Tonight's lineup

You guys rocked this place last night. Let’s do it again this evening. Here’s the lineup…

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, 2B

Blake, 3B

Pierre, CF

Lowe, P


Juan Pierre to the rescue?

Oh my!!!! In all fairness ~ Go JP!!!!!!!!


Can’t say that I agree with putting a sub par arm in CF in a must win playoff game. A complete retarded decision in my opinion. Kemp’s been play a good CF at least and he hasn’t been the weakest bat in the lineup either.

Just when I was starting to think this Joe Torre guy knows what he’s doing…

Pierre..wowww! Well hopefully Pierre does well and contributes to tonights win. If not then…what were they thinking! I’m sure he will do good. Good luck PIERRE.
This song is by PINK “So What” and it was written with PIERRE in mind…enjoy!
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
Na-na-na-na-na na-na
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
Na-na-na-na-na na-na
I guess I just lost my privilege
I don’t know where it went
So I’m gonna keep my money
I’m gotta pay my rent
I got a brand new attitude
And I’m gonna wear it tonight
I’m gonna get a double
I wanna “Start” tonight
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
I wanna “START” tonight
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
I wanna “START” tonight
Uh, check my FLY, uh!
Joe Torre just took my spot-ot
And gave it to Andre Ethier, $#!T
I guess I’ll go sit with Bat boy
At least he’ll know how to hit?
What if this game’s on the tv
Then somebody’s gonna watch
I gotta get a double
So I can play tonight
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
Dre’s gonna “START” tonight
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
Dodger’s are WINNING tonight

Holy **** Pierre batting 8th? In fairness of Torre at least have Blake bench and his 1 for 21 against Blanton but that doesn’t stop his 2 for 17 against Moyer last night. Kent 6 for 7 but he can’t played no defense.

FYI…Phan is back!

Pierre starting in center? WTF? is Joes part timers acting up again? The Phillies will be running amouk tonight with the rag arm out there. Did Kemp p*ss in Joe’s oatmeal or something similar? Kemp did alright last game at the plate.
WOW! The Rays are lighting up Lester in Fenway! 5-0 in the top of the 3rd!

Playing Nomar was the right move lat night, hopefully Juan does something tonight. I feel some magic!

Joe must have been listening to the post game show last night when a caller argued that JP should be starting over Kemp. The hosts disagreed with the caller and did not think Joe would make any such change. Hopefully Juan will make something happen and things will work out for the Dodgers.

There is no way JP should be playing over Matt! No power, no arm, NO PLAY!

Wow, LA is on fire right now there are two brush fire and I live in Simi Valley and this whole place is surrounded by smoke and it is really hard to breath out here hopfully it wont effect the game tonight

ajay ~ I saw that on the news about the fire………is it near the stadium?


My thoughts are with everyone who is near the fire. Hope you all can still make it out to the stadium tonight.

On another note, what do you guys think the deal is with Pierre playing tonight? My guess is Kemp has been struggling and he wants a guy who can put the ball into play, which means you can hit and run, etc. Thoughts?

Fires are northwest of Chavez Ravine and winds are generally blowing southwest. So smoke shouldn’t be a factor, but that could change depending on the wind.

The fires are not near the stadium.

Here are my thoughts about Pierre. Reprint from August 12th.
Ain’t It A Shame
Thanks to by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana
Ain’t it a shame to go fishing on a Sunday, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to go fishing on a Sunday, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to go fishing on a Sunday, when you got
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Oh Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to drink on a Sunday, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to drink on a Sunday, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to drink on a Sunday, when you got
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Oh Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to play Juan Pierre, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to play Juan Pierre, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to play Juan Pierre, when you got
Manny Ramirez with dreadlocks,
Oh Matthew Kemp and Every Day Dre
Ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to sit Juan in August, ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to sit Juan in August, aint it a shame?
Ain’t it a shame to sit Juan in August, when you got
April, May, June, and July,
Oh September and October
Ain’t it a shame?
Arrrghhh, JoJo, Arrrrghhhh!
Arrrrghhh, Ned, Arrgghhhh!

it’s ok. the will be ok with JP. in the lineup. If anything goes wrong, Matty will be right there to get back in the game.
We can do this, we will do this.
Go Dodgers!!!

JP starting in CF tonight is beyond stupid, even for Joe Torre.

More thoughts about Pierre…”Slappy Together”, reprint from August 20th, and slightly altered. From Joe’s perspective (certainly not mine!)
Imagine me and Phew, I do
I think about Phew day and night
It’s only right
To think about the Phew I love
And play him now
As my center fielder
If I should hit Phew eighth
And sit Matt Kemp
And Phew says Phew belongs to me
And make my day
Imagine how my world could be
And care what may
So Slappy together
I can’t see me loving nobody but Phew
For all my life
When Phew’s with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life
Me and Phew
And Phew and me
No matter how Dre hits the ball
It has to be
The only one for me is Phew
And Phew for me
So Slappy together
Me and Phew
And Phew and me
No matter how Dre hits the ball
It has to be
The only one for me is Phew
And Phew for me
So Slappy together
So Slappy together
How is your mother?
She calls here forever
We’re Slappy together
So Slappy together…

If I were going to the game I wouldn’t be able to go because they closed the freeway and there is no way out.

Agreed obi. I’m hoping for the best, but line drives to CF tonight will mean extra bases for the Phils.

Ridicoulous that Pierre is in CF. The offense, whatever, but the defense. I guess Joe is hoping Lowe is a ground ball machine tonight.

crash ~ you have proven my point, superbly!!!!!!!!!!

I think Kemp slumping brings just as much as a consistent Juan Pierre, specifically better defense. He has just as much speed. I really don’t understand it. I am curious to hear what Torre’s reason is for this. I am definitely not part of the Juan Pierre fan club, but for the sake of the team, the fan base and the city I will be pulling big time for him.

It seems that I haven’t made myself clear – about how I feel with Juan starting in CF tonight. So here’s another. This one a reprint from June 25th. Still as good today as it was over three months ago. Thanks go to Eric for the easy to find reference library of over 400 songs.
Simply Unacceptable
How can Pierre be playable
Joe compromised our principle, yeah yeah
That kind of love is mythical
He’s anything but typical
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
Joe feels obliged to lead him off when there’s no other course
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Ned’s loving is so powerful, huh
He’s simply untradeable
The signing is irreversible
The thought is unbearable
He’s an unnatural wretch, and he leaves ‘Dre on the bench,
He deserves no applause, Frank surrendered because
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable he’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s unavoidable, Im backed against the wall
He gives us feelings like we never felt before
Joe’s breaking promises, Ned can’t find a clause
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
His methods are unthinkable
The proof is irrefutable, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
His throws are so runnable, huh
His bunts are so defensible
He’s a contract Ned endorsed, he’s another dead horse
You’re obliged to lead him off when there’s no other horse
He once looked good to Ned, but now we find him
Simply unacceptable
Simply unacceptable
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
He’s so bad, Ned tell us where the money went
Simply unacceptable he can’t throw, theres no other way to go
Simply unacceptable™ ©

ladodgrs1 ~ i agree with you……..75% of Matt is worth more than 100% of Juan. Matt is beginning to come out of his hitting slump, too!

Psyched. I”m not worried about Pierre in CF, like Amy said, if anything happens, Kemp’ll be ready to go.

Just hope we don’t see another Juan for four performance. This is October, and we all know he’s a PVL-Who-Has-A-Ring-And-Knows-What-It-Takes-To-Win-in-October. This is why he’s here, which is exactly why this is why Lowe’s here right now… really, it’s why everybody’s here, but as far as free agent signings, Ned’s Philosophy has been getting these PVL’s for this exact scenario.

I’m fired up for tonight!


thanks for the agreeance NSB!
I’m glad this game will bring joy to all of Dodger fans. We will win our home games and when will have to dig extrmemely deep in Philli to take the series!
Dodgers are awesome. We got this!!

Well I have a feeling JP will not play the whole game, both DeWitt & Nomar played part of the game. Kemp will probably come in later if needed. Torre probably wants to rotate players to rest before we head out back to Philly where we really need to play our best players. And oh yeah Kemp is way more powerful than JP. Torre has a reason and hope JOSH can tell us why?

Amy how you feeling today? Go Tampa Bay Rays of Los Angeles. No this is not the time for Pierre to played and Kemp should be in no matter what.

Kemper is 2-8 with a double and 2 walks against Blanton. Juanpy has never faced Blanton. Kemp has an arm. Slappy can’t throw out a guy stretching a double from a normal single to CF. So I don’t get it. I guess Joe is going with five lefties against Blanton instead of only four.

Glad to see you’re feeling better amy. 🙂 Are you sitting in the same section tonight?

I know this a Dodgers board but does anyone following hockey? I hate to heard that that prospect for the Rangers that was only 19 yrs old passing away. First Luc Boudon from the Canucks last year and now this.

Yeah and Kent is 6 for 7 Blake 1 for 21 and Nomar 3 for 9. I’d rather have Nomar at 3rd since we can’t played Kent. Blanton split suck and he suck against rhp batter kemy should be playing.

sl7180. Im a NYR fan and I heard he collapsed in the 3rd period of a game overseas. So sad! The one ambulance that was there had already left earlier for an injury and had to be called back.

SL7180 – How did he died?
Well be thankful is not SWEENEY playing!

oops Kemp

Wow can an ambulance actually do that?

At least Sweeney is a good cheerleader from the dugout. Better than a sulking brat sitting down the end of the bench.

In last night’s game, with runners on 1st and 2nd, and 1 out, Kemp caught a flyball hit to deep centerfield. The runner on first knew better than to test Kemp’s arm and he went back to 1st. Ryan Howard who was on 2B, tagged up and Kemp almost threw out him out 3B–and both Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver commented on the strength of arm. Now if that same situation comes up in tonight’s game, I guarantee you that with Juan in CF, both runners will move up into scoring position. I stress this only because when Lowe pitches he typically receives very little run support.

At least Sweeney is on the bench cheering for his team aka as a team player that what Nelly called him sand I agree with her. Where is Jones and Penny at?

VL4CC- yeah I do give SWEENEY credit for being a good team player. He is grateful to be playing for a major league team. He sucks but has team spirit.

I’m glad Sweeney’s a good sport. I’m still kinda amazed that he had the season he had. Sweeney was a surefire clutch PH not too long ago.

Both Kemp & Ethier have strong arms…even the commentator mentioned Kemps throw to 3rd and there is no doubt about the KEMP is way more useful than JP..

Jagr broke down and cry.

I am trying not to be negative about this whole JP thing, but it really is just baffling. Any explanation as to why yet?

I can’t believe Kemp was about to heat up and Torre aas going to bench him. At least our PH are strong instead of what we had with Pierre, Jones sometime and Sweeney.


SL7180 it is really sad, specially when they are soooo young. It seems that a lot of young players died of some heart conditioned. I remember one time I had gone to go see the L.A. Avengers play (Arena Football) and the following weekend of when we went one of the young players from that team had dropped and died. It really really sucks. I remember last Hockey season that one guy’s throat was slit open, lucky he survived.

From the Official Dodger Site, a pre game interview with Joe Torre

Any lineup changes today vs. [Joe] Blanton?

JOE TORRE: Yes. We have [Juan] Pierre playing center field instead of Matt Kemp. Matt’s been fighting himself a little bit. I just told him just take a day and we’ve done this before. So we’ll send Juan out to center field and Matt will probably be a part of it before the day is over. But that’s the way we’re going to start

Thanks OBI…just what I thought!

Hmmm. Is this really the time to take a day? I mean, seriously. Sure, Kemp hasn’t been himself, but he brings a lot more intangibles than Slappy. All I know is that I sure hope Joe is right.

Although I posted Joe’s response as to why he’s not playing Kemp tonight, I do not endorse, nor do I support, his heretical views. This paid for by The Bison Committee and Okies for A Juan Pierre Free Outfield

What’s next Joe? Starting Danny Ardoin because Russell Martin agrees with you that he needs to “cool off” a bit ?

I’m so glad you bring up the LA Avengers. I live in Compton and seen that entire game on TV and at the Staple Center. I still can’t believe what happen. That hit didn’t look are that hard to me so I guess that hit was harder than I expected. I didn’t think an elbow to the chest could do that to you. I find this weird because I never seen or read about this before. I guess Amy left again and is she going to the game tonight.

Obi – I thought you were playing with us. I had to double check. What Joe said is virtually identical to the type of stuff that is often written here in ITD in jest. I think I’m going to be sick. Yes, I will cheer on Juan as long as he’s in the game, but I think I’m gonna be sick.

LOL obi! Where I’m at, I noticed alot of those ugly orange Longhorn flags, and colors around today. I hope their #1 ranking will be short lived. I’l be rooting for Red Raiders of Tech to give them a good spanking in a couple of weeks.
Cowgirls are in trouble now with Romo on the DL too.

Urgh channel 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 all talking about the fire and I’m surprise ch 13 don’t have that yet. I hope it don’t interferr with the game tonight but it look like it might since it on ch 11 here.

Well ladodgrz he did it with Nomar last night and Nomar has a .417 against Moyer but I doubt Pierre would get that lucky.

Not a bad move to rest Kemp and give JP a shot.
It could change the eliment of the game or at least it will give things a different look.
It is surprising though because I would think that Joe would’ve kept the line-up in tack so not to disturb the momentum.
But Joe has done more good than harm since we made it this far.

I’m sure there is more to what Joe Torre had to say, but they are not going to tell us. I just hope that we win tonights game with or without JP and the rest of the players
Furcal, Ethier, Manny, Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Blake, & Lowe can handle it…THEY CAN DO IT!

obi stop it Joe is not that stupid to start Andoin over Martinb but let’s just be lucky martin didn’t really go off and get tossed. Oh damn now it’s showing it on ch 13 now.

NICE! Not to take away from the tragedy of the fire, but they cut to Fox 11 Extra Innings!!! It’s Game Time Baby!!!

Well the good thing is not on ch 11 no more thanks god but I know they probably bring it back up now. Go Dodgers.

lol Joe Blanton picture

Damn Kuroda, Manny, Duncan, Bowa, Victroino, Romero Lopez fined. Are you kidding me? What the hell Manny do to get fined 25,000>

WOW!!! 8-1 Rays over Bosox!

Wow that bring back memory of Valenzuelamania.

JJ ~ I just saw that 3-run homer! In Boston’s Yard, too…..even better!

Trublue is NOT a “Happy Kemper” tonight!

The commish is a DUNCE to assess fines like that! It’s all part of the game. He’s showing his ineptness with this decision. What a moron!!!

I really want us to win a WS but if we don’t i hope TB win one and I think they deserved it after being in that division with the Red Sox and Yankees and getting laugh at in that division.

Yeah Tru! Feel good for Baldelli after all he’s been through.

But JJ, how else would Selig be able to pony up the money to keep CC in Miluakee? (This English major still can’t spell Milluakee)

Wow Romo out 3 to 4 weeks. That’s suck for boblee and his cowboy. Wow this is the first time I really even seen McCourt for real.

I adjusted the color and tint on my television and still I come to the same conclusion– Frank McCourt needs to call 1-800-Dentist

lol did McCourt just praise Ned for doing a good job? I don’t after the Pierre, Schmidt and Jones signed but I know getting Manny was huge.

Wow a young Tommy LaSorda.

How come they don’t offered jersey instead of those shirt and caps.

nstate ~ it’s going to be an interesting off season this year to say the least. ALOT of big name free agents seeking enormous contracts. Worst thing is BO-RASS will be involved in alot of transactions. He is SLIME!!!

Wait Kuroda was fined 7,500 and Manny 2,500. I thought it was 2,500. They need to fined Myers for starting this, Condrey and Dublin and is not like Kuroda hit Victorino.

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Manny Ramirez and Dodgers teammate Hiroki Kuroda were among four players fined Monday by Major League Baseball for the Game 3 fracas between Los Angeles and the Philadelphia Phillies during the NL championship series.

Kuroda threw a pitch behind Shane Victorino’s head in the third inning Sunday, apparently retaliation for Philadelphia’s Brett Myers throwing behind Ramirez in Game 2. Benches and bullpens cleared, and plate umpire Mike Everitt immediately warned both teams. There were no ejections.

Kuroda was fined $7,500, Ramirez was docked $2,500, first-base coach Mariano Duncan got $1,000 and third-base coach Larry Bowa $500, Dodgers manager Joe Torre said.

Victorino was fined $2,500 and first-base coach Davey Lopes and reliever J.C. Romero $1,000 each, according to Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

Asked about his penalty, Ramirez said, “That’s fine.”

“I don’t care. It’s worth it,” Dodgers catcher Russell Martin said.

Torre had a much different opinion.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” he said before the Dodgers and Phillies played in Game 4. “I guess the time of year is what enhances the price. I’m not sure what kind of a message this was.”

Ramirez raced in from left field and had to be restrained by Torre, among others.

“I tried (to grab Ramirez),” Torre said. “I was moved without much effort. I was just trying to get Manny’s attention. I didn’t want to lose him. He’s usually pretty good at keeping it under control. He’s a good teammate, this guy.”

Torre said Kuroda, a 33-year-old rookie who pitched 11 years previously in the Japanese Central League, earned additional respect from his teammates.

“I don’t think there’s any question,” Torre said. “He was a good teammate. Guys rally around good teammates. Nobody encourages anybody to hit anybody in the head. The game’s changed. I think everybody’s become a little more sensitive to it. I guess it’s trying to keep the people who play on the field. (But) sometimes umpires don’t read the game right. There’s some people that can’t translate it. People are going to get hit.”

Torre did say he believed the umpires “did a good job yesterday.”

Manuel said he thought the fines were excessive as well.

“That’s coming down pretty hard with what happened,” he said. “That’s coming down harder than you would have thought. There was no fight and nobody got hurt. I guess it was the fact that some of them had to be restrained.”

Updated 49 minutes ago
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oops that 25,000 I meant to say. How in the heck did they come up with those figure? I thought Manny would get fine more since his salary is more than kuroda

Heard there’s been evacuations in several canyons in SoCal so I hope everyone’s ok out there. Kemp “fighting it”?? 2 for 4 last night doesn’t fit that description, IMO. Kemp not being out there will add more pressure on our defense and DLowe. No way, JoJo!!!!! Good news on the Rays. I’m all for new blood in the WS. Getting fired up to see an evened up series at night’s end. GO DODGERS!!!!

Victorino is a cry baby….booo hooo don’t hit me on my head…booo hoooo….Martin did not cry and he got hit! DODGER FANS ARE FIRED UP….DING DING DING ROUND 4.
TRU – KEMP WILL PLAY TONIGHT…just watch…JP…will play a couple of innings and then JOE will realize what the hell he did and put KEMP back in….

Nothing against Casey Blake..but he should be sitting and Nomar should guarding the the third base line. Nomar is having some serious success lately…let’s use it! way…not the right move for True Blues!

dodgersrule ~ I hope you are right about Matty. I think we will be so fired up tonight, we are going to blow them away.
Shad ~ thanks for info on the fines handed down.

the offense is one thing. but every runner that reaches first base is a threat to be quickly on third base even with a weak *** grounder thru ss or 2b..and if i think about that ****, derek lowe does.

I do hope the Rays beat the Red Soxs….imagine a team that has never won…then plus my brothers friend plays for the rays.

dodgersrule ~ i want the Rays to win too, and they just did! Rays/Dodgers World Series, Yea!

YW but seriously I would not hit Victorino and it should be Howard. YW Tru

the last 3 lines of Plaschke’s column are gold:


But, Hiro, one last time, about that pitch.

“It just slipped out of my hand,” he said.

No interpretation needed


off for the big TV… IT’S SHOWTIME!!!

Let’s be honest lamm823. Blake is 1 for 21 against Blanton and Nomar is 3 for 9.

Good Evening ITD Writers and Readers!!!

I can’t stay, but I just wanted to check in, and see how everyone is doing.

Crash – you’ve been waiting for this day, haven’t you? Great Songs!!!

Amy ~ please take care of yourself, but have fun in the meantime.

jungar – no words are necessary for you, and I definitely know what you mean.

nsblues – spelling ~ M i l w u a k e e – lol!!! (jk)

I am leaving to go watch my son pitch. Should be back in time for a few innings.


If it was TB and SD than who to root for seriously? I’ll still take TB but lucky SD never going to get that chance again in a long time.

Good luck Nelly stay safe hopefully we can pulled out another win tonight.

yes nsblue that pitch did slipped and I read the box scored for that game.

hahahaha is that Jennie Zalesko now mention that Blake is 1 for 21 like I said earlier.

Torre’s right. The fines are ridiculous. What happened last night was part of the game. But MLB has to show they’re in control. Just a lot of noise signifying nothing.

I’m glad to hear the Rays won!!!
NEL – Have fun watching a future Dodgers’ pitcher! Eventhough he is not a fan, but he will be!
I’m with was a wild pitch….it was NOT intentionally…it slipped out of his hand. It is just part of the game.

I like are chance if we get this to a game 7 if Hamels stay put pitching Wednesday and it look like he will. I’m hoping for a 3-2 lead with Myers going in game 6 and I don’t see Hamels pitching game 7 either.;_ylt=AuZNxKkBAEbmTMN6g5syDJ0k0bYF?urn=mlb,114454

lol Gary Matthew Sr. What his son didn’t make the trip to LA?

Victorino’s the Crying Hawaiian!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

Oh please Matt Kemp is not struggling. Blah I was hoping for a 1 2 3 inning.

Oh god dp now.

Well I am out to go see my son in Football practice…well FLAG FOOTBALL, HE IS ONLY 3. They are sooooo cute.
I’ll check in later.



It could’ve been a lot worse. We’ll get it back and more!!

Looks like the umps are squeezing on Lowe tonight.


WTG James!

Looks like an important RBI for L O N E Y.

just missed a 3 run HR by an inch or 2.

Damn Howard

Damn why couldn’t they had Pierre in CF it would be tied up.

**** lead off double.

Lowe is not looking good so far tonight.

Dobbs again!

Rally towels? How original! Your marketing people are really on the ball.
Phillies are hitting good pitches BTW. Not good for Lowe.

lol they talking about a trade 11 yrs ago with Seattle and Boston?

Enemy at the gates.

Looks like he’s settling down a bit. Maybe he was just pumped up a bit too much to start.

How in the heck is Blake 1 for 21 against this junk pitcher?

Should’ve been Nomar over Blake.

Nice Juan

Yeah and change jersey lol

Damn you Pierre you should had just stole it and not delay it. Furcal please ties this up.

I’ve seen enough of JP. Bring Matt back in. That CS is big now.


A fluky inning.

Seems like Pierre has been caught stealing a lot lately. That Jane’s Addiction song is going through my head now.

Hello everybody, GO!!!!!!! DODGERS!!!!!!!! GO!!!GO!!!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JP had that Deer in the headlights look on that fly from Howard.

We could score some runs here.

That was a fake bunt, hit and run steal. He did not try to steal that straight up.

Wow that 3-1 pitch was a strike and that 3-2 pitch look like a strike.

I like how Phan pops off about rally towels not being original when they’ve been around for years. Phan the Phillies didn’t originate that one.
But thanks for stopping by!

We need a big 2 outs hit.


Blanton looks like he’s doing it with mirrors.

Urgh 1 pitch out.

That’s interesting that they were saying that Lowe said the balls were to slippery and he wasn’t getting a good grip and then they had a Dodger ball boy rub them down some more and he is looking much better now.

Like to see a lot more ground balls from DLowe.

I liked the Blackburn Delaware Mud story. I’d forgotten about that.

Once again Nomar should been in for Blake at 3rd.

nice job swining at a high curveball that had no chance of being a strike Juan.

This is frustating to watch.

Lowe had the best AB of the inning. Pathetic.

That was the first 1-2-3 inning.

Both Blakes struggling. Not good.

I think you mean Blake, Pierre lined to 3rd.

Lot’s of time left and only a 1 run game!
This is a blast!!
We need to get through this inning and then get our bats going.
Go Blue!!!!

Why couldn’t Lowe pitch like this all game long?

Nice 1-2-3 from Lowe!

Rally time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice seeing Derek strike out Utley.

Time to BANG!!!!

We need something in this inning…

You misunderstood. Both Blake Dewitt, and Casey Blake are struggling.

It’s seems like the Dodgers are being fooled or something by Blanton. They’re just not getting hits for some reason.
Maybe this it. If not, I don’t know.

Nice eye Furcal this what we need

I didn’t like that 2-0 pitch

Raffy and Andre set the table, now clear it Manny!

Blanton’s loosing his stuff. Time to pounce!
C’mon Manny!!!

And he delivers!

OH THAT MAN and nice going FURCAL.

Nice going R U S S E L L

Manny should be at 3rd but Im not complaining lol

We need to score more runs off Blanton. Their bullpen is strong and we definitely want to be still leading before Lidge comes in.

hmmmm it wouldn’t matter because that dp kill it.

This is the important inning for Lowe.. He needs to shut down Howard/Burell..

Kershaw.. Im scared..

I’m not scare of Lidge after what he did but come on Kershaw

Sigh no Chan Ho Park .

Good for Kershaw. He is probably nervous as could be, but ya gotta love it!

I thought lowe found his stuff.. Not sure why the move.

Sigh no Chan Ho Park .

Damn Kershaw had that k’s sigh.

Amazing how the strike zone shrinks for a rookie isn’t it?

Torre made a mistake here. This should be Lowes inning. I think Torre is thinking about the next games and not this one.

Lowe was done!

Remember Lowe is pitching on 3 days rest. fk we get squeeze

THis is huge.. Come on Kid…

I thought Lowe was looking pretty good too once he settled down. I wouldn’t stick with Kershaw long if he can’t find the strike zone. This game is too important.

Not looking good here.

Man.. This sucks.. I say get him out of there. Go with anyone.. Pull Kersh..

Chan Ho time!

Sticking with Kersh.. Or giving Chan Ho more time?

If we can get out of this tied at 3. I will be pleased.

That experiment did not go well. I think Biemel would have been a better choice there.

Chan Ho Park’s ERA with RISP is 9.00

We should take Pierre out and put Kemp in center too. A base hit to center scores two easily if Pierre is out there.

I don’t know what Joe was thinking. Lowe had gotten into a good rythum. I think he could have gone another inning.

Maybe Lowe should’ve stayed in a little longer.
Let’s go Chan-Ho.

Would like wade but its too early…

Good point max. Kemp should go in on defense.


Agree, Max. Kemp should be coming in.


MIght as well walk him to force them to hit for blanton..

Lowe gave us 5 pretty solid innings on 3 days rest. The bullpen needs to step up.

Go to biemel

Beimel, or Kuo?

Our middle inning guys out of the pen have not been good. Not till you get to Wade and Brox. They have been great the others not so much.

Beimel time.

OK Beimel.

I’d like to see Beimel come through. I know he must really want to after the 2006 post season.

OMFG! What a catch by Andre!

WTG, Dre!!!!!

Way to go Andre!!! Outstanding!!©

Man, that was a sweet catch! Could end up being huge when all is said and done.

E T H I E R….Life saver.


About time Blake good catch Ethier let see them trash you now/

Casey! Way to come through.

The BOOM has been raised.

GO!!!!!!!! DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAY TO GO BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake redeems himself!

SWEET!!!! Alright Casey!!!

THANK GOD!. Casey BLake Finally did something.

Blake comes up big time!!!!!!

Durbin on our payroll? lol That’s like 3 games he has screwed up at Dodger Stadium this year lol


Max ~ Hi, and Juan just got a double!

Who is questioning Joe Torre on starting Pierre? lol jk jk

Kemp should be in there for defense either next inning or starting the 8th.

Hey, jhall. How are you doing?

Nvm Kemp is in.

The bottom of the order finally awakens.

scurtis ~ now I’m a Happy Kemper

Hi trublue! What a game huh

lol Trublue!

Max & scurtis ~ I’m a nervous wreck! I can’t sit still…….just pacing around the house, eating my Laffy Taffy!

yeah wtg trublue lol

Good sign from Kemp showing patience there.
Hey Tru nice to have you back.


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HERE COMES DRE

JJ ~ thanks. I just can’t sit and watch the game….have to be doing something………besides, this is the time of the game when I need my ITD family!

cute trublue!

OMG nice play Howard!

woot woot!

I can’t wait to catch my flight Wed morning! Should be in LA around 2. Ugh, gotta get use to the West Coast time lol

Anyone heard Martin seeing to Blake are you scared? Martin was pushing Blake for a curtain call.


sl, yeah that was cool.

So………..what’s going on?

Man, Andre hit that hard, just right to the wrong place.

Now, this is playoff baseball!!!!!

Chicken I was scared of Ethier lined out.

Sup eric!

Dodgereric ~ not much, just chatting a bit lol

Check this idiot out. Gosh would the Philly fans stop complaining now.

I hope Russ hammers one here!

Atleast get that run home from third. Any more than that is gravy…

They think Bowa stealing sign. What kind of excuse is this? Let’s go Martin grand slam time.

Unfortunately, walking Manny= Baseball 101.

Im a nervous wreck too. I can’t sit still. come on russell!!

Max ~ Imagine what it feels like to be playing!

Damn Buck you freaking jinx and you need shut the heck up.

Whacked it good, just right at Utley! RATS!

Now we’ll see about Kuo.

Rats!!™ Well, we’ve got the lead again. It’s up to the bully!

Tough luck for Russell. Nice play, Utley, A@#hole!!!!

I want a 1 2 3 innings.

Let’s keep this game “Status Kuo”!

Wow I love when Kuo break bat.

“Joe, Shut the Buck up!”- Dodger Nation NLCS Thought Bubble

Tonight, Torre can use whomever he needs to. Off day tomorrow.

Kuo looks FILTHY again……..

Nice to see you, Obi!!!

1-2-3! Kuo’s looking good!!!

Kuo = BEAST!!! AMAZING arm..

OH that was KUOOOH good.

We need “Manny” more runs!

KUO = U OK!!

It’s great to come home and see a fabulous game. I heard Andre had a fantastic catch, and that our boys are hitting the ball well right now. GO DODGERS!!!!!

I keep Kuo for the 8th.

I guess Kuo actually read this board lol

June Darlin’, Dre’s catch woulda brought you outta your chair!

Here’s another vote for Kuo in the 8th. Dude is cooking with gas!!!!!

Good Evening Ward Dear… you are home early tonight. That’s great to read about Andre. I will have to go watch highlights later.


Well, I’m guessing that Kuo’s going to the mound later……

Kuo’s batting so, Joe’s keeping him in the game. Yea!

No brainer leaving Kuo in. Nice bunt!

We need High Furcaliber Offense!!!!!

Hey nelly How was the game?

How’d the boy do tonight, Junie?

I want Howard to make an out.

Wade, please…..

No mo’ Kuo!


Ward Dear and JJ ~ He only pitched one inning tonight – all ground balls. Played a little first base and right field – did very well in all positions. This is just fall ball so they mix up the lineups and positions all the time. Thanks for asking?

Ward Dear ~ Did you get Matt’s application in?

I’m “Wading” with baited breath!

Why take Dewitt out not like Berroa coming in for Kent?


Damn ****


Sheeeeee-it!! !@#$%^&* Pineapple!

Should had let Kuo finish

Never a dull moment.

Yep, we just made it before they closed up shop. Tomorrow he might find out when his Council Board……

Well, I liked the choice of Wade……….

…….his Council Board of Review is. Might be as little as two weeks.

I thought we had it. Wade has been great for us, just a bad pitch. We need to hang on.

Yuck, yuck and yuck!!!

When’s the last time Cory gave up a dinger? I know he doesn’t give up many.

We can never ever do anything easy.

Ward Dear…. that is great!!!! I am sure he is ready 🙂

Wade had some real good nights.
You can’t always have it.
It’s up to Big Jon now.

Never should have taken out Kuo. Torre always does this. If you’re going to yank a guy after 1 hitter then pinch hit for him! If not give him a longer leash.

Bluecrewgirl ~ just don’t let them get ahead……then we will be okay.

Now we have to win this in regulation. We’re screwed if this goes extra innings.

We can do this – GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Hey BleuFille’!! Doing well, how about you?
Nell’, could have used a ground ball there!! LOL!!! Glad Michael pitched well. Well, back to the old drawing board.

August 28th. In Washington, during that wonderful losing streak.


Wow. Bully explosion.

TB better sweep the Philly in the WS

Hey Wally!!!! Good to see you here!!!

OH no!!!!!!!! Not good!!!

Joe Torre lost the game. Horrible HORRUIBLE bullpen management.******** HORRIBLE!

Brox ~ not now!!!

😦 Joe, Joe, Joe, why didn’t you stick with KUO?

Right down the middle. How could he miss?


You too Nell’!! Bullpen just imploded on us dam’mit!!!!

It’s not over yet. We still have the bottom of the 8th and bottom of the 9th. We beat them earlier in the season with a walk off.


Got to hold’em here!!!

Jhall ~ maybe their bullpen will implode too!!

Never should have taken out Kuo. Joe Torre cost us the game and the series.***** OFF JOE

Not many Bullpen options left now is there? McDonald & Maddux. That’s it.

Kuo should had stay in. No need to bring in Wade with 2 inning last night but bullpen management.

I’m think Kuo should’ve been PH in that inning if you going to take him out after 2 batters.

Kuo was dealing and he takes him out after one hit because of the dumb freaking match ups he loves to do all the damn time! KUO is even b etter against right handed batters. Joe really sccrewd up and it cost us everything.

I agree with you, Max. I wouldn’t have taken out Kuo yet. One lousy single to lead off the inning is nothing. If it were hit at someone, does Torre lift him? Of course not. However, I still like Wade in there. He and Brox just didn’t get it done.


I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

2 innings to go.
2 inning to score some runs and I don’t hear no fat lady singing.

Fox is SOOOOO tacky playing the Rocky theme at the break there. Give me a break!


They better comeback.

Please do not give a save chance to Lidge I beg you

Good start.

We can still win this.
Lets go Blue!!!

It’s over.


Did they said last time Broxton gave up a homerun at home it was 2 years ago to Cameron? Damn that could be it.

Are you kidding? Yeah, bring that meat in early!!

DP no help!

We Believe!!!!!

DP hurt bad!

no jj – the dp didn’t help 😦 Let’s go Dodgers – you can do this. Manny and Russell ~ it’s your turn guys!!!!

This guy is so due to blow a save……….

Forget about Lidge’s save record. He’s human. Just go out, and put the ball in play.


Other than bringing in Broxton, I don’t feel it was Torre making mistakes with the bully.
The bully didn’t execute.
Wade has been great all year. The “Pocket Knife” just made the play. Taking out Kuo even though he was throwing well was I feel a good move. It just didn’t work out. Tip you cap to the “Pocket Knife”.
I hate having Broxton come in early or when the game is tied. He is often wild and over throws. He doesn’t use his slider and tries to overpower. Then he gets behind in the count and just grooves the fast ball.
He will be better when he one day realizes he should use his other pitches to compliment his fastball.

Please Martin tied this game.


I guess Wifey won’t be splitting her head open jumping in excitement from a HR by Dre tonight. :)!!
But maybe Russ can do something. I better get going and tape a pillow to our chandelier!

Gosh that dp hurt.

This game is far from over Max! We still have the rest of the 8th & 9th. Keep the faith!!!



Now there’s a break that we have to take advantage of.

Wow strikeout wild pitch. That’s DP looking bad now.

Comw on Loney

Doesn’t this team just drive you crazy?

Nice AB so far……….

Damn 15 god damn pitchers


oops pitches

JJ ~ I’ve got a better word, but can’t use it here!!!

Well at least it postseason experience.
Just got to keep hoping, anything can happen.

Way to go Joe.

The last time Lidge went more than 1 inning was Sept 19, 2007. He gave up 2 runs on 2 hits, one a HR.

We can do this ladies & gentleman. Send out the positive vibes.
This is one of those last at bat games. You can feel it!

McCarver shut up about that 40 yrs old Stairs.

Martin and Ethier with terrible at bats last inning. just terrible. Sorry but it’s true.

Kent and Nomar are waiting to hit…….

Yeah those were terrible AT bats by RUss and Dre. Especially Andre. That was a killer at bat.

I don’t get this. Kuo dominates for 1 innings then gives up a base hit and gets taken out. Broxton gives up a two run home run then a lead off double and he’s still in there? Doesn’t make sense.

Come on Dodgers!!!!!!!!!

This fight isnt over keep on punching GO!!!!! DODGERS!!!!!!

Phillies are 84-0 when leading after the 8th this year.

Out by a mile!

Did they steal a sign there?

Totally Max. Torre blew this game for us. I am so pissed right now I am just censoring myself the best I can and trying to stay positive.

They’re bucking the odds, Max……….

Last chance, boys!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

LOL!! Kind of seems like it, doesn’t it?

I hope it’s 84-1 after tonight max! They are past due to blow!

Here we go vs Brad Lidge


Eck in 88 WE CAN DO THIS GO!!!! DODGERS!!!!!!

I knew the way Joe Torre had managed so far in the playoffs was too good to be true. He was doing everything right until today. Regular Season Joe showed up and it cost us the game and the series.

Torre’s been over-managing the staff all year. But now it’s time to win this GAME!!!!!


Yeah right it was already game over

Nomar-Blake-Kent…I’m sure the best closer in all of baseball is shaking in his boots at that 1-2-3 punch.

Torre was out managed tonight. Should have stuck with Kuo. He only allowed one hit and Joe yanked him.


Total Freaking Bummer!!! Dam’n!!!!!!!!

WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come one seriously. You had to know something bad was going to happen tonight. Something bad always happens when Joe puts Pierre in the lineup. That means he’s thinking and when Joe thinks we lose.

We play for a trip to Philly Wednesday night. Good night, all.GO DODGERS!!!!!

Oh Well – this still isn’t over, win Wednesday head to Philly and try to get it back – anything can happen, right?

we hit a lotta attem line drives tonight.

Right you are Nelly!!!!!!

“….and when Joe thinks we lose.” Ain’t that the truth?

I think it was Moe talking to Curly when he said, “When you think, you weaken the nation!”

i said it b4 he made the move, why take out kuo when he absolutely mowed the phils down the previous inning?

wade and brox should of still done their job, but i would of preferred kuo stay in there.

russ needs to start calling more breaking balls away.

Wally – just trying to stay on the positive – no sense in becoming like those Cubs fans, right? LOL!!!

If we can take it back tp Philly it would be a good series.

I really thought we were going to win when we were ahead 5-3. Bummer.

We have to stay positive WE WILL DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! GO!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!!


Lights out Lidge!!!

Dodger crowd is sad. How can they not make more noise in that eighth? They cowered in their seats in prayer instead.

Stole one baby, and Hamels on Wednesday.

Right again Nell’!!! LOL!!!!

We are still one of four teams still in this thing. We could have easily been one of the 26 teams sitting at home. We have done “the what seemed to be” impossible already this season, so with this team, anything can still happen.

Players win games, Managers lose games and umpires ruin games. Joe Torre lost the game tonight. Kuo never should have been taken out. I understand Victorino hits better right handed but Kuo absolutely kills right handed batters. Joe F’d up tonight completely.

If we only took game 1 than I wouldn’t been nervous about this loss but it seem I’m nervous now.

hey “phan”,

the phillies have a sad sorry pathetic history, you got nothin’ to gloat about. philadelphia is a sad sack excuse for a sports town, when was the last time you guys got any sort of championships?

Billz is gonna shut you guys down tomorrow, believe it.

We’ve seen it all season. Torre will take out an effective pitcher just to get a matchup he likes. If you were in the Phillie dugout when Torre pulled Kuo, you had to be relieved.

We played on Wedneday aray.

Wally – boy the moon is shining so bright tonight it’s blinding once again.

It’s not impossible to win three straight. They’ve put together some nice winning streaks this year. The hurdle just got raised, so it’s going to be tough, especially in Philly if they take this next one.
Joe mismanaged the bullpen tonight. Plain & simple. Hind sight is always 20/20. Lowe could have gone another inning. He was in a nice groove after that 1-2-3 inning. Kershaw got screwed by a shrunk strike zone by the ump. I also still think if Kuo was left in, the outcome would have been better. I can’t fault Wade. He pitched two innings last night, and got them out of a jam. That curve to the pineapple just hung up there, and got smacked.

shut up Phan at least your pathetic fan have to complaing about Bowa stealing sign on the Philly main message board.

Kevin Kennedy and Eric Karros were just ripping Torre for taking Kuo out and Steve Lyons was on Fox Prime too.

Yeah Eric, Joe’s matchup fetish cost us the game. Using Kuo as a lefty only guy too is a waste. Kuo can dominate anyone he faces. He’s limiting Kuo’s effectiveness for the team.

Ward Dear ~ one of Obi’s thought bubbles from the Phillies dugout when Kuo was pulled would be great right now, wouldn’t it?

eric, i see what you mean about some of torre’s decisions, kuo should have pitched, i was real upset when he took him out.

he says he likes the “hot hand” well kuo was nuclear in the 8th, howard hit a ground ball, just keep letting kuo deal it.

but gotta give the phils credit too, victorino hit a real good pitch out, and stairs ball…well has it landed yet? plus wade and brox have been mostly solid for us, ugggggh, what a heartbreaker.

one game at a time. we got billz tomorrow, he will bounce back w/ a vengeance and kuroda after that and he’s been great against the phillies each time this year, see i already got ahead, one game at a time.

Torre go back to NY bring back Tracy or Kennedy

hey “phan”,

the phillies have a sad sorry pathetic history, you got nothin’ to gloat about. philadelphia is a sad sack excuse for a sports town, when was the last time you guys got any sort of championships?

Billz is gonna shut you guys down tomorrow, believe it.

Well, guess what bitter boy, I’m gloatin’! Watching Victorino and Stairs on the podium as I type.
And Billz can try whatever he wants tomorrow, but he’ll be the only one there. LOL!!

They also ripped him for taking out Lowe, and putting in the rookie.

Hey Phan!! Glad you could stop by again. Looks like your boys did well tonight. Thanks for hanging out with us again. Stay around a while, you might see some moonshine and we tend to have a great time on ITD late night too.


joe’s got us in the NLCS, he made a bad move tonight, but tracy never got us there, i liked tracy, but he never got us to the nlcs, joe’s got 4 playoff victories in 1 season, tracy had 1 in 5 seasons.

Thank you arayd 🙂

Hey phan STF up and go eat a cheesesteak or something! We don’t go on your blog, and raise up hate & discontent. Get a f**king life!!!

Joe has the confidence in Kuo to face guys like Utely and Howard but when Shane Victorino comes up he takes him out.

Victorino his .290 against left handed batters and .282 against right handed batters. Joe took out Kuo because of the .08 difference. That is a completely insignificant difference. You get the same Victorino regardless which way he bats. Kuo should haev never been taken out.

Kuo dominates both right handed and left handed batters.

I got no problem with you nelly. But your 10,000 loss nonsense is kind of petty when talking about a team that doesn’t care about all that. Do you think Jimmy Rollins cares about record setting losing teams in the 1930’s? I know I don’t. This team plays hard and plays with confidence. We’re energized here in Philly and we’re all along for the ride.

Torre go back to NY bring back Tracy or Kennedy
By on October 13, 2008 9:26 PM

Unbelievable that sl7180 has the balls to call for Tracy to replace Torre. Makes me wonder if he has watched any Dodger baseball since Tracy’s first year in LA.

Hey phan your crowding the plate guess whats coming next BACK-OFF!!!!!!!

Doesn’t matter I don’t think I ever seen Tracy mismanage a bullpen. Heck I don’t even think I’ve see Tracy with all this talent on this team this year than the past 5 yrs he manage.

i just heard joe on 790, he said he didn’t like the way Kuo looked warming up and when he couldn’t get howard out he decided to yank him. i don’t care how he looked warming up, he was a flat out lawnmower in the 7th.

i’m happy for how far weve got this year, but i still believe, one game at a time.

man i’m a nice guy but utley has such a punchable face, especially after that double up of martins liner in the 6th.

Hey phan STF up and go eat a cheesesteak or something!


mmm mmm good. Maybe I will!!

Jim Tracy got way more crap then he deserved. He was a good manager for us and that one bad season cost him his job and it wasn’t even his fault we were so horrible that year!

Joe Torre failed on a massive level tonight.

i’m a nice guy but utley has such a punchable face, especially after that double up of martins liner in the 6th.

ooooooo, nasty! No, you are not a nice guy. Chase is an LA homeboy, yo!

Look where Tracy’s at now Max.

Phan ~ I have absolutely no problems with you ethier. You are a phan who loves your team, and I admire that very much. However, you should be admiring them on your own blogs, not ours. However, feel free to stay because we can be most entertaining at times. Seriously, have a wonderful evening!!!

edwcarter – fabulous and thank you 🙂

did you watch the dodgers when tracy managed? no talent? green and sheffield had 4o+ hr seasons the same year, he had game over, lo duca was a solid catcher, he had teams that won 93 games, 92 games. he had karros, grudzilanek, beltre, dave roberts, sheff, green, great bullpen, in 03 tracy had the league’s best pitching staff and didn’t make the playoffs, so i don’t know what your idea of talent is, but tracy had it, and in 5 years he only got one playoff victory, if he was so great why couldn’t he use his genius to bring magic to pittsburgh? that’s no talent for you.

and as for mismanaging a bullpen, many people believe tracy burned gagne out in ’04.

nelly. Manny is scary good. I wouldn’t give him anything to hit for the rest of the series, however long that may be.

He’d look good in right field at CBP next season!

Torre go back to NY bring back Tracy or Kennedy
By on October 13, 2008 9:26 PM

Unbelievable that sl7180 has the balls to call for Tracy to replace Torre. Makes me wonder if he has watched any Dodger baseball since Tracy’s first year in LA.

By edwcarter on October 13, 2008 9:34 PM
I won’t be the only one. Torre manages in the NL suck vs manage in the AL. How many WS has he won with the Cardinals Mets and Braves? Anyone can win with the Yankees 200+ millions payroll. So watch it their you ******* ******* and why in the hell would you **** call em out bitchboy?

chase turned down the dodgers, he claims to have grown up a dodger fan, but turned them down outta high school? that’s no L.A. homeboy to me.

i’ll give you this though, he’s damn good player, and i hate him and i absolutely despise crybaby shane.

I always thought when Grady Little intentionally walked Jeff Conine to lead the bases to let Eric Stults pitch to Carlos Delgado last year I thought that was the worst in game move I had seen in my life. Well, tonight I have a new one. Joe taking out Kuo was bad.

nelly. Manny is scary good. I wouldn’t give him anything to hit for the rest of the series, however long that may be.

He’d look good in right field at CBP next season!

I mean left field. He would be a butcher in right.

Torre I think had over 90+ win in his first year Torre only had 85. If Torre was smart he would let Kuo finish it out since he really want him on the postseason record so bad.

I agree with Steve Lyons. I think Lowe could have gone at least one more inning. He looked to have settled into a groove and he’s gamer in those situations.

i’ll give you this though, he’s damn good player, and i hate him and i absolutely despise crybaby shane.

LOL!! Can’t blame you for that. Did you know that we got him from you in the Rule 5 draft?


you know so much, i mean you are at your computer studying all day long. you should get a job in pro baseball, maybe a consulting firm, heck maybe you can manage the Dodgers to a WS from your house, or just e-mail Tracy and get him back to LA, maybe he’ll win another playoff game in the next 5 years. who needs 4 playoff victories in one year when you can get one in 5, i like your style.

If Joe took out Kuo cuz he didn’t like the way he warmed up then why in the hell did he let him pitch to Howard?. That just Torre’s bull crap excuse. He just doesn’t want to admit he’s an idiot!

oops that should be Tracy not Torre. Yes he probably does.

yeah crybaby shane you mean, fairy was drafted outta UCLA. plus you got werth from us too, you ought to be thankin us.

The only reason he took him out is because the offday tomorrow but anyone should had known Kuo should had stay in. Wade pitch 2 innings last night and I knew he was going to give up the lead soon or later.

sl7180 give up on Tracy, if he were great he would have done a better job in Pittsburgh.

oh well, heartbreaker tonight guys. we’ll get off the mat tomorrow. one game at a time, we don’t gotta believe, we already know. Dodger’s take this back to philly, guaranteed. See ya’ in philly “phan”.

Aray, If Joe Torre was the manager of the same Pittburgh teams Tracy had do you think he would have done any better then Jim? I really freaking doubt he would have.

Let’s Torre manage in pittsburgh and see what happen . You can’t win with that teams over there and that another team curse.

my point was if Tracy was so great, he could of done more for Pittsburgh. Again, I like tracy, but the bottom line is he only got 1 playoff victory in 5 years, joe’s quadrupled that and got an NL West championship in 1 year. Could Tracy have gotten us this far this year? He had a great habit of getting edged out by the giants, d-backs and pdres, this year torre edged ’em out.

Girardi had the same team torre had last year, but didn’t manage to get his team in. sure the AL east was better, but Girardi couldn’t even make it interesting.

I’m not saying I’d rather have Tracy over Torre. I just think Tracy did a good job while he was here and managing in Pittsburgh was a lost cause. No one can manage the Pirates and be successful.

Forget Kuo for a second, why did he take Lowe out. 5 IP 74 pitches?

well whatever, if you guys like 1 playoff victory in 5 years i can’t say i respect your opinion, i’ll take the guy who got it done in year one and won a series against the NL’s best team.

did you watch the dodgers when tracy managed? no talent? green and sheffield had 4o+ hr seasons the same year, he had game over, lo duca was a solid catcher, he had teams that won 93 games, 92 games. he had karros, grudzilanek, beltre, dave roberts, sheff, green, great bullpen, in 03 tracy had the league’s best pitching staff and didn’t make the playoffs, so i don’t know what your idea of talent is, but tracy had it, and in 5 years he only got one playoff victory, if he was so great why couldn’t he use his genius to bring magic to pittsburgh? that’s no talent for you.

Green and Sheffield don’t count that team was way older than this. Lets Tracy manage a team with Kemp Ethier and Bills and see what happen. Torre **** up big time.

he said he took lowe out cause he was fighting it all night, and his emotions were getting too high, i didn’t like that move either, he was on a 4 inning streak.

i’m defending torre, but not for those 2 moves tonight, he messed up. but he messed up w/ good players, wade has been solid all year as well as brox (erratic at times), but kuo was electric in the 7th, he should of pitched the 8th, the whole 8th.

That was nuts too Jungar. Lowe finally got in a groove and was pitching well. He had at least 1 more inning left in him. Joe Torre just loves matchups so much he doesn’t know any other way.

When Joe was hired as our manager. My Yankee friends all told me that he can’t manage a bullpen. That if the game gets close and its down to the bullpens you’re team would be at a disadvantage because Joe can’t manage them. Look what happened tonight and throughout the season. A lot of bad bullpen decisions. Joe Torre’s trademark.


you know so much, i mean you are at your computer studying all day long. you should get a job in pro baseball, maybe a consulting firm, heck maybe you can manage the Dodgers to a WS from your house, or just e-mail Tracy and get him back to LA, maybe he’ll win another playoff game in the next 5 years. who needs 4 playoff victories in one year when you can get one in 5, i like your style.

By on October 13, 2008 9:50 PM
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I shouldn’t have to. If I did that Pierre and Jones probably would never played and if JP need to play he bat8th or maybe 9. Heck I would give Young 3 times the PH AB’s that Sweeney has this year.

sl7180, so ….what?!?!? you really make no sense sometimes.

Sorry Phan ~ I have been kicked off my computer 3 times in the last 10-15 minutes. Anyhow, I was a skeptic when Manny came to town, but so far so good. I thought if Torre had played the best all year long, we would have been a stronger team today, possibly even without Manny. However, Ned in his ultimate wisdom thought we needed Andruw Jones, which everyone knows was a huge mistake now. Well, with our outfield consisting of Andruw “can’t hit water if it fell out of a boat” Jones, and Juan “Mr. Noodle Arm” Pierre, Joe took 3/4 of the season to figure out maybe Kemp and Ethier aren’t so bad out there together. By then, we needed a bat, and they went after Manny. So, we have believed in our young core all along but Torre and Ned seemed to not have the same faith the fans did. However, all hindsight now, and we must move on, and seriously, may the best team win. I am a Dodger Fan living up in Giants country,and I am already in a good place. The Giants are sitting home watching the the team the hate most in post season play, and that is a sweet thing.

Jungar we don’t why Lowe was pulled.

I just love fans who know baseball better than the pro’s, you guys really missed your calling. I get ticked too, but c’mon, be real, Torre has got it done so far this year, in the first year, he’s not flawless, but he’s a good manager, he makes good calls, he hits and runs and squeezes, and he’s done a decent job with the bp all year. that’s why there the 2nd best bp. especially w/ kuo, saito, proctor and kuo all going down for spells this year.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Neither Lowe or Kuo were in real trouble when pulled. Then one guy is pulled for a 20 year old and the other for a guy who threw 33 pitches last night.

Arayad come on dude he hit and run tonight with the pitcher and a guy who has averaged 60 steals a year. were allowed to call it what it is. torre made mistakes. big ones.

arayd – LMAO!!! I have been trying to figure it out for months now – thanks 🙂

arayd – I am referring to your 10:13 post -sorry, my computer has been jacked up tonight.

However, Torre did make some huge management mistakes tonight in pulling pitchers who were pitching just fine.

like i said he’s not flawless, yeah i don’t like things he does, like letting a pitcher hit and then pulling him the next inning w/ no outs (which i’ve seen several times that drives me batty), yeah pulling lowe was bad, and especially kuo. yeah joe makes mistakes, quite a few in a 162 season, but he also get’s it done.
i like him, i’ll question moves, but i don’t want him gone for tracy, or grady or anybody. he’s gotten us real far this year. he learned a brand new team in 1 year and has had it doing well in the playoffs.

Philadelphia Phillies facts:

They have 10, 098 losses. They have 291 more losses than the next worst team (the Braves). The Braves have been playing for 7 more seasons. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

They have one (1) World Series championship in 125 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have one (1) World Series championship in 15 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Kansas City Royals have one (1) World Series championship in 39 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels of Anaheim have one (1) World Series championship in 47 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Florida Marlins have two (2) World Series championships in 15 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Toronto Blue Jays have two (2) World Series championships in 21 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The New York Mets have two (2) World Series championships in 47 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Cleveland Indians have two (2) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Chicago Cubs have two (2) World Series championships in 132 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Chicago White Sox have three (3) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Baltimore Orioles have three (3) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators franchise have three (3) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Atlanta Braves have three (3) World Series championships in 132 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Detroit Tigers have four (4) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Cincinnati Reds have five (5) World Series championships in 126 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have five (5) World Series championships in 126 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The San Francisco/New York Giants have five (5) World Series championships in 125 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Los Angeles/Brooklyn Dodgers have six (6) World Series championships in 124 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Boston Red Sox have seven (7) World Series championships in 124 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland A’s have nine (9) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The St Louis Cardinals have ten (10) World Series championships in 126 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

The New York Yankees have twenty six (26) World Series championships in 107 years. It must suck to be a Phillie fan.

So, that’s twenty-two MLB franchises who have a better success rate than the Philadelphia Phillies.

Question: Who’s left?

Answer: The teams that haven’t won even one yet. Who are they?

The Colorado Rockies.
The Houston Astros.
The Milwaukee Brewers.
The San Diego Padres.
The Seattle Mariners.
The Tampa Bay Rays.
The Washington Senators/Texas Rangers franchise.
The Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals franchise.

But wait a minute. Are they worse than the Philadelphia Phillies?

The Rays have only been a team for 10 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Rockies have only been a team for 15 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Mariners have only been a team for 31 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Brewers have only been a team for 39 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Padres have only been a team for 39 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Nationals have only been a team for 41 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Astros have only been a team for 46 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

The Rangers have only been a team for 47 years. That’s not worse than 1 in 125.

I claim that the Philadelphia Phillies are the worst team in Major League Baseball History. Therefore their fan (1) cannot possibly have anything to say about winning. They have absolutely no clue as to what it feels like.

It must SUCK to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan.

nelly – he’s got a good heart, just a bad keyboard maybe?

Preach on it Eric! Can i get an Amen? AMEN!

BTW – went to the game last night, field level, Section 7, row U, for free! Best night ever!

Ward Dear – you do love making speeches. You are fabulous dear…..

AMEN!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No problem Nelly! I’ve got your back….sl7810 is a dueche and feels like he needs to prove himself I guess….

Anyway guys, always nice to talk to fellow dodger fans. For the record, Torre shoulda left in kuo, but if he did, maybe the phillies get it done anyway and we’re mad for him not bringin in wade before Victorino bombed Kuo. But i think Kuo woulda got it done, and would of like to see it happen that way. Good Night. Go Blue on Wednesday!

One last thing, “things/karma” has been going the phils way this series, Myers freakish offensive production in game 2, Manny’s near miss in game 1, Loney’s near miss in game 2 and tonight.

That’s all gonna turn. We’ll start getting the bounces, the ball will carry 5 inches up or over for us now. Plus how many line drives we’re ripped right at a phillie tonight? I counted 3, Dewitt in the first, Martin in the 6th and Kent in the 9th, all big AB’s the first 2 w/ the bases juiced. We’ll get the bounces now, we’ll get the seeing eye grounders and liners. One game at a time.

Boy, worse than the Padres. Worse than the Giants. Worse than EVERY INCARNATION OF THE WASHINGTON SENATORS!!!!!!


classic joe over-managing the bullpen today.. i was in disbelief that he would let kuo bat for himself only to pull him after one basehit.. i was in EVEN MORE disbelief that he would put cory wade in the game after he pitched 2 innings YESTERDAY.. you can ask amy, i said, i have my fingers crossed because i feel really bad about using wade today.. and matt stairs.. all he does is crush fastballs.. he’s a professional hitter.. he was bound to catch up to one of broxton’s..

we had SO many chances to break the game wide open.. some bad breaks.. and some really bad at bats.. all in all, a very frustrating game 😦

With how streaky this team has been all season, it’s totally within their MO to come back and win three in a row. It can happen.

Plus Martin, Kemp and Ethier will all step it up offensively. Good Night, for real.

and i’m sure it’s been mentioned (i haven’t backtracked on all the posts) that i have no idea why he pulled lowe so early.. lowe had JUST started to pitch well and definitely could have gone another inning.. or at least until a sign of some trouble.. sigh 😦

Sara, that must have been so deflating to be at the game when they gave up the lead.

Good Night arayd!!!!

sara – it’s good to see you. How was Amy tonight? I hope you don’t get sick too.

Ward Dear ….. just too funny…. keep it coming !!!

Don’t forget Loney’s shot that hit the wall a foot from the top. Again, if ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas, BUT IF ………… aw, ferget it. We can do this to death. The bully is paid to perform and they didn’t get it done tonight. Torre stinks, but the bully didn’t perform. We didn’t get the breaks on the line drives, but we got a big one on Ferc’s wiff and didn’t capitalize. The Phils send up a 40-year-old washed up PH and he knocks one to Pasadena.

Thems the breaks. You gotta live with them. Wednesday, Billz has to step up. If he can beat Hamels, we can take both games in Philly.

when victorino hit the homer, you could feel all energy drained.. it was over.. even if stairs didn’t hit the other homer, it didn’t feel like it was our game to win.. just too many blown chances.. we had so many offensive opportunities that we couldn’t capitalize on.. sadness

Sara, they were questioning why he took Lowe and Kuo out on the postgame reports.

bluecrewgirl – nothing can be further from the truth on that statement. Anything is possible and nothing is impossible with this Dodger team.

I agree, DNelly. We’ve been all about streaks this year, so why not?

Like Eric said, if we can win against Hamel on Wednesday, we can take it to them in Philly. One game at a time….

hey dnelly, amy was fine. she was still sick but definitely improved on yesterday.. i am starting to get sick too.. i’ve been hovering in that almost sick mode for a week or so.. where your nose and throat are messed up.. and i haven’t fully gotten sick yet.. but it feels like it’s heading there really soon..

Now’s the time for this team to change its pattern of the season. It’s gutcheck time. We took 3 straight from the Cubs. Now we’ve lost 3 of 4. We lost 8 straight and turned right around and WON 8 straight! Dammit, there’s NO reason we can’t turn it around.

Did we surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

We faced and passed the challenge with the D-Backs when our backs were against the wall. We can do it again.

bluecrewgirl, dnelly, eric.. you guys are right.. one game at a time.. it’s not over, yet.. i’m interested to see how wednesday turns out.. i feel like in these kinds of games, following the way they lost today.. you either come out completely flat and have no shot.. or you come out pumped, and make it a series.. i want to see how our boys respond.. it will go a long way in showing our character~

sl7180, so ….what?!?!? you really make no sense sometimes.

By on October 13, 2008 10:13 PM

I’ll make this plan and simple Torre **** up and also who said anything about Sheffield and Green. Let’s Tracy manage this team and Torre manage Pirates and see what happen.


I just love fans who know baseball better than the pro’s, you guys really missed your calling. I get ticked too, but c’mon, be real, Torre has got it done so far this year, in the first year, he’s not flawless, but he’s a good manager, he makes good calls, he hits and runs and squeezes, and he’s done a decent job with the bp all year. that’s why there the 2nd best bp. especially w/ kuo, saito, proctor and kuo all going down for spells this year.

By on October 13, 2008 10:17 PM

Apparently you don’t know you **** either. Sorry yes he did but he should let Lowe pitches one more inning and let Kuo finished it off. This game was important I would’ve left Kuo pitches 2 innings and Beimel should’ve been in over Kewrshaw.

Ward Dear…… sigh, sigh, sigh and sigh again….. this is very, very difficult you know…. sigh,sigh,…. and I am counting to 1,000 if that makes it any better – NOT!!!!!


Dodger4life – you are wonderful!!! Nice job on Andre’s blog too. Keep it up!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

THANKS I LOVE OUR DODGERS GO!!!!!!!! DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!1GO!!!!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!!!2…..

Maybe I missed something before, but I didn’t know that Michael played other positions. Does he like to move around, or would he rather stick to the mound?

I’ll second that!










He can hit the ball too at this point so on days he won’t pitch, he will play other positions, probably outfield. He can play pretty good first base, but there are many who already play that position. However, he is a lefty. Also, he is a pretty good outfielder as well, he is no JP, if you know what I mean. He definitely has an Andre/Matt arm. He has gotten runners out at first from right field before. So, since it is fall ball and nothing really counts the coach is trying him at many different positions.

No problem Nelly! I’ve got your back….sl7810 is a dueche and feels like he needs to prove himself I guess….

By edwcarter on October 13, 2008 10:35 PM
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Maybe you need to look at yourself in the mirror first and see who the real dueche? Why are you started **** with neyiuy ouiece if ****? This had nothing to do with her and so wtf are you in this? I don’t have to prove my point and I know Tracy would let Lowe and Kuo stay in so go jump off a cliff or meet me at Dodgers Stadium

Just got home from the stadium after an incredible, emotional, heartbreaking loss. But I’m not as bummed as I thought I’d be…for a few reasons. First off, I think the series will go back to Philadelphia, and ANYTHING can happen there. The pressure will be squarely on the Phils if the Dodgers beat Hammels and send it back east.

But more to the point, I NEVER believed this team could make it to the Final Four, not because they lack talent, but because I felt they were still a year or two away. I’m ecstatic that the Dodgers have arrived this early!!! This is not an aging team with a closing window…on the contrary, it’s a team with a brilliant future. Wade, DeWitt, Kershaw, McDonald…these guys were AA players six months ago. MartinLoneyKempEthier, Billingsley, Broxton are getting invalubale pressure amd cerebral experience.

The playoff roster is what it is…flawed, but scrappy. Chan Ho, Kent, Nomar, Pierre, Maddox…they do what they can. And this team may yet still make it the World Series. It’s not an unreasonable assumption. But given everything I’ve seeen and heard this 2008 season, the Dodgers MUST SIGN MANNY. Sorry, but he’s the reason for the Dodgers’ early-than-expected arrival in the NLCS, and his mere presence makes them instant winners. His double off the “unhittable” Lidge was a snapshot of his greatness and his leadership and his will to win.

sigh, sigh and sigh some more. nsblues ~ where is that ignore button when you need it? LOL!!!!!

You haven’t been here all day why do you want to call me out on something like that for? I think Tracy would did much better tonight than what Torre mismanger that bullpen tonight.

Right on you guys and gals are wonderful also its a pleasure to read your thouhgts on the game GO!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!

Okay let’s cool it with the bring Tracy back comments. I liked Tracy but he didn’t play younger guys at the time and there was much complaining about that at the time. So it’s not like he would be any different than Joe in that aspect of the game.
I fully agree with what arayd said at 10:23 (Sorry I can’t figure out how to cut & paste with an apple just yet!). Joe may not make all the correct moves all the time but we can’t slam him for every move that he makes that doesn’t work out.
Everybody was ticked because he started Pierre. Well Pierre had a good game.
Many wanted Casey to sit as he didn’t hit Blanton well. Well Casey had a good game.
Torre has called for hit & runs all season and many double steals all year that have worked out as well.
As I’ve said before this is baseball and not all the moves you make will work out & anytime someone is in charge they have to make decisions and they don’t always work out.
I think all in all Torre has done a pretty good job with this team.
Listen to what the players say and they all seem to be “drinking his cool aid” so to speak.
People keep saying he had a $200 million payroll in NY and that is the only reason he won as it was a “bought” team. This just isn’t the truth. They were a young team when he started with them and they had been a bad team for a number of years.
Does he make all the moves I would make? No but he isn’t a fool and he wants to win and he has done a good job. We are one series (That still isn’t over by any means) from the freakin World Series!!

Kahli – I didn’t know you were going. Great post!!!!! How is your school year going?

Wait a second? Where was McDonald in all of this? It make you think if Torre could trust him in the 8th innings and I wouldn’t mind used him and how about some of you guys?

Ward Dear…. Is Matt excited about all of this?

Glad to see the optimism in here. It’s infectious 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I’m bummed out, but we still have a chance, and that’s more than all the other NL teams not involved in this series have.

Well, I think I’ve made all the baby angels cry enough with my cursing over the course of the night, and I have school early tomorrow.

(Maybe we should’ve hit Victorino in the ribs today, since he so politely bitc… uh, I mean asked)

Speaking of that where is all the steals in those 2 playoff series and how come we not steal now? How many stolen bases we have in this playoff? Why did Pierre even start in the first place?

Basically I feel that many times this season Torre made the correct decisions with the bully and now that his decisions didn’t work then he gets slammed.
They have the 2nd best bully in the league. So he must of been doing something correct!

Sorry dcollins3073, I agree and like Torre but I probably missed something about him mismanage the bullpen like that before. Maybe we should’ve had Proctor over Park. i wonder if they would had change something .

I’m very optimistic NSB. Like Nelly said we win 1 more and you never know what can happen. Baseball is a very funny game & just when you think you know, you don’t!!!
This was a bummer to loose this game but this team didn’t make the plays they needed to so they could win and the other team did.
This was a missed opportunity but not an ending and no one should feel that way:)!

All we have to do is win the next game.

How do you complain about having the 2nd best bullpen in the NL and still think mismanage the bullpen?

Andre has a new post, and he is blaming himself for not taking advantage of his at-bats 😦

I just posted on it DNelly. I think he needs some pumping up. He did some really good things in the game too.

I was feeling good Lowe ve Moyer in game 7 if that would had happen.

Actually Proctor is having surgery tomorrow.
You mention Park. Well that is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.
It Torre’s fault that Park threw a wild pitch to allow a run to score. Or was it Martin’s? Or was it Park’s? Or was it the players fault that they didn’t execute? I say it was baseball and things happen.
Park came in and got the pop up with the runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs. Any love for Torre there? He made the correct call with that. But Park or Martin didn’t execute completely and a run scored.
This is a team and the team got them there, not just 1 player (Well other than Manny!).
We were all upset when Torre put in Nomar earlier this year in the game as a defensive replacement at first. This blog was blowing up about it. Who made the game saving play?
Yes Nomar.


DC, I’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree about Torre. You’re a lot more forgiving of him than I am. I think he makes moves just to make moves. As jungar said way up there somewhere, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I don’t think Lowe was broke. I don’t think Kuo was broke. I don’t think Kemp was broke. I didn’t think Loney was broke yesterday. He’s been cooling off hot hitters all year by benching them. He’s been pulling good, rested pitchers all year just to get a matchup that he likes.

I’m sorry, even if we get to the Series and win it, it will be in spite of Torre, not because of him. Good managing is not brain surgery, but it IS like good, basic First Aid: “First rule is: Do no harm”.


DNelly, how are you doing in your fantasy football after Sunday?

Collins, when Joe brought in Park i cringed! Park’s ERA is 9.00 with runners in scoring position this year. Park hasn’t been pitching as well as he did in the first half and he had started to let a lot of inherited runners score and as i said his numbers with RISP aren’t good.

I still can’t get over Kuo being taken out. I said earlier that Victorino is a better right handed batter but I was wrong. He’s actually a better batter left handed and has more power. Joe Torre put Cory Wade into a situation where we was more likely to fail and gave Victorino a better situation to succeed in and he did.

As for Lowe, I was kind of indifferent about it at the time it happened but I wasn’t aware he only had 74 pitches! I had no idea how many he had. I thought he got pulled because of a high pitch count. It was a gutsy performance by Lowe. This game may very well be Derek Lowe’s last start as a Dodger. He has been great for us. One of the best signings in this era. THe numbers he’s produces, the number of games he’s pitched in and he only got paid 10 million this year and less and less the years before. Paul Depodesta’s best move easily. Lowe had a great Dodger career and he’ll be missed but giving two more draft picks to Logan White (If he;s not another teams GM next year) is a nice consolation for losing Lowe.

I haven’t checked final scores yet bluecrewgirl. One I know I lost, but my other maybe not so bad because I have quite a few Chargers on that one. I will check and let you know. I was in last place, and have moved up to the middle in the last few weeks so I the Chargers and the Redskins had been doing well. The Redskins didn’t do so well, but I still managed to get some good points out of them. Westbrook being gone killed me in one league and now Chris Chambers isn’t a good thing ethier.

Hopefully Chambers won’t be out too long. Ankles sprains can be tough.

Eric, I bet you were glad about the Charger victory too. I’m really not tired, but if I don’t get to bed, I am going to be regretting it when the alarm goes off. Goodnight all. I think we need a break tomorrow after this game just like the team, but I have faith they will come back strong on Wednesday.

I won this week in the league I am in with manfromchina. I will be 4-2, and I should be 3rd/4th, when it’s all official.

Hey Eric I like this one but let’s put Gianta fan

The Florida Marlins have two (2) World Series championships in 15 years. It must suck to be a Giants fan.

Good night bluecrewgirl – great post on Andre’s blog. He is getting alot of support over there, which is good. Yes, his at-bat wasn’t great, but alot of other things went wrong before that. Not to mention at one point, he saved their *ss with that catch that I finally got to see.

E & Max- I know you guys don’t like the moves Torre has made. I hear you & I don’t like all of them either.
I just feel that sometimes he gets slammed for every move that doesn’t work out & he does make moves that have.
I was fine with Lowe leaving but I did want Kuo to stay in.
I remember last year down the stretch when Grady would bat the pitcher in a late inning situation with runners on and 2 outs only to pull him the next inning after allowing a runner to get on. I was at one of those which was a Giants win on a walk off HR & it stunk!!
I don’t like it when a manager does that.
But maybe Lowe was gassed. Maybe he said I’ve given you all I can. Maybe Honneycut also noticed something or that he sensed that Lowe was gassed.
Also with Park, I agree that his 2nd half wasn’t as good as his 1st half. But he is a member of the team & if you can’t use him then he shouldn’t be on the roster.
I just wonder if Torre left Kuo in and someone lit him up what people would be saying? I’m positive Torre would be getting ripped for leaving Kuo in for to long. That he hadn’t pitched that much in the last month. That his arm was sore & tired and why is Joe not relying on his other players.
It is the Grady Little/Dusty Baker situation. Little stuck with Pedro and was second guessed out of Boston and Baker pulled Ortiz and was second guessed.
I’m just saying you can 2nd guess him but realize that he isn’t stupid and isn’t a horrible manager and has done a decent job with this team.

Yeah Max it was very low and it was between 70 to 80 pitches.

Well I guess it’s time to turn in.
I just everybody keeps the faith and stays engaged because when all is said & done we are going to be happy fans!
Go ITD’ers!!
Go Blue!!!

Good Night dcollins!!!

dcollins ~ I know you are in bed, but that is so cool you told your story about your wife and the chandelier. That is great!!!!

Good Night Nells KEEP THE FAITH GO!!!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!

You too Dodger4life ~ GO DODGERS!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Its not over till its over Guys! Lets get them on Wednesday!


last nights game was a major disappointment,and I’m a bit relieved it wasn’t just me burning off the baby angels ears with my language. At least I did not break anything.
I don’t think you can lay this on Torre, the pen just did not get it done. That happens sometimes. What bothered me most were the missed chances to score. Some were well hit balls that just didn’t quite make it out of the park or went right at someone.
O well…beat ’em tomorrow!!!!

Good morning ITD gang!! Very frustrating and disappointing loss last night. Really needed that one. Still got a shot, albeit a very long shot with a crummy lie from the rough. Much better than the other 26 teams that are watching from home or 22 teams that didn’t even make it to the playoffs. All in all a pretty good year. Lot’s to be excited about our Dodgers. Hopefully we can send it back to Philly on Wednesday night. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Anything can happen. Also, I don’t see or feel the need to regress to blaming and name calling. Win with class and have some class when you lose.
Excelsior True Blue Believers and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!!
It’s not over until it’s over. There can potentially be three more games, and with this Dodger team anything is possible. Just believe!!!!!!!

A very good morning to you Wally!! And how is it out in Ohio this morning?

Bonjour Nelle’ and Merci!!!! Very pleasant day here in the midwest. Sunny and 62 with a high in the upper 70’s. Hope you have a great day and we won’t stop believing!!!

That’s good to hear jhall ~Well, it’s 45 degrees here right now (but only 7 am), and the high is supposed to be in the mid 70’s as well. It’s looking to be a very pleasant day here as well. Other than I managed to wake up late, and with teenagers in the house, I am screwed. So, I decided to make it a late arrival day and not stress about it. My school day doesn’t start until 8:40, but I like to get to work at 7 so I can do all my work in the morning so I can enjoy my afternoons and leave early if need be.


Good for you Nell’. Enjoy the moment. Time is fleeting. Much too precious to waste crabbing about things we cannot do anything about.

I don’t know what’s worse ~ dealing with our own idiots or dealing with idiots from other teams, but the idiot Philly’s fans (not phan52, the cool phan) are hanging out on Andre’s blog again talking smack. Have some class people!!!

Good morning ~ We’ve got our work cut out for us…..but, if the guys play it one game at a time, we can still do it! No matter what happens, this team has been very entertaining and have accomplished a lot this season. Dodger Fan Forever!

I guess the Philly’s Phan’s haven’t figured that out yet. They have too much time on their hands if they are even over on our blogs. They must know their team can’t stand them, so they have to come over to the team where the team knows their fans adore them, win or lose. Like Ward Dear said, they can’t even enjoy winning because it’s been so long since they did.

Good morning Trumom!!!! I agree totally.
LOL Nell’!!! I don’t see the sense in or need to barrage other teams blogs and fans with my unwanted and selfish opinions win or lose. Seems to me there are better ways to spend my time.

You got that right jhall!!!!!

….and we have enough issues with our joeyp and moons around here that need to figure out better ways to spend their time…. just like you said earlier.

I think the Philly Phans are cowards for not coming here to spew their venom……, they have to do it on Dre’s blog, where he’s too much of gentleman to let them have it!

I guess the Philly’s Phan’s haven’t figured that out yet. They have too much time on their hands if they are even over on our blogs. They must know their team can’t stand them, so they have to come over to the team where the team knows their fans adore them, win or lose. Like Ward Dear said, they can’t even enjoy winning because it’s been so long since they did.

Please, nelly. You act as though you guys are regulars in the postseason. When was the last time you were in the WS? 1988? Even the Phillies have been there more recently.

Nothing wrong with a little friendly give and take, IMO. Philly phans are very passionate about their teams and can be overly critical, but after reading these blogs it looks like Dodgers fans fall from the same tree. It’s what phans (or even fans) do. But the players understand and, believe me, they love the phans and the HFA in Citizens Bank Park
BTW, tell dodgereric that it’s GREAT to be a Phillies Phan!

LOL Trumom!! There’s nothing common about common sense. HaHa!!!

I think the Philly Phans are cowards for not coming here to spew their venom……..

I find the venom here for a solid player like Victorino to be startling. How’d he look in Dodger Blue?
Oh, I forgot. He used to wear Dodger Blue.

Yeah, phan. Once every 125 years………:-)

Yeah, phan. Once every 125 years………:-)

Yeah, like we all care about record setting losers in the 30’s and 40’s. I don’t know why you do. LOL!!
Stuff like that is just you swallowing a very bitter pill. Petty.
BTW, We’re doing a wave in our office right now. Beachballs at lunchtime!!

Phan52 ~ I do appreciate you coming here and giving us your opinion. That is what we do here………..I know you are passionate about your team as we are about ours. You have been the only one who has come here and I do respect that. I think we can have an honest discussion about your Phillies and my Dodgers. Andre’s blog is more of a personal journal about what his experience has been like being in the championships………not a forum for Phans to give a shot of contempt.

Here’s a couple of answers for the Torre defenders:

Lowe as to whether he was tired: “I just had my easiest inning yet, which is what I needed,” he says. “I felt fine.”

Martin as to whether he was consulted: “No, that’s the manager’s decision.”

A genius.,0,691048,full.column

Dodgereric ~ great article. The magician strikes again!!

The key to this series is Wednesday’s game. If Billz can outpitch Hamels, we will go to the World Serires.
Think about it. Friday it’ll be Kuroda against that doofus Brett Myers. You know we’ll win that one. And then Saturday we’ll get Lowe on full rest against who? Moyer? Blanton? You gotta love that matchup!
CALLING ALL FANS GOING TO WEDNESDAY’S GAME!! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Look, this is going to sound a little delusional and also self-serving, but I’m going to say it anyway. For a good portion of the game last night, the crowd was not rockin’ it. At the beginning of the home half of the 5th I decided to do something about that. I went down to the bottom of my section (Reserve 15) and rallied the fans to get on their feet and get loud. My section came alive and got to their collective feet. The whole stadium followed. We scored 2 runs that inning to take the lead.
Now I didn’t walk to lead off the inning. I didn’t follow that with a single. I didn’t drive in a run on another single. I didn’t chop one into the ground to allow a guy to score from third. But I did play a role as a Tenth Man.
Each of you fans can do the same. If you’re yelling, screaming, chanting, towel-waving with all your might, then you are contributing in some small part. If you’re not, JUST DO IT!! THE TEAM NEEDS YOU!!

Sorry TruBlue, but I don’t control what others do. It would serve you well to ignore those posts as opposed to engaging them.
As far as the NLCS goes, I think we stole one last night. Joe Torre played right into our hands by, first pulling Lowe early, and then wasting his leftys with a lead. I don’t know what he saw with Kuo, but I was relieved to see him pulled at that point.
Having Hamels ready to go on full rest in Dodger Stadium is huge. His one flaw is giving up homers, as he likes to challenge hitters on occasion, but that is less of a worry in Dodger Stadium. As long as he doesn’t challenge Manny. That guy is sick!

lny4loney ~ BRAVO!!!

mlk/lny4loney ~ you are awesome!!!!!!!!

Dodgereric/Ward Dear… fabulous article!!!!

Phan52 = good morning to you too!!!!

Phan52 ~ I agree that Torre blew it for us last night, as many nights before! Believe me, we have been complaining about his managerial prowess throughout the season! I’m sure, you know the feeling of having a game in hand, and then, some idiotic move changes the outcome.

Phan52 ~ like I said yesterday, and I believe jhall said this morning, there are 26 other teams sitting at home, and I, a Dodger fan living in Giant country, am just glad I am a Dodger fan and can actually enjoy watching them play in October. If I could be a Dodger Stadium I would, but a family and job does call, and the time it takes me to plan a day off in my job takes about as much time as me being gone (I teach 1st grade). Like I said, I admire your passion for your team, and someday soon my class will get to have fun reading about your team, and if they happen to win the World Series, then it will be something they will remember. I teach baseball and it’s teams in this classroom, and it’s been a ride every since. As a matter of fact, they are exploring a great American League team right now, the Cleveland Indians. So, as much as I am a true Dodger blue fan and always will be, I am a baseball fan as well, and there are players I like to watch from all teams. It makes fantasy baseball that much more enjoyable IMO. Well, I have to start my day, but have a wonderful day, and like I said, may the best team win – hopefully the Dodgers 🙂

Yeah, in Philly we have a problem with a coach changing the outcome, but that would be our football coach.
While Charlie Manuel comes off as a rube sometimes, he apears to really have a handle on players and how to use them. For example, he knows that Hamels has pitched a lot of innings this year and that he would be better served with full rest. He’ll be at the top of his game tomorrow in a potential closeout game now. A lot of phans thought that he should have sat Burrell after his awful September but Charlie stuck with him. And why would he play a table setter like Victorino in the 6-spot instead of at 2?
I’m just goin’ with the flow.

Sorry Phan ~ have to talk again – I just happen to be a Redskins fan, but I am a fantasy team player too, and can you please tell Westbrook to heal fast. He is killing me… He was doing so very well for me, and then those damn Steelers had to hurt him (My son is a Steelers fan). Anyhow ~ some serious teams in that division – Wow!!! do we have our work cut out for us. BTW – thanks for sending TO packing to Dallas – the Eagles are much more enjoyable to watch.

You know, there’s a guy in my office who I’ve known for almost 9 years. I’ve always made it known who I root for. There’s Dodger stuff all over my cubicle. This morning he walks in with this big ‘ol smile and says, “How about those Phillies?” I said, “What about ’em?” He says, “I’m a big fan! Whoo hoo!” I said, “Congratulations. For how long?” He says, “All my life.”

I have a couple of die-hard Angel fans around me as well. They both walked up to me and asked if I’ve ever heard him mention the Phillies. I say, “No”. They say, “Us either.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I think it’s wonderful that you root for whoever you wish and that no one should ever tell you different. Even Giant fans.

Phan, I’m happy for you. Lord knows that you’ve been waiting for a long time to be happy about your team. One thing that I never, ever do is rub it in when we win. And yes, I’m old enough to remember 5 World Series Championships. For you to be coming onto this site and say the things that you do is classless. All I’m doing is defending myself and my fellow Dodger fans. If you never had dirtied our halls with your presence, I wouldn’t have bothered looking up all those statistics that prove that you must be the most miserable fan on the planet due to your team’s horrid ineptitude. You are the one who has walked into our home and is giving us crap. You are the petty one. You come on here and talk about leaving early and beach balls and you call me petty. That’s funny. You are the pathetic individual who seemingly has nothing better to do with your life than make fun of others when they are down. What a sad existence it must be for you to need to obtain joy in this manner. I must retract what I said earlier. I’m not happy for you anymore. I’m sad for you. Me, I have a wonderful wife who loves me and 2 wonderful children who want to be around me and a good job and more friends who would take a bullet for me than I could possibly count. Life is GREAT! My baseball team is down 3 to 1. Too bad, but hardly a tragedy in my life. I know this is Life’s Candy Store. You, on the other hand, are a sorry, petty, pathetic child who needs to belittle others when they’re down.

I am truly sad for you. 😦

I for one, won’t be giving you any more of my time. Say what you will here, it’s a free country. I just won’t be responding because I know where it’s coming from. I can only be hurt by people that I respect. Goodbye.

Ward Dear…… you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Wow, dodgereric. That ws one of the more bitter, petty, pathetic ramblings I have ever read. I feel sorry for you, truly. A little ribbing is hardly belittling. You are a bad loser. I can’t imagine how insufferable you would be if you were winning.
But don’t be sad for me. I don’t take this half as seriously as you do. If my team wins or loses, I have a wonderful family and a good life that will continue tomorrow, no matter what.
dodgereric has a case of Dodger Blues. literally!

Get over it, dude.

nelly, the Eagles now have a bye and they will get healthy, including Westbrook. We really need him, but the big loss is our all-pro guard, Shawn Andrews. He has a mysterious back ailment that has kept him off the field. If he had been in there for the Bears and Redskins games, we wouldn’t have been stopped on those goal line stands. It is the difference between 3-3 and 5-1. They can’t figure out what is wrong.
Have a great day. Gotta go.

Thanks June Darlin’! How is your day going?

dodgereric ~ What a way to start a day!!!!!! Bet you got your juices flowing!

Hello ITD!
Well, I was very disapointed and depressed when I left the stadium. We let that one get away. Our pen let us down but also we missed good oportunities to score. We were very loud in the Top Deck and supported them until the last out.
I took a 1/2 vacation yesterday and drove in to work. It took me 45 minutes just to get to an entrance on the freeway as they closed a couple of them here in Chatsworth but still I was at the stadium at 3:p.m. which as you have heard me say before is usual for me as I always like geting to the stadium early. At the time an with it being a playoff game, a lot of the parking on the street on Stadium way was taken. I had my car close to the park outside. It was about the same place I parked the day before with about the same arrival time so there were already a lot of people at the stadium.
I will be at the stadium bright and early tomorrow. Hopefully the fires will have subsided. I took the Metrolink this morning and the trains are only going to/from LA to/from Chatsworth but tomorrow I will drive again.
Ran into Josh. He was going downstairs with Frank McCourt. Love Vin Scully when he said “The stadium never looked so pretty” We Love you VIn!!
Let’s hope for the good Chad that we know and love tomorrow.
Let’s go Dodgers! Let’s go!
Hang in there Eric! You know we love to hear from you. Do I see a letter in the works to the Times? :-).

LOL, crz! Most likely! Although I’ve found that when I’m too angry they don’t print them. I think I’ll cool down first!

I find other teams fans that feel the need to frequent another teams blogs when they are winning or losing; petty and pathetic. Definately some deeper issues. Get help losers!!!!!

jhall, my friend it has been too long! I always find solace in your words, not to mention a hell of a great laugh most of the time! How are you and where the hell is enchanted?

Thanks Dad/Chevelle. You too. Doing well, how about you? Don’t know where the Beav has been. LOL!!!!!

I hope Eddie hasn’t gotten him into anything! LOL!!!

Likewise ChevelleDad!!!! LOL!!!!

To ALL Philly Phans…it takes FOUR games to win a series. Dodgers have led in all four games. ANYTHING can still happen.

I am still confident. I mean the Phillies aren’t that good. Either are we, but all said if we can win the next game the pressure, even though they will have two tries will be on them. And no more Hamels.

After not sleeping well my main conclusion is he should have never lifted Lowe. The rest, as poorly managed as it was was par for the course but lifting a pitcher who has given up 2 runs thru 5 with 74 pitches thrown is just a senile moment.

Hey kpookie, wouldn’t that be something? Fact is, if Billz can get us back to Philly, we can stuff any starter they have left. We’re scoring, but our staff has to step up and I mean right now.

jungar, did you read Lowe’s quote from Simer’s article today?

Where in the World is Enchanted?

Ward Dear… I am doing great!!! I didn’t realize even getting here at 7:40 vs. 7:00, I am still one of the first ones here so not much time was lost standing in line at the copy machine, which takes up some valuable prep time, especially when it doesn’t want to behave. Most of my class knew about the Dodger loss last night, which was good and bad. However, all talk was about Andre and his catch last night, which was all good.

jungar – glad to see you in good spirits.

Kahli ~ it does take four to win!!!!

Haven’t been keeping up on the posts of late, but have gotten the gist…

Anytime you score 5 runs in a playoff game, you should win. Unfortunately our pitching staff has picked a bad time to go south. Philly has some good hitters, but JoJo is obviously overmanaging the BP like he did the last month of the season. Word to Joe – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Lowe had plenty left in the tank. Park isn’t cut out for short relief, so why does Joe insist on using him that way? It’s just as it has been all year long – clueless Joe. That said, until the last out of a 4th loss, anything can happen. That’s why you still have to play the games.

Win or lose, this season’s been a winner for getting the kids some experience. Early in the year we all decided that getting to the playoffs would just be icing on the cake. Two months ago we were taking bets on how many games under .500 they’d finish. So hey, enjoy the icing. With this framework of youngsters to build on, they’ll be plenty more playoff appearances ahead, maybe even a championship or two.

As for the new Uranus’… the country, hell the world is in an economic upheaval, many people can’t pay their bills, there’s still young people giving their lives in the middle east, unemployment is up and recession/depression is in the air… baseball is just a game. A nice little diversion for a few hours to forget about the former, as is this blog. If you have to gloat over wins, like starting arguments, or put down others so that you feel better about yourselves, then I can see how this country has gotten into the condition its in.

Well, well, well ~ there’s Enchanted!!!!! With perfect timing as always and a fabulous post as well. Good to see you back!!!! Catch up later – recess is over -back to the first grade minds.

Amen brother Beav!!!!! Good to see you my friend. I just figure they get bored waiting for the short yellow bus!!!!

Eric..Yes. I did. But that’s not why I said it last night and today. Seriously if it was a random Monday night in June and Torre pulled him we would all wonder if Lowe was hurt or had a blister or whatever. In fact I doubt Torre would have yanked him. Torre over managed the whole game. On offense I have no complaints, I mean stuff happens. I do wish Martin would have just gotten a run over instead of being bullheaded and just “hit the ball hard, it’s all i can do” crap. I wish Ethier would have worked the count. But Torre managed scared. Hitting and running with your pitcher when the runner is PIERRE? That’s just scared. I also agree with all the other stuff BTW. Just think the big thing that set the bullpen collapse in motion was lifting Lowe.

Plaschke has a new “It’s not Joe’s fault” article. Apparantly it’s everyone’s fault EXCEPT Torre:,0,7380183.column

That creates the next letter to the Times:

Bill Plaschke’s really got me riding an elevator. One day I’m with him 100%, as in his Monday article regarding the knockdown issue. The next day he’s putting things in a Torre defense job that he’s not even reading himself!

“Lowe … was preemptively pulled by Torre even after throwing just 74 pitches and completing the first 1-2-3 inning of his night.”
“Yeah, I was surprised,” Lowe said. “I had just finished the inning I had been looking for, I was ready to go.”
Run over to another Times article this morning and Russell Martin is saying that no one asked him if Lowe was tiring.
Yet Plaschke says, “I don’t blame Joe”. Why not? “The bullpen cupboard is bare.”

Oh, so that’s why you pull a big-game veteran pitcher who was finally getting on track? Because you don’t have much to work with?

Torre over-manages and Game 4 was a classic example of it. In “trying to stop trouble before it started”, he started it. But no sportswriter in this town has the guts to say it. Sure, he’s a nice guy. But please stop making excuses for him and stop calling him a genius. He managed for 15 years before winning 4 World Series in 5 tries. This is the 8th year since he last won one.

Yes, the bullpen lost the game. But Torre went to it at least one inning too soon, probably two. Lowe used 15 pitches to 4 hitters in the 4th and 12 more to 3 hitters in the 5th. That kind of economy would put him right at 100 through 7 innings. Kuo’s dominating inning would have been in the 8th instead of the 6th and the Dodgers would have been going to the ninth with a 4-run lead and a full bullpen with Broxton and two lefties still there.

This one is Torre’s fault all the way. No excuses.

ERIC- new thread. Come over and help us!!

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