Quite a night…

The combination of long hours and cold weather has got a number of us under the weather, so I apologize for not posting last night as I had planned. But safe to say, it was a near perfect evening from the Dodgers’ perspective. Strong pitching, timely hitting, good defense and a win on the road, which has been hard to come by all year, let alone in Chicago where the Cubs have been among the Majors’ best teams at home.

Derek did what he seems to do best – step up in clutch situations. If Chad can do the same thing tonight, you’ve got to feel good about this series. But the most important game is this one, as heading home up 2-0 would obviously be hugely different than coming back tied.

One thing I have to say is that I’m very proud of this team and this organization. There have been plenty of bumps in the road along the way and no one knows how this series will turn out, but just think of everything that’s happened during the 50th anniversary season…from the Rose Parade, to leaving Vero Beach, to going to China (which everyone said was going to hinder Joe Torre’s ability to manage the team), to sold-out crowds throughout Arizona, to the Coliseum and a record 115,300 fans, to the Opening Day ceremonies with Dodger legends, to injuries to key players and other guys stepping up, to the maturation of a lot of the “kids,” to adding Berroa, Blake, Manny and Maddux, to the best record in the league when it counts most – in September. In all honestly, it feels like this season has been going on for a couple of years and I hope all the fans out there are enjoying this as much as possible.

I can think of just one thing that will make it more enjoyable…another victory tonight. And then nine more after that.


Dodgers all the way !


Well, what can I say. I am sooooo proud to say, and always am, that I am a born-n-raised “Big Blue Wrecking Crew Fan” and will always — yes, always bleed Dodger Blue!!! Go Dodgers!!! Go Bums!!! Hey, what did everyone think about the blessing of the Cubbies dugout yesterday; hahahahaha, their goana need more than that to lift their curse! LOL, This Dogers team is the total package, SRY Cubie fans :(, Dodgers are better :-).

I only saw one other Dodger fan at the game last night, but I had the best time of my life. After Loney hit that slam, I have never heard a stadium that quiet in my life and the fans started crying and being negative the rest of the game.


Lasorda has always said that God is a Dodger fan so there’s no amount of praying of blessings that will help the Cubs. Go Blue, Go Loney!

scurtis – I thought about you last night several times, especially after the grand slam and the last out. Don’t they know there’s no crying in baseball. I am glad you had a great time.

Josh ~ Great write up today!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon.

JOSH – This has been a very long season for the DODGERS, but they over came all the obstacles and now they are on Game 2 of the Playoffs with DODGERS winning 1-0. DODGERS GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A CHAMPION.
GOOOOO DOOODGERS…I’m so ready for tonights game.

SCURTIS1999 you were surrounded by a bunch of “LOOSERS!” LOL! So were you like the only person Cheering….I think I heard you on tv during Loneys HR….LOL! Haaahaaaa Hope you had an awsome time..duh…you DID!

Good afternoon all!
Looks like Longoria is a regular one man gang today for the Rays!
Here’s hoping the Dodgers pick up where they left off last night, putting their feet down on the accelerator, and never letting up. Bills should be loose. Just go out & pitch. All the pressure is on Zambrano. I’m just hoping he has another implosion, followed by a gatorade cooler moment.
GO DODGERS!!! Keep the Cubbies the lovable losers that they are!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, but it sure is a good day to wake up a Dodger fan.

Nelly, thanks, I was like ITD has to be going nuts right now! I was!

Dodgersrule, yup had a great time, yeah I was the only one standing and cheering. It was great!

Congrats to Tampa Bay on winning their first playoff game ever. 6-4 over the Chisox.

HA all Chicago fans here at work right now are dead quiet lol

WOW! Just over 35,000 in attendance at Tropicana Field for their first ever playoff game is pathetic. That’s ALOT of empty seats!

That’s great news scurtis! You must be grinning like the cat that ate the canary….Let’s hope it stays that way all the way through tonights game with another Dodger victory.

good afternoon all:)
Josh- perfectly said. 2008 has been the best Dodger season of my life and along the way I’ve met some great people. I am so proud of this group of guys and what they’ve accomplished. I applaud the McCourts for putting on the events, clinics and celebrations that helped shape the greatness of my 2008 season as a fan.
Scurits- I am happy for you 🙂 last night was amazing. I can only hope for the same excitement on Saturday. I’ve never been to a winning Palyoff game before!

Vl4ecc, I have a creepy smile on my face lets just say that ha

Amy, yup you got good seats for Saturday? Have fun!

I do have good seats 🙂 I’m looking forward to it very much! Are you going to tonight’s game as well???

scurtis, that must’ve been AWESOME! It’s like Plaschke said “What’s important is that THEY [Cubs fans] know they’re gonna lose.” Hoping Crazy Carlos Kicks the Cooler tonight, won’t take much, never does for that guy.

Amy, konnichiwa, watashino tomodachi! Feeling better?

Amy, nope gotta work tonight but at least I will be able to watch the game lol

NSBlues, it was freaking awesome! I had a smile on my face after the 4th inning till like 2am haha

new thread. With lineup.

scurtis, after Loney’s slam, the first thing I thought after yelling myself hoarse was “Damn, I hope scurtis gets outta Wrigleyville alright”, heheheheh

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