The magic number. Let’s hope it’s one by the end of the night. Posts could get shorter here for a tad, as we’re staying very busy this time of year. Tomorrow night’s game is sold out, but still some left for tonight and limited seats for the NLDS.

Will try to find out about Sweet Lou’s World Series ring for the person who asked…

Here’s the lineup:

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Nomar, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P


Nomar did great last night, but I’d still much rather have him coming off the bench to PH which I think fits him perfect. Is Loney not the RBI leader on this team? IF Nomar can play 1B, he can play SS instead of Berroa and leave Loney in the lineup. Loney homered off of Estes last time he faced him.

Looks a lot like yesterday, huh? Was thinking…in a PERFECT world, the Dodgers would clinch 5 hours before Thusday night’s game. So……….when would they celebrate??? But who am I kidding? The Dodgers won’t make it THAT easy!

Everything is okay with the lineup but I, too, would rather have James.

I like Nomar, but where is James? Andre will make sure James’ okay. Andre’s been there before πŸ™‚

Kahli – That would be great if it happens that way, but just like you said, way to easy for the Dodgers – lol!!! They like to make the fans squirm….

Nomar can’t play SS. We saw he just can’t do it anymore. He was ok, but you just can’t put him there in September or October.

Great Lineup…but like everyone else…wondering about Loney???
AMY…I’m sure you’ll be there tonight….so have fun!

Dodger spokesman Josh Rawitch said ESPN had requested that Torre appear during the network’s broadcast of Sunday’s game. β€œHe already had plans last night when they asked,” Rawitch said.

Heck yeah, he already had plans! Plans to go to the playoffs. Get ’em, Josh! Boo friggin’ whooo, Yankees. Enjoy the show.

Go Blue!

scurtis ~ isn’t Nomar’s range at first limited too? I think he’d be best as a pinch hitter.

Loney wins third annual Campanella Award:

I guess giving him a little rest as a — reward? Not sure about that one either.


Yeah but better to have range limited at 1b then SS. When it was him and Kent, that was the worst range ever in MLB history in the middle infield.

Bad bad news. NO Pujols tonight for STL. Well, he’s not in the starting lineup. UGH!

Anyone going to the game tonight? I’ll be there tomorrow. Glad I got tickets while I could!

scurtis ~ I guess you are right about Nomar but, I’d still rather have James. Is Pujols hurt?

Think we’d better get used to seeing Joe’s vet love for Nomore. I expect to see it throughout the playoffs.

PLEASE NED, do us all a favor. Don’t re-sign Nomore, Kant, and Mr. PH. If they aren’t there, JoJo can’t use them. Its bad enough we’re stuck with CowPhew again.

Gosh Tony hate us

Cardinals lineup:

Schumaker cf
Miles 2b
Stavinoha lf
Lopez 3b
Kennedy rf
Phelps 1b
Johnson c
Wainwright p
Izturis ss

Yes Pujols is hurt but put off Surgery until after the season ended but Tony wanted all left handed batter.

sl ~ that really sucks. It’s like giving the game to the dbacks

Three seems so much better than five.
Can’t depend on the Cards to help us out every night.
Would be good to go for the juggler right away like last night.
But every game is a different game.
Just got to keep driving like every game is a MUST win game.

Josh- thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me and Sara last night. We could tell that you were very busy but I’m glad we finally got the chance to speak directly πŸ™‚ Good luck with the season. Sara and I have our playoff tickets all ready to go and we both will be there!!!
Tru- not tonight I’m afraid. I will have made 4 out of the 6 this homestand. I’m going to the gym. I will TIVO the game, get back eat a hearty dinner, then settle in to watch the game. No worries though, cause Tomorrow I will be there early and happy and ready for action!!
Go Dodgers. Yea for Loney’s award!

Scherzer owned right handed batter than why Tony wanted more left handed in the lineup. I would rather have Nomar range at first than SS abnd 3rd bases.

Hey Amyyyyyyyy

Congrats Loney

Three, Three, Three! Three, Three, Three!
That’s my ‘3″ chant btw. lol…. DODGERS!!!!!!
On Sunday the little boy next to me would chant for his food.
Example: “Let’s Go Pizza, Let’s Go” haha. I feel like that little boy!

Yeah I agree Trublue but their is nothing we can do about it but win and hope the dback lose.

LaRussa’s just following Torre’s early season doctrine – Pujols is more valuable off the bench than Phelps. Its a JP/Ethier kinda thing.

Urgh I hate when I type so fast and never proofread what I just wrote.

We are going to win anyway….so it doen’t matter who plays for the opposition.

hi shad.
yes Tru- reguardless of Pujols Dodgers will win and dominate πŸ™‚

Hopefully Al is back in the lineup for the day game tomorrow.

I want Manny and Furcal resigned ASAP!

This is what I copy from the St Louis Post Dispatch.

Since Kershaw starts doing better during 2nd innin and up. I suggest that he should go out to the mount atleast by 6:30 and just pitch…just NOTE FOR KERSHAW: Be careful with the kids when they are out there running for an outgraphs with their long t-shirts on, and be careful with whoever is singing the National Anthem…and sort of step to the side, when the guest of honor gets to throw the first pitch…so hopefully byt the time the 1st inning begins…you will do good! GOOD LUCK KERSHAW!

Pujols, Ludwick, Glaus all sit
By Rick Hummel

When the Cardinals meet the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight in the third game of a four-game series at Busch Stadium, they will have a lineup in which the nine starting players have hit a total of 19 home runs as Cardinals.

Manager Tony La Russa is resting his top three sluggers, first baseman Albert Pujols, outfielder Ryan Ludwick and third baseman Troy Glaus, against hard-throwing Arizona righthander Max Scherzer.

The Cardinals also will be without lefthanded reliever Randy Flores for the rest of the season. Flores on Thursday will have arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder, to be performed here by Dr. George Paletta, the head team physician.

Flores has been bothered for some time by discomfort in his shoulder and had an MRI earlier in the week. An examination and results of the MRI indicated no abnormalities to the rotator cuff but there was a small cyst and some fraying in his labrum. The surgery is considered a clean-up surgery for the 33-year-old Flores, who has had a disappointing season.

Flores, who spent part of the campaign at Class AAA Memphis, appeared in 43 games for the Cardinals with a 1-0 mark and 5.26 earned run average. He walked more batters than he fanned (20-17), lefthanders batted .314 against him and righthanders were at .316.

A veteran of four-plus seasons, mostly effective ones, with the Cardinals, Flores probably is danger of not being tendered a contract after the season.

As for Chris Carpenter, who has had nerve issues in his right shoulder, the righthander saw another neurologist on Wednesday although he said before the game he didn’t have any new information. A news release by the team said the club planned to disclose its findings by Thursday.

As for tonight’s lineup, Skip Schumaker, who will lead off, has the most home runs by a Cardinal at eight. Second baseman Aaron Miles, hitting second, is second with four.

Miles said he never could recall his being in such a position. “I dare say it hasn’t happened,” he said. “It might have happened if I hit a home run the first game of the season.”

The rest of the lineup and its number of home runs as a Cardinal this season: Left fielder Nick Stavinoha (0), third baseman Felipe Lopez (3), right fielder Adam Kennedy (2), first baseman Josh Phelps (0), catcher Mark Johnson (0), pitcher Adam Wainwright (1) and shortstop Cesar Izturis (1).

Manager Tony La Russa explained, “I’m using all the lefthanders we had.”

St. Louisan Scherzer has held righthanded batters to a .168 average, fanning 44 in 107 at-bats.

La Russa said that Glaus, Pujols and Ludwick would start the remaining four games of the season.

Cardinals lineup:

Schumaker cf
Miles 2b
Stavinoha lf
Lopez 3b
Kennedy rf
Phelps 1b
Johnson c
Wainwright p
Izturis ss

Arizona lineup:

Drew ss
Young cf
Jackson lf
Dunn rf
Tracy 1b
Reynolds 3b
Snyder c
Eckstein 2b
Scherzer p

Thanks Sl7180

That Cards lineup is a freaking joke. I just can’t stop laughing and I’m surprise Tony didn’t experience the pitcher hitting in the clean up spot.

NP I posted it twice it just too freaking crazy.

Dang, Cards just had a player thrown out at home plate.

0-0 Top 2

Oh gosh I don’t want to here that.

I really wanted the Mets to loss all their games and somehow the Brewers make it in. It would be nice both NY teams doesn’t make it and they moving to a new stadium next year.

I want to beat the heck out of the Mets with there crappy bullpen.

Go Wainwright make them stranded that leadoff double.

Just back from errands…

Amy and Sara… Agent, huh? I guess so, as long as I get one of those cool hats like Jon Lovitz in A League of Their Own. 10% of proceeds would benefit ThinkCure!, 10% would benefit the Keep Manny in L.A. fund, and the rest will be ours to split.

Alrighty, back to the drawing board for me, and for anyone who missed it last thread, check out the Don Drysdale official website at . Like I said earlier, the quote on the first page that shows up is worth the site visit alone.

Check this out Dejesus left the game but yahoo hasn’t even put him in the lineup like he hasn’t played before.

Nevermind they finally updated it 4 innings to late.

Scherzer in trouble let go Cards.

heck yes 2-0 Cards and still threatening.

2- 0 Cards

scurtis ~ great minds think alike lol

Veruca Salt is alive and well.

– J. Phelps singled to center
– M. Johnson walked, J. Phelps to second
– A. Wainwright unknown into double play, A. Wainwright to second, M. Johnson and J. Phelps scored
– End of Inning (2 Runs, 1 Hit, 1 Error)
WTF yahoo

do not engage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol Trublue yes we do!

2-0 Top 3rd

Who the **** talking to you bitch? Don’t tell me to shut up when you not shuting up yourself idiot.

Moon light, moon bright
Second moon I see tonight . . . .
The sighting has been reported.

shad- please just leave him alone. There is no reason to talk back or argue. That is what he wants. Please Shad. walk away

I’ll second that shad.

I’m out. Gym time.
Tru- talk to you later sweetie! Hold down the fort please πŸ™‚
too bad we can’t have a solar eclipse tonight 😦

Believe me Amy I will just for you and the rest of the people here. I don’t care what he really have to say.

Thank you shad πŸ™‚ only happy thoughts and togetherness from now one. no more issues!

2-2 snakes just tied it. UGH

at least there are 2 outs, finally!!

I guess nothing going to be easy.

Good evening all. Well most of you any way. No need to name names.
Congrats to Loney on his award, but I’m wondering if he’s in Joe’s dog house. Two games in a row not in the lineup? What gives?
I’m also thinking Larussa must have a chub against the Dodgers sending out a lineup like that against the Snakes. Pitiful! At least they’re up 3-2 right now any way.
I hope Kersh has a great game. GO DODGERS!!!

3-2 cards Top 5th

Is it safe?

for the moment lol

I just couldn’t resist! LOL

4-2 cards

im gonna drink if they win when i get home and then watch us win!

The celestial events continue . . . Question for those better educated than me. What is it called when two moons orbit each other?

sparkleplenty ~ a “lunatic eclipse”

I remember ‘Lunatic Fringe’ by Red Rider some years

jj ~ that’s good, I like that term…..LUNATIC FRINGE has a nice ring to it!

Nah, guys & gals, you’re giving lunatics a bad name. After all, a day without lunacy is like a day without sunshine.

To me it’s just one of those tunes that just grabs you. Red Rider’s Tom Cochrane also did the original ‘Life is a Highway’ before The redneck band Rascal Flats butchered it. Cochrane’s another Canuck who rocks like Neil Young, Randy Bachman, Bryan Adams, Rick Emmett, and Rush.

seesky ~ touche!!

Hey everyone. The game last night was great. We had awesome seats and you could really feel the energy of the guys from the start. They came with playoff game energy. I was glad to see them rise to the challenge. A guy that’s on the Young and Restless sang the national anthem and he had a great voice. One of the best renditions I’ve heard in a while.

Congrats to James on his award. I was hoping to see him back in the lineup tonight. I was was also hoping Andre would hit #21 in my presence. He came really close on the first fly ball he hit. It just missed. It seemed like the air was kind of heavy last night. There were quite a few fly balls that looked like they had enough to go farther and then just kind of died at the end.

I know there are much more appropriate descriptions. But we need not go there. It only encourages them.

Northstate, I forgot to congratulate you about your drawings being noticed. That’s great. You really have a lot of a talent. Keep it up.

seesky ~ you are right……..after all we are ladies & gentlemen lol

TruBlue–lol. After all, where would ITD be without lunatics?

Is it ok to post now?

seesky ~ after all ITD is fondly known as that wonderful show “Leave it to Beaver” thanks to a few good men and women
sl ~ so far, so good

Even though he struggled, Bills was impressive last night. Last night’s game was a sign of his growth as a pitcher. The Bills of last year would’ve probably lost that game.

4-2, Cards, in the 7th. Let’s say a prayer for the Cardinals bullpen.

I’ll drink to that seesky, lol.

Hey gang!! Hope everyone is having a great evening. Let’s go Dodgers!!!!!

Bluecrew–If prayer fails, I may have to pull out the flask.

jhall ~ my evening just got better!!

seesky ~ i already have!

I have my shot glass ready, but hope I don’t need it tonight):

Lol, Trublue. I am so tired from last night, I think it would put me to sleep.

LOL!! Sounds like a great idea gals!! Merci Trumom!!!

bluecrewgirl ~ it puts me to sleep too. Old age sucks.

So far, kersh is on……News is still good from St. Louis!!!!

Remember gang, only an idiot argues/debates with an idiot. Those jerkoffs do not merit or deserve any consideration or response.

Inside of an old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened.

Kood to see Kersh’s Kurve working tonight.

One more Franklin

I see Tony using Pujols and Ludwick as a defensive replacement good job. I guess you don’t hate us. WTG Franklin

Cards Win!!

Nomah! Two games in a row.

I think Nomar wants a ring!

Alright Nomar!!! Nothing like playing for a contract somewhere next year. LOL!!!!


Mets & Brewers are now tied for the wild card spot. Cubs with a come from behind win to beat the Mets. CRAZY!

Well the Snakes did their part, now we’ve got to do ours.

Two nights in a row for N O M A R

Nothing like catching lightning in a bottle.

Thanks bluecrewgirl! I’m working on another one I hope to finish by tonight (hopefully the end of the game).

Where was the squeeze?!?! Kershaw can bunt and Joe lets him swing away! What the Hell JOE! WAKE UP!

Kersh really does need to work on his hitting so he can help himself once in awhile.

I was thinking along the same lines Max.

Actually a sac bunt to get Berroa over would have been good too. If you’re gonna have Kershaw go up there and waste an out might as well make it a productive one. What if Kershaw bounced into a double play? Bad managing.

Agree, Enchanted. He does swing a pretty weak bat, even for a pitcher.

Matt delivers!


Should be 3-2 if Joe would have had Kershaw sacrifice. Thanks for costing us a run Joe.

Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!
Just got in and trying to catch up.
dbacks lost – good!!
gnats losing – stupid people couldn’t play this bad against us I guess.

Hey DNelly! Would be great if we could get the magic # to 1 tonight.

Estes is coming unraveled here. Time to cash in Manny.

It’s hard to believe what happened to the Mets.
My daughter must be in a bad state.

Perhaps if someone would prod Joe back awake, he might do something.

Hey blue speaking of weak bat how did you like Bills helping himself last night?

Joe’s next move – triple steal.

Kersh probably hasn’t hit much on the professional level. Most minor leagues use the DH. He does have 9 sacrifices, the best on the staff, so he can bunt. As with his pitching, he’s young and still learning.

Agreed Max, at least a safety squeeze. Geez!!!
Beav, Mom!!! Good to see you. Hope dad gets home soon. That will be swell.

Perez blew a 4 run lead, then the Mets bullpen did what they do best….Mets had plenty of chances. They choked.
Damn! Wasted opportunity there.

Bills doesn’t swing a bad bat, Shad. It was good to see him hang in there and help himself out even though he didn’t have his best stuff.

Max ~ isn’t Joe the “magician”? lol

Enchanted, seesky needs to mix a little Bigelow Green Tea into whatever’s in the flask tonight and pass some on down to Joe.

Yeah but I remember when you said he’s bunting need to improve lol. Gosh David Blaine is nuts.

LOL Trumom!! That’s not what the Beav calls him!!!

Good inning Kersh!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed Blue.

Shad – good job backing off earlier when that clown Joey tried to bait you into an argument.

Nice, Casey!!!!!

enchanted ~ Nells told me what you did……thanks πŸ™‚

If Kuroda implodes in his last start, who’s #3 in the playoffs – Maddux or Kersh?

NP I wouldn’t had say nothing until he bring my name up.

And I thought nobody was looking TruMom!! LOL

Maybe somebody could call Ibirken on his cell and have him wake JoJo!!!!

Oh boy!! Looks like the naughty kids got out of their room again. I am glad to see the good children stayed away – very nice!!! Ward Dear will be most pleased…..
Wally/Beav – very nice indeed πŸ™‚
bluecrewgirl ~ I thought about you the whole time during the game. I am glad you got to see a great game.

I’d be leaning towards Kershaw. Even though Maddux has the experience, he’s at the end of the line and Kershaw seems to be able to hold it together better lately, even when he doesn’t have his best stuff.

Yep Shad, good job!!! Nothing is gained arguing with idiots.

Dam’n!! Nomar is on fire.

Nomar es en fuego!

What’s gotten into Nomar???????

Thank you Nomar – nice job Andre!!!!!!

NOMAR GARCIAPARRA another clutch hit.

Damn I love Loney but Nomar look good the past 2 night.

Fantastic! After his rough year..Nomar carrying the Dodgers on his back for the stretch.. Way to GO. You deserve these moments!!

Wow Nomar! I’m never gonna finish this drawing! LOL

Damn Nomar! (You know what Ned’s thinking…)

Scary isn’t it Beav?!!!!

Good AB by Blake.

enchanted – he shouldn’t, but you know he is……

The Ned works in not-so mysterious ways Wally.

Did anyone read that the Giants signed JT Snow to a 1 day contract? I’m praying the Giants don’t give Bonds a 3 days contract to just played against us.

N-O-M-A-R…still a fan favorite..come on we can still use him!

Great SQWEEZE by B E R R O A

Like I always say. I’d take a hurt Nomar over a 100% healthy Sweeney anyday of the week if only Nomar could be our primary PH.

N I C E!!!

LOL Beav. The Furter works in delirious ways unfortunately!!!

Not to worry Shad, Snow at best goes 1 for 4, and Bonds hasn’t seen live pitching for a year.

yay for us taking the lead πŸ™‚

i REALLY thought we would definitely play an NL East team for the first round.. but with milwaukee tying for the wild card today.. i have no idea who we’ll play now.. should be interesting the rest of the week~

AMAzing how we are winning without Kent…seems like Torre found the right chemistry…

LOL!! I’d rather have a box of Cracker Jacks than freaking Sweeney.

Ned’s thinking that for the fraction of the cost for Manny, he could have Nomar AND Sweeney. 2 for 1. Whatta deal Ned!!

Tomorrow it could be Loney at first & Nomar at short.

yay, loney’s in now

Holy Crap, what the Giants doing starting JT Snow against us on Saturday but go figure he just wanted to retired as a Giants. The fool should retired as an Angels. I really hope he make 2 errors in that game and cost the team the game.

I rather have Manny Mota hitting right now than least Mota would make contact.

enchanted ~ that’s funny, but really not funny because it could happen….. Ned hasn’t been known for his good decision making.

Why don’t the Giants bring back Krukow & Kuiper? lol

Wohooooooooo Torre being cautious with Nomar. No way Snow gets 4 Ab’s but at least 1.

I’m happy for Nomar, but if he keeps it up, Berroa needs to sit and we’ll have to take our chances on defense. I don’t think it will be as bad with Dewitt at 2nd instead of Kent. I know Nomar is not the defensive player he once was, but he was a gold glove at shortstop earlier in his career. Loney doesn’t deserve to be benched and I don’t want to see him treated like Andre was most of the season.

Nells – what are the odds that Sweeney could do any worse next year? Its quite cleaver on his part in a contract year. You see, he’s so bad this season he can’t possibly have anything but upside next year. Its that upside that attracts Ned. 1 + 1 = 3.

Very true bluecrewgirl. There’s been enough of the young guns sitting for the vets. I like Nomar too, but not at the expense of James.

OK which Chan Ho is going to show?

Good outing for Kershaw.
Where was Kemp on that fly to center?
He must have been playing too shallow.

Gosh I hate lead off walk and 2 outs hit.

Nomar at short..he’s hot right now. The defense is still there! Loney needs to be in the line up for the rest of the would screw with head…we don’t need that..he too good.

CHP – That’s the ticket!

enchanted – I have learned through this year, being somewhat in the know about the decision making, that anything bizarre is possible when it comes to this Dodger organization.

dnelly, you make a good point about the young guns sitting for vets.. i’m so terrified that there will be much more of that during the playoffs.. you know how joe and ned feel about experience, and how meaningful it is πŸ˜›

nsb-This is a little late but thanks for the heads up on the Drysdale webpage. Agreed on the quote on the first page. That attitude is, without a doubt, old school. I did’nt know he had to retire because of a torn rotator cuff. He had the misfortune of incurring that injury about 10 years too soon.

Hey ya’ll, I turned in Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber to the abuse people. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Thanks eric!

lol @ Giants bullpen and I still can’t believe we didn’t win that last game against them. This night should had been the clinch game tonight



Good Evening Ward Dear…. your boys did very well this evening while we were gone… you would be proud.
sara – it is kind of scary if he tries to go back to the old times during the playoffs.

Hey, Sara! Let’s hope Joe doesn’t start messing with a good thing. The young guns are doing just fine.

There goes Manny!!!!!!!



Think Manny was a little upset for leaving the bases loaded earlier.

Holy Cow!! Manny!!!!!


Good Job Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah June Darlin’, there’s a slew of folks on this here blog that this ol’ Boy Scout leader is mighty proud of!

Man, it’s impressive the way Manny can get a hold of a pitch that’s curving down and just crush it. Great job Andre too!

See Miss Debbie ~ Dre does just fine as cleanup hitter!

As a NYer I’ve seen Manny in many a Yankee/Red Sox game.
But I honestly never expected anything like this.

You got that right Ward Dear…. just wonderful πŸ™‚

Nice of Manny to give the bullpen some breathing room. That HR could come up even more huge later in the game.

Hello boys! I see everyone kicked that dumb ol’ neighborhood idiot back down to the end of the street.


I don’t think any of us in our wildest dreams could’ve imagined anything like this from Manny pierresEW.

Ouch! I feel bad for James!

trublue ~ I know, I know – just felt he was a little jinxed last night, and I was hoping it wouldn’t carry into tonight. However, everything seems fine now.

To bad Torre took so long to move Dre there. I always want to see what he can do and I really want to see what Kemp can do behind Manny too.

Chips off the old block, eh dad. LOL!!!!

dnelly and bluecrewgirl, i completely agree.. i say, remember what you got you there..

seesky, glad to share the link! I understand why the rules are different today, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Drysdale was awesome, and I wish I would’ve had the chance to see him (and Koufax, and Newcombe, and Podres… the list could go on). I could only imagine how it was when him and Bob Gibson started in the same game. I’m betting there was plenty of bruises to sign!

Can’t stop that Chip Ambres.

Torre is overmanaging again………

Get out of this inning Beimel

North, you heard the Drysdale story that Vin told the day they found Don had passed away, haven’t you?

Torre’s just been awful on the bullpen these last couple weeks.

That apple never falls too far from the tree, Wally! LOL!!!

eric and enchanted, I KNOW~! everytime he makes another pitching change i cringe..

Ruh Roh!

I’m back…good job thus far, but the Pads keep fighting back.

Here we go again…. Why does Joe do this? uugghh!!

Thank goodness!!!!!!! whew!!!!!!!

Torre goes back to consult his Ouija board…….

I hear you nells!

It’s good to get out of that inning with only one run.

That’s pretty impressive how long Beimel has gone without giving up a homerun.

That was a scary inning!

hey nelly it looks like we have ourselves a matchup this weekend

Good evening.
Bluecrew- I am glad you enjoyed the game last night as much as I did.
Let’s go Dodgers!!!!
Sara- tomorrow- I will sing the 7th inning stretch just cause it’s the last one! Even though I rebel against it .
Great playing Nomar! good to see he worked out for the second game straight!


Let’s root, root, root for the DODGERS!!!!!!!!

nsb– I did’nt see Drysdale, Koufax, or Gibson a lot but they believed that the inside of the plate was theirs and they ruled by intimidation. It was a different game in those days and Drysdale learned from Sal Maglie the way Kershaw and Bills are learning from Maddux.

Torre asking Ouija Board “Sweeney, Pierre, DY , Sweeney, Pierre, DY, Sweeney, Pierre, DY – who do I choose? ….. It says no to Sweeney, but he’s got to come through soon enough. Stupid Ouija Board…. I’m going with Sweeney”

Dnelly- I spoke with my mom tonight. I told her the “ethier” song in the class room and she busted up laughing. She said that she too is having the same behavioral problems, where the kids want to talk and talk and talk and not work. She said if you have any tricks that work she is open for suggestions!
I am so excited about tomorrow. I hope we clinch at home!!

JEFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! I am happy πŸ™‚ haha. awesome!

To think he gave up 1 last year and 7 in 2006.

Hey, Amy! Yes, I had a great time. I can’t believe how warm it was last night. The weather was perfect.

manfromchina – I saw that!!!! Oh no!!! I was glad to see I am no longer in the cellar though. It should be fun!!!
Well who would’ve thought Kent – hmmmm!!!

amy, i’m glad you will partake in the last 7th inning stretch of the regular season.. haha πŸ™‚

Kent on the playoff roster means using a pinch runner if successful. Maybe a 10-man rotation will be necessary.

i’m glad you got to see a good one like we did bluecrewgirl!


That last homerun Beimel give up was to Beltran when Penny was 12-1 in that game on July 21, 2007.;_ylt=AjunsdmQsKGCPMXvE5wv3MGFCLcF?gid=270721119

Sara- it’s the least I can do πŸ™‚
Blue- yea, it’s really warmed up. I didn’t even bring a sweater. But it still feels like Fallbaseball.
I am soo happy that we are playing great baseball. This team has dragged us through the mud, pulled at our hearts, only to come out on top. Gotta love Dodger baseball!
Let’s go Wade!!

I wanted to see Furcal over Kent since he was activated today and Penny moved to the 60 days DL.

shad- but at least Kent didn’t disappoint!! If only we could’ve cashed in a run, but it’s all good.

Eric, I don’t think I’ve heard the story. What happened?

Wade has been such a great surprise this season. Vin was just giving him kudos.

Wade has been money!

Note to Joe – Leave Wade in for the 9th.

I love Wade!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!!!!!

Sara- did you bring your poster to work today? I put mine up it looks real nice.
NSB- mi amigo. How was class dear?

Holy crap Kent has 3 homeruns in 12 rbi’s against Estes too bad we didn’t need him to start. Yep Amy and I thought you were at the game tonight.

i don’t know if we’ve all talked enough about how important cory wade has been this year.. he’s been incredible! i heart cory wade!!

Fill in the blank

Joe Torre is to the Dodger bullpen as ____________ is to the economy.

Shad- I was there last night, and I will be there tomorrow for the finale. I took a break today πŸ™‚

amy, i did bring the poster.. i haven’t put it up yet because i haven’t picked the best spot yet.. i know it will look incredible when i decide..

We want Furcal. We want Furcal.

haha obi πŸ™‚
clever as always!

BOOO!!! You can’t hit our captain!! Dirty business.
Sara- lol. Wade Rocks!


Amy ~ I haven’t necessarily found a permanent solution to the non-stop talking yet. I do run a class store, and the students earn money for work completed and behavior. My behavior chart is a clip up chart that is all baseball terms. The chart is tied into classroom money that is used to purchase items in a classroom store. This worked really well the last couple of years I have done it, and my first shopping day this year is tomorrow. After the first shopping day, behavior tends to get better because they realize what the money can buy. However, I have invested alot of my own money, and it does seem to get costly, but if you use Oriental Trading Company to buy things for the store, then it’s not so bad.
Also, part of me at this time, is thinking of how I can incorporate the talking and make it productive if I can’t get it to stop. They will be great performers because there is no shyness in this group. The song today was evident of that. So, I will have to figure out how I can live with the talking and still get work done. Like I said, as individuals, they are great kids, they are just too social, which I guess is good because they all get along so well, too well.

poor russ =*(

Andre Insurance Run Eithier! Yes!

Hi Amy! Didn’t have class today, just have it Tuesdays and Thursdays this year. Today was running errands at the mall with my girlfriend, her mom’s birthday is tomorrow. How was your day?


A N D R E!!!

yeah dre!

Awesome Andre!!!

Yeah Dre!!!! This is looking good…

See, HE’S FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

have i mentioned how odd it feels chatting with you all during a game after so long? i feel like an outsider 😦
haha, but i’m definitely glad to have some time to be back!

DNelly, you could have them put on a play. I was a talker in elementary school and I remember when I was in third grade we put on a Halloween play called The Three Little Witches. I was the 2nd Little Witch. It was a blast.

Way to go James! I like to see everyone get in on the fun.

Andre Insurance Run Ethier = AIR ETHIER. Sounds like bluecrewgirl is going to help Dre get a sweet shoe deal from Nike — πŸ™‚

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

and L O N E Y chips in too.

Can I just say this 8th inning is looking beautiful to me. Go guys!!! all safe:)
Dnelly- Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass the store thing on to my mom. She did purchase raffle-type tickets for good behavior, but I’m not sure how that’s going. All I know is she’s been a teacher forever, and this class is stressing her out! She said her kids can color and color all day, but when it’s come to work she get’s nowhere. I think she’s incorperated art and coloring into lessons to get their attention.
BTW, did you post the lyrics to the song they sang today? if so I missed it. It’s till such a cute story.
And to our moon-‘friends’- watching this game, the Dodgers are far from sucking- Thank you very much!!!!

Sara, you could never be an outsider):

Here come the knucklerball pitcher.

WTG, James!!! Another round for ITD!!!!

And it gets even better! Thanks James!


YEAH LONEY!!!!!!!!!! And now for their next trick, the incredible shrinking number!!

L – O – N – E – Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah loney!! now, i’m comfortable..

LMAO, Obi! He’s earned the recognition.

thanks bluecrewgirl πŸ˜‰

i think you know what i’m trying to say though.. haha

Sara- you are a conerstone member. You are one of the few of us that can leave an come back. I did and look, I am still loved… hahah j/k.
This inning still rocks!!! 1 out.
NSB- Had a good day. I had the best cupcake in my entire existance. It was peanut butter with fudge chocolate frosting with sprinkles!!! awesome. YUMMY. I think I will look forward to your next post about this game and the ‘new’ magic number!
Hu let the dogs out!!! HU HU HU HU HU.

North, Vin’s Drysdale story:

I was sitting in my living room, in shock like everyone else. Vin had just announced Don’s untimely death. So he started telling stories, God Bless him…..the only one I remember is this one.

Drysdale on the mound, runner or runners on base, but first was open. Frank Robinson was coming up. Walter Alston walked out to the mound and told Drysdale to walk him. He protested that he could get him out. Alston was a quiet guy, but there was never any doubt as to who was in charge. He just said, “Walk him!” and trudged back to the dugout. So Don was left there on the mound, fuming. He thought, “Well, why waste 3 pitches?” and hit him. LOL!!

I’m starting to feel better about the 9th inning.

H U….?



Who? THAT’S HU!!!!!!!!

I love blowouts!!! πŸ™‚

i think we’re winning comfortably now since amy is able to talk about cupcakes.. lol

sara – not even, and you know that!!!! You are definitely part of the family.


Holy Crap did Hu just get a double.


OMG- the best cupcake I’ve had in my 24 years on this earth. I mean, I am a brownie girl all the way…but dang, this one I am still thinking about πŸ™‚
perumike- good evening sir. How’s the wife? is she excited?

“No one on the corner have swagger like KEMP”

bluecrewgirl, i’ve given up on finishing the drawing tonight, this is too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dnelly, i know.. i’m not saying you guys are treating me that way.. i was just commenting on how weird it feels to post since it’s been SO long.. i can’t believe how busy i’ve been.. glad things have calmed down, that’s for sure πŸ™‚

Furcal’s got a bat……….:-)

I’d buy that Air Ethier shoe. And while we’re marketing Dodger players let’s get Oscar Meyer to give a contract to James Loney.

I meant to say—- YEA JUAN PIERRE!!!
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I’ve got goosebumps!!!!!

amy, was it from yummy cupcakes?
just curious since there’s one in your area..


bluecrewgirl – 3 other teachers and I do a musical every year. This will be our third one, and we are doing all beach songs. That’s our finale to end the year,but yes, I do alot of readers theater, and we do a grade level program every year.

Great to see Raffy!!


I would LOVE to see Raffy get out on the basepaths and run all over the Pads!

I didn’t expect Furcal to ever bat this year.
But here he is.

there’s raffy!!

Ferc’s gotta have butterflies right now.

amy, was it from yummy cupcakes?
just curious since there’s one in your area..
By on
What Sara???
I am soo happy.
My mom just called me. She just came in from walking the dog and it was 6-4 and she got inside and it 12-4.

I’ll guess that lbirken is having a good time…….

What a hit parade here!!!

I know exactly what you mean sara, and it is great seeing you around again.
Amy ~ I haven’t posted the song yet, but I will get it there sometime soon – probably tomorrow. I need to ask the
writer of the song if it’s okay if I change a few words πŸ™‚

Wow- I totally forgot that he batted left. It’s been too long my friend!!! Welcome back number 15!!! WE love you.
dang it Sweeny!

It is so good to see Raffy with a bat – just fabulous!!!!

Sweeny rained on our hit parade 😦
Sara- we eat Violet’s Cupcakes at work. Have you had them? I am in love!

check out all the yummy flavors!

i’ve never had violet’s.. i’ve had yummy cupcakes, sprinkles, and eat my cupcake.. haha

thanks dnelly!

You guys are making me sooooo hungry!!! I love sweets.

How fitting is that for Sweeney to stop the show?

Well everyone, I’m gonna go get ready for bed, do a few things, and hit the hay. Great game tonight, and now I’m REALLY jealous that my wife is going to the stadium tomorrow. I am sending her with a camera to take pics of the celebration. Everyone have a good night, and sweet Dodger dreams! πŸ™‚

Amy, that cupcake sounds awesome! Now I’m hungry, fudge and PB are two of my favorites.

that place looks yummy too.. Violet’s is in the same category. So designer cupcakes if you will πŸ™‚
I’m not a Dodger high right now, but am thinking about that cupcake!

trublue, next time you’re down here you should grab a cupcake.. really good stuff

Glad to see Furky back. I missed seeing his picture on the yahoo box scored.

Eric, I remember watching the game on tv when Vin announced Don had passed away. Don was a great color commentator, one of my all time favorites. He gave so much information on the pitches and technical things.

DNelly, the musicals sound like fun. Northstate, it would be hard to concentrate on drawing with all the excitement going on.

Jeez Joe, give Ellis or Stults a chance to bat.
Have I ever mentioned that Sweeney sucks??

Great to be able to have Ferk take some hacks though.

Do they do mail order cupcakes? I’d order some right now!

Tru- you are so my friend. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!
night perumike!

Nite amy! Nite all!

Victory BLVD….

Nite Peru!!

Nite Piano Man

so josh’s post tomorrow will be titled ONE, right? πŸ™‚

g’night perumike

Night peru. Raffy came so close to raking it down the line. I know we give the doctor a hard time, but I have to say Proctor has looked much better since he came off the dl.

Good Night Piano Man!!!


bluecrewgirl.. don’t you think they’ve avoided using him in any pressure situations though? low risk?

good night friends. Tomorrow afternoon the Dbacks with loose and we will WIN it all. I can’t wait for the game tomorrow. Sara, I so wish you were going with me.
It’s Another Perfect Day……
I’m getting into bed. Ready for sweet dreams

Do we have to face Peavy tomorrow?

With all the talk about the great cupcakes, I may have to make a dash to the 7-11 for a quick fix!


I will catch you all in the morning.
One is NOT a lonely number. It’s the sweetest number πŸ™‚

YEAH DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!

Good night Amy

We clinch a tie
Hope we get this over with sometime tomorrow.

Good night Amy!!!

Eric, thanks for the Drysdale story. That’s one way to walk ’em! I’m disappointed in my baseball game (mlb 05 for GameCube) because while they have Dodger greats like Jackie, Campy and Pee Wee, they have ZERO Dodgers pitchers (unless you count Marichal, who I guess played 2 games with L.A., but I don’t). Maybe Mickey Mantle didn’t want to have to spend eternity facing Koufax and Drysdale, heh.

One more to go. Told ya the Snakes would lose at least two in St. Louis. Now that the wind is all out of their sails, they might even drop tomorrow afternoon’s game as well.


That is true, Sara, but he did come in that one game during the stretch where he got out like 5 batters in a row and Torre pulled him and we ended up losing. The jury’s still out to be sure, but he does look like he has better control since he came off the dl.

Bend over DBacks!!!!!!

bluecrewgirl – Proctor hasn’t been looking too bad lately. You are right.

BTW, what does Proctor say Wally?

Good night to all of you late nighters…….i’ll see you tomorrow.

“I wish I could find a fault, but I can’t. Tonight was one of the best games this club’s put in. They had power, they had the small-ball, they had everything!”

– Charley Steiner

No arguments there!!

Whatever it is enchanted – it’s got to be good – LOL!!

Good night trublue.

Good night, Tru!!! Definitely a lot easier to sleep tonight!

Night TruMom!!!

night amy! have fun at the game, sorry i can’t go with.. but i am there in spirit.. and we will have fun during playoffs for sure~!

enchanted ~ I was surprised the Cards won with the lineup they put out there tonight. All it shows is that the dbacks are really losing it.

Good night mom – literallly πŸ™‚

yup bluecrewgirl.. i remember the game you’re talking about.. proctor was pitching well, and then joe pulled one of his many unnecessary pitching changes to drive us all insane.. and it cost the game because elbert was outta control..

night trublue!

i must get going too..
nice chatting ya’ll~
good night!


yay! πŸ™‚

Anyone care to project the possible 11 man post-season pitching roster ??? Lot of tough decisions for Torre & Co.

Justin from Brooklyn

Night sara!

Good Night Sara ~ It was great to spend time with you tonight πŸ™‚

Goodnight, Sara. It was good to talk to you.

Justin from Brooklyn – around here, you will definitely get what you asked for …. πŸ™‚

Night Sara! Good to have you back!!

wow… this game took forever, I didn’t realize!!!!!!!!! I guess I have to try and get some sleep, have to go to school early and buy my new book.

Good Night from the North State, where I’m sure Giants fans with tickets to their last three games have some wind taken out of their sails.

don’t fire joe
don’t fire the guy who hired joe
don’t fire the guy who hired the guy who hired joe

but hey hire one of the geniuses from this blog, they could surely build a contender and spend the 60 mil in flexibility we have this year wisely.

12 straight years to the po’s counts for something jo jo got it done.

oh and maybe convert jp to a 2b


Dewitt is doing just fine at 2nd and he will hit for way more power than Pierre.

Night Northstate!!

good night nsblues ~ you were great today!!!!

Goodnight Northstate. Happy drawing.

dewitt can play ss or 3b, juan has no arm to play anywhere else, he can’t handle ss or 2b, dewitt can and both those holes need to be filled for next year. juan has offensive value, his arm only works at 2b unfortunately. i love dewitt.

Beav – just not enough time in the day, is there? If it’s not one thing, it’s another…..

Bluecrewgirl ~ Ethier ran out a dribbler yesterday the same way JP does, and Russell did the same thing today. JP’s not needed even for that anymore.

Agree, nice guy, and I do hope he gets traded to a team that he fits in for next season, but the Dodgers have better options now.

One thing I learned driving up Hwy. 41 to Oakhurst on a regular basis Nells. No matter how many motorhomes you passed, there was always ONE more.

Here are my 11 (fingers crossed for Saito and Kuo) :

97 Joe Beimel L/L 6-3 215 04/19/77
58 Chad Billingsley R/R 6-1 245 07/29/84
51 Jonathan Broxton R/R 6-4 290 06/16/84
56 Hong-Chih Kuo L/L 6-1 235 07/23/81
18 Hiroki Kuroda R/R 6-1 210 02/10/75
23 Derek Lowe R/R 6-6 230 06/01/73
36 Greg Maddux R/R 6-0 195 04/14/66
61 Chan Ho Park R/R 6-2 210 06/30/73
45 Scott Proctor R/R 6-1 195 01/02/77
44 Takashi Saito L/R 6-2 215 02/14/70
47 Cory Wade R/R 6-2 185 05/28/83

-Justin from Brooklyn

That is so very true enchanted!! I love that drive you know. Everytime I go up there, I want to stay…. It will be interesting to see what damage the fires did. I haven’t been up there since.

Justin – I think Saito’s in, but Kuo is really hurting. Put Kershaw in there and I think you’ve got it.

Bluecrew – can you imagine JP trying to turn a DP with that arm??

well nelly, unless they trade jp, they need to make his 8 mil a year count for something, and as much as ethier and martin running out dribblers makes you think they have the running game pierre has, the truth is they don’t. you like stats but don’t respect sb’s and speed. if he played the whole year this year (which he shouldn’t have ethier and kemp have higher value) he’d have 65 – 75 steals. bottom line pierre carries alot of value with him. his arm sux, and the only place for a sucky arm is 2b, dewitt can play any middle infield position or 3b. hey, if they can trade pierre for a good bp pitcher or decent prospect and unload his salary, i say do it, i’d like the extra 8 mil in flexibility. but if you have him, max. his talent (and he does have talent), it’s a waste on the bench. we need a 3b and ****, put dewitt in one, try to convert pierre to a 2b if he can’t be traded and maybe berroa, hu, abreu or even raffy at ss.

No prediction, just what I think I’d do…….ten man rotation
Billz, Lowe, Kersh as the starters, Brox, Saito, Maddux, Beimel, Kuroda, Park, Wade
I’d consider 11 only if Kuo is OK.
Martin, Ardoin, Berroa, Blake, DeWitt, Furcal, Nomar, Kent, Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Pierre, Ramirez, Repko, DY
I want Repko for the late glove man for Manny when we get ahead. If Furcal can’t go, Ozuna.

If Furcal can go……..

SS Furcal
C Martin
LF Ramirez
RF Ethier
3B Blake
1B Loney
CF Kemp
2B DeWitt

If he can’t……

CF Kemp
C Martin
LF Ramirez
RF Ethier
3B Blake
1B Loney
2B DeWitt
SS Berroa

I think Torre is absolutely going to platoon Loney and Nomar now. No stopping him.

The last 2B to throw lefty was………..

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hire
Fire Frank
Fire the guy who Frank hired
Fire the guy who got hired by the guy who Frank hired

Agree on both counts, enchanted. I think Kershaw has to be in there too and with Kuo’s recent health issues, I think that makes the decision right there. I really wish there was a place for Stultz. I really like him. Hopefully, they will go far in the playoffs and can add him him when they can expand the roster.

I had better get to bed. I am bummed because I have an appointment to get my hair colored tomorrow night. One of the beauticians is a big Dodger fan, so hopefully they will at least have the game on radio. I was supposed to get it done on Tuesday, but I rescheduled so I could go to the game and tomorrow night was the only time she could take me. Oh well. DNelly, if you are on in the morning say “hi” to jhall for me. I didn’t notice he was on until after he left tonight. Goodnight everyone. Let’s hope this time tomorrow the Dodgers are National League West Champs.

JP at 2nd isn’t going to happen. Also, I agree JP has value, just not for the Dodgers with the current team they have. You could make the same argument for Ethier. If Ethier had played all the games he should have, where would his numbers be, and like many have said, we would have had the division wrapped up a week ago if Torre had made some better decisions about lineups early on. I am not just talking Ethier in the outfield ethier (either).

Good night bluecrewgirl and I will tell jhall you said “Hi.”

eric i will bet you a walk through echo park wearing a giants cap that joe will not platoon nomar and loney. i will stand on sunset and echo park with a bullhorn chanting “GIANTS RULE, DODGERS SUCK” if that happens in the playoffs. Loney is the RBI leader. wanna make the bet? or how about you recant you “fire joe………” statements.


2b is different than 3b, a left can play there, 1/2 the throw to first than from third.

wanna bet about the platoon?

Hire Logan.
Re-hire the guy who hired Logan.
Re-hire the guy to re-hire the guy who hired Logan.

who hired logan? evans? i liked evans. or was it malone? would you really wanna rehire “the sherrif”? no matter what you get rupert murdoch and FOX back involved and all ZERO of their playoff appearances in 6 wonderful years of ownership. so you wanna bring back fox ownership that only bought our team to get a network? great idea, use the dodgers as a pawn to get a hold on the LA TV sports market. who needs family ownership when you can get a disinterested worldwide media conglomerate to own your team and looks at it as a line item on an expense report? awesome idea.

arayd13, I will recant scott’s wonderful “Fire Joe” chant as soon as I think he’s a good manager. Don’t hold your breath.

Regarding the ‘bet’, other than fantasy leagues, I don’t gamble. And I’m just seeing the handwriting on the wall. Nomar has shown that he may not, in fact, be dead yet. I think Joe’s going to want him in the lineup, and it won’t be at third. So it’s short or first. IMO. I’m allowed to have it, right?

I’m honestly trying to recall any lefthanded second baseman. Ever. He’d have a heck of a time making a strong throw on the double play.

By golly, there have been a few. According to WikiAnswers:

Wee Willie Keelar, a Hall of Famer, played second base, third and shortstop 71 times over his 19-year career from 1892 through 1910.

Hal Chase, normally a first baseman, played 36 games at second base between 1905 and 1916.

Bill Hulen of the 1896 Phillies played 73 games at shortstop and two at second base in his only season with the club.

First baseman Don Mattingly of the Yankees played one game at second base in 1983 and three games at third base in J, 986 despite being left-handed.

I still have a slender doubt. Sorry.

Also, if 2nd base were an option for JP, which it’s not, then why wouldn’t it have been tried already. Joe likes to experiment – look what he did with the outfield, Russell playing 3rd, and Nomar at 1st now. Then there’s batting and the countless experiments he has done with the lineups. There is no place for JP on this current Dodger team.

There’s nowhere you can hide JP’s arm except in the dugout. There are no LH throwing 2B because its a backwards throw to 1B. He’d have to spin 90 or 270 degrees to make the throw to first. Try it at home and see. JPs a 4th OFer on this team, and at best he’s trade bait. No one should blame Juan for what he is (a poor OFer), nor blame him for how much money he makes. That’s Ned’s fault for signing him. I CAN blame JoJo for playing him though when there are clearly better players who should be playing ahead of him. Speed is great – look at Kemp’s numbers. But Kemp packages it along with power and good if not great D.

As far as Nomar and Loney, we’ve seen all year that Torre platoons vets and kids for no valid reason. The fact that he got away with it with Nomar these last couple days will just convince him to go righty lefty in the playoffs. Loney’s not immune to Joe’s twisted thinking. I’ll guarantee he platoons Nomar and Loney in the sense of starting Nomar against lefties. He’ll bring in Loney in the 6-7th inning, so its not a true platoon, but that’s what it will be in essense.

but with the exception of Don Mattingly for ONE game, the last time was 1916.

Absolutely Eric, opinons among fellow dodger fans are always allowed, we’re all rooting for the same team and want the best in the end, which would be a WSC!!

A left handed 2b hmmm. well my whole approach is to find a spot for pierre and his salary next year, and he is a decent player w/ excellent speed but sucky arm so 2b is the only spot when you look at our holes (please resign manny!). as far as the throw on the dp if he ranges to his right no problem with the throw, to his left a pivot and throw. to be honest if you get up and try it in your living room a righty has to back hand the ball to his left and has a harder pivot and throw, with pierres speed and quickness he could honestly negate in disadvantage in the potential pivot and throws on a dp. again, if you can trade him do it, but i think 2b is a decent option if he can handle the position, i like his speed and fundamentals.

as for jojo, sure he managed the highest payroll team the previous 12 years. but he did it in the toughest market with some of the biggest egos on and off the field. the intangibles of managing a major league team, the travel, the time zones, the personality’s, the sleeplessness, the cancer, missing your wife and family, the NY press, a slavedriver owner who could fire you any time, there’s something to be said for that. then to move across the nation, lose your opening day ace, 2b, closer, all-star all world ss, super star free agent cf, break in a 20 year old phenom pitcher, lose some critical bp guys for a spell during the year and handle a young up and coming core, i’d say overall eric he’s done a good job as long as he clinches the NL West. give joe some credit. he’s juggled alot of balls and we’re now on the rise.

well maybe a lh 2b isn’t too feasible in the majors. i played 2b as a lefty and had no problem, but throws need to be much quicker and crisper in the majors, it’s still to me the only place to put this guy if you can’t trade him. he should work on his arm. trade pierre, he deserves to play somewhere he’s good and unfortunately a misfit here.

Agreed, we should be able to debate calmly without being an idiot as evidenced back a few hours.

I’m agreeing with enchanted regarding Pierre’s position on our club. A $10 million dollar PH/PR/4th OF. His contract is a millstone around our necks, just as Schmidt and Jones. Ned answers for that. There’s just no way they’re going to play Pierre at 2nd. I can just see the rainbow throws into the stands now. He’s never played anywhere in the majors but the OF. Not that I’m adverse to people changing positions, I’m not. The only way I’d put him back in the starting 8 is if we don’t sign Manny and DY goes back on the DL and we bat him 8th. I don’t think we have a hole at second anymore. I like what I’ve seen in DeWitt.

Torre. The things you mention are all why he succeeded there. He failed in Atlanta and St Louis and the Mets because his in-game moves STINK. In the American League, there are very few in-game moves. They hung the tag Clueless Joe on him in NY. And if the Dbacks had the same record as Philly or even the Mets, we’d be eliminated, not NL West champs.

Well, arayd, it’s been fun but I gotta get some sleep. You take care. We win the West tomorrow!

June Darlin’, Beaver, wherever you are, good night and God Bless!

Good Night Ward Dear… I am here!! I am not in the mood for a winless argument. I believe what I believe, and right now, there’s no changing that, especially right now. Our core young guns need to be our future and JP isn’t in that future unless it’s coming off the bench in a supportive role.
Good Night Ward Dear.. I will see you in the am… God Bless Dear… πŸ™‚

The only reason I am posting is I wanted to my evening/early morning on comment 428, which happens to be my birthday. Good night ITD writers and readers πŸ™‚

I just read a good article a couple of hours ago I don’t know if you guy read it yet.

Dodgers GM Colletti hedges on Manny return
By Tony Jackson, Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 09/24/2008 11:20:38 PM PDT

Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said Wednesday he hopes to re-sign left fielder Manny Ramirez, whose acquisition at the trading deadline effectively turned the club’s season around.

But Colletti was quick to qualify his statement by pointing out there are several factors that could prevent it from happening.

“There are a lot of dynamics to it,” he said. “Depending on how those other dynamics play out, yes. He has been great. He loves to play the game. He isn’t shy about the spotlight. He isn’t daunted by that. He isn’t always going to be successful, but that is the nature of the game. He brings it out here every day and plays. He has some passion for it.”

The most important of those dynamics are the length and size of the contract Ramirez will seek as a free agent this winter.

As a condition of his waiving his no-trade rights to come to Los Angeles, Ramirez forced the Boston Red Sox to decline his $20 million club options for each of the next two seasons, so it can be assumed he is looking for a deal that would pay him an average annual salary of at least that much.

Whatever Ramirez signs for, it will be more by that amount than what the Dodgers are paying him now, which is zero. The Red Sox are picking up all of Ramirez’s $21 million salary for 2008.

For their minimal investment, the Dodgers entered Wednesday night’s game with San Diego having gotten a .395 average, 16 home runs and 51 RBIs from Ramirez.

“He has been



great in just about every way,” Colletti said. “I can’t think of anything I have been disappointed in.”

Furcal returns; the end for Penny?
Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal was activated from the disabled list for the first time in four months, his surgically repaired lower back and resulting hamstring irritation having healed enough to allow him to return to limited duty.

To make room on the 40-man roster, the Dodgers placed pitcher Brad Penny on the 60-day DL, making him ineligible through the postseason and possibly ending his 42-year stint with the club.

Penny, who has battled right shoulder problems all year, has a $9.25 million club option for next season. Because there are concerns about his health, club officials might simply pay him the $2 million buyout and take their chances on re-signing him at a greatly reduced salary as a free agent.

As for Furcal, manager Joe Torre plans to ease him in. Still, team officials need to see enough of Furcal during the four remaining regular-season games to make an informed decision on whether to include him on the playoff roster.

“You could stick him in there, but again, it’s going to be a situation where we just want him to sort of get his feet wet,” Torre said.

“I think we’ll kind of watch it. It’s going to be how he progresses. We’ll just have to do the best we can.”

Torre also said that if the Dodgers get past the first round of the playoffs, both Furcal and second baseman Jeff Kent, who was activated last weekend but hadn’t played through Tuesday, could be re-evaluated before each series as to their roster suitability.

Another award
Dodgers first baseman James Loney has been named the winner of the club’s third annual Roy Campanella Award, given to the player who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame catcher. Loney previously was named the club’s recipient of this year’s Roberto Clemente Award, making him a finalist for next month’s national Clemente Award.

To make room on the 40-man roster, the Dodgers placed pitcher Brad Penny on the 60-day DL, making him ineligible through the postseason and possibly ending his 42-year stint with the club.

I’m confused with that comment and I didn’t know Penny was that old but does Tony Jackson proofread what he wrote?

arayd you realy need to get off of JP nuts and no teams would put him at 2nd bases so keep on dreaming.

For Colletti’s information, the main reason he may be unable to sign Manny is that he himself sh*tcanned that prospect by wasting $18 million on overfed Andruw, plus $9 million tied up for supersub Pierre, not to mention Schmidt, and do I need to go on.

So, in all the euphoria of going to the playoffs, let’s not forget to FIRE NED.

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!
Great Win last night. It would be great to go into tonight’s game having already clinched, but if it doesn’t happen, the Dodgers need to do it themselves. If they have been playing like they have been these last two days, then there should be no worries.
Good Morning, messagebear!!!
For some reason, we knew you would come through with one of your great commens to backup why Ned still needs to be fired – fantastic as always πŸ™‚

Hey Bear!! Was thinking last night we don’t see enough of you on here. You’re one of my favorite posters because you don’t lose perspective nor mince words.

Hiya Mom. They wuz tryin’ to give dad the business last night.

Good morning Enchanted & Nellyae ~ Looking forward to winning the division today……..Maddux had his awful game last time out and will be good enough to get it done today. Our guys are playing relaxed and having a lot of fun so they will take care of Peavy. GO DODGERS!!!!

Wonderful Morning to all ITD!
1 – 1- 1- 1-111111111111111
Well I am not a mean person but in a way I wound’t mind if the D-Backs win today so that the Dodger’s can go a play tonight and WIN and then we can view the whole “WE WON” celebration on tv, that way all the fans that are there can jump with JOY and see all the Dodgers run towards the middles and just jump and scream pick up whoever the “Player of the Night” will be, and see how Joe Torre gets gatorade dumped on….I want to witness it (well by tv). I mean if the d-backs loose I will not be mad and will still be at work screaming.

Good Morning, Beav ~ I think you are right, they were trying to give your father the business last night. It’s okay, though, your father did a swell job, and it was all good in the end. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Good morning dodgersrule ~ It doesn’t matter how we get it done, just so we do it today! I’ll be a nervous wreck all day…….well, at least until the Dbacks game starts around 11……..if they should lose, I think our guys will play just as hard to get the win, for all the fans at the game.

Good Morning, Dodgersrule!!
I don’t care how it’s done as long as it’s done today. I am leaving for the mountains tomorrow afternoon, and I want to go knowing my Dodgers have won the division, and they can have a good time in SF without having to worry about those wicked gnats who have been playing like crap ever since they got home. You know they are once again saving it all up for us just in case.

god I hate Coletti. Not to be a downer but come on man..You cant think of anything negative to say about him. oh gee thanks. Your lips should be planted around Mannys ***.

TRU & DEB…yeah that’s true it doesn’t matter as long as it’s done today! This is going to be a long morning waiting for the d-backs to loose!
Hey I think everyone here at ITD should get one of those fan-appreciation calendars, I believe they will be passing them out at the game tonight…did you see the cover of the Calendar….#16

Dodgersrule ~ That’s sooooo wrong ……. I can’t get one. That is mean Rose (jk) jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can get Josh to save us some…..please……. πŸ™‚

good morning, jungar – you always have a wonderful way with words – LOL!!! fabulous!!!!!!

From Ken Gurnick on the Dodgers’ website; “Jake Peavy said he wanted to face the Dodgers when the game meant the world to them, and he might get his wish.”

Much as I’d like to win this thing with a D-backs loss in St. Louis this afternoon, how sweet would it be to pin that punk Peavy’s ears back and just pummel the s**t out of him tonight?

Morning all friends.
I was so happy last night, that I actually got great sleep! I am going to be restless all day in anticipation of the last game tonight. I’m actually wondering what shirt to wear tonight, my Russy shirt or my Matty shirt. Things to consider!
I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Today is the Dodgers day. yea to an NL West Title!!!

Good Morning Amy – wear #27 πŸ™‚

DNEL – It is the Team Photo Calendar and it will be to the first 50,000 people….SO AMY GET THERE FAST AND GIRL GET US A COPY…LOL!

kahli ~ I’m with you ………..I know we can handle Peavy. We took care of Webb and Haren and Jake is not even in their class!

AMY I am a big Martin fan but I agree with DNel…where lucky #27

Ok, you guys are right. I’ve worn that Kemp shirt to almost every single game this year. I didn’t wear it on tuesday, I wore a neutral Dodger shirt. I was just thinking about wearing the shirts that got neglected this year by number 27.
It is a lucky number and I will wear it proud.
Rose, I am trying to get there as early as I can. I have to go home, change and get to the bank ($15 parking fee). I hope to be headed to the stadium by 6:00pm. ( I only live about 10 miles away). I don’t want to miss any moment of this game tonight. I will have my camera. ooohhh I can’t wait!!!
Go DODGERS!!!! Out NL WEST champs as of todday!!!
Lose and Lose bad AZ!!!

Tru- that is my thinking exactly. We beast Webb and Haren badly, Peavy should be no different!!

*beat* not *beast*- Even thought Matthew is the Bison πŸ™‚

Amy ~ i think you should layer all of your shirts……strip them off one at a time……….that way you’ll bring everyone good luck! lol

TRU…LOL Layering good idea!….YEAH AMY each time Russy goes up have his on then when Kemp is up have his on, then when all the other guys go up , go neutral.

I think it will work!!!

haha. I’m not sure how well costume changes will work in the middle of the stadium! but I like the thought.
Kemp it is, and I just washed it so it’s not stinky!

I’ll be thinking of you at the game! Wish I could be there too.

Good morning all! Wow – ITD is out in force this morning – E, Amy, Nelly, Tru, Rose, Kahli, jungar, messagebear – Hi everyone!
Magic number is one! Dodgers can clinch either this afternoon with a DBacks loss, or with a win of their own tonight! Almost as important, Furcal played last night for the first time since May and came within inches of getting a hit. Also, Kent got a pinch-hit. Think about the Dodgers going into the playoffs with super-subs of Nomar, Kent and Furcal on the bench.
Glad to see that the Dodgers realize that Penny is done for the year and won’t be going to the post-season. I think most of us had already realized that.

Good morning everyone! I am now insanely jealous of my wife going to the game tonight, however I’m sending her with a camera and she promised to give me the calendar from tonight. Hopefully she will get there in plenty of time to get one!

CRASH – Great morning! And it is about time Dodgers realized Penny is done. Or who knows maybe the Dodgers knew he was done, but maybe Penny insisted in playing…wish him well!

good morning everyone!! I’m just stopping by to say I am EXTREMELY EXCITED!!! you know why!?! I’M GOING TO THE GAME TONIGHT!!!!! man I was so worried that i wouldn’t get to go to another game this season but my friend called me last night and said “hey I have an extra ticket you wanna go?” i said “dude you just made my day!!!” haha! I can’t wait!!

morning Crash and Pmike. We are on the board because we are soo happy with the win last night. It’s going to be a beautiful day today- I can feel it.
1 is the best magic number around. I hope it is zero by tonight.
Pmike- I will make sure your wife is safe and that she has the best time ever!!
Tru- I know, I wish everyone could come. I wish my friend Sara didnt have other obligations. I am excited, so very excited!

acardona- I haven’t seen you in like forever!!!! I hope all is well with you!?!?
And YES tonight at the game is going to be the best ever!!! I’m a little sad that I wasn’t there last night as well.

One great reason to clinch today – the earlier the better. Furcal, Kent, and Saito need some more playing time to get them tuned up for the post season. Too bad we don’t have the dh over the next few days – Kent could use time hitting, but I don’t want to see him in the infield. Furcal needs about 3-4 innings of work each day for the next four days. Sweeney needs to go home, wherever that is.

Agreed crash! If we clinch tonight, we shut down Sweeney, get Kent, Raffy, and Saito in there, and also give some auditions to Ozuna, Repko, etc. to see who we take to the playoffs.

Congratulations to lbirken for ending his short streak of watching the Dodgers lose in person. Great win last night!

hi AMY! yes I am doing well! i have a little bit of a cold but other than that I’m doing very well! thanks for asking! and yes i hardly get to come on and chat anymore.. school and work have just been crazy! but I HAVE been watching every game!!! and man i CAN’T wait to go tonight! my next door neighbor offered me tickets to last nights game but I had church! I’m happy to be going tonight though!! maybe I’ll see you there!

Dodgersrule ~ It’s the one game I wanted to go to all year to get the calendar, but I knew I couldn’t on a Thursday during the school week. Now I am really jealous because #16 is on the cover – πŸ™‚
BTW – Dodger fever is running wild in room 5 right now. I told them I am going to give them some of my blue and white Dodger M&M’s at 11:00 when the dbacks game starts. Many students came in this morning knowing we had one game to win. Fun Stuff!~!!!

dnelly- you have the best class ever! Dodger M&M’s sound perfect right about now…hmmm.. I’m relapsing into thinking about that cupcake πŸ™‚
I hope this calendar lives up to all the hype!!!
Acardona- busy can be good. That just means you have a lot of good things going for you. I’m very happy that you will be at the game tonight as well. The more the better. We will scream until our voices go out and clap until out hands are sore. I really wish someone was going with me though.. 😦
Go blue!!

hello Dnelly! how are you doing? Andre is on the cover!?! awesome!!! maybe i can somehow get a calendar for you!

Amy- yeah that is very true! and YES i will “scream until my voice goes out and clap till my hands are sore!!” haha!! oh and i saw your post earlier about wearing #55 or #27 and i say you should wear #27! even though I LOVE Russy, I still say go with #27 πŸ™‚ I am wearing my #16 (of course) lol

acar- I think you are right. I will wear Kemp tonight. I just was feeling bad for my Russy jersey’s this year because Matthew emerged as my favorite πŸ™‚

amy- yeah but don’t feel too bad cause when i go to games I see A LOT of #55!! which is a good thing πŸ™‚ but hey i have to go to school now so i’ll TRY to come on before I leave for the game but if i don’t get a chance….
GO DODGERS!!!!!!! let’s win this and be the NL WEST CHAMPS!!!

Going to the game tonight! I wish the Arizona game had been scheduled at night; it’s more dramatic when the games are going on simultaneously.
The EVERYDAY Division Series starting eight (to get a little ahead of the facts) should be:
1B – Loney
2B – DeWitt
3B – Blake
SS – Garciaparra
LF – Manny
CF – Kemp
RF – Ethier
The part of this that JoJo is likely to screw up is playing Berroa at short and platooning Loney and Garciaparra. I understand not wanting to risk injury to the fragile Nomar in the regular season, but in the postseason we’ve got to throw caution to the wind and go with our very best. If Nomar gets injured playing short, we’ll be no worse off with Berroa there than we would have been by platooning Garciaparra/Loney.

ACARDONA….have fun at the game! The Calendar should be great regardless…duh! it has Ethier on the cover with Kemp next to him….so I think.
AMY – don’t worry about Russy, I’ll sport my Martin Jersey tongiht when I’m watching the game AT HOME…BOOHOO. I do want to get a Ethier jersey but gotta wait for either b-day, x-mas or mother’s day…
DNELLY well if you attend the games at S.F. then you can laugh at all their faces…since we will be #1 in the West Coast!

Amy ~ This is how I handle the wardrobe issue. My Ethier jersey is a constant, however, the shirt I wear underneath changes. I mostly wear James’. If James is not playing, then I wear Russell’s. If Billz is pitching, then I wear his. Also, I have three Ethier shirts in case he needs additional support. I wore his shirt and jersey these past two nights since he was batting clean up for the first time. So, if you are into layering, then go with that, but if you are not into that, then I say stick with Matthew #27 – it wouldn’t be you not to πŸ™‚

AMY…you have playoff tickets….GIRL next game wear MARTIN #55…SO DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT SPORT KEMP #27 TONIGHT….AND ENJOY THE GAME….

Hi everyone!!!! I am so happy!!! Game yesterday was great and I found Sweet Lou. did not have time to buy a card but I printed an email with a teddy bear lighting a cake with candles put a little note and added the 3 responses from nsblues, dodgereric, and knouffbrock. He read it and asked me if he could keep it.
.While I was in the club level talking to a fan I saw Plaschke so I asked him about an old article he had written about this person that has cancer and made the trip last year (I think) to see what he called the bleeding baseball from the logo. he told he passed away then I told him about pulling his article about Sweet Lou and how you all like it. He said normally blogers don’t like me then he asked me for my business card so I gave it to him plus my fun card that sayd “crzblue” Tommy came over when I was talking to Plaschke so I wished him a happy belated birthday.
Would love to meet whoever is going to be there tonight! I am in the Top Deck aisle 3 last row but I will also be checking the auction tonight. I am leaving early (asked for 1/2 day vac) so I will be there for BP.

Does anyone know the Dodgers’ record this year (off the top of their head) against East coast teams?

CRZBLUE – HAVE FUN AT THE GAME TONIGHT! You are one lucky person, having to meet all those pips.

good morning all πŸ™‚

this is interesting:
“James Loney hit his 35th double tonight, giving the Dodgers three players in a season with at least 35 doubles for the first time in franchise history. Matt Kemp leads the team with 38, and Andre Ethier has 36.”

Emma- just home for lunch and saw your post about Lou. I can’t thank you enough for getting the word to him. He’ll always be remembered as a guy who delivered. I’m happy for him he got his ring back. Somehow it makes me feel better.

Josh- Lot’s of posts, but maybe you’ve seen the one’s from Emma concerning Sweet Lou. Just want you to know I appreciate the thought. We all know you are more than busy.

i might be one of the only ones to feel this way, but i really hope the d’backs win today.. i just think that celebrating after a meaningless game tonight would be so much less exciting.. plus, if the d’backs lose and we clinch, who knows what kind of lineup joe might put out there to preserve the players, and that really wouldn’t be fair to the sellout crowd.. and what if the d’back lose, and then we lose.. we’re still celebrating a division title after a loss?? that would be a weird feeling..

so conclusion: d’backs win, and then we win and celebrate πŸ™‚

go blue!!

We’re underway in St. Louis. Snakes out 1-2-3.

amy, wear your kemp.. and don’t feel bad.. you know i ALWAYS sport a russell when i go to a game.. when we go for the playoffs, you can wear your kemp and i’ll wear my russ and everyone’s happy.. haha

SARA…I feel the same way about the Dbacks winning…if you go back to blogs done around 7:30 a.m. or so I have the same explaination as you…so that makes 2 of us.

Cards up 2-0 after 1.

Hi everyone! A wonderful blue sky up above, and “My, the clouds are puffy today!” (wink wink nudge nudge grin grin to any fans of Married With Children). I have my Jackie Robinson jersey on here in NorCal today, at Chico State right now, but about to go home to help with my gf’s mom’s b-day.

Emma- thanks so much for sending the word to Sweet Lou! His story is inspirational to me, and I’m glad he knows that the fans are thinking about him πŸ™‚

I’ll repeat yesterday’s sentiment: Everyone going to the game tonight, please shout, scream and stomp loud enough so the Padres can hear you in the cellar!!!! The Three S’s, an entirely different monster than the Three B’s.

On that note, I hope to be back blogging soon, and I’m half keeping my fingers crossed so that the Dodgers clinch on the way to the ballpark (as Vin elequently put it), and half keeping my fingers crossed that if that’s not the case, that they clinch it in front of the fans (who should bring cellophane a-la-Gallagher concert in case they spray the crowd πŸ™‚ ). And even if they do clinch it pre-game, they can still spray down the fans afterwards…. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!


(and quick thought on the way outta town… maybe the DBags WANT to lose today, just to spoil the potential party at the Ravine…
… or maybe they just s**k now.)

rose, i’m glad we’re on the same page πŸ™‚

NSBlues…LOL that would be the excuse those D-backs will give…but everyone will know the truth….THEY S..K!

Sara ~ That doubles stat is fabulous!! That’s our boys!!!!
This is so exciting – I am having a hard time concentrating today.
About my student’s song “You Are Our Andre” – she is trying to work with one of the verses – she’s been working in her notebook any time she get’s the chance. Anyhow – here’s the chorus – this is what they sang all day yesterday. The only line I changed was the last line. I changed it to “trade” instead of “take”, which is what they were originally singing. I explained that Andre probably wouldn’t be taken away but could be traded away, and so I had to explain what trade meant, using baseball cards of course. Also, she wanted to fit Andre in a spot where Dre works better so I explained to her that some adults, teammates and his friends call him ‘Dre. So, she let me change that. She’s pretty determined to do this verse herself so we shall see.
Song : You Are Our Andre –
by: Elaina – 1st grader in Mrs. Nelson’s Class
Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
You are our Andre
Our only Andre
You make us happy
When you play ball
You never know ‘Dre
How much we watch you
Please don’t trade our Andre away.
This is a great time to be a Dodger Fan!!! Wow!!!!
I have been giving Dodger M&M’s to everyone just because… Happy lunch time!!!!

Blue beautiful sky here too. I am so excited!!!!! I am trying to work and leave early and get done with some testing of upgrades to our Payroll/hr system. Guess got to work thru lunch if I want to get out early. Can’t eat. i am too nervous and excited!! I s funny how I happened to run into Plaschke. No more posts from me so that I can get some work done.
Is a beautiful day for a ballgame…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should listen to the az game since I do have the audio.

3-3 in St. Louis, end of 4.

I’m of the opinion to get this over with quickly. Too many weird things have happened to the D’s over the years, and losing their last 4 is in the realm of possibility.

Hope that all who are going to be at the game tonight have a really wonderful time. Clinchings are SO exciting! My first was the unforgettable 1965 clinching. My family and I were sitting in the box seats in along the third base line, and as it happens, Sweet Lou made the catch for the last out of the game right in front of us. To say the least, we all went wild . . . .

Enchanted, I might feel differently if I was going to the game tonight. But since I’m not, I tend to agree with you. Let’s get this thing done ASAP. With Maddux up against Peavy tonight, who knows what could happen in the Ravine? Then it would be us against the Midgets, while the Snakes host the Rockies, whom they beat 2-of-3 at their place.

Agreed crash.

enchanted/crash- the gnats have been playing and pitching horrible this past series against the Rox. I wouldn’t put it past them to be saving it all for us, literally. We need to get this done today/tonight.

Cards loaded bases in 5th with no out…and came up empty. My nerves………

The Cards just had bases loaded, no outs… AND DID NOT SCORE!!! We can do this ourselves if we must…. But wtf is up with the Cards!?!?!?!?

Tony (the f&*#ing genius) LaRussa left in his relief pitcher to bat with 2 outs and bases loaded. Thanks a lot, you f&&&ing genius!

Nice to see we aren’t the only ones who can’t score with the bases loaded and no one out. We can do it more often though : )

Jason LaRue (Cards catcher) has come up three times today, all with the bases loaded. 1st Ab–2-run single…2nd AB–inning-ending DP…3rd AB–strike out.

Another scoring chance here for the Cards! Come on!! I am certainly not opposed to the Dodgers winning this thing before their game even starts tonight!! Go Red birds!!

1st and 3rd for STL 0 outs bottom 6th πŸ™‚

dont screw it up again!

This can’t possibly happen 3 times for the Cards can it!?!?!? I mean seriously, this is the 3rd time they’ve gotten a guy to 3rd with no outs… They have to get that run home!

We’ve got the right man up for the job this time… Come on Fat Albert!

There we go!! Thanks Albert!

4-3 πŸ™‚ STL

5-3 πŸ™‚

Ludwick comes through finally too!!!

Thank You Cesar Izturis!!!

Can you smell is Scurtis!?!?!? It’s so close!

I can’t believe I am cheering on the Cardinals….. Do you think Boblee is since he hates them so much?

All’s fair in love and war and baseball Nells!!

do you guys think that joe will field a B-Squad tonight with the division in the bag? (if the cards hold on) sucks for the people going to the game tonight if he does.. maybe he’ll be smart and play everyone like a normal game for the fans, and then pull them one by one as the game goes on so they can get their recognition..

I did have a great time at last night’s game thus ending my personal sporting event losing streak. It was great to see Manny hit one out and the reception for Kent and Furcal was good to see. I have mixed feelings about today. Naturally it would be great to finish the deal with a win but with Peavy going tonight for the Padres that is no sure thing. Therefore, if Arizona loses today that will be great and if they win, well, then it makes tonights game all that more special.

lbirken, i’m glad you were there for an all important dodger victory

Brandon, I can smell it, and I can taste happy hour coming up too! haha woooooooooooooooooo

SARA- Hopefully since it is Fan Appreciation Week the put all the top dogs to play. Imagine they would be so relax that game would be fun to watch. And I am sure the Dodgers will feel that they owe it to the fans for a great game, it is sold out…So i’m sure great players will be out tonight!

I don’t find it too hard to root for just about any team if it helps mine. As someone else once said, you are hoping for one team to lose which means the other team has to win. I don’t think a Giants fan would have much trouble rooting for the Dodgers if it helped his team. The question is would you root for the Dodgers to lose a game if it meant helping a rival such as the Giants?

I agree that a meaningless game tonight with most of the regulars on the bench does cheat the fans attending the game who were hoping for a clinching game but the team’s overall health and well being is more important at this point in the season.

6-3. I can taste the mojtios now!

scurtis, mojitos sound REALLY GOOD about now!! (probably my favorite rum drink, tied with the Beatles’ fave Rum and Coke).

nice nice nsblues!!! πŸ™‚

If tonight’s game is “meaningless” perhaps Joe will start the regulars to keep them fresh and let the fans show their appreciation. There are still three games left and we don’t want to lose the momentum of winning. Making the playoffs is an accomplishment but this is no time to lose focus on what is ahead.

Pujols 3 run homer 9-3 woot woot

Looks like the wheels are coming off the Snakemobile.

I’m going out on a limb here and calling us NL WEST CHAMPS!!!!! GO BLUE!!! Congrats to Joe and the boys!!!! Helluva year so far!! Lets keep it going!! Bye for now everyone. BTW… Thanks St. Louis!!

GO CARDS!!!! This is way too exciting!!!!!!

lbiriken ~ I would want Joe to play all the regulars……it would keep them fresh. Maybe after hallf of the game, he can let the bench players get some time, just to see what they can do.
nsblues ~ I’ll join you in that mojito!!!!
scurtis ~ looks like we are going to make it…….yea! Who would hve thought that at the beginning of the month!

Later Brandon!!

I think we can stick a fork in ’em CUZ THE SNAKES ARE DONE!!!

enchanted ~ couldn’t happen to a more worthy team!

It seems that the DBACK GAVE UP!

Wow ~ 10 – 3 Cards!!!

HOLY HELL!!!!!! I hadn’t checked GameDay for a few minutes, then BAM!!!! I hope they have cameras at the Stadium when the players arrive…

Well, Juan Pierre can play all 9 innings tonight on me.

Clinch is coming soon. Ludwick follows Pujols – back to back HRs. 10-3!
Time for Joe to trot out the super-subs. Get Furcal some playing time – get him in shape.

Who would’ve thought when we lost the 3 in a row in DC and were fading fast, that we’d actually be on top in the end?

Good afternoon all!
Like most, I thought I would log on, and check out the status of the Cards-Snakes game…….Wonderful!!
I’d like to tip my hat to the obvious hands down winner of the NL batting title-Mr. Pujols! The one man gang is just taking care of business isn’t he?
I’d love to buy him some cerveza, some Don Julio Tequilla, or whatever his alcoholic beverage of choice would be!
Muchas Gracias!!

Crash24: I second that. Let’s see more Furcal, see where he’s at (which was within inches of joining the SD beatdown last night).


The smell just got a lot stonger.

anyone know last time the Dodgers clinched earlier than this??

Here’s to hoping Ozuna is not on the playoff roster!

10-3 – OMG!!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! We are eating Dodger M&M’s to celebrate!!!!!!!

That’s very magnanimous of you Scott!!! LOL

Hell, Sweeney can play too!! Well…

The D-Backs didn’t not WANT-IT as bad as the DODGERS…..

Regardless of the outcome of this game, I still hope the Dodgers go out, and pummel Peavy tonight to put an exclamation point on this. Play the reserves in the gay bay!

Who do we get in the playoffs? The East winner, the Cubs or the wild card?

Now we can set up the rotation for the first round.

I predict tonight’s lineup will be:

Pierre CF
Repko RF
Young LF
Ardoin C
Ozune 2B
DeWitt 3B
Sweeney 1B
Maddux – who won’t be on the playoff roster…

scott/enchanted – JP can play 2nd if he wants too πŸ™‚

So Mojitos, Dodger’s M&M’s and I’m adding Dodger Dogs tonight….I’ll be celebrating tomorrow in Disneyland……gooooooo dodgers…

jj ~ I’m with you…..I want to win tonight and sock it to that little squirt Peavy!

I’ve a feeling the regulars will start and come out one by one for their accolades.

scott…i think i agree, but what’s your pitching roster if no maddux?

good idea enchanted


If Milwaukee is the WC, then Dodgers play the East winner. If the WC comes from the East, then Dodgers play the WC.

BRING ON THE CHAMPAGNE…..looks like the Dodgers will be division champs by the time they get to the stadium….Now go out and beat Peavy like real Champs….and Maddux have a good outing……!!! YIPEEEEEE

as much as i wanted the d’backs to win so we could take care of our own business tonight.. i cannot hide my enthusiasm over our division title!! i’m so proud of the fight in our boys this season.. and i look forward to the playoffs! we are not done yet!

good idea enchanted


If Milwaukee is the WC, then Dodgers play the Cubs. If the WC comes from the East, then Dodgers play the East winner.

Tru: Last night, it was Philly. Right now, it’s the Cubs. Here’s the up-to-the-minute playoff scenarios at

Scott- If Furcal is really ready to play, he should get the start. If he doesn’t start, then they are afraid he will hurt himself again. He should play at least six innings.

I think you are right enchanted. It is fan appreciation week, and I am sure they will want to play too. It will just be nice for them to go into AT&T with no worries.

Dodgers wouldn’t face the wild card winner in any situation…..i’m pretty sure bout that

To me, starting all the bench/backup players for tonights game would be unfair to the fans in the seats who paid their hard earned $ to see the final regular game of the season. As Vin would say; “Dance with who brung ya” to at least start the game. Then with a comfortable lead, bring up the reserves.

It sure is nice to go to SF not having to win. Kinda bursts their bubble too thinking they were gonna knock us out.

Yes Nells, the great JP at 2B experiment can begin. LOL!!

Yup yay we are going to the playoffs. Ugh, I wish I lived out in LA right now lol

Cubs fans are annoying me! ugh help! hehe

Please scratch my first playoff scenario…sorry!

atleas91: I don’t know, but Maddux scares me






Trublu 44……It depends who wins the wild card as to who the Dodgers play….Brewers and Mets are tied now…..and Phils are up by 1 1/2 in the East….I think we want the Mets to win the wild card, so we play the Phils instead of the Cubs in the first round…would rather play the Cubs in the LCS…!!!!!! I don’t think we want to go to Wrigley for the first round…just my opinion…..I just want us to win a series or two…would be nice for a change…..and I think we need Kershaw as our 3rd starter…like him and we need a left hander especially for the Mets and Phils…and probably the Cubs too…

Go Blue!!!

Playoff bottom line:

#1 seed cannot play WC if WC is in same division.

scurtis, i’m in LA and there are still cubs fans bugging me!! πŸ˜›

LMAO!! enchanted
I’m sorry scurtis… Hang in there. So, if we play the Cubs, are you going?

Thanks guys for clearing up the playoff scenario. I really don’t care who we play……. I guess if I had a choice, I’d pick the Mets because their bullpen sucks, not to mention they knoced us out. However, I think right now we can beat any team out there!

sorry should be knocked.

Sounds like weather is going to be a big factor this weekend for the east coast teams… should make things interesting.

Tru, I agree – I’d like to take on the Mets for revenge purposes. But I think they’d have to knock the Phillies out of the division lead to get that done (and the Phillies would need to be the wild card ahead of Milwaukee).

It would be just like the baseball gods to have the D-backs score 8 in the 9th, win the game, sweep Colorado, have the Dodgers lose the next four, and lose a Monday playoff at Dodger Stadium. Any chance???????

For those that think Kemp strikes out a lot:

“D-backs third baseman Mark Reynolds set the record for most strikeouts in a season when he fanned for the 200th time this year in the second inning against the Cardinals on Thursday afternoon at Busch Stadium.”

Sara ugh that stinks!

Nelly, Yeah Im gonna try and go but tickets at Wrigley would be unbelieveable. I will get jumped in the bars too lol. Bad service everytime I go in my LA gear. Im hoping to fly out to LA for a playoff game πŸ™‚ NLCS is what I am shooting for.

wow kpookiemon.. a little pessimistic yeah?

Kahli – don’t even…… then again….. anything’s possible πŸ™‚ LOL!!!!!!!!!

i know scurtis.. there are “cubbies fans” EVERYWHERE

This song came on a commercial, one of my faves, and at least for me, it describes my mood perfectly! Thought I’d share:

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Sun is shinin’ in the sky
There ain’t a cloud in sight
It’s stopped rainin’ ev’rybody’s in a play
And don’t you know
It’s a beautiful new day hey,hey

Runnin’ down the avenue
See how the sun shines brightly in the city
On the streets where once was pity
Mister blue sky is living here today hey, hey

Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long
Where did we go wrong?

Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, mister blue sky’s up there waitin’
And today is the day we’ve waited for

Hey there mister blue
We’re so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev’rybody smiles at you

Mister blue sky, mister blue sky
Mister blue sky

Mister blue, you did it right
But soon comes mister night creepin’ over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I’ll remember you this
I’ll remember you this way

Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long
Where did we go wrong?

Hey there mister blue
We’re so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev’rybody smiles at you

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la

12 – 3 – even better!!!!!!!!!

12-3 now…

so last night after the game i said josh’s post today would be titled “ONE” but i guess now it can be titled “NONE”!

Kahli, Let’m score 8 in the 9th, because right now it’s 12-3!

Hey scurtis – if you can fly out here, then do that – I agree!!!!

I don’t know, Kahli, they’d have to score 10 now.

The fridge door’s closed, the jello’s jiggling… (I’ve been waiting quite some time to use that Chick quote, heh)

I surely hope the Dodgers don’t have to face the Cubs in the first round. So many weapons, and Marmol, and Wood are pretty tough coming out of their pen. Not many weaknesses with that team.
I’d much rather see them against ANY of the other teams in contention first.

Well…now the D-backs have to score 10 in the 9th for my scenario to occur…but the reason I didn’t want to disturb the baseball gods is because dodgersrule had already crowned the Dodgers as Western Division champs…and it’s not nice to fool the baseball gods….

FABULOUS NSBLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 outs and the division is ours!!!!!!!

Good afternoon to all my ITD buddies!!!
I am just beside myself; it’s going into the top of the 9th in St. Louis and the Cards are up big! 12 – 3!!! Too bad I don’t have tickets for tonight – but my mom’s last home game (at least for the regular season!) I’m so excited about my Dodgers winning the division that finally finishing my painting project takes a back seat to that!!! πŸ™‚

The eggs are coolin, and the butter’s gettin hard!

My two cents: rest players after the World Series. Colorado had two weeks to “rest” last year. Start ’em and play ’em for 4 innings, then replace.

One more out . . . clap clap CLAP CLAP CLAP

Dodgers Clinch! Congradulations to the 08 Western Division Champs.

YAY we just won the NL WEST!

Cool Im gonna try nell!

I got to go teach PE right now, so we are one out away so I am going to say…….
DODGERS -NL WEST DIVISION WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The absolute best things about clinching today are resting Martin and the bullpen, setting up the rotation, and playing Furcal!

who would of thought, back in June? Crazy ****.

Done deal – we’re in! But it doesn’t stop here . . . Not looking for a repeat of 2006.

Now the Dodgers can go into tonights game with no pressure, or stress, relax, and hammer the s**t out of that punk Peavy!!



BEST IN THE WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to run errands now… but HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crash.. if we EVER have two guys nailed at the plate on the same play again.. aiyiyi~

Crash24: Damn straight, we have to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!!


I’m so rattled that we won, I posted on yesterdays blog. LOL YEA DODGERS!!!!

And it looks like the mustard’s come off the Snake’s hotdog!!!

Ah Chicky Baby!!!

lol Tru funny

NL West Champs Dodger Gear ready for purchase…check out the dodgers website….cool stuff….boy they are fast

Dodgersrule ~ I wanted to say, from yesterday, I think it will be Warren and Lance as the finalists on Dancing. Warren is smooth and Lance, is, of course, NSYNC

Jake Peavey is as formidable an opponent as Pete Rose, whom I also never booed or bad-mouthed. Onliest one I ever booed was Barry Bonds, and not because of what he did ON the field. And, of course, Andruw Jones, because of what he didn’t do at bat. If we beat Peavey, we have beaten one of the best. More power to the Dodgers. It is, to me, why we chant “Let’s Go Dodgers!” and win, and other ballparks chant “Beat L.A.!” and lose. Dodger fans have CLASS! (and no Rally Monkeys or Braves Tommyhawk Chops!). I just wish we didn’t have beach balls or waves (too much of a purist, sorry)…


I am so happy right now – just fantastic!!!

FOR ALL THOSE ATTENDING TONIGHTS GAME…BREAKING NEWS….You will NOT be getting the Team Photo Calendar. Uou will be getting the NL West CHAMP TEAM PHOTO Calendar…much better! haaha hahahh

enchanted, what do the Dodgers say to the Snakes?

What’s that? Playoffs? You kidding me? You want to talk about playoffs?

Congrats to the 2008 Dodgers, now lets at least win 2 playoff games in one year. I’ll take baby steps. Plus i’ll be goin to the second game as long as were not swept!lol

I wonder if anyone will play drunk tonight? Keep an eye out for me, as I am heading off to the My Morning Jacket concert. They must be partying right now…lol

We win! Take that Hank Steinbrenner! Your Yankees are 4 games better than the Dodgers and suddenly the division system is unfair! Shut up and enjoy your vacation Hank!

How does it feel to be a Yankees fan?

They say SSSSSSSSSSayonara Eric!!!

I think if the D’s win tonight we’ll still see them all pile out of the dugout and onto the field to celebrate.

Yeah enchanted, they can’t get tipsy on champagne this afternoon prior to the game. πŸ™‚

joe and company all said that they would hold all their celebrations for post-game. they still have to play a game tonight..

They will hold off, but us? . . . mmm, Wild Turkey

Q: What is:


A: Dodgers on the field in the ninth tonight

Congratulations to the Dodgers for doing what most of thought was out of reach only a few short weeks ago. There were many of us who kept an optomistic outlook while others found it hard to find any bright side to the teams’s trials and tribulations. We all wanted the same thing. To those of you who were afraid that making the playoffs validated moves made by Ned or Joe’s crazy lineups, get over it. We can debate those issues later. Now it is time to concentrate on winning playoff games. It is great to be Western Division Champs but the Dodgers have only won the right to keep playing. Of course, some playoff songs might be in order.

AMY – Change in wardrobe…YOU SHOULD purchase a NL West Champs t-shirt and wear it TONIGHT!

Awesome Jungar! I saw MMJ at Coachella in 2006 and they BLEW MY MIND. You’re in for a great show!

Who would have thought the Dodgers would be in this position last month. The Dodgers started playing the kids and finally picked up the big bat we needed and look what happened! PLAYOFFS! I hope this is a wake up call to Frank and Ned. The Kids are good! They are the core of this team and many other Dodger playoff teams in the coming years.

We NEED to win tonight. I know that sounds crazy giving that we are already in the playoffs but how big of a momentum builder would it be in we won tonight! Joe needs to go for the jugular. Start the regular lineup and go hard after Peavy. Start resting guys in the San Fran series.

I’d like to give a lot of credit to Joe Torre and the aqusition of Manny Ramirez and Don Mattingly did a great job with the offense.
It sort of gave back the Dodgers a New York touch and it’s hard to say how far they will go.
I sure like to see them get past the first round and if they can do that than the sky’s the limit.

Eric – I’ve been wondering what Pierre and Weenie were all year!!

tony jackson said it best.. so instead of my own thoughts, i will steal TJ’s!

Introducing the 2008 National League Western Division champions

By Tony Jackson on September 25, 2008 2:09 PM

That would be your Dodgers. The clincher wasn’t that exciting, no walkoff grand slam by Steve Finley or anything like that. It happened just now, when the Diamondbacks lost to the Cardinals. Dodgers won’t even take the field for almost five hours. It will be interesting to see what kind of lineup Joe sends up against Jake Peavy tonight. But it really doesn’t matter how the Dodgers did it. The fact is, they did it, for the first time in four years and for the 10th time since the inception of divisional play in 1969, and it can be argued that none of the previous nine were as tough as this one. It was less than a month ago, after all, that the Dodgers were all but written off. They had lost eight in a row, including the first game of a critical, three-game series at Arizona, and they were 65-70 and going nowhere. And now, here they are, ready to douse each other with champagne after tonight’s game, win or lose. Joe Torre has now won 12 of these things as a manager (10 with the Yankees, one with the Braves and one here), and I can’t imagine any of the previous 11 were as challenging or as gratifying as this one will be. It’s anyone’s guess at this point how long the Dodgers will last in the playoffs. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, who they’ll play in the first round. But considering where they came from, the simple fact that they have gotten here makes this a season no one will forget anytime soon.

Yeah!!! School’s over and now I can really celebrate!!! My students all went out today knowing the Dodgers won the division with Dodger M&M’s in their hands. It will have a wonderful feeling tonight watching the game knowing we don’t have to worry. We can just sit back and enjoy… sigh πŸ™‚

*******HEY JOSH**********

With all the guest appearances this season of the good old days, what are the chances of getting Mike Piazza back here to throw out the first pitch of a playoff game? The idiots who traded him away are no longer here.

OK, I’ve been in meetings all day, away from my computer, or cell phone…I just logged on and found out the best news ever.
I love this team. Thank you so very much to the Arizona Diamondbacks for losing, yet another game and for slumping the last couple months. We have always been the better team, and we will continue to be the best in the West!!!
Yea, now I get to go to the playoff games πŸ™‚

I watched the last few innings but somehow I posted on the wrong thread.
This is a great victory and our boys have matured an awful lot.

I can’t believe all this happened and I missed it.
I am so happy!! This is awesome.
Sara- we get to go to the playoffs now!!!!!
I will buy a Championship shirt tonight!

This post is three games past due, but I thought it was appropriate to repost this song for this “Three’ thread:

Three is a Magic Number
Original Artist: Schoolhouse Rock
Three is a magic number,
Yes it is, it’s a magic number.
Somewhere in the Dodger’s mystic trinity
You get three as a magic number.
A single, a walk, and a roundtripper
Steve Sax and 3-Dog Willie
Tommy’s heart, O’Malley’s brain and The Bison’s body
Give you three as a magic number.
Three times on-base makes a good leadoff
And can make an offense run
It takes Matt’s wheels to really run
Drive ’em to distraction
Every triangle has three corners,
Every triangle has three sides,
No more, no less.
You don’t have to guess.
When it’s three you can see
It’s a magic number.
A Martin and a Loney joined Matt Kemp
Yes, they did.
Three superstars on one great team
And that’s a magic number.
3-6-9, 12-15-18, 21-24-27, 30.
3-6-9, 12-15-18, 21-24-27, 30.

amy i love that you put “playoff games” as in plural. we can all hope for so much πŸ™‚

sara – great write up by Tony Jackson – that last line sums it up pretty well.

i know dnelly, i thought it was a perfect write-up.

Great song lny4loney!!!!!!

Yes Sara- it’s all about going deep in the playoffs for this Dodger team πŸ™‚
This day is awesome. best ever.

To the Ethieraholics, it’s really FOUR great young stars on one team.
Re: Claims that Manny made all the difference. Loving Manny, and I hope we resign him. But the thing that makes this team a great team is the kids. It always has been. We would easily be in the playoffs without Manny if we had started these kids from day one. I admit though, that I wouldn’t have as much post-season confidence without Manny doing the job Andruw was supposed to do.
The first great thing about this post-season trip is it figures to be one in a long string with a core of Matt-James-Russell- Andre-Chad-Clayton.

someone on tony jackson’s blog posted about tempering the excitement because we won a weak division and only have 83 wins at this point.. and then everyone was reminded that the ’06 ws champion cardinals only won 83 games..


There’s nothing so good as winning a championship. You have to love the Dodgers!. Nice to have a few days to give the guys a little break (not a full break–they need to keep sharp), and give some of the hurting guys a chance to work out (Furcal, Saito), and give some kids a chance (and give Kershaw’s and even Bills young arms a break). I wish I could be in LA to see the NLDS–and the NLCS–and even the World Series. I have said it before, this team, as constituted (including Manny–whom we should re-sign) is a team that can be a dynsasty and win several world series titles). So there is no reason to believe that they cannot win it all now. It’s just a matter of when our kids move frmo being prospects to big leaguers (done in abou2006), from big leaguers to core members of the team (done in 2007) to being stars (done this year–3 guys to hit 35+ doubles in the same year for the first time in team history)–and while Manny has been the big story, it’s the structure that was alredy in place that allowed the final push) to being superstars (along with Manny–and in the future to replace him). Last Septemeber’s collapse was horrible, but often compared to the 1973 collapse.
Ladies and gentlement, welcome to the 2008 version of the 1974 Los Angeles Dodgers–A Dynasty Begins!

This team is far better than a typical 83-win team for several reasons.
1) Manny
2) Matt and Andre starting every day now
3) A healthy Nomar
4) An excellent 1-2 starting pitching punch in Billz and Lowe both pitching outstandingly in the last month.

hey leekfink! love the vision πŸ™‚

well booo to whoever said that Sara. Don’t people know that is sport is baseball. Anything can happen, especially upsets and underdogs winning. Goodness!!!
Go Dodgers. Let’s do this thing.
lny4- and what’s great about this, is that these young guys get a chance to experience the palyoffs at a younger age. They totally deserve every second of it.
Wow. πŸ™‚ what a happy day!

Tentative first round schedule from Diamond Leung at Press Enterprise:
Game 1 is Wednesday
Game 2 is Thursday
Game 3 is Saturday, Oct. 4 at Dodger Stadium
Game 4, if necessary, is Sunday, Oct. 5 at Dodger Stadium
Game 5, if necessary, is Tuesday, Oct. 7.

yeah amy. boo them. don’t boo me though, haha.. that wasn’t my thought.. i was just recaping..

i say that the rockies making the world series last year is proof enough that ANYTHING can happen in baseball

lny4loney and leekfink – Did you plan that? Absolutely fabulous posts gentlemen!!! And, mlk, don’t worry about not including Andre in everything. Take it from the charter member, the Ethieraholics have him well taken care of here at ITD.

crash, it’s just as i figured.. augh! dodgers home playoff game #1 and ‘sc football home game on the same day! i better be able to do both!!

Sara- lol. no ‘boos’ for you!!! never, that would be rude πŸ™‚
.Also, that is what I hold onto this season. If the Rockies did it, so can we. I love this game!!!!!!!
I love this team!
Crash thank you for the schedule! When do we know who we play? who is the team closest to knowing?? Thanks everyone

amy, the wild card race will go right down to the wire.. we might not know until sunday =/

Sara – That’s a tough one, especially if you plan to be there in person for both. The USC game is currently set to start at 5 pm. Not sure of the time for the Dodgers playoff game.
I’m thinking the Trojans won’t have a tough time with the Ducks, so I’d go with the Dodgers.

Amy – they are also expecting major weather issues back east, which might benefit us if double headers, rain delays are the case. The more they have to work their pitchers/bullpen, the better.

thanks Sara. it’s ok. We will finish up the season, play some rehabbing guys, and then continue business on the playoff field. I couldn’t be happier for these guys. It’s been a hell of a season and we came out on top!!!

They expect a couple of rainouts for the eastern teams. So, they will either have to play double headers or go into next week.

new thread.

new thread

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