If it ain't broke, don't fix it…

Same lineup as last night…


Let’s hope for the same results! Go Dodgers!

Great lineup! Thanks for your posts, Josh. Please feel better soon.

That’s what I always say!

No complains here, great line-up, great team….GO DODGERS!

That’s always been my philosophy! 🙂

Looking forward to a superior start by Billz.

Man I tried to sign up for Tony Jackson’s ITD Blog.
Ispent about a half hour following instructions

Have you guys & gals checked out last nights pictures from Dodgers.com where Furcal, Ethier & Ram-Man are congratulating LONEY (YOU GO LONEY!) and right in the middle of the celebration is the Cubs Catchers NOT celebrating! GREAT PICTURE!

Nsblues! HAHA that’s cool. Yup I made it out alright, went to a bar with my 3 Cub friends and had a good time. Met a nice young woman too hehe.

dodgersrule, no but I’d love to see that picture.

SCURTIS1999 in the Cubs website they have another picture of them celebrating but no Catcher on that picture. I don’t know how to attached websites addresses but here is the Dodgers website pic.


Apparently I failed to get on Tony Jackson ITD blog.
To complicated for me, I guess.
I don’t blame Torre, because I can’t think of a better lineup either.
What an unexpected victory last night.
Beating the Cubs who have the best home record, while we have the worst road record.
Well we’re one up after winning the opener.
I think we have a pretty good chance now.
I still think it’s going to be tough but this team never stops surprising me lately

If it ain’t broke, yadayadayada………I posted this yesterday about this time, so here it is again. Not that I’m superstitious……..

Danny Kaye says:

So I say D, I say D-O,
D-O-D-G-E-R-S, team, team, team, team

O, I say O-M,
O-M-A-L-L-E-Y, Oh really? No, O’Malley

Sandy Koufax, oh my Drysdale, Maury Wills
I love you so
And we defy

Defy the J-I,
J-I-N-T-S, Giants!

Play ball

Orlando Cepeda is at bat with the bases jammed
Orlando Cepeda with a Wham! Bam!
He hit a grand slam
In the very first inning
But it’s only the beginning

In the third like a bird we get two on an away
Then Fairly hits into a double play
Here comes big Frank Howard yes-sirree
Boy what a swing!
Strike three

Oh dem B, oh dem B-U,
B-U-M-S, dem bums, dem bums, dem dry bums
Oh they may be bums but they’re my bums

Top of the fifth

“Say Hey” Willy Mays hits a three bagger down the right field line
But he’s out trying to stretch it to a homer
As Roseboro tags him on the bottom of the spine
With a crack you can hear all the way back up to San Francisco
Open your hospital

Inning six

Maury Wills draws a walk in the coach’s box
Leo Durocher, Leo Durocher starts to wiggle and to twitch
A signal? No, an itch
Go Maury, Go Maury, Go, Go, Go
Maury goes
The catcher throws

Right from the solarplexus
At the bag he beats the tag
That mighty little waif
And umpire Conlan cries “you’re out!”
Out? Out?

Down in the dug-out Alston glowers
Up in the booth Vin Scully frowns
Out in the stands O’Malley grins
Attendance fifty thousand
And what does O’Malley do? Ahh!

Bottom of the ninth

Four to nutin’
Last chance
Push the button
Oh we’re pleadin’, beggin’, on our knees
Come on you Flatbush refugees

Maury Wills at bat
Hit it for me once
Stu Miller throws
Maury bunts
Cepeda runs to field the ball and Hiller covers first
Haller runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball and Conlan calls “safe!”

Yeah Maury!
Gilliam up
Miller grunts
Miller throws
Gilliam bunts

Cepeda runs to field the ball and Hiller covers first
Howard runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball and Conlan calls “safe!” Yeah Conlan!
Willie Davis gets a hit and Tommy does the same
Here comes Mr. Howard with a chance to win the game

Hit it once
Big Frank bunts?
Cepeda runs to field the ball, so does Hiller, so does Miller
Miller hollers Hiller
Hiller hollers Miller

Haller hollers Hiller points to Miller with his fist
And that’s the Miller, Hiller, Haller hallelujah twist
The Davises score it’s four to four
Howard’s still running the bases
From second to third it’s almost absurd

Amazement on everyones faces
He’s heading for home
He hasn’t a chance
The poor nut is gonna be dead
But the ball hits him right in the seat of his pants

And he scores
That’s using your head

So I say D, I say D-O,

The team that’s all heart
All heart and all thumbs
They’re my Los Angeles
Your Los Angeles
Our Los Angeles
Do you really think we’ll really win the pennant?

Bums! Oooo dem bums!

By dodgereric on October 1, 2008 2:26 PM
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If you want the music……….

By dodgereric on October 1, 2008 2:27 PM

JOEPIERRE: Someone once told me “DREAMS DO COME TRUE”, by Disney Princess Cinderella…LOL

Sabathia is laboring in Philly.


dodgersrule, wow thanks. those are awesome!@

Grand slam for Victorino. 5-1 Phillies.

Sabathia looks like Dempster did last night. Couldn’t find the strike zone. Gave up the walks. Then BOOM!

This line up rocks. ITD friends, isn’t it great to feel so strongly about a line up from Top to bottom?!?! I love it. Confidence is key~

With CC pitching for the 4th straight time on 3 days rest, it looks like it may have finally caught up with him.

Nsb- hello, as my response from the last thread. I feel better in some ways and worse in others. I think my stress is manifesting into physical symptoms now. I’m working through some things in my life 😦
Rose- hello to you to girl. I see you on the board. I hope your watching the game with your kids so they know the value of this team!
Scurtis- you met a young lady. I am happy for you. Good luck with the lead 🙂 I’m pulling for you.
Josh- yes, feel better. I am so happy that you and Dre are keeping us updated. We live for Dodger baseball!

Amy, yup but it was kinda creepy. Long story lol

I feel a big game tonight from CBill and at the plate Dre!

amyPopStar (or whatever north’s title for you is), very amateur psychologist dodgereric here. In many many cases, stress is self-inflicted. That’s not to say that you don’t have problems, just that you allow it to affect you. Step back, take a look and see if it might be true. If it is, you may feel relief very quickly.

amyPopStar ~ I’m in agreement with Eric. Please take care of yourself. I used to get stressed out about everything. I finally got to thinking that life is much too short so, now I say “What the heck” (being polite here!) and, I enjoy everyday to its fullest.

You are in for a real treat on Saturday. Opening days and playoff games are so special!!
I hope you are feeling better. Wins are the best medicine along some nice chicken soup and a hot toddy if is cold there. Very hot here in Chatsworth (91 right now). oh oh, I see rain forecast for Saturday…
Don’t give up signing up at Tony’s blog or send him an email. I emailed once and he responded the same day.
Was listenig to ESPN radio the Herd this morning. He was talking nicely about the Dodgers. He also said “wish they had a song”. too bad I could not call. There are so many he could use like “I Love L.A”. the Danny Kaye song. I should have send him and email but I’ve been so busy with monthend and I got a business trip to N.H. on 10/19. I looked at the playoff schedule and gave my ok for the trip :-). After hearing Don Newcombe talk about his playing days with Campy at Nashua, NH where they let them play, I’d like to visit that minor league facility. Is close to the hotel.

Eric/Tru- thank you and you are right. I am a carefree, happy, silly girl. I take pleasure in the small things in life and am always full of energy. This thing came out of no where and it’s greatly affecting me. That’s how I know it’s bad. I’m not rebouding at all and I’m just getting sick. It’s ok. I have a loving family and people who are here for me. I’m not totally lost or anything. Just having a hard time.
Emma- I can’t wait at all. Saturday will be a happy day indeed.
Thank you guys for the title to my name. It makes me smile 🙂

Well said eric & Tru ~ After I spent over two years in a war zone, and making it out intact (for the most part), I learned there are too many things in life that come at you that you have absolutely no control over. All the trivial stupid things I used to stress over, I just shake them off now, and laugh.
Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.
Be well amy. Life’s too short.

AMY – oh yes the whole family will be watching the game tonight with a special dinner for tonight. We are all going to be sporting our Dodger gear… Tomorrows game I will probably miss…It is my dad’s b-day, I’m just hoping that he will have on at my parents. Right now I’m in a double celebration mode. Yesterday it was my brothers b-day & dodgers, Today it is my sister bday & Dodgers, and Tomorrow it is my Dad’s b-day and dodgers….CELEBRATION TIME COME ON!
JOSH – drink HOT GREEN TEA…it works for me, ask TORRE. LOL!

The older you get the less things bother you.
Happy Birthday to Maury Wills!!!!
got to go leave work now.
Good luck Dodgers! Good luck Billz! Make Defiance, Oh very proud of you!!!

Rose- there is no baseball tomorrow. It’s a travel day!
I will be good. I promise you all. Thanks for the concern. I do appreciate it.

HHaahaa Duh! I just wish they play everyday…LOL. In a way it is good cause now I can really celebrate with my family. I’m glad you are feeling a little better and take care of yourself for Saturday’s game.

Thanks, dodgersrule! I knew I had it wrong, I just couldn’t remember what it WAS! LOL! Maybe THAT’S why I’m not so stressed! Short term memory loss RULES!!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!GO BILLZ!!!!!!!!

letss go dodgerss!!!! lets go dodgerss!!! im getting pumped up…may the higher powers up above grant us another win today..it would be hugeeeee.pleaseeee

have tickets for sat game..it be sweet if they were up 2-0 going into sat game

Pop Legend Amy, I’m not going to pretend to know what you’re dealing with, but I’ve been a stress-heavy person most of my life. Even now (heck, ESPECIALLY now) I have moments of unclarity where I have trouble reeling everything in, making school and work co-exist while trying to excell at both.

The one thing that gets me thought (and I know this is a huge cliche) is thinking of Disneyland. Thinking about how much fun I’ve had there. Remembering being 4 years old, looking at the sidewalk on Main Street, and thinking “wow, those rocks look like Mickey’s head!” Seeing the characters during the Main Street Electrical Parade waving, and you KNOW they’re waving at you. The way the sky is pinkish orange at night, and the smoke after the fireworks show just hang in the air in the same shape.

Rembering being at Dodger Stadium when the team comes from behind for that killer win (or even better, when they’re never behind at all). Looking at that 2 year old kid with chocolate malt on his face you know Vin Scully has on the camera and is talking about. The way that, during a night game, the sun sets, and you can see the haze float in under the lights, as 35,000-56,000 people are just going NUTS!!!

Being at either of those places, and know that you’re not just experiencing it, but you’re a part of it.

I know that it’s kinda small change compared to the problems we deal with in our everyday lives, and sometimes, even that isn’t enough. But it’s a start, and sometimes, that’s just what you need to put things in perspective.

Hope that helps 🙂

reprinted, but slightly modified for Furcal
Inspired by Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead
Winnin’ got our lineup in. Keep hittin’, like Ev’ry Day Dre
Together, without Kent we are, just keep winnin on.
Martin, Ethier, Blake, Loney, Kemp, DeWitt and Manny
Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh and its all on the same streak.
Your typical ballclub involved in a typical win streak
Light ‘em up and see what tomorrow brings.
’Zona, got a soft bullpen; Rockies, got the boys but not men;
Giants got the old old men; but they always play us hard, yeah.
Most of the fans that you meet on the streets speak of blue blood,
Most of the falls we’re sittin and cryin at home.
One of these days we know we better get goin
Out of the funk and into first place all alone.
Hittin’, like Ev’ry Day Dre. Joe told us he will play his hot hands
Most times Ned’s picks are really lame, you got to sit them down.
Sometimes the hittin’ and pitchin’s in synch;
Other times the Bums really stink.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange year its been.
What in the world ever became of Raffy?
He lost his spark, and you know he wasn’t the same
Gotta bad disk, surgery and back again
All a fan can say is wow he got game.
Winnin, even in Frisco. Been thinkin, you got to pitch ‘em low(e)
Takes time, especially with Joe, but now keep winnin’ on.
Sittin and starin out of the hotel window.
Kahli says, hey, Rockies could come alive again,
Dre needs to get some sleep he’s got an off day,
But a bun in the oven, you gotta help with breathin’.
Busted, down at Petco Park, set up, with a Giants win.
Let’s go, none of that Washington. We won’t be playin like that, NoMore.
You’re done with all these home games and you have to travel;
Get tired of travelin and you want to come back home.
I guess we can’t blame Joe for all Ned’s choices,
Get off of the rail and light out and move all around.
Sometimes the hittin’ and pitchin’s in synch;
Other times the Bums really stink.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange year its been.
Winnin’, we’re a goin home. whoa whoa back in first where we belong,
Back home, sit down and patch my bones, and get back winnin’ on.
Hey now get back winnin’ now.

NSBlues: That is the best medicine. I have my child to proof that Disneyland & dodgers works. I really think that Mickey Mouse should throw the first pitch on Saturday and Goofy should sing the National Anthem…this is just me thinking!

Alright, I got my Bud Light, I’ve got my Dodger hat on (that I haven’t taken off all day), and i’ve got a fever! And the only thing that can cure it is MORE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!



nsblues ~ what you just said about Disneyland and Dodger Stadium is great………I’m thinking about all the great times I had at both places. I know Amy will put your idea to good use. The Electrical Parade Song is going over and over in my head. Thanks.

Rose and Tru, no prob. What I miss from Disneyland is CircleVision. Especially the movie that had the scene at Dodger Stadium when the player stole Second, and you could see everything as you looked around. The last I saw, it had the Mars Rover and NASA stuff in the building.

The coolest back in the ’80’s were the telephone rooms as you came out of CircleVision. They had the closed off booths with this awesome, futuristic technology that allowed :: gasp :: everyone in the room to hear and talk at the same time with the caller on the telephone! So awesome back then

I’ve got my Andre shirt on tonight. Wore Loney’s last night and, bam, grand Slam! So, here’s to you Dre. If he hits early in the game, I can change to Russell’s or Manny’s (though Manny doesn’t usually need my help) if it gets really bad, I might have to put all of them on at the same time! Anything I can do to get us a win.

t minus 30 minutes and counting 🙂

“The Baseball Boogie” by The Baseball Boogie Bunch:

Everybody c’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
Do the Baseball Boogie tonight!

C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
All night long

We’re having fun, as you can see
Baseball’s very very good to me
In Espanol and English too
We’re gonna get down a little just for you!

We’ve got the rhythm from our gloves right down to our shoes
Have you heard the news?
So move over Huey, Aretha and the Brothers Blue
Do it to it! Do it to it!

C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
Do the Baseball Boogie tonight!

C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
All night long

We like to hustle, and we’ll give you more
We’re a bunch of guys who really like to score!
We’re playing hard in this baseball race
Swinging the bat, and stealing the base!

We want to hear them play our music on the radio show
And the video shows!
So put on your dancing shoes and your boogie-ing clothes
C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
Do the Baseball Boogie tonight!

C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
All night long

(Spoken during music break):
Hey, does management know about this?
Yeah, they LOOOOVE the band!
Where are the batboys?
We traded ’em!
Get that one! Get that one!
Hey, where are we playing next?

C’mon baby, and boogie with me
We’re gonna dance ’til a quarter to 3!
C’mon baby, won’t you boogie with me
Do the Baseball Boogie with me!

C’mon baby, and boogie with me
We’re gonna dance ’til a quarter to 3!
C’mon baby, won’t you boogie with me
All night long!

Everybody c’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
Do the Baseball Boogie tonight!

C’mon, let’s rock tonight
We’re goin’ right outta our minds
C’mon, baby, let’s boogie tonight
All night long

It looks like the Phillies are about to wrap that thing up.
Would like to see them take it in 3 games and then get rusty.

Bonsoir (Good Evening) Gang!!!!!!!
Excellent songs Crash, NS, and ChevelleDad!!!!!
Let’s go Dodgers!!!!

Hey JHall! Ready to get this started!!!!


Great! Pizza’s here in time for the game. Cerveza’s chilling.

Yep NS, me too!!!!
C’mon Billz!!!!

You vs. Mark DeRosa: The NLDS blog battle is on.


No problemo!
Go get em Bills!

Looks like Zambrano will be throwing strikes.

Let’s go ITD bloggers!!!!

Amy, sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather. I’ve been there and it sucks, but it will get better. I’ll be sending good vibes out to you):

Well wishes to you Amy, mon amie!!!!! Hope you feel better real soon.


HI EVERYONE!!!! yes your eyes are seeing right!! i’m actually on DURING a game!!! haha!! let’s get a win tonight huh!?!?!?!?!?

Alright Billz!!! Hey Acardy!!!! Good to see you.

beautiful!! a little scary but… ended beautifully!!

Hey Arcadona, great to see you! Have fun in Hawaii!

Bills looks good!
No worries on the blogging battle. We all know how pathetic, and inactive the DeRosa blog is.

I usually don’t comment this early unless there is something to comment about.
Bilzy curve looked good right?

thanks jhall! its good to be back! this blog is addicting!! haha!!

His hard slider looked filthy. I just blasted some Randy Newman here at work lol

scurtis ~ I ment to ask earlier…Did you have any black cat, goat, or Bartman sightings last night?

nsblues – thanks!! I know i’ll have fun!! just wish i was going at a different time!! i would’ve LOVED to go to a playoff game!!

Nah just a Preist blessing the Cubs dugout b4 the game. lol

Yes nice hit and run!

Ethieriffic! And Loney with a gift! I love it!

Priest I mean lol I can’t spell.

LOL Scurt!!!!

Let’s light this candle!!!! C’mon Kemper!!!




Alright!! I’ll take it. Maybe Zambo will come unglued!!! LOL!!!

Cubbies are tight!


Zambrano’s infield sure is helping us out.

Lets take advantage of this oppertunity
Basses loaded with 1 out


Never underestimate good defense. We are hitting the ball very hard.

LOL NS!!! Way to go Ferk!!!!

Raffy! That was sweeeet!



5-0 already! Gotta love it!

Hide the gatorade coolers!!!




Great bunt by Furcal and GO MARTIN GO.


lol loveable loser fans


Zambo due for a meltdown!!!! LOL!!!!

Dodgers mashing the gas & toting thsat a*s!

it’s all good!!! 5 runs baby!!

*that. I’m sooooo excited, it’s affecting my typing skills! LMAO!

vl4ecc- haha!! no worries!! its all good!!

Tick tock, tick tock till Big Z’s meltdown….

LOL VL4!!!!!!

The Cubs looked like the Keystone Cops on defense in that inning, to our benefit.

5 runs seemed to settle Bills down a bit.

When they go to the fans, I can’t help but laugh my butt off! Its pathetic lol

Bills looks as cool as a cucumber. Great job so far!

Welcome to kleenex night at Wrigley

In the immortal words of the late Jack Buck: “I don’t believe what I just saw!!!” If I’m dreaming, never let me wake up. Let’s keep the pedal to the metal and our feet on their throats!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

I’ll repeat Plaschke’s thought: “… Most importantly, THEY know they’re gonna lose”

I really hate Carlos Zambrano. Im giddy with girlish glee at the moment. F THE CUBS!!

scurtis – i think they are trying to be like dodger fans!! they must look up to us since we’re the best!!!! lol

everyone was saying how the cubs weren’t cheering for their team and they weren’t “into” the game… they probly did some homework and watched some dodger games!! lol!!

Kleenex night. Too funny Dodger4Life. LOL!!!

oops “the cubs’ fans*”

I think Bilzy sometimes thinks too much about strikeouts.

That’s a good point PierreEW!!! How’ve you been Brooklyn?

acardona lol yup we are the best!

OMG! The billy goats must have been grazing on the infield before the game with all these Cubs errors.

3 errors!!!! That blue moon over Chicago must be a full moon.

Nah, Im just mooning them! haha

LOL SCURTIS!!!!!!!!!1

Nice timely DP!

So far, so good. Maybe the billy goat took a crap in the Cubs batrack.

I’d rather see inning like that then see Bilz getting tricky looking for those K’s. Less pitches.

My step dad once urinated on the Bills stadium in Buffalo on one of our family vacations that took us all over NY and ended up in NYC. He did it the year b4 they lost 4 straight Super Bowls. He said he cursed them lol. I thought that was funny. He was a Dolphins fan.

LOL, scurtis!!!! What inning will the black cat return??

Manny being Manny! What a BEAST!

MANYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s Zambrano 2 M A N N Y ONE

Manram the Magnificent!!!!!!

LOL Scurt!!! I love it!!!!!

6-0 OMG. This is amazing!

The black cat just returned!

Show the fans, show the fans lol

Zambo is close to melting down!!!

This is so awesome. I think they like the fact that everyone, outside of Dodgerland, is underestimating them.

Wow!!! Another remarkable game is happening in Chicago – absolutely fabulous!!!!!

He should be pissed however. His defense has failed him miserably. This game would be very close without the errors.

The camera man went on the guy wearing the Manny dreads almost right on cue, then BOOM!

Bonsoir Mon Mere Nelle’!!!!!!!!!!! Incredibly happy to see you!!!!

ns ~ How appropriate! LOL

I have had to wait 20 years for a dodger team to play as if they belonged in the post season. They are prepared, confident and are playing aggresive but within themselves. This is awesome.

We got you some runs Nell’, while you were out. HaHa!!!

I was listening to KNBR (gnat radio) on the way home, and they are hating life right now too. It killed them to have to say the Dodgers were winning 5-0, and now I am sure the groaning just started again. They actually used the words – the Cubs really suck!!! I think it’s the only time I agree with what they had to say.

Beautiful Catch Manny!!!

It has been a long 20 years Jungar!!! I’m totally with you!!!

Bill Murray looks well lit! Groundhog Day!!!!
Whew! Think the wind held that back?

Hey jhall!! – It is great to see you too, sir!!! I hope you had another good day.

I’ve watched it 3 times and I’m still amazed at the dinger Manny hit last night. He took a pitch outside and low, flicked his wrists, and deposited it deep in the bleachers. I knew how great he was but, until I saw him day in and day out, I didn’t really know how great he was.

We’re getting there.

You too Nell’ ma’am!!! Let’s go with son/Wally and mom. LOL!!!!

I hear that, Jungar. For this fan who was 7 when we beat Oakland, it’s like the world turned on its head.

Where’s Trumom tonight?


Agreed, jungar. In our past playoff appearances, we acted like we were just glad to be there. This team actually believes they can win it all. What a long strange 20 years it’s been!!!!

Wally ~ I just came from there. She was watching the game, and will probably come on when the game is closer to being over.

Bad call. Safe by a mile!

That was a terrible call. Wasn’t even close.

JJ and bluecrewgirl, I’m with you. That ump’s gonna feel stupid tomorrow.

Bilz looks like he should get through the 6th.

Nell’, she must be thrilled about now. Are you rubbing it in on your family yet!!!!! LOL!!!!

On to beer number 3…

Wonder if Beavette is out chasing the moon tonight. LOL!!!!

sorry, meant to post that in an IM window, heheh.

Good for you NS!!

nice NS!

You’re among friends, Northstate. Enjoy those beers. Hey, Jhall. How goes it.?

Always Wally – LOL!!! However, they are not here right now. I left early from Michael’s game to take my daughter somewhere, so I went to my mom’s and then home. So, right now, it’s just me and my Dodger fan pets having a great time!!!

Bills making it look easy.


Good for you Nell’!!
It’s just swell Bleu Fille, mon amie!!!!!! Merci!!! How about you?

…..and sounds of discontent echo throughout Wrigley Field……WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

Anyone know who’s singing the 7th inning stretch tonight?

thanks! I’m just prone to mixing up IMs and texts and stuff like that. I’ve meant to text my girlfriend and sent it to my brother, and then I don’t hear the end of it for a week!

I’m ready for some Sammy smack tonight!!!!!

Im not sure but I think the billy goat might bleat it out!

Good for Carlos, he let the Gatorade cooler live.

I’m doing great, hall. Loving what the Dodgers are doing so far.

I can’t wait to listen to the post game talk shows here in Chicago and read the morning papers lol

Good to see we finally knock him out.
Zam didn’t get much help.

LOL JoePierre, they sure are!

Is Carlos crying? thats sad.

nsblues – LOL!!! Those mix-ups must have been fun, and totally understandable. One day I was texting my daughter throughout the day, not knowing her boyfriend (at the time) had her phone – just a little embarrassing.

Bye Bye Z!

We will clinch it Saturday for a clean sweep!! I will be there. Yaaaaay. So many were negative for so long but I knew in my heart it would happen.
Dnelly…did you hear the story about Loney missing the bus to Wrigley Field yesterday? He ran a block and caught up. My sister who also is a first grade teacher said that the guys should have partners and be accountable for their partner. Heehee. I thought you would appreciate that story. Loney stated that he would have run all the way to Wrigley Field.

The goat says; Fuuuh-uuuh-uuk-You!!!!

Ball six!

Glad to hear it Bleu Fille’!!!!

Anyone know who’s singing the 7th inning stretch tonight?]

Joe Black. He’s a long time Cub fan. 🙂

Good evening. I love this team. Isn’t this great?!?!?
Totally gonna clinch on Saturday!!!

I think that Russell is the player of the game. That’s IMO.

AMY, mon amie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you feeling?

scurtis – you should definitely have fun tomorrow 🙂

You’ve got my vote XOX!! Along with Billz!!!!

Nothing personal against Stevie Wonder, but I like Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of ‘Superstition’ better.

Nelly, Im having fun now too haha

NSB. you are such a sweetheart. you all are so nice. I think we really are a supportive family here on ITD.
Thank you for your kind words. I know you are right. Disneyland and the Dodgers make me happy and smile every single day of my life. We share two of the greatest simple pleasures in life. I think it’s great.
This time just seems a lot different. I have my mom right now and I love her so much. We will find a happy place soon.
life– blah sometimes! I like to be happy all the time 🙂
you are a good amigo!

YEAH BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Amy 🙂

xoxrussell – no I didn’t hear that story, but yes, you should always stay with your partner. LOL!!!!

obi– is that the early 50’s, ex-Dodger Joe Black??

I’m so glad for K E M P getting that RBI.
I’m also glad to lead 7-0

jahll– I’m feeling a lot better now that we are going to take this series and advance in the playoffs for the first time sin 20 years. First time in my lifetime that I can remember. My spirits are definetly raised!

That is great scurtis!!!!!!!
Wally – oh where, oh where, might our enchantedsunset be? Hanging by the light of the silvery moon, perhaps…..LOL!!!!

Happy to hear that Amy!!!!

In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought the Dodgers would be scoring this many runs in the 1st two games of this series at Wrigley. This is amazing!

Am I just being too Dodger biased or are the Cubs overmatched by our guys?? They can’t do anything right. The Cubs fans might as well go home now. There will be no celebrating for them tonight.

LMAO Nell’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to play “Paper Planes”.

The Cubs are a good team, just not playing well right now.

Im off to home, later folks


We are going to win!! It’s a great feeling. They will erect statues of the whole team, not just Lima and Lowe-lol.
Billz is amazing. I’m so happy for this team. Everyone said WE were over matched by the Cubs. They said that we wouldn’t get past Cubs pitching. They said our record wasn’t good enough. They said ” Beat LA”.
The Joke is on them now!

Thanks Amy, I just wanted to share what helps me out. Life’s too short to be stressed all the time, yet I know I find myself in those situations often.

All I know is nights like tonight go a long way towards helping me put things in perspective 🙂

Why didn’t we get Manny dam’mit!!! Freaking Dunn is a bum!!
D’Back’s fan thought bubble. 11:49PM, 10/02/08!!!!

Someone needs to needs to wake Joe up. Looks like he’s napping in the dugout.

Ooooh! I thought Kemp had that!

question: how ironic would it be if we won tonight 7-2??

ok everyone this is a great game!!! unfortunately i have to go now… whoever is going to the games you have to scream extra loud for me!!!!! haha!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!! CAN’T STOP THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO!!! Wally

Looking like a good possibility of that amy.

A great post season performance for Billingsley.

Good one, Wally!

Acardona/amy = Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!

A post I made a few nights ago, in the style of Lou Brown from Major League:

I’m not much for inspirational addresses. I just wanna point out that almost every sportswriter on ESPN has picked us to lose. The Chicago press thinks we’d save everbody a lot of time and trouble if we just went out and shot ourselves.

Me, I like to see the Dodgers waste sportswriters’ time, so I’m all for hangin’ around and seein’ if we can give all these guys a nice big $#!tburger to eat.

By northstateblues on September 30, 2008 10:54 PM

Ironic and very cool Amy!!!
One for Obi, Nell’!!! Hope he posts a few Obi-thought bubbles.

Nice third of an inning Cory, and just fabulous Billz!!!!!!!

Thanks Obi!!! Your an inspiration. The thought bubble thing you came up with is too cool and funny.

W A D E as usual.

Wally – you play Obi very well, but yes, you are right, we need Obi thought bubbles…….

I think they are freaking hilarious!!!!

I’ve played “Paper Planes” at least 3 times today… looks like Number 4 will be coming soon…

Speaking of number 4…

Jhall being Obi! LOL

Don’t you just love the look on the Cub fan’s faces?

Marmol’s usually tough, but does anyone else think he looks like a taxi cab coming down the street with both doors open with those EARS?

F U R C A L gets that run back.

WOW! Nice to have Furcal back isn’t it?

Need some Obi thought bubbles. They are hilarious.
Wally thought bubble. 12:03AM, 10/03/08.

Even the TBS announcers seem a little shell shocked.

Dodger baseball is the best kind of baseball ever!!!!!!
yes Vl4- Raffy is well loved over here 🙂

M A N N Y being a Dodger.

Cue up Frank Zappa’s ‘Torture Never Stops’ Cubs fans! LOL!

Wonder if Beav is a he or a she tonight?
Wally thought bubble. 12:05AM, 10/03/08.

Party time tonight!
Does Sammy need work tonight, or should he just rest?

well- i guess the 7-2 idea is long gone. Dodgers are RBI machines now, not just Manny!
This line up is amazing. They are proving how good LA really is.
Zambran- Who?

I guess 9-1 is ironic in a way Amy. Considering we weren’t supposed to win this series by most experts opinions. LOL!!!!

Crash, I’d like to see Sammy get in an inning of work with low pressure.

Beavette says, “Is that a ten-gallon hat, or are you just enjoying the show??

6 more Cubby outs to go.

“Please Carlos, don’t hit me again !!!” – Chicago Cubs’ Clubhouse Water Cooler Thought Bubble

LMAO Beav!!!!!!!! How’ya doin’ my brother/friend!!!!!

It’s just been huge that Ferc is back after such a serious operation and contributing as much as he has.

LOL Obi!!!!!!

Wade continuing to do a heckuva job. He has been fantastic this year. Add him to the core young group of Billz, Brox, Dre, Russ, Matt, James, and DeWitt that will be the dynasty starting now.

LMAO!!!!! there’s are enchantedsunset!!!!


obi- fantastic!!!

making a grand entrance as usual too!!! LMAO!!!!

Hi E! Hell of a game!

And then there’s Obi – just fabulous!!!!!!

Great point, Seesky. Three-for-five is a reminder of how hot the sparkplug named Ferc was before his back injury.

Hey sailor!!!
Beavette thought bubble. 12:14AM, any night.

Great pitching by Bills and Wade tonight.

someone needs to post the lyrics to “Underdog”. He’s our hero! I too am sick of these guys saying things like:: “I expected the Cubs to make this game closer” “Without Manny, these guys are inexperienced”. booo to them!
Cory Wade 1-2-3! beautiful situation.

I have to admit even I am a bit shocked by this as I expected close, tough games.

Amy, I gave up on TBS guys 10 minutes ago, have Vin going on Gameday Audio, even if it is 45 seconds slow. The best 🙂

Might as well bring in McDonald now, and give him a look see.


“Its twoo!! Its twoo!!!”

The breaking balls thrown by Billingley & Wade tonight I think were simply beautiful.
3 TO GO.

Before this series, I wasn’t sure that the layoff wouldn’t be too much for him but he’s, definitely, put that to rest.

lbirken – I know what you are saying. This has been a stress free two days for Dodger baseball anyhow. Definitely not expected.

nsb- that does sound better. doesn’t the one guy’s voice sound like the ‘nerd’ on the Simpsons?

Ain’t nothin’ broke here.

When Ned Colletti’s in trouble,
The vet really blow,
It’s hip, hip, hurrah,
And look at those kids go.

Cubs’ defense simply implodes.

Fan 1: Hey, is it me, or is the world rising?
Fan 2: I don’t know, but whatever it is, I hate it!
-Cubs fans thought bubble, 11:19 CDT


awesome Jhall! I like it 🙂
I liked Ethier’s quote about the kids today, “I think we get it”
sooo full of irony. I love it Andre!

LOL Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, hadn’t thought of that!

Warm up the plane were bringing this one home.WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!

I think it’s time for me to play “I love LA” on my Iphone!! Yaaaaaay Dodgers. (that’s the song they play while they’re giving each other high fives and chest bumps for those who have not been lucky enough to go to a winning game!) Too bad I’m at work or I would be screaming.

Pitching and defense wins championships!!! Dam’n!!!
Lou Pinella thought bubble. 11:22PM CST, 10/02/08.

Juanpy joining the party!!!

Everybody in the Cubs infield gets an error tonight! It’s contagious!

LOL!!! Wally!!!
10-1 – this is just awesome!!!!!

Juan scores Juan run tonight.

yea- Pierre scored a run! Way to go Dodgers!!!
I smell Sweep!!!

Can you believe that they are predicting rain for Saturday for our playoff game at Dodger Stadium? Boooo.

YEAH JUANPY! KILLER SPEED!!! That ball looked only 5 yards outta the infield!

Amy, that is very ironic. I think they freaking get it. LOL!!!!

Another run! Off Wood too. The Dodgers are looking, and playing like a well oiled machine.

A 10- 1 lead is so good. Isn’t it?

I wonder if those Cubs are a little embarrassed. : )

The odds were probably 10-1 that we would win tonight. LOL!!!!

Here you go, Amy. But the way the Cubbies are playing, they are the true underdogs of this series.
When criminals in this world appear
And break the laws that they should fear
And frighten all who see or hear
The cry goes up both far and near
For Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!
Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog. Underdog!
When in this world the headlines read
Of those whose hearts are filled with greed
Who rob and steal from those who need
To right this wrong with blinding speed
Goes Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!
Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog. Underdog!
Hope you’re feeling better!

Kuroda usually pitches well with a few extra days rest also…

You have to hand it to the Cub fans for sticking it out tonight. As much as I don’t like it, a lot of Dodger fans would be halfway home by now.

Jhall- I was busting up when he said that.
Winning just feels so good. Damn, the dodgers really know how to bring the ups and downs, but they always get the job done.

Brooklyn, you are so level-headed. Optimistic when things look bleak. Cautious when things are going swimmingly. I’m glad you’re part of the ITD nation!

Cubs are the undermutts now.

Sammy Time!!!!

It’s Sammy time!!!!!!

The Cubs must be Riff Raff.

“Who are those guys?! – Lou Pinella Thought Bubble


Crash- thank you my friend. We need to sing that song loud an clear for the rest of the baseball world to hear. We’re strong, we’re tough, can go no wrong, We’re the Dodgers!!!!

Wow! Juan held the runner at third base for the 1st time this year!

A nine run lead in the bottom of the ninth does relieve a lot of stress. However, it is not time to relax yet.

Sad, but true ibirken. They would have been heading for the exits a while ago.

Sammy’s throwing grapefruits up there.

Saito-san, ogeinki desuka?

Foul line replays coming next year – Piniella thought bubble?

Foul, or fair?

Not happy seeing Saito get knocked around.

Sammy’s rusty!!!!

Saito- Wake up- 3outs! you can do this! We believe.

Looked fair from here but I am about 2000 or so miles away.


Still no outs!
Ruh Roh!

Good move Joko!!!!

Herrrrrre commmmmess Johnnnnnnnnnnnny!

So, it’s not Sammy time….. Here’s Johnny instead…..

Maybe we can say that it’s a good time for Saito to have a bad outing.

Sammy’s not ready yet. Better to find out now!!!!

Sammy’s not yet ready for primetime.

I recall many many years ago the D’s giving up a 9 run lead in the bottom of the ninth only to win in extra innings.

Control problems. Lack of command, and velocity with Saito. Still nervous with Brox coming in with

Had to throw those dumb Cubbie fans a bone. Still 10-3

when that liner bounced, a blade of white grass popped up. I think that would mean it’s fair. After that play at second where we were called out but we were safe, we’re even now.

* a runner on. Posted too soon.

Bad thing is it allows the Cubs to breath a little life back in for the next game.

Settle down, Big John.

Crap, I’m wishing they had left Wade in. I know he doesn’t normally pitch more than 2 innings, but he was looking great.

Just teasing them a little bit, kinda like the Beavette does to sailors.

good night friends. It’s time for me to retire my little self and watch from the bed.
thanks for watching the game with me. We better get out of this inning fast. I wanted to shut them out.
BROX!!!!! come on. crap on throwing balls!
Go Dodgers. We will be the NL Champs soon enough!!!
Can’t stop the Blue!
Buenas Noches!

Goodnight, Amy.

Goodnight, Amy. Feel better.

buenas noches Amy! Have a good night 🙂

Nice catch, An-hel!

Does anyone remember the last time a Dodger reliever had a 1-2-3 ninth inning?

2 more outs to go.

Good night Amy – happy Dodger dreams tonight 🙂

Good night Amy!!! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Holy Crap! Those extra runs are paying dividends.

lbirken – Uh, 8th inning tonight – Cory Wade

Good night Amy. Sweet Dodger dreams.

Way to go, Big John. One more, now!

Wally~ It’s getting late in Ohio!!! It’s late night ITD for you…. lol!!
yeah Johnny!!! 1 more out


Cubs fans want to put Fukudome on a slow boat back to Japan.

lbirken – My bad, sorry, didn’t see the “ninth”.

Crash, you must have missed I said ninth inning.

Yep Nell’!! Need Johnny to shut them down now!!

We get to hear from ndeschenes tonight!!!!!! That is a good feeling 🙂

LMAO!!! no kidding!!!

Johnny says; Fu-Q’all!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does Johnny say?
Fu Q y’all!!!!!!

FU-Q Y’all!!!

Wow, that was no strike but we will take it.

Game over! Whew! Got a little dicey there at the end didn’t it?

Saito put down the Gnats in the last weekend 1-2-3 in the ninth, but that doesn’t really count, since (a) we had already clinched, and (b) it was the Gnats.

Too freaking sweet!!!!

Going home to LA with at 2-0 lead. Wow!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Dodgers. Go Blue!!! See you Saturday for the sweep!

LMAO!!!! It’s all in the timing Wally


Well we took a nice 2-0 lead here and we’re going home.
I don’t want to go back to Chicago.

We beat Webb and Haren back to back two times in a row – we can beat Harden if Kuroda’s on.

Hi ~ now that I’ve recoved from my near fatal heart attack watching the last half inning…………..yea Dodgers!!!!!! What a sweet homecoming.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 5= celebratory beer!!!!!!!!

So true Nell’!!! LOL!!!!
Need a big Fu-Qy’all from Trumom to cap it off. LOL!!!

Great game tonight. Looking forward to finishing them off at home on Saturday!

And a moonless night to boot.

Beav – you’ve got that right!!!!!!!
Wally – so true

Leave it to the Dodgers to give us a little scare in a post season game. I just hope Saito is O.K.
He looked terrible tonight.

A bonus of sorts Beav!!! LOL!!!

enchanted ~ what did you do to our “friend”?

Finding out Beav was a man must have blew his mind!!!! LMAO!!!!

What did enchanted do? LOL!!! It was Beaverette…. LOL!!! It’s called too much confusion for one mind to handle. “mind’ is questionable.. 🙂

Its the all schnitzengruben TruMom !! LMAO!!!

Kuroda’s record at home against the Cubbies – One complete game shutout with four hits, zero walks, and eleven strikeouts. Like NSB said, “Looking good”.

Jhall ~ I know………….he can’t let his fingers do the talking anymore! lol

LOL Nell’!!!

Good night, Amy/Pop Legend. Feel better…..I’ll admit that I was pretty nervous in that 9th inning. Wish our bullpen would’ve performed better. We’ve only got two and the Cubs will not go quietly.It ain’t over, etc. Be prepared for a dogfight Saturday night. Good night, all. GO BLUE!!!!!

jhall – Finding out she was a he has turned many a young sailor around.

You’re right Trumom!!! LOL!!!


We can always count on our boys to keep things interesting. As I said earlier, still no time to relax. We have another game to win. For those of you going to Saturday’s game, I hope you see a series clinching game even though I have tickets for Sunday’s game. I won’t mind if there is no game.

Nite Sky!!!

You know it’s your father Wally and Beav who has some explaining to do. Ward Dear caused this confusion, you know. LOL!!!!

good night seesky!!!!!

I think he was falling in love and met “Heartbreaker”!

Didn’t ex-Dodger Dave Stewart have that he/she problem once?

LOL Crash!!! I’ll bet.

Guess it must have been my Torre/Pierre love songs…

G’Nite Sky.
LMAO Trumom!!!! I think your on to something. HaHa!!

THis is a great feeling… I’m not even sure what to say, except one more game to go

Sure looks like a painful post game interview for Pinella. He’s pretty pis*ed! Looks like Fukudome is getting kicked to the curb.


LOL E, that he did! Eddie Murphy as well

Nothing like a transvestite dirge to break a young man’s spirit, eh Beav!!!!!!!!!!!

NSB – I’d be having a great feeling after 5 beers too. Ah, to be young again!

Enchanted ~ I almost died from laughter the first time I heard Dave Stewart speak………..big rugged man with a little sissy voice!

Good night seesky!

Ahh yes! The Mike Tyson syndrome!

Could also be the fact I have Sinead O’Conner’s hairline.

Yep VL. Lou’s pissed. Fukodome didn’t make all the errors.

BTW, nice visual crash!!

Sinead’s hairline? Heck ya, that’d do it for me!

Crash: Yeah, hoping I don’t have to buy menudo tomorrow, heheheh

Isn’t Dave Stewart Bison’s agent?

Beav was a little too good at writing those love songs.

We go back to LA with a 2-0 lead but Harden will be tough. He allowed only 5 runs in 2 games all year. He will be tough to beat. If we lose to Harden, we need to come back with Lowe in game 4 and not go back to Chicago tied up. We haven’t won this yet.

LOL Nell’!!! I think it is the curse of Beavette’s G-String. Got the Cubs and moon smitten. LOL!!!!

LOL@ Schitzengruben! just checked that out. Hope I can find that DVD tonight

This is a much better feeling watching the other side get some heat rather than suffering through endless replays of Jeff Kent and JD Drew getting thrown out a home plate on the same play.

Nellyae ~ those love songs turned many a head!

I’ll have to take your word for it JWallyHall !! LMAO!!!


So true Ibirken!!! We can finally eradicate the Kent-Drew fiasco.

Those TBS guys were dueche bags. It seemed pretty clear to me who they wanted to win. Too bad here in SLC we can’t get Vinny on the radio. Go Dodgers!!

A g-string with Sinead’s hairline………..what a sight!!!

Just got home from school! I had a test and before it started I saw the 6-0 score, and I couldn’t help but smile leaving the test and finding a 10-1 lead! Awesome win! We need to finish this off on Saturday so we can not risk playing Sunday and possibly going back to Chicago. We have the momentum and need to keep it going!

You better believe it TruMom!!! Luckily I’ve got the legs for it !!

Cubs played defense tonight like they were trying to put a G-String on a Bear Cub!!!! Got eaten up!!!!! LOL!!!!

Pinella just ripped Fukudome in his post game comments. I feel kind of sorry for him. Another great team victory tonight. Bills was awesome. He looked a little nervous in the interview room. At one point Manny kind of patted him on the back, lol.

It sure was nice to have the Cubbies boot the ball all over the yard, then the Captain put the nail in their coffin with his three-run double!

Enchanted ~ i’m visualizing that right now…………oops, just spit my Pepsi all over the table!

Once again, Fukodome didn’t make all the errors. I feel bad for the kid.

LMAO!!!!!! It took me months to get rid of the g-string visual…. thanks!!!

Trumom, you’ll need some rum in that Pepsi if you are going to visulize that. LOL!!!!

jhall – just a shame how they are treating him right now.

Jhall ~ you are right!!! lol

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a FROG!
I just can’t shake that opening song from the old Underdog cartoons!


The Final Jeopardy category is “Embarrassing Events in Chicago History.

Here’s the clue:

This term has become slang for a heavily expected event with disappointing results.”

[Jeopardy Music plays]


Former Cubs Catcher and Punching bag Michael Barrett


“What is the “Cubs Will Win the World Series”?


No, Michael. Former Homerun King of Chicago Sammy Sosa?


Me no speaka English


Well, If you say so, Sammy. And while this isn’t a Congressional hearing on Steriods, it will still cost you. Moving on, Mark Grace


What is a Zambrano Meltdown? No, what is a Fukudome Folly! No, I meant to say what is a Dempster Dumpster.


Three Strikes and you’re out. Former Cubs 1st Baseman and Fox Announcer Mark Grace, what’s your response?


Well, I was going to write “Eric Karros singing the National Anthem, but I went with what is the term “Al Capone’s vault”?


Yes, you win! But you also lose, since your prize is to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers beat your team in LA while you have to do the play by play.

I didn’t need rum to visualize that – LMAO!!!!!

Yep Nell’. Total crap. They better look in the freaking mirror.

Gradually that effect goes away TruMom and it becomes more like a plane crash – you know you should look away, but its too facinating to ignore.

Obi ~ Bravo!

You need the rum to try and forget the sight Nell’. LOL!!!!

Outstanding!!™ Obi!!!!! LMAO!!!

That is awesome Obi!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Obi- LMAO!

Good one Obi!!!

Okay, but that’s a pretty strong image Wally… LMAO!!!!!!!!!

LOL Obi! That’s one episode of jeopardy I wish I could catch

Now, this is what we should be posting on Dre’s blog! Heck with all the love you Andre stuff…………..he needs to see the real ITD family in their pure form!

LOL! Keep them coming obi!

As usual you guys crack me up. But I can’t help note the irony that now images from Blazing Saddles and g-strings are coming after great wins rather than frustrating losses. We have come a long way!

Ain’t nothin’ pure about Beavette.

Hey Lou!!!

Soriano: 1-9
Lee: 2-8
Fukudome: 0-8

Fukudome isn’t your only problem!

Joe says Saito had no physical issues tonight and maybe he was just trying to throw strikes. Probably a lack of focus.

lol, thanks everyone… I’m very encouraged by the fact that Kuroda pitches very well at Chavez Ravine.

Ahh Crap!!! Mom’s going to be intolerable to live with if the Dodgers win the World Series!!!
Matt Nelson thought bubble. 10:30PM PST, 10/02/08.


Enchanted ~ I was being polite………we know what Beavette is !! lol

Good night, everybody. Looking forward to Saturday!

G’Nite Crash. Thanks for the laughs.

Harden is no slouch. I’m expecting a closer game on Saturday.

Matt would be your father’s son, Mike is my son….,but yes, it will be lots of fun …. already is….LOL!!!!

I actually agreed with Joe’s move to bring Saito in – big lead, no pressure. Sammy just didn’t have it tonight. Better to find out in a game like this than in a 1-2 run ballgame.

Good night crash – thanks for the underdog song!!

Nite Crash!!

Heh, heh, heh. I hope we win the World Series and I can really rub it in on my Giant fan family.
Nelly Nelson thought bubble. 10:35PM PST, 10/02/08.

In Underdog’s world, Beavette would be Sweet Polly Purebred.

I agree getting Saito into the game was a good idea and Joe got him out of there quickly. Let’s hope this was just one of those things and he will be ready to go when called on again.

Enchanted ~ I think Saito will be fine the next time out. Chad looked super tonight and he and Maddux discussed every hitter yesterday. Maddux is a good guy to have on your side.

Oops, sorry Nell’. Got confused with G-thoughts and all. LOL!!!!

In Felix the Cat’s World, Andruw Jones would be Rock Bottom.

Yep Trumom. Need to resign Maddux and Manny.

Thanks Wally!!!
Beav – sweet?

These are confusing times JWally.

I remember Polly. Very fondly, I might add.

O.K., enough for me tonight. Looking forward to Saturday and another great sports weekend.

enchanted ~ Who would be the dastardly Simon Bar Sinister?

Are we not men?
We are Beavo!!!!!

Who would win in a knife fight – Underdog or SuperChicken?

Wally – you know it’s not a problem!!!! It just happens to be 1:40 am in Ohio right now.

That would have to be Ned VL.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, e!

What’s it gonna be this year???

“The Curse of the Billy Goat”

“The Curse of the Black Cat”

“The Curse of Bartman”

…and now there’s:

“The Curse of the Dugout Blessing, 2008”

…the curse is alive and well!!! Break out the brooms!!!

Nite lbirken!!

Enchanted ~ how many rum & cokes did you have tonight? A lady should know how to hold her liquor!


Glad I chose to watch the game over the VP candidate debate. It was a no brainer!

Good night everyone! See you Saturday Night.

Merci Nelle’.

Nite Obi !!!

Wasn’t it Wally Cox who did the voice overs for that old cartoon?

Probably was two no brainers VL.

(sorry, that was too good of a set-up)

Beavette gives a whole other meaning to tying on a drunk. LOL!!!!
Beavette never once gave it away.
Everybody had to pay to play.
But she never lost her head,
even when she was giving ………..
Hey Oberon, Take a walk on the wild side!!!!!

G’Nite Obi!!!!

You mean that wasn’t really Underdog’s voice??

JJ ~ I watched some of the debate. Amazing how each side claims victory. Don’t you just hate it when the newspeople come on right after and try explain to us what we have just heard………they must think we are all morons.

Good night Obi!! It’s great having you around 🙂

Good Evening Ward Dear!!!!!! So glad you are home.

Trumom, only the morons think we are morons.

LMAO Wally!!!

It sure was Wally Cox. Now, didn’t he look like a super hero! lol Kind of like Barney Fife, wasn’t he?

Great stuff Wally!!!!!!

Super Wonderful 10 to 3 Victory by Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Chicago Cubs as Super Hero Manny Ramirez is Always Magnificent with his Home Run Blast as All of our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heros Tonight!Good to see Super Hero World Series Champion Rick Monday reporting for The Dodgers! Sing & Cheer All Los Angeles Dodgers Fans for This Team has been Bestowed with Super Powers From The Great Dodger In The Sky as They march toward Their Wonderful Destiny as World Series Champions in This Jubilee 50th Anniversary 2008 A.D.!

Where the heck is the moom when you need it Beav!!!?

Barney Fife was Mr. Limpet. (no need to go any further with that one.)

Moon, oops.

Jhall ~ right, you are! I just get tired of those pundits thinking they are smarter than te average american voter. It as though we are deaf and dumb……..having to say word for word what was said……………..I want to yell at them, I heard it too!

ndeschenes – now we can stop pinching ourselves. You have arrived so it definitely means the Dodgers actually won again to make it 2-0 in the NLDS. It’s great to see you, have a great day off, and hopefully we will see you Saturday when we sweep the series. Have a wonderful evening/early morning 🙂

Wally Cox had one of those very distinctive voices where you could hear the audio, and instantly know who it was. Just like Jim Baccus doing Mr. Magoo.

We’re really overdue to be mooned Wally.

LOL Trumom. I’m with you on that one.

Yep Beav!!! Maybe the Dodger success is just to much for the imbeciles.

Greetings, ITD persons!!! Wally, Beav, June Darlin’, TruLumpy, jj!!! UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!

ndeschenes, I want 9 more of those!!!!

Enchanted ~ I’m so old I remember Limpett! I remember Wally Cox on the original Hollywood Squares.

the moon has been very strange lately – hmmmm?

Paul Lynde was always in the center square. I’l never forget his singing rendition of ‘Cheese Binds Mice.’ LOL

Wait a minute Trumom. I remember that too!!! Wasn’t that dam’n long ago. LOL!!!!
Hey ChevelleDad. What’s happening?

Ward Dear.. You asked us to make sure Billz had a good night, and boy, did he!!!! He brought the Dodger hitting with him too. That was so very nice of Chad.
How was hockey?

Peter Marshall: What is it now, that Underdog always says?

Wally Cox: Where are my residuals??

4 down, 3 to go. Kitty.
3 down, 2 to go, Dorothy.
2 down, 1 to go, Bennet.

Hey Dad, what’s up??

Remember Charlie Weaver in the bottom lefthand square?

What’s My Line?

Peter Marshall: What is a pullet?

Paul Lynde: A little show of affection…

Yup! The little old wine maker me.

Alright Trumom!!!!

Loved Charlie Weaver. And Paul Lynde, too.

Peter Marshall: Paul, why do Hell’s Angels wear leather?

Paul Lynde: Because chiffon wrinkles too easily.

LOL Dad!!!!

Anyone from L.A. remember Bowling For Dollars with Chick Hearn?

Peter Marshall: Which of your five senses tends to diminish as you get older?

Charley Weaver: My sense of decency.

Peter Marshall: Charley, you’ve just decided to grow strawberries. Are you going to get any during your first year?

Weaver: Of course not, Peter. I’m too busy growing strawberries!

Gene Rayburn also did the ever popular Match Game.

Weaver’s real name if I remember right is Cliff Arquette. Actress Roseanna Arquette’s grandpa.

You have all just out dated me….. I remember Paul Lynde in the middle square and Peter Marshall – that’s my knowledge of the way-back-when Hollywood Squares.

Peter Marshall: According to Ann Landers, is their anything wrong with getting into the habit of kissing a lot of people?

Charley Weaver: It got me out of the army!


Peter Marshall: What are “Do It”, “I Can Help” and “Can’t Get Enough”?

George Gobel: I don’t know but it’s coming from the next apartment.

Peter Marshall: True or false…a pea can last as long as 5,000 years.

George Gobel: Boy it sure seems that way sometimes…

On the Match Game, I think every celeb was intoxicated on every show. Richard Dawson, and Charles Nelson Reilly were lit up.

Peter Marshall: Can breathing in and out of a paper bag help stop anything?

George Gobel: If it’s filled with wine it can stop me from shaking.

Peter Marshall: What is the definition of the word “Gobbledygook?”

George Gobel: That’s the stuff that crusts over in turkeys’ eyes when they’re asleep.

LMAO!!!! The lines are funny!! I do remember them giving a funny answer first, and then they actually answered the question.

Peter Marshall: Back in the old days, when Great Grandpa put horseradish on his head, what was he trying to do?

George Gobel: Get it in his mouth.

Lonesome George Gobel – haven’t thought about him, well… ever.

We had Bowling For Dollars Beav. With Gene Fullen and Sally Flowers, local celebs. They also did Dialing For Dollars. My mom loved it. As well as Lawrence Welk.
And now the lubbly, lubbly, lemon sisters will’ah sing for you,
I Can’t ah Get No’ah Satisfaction.
Dat’ah was lubbly girls.

Peter Marshall: What do you call a cow that won’t give milk?

George Gobel: Hamburger.

I think you’re right VL. LOL!!!!

Any one remember singing along with Mitch Miller?

A one-a and a two-a…

Gawd my parents used to watch LW.

Follow the bouncing ball.

Mine too enchanted. It was painful for me. I’d find chores to do.

Peter Marshall: You have some lipstick on your collar. Will treating it with petroleum jelly help?

George Gobel: I’m gonna have a hard enough time explaining the lipstick!

And’ah now Myron Florne will’ah do a beautiful rendition of In A Gadda Da Vidda on dee accordian.

Mitch Miller predates me I’m afraid VL.

Does anyone remember Help thy Neighbor with Larry VanNuys? People would come on and give their hard luck story, then viewers would call in and donate like a used crock pot or a paper clip or whatever it was the person needed?

LMAO wally!

LMAO!!!!!! I have nothing to add, but this is funny stuff. Boy, we can just talk about any topic on ITD. We are a very mulit-faceted group. We definitely should get the prize for being the most ingenious group (or craziest might be more fitting at times).

Damn Wally, you’ve got Welkspeak down perfectly!! Longtime viewer?? LMAO!!!

OK, I’m sorry. That’s enough. I don’t know about you, but that George Gobel KILLS me!

Junie, hockey was great/ok/bad. The first period we were up 4-1, after the second it was 5-3, final score 6-8 😦
The defense ran out of gas. I’ve never seen so many breakaways. Matt tried, stopped 6 or 7 of them. The last goal was an open-netter.

We HAD to watch Lawrence Welk. He was from North Dakota…….

enchanted – you got me there too – not a clue 🙂

Don’t rember that one enchanted. Jeez I feel terrible showing my age now. I can’t believe I’m the only one to remember the old show ‘Sing along with Mitch.’ It was just as painful to watch as LW.

Think it was strictly an L.A. show Nells. I watched A LOT of TV as a kid.

Wunnerful, wunnerful Myron. Lets’ah now enjoy our beautiful Irish tenor Joe’ah Feeney singing, Secret Agent Man. Hit It!

I liked Gobel’s deadpan humor too Eric. He was always a highlight on Carson.

Did anyone else try that link way up yonder for mlb blogs? It ranks that Cubs blog AS #1 and us at #2? I wonder in what math-challenged universe they exist in?

All in vivid HD black and white.

I remember my aunt watching tapes of Lawrence Welk on tv as a kid(she lives in the Sangre De Cristo mountains in New Mexico, with no cable), and wondered what the joke was my uncles and cousins were making about why Lawrence Welk loved that bubble machine, heheh.

The series isn’t over yet, but look at how these ESPN “experts” picked the series to pan out:

Stark: CHC 3-1
Olney : CHC 3-2
Neyer : CHC 3-0
Law : CHC 3-1
Klapisch : CHC 3-1
Crasnick : CHC 3-1
Kurkjian : CHC 3-2
Nelson : CHC 3-2
Phillips : CHC 3-1
Caple : LAD 3-2

I wonder how many of them thought the Dodgers would take the first two in the Friendly Confines?

Jim Caple, come over for a beer anytime!

Well, if it’s strictly LA, then it definitely rules me out. enchanted .. 🙂
sorry about hockey Eric – not too familiar with the game. What position does Matt play? By what you said, it sounds like goalie.

No kidding, e! I imagine you saw that one when he was on with Dean Martin and Bob Hope?

On Carson, it was a no miss with Gobel, Rickles, Dangerfield, and Jonathan Winters with his improvisations.

I blame it on MLB blog bias.

That can’t be eric!!!! I guess they want them to win something since they are down 2-0 in the series. Somebody is crunching numbers Eric…

Great win tonight gang and super fun hanging out and chatting with you all. Thanks. Catch you all later.
Good night and have a great night and a better tomorrow.

That’s got to be a bogus statistic eric. I checked it out myself a few days ago on the Cubs website. They are waay short of what we do here.

I guess we will let you go to sleep seeing how it is 2:30 am in Ohio. Good Night Wally. Sweet Dodger Dreams 🙂

Hi Eric and Tru!! Damn that new math! We have 559 posts in 8 and a half hours.

To paraphrase Taggart: P__s on you, we work for Josh Rawitch!!

Good night jhall! And it sure was a GOOD NIGHT!!

Yep, he’s the goalie, June Darlin’! Gotta have the “closer” mentality.

Night all!

Look for yourself:

Thanks for the video Eric. I do know who you are talking about now at least. Those were funny days back when Johnny Carson was doing the Tonight Show.

Nite Wally!!

Thanks Eric – hadn’t seen that one in years – classic stuff!!

Nite VL!!!

‘Night jj!

Good night jj!!!

Eric – we were so far ahead of them just the other day. Something is not right here.

And goodnight Eric and Nells and TruMom (wherever you are), time for me to hit it too.

I think the reason we’re ranked 2 doesn’t have to do with comments, but with page views… that’d be my guess. Comments aren’t a true showing of how many people visit a site, just how many have cared to leave a comment. There’s always large amounts of lurkers who don’t post (like I barely posted my first year of reading this blog). But still…

You would have to think that with our large number of comments that there’s an even larger number of people not posting than DeRosa’s site. Maybe I’ll ask around on the MLBlogosphere ( http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com ) and see how they get those numbers.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience one time when Hope and Redd Foxx were on the couch. All 3 cameras shut down for about 45 minutes. Carson had them turn on the studio lights to make sure there weren’t any kids in the audience and he and Foxx and Hope took turns telling dirty jokes! My kingdom for a video camera, but it was sometime around 1972.

Good night enchanted/Beav!!! You were great tonight as usual 🙂 Sweet Dodger Dreams to you too…

Goodnight enchanted! You’re the greatest!

Goodnight JJ and ENchanted

Wow Eric!!! That must have been incredible.

Tired, long day. Have a good night Nelly and Eric!

Bring it on home!


Good night nsblues!!! Great win tonight for all us nor-cal Dodger fans. Gnat country is pretty silent as well, and pissed as hell on the inside.

north, I never thought of that. It makes sense.

nelly, it was. There was a period from maybe ’69 through ’73 when a friend and I went to all the Tonight Show tapings we could. Carson was based out of New York then, but would come out here for 2,3,4 weeks at a time. We even went over to KTLA and watched a couple of Steve Allen shows. Little Richard was a guest on one. I also remember seeing Steve Martin do his act with the arrow through his head.

Good night, north! What a night!!!

Steve Martin – that was one wild and crazy guy – LOL!!! And you can’t go wrong with Little Richard.

I wasn’t ready for Little Richard yet. I was such a Beatles nut, that I got mad when he said that McCartney copied his “WOOOOO” shreik. He was right, of course, but I thought he was just trying to get on the bandwagon.

It was the first time I’d ever heard of Steve Martin. He never once referenced the arrow during the whole act and it got funnier every minute!

Well, yes I would have to choose Beatles over Little Richard.

Andre posted again 🙂

So, Matt’s a goalie – Wow! What a job that is. I have watched one live hockey game, and it was the Fresno Falcons. It is very much like water polo, with penalty boxes and very similar plays in moving the puck/ball around.

I joined you over there. It’s pretty cool to talk directly to him.

OK, it’s off to mattress-land. Good night June Darlin’! Saturday seems a long ways off, doesn’t it?

Good night Ward Dear….. at least tomorrow is Friday. Fridays are usually good days at school, and they seem to go faster. Get some sleep, and God Bless to you and your family… 🙂
nice post on Andre’s blog.

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!!!
Well, the Dodgers are back in LA with a 2-0 lead. Let’s hope they get a well deserved day off (sort of), and they come into Dodger Stadium ready take take this series before the weekend is done. Have a great day everyone, and I will check in when I can. TGIF!!!!!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl, nellyjune ~ ETHIERaholic and very proud of our Dodger team, hoping to win it all.

Goooooood morning, ITD!!!!!

Dang, but it’s nice to be greeted at work with, “Congratulations on your Dodgers, Eric! They really look good. Wish my Angels would get off their BE-hinds!”

Here’s some more stuff I like to hear:
“Blake DeWitt will continue to be the Dodgers’ starting second baseman, limiting Jeff Kent to pinch-hitting duties. “Jeff feels he can start right now,” Torre said. “But right now, Blake is doing fine.”

DeWitt said Kent has helped him make the transition from third base to second. DeWitt said Kent offered some advice to him in the regular season, when he saw him backhand a ball that was hit up the middle and try to throw the ball to first over the top.

“He told me, ‘You have to sidearm the ball to get it over,’ ” DeWitt said. “Two days later, the same play came up.”

From: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-dodfyi3-2008oct03,0,3604314.story

Like I said after game 1….”YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It’s always interesting to see it from the other side. Don’t forget to watch the video. There’s actually two of them, the second one starts automatically after the first one ends. The ‘fans’ were leaving in droves before it was over.


TBS announcers are TERRIBLE!! Give the Dodgers some credit for crying out loud!! All this talk everywhere about the Cubs…. How about talk about the team kicking the crap uot of the Cubs…. I kind of like it though, that we’re being over looked… Keep doing that and we just might sneak up on everyone, and like a Manny homer, we may just knock everyone for a mile and win the whole damn thing.

from ESPN article by Wayne Drehs:

In the first two games of the series, the kid Dodgers — Blake DeWitt, Andre Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin have combined to hit two home runs, drive in 10 RBIs and score seven times.

Geeze, who knew???

I guess it was just us here on ITD, huh scott? LOL!!!

7PM start Pacific Time tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get this in. Decent chance of rain during the day, tapering off towards the evening. From my favorite weather site:

Don’t you people have jobs!!! LOL!!!! Sheriff must be out again today, I see 🙂

Does this article piss anyone else off as much as it does me? I love the FSN guys, even Steve Lyons, everyone is entitled to have some hometown broadcasters who are homers… That’s what they’re there for… They work for the Dodgers… Come one now… Let’s not overreact to anything… Maybe Mr. Springer is a Cubs fan?

FSN baseball trio was far too true blue
Cheerleading for the Dodgers by Steve Lyons, Kevin Kennedy and Jim Watson crossed the line.
By Steve Springer, ON THE MEDIA
October 3, 2008
It was an evening that would have brought a smile to the face of Jack HaleyJack Haley. For those who care about professionalism behind the mike, however, it was embarrassing.

You remember Haley, a former NBA player with the Lakers and several other teams, who traded his uniform in for a Lakers cheerleader outfit when he went to work for the Fox Sports Network.

Dodgers defeat Cubs, 10-3, at Wrigley… Phillies get to Sabathia, 5-2Ads by Google
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The spirit of Haley was alive and rooting on the FSN postgame show the night the Dodgers clinched the National League West. Sitting in their outfield perch, Steve Lyons, Kevin Kennedy and Jim Watson were literally toasting the Dodgers’ achievement, openly celebrating while pouring freely from a bottle we were assured was alcohol-free cider.

Lyons even added an extra touch of homerism by wearing one of the division-champion caps handed out to the players. Guess he didn’t have time to run down and get the full Dodgers uniform.

Our three amigos of the airwaves are along for the whole ride, part of the FSN postgame show that will follow the Dodgers in the playoffs.

So what’s the problem? This is an L.A. team being covered by a locally based outlet. What’s wrong with a little hometown loyalty?

Nothing, except a loss of credibility. Fans might love being fans, but they want to be informed fans. If they want inspiration, they’ll go to a pep rally. If they want information, they go to the media.

But only if they think they’ll get balanced analysis. Only if they think they can get an unbiased appraisal of their team. Telling us between gulps how great the Dodgers’ chances are to raise the pennant doesn’t result in much faith in the prognosis.

In the postseason, there is an alternative. Although the TBS studio show, with analysts Cal Ripken Jr., Dennis Eckersley and Curtis Granderson, is no threat to surpass Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith of TNT’s NBA show on the excitement meter, it does offer a fair and penetrating look at the postseason from a national perspective.

FSN can compete, especially with a sharp baseball guy such as Kennedy on its roster. But he has to put down the bottle and do his job.

It’s logical to assume that some media people who cover a team and spend more time with the players than with their own families become fans. But those feelings don’t belong in a media report.

Does anyone doubt that, after 59 seasons on the job, Vin Scully is a Dodgers fan? But could you imagine him publicly toasting the team on the air? It’s is Scully’s consummate professionalism that has enabled him to remain the best in his business for six decades.

Local broadcasters Jim Hill and Patrick O’Neal were in the Dodgers’ clubhouse during the wild celebration after the division title had been clinched. They waded into the flowing streams of champagne as they brought their audiences the sights and sounds of Dodgers delirium.

Fair enough. Every fan in Los Angeles wanted to be in that clubhouse.

Now, if Hill or O’Neal had handed one of the players his microphone in exchange for a bottle and started spraying the players himself, that would have been well over the line, the equivalent of Lyons and his friends partying.

Watson wasn’t satisfied merely cheerleading for his team. He took time out from his beverage to castigate his media brethren who had not gotten with the program.

“I know who you are,” he said. “I know the radio hacks in this town, the scribes.”

Referring to the end of August, when the Dodgers trailed the front-running Arizona Diamondbacks by 4 1/2 games, Watson accused local media of “already moving on to Laker media day. . . . I remember who you were, talking about SC football. . . . I’m tired of you guys. Quit.”

The nerve of those hacks, refocusing on two of the more meaningless franchises in this town, the Lakers and Trojans, while questioning the potential of a Dodgers team that had struggled all season.

Too bad Haley’s no longer on FSN. He’d have been happy to run over and join the Lakers hacks. Might have even brought his own bottle of cider.

I’m here now Eric and scott 🙂 Good morning.
brandon- you are right. All the announcers do is marvel over the fact that their favored Cubbies aren’t winning. Not the the Dodgers are awesome!!!
It’s good to know that our guys are safe in bed right now. Sweet dreams my Dodger boys 🙂

Good morning gang!!! Awesome game last night. Still got some work to do!!! Got to stay focused and gitter done!!!!!
Hope you all have a great day.

Hey Amy, Kemp has been getting some nice interview time after the games. He sure would make some nice young girl happy, don’t you think?

I totally agree with that one Scott. If only he knew I existed 😦
Morning to you to my friend jhall! good luck with your work today

good morning everyone!!
Amy- wasn’t Matty looking good in that interview!? haha! he needs to work a little on “getting interviewed” but he’s still a cutie pie! and not to mention… a GREAT player!!
well… I’m leaving for Hawaii tonight… I HATE to be leaving LA at a time like this!! I wont get to go to one playoff game :-(… well.. I will be back in time for the world series though!!!! CAN’T STOP THE BLUE!!! 🙂 everyone who is going to a game make sure you scream extra loud for me ok!?! haha bye everyone!! be back soon!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Bonjour Amy, and merci mon amie!!! Hope you are feeling much better today. Have fun Acardy!!!!

Well TBS announcers are probably from near Chicago, east coast or so. We all know the truth about the Dodgers and the local news and radio station give the Dodgers their Credits.
I heard this morning that the Cubs have NEVER won a playoff series west of Chicago…does anybody knows if that is true? I hope it is and stays that way.
Hopefully our boys are getting all their rest. For alot of our players this is their first time in playoffs…they might be very nervous & excited at the same, probably getting little sleep. But do get some rest DODGERS!

Hey, did anyone else see Bobby Castillo whooping it up at a Santa Monica bar on the local news last night? Pretty cool.

Acar- you are right. Matty doesn’t interview the best, but we love him all the same. I loved the interview he gave with Andre after the rally. At the end Andre was said something like “thank you sir” and Matt said ” Aiight Man” . Classic Bison.
hawaii! So jealous. That sounds wonderful. I could use some relaxation for real. have a safe flight my dear. I will represent for you at the game, it’s prefect cause we have the same name 🙂
Thanks Jhall 🙂

ACARDONA: Have fun in Hawaii!
AMY: Kemp will get his shares of interviews and will be perfecting his skills. I saw this interview with him were he says that he will be a GREAT FOOTBALL PLAYERS. That if he was to go play football right now, he would be great…NOT A SHY MAN…LOL!

Rose: you are right. He will need to polish up. It’s funny that we just love him the same. But I love when his Southern accent comes through, it’s totally sexy to me 🙂
scott, I didn’t see that? Was it televised somewhere?

What i don’t understand is this: Why are all the sports networks, ie; The Four Letter Network (ESPN), all saying what a terrible series the Cubs are having, but not one comment about how well the Dodgers are playing? The only time i can hear how well the Dodgers are playing is when I turn on Colin Cowerd on ESPN radio. He is the only, ONLY, talk show host, reporter, etc., that is giving the Dodgers any love. Who has the sac to lay down a bunt with the bases loaded? Nobody, except Furcal. The Dodgers starting pitching has been LIGHTS OUT. Lowe and Billingsley both have been money. The top guy in that lineup hasn’t been Ramirez, it’s been Furcal. The best AB Manny had was the walk he drew in Game 1. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love the dingers he put into the nether regions of Wrigleyville, but it has been Furcal. Bases loaded and it is only a 1-0 game and he lays downa bunt. Martin clearing the bases. Not hitting everything, but he has made the most of what he has stroked out of the infield. Torre is pushing all the right buttons, not leaving his starters in too long, getting some key guys their AB’s, ie; Pierre, Berroa. Giving Wade and Siato some love out of the bullpen. You won’t see Biemal in this series. Throw righties, righties, righties at the Cubs and we will be in the NLCS by Saturday night. They can’t hit right handers. Haven’t all year long. Not gonna start now. Just my .02.

Big Dog Daddy

AMY: Unconditional LOVE! Well he is being Matty and that’s what makes him Special…don’t forget his dreamy EYES! Did you know that the Picture day at Dodgers stadium I was snapping away with my camera and once I got home and printed all my pics and I kept confusing Kemp & Wade. My husband had to sit there and help me sort out who was who.

Good morning ITD! The celebration continues. Working on some Chicago inspired songs today.

A-ROE well hopefully this month or maybe it is already up and taping, but most of the ESPN broad casting is done in the east coast. In October the ESPN building + restaurant here is L.A. should be opening up and of course they will cover the west coast teams. They are located right across the Staples center in the Live L.A. area.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!!!
I am thrilled right now!!! The Dodgers came out and showcased their hitting and awesome pitching!!! Billz was terrific last night as was D-Lowe Wednesday night!!! To me, Cory Wade has got to be a strong candidate for closer in 2009. I don’t know what Saito’s contract looks like, but if he doesn’t come back, it’s going to be between Wade and Broxton. Don’t get me wrong; I have not given up on Broxton but he has things he definitely MUST work on in the off-season to be better and more consistent. And can’t wait to go to tomorrow’s game!!!

a-roe – you were talking about how the media is talking about the Chicago’s collapse and nothing about how well the Dodgers are playing. Yeah, I have that same complaint. But I’m not too concerned about it. Yeah, I sure wish that the media would talk more about how well the Dodgers are playing, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. To me, all it does is to keep the Dodgers’ next opponent that much more in the dark.

Honestly, who cares what the media says or doesn’t say? Everyone of them has an agenda, pro or con. The media destroyed the ’88 Dodgers, but does any one remember? No. Because the Dodgers have their rings!!! Players win championships, not writers or broadcasters or even fans.

Amy- thanks!! i know having the same name can get a little confusing on here cause every time someone types “amy” on here i read it but then i’m like oh wait! i’m Acardona!! haha! but thanks i know i’m gunna have a blast in hawaii!! and yes Matty said “aiight man” but i LOVE that about him! he’s different then all the other guys! and yes when his southern accent comes through it is extremely sexy! overall he’s just a sexy man!! haha!!
dodgersrule- thanks!! I’ll be keeping track of our boys in blue the whole time!! hehe 🙂
thank you jhall!!
cpompe1- hey girl!! how are you doing!?! haven’t seen you on here in a while!! well… then again i hardly come on anymore.. lol

Hey acardona!!! I’m doing well. Still unemployed, but well!!! But my son got a job; he left this morning for orientation, but his first day will be on Monday. As far as ITD is concerned, yeah, I’ve been off and on. I’ve been trying to come on ITD more often lately, but I’ve been spotty, at best. But I love to come back to ITD to talk to my friends!!! 🙂

But acardona, I forgot to ask above, but how have you’ve been lately???

Okay acardona, I just read that you’re going to Hawaii!!! How fun!!! Sorry I didn’t read that before I asked how you’re doing!!! 🙂 And yes, we all will scream extra loud for you!!! Have a great time!!!

hey cp 🙂 good luck with everything. I hope you find what you are looking for. Im glad that you and your mom are going to be at the game tomorrow. Sara and I are pumped up, I’ve got my NLDS Champion tee shirt ready to go, as well as my new Dodger hoodie I just bought. It might be a cloudy night, but I am ready for some home dodger baseball!!!

ACARDONA – Hey while you are in Hawaii find out what team the Hawaiins cheer for! I’m surprise Hawaii doesn’t have a baseball team! Maybe with you over there will be adding Dodgers Fans.
CPOMPE: I don’t know if you read what I told A-ROE about the west coast ESPN opening this month in L.A. Yup they will be covering the West Coast team so we will here more positive things about our Local teams. I’ve always wonder if Sports Illustrated is an East Coast Magazine, cause I rarely see anything on the Dodgers there…they just won the NL West and still nothing.

cpompe1- I’m doing great!! been busy trying to juggle a full time job AND college… but i am getting a break!! HAWAII!!!! just doing some last minute stuff before i leave.. which includes reading all the resent news on our boys!! congrats about your son!! and you gatta make sure you scream extra loud for Andre!! okay!! haha!!

dodgersrule- HAHA!!! they have a college baseball team but no major league team… kinda weird… but yeah i’ll ask my friends and see what they say!! if they don’t have a favorite, by the time i leave they will LOVE the dodgers!! lol!!

So how are my fellow Ethieraholics!!! amyw (just because I know we have 2 Amys here!) – Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game!!! I don’t have new NLDS stuff (no $$$ for that now), but I’ll have my Ethier jersey on!!! Are you and Sara planning on taking a trip up to the Reserved section? I was talking to Sara the other day and I know you two are on Loge and I’m on Reserved (Aisle 1, Row M). I hope so; I’d love to meet you two!!!

dodgersrule – No, I didn’t see (until now) about the west coast ESPN opening this month in L.A. That’ll be really nice that they’ll be covering west coast teams; it’s about time!!!

And acardona – Yes, we all will scream extra loud for you!!! Have a great time in Hawaii!!!

acardona – Having you as our ITD ambassador to Hawaii would be great!!! Heck, we’ll have a whole state to call as new Dodger fans!!!

Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got cleaning to do around the house. I’ll catch up with y’all later!!! And just one more time, acardona – have a great time in Hawaii!!!

I was checking our cyber competition “The Pulse”, and this is the opening to the thread…. Not such happy campers in Chicago, but do we care – NOT!!!!!! I know the Dodgers still have a long way to go, but this is just a great feeling!!!!! I think most Dodger fans are sleeping just fine these days..
Game 2 wrap
You’ve got to let this flow over you and consume you for a couple hours. You have to. “Z” was pitching a great game, he’s feeling good, the double play gets turned, we go back into the dugout and the whole game is different. Our offense is able to relax and it’s different.
But when you find yourself down 5-0, a team that has a 1-0 lead in the series, they’re able to relax, Billingsley is able to pound the strike zone, their hitters are a lot more patient, a lot more calm. They’re trying to have good at-bats and tack on runs. We’re trying to press to get the score tied and take the lead. For me, this is terrible. I don’t know — I’ll be up for awhile tonight.
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Dnel- good to see you, and too bad for those Cubs fans. They should just convert to Dodger Blue!
Cp- haven’t worked out our game plan yet. It would be great to meet you as well my dear 🙂
Dodgers just flat out rule!!

Wonderful posts this morning on ITD and on Dre’s blog.
acardona ~ have a blast in Hawaii!!!
Amy/pop legend – I hope you are feeling better 🙂
CP – always great to see you around!! 🙂
Looks like it’s girl power this morning!!! We need enchanted/beaverette to enhance the experience – LOL!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

cpo- your probly gone already but… absolutely!! they’ll be bleeding blue by the time i leave!! haha!! thanks again and have fun at the game saturday!!

amy- were you at the game thursday the 25th? i’m just wondering if you got sprayed with champaign and beer!? haha! i was there but i wasn’t anywhere near where they were spraying the crowd 😦

Dnel- thanks! like i said, i hate to be leaving LA at a time like this.. but i know i’m gunna have a blast in hawaii!! don’t you just LOVE how ‘Dre is blogging about the post season!?! its just Ethieriffic!!!

Time for some tunes inspired by Chicago. This one is written from a Cubs fan perspective in the wee hours this morning. Inspired by Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4”.
16 or 17 to 5
Waiting for the break of day
Lou’s got nothin more to say
James Loney hit the long ball
After Dempster walked them all
Sitting at the local dive
16 or 17 to 5
Staring blindly into space
Defense is gone without a trace
Wanting to punch Bartman’s nose
God the Cubs they really blow
Should I try to stay alive?
16 or 17 to 5
Feeling like I ought to BAAAA
That damm goat has got to BAAAA
Been outscored I can’t believe
Cubs hopes are barely alive
16 or 17 to 5
16 or 17 to 5

AMY – I’m with ACARDONA and I am also wondering in you got sprayed with champagne. I wasn’t lucky to be there but was lucky to see MARTIN shirtless on tv….LOL!
Watching last nights game I saw soooooo many SAD CUBS FACES and 1 (one, uno, une) extremely HAPPY DODGER FAN! Me and my husband were trying to spot the Dodgers fans. It was hard, we did hear cheering for the Dodgers.

Good almost-noon ITD!

Can’t wait for saturday’s game (even though I’ll be at work for the first part of it). Hoping that the customers will request it on TV, but I’m sure they’ll all be too butthurt for it. Probably feeling sorry for the cubbies like they haven’t knocked ’em out their fair share as well.

No baseball games of interest to me… except for maybe the t-bALl game between Anaheim and Beantown. C’mon Angels, you gotta work for that next step. Of course, we’re talking about a franchise that’s content to keep a large collection of Division Championship banners around the stadium. I’d hate to see an Artificial Turf field make it to the world series.

acar- I was at the game, but didn’t get sprayed. I was actually upset, because the game before I had field level seats, and on that night I happened to be in Reserve. I just missed being there for the up c lose celebration. 😦 I was a little sad.
Thanks Dnel- It is nice having a girl filled morning. For a change 🙂 I’m doing alright. I hope to catch up this weekend when I’m not cheering for the dodgers!

OKAY I’M LEAVING FOR THE AIRPORT NOW!!! i’ll come on tomorrow when i’m in hawaii to check up on our boys!!! LETS SWEEP THESE CUBBYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andre there will be silence NO MORE!!!!!! WELCOME BACK TO LA BOYS!!!!!!!

acardona/amy = Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!!!

Here’s a beautiful car that came on the scene the last time the Cubbies won the World Series.

amy- SAME HERE!!! i ALWAYS sit by our dug out but my friend had tickets on first base line (where i never sit) so i was sad about that too… but hey russy and matty were looking GOOD with there shirts off!! haha!! man this is just too much GIRL POWER in here!! haha!!

dodgersrule- man there is A LOT of girl power/ Ethieraholic power in here!! haha


very true dodgersrule!!! 🙂

ok i’m outta here.. bye everyone!!

What else happened in 1908?
The FBI was founded.
Boy Scouts of America was formed
Jimmy Stewart was born.
and this guy won the Nobel Prize in Literature: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Eucken-im-Alter.png

Great song Crash!!
Betcha that Nobel Prize dude was alotta fun at parties!!!

Not to rain on the D’s parade, but they’re more than capable of losing three in a row as we’ve seen, so they can’t relax now and need to keep coming at the Cubbies. This is also what they brought JoJo in for – to get them to the next level. So far I can’t fault anything he’s done in the first two games, so let’s hope he keeps the guys focused and stepping on the Cubs necks.

Arcardona, have a great time in Hawaii. How exciting. I’ve haven’t been there yet, but will someday. CP, Amy, Sara and everyone that is going to the game on Saturday, have a great time!

E, yeah, we need Kuroda to be at the top of his game tonight. I don’t think we’ll be scoring 7-10 runs against Harden.

Crash, the one encouraging thing is that Kuroda pitches much better at home than on the road. Let’s hope that continues. Gotta get back to work. Have a great day everyone.

Greetings ITD Friends!

I watched the game from the Barney’s beanery in Pasadena. Jorje Jarrin and Rudy Law were there. Someone here asked if we will have the trolley operating and I was told yes by Corey, one of the Dodgers embasadors that were there. Had a great time!
I will be with the rest of the Top Deck family (fans and workers there that I’ve gotten to know since I got my season ticket there a few years back). aisle 3 last row. I love the view from there and that I can get up and noone is going to tell me to sit down. I am against the wall. I will wear my Jeff Kent shirt (I love what was on the paper that he has been helping De-Witt) and my Jackie Robinson jersey that I purchased at the last auction. Oh, if is cold I will bring my Dodger poncho. Maybe my party hat I were at the Rally. I believe there will be an auction so I’ll check that out.
Excited that Don Newcombe and Duke Snider will be throwing out the first ball!
Kuroda-san, Gambate Kurasai!!!(do your best!!)
Let’s go Dodgers! Let’s Go!!
I’ll be at the stadium as early as possible. I learned that Dodger booster club is passing something out. I am not participating as they already had enough volunteers. We do not know what it is but it might be rally towels.

Oh Aca, Have a great time in Hawaii!
Love all the 1908 stuff! There is a nice baseball book called “crazy 08”

crzblue2 – Thanks. I love the subtitle to that book.
Crazy ’08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History

Crash: Way to pound that 1908 in! And for now, the media still loves ’em

Jim Rome had a picture that perfectly describes the feeling these past 2 days:


Tomorrow is going to be amazing.
Emma- Im glad that you had a good time watching the game last night. How exciting post season baseball is 🙂
Bye Acar- be safe and have fun! We will miss you!
NSB- today’s episode. Marry goes blind and the shipped her off the the Blind school and she rebells. At least we know she will meet Adam and marry and have children one day. She just doens’t know yet!
I heard Paper Planes on my way back to work from lunch. It made me think of our guys 🙂

i’m SO wound up and excited!! i’m sad there’s no game today.. but this weekend is going to be amazing! i am so proud of how the boys have carried themselves thus far.. sure the cubs have really been helping us out (walks and errors), but we’ve gotten great pitching, and we’ve gotten the big hits when it matters most. i think our young boys are really growing up quickly, and i see such promise for us for a long time to come.. it’s truly an incredible time to be a dodger fan! 🙂

billingsley was really great yesterday.. i think it was one of his best performances thus far..

russell has really stepped up in this series.. he’s playing his best baseball of the season.. i’m so happy to see that 🙂

Sara- it’s going to be great! Second round of the playoffs- the National League Championship Series…wow. It’s incredible and all the young guys get to eat it up. Tomorrow really can’t come fast enough. It’s going to be a blast!.
Viva los Dodgers!!

for sure amy, i can’t wait!

Amy, yeah, it was good to see Mary ended up happy. I’ve always liked Mary’s character, she had to deal with a lot, and the 19th century wasn’t exactly blind-friendly. I miss watching Edwards’ drunken antics, the only time it comes on TV up here is like 4am. Whenever you let me know about watching the show, though, it makes me check youtube for an Edwards scene 🙂

OMG I hope I just didn’t jinx this but I just bought a ticket to game 3 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium! 🙂

Anyone know where to find the cheapest flight would be to LA? I’m not having any luck lol

I’m ecstatic, gonna make sure to get out of work before the end of the game just so I have the chance to see if they do it on Saturday.

The media can say that the Cubs are losing this one, they can even say the D-Backs lost the divsion. Keep saying it.

haha- Nsb- glad I can be of service!!
I love me some Little House!

scurtis, i bought tickets to every nlcs game just in case.. i was worried about jinxing the boys as well.. but if you don’t buy early, you don’t buy at all.. keep those fingers crossed!! 😉

scurtis- that’s awesome. I hope to be there myself! no jinx, confidence is good!!!
I can’t help with the flight. All airlines are expensive these days 😦

scurtis, try http://www.farecast.com

it’s a website my boss had told me about and he said that it really helps to find the best priced flight!

Thanks Sara and Amy!

Im banking on it being Philly at LA for game 3 with the way things are going.

I can’t wait until tomorrow night. How about you all?

Yes, you are crazy like the rest of us! lol.
I usually check priceline for tickets.

Looks like at least one ESPN writer is showing us some love:


Great article nsblues!!! Also, the picture above was just classic!!!!

All I wanna do is BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM
And a :: click :: KA-CHING
And take your money

Infectious 🙂

I am getting more excited by the minute! I got my lucky Dodger hat on and my Russell Martin shirt. I love Fridays when I can dressed with my Dodger gear and wear jeans. TGIF!!

NSB- that was a lovely article. Stories like that just make us more and more proud. I like how Kemp told the Wrigley worker that’s it’s all over!! haha, awesome Matty! Let them know we are number one around here!!

No prob DNelly, just mining the internet for some Dodgers love 🙂

Amy, yeah, I think slowly but surely, they’re finally starting to get it 🙂

Good for them :: pats media on head :: Keep it up, and there might be an extra Snack Pack in your lunchpails tomorrow!

The Baby Blew Crew… I like the sound of that.

thanks for sharing that article nsb.. i was starting to wonder if ANYONE was going to give the kids some credit.. my favorite line is towards the end of the article..

“But Los Angeles wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for the kids.”

it’s very simple, but it’s the truth. the truth is powerful 🙂

nsblues – did you ever find out anything about the blog competition ~ why “The Pulse” is ahead of ITD?
Hi Amy/pop legend, emma and sara – are we just a little excited or what!?!!!!

Crash ~ FABULOUS SONG!!!!!!

hi dnelly! omg, i am SO excited!! i can’t think about much else.. i’m glad i didn’t have work today so i can just sit here and think about dodgers!!

nelly- it’s been such a long time coming. I was soo little in 1988 that I’ve never really experienced such Dodger passion and excitement! this is great. I Love LA!!
and I’m ready to go home and gear up for some Dodger baseball tomorrow!

sara ~ The good thing about my class, is I have them just as excited as me. I let them pick who they think would win in all four match-ups back on Wednesday. 18 out of the 20 picked the Dodgers (which in some ways I was happy that I hadn’t totally brainwashed all of them – lol). The Angels/RedSox are split down the middle at 10 a piece. Tampa Bay is the favorite in that series and the Phillies are the favorite in that one (they knew the least about those two teams). So, needless to say we are having fun with this in the classroom as well.

dnelly, i’m sure their folks really appreciate you brainwashing their kids.. haha

amy, i was little in ’88 as well, but it is my fondest dodger memory.. i remember the love for the dodgers and all the people wearing their gear and talking dodgers.. my parents have always been such huge fans that i remember all the big laker and dodger moments even from my childhood..

Sara- you are lucky– and yes I know you were young too!! I remember going to the stadium at that little, but as far as remembering hype or the importance of championships was beyond me. Too bad for me 😦
Dnel, producing the next generation of baseball fans. Way to go!
But it’s all good. It just means more to me now as a young adult. I fully understand the love of the game and the love of th Dodgers!

Some inventions since the Cubs last won the World Series

You Tube
Hybrid cars
Birth Control patch
Web TV
Cellular phones
Video games
Microsoft Windows
Cabbage Patch Kids
Ink-jet printers
Post-it notes
Artificial hearts
Acrylic paint
Audio cassettes
Barbie Dolls
Hula Hoops
Non-stick pans
Hydrogen bombs
Mr Potato Head
Credit cards
Cake mixes
Microwave ovens
Atomic bombs
Synthetic cortisone
Dialysis machines
Silly Putty
Synthetic Rubber
Spray cans
Electron microscopes
Freeze-dried coffee
Ballpoint pens
Canned Beer
Drive-In movies
Parking meters
Zoom lenses
Polaroid photography
Frozen food
Scotch tape
Car radios
Electric shavers
Bubble gum
Iron lungs
PEZ candy
Liquid fuel rockets
Traffic signals
Lie detectors
Tommy guns
Arc welding
Pop-up toasters
Stainless steel
Gas masks
Crossword puzzles
Life Saver candy
Talking motion pictures
Instant coffee

yeah trust me amy.. it’s SO much better now!

haha eric.. so clever.. sadly, quite a few of those could also fit in the “inventions since the dodgers last won the World Series” list as well =/

Dnelly, no I haven’t had a chance to message them about it. I probably will later, or at least read all the blogs with leaderboards and see if it says how they judge that. And your class is definitely more intellegent than those ESPN Sportswriters (Excluding Peter Gammons and Jim Caple, of course).

Sara and Amy, I remember ’88 very sparsely, in some ways I remember 87 better. But I didn’t really understand the whole World Series thing at 7. It was like “Yeah, Duh, the Dodgers are the best team, that’s why I like them!” It was still a little shocking a decade later when I looked back on that year and saw how big of an underdog they were.

Eric, great list. I know something that hasn’t been invented since 1908: The North-Side Chicago Anti-Choke Machine. >:)

LOL sara! Only too true! But take a look at where Prozac is on that list. From there on up is OUR list. Everything else is Cubs-only!

Electoral map from 1908. Kinda upside down from today. How things change in 100 years. . . except for the Cubs.

Crash, yeah, that’s crazy. It’s like the liberal and conservative ideologies switched parties at some point. And that was a great Chicago song, wonder if that track is on this album:


Eric- bringin the humor once again. At least 20 years isn’t as bad as 100!
nsb- heck ya the Dodgers are the best team. That’s all I pretty much remember myself. My foundest memories are of day games in the middle of summer with my dad and brothers. We would take spray bottles with us and were more into keeping cool and eating ice cream than watching baseball. But the Dodgers and the Stadium were always special to me.
Sara- it is way better now 🙂 Tomorrow is amazing. Can’t wait to see you and go crazy. A winning playoff game in person. Never been to one of those before!


Boy, I am just thrilled to be able to experience this postseason with my ITD buddies!!! But in a way, I do feel bad for my Cubbie husband. I’m sure he’s feeling what the rest of the Cubbie fans are feeling. Being a Dodger fan, I am trying REALLY HARD not to show my excitement too much with great Dodger happenings! It’s hard, but I’m trying. But as soon as I say that, when Loney hit his grand slam on Wednesday, I just screamed so loud and jumped so high in the air!!! But I do have to be a good girl and not “throw it in his face!” He is my husband after all…

Dodgersrule ~ Yes, we are the great WOMEN behind our BOYS IN BLUE!

Great article NSB!!! Finally; someone giving some Young Gun Dynasty Love!!!

Wow eric! That is quite a list!!! And to think that 1988 is represented by Prozac and a few others! Put in that context, 1908 sure IS an eternity!!!

Ward Dear…. THAT very cool!!!!!!!
nsblues – thanks!!!!

More fun facts about 1908
Gasoline $0.18 per gallon
Women’s shoes, patent leather, 1.98/pair
Gloves, canvas, 0.05-.10/pair
Coffee, Choice, 0.12/lb
Chocolate marshmallows, 0.15/two pkgs [yum!]
Ham, Swift’s honey cured California, 8.5 cents/lb
Mustard, Heinz, 0.09/bottle
Nuts, mixed, 0.25/2 lbs
Borax, 0.09/half pound box
Oil stove, 0.75/each
Pillow cases, hemmed, white muslin, 0.10/each
Hammock, canvas, 1.06/each
Lawn mowers, 8 inch wheel, 2.50-3.50/each
Window screens, .25-.50/each
Newspaper 0.01/daily paper [about what they’re worth today, given the media opinions]
Wash board, .15/each [my personal favorite]

got any 1988 facts crash??

Rose: Per MLB.com: “The Cubs have lost all eight of their playoff games played west of Chicago, including six in the state of California. Over that same span in playoff games east of Chicago the Cubs are 4-4.”

chocolate marshmallows in 1908 – interesting…. LOL!!! What can I say, it’s Friday 🙂 Great list Crash!

I am not too surprised at the way the media (at least outside of Los Angeles) has portrayed this series. Remember, it was earlier this year that articles were written calling the Dodger organization disfuntional and many of us agreed. As Dodger fans we

Nelly – Yeah, good luck finding chocolate marshmallows at the store today – who stocks them? Let me know.

yeah eric, i realized you were going backwards in time..

amy, i can’t wait to see you either! i’ve only been to one playoff win in person, the lima-time game! but it was incredible.. i think tomorrow will be even more incredible!!!

what time do you want to meet? what do you want to eat?

haha. I’m rhyming now 🙂 We need to be there early and we will need to bring those handy Dodger Blankets!! It will be a cold one!

crash- I am almost positive that you can buy chocolate marshmallows at good old Target! Good luck my friend.

Sorry about the incomplete post. That has never happened to me before.

I am not too surprised at the way the media (at least outside of Los Angeles) has portrayed this series. Remember, it was earlier this year that articles were written calling the Dodger organization disfuntional and many of us agreed. As Dodger fans we talk alot about winning only 1 playoff game since 1988 (prior to this year) because we have a history of winning something or being in the World Series pretty much every decade since the 1940’s. The Cub’s futility is a much better story. In addition, many media types just figured the Cubs were the much better team so it was not to hard to pick the Cubs over the Dodgers. I don’t think it was anything against the Dodgers as much as it was just going with the better story. The TBS announcers have fallen into the same trap so now they have to scramble to try to explain what is happening. They still get it wrong when they give all the credit to Manny. The fact is the Dodgers are playing much better than the Cubs, at least so far! Let’s hope this continues.

Amy – per your request, 1988 prices:
Gasoline $1.52/gallon
Women’s sandals, 19.99-35.00/pair
Men’s shirt, dress, 15.00/each
Coffee, Folger’s, 1.49/11.5 oz can
Ice cream, 1.99/half gallon
Lamb, whole leg, 1.99/lb
Cereal, Post, Grape Nuts, 1.99/24 oz box
Peanuts, Planter’s, 1.99/lb jar
Paper towels, Bounty, .59/70 count roll
Range, GE, gas, 30″, 299.99/each
Sheet set, Supercale Plus, twin, 19.99-39.99/set
Wheelbarrow, 4 cu ft, 25.99/each
Newspaper 0.25/daily paper
VCR, Fisher, 249.00-279.00/each
Television, RCA, color, 25″, 274.00/each

Amy – Thanks, I think I’ll be stopping by Target soon.

amy, we can finalize all the details later tonight.. since i’m skipping the football game, i’m not doing anything all day except the dodger game tomorrow night.. so i’m available all day.. it really is going to be cold.. i’m hoping rain doesn’t mess with our plans.. i’ll be bringing a jacket and a blanket! you can never be too prepared for chavez ravine~

Crash – I saw them last February during Valentine’s season – (didn’t taste so good), but other than that they are not a household staple – LOL!!!

Eric, still got any old PEZ candy dispensers? I thought those were so cool when they came out. I think I have some Star Wars PEZ dispensers somewhere.

Crash – I saw them at Target also, but I thought they were a seasonal thing, but maybe they aren’t according to pop legend/Amy 🙂

crash- thanks for fulfilling my request 🙂 But too bad the prices aren’t too much lower than they are today. We haven’t made that big of a jump. mostly gas is outragous.
Sara- got it. I’m not doing much tomorrow as well. We can definitely take all the time we can to prep for the Game 🙂 YEA!!

The article doesn’t have much we haven’t already read, but I like the title, and the opening paragraph.

haha game prep.. yup 🙂

CRASH : thanks for the great facts you are providing, it is very interesting.
Let me add quick 1988′ fact and please I am from that era, I was still a child so I have a good excuse. 1988 New Kids On The Block Released the Hanging Tough Album….I’ll be going to their concert on Wednesday.
Chocolate Marshmallows…OK first cupcakes and now marshmallows…at this time I am usually starving…killing me!

Dnell- that is an AWESOME title. Gotta love those Dodgers! We are winners 🙂
Like we’ve been saying all season, we just had to win the west, and the playoffs we’d be a whole different team! It was true then and it’s so true now!

The team right now is very AWSOME, ETHIERRIFIC! To me they are the best team and I love them the way they are. Eventhough some players are vets or aren’t playing to their fullest, but I will be sad to see anyone of them not be back next year. Well Andruw Jones & Sweeney can go, but the rest I’ll be sad…even Pierre, Kent, Penney….I’m getting sad now. Think Blue think WIn….

SARA & AMY : For Saturdays games you girls should go eat at one of Andre’s blogs locations.

thanks for the suggestion rose 🙂

Another Chicago-inspired tune
Saturday at the Park
Saturday at the park
I think it was the Chavez Ravine
Saturday at the park
ITD bloggers at the scene
People shouting, people screaming
A man selling green tea
Wearing italian shades
Will Hiroki hit his marks?
Can you dig it (if we win)
And we’ve been waiting such a long time
For Saturday
Saturday at the park
You know it is the Chavez Ravine
Saturday at the park
Winning in the Chavez Ravine
Raffy hitting, Russell smashing
Manny being Manny
Then Every Day Dre
Will James Loney be the man?
Mighty Matt Kemp, Blake ‘n’ Blake
And we’ve been waiting such a long time
Twenty years
Ghosts of Walter Alston and O’Malley here today
A blue man, Tommy, tells stories his own way
Listen bloggers let’s gitter done
Let’s gitter done
Nine more wins at the park
Some of them at Chavez Ravine
Nine more wins in the park
Some of them at Chavez Ravine
People stomping, people laughing
A real celebration
Waiting for us all
If we want it, really want it
Can you dig it (if we win)
And we’ve been waiting such a long time
Twenty years

lbirken, I had me some PEZ dispensers, but they’re long gone. They would have pre-dated Star Wars by quite a bit. In the 60s for sure.

Alright, off to work for me. To everyone going to the game tomorrow, I’ve nominated you my proxy representatives at Dodger Stadium for tomorrow’s game! Have fun tomorrow night!

Have a good day, everyone! And don’t forget to feed the goat, and point him in the direction of the Visitors Clubhouse.



Dodgereric – I thought for sure you would have collected those too – LOL!!!
Crash – Another Great One!!!!!

nsblues – Have fun at work, or at least try to make the best of it 🙂

DNelly, a friend of mine who is going to the game tomorrow and I were just checking out the weather forcast for tomorrow and there are showers predicted, but it’s not supposed to be heavy rain. That will suck if they aren’t able to play the game tomorrow, so hopefully it won’t be anything more than light showers.

There would have to be such a downpour big enough to cause the city to float away for this game not to be played.

Eric, I remember them from long before Star Wars as well. I don’t know why PEZ dispensers were so cool but they were a great marketing idea.

You’re probably right lbirken. I was at the game earlier in the season with a pretty long rain delay and they still played the whole game.

They’re still calling for 50% during the day and 20% in the evening:

nelly – baseball cards, comic books, coins, PEZ dispensers, marbles, copies of the LA Times and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune for every day of the Apollo 11 mission (including the sports sections), about 15 years of Sports Illustrated and the Sporting News, model cars and airplanes, record albums. I needed help and no one saw it……….

bluecrewgirl – they are predicting rain up here too. Eric earlier this morning posted a weather forecast. It said that it should clear up before the evening. Let’s hope for the best!!!
I am heading home ~ I will catch up to everyone later. No Dodger baseball and no Friday night high school football ethier (either). This is the first Friday since April that we have not had Dodger baseball – this will be very strange. Not that I am usually home to watch them, but I am usually home in time to talk about them.
Dodgers – I hope you are ready because your fans sure are!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

Dodgereric – you are a treasure yourself – that is simply amazing!! 🙂 It doesn’t sound like you need help, it sounds like you need more room in your house. I guess the question is what does your wife think? 🙂

lbirken, I agree. The PEZ dispenser was a great marketing idea. I can still remember the way that candy smelled while you loaded it into the dispenser.

June Darlin’, the only things I still have are the comics, the coins and my albums. They are all in my allotted 10% of our closet. She’s kept all of the wedding dress magazines that she went through 26 years ago while shopping for hers. And of course she’s kept every single scrap of paper that the kids ever drew a line on. So she has no room to talk. 🙂

Come to think of it, I still have the pennants that used to hang in my room as a kid. We put them up on Matt’s walls at one time. He’s making noises like he wants to put them up again.

Be looking for a large gray envelope in the mail next week.

Eric, every Dodger yearbook since they have been in L.A., media guides since the early 90’s, my baseball cards from when I was a kid and then complete sets from 1975 to around 2000, boxes of newspapers and magazines featuring notable sporting events/victories of the Dodgers and UCLA, ticket stubs from every game (baseball, basketball and football) I have ever attended and a lot of other junk. I am sure my wife says the same thing as yours.

Of course, I am not complaining about my wife since she is the one who secured our set of two Dodger Stadium seats from the first renovation that are proudly displayed in our entryway. But you are right, there never is enough space for all this stuff.

lbirken, it sounds like I’d like to sift through those boxes! Very cool! And what I wouldn’t give to have those seats! About 28-20 years ago I worked at the house of this guy in Duarte who, when he found out that I was a Dodger fan, gave me the nickel tour of his house. The best of a great deal of stuff he had was a row of lockers from the Coliseum, complete with a bench. I went nuts (pun intended) thinking of the butts that had sat on that bench!

I gotta get home before all my stuff is on the front lawn. Catch you all later tonight. Maybe we can make a run at 1000 posts if Josh isn’t feeling like starting another thread!

any word on who will be going for us if there is a game 4? i’m guessing that it would be between lowe (on 3 days rest) or kershaw. regardless, we will be out for blood tomorrow. the ravine is gonna be ELECTRIC.

It looks like Torii Hunter just pulled a Milton Bradley!

Ward Dear…. that was one long, amazing read. I was definitely a skeptic when I found out we got Manny. I really didn’t know what to expect, and after that first weekend where I got to see him play live, I was pretty much hooked. I still have my thoughts on the length of a contract for him, but I certainly want him signed.
As far as collections, I really can’t say much. Like I said, other than baseball cards, mine are girly and take up shelf space, and in some cases floor space. I have a carousel horse that is a ceramic lamp that I painted myself. My dad recently got me one that is made from paper mache’ that actually is an actual carousel with 4 horses. I plan on painting that one, and displaying for the holidays. So, other than carousel horses, I collect bells, paper weights, tea pots, and nativity scenes, all taking up shelf space. So, I have no room to talk, and I guess I should make sure it’s okay with my husband – LOL!!!
That is just my house – my classroom is a whole other story. Not necessarily collections, but every drawing that’s ever been done for me and every gift that has been given to me I keep displayed as long as there is room. However, lately, Eric, drawings and letters have not only been done for me, but have been done for Andre (don’t know why – lol! ), and some crazy Dodger fan (I know, redundant) who has one of the coolest names so they say.

Hey Piano Man!!! What happened? Not currently watching the game, but I guess I will have to find out – LOL!!

It wasn’t as bad as Milton it turns out, but he was running out a close throw to first, complained and jumped in the air, and jammed his knee when he landed. But he is still in the game.

Hey ya”ll! I’ll be back, I want to read that whole article.

dodgereric…indeed, a long read, but fascinating, as Mr. Spock might say. Can’t imagine why Manny would leave for the pressure of pinstripes, just to stick it to a club he claims he simply wants to forget. Will be a very interesting winter…but I’ll enjoy the Fall for now!

It’s worth the read Eric!!! I enjoyed it!!
Piano Man – who are we wanting to win this one? Do we want a freeway series or Manny meet old team series? Actually, I don’t think it matters because the Rays are going to be there anyway – that’s what I am hoping anyway.

If Manny can beat the Red Sox in the 2008 World Series, then he won’t have to go to the Yanks to beat Boston! But I get ahead of myself….beat Harden tomorrow………………………

Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure, at least for me. Manny Ramirez has treated Dodgers fans to the greatest two months of hitting prowess this town has EVER seen…and that includes the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County Anaheim California who I hope get their a**es handed to them by Boston.

I saw the story that NorthStateBlues posted, and thought it was totlly uninteresting. I’ve read it on this blog for about 2 years.
But it’s nice to see some of the national media starting to get it.
I’m giddy.

Kahli – I totally agree with you on Manny. Not only that, he has showed this Dodger team to relax and have fun, and that has been visibly evident. I mean, you can still see they know it’s serious business, but it’s an atmosphere they just haven’t had until Manny arrived – a mixture of business and pleasure.

can I just say one thing??
Rally Monkey = Lame!
thank you.

LOL!!!!!! Pop Legend/Amy ~ No kidding!!!

I thought the rally monkey went extinct. The Angels are looking pretty sad.

Any time Bean town plays in the post season, the game gets slowed down so much, no matter who they’re playing. It’s pretty common to have a regular 9 inning game last 4 to 5 hours with the Red Sox. To me it does not make it more dramatic. It makes it boring.

eyeyeye. vl4- i swear this game is going on forever. too bad I don’t really real strong for either side.
Ill probably wont be on anymore tonight. Dnel- dear, have a good night. I’m surprise you weren’t the first post on Dre’s blog. Did you see he re-posted today? And where is your mom. I missed Tru today!

Good evening ITD boys and girls,
Well, in 24 hours, we should all know or have a very good idea of who wins tomorrow’s game! And if it’s the Dodgers, my mom and I will be yelling and jumping in our seats!!!

I know I won’t be the most popular ITDer here for saying this, but if the Cubs lose (and they will), I REALLY want the Angels to win. No, not because I’m an Angel fan; I’m not. I just want some semblance of sanity in this household. If my husband’s all-time favorite MLB team doesn’t advance, it would be better if his 2nd favorite MLB team does.

amy ~ Have a great time at the game tomorrow. I wish I could be there to enjoy a Dodger Dog along with the game.

He posted again !!! Wow!!! Thanks for the info Amy – good night, and get some rest. You will need it for tomorrow!!!

What’s up ITD? Off work finally!

And I have a PEZ dispenser that I”m using as we speak. Michaelangelo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and about 4 more packs of PEZ for when I empty it. Right now it’s Grape (yuk, grape pez is nasty), but I”ll work through it.

Umps are on drugs tonight. That’s not the 1st bad call in this game.

Do the Angels really have to go to Boston? Why waste the trip?

K-rod served up a cookie there.

Not good. Drew just hit a 2-run HR…

Looks like they need to euthanize the ‘rally monkey’ and bury it for good the way the Angels are playing the past few post seasons. The Red Sox just seem to own them in the post season.

Hi CP!! Andre posted a new entry on his blog again 🙂
Good Evening nsblues and jj

Hi Dnelly!

Is Vlad crying? I hate to see a grown millionaire cry.

thx for letting me know nelly! I’ll be back in a bit…

Ward Dear… that was direct and to the point as usual… very nice!!! 🙂 I think they will slam the door, don’t you? They have been hitting off better pitchers than Harden. Manny and Casey have both batted against him in the AL so they know what he can do, and I saw it first hand in Oakland what Manny can do. I think the Dodger win might be more dependent on how Kuroda pitches than how the Dodgers bat.

I’m a bit conflicted here. I love Scioscia and can’t wish him ill. But the constant harrassment at work has made he hate the team.


has made ME hate the team.

Good evening nells. 🙂 It’s looking like the winningest teams from both leagues are going down in flames this post season doesn’t it?
Youkilis reminds me of one of those bald, & fat old school grappling wrestlers the way he sweats so profusely no matter what he does. LOL!

I love Mike too, but I think I want the Red Sox to win. However, the way the Rays are playing right now, this series may not mean much.


jj- I don’t think the Angels can win in Boston, not two games anyhow. So, they have tomorrow off again to fly back to Boston?

Eric, I wish I was colorblind after that!

Yeah, I hate to see Scioscia, Mickey Hatcher, Alfredo Griffin and my hometown representative Dino Ebel do badly in the postseason. but then I remember they’re Angels, and remember how much crap my Angel fan friends and family gave me after they won (which I constantly remind them doesn’t count ’cause it was only the Giants), and then I can’t help but smile a little.


LMAO!!!! ick!!!!!!!!

He must have lost a bet!! LMAO!!!

*But then I remember that the team they coach is the Angels


The Rays do look tough! Showing alot of resilience coming back from early game deficits. Their bullpen has done well too. It’s so sad they can’t fill the seats in their own ball park playing this well in the post season only getting 35,000 to show up per game.

No way I would wear a suit like that in public, and he wears it on a national TV broadcast. What color was that anyway?

Well, I know this was short, but I’m getting kinda sleepy. I’ve got a lot of plans before I leave for the game, but I’ll try to sign on at some point! Goodnight all…

Ok, ok. If you win, I have to run around the library naked. If I win, you have to wear a lime green jacket with a bright yellow tie that has big pink flowers on it and a burgandy handkerchief hanging out of the pocket on live national TV!!

jj – terribly sad – I have felt bad for them all season in that respect.

Good night CP!!!! Have a fabulous time at the game tomorrow if we don’t hear from you. I will be wearing all my appropriate attire and being at Dodger Stadium in spirit.

Good night cp!!! Cheer for all of us, will ya?

LMAO!!!!! naked is definitely better (in most cases) – well, maybe in every case – that’s a pretty bad looking suit – ickky!!!!

Kinda makes you wonder what kind of pants he was wearing…………

FYI everyone. ‘Reefer Madness’ starts in @ 30 minutes on TCM. I haven’t seen that old propaganda in years! It ought to be good for a few laughs.

Hmmmm, maybe I should make a quick run to the store for some cookies……….

LMAO!!!! purple which would compliment the yellow tie, or maybe red to compliment the lime green 🙂 LMAO!!!!

Or if he was wearing any pants at all! LOL
Night night cp.

Have a great time at the game CP! And Amy and Sara too.

Eric, that dude always wears the most god awful clothes. I wonder where he shops at, lol.

Oh, but I already have cookies – LOL!!!!

jj – LMAO!!! I thought that too, or maybe shorts… LMAO!!

bluecrewGIRL, I figure he must be blind and a real jerk to the crew. That’s the only thing that makes sense. I mean, no one has an ego that big that he has to draw attention to himself like that, do they?

bluecrewgirl ~ I have never seen clothes like that when I am shopping for my husband, but then again, we probably aren’t shopping at the same stores.

The way he dresses reminds me of the Wild and Crazy Guys skit that Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin used to do on Saturday Night Live.

We were just talking about Steve Martin last night. I used to love that skit. Those were the good days of SNL. I watch it every once in a while now, but not like I used to.

JJ, I got “Reefer Madness” on DVD for $5 a few years back. Propaganda films are the best! Duck and Cover!

Saturday Night Live has gone way downhill in recent years. It’s not even funny most of the time now. I think the last time I watched it regularly was when Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were on it. The best espisodes are still the early ones with the original cast.

I wonder what kind of light meter the cameramen use to judge how to shoot that suit?