1. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
    Countdown to Dodger Post-Season Baseball ~ 9 hours and 22 minutes
    It’s about time Thursday came!!! nsblues – an Advent Dodger Calendar would be a fabulous idea!!!! I would purchase one too.
    dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl, nellyjune ~ Ethieraholic and wearing her Dodger Blue to school today.

  2. heartruss

    Good morning everyone. Good morning Dnelly. Today will be the first day of the sweep. Good luck to our wonderful Dodgers. I LOVE BASEBALL! I can’t wait until Sunday when they will be back with us and we can cheer them on to victory! More champagne. More celebrating. Go Dodgers!!

  3. arayd

    i’m slightly concerned about the bullpen w/ 3 inexperienced guys in there. mcdonald, kershaw and maddux aren’t experienced bp guys, a tad disconcerting to me. i hope they can get the job done.

  4. amyw27

    morning. I guess that Kuo is feeling playoff ready. I hope he doesn’t blow it :/ I get nervous. He can’t always feel his arm.
    But reguardless, Dodger baseball begins today and the press is starting to ‘get it’ and pick the Dodgers over the Phillies. How exciting a trip to the WS would be ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this Team!!!

  5. crzblue2

    Morning ITD writers & readers!!
    I am so excited!! and I just can’t hide it!!! like dcollins said, it is like Christmas eve! The same way I feel the day before Opening Day!

    Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s go D.Lowe!

  6. junkyardjamie

    Countdown to Dodger Post-Season Baseball ~ 7 hours and 7 minutes
    I hope you all are having a great day!! It’s been all Dodger Blue today. All blue markers, all blue questions, all blue crayons – It’s gearing up to be a very good Dodger Blue day, and will even be a better Dodger Blue night when the Dodgers win.

  7. obi_wen

    “Fjdkaljgfy diaghe eoiemvb dhai Manny Ramirez! Kltu mdara; qwlkd iop Boston Red Sox juay jgf bdo ah lo duay…. ” —Thought Bubble of Fox Sportcaster Tim McCarver

  8. colliethec

    I’m a little worried about the bully as well.
    Park wasn’t looking that great down the stretch as I think he was tired & he hasn’t pitched that much. Kuo hasn’t pitched in awhile either.
    While Broxton looked great the other night he still scares me. He tends to walk people and then never even throw over to the bag and they steal 2nd. Then he worries about them and doesn’t focus on the hitter and get frazzled and can’t throw strikes because everything is a fast ball.
    And as ARAYD mentioned Kershaw, McDonald, and Maddux aren’t used to the pen. 2 of them are rookies.
    We still have a good pen, but I’m still a little worried about the late innings.

  9. perumike

    Good morning everyone! I am donning my Dodger blue shirt and my Dodger hat! I am a little bummed because tonight I have class, so I will probably only see the first four innings. I would skip school if I didn’t have to review for a test next week. Oh well, I will be checking my cell phone for updates. I hope everyone has an Ethieriffic Dodger Day!

  10. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! dcollins – it’s too late for that!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously, has already eaten some blue crayon today already ๐Ÿ™‚ LMAO!!!!!
    True story (this shows you how my class even knows there’s not much point in saying anything)~ This morning, he and another boy were arguing over a new black crayon (each thought is was theirs). The little girl sitting in front of them says “It can’t be Matt’s, he would have eaten it, or if he hadn’t eaten it already, it would have had teeth marks, ” and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s true”, and I said she was probably was right. Even now, as they are working on a science paper, he is chewing on an orange crayon – discusting to say the least.. I say something when I can, but 5 minutes later, he is back at it again.
    Obi – great stuff!!!!!!!

  11. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon Mr. Piano Man!!!
    I am wearing my NL West Division Champs t-shirt, and I am wearing my Dodger earrings as well, plus my Dodger wrist bands. Since tomorrow’s game is during school, I am wearing my Ethier Jersey over my school color which is purple (We have purple Fridays to show school spirit). It’s great being a Dodger Fan this time of year.

  12. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    Itโ€™s a great day today! So glad that the Dodgers are playing today! My husband and I have bible study, but itโ€™s not until 7 PM. So Iโ€™ll get to see the first half or so of the game. BTW, Iโ€™m wearing my Dodger t-shirt today!!!

  13. trublu4ever

    I’m glad to see all of you are wearing your Dodger blue…….I’m wearing my Dodger pink today…….want to have every angle covered! I received my Dodger championship shirt yesterday and was planning on wearing it but, as usual, with MLB.com, they sent me the wrong size. They need to get there warehouse workers to where they can get an order right. I’m still going to wear the shirt, probably as a nightgown because it hangs down to my knees.

  14. colliethec

    Nelly-It sounds like he is a confused child. First a blue (Dodger) crayon then an orange (Giant) crayon!
    I’m thinking therapy is in order soon for this one!!!

  15. junkyardjamie

    dcollins ~ He picked the Phillies over the Dodgers to win. He needs therapy just for eating the crayons, period, regardless of color. Like I said, the mom knows about it, and doesn’t seem to have any issues with it. I have sent an e-mail to our school nurse, but haven’t heard back as far as physical issues that may come from this eating non-food items all the time.

  16. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    yay! we FINALLY play tonight! it’s been way too long since our last game.. i’ve been SO antsy.. i really hope our pitching holds it together in the hitters friendly ballpark in philly.. we need to come back to LA at least 1-1.. i feel really good about our team going in to this series.. they will keep us proud! GO BLUE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. thinkingblue

    Good Afternoon ITD…today we play game 1. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Can’t wait. Hopefully I’m back on time to watch the game.
    Last night I went to the NKOTB concert at the Staple Center…I am from that Generation. Of course they are from BOSTON…booo they had to talk about the BOSTON RED SOX and how they will win the WORLD series…it was a sold out show and everyone started boooooiiiiii…..it was LOUD….I mean LOUD! I couldn’t really hear what New Kids were saying cause our boooo was louder. Don’t mess with L.A. Then at the very end of the concert, the New Kids come out wearing Jerseys, but more to represent the Boston Celtics…so every one was cool, then Donnie (New Kids Member) busted out a MANNY JERSEY. The Jersey was in Celtic Colors, but it RODRIGUEZ and his number 99…the whole croud got LOUD AGAIN. Oh Man it was a wonderful feeling, I just got the chills. They all agree (NKOTB) that MANNY is a GREAT PLAYER!. GOOOOOO MANNNY!

  18. colliethec

    Nelly-SWEEET!! That means the Dodgers will win!! If his decision making is that crayons are food and the Phillies will win, well then… it’s in the stars!

  19. colliethec

    Step by step–ooh baby–gonna to get to girrrrl!!!
    Hopefully the Boys In Blue will be hanging tough!!
    I think some song writing might be starting up!
    Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. thinkingblue

    NELLY – that is a funny crayon story (KIDS). I think the Lil’ boy is just going through fustration since the Dodgers have not played since Saturday. He was THINKING BLUE….got the blue crayon. The Orange was probably peer pressure from local Giants fans…and the black..well he thought it was licorice. LOL!.
    TRU – live it up to MLB to mess up your shirt order. Well the good thing is you have a back up. Hopefully the resend you the right one soon.

  21. crzblue2

    Hello everyone!
    I am wearing my Dodger Booster club polo shirt. I can get away with wearing that at work ’cause is a polo shirt. I cannot wear D.Lowe’s blue t-shirt ’cause it does not work when he ptiches. Tomorrow I can wear t-shirt and jeans to work so I’ll wear a Dodger t-shirt and one of my jerseys. depends how hot it is here. Chatsworth can get preety hot.
    Got my Dodger watch, Dodger bracelet, Dodger baseball pendant, my Dodger pin “fanatico por vida”. Got my 100 year “take me out to the ballgame” pin that looks like a stamp and bought at the postoffice. got to go now.
    Go Dodgers!

  22. colliethec

    I never owned a NKOTB CD but they did have some fun & catchy tunes.
    Back in the day I did a step class at the gym with a friend of mine and they always played NKOTB. She was always getting me to go to this class with her. The music was pretty fun but I’m not quite the step class type of guy.
    I have been throwing some old hip hop stuff on my IPOD for working out to. Maybe I’ll down load some NKOTB to help me out running like a hamster on the treadmill!

  23. thinkingblue

    EMMA – at my house we all wear our dodgers Jersey and our dog will have his Dodger Scarf…we bring out all our Dodgers Bubble Heads and set them on the Fireplace mantel. We get drinks (beer for my husband, wine for me, and soda for the kids…maybe it is a school night). Then my brother, husband & cousins start texting each other but that is our Dodger ritual for the games. The kids love it, they have a chant that my husband sings with the kids before each game….lots of fun!
    DCOLLINS – I only have the cassette tapes & video tapes (but have not heard any of them in years….don’ own a tape player), I can not believe it’s been about 20 years of New Kids…WOW! I still feel young at heart but when numbers start showing up …..sshhssss

  24. thinkingblue

    THINK PASSION, THINK WIN, THINK DODGERS! And after you THINK it….SHOW IT! Even if we are loosing (don’t stay quiet like the Cubs Fan)….keep cheering with passion ALL THE WAY!….L.A. CAN GET LOUD! DODGERS FAN CAN GET LOUD! GOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOODGEEEEEERS!

  25. vl4ecc

    Good afternoon ITD gang! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Isn’t it a beautiful day for Dodger playoff baseball?
    Here’s hoping they come out of Philly with at least a split before heading home to the ravine. I like their chances!
    T – minus 3 hours till game time!
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  26. crzblue2

    some of my bbhs are on the top of a bookcase. If the Dodgers are not doing well, I move them to the nearest bathroom and light a candle all around them.
    I leave work at 3:30 today. Not sure if I will head to the Barney’s beanery in Pasadena or go home and watch the game there.

  27. northstateblues

    Almost time…

    Dnelly, I used to like to chew on the Crayola paper as a kid… for some reason, it tasted good. And Non-Toxic too! Never ate actual crayons or paste, though.

    got the Bud Light chilling. I only drink on gamedays recently. Not tomorrow, though, gotta work at 5.

  28. trublu4ever

    Nstateblues ~ I was kind of hooked on Play-Doh. The aroma made it seem more tasty than it really was. lol

  29. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Anybody seen a line-up yet. I’m sure will be the same as the last 3 games.
    GO DOGERS!!!!!!!! GO GO GO We need a first win in Philly to put the heat on.

  30. arayd

    I’ll be wearing my martin away jersey, love the blue, wear the blue, cheer for the blue. True Dodger Blue!

    I like Ethier in the 2 hole, he mashes in front of Manny. If Russ just hits line drives or takes walks we’ll be scoring plenty runs tonight. He has a huge responsibility tonight, hittin in the 4 hole is the lynchpin to the whole offense. If Casey and Dewitt produce consistently this series, and the BP comes through we will win no doubt.

  31. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Good line-up. Best place for Martin is fourth. We need to score some runs early and often tonight. Get ahead and stay ahead. They should all be rested and have their hitting clothes on.

  32. lny4loney

    I doubt the crayons will hurt the kid. On a related note, I tried Grape Nuts recently. They’re awful!! I’m not surprised that Ewell Gibbons died from eating a tree.
    1 hour and 52 minutes to game time!!
    I gotta admit Cole Hamels is a darn good pitcher. We’re going to have to manufacture some runs.
    Go Blue!!

  33. trublu4ever

    I’m really getting nervous as game time approaches. I can imagine how the players are feeling! I’m going to change into my Dodger blue shirt right before game time, put on my Dodger blue bracelet and my comfy Dodger PJ bottoms. I think we have the team covered in Dodger gear!!!

  34. vl4ecc

    lny4loney ~ Try warming the milk beforehand with Grape Nuts. It helps to soften those hard bits of barley before ingesting. I used to eat alot of that, but as I got older, I realize they now have the same effect on me as broccoli, so I don’t go there any longer. No more details than that. I don’t want to get too graphic with any further explanation.

  35. oldbrooklynfan

    As I said elsewhere, I can’t imagine the Dodgers winning in Philly but I couldn’t imagine them winning in Chicago either and they surprised me. I’m always feeling that they aren’t as good as the other team. So I have to say I’m doing alright, so far, because I’m glad I’m wrong.

  36. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Smart lineup inserting Manny between the two left handed bats. They will be harder for Philly’s bull pen to deal with using that order.

  37. vl4ecc

    Glad to know I’m not alone there Tru! LOL I’m a marked man being the only one left in my immediate family with a gall bladder, so I have to be more careful with the diet. I miss the days when I had a cast iron stomach when nothing bothered me at all.

  38. vl4ecc

    Has anyone checked out the ESPN online poll on which team will win the WS? I’m amazed Tampa has such a huge lead with this being their first year in the post season. I’m thinking alot are comparing them to the Marlins in their first trip going all the way.

  39. trublu4ever

    JJ ~ I’m finding out the same thing. It’s hell getting old! I miss the good old days when eating mexican food, onions, and good old southern cooking were my diet staples. I still eat those things, only not as often. Thank goodness, chocolate is still at the top of my to-do list!

  40. junkyardjamie

    Countdown to Dodger Post-Season Baseball ~ 1 hour and 10 minutes – Wow!!!
    nsblues/lny4loney – Thanks for the crayon advice, and trublue, he eats playdough too – LOL!!! I figure as long as it doesn’t make him sick in my class, he can eat all the crayons, paper, glue sticks, erasers and play dough he can stomach – lol!!!
    Okay – leaving school, and I will catch up to you when I get home – bye!!!

  41. vl4ecc

    Tru ~ As long as it’s green, it’s good on the mexican food for me. I can still eat Jalapenos, and Chiles, but certain onions kill me. Go figure. I used to think cajun food was spicy, but after a couple of trips to Thailand I found it a VERY distant second. Thai food is great tasting at first, but downright lethal after you swallow it. You really get in touch with your vocal chords after eating.

  42. trublu4ever

    JJ ~ I heard that about Thai food, although I’ve never had it. I do love cajun food the best of any I’ve eaten. I’d gladly go back to Louisianna, just to eat! My son likes Korean food but, I’m not crazy about it. Heck, just give me a good steak with sauted mushrooms and I’m happy.

  43. vl4ecc

    The only thing I ever tried blackened before that was a snapper fish. I liked that alot, so I thought what the hell! I didn’t regret it. Talk about a taste bud explosion.
    OK, I need to stop now. I’m salivating on my keyboard! LOL

  44. northstateblues

    I’m gonna be computerless (and Vin-less) for a few innings, but I’ll probably put the game in spanish whenever McCarver talks. I’ll only understand 20% of it, but it’ll be worth it.


  45. vl4ecc

    I hear you north! I have a feeling the mute button will be getting alot of use tonight. McCarver is an a*shole, not to mention a ‘never was.’

  46. junkyardjamie

    I prefer granola over Grape Nuts. Thai food is really good. Can’t beat a good bowl of Jambalaya, Gumbo or red beans and rice, and anything with a green sauce has my vote.
    Countdown to Dodger Post-Season Baseball – 24 minutes!!

  47. colliethec

    It’s almost here!
    Go Blue!!!!
    We were going to BBQ our Dodger Dogs tonight but Wifey bought some salmon so that’s on the menu instead.
    Go Blue!
    Go Blue!
    Go Blue!!!!!!

  48. sl7180@hotmail.com

    I guess everyone didn’t read what I posted this morning on the other thread and dang Josh why you had to started a new thread?

  49. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Top 10 home runs
    More MLB Videos PHILADELPHIA (AP)โ€”Chase Utley grew up a Dodgers fan, so it wasnโ€™t easy to turn them down after he was selected by Los Angeles in the second round of the 1997 amateur draft.

    Utley chose to go to UCLA and ended up being the Philadelphia Philliesโ€™ first pick (15th overall) in the 2000 draft. The three-time All-Star second baseman has no regrets about spurning his hometown teamโ€™s offer, and heโ€™ll face the Dodgers when the NL championship series begins Thursday night.

    โ€œIt was a difficult decision,โ€ Utley said. โ€œObviously, playing professional baseball was a dream of mine, but at that point I thought I was better suited going to college first. The money was there, but for me, it was about growing as a person and the college experience.โ€

    Utley and his father were among the 56,051 fans in the stands when the Dodgers beat Oakland in Game 2 of the 1988 World Series en route to winning the title in five games.

    โ€œIt was a lot of fun, very exciting,โ€ he said, recalling Orel Hershiserโ€™s three-hitter against the heavily favored Athletics

    By sl7180@hotmail.com on October 9, 2008 5:54 AM
    Report any abuse or spam
    Damn that Chase Utley grew up as a Dodgers fan and I really wish we had him.

    By sl7180@hotmail.com on October 9, 2008 5:56 AM

  50. sl7180@hotmail.com

    I’m glad Ethier can hit lefty now. i don’t know why Manny getting boo he almost was a Philly.

  51. bluecrewgirl

    Hey Everyone. Nice way to start off the game. More runs would have been nice, but they scored first, so I’m happy.

  52. junkyardjamie

    That was a good inning for Lowe. Boys – We need more runs now, and make Hamel make a ton of pitches while you are at it…..

  53. junkyardjamie

    Well, one run at a time – We will take it!! Thank you boys for listening to your fans. We are nervous here.

  54. scurtis1999

    and get to leadoff with the top of the order next inning.

    big inning here for Lowe. Got the heart of the order!

  55. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Nice great k’s that Dodgers fans grew up as a dodgers fan and should be playing for us instead of going to UCLA.

  56. junkyardjamie

    That was a great inning!!! Okay boys – a few more runs here would be nice!!! Raffy, Andre, Manny and Russell – It’s your turn again!!!!!

  57. sl7180@hotmail.com

    but than again we wouldn’t have played that shift so it a routine grounded to Dewitt with no problem at all..

  58. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good evening, ITD. Good things happening for the D’s so far. Good fundamental baseball last inning. Lower scoring games in this series benefit us, meaning that we’re doing a good job of neutralizing their power advantage. GO BLUE!!!!

  59. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Who would guess Ethier would be 1 for 10 against the Cubs and now 2 for 2 and Furcal haven’t a tough time tonight.

  60. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Thanks god I hate that inning. I wonder if Rollins going to call them fairweather fans again lol.

  61. colliethec

    Lot’s of game left here folks.
    Only down a run in the 6th with lot’s of game and games to play. .
    Don’t forget this isn’t the April-July Dodgers.
    Let’s get all of our positive cheering their way!

  62. junkyardjamie

    If we get through this 7th, this game is still ours. In comes their bullpen with the heart of our order. GO DODGERS!!!

  63. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Lidge has been perfect all year in save opportunities. He’s overdue for a bad night. He had some bad outings for Houston in the playoffs, as I recall.

  64. oldbrooklynfan

    Not the first team to lose Game 1 of the NLCS on the road.
    It was close and our guys won’t give up.

  65. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    We kept the score down but the error and their power did the job. We knew this was going to be a tough series. We win tomorrow and we’re right where we wanna be when we go back home.

  66. colliethec

    Okay guys, that game was on me.
    I went and purchased a pack of Upper Deck SPX baseball cards to open at game time.
    I pulled a David Ortiz, a Jonathon Albaladejo autograph card and a … Chase Utley card.
    At the time I told Wifey that I wasn’t happy about the Utley card.
    I’m still not happy!!!
    But 1 game is 1 game and there is still lot’s of baseball left so let’s keep up those good vibes and go get them tomorrow. It is a quick turnaround with a day game tomorrow.
    Go Blue!!!

  67. vl4ecc

    I’m confident they will fare much better against Myers tomorrow. Hamels is their best starter. Over all the Dodgers starters are much better than the Phillies.

  68. trublu4ever

    I think we did a pretty good job tonight, even though we lost the game. We will get them tomorrow. Does McCarver ever shut up?

  69. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – you just reminded me I bought baseball cards today too. OMG!!! I might have jinxed them too by not opening them – LOL!!!

  70. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ and, to top it off, Joe Buck had to rehash the whole Manny saga in Boston. Who the hell gives a rats ***, where he was before……….he is ours now!

  71. jhallwally

    Bonsoir Nelle’!! Bummer, eh?!! Just got in and caught the last couple of innings. Hope you and everyone had a great day. Need Billz and the boys to come up big tomorrow. Ferks error really hurt. C’est La Vie.

  72. colliethec

    Win or loose baseball is fun. However I’d rather win.
    We don’t need Pujols. He plays for the Cardinals.
    We need our boys to hit, field, and pitch better than their boys which they can do.
    This team can win this. Even if we go down 2-0 coming home we can win this.
    Don’t loose faith after 1 game. Let’s keep up the excitement!!
    Remember our boys are still playing baseball and the Giants are sitting on a beach somewhere!

  73. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – I will right now!!
    jhall ~ I was taking my daughter somewhere during the 6th inning, and I was listening to it on ESPN radio, and their announcers weren’t any better – could they be any more happy about what happened – unbelieveable!!!!

  74. bluecrewgirl

    Would be doing better if we’d won, jhall, but I think we’ll bounce back tomorrow. I think the fact they won’t have much time to think about it is good.

  75. colliethec

    Nelly–hold off on that pack until tomorrow. I’m going back to the card shop tomorrow before the game and try to get this turned around!

  76. Padodgers@hotmail.com

    Well, I’m very happy to be a Dodger Fan. Everyone did a okay job in Philly. Even though Fucal looked more his true age tonight, He should bouce back. Just in case he doesn’t, I would have Nomar take practice at ss since we could use his bat. A bad night at the plate on Friday combined with another though loss will make it almost …let’s not think about that. Fucal has to hit and field for us to win. Simple as that.

  77. colliethec

    Funny you call me Colly jhall. That was my nickname back in highschool & throughout my 20’s & 30’s. All my old friends still call me that.

  78. trublu4ever

    Dnelly ~ I’m going to Fox Sports website and tell them what I think about their coverage. I’m mad as H%#% and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  79. gabriel.lopez12@us.army.mil

    look we played well. we lost to our self. one error started their rally and yea Lowe gave up 2 long balls that caused us to lose the game. but we brought it to them in their house and had them scared. we play again tomorrow so lets chalk up the loss and not let it get us down. no fair weather fan here. was i mad that we lost. hell yea but I LOVE MY TEAM and we will win this series! it shouldve been a HR for manny but oh well shouldve wouldve couldve… no bitching guys. lets cheer our team to the fall classic!! THINK BLUE GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

  80. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I have 5 packs!!! 3 Bowman and 2 Upper Deck, and I meant to open them with my class and I forgot. I will try to wait until tomorrow, but it will be hard. They are just staring at me now – LOL!!

  81. trublu4ever

    gabriel ~ i still think we are going to win the series. I think we played a decent game and I love my Dodgers! I for one am not bitching about the team, I would never do that. I think if you are a sports broadcaster, you have to be fair and balanced.

  82. gabriel.lopez12@us.army.mil

    i will agree with trublue44 the coverage is flip floppy as heck! oh the DODGERS wont win the first round than a sweep shut them up. at the end of the series theyre all wow DODGERS are so good. shut up you has beens!! same with tonites game DODGERS are up DODGERS are so good we give up a few runs and now we’re a jr varsity team. bleep to fox and tbs! kcal iswhere its at and VIN SCULLI you are the man!! Vin is TRUE BLUE like Farmer John Dodger Dogs and Tommy! GO DODGERS!

  83. colliethec

    Nelly-Don’t do it!! I know the felling. I used to buy them a box at a time (Pre marriage and mortgage days) and try to do a pack every other day. That didn’t work so well.
    But do it for the Blue!
    Open it with the kids after lunch just before game time!
    Do it for the kids!
    Hold out on the temptation!!
    Put them in you purse and put you purse in the trunk of you car!

  84. shad78

    Win or loose baseball is fun. However I’d rather win.
    We don’t need Pujols. He plays for the Cardinals.
    We need our boys to hit, field, and pitch better than their boys which they can do.
    This team can win this. Even if we go down 2-0 coming home we can win this.
    Don’t loose faith after 1 game. Let’s keep up the excitement!!
    Remember our boys are still playing baseball and the Giants are sitting on a beach somewhere!

    Of course we need

  85. trublu4ever

    hall ~ nice to see you. I’m just getting out some of my frustration, not with our guys, but sports analysts. I’m getting myself geared up for the season opener of CSI……going to be a real tear jerker.

  86. shad78

    Of course we need Pujols to get in Lidge head doesn’t mean we need him chump and I’m am losinfg faith because we should had won game 1.

  87. colliethec

    We don’t need. He plays for another team. I don’t want him!
    We have the pieces.
    It would be great to say we need Mickey Mantle & Nolan Ryan, but we don’t.
    Besides the trading deadline has passed.
    Lets root for this team! Not talk about wishing we had other players from another organization.
    That conversation can happen in November.

  88. junkyardjamie

    LOL!! dcollins ~ I will wait!!! I have a binder with all the teams I have done so far in geography. We usually open a couple packs on Fridays hoping to find Ethier Dodger cards or the team we are focusing on, which this week is the Reds.

  89. colliethec

    Spit-No name calling is necessary. Thanks. I can type names just as well as the next guy. Discussion is okay but try to keep it to that.

  90. shad78

    That game was bs from the start after holding Howard and Utley down I thought it was in the bag even if Furcal didn’t make that error it would be 2-2. I hate to see an unearned run cost us this game.

  91. junkyardjamie

    jhall- next week I get to show off Grady, Jhonny and Casey before he became a Dodger!!! I have quite a few Indians cards now.

  92. junkyardjamie

    LOL!! I wish – It’s my son’s collection that I took over, and have now made it into a classroom project. I am making team binders, with all the information about the team’s history, both past and present. The fun thing so far is that these 6 years olds now the city and state of all the ballparks we have done so far (we are going in ABC order). It got a little confusing the last two weeks because both of the Chicago teams. This week and next week Ohio is a little easier because they are two different cities on two opposite sides of the state.

  93. colliethec

    I know he was meaning because of what Pujols did in Houston to Lidge, but let’s have the Dodgers write their own history with that.
    Every time the Fox casters were saying “79-0” & “41 out of 41” I was thinking perfection was made to be broken.
    Not this one but maybe the next chance.

  94. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I have time at the end of the year. I should be finished with all the teams mid April when baseball season begins again so I will probably do the Expos at the end. I don’t think I can combine them the Nationals, but Washington is the last team anyway, so it will work out nicely won’t it? I just figured that out while typing – LOL!!!
    Then, there is what to do about Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium – hmmmm!!!

  95. shad78

    Btw I’m sorry Dcollins for calling you a fool but it hard to be piss after a game that should’ve been won by us and Hamels had thrown 55 pitches throught 3 inning no way he lasted throught 7th innings long.

  96. junkyardjamie

    Shad ~Errors happen ~ it’s part of the game. We need to be good fans and not get all bent out of shape like the Cubs fans did. We are better than that. We need our players to know we want them winning the games, and that they can do this without help from other players from other teams. This Dodger team is what got us here, and we want them to finish, win or lose. They are our beloved Dodgers win or lose. We wanted this team and we got it, so cherish it until it’s over – hopefully in the World Series.

  97. jhallwally

    LOL Nell’!!! DeWitt looking good at 2nd base. Nice to have someone there that can play some defense. I think he will do well.

  98. colliethec

    spit- there are many things that could be said that cost us the game. In this case don’t blame it on the error.
    If Lowe ignored the runner and got Utley there wouldn’t of been a problem. So maybe it could be blamed on Lowe.
    Or the tater Lowe gave up to Burrell. Maybe it was because of that.
    Or maybe Kemp doubling in one at bat but not another.
    It’s like the Bartman play. If the Cubs made the plays after that maybe the results would of been different.
    But after the error Utley made the play on a pretty good pitch by Lowe. The pitch to Burrell to me like it was up a little. But Burrell made the play. My point here is they made the plays they needed to win and we didn’t. It wasn’t just one play.
    I know we lost by 1 run but what if Manny’s double in the 1st inning was 3 feet higher or 3 feet to the right.
    I’m not a what if … or if only .. guy. I’m a now what guy.

  99. shad78

    I know Nelly it does happen like the cubs had 4 errors by their entire infield but we would still had won that game without them. I’m glad I’m not living with no Giants fan. What the hell I’m watching the Clippers/Lakers preseason game and what did Dunlevy(sp) get? A technical foul in preseason game,

  100. junkyardjamie

    Wally ~I know ~ you and your father keep telling me not to engage, but it’s Simply Irresistible!!!
    dcollins – the are in my Dodgers School Bag ready to be opened tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. shad78

    I know I can’t blame the error but it did cost at least 1 run and Manny if he would had hustle in the 1st inning would been safe 3rd and we should had another run.

  102. junkyardjamie

    BTW – my son, the gnat fan, is being really nice to me right now. He is even acting like he cares whether the Dodgers win or not because his birthday is in a week and a half, and he wants a new pair of Oakley sunglasses that just happen to be orange and black (school colors, sorry). These sunglasses aren’t exactly cheap. See, when he is not pitching he plays left field and right field.

  103. colliethec

    No worries shad/spit. I understand being upset about losing. But it’s just the 1st game.
    Nelly stated it better than I. I guess thats why she’s a teacher!
    Nelly-I used to organize my cards by team as well. But then when I went to get the cards for autographs depending when a certain team came into town it took me forever to track down all the players because of trades and free agency.
    So this year I reorganized them by last name. I took me most of the season.
    An example is a few years ago when Chase Utley was a call up I went to a Phillies game and he signed autographs for the group of us that were there. I didn’t have a card of his (With me) to sign and passed up on the autograph. I got home and the next day found his minor league card. Bummer for me. Although right now I would be steamed looking at it.
    The same thing happened last year with Ryan Braun of the Brewers.
    I know why you do it by team though. I like how your creative with getting them to learn. Those are the teachers and classes I remember!

  104. jhallwally

    LOL Nell’!!! That is classic. Gee mom, the Dodgers aren’t that bad. Those sunglasses are really cool too, huh mom.

  105. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    today’s game was disappointing for sure.. bottom line is, 2 runs will not get it done.. we all said that we just need to come back to LA 1-1 to be in a good position, and tomorrow is another day with another game.. so we try again tomorrow..

    i was in meetings for the first part of the game.. but a friend told me that manny stood at the plate “admiring” his double thinking it was a homer and that he could have been at 3rd, not 2nd.. if he was at 3rd, we would have scored another run because i believe there was a wild pitch.. the game might have ended differently if this is the case.. i guess i just wanted everyone’s opinion on this since i didn’t get to see it myself..

  106. bluecrewgirl

    I actually didn’t notice that, Sara. I thought it was out too though. A few bad breaks, but I think we’ll come back tomorrow.

  107. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl ~ Last set I bought did have an Andre card that I already had, and I gave it to my student who I think has a crush on Mr. Ethier. On all of her papers, she writes “I love Andre”.

  108. colliethec

    Nelly-I saw a pretty nice card at the shop today for a Giants fan. It was a Tim Lincecum autograph card with a game used “N” from his jersey. It was black with his autograph written in silver & numbered to 50.
    At the card shop they all know I’m a Dodgers fan and we have some fun there.

  109. bluecrewgirl

    How cute. She has good taste, lol. I think it’s a good thing they have to play again so soon. They won’t have any time to stew over it. Time to move on to the next game.

  110. junkyardjamie

    dcollins ~ by last name – Wow!!! I started out doing by division, but the binders were too thick right away, so that’s when I decided to go to teams. I know what you mean though. It would be hard to track down certain players.
    jhall – that’s about what he has been saying – LOL!!!!

  111. junkyardjamie

    jhall – Everyday between 1:30 and 2:00(after math) they get about 30 minutes of free activity time, and I would say about 5-10 choose to ethier write a letter or draw a picture for one of the Dodgers (usually Andre or James) or Dodgereric (dodgereric sent them cards a few weeks ago, and they haven’t forgotten yet). Most kids will write or draw a picture for their parents or teacher (I still get my fair share), but no, in this class it’s not the case.

  112. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I have a few good Linsecum Cards, but I don’t think that one. I just picked up an ’88 set through the auction, and got a Casey Blake Rookie Card about a week ago. I think I have all our young core’s rookie cards. Andre’s I am going to put in a shadow box with his signed jersey. I have several of his rookie cards, both as a Dodger and an Oakland A.

  113. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I don’t have that one. I might have to go see what our shop has. We have a comic book/cards shop here in town, but I haven’t been in there much for baseball cards. My kids go in there for comic books mostly. We know the owner.

  114. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    After conversing with Our Almighty Super Friend, The Great Dodger In the Sky, He Told me that the year of Jubilee has been revoked and that McCourt, Colletti and Torre are shameful and disgusting are are not worthy to win because they have many evil idols in their life, like arrogance,ego and hypocrisy and will be cast out of Dodger heaven forever. He kept looking down from heaven and he didn’t find The Indestructable, Invincible, Inpenetrable, Man Of Steel, Our Very own Superman Jeff Kent on the Field, and with Tears Streaming Down His Glorious Face knew that The World Series was Lost and the dodgers will Never win a world series for how can you not have the Greatest Second Baseman Of all Time at second base. You three will be tormented forever and ever and will never never never win a world series.

  115. junkyardjamie

    Thanks bluecrewgirl!! He is so awesome!!! It’s pretty fun to know what he is thinking when he sees a ball hit in his direction and he pretty much can’t do anything about it other than to watch it leave the park. Like he said, though, any other park, and it’s a pop up. He actually did really well tonight. I am sure he wasn’t happy with his strikeouts, but he was one of the two runs scored tonight.

  116. colliethec

    I just got back from Target.
    Purchased 2 packs of Upper Deck Series #2 for tomorrows game.
    I usually get them at the card sharp because they sell them from Hobby boxes instead of Retail boxes. Your chances are better of hitting something good in a pack from a hobby box than a pack from a retail box.

  117. perumike

    Well, overall I think we played pretty well, aside from the one error and the homeruns Lowe gave up. He did a good job, and we almost won against Philly’s best. I think this bodes well for us against guys like Myers and Moyer. Go get ’em Blue!

  118. junkyardjamie

    dcollins ~ I really have to start purchasing them at the comic book/card shop. It’s just that I am at Target naturally more often, and it takes more planning to get downtown. It’s out of the way compared to the places I normally go.

  119. colliethec

    Okay here is a funny story for the Ethieraholics (Mainly geared toward the female side of the aisle).
    While at the 9/21 game there were 2 young couples (Young to me as they were in their mid 20’s) sitting behind Wifey & I.
    There was a fly ball to right. Dre didn’t take a very good angle on his route and the ball landed for a single. He could of possibly dove for it but he wouldn’t of caught it and it possibly could of gotten by him for extra bases. All in all he misjudged it but then made the correct play by not diving for it.
    So one of the guys on this double date starts ripping Dre saying how much he stinks. My first instinct was to turn around and start giving the stats about how he leads the team in HR’s, Batting Average, top 3 in RBI’s, and 2nd in OF assists.
    But before I could say anything his date says, “I don’t care he’s hot!” Then the other girl chimes in and they are both talking about how hot & fine Dre is.
    Wifey & I were laughing and thinking of all the Dre heartbreaks that go on here!
    I thought you all would appreciate it as much as I did.

  120. colliethec

    I’m lucky Nelly as my shop is just off the freeway between work & home. I haven’t been purchasing much lately as I’m tying to curb a little of my spending. But for this I just had to.
    I had wanted to get the Upper Deck Olympic Baseball Set to open during the opening events. But they were sold out. Oh well it saved me $65.00!

  121. bluecrewgirl

    Up until last night I thought I was going to miss the game tomorrow because of work. I usually have a 1/2 day every other Friday, but I’ve worked full days the last 2 Fridays because a co-worker was on her honeymoon. I just realized yesterday that tomorrow is my 1/2 day Friday, so I’ll be home on time for the game. Seesky, bring the good luck victory flask with you and northstate, draw us a sketch of a scoreboard showing a 10-0 Dodger victory, lol. Enjoy watching the game with your class tomorrow DNelly. Take care everyone.

  122. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – It’s not just 20- ? year olds. I have six year olds that think he is handsome to use their words (They don’t understand the word “hot” like we use it), and they think his wife Maggie is lucky to be married to him, and that she can draw and color very well. She did one of the pictures in the Dodger ABC book.

  123. bluecrewgirl

    Dcollins, that guy was probably jealous that his girlfriend thought Ande was hot and was dissing him because of that.

  124. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear… so I guess you finished watching the game. It wasn’t all that bad. Just a few bad breaks. How was hockey?

  125. colliethec

    bluecrewgirl-That’s what Wifey said.
    It was pretty funny because you could tell he was jealous. In his tone and how he was like no he isn’t.
    I seem to remember a “hella fine” in there as well. They kept going on about how cute he is and screamed when he came to bat.
    They were cracking us up.

  126. dodgereric

    Hockey was waaaaay worse than this game. 8-1 bad guys. Our defense needs a lot of work.

    This was just one of those games. We played well, Furc’s error or not. DeWitt was unbe-freakin-lievable at second tonight. Sorry, ndeschenes, we all know how you feel about Kent. But his defense has disappeared. I’m glad to see DeWitt there.

    If ifs and butts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas……….but………if Manny’s shot was 12 inches higher or if that wall was 12 inches shorter or if that wall was 406 feet from home plate and if Furc makes that throw, we’re celebrating a 3-2 win over their best pitcher tonight.

    Nothing to be ashamed about at all. Let’s hope that Billz will come up big tomorrow.

  127. junkyardjamie

    Without good defense in hockey, it must make it very difficult on the goalie, which happens to be Matt. Sorry to hear that.

    Yes, you are right about the Dodger game. Many things could have gone our way and just didn’t. Andre even said on his blog that Utley’s homerun would have been caught if not in that ballpark. I thought it was a well played game, and it certainly wasn’t as bad as the last time we played in Philly.

  128. dodgereric

    Matt’s really hard on himself. Sure, he had a couple of “what were you thinking?” moments. But he had a ton of great saves too. The other goalie could have played sitting down and still won the game. I think he only had to make 4 saves. The puck was always in our end. Oh well, it’s just a game……..he’ll be just fine. Don’t worry too much about him.

    I had the best cupcake I e-v-e-r had today………..

  129. junkyardjamie

    I have one of those sons too. Is way too hard on himself, a good and a bad thing at times. He seems to be getting over it much faster now.
    Okay – where did you have the cupcake?

  130. dodgereric

    Thanks for asking! LOL!!

    It’s some new little hole-in-the-wall store in town here. They still have a temp sign up. As an old Kansas friend of mine used to say, “They’re a little too proud of them.” Meaning expensive. $2.75 for one. But man, moist and delicious with a topping that could almost be sold as See’s candy. It’s a good thing they’re expensive! LOL!!!

  131. junkyardjamie

    That must have been some cupcake for $2.75 – LOL!!! That IS a good thing they are expensive. Then again, I pay way too much for Starbucks, when I can make the same thing at home. I am an iced coffee drinker until it gets really cold, and then I switch to hot. I have my own in the morning, and Starbucks on the way home most days.

  132. dodgereric

    Luckily, my coffee tastes run pretty simple. And when I do have a yen for something special, our daughter works at a Starbucks. ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t spend much there.

    Yeah, I had my telescope out tonight. That moon is not very bright sometimes. I think jhall has the right idea, but I understand the interest in looking at something that extreme.

    And who crapped in ndeschenes’ oatmeal tonight? Maybe he’s Kent’s agent. He didn’t sound much like himself tonight.

  133. junkyardjamie

    I forgot you got connections at Starbucks – lol!. I used to go out for lunch more often, but I have traded that time for getting work done in the classroom, so the Starbucks is kind of a trade off for that. The way our school is set up, I have two adjoining classrooms one on each side of me with a door into each. Well, one of my neighbors (not the A’s/Braves fan) will talk to me afterschool to the point where I can literally get no work done. So, we don’t have to be at school until 8:10, but I go an hour early(around 7)as to get my morning set up before she gets there. The same goes as lunch. She goes home for lunch (lives down the street from school) so I use that hour to get my afternoon and next day set up. That way I can talk to her afterschool, and still leave school knowing I am ready for the next day. She is really pretty nice, but because she lives right down the street from school and all her kids are grown up, she has more extra time than I do.

  134. dodgereric

    I think I’m going to turn in, June Darlin’! Another long day looms ahead and we’ve got us an early one, don’t we? Good night and God Bless you and yours!

    Go Dodgers! Let’s come home 1 – 1!!!!!

  135. dodgereric

    LOL! You’ve got the same problem I have at work. You’re too easy to talk to! People are forever dropping by my desk to chitchat, so I know how you feel!

  136. junkyardjamie

    We usually don’t hear from ndeschenes unless we have won a game, and Jeff technically did come off the bench to bat. Blake DeWitt played so well today, he would’ve been the last person I would have pulled, at least defensively.

    As far as Oberon, I was really trying not so much to engage with Oberon as I was trying to keep the other participant from getting upset. It all ended well anyway, which is good.

  137. junkyardjamie

    Good Night Ward Dear….. You get a good night sleep. I will talk to you in the am I’m sure. God Bless to you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow’s TGIF!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  138. enchantedbeaver

    Tough loss last night, but I don’t think anyone expected our boys to go 11-0 in the playoffs. As they say, Schidt happens. You just wipe and go on.

  139. thinkingblue

    TRU – Good morning…I believe our boys will be ready to kick some Philly’s butt today and yes there will be A DODGERS VICTORY!

  140. trublu4ever

    Dodgersrule ~ I think what Andre said on his new entry is true……..we need to score more runs in Philly. So, let us bring out the big bats!!!!

  141. thinkingblue

    Yes they do need to score more, like they did in Chicago. The one mistake cost them the winning run by the Phillies…That guys should of been out and maybe the next batter would of been in more pressure…or hey we could of gone into extra innings. But the Dodgers got what it takes to win. I know they can do it. They want it, so they can do it. GO DODGERS
    L.A. is pumped up for the Dodgers. I don’t know if you read yesterdays post I did regarding the concert and how everyone started booooo-ing when the New Kids mentioned the Cubs and then started cheering LOUD…I’VE NEVER HEARD A CROUD THIS LOUD when Donnie brought out MANNY’S JERSEY. It was very amazing…Like the Sports Illustrated says…”L.A. IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE DODGERS AGAIN”…AND WE ARE ALL PUMP AND READY!

  142. thinkingblue

    All Dodgers fans are pumped and ready. L.A. (for me is all Dodgers fan)…I do not live in L.A. but sure am part of it since I am Dodgers fan!

  143. amyw27

    hey friends. Andre was on the radio a few minuets ago. He was on Ryan Seacrest’s LA show. I though of you all in NorCal when it was on. He said he’s about to board he bus and head on over to the stadium. I like how the Dodgers are creating buzz in LA ๐Ÿ™‚
    What I saw last night was that we are the better team. He out hit them, ran the bases well, and had great defense. DLow just ran out of gas and it was too late. We will score more runs, and we will dominate. Plain and simple ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. trublu4ever

    I couldn’t sit still last night. Was planning to sit and watch the game but, found myself pacing up and down the whole time. Being a fan, like you Dodgersrule, I feel every at bat as though I were in the batters box with them!

  145. crzblue2

    I think is funny that the 1st 8 posts in Andre’s new thread are women or should I say all of them, provided Ilove16 is also a female.
    Tough loss. I thought we had it in the bag. Went to Barney’s in Pasadena. The place was packed downstairs so I went upstairs where there was more room with an outside patio and lots of pool tables and sofas to relax and watch the game. We had a good vegi pizza with feta cheese. We took a walk around Pasadena old town after the game. Oh, I also got interviewed by Univision.
    Well, today I will use the MLB audio to work and listen to the game.

  146. trublu4ever

    Good morning Amy ~ thanks a lot for the Andre info! Living in NorCal and missing out on things like that, makes me soooo jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. thinkingblue

    AMY – I was listening to Ryan this morning as I was driving to work…I missed it! What else did he say?
    Yup Dodgers are a stronger team….DODGERS WILL WIN TONIGHT!

  148. amyw27

    Rose -bascially he said everything that’s on his blog. Ryan even hyped up Andre’s blog. They talked about food and restaurants. They will need more runs, at any moments homeruns can be hit. They will attack and focus for this next game. It was all the usual.
    Ryan said that he’ll be watching the game and wish them luck. It was nice.
    I’m wearing my Dodger sweatshirt today. Already 3 people have come up to me and said they were sorry. I’m say “everything is fine. It’s best out of 7!! I watched last night and I think that we are the better team. No worries, we will win!!!”
    come on people. Don’t come to me like that. The Dodgers are FAR from being out!!!!!
    GO Blue!!

  149. heartruss

    Good morning ITD and DNelly. I too thought that the Dodgers had the win yesterday, especially with the two runs. That Raffy error really cost us the game. Today is a new day however and the Dodgers will just have to hit homeruns to keep up with the Philly homeruns. All in all, the game was a good game. About baseball cards, I thought I was the only one who collected them. I have a huge collection of Russell Martin autographed cards. I also have a few other cards but I think I usually like to concentrate on one player. It would be too expensive to collect everyones cards. In fact, I think I’l go buy a box to open during this afternoons game. GO DODGERS.

  150. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls,
    I saw last nightโ€™s game thru the end of the 5th inning; things certainly looked very good by that point. But after bible study last night, I was told that we lost 3 โ€“ 2. I heard about Raffyโ€™s error and the home runs. I saw replays later on ESPN. It was a tough loss for Lowe. Yeah, he gave up the home runs, but he still pitched good enough to win. I saw him pitch thru five and he looked good. And when he was in trouble, he got himself out of tough jams. Well, the best thing is that itโ€™s only one loss in a best-of-seven series. I see Billz being on his game tonight, like he was in Chicago. And the offense will pick him up.

  151. biddyboo

    Good Morning! I was stuck in class all through the whole game until the last three outs last night so I didn’t get a real chance to hear the t.v. broadcast. Will I need my radio on today so as not to throw my shoe at the t.v. ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. biddyboo

    Speaking of Ethier I remember my own stadium story from about 2006 I believe. Forgive me if I have the years wrong…I feel as I get older I become fuzzy on time… Well, I remember sitting in the reserve level and Ethier was playing in left field and a ball was hit sharply his way but he couldn’t make the catch. Some guy yelled out “At least you’re still cute!” I laughed a bit but laughed even harder when some gals started heckling him about the comment. From then to now, Ethier is an awesome ball player, making such great improvement all around, with his female admirers cheering him all the way! People might give us gals a hard time about admiring the players but hey sometimes that is what initially draws in the female fan. A true love of baseball is what keeps us sticking around every year!

  153. perumike

    Good morning everyone! I am excited for today’s game, and I think we definitely have the upper hand when comparing the starters. We need to be patient at the plate, and make their pitcher throw a mistake that our boys can drive to the gaps, or over the fence. Let’s go Dodgers!

  154. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!

    I opened my baseball cards, and we got a James Loney and a Russell Martin card this week. Hopefully that brings them luck today as they take on the Phillies. The only Philly we got today was Cole Hamel, but he is in the past for now. Even though it’s Purple Friday, I am wearing my Ethier jersey with my Billingsly shirt. Have a great day every one!!!

  155. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    today has become a must win game. we HAVE to prove we can win in philly. 0-5 so far.. it’s good we have the early start so that the boys can’t sit around thinking of how they let the game get away yesterday.. we had it won, and it could prove very costly if they can’t beat myers today.. i hope bills doesn’t worry about giving up bombs, and just pitches like the stud pitcher we know he is..

  156. thinkingblue

    I forgot to mentioned something about yesterdays game. Eventhough we lost DEWITT was awsome out there yesterday! DEWITT KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB…

  157. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    today’s lineups, per tony jackson:

    Here are today’s lineups:


    Furcal. SS
    Martin. C
    Ramirez. LF
    Ethier. RF
    Loney. 1B
    Kemp. CF
    DeWitt. 2B
    Blake. 3B
    Billingsley. RHP


    Rollins. SS
    Victorino. CF
    Utley. 2B
    Howard. 1B
    Burrell. LF
    Werth. RF
    Dobbs. 3B
    Ruiz. C
    Myers. RHP

  158. thinkingblue

    NSBlues – I’m with ya’!
    TRU – You are welcome. It is funny cause when I checked Ryan Seacrest web link, it still wasn’t posted. But I just heard it.
    Andre Ethier had a quick phone interview with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM (L.A. radio station). For those that want to hear it, here it is (it is the same interview as in the last thread):

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