times and they can come back strong tomorrow and start fresh.

  111. colliethec

    CP I think it’s okay to bandwagon for another team in another league until they play our team of course.
    I’m pulling for the Rays all the way! Unless they face the Boys In Blue!

  112. cpompe1

    Bluecrewgirl – Has the NLCS gone the way I thought it would? No. We are not out by any means. But even if we end up losing the NLCS, I am so proud of our boys! One thing I remember the media talking about Cole Hamels is his performance in Game 1. He pitched very well in that game. Fox was talking about how poorly he performed in 2007 when the Rox swept the Phils in the NLCS and that he learned from that experience. Well, I think, no I KNOW that our boys (young and not-so-young) will learn from this experience and that will make them that much tougher next year. I have no doubts that the Dodgers’ cream will rise to the top again next year!!!

  113. junkyardjamie

    CP – I have enjoyed watching the Rays play all year, and it would be great to meet them in the World Series if it’s meant to be. It’s not that I don’t like Boston. I do like some of their players individually. A changing of the guard is in order so to speak.

  114. phan52

    LOL!! Don’t be ridiculous dcollins. Of course there are tickets available on stubhub for the games in Philly, but not for $30.00. Considering the price of tickets on stubhub, your whole blogging community could go for the price of a regular season ticket. Would never happen in Philly, but west coast Phils fans thank you very much!
    And I already have my tickets for game 7. I’m sure I won’t be using them.
    Red October!!

  115. cpompe1

    Dcollins – Yes, I’m with you! I’m pulling for the Rays all the way! Unless they face the Boys In Blue!

    And enchanted – Ned should get partial credit for building up the TB Rays.

  116. vl4ecc

    Did anyone see the story on the 10 likeliest sports frachises to move on Yahoo? The Rays & Marlins made the list because of their venues.

  117. bluecrewgirl

    I agree CP, I’m proud of what they’ve done this season and they will learn a lot from this experience. I just don’t want it to be over, so hopefully they’ll keep on going.

  118. cpompe1

    Nelly – I looked back and it looks like eric coined the term Ethieraholic. I was searching before that date and didn’t find any reference to Ethieraholic before this. Read his original comment below:
    A minor interview for those Ethieraholics among us:
    By dodgereric on August 11, 2008 12:42 PM
    Report any abuse or spam

  119. junkyardjamie

    So, is it that Florida doesn’t care for baseball. They have some pretty good college teams. It is sad that on some days you were able to count the attendance by the hundreds instead of the thousands. I have been to some A’s games where the attendance was pretty scarce, but that is just plain sad.

  120. junkyardjamie

    I didn’t think it was eric, but maybe. He will definitely know, and if not, he probably knows exactly where it is. Anyhow, it is kind of fun to see our name being used outside of ITD. We need to be like jhall and put a trademark symbol next to it – LOL!!!!

  121. phan52

    Hey Cryin Hawaiian! Go wipe your behind with a pineapple rind! – – – by vl4ecc


    On another note, they buried Victorino’s grandmother today. Stay classy LA!!!

  122. cpompe1

    Wow, our “phan” is back. Phan, you said earlier that you were going to bring your other “phans” to ITD? What happened? Did they get lost on the way???

  123. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear is probably with his real son at Scouts, which is a Tuesday night thing, and I am not sure where Wally is. I guess we can rule out he’s with Beav – LOL!!!!

  124. vl4ecc

    Pretty sad when you look at how competitive the Marlins were this year. They were in the thick of it for the better part of the season. With two WS championships in their short existence, you think they would have better attendance. Then again Dolphin stadium isn’t really baseball fan friendly.

  125. junkyardjamie

    I have been around those trees (walnut) when they are being shaken, and it is definitely a sight. Talk about shaking the cr*p out of something.

  126. enchantedbeaver

    Ownership probably doesn’t endear itself with the public either VL when all they ever want is the city to spring for a new ballpark.

  127. vl4ecc

    nelly~I believe it’s the same as some other cities. Lots of proposals, models, and ideas, but still on the drawing board. I could be wrong.

  128. enchantedbeaver

    You know, I used to find my ex-wife highly annoying. Talk about pushing buttons… She was both condescending and self-righteous, and very self-cenetered. And oh God, she was always right, and fell back on guilt when all else failed.
    I found that when I ignored her and didn’t let her push those buttons, that she no longer had control. It was both liberating and empowering because you see paradoxically, it gave me control.

    Beaver Cleaver thought bubble 9:29 PM

  129. colliethec

    You see Phan. You’re the type to antagonize and then get upset when someone responds.
    Your here popping off about people not going to the stadium and what not and there are people who can’t go due to fires.
    Check the attendance totals for the year.
    Check you tube about your fans as well. They are doing the wave at CBP. They are fighting and being stupid & drunk.
    I just think it’s funny that you have to pop off on another teams website after your winning.
    Like mentioned before Philly hasn’t won but once in how many years. I don’t wonder why your bitter. I wonder why your not more bitter.
    It’s okay baby. Joe Carter has retired!

  130. junkyardjamie

    I am very proud of you Beav, and June Darlin’ is doing her best as well. Your father and Wally will be very proud as well.

  131. kpookiemon

    When the Dodgers make their run this weekend, “true” Philly phans will be the first ones booing Rollins, Howard, et al……… Can’t wait.

  132. kpookiemon

    enchanted, I’m not ready for this to end…I think you were the only one back in July who thought this could all happen. Kudos.

  133. jhallwally

    <F|:(o). Remember gang. Only a fool argues with a fool. These types definately have much deeper issues and should seek help.

  134. enchantedbeaver

    Think we all thought it could happen kahli, but we all thought it could go south too. What I think most of us decided is that if the kids got to play and develop, making the playoffs was icing on the cake. Its a good team now, and if Ned doesn’t do something stupid in the offseason (Ned – stupid… any chance there???), the young guns will have many more playoff appearances to come.

  135. kpookiemon

    Maynard G. Krebs NEVER worked…so every time he heard the word he screamed it in horror. Is it June yet…and I don’t mean Cleaver?

  136. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, jhall. I think we should all take the advise of enchanted’s wise thought bubble, difficult though it may be.

  137. kpookiemon

    After attending last night’s game I wrote I wasn’t too bummed…but I’m more bummed today. Like Leekfink wrote at last season’s end–about Fall being so cruel–I ALWAYS feel melancholy with the end in sight. For me it’s not about the World Series…that’s fleeting…it’s losing my passion and the “comfortable pillow” that sustains me with six months of pure heartache and joy. Even an ambulance chaser like phan can understand that…or maybe not…… It’ll be tough saying farewell when the Dodgers beat the Rays in a couple weeks.

  138. colliethec

    So much has been said of Torre’s managing but not much about Martin having some troubles.
    It seems to me like he’s trying to rip the cover of the ball in every at bat. He looks as if he’s trying to much.
    We really need him to do something if he is going to be batting behind Manny.

  139. jhallwally

    Yep Trumom, they obviously do not merit any consideration or response. They are to be pitied, not engaged in any activity that requires abstract thought.

  140. colliethec

    Khali-I like you get bummed when the season is over. I’m not a winter guy both for the lack of baseball and sun!
    I always have to get my fix by playing baseball on the XBOX. Not quite the same.

  141. enchantedbeaver

    DC – I don’t think Marty’s turned that corner yet. Yes he’s an allstar, but next year may be the year he “gets it” to coin a phrase. I think Andre’s turned that corner. I thought Billz had until that last game. That showed me he still has to have somemore mental toughness. Kemp is probably 2 years away from busting out. Loney probably next year.
    Yet look at how good they are already…

  142. colliethec

    I’m down with that Tru. It seems as if Martins been pressing for a month. I love the guy but he is having a tough time.
    After all our Loney has a 1st name!

  143. kpookiemon

    dcollins, I’ve been playing Friday night softball on the same team for 29 years. And without a Dodger game to agonize over Fridays just don’t seem right. And I agree about Martin and Loney. Martin plays at 78 rpm when 45 would do just fine.

  144. trublu4ever

    When Manny, Loney and Martin batted in that order, we were awesome…….even Russell hit the ball with the pressure off. I do like Dre in the two hole.

  145. colliethec

    Enchanted-It’s going to be fun when they all are “getting it” at the same time. Add some of our developing young arms and White as the GM and it could be really fun.

  146. colliethec

    I’m that way on Sundays Khali.
    All my teammates hate the Dodgers and give me grief at the games as usually they are day games so they’ve already played. This year they didn’t have much to say.
    My Wednesday night team is usually still playing before the Dodgers game ends so I don’t hear much from them either way.

  147. trublu4ever

    If all the young guns have got it, and I believe they do, what do we do with Juan and Andruw? Maybe Andruw will be forced into retirement. I still think there is a team out there who would take Pierre.

  148. kpookiemon

    When the Dodgers sign Manny, they’ll need SOMEONE to protect him. And please Ned or Logan or Jerry Jones or whoever is calling the shots, let’s not have anymore outfield drama. Trade/release/cut Jones and Pierre and let Ethier and Kemp have their 500 ABs. Geez, I sound like it’s last August?!?!??!

  149. colliethec

    I think dealing Pierre in the offseason is key Tru. I also think someone will take him but it has to happen in the offseason. Once the season starts it will be much harder.
    As far as Jones that is going to be touch and go. I don’t think he could be traded in the offseason.
    If they could get him into a offseason workout plan and have him work with Mattingly it might help.
    He’s got to know that he is finished if he doesn’t improve this season. So if I were him I’d be working my butt off to get it corrected that way I still get to play ball instead of doing a regular job.

  150. enchantedbeaver

    I’VE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE, and I think its rather obvious by now…

    Mr. Cuervo has entered the building.

  151. trublu4ever

    Kahli ~ I agree with you. I think with 500 at bats, Dre and Matty could have 30+ home runs.
    Enchanted ~ I’m still LMAO!!!! and, my dogs think I’ve lost my mind! Who knows, with all the nuts today, I may have!

  152. colliethec

    As for me it would be Manny. He really is the glue to the lineup. I know he had issues in Boston but that took a few years.
    I also love CC but I think our pitching is a little further along.

  153. kpookiemon

    Forgot the “why.” Everyday player, greatest hitter of his generation, one of THE BEST of all time. Still can’t get over how he schooled Lidge last night while the rest of the Dodger hitters looked like little lambs.

  154. bluecrewgirl

    I hope you guys are right about Pierre too. Hopefully a team will want him. I wouldn’t mind if they let Penny go too. He just never has seemed dedicated to staying in shape. That can’t be said about Pierre, he’s just not as good as Andre and Matt, not his fault, just the way it is.

  155. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ I think Penny, Kent, Pierre, Jones and Lowe (because I think he wants out) will be gone. Maybe Nomar too.

  156. enchantedbeaver

    CC. This team probably scores 4.25 runs/game with the kids, and 4.75 with Manny. Manny’s 37 next season. Quite capable of giving at least 1-2 more good years, but my guess is you have to sign him for 4. CC’s in the prime of his career, and definitely an ace.
    CC, Billz, Kuroda, Kersh and McDonald

  157. colliethec

    I think the Angels want him & CC. But then who doesn’t!
    CC says he wants to play in California but not necessarily in SF even though it is close to where he grew up. Let’s hope he doesn’t. I’d hate to see a Giants logo across his chest although it would be fitting…or not!

  158. bluecrewgirl

    I would pick Manny. We have a lot of talent coming up the pike with pitching and Manny is such a difference maker. The Red Sox miss him, especially Ortiz. Bay is a good player, but he’s not Manny.

  159. junkyardjamie

    Theordore Cleaver – what are you thinking???????? LOL!!!!!! I am really going to have to talk to that Eddie….

  160. colliethec

    The only thing is how many great games did Lowe pitch and we score 1 or less runs.
    Lowe did great in September when we had Manny and we were finally scoring runs for him.
    I would hate to sign CC and see him loose games because we didn’t score.

  161. kpookiemon

    I think with an obvious power shift in the AL East, Manny will be quite content to remain a Dodger–if the cash is right…and McCourt will HAVE to show him the cash. The Mets are a mess, the Yankees are a mess, the Angels are too stodgy and Orange Curtain. The Dodgers are a young team on the rise–hell, Final Four…maybe better. McCourt could sign CC AND Babe Ruth and the fans would still scalp him alive if he let Manny bolt due to dollars. McCourt knows his beloved Dodgers are quite ordinary without ManRam.

  162. vl4ecc

    Like most, I just wish The Curacao Cow, and Slappy weren’t in the equation. It would make it a no brainer to sign Manny.

  163. jhallwally

    That is a pretty impressive rotation Beav!!! I wouldn’t mind Maddux as the 5th starter either if they didn’t get an ace.

  164. colliethec

    I don’t think we can get both seeing as they need to sign some of our youngsters to longer term contracts & lock them up.

  165. bluecrewgirl

    If we don’t resign Manny, Andre and Matt should still be starters and I think we should get rid of Pierre and Jones and then look outside for another outfielder or give Repko or DY a shot. I like DeWitt at second and I wouldn’t mind seeing them try and get Beltre back for 3rd base. I would try and resign Furcal as well.

  166. colliethec

    Yup we’ve got some holes to fill this year.
    I wonder what McCourt is going to do with Ned. I’m hoping that he asks him what ideas he has for this offseason and then ask Logan his. Then compare the 2 and make a decision on Ned.

  167. jhallwally

    A healthy Furk and Manny lineup all year would be very acceptable. Put DeWitt at 3rd and DY at 2nd if we don’t acquire another 3Ber.

  168. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ Just saw the post on Andre’s blog and it was great for DonJuan to say those nice things. If we don’t sign Manny……….most of the fans will be furious and, really could cut into the attendance, even though there is always a decent crowd. I think Frank will lose more money by not signing him.

  169. enchantedbeaver

    I think Ferk will be resigned. I also think they’ll resign Nomore for another year as a “veteran influence.” Still leaves a very big hole at 2nd or 3rd depending on where DeWitt doesn’t play, and of course the OF if they don’t sign Manny. Pierre’s marginally tradeable, but NO ONE wants The Cow. Boras is also Lowe’s agent, so he’ll go wherever the money is period.
    Look at it this way – we get two picks for Lowe, two picks for Manny, and two picks for Blake. White could make a tremendous haul.

  170. colliethec

    I wouldn’t mind Beltre back. I always liked him. If they could get Casey back that would be sweet but I’m not thinking he’s wanting to.

  171. enchantedbeaver

    Trouble is, unless you trade one of the big 4 (or 5 if you count DeWitt), DY’s (maybe Troncoso) about the only tradeable commodity that you could actually get value back in return. Like it or not, Frank’s going to have to fill those holes with FAs or risk Ned trying to get enough in return for the likes of Kemp, Loney or Dre.

  172. trublu4ever

    I know, let’s turn the team over to us, the fans. Dodgereric could be the GM, Enchanted, manager and Jhall, bench coach. They’d do just as good a job as Ned and Joe.

  173. colliethec

    Loney is great at 1st but I don’t think he has to much skill for the outfield. That was ugly when that happened Biddyboo.
    Can you imagine he in RF and Repko in CF.

  174. northstateblues

    Hey all, got my new computer set up. Now it gets to cut it’s teeth on a term paper. Just stopping by to say


  175. colliethec

    I’m hoping that the moves Ned made with Manny and Casey won’t assure him of his job. I really hope that McCourt compares he and White. Now that the seasons in it’s closing weeks, I have come over to the side of replacing Ned.

  176. northstateblues

    ( And I’m never gonna get that degree if I still can’t distinguish “it’s” and “its”. And Vista SUCKS )

  177. junkyardjamie

    Hey nsblues – glad you are all hooked up. Now, get your homework done before you come out and play… 🙂

    jhall – it’s always just wishful thinking at this point. That wishful thinking can easily turn into nightmares depending on NedCo and friends.

  178. biddyboo

    I remember when he hit the wall it reminded me of the movie Jerry Maguire when Cuba’s character lays there for a bit and everyone is freaking out. That was kind of Loney’s moment, especially when they brought the little cart and drove him off field, everyone was cheering!

  179. biddyboo

    nsblues- I feel you on the studying and all. I am going crazy over my Business Stats class. It’s almost as painful as Physics when I was still a Bio major!
    So let’s start finalizing our ITD staff, people. Where does everyone else go?

  180. jhallwally

    Just an aside from our earlier endeavors, but I happen to have spent quite a bit of time in Philadelphia and know a number of people there. They are very passionate fans and generally very knowledgable. A true Philadephian and Philly/Eagle/Flyer/76er fan would not give a rat’s a** about another blog or waste their time going to another blog to gloat.

  181. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – that did not type out like I wanted it to – sorry!!

    It’s = it is It’s cold – or – it is cold

    its = the dog lost its bone – possessive

  182. biddyboo

    Nelly- what would team Mom do? You can be my assistant when we do the pre game stretches!
    Josh! Let’s make this happen!

  183. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Wally – Actually, I believe he/she comes on here because we’re probably the only ones that talk to him/her. As the defacto self-appointed ITD psychologist, having done extensive written work on Flanders, JoJo and the Parking Lot Attendant over the course of the year, I see it as a cry for attention and a plea for help. (cue Pacabel) I think its time for an intervention.

    Or an enema…

  184. biddyboo

    jhall- I hope Phil fans are not the douchebaggeriness they seem to be! When I read some of their comments on Victorino’s spot I couldn’t get over how many of them were giving them tips on how to bat and play!

  185. park

    I have to get this off my chest. I’ve been listening to the criticism leveled at Joe Torre today regarding his decision to remove Derek Lowe. This is all hindsight 20-20 stuff.

    I don’t see a problem with bringing in a very reliable bullpen to pitch the last four innings of a game, especially a bullpen featuring three lefties pitching to a lineup filled with lefties. Who was to know that Chan Ho Park was going to throw a wild pitch to score a run AND Jonathan Broxton would give up his first home run at Dodger Stadium in over 2 years AND Cory Wade, who has been lights out the past month, would give up 2-run home run? Nine times out of ten, the bullpen would have given you a much better result.

    By the way, keeping Lowe in there would also have been the right decision. My point is that either decision was right. The bottom line is that the pitchers didn’t do their job. It’s their job to get outs regardless of when they are brought in and under what circumstances.

    You make decisions and sometimes you get burned. That’s just the way it is.

  186. junkyardjamie

    jhall – isn’t that true about any true fan though. If you are passionate about at team, then stick with that team and commend them on a job well done or commiserate when they haven’t done such a good job. Why take the time to come onto another team’s blog with the sole intention of being nasty and vindictive. It’s nothing more than a cyber version of a playground/classroom bully. Has to put everyone down in order to make him/herself look good. We tell kids 5 things – ignore, change the subject, make a joke, agree or just simply walk away. So, what you said earlier is so very true. We tell the students that once you get angry you have been hooked just like a fish, and now he/she knows where to go looking for more fish to hook.

  187. enchantedbeaver

    Biddyboo – perhaps that was our mistake here on ITD. We should’ve been giving hitting tips to Andruw. Here’s one – HIT THE ******* BALL!!!

  188. junkyardjamie

    biddyboo – making sure they are fed and have plenty to drink and of course sunflower seeds and bubble gum. Andre can’t be without his seeds and bubblegum. Baked good would be good too, don’t you think?

  189. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – boy!!! when you come back, you come back on some roll…. it’s make up time for Beav tonight. LMAO!!!!!!!!

  190. biddyboo

    Park- I was listening to AM radio at work today and, man, were they letting Torre have it. The two moves that made me perhaps the most upset the minute they were made were to bring in Kersh and Chan Ho. He is not ready for that kind of pressure in my opinion and I don’t think that they should have brought him up to begin with. He’ll be great with some more time. I just think he’s way too young. Chan Ho seems to freak out at the worst possible times which makes me even more mad. You’re a major league pitcher, you need to be ready for anything I would think!

  191. biddyboo

    enchanted- hee hee I think Jonesy needs a big hug! That’s all!
    nelly- i rock in baking! I could be your sous chef!

  192. junkyardjamie

    What do you mean don’t tell mom? What do you think June Darlin’ does all day when Ward Dear is at work and the boys are in school?

  193. junkyardjamie

    Biddyboo – Andre wouldn’t have to go to restaurants. We would make a good team. I love to cook and bake 🙂

  194. junkyardjamie

    hmmmm ~ How was your evening Ward Dear?…. as you can see the whole family is here, and they have been very good boys.

  195. dodgereric

    Yes June. I can see that. Here I am, out working late to make a little more money for our Christmas Club Account and what do I find when I get home? Drunken children! Harrumph!!

    Any of the Scotch left?

  196. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!! both……..charming as can be too.

    BTW – did you know you have been selected, along with enchanted and jhall to lead the Dodgers in 2009. We have a whole staff ready and willing to serve you.

  197. junkyardjamie

    you – GM
    enchanted – manager
    jhall – bench coach
    Nelly-team mom.
    BleuFille’-team massage therapist.
    Khali-aesthetics coordinator.
    biddyboo – athletic trainer

  198. biddyboo

    Ok, my peeps, it’s way past my bedtime. Work in 0600 hours. Everyone have a great night and thanks for the laughs! And thanks for accepting this nerd! Go Dodgers!

  199. junkyardjamie

    BTW – Mr.photographic memory guy/Eric ~ who was the one that gave us ITD chicks the Ethieraholics name. Was that you or someone else? CP tried to go back and look, and the earliest mention was you, but for some reason I thought it was old fogey. any ideas? The reason why is because our name is now being used outside by non-ITDers (which is cool), but we need to know the orginator of the name if asked. A trademark might be necessary someday – LOL!!!!!

  200. jhallwally

    2:00am here. Think I’ll hit the old rack also. It’s been fun gang. Thanks and I hope you all have a great night and better tomorrow!!!

  201. bluecrewgirl

    I think I am going to hit the hay too. Goodnight biddy, DNelly, enchanted, eric and anyone else I missed. I’m excited, but nervous too, about the game tomorrow.

  202. dodgereric


    First, I do all those things you say.

    Second, I make enchanted the GM and jhall the Manager. Junie, you’ve got Josh’s job. (Sorry Josh. It’s business.)

    Third, I activate the secret clauses in the contracts for Jones, Pierre and Schmidt that enables me to buy them out for non-performance. Goodbye to you.

    Fourth, I mandate to e that he sign Manny and CC. We give Manny a big percentage of the dredlock merchandising, so he signs for a reasonable amount. CC wants to hit, so jhall agrees to let him hit behind Manny as long as he outhits Kemp.

  203. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – that was very cool what that Philly fan wrote on Andre’s blog. Maybe that will tone them down a little.

  204. dodgereric

    Jeez, I guess I’m taking too long in making these decisions. The room has cleared out!

    June, “Ethieraholics” was indeed my contribution. When, I have no idea. But it for sure was during one of our testosterone-challenged moments.

  205. junkyardjamie

    No, that’s what CP said, and I just didn’t remember. I told her you would remember. It is kind of a cool thing that it is attached to a bunch of names (all girls, of course) on Andre’s blog. So, in turn, you have started a real group or club in some ways. We just need to give credit where credit is due if we are asked who came up with the name.

  206. dodgereric

    I went back and saw that cp did the leg work. Here’s what comes after cp’s post:

    eric ~ Thanks for the article ~ Makes me even be that more impressed with him. I really hope the Dodgers hold on to him. He is an asset both on and off the field. BTW – love the name – “ethieroaholics”

    By on August 11, 2008 12:57 PM

    “ethieraholics” I group of fans (mostly women) who are obsessed with Dodgers Right Fielder, Andre Ethier, to the point where help is needed at times. LOL!!!

    By on August 11, 2008 1:00 PM

    Maybe a support group is needed – LMAO!!!!!!!

    By on August 11, 2008 1:00 PM

    Then, I give it away……….

    nelly, I’m glad you like the term. It’s all yours to do with as you wish! 🙂

    By dodgereric on August 11, 2008 1:10 PM

    Remember me when you move into your new mansion!

  207. dodgereric

    How about a tee shirt?


    By dodgereric on August 11, 2008 1:42 PM

    That started something……..

  208. junkyardjamie

    No, you get full credit, but thanks for finding it. We will split the royalties – LOL!!!!! It’s just fun seeing the name being used outside of the ITD girls. It’s a good feeling we did something that is sticking in people’s minds.

  209. kpookiemon

    I believe my first act as “aesthetics coordinator” will be to take a page from the old “House of David” baseball team whose players all wore beards………………………………………………………………………so for the 2009 season–AFTER THE DODGERS SIGN MANNY–all Dodger players on the 25-man roster will be required to wear their hair in dreadlocks. Even Torre, balding or no.

  210. dodgereric

    Going back a little, Scouts was hectic as usual. A little more so tonight as we are heading for a campout weekend and it can get a little crazy.

    I just went over on Andre’s blog and finally saw what you guys were talking about. Sheesh, what little children. I guess I’m showing my age when I complain about the poor sportsmanship exhibited these days. Give me Jim Brown any day over Dion Sanders. Trash talkers are the lowest form of fandom.

    One of the most pleasurable moments of my sports life occurred playing slowpitch softball perhaps 20 years ago. The other team had a freak of a pitcher who would run his mouth while tossing the pitch to you. This idiot lead off the bottom of the first with a single. He was a fast little booger and tried to get to third on a single, hit directly to our right-center fielder. He had a cannon for an arm and – playing third – I yelled “THREE!” The ball came in on a rope and that clown never got to the base. I had it blocked as I caught the ball and slapped a hard tag right on his fat mouth. I screamed, “Yer OUT!” LMAO!!!! That really felt good!

  211. dodgereric

    Well, it’s to bed with me, June Darlin’! Biggest game of the season, coming up! We can do this! Good night and God Bless you and yours!

  212. junkyardjamie

    Great Story Ward Dear…. it was great seeing the whole Cleaver Family on tonight. Good Night and God Bless to you and yours……. 🙂

  213. kpookiemon

    Biggest game, indeed. I’ll savor it if the baseball gods decree it’s the last one of the season…On the other hand, maybe they’ll be a bit more playful, and help pin the Phillies collars to their tightening throats.

  214. heartruss

    Good morning ITD. I have to say that this will be a season to remember. The Dodgers have brought us a memorable last few months. How many naysayers would have believed that we would be in this wonderful spot? We have gotten so far. No matter what happens tonight, I have to say that the Dodgers have done what has not been done in years. When we season ticket holders were told to pay for our postseason tickets, I promptly gave them the money because I knew we would triumph. Most people thought I had a few screws loose. Maybe I do but I know that I was right about the Dodgers. Here we are, as DNelly says, there are 25 other teams who are at home watching the games on television wishing they were Dodgers. The games aren’t over. Tonight we will win. Nothing will stop us. So move over Phillies, here we come!!! GO DODGERS!!!

  215. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD,
    Just check my emails and noticed the Dodgers sent me one that say there are some tickets available for today’s game.
    Well, I better get going to go to work. I am working till noon today

  216. heartruss

    I can’t believe that those Phillies fans are posting on Andre’s blog again. They spend more time on his blog than their official blog. There are a total of four posts on the Phillies blog. Ha ha and zero on the official Phillies girls blog. I guess that shows how much they care about their own team. They don’t even bother to wish their own team luck. They are too busy harrassing the other team. Really good sports and very mature!!! : (

  217. dodgereric

    Goooooood morning ITD!!!!!!!!!

    Well ladies and germs, it’s gutcheck time for our Beloved Blue Bums. Backs against the wall, do or die, blah, blah, blah.

    It doesn’t matter that we got here by winning a weak division.
    It doesn’t matter that we handicapped ourselves all season with indecisions and bad decisions.
    It doesn’t matter that every time it looked like we were on the move, we stopped and turned back again.
    It doesn’t matter that we had more than our share of injuries.
    It doesn’t matter that we had more than our share or underperformers or completely non-performers.

    What does matter is that we are a damned good team at this moment in time, one of the four best in baseball.
    What does matter is that we’ve shown a lot of character in the last couple of months.
    What does matter is that we’ve won when we’ve had to up to this moment.
    What does matter is that we step up today, show that we belong and play our hearts out
    What does matter is that we win or lose with class and dignity, like the Dodgers have always done.

    Go Billz!
    Go Furc!
    Go Dre!
    Go Manny!
    Go Captain!
    Go BigGameJames!
    Go Bison!
    Go Blake! (both of them!)
    Go Brox!
    Go Joe!
    Go Dodgers!!!!!

  218. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD readers and writers!!!
    xoxrussell, it’s been on ongoing thing with these Phillies fans, and you are right, they are acting like children, but I have to say, that the children I deal with, act a whole lot better than that. They at least have some good manners and kindness in their hearts. Any fan that has true good sportsmanship would be posting on their own teams blog giving them support, and if they insist on visiting another team’s blog, then they should be considerate enough to at least be civil. However, as I tell my students, when you act nasty to someone, just hold up a mirror, and the attitude is of the person looking in the mirror, and if they honestly look in that mirror, they will find a very sad, uncaring individual who probably should think about how they are going to behave the next time. So, to all Phillies fans, may the best team win, and go out an encourage your own team because we’ve got this beloved Dodger team covered – thank you!!!!!


  219. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Ward Dear……

    These Ethieraholics are really bothered by these Phillies fans, and it’s really getting on June Darlin’s nerves. It’s very sad to see how people can be so mean and cruel to another team and act like they care about their own team. Well, if they cared about their own team, why are they not on their blog supporting them. It doesn’t make any sense. I love my Dodger team and all I want to do is support them. Why would I care what the other team is thinking? Anyhow, just trying to talk through this frustration. Have a great day Dear. I have a field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning, and at least I get to hang out with some pretty cool kids who are acting a whole lot better than these Phillies fans right now. I have been complaining about my students at times, but this last few days have put my mind in perspective that at least they are kind and know how to treat others.

    Have a wonderful day,and I will catch up after lunch…

    June Darlin’ ~ Ethieraholic!!!


    I think Phillies have built up too much momentum. If Manny wasn’t swinging the bat, we would have been swept…

  221. trublu4ever

    Good morning ~ xoxrussell, you, along with many other ITD bloggers, did a great job fighting back on Andre’s blog. I have a feeling, though, Dre and the rest of the team think it is just what they need to fire themselves up for the game tonight.
    I think we need to add Amy, Sara and Acardona to Dodgereric’s team, as main members of the cheerleading squad. They can add more members, as necessary.

  222. perumike

    Good morning everyone! Sorry I have not been on much, but I have been busy studying for a test I had last night, and I think the studying paid off. Glad to see you all are hitting back against these lovely Phillie “fans”. Hope everyone has a great day!

  223. perumike

    Hey guys, I see you were making team assignments. Can I be the head trainer? I bet I can hurt more players than Conte did! 🙂

  224. phan52

    Good morning ITD,
    Just check my emails and noticed the Dodgers sent me one that say there are some tickets available for today’s game.

    Dodgers fans are bailing. Pick up the slack, gang!!

  225. dodgereric

    Hi Mike! Good to see you on again! It looks like you took care of business, huh? Are congrats appropriate yet?

    You can be anything you like. You want the trainer, you GOT the trainer! Just promise me you won’t lie to anyone and you’ll be an improvement over what we have now!

  226. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear ….. thank you 🙂

    Good Morning Mr.Piano Man….. sounds like you did well on your test – very nice!!!!!!!

    xoxrussell – everything will be just fine. Our guys know how we feel about them, and we will keep reminding them if they don’t.

    trublue – good morning to you too.

  227. jhallwally

    Just want to say, regardless of the outcome tonight, it has been an exciting year and I am proud of our team. We’ve got a lot to look forward to moving forward. The best part of it all however has been blogging with you all. It has been a pleasure and a priviledge. Thank you all!!!!!!!!

  228. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ it’s going to be very difficult waiting for tonight’s game…….trying to think of what I can do to keep myself busy. I think I’ll mop my floors………..lots of nuts to sweep away!
    PianoMan ~ you’ll do a fine job but, you have to hire Biddyboo as your assistant.

  229. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ you can’t leave us after the series…….we ALL have to plan our next season’s roster. A lot of work for us to do!

  230. jhallwally

    Hi Trumom!!! Hope you are having a great day. I’ll certainly be here for the Hot Stove League. Should be fun discussing the off season moves and direction. Sure wish Ned was not running the show.

  231. junkyardjamie

    Thank you and Good Morning jhall!!!! You, my friend, have been a wonderful person to get to know on ITD, and it is a true pleasure to be in your company. I know you are not leaving us, but since you said it, I had to respond.

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  232. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ I have a feeling Ned won’t be running the show. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but we can always hope Frank will see the light!

  233. dodgereric

    Heyya Wally! I echo June Darlin’, talkin’ baseball with you and our ITD family has become one of the true pleasures in my life.

    TruLumpy, I think that if jhall stops posting here, it’ll be because he’s fartin’ dust!

  234. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ LOL. Jhall just had me scared………thought he was bidding his farewell. We need everyone on this board to put YOUR team in order!!!

  235. amyw27

    Good morning friends.
    Eric- I liked your post on Dre’s site. Go Dodgers.
    The Weather Man said today that, It’s perfect Weather for Dodger baseball. And back in Philli, they will be freezing after tonight’s loss!!! The anchor woman wore a blue blouse and the traffic girl wore a Dodgers Cap.
    Gotta love LA!
    Let’s GO Dodgers. Let’s Go Billz!!! We Can Do This!

  236. dodgereric

    Thank you amy. It needed to be said.

    I probably should have added that those clowns are taking A GAME way too seriously, especially in these times of economic worries and fires raging next to people’s de-valued homes. The real world is shaking and our game should be a place to escape it all and have FUN, not to add to people’s misery. But I guess that part IS fun to them.

    How sad. Live and let live, that’s what I try my best to do. I root for my team, I don’t razz yours. There’s a difference and you can do the former without the latter. I’m working hard on ignoring the fools. When I recognize that it’s one of THOSE posts, I skip it. They’re wasting their time. This is how I imagine them as they post on their:


    and laptops:

  237. thinkingblue

    Good morning ITD!
    AMY – How are you feeling? Was that the Weather Man from KTLA Channel 5. I know he is a big Dodgers fan.
    ERIC – does were funny pictures…lOL
    I do not like Philadelphia Cheese Cream or Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.

  238. amyw27

    rose- yea. KTLA were hyping up the boys in blue this morning. It made me feel good. I’m still sick. I’m at work for the morning at least. I’ve got meetings to attend and I support a few people here, and they need me to keep them on schedule. Still not at 100%- feeling weak. I just ate some toast, so maybe that will make me stronger. we shall see. I need to buck up. Dodger baseball comes on tonight!! YEA 🙂
    Eric- so well spoken. It did need to be said. I tried a little bit yesterday myself. One good thing though, that one Philli phan actually congratulated Andre on his blog. That was a nice gesture.
    Monday is behind us, we must push forward and take this thing!!

  239. crzblue2

    I wonder if you would be here if your team was down 1-3.. I think not..
    Is a beautiful day for a ballgame…
    I think I will stop by at In-n-Out for a burger, fries and pink lemonade before heading to the game. I probably get one of those 60 year anniversary t-shirts. I love the car theme t-shirts.
    Did I ever tell you all that I have a 68 Chevy truck? I had it paint some time ago to its original color and I bought a cover specifically for it at the California Car cover here in Chatsworth. I am thinking of selling it as it just been sitting in my garage for two years now. I did put a new engine but is dead now. I stop warming it up and as some of you know, you got to keep on doing that.
    In two hours I leave work. woohoo!

  240. crzblue2

    they have matzo ball soup at the stadium. I never had it but I love that soup. Well, I love all kind of soups. Heck I am a foodie like Ethier. Hope you are getting better. toast is always a good idea when we are not feeling well.

  241. dodgereric

    Oh crz! You are making me hungry and there’s too much time until lunch! That double-double animal-style is calling my name!

    Very cool about the truck! You should have fired it up and driven it down here to Temecula last weekend for our Rod Run! It was the junior version of the bigger one in February but a blast nonetheless! Check it out:

    Click on the video link when you get in.

  242. crzblue2

    very cool video Eric! love the lady in blue talking about how much she loves cars and the older gentlemen about working with his son on the car. Boy that 55 limo was huge! Maybe I’ll go to the next event. I used to have a boyfriend that love cars. He used to get them and fix them up. We used to go a lot of junk car places and auto shows. He used to have this beautiful red Chevelle and a gorgeuos blue El Camino.
    I think I’ll take my lunch to the Top of the Park. I’ll tell the guard I am going to shop at the Top of the Park. I’ll sit there and eat my lunch, then do a little shopping at the gift shop and then, they’ll kick me out while the workers prepare the stadium for the game, then wait and get back in with my ticket.


    Maybe if you run into Sweet Lou you can send him down to rub up the bats with a little post season magic.


    The situation

    Lasorda: “Every inning, I would go down and ask, ‘How you feeling big boy?’ He kept giving me two thumbs down.”

    Gibson: “In the eighth inning (the TV) spanned the dugout and Vin Scully says something to the effect, ‘There will be no Kirk Gibson.’ I got out of my chair and said, ‘My ***.’

    “I put a jock on, a pair of socks, a T-shirt. That was it. I had the bare minimum. I took a couple of swings. I started to kind of brainwash myself, that when I walked out there, there would be a very positive reaction from the crowd and I wouldn’t hurt.”

    Lasorda: “Suddenly the clubhouse boy comes up and says, ‘Gibson wants to see you.’ ”

    Gibson: “I remember seeing Tommy waddling up from the dugout. I said, ‘Yeah, I can go if you want me to.’ He said, ‘Damn right, I want you to.’ ”

    Lasorda told Gibson to stay hidden and not get in the on-deck circle, so the A’s would never know what was coming. Light-hitting Dave Anderson was on-deck, so Eckersley pitched around Mike Davis. Two out, Davis on, last L.A. chance, and Gibson suddenly appeared, like a rabbit out of Lasorda’s Dodger cap.

    Eckersley: “He’s such a competitor. I wasn’t real fond of him to begin with. Professionally, he was tough to like.

    “I was like, ‘Oh no, how long is this going to take for him to get to the plate? I was an anxious guy. I was in a hurry to get going.

    “I wasn’t afraid of Kirk Gibson because he wasn’t himself. In our scouting report, he was an afterthought. Just don’t throw him anything soft.”

    The at-bat

    Gibson: “When the count went to 0-2, I had something I called my emergency stroke. I looked out at him and thought, this was a full emergency. I was just trying to survive.”

    La Russa: “If you look at the video, it shows the dugout and Dunc (pitching coach Dave Duncan) is going this way (hands up and pushing back). He wanted to finish Gibson off up and out over the plate with a fastball.”

    Gibson fouled off a couple, and the count eventually went full.

    Gibson: “We had a scout, Mel Didier, and he had watched Dennis Eckersley for many years. He came up to me (before the Series) in his southern drawl, and said, ‘Pardnuh, as sure as I’m standin’ here breathin’, you’re goin’ to see a 3-2 backdoor slider.’

    “You can watch it (on the video). As soon as he comes set at 3-2, I called timeout and I step out of the box and I’m looking at him and hearing, ‘Pardnuh, as sure as I’m standin’ here breathin’, you’re goin’ to see a 3-2 backdoor slider.'”

    Eckersley: “First of all, I didn’t get to 3-2 on too many hitters, so if (Gibson) wants to give the credit to the scout, that’s OK. I’m the idiot who threw the crappy slider.”

  245. vl4ecc

    ESPN is hyping up the ‘momentum’ of the Phillies right now. They are talking like it’s a lead pipe cinch. Their momentum died yesterday with the off day.


    i agree vl4ecc, the off day couldn’t have come at a better time for us.. our boys will be ready tonight.. i feel it..

  247. vl4ecc

    I’m feeling it too! The way I see it sara is there’s ALOT more pressure on Hamels than Bills tonight. After the Dodgers win tonight, I really think the remaining pitching matchups favor blue.

  248. dodgereric

    sara, I’m on FIRE!! If only I were 20 years younger…….

    …….and could hit a curveball! 🙂

    jungar, thanks a million for that! I especially love the last few lines. They need to play that entire Gibson at-bat on the big screen just before they bring out the lineup cards!

    and jj, that’s a great point!

  249. enchantedbeaver

    Why yous all givin time to this Philly fan? He don’t even rates as a pimple on my behind. Ignores the fool.

  250. amyw27

    Sara and I will roll our eyes when they show the same videos on the screen over and over and over. They are getting lazy during the playoffs with their video editing.
    vl4- i hope you are right. Here’s to Hamels’ demise!!

  251. ladodgrs1

    I am starting to get that nervous, anxious, excited, queezy feeling about the game tonight. I really do think this day off is exactly what we needed. I sure hope the boys come out with fire and passion and don’t give up. Lets make sure this series goes back to Philly. Go Blue! Go Bills!

  252. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! Perdita – where have you been? It is soooo good to see you again. Need to work on that grammar though. 🙂

    Good Afternoon, Fabulous Dodger Fans!!!!! It is a beautiful day here in the Central Valley, and the Giants fans are lying low – LOL!!!!!! How is everyone?

  253. enchantedbeaver

    Jus leave the fool bes. He jus tryin to get yours goat childs. He jus like an ally cat. He knock overs a few trash cans an makes all kinds a rackets, but he don’t find whats he wants he go away. Any fool has to go on nother teams thingy to stirs up **** jus lookin fors atention cus thay ain’t gettin it at homes.

  254. crzblue2

    I’ll do that if and when I see him. Hopefully I will. I have in my ipod that game in the WS where he hit a HR.
    Well, I am out of here!.

  255. tootrueblu

    Wish I could be there tonight (will be there in spirit)!!
    I’ll be watching with the sound off and the radio on, and eating my grilled Dodger Dog. Not the same as being there, but best I can do!
    Keep the faith!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. phan52

    LOL!! Couldn’t resist vl4ecc, considering your brilliant assessment.

    BTW, nice post you made over on Victorino’s blog on the day that they buried his grandmother. Stay classy, LA!!

  257. ladyinblu

    Stay lame, Philly. And thanks for repeating yourself. Your lame comments just add to the numbers of one of the already most widely read blogs in MLB.

  258. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s been a wonderful season, the best we ever had in 20 years.
    THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE GOING TO THE GAME are the only ones that can show the DODGERS how much you appreciated them this year.
    I wish I could be there and help make them know how we feel.
    You have to make as much noise as possible, no matter what happens in the course of the game.
    Even if they’re losing, no matter how you feel, don’t let them down with silence.
    Stay on your feet, remain standing regardless, even if they are facing their final out.
    * Especially if they are.*

  259. vl4ecc

    I don’t post on Dre’s blog that much. A little while ago, I left one mentioning the silly philly phans are trying to get in his head out of fear. With Rollins, and Howard being non factors so far in this series, they are scared of Andre’s abilities. Manny’s been dialed in. If Andre gets dialed in like we all know he can, it’s over for philly!

  260. trublu4ever

    jj ~ I saw your post. Good job. I had to “engage” also and, may have to do it again.
    dodgersrule ~ great point!

  261. vl4ecc

    SPAM?! YUCK!!! Scrapple is even more yuckier. People in PA love that stuff. It’s an extremely gross pork product. Almost like biting into lard. I tried it once in my travels. They use it as a meat for breakfasts & such. It didn’t stay with me for very long. NEVER AGAIN!

  262. phan52

    Only a Dodger fan would care what PETA thinks. But I guess your concern precludes you from indulging in Dodger Dogs, doesn’t it?

    And scrapple rules!!

    It’s a Red October!!

  263. kpookiemon

    Jimmy Rollins, on Philly Phans:

    “There are times,” he said. “I might catch some flak for saying this, but, you know, they’re front-runners. When you’re doing good, they’re on your side. When you’re doing bad, they’re completely against you.”

    Can’t wait for game 7…Lowe vs. well….somebody

  264. junkyardjamie

    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    GO MATT KEMP!!!!!
    GO JEFF KENT!!!!!
    GO CORY WADE!!!!!!
    GO JOE BEIMEL!!!!!
    GO CHAN HO PARK!!!!!
    GO DEREK LOWE!!!!!


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