The Steel City

Got a rare opportunity today to head over to the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp to check out that facility and the team before heading to the ballpark. Two of our players, Joe Beimel and Cory Wade, are big Steeler fans, so they got a kick out of dropping by.

I’ve got a bunch of cool photos of the visit, compliments of the Steelers’ Jon SooHoo (a.k.a. team photographer Michael Fabus), but I’m on a slow connection so uploading isn’t working right now. Here’s one with Troy Polamalu, the former USC guy who is from LA and was excited to meet these guys.


 Tonight’s lineup:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Kemp, CF

Ozuna, 2B

Berroa, SS



  1. aeversw

    Seriously Pablo Ozuna? What’s Joe smoking? It’s not what I’ve got thats for sure. Ozuna has had 4 at-bats in the last month and he’s hitting in front of Berroa who has been on fire lately? Why isn’t Hu starting at 2nd? At least he has a hit this week!

  2. thinkingblue

    I’m glad the boys and yourself are having fun over there. The picture of the LIGHT FIXTURES, CHAIRS & CLOCK is great…LOL We only see partial of the picture. But thanks for the Line up.
    OK yesterday I gave my tried on song writing, and I liked it. So today I wrote another one….this one is wayyyyy longer but funny. This song is for Juan Pierre…(lets pretend he is singing the song). Sing it to the tune of “SO WHAT” By PINK….have fun and hope you enjoy it.
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    Na-na-na-na-na na-na
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    Na-na-na-na-na na-na
    I guess I just lost my privilege
    I don’t know where it went
    So I’m gonna keep my money
    I’m gotta pay my rent
    I got a brand new attitude
    And I’m gonna wear it tonight
    I’m gonna get a double
    I wanna “Start” tonight
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    I wanna “START” tonight
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    I wanna “START” tonight
    SO, SO WHAT?
    SO WHAT?
    Uh, check my FLY, uh!
    Joe Torre just took my spot-ot
    And gave it to Andre Ethier, $#!T
    I guess I’ll go sit with Bat boy
    At least he’ll know how to hit?
    What if this game’s on the tv
    Then somebody’s gonna watch
    I gotta get a double
    So I can play tonight
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    Dre’s gonna “START” tonight
    Na-na-na-na, na-na, na
    Dodger’s are WINNING tonight
    SO, SO WHAT?
    SO WHAT?
    Dre’s always there
    Manny’s everywhere
    Kemp wants it all
    But that’s not fair
    I gave you bases
    I stole them all
    Dre weren’t there
    When I hit the balllllll!
    SO, SO WHAT?
    SO WHAT?
    No no, no no
    I don’t want to sit tonight
    If Dre weren’t there
    J.P. gonna show you tonight
    I’M ALRIGHT (I’m alright)
    SO WHAT?
    Ba-da-da-da, da-da BLRRRRP!

  3. thinkingblue

    OK for those wanting to see the picture right mouse click over the picture and click on “Save picture as” and save it on your desk top and you can see it ALL.

  4. trublu4ever

    Have a great game Dodgers! Make the magic number 1 or 2 less (depending on how the Dbacks do) By the way, Josh, we all want to know what Andre and Maggie named their son.

  5. kho88

    there has been a serious lack of information regarding andre’s child. i really hope mom and baby are fine. God bless you and your family, Andre!

  6. thinkingblue

    KHO88-Well I am sure that Lil’ Baby Ethier and his wife are doing fine, or Andre wouldn’t be playing. I’m sure Andre likes his personal life private.
    PERUMIKE-yes Troy does look like Fisher but with a bit of Delwyn Young…I think so.

  7. amyw27

    kho8- you are right! do you remember this season when Stult’s wife had another child and he press (and Vinny) went on and on and on about the birth. Nothing at all has been said about Andre’s family. Maybe it was his wish to keep it private. We will respect that, but the baby’s name would be good to know 🙂
    Josh- why is the 2009 regular season is ending Oct. 4th??? Doesn’t that seem a little late, or is that just me? hmmm
    Ozuna- very interesting. Well, I guess resting Blake wouldn’t be a bad thing. Since we are playing an easier team, letting some of the guys breathe a little when we can still get in the Win is a good idea. We are going to need everything we’ve got to clinch the pennant.
    Go Dodgers. I look forward to the game 🙂

  8. thinkingblue

    OK AMY I looked it up and it was Park (well his wife) a baby girl and I remember hearing Vin talk about it on the game, gave the baby’s name and pounds, & length of the baby.

  9. scott_in_arcadia

    I see we have more lefty righty BS from Joe Torre. Nothing like f-ing up something that’s working as soon as you think you’re the genius instead of it being the players. I hope we survive tonight. Must be Steve Carlton or Sandy Koufax pitching to bench Loney and DeWitt. Amazing. Better not see these stupid moves in the playoffs.

  10. oldbrooklynfan

    Say Josh, That picture above looks like it was taken in Coney Island, Brooklyn.
    Speaking of Brooklyn, there are a lot of Yankee fans here who wish their team was in the N.L.West.
    It’s time for the Dodgers to prove once and for all that this isn’t a weak division anymore or at least that they’re not one of the weaker teams.
    The Giants seem to be trying as hard as they can to keep us from going to the post season. LOL
    That magic number is moving sooo sloooowly.
    Good luck to GIL HODGES & MAURY WILLS and may their numbers finally be retired.

  11. gscott1

    So they released the 2009 schedule today, and am I the only one who is outraged that we don’t open OR close the season against the Giants? I could be wrong here but I don’t remember the last time we didn’t open with an exciting Dodgers/Giants series in April when hopes on both sides is still high and Giants fans can scrum up whatever false notions about Barry Zito they want and talk just enough trash for us to rub it in their faces in June or to end the season in L.A. cleaning up against the Giants or better yet celebrating on their field in San Fran at the end of the year when we’ve clinched like in 2006(I was there, it was awesome)?!?!

    MLB Majorly dropped the ball on this one…I hope they change it. Anyone care to start the rally cry with me to get this changed?

  12. junkyardjamie

    LOL June Darlin’! I can remember something out of Cobb’s autobiography that I read 35 years ago, but I can’t remember where I put my coffee cup this morning!
    By dodgereric on September 17, 2008 12:33 PM
    From the previous thread Ward Dear… I can’t remember where my coffee cup is ethier (either) – LOL!!!!!!!
    As for the line-up – At this point in the season, I don’t think any starter needs a day off, but since this is Pittsburgh, I will let this slide for now.

  13. scott_in_arcadia

    I don’t remember needing too much rest when I was 23….but the top of the order should carry the team tonight hopefully.

  14. mccheap

    i think Torre sometimes out thinks himself…i can undersatnd with giving dewitt a day off but it seems that lately his been mixing players in and out..luckly weve been wining despite his moves..i still feel that he has a man crush on pierre and looks for any little positive sign to move him back into the lineup..oh well sorry i am happy were in first..=)

  15. mccheap

    i can understand giving days off for guys here and there but we are still in a race and we can’t let up until we clinch…giving to regulars a day off may not be a good idea..can’t wait until nomar, kent, jones and pierre and gone..

  16. dodgereric

    Can’t say it enough……..we’re winning DESPITE Torre, not because of him.

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  17. trublu4ever

    LMAO scott!!!!

    Eric ~ me too
    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
    Fire Ned
    Fire the guy who Ned hired
    Fire the guy who hired Ned
    Fire Frank
    Fire the guy who Frank hired
    Fire the guy who got hired by the guy who Frank hired

  18. junkyardjamie

    Amen Scott, Eric and Trublue!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!
    meeting time – be back in a little while…
    dnelly, June Darlin’ ~ Ethieraholic extraordinaire!!!!!

  19. crzblue2

    anyone read my last 3 posts from the last thread? I did not know there was another thread started.

    Scott: What happened to us last week in the ITD FB? When I was on the road and saw the scores I said “Rats, dirty rats!”

  20. scott_in_arcadia

    LOL – lny4loney!

    Yeah, let me see…how can I get Ozuna in the lineup??? What the?? It’s like, Joe is set on never using that great lineup again that won so many games. Here’s to luck on our side I guess!

  21. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey Emma! I thought you were going to run away with the fantasy league! Last week I had 5 players out for 2 days because of Hurricane Ike…I’m sure you will smoke me for 3rd.

    Nice playing with you!

  22. trublu4ever

    Hey you guys, we’re actually lucky today. Joe could have put Sweeney at first, Ozuna at second and Juan in there too.

  23. scurtis1999

    when we clinch, the lineup the next day should be.

    Pierre lf
    Repko cf
    Sweeney 1b
    Ethier Rf
    Nomar 3b
    Ardoin C
    Hu ss
    Ozuna 2b
    McDonald P

  24. thinkingblue

    TRUBLUE – that’s true we could of had all the not-so-good players…hey Jones instead of Manny
    This is just me but if JOE is going to rest people wouldn’t right now be better (we are playing the PIRATES), we still have to play the Giants and the D-backs at home games. I’m sure people attending the home games would want to see the GREAT PLAYERS and not other players.

  25. crzblue2

    yes, I was running away with it in the regular season. Hurricane Ike also messed me up and add Zambrano to the list :-(. I felt bad for Houston and what they had to go thru to play those games.

  26. crzblue2

    in case you all missed my pos on the prior thread.

    Oh Wow!!! Josh mentioned me!! I love road trips! I checked off two more ballparks off the long list of ballparks that I have yet to see.
    I hope to see you also at the homestand. Are you going to the “Viva Los Dodgers” prior to the game? I hope to be there early for this but I will also be at an interview before this event for a documentary being done about the Dodger fans for the 50th anniversary Long day/night but like the MLB logo says “I Live for this”. Wow! Game is sold out!. .
    You know it! Got to support our boys in Blue! sad only 6 home games left. Next week I am taking a co-worker that has never been to a game. I love introducing people to the game.
    Had a great time at Yankee Stadium. I sat in the Right Field bleacher. I took several subways to get there. When I got off one and saw the Washington Heights sign,I got excited ’cause I remembered hearing Vin Scully say he grew up in that area!! The atmosphere on Sunday outside the stadium is great.
    When the Yankees took the field I started hearing this bald guy named Vinny yelling the player’s name and the crowd in the bleachers yelling back and clapping. The guy was one aisle over my aisle (141). . I had been warned to watch for him as he starts roll call. He yells out the outfielders name, and crowd in the bleachers clap and chants his name until the player turns around and waves his glove or does some kind of gesture at the bleachers… then its on to the next player. I joined in. I thought it was very cool to do and to watch the players acknowledge it. . I was telling my brother about it when I got back and he said in soccer (he is a big soccer fan _we were born in Honduras) they do the same thing. During the 5th inning, the Yankees ground crew does a routine to the YMCA song while raking the dirt infield. Is funny watching this. Also the two guys sitting to our left were Brooklyn Dodger fans. They liked my 50 year anniversary shirt of the 1955 WS when the bums finally won. The shirt’s pic includes the Brooklyn bridge. We talked about Joe Torre . One said “Tell Torre, all is not forgiven). We also talked about old Brooklyn Dodgers and L.A. Dodgers. They were not like some Brooklyn Dodger fans that do not like the L.A. Dodgers. My friend Linda wore the 50 year anniversary Dodger shirt while I wore 50th anniversary of 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers winning th World Series. It was VERY HOT sitting in the bleachers that day. I kept drinking lots of liquids and pouring some water on me.
    PNC _love the view from that park! but still my beloved Dodger Stadium is # ! with me! During BP, I spotted Josh and said hi to him and told him I was at Yankee Stadium the day before. I also spotted Loney and I went to ask if his father had mentioned to him that in Arizona we sang the Loney Song. He said “Oh yeah, he said two Dodger fans had done that. I said “yeah, two crazy Dodger fans”. Loney said “he didn’t say crazy”. lol. The Dodger pictures that they post on the big screen in Arizona and PNC are better than the ones at Dodger Stadium. I am going to tell John Soo Hoo next time I see him. I missed talking to him at PNC.
    At PNC I sat behind the visitor’s dugout in the infield seats row D. Nothing was available in the dugout seats. Met many people. One guy was wearing a “Think Cure” shirt. We had gotten those shirts at the WIN event so I asked him if he got from there. He said “Yes! I attended the event. He has season ticket in the field level. Met a long time Dodger fan from the Brooklyn days. He said he used to attend the games back when he was 10 years old and the Dodger Bleacher fans took him under their wing. Met some very nice Pirate’s season ticket holders there. We talked with them about Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargel. Jim Tracy, Jim Coulborn and other players. Prior to the 9th inning I asked one of the ladies if the usher would let us sit in the dugout seats (just a couple of steps down to get there) and she went to talk to him and he let us sit there. We sang “I Love LA” while some fans there watched us with amusement
    Saw a few players after the game. Beimel was outside for the longest time waiting for other players (Loney, Russ, Penny, Andy LaRoche, Kemp) talking with friends and or family. He was very accommodating signing autographs or posing for pictures. All players mentioned above left together. I was able to get a picture with Beimel and Loney. Kemp was the last one out and the guys had already started walking so he ran to catch up with them.
    p.s. Oh I forgot that while at PNC park, I saw and met TroyfromWest Virginia. You just can’t miss him with those long side burns. I yelled his name when he went by while at my seat but he did not hear me. I spotted him in the dugout seats by the end of the visitor’s dugout. by the latter innings he was gone. Later I heard that he got tossed out but it was not from that area. I ran into him at a bar and he told me he got tossed out close to the bullpen area. I told him he is giving us Dodger fans a bad name and to behave. He said “but I love the Dodgers and I love drinking”. I told Troy to think of his wife and kids.
    Funny that on our way to the ballpark (we headed that way very early), a homeless guy started talking to us and we stayed there a few minutes talking to him. He is from Inglewood, CA. He said he thought that L.A. was bad but that Pittsburgh shelter system is worst. On our way back from finishing watching the Eagles Cowboys game, we ran into a different homeless and he started talking to us. He was born in the area but was trying to clean up his act. He had this very tired look on his eyes and he had clean clothes on that the shelter had given him. He said he had an interview the following day at the shelter. He was telling us of the different places where he sleeps but was trying to gather a few more dollars to find a place so he could be presentable for the interview. I don’t know how these people do it once it starts snowing back there.

    I miss your posts! I hope you are OK. We love to hear from you.

    By crzblue2 on September 17, 2008 1:30 PM

  27. thinkingblue

    LADYINBLU-hahaah yup and maybe Torre can wrap a pretty red bow on the Division and hand deliver it to the D-backs….

  28. thinkingblue

    OMG EMMA no wonder you are CRZBLUE…LOL…oh man (woman) you had an exciting time. How do you find time to do all this? Are you a writer or just a TRUE DODGER FAN? So you met an homeless man from Inglewood….LOL maybe I know him….LOL…Ssshe and spotting Josh and Loney…cool! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Frankie: Boy. You wanna talk about some pain? I bought one o’ them linoleum knives the other day, you know?
    Willie: With the double edge?
    Frankie: Right.
    Willie: Yeah?
    Frankie: So, I go home, you know, and I spread my toes apart and I just start sawing, back and forth and back and forth, you know?
    Willie: Mm hmm.
    Frankie: And I take a little thing o’ Tobasco sauce, you know?
    Willie: Yeah.
    Frankie: And just dump it on there. Talk about a hotfoot, mister! Boy, that was rough.
    Willie: Yeah, I know what you mean. You know, the other day, I took one o’ them, uh–?
    Frankie: Meat thermometers?
    Willie: Yeah! And I just shoved it into my ear, you know? As far as it could go, you know? But then I took one o’ them, uh–?
    Frankie: Ball-peen hammers?
    Willie: Right. And just whacked it a few times right in there, you know.
    Frankie: Boy, that must smart.
    Willie: I know! I HATE when THAT happens…


    Emma, I enjoyed your post about your road trip. Some day I hope to visit some other ball parks. I have been to Coors and Petco.

    It is a lot of fun when the players recognize the fans and respond to them. I understand why for the most part the players try to ignore the fans. I think at UCLA basketball games (and possibly at other college arenas) the fans do the same thing as the players are warming up. The fans chant the player’s name until that player ackowledges the fans.

  31. ladyinblu

    Emma, I thoroughly enjoyed the recap of your adventures!
    I also am pleased to hear the boys are still buddies with LaRoche.

  32. crzblue2

    250 anniversary of Pittsburgh

    Well, got to go take my Metrolink train home. noticed lower number of people taking it now.

  33. junkyardjamie

    enchantedsunset!!! You are something else!!!!!!! I had to use your full name to get the real effect…. LMAO!!!!!!!!

  34. vl4ecc

    Hey enchanted. Ever watch any of the old TV ‘Lost in Space’ episodes? You’re making me think of Dr. Smith; “The pain! Oooh! The pain!”

  35. trublu4ever

    Peter Gammons of ESPN just said the Yankees want to trade Cano for Matt Kemp in the off-season. What do you guys think?

  36. thinkingblue

    A-Rod…Personally I don’t like the man….blaaahhhh…nope I am not loosing Kemp…I don’t know Cano but yeah agree with SL1780….all those guys for Cano


    I want to just say congrats to Ethier for getting his 10 assists of the year thank to Martin and wow Bills walk. When was the last time when we had two guy in the OF with 10 or more assists? Good Job Martin


    I love those poll when they show Dodgers game on Kcal. I would love to get out revenge against the Mets from what they did 2 years ago?


    I need all those rbi’s I can get lol. I have a fantasy team with Bills/Kemp/Ethier on it. Thank god the final is 2 weeks long.


    I want to see TB win that divison and Boston not make the playoff. I want to see Manny laugh in those Red Sox face.

  41. thinkingblue

    SL7180 – I think it would be better if Dodgers play the Red Soxs in play offs in Boston and Manny hits a Grand Slam for the win and laugh at the players as he is running to each base and when he reaches home MOON all them ex-team members and ex-fans….and all Dodgers will come out and pick him and Manny flips everyone in Boston out….LOL I know MANNY is a way better person than but it would be funny….maybe if they ever do a movie….LOL


    Yeah that even better lol. I just don’t want to see the Red Sox making there 3 WS appearance in the last 5 years. I think the Red Sox are lucky they won those 2.

  43. sparkleplenty_1

    Nomar was able to walk back to the dugout without assistance, so that’s good, but, really, I’ve never seen such a fragile ballplayer in all my life. You’re right, dodgersrule, he should consider retiring.


    I feel bad for Nomar. I like him as a player; he always gives a great effort but his body just can’t take the pounding.

  45. vl4ecc

    Tough luck for Nomar. I hold some admiration for the man, but I think he’s becoming too fragile any more. Too much time on the DL.


    That look weird and I think Nomar should had just jogged to 3rd bases because I don’t think he would had scored on that play was hit to hard.

  47. aeversw

    I feel bad for Nomar but we can’t count on him in the playoffs. Even if he is healthy he could easily not be healthy in the blink of an eye as we saw today. We can’t risk a roster spot on him in the playoffs. Of course we’re gonna waste a spot on Sweeney so what the hell! Why not Nomar too.

  48. aeversw

    That’s what happens when you have a second basemen who hasn’t played in a couple of weeks. Little errors create BIG problems.


    I would be surprised if Furcal makes it back this season. But let’s win the Division first before we count our playoff games.

  50. vl4ecc

    Oh well. It happens to everyone. Ask Webb, and Haren. First bad start he’s had in a long time. You can’t be lights out every time out. That slam hurt, but there’s still time to pull this out.

  51. aeversw

    Scrutis, Billz is our ace. Where have you been all year?Obviously not watching Dodger games. Bills has one bad start since the middle of April and thats tonights game. Give me a break.


    I guess Joe Torre thinks that he can get the scrubs playing time while we fatten up on the lesser teams. Instead of finishing up and winning the division; then playing the back-ups, he would rather throw them in there to F everything up. Osuna shouldn’t be playing. You can’t give teams 4 outs and expect not to get beat. This one’s on Torre. I’m so pissed. Let’s win the division, then let the supplemental players play when it doesn’t matter anymore. I hate Torre.

  53. scurtis1999

    Max, its the freaking PIRATES! I feel like the Colorado head coach saying its the BIG 12! This ain’t intramurals brotha! lol

  54. mccheap

    even if we loose this one if we take tomorrows game we should be ok going back home..we have to get selfish here though try and sweep the pirates


    I swear to god, I hope this team puts a run together. It almost seems like Joe does everything in his power not to win. Why isn’t Hu playing 2nd anyway? He’s can’t hit yet, but he’s a defensive wizard. God that home run was a bitter pill.


    Also, Blake contributes. Pablo Osuna sucks so bad we released him and resigned him. He has no more business starting in a playoff race than I do.

  57. sparkleplenty_1

    If Billz hadn’t walked Doumit on a 3-2 count, LaRoche would not have come up. So it’s more than Ozuna’s error.

  58. aeversw

    Scrutis, Pitchers don’t just go out there with the same stuff everytime. He just didn’t have it today. It’s better that this happened tonight against the Pirates then in Game 1 of the playoffs. Pitchers get hit around sometimes. Tonight was the most earned runs he’s allowed all season. Who cares if it was the Pirates. Pitcher’s get hit sometimes. Give me a break seriously.

  59. scurtis1999

    I know its just one bad game and he’s been solid all year. I guarantee he doesn’t get the ball in game 1. He’s our game 2 starter if we make it. Joe will go with experience, and I don’t blame him.

  60. scurtis1999

    Torre knows what he’s doing! Don’t let his 4 rings blind you guys! I don’t think he’s the best game manager, but he sure does beat what we have had the last few years.


    I’m glad Proctor did his job, unfortunately that means that Joe Torre’s more likely to use him in key situations.


    For the most part the bullpen has been reliable so it will be up to the offense to win this game. 13 hits but only 6 runs versus the Pirates 8 hits and 7 runs is the story right now.

  63. bluecrewgirl

    Just in the time that I signed off my computer at work and went to my car, it went from 4-3 to 7-4. Bills definitely didn’t have his best stuff tonight. Blake got robbed on his last at bat. I was hoping we would at least tie it.


    Why, because he got a lucky base hit? He’s not a starter on a playoff ball club; hell, he wouldn’t even start on the Pirates. He’s the reason we’re tied and not up by 4.


    DeWitt at second, what a surprise. Osuna’s 3 for 4 with 1 run scored and 1 RBI. By my count he’s cost us 2 more runs than he’s produced. Make no mistake, my problem’s not with Osuna, It’s with Torre putting in an inferior player.

  66. oldbrooklynfan

    If it stays this way, it’s TORRE’S fault.
    Why did he take out Proctor?
    BAD MOVE sending in the kid in a tie game also.
    Double bad move.

  67. scurtis1999

    Wow Ben Sheets leaves after 2 innings tonight. Is he the biggest pusy as a pitcher in baseball? I like him because he won the gold medal game for the USA back in 2000.


    Does anybody here wonder why Torre has to screw with something that has been working flawlessly since Kent went down. Why shake things up when the formula was working sooooo well. I can’t understand it for the life of me. Why must he F with a winning combination. I just don’t get it. Somebody help me, please.


    I guess Torre would had to used Manny anyway tomorrow. Go figure the Giants winning and we losing. Everything would been ok if Bills was on his game.


    Joe Torre boggles my mind. He leaves pitchers in waaaaaaay to long when they’re struggling, and pulls them when their sailing. I’m dumbfounded. Joe, do us all a favor, win the division first, then play the 2nd team.


    It happens guys, it’s just one game, and it does not even matter if the Giants can hold on. Our pitching has been outstanding, they’re allowed a bad day every now and then… It happens. We’ll take the series tomorrow.


    The crappy thing, is that the pitching decided to tank on a night that out hitting was pretty unstoppable…. We might score 10 ourselves and lose…. Crazy game sometimes.


    the pitching lines for both clubs was pretty god awful…. Would tonight be a good chance to see what James MacDonald can do in the bigs?


    haha, thanks TruBlue…. Nah, not angry, this team has really grown on me. I think there’s some real potential for some Florida Marlin type of run to be had by us in the postseason thi year… IT COULD HAPPEN!!


    Blake just could not lay off that slider… Oh well…. I half way expect to log on tomorrow and see that the Dodgers won 16-15 or something stupid like that, with the way these guys have been playing lately… It just would not surprise me…. Well, go Giants, they look good tonight against Webb…. I’ll more than happily take these types of situations over losing a game in the standings.

  76. trublu4ever

    Brandon ~ I think so too. I’m glad all the pitchers had a bad game at the same time…..therefore, we should be in great shape the rest of the way.


    OK, not the news I wanted Scurtis… I’m out of here, I feel like I’m bad luck in here sometimes!! haha, see you guys.


    You are 100% correct. I’d be all over Torre if he left Proctor in and he gave up 4. He can do no right in my eyes. At least I admit it.

  79. oldbrooklynfan

    Is Mc Donald off the farm eieio.
    I think the D’Backs saw the 8 runs on the scoreboard and it gave them some life.

  80. kpookiemon

    In honor of the pathetic L.A. Kings I offer up the three stars of the night:

    Number three star: Larry Bowa, for his bunny-hopping style of coaching third, which leaves runners in a position to read his mind and wreck their knees.

    Number two star: Joe Torre, for his needless tinkering, deflating a nice comeback by his offonse.

    And the NUMBER ONE STAR: Chad Billingsley, for his utter lack of command tonight, allowing hitters to wait on his pedstrian fastball tonight.

  81. oldbrooklynfan

    Well we can win a game without a hit and we can lose with 19 hits.
    One consolation is we did not blow a lead.
    The score was tied when Torre decided to bring in Elbert.
    I mean we don’t know what would’ve happen if the Pirates didn’t score.
    I hate to think it, but tomorrow feels like we must win.
    I wouldn’t want to start to slide.
    I’m a realist and I go game to game.
    Let’s hope our hated Giants can come back tonight.


    You really think Frank is going to fired Ned after a 3 years contract? I think Frank should fired Ned and all the other former Giants and Braves players on this team. Yost should’ve been fired years ago but this time it was wrong to fired him.

  83. scurtis1999

    Yeah Jim Tracy is the best manager ever. He brought us a ton of playoff wins and world series here. Its not Joe, its the players. I think we have a pretty good team and chance to win it all.

  84. scurtis1999

    I’m glad the game is early tomorrow. We can put pressure on Ariz with a win early and they have the NL CY young award winner The LinceCUM

  85. kpookiemon

    Tonight was the first night the Dodgers really missed Kuo. Elbert is not ready for that role at this stage of his career. If Saito and Kuo are no more than mop-up guys now, then look out. Pitching wins playoffs…and divisions, hardly a sure thing yet.


    Damn just imagine if our 8 runs we had tonight would had help us in those other 2 shutout against Rockers and Padres? We couldn’t have 2 more wins and our magic number down to 4.

  87. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!
    Well, I guess pitching was a little off tonight to say the least. I thought the gnats might help us out, but I guess that’s wishing for a lot at this point. Sanchez really hasn’t been pitching well, but I thought maybe they would pull this one out to help beat Webb to give Linsecum a better chance at CY. I guess we will see if they stick with their pitching rotation and pitch Linsecum tomorrow. My husband hasn’t heard anything different, but you never know. Well, three losses this month isn’t so bad, and if we get the win tomorrow, and head home and get at least the series against the gnats, we should be in good shape.
    Some fun news – my son started fall ball tonight, and he is pitching on the varsity team (he’s only a 14 year old sophomore), but his number 11 is taken by a varsity player, so he is currently number 16. I told him needs to try and keep that number if he can for the real season. I told him he will have a great season with that number. We’ll see, he is a gnats fan, and the thought of him having Andre’s number and Andre being a Dodger does not sit well with him.
    Also, Josh, my son is a HUGE Steelers fan, and eventhough he’s a gnats fan, he loved the story you wrote. Palamalu is his favorite player on the team.

  88. bluecrewgirl

    Ha, that’s great that he has Andre’s #. Is it on a commercial break in the Gnats game? I have been following it on ESPN Gamecast and it’s been stuck on 2 outs for a while now.

  89. junkyardjamie

    game over bluecrewgirl – gnats lost 🙂 and 😦 It’s really hard to cheer for them eventhough I know it technically helps the Dodgers. My family certainly isn’t hoping the Dodgers win.

  90. bluecrewgirl

    That sucks. We really need to win tomorrow. Too bad the game’s on so early. I’ll be at work so I won’t get to see an of it.

  91. amyw27

    Good Evening.
    WOW. Just like the other night I just now finished watching the game on my DVR. Man, when we tied it up 7-7 I was so happy because I knew we would beat them, despite the grand slam. But dang, did things start to unravel in a hurry!!! oh my, it was terrible to watch 😦
    what happened to our pitching tonight? And Nomar again!! NO! I am starting to believe he’d be better off not on the Diamond anymore. It hurts me to say that because I support him and I know that LA as a collective whole still loves him. It’s good that the love of the game and the drive is still in him, but the injuries are waaaayyy tooo much. Always have been.
    Despite what happened, I am still proud of our guys. After the grand slam they didn’t give up, they played hard baseball and tied things up. Everyone put on a great show. Something about that gosh darn 7th inning that destroyed us. Those poor Pirates, they just had those runs bottled up for so long and they had to come out at some time. Just wish it wasn’t against us.
    Tomorrow we will win and still take the series. As Eric said- must win 3 games minimum. We will and all will be right inthe world 🙂
    We all believe in the Blue!

  92. junkyardjamie

    Amy – as far as Nomar, Eric’s wife has the perfect name for him – Ginger Garciaparra. Out of all the vets, I do tend to like him the best, but boy, he just can’t stay healthy. I think we will get the win tomorrow, even 2 out of 3 from the gnats, and we should be set. I was hoping the Cards would have a little more to fight for, but it looks like the Dodgers are in charge of their own destiny – they keep winning, and it won’t matter what the other teams are doing. At this point, even though we lost tonight, the batting is still strong, and with a hiccup in pitching, we should be right back with it tomorrow 🙂

  93. amyw27

    Dnelly- you are right. I know Eric’s wife calls him that- so prefect. I always say he’s and “eggshell of a man”. I like him too out of the Vets. he can still produce. But it’s time to face reality.
    We will win tomorrow. Giants will win because they will explode with all of their runs that they’ve been keeping to themselves. The babseball ‘gods’ will even things out 😉
    Did you get me post from this morning where I wrote ‘Ethier’ instead of ‘Either’ by accident ?

  94. bluecrewgirl

    I like Nomar too, but he is fragile. I really feel badly for him, but he just can’t seem to stay healthy. At least Berroa is hitting well now, which he wasn’t until recently.

  95. amyw27

    Bluecrew- I am very pleased with the progress Berroa has made this year. We all knew he was good as short stop- but he stunk at the plate. We wrote him off basically. I am happy for him, he’s made the adjustments and now is a strong player in our lineup. But that HUGE gum wad in his mouth drives me nuts!!!

  96. junkyardjamie

    Yes, I responded sometime during the day – possibly at lunch. I read this series of children’s books, and their are all stories that focus on one little girl, Junie B. Jones, and the word “either” is used alot. So, I have said “Ethier” a few times now, but the kids haven’t noticed yet, and even when I don’t, I do a little giggle because I really have to think about it now every time I say or write the word. Now that some of my students know who Andre is and know his last name, they may start to catch it more often. I am sure there are times that I am saying it and not even realizing it. Is your mom’s class going any better?

  97. bluecrewgirl

    Yeah, Amy. I figured of Berroa won AL Rookie of the Year when he first came up he had to have been a pretty good hitter at some point and just lost confidence or something, so he’s getting it back at the right time.

  98. amyw27

    All I know is that she is stressed out and working really hard. I think only 2 families showed up to back to school night, which sucks. She spent all of last weekend rearranging her desks, redid her boards and did hard-core lesson plans. He school is in so much trouble that the state is taking over and will be controlling the lessons. And to make things worse, they are still re-assigning teachers and giving them different grade levels his far into the year. yikes.
    haha- so case in point. She is looking forward to next summer!

  99. amyw27

    bluecrew- you are right!
    I’m going off to bed/tv land for a while. Have a good night everyone. Dnell- enjoy late night chat.
    I will be around for morning chat/game 🙂
    Go Dodgers!

  100. junkyardjamie

    Amy ~ That is just too bad. We have had a few schools here that have had that happen – no fun at all. My class just talks and talks and talks and talks and talks. I am trying to take the approach that this may be an issue I am stuck with, and I may just have to let it go. I have already rearranged desks, and it didn’t really work. Most things are going really well – I just can’t get them to work quietly – just a lot of loud voices, which in some ways, I don’t think they think they are loud so hearing checks may be an issue.

  101. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear… I only saw the game by phone, but yes, it didn’t look too good even by phone. It’s one of those games I’m glad I didn’t watch.

  102. junkyardjamie

    Good night Amy – see you tomorrow sometime. It’s always great talking to you – tell your mom, I feel her pain… 157 days left for me – lol!!

  103. bluecrewgirl

    Not to be mean, but doesn’t the picture on the Dodger’s homepage of the Pirate’s pitcher for tomorrow, Maholm, look like it was touched up a bit too much? Looks like he has on lipstick and eye makeup, lol.

  104. bluecrewgirl

    I know, I thought it was illegal to search people or vehicles without cause. I don’t see how they had cause to do what they did. If that happened out here, I think a bigger deal would be made of it. They really had no right to search them all.

  105. dodgereric

    Unlike the Dodgers, better than last night. I spent most of last night at the hospital with my mom. Her husband is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s. He was having a very bad evening, but he seems to be better now.

    I saw the last half of tonight’s game. Where to start?

    At least Nomar’s latest was finally a legitimate injury. Seems like most of them this season were of the “he got hurt doing THAT?” variety.

    It’s obvious that Joe’s love of veteran players is undying and everlasting. I agree with most everyone here that Joe should be a little more concerned with locking up the division than with keeping his crappy old vets ‘sharp’. Win this thing with a week to go and then worry about it.

    They say that true comedy has a lot of tragic elements to it. If so, his handling of the staff in that 7th inning should really be funny someday. I would say that he was overthinking, but that would give him too much credit.

    Fire Joe

  106. bluecrewgirl

    Sorry to hear about your mom’s husband, Eric. Hope he’s doing better. I wish Joe would just stick with the lineup that we have been winning with and stop messing with things. We finally had some cohesiveness. He didn’t have any choice when Andre had to leave, but there was no reason not to start Dewitt and Loney tonight. They got in the game later, but they should have started. I’m not a big believer in the lefty/righty thing. I say play the best players regardless.

  107. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear… I am so sorry to hear about that. My in-laws lived with us the last 2-3 years of their lives, and my father-in-law had alzeihmer’s and eventually died from congestive heart failure in our house 2 years ago, and then my mother-in-law died a year later from cancer. It is no fun watching what alzeihmer’s can do to people – sad stuff I’m afaid 😦
    As for the lineups – I thought it would be okay, but in the back of my mind I am always thinking, why does he do this stuff when the games seem to count the most. Yes, we may only be playing the Pirates, but we thought that when we played the Nats too and look what happened.
    I did see a fellow Dodger fan at Michael’s game tonight who feels exactly like we do – stop messing with the lineups – so it’s not just the bloggers, it’s Dodger fans in general now too.

  108. dodgereric

    Thanks bluecrewGIRL and June Darlin’. It’s quite unnerving to see that happening to someone who used to be pretty sharp. Honestly, and I hope I don’t come off too …. what …. uncaring? But I’m really more concerned for my mom at this time. She’s 84 and can’t really give him the care that he needs anymore. His daughters need to step in here and do what they need to do before something happens to her.

    Back to the Toy Department.

    It was only one game.

    Fire Joe.

  109. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear …… I know totally how you feel. Bill’s got a brother and sister who did next to nothing to help us out. All they managed to do is tell us that we weren’t doing enough, when they came into town once a year. This will definitely wear on your mom. It wore on us, and we were only 40 at the time. You are right, your mom needs to make sure she is taking care of herself first, and the daughters need to take a more substantial role, and I know that is much harder said than done.

  110. dodgereric

    I’ll do what I have to do if it comes to that. I just hope it doesn’t.

    Cruisin’ around the usual sites, I see FoxSports has Nomar hurting his RIGHT knee. I think I’ll stop looking to them for information.

  111. junkyardjamie

    I know you will…..
    I am searching too, and I am found this article where the writer is mathematically ranking possible NL mvp’s – Russell and Andre made the top 25.
    96. Matt Kemp (1.4 wins) — It’s really tough to be .7 wins worse than average when you play a lot of center field, but that’s what Kemp has accomplished. He’s still a good trade target for the Rays this off-season if they can’t snag Andre Ethier.

    However – this wasn’t so great to see, and I am just going to assume it’s rumor for now.

  112. junkyardjamie

    okay – Have you seen the 2009 schedule? Is this just an error, but it shows the Dodgers opening on April 6th (Monday), having Tuesday off, and then playing SD again on Wednesday and Thursday. Then the same thing the following week with the gnats.

  113. junkyardjamie

    The one year we are playing Oakland for interleague play, it’s in LA – So, we get to play the whole AL west division for interleague play, Angels, Mariners, Rangers and A’s, along with the White Sox.

  114. dodgereric

    On a hunch, I looked on Cincinnati’s site. They do the same thing, play Monday, have Tuesday off, play Wednesday. I then thought I had it figured out. MLB wanted to give the Angels no competition with their opening day. I was wrong. They also open Monday, but they play Tuesday too. There must be some reason.

  115. junkyardjamie

    No Kidding Ward Dear….. It is just good to see both of them as being “wanted” commodities. We knew Matt would be, but it is really good to see Andre getting the same treatment. It’s just too bad that Ned couldn’t see that before signing JP and, especially, Andruw.

  116. junkyardjamie

    Well, I thought with opening day, they usually want to televise as many games as possible so maybe some teams are playing Monday (6th) and others Tuesday (7th), but then why do the same with the gnats – strange. At least we are in California. I forgot who brought it up, but it would have been fun to play the Mets on their opening day. SD gets to play them instead..

  117. junkyardjamie

    Then the dbacks schedule – except for one weekend in SF, they are home the whole month of April – What’s that all about – geez!!!!

  118. junkyardjamie

    yes, but then ending with the WS in November, don’t you run the risk on the other end.
    I guess the dbacks have a pretty scarce August at home, and I am assuming because it is scorching hot there, which shouldn’t matter since they have a roof.

  119. junkyardjamie

    Boy!! You do read my mind well. I was just going to tell you I watched it when I got home – LOL!!! It was fabulous – It was a tear jerker…. thanks for the great video, but you always send good ones.

  120. dodgereric

    It’s amazing how you can tell a story without a single word, isn’t it? Whenever I see David Huddleston, I have to supress the need to laugh. I keep hearing the line, “Never mind that #%&^, here comes MONGO!”

  121. junkyardjamie

    Yes, it is amazing how stories can be told without words. There is a famous movie called “The Snowman” that we show the kids every January. The whole movie is done to classical music, and it’s amazing how music can do the same thing with an animated film. It’s one of my favorite movies animated films of all time – timeless..

  122. junkyardjamie

    Yes, I do think of that line. Bill was just watching that last night. It’s amazing I can be a few rooms away, and can tell that movie is on just by one or two lines. However, I can do that with alot of movies.

  123. junkyardjamie

    It’s still weird how my school computer won’t play youtube or google video, but it will play the others that just come through e-mail. For some of the other crap that gets through spam blockers that I have to weigh through on a daily basis, you would think it would allow me to decide if videos are appropriate too. I can’t get CNN headline news or SI news to come through – I have to get that out of my spam file, but it allows things to improve my sex life – how does that happen?

  124. dodgereric

    LOL! That one and “Oh, blow it out your *$&, Howard.” LMAO!!!

    I think the sex ones just have better hackers working for them. Our company has a pretty selective filter as well. This blog is a good example. It censors the Burger King sandwich, but we’ve all seen a lot of words get through that are 1000 times worse.

  125. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! So true, so true.. You know it’s 1 am. You need to get some sleep. I need to get some sleep. This class is hard on me this year. I love them, but they just won’t shut up and do their work in at normal noise level. Like I told Amy, I may just have to accept the fact that they all have loud voices. I guess the plus side, is there are no shy kids in the class. They are all more than willing to share their thoughts at anytime they choose. Anyhow, get some sleep, and I will see you in the morning. I hope jhall has his power back very, very soon. That has really got to be awful. I know he says there are worse things, but 4/5 days without power has got to be pretty bad at this point. Good Night Ward Dear, and God Bless you and your family… 🙂

  126. dodgereric

    jhall is in my thoughts also. I’ve never been deprived of power, at least as long as he has. Excepting things like camping of course, but that’s intentional. 🙂

    Amazing. I didn’t notice the time. Good night, June Darlin’, and all you other great Dodger fans out there! And God Bless! Manana we get 3 out of 4!

  127. junkyardjamie

    One more thing – I just read the article about Manny playing omorrow “him wanting to be Cal Ripken” – it’s weird how Joe has went from needing to sit Andre due to lefty pitchers to sitting James and Blake DeWitt. I don’t recall James ever having issues batting against lefties.

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