Superstitious? I'm not superstitious…

I’m just not going to be putting any lineups up here so hopefully you guys are getting along without it.

Good news today on Jeff Kent, as well. The surgery went very well and nothing unexpected was found, so he can start rehab tomorrow. The recovery time is anywhere from 2-5 weeks, so we might still see him towards the end of the season.


Thanks Josh. Usually somebody gives us the lineup. Just keep things the same while we are winning1

Supposed to be! not 1

hello ITD!!! I feel like a broken record saying this but… I haven’t been on here for the last few games! (I did watch them though) and man we are back to playing ball like we are supposed to!! its kinda quiet in here huh? lol and Josh no worries about not posting the line-ups! we find out some how and your idea seems to be working πŸ™‚ lol

Hi acardona ~ Glad you are here today. it’s not the same without you!

Can I post the lineup or will they get cursed again.

hey trublue! thanks! i feel so special! πŸ™‚ lol

LOL ajay- hmm… I dunno.. if they lose people might blame you.. haha!!

Ok here it is ……..,.
Pierre, CF
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Blake, 3B
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Kershaw, P

YAY Pierre!

I can barely read the lineup when Blake and De Witt are hitting back to back. It just looks funny. Good to see Berroa back at short.

Any word on Furcal? I heard Sammy’s doing well, but its going to depend on how his arm feels after throwing sliders.

good lineup im going tonight…very happy lets go kersh

p.s. i think we all need to be reminded of rafeal furcal…and how much our team would be improved if we had him healthy. i say ned use his injurys to sign him at a discount and keep this squad together…i feel really good about every position top to bottom if furcal is healthy and as for the rotation billingsly, kershaw, and kuroda as mainstays and names possible names like penny mcdonald elbert(who i think we should turn back into a starter) i think that at least one rotation spot should be filled by one of those three so if we can fill one more spot with a back end starter we will be gravy…and im not saying i wont take C.C. or Ben Sheets which i would love

keep the team together!!!!! add minor pieces unless that gem (sabathia) is a possibility

Thanks for the lineup ajay. I would only make one change myself but, it’s okay.

I see Dre will be leaving the team for a few days soon to be with his wife for the birth of a child. Hope everything goes well for them.

YAY Andre is in the line-up!! aww ‘Dre is gunna be a daddy!? how cute! congrats Andre!! no Matty?? scurtis i know! it’s so funny to see Blake then DeWitt LOL!!! it almost looks like someone messed up!

Matty is getting the day off. JP will be starting 2-4 days next week or 2 when Dre has to leave.

trublue- i think we are both on the same page when it comes to making a “change” in the line-up! lol

Good Evening ITD!!!!!
Looks like Matthew is getting a well-deserved night off – good!! Other than that – I like the lineup!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl ~ ETHIERaholics ~ every one of us πŸ™‚

hey Nelly! how are you doing this fine evening?

Hey Arcardona!! Nice to see you on here πŸ™‚

Acardona ~I am doing great!! It’s always nice to see Andre in the lineup, and it’s kind of exciting to know he is going to be a daddy. I have known that for a while, just didn’t know when. The reports always said later this year. Well, I guess it’s later this year.
How are you doing?

I know Dnelly!- like you said i knew he was going to be a dad.. just didn’t know when.. but thats awsome! I love kids and as jealous as i am of his wife I’m happy for them!! LOL!! I’m doing very good! just been busy (as always) but i guess thats a good thing right!? πŸ™‚

BTW- just kidding about being jealous of Andre’s wife! hence the “LOL!!” haha!!

Hey Acardona ~ who wouldn’t be jealous? I am sure she knows she is lucky to have him, and I am pretty sure he knows he is lucky to have her too. They sound like a great couple from the little I know from reading about them.

At first glance it looks like a line-up from the past.
Kemp probably can use a rest and Pierre can’t get paid to sit around doing nothing.
It only totals 62 HRs, but I think they’ve proven it doesn’t matter WHERE you hit in the line-up, it’s WHEN.
Well another big night, that we got to win.
Two youngees Kershaw & Baek going after it.

Dnelly- i agree with you completely! word for word!

they were talking about Jeff Kent on dodgers live. They said his surgery went very good! it’s good to know he’s doing well! get well soon Kent!!

acardona ~ I had heard that too – It’s good to know he is doing well πŸ™‚

absolutely Dnel πŸ™‚

alright boys lets get a much needed win!!!!!!

Good evening, ITD. gsutton– IMO, the Brewers would be insane if they let Sabathia get away. I think they’ll find a way to keep him. Right now, he’s, arguably, the best pitcher in baseball. Sheets has a long history of injuries, so, let the buyer beware. Speaking of C.C., what do you guys think of this no-hitter controversy? I think the scorer made a bad call but a win is still a win. I think the Brewers are making a mountain out of a molehill.

seesky ~ Haven’t seen you in a while – it’s good to see you back and with your name still intact – lol!! As far as the controvesy – definitely an error. During Maddux’s live chat, Maddux even thought it was an error all the way πŸ™‚


R A M ____M A N #10

Way to go Andre and Manny!!! Great way to start a game!!!

Frank, break open your piggy bank, PLEASE!!!!!!!

I was watching the cubs – Astros game, a player hit a ball into the ivy (just missed a home run) and when the ball came out there wasn’t just one ball but two balls.

D-backs & Cardinals… 2-0 cardinals! bottom of the 3rd i think..

Nelly– I’ve been having name problems as well. ladodger63 is the artist formerly known as seesky.

Hey ACARDONA thanks for the D-backs updates.

Barroa can do MAGIC….

how did the ball go into Berroa’s shirt ! LOL

wow haha!! i’ve never seen that happen before!! matt and delwyn had big ol’ smiles on their faces!! classic!!

Delwyn in back!

well hello dodgersrule! how are you?

hey did anybody notice that the last game of the series against the D-backs, the Dbacks shirts said “Los D-Backs”?…

seesky ~ I jinxed you? You were seesky on your first post – what happened? The invasion of the name changers got a hold of you – LOL!!

4-0 Cardinals! YAY!

That ball going into Berroa’s shirt reminded me of a girl I was playing punchball with when a ground ball disappeared after she tried to field it.
She was wearing a dress.

She was embarrassed when it dropped out.

Go Cardinals!!

Well when Mexican’s get involve in the shirt making we add the “Los”…Los Padres, Los Dodgers, Los D-Backs, Los Astros…and so on

5 – 0 Cards

Come on Lil’ Kershaw!

According to Vin, the new definition for Joe standing on the rail is that he is a “silent viewer” – nice!!!

LOL dodgersrule!!

alright keep it up Kershaw!! (and Cardinals!)

nelly– that’s why I haven’t been on lately. I’ve been having logon issues. I went off the blog for a minute or so and when I got back on, I was signed on under that name. Area 51 is alive and well and living in my computer. LOL.

Oh I forgot to mention. About that girl.
The ball took a while before it dropped out. LOL

“silent viewer”? haha! good stuff good stuff

Man he might be a “Silent Viewer” but that look that he gives….man those eyes! It scares me.

beautiful Kersh!! keep it up!

Could be that Clayton will be Super K, tonight!!!!

dodgersrule- LOL!!

Yeah! that’s my ETHIER…..

wow that was close!! good thing Manny moved!! BTW good job Andre!!! πŸ™‚

Nice job again by Andre and Manny!!

Risky play by Andre with nobody out. But he made it.

MANNY has 10HR & 29RBI already.

OK ACARDONA….YEAH ETHIER TILT THAT HEAD!….OK SORRY WHAT HAPPEN WITH MANNY? I looked away helping my daughter with her homework.

Looking good

dodgersrule- Manny almost got hit by a pitch that was headed towards his chest! the home plate umpire gave the pitcher a warning cause he said he tried to hit him on purpose!..

nsblues ~ I’ve really been enjoying your drawings. Keep up the good work!


ladodger63/seesky ~ LOL!! You always have to wonder about area 51. Well, glad you worked it out. Did you pick that name or was it just given to you? Many didn’t have a choice – the name was given to them….

nsblues ~ I have to mention I can’t believe you are reading “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and Shakespeare – Wow!! You are definitely getting your literature in. Nice job!!

Thanks TruBlue! I’ve had fun finding time the last few days, but I’ve been able to crank ’em out faster.

Bottom of 5th, STL 5 – ARI 0


dodgersrule- no problem πŸ™‚

hello nsblues! in agreement with trublue, your drawings are great!

trublue- I agree! the drawing are awsome!

Did we forget to say “Welcome Back” Blake – WOW!!!

IMO D E W I T T has one of the smoothest left handed swings around.
Quite a pull hitter too.

Dnelly, it’s “fun” being an English major, heh. Next up for me is White Noise in one class and already starting the First Part of Henry IV after finishing Midsummer Night’s dream this morning. I love reading, and that’s a good thing, since I don’t really have a choice, heh.


Where can we see NSBLUE’s drawings?


Nelly– I’m baaaaack!!! Initially, the name was assigned to me then I added it. If I log off, who will I be next time? LOL.


Thanks Arcadona!

“Adrian Gonzalez is getting too cute” – Charley Steiner

Wow seesky, that’s a new trick! I’ve never seen anyone get their e-mail name back on here.

LETS GO ANDRE LETS GO!!!! LETS GO ANDRE LETS GO!!! lol you know the more and more i find out about Andre the more I like him! and not just as a player but as a person! he’s really a cool guy!!

The bags are jammed for Manram the Magnificient!!!!!



Come on Loney!

It’s great to see the offense cranking on all cylinders. Andre seems to be loving batting in front of Manny. I’m really happy for him after how hard he’s had to fight to be an every day player this year, through no fault of is own. Great to see Dewitt settling in at 2nd. Hope Matt comes back rested and ready to go tomorrow.

NEWS FLASH!! Manny Ramirez is human!!!! haha!

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

hello bluecrewgirl!

7-0 CARDINALS!! this keeps getting better and better!

nsblues ~ Didn’t know that was your major – well, read away then – LOL!!
seesky ~ this system is really doing some strange stuff lately. However, glad you back to seesky πŸ™‚

BLUECREWGIRL…ANDRE loves playing anywhere you put him, he is one of the most grateful player there is…if he is sitting on the bench…he is just grateful to be wearing the uniform….GO DODGERS! I’m sure Dewitt feels the same…let me play coach…he is per my opinion THE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!

L O N E Y Leads team 76 RBI.
I know this year isn’t over yet.
But next year FUGGEDABOUDIT.

HAHA!! Dnelly I love that song!! believe it or not, me and my sister sing it some times when he comes up to bat! lol

bluecrewgirl ~ Andre is loving this spot right now, not that he hasn’t done well in the 2 hole, but this is just awesome right now.

A new first for ITD. a full-blown identity crisis.LOL!!!

LMAO!!! seesky – too funny!!!

Acardona, I hope they can hold that lead this time. They blew a big lead yesterday.

Dodgersrule, it is good to see them all having fun and happy to be in the lineup. It gives me hope that they can come back and win this thing.



Alright Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we have the fixings for a laugher, guys!!! We should be cleaning this team’s clock.

Dnelly, I think Andre’s thought bubble right now would say, “Thanks very much Jeff Kent, if you don’t want that spot, I’ll take it.” He’s even beaten out some throws lately.

BLUECREWGIRL: OH yeah it is great to see them happy and joking around….taping BARROA AROUND. LOVE IT…..THIS IS WHEN FEELING BLUE IS GREAT!

8-0 St Louis πŸ™‚

bluecrewgirl- exactly!!



bluecrewgirl ~ I am sure that is what he is thinking. It’s great to see him stealing bases and taking risks on trying to get the extra base – just ETHIERIFFIC!!!!!

dodgersrule- “THIS IS WHEN FEELING BLUE IS GREAT!” – absolutely!!! πŸ™‚ I love when they mess around and SMILE!! i LOVE to see our boys smiling!!

dodgersrule ~ nstateblues drawing are at:

Man that video clip of Barroa dissappearing the ball in his shirt, is going to be on that blooper reel for a very long time…LOVE IT!

c’mon Kershy boy!! keep it together!!


TRUBLUE…Thanks I’ll check them out right now.

N.StateBlues: Those are great drawings!

ABSOLUTELY dodgersrule!!! LOL!! it was so funny/cute when they showed matty and delwyn laughing at berroa! too funny!!

Acardona= Ethieraholic!!

You do realize there a bunch of Ethieraholics are on ITD right now – alot of girl power too!! sorry nsblues, but at least Oberon and Titania aren’t glaring tonight – LOL!!!

Man, that was an impressive inning by Kershaw to hold it together and get out of it without giving up any runs. Our infield defense has been so improved in the last few games. Barroa and Dewitt have been solid.

Kersh labored through that inning, but It might’ve been, as Vin said, from running the bases.
He should rest a little now, right?

Well ACARDONA, DNELLY, TRUBLUE, SEESKY & BLUECREWGIRL AND ALL OTHER ITD I HAVE TO Say til later cause right now I gotta signed out and put kids to bed. I’ll keep watching the games and cheering for my BOYS IN BLUE….



Dnelly- i didn’t even notice until you mentioned it! lol! i guess it would be a good time to say GO ANDRE!!! haha πŸ™‚

Well that’s is strange – Falkenberg against the Dodgers – how do you like that? Go Dodgers!!!!

have a good night dodgersrule!!

Goodnight Dodgersrule/Rose.

ok everyone I’m gunna have to say good night too.. good talking to all of you! I’ll try to come on for a little tomorrow! have a good night everyone!!


Acardona = Ethieraholic

8-1 cards – top 7 – bottom of 6, dbacks had a few on, but only scored one – alot of baseball left in that game to be comfortable….

Good night acardona and dodgersrule

Good Night Ethieraholics ~ dodgersrule and acardona πŸ™‚

As we say in Brooklyn, about Kershaw tonight,,,WOWWE.

Andre Ethier En Fuego!!!!


#19 Wow!!!!
shhhhh – cycle alert πŸ™‚

Since he’s already got the single, triple and home run, a double is very possible for him, DNelly. The triple’s the hardest one and he already has that. Would be cool if he could do it.

bluecrewgirl – I know – he tends to have an easier time getting doubles – Oh my!! Vin just mentioned it too – oh my!!

Can someone tell Vin Scully we are in the 7th inning.

New(ish) drawing up on my blog ( ) . I’ll do a new one from scratch tomorrow.

one question: Dare Dre Dream?

Great drawings, nstateblues!!…wasn’t Wes Parker the last Dodger to hit for the cycle? Beltre and someone else did it on the same day a few days ago, the first time 2 players did it on the same day since 1920…. Great job, Dre!!! Welcome back to LA, Mr. Faulkenborg.

Okay ~ it’s pretty cool to see Hu out there, and then Jason as well – Go Dodgers!!!

Wow, Northstate, you continue to impress with your drawing talent. Awesome!

DNelly, did you catch that Vin said the last Dodger to hit for the cycle was Wes Parker? How cool would that be if Andre could do it?!!!

bluecrewgirl – yes, I heard that ~ Oh my goodness!

8-1 cards, top of 8 ~ getting there – sigh πŸ™‚

Nice to see REPKO, the reencarnation of Pistal Pete Reiser.
Let’s hope he doesn’t get hurt or cause harm to anyone else.

joepierre – too funny!

Thanks dodgersrule, seesky and bluecrewgirl!

Hell of a game! Keep it up Dodgers! Keep your fingers crossed for a Doublin’ Dre…

Torre has to be kicking himself. Should have went with your gut Torre. So many games he sat. Ethier won the job in the spring for a reason. We loose this thing by 1 game and that alone might be the difference.

JoePierre, I’m knockin’ on wood here, heh. Good to see Repko back on field.

What? Not even a Juan for four!

I think it’s his back.

Oh no!! JP got hurt again – Vin thinks hamstring – ouch!!

I was just thinking it was kind of nice to see JP start for a change and then…….

Too bad!!!

jungar ~ it really makes you wonder,doesn’t it? It’s just going to be awful if that happens.
Good Evening Ward Dear…..

Good evening June Darlin’!

Good evening dodgereric ~ have a good day?

By the way, since June, Beav, Wally & Ward are taken….I’ll be Lumpy

8-2 cards, bottom 8, 1 out, Dunn on 1st

Lol, trueblue! I always kind of liked Lumpy.

A GEM of a game fo KERSHAW.

Thanks, bluecrew. That’s what I see when I look in the mirror, lately Lol

I want to be town drunk Otis Campbell… oh wait, wrong show

This is not looking good. Joe needs to come in with the hook. Trancoso has not looked good lately.

A fine day, thank you, er, um, Lumpy. Are you sure about that? πŸ™‚

Greetings all!

Hey, Eric!

It’s getting a little uneasy here.

Joe with the Cranial Rectal Inversion again. Should have brought in Beimel to begin with after yanking Kershaw.

dodgereric ~ Lumpy is better than Margaret. I hope we don’t blow this game!!!

Hope the Cardinals bullpen holds up. They’ve blown 17 leads this year.

dbacks and cards going into the 9th – score 8-2 still – go cards!!!

nsblues ~ I liked Otis from Mayberry.

Ward Dear …. LMKO!! That was funny!!!


Come on Andre!!!

This is soooooo exciting!!!! Come on Andre Everett Ethier – you can do it!!!! However, no matter what happens – Spectacular night tonight!!!!!!!

TruBlue, yeah, Otis was a great character. All he wanted from Andy and Barney was room and board… seemed to get it everynight.

Hiya right back atcha bluecrewGIRL! How ya’ll are?

TrulyLumpy (see, that’s what happens), if I named myself after what I see in the mirror, I’d have my choice of 6 or 7 of Snow White’s dwarves.

Bummer, I really wanted him to hit for the cycle. Oh well, still a great night for him.

LOL, dodgereric. I like trulyLumpy.

I had a few minutes before my Scout meeting tonight and I watched an episode of Andy Griffith. It was the one where Otis had a visit from his brother and Andy made him a deputy to make him look like a success – over Barney’s loud protests of course. He and Andy were arguing about it when Andy said something like, “Barney, when you think about it, Otis performs a public service by lapping up all the liquor around here. Nobody else can get any, so everyone else is safe!” LOL!!

Ward Dear ….LMKO!!! How about trulumpyblue? – LMKO!!!

nsblues ~ What a lifestyle that whole town had.

Ward dear…. I see you had time to get to 10,000 points too πŸ™‚ SPECTACULAR JOB!!!

dnelly ~ That works!!! I have to keep up with oldfogey, westernmost, winflavor, porklinks

andre posted a new entry on his blog! πŸ™‚

Surprised to see Beimel still in there. C’mon, Joe. Get it done.

That was a nice inning for Repko.
Comon’ guys get this over with.

Otis Campbell: Pillar of Society, heh.

We’re going to draw Haran, Webb, & Johnson this weekend. Our work is cut out for us.

Got kind of dicey there in the 8th though but still……
OUTSTANDING!!! 4 in a row! Gained a full game in the standings. Let’s hope they keep it going.

I still have some questions left, Junie. I get a few repeated questions. Did you? And have you seen the children tonight?

ALRIGHT DODGERS!! FOUR IN A ROW!!!! WOW!! Great night for Andre and Kershaw – players of the game. Also, Blake DeWitt and Manny did great tonight as well.
Thank you Cardinals!!!

If we did it in Arizona than we can do it here but RJ scary me because he’s undefeated at Dodgers Stadium.

Game and a half back. What a strange season. Kersh looked pretty good for the inning or two I got to see of him.

Ward Dear …. yes, I did get some repeat questions, but kind of worded differently, it seemed. As for the kids, other than this morning, I haven’t seen Wally,and I haven’t seen Beav all day – probably road trip, I’m sure πŸ™‚

What would Otis’s MySpace page look like? LOL.

That was a tremendous outing for Joe Beimel.
He looked a lot like we usually saw from him.
Lately he was giving up a lot of hits.
But not tonight.
It would be good to see the Dodgers play better on the road. That would help a lot.

Hey guys, new thread, about Andre

That can’t seem to be right the Cardinals must have more than 17. They have over 20+ blown saves.

Awesome victory! Keep it going guys. DNelly, they interviewed Andre on Dodgers Live (2nd game in a row they’ve had him on) and he said he didn’t quite get around the ptich on his last at bat. Patrick O’Neal to;d him he thought he would get more chances before his career was over and he said he hoped so.

Ihearteathier, thanks for the heads up on Andre’s new blog entry.

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