That reminds me…

So clearly I don’t know how to load photos, as you see from yesterday’s attempt. My apologies. For what it’s worth, it looked completely normal on my laptop. I guess if it’s not from SooHoo, I’m lost.

As for the question about next season’s schedule ending so late (Oct. 4), it’s mainly due to the fact that Spring Training is longer because of the World Baseball Classic. We’ll also start Spring games earlier than usual and there are more of them…and of course, it’ll be closer to home for the overwhelming majority of you guys.

As for this year, I’m sitting here in the PNC Park press box with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline and river and yet, the sun is glaring so strongly on my seat that I have to wear sunglasses to see my screen. It reminds me of a line that our former OC Register beat writer, Bill Plunkett, dropped on me a couple years ago in a similar situation at New Busch Stadium. “I’ve never covered a game on the surface of the sun,” he said. “But I’d imagine this is what it would be like.”

In any event, that’s not a complaint. It’s really a gorgeous day and we’ve been blessed with four perfect days of weather here. Let’s hope three of them result in victories. As for last night, it was just the 10th time in L.A. Dodger history that we’ve lost a game in which we had 18 or more hits. And according to Ken Gurnick, it’s the first time that’s ever happened in a season where we won a game with no hits. Yes, we’re all losing it after 11 days on the road.

Here’s the lineup for today’s finale:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P


Nice lineup. Berroa is playing better and hopefully we can win the finale while im in AP English. GO DODGERS

Josh ~ thanks for the new & great lineup. Let’s get this game Dodgers and go out on a winning note!

By the way, Joe, now is not the time to screw with the lineup. Every game is important from here out and we need our best out there everyday. The players can rest after the season is over, not before!

I am new to the forum. It seems to be terrific and I look forward to learning.

I would like to voice my concerns with Torre and his “experimentations” with the lineup and quirky moves (like taking Proctor out last night – what did Proctor say to him, BTW?). I have out-managed Torre on a few key plays and I am just a hack, but I can see a pattern and it seems Torre sometimes lacks that skill (see: Andruw Jones). I sure hope he gets focused and remembers “pennant” and “championship” and forgets giving broken-wing players another chance to blow it.

Good Morning Josh, TruBlue & Swood and the rest of ITD!
It is a beautiful morning down here in Riverside, CA. Sky was just very beautiful with clouds here and there.
JOSH the lineup is great. And I am glad to see that Manny is not taking the day…well I am sure he is not since we lost last night. Manny we need you playing!

dbalicki ~ welcome. From your comments, you will fit in just fine! It is a lot of fun and I hope you will enjoy ITD.

Tx, Tru. I just read my comment and I think I started off on the wrong foot with a complaint when last nite was only our 2nd loss in September. It’s just that it has been bugging me that Joe would bring in Penny and let him go for 4 straight hits, but take Proctor out after two solid outs. Yikes! I wonder what he is thinking, sometimes…

Stop complaining! Go Blue!

dbalicki ~ we ALL complain. LOL Don’t feel bad, it’s just par for the course. Just go back and read what everyone said during last night’s game………you’ll see, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Welcome Dbalicki….Joe Torre needs to retire!

dodgersrule ~ good morning to you. Hope you have a great day!

Hey TruBlue…I am having a great day…so far. Hoping for a win tonight!. Yes I had no idea Penny played last night…now I understand how we lost. Not a big Penny fan…he needs to retire with Joe. I mean he WAS a good pitcher back in his time…

I was really surprise to see Josh in very early, then I realized that today’s game is on at 9:35 a.m……man that is an early game.

FYI: the Penny comment I made was about San Diego. Torre put him in and he loaded the bases.

I will not complain unless he puts in Jones or Sweeny (Mr. Pinch Hit). But, OTOH, I was down on Berroa and all of a sudden, he came ALIVE! Maybe Torre only stayed with him because he had no choice at short, but I guess he makes more good moves than bad. It looks like a line drive in the box scores, I guess…

Game time in one hour…

See I should be watching the games…..sorry about confusing pips or myself…LOL…Thank Dbalicki

Now I have a question about other folks thots on Russell Martin. Am I wrong in thinking that Russell is a better hitter with runners on and therefore should not be hitting lead off? I mean, “lead off” is really only in the 1st inning anyway. It seems to me Kemp or Pierre (when rotating OFs) would be a better fit. Where am I going wrong?

Thank goodness, Andruw is done for the season. As for Sweeney, some of our pitches have better batting averages than he does……..everyone grimaces when he comes to the plate.

Well Russell was going through a not-so-good phase. When Torre put him there, he actually started playing a bit better and has been getting on base…helping both Ethier & Martin. It seems that MARTIN IS COMING BACK. I do think that someone should be put infront of him: Maybe Dewitt or Kemp then Martin, then Ethier and then Manny.

OOOppps sorry, I meant to say MARTIN is helping both ETHIER & MANNY THE MAN!

Hi Josh,

Could you get us some info on the reasoning behind moving the Friday home games from 7:40 to 7:10? Since those were the only games whose time I could fit into my schedule, I guess there’s no more Dodger games at the stadium for me!

Oh well, it was getting so expensive to go anyway, I was starting to wonder if I, a normal fan who can’t afford those fancy-fancy seats down on the renovated field level, was overstaying my welcome 😉

I guess I don’t have any actual stats, just what it “seems” is that , yes, Russell is coming back, but in later innings, with runners on. Coming up cold at the start of the game he looks like a fish out of water. The 1st inning was our playground before. Remember Juan Pierre and Raphael Furcal, in the beginning? Now, not so much. It has moved to 2nd or 3rd inning. I guess I will have to keep some stats, but it seems like Manny has been coming up in the 1st with 2 outs and bases empty quite a bit lately. Russell is not the only one, I guess. Dodgers ALL seem to hit better with 2 outs and runners on.

Oh, and thanks for the welcomes. You seem like a great bunch of guyz and galz.

dbalicki ~ Andre is doing a good job hitting in front of Manny. This week, with the birth of his son, he’s just now getting his stroke back. Ethier has a good eye and takes a lot of pitches.

It is still early and a the rest of the bunch will soon be logging in and you will really see how crazy and fun we are. Debbie, Enchanted, Amy, N.Stateblues, Eric, Scott, Trublue, Crzblue and many more.

Good Morning All.
Josh- thank you for answering my question about the 09 season.
Welcome to ITD Dbalicki 🙂 always good to have new friends.
Great line up today. And I’m glad there’s great weather for us to take this series!!!!
How’s everyone doing? tru, dnel, rose?

Hi everyone. Haven’t been posting as much, probably won’t be in the near future, as I’m trying to keep my head afloat above all this reading. All these books about crazy people are making me crazy…

Anyway, according to a Sports Illustrated article, the Dodgers have a 98.9% chance to make the playoffs. It’s that 1.1% that keeps nagging at me.

How’s everyone doing?

Welcome dbalicki!

IMO under no circumstances should Pierre ever lead off when he does play. He’s strictly a #8 or #9 man, but JoJo doesn’t get that. When he batted 7th the other day I was stunned.

The Martin at leadoff experiment to me has been a failure. Kemp has proven to be the best at the spot since Furcal went down, so that’s where he should be again. And moving players up and down the line-up is just stupid on Joe’s part.

But what do I really think?? LOL

Good morning Amy ~ let’s cheer our boys on……….and hope Kershaw has the game of his young life today. Russell, Andre, Manny, James, Matt and the rest, please give Kersh lots of runs……so he can relax and have a good time on the mound.

And this one’s for dodgereric. I with you buddy:

SEE DBALICKI they are all waking up now, it’s time for fun!
Morning Amy….doing great and ready for the game!
ENCHANTED – Yup Kemp is great as the leadoff man. We shouldn’t experiment at this moment. Like N.StateBlues said we still have the 1.1% of not making the playoffs.

we need to get Russ going again. Welcome DBalicki.

dodgersrule – better make that 20% – Joe’s our manager.

I just hope yesterday was just one of those things, just one of those crazy things, a trip to the moon….oh sorry.
Not the beginning of a new downfall.
We got a good lineup, according to me, 402 RBI and 92 HRs.
Six of our seven double digit HR guys are in there today.
Let’s hope we can push the Snakes closer to elimination.

tru- you are right. We are behind these boys so much. I just hate that I’m at work and have to watch the gameday stats. No picture, no audio. just the ‘ghost’ batter and location of pitches for me. Luckily I don’t have any morning meetings 🙂
Rose- I am ready for this game too! Viva los Dodgers.
NSB=my pop star friend (know really likes Rock) Good luck with that reading. Are you in school? going for a degree, or what? Just interested 🙂 I’m happy with the 98.9% We can do it !

enchanted ~ finally got it! 🙂

No need to pull punches, enchanted, give it to me straight… LOL!

OK. Not wanting to jinx, but just as a straw man, say, at some time in the near future, the Dodgers were to play some AL team in an AL park, what would be a good lineup? Go ahead, shoot at this one (I’m tough):
Ramirez – DH

Welcome to the blog, dbalicki, sounds like you’re cringing just as much as I am whenever Sweeney comes to the batter’s box. Seems like a great guy in the papers and interviews… just… wow.

Hey Tru, DR1655 and Amy, glad to see you this morning. Forgive my pessimism earlier, I’d probably be more chipper if I didn’t notice the sun, moon and stars aligning to hand us a loss to Pittsburgh last night 🙂

and wow! It’s almost gametime… I won’t know what to do with myself tonight… which is probably why I’m slipping in school a bit right now, because I should know exactly what to do, heh.

Amy, I’m a English major senior at Chico State… just trying to get that piece of paper and get out of here, heh. Still in school since I messed around too much in my younger years, but it’s better to tread slowly than to stop completely.

nsblue ~ is it movie night? If so, let me know what movie we are doing so I can brush up.

Tough call DB. The first 8 look good, but Pierre in LF is always a gamble in a big game. He’s no worse than a pitcher hitting 9th, but that rag arm…

I’d move Berroa down and use DY in left. More pop, less drop.

Unfortunately, JoJo would NEVER do it.

NSB. I am proud of you. Great news. Maybe when you graduate you can move back to LA and go to all the Dodger home games 🙂 School is definetly hard. I can’t believe that I’ve been through it and now this is my 3rd year out of college. yikes.

dbalicki, I’d have to agree with your lineup. DYoung might have more pop with his bat, but his experience doesn’t have as much weight with Torre. Repko, I don’t know if he’d be on the roster that far into October.

Too bad the AL doesn’t have a Designated Fielder. That would have Andruw Jones’ name all over it.

GO DODGERS!!! I have my jersey on – I got special permission under the circumstances – gotta go – bye!!!!!

Tru: There’s a distinct possibility 🙂 I’m not sure which movie… I’m not sure if I’m more in a mood for Gene Wilder movies or Mel Brooks… All I know is that I’m sure everyone could use a laugh, those never hurt.

Amy, thanks 🙂 Commuting 100 miles round trip every school day is tough, but I know that when it’s all done, I’ll be able to help others if I’m able to teach/tutor/whatever… then it’ll be time to pay back student loans.

I’m definitely looking forward to making enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about making a Dodger game or 50. I wonder if I could get 2010 tickets at 2008 prices?

NSBlues….good luck at school. Yes once you are completed with your schooling, move back down and enjoy the Dodger’s game.

I think our one weakness is our bench. They all have sub-par averages. I also don’t know if Repko will be with us in October. So, that leaves, Pierre and Young.

Our bench wouldn’t be such a weakness without Sweeney’s experience choking out his offense, eh Tru?

Kershaw has the 1st-inning-nervousness syndrome….then he gets better…HOPEFULLY.

DR1655: Sounds like a plan 🙂

nsblues ~ I don’t even want to mention Sweeney….he should be the one sent away!

Kershaw needs to settle down here. He’s getting behind in his pitches, wild pitches, pitches in the dirt.. aye!

One run wasn’t bad for KERSH we seen worse.

Just one run, we need to stop this now! The Dodgers can do this!

JoePierre ~ I couldn’t agree more. Kersh will settle down next inning. Let’s get him some runs to work with.

Kershaw never does good in the first inning! But he should get better in the next inning.
SWEENEY – (Vanilla ice look-alike) yes Trublue he needs to be sent away…away from pro-baseball….

Kersh SHOULD settle down by next inning. but we’ve seen him not settle down either. I hope in this case that he does. We need him to go deep in the game. I don’t trust our pen after last night’s disaster!

dbalicki, I also questioned using Martin as a leadoff hitter for reasons similar to yours but also because I just don’t like using a catcher as a leadoff guy. However, because the Dodgers really do not have a typical leadoff type hitter out of the current everyday players Martin was chosen because he has more plate discipline than Kemp and why make any changes with Ethier since he has done so well hitting in front of Manny.

Pittsburgh’s working on a no-hitter…

(you can laugh, it’s funny)

nsb- lol 🙂
can we please stop grounding out?!?!?!

Correction this lineup came in with 422 RBI not 402.

Well… we touched base last inning…

Seriously, though, The Dodgers can do this!

yes we can! haha ( a little political humor).
nsb- we believe. I feel like the corny Angels in the outfield. If we just keeping flapping our arms, the Dodgers will win the pennant!

Okay ~ put my Dodger Blue Manny shirt on….now we’ll win!!

AMY – We are the true City of Angels so lets start flapping…LOL
Si se puede! Si se puede! Arriva Los Dodgers!

See, we got some runs. Yea!


Amy and DR1655: heheheh… yeah, it’s hard not to believe in this team… never a dull moment this season 🙂

You can put lipstick on a pig… wait, that doesn’t work.

(and of course, the 15 minutes it takes me to move my car to a new parking spot, and the Dodgers score! They’ll get a lot more good luck, as I’ll be heading out for lunch soon).

I would leave it up to you ladies to decide who’s better looking but I have to say that Adam and Andy LaRoche do not look anywhere alike.

yea. runs!
Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s Go *clap* clap*


Amy, I actually flapped my arms a-la-Angels in the Outfield at Dodger Stadium once. It was the first Interleague visit by the Angels to Dodger Stadium back in ’97, and in the top of the 9th, the whole stadium flapped their arms to mock the losing Angels. Good times 🙂

Looks like Nomar & Kuo are ok.

great story nsb. haha. That’s awesome. The movie used to be so cool to watch. Looking back, corny, but still classic.
Those Angles are such a dominate team now. They win the pennant with a whole month left to play.
The Dodgers are capable of the same!
no more ground and/or fly outs today boys!

kersh is doing ok..his getting up there on pitches..heres hoping torre makes good use of our bullpen

grizzly ~ You realize we are talking about Joe! lol

were all in the same wave length hear..i think were pushing our luck witht the kid though

Good outing for KERSHAW.

Saito in the 6th??

Still haven’t gone for lunch… that’s probably why we haven’t scored recently… I’ll make my way soon…

Damn it, Mientkeiwich, why you gotta open your mouth? Wanna know why the team had given up? They’re the Pittsburgh Pirates, and they haven’t had anything to get amped about since Bonds-Bonilla! Why couldn’t you leave well enough alone?!!

Man it might be a very interesting game…ITD was quiet for awhile….scary!
Saito is pitching next???
Kershaw will be getting better, playing time will make him better. He still gets nervous.

Our bullpen still not as good as we would like. Putting in Siato to tune up when Kershaw is only leading by 1 is a bad play. Even more so with us losing a game on the D-backs last night.

Gosh a cheap bs for Saito and I forgot how early this game was. I never though I would see back to back LaRoche

i knew he would come back and bite us..saito had him down 0-2..maybe we can score a few more runs

I don’t know about anybody else but to me that Saito inning felt almost like a bottom of a ninth.

All I know is there are a lot of guys down in that bullpen I would not trust with a lead.

proctor, trancoso, johnson just to name a few

wade, park and kuo have been nails for us this year

I was thinking, Penny, Siato, Proctor, Johnson, and even Elbert at times.

Wade Biemel and broxton I trust.

Kuo has been good, when he can go. Park has given up a few too many leads and too many HRs for me.

i dont think we should resign saito next big of a risk iw ould say

Let’s get that run back way to work that walk Kemp

Yeah, I am not sure he wants to play another year. He might want to go back home. Broxton has done a good job, I say promote him to full time closer.

DY will get a shot, I love it. Sweeny can watch.

Look like Maholm can’t find the strike zone.

WITTY had a good AB, making them think about the Bullpen.
Maholm has been tough today. Ain’t that right?
Nice sac by BO.

yea broxton has good fastball but he needs to work on his offspped pitches a bit over the off season

bring in pee wee

So we score and Siato can get the win? Even though he blew the lead. Gotta love baseball.

Not a good AB from DY. He had the count in his favor.

They made a good point on the TV broadcast, we don’t have any solid hitters on the bench. We just have defensive subs.

HOw many men can be on the playoff roster?

‘DRE put good wood on the ball.

Wow ibb Martin to get to the hottest player of the game damn Pee Wee thank god Torre didn’t let Sweeney bat.

Mrs. Nelson’s classroom is saying Yeah!!!!!!!! Andre!!!!!!!!!
Good Going Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!

manny a little to aggressive there..oh well we scored

What the Pirate thinking about?

I believe playoff rosters are 25 just as in the regular season. I think moves can be made to replace injured players and rosters can change between series.

Thank you, Pirates, for pitching to Ethier rather than to Martin.

I hate to say this but at least if Torre let Loney and Dewitt have a day off it look like we have one of the best bench in the major hahahaha lol

They should had ibb Young to get the dp.


Yes you’re right lbirken.

Andre…..MY MAN! He can throw, hit, run and COOK!
The Ethieraholism is back!

This bullpen is starting to get pathetic. These are the Pirates, what are they going to do vs real playoff teams.

That was one of the worse innings WADE has pitched.
I guess he was due for a bad outing.

Another two out run scored on our usually effective bull pen. Don’t you just hate it when work or school gets in the way of enjoying a Dodger game?

Sigh 2 BS? This can’t be happen to this Pirates.

I say test the arm, run KEMP.

See good things happen when you force the issue.

Now we need DeWitt to be the player of the game…

That one steal another base

OMG.. NOOOOO, not sweeny

Quiz: name the Dodgers most clutch right-handed and left-handed pinch hitters? No answer? Exactly.


That better have been called, if Kemp tried to take 3rd on his own.

No way ANYONE called that except Kemp.

What makes today more of a must game is the ugly loss last night.

Last night was ugly, all of the momentum is with the Pirates.

How do you make that move Sweeney over Berroa? At least we lost Sweeney now.

Steiner just referred to Sweeney as our best pinch hitter? If he’s our best, I’d hate to see our worst!

Last night we were 4 1/2 in front… today, only 3 1/2,,,

BTW: dodgerloge106 = dbalicki (I got fancy)

That looked more like WADE in the eight.

what the heck happened? kemp tried to steal third? what did bowa do? anyone see it on the tube?

Nice inning for Wade never throught I would see back to back k’s on the LaRouche brother.

Hu has not impressed me at anytime when he has been up. I think if they don’t resign furcal to an incentive based deal, then they need to shop for an shortstop.

I always like repko’s energy, but if he cannot control that swing he will never make a major league roster.

Welcome dodgerloge/dbalicki – I was just reading the morning posts, and noticed your name – Have fun, this is a great place to be…
dnelly, June Darlin’, Miss Debbie, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl ~ ETHIERaholics – Go Dodgers!!!!!!

PH for hot hitting Berroa with Sweeney was just plain unacceptable!!

Got to pull this game out.

No kidding Scott!!!!!

Or it’s up to Lincecum.

Wow! I gotta respect you guys for reading all those posts and remembering. I go straight to the bottom and start asking questions and making comments that have already gone by the boards… major character defect…

Sweeney for Berroa = another bonehead Torre move…

park scares me recently

Sqeamish about bullpen. I say leave Wade, who is just warming up…

Kemp running on his own is another bonehard move by Kemp.

We are 3-3, not again…Come on DODGERS…..flap! Flap! Flap!

here it goes again..come on parkk!!!!

The guy’s a pork chop…. (park chop?)… don’t serve him up a groove…

DODGERLOGE….I like this name better….sorry but the Dbalicki reminded me of the D-backs….not good.

noone from the pirates scares me..come on park grind it out

Didn’t this guy……

Nice DP. Park scared me again but we survive another inning.

Oooh! D’nt think D’balicki was like D’backs….

Big double play, now lets get some runs, win this game so I can get on with my day!

To be honest I would had rather had Pierre over Sweeney.

ill tell u what’s gonna happen hear..stolen base ..base hit game overr

We’re still alive.


i ate my god

That was a scary inning! Let’s get some runs RIGHT NOW!

Im gunna call it, ManRam goes deep.

C’mon, grizz, keep the faith….. you sound like me….


Curt Schilling is talking crap about Manny…what a punk!

Awesome Andre gets it started again – Go Dodgers!!!!!!!

i know i know i just always prepare for the live and die with this team, sometimes that eats you up

Note to Grabow: watch that fastball to Manny….

I seen this one before….. walk Blake and pitch to J-Lo….

come on James — Earn your song 🙂

I know it’s smart baseball but doesn’t this lefty-righty matchup thing just bug you sometimes?

Just in case Lincecum better cream the dback.

Yuh gotta get that guy over. Basic fundamentals….

Well, I guess we can say, he didn’t hit into a double play.

Kemp will be trying too hard to make up for the base running error…

come on kemppp

write it down we loose this game.

Gosh no

Tough to score runs and win games when hitters 1-5 go 2 for 21. Just have to deal with days like this and hopefully still find a way to win.

This seems like a loss now. i would never have left park out there for another inning.

C’mon, grizz, you’re slipping into the darkness…

Need a ground ball..

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

sorry blame my gf for


Gotta love Russ

I think WITTY made a GREAT throw home.

what happened?

Up to beimel…

Hello folks. Listening to the MLB feed at work. Listening to the Pirate feed just for a change. Beimel in.

Now we need to score, can’t have a long getaway day game.

Which Joe is pitching today? The good Joe or the evil Joe?


Michaels hits a comebacker to Park, who makes a bad throw to second, but DeWitt fires to home to get Morgan at home in a collision.

Would somebody describe what happened?

Got hand to DeWITT for his heads up play, after failing to cover 2nd and to MARTIN on that tag of NIJER.
We continue……

that was for kho88 that asked what happened earlier.

Just in case I didn’t say it the first time. Let’s go Lincecum. I can’t beleive the Pirates didn’t want to end this mess. I got a bad feeling Andy going to hit a walkoff homerun

We need a pierre HR..

Thanks emma!

What pitcher do they bring in?

lol edog hahahaha nice 1.

Thanks for the explanation. Following on Gameday so some of the details get lost in the process.

Here we go, the Proctologist.

Good play on both ends of the diamond..

If Proctor gets 2 outs, replace him with Brad Penny…

Good luck charm for Scott – “Virtual colonoscopy said to be effective”.

Casey Blake is a beast at 3rd..

Doumit on deck…

C A S E Y… great plays.

Proctor got a lot of help.. Lets end this boys.

That’s probably what would’ve happened if Joe left Proctor in last night….

Russell is DUE…

thanks crzblue2!

Let’s hope that Torre learned something yesterday, dodgerloge.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …… I crack myself up sometimes……

Martin only walks. He does not need a bat anymore.

I say go hit and run..

the filters at my work allow blogs, but no sports sites (except AOL, which really isn’t sports) so i really have no way of knowing what is happening. thanks for the updates!!

How many batter have Proctor retired in a rows? I hate to say this but Proctor has been pitching well since comiing off the DL.

7 pitches all balls.

Bum check, 3-2 to ethier.

Good afternoon all. Better late than never.
Welcome to the madness dodgerloge!
Boy! What a difference a day makes! LET’S GO BLUE!

Sep 17 @ PIT L 8-15 – 1.2 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 36.0 6.00
Sep 12 @ COL W 7-2 – 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 34.1 6.29
Sep 8 @ SDG L 0-4 – 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 33.1 6.48
Sep 7 ARI W 5-3 – 1.0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 33.0 6.55
Sep 3 SDG W 6-4 – 0.1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 32.0 6.75

Not counting today game.

Ethier struck out on ball in dirt, martin stole 2nd. Odds are they will put Manny on.

forgot to say that on that play that the announcer was saying DeWitt forgot to cover the bag so right there I was saying “there goes the game” but he recovered nicely by getting to the ball and throwing home.

Gosh Martin you should’ve had stolen that,

Dodgers received 10 walks today and only have 3 runs so far.

Bases loaded with 1 out. Loney coming up. Dodgers got their 11th walk. Pirates switch pitchers.

Golden opportunity here. C’mon James!

Oh, T.J. Beam could be real good for us…

Start warming broxton, we need to score here.

Please Looney, no DPs.

He came over in the Manny deal too.

Strikezone grows.

So, why is JT moving Kemp and Loney around the lineup? I thought he was putting Casey Blake and Blake DeWitt together so he could save ink…


so update: Ethier struck out. bases juiced, Loney at the plate. base hit for loney 4-3 Dodgers!


Atta boy, T.J.!!!

My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
with H-I-T-T-I-N-G

No he didn’t TJ came over from the Yankee in the Nady trade.

Great! Now bury them Matt!

Need a bit hit now from Kemper.

Mrs. Nelson’s class says “yeah – James!!!!!”

BOO.. Matt Kemp needs a hug after this game.

WTG Loney first hit

Let’s go Big Bad Jon!

What a gift, if we can win this game. Hitters have looked awful and somehow we lead.

Well that was a big waste. Let’s hope Brox has his “A” game with him today.

I hope this one run lead is enough for.
Leaving Proctor in huh? GULP! I’m crossing my fingers & toes.

11 K’s for Dodger hitters to go along with the walks.

enchanted ~ Brox better have his “A” game…..this is one ugly game, we need to win!

LOL!!! 🙂

Kemp infield fly to elder LaRoche for the 2nd out

DeWitt struck out looking.

Brox in. C’mon Brox!

Been a game of wastes. 11 walks and 6 hits should equal more runs.

Can’t see the game. Was Proctor lucky or good last inning?

Never mind. Win or lose, Broxton needs to be in now.

Lucky, Blake made two great plays for two of the outs.

enchanted – they just announced the AAA from LV is moving to Albuquerque – did you hear that?

Broxton walked morgan, their speedster.

No body wants to win this game… Morgan stole 2nd.

broxton always seems to make this dramatic..goshhhh

Too much gambling problems in Vegas…Torre gambles too much!

Nah, two grounders and a fly to Manny… he did ok…

comee on brox!!!!!!!!!..we need this one

Crap! I’m blind here! My gameday is locked up & FUBAR!

Brox is really “earning” this save – but I wish he’d have done it in a 1-2-3 fashion! It just never comes easy, does it?

Uh oh, broxton got hit with a comebacker on the glove hand. Runner at 3rd, with 2 outs. Broxton stays in the game.

Broxpunches out Doumit, one out.
Morgan walks. Cruz at bat . And Morgan he steals the base ughh.

Line shot to Brox who throws to first! two down. joe Torre looking at Brox’s hand. he says he is OK.

I hate not being able to watch thiss……aaaaaaah!

Thanks for the updates, GameDay is locked.

Is Broxton still In?

Its up to Broxton and Jason Michaels.

Thanks, Gameday…. Broxton strikes out Doumot about 5 minutes late….

Yes all of their system is locked…I’m still showing the first batter for this inning.

Runner took 2nd. Winning run in scoring position.

So we are tied?

Now it’s stuck on Cruz….

Pop out, game over.

YESSS – thank God this game is over and we can come home with a win!

Is anybody watching the game?

Last I heard is Nyjer on 3rd, 2 out, Broxton hit by comebacker but still in game…

runner at 3rd. walked the next guy. steals base

nothing is easy. 2-2 pitch to Michael. Flyball DeWitt gets it! Dodgers Win!!



What does Jonny say?????

Gameday finally caught up. Magic number is 7.

What does Johnny say???

Sorry for all the typos….I just got to excited with the news…………GOOOOOOO DOOOODGEEEEERSSS!

Fu-Q Y’all !!!

Question…how can you intentionally walk a batter…and as the potential WINNING run, allow him to get in scoring position through defensive indifference? Who’s running this team?

nice road trip..=)

Mrs. Nelson’s class says thank you Jonathon Broxton 🙂
YEAH DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip home.

I wanna thank all you kidz for sharing the game with me…

Wow, what a game……..played like crap, but managed to win. That’s what makes a championship team!

Whew! I hate when the gameday goes & locks up like that with a save situation on the line!
Great win! And a great road trip to boot!

That would be Joe Torre, Kahli. Not the brightest crayon in the box he.

dodgerloge106 – anytime….it is like this every game…

If they would’ve lost it because of defensive indifference, I would’ve had to seriously rearrange my office, then go down to Joe’s and do the same.

thanks all for the updates. brox really makes things hard don’t he. we were spoiled with game over, then saito, but brox is like don stanhouse.

dodgereric and enchanted – I had to say it in my head 🙂 We were listening to the audio and doing math – I found out how to keep them quiet – listening to baseball games – cool!!!

dodgerloge106 ~ didn’t get to chat with you much, busy fretting over the game. But, welcome and please join us anytime.

DNELLY – hhhhaaahhhaaa…listening to the baseball game! I should try that at home. Hey so what did the kids do once the DODGERS won

They are exciting, aren’t they? This game was like a script with every inning a cliffhanger. By the way, I also don’t like “defensive indifference” plays with one or two run leads but I understand they don’t want to risk a bad throw allowing the tying run to score. Anyway, let’s enjoy the win and build on the momentum.

June Darlin’, there’s always duct tape………. 🙂

Hey Enchanted, forget rearranging Joe’s office – let’s rearrange Joe. LOL

And I forgot to welcome dodgerloge and edog to our insanity. So, welcome dodgerloge and edog!

lbirken, I know you’re right about the defensive indifference thinking, but they’re crazy wrong. That’s the same thinking that’s brought the term “prevent defense” into football. Stupid. IMO.

EDOG WELCOME! Well you got to experience our insanity with todays game.

Yeah Beav! I echo! Welcome to the jungle that is ITD!

sparkle, no need to get violent. It’d be fun, but ……….

Let’s just rearrange that furniture into a moving van bound for somewhere out of town.

I’d like to rearrange Joe into being Steve Yeager.

Would that be with bat splinters enchanted? LOL

In all of the excitement, I forgot to welcome you too, EDOG!

enchanted, do you think ANY reporter will ask Joe about that defensive indifference? Joe’s been on a 6-month honeymoon with our beloved press.

dodgersrule – I had to explain most of it, but it was fun. It was the quietest it has been all year. We were listening right before Andre got his hit to tie the game – big cheers there, especially from my Ethieraholic minime, and then when they came back in, I had it off because I had to do a read aloud, calendar activities, and a math lesson. As soon as they were at their seats, I told them if they worked quietly, I would turn on the radio so they could listen to the game. It took a while to get to a cheering part, but I was explaining what was happening. When James got his hit, I sang the James Loney song as I was posting it, and then they got cheers and hollers once the final out was made. Then during those few innings the announcers were talking about all the minor league teams moving, and they actually asked me where Albuquerque is – so we had to talk about New Mexico. That’s when I asked enchanted if he had heard about that. It was a good teaching afternoon that had no intention other than to teach a math lesson. Of course, Ethierbear was part of the action too – no question!! 🙂 See you later – time to clean up and get ready for recess.

Welcome edog!!! I saw the name, but thought I was missing an invasion a name changer again. Someone else feel free to explain – LOL!!!!

Aw hell VL I’m feeling charitable today, let’s give him a protective flap.

At least one should Kahli, but seeing as how they won, it’ll all get glossed over and sugarcoated.

i’m just dropping in for a split second.. it’s been crazy busy! but i noticed that josh posted a picture of troy polamalu yesterday! i wanted to post my support for the guy! troy and i were friends when he was at USC. one of the NICEST guys you will ever meet. love him to death~

have a good day everyone!

go blue!

Sorry nells, I missed about 2-3 hours this afternoon and didn’t go back and re-read everything, so I missed your question.

Yes I did hear about the D’s wanting to move their AAA back to Albuquerque (hopefully too they go back to being the Dukes. The current team is the Isotopes), but now the wife wants to move back to CA…

Hi sara, goodbye sara!

Interesting how that photo is bad on my work computer but it looks just fine on my laptop at home.

Scott – I love those pictures with those two – Thanks!!!
Josh – the picture looks fine on my laptop too.
Sara – Polamalu is my son’s favorite player. He will like the fact that you knew him. He like the picture that Josh posted yesterday.

Question…how can you intentionally walk a batter…and as the potential WINNING run, allow him to get in scoring position through defensive indifference? Who’s running this team?


It’s simple kp McLouth is batting over .280and left handed but Michaels .225 and right handed and Torre was playing the book. Torre actually made a good choice too bad we diodn’t have Kuo in the game to face him.

vs. Left 65 0 0 0 0 0 0 22.2 24 – – 1 19 26 – 1.90 .270
vs. Right 64 0 0 0 0 0 0 41.1 24 – – 1 4 58 – 0.68 .170

vs. Left 42 0 0 0 0 0 0 26.0 19 – – 3 2 44 – 0.81 .202
vs. Right 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 54.0 41 – – 1 19 52 – 1.11 .205

sl7180…I’m not arguing the intentional pass…I’m arguing defensive indifference to allow him into scoring position.

SCOTT- I love the picture of ETHIER & KEMP doing the Jump-Turn-Bump move!

I know but really wanted to bring Broxton numbers against left handed batter.

sl7180…what was your previous name–before this wacko blog destroyed us all?

McLouth numbers against right handed pitchers were 286 .369 .557 .926. I’m still worry about why Sweeney was up for Berroa? This one move still bother me alot.

Welcome to all the newcomers! Good to hear that the D’s are going back to Albuquerque. If they become the Dukes again, my cap is back in style. 3 out of 4 is good on the road regardless of who you’re playing. With Lincecum going for the Gnats tonight, we’ve got a good chance to increase our lead. Actually, I’m surprised they’re not saving him for tomorrow considering the way they’d like to stick it to us. If Dusty was still there, he would have moved him back a day.

It was shad78.

Nice little 7-3 road trip. Now the Dodgers have to face our California brethren the final nine games. Peavy. Young, Cain, and Lincecum are waiting in the weeds.

I kind of like the AAA Dodgers as the 51s…I always wear my alien cap to Dodger games.

Kahli – even the intentional pass is debatable since it goes against conventional baseball wisdom by putting the potential winning run on base, but defensive indifference to put him into scoring position is inexcuseable.

In fact, I hate defensive indifference ALL THE TIME.

Like we’ve said all year, this team wins inspite of Torre, not because of him.

Yeah, kpookie, but area 51 is in Nevada. The Albuquerque 51’s would be like the Utah Jazz.LOL.

Wow did anyone check out Proctor numbers since coming off the DL?

Actually, I could have used St. Louis Rams but I thought that might touch a few California nerves.

Yeah, seesky, but aliens get around, you know? enchanted, I hate it, too, unless it’s really a blow out. Most of the time they walk a guy to keep a force in play and then let the runner steal through indifference. Go figure…but hey, Torre’s forgot more about this f**king game than I’ll ever know….trouble is, I’d like him to remember some parts of it…
great article about what we kind of thought all along about the difference between having Manny and Casey in the clubhouse, and having our other PVLs in the clubhouse.

thanks, dnelly…very nice. SIGN MANNY!

I’ll repeat what Khali says:

Kahli – you are most welcome, sir.

sorry, my computer acted up for a second:

Since Proctor came off the DL he pitches in 6 games and throw 5 1/2 innings given up no runs, 1 hit, 6 k’s, whip .38 and opponent batting average .058 and a win. I really hope he can keep this up.

If Dusty was still there Lincecum would be on the DL like most Cubs fan are blaming him for Prior/Wood. Good thing Wood has recover from it.

Wow the Angels think they was going to copy us and hit 4 straight homerun. Dang you suck Foulke and I’m glad I hate the Angels too.

nelly, I echo the thanks on the article. Obviously, I’m not privy to what actually went on in Boston at the end but, considering all the history there ,( the previous trade attempts, etc,) both sides were tired of each other. The truth is probably somewhere in between the published accounts. Even though there’s no precedent for considering a player playing a partial season for a team, Manny should be considered for NL MVP. If the criteria is most valuable to his team, he should be considered regardless of how many games he’s played. No way we would be in this position without him.

Did anyone read this from the FOX Sports ‘Odd News’ page today:
He was the designated driver

“”When police stopped Pittsburgh Pirate Nyjer Morgan’s SUV late Tuesday night, they found he had three Dodgers riding with him. Was he trying to go “Celtic Pride” and kidnap them? Nah, his windshield was just too dark.””
Who do you think those 3 Dodgers where?? hmm. Seems like our guys befriended some of the Pirates on this road trip!

They’re going to be the Albuquerque Isotopes.

amy, there’s a story about it on the Dodger homepage. There’s a Pennslyvania law against having tinted windows on a vehicle and the 3 Dodgers, Martin, Beimel, and Young, were in the vehicle when it was stopped. They searched the vehicle and were let go.

well then, thank you seesky 🙂
It’s cute that the guys have friends in different cities 🙂

Isotopes, isn’t that from the Simpsons?
thanks for the articles eric.
seesky- i read the traffic one. thanks for pointing it out!

Yes, amy. Directly from The Simpsons, according to Wikipedia:

“The fictional Springfield Isotopes from the long running TV series The Simpsons were the influence for the new name of the team. In the episode “Hungry Hungry Homer”, Homer Simpson attempts to thwart the team’s plan to move to Albuquerque. Subsequently, when an Albuquerque Tribune online survey helped the team decide its new name, “Isotopes” received 67 percent of the 120,000 votes.

Though team president Ken Young admitted that the name came from the series, he said at the name’s unveiling that “We picked it because over the past year it has become a popular name, and it does have something to do with Albuquerque.”In the three months after the team’s name was announced in September 2002, before the team ever took the field, the team sold more merchandise than the city’s previous team, the Dukes, sold in any single season, and led minor-league baseball in merchandising revenue in 2003. The team said they were able to tell when episodes featuring the Springfield Isotopes would air in different markets based on clusters of orders from different viewing areas. The team has no working agreements with FOX or The Simpsons.”

You’re welcome, amy….if the AAA Dodgers remain the Isotopes, maybe that adds value to my Dukes cap. LOL. My favorite Duke memory is seeing Billy Ashley hit the longest home run I’ve personally witnessed. He hit a cannon shot to dead center field in Franklin Covey Field in SLC (which was 420 ft.) and it was still rising when it left the park, going over a 50-ft hitter’s backdrop. The distance was later put at 600 ft.

The traffic stop would appear to be just another DWB incident.

LMAO, eric!!!!

I totally remember that episode. Homer went on the hunger strike and chained himself to the outfield. He lost all his weight in order to expose the evil Managment’s plan to move to the to Albuquerque!
HA! now that’s some trivia that I know!

Joe Torre should be fired for pinch hitting Mark Sweeney for Angel Berroa with RISP and 2 outs. I’m not even mad Bison ran us out of the inning. The only way we were going to score then was if Matt stole 3rd and Home. Joe Torre gave up on that inning. He is a F’n MORON.

Ah The Simpsons. My nights would not be complete without watching reruns of The Simpsons and Seinfeld.

What is the probability we see any of the following guys on the team next year:


Berroa – 50%
Blake – 50%
Furcal – 50%
Garciaparra – 50%
Lowe – 10%
Johnson – 10%
Jones – 95%
Kent – 25%
Maddux – 25%
Ozuna – 10%
Park – 75%
Penny – 50%
Pierre – 85%
Proctor – 70%
Ramirez – 30%
Sweeney – 0%

So is Homer Simpson the Mascott for Isotopes or Krusty the Clown?
Is it me or those if feel very weird (in a good way) having a very early game and having WON!.
I think we might just beat the amount blogs in a single threat…since Josh probably won’t post the next one til maybe 5 p.m. tomorrow. We still have tonight and just about the whole day tomorrow.
ENCHANTED – I notice a 10% next to Lowe, is he planning to retire or is he going someplace else…I like Lowe.
Do you think that if we DO WIN the whole thing…do you think that a bunch of the Dodgers Vets will retire?

Enchanted – Which of those would you want to see on the ballclub next year? My choices:
Berroa – maybe. The guy has heart. Definitely not a starting shortstop, though.
Blake – yes
Furcal – not sure. Only with a low ($2M) salary plus lots of performance bonuses.
Garciaparra – no
Lowe – yes, he’s pitched well his last eight games
Johnson – no
Jones – no (but you’re right, nobody else will take him off our hands)
Kent – no – he’s poison in the clubhouse, plus we’re far better off with DeWitt
Maddux – yes, but as pitching coach
Ozuna – no
Park – yes
Penny – not sure. I’m fearing he’s going the down the Schmidt path
Pierre – see Jones
Proctor – no
Ramirez – absolutely 100%
Sweeney – absolutely 0%

enchanted ~ good question. I’d say:
Berroa – 20%
Blake – 40%
Furcal – 30%
Nomar – 0%
Lowe – 0%
Johnson- 10%
Jones – 90% (because nobody will take him)
Kent – 10%
Maddux – 50% (even as a coach would be nice)
Ozuna – 0%
Park – 40%
Penny – 0%
Pierre – 10% (I think someone will take him off our hands)
Proctor -10%
Manny – 90% (wishful thinking)
Sweeney – 0 % (that’s too high, lol)

dodgersrule ~ I think Lowe wants to be somewhere else. He likes the east coast better.

Wow, Tru – You surprised me with your Pierre comment. Is it his new found power?

crash ~ lol. I just think management somewhere else might think he is an asset with his speed and so called work ethic. Hopefully, they haven’t seen him play that much, with us being on the west coast. The Giants would love to have him…they take one or two washed up ball players to fit in with their youth movement. Besides, the Giants take all of our cast-offs!

I think Penny will be a Dodger (Dodgers hold one more option year), Ramirez (McCourt would be a fool not to re-sign him, regardless of salary demands), and Jones (we all know why). Blake may, Furcal may, but I really feel they’ll move Pierre. He’s not happy and that’s a load of money for a 4th outfieder that Repko can fill much more cheaply and athletically. But the whole scenario crumbles if the Dodgers butcher Manny’s re-signing.

Good to see the win today, now it’s up to Lince and the Jints.

I’m happy to see the AAA team back in Albuquerque (The Duke City, from which the Dukes get their name) for nostalgic reasons. I kinda wish that when they moved FROM Albuquerque to Vegas, that they had decided to move to Portland instead.

The problem with Albuquerque and Vegas was that they both have totally different environmental conditions than they’d see with the Dodgers at the ravine. Like Denver, Albuqerque has an altitude of a mile above sea level (5280 ft), so we’d have players looking like the power hitters the Dodgers desperately needed, only to come to the Bigs and show warning track power. Vegas’ dry climate and 2001ft. elevation do little to simulate the Dodger Stadium experience either, as the ball travels further there as well.

At least Portland would’ve been a climate a lot more similar to how L.A. works (except a hell of a lot wetter). If a guy belts out 400ft’ers in Portland, they’d do the same in L.A. That being said, good to be back in Albuquerque! I kinda hope they go back to the Dukes, but I’m guessing the ‘Topes are here to stay.

D-rules – Lowe’s a free agent, and has Boras as an agent, so he won’t sign for less than 3-4 years at too high a price. He’s pitched well of late, but we need to remember how Penny-esque he was earlier in the season. He’s not been much more than a .500 pitcher with the D’s and as Tru has pointed out, I think he wants back on the east coast. The mistake on the Dodgers part is that they signed him to be the ace of the staff, and he’s just not ace material.

Tru you are an eternal optimist with Pierre at 10%.
I hope you’re right!!!

The reason I’m as high a pct. as I am on some of these guys is because you know Nerd and JoJo will panic if they don’t have at least some cheesy vets surrounding them.

enchanted ~ Do you think they will trade one of our young everyday players? Or do we have trade bait in the minors? How about we sign Manny and surround him with all young players? Quite a task for Frank and Ned in the off-season.

Trade bait as I see it:
DY, Hu (or DeJesus), Elbert, Troncoso, Repko, Lambo

They’re about the only tradeable commodities where you could get value in return without hurting the team. Even Repko is iffy.

If they don’t sign Saito and let Brox continue to grow into the closer role (and considering his age he’s doing a better than average job now – look at Lyons as the role model for bad closer), I see Wade becomming the set-up man, so you can’t (or shouldn’t) trade him. We’ll be thin enough at SP, so no way you trade McDonald.

DY is a man without a position on this team, not that the new Lee Lacy shouldn’t be the 4th OF, but as long as we’ve got JP, he’ll never be ahead of him on the depth chart. Don’t need Hu AND DeJesus. They may make a great DP combo someday, but we can’t afford two light hitting middle infielders. Troncoso will likely bring some value now, but I don’t see him becomming a great anything. Elbert’s a wild card. Could be great, could be Dreifert. Repko’s even worse off on the depth chart than DY, and Lambo’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head that has enough juice to bring anything from the minors.

This is a critical offseason also. If Frank’s strapped, we’re screwed.

enchanted ~ good observations.I know we have bad-mouthed Ned (sometimes, well deserved) but, being a GM has to be one tough job. The baseball guys on ESPN think we have the second best team in the national league. Imagine that! And a lot of it has to do with our starting pitching. Of course, they say Manny has loosened up our young players and we are performing very well right now.

you are right. It just feels nice knowing that we already won today. I really hope that SF can hold their lead against those DBacks!!

Lincecum just got drilled in his glove hand by Randy Johnson. That had to hurt.

Hi Amy ~ That was a heck of a game today. I was a nervous wreck by the time it was over. If the Giants can pull this game off, which I doubt (had bases loaded already and only got 1 run), it would give us a little bit of breathing room. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll have a great home game.

nsblues ~ I saw that. Ouch! Just what we need in this game.

Tru- I was at work, so when I went to lunch I was following in the game on my phone and I was nervous watching the innings add up. I am soo happy that for once we won in Extra innings. Wow. We haven’t done that like at all this year.
sidenote, I just saw the Matt and James on Best damn sports show (a little late I know).. but you were right. Those guys are funny. I love them. My Matt and James. So cute! And my I just add, I was watching an interview with Russy today and he really is a beautiful man. I haven’t said that in a I had to share 🙂

The Giants won’t be able to hold a 1-0 lead, they’d better step it up, get all the winning out of their system tonight.

Amy ~ its fun to see the guys out of uniform and in different surroundings. Sometimes we forget what great personalities they really do have.

nsblues ~ did you get all if your reading done?

I missed that Best Damn Sports Show, I also missed when they were on TWIB a month ago… maybe I should check on YouTube and see if I get lucky…

Tru, no, haven’t finished all of it yet, heh. Just having a procrastination moment for now 🙂

Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!
Fantastic question enchanted ~ I am working on it, and I will post in a few.
nsblues ~ how’s the reading going?
Amy ~ Our boys did great today!! Did you read that they are the first two Dodgers since 1979 to both go into double digits numbers in outfield assists – Matt (14) and Andre (11) – too cool!! And did you see the picture that Scott posted at the end of the game – so classic Andre and Matt.

nsblues ~ as far as the Giants game….let’s hope it goes extra innings and they use every pitcher in their bullpen.

Dnel- I didn’t see that. Thank you for sharing. That is fabulous news. Another example of what great athletes those men really are. 🙂
nsb 🙂 I really hope the Giants hold off those slumping Dbacks!!

sorry nsblues – I didn’t realize trublue asked you the same question – LOL!!

Dnelly, I hear that, wear ’em out now… they can help give us the breathing room we’ll need when facing them. As long as we’re 3 1/2 ahead when we go into Frisco.

The reading’s tough, I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the Doctorow book, “The Book of Daniel”. It’s a fictional account of the children of Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, except the characters are fictional, and the children are brother and sister. But the book is very sporadic, it’s the main character, Daniel, son of Issacsons (Rosenbergs), writing a Grad-level project book about his life, and it jumps from 1967 (the “current” frame of the book, outside of the future writer Daniel’s 1971) to the late 40’s and the ’50’s, and throws in random references to events in communist Russian history that are symbolic of the storyline, all while the writer Daniel constantly insults and riles up the reader (you) intermittently throughout the novel. So, I’m completely lost, heheh.

Found the Best Damn Sports Show appearance:

well, Arizona just scored 2

alright, so if our new AAA affiliate are the albuquerque isotopes, our AA affiliate is the chatanooga __________?

nsblue ~ yea….the outfielder let the ball go over his head!!

Oops, forgot your “s” nsblues lol

Isn’t Chatanooga the Lookouts? I think the players would riot if they had to be the Chatanooga Choo-Choos

Tru, sounds like the Giants to me. Kruk and Kuip are even pretending like they’re trying to win this one, heh.

If the D’s are bringing their minor leagues closer to home, explain to me how Albuquerque got closer to L.A. than Vegas.

I think the article said they’re the Chatanooga Lookouts.

I just had all the percentages ready to post, and they all just disappeared – what the hell!! Okay – I will do it again.
nsblues – I don’t blame you for being completely lost on that one – wow!!! Just reading what you wrote was confusing, not because of you of course, because of the story line. However, what you wrote I was able to comprehend a lot more than……… and what he writes sometimes 🙂 LOL!!!!!!! I know, I’m bad, I know – LOL!!

Chatanooga Tennesse…are the 66rs from San bernardino still affiliated w/ the dodgers?

Don’t worry about the Snakes, they go to Colorado for three, St. Louis for 4 and back home for three more against the Rox with no days off. No way they don’t lose at least 4 of those games, which means the D’s only need to go 3-6.

The SF SillyNannies homered! 2-2 tie in AZ

Dnelly, heheheheh. I was scared that my story explaination was veering into lunar exploration myself. Shakespeare’s way easier than that stuff… hell, I’ve read 18th Century German Philosophy that was easier to read than that book! Hegel, Heidegger and Nietzche have NOTHING on E.L. Doctorow.

Here’s a nice blast from the past: The closing theme to This Week In Baseball, ’94 season. The theme’s followed by 50 seconds of an announcerless game between the Tigers and (California) Angels.

enchanted ~ sounds good to me. I’m really beginning to think we are going to win this damn division. Especially after pulling out todays game. We had our awful game last night so, that’s out of the way……now it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Of course if SF would like to help us out tonight, that would be nice too. 🙂

enchanted ~ right now they are trying their best to lose the damn game.

Berroa— 50%. His late season performance gives him a role as a serviceable backup. Blake– 50%. His defense & power our best since Beltre. Furcal–50%. Only with a lot of incentives. Nomar–0%. Too brittle & expensive. Lowe–10%. Will want #1 starter money & too many years. I don’t think he wants to stay in LA anyway. Johnson–10%. Jones & Pierre–90%. Only if we pay serious money for somebody to take them. I’m a pessimist. Maddux–30%. He’d be a great coach but I still think he wants to pitch. Kent–20%. He will probably retire and, if not, too expensive if we take a serious run at Manny. Dewitt is also better. Penny–70%. We have his option and nobody will take him because of his physical problems. Another Schmidt job. Ozuna–0%. Park–50%. Manny–50%. I’m being realistic because Boreass is his agent. Proctor–30%. Sweeney–0%. Nuff said!!!

Yeah Tru, looks like they’re saving the bullpen for us

(SPOILER: They gonna need it).

Berroa – 10% (probably too high)
Blake – 50% ( I would like to see him stay if DeWitt is at 2nd)
Furcal – 80% (If healthy – I think he and Manny would be great)
Garciaparra – 10% (Ginger Garciaparra – nothing further to say)
Lowe – 20% (I think he wants to go)
Johnson – 10% (not needed)
Jones – 90% (unfortunately)
Kent – 0 % ( I hope so)
Maddux – 40% (I think if Glavine and Smoltz retire, he retires so
they can go into the HOF together) – would love him to coach
Ozuna – 0% (not needed)
Park – 30% (really not sure about this one)
Penny – 40% (too high for me, but not sure what is up with him)
Pierre – 95% (unfortunately)
Proctor – 0% ( I hope so)
Ramirez – 70% ( I wish I could say higher, but we might get outbid on this one)
Sweeney – 0% (hell no)
enchanted – it’s hard not to put feelings into this, even though I did anyway. The only ones I would truly want to see back, and with limited contracts are Blake, Furcal, Maddux (if he doesn’t retire), and Ramirez. 4 out of 16 players are actually useable in my opinion.

Can I just say that the gnats suck!!! and I think they are sucking on purpose!!!

Damn gnats, but I didn’t expect anything different really. I thought maybe this game only because of Linsecum, but they couldn’t even do it for him. Did you also hear that they are going to save him for the last game on Sunday? I told my husband, who will care by then, the division will be wrapped up before we get there 🙂

I really wish I could be watching the AZ/ SF game. Haha, this is the only time I’m jealous of Dnel living up north. Or I could be rich and pay for the Full Direct TV package :-/

The only thing the Giants care about is getting a better draft pick in next year draft.

I was really surprised the Gnats didn’t save Lincecum for us. Well ,at least, we catch one break.

I meant to say..**have watched** the game.. since it’s over and all.. haha

Amy – I was just listening to the reaction of my son and husband. I was in the other room playing on the computer and correcting papers – well, I was answering enchanted’s question mostly since I had to do it twice because the first one got lost in cyberspace somewhere.

I really though the Giants would win tonight with their Ace on the mound. That’s disappointing, but at least we won. I’m going to the game on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

seesky – the report now is they are saving Lincecum for the last game of the season, which to me is stupid. We won’t care if we have clinched the division.

I hopefully pray the division would be wrapped up by now.

I thought for sure Lincecum was going to get alot of k’s since the dback our one of the best team in striking out.

bluecrewgirl – that should be fun to be at the game, especially if it has clinching-the-division possibilities.

Well, fun while it lasted boys and girls, gotta go.

Yes, DNelly, I am hoping it does have that possibility. That would be awesome. Hello and goodnight Enchanted.,1,1808429.column
The good news for Dodgers fans is, Vin Scully will travel with the team wherever it goes in the playoffs, but the bad news is, he’ll be heard only on radio. . . .
Manny Ramirez, who tabs Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals as his pick for most valuable player in the National League, never finished higher than third in voting for American League MVP. . . .
He was, however, MVP of the 2004 World Series. . . .
Give Derek Lowe a little support, as Andre Ethier and the Dodgers have been doing consistently of late, and he’s difficult to beat. . . .
In four seasons with the Dodgers, the soon-to-be free-agent right-hander is 44-3 when given at least four runs’ support, according to STATS LLC. . . .
This year, he’s 12-0. . . .

Good night enchanted – thanks for the question – thought provoking and sad all at the same time. Like you said, this off season will be an off season of some serious decisions to say the least.

nelly–exactly. That is stupid. If they really wanted his start to have maximum inpact, they would have pitched him in this series. We’re in the driver’s seat now. If we go 5-4, the D-Backs need to win 9 of 10 just to tie. If Arizona can take it from us now, we don’t deserve to make the playoffs anyway.

I was just reading some articles and I have noticed that a lot of the sportswriters around the country are clueless about the Dodgers. One said that Torre kept on playing Pierre in favor of the better options, Andre and Matt, which really isn’t accurate anymore. If they had researched it, they would have know Pierre was in those 3 games because Andre was on paternity leave. Another one referred to Andre as the #3 hitter instead of #2. I think it has a lot to do with so many writers being East Coast biased when it comes to baseball.

bluecrew–it also has a lot to do with the time difference ( West Coast games start later) and ESPN being based on the East Coast. It’s other sports, too. Mountain and Pacific Time Zone college football teams and players get less recognition than those on the East Coast.

Good point seesky. The guy that referred to Andre as the #3 hitter did say that he may be one of the most underrated talents in the league, so that was a nice compliment.

Good night, ITD. BEAT THE GNATS!!!!!

seesky – I think the gnats might be pitching him also to sell tickets. He is their star, and if we have the division clinched, they won’t sell the tickets other than to Dodger fans.

Good night seesky!!!

bluecrewgirl – Andre has been everywhere!! Even the little things. I have been trying to get a few more baseball cards of his, and I have been outbid on all of them. That didn’t happen 2 months ago. I am upset, but at the same time, it shows how valuable he is becoming. He has truly become one of the unsung heroes of this ball club – who would’ve thought with the way this season started, especially in those months where we thought he was going to sit the bench for the majority of the season, and this was before Manny came.

It really is exciting for him. He’s worked hard through a lot of ups and downs to get where he is. It was nice to hear Russell talking about how hard Andre works recently. Imagine where we’d be if he and Matt had started every game since day 1, not to mention if we had Manny from day 1. We wouldn’t be worrying about a magic number now, that’s for sure. By the way, say “hi” to trublue for me. I haven’t run into her the last couple of days. I miss at least parts of the games when they have games that start early or on the days I go to yoga after work.

Goodnight seesky.

Tuesday, Sept. 23 vs. San Diego Padres – 7:10 p.m.

The Dodgers will honor Special Advisor to the Chairman Dr. Frank Jobe for his innovative work in sports surgery before Tuesday’s game. Special guests will include Tommy John, Orel Hershiser, and Darren Dreifort. Andre Ethier will also be honored by Farmers Insurance during pregame ceremonies for receiving the September Player of the Month Award.

bluecrewgirl – you will get to see Andre get his player of the month award – how cool!!!!

Very cool, I thought he was getting that award on Sunday. I must have looked that the wrong date.

nsblues – those videos are very cool, sir.

Fire Joe
Fire Ned
Fire Frank

Well, good evening Ward Dear…. How are you this fine evening? I see you just get straight to the point on your message now…. more direct the better anyway, don’t you think?

A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.

A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said, ‘No change yet.’

Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other, ‘You stay here, I’ll go on a head.’

What in the heck are you talking about? – are you trying to speak lunarspeak? or is it a joke I am supposed to get, but obviously don’t get – I know you are laughing now for sure because I am laughing just knowing you are laughing – LOL!!! “math disruption” – ha, ha

A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.

So, we are showing our future Improv side I see – LMAO!!!!!!

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

The butcher backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.

LMAO!!! Are we close to a posting goal or something 🙂 LMAO!!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Now, these are getting good. How funny!!! So, it’s Joke Night ?

OK, I’ll quit. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. They struck me funny.

How are you, June Darlin’?

They are very funny …… You don’t have to quit. You will give the morning people something to laugh about. However, one of those morning people happens to sometimes be you. So, you would be making yourself laugh all over again.

OK, you asked for it………

The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

She was only a whisky maker, but he loved her still.

I am doing pretty good sir. I am glad tomorrow is Friday – it’s been a meeting-filled week, and I am ready for the weekend. How about you?

No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.

LMAO!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.

nsblues should like these – the English/Lit major should enjoy a good play on words. LMAO!!!!!!!

I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

It’s not that the man did not know how to juggle, he just didn’t have the balls for it.

“Linoleum Blownapart” THAT’S FUNNY!!!! LMAO!!!!! I still like the meat grinder one too. LMAO!!!!!

The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium, at large.

When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.


Don’t join dangerous cults, practice safe sects!

As jhall would say LMFAO!!!!!!

Well nelly, these things aren’t for everyone. For sure there’s a decent percentage of people reading them that is either changing their opinion of me or confirming it.

LMAO!!! ~ I think this board has a very high opinion of you, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about, not that you would care, necessarily.

Unfortunately it looks like I chased off bluecrewGIRL and north……..

With another decent conversation we can get the post number to 500 tonight!

not even close to getting to 1,000 that one time,but a milestone is a milestone. And,no you didn’t chase off those two – nsblues is supposed to be reading his book, however confusing it is,and bluecrewgirl is probably asleep.

Boy, I read about what he is reading, and he’s a better man than I am. Certainly smarter.

They were talking about grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches on the food channel. Now they are talking about Cold Stone Ice Cream. The topic is unique food combinations.

I know !!- I told him I didn’t even understand the plot… I like reading, but not that much….. that reading is too much work. LOL!!!

Tom Clancy is deep reading for me…..

LOL! I forgot about our Elvis meals!!

I’m confused. Does this mean that we’re not going for him or we’re absolutely getting him?

“The Brewers finally won a game Wednesday night, snapping a five-game losing streak by toppling the Chicago Cubs, 6-2, at Wrigley Field but might have lost the services of right-hander Ben Sheets for the remainder of the season. Sheets departed after two innings with what was called ???forearm tightness.??? He revealed after the game, however, that he has an ailing elbow that has bothered him for some time, to the point of receiving an injection a couple of weeks ago.”

sounds like our type of player, doesn’t it? Sign him, and he immediately goes on the DL – Oh, we already have one of those – Schmidt. Why not get another one.

I have read a few Tom Clancy books, and yes, deep enough. I am more of a James Patterson type. I like murder/mystery type stuff.

Maybe we’ll get Ned Yost who will bring along the Brewers’ trainer who will vouch for Sheets………

We already have our Ned and Stan…… I cringe just thinking about it.

I’ve read all of Clancy’s fiction. I haven’t been a real voracious reader, although I did go through a phase for a couple of years. I’d like to get back to it someday.

Ned and Stan……hmmmm…….Ned does have a cheesy mustache like Oliver……..nah, I love Laurel and Hardy too much to make that into anything.

I read more during the summer than during the school year. If I have given anything to my daughter, I have given her the reading bug. She can polish off a book in a few days. I have only read a few Tom Clancy, but I do read David Baldacci, who is very similar.

You are right Laurel and Hardy are too classy for that… LOL!!

Clancy’s novels have all been the same type of read for me. The first half are always fistfights, and the last half I just can’t put them down. You think I stay up late doing this?

They just reported our game on ESPN news, and Andre has hit 13 RBI’s in his last 14 games. Now they have Curt Schilling criticizing Manny for his time spent in Boston, but they bring up Ethier again as benefiting from batting in front of Manny.

Clancy is more of an author for the male reader, which would be you. James Patterson has a very distinct style too, very quick chapters, which makes for a very fast read. I also like a good John Grisham novel. I also like Scott Turow and an occasional Stephen King novel. I used to read all of his, but now I stick to the ones who are like Shawshank, Green Mile, etc. And then there are my female authors, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Janet Evanovich and Pam Cromwell – all involved in the murder/mystery genre, with a little romance.

LT has missed practice for the last two days due to a jammed toe – what in the world is up with toes this year. Baseball, all the injuries seem to focus on the quads, football, it’s the toe. All that padding and the toe becomes the issue – go figure!!!!

I was listening to a local sports talk show on the radio going home this afternoon. They called Schilling a ‘moth’, saying that when he sees the red light from the cameras turn on, he’s attracted to it like a moth to a light. LOL!

Romance novels………you’re such a girl……….:-)

I did read several Grisham and Turow books while on my reading run.

How has Matt’s school year started? My kids are doing pretty good for a change. Well, Mariya is I should say. Michael usually has pretty good grades for the most part. He’s kicked it up a notch knowing if he wants any chance of playing baseball for USC. Mariya wants to do travel volleyball again so she has also gotten her behind into gear.

Maybe they’ve changed the shoes…….

I went onto Ed Hochuli’s website and forgave him.

LOL!! ~ They are not romance novels. They just have a female twist to them. Janet Evanovich is absolutely hilarious – main character is a bounty hunter who is constantly screwing up. Pam Cromwell’s main character is a Medical Examiner – very CSIish. Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown are the closest to romance, but not like sex on every page like some. They tend to deal with family relationships mostly.

Well, something in the shoes has changed – too many toe injuries for these so-called big, tough football players. LOL!!!

He’s doing well enough to keep driving my car. English, spanish, chemistry and geometry are all A’s so far. AP US History is challenging him though. That’s a good thing. He’s studying more this year than I’ve seen him do in the past.

You really went on his website and forgave him? Yes, you probably did 🙂

Wow!!!! I guess the car does keep the grades up. We are still in the learning phase of driving, fortunately.

Oh, I wasn’t alone. You should see all of the posts on there. I read a story in the Times on how badly he was feeling:,0,2442014.story

I’ve always thought he was the best ref in the NFL. While I was ranting on Sunday, I kept saying stuff like, “If it was anyone but Hochuli, I’d be convinced the game was fixed. Honestly, it reminded me of the US/Soviet Olympic basketball game in the ’72 Olympics. There was a mention in the story of his website. Here it is:

My post was at 4PM on the dot.

Ward Dear ~ tomorrow will be day #6 that jhall/Wally will not have power- not good at all.

That was very good of you Eric. Bill really likes him a lot too. I don’t know as much about the refs as I should, I guess. They are talking about it on ESPN right now. How funny!!!

Well, the word “Devastated” in the title of the LA times article says it all really.

We have maintained number one for ITD tonight on the mlbblog activity log. This is one of the longest threads we have had in a long time. Enchanted’s question kept a lot of the conversation going tonight. The dbacks/gnats game helped the cause, I’m sure.

you know who we haven’t heard from in a long, long time is old fogey/westernmost/porklinks and another one is rodmky – our friend from down under.

Well, we broke the 500 mark. It’s single-digit-hour time. We need to knock it off, I think.

Good night June Darlin’! God Bless you and God Bless our friend jhall.

Okay ~ If you insist… I know, sleep is important. Good Night and God Bless, and yes, my best wishes go out to jhall – We hope you get back to having power very soon. Thanks for the play on word fun – that was hilarious!!! You will get some people laughing in the morning. Okay – good night 🙂

Finally our guys are back in town. I missed them. This will be our last homestand before the post season. Go Blue. I can’t go today because I will be in San Diego. I had to give away all my tickets. Boo hoo. But I will be going to the games Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I am excited. Our guys are absolutely awesome! A comment on D-Lowe. I seriously don’t think he wants to leave. When questioned by the press, he looked surprised that he would not be a Dodger next year. I love D-Lowe. Everyone knows how I feel about him. He is by far the most dependable pitcher we have this season as long as he has run support. He would definitely pitch the first game of post season. I can see that the mood in the dugout is much happier since Manny has arrived. I see them joking around there and out in the field. I hope somehow we see Manny again next season. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I also hope Casey stays. He has said that if the Dodgers want him, he will stay. I think we have a great team. Looking over the starting lineup…who can’t hit? Regarding the incident with the Pittsburg PD and Russell, Joe and DY. I think it’s appalling. Use tinted windows as an excuse to invade your privacy. Great. I’m glad I decided on no tint on the windows of my new car. It’s not worth it. So the magic number is “7”. Go Dodgers!

Good morning ITDland – Very amusing Eric! You reminded me of the old comedian Henny Youngman with all the one-line jokes. LMAO……starting my morning with a bang. I want to wish our Dodgers and Maddux a great game tonight. Let’s reduce our magic number, boys!

Lets see… if Craig Hansen wasn’t alive, I guarantee it would’ve been a series-split. Viva La Burgh!

Goooooood morning, ITD!!!

LOL TruLumpy! My favorite Henny Youngman oneliner was always: “Why do Jewish men die before their wives? They want to.”

JB, if Torre wasn’t our manager, I guarantee a Dodger sweep! Go DODGERS!

More drivel from Gurnick:

He complains that we’re returning with a taxed bullpen because Kersh only went 5 yesterday. No mention of how Torre mismanaged the 7th inning the day before and we went through 4 guys to get out of just that one inning. For crying out loud, Proctor was actually doing OK, retired 5 in a row, striking out 3 if I remember correctly. For some reason known only to the Miracle Worker, he pulls him and there goes the ball game.

Fire Joe

eric – Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

I told you Ward Dear you would make people laugh this morning 🙂
Good Morning Trublue – when Eric first started out, I thought I was missing something. He was quite the funny man last night. I don’t remember too much Henny Youngman, but I do know who he is. Eric has sent a few videos my way in the earlier days of our late night conversations.
The gnats were really awful last night, and Gilbert (our custodian) this morning said that Lincecum was pretty mad last night when Valez let that ball go over his head. My husband feels they left Lincecum in to try and get the win, and maybe he’s right, but it didn’t help. Well, we just have to beat them ourselves, then. I say get to their bullpen as early as possible. However, the Dodgers are with their home crowd so hopefully that will give them all the motivation they need.
Have a great day everyone, and I will check in when I can… TGIF!!!! With Dodger/Giant baseball tonight to top it off.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle (jhall, I hope you got your power back) Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ All Ethieraholics and so very proud of Andre and all of his accomplishments this month, both on and off the field.

We’ve probably a ways to go before a new thread. This’ll help……….

Fire Joe

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired
Fire the guy who hired Ned

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire Frank

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire Frank
Fire the guy who Frank hired

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire Frank
Fire the guy who Frank hired
Fire the guy who got hired by the guy who Frank hired

523 posts and counting………..

Come on eric – 476 more, after mine, of course, for 1000

LOL, Tru!!! Unfortunately, believe it or not, I have to get some work done. I can sneak in a few quick posts between jobs, but I’m not that dedicated! LOL!!! That would be about what, 50-55 sequences? Josh is probably already looking to ban me as it is………

Dodger fans love Andre Ethier

Dodger fans love Matt Kemp

Dodger fans love Manny

Dodger fans love Russell Martin

Dodger fans love James Loney

Dodger fans love Blake DeWitt

Dodger fans love Casey Blake

Dodger fans love Berroa

Mornin’ Tru 🙂
I love all those boys too!!
I am glad we are back in town too. I’m not going tonight, but it’s totally cool cause I will be there all weekend. It’s bittersweet. I am happy that they are back in town during this exciting time in the pennant race. However, it’s sad because this is the end of the regular season. No more Sept. home games until 2009. yikes!
GO DODGERS!! Dominate tonight!!!!

Dodger fans love Billz, Kersh, Maddux, Lowe, Kuroda

Dodger fans love Brox, Saito, Park, Beimel, Wade

Sorry for all that Amy but its Eric’s fault. He’s trying to break a record for the most posts before a new thread! I’m just trying to help out. lol

Hi amy. Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s kind of like getting to the last few pages of a good book.

This one’s #540, nice work, Tru!!!

No apologies needed. I understand. We need to show josh our dedication to his blog!
yes Eric. That reminds me, I just finished reading all of my books and now I feel empty. I need to go to the book store asap to pick out some new reads!
Viva Los Dodgers!!!

A – always ready to play
N – never comes up short
D – damn cute
R – right field prowess
E – ethieraholics love him

M – makes the plays
A – always hustles
T – too cute
T – terriffic 5 tool player

M – most entertaining
A – attitude in clubhouse, fantastic
N – nice swing
N – no problems
Y – yes, we want him signed next year!

I like that one Tru 🙂
Matt my little hustler….

J – just coming into his own
A – artful play at first
M – must be in the lineup
E – exciting to watch
S – seems a little shy 🙂

R – ready to go everyday
U – unique
S – sweet
S – sexy
E – excellent all-star catcher
L – lots of us love him
L – Lots more of us love him

L – leaves the hitters saying, “S%$#”
O – one hell of a sinker
W – wins the big games
E – excellence

B – blows the batters away with his heater
R – ready to perform everyday
X – xciting to watch

M -much needed. big help to our staff
A – always keeps you in the game
D – dazzling, no, but gets the job done
D – does his best every time out
U – uses pitches wisely
X – xtreme professional

B – Big bad boy!
I – important to our staff
L – looks to be getting better every time out
L – lights out
Z – zikes!!!

WOW, Tru! Way to go! Something new! I love them!

Something old, it’s been a while……

To Dire Straits, “Money For Nothing”

Now look at them Dodgers, that’s the way you do it
You beat the Giants and you kiss your wife
That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
Baseball for money and fame for life

Now that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
Lemme tell ya, them guys ain’t dumb
Maybe get a blister on your pitching finger
Maybe get a blister on your bum

We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these color tvs

See the little twerp with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy he’s no real man
That little twerp is a real jerk off
That little twerp, he’s a Giant fan

We gotta dig these holes out in the street
Sit at computers all damned day loooooong
We gotta study like crazy
We gotta think up lyrics to this song

I shoulda learned to hit the curve ball
I shoulda learned to throw them strikes
Look at that paycheck, he gets to stick it in the bank
Man, we could have some fun

And he’s up there, what’s that? Fans are a-cheerin’?
Bangin’ on the bleachers like a chimpanzee
That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
Playin’ baseball for money and smellin’ pansies

We gotta beat those Giants and Padres
Diamondbacks and Rockies too
We gotta beat the Chicago Cubbies
We gotta beat the New York Mets

Now that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
You mug for cameras in the big parade
That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
Money for baseball and you got it made
Money for baseball and lie in the shade

I want my, I want my, I want my World Series

J – Joe, let me play
U – useless
A – angry
N – no hits today

eric ~ great!!

Two cannibles eating a clown. One looks at the other and says, “Does this taste funny to you?” LOL!!!
Still no electric. Really, really sucks!! Maybe tonight. Hope to catch you all then.

A – ailing
N – no bat
D- damn, Ned
R – round
U – uck
W – washed up

jhall ~ we’ve been worried about you. Good to see you still have your sense of humor. lol

S – sucks
W – why is he still on the team?
E – exit, stage left
E – exit, stage right (either will do)
E – exit, please
Y – yikes, he really sucks



T – *%#%&*
O – *^&$@^#$
R – @^#$&***%
R – ^%!*^%#%#
E – *&^#@$^*&%^$###%&*

eric ~ LOL I was just about to get Joe. Thanks, couldn’t have said it better myself!


Yea for the posts. I’m glad you are having fun this morning.
Yea for Jhall too 🙂

See what happens when you leave the kids alone, amy?

Go Dodgers!


Hello Eric

Good day Amy

Where’s dnelly?

I miss Obi

I really miss oldfogey/porklinks

Worried about jhall with no electricity

Barack Obama hosted aa dinner with Barbra Streisand singing. It was $28,500 a plate. I guess the food was pretty exotic. The main course was roasted pig in a lipstick glaze. —Jay Leno

My goodness! – I leave for a little while and you all go crazy on me – What is this?

dnelly loves the Dodgers!!!!!!

June Darlin’ loves the Dodgers!!!!!

Junie Loves the Dodgers!!!!!!!

Miss Debbie loves the Dodgers!!!!!!!

Mrs. Nelson and her class love the Dodgers!!!!!!

Nelle loves the Dodgers!!!!!

thanks Miss Debbie for helping us post a record high. Have a long way to go.

Nells loves the Dodgers!!!!

nelly loves the Dodgers!!!!!

nellygirl loves the Dodgers!!!!!!

Where’s Oberon when you need him?

You have to thank Miss debbie and Eric for starting all this.

What’s the record? It’s way up there 900+, but if we aren’t playing until 7:40, we probably have until 5ish to get there – still 6 hours – we can do it!!! It will be a race to see if we can get there before Josh changes the thread.

Where’s spit?

Due to the current crisis on Wall street, President Bush announced just a few hours ago that he’s cancelled a trip to Alabama. Bush said, “Under the circumstances, I didn’t think it was right to leave the country.” –Conan O’Brien

According to a new study, thinking hard may cause people to overeat. You know what that means? We are a nation of geniuses. ……..Jay Leno

Wow, looks like there’s a party goin on in here!!

Sarah Palin has been getting briefed on what she needs to know to be John McCain’s vice president. The first thing they taught her was CPR. ………Conan O’Brien

The injuries, however, created opportunities for others. With Jones out, Matt Kemp moved to center field and continued his offensive improvement, while Andre Ethier blossomed into an offensive threat.
Came from an article on the homepage – This is just fun stuff to hear now compared to all the thinking at the beginning of the year. It just keeps reminding me what a waste it was to get Andruw, not to mention 3 more years of JP.

Welcome to the party, nsblues.

nsblues – we are trying to set a record number of posts, but not sure of the number. I know Eric knows, so I am sure he will inform us of an actual number if he hasn’t already – it’s 900+

Welcome to Eric’s party, dnelly

Welcome to Eric’s party, nellyae

Welcome to the party June

This is Eric’s party?

Welcome to the paty all ethieraholics

Is this Ward Dear’s party?

Is the Beav and Wally’s Dad’s party?

Is this Dodgereric’s party?

Alrighty, I’ll do my part for the party (damn reading…), hit ’em with their own medicine first:

Lights Out (based on Journey’s “Lights”)

OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

When the lights go down in the city
And the sunlight hides from the bay
They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

The trophy cabinets are dusty
Well my friend, they’re empty too
NY’s winning ways never made it to the bay
OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

It’s funny and sad, oh, so many World Series trophies made
Without you, without your name
Oooooohhh, my, my my my
OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

When the lights go down in the city
And the sunlight hides from the bay
They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

Miss Debbie – we heard from jhall this morning. Hopes to have power by tonight

northstateblues – Great song and thanks for joining the party.

E verything Andre
T wenty Home Runs
H as a great smile
I n total admiration
E SPN highlights daily
R espects his role on the team
A very hard worker
H andsome, as even said by a first grader
O nly if he could stay a Dodger for long, long time
L ove to watch him swing the bat
I enjoy watching him gun runners down
C an’t wait to watch him play everyday

Eric – great song up there!!!!

northstateblues – great song for you too,sir!!!!!

Trublue – great acrostics!!!!!!!!!

good day to you too Tru 🙂
I like the silliness today.
it’s fun

Andre Ethier “blossomed” into an offensive threat?
Andre ALWAYS WAS an offensive threat. Management just didn’t notice.

Nice song northstate!!

Hi Amy!

Hi TruMom!!

Good afternoon, enchanted.

enchanted, I have a confession.
I think about you when I put on my makeup because I have an eye shadow combination called ‘golden sunset’ and I always read it as ‘enchanted sunset’
haha. now you know the truth!

Hi Nells!!

hello to you do dear 🙂

nsb:) hola amigo de musica popular 🙂

That’s funny Amy!

Why is it when a door is open, it’s ajar. But, when a jar is open it’s not a door? ………sorry

Did I miss anybody??
If so, “HI!”

Hi Beav – long time no read – LMAO!!!! still laughing – too funny!!!!

Why is the person who invests all your money called a broker?

Hi Theodore – How are you doing today?

Hi enchanted ~ I hope you are having a good day 🙂

Hi enchantedsunset – Did I ever tell you I love that name?

Hi Amy ~ It’s lunch time and it’s Friday – yeah!!!

Hi everybody! Looks like we’re going for a record # of posts today. Now that I finally found the end of the thread, I can comment . . . Beat those Midgets!

Take my wife, PLEASE!!!

Hi crash. welcome to the party!

We need jhall and his french to add to the madness – still sad he has no power 😦

Hey Crash!! like the midget name because they certainly aren’t giants the way they played last night – pathetic!!! but then, they are the midgets – lol!!!

Yes we do need jhall!

Who is getting the game winning RBI tonight?
– Manny, Dre, James, Matt, Russell, Casey, Blake, Angel? Kuo? Maddux?

Matt Kemp has 88 runs scored – yeah!!!

The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

Andre Ethier has 86 runs scored – he’s number 2 – yeah!!!

“The future will be better tomorrow.”
– Governor George W. Bush

“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.”
– George W. Bush

Russell has 82 runs scored

James has 61 runs scored

My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned, I couldn’t concentrate.

Manny has 31 runs scored

Casey Blake has 20 runs scored

Then I worked in the woods as a lumberjack, but I just couldn’t hack it, so they gave me the axe.

After that I tried to be a tailor, but I just wasn’t suited for it. Mainly because it was a so-so job.

Blake DeWitt has 39 runs scored

Next I tried working in a muffler factory but that was exhausting.

Mark Sweeney has 2 runs scored – LOL!!!!

I wanted to be a barber, but I just couldn’t cut it.

Lowe has 4 runs scored

See what you did Ward Dear? I told you this would be good. You need to listen to June Darlin’ – LOL!!!

In Japan, they have a saying: “JIGOKU NI OCHIRO, JYAINTSU!!”
(translation: “GO TO HELL, GIANTS!!”)

In honor of that thought, may I present a lyrical send up of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”, entitled:

SF’s Dirty Laundry

They make their living out by Pier 31
By the end of August, they were long done
But fans love it when they lose, they love Dirty Laundry

Well they could’ve been in L.A., but they wound up here
Because Horace Stoneham loved his wine and beer
The Blue make them pay every year, the Jints are Dirty Laundry

We’ll kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em all around

They had the bubbleheaded Barry Bonds, he wasn’t too shy
In ’97 his pirrouette made the team come alive
The only memory that won’t make the fans cry in their Dirty Laundry

Do they still have a ball club? Are their hopes dead yet?
You know the fans at ITD have got a running bet
Next year they’ll have some of our vets, they love our Dirty Laundry

(Guitar solo/ sound of fans wailin’ again [“WE SHOULD’VE HAD GAME 5, DAMN UMPS!!!”])

They never really need to find out what’s going on
They never really want to know that their hope is gone
Jints fans leave well enough alone in their Dirty Laundry

We’ll kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em all around

L.A. has 5 championships, SF, 0 X 5
L.A. fans don’t forget it, watching SF fans cry
Love to cut them down to size in their Dirty Laundry

You can yell “Beat L.A.”, you can have your Pennant Ring
When it’s all said and done, you haven’t done a thing
You know in SF crap is king in your Dirty Laundry

Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down

656 and going strong

Keep it going crash!!!

northstateblues – fantastic!!!!

nsblues ~ fabulous!!!!!

nsblues – SUPER FABULOUS!!!!

Top 5 in hits
Matt – 166
James – 167
Andre – 150
Russell – 148
Kent – 119

Manny – 64 hits
Casey – 47 hits

Top 5 in doubles
Matt – 38
Andre – 36
James – 34
Russell – 24
Jeff – 23
Manny – 12
Casey – 10

nellyae – what, no Sweeney, Jones, Pierre? lol

Top 5 in RBIs
James – 87
Andre – 74
Matt – 71
Russell – 67
Jeff – 57
Manny – 44
Casey – 23

Then I tried to be a chef–figured it would add a little spice to my life but I just didn’t have the thyme.

Pierre – 9
Jones – 8
Sweeney – 3

Finally, I attempted to be a deli worker, but any way I sliced it, I couldn’t cut the mustard.

My best job was being a musician, but eventually I found I wasn’t noteworthy.

Runs scored
Pierre – 43
Jones – 21
Sweeney – 2

Pierre – 27
Jones – 14
Sweeney – 5

crash ~ you’re picking up where Eric left off. LMAO

I studied a long time to become a doctor, but I didn’t have any patients.

Next was a job in a shoe factory, I tried but I just didn’t fit in.

I became a professional fisherman, but discovered that I couldn’t live on my net income.

Thought about becoming a witch, so I tried that for a spell.

I managed to get a good job working for a pool maintenance company, but the work was just too draining.

Why isn’t 11 called onety one?

I got a job at a zoo feeding giraffes but I was fired because I wasn’t up to it.

Total Bases
Matt – 260
Andre – 256
James – 249
Russell – 208
Jeff – 177
Blake – 127
Manny – 118
JP – 114
Casey – 89
Andruw – 52
Mark Sweeney – 15

Dnelly, thanks!

So then I got a job in a gymnasium (work-out-center), but they said I wasn’t fit for the job.

Next, I found being an electrician interesting, but the work was shocking.

Tru, thanks!

After many years of trying to find steady work I finally got a job as a historian until I realized there was no future in it.

My last job was working at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.

Crash – nice way to pick up where Eric left off sir -very good. LMAO!!!!!

Konnichiwa Amy, watashino popu-myushiku tomodachi!
(Hi Amy, my friend)

Josh usually starts another thread around 3:45, so we’ve only got about three more hours…

How do you tell when you’re out of invisible ink?

Hear the one about the guy who downed a bottle of Murphy’s Oil Soap? Horrible end, but a beautiful finish!

So little to do, and so much time.

Whoops, did I actually say that?

Inside the Dodgers is still looking for ITD adorers to man (woman) the 2 am, 3 am, 5 am, and 6 am hours.

Have you ever seen the teachers’ lounge?
Only when they are on vacation.

Why did the teacher jump in the lake?
She wanted to test the waters.

if blind people wear sunglasses why don’t deaf people wear earmuffs?

Mr. September’s numbers: .500/.565/.808/1.372 with 15 RBIs and 14 runs.

Did you see the cereal box and the fruit punch? Now that’s what I call a food fight.

The ink is black, the page is white

“Pardon me, lady”, said the man trying to get back to his seat in the darkened movie theater, “but did I step on your toes a few minutes ago?”

“You certainly did!!”, said the woman in the aisle seat.

“Good, then I’m in the right row!”

Did you hear about the mattress tester who was fired? He stayed awake on the job.

Why do lions always eat raw meat?

Because they don’t know how to cook.

Crash – he is doing a fabulous job!!!!!!

What is an Eskimo cow called ?

An eskimoo.

What was the Eskimo’s favorite song?

Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow.

“Putting Gum Under the Desk” by Wadsworth Saving

“Staying Home with a Cold” by Fay King

How does Kraft get 5 ounces into every slice of american singles?

A guy and his dog go into a barroom. The bartender says, “Hey, get that dog out of here… we don’t allow dogs in here.”

Wait a minute, the guy says, “This is no ordinary dog ! This is ‘Plato’ the talking dog !”

“Yeah, sure” says the bartender.

I’ll prove it to you,” says the guy. “Plato… what’s on top of a building?”

“ROOF !” says the dog.

“Look,” says the bartender, “just how dumb do you think I am?”

“Wait a minute,” says the guy. “Plato, how does sandpaper feel?”

“RUFF !” says the dog.

“Do I have ‘stupid’ tattooed across my forehead or something,” says the bartender. “Now get that dog out of here! ”

“Wait.. I’m not through”, says the guy. “Plato, who was the greatest baseball player of all time?”

“RUTH !” says the dog.

“That does it !!” says the bartender, and he throws them both out on the street.

Outside, the dog looks at his owner and says, “Do you think I should have gone with DiMaggio?”

Manny’s numbers in September: .345/.431/.690/1.120 with 19 RBIs and 10 runs.

Mandre’s numbers in September: .418/.508/.745/1.253 with 34 RBIs and 24 runs

Why did God give men nipples?

Pierre’s September: .208/.231/.333/.564 with 2 RBIs and 3 runs

Sweeney’s September : .143/.250/.143/.393 with 0 RBIs and 0 runs

Why did God give men nipples?

By TruBlue44 on September 19, 2008 12:41 PM
Why did Joe give Sweeney a bat?

A gorilla walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender was amazed to hear the gorilla speak, but brought him a beer anyway. The gorilla finished the beer and handed the bartender a twenty dollar bill. The bartender just couldn’t believe that a gorilla knew anything about money, so he only gave back one dollar in change.

“Hope you enjoyed your beer,” he said to the gorilla, “We don’t get too many gorillas coming in here.”

“At nineteen bucks a beer,” said the gorilla, “it’s no wonder.”

Jones’ September: .000/.000/.000/.000 with 0 RBIs and 0 runs

Kant’s September: .000/.000/.000/.000 with 0 RBIs and 0 runs

Only 720 posts, need another 280!

LMAO crash!!!

A bicycle can’t stand alone; it is two tired.

A will is a dead giveaway.

The workers in the U.S. Mint have too much work to do. They’re threatening to go on strike unless they make less money.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?

A backward poet writes inverse.

In a democracy it’s your vote that counts; in feudalism, it’s your Count that votes.

A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.

Know how to keep an idiot in suspense?

Acupuncture: a jab well done.

With her marriage she got a new name and a dress.

If a stealth bomber crashes in the forest, will it make a sound?

Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft and I’ll show you A-flat miner.
Hey, where’s the Piano Man today?

When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.

The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine was fully recovered.

You are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it.

How come you press harder on the remote when you know the battery is dead?

Now I think that Josh doesn’t like me. He sent me this message:
Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while.

Local Area Network in Australia : The LAN down under.

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?

Gonna have to pace myself.
He broke into song because he couldn’t find the key.

Aw, I get those all the time crash…………

Way to go, Tru! LMAO!

A calendar’s days are numbered.

A lot of money is tainted: ‘Taint yours, and ‘taint mine.

A boiled egg is hard to beat.

Why do we label underwear as a pair?

still need 250 more

You guys crack me up. I have to go back to work, but thought I’d post a quickie that my dad told me he read years ago and I always thought it was pretty funny. Don’t know if it’s actually true, but it was attributed to Winston Churchill. He liked to drink as is common knowledge and supposedly he was at a party and this stuffy British woman came up to him and said, “Mr. Churchill, you are drunk.” to which he responded, “And you, madam, are exceedingly ugly, but I shall be sober in the morning.”

Have a great day everyone and let’s hope for a victory tonight.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 (really!)

Thanks for the thought, bluecrewgirl – that cracks me up.

Josh still doesn’t like me.

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while.
Return to the original entry.

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs?

LOL BluecrewGIRL!!

WC Fields told one like that in one of his movies. Went something like:

“You’re drunk!”

“Yeah, and you’re ugly. But I’ll be sober in the morning and you’ll still be ugly.”

How can there be multiple Final Fantasies?

A 10-gallon hat barely holds 6 pints.

Hey there cowboy, is that a ten-gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?

A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can.

He had a photographic memory which was never developed.

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

A plateau is a high form of flattery.

According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.

A twit? Really? Some people around the Dodgers (Ned, Joe, Stan…) also make me think of “twits”.

All of the clocks in the movie “Pulp Fiction” are stuck on 4:20.

I’m gonna have to check that one out next time.

Marathon runners with bad shoes suffer the agony of de feet.

When you’ve seen one shopping center you’ve seen a mall.

Did you hear about the corn who tried to beat up the spinach? It got creamed.
What can I tell you – I teach first grade.

why are a goose and his wife called geese but a moose and his wife aren’t called meese?

Armored knights raised their visors to identify themselves when they rode past their king. This custom has become the modern military salute.

If you jump off a Paris bridge, you are in Seine.

Aztec emperor Montezuma had a nephew, Cuitlahac, whose name meant “plenty of excrement.”

I swear I’m not making these up………..

Nelly – you’re likely familiar with the following:
Why is six afraid of seven?
Seven eight nine.

When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she’d dye.

If you’re cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right?

Barbie’s measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33.

Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead to know basis.

Bubble gum contains rubber.

Santa’s helpers are subordinate clauses.

Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.

Personally, I peel them under water……

Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.

20 more to 800.

Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island had a first name that was only used once, on the never-aired pilot show. His first name was Willy. The skipper’s real name on Gilligan’s Island is Jonas Grumby. It was mentioned once in the first episode on their radio’s newscast about the wreck.

Hang On Sloopy is the official rock song of Ohio.

jhall, is this true???

Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

Ivan Ochoa’s September: .091/.091/.091/.182 with 0 RBI and 0 runs in 22 AB’s – and he’s hitting in the 2-hole for the Midgets!

chewing gum -really? I do the under the water thing too.

In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die.

Why did the bungee jumper take a vacation?
He was at the end of his rope.

If a turtle doesn’t have a shell is it homeless or naked?

In 1983, a Japanese artist made a copy of the Mona Lisa completely out of toast.

Aaron Rowand’s September: .208/.296/.208/.505 with 0 RBIs and 3 runs

In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

In every episode of “Seinfeld” there is a Superman somewhere.

This one I believe.

Why do croutons come in air tight packages? it’s just stale bread.

Ivory bar soap floating was a mistake. They had been overmixing the soap formula causing excess air bubbles that made it float. Customers wrote and told how much they loved that it floated, and it has floated ever since.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.

Spotted in a toilet in a London office block:

Lincoln Logs were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son.

Gone over 800, just another 200.

Lorne Greene had one of his nipples bitten off by an alligator while he was host of “Lorne Greene’s Wild Kingdom.”

Dodgers that I don’t want to see in action this weekend: Sweeney.

Los Angeles’s full name is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula”

I you can’t drink and drive why do you need a driver’s license to buy liquor and why do bars have parking lots?

More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.

Why do they sterilize needles for a lethal injection?

Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously

You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body.

Only 55% of all Americans know that the sun is a star.

OMG the ITD gang is going crazy!

Woohoo!! the boys are back in town!!!! I love Nancy playing that. Everything she plays is great.

In 1919, a chemist invented a food substance that was made of bone, tendons, and ligaments. It’s called gelatin.

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

Crzblue2 – We need your help. Trying to get over 1000.

Your heart is about the size of your fist.

Sign on a repair shop door:

Your heart weighs less than two baseballs.

Notice in health food shop window:

“Stewardesses” is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

Outside a farm:

Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

“Stewardesses” is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

The band Duran Duran got their name from an astronaut in the 1968 Jane Fonda movie “Barbarella.

The human nose can detect up to 10,000 different odors.

The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra’s “Its A Wonderful Life”.

I always wondered about that……..

You will breath about 25,000 times today.

Why do we wait until a pig is dead to cure it?

The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.

The air coming out of your nose when you sneeze comes out at 100 mph.

The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.

The first toilet ever seen on television was on “Leave It To Beaver.”

How appropriate………:-)

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Your brain is only 2 percent of your total weight, but it uses 20 percent of your energy. For every five bites of food you take, one is for your brain.

The longest word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. The only other word with the same amount of letters is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconioses, its plural.

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

The moon is moving away at a tiny, although measurable distance from the earth every year. Do the math and you will clearly see that 85 million years ago it was orbiting the earth at a distance of about 35 feet from the earth’s surface. This would explain the death of the dinosours; the tallest ones, anyway.

That’s funny eric…

I see the sheriff’s out of town and the kids are getting a long recess!! LMAO!!!