Jimmy John's

It’s a gorgeous day in Philadelphia…couldn’t actually be much nicer. Here’s hoping we head home on a positive note – with a Game 2 victory.

Meanwhile, for those of you who think Andre Ethier is only willing to try exotic foods for Dining with ‘Dre, here’s something that might surprise people. Each of the last three days, he’s “dined” at Jimmy John’s, a local sandwich shop. How do I know this? Because I was in there today when he stopped in. I had never heard of it before one appeared in Bloomington, Indiana, where I went to college. It became a favorite of mine and when I stumbled upon it today, I had to grab a Turkey Tom. I guess Andre is a fan of the Italian Night Club.

On a much more somber note, our sincere condolences go out to Charlie Manuel, whose mother passed away today. With all the emotions he’s already going through in the postseason, I can’t even fathom dealing with something like this on top of it. As we say, once a Dodger, always a Dodger and our hearts go out to him and his family.

Here’s tonight’s lineup for Game 2 (which Joe Beimel will read on FOX)

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Blake, 3B

Bills, P



  1. northstateblues

    I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a little sick that so many people, in the media and on the internet, have given up on the Dodgers after one loss. Not surprised, just sick. You’d think some have been clubbed on the heads and replaced by Cubs fan in Dodger clothes. If this is the response to a one-run loss in Game 1 of the playoffs,

    I’d hate to see how some of these fans and media sycophants would’ve reacted to the 60’s Dodgers, where Sandy Koufax would pitch a one run complete game, and lose.

    The problem with the Cubs? Sure, they’re cursed, I’ll say it. By their fans. Their fans gave up on them before the end of Game 1. Loney crushes that Grand Slam, and they’re all “I knew it”. The team was crushed under the weight/wait of their fans’ expectations…

    well, “expectations” is such a small word for that situation, it’s like they demanded it of them. Those “It’s Gonna Happen” signs weren’t the voice of a century of starved children believing in their team, it was more like a century of muscle-bound bookies yelling at the guy who can’t pay up “It’s Gonna Happen, or You’re Gonna Get It!ยฎ”

    Realism is one thing, but nothing realistic about the series’ result as a whole can be ascertained after the loss of the first game in a 7 game series. Not a 3 game or 4 game series during the year, not a 5 game series like the NLDS or the way the NLCS was the last few times these two teams have tangoed/tangled. Seven games. Which is what virtually everyone is picking this series to go (although it’s not like they know anything, half of them want us to be the sacrificial lamb to the Red Sox. as the manager Lou Brown said in Major League, “Well, I love wasting sportswriter’s time, so why don’t we give ’em all a nice big s__tburger.”)

    It isn’t over yet. To think that, you must be wearing the Scarlett C Letter on your forehead. If we’ve lost 3, and it’s not yet game 6, then we’ll talk.


  2. thinkingblue

    My prayers go out to Charlie Manuel and his family.
    JOSH – Great line up…nothing new, we’ve been doing good with this line up.

  3. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    if any cares.. here is also the phillies lineup:

    Rollins. SS
    Victorino. CF
    Utley. 2B
    Howard. 1B
    Burrell. LF
    Werth. RF
    Dobbs. 3B
    Ruiz. C
    Myers. RHP

    best wishes to charlie manuel and his family..

  4. crzblue2

    My condolences to Charlie Manuel and family.
    The Italian night club sandwich sounds good but too many things on a sandwich. The #1 pepe sounds good with hickory ham and provolone. I am geting hungry now. Maybe I’ll go to San Carlo Italian Deli & Bakery here in Chatsworth..got to convince someone to drive there…
    Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s Go!!
    Let’s Go Billz, Let’s Go!!

  5. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – fabulous!!!!

    dodgersrule ~ thanks for the link to Andre’s interview – it was great!!!!!

    My prayers go out to Charlie Manual and his family.

    Josh ~ Thank for the lineup – looks great!!!!!


  6. northstateblues

    Thanks Dnelly and Lonsmdv. I had typed the post to go in the last thread, then saw the new one and posted it in here… before reading about Charlie Manuel’s mother passing away… Hope it didn’t seem inappropriate.

  7. trublu4ever

    northstateblues ~ Add me to the list of a job well done!
    My condolences to the manuel family as well.

  8. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – It didn’t seem inappropriate at all. I was trying to say the same things last night with moonfriend :). I don’t want us to become like the Cubs fans when they lost, and thinking we need other players to fill roles. Like you said, it was one game, and like enchanted said this morning, nobody should’ve thought we would go 11-0 in the playoffs (it would have been great, but certainly not very realistic). The Dodgers have come so far already. Just the fact that Torre is sticking with this young core is a HUGE step that most of us thought would not happen this season at all. This post season should be just icing on the cake, not that we won’t take more. If it is meant to be, then it will happen, and we will be the happiest fans on the planet, but if it doesn’t, this Dodger team has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of because they have already proven they are something special. They are a future dynasty, in which the future may only be weeks away.

  9. trublu4ever

    nellyae & nstateblues ~ to me, those who give the Dodgers a bad rap after one loss are not true Dodger fans. I for one, will never give up the faith……..even if we are down three runs in the bottom of the ninth. Just look at what we have accomplished this season……..especially after the eight game losing streak we went through. Some doubters never gave us a chance………but, I always said unless we were two games out of the race, with only one to go, we have a shot at the title.

  10. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    northstateblues good post. but i think it needs to be clear that there is a difference between realism and pessimism.. i think everyone knows that we blew a golden opportunity last night.. but also that as long as we win today, we’ll be fine. i don’t know how many people really think we’re dead in the water. it is more challenging on us now, no doubt.. but hardly impossible..

  11. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelly, you’re totally right about the icing on the cake thing.. it wasn’t that long ago that we all said that as long as the best players play we would be fine with the end result. we should be glad that they have achieved so much already, and that we are able to watch all our favorite young guns play every day and watch them grow and develop into stars..

    i was worried about the expectations that would be placed on this team after we swept the cubs.. i have been saying that i was much more comfortable when we were the underdogs and that i hope that no one buys into our own hype.. well it’s too late for that.. i just hope that the team didn’t buy into the hype like the media and fans did, and that they stay hungry and humble. based on their interviews and quotes i would have to believe they have. they aren’t done yet.. and they will fight to let us continue to enjoy the ride..

  12. bluecrewgirl

    Northstate, good post. I agree we and the players need to keep the faith. Hey, Sara. Hope you are doing good. Are you going to any of the games when they come back here?

  13. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    hi bluecrewgirl. i’m doing well, hope you are too.. i’m just antsy for the game to start.. i am going to the games when they get back.. are you?

  14. thinkingblue

    NSBlues – I’m with ya’! It is only the first game…DODGERS WILL WIN TONIGHT! It was a mistake that caused their lost. But the players were great. I’m sure that yesterdays game was a big eye opener for the team and they will be very alert today and more motivated to win.
    TRU – You are welcome. It is funny cause when I checked Ryan Seacrest web link, it still wasn’t posted. But I just heard it.
    Andre Ethier had a quick phone interview with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM (L.A. radio station). For those that want to hear it, here it is (it is the same interview as in the last thread):

  15. crzblue2

    anyone knows how I can listen to Kabc dodger talk online? They have regular programming when I click on their website. Oh Well, game should start soon.

  16. bostonpeng

    I have to add one more agreement with nstateblues. I didn’t expect them to win game 1, but I still think we can take it in 5, six at the most. Let’s go for the W tonight, Dodgers! I know you can do it, even from deep within Red Sox Nation. (/me spits for having to type that location)

    I saw that Charlie Manual’s mom died over the LA Times’ Blue Notes and I join the rest of my fellow Dodger fans in sending my condolences to the Manuel family. It’s got to stink to have to play in the NLCS so soon after loosing your mom, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Phillies win tonight for their skipper. But that doesn’t mean our boys in Blue will make any easier on them.


  17. bluecrewgirl

    Sara. I don’t think I’ll be going to any of the games, but I will be there in spirit.

    Condolences to Charlie Manuel and his family.

  18. northstateblues

    Sara, yeah, I fudged “realism” and “pessimism”. I find in life people that pride themselves on being “realists” are actually pessimists with narcissistic tendencies (in other words, pessimists who are so full of themselves, everything they say is “right”, and therefore “real”. Sorry, I talk too much ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Should have made a clearer seperation between the two, or put “realism” in quotes.

    A realist would say “Well, we lost a game. But we still have 6 more to go”. A “realist” would say “Well, we lost a game. Now we’re doomed just like all the other times.”

    Can you tell my girlfriend is a Philosphy major? heheheheh

  19. lny4loney

    I see no letdown in this team. There was a lot of good hustle out there. DeWitt made several very nice plays in the field, and Loney made a terrific catch on the attempted bunt.
    Furcal’s error hurt, but errors happen.
    Mainly, we just got shut down by a very good pitching staff led by Cole Hamels. We also got a little unlucky in where we hit our long balls — especially Manny’s double that was long enough to get out of CB Park anywhere but within a few inches or feet (depending on the direction) of where it hit.
    I think we have the much better pitcher going today in Chad Billingsley. I predict an 8-3 victory for the Boys in Blue.
    GO BLUE!!!!

  20. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    aww.. sorry emma.. i thought it would work..

    nice clarification northstateblues.. good analysis ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. thinkingblue

    ITD MEMBERS watching game….please keep posting play by play for those of us stuck working!
    Rose (at-work-without a tv – or radio….sniff sniff)

  22. oldbrooklynfan

    Well I was hoping for another surprise but the first game turn out just the way I thought it would.
    The Phillies, as usual, these days won at home.
    Well that’s over with and I’m hoping Bilz can limit his pitches, keep Utley, Howard and Burrell in the ball park, be carefull with Rollins, pitch at least 6 innings and get some support from our offense.

  23. crzblue2

    Russ hitting second.
    count 1-2 count to Martin. next pitch at his chin and down goes Martin.

    swung down and miss to Martin.

    Manny next…

  24. thinkingblue

    EMMA – Thanks for the play by play….If don’t want to post the play by play, you don’t have too…just let us know the big plays. Buy if you don’t mind, that is great! Thanks!

  25. vl4ecc

    Good afternoon all.
    Beimel called Bills ‘Barney Rubble’s stunt double’ in the introductions. LOL The beer almost came out of my nose on that one! Good idea not giving Howard any fastballs.

  26. dodgereric

    Gameday greetings, ITD!!

    From Wikipedia:

    On June 23, 2006, Myers was arrested and charged with assault after punching his wife Kim Myers on a downtown Boston street, after an argument.[16] The Phillies received criticism from some media members and women’s organizations for not benching Myers.[17] Myers took a short leave of absence from the team.[7] During a pre-trial hearing on October 5, 2006, Kim Myers indicated that she did not want her husband prosecuted, and despite the prosecutor’s insistence of filing charges, the case was dismissed. The couple has been in marriage counseling since the arrest.[18]

  27. crzblue2

    <<You mean UGHtley!
    good one Dodgerrule!

    Well, every female’s favorite player leads off! wonder what Beimel said about him when anouncing the lineup

    Base hit for Andre! Woohoo

    Loney next…

  28. scurtis1999

    Could have predicted that from Kemp. Hopefully Blake comes through here. I have a bad feeling here that we won’t score any.

  29. thinkingblue

    I am looking at the pictures they have where it is showing who is batting and who is pitching over at Dodgers.com and its seems that someone colored Myers eyes brows with a sharpie…LOL! Now that I know he is a wife beater…I have no respect!

  30. bluecrewgirl

    Bills tagged that ball pretty well. I think we will score more runs today. We just need to make him work and tire him out.

  31. vl4ecc

    Yeah crzblue. He looks great!The camera went on him, and McCarver mentioned something about him being the closest thing to baseball royalty in the house. He also mentioned that he (Sandy) had the best curveball he’d ever seen, and if he was getting the curveball over for strikes in the 1st inning, the game was over for the opposition.

  32. dodgereric

    Those of you watching TV – on Gameday it looked like the first pitch to Manny was high and tight too. I hope Billz sticks his nose in the dirt. The first one is free!!!

  33. scurtis1999

    Phills just have our # in Philly. We have to get to Myers. No excuse for 7-9 to get 3 straight singles against our ace.

  34. dodgereric

    Billz needs a testosterone injection. Myers should have been eating dirt on that first pitch, not knocking in a run.

  35. crzblue2

    Thanks for the report on Koufax :-).
    I had to take a call and OH NO! What happened? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ lead gone. hits to Ruiz and pitcher?? Billz! What happened?
    I can hear the Beat L.A. chants

  36. ramslover

    why the freak would you throw a 1st pitch breaking ball to the pitcher…who cannot hit….stupid Russ and Bills….

  37. bluecrewgirl

    Hope the offense brought their big sticks today. Still a lot of time left though. He needs to get out of this inning without giving up any more.

  38. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Why was it such a shock when the Dodgers swept the Cubs again?

    Oh yeah – because the Dodgers aren’t very good!

  39. oldbrooklynfan

    The unusual thing being, Bilz being hit so hard so early in the game, then again these are not the D’Backs.

  40. kpookiemon

    In the “ready-for-prime-time sweepstakes,” Ethier and Loney are ahead of Martin…and Kemp’s so far in the rear he’s going to need the sag wagon to catch up……. But it’s all about learning, for the present AND the future. That’s why I hope they give Kershaw game 4.

  41. bluecrewgirl

    The positive thing is, it’s still early and we can get to Meyers. If Bills doesn’t get it under control pretty quickly, Joe needs to go to the pen. It would be a shame to do it so early, but they really need to win this game.

  42. oldbrooklynfan

    Myers looked like he was tiring, too bad only a run.
    Got to get to him before it’s too late.
    Let’s see if Bilz settled down.

  43. vl4ecc

    This is stating to look like deja vu in Philly. Just like their last trip here, the bounces are going their way, and all contacts are finding gaps, and dropping in.

  44. scurtis1999

    Lots of game to go, but I don’t like the looks of it. Lot of pressure on Kuroda in Game 3 if we are down 2-0. We should rock Moyer!

    Gotta get some runs here and hold them! Holding them to 1 this inning would be a victory.

  45. j-murray

    i expect to wake up in a cold sweat right after i click “submit”. this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen in a while.

  46. bluecrewgirl

    I think Joe should consider using Kershaw today if he has to. Maddux does not have a good road ERA and it’s too early in the game to go to Wade or Kuo. I hope Chan Ho can calm things down.

  47. crzblue2

    how can a pitcher hitting .096 get two hits! Billz should have hit him the first time he came at bat after what he did to Russ and Manny.

  48. bluecrewgirl

    Not to be negative, but could these two windbags on Fox sound anymore thrilled that the Dodgers are losing?

  49. dodgereric

    Well, I’m sitting here thinking that this Myers clown is some kinda natural hitter, a Babe Ruth reborn. Wrong.

    He’s 4 for 58 this year, a steller .069 with 1 RBI. He’s looking up at Sweeney, for cryin’ out loud! A .116 career hitter.

  50. dodgereric

    “the bounces are going their way, and all contacts are finding gaps, and dropping in.

    By vl4ecc on October 10, 2008 2:48 PM ”

    Is that what it is, vl? Sure can’t tell on Gameday.

  51. crzblue2

    I need a drink and I am at work. At least I did not take time off from work for this. this goes…beyond painful…

  52. malleycat

    I just got out of a meeting and cannot believe the score. When I went in it was 4-2. What happened? Bills fell apart?

  53. vl4ecc

    I’m not giving up just yet, although I fear the fat lady is waiting in the bleachers. Need to stop the bleeding here to have a chance.

  54. vl4ecc

    It sure feels that way to me from what I’m seeing eric. When it rains, it pours. They look deflated right now. They need a big inning to turn this around.

  55. lbirken@aol.com

    This is disappointing but if you can’t get the pitcher out, it is going be tough to win. However, we need to remember that most of the Dodger players have not been in this situation before and while that is no excuse, hopefully they will learn something and find some way to get back in this game and the series.

  56. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Told you we can let game last night get away. I don’t know why I even bother walking up and turn the TV on

  57. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    If you looked under “ugly” in the Webster’s, this game would be listed. Myers!!! who’d a thunk it???? Bills just didn’t have it. We have to try to get back in this one but, from all appearances, we’ve got a big hill to climb starting Sunday in the Ravine. GO BLUE!!!!!!!

  58. sl7180@hotmail.com

    I knew Philly was going to scored over 5 runs today. That why game 1 was important for us to win and now you can see why I was pissed last night.

  59. crzblue2

    thanks scurtis, I needed that!
    Hey, I just got this email. Anyone done this before? sounds like fun
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  60. kpookiemon

    1981 World Series…Dodgers lose first two games at Yankee Stadium…the rest is history. Of course, this team isn’t the ’81 Dodgers…

  61. oldbrooklynfan

    I wonder if it’s a record that Utley walked in each of the 1st 3 innings. Howard almost struckout in each.

  62. scurtis1999

    yw crzblue.

    yup McDonald is in.

    Game 3 is going to be nerve wracking for all of us! I can’t wait though to have a home game!

  63. j-murray

    could we please stop bending over and handing the phillies bucket of lube after bucket of lube? i’m starting to feel embarrassed.

  64. malleycat

    Yes, and I was at game 2 at Yankee Stadium taking a lot of trash from Yankee fans, this team is more like the ’74 Dodgers

  65. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    kpookie, you must’ve been reading my mind cause I was thinking about that ’81’ WS as well. These may not be those Dodgers but it is a case in point that it can happen.

  66. perumike

    Sparkle, my pianos work anywhere in the world. I’ll have one shipped on a rush to Philly! It will be a grand to make sure the fat lady is toast!

  67. lbirken@aol.com

    Wow, let’s not talk about basketball quite yet. Seriously, they did a TV show on this event last year and it looked pretty cool.

  68. crzblue2

    I remember 1981 so well. I was at the Ravine for the the playoff games. That was a scrappy team. We had Fernando, Burt Hooton, Jerry Reuss, Bob Welch and Steve Howe in the bullpen.

  69. junkyardjamie

    Stop talking about last night. Last night is over, and there is still plenty of game left today.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  70. crzblue2

    Lasorda might be leaving to watch it from …someplace elese. Or he might be going to the men’s room. the first time I went to Vero Beach. He was watching a group of players in the right field side. and he got up to leave. I asked him if he could sign my baseball and he said “Lady, do you mind if I go to the restroom first?” he never did come back. I did not know at the time that he only signed for kids at Vero.

    MAnny! a 3 run homerun!!!!!!

  71. malleycat

    I was there for all the playoff games plus 2 on the road. A great team. That was more a power hitting team than scrappy but they were resilient and could come back because they had to, they did it in all of the playoff series they were in

  72. dodgereric

    Man, Gameday must be pretty slow. I jump back over here after it said Manny went yard and there’s 8 posts about it!

  73. lbirken@aol.com

    Why do they do this to me? Just when I thought this game was no longer interesting and I would be able to go back and concentrate on getting some work done, Ramirez has to bring us all back! I don’t want to get into the “sign Ramirez” talk right now, but let’s enjoy him while we have him.

  74. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I go to the laundry room and this is what happens!!!! I guess I better go back.lol!!!! Manram strikes again!!!

  75. vl4ecc

    Advantage Dodgers here, These guys have never seen McDonald before. This kid needs to shut their offense down, so they can come back.

  76. crzblue2

    Well it was a team that that a lot of the players knew they were not going to come back. Oh yeah, I forgot about Yeager and Scioscia in that team.
    Hey, what happened to the line I put there from dodger.cc.
    it was “I need to go read about the stock market to cheer myself up.”
    Thank you Manny! Let’s peck away.

  77. bluecrewgirl

    Agree with you guys too that Andre should be in front of Manny. He’s a good contact hitter and normally doesn’t strike out a lot.

  78. vl4ecc

    Unfair to McDonald to shrink the strike zone here. Myers steps in sh*t, and comes out smelling like a rose….AGAIN!

  79. malleycat

    I have never posted on this blog until today. But because it is the playoffs and I can’t watch the game at work, I came on.

  80. amyw27

    This Game is CRAZY!
    We need to get back in this pronto~
    I’m glad we are fighting.
    McDonald is amazing. I’m glad he’s able to prove himself in a playoff opprotunity.

  81. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    What a baptism of fire for McDonald but he’s handling it fabulously. He was definitely getting squeezed. Even Joe Buck thought so.lol!!!

  82. dodgereric

    That Myers idiot has swung at the first pitch every time. And he still hasn’t paid for throwing behind Manny! No, the dinger is NOT payback for that. He HAS to hit the dirt!

  83. junkyardjamie

    seesky – did you hear them discuss that the umps have to make adjustments too with the different pitching styles? What in the hell does that mean? Shouldn’t the strike zone be the same for all pitchers regardless of their style. The umps shouldn’t have style, they need to call balls, strikes and outs – that’s it..

  84. sparkleplenty_1

    As always, Nell, you make a GREAT point. The strike zone must be standardized if only to keep the game honest.

  85. amyw27

    for those watching on TV..isn’t it great how they keep playing “I Love LA” during commerical breaks.
    It’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. obi_wen

    “Well, I guess I better start thinking of how I’ll answer the inevitable post game question of why, with only 1 out, I didn’t pinch hit for Mc Donald…” – Joe Torre NLCS Game Two Thought Bubble

  87. oldbrooklynfan

    I don’t know how anybody else is thinking but I have hope.
    It’s just too bad we couldn’t take advantage of Myers.

  88. bluecrewgirl

    I still have hope too. We came back late in a game against the D-Backs on the road this season and that was before Manny.

  89. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    nelly, I was baffled by that, too. I’ve never heard anything like that before. I’ve heard of umpires having different strike zones but not adjustments for a pitcher’s style.

  90. obi_wen

    This game is far from over. And I’ll say it now, we’re going to win this series and go to the WS! Btw, I like what I see of Mc Donald. I believe we have some kind of a future rotation with him, Kershaw et al.

  91. junkyardjamie

    Another good inning for McDonald, with a little help from James and Blake. Let’s go Dodgers – Get some runs!!!!!

  92. ramslover

    Come on Dodgers…I am at work and have not seen much of the game…What in the hecht is Myers on…test him now!!! Hang tough boys…you can do it…get on for Manny and he will bring you home….

  93. oldbrooklynfan

    What a job by McDONALD.
    He is giving us every chance, by holding the Phillies at bay
    We couldn’t ask for anything more..

  94. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    McDonald was discussed when the D’s were talking about getting Sabathia so other teams know his worth as well.

  95. ramslover

    Did not get to see McDonald…must have been pretty impressive…he stepped up big time…How many times are we going to swing at pitches that may hit us….

    Good at bat by Kemp…come on Nomarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  96. ramslover

    Why are some people so pessimistic…it is game 2 and we have swept them at home…so do not give up and look at the glass half full instead of half empty people!!!!

  97. kssssss

    Damn…..Hard to win when Bills gives up 6 runs in such a short period of time……and when other than Manny, we don’t seem to be hitting…..And let’s not resign Beimel…haven’t liked him for a long time….Hate to go home down 0-2, but it seems like it will happen unless we pull out a miracle…..Wondering why Bills couldn’t bring his A game to such an important stage..!!! Oh well…..let’s hope for a sweep at home….lol

  98. bluecrewgirl

    Agree, ramslover. The Red Sox were down big to the Yankees when they won in 2004 and this game is not over yet. Even if we lose, I think we can take the 3 in LA.

  99. bluecrewgirl

    We’re young, but in my opinion we have as much talent any team. Don’t count the Dodgers out, Shad. This team came from behind when their backs were totally against the wall after the 8 game losing streak.

  100. ramslover

    Well when the opposing pitcher goes 3-3 with 3 RBI, it can make for a long day….that is why they play the game..you never know….lets have a 9th inning rally…Lidge has given up HRs before….lets go!!!1

  101. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    It’s good McDonald & Kershaw got some playoff innings now. It can only help them later in the series…..LET’S ROCK LIDGE!!!!!!

  102. sl7180@hotmail.com

    We’re young, but in my opinion we have as much talent any team. Don’t count the Dodgers out, Shad. This team came from behind when their backs were totally against the wall after the 8 game losing streak.

    This is Philly not those other team.,

  103. ramslover

    Nomar in the Dirt…you have to make him throw it for strike…it should have been 3-0…lets get to LA and return the favor……Was that Nomar or Andruw!!!!

  104. ramslover

    The boys were too anxious against Madson last night and Lidge tonight….he would have walked the bases loaded…

  105. sl7180@hotmail.com

    How do you chase 2 of those Nomar? Can’t believe we loss on Myers 3 rbi and 2 run scored. WTF joke.

  106. thinkingblue

    OK yesterday it was 1 (one, uno, une) mistake…there just where too many today. Better luck next game! Bring it home and all those going…GET LOUD!

  107. oldbrooklynfan

    The guys did a tremendous job coming out of the bullpen.
    Billingsley just didn’t have it and our offense failed against Meyers, who didn’t bring much to the mound, but he didn’t forget his bat
    Great postseason experience.

  108. trublu4ever

    dodgersrule ~ I’m agree with you about being very loud at the game Sunday. So, all of you who are going, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW WE ARE THE DODGERS FANS!!!!!!!!

  109. vl4ecc

    The bullpen did outstanding today. I’m confident Kuroda will take care of business in game 3. The question is, Who starts game 4? With Kershaw pitching in relief today, it makes me think Maddux will get the ball.

  110. trublu4ever

    JJ ~ believe it or not, Joe mentioned last night the possibility of using Lowe again, in game 4 because there will be off days.

  111. sl7180@hotmail.com

    **** the Philly and there 1 WS since 1883 and only one won since 1980 and their winning franchase of .470 winning record and the 1st teams to 10,0000+ losses. That ballpark is still a joke. I can’t believe we held Howard in those 2 games and we’re down 2-0 that should had been 1-1.

  112. acardona16

    our boys just wanted to add a little drama to this series!! but their coming to LA now and we’re gunna “return the favor” as someone posted before!! haha

  113. vl4ecc

    Can’t stand Kobe. He’s the anti-christ. I could care less who he roots for. When the camera is on he’s a nice guy, but in person, he’s a rude egotistical a*shole.

  114. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    bummer.. tough spot we’re in now.. we must take all 3 at home, and then figure out how to win a game in philly.. it’s going to be an uphill climb.. come on boys, we believe in you..

  115. acardona16

    oh and i know quite a few of you asked me who people are rooting for in Hawaii and honestly… baseball isn’t the sport over here.. its football! i should’ve known that though cuz when i lived here i remember everyone being crazy about football! but yeah since they’re not rooting for anybody over here i’m telling them to root for the dodgers!! haha!!

  116. acardona16

    hello sara- i think we can take all 3 at home! they’ll have us crazy fans screaming louder than those phillie fans! i know us dodger fans can get pretty crazy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Russy did a fantastic job today too!!

  117. sl7180@hotmail.com

    I have meet Kobe once and Kobe was very nice to me. Apparently you don’t know how Kobe is in real life so stop making up thing chump and he’s not an *******.

  118. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    hey acardona.. i hope you’re enjoying your trip to hawaii regardless of us being down 0-2.. we are capable of taking 3 at home.. but then we still must figure out how to steal one in philly..

  119. acardona16

    sara- yeah its kinda weird cause i’m having a great time over here hanging out with old friends!! but.. then our boys arn’t in the best shape and i’m like.. sad about it.. so its mixed emotions right now!

    sl7- i figured why not right!? i wont have to convince them to switch teams i just have to tell them how great the dodgers are and how much I like them and there right there with me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. sl7180@hotmail.com

    Winning game 1 would had made me feel good to go back to LA tied 1-1. I hate given up on this team but I’m not confident we can beat them 3 straight again but we still got to win a game on the road.

  121. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    well acardona, they don’t play tomorrow.. so try to relax and enjoy beautiful hawaii!!

    bluecrewgirl, i will be there and i will be LOUD. amy will too ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. bluecrewgirl

    Hope you guys have a great time. Sunday will be the beginning of another win streak. I still really feel like they’re going to do it.

  123. acardona16

    sara- true true! tomorrow is my last full day here so yeah i need to enjoy it!! i know you and amy will have fun sunday!! that would be cool to go to a game together! i could wear my #16 amy could wear her #27 and u could wear your #55 ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

  124. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    acardona, you’re coming back on sunday? then don’t lose out hope.. you can still make it to a playoff game!

  125. acardona16

    sara- yeah i’m actually leaving late on sunday and getting back REALLY early monday morning! so yeah i could actually try to make it to at least one game!!

  126. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i am far from compton. she’s vacationing..

    acardona, then you’ll have two chances.. either monday or wednesday!

  127. acardona16

    sara- yup! i sure hope i can make it to one! ok well i’m gunna head out now! have fun at the game sunday!!
    acardona = Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!

  128. vl4ecc

    sl7~You’re right. I never have met him in person. I have no desire to after the way he treated my niece a few years back when she worked at Disneyland. Any so called ‘super star’ that addresses a teenage girl with; “Who the f**k are you, and what makes you think I would talk to you? Shut the f**k up & get out of my face” gets absofreakinglutely NO respect for me. Just because he was having marital problems gives him no right to go off on a once beloved fan like my niece. My niece, and her friends were floored with that statement. So, you met him, and have a different opinion. Fine.
    Opinions are like a*sholes. Everybody’s got one. As far as me being a chump, I won’t get into confrontations on this blog. This is not the place. Adios.

  129. colliethec

    Well I guess it didn’t matter that I opened another couple packs of cards at game time. I didn’t pull any Dodgers or Phillies.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I guess it is all on the players.
    I can’t believe it!

  130. colliethec

    Well we are down 2-0. Oh well.
    We needed to win at least 1 on the road, correct?
    If we take care of our business at home we can still win 1 of 2 there.
    No doubt.
    As a fan pulling baseball cards of 1 team or the other doesn’t matter, but what does is making a difference for your team while at home.
    Please from one Dodger fan that can’t be there, if you are going to the game, give it your all.
    Don’t worry about your voice going out (Unless your a 911 operator!). Give it your all and do what you can to fire our team up. No beach balls! Pay attention to the game and have some fun because you are at the game and it hasn’t happened in 20 years.
    Something magical could very easily happen to this team.
    Keep the faith until the series is over. Because this series is far from over.
    Go Blue!!!

  131. colliethec

    And don’t get to down about a baseball game.
    There are people losing their houses and we are in a war. Just look at Charlie Manuel and what his family has had to go through today and for the days, weeks, months and years to come.
    I want to win just as much as everyone else here and most Dodger fans. I’m just saying lets not get to mad and keep things in perspective.
    As Tom Hanks said, “There is no crying in baseball!”.

  132. colliethec

    Okay, 3 in a row means I’m talking to myself so Peace out everybody! Have a great day tomorrow and have a great weekend!

  133. shad78

    Well I wasn’t logged in and I was going to correct you on that 1 for 2. We need to win the next 3 games at home with the 2-3-2 format.

  134. northstateblues

    Running ragged on the photocopy scenery
    in the hindsight of a paranoia prophecy
    Stomach wrenching, ankles shaking, finger phobia
    could this be the day we see the night?

    In the figure of a backroom shatter-smile
    the charred remnants fade away in the breeze
    I feel it coming, hear it dying, watch it mobilize
    Could this really be the difference?

    We’ve travelled farther than the map shows

    Tough loss, but the ball’s in our court now. I have faith in this team, can’t do anything less than that. I can’t believe some Dodger “fans” out and about on the internet are so eager to hate on the team. If they want to continue hating, they can buy a Giants hat and join them at Club Med or wherever the hell they are.

    As for me, I go down with the ship, just the same as I always have. It’d be nice if that ship makes it to the harbor for once, but the Dodgers always make it one hell of a ride. But those who jump ship lose their chance to a lifeboat, and just end up all wet.

    Some faces may change next year, but the one thing we know is that we can win in October. We don’t need to be the ’27 Yankees or the ’04 Red Sox. We just have to be better than the ’08 Phillies right now. And if we pull the same stunt they did and win all the games at home (which we’ve done in the season, like I need to remind you), then we’re up a game on them. And if we can’t win a game after that point, then we don’t deserve to win.

    Here’s to Sunday, keeping my fingers crossed for a New Chance, a New Park, and a New Moon.

  135. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Our Great Almighty Friend, the Great Dodger In the Sky is as Forgiving as He is All Powerful! Joseph Torre you made a decision toward forgiveness and success but you lack conviction and character and you will never reach your goal because of this! Super Hero Blake Dewitt is A true Dodger and Great Ball Player with a bright future and is ever loved by The Great Dodger in the Sky and All the Fans!The Great Dodger in the Sky says That Only If He Sees The Invincible, Indestructable,Inpenetrable,Man Of Steel, Ouy very Own,Superman Jeff Kent Start at Second Base,Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers will come back and not only win this Series but the Year Of Jubillee will be restored and the Dodgers will Be Crowned World Series Champions! Just Trust in the Great Dodger in the Sky’s Commands & Fear Not Now, Only Believe and Be Astonished with a Super Great Astonishment at What Will Happen!

  136. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD Late Night!!!

    Just checking in – was at high school football game freezing my *ss off, but at least we won. Hope you all are had a good day in spite of what happen with the Dodgers today.

  137. colliethec

    NSB-I’m still on that ship and will be win or loose. Also I agree with your earlier comment on the issue.
    As we know, the Dodgers will be alright if they can win these at home. If not the Dodgers will be alright for the future, as they have a great young core.
    I for one am excited for the rest of this year win or loose. It’s been a whole lot of fun and some great memories of the season.
    I will also be excited for the future as I think will be in the running for the division for awhile and that can’t be said for many other teams.
    Our pitching looks as if the future is going to be very good as well.
    I mean this is just baseball. It’s been like this for years. It breaks your heart but 4 months later you realize that your still in love. That’s why pitchers & catchers report on Valentines Day!
    Take care all and as always, Go BLUE!!!

  138. colliethec

    Whut up… Nelly is in the house!
    It sure feels like fall tonight doesn’t it Nelly.
    Yesterday I was in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Then last night we went to Target & to get gas and I was freezing trying to get gas (The pump wasn’t working so it took me a little longer to get the gas and that wind was whipping!).
    Bummer about the Blue but oh well. We aren’t out of it yet!
    I hope you had fun at the game!

  139. colliethec

    I was a little bummin myself so I went to youtube and watched the Abbott & Costello “Who’s on 1st” routine. It brought a smile to my face. They sure can be funny.
    Also the Danny Kay one with the Lego pieces. That one is pretty fun as well.
    Time to hit the hay as I’ve got to be up at 5:30 for work and I’m talking with myself again!

  140. northstateblues

    Dcollins, right on! Most years I feel like I’m the cellist on the Titanic, but I don’t think the hull’s been breeched quite yet.

    Hey Dnelly, sounds like a cold game tonight. Reminds me of my hometown HS Football field. Other teams used to HATE playing there, because the way the school’s built into the side of a hill that bowls in the center of town, that fall wind cut to the bone. And the seats on the hill side of the stadium were concrete, whereas the side facing the valley was just bleachers and chain-link.

    My HS team reminded me a lot of my NFL team, they both caused the refs to pelt the field with yellow flags.

  141. junkyardjamie

    dcollins ~ The game was fun. Our high school team is pretty good, and we have watched them for so long that eventhough my son isn’t playing this year, it’s still fun to watch. It was just so cold. Yesterday it was mid 80’s, today it was mid 60’s and very windy.

    As far as today’s Dodgers game, I obviously want them to do well, but right now it’s just fun watching them in October when 26 other teams are sitting at home. Living up here in gnat country, that fact alone goes a long way.

    And how are you?

    I see our friend who was given you a hard time last night was taking issues up with jj (vl4) tonight. What’s up with that?

    nsblues – I hope all is well with you too…

  142. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – yellow flags were flying tonight. Way too many turnovers. Even though Merced won, it should have been a blow out. Fumble after fumble… it was not pretty. I can’t say that about my nfl team seeing how Jason Campbell (Redskins) has yet to have a turnover. However, on my fantasy team, I have Philip Rivers who is also doing well. I have Campbell as back up, but Rivers has better numbers so far.

  143. junkyardjamie

    dcollins and nsblues ~ fabulous posts boys!!!

    Also, people keep bringing up Thursday’s game like it matters now. We can’t go back and change what happen so let’s move on to the next game. Same thing with today’s game. We can sit here and nit pick all the what could have beens, but it doesn’t do any good. I understand in the moment we all do that, but after the game is all said and done, it’s now in the past and most of us are really good about moving onto the next game,but some who just won’t let go.

  144. northstateblues

    Yeah, your Redskins are the talk of Talk Radio, though Clinton Portis isn’t trying to hear it, heh. He told Colin Cowherd that in so many words. To him, they’re the underdogs, even though they beat Dallas in Texas Stadium.

    Me, I’ve written off NFL for this season (my Lit classes will be thankful, heh), but still am pulling for USC.

    I have to honestly say that this is the first time my Dodgers championship hopes have outlasted my Raiders championship hopes. And trust me, that isn’t anywhere approaching a bad thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. junkyardjamie

    I am not a Raiders fan per se, but I do feel for their fans. As for football, I have many, many parents and grandparents this year who are Raiders or 49ers fans, and both teams are feeling it this year once again. At least on the radio they are talking about those two rather than the Giants. It is still brought up every once in a while, but just to take up issues with the Dodgers and how they don’t want us to win.

  146. kpookiemon

    Dodgers will send this thing back to Philly. Look for Nomar and Pierre. Especially against Moyer. Maybe Kemp and Blake need a game to get pissed.

  147. junkyardjamie

    Kahli – I am trying to be as positive as possible, but Matt sure hasn’t been looking so hot lately. I keep hoping he is going to break out during this series and he really hasn’t (yet…). I know he will, but I hope he does before Joe decides to give JP a shot.

  148. bluecrewgirl

    I think we should stick with the same team that got us there. They’ve come back from being down before and they’ll do it again.

  149. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – I think so too, and I hope Joe thinks it as well. They really aren’t doing so bad. Today just wasn’t Chad’s day.

  150. bluecrewgirl

    I think he left Bills in too long, DNelly, but no point in dwelling on it. They just need to take it one game at a time. These guys have all learned to trust and believe in each other and I think it would be a mistake to mess with the chemistry. The best players are on the field and a couple of tough losses doesn’t change that in my opinion.

  151. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – definitely – Sunday’s another game in which 26 other teams are sitting home watching. That in itself is a good feeling. The only change I would like to see is Andre back in the 2 hole. It’s been his spot and I would like it to stay his spot for the remainder of the post season. That operation ManDre is a great combination ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. colliethec

    Yup Nelly he was out and about.
    Thanks for trying to add some words last night to smooth it out. I probably shouldn’t of said anything. I haven’t been able to post much and sometimes things are said that I want to respond and haven’t been able to. So I did. & I probably will again.
    It didn’t upset me but I didn’t want it to be negative to others who enjoy the blog. That is what I was trying to say but sometimes what you want to say and what people take are different. I’m usually a positive person especially in sports. They are after all supposed to be fun.
    In baseball you can’t get to down. Everyday is a new day and a new game. You can’t dwell on the previous game and worry about it. You can’t worry about a play here or there. It happens where on one day your shut out and loose 0-1 and the next you loose 9-10. That’s one of those fun things about baseball. You never know and it doesn’t always make sense.
    What does make sense is we are down 0-2 and they really have out hit, out pitched, and out fielded us and that is why we are down in the series.
    But I don’t think they will roll over.
    Boy I can get long winded. Sorry it’s late!
    Okay now I’m going to bed.

  153. bluecrewgirl

    I’d like to see him back in front of Manny too DNelly, but I think he’s going to come up huge in the series before all is said and done no matter where he bats.

  154. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – good night!!!!

    p.s. he does that often, and that is what annoys me is that he doesn’t know when to stop. I have been advised not to engage by the wise ones on here, but it’s extremely hard in some cases, like last night.

  155. junkyardjamie

    I think you are right bluecrewgirl – he’s going to have a big night. He has been having pretty good at-bats, except for those few strikeouts.

  156. shad78

    sl7~You’re right. I never have met him in person. I have no desire to after the way he treated my niece a few years back when she worked at Disneyland. Any so called ‘super star’ that addresses a teenage girl with; “Who the f**k are you, and what makes you think I would talk to you? Shut the f**k up & get out of my face” gets absofreakinglutely NO respect for me. Just because he was having marital problems gives him no right to go off on a once beloved fan like my niece. My niece, and her friends were floored with that statement. So, you met him, and have a different opinion. Fine.
    Opinions are like a*sholes. Everybody’s got one. As far as me being a chump, I won’t get into confrontations on this blog. This is not the place. Adios.

    By vl4ecc on October 10, 2008 7:43 PM
    Report any abuse or spam

    So I see you had problem with him before? You knew Kobe had that rape case years ago maybe he didn’t want to be bother and is your niece still work their. Was she talkign to him how did them 2 meet in disneyland? I can’t believe that incident your niece had with him make you not to like him I see that is your opinion

  157. shad78

    BTW vl4, you know those Athletics just want to stay away from all the talking and just have a nice day without no one talking to them acting for an autograph.

    Geez I did applogizes to Dcollins what’s the problem now? It’s just so hard to get that game out of my head because I think if we would had won that momentum would be on our side and Bills would probably had been sharp. Now we have to try hard to win the next 3 to 4 games in a rows and I still don’t think we can win in Philly. They still have the momentum winning 6 in a rows all in Philly. I guess I wanted this game tied 1-1 and tell me we can win in Philly.

  158. shad78

    I was only 10 years old when they won it in 1988 so I couldn’t really enjoy it. I want to see more and with this bunch of young talent we got now.

  159. shad78

    Oh yeah and not to mention that this might be the last time Kent ever came close to getting another ring while actually playing for a team in the playoff since SF choke game 6 lead down the drain and I really would love for him to stuff it in SF face.

  160. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Kemp is back to his old crap of taking pitches down the middle for strikes and swinging at pitches he can’t begin to hit. He’s also pulling his head off the ball. Why now???? We need him to get hot, get some hits and drive in some runs. We need to win the next three games to have a chance to win this.

  161. junkyardjamie

    Shad/Sl17/Spit (to not confuse those who may not know you are all three names) ~

    First of all, Thursday’s game is/has been history for TWO DAYS now, so drop it. If you want to keep rehashing the past, then go to “The Pulse” and converse with Cubs fans. I am sure they would enjoy it. They have 100 years of “I wish we would have won yesterdays”

    Second, people on this board are allowed to have their opinions,(especially on non-baseball topics or personalities of athletes) without other people wondering, thinking or asking why, and if they do offer the reasons why, then they should feel free to move on, and not have to worry about being called on it over and over again. For the record, I am not a Kobe fan ethier. I enjoy watching the Lakers (eventhough I am a Kings fan), but I can’t stand Kobe ethier. However, that is my opinion just like I have my opinion about players on the Dodgers (which I am feeling different about all the time), and I should feel free to talk about those opinions without having to be called an *sshole, jerk, and worse at times. I am not saying people shouldn’t be ready to defend their reasons, especially if a person is talking stats, but asking people to defend a feeling is wrong. example ~ It’s no secret, but I am not a fan of Juan Pierre, but I shouldn’t have to defend that feeling if I all I am talking about is a feeling. Now, if I want to debate on him playing over Andre, Matt or Manny, then I better be ready to back it up with statistics.

    Third, you need to leave the ladies on this board alone. Stop asking them to go out and asking them where they live. THIS makes me really uncomfortable, as I am sure it does to most (if not everyone) on this board, including the ones you are talking to. I have a teenage daughter and I know many on this board have young daughters and even older daughters who want to know their daughters can come onto a board like this and be safe in knowing all they are going to be talking about is baseball (or whatever the topic they are choosing to talk about) if they choose to do so.

    I love this ITD family and it really bothers me when you are picking on-line fights with (or trying to pick up) others that I care about on this board. When you do things like that, it makes you no better than joeyp. This is all in my humble opinion, and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else on this board. I like many of the things you have to say, and I want you to keep on talking on this board, but just be careful about the things you are saying. That’s all that I am asking.

    Sorry for the long post, and Ward Dear, Wally and Beav – June Darlin’/mom had to engage ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!

    This will be another weird weekend day with no Dodger baseball. I guess college football will be the order of the day.

    Boblee – good luck to you Cowboys this weekend. Boy, do we have a tough division or what?

  163. heartruss

    Good morning ITD. Good morning DNelly. It’s a new day. The Dodgers are home and soon to be practicing at Dodger Stadium. It’s a little cold and windy. Tomorrow we will show the Phillies who are the greatest fans in all of baseball!! I know that we will sweep them on our home turf. Then, World Series here we come. No use looking back because the future is bright!! What’s done is done. Now let’s get on and win!! GO DODGERS! GO BLUE!

  164. j-murray

    i’m not trying to be the resident pessimist here, but how appropriate would it be if the dodgers lost the next 2 at home? they go from looking like a juggernaut in chicago one day and the bad news bears in philly the next. undeniably similar to the entire regular season. i can already see title of ken rosenthal’s column now…….”Dodger Season Lives by Rollercoaster, Dies by Rollercoaster.”

  165. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, xoxrussell!!!!!
    You are right, we are going to have an awesome series at home. Tomorrow starts our sweep at Dodger Stadium and eventually into the World Series.

  166. arayd

    There’s only 3 things we need.

    1. Improved starting pitching, and being back at pitcher friendly dodger stadium will help. Kuroda will come through I know it. D-Lowe and Billz will definitely do better. More breaking balls Billz!

    2. More consistent offensive production 6-8.

    3. Furcal to get started this series.

    I believe.That’s it.

    Let’s go DODGERS!! clap-clap CLAPCLAPCLAP

  167. junkyardjamie

    malleycat – I believe nsblues does since he posts his drawings, but those are attached to his own blog. I believe he uses photobucket for some stuff though.
    arayd – great post and you are definitely right about all of those things, plus a little more clutch hitting by all would be nice too.

  168. northstateblues

    One thing MLBlogs sorely needs that many other blogs, message boards, etc. have: An ignore button. Short, sweet, simple and to the point. If you don’t like what I’m writing, you could click ignore, and the posts by me disappear. If you don’t like someone else’s, click ignore, and the posts by them disappear to you. The ignored persons can still post and write, and people who haven’t ignored them can read it. Seems simple enough, right?

    YouTube has a great setup for stuff like this, where you can rate comments, and if it gets 1 negative rating from you, it hides the comment, and if it gets 6 negative in total, it hides the comment, making you click on it if you do want to read it.

    I’ll tell you one thing, would make DeRosa’s aramis08 and our joeypp problems disappear, and they could enjoy the satisfaction of having cyber-tourette’s.

    Malleycat: the best way to show a photo in the comments is to copy and paste the URL address link into the comments. unfortunately, we can’t straight up show a picture on the comments section. But with aramis08’s and joeypp’s among us, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, heh.

  169. junkyardjamie

    northstateblues ~ how are you doing today? I guess I need to pretend and ignore more often, I guess – LOL!!!!

  170. trublu4ever

    nellyae ~ sometimes we just can’t ignore…….especially when others are being degraded. I guess, speaking our minds is in our genes! lol

  171. junkyardjamie

    Trublue ~ The thing is we expect it when we see joeyp and gang come on the screen, and that I understand ignoring, but we shouldn’t have to read attacks like that from resident ITD bloggers. JJ and dcollins didn’t deserve that at all.

  172. northstateblues

    Hi Dnelly ๐Ÿ™‚ Tough to ignore sometimes, the trouble with this situation is that if you ignore enough (w/o “ignore” feature), then the problem owns you and dictates how you will experience the blog.

    I felt odd last night seeing that some people feel that the Dodgers losing gives them the right to be jerks to everyone else. And then no one posts for a while. I come home, and no one had posted for an hour and a half. Why? They lost, but I’m sure everyone had a lot to say. Just because a select few decide to call us names because we don’t agree with them that the only way we’d win the series is if we lifted the trade deadline in the middle of the postseason to get other teams players? Because they feel that it’s a teenage girl’s fault that a Professional athlete cussed her out, the reasoning being that she should have known better than to talk to someone at work because of a rape case (in which said athlete was acquitted, by the way)?

    Maybe ignoring the problem is not the only way to deal with it. Maybe treating the problem as if it is of no consequence is the solution. Joeypp thrives on the silence his statements create, and then he unloads repeated vulgar posts. But what happens when everyone talks? He goes away. It’s all about going at the speed of moonlight, if that makes any sense. If you can outrun it, then it can’t catch.

    Don’t take the problem head on. But plant the seeds that will overgrow the problem

    As for me, my computers dying, or dead, can’t tell which yet. so I’ll probably not be posting as often for a while. luckily this problem happens at a good time, so I’ll probably be up and running sooner than I would be otherwise. For now, I get to share a computer with four other adults in the house (and somehow, since I whine the least, I get thrown to the bottom of the pecking order). And for some reason, this computer that’s faster and has more memory than mine tends to hate the ITD blog, and make it take forever and crash (and I was running on a 10GB hard drive on my computer, imagine that!) That’s gonna be fun.

  173. amyw27

    nsb- you can’t leave. I need you ๐Ÿ™‚ you are my pop star friend.
    the pieces by you and nelly about certain problems were great. You both expressed yourselves quite nicely~

  174. northstateblues

    Hi Amy, my pop legend friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not going anywhere, just probably posting less frequently as the day goes on and others use the computer.

    I’m just tired of problems. And here I thought I was getting a Nintendo Wii, but now it’ll be a PC instead, heh. I love life ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I guess he just hit a nerve last night when he went off on jj, after going off on dcollins the other night. Then going reading through the whole thing with Sara and acardona again and trying to find things out about them. I was actually fine with it last night when I was talking to you and dcollins, and then when he started up all over again this morning, that’s when my “ignore” button in my head wasn’t working so well. I hope you don’t drop off too much. Like Amy said, it’s too much fun with you around here. BTW – is it cold up there too? Man, it is windy and very, very cold here right now. Yikes!!!!

    How are you doing Amy?

  176. bluecrewgirl

    Computer problems suck, northstate. We’ve become so dependent upon them. My pc is pretty much dead and my laptop is okay, but has seen better days. I am going to have to bite the bullet and get a new one shortly myself. Computers aren’t like tv’s where they can last for years since they become slow after a few years as technology keeps changing. I hope everyone on ITD has a great day. I’m off to see the new Samuel L. Jackson movie with a friend. He’s one of my favorites. Looks like it should be pretty good.

  177. northstateblues

    Goodbye Philly (to the tune of Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp)

    it was an early game yesterday,
    we were done long before dawn
    we really didn’t enjoy our stay
    but we must be moving on

    Like the 74 Dodgers
    We will soon be strong
    We’re the dawning of a dynasty
    Even though we might not go on

    Now I believe what McCarver says
    Is a much disputed truth
    He wants to have things his own way
    Like Morgan in his booth

    Like a day without Vin Scully
    Like a neverending rain
    Just the thought of this long winter
    Sends a shiver through my veins

    And we will go on shining
    brightly in our blue
    And with Philly behind us
    Citizens Bank we will leave soon

    Goodbye stranger, it’s been real
    Two close games you did steal
    I can’t see your point of view
    All your toweled dreams won’t come true

    Goodbye Franklin, goodbye Bell
    Hello L.A., your new hell
    We’ll feel no sorrow, feel no shame
    And tomorrow begins your pain

    Now some we’ll win, and some we won’t
    But now the won’ts must fade
    Some will hit, and some will miss
    Some new names will be made

    You can laugh at my optimism
    That’ll never bother me
    As the moonlight’s beams are maddening
    I don’t pay no heed

    And we will go on shining
    brightly in our blue
    By the time we’re back in Philly
    Those towels will know they’re through

    Goodbye stranger, it’s been real
    Two close games you did steal
    I can’t see your point of view
    All your toweled dreams won’t come true

    Goodbye Franklin, goodbye Bell
    Hello L.A., your new hell
    We’ll feel no sorrow, feel no shame
    And tomorrow begins your pain


  178. northstateblues

    bluecrewgirl, with what’s happening to us and Dcollins, the computer gods must be Giants fans, heh.

    Alright, I”m off for now. Hope to be back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. junkyardjamie

    nsblues ~ I am so glad someone did Supertramp – just awesome!!!! I have been wanting to try “Breakfast in America”, but just haven’t been able to sit down and try. That’s what will be fun about the off season. See what creative things this group comes up with to keep us occupied until Spring Training starts again.

    As for the weather – didn’t even get a touch of fall, and my husband says it’s supposed to be 90 again next week. I am usually not this cold even in the winter. The wind is making it much colder right now.

  180. amyw27

    hey nelly- I am ok. I am going to Disneyland today as soon as my friend gets here. Having a little bit of a cold today, but it wont stop me from my fun tonight. We have a lovely dinner awaiting us ๐Ÿ™‚
    nsb- gotcha. you’re now having ‘computer blues’ today.

  181. junkyardjamie

    ….. and Dodgereric had his computer crash not too long ago ethier – Have a great day nsblues.

    I am trying to pay my bills on-line, but obviously I am having a hard time multi-tasking today.

  182. amyw27

    maybe you all should come over to the Mac side of life. Those times of problems happen less frequent ๐Ÿ™‚ ..I’m just saying..haha.

  183. junkyardjamie

    ohh Disneyland – say hi to Mickey and gang for me. Have a great time!!!!! “computerblues” – that’s funny Amy!!!!

  184. junkyardjamie

    I have no idea why “ethier” got in there. I meant to type “too”, but Andre must have been in my head instead – LOL!!!

  185. amyw27

    yea, I work in a creative atmosphere and we all have Mac’s at home. I got my personal Mac 2 years ago and I swear by it too. To me, it’s really superior!
    I am excited for Disneyland, if my friend will ever get here. But it;s ok, the park is open til midnight and the fact that we go every month, we don’t have to rush or anything.
    How are you?

  186. junkyardjamie

    I am doing good. Just trying to catch up on house stuff so I can watch the game tomorrow. I am trying to add a few bills on-line so that is why it appears I have been on here all day. I was really worried about doing this on-line bill paying thing, but now I love it so I am trying to put all of them on this way.

    My friend who is my baseball buddy and co-worker goes to Disneyland once a month too on her season pass, and she does live up here, so it can be done. She is single and goes with her mom. It might be worth looking into for the off-season. I tend to spend my time in LA and Dodger games during the season.

  187. amyw27

    nelly- it’s a great idea. Baseball is half the year, and Disneyland is all year long. You can do with your mom. I know Tru loves Disneyland a whole bunch ๐Ÿ™‚ See now we’re on the right track.
    Yeah, since I’m out today and I will be at the dodger game tomorrow, I’d just counting house work and bills at a loss this weekend. I won’t have a lot of time to get stuff done. But it’s all in the name of important fun, so it will all be worth it.

  188. junkyardjamie

    That is for sure!!!! I tell you, my husband and I went as adults for the first time last year, meaning our kids are teenagers now, and we didn’t have to walk them around. We had the best time. We really got to do what we wanted to do, and I had a blast. So, you are right, it’s definitely worth looking into.

  189. amyw27

    That sounds wonderful. I want to do a Disneyworld vacation without kids. I hope that in the next few years I can make that happen. You know with this economy, vacations like that aren’t as possible. Oh, an also i want to Disney cruise!! That would be amazing!

  190. kingmansperformance

    Malleycat, it is my understand you cannot post pictures here, and if you could, you would see one in most people’s posts. At least I asked here awhile back and was told no.

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