Trying to head home in first place

That was one tough loss last night. Need a nice comeback and we get to see two of the best young pitchers in the NL. Here’s the lineup:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Billingsley, P


  1. trublu4ever

    It did take Joe a while to figure this out — and, I do thank him for finally coming to his senses and doing the best for the team — not who he personally may like.

  2. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We’ll see, We’ll see – it’s only two games, but there’s that glimmer of hope that I hold that Joe will “get it” for good – at least for the rest of this season – LOL!!

  3. bluecrewgirl

    If we take today, that will be 2 out of 3 from the Giants and then we head home. I’m scared to get to excited about Torre sticking with this lineup for the long, term, but I hope so. Of course, Nomar will probably take over at short when he comes back, until Furcal comes back if he’s able to this year.

  4. trublu4ever

    You are right bluecrewgirl. Nomar won’t hurt us and I’m not sure if Furcal will really come back — pretty serious injury. But, we shall see. I think by giving this lineup a chance, it will definitely work.

  5. bluecrewgirl

    I know, back injuries are so tough, but he made some comment recently to tell Joe not to forget about him, so he’s definitely giving it all he’s got to come back this year. Hopefully he can.

  6. trublu4ever

    I hope he comes back too. Then we won’t need Pierre at all.
    I hope we give Billingsley a lot of run support, so he can cruise to victory.

  7. obi_wen

    Great line-up. I feel confident the guys will produce today and I hope Billz has a superb game. I hope to make it here by the late innings, but present obligations this afternoon may well prevent me from being able to do so Just in case, I will leave you with the words of the poet Lord Byron::

    “And Juan wept, and much he sigh’d and thought,
    While his salt tears dropp’d into the salt sea,
    … and, sobbing often, he
    Reflected on his present situation,
    And seriously resolved on reformation.”

    GO DODGERS!!!!

  8. trublu4ever

    I think all of you who are at the game should hold up a sign saying “ITD” we’d know who you are but nobody else would. Oops, they may think it’s some kind of terrorist plot!

  9. trublu4ever

    Well, I’ve got my dodger gear on — top, shoes, and of course my lucky bracelet — now I’m ready for the game. Of course, my husband thinks I’m nuts but it’s okay I’ve been this way many, many years and he’s still with me. Just wish he wouldn’t comment on every swing (like what is he looking for or why did he swing at that pitch). I have more fun when he’s not in the room — then I can do all the screaming by myself.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    Nice line-up again. Hope they hit better. I’m still kicking the cat from last night’s ending. (OK I really don’t have a cat. I’ve got three dogs though and they were lookin’ at me funny this morning.)

    Here’s one for Joe from the Lovin’ Spoonful:

    Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
    Did you ever have to make up your mind?
    Play only one and let the others ride pine
    Its not often easy, and not often kind
    Did you ever have to make up your mind?
    Did you ever have to finally decide?
    Say yes to one and hear the other two whine
    There’s only one opening, and three for the ride
    Did you ever have to finally decide?
    Sometimes there’s one with big brown eyes, cute as a button
    With wavy dark hair, and not too much struttin’
    And just when you think he’s the one in the world
    You go and play somebody else who just makes you hurl
    And then you know you’d better make up your mind
    Settle on one and let the other two slide
    Its not often easy, and not often kind
    Did you ever have to make up your mind?
    Sometimes you really want some pop and D from a mister
    And then you get distracted cause he can’t hit a twister
    When in walks one’s mama and takes you aside
    And says, “you’d better go home Joe and make-up your mind.”
    Then you bet you’d better finally decide!
    And say yes to one and let the others ride pine
    There’s only one opening, and three for the ride
    Did you ever have to finally decide?

  11. tradejuanpypaperbag

    trublue – sounds a little like me ~ I wonder why? LOL!!
    enchanted ~ those poor cute little dogs 🙂

  12. trublu4ever

    enchanted, I think you should make all of your songs into a book and sell it on Ebay — all of the dodger fans will buy it!


    wait, there’s some kind of mistake. that lineup looks too close to the one last night. joe doesn’t do repeat lineups.. am i still asleep?


    This is the same lineup that yesterday faced a pitcher who came into the game with an ERA over five and a half, and managed to score a ******** ONE run against him in six innings.

    It’s a real Murderers Row!

  15. tradejuanpypaperbag

    gentler? – LMAO!!!! I think the lineups are clouding your brain. What until tomorrow when JP is back in the lineup – all your senses will come back – LOL!!!


    Last thoughts on last night’s game: blaming Broxton is too easy. If we hadn’t let Correa off the hook in the early innings, there’s a good chance it never gets to a 1-run lead in extra innings. Our hitters went 1 for 9 with RISP and stranded 12 runners. If you let any team, regardless of how good or bad they are, stay close, the greater likelihood they can find a way to win. We aren’t consistently good enough yet to put teams away yet. Hopefully, with our best lineup on the field on a regular basis, this will change.

  17. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I have a meeting to go to. I will catch up to everybody sometime during the game.

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    Another day, another game.
    So far everything’s fine with me, except for VAC who keeps complaing about blockage & low pressure but he’s been pretty quiet for a few hours now.
    I’ll be here for the entire game, unusual for a Sunday but my daughter is away at a summer camp.
    This is another MUST game.
    Maybe the lack of Giant celebrations( no Mays, No Bonds), may help.
    I hope we can score enough runs to stay out of a save situation and give Broxton a rest. We need OFFENSE to do that.
    Like most of us, I’m happy Torre stuck with the same line-up.
    LET’S GO BILZ>>>>>>>LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  19. think16blu

    i think this line-up is gunna deliver today!!! GO MATTY, GO ANDRE, GO JAMES, GO RUSSY, GO MANNY, GO BILLZ!!!! GO DODGERS!!!! LETS GET THIS WIN TO COME HOME WITH!!!!!

  20. bluecrewgirl

    They’re definitely overdue for one of those 10-1 type victories. I have a feeling they’ll score runs today.

  21. oldbrooklynfan

    I wish we could tune into our own broadcast or audio while watching MLB-TV.
    I hope someday this can be done.


    Hey guys… Lets get into first today!! I really do think that Joe has seen the light as far as the lineup. Also, I really to think that Pierre’s comments a while back have put him into the doghouse!!


    Jeff Kent has really picked up his game since being inserted into the 3 hole. Lets see if he can deliver Kemp here… Come on Mr. Double!


    I’m not watching the game… But on Gameday, that pitch to Kent sure looked like ball 4… Anyone see it?


    Well, about the only thing we accomplished that inning was to make Cain throw a lot of pitches. But we have got to start hitting with runners in scoring position, especially with noone out and a runner on 2nd.


    I’m kind of dissapointed in Loney there, everyone had great at bats, worked the counts, and he swings at first pitch… Oh well. Next time.

  27. dodgereric

    brandon, I know that it’s the popular thing to do nowadays, but I still say that this “working the count” thing is way overrated. Loney is 23 for 47 (.489) this season when he swings at the first pitch.


    Dave Roberts has been kicking our tail the last couple of days. We really need to beat the Giants.. They’re not very good at all. What kind of a serious funk is Russel Martin in… The guy seems like he hasn’t gotten a hit in years!! BTW 3-0 SNAKES!! ARGH!


    Thanks dodgereric, good stat. It just seems like only Manny is being consistent lately, and that’s NOT going to get it done… Kent has had some good ab’s lately


    Where is everyone today? It’s quiet in here… This is a big game… noone to really talk to…. This is not the kind of game we can lose if we’re planning on winning the division.


    We need some hits strung together. We can’t get everyone hitting at the same time. Loney not hitting good. Russ not in the groove. Giants pecking away like they really want this win today.

  32. bluecrewgirl

    That ump does have a delayed strike call like Vin was saying. He took so long to call that strike 3, I thought he was going to call it a ball.


    Yeah, PEW, I’m with you on that one… He’s been the catalyst the last few days. I actually really liked him when he was out lead off guy.


    Andre!! This guy’s been hitting the hell out of the ball, been robbed a few times, but noone was going to catch that one!! It might be a while before Pierre finds himself back in the lineup.

  35. bluecrewgirl

    pierreseastmeetswest, I agree. Roberts is only hitting .244, but he always seems to hurt us and Winn is always a thorn in our side.


    Man that was not like Manny at all to let that fastball down the middle go by without parking it in the bleachers.


    Well, we got on the board, but like someone said a minute ago, we really need to string a few hits together. This lineup is very capable of dominating the Giants. Snakes up 4-0.. Looks like the best we’ll do today is stay .5 game out. What the heck will it take for us to get into 1st alone!?!?


    Giants hanging around and then we are going to be 1.5 games out of first. We going down to defeat in this one.


    Head home in first place?


    The Diamondbacks will win today, and the Dodgers will lose.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t really matter, because the upcoming Phillies and Brewers series will finally expose the Dodger team for what it is – a sub .500 team filled with young position players not quite as good as they were believed to be, and not quite the pitching it needs.


    I really thought this year would be different, but Loney and Kemp wasn’t quite as good as everyybody thought they might be, Jones was horrid, and Pierre still weasels into the lineup at the expense of Ethier.

    At the end of April I thought this may be a a fourth place team, but then the rest of the NL West surprised me by being even worse.

    I’d still be surprised if this team can finish above 500 in the weakest NL division. They’re just not that good, much as it breaks my heart.

  40. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I just got home a few minutes, and all I have to say is YUCK!!
    I must give kudos to Andre for his triple earlier – good job!!, and I hear and see he got robbed on his first at-bat. Even my family told me that.


    Looks like the hanging Chad showed up today. I keep waiting for the Dodgers to start knocking the cover off the ball but it’s not happening and may not the rest of this year. This is Torre’s fault as he never could decide who was going to play where. That’s not the way to manage a ball team.

  42. bluecrewgirl

    Matt saved the day on that one. I still think we’re going to score some more runs and be in this game.


    people actually think he dodgers are good. the only reason were over 500 hundred is because of the west. in any other division we woud be 8 games back or more


    It’s crazy that you catch yourself getting dissapointed if Manny does not get the job done everytime. The guy seriously raised the bar in his first week with us.

  45. kpookiemon

    Rick Monday is classic on the radio, complaining the Gnats are having very “comfortable” at-bats all series, especially in light of Manny taking one on the coconut. Monday remembers Drysdale saying, “…you hit my guy, I hit two of yours…”

  46. scurtis1999

    tough 10 game homestand coming up. Maybe no Braun for the Brewers though. I look for the Phillies series to be high scoring.


    Billz has thrown 120 pitches, and he’s going to hit for himself!?!!?? Our bullpen must be hurting.


    OK, now he has been pinch hit for… Think Pierre bunts here? I think I would have maybe used Jones to hit in this situation… He has been a great pinch hitter for us this year.

  49. oldbrooklynfan

    Thatas a good inning for Billingsley.
    But IMO over all today, he was a little too hittable.
    I find it suprising the Giants only have 3 runs.
    We’re still in the game.
    MAYBE THEIR BULL PEN will help us.


    Matt Kemp showing why he should be and is our new lead off guy. It looks like Torre has taken notice too…


    Time for Manny to get his RBI for the game… Come on… He’s come up with a few chances today… Hopefully he’s not hurting from getting his bell rung earlier


    I’ll tell you, right now Russ should be really ticked off that they’re walking Loney to get to him… Come on Russ with some insurance!!

  53. bluecrewgirl

    I was surprised, but happy, they left Cain in to pitch to Andre instead of bringing in a lefty from the pen and then they left him in to pitch to Manny too. Let’s hope our bullpen is on today.

  54. jhallwally

    Aw s**t!! Andre is kicking serious a** and he can freaking throw the ball. I’m screwed.
    Juan Pierre thought bubble for 3:36pm.


    This is a big inning for Trancoso, Torre showing some trust in the kid… How much trouble do they let him get into before pulling him if need be?


    Troncoso now pitching, and Kuo loosening up in the bullpen

    (Or to paraphrase Jerry Coleman, “Kuo is throwing up in the bullpen.”)

    And the tying run promptly reaches base with nobody out.

    The Bums don’t make it easy for us, do they?


    Was away from the Blog a few minutes. As some one said Andre belongs in this line-up. Andre was the best hitter coming out of Spring Training and has belonged in this line-up the whole year and would have if any of us were managing the team and not Torre. Andre would be leading in HR”S and rbi’s if left in the line-up. We still have no idea of this young mans potential and Torre never gave him a chance because of noodle arm Pierre.

  58. bluecrewgirl

    Jhall, let’s just hope that Torre’s thought bubble is finally saying, “Man, that Ethier kid can play!”

  59. oldbrooklynfan

    That’s the time to do it.
    Let’s go guys GET SOME RUNS.

  60. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boblee ~ I know!! This has been the point we’ve been trying to make all year. When Torre made that comment about how Ethier had improved, I was thinking when has Ethier ever been as bad as Pierre or Jones.


    WOW, Torre must have really liked that last inning by Ramon… Our bullpen has pretty much been money all year.

  62. dodgereric

    I think Kuo can do 1 2/3rds. He’s went one yesterday, but only one inning other than that since last Sunday.

  63. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I thought the same thing when Torre made that remark. Andre was hitting over .300 when he started jerking him in and out of the lineup. No doubt he still would be if he hadn’t done that.


    Hong Chi Kuo has without a doubt been the MVP of the bullpen this year…. Guy has been nails!!


    You took the words right off the tips of my typing fingers.
    I just have a feeling that four runs won’t be enough today.


    My quote got stripped from my last post.
    It said “Some insurance runs would be nice.”
    And Steiner just jinxed Kemp, by saying that he was “a home run short of the first cycle by a Dodger since Wes Parker.”

  67. leekfink

    It’s been very busy for me, so I have not had the time to enjoy some good baseball, and I am pleased because we’re playing some good baseball. Torre seems to be giving Ethier more and more playing time, and hopefully with Ethier’s day, it will convince Torre to keep doing this. And this is definitely the right alignment.
    The offense seems to be hitting its stride. Manny’s presence in the middle has been great–he’s knocking in runs and everyone around him (with one exception) seems to be elevating. Matt Kemp appears to be starting to really be the serious threat that we expected, and that he likely will be for years, and even Berroa has not been embarrassing offensively. Pitching-wise, it’s good to have Penny back, but Bills is clearly the ace (today looks like i was Bad Chad, but we see Bad Chad less often, and he now seems able to limit the damage when Bad Chad comes out, which is really key to a great pitcher). And Kershaw seems to be improving every time, so Penny could be our 3rd starter. With the young guys really going, and Manny in the middle, we can easily take the Diamondbacks, but more importantly, the last 2 months could show us a team that could do some damage in the post-season (or more). In other words, we may finally have the team we have been waiting for, and ai think that 2008 is the beginning of a very good run for us.
    The one exception is Russell Martin, who has slowed down. My level of concern about Russ is less than zero. He’ll get going again, but it’s good to give him a little rest. The great thing is that we can afford to give him some rest. Earlier in the season, he was the central point of our offense, and moreover, we needed everyone, 1-8, to be going in order to score. Now, Manny, Kemp, Loney, Ethier, etc. have taken the pressue off, and with a big bat, we’re able to get some extra base hits and drive in runs even if one guy is struggling. We are now playing in a way where we can pick someone up when their down.
    I’m pretty optimistic, as long as Torre keeps running out the right players.

  68. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leekfink ~ It’s good to see you back!!! I’m hoping Torre is seeing that Ethier “has gotten it” eventhough he never really lost it. The line up really looks good if he keeps it that way.

  69. tradejuanpypaperbag

    How come we never have the bottom of their order when the game is close – Come on Dodgers!!!!!


    And just like that …
    The tying and winning runs on base with no outs.
    [Grumble, grumble!]


    Second-guessing is easy, because hindsight is always 20-20, but was it a mistake to send Kuo back out for a second inning after he had to run bases in the top of the inning?


    I’ve closed Gameday, I can’t watch, I’ll check back in a few minutes… This is crazy!!


    Two back-to-back possible double-play grounders, and the Dodgers can’t turn either one.
    Drat, and double-drat!

  74. dodgereric

    After Rowand’s hit put runners on first and second with no one out, not one ball left the infield. Two runs. I’m sick to my stomach.

    That should bring out out the village idiots very soon.


    Well, this is just awful. You just can’t lose games like yesterday and today to a bad team with first place on the line. The lack of a true closer hurt the Dodgers both games as Joe is going to be reluctant to use Broxton back to back. Today a bit of defense would have saved the day. And to lose to the Giants of all teams although I am sure the fans make more of this than the players.

    Interestingly, the lineup that almost no one liked (Friday) produced a win while the lineup most everyone liked produced two losses. All this may mean is the lineup or batting positions may not make as much difference as it seems.


    This team has shown no kind of moxy this year. This was not only a game they should have won, but completely reminds us all of the fact that this team is young… And makes mistakes. This game really hurts… I think that’s all I can say to sum this up… This is a loss that will sting for a long time, on top of that, we lose a game in the race. 2 Days in a row, and we blow it…. you know what, forget it…. I’m calling ********. This team needs to grow a pair and start winning the damn games they’re supposed to win!! Now we’re 1.5 back and have a much more difficult team coming to town… I just don’t understand this team at all, by far one of the most frustrating seasons of all time as a Dodger fan!!


    i’m worried about russell’s hand.. i hope it’ll be fine.. but he got hit hard.. he better not have broken anything.. there really wasn’t a play for him to make and he should have tucked it away..

  78. oldbrooklynfan

    Not only did the game end as it did.
    I somehow stepped on my tubing that connects me to the VAC and yanked it out of my belly.
    Just an accident.
    I got someone coming here to put on a temporary dressing.
    The nerse will be here in the morning.
    I wasn’t even that angry,
    It was just a coincidence.

  79. obi_wen

    Yesterday, Bernie Mac died and the Dodgers lose, and then today, Issac Hayes died and the Dodgers lose. Man, this weekend really BLOWS! 😦


    I think today’s game may require a Lortab and a beer…. Games like these and seasons like this one are proven to shorten your lifespan!!


    Well, think about it this way, tomorrow morning, the LA Times won’t have to change their headline on the Dodgers.

  82. bluecrewgirl

    Interesting statement from Torre. Let’s hope he’s a man of his word this time:

    Today marked the second consecutive game in which the starting outfield consisted of Ramirez in left, Kemp in center and Ethier in right. The manager said that Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones would remain on the bench until he felt he had a reason to change the lineup.


    well this is what’s going on with jones:
    “Andruw Jones is dealing with some aches in his surgically repaired knee and unavailable to play defense. He’s apparently available to hit.”

    and we know pierre couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and his play doesn’t really back him..

    so maybe we will be seeing ethier daily.. maybe, as in hopefully..


    whew~ tony jackson said that russell is fine and that he’ll play tomorrow..

  85. bluecrewgirl

    Glad Russ is okay too. He’s a gamer. Sara, I hope that Torre means what he says this time about the outfield situation. He’s flip flopped so much it’s hard to say. Andre could have easily had 4 hits today and the last hard out he made was against a lefty reliever.

  86. park

    After giving it some thought, I’m glad the Dodgers lost today and yesterday. They needed this. The Dodgers needed a wake-up call that things are not going to be easy – Manny or no Manny – if they want to to win this division. The Dodgers are still playing like a .500 team and they need to step it up. They have no excuses. They have the pitching and they have the hitting. What they are lacking in my opinion, is desire and heart. Tonight they are going to fly home angry and they are going to be out for blood tomorrow night – the exact attitude they need going into a tough homestand and a challenging few weeks against some really good opponents.

  87. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – that is really good news about the outfield. Wow!! Like you said, lets hope he keeps it that way.
    PierreEW ~ I hope you are okay 🙂
    sara – glad to hear Russell’s going to be okay 🙂

  88. tradejuanpypaperbag

    “We’re looking to win every game,” Torre said. “Right now, it’s team first and individuals after that.”
    So, does this comment from Torre have anything to do with Pierre’s comments? – It sure appears that way 🙂

  89. tradejuanpypaperbag
    ****Boys~ no need to read (girl stuff)***
    article is from Nor-cal – fun stuff about our outfielder

    Sparkly Icing on July’s Cake: Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers
    Amongst all the brouhaha surrounding the L.A. Dodgers’ acquisition of Manny Ramirez, hottie Andre Ethier gets lost in the shuffle. His playing time has decreased because of the crowded outfield—which is disappointing because it’s so pleasant seeing that smile that would make any woman swoon.
    Although the 6’2” outfielder plays for a rival team, I can’t fault him entirely because he was originally signed by Oakland. Well, that and his scruffy facial hair makes me giggle with complete amusement at his cuteness.

  90. trublu4ever

    I saw him up close the day he signed my cap and he is very nice to look at, who am I kidding — he’s hot! Not only that, a very sweet young man.

  91. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I don’t care what Torre’s reason for playing Andre is. He’s earned to play regardless, but if Pierre’s comments helped him to see the light, whatever it takes, lol. I saw that article earlier today. I’m glad he’s finally being noticed for his talent on the field, but made me laugh to think his other attributes are being noticed outside of Dodger circles.

  92. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! See, he is good for all ages, not just the 20 year olds. His wife, Maggie, is a very lucky lady to snag such a sweet, adorable guy. I have heard she is just as wonderful,too.

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – we’ve noticed his ball playing all along, and it’s about time Torre noticed it. I am with you, who cares why he is playing, just keep him playing.

  94. trublu4ever

    Maybe, this was Joe’s plan all along — remember him telling Andre to be patient. We are going to need the outfield the way it is when we play the Phillies — hopefully no more mental mistakes either.

  95. oldbrooklynfan

    I’m O.K. Debbie—Thanks for asking.
    I have the temporary dressing on and the nurse comes in the morning,
    I’ll have to be more careful.

  96. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Maybe you are right!! The patience may have come in Torre giving Pierre and Jones one more chance to prove they can do more than Andre before it got too late towards the end of the season. That theory does make a lot of sense.

  97. j-murray

    what an insanely frustrating road trip. i would like to think that they will be “out for blood” this homestand, but every time they suffer a tough loss (which there have been a plethora of this season), they come out weak the following game. our offense stranding 15 runners a game isn’t gonna cut it, and committing errors like casey blake did today is bordering on nauseating. on the last day of the season, when we’re 2 games out of first, we’re gonna look back on the series with the giants, and we’re all gonna feel the sting we felt today again.

  98. northstateblues

    This loss hurts… I yelled unspeakable things at the top of my lungs for 5 seconds, shocking my girlfriend, and probably making a few baby angels cry.

    Now, all I can do to stay positive is think that one win today wouldn’t have made the Phillies or Brewers any worse at what they do. How the Dodgers play that series depends on only one thing: The Dodgers.

    If lbirken is right, and they’re angry and hungry coming into this homestand, then I’d think we have a shot at a better outcome than the one in Frisco. No guarantees, just a shot as good as we would’ve had with a win today.

    All the Giants can do for the rest of the season is play spoiler, but the pirrouetting Barry Ballerina has left the building. WE have the one-swing Gamebreaker now in Manny. If our pitching holds, and our offense keeps producing, at the very least we will be as good as the DBacks, especially since they lost Orlando.

  99. tradejuanpypaperbag

    northstateblues ~ I am sure you are one among many who reacted the same way ~You are in good company ~ LOL!!

  100. bluecrewgirl

    Trueblue44, I wish we had a Dodger victory to have a party for, but I am hoping they will take a lesson from this weekend and come back with fire. As the saying goes, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I hope it will make them stronger. All the emotional suffering of us fans has to go for something positive.

  101. trublu4ever

    Well, this season must be making me very strong, indeed. I think the losses this weekend will help in the long run — you can’t take any team for granted. And, you have to avoid mental mistakes on the field.

  102. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think they will go home all cranked up. The Dodger fans have had a week or so to get ready for Manny’s return, and it will be rockin’ just like the week Manny showed up. Think positive, think positive, think positive!!

  103. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – That is so very cool. It just impresses me even more. It was funny, too, Andre referring to beating the drums on his “Rock Band” video game to get out his frustration – good for him that he’s not keeping it bottled up ethier (either) – lol!!

  104. kpookiemon

    Wow, crummy last 24 hours. The baseball gods just didn’t want the Dodgers to win these past two games. No one’s fault and everyone’s fault. This team has enough talent–veteran and youth–to be better than one game under .500. We can blame injuries and Ned all we want, but Joe has to take a hard look in the mirror. He’s the manager. I’m not sure it’s his in-game management; I think that might be overrated. His constant line-up changes? Maybe. But for whatever reason, this team doesn’t seem to play with passion for Joe. Maybe that’s overrated, too. I don’t know. I only know what you all know: Joe has this team under .500 with September looming closer every day.


    Today marked the second consecutive game in which the starting outfield consisted of Ramirez in left, Kemp in center and Ethier in right. The manager said that Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones would remain on the bench until he felt he had a reason to change the lineup.

    “We’re looking to win every game,” Torre said. “Right now, it’s team first and individuals after that.”

    As oppossed to earlier??.

    I didn’t even bother reading the posts to see what must have gone on here. I have been away all weekend, thank god. But this above is my silver lining. I knew I was right.

  106. kpookiemon

    Manny is the RBI machine–as advertised. But with his initial “I want to retire in L.A.” statement, coupled with the more recent rumor of wanting to sign with the Yankees (to stick it to Boston), it would help L.A.’s cause if they started winning more games than they lose. A lot of folks in here despise Manny. Not me…I hope he ends his career here.


    This is the second year in row that Martin is struggling in the second-half, and its obvious that its because of a lack of rest time, they can all say its not, but they are just lying to themselves. I thought Torre was going to do better since he was a former catcher. Martin needed real rest time, playing him at third base in his off days doesn’t count.

    It upsets me to think of the type of year Ethier could be having if he didn’t get pulled around by Torre. He was the best hitter in spring training and there was never a good reason to pull him from the starting lineup.

    We can nitpick on Torre today, like if Kuo is the defacto closer for the day, then save him for the ninth, not pitch him two innings, but that would be a weak argument, if the bluecrew player fundamental defense we win the game, simple as that. Being young isn’t an excuse, Casey Blake is one of our veterans.

    These are the kind of losses that are going to cost us the division.


    Can this team be more frustrating? Not a ball hit hard in the 9th inning but the horrible defense doomed us. We should have left with a three game sweep instead of dropping 2 of 3.

  109. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar ~ we knew you were right, too, but it was convincing Torre that you were right – lol!
    Kahli ~ The principal we have now is a few steps below the one we had three years ago – She was phenomenal and she is the reason our staff is how it is today. Our principal now is kind of riding on the coat tails of a principal that got the job done in the first place, but she is getting all the accolades for a job well done. However, I give her credit for maintaining the same level of expectations where we (teachers and students) are still trying to reach. It’s hard to compare highschool principals to elementary principals I’m sure – You have a lot more social issues to deal with, along with academics. Ours is primarily academics with a few naughties in the mix.


    –Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season, Torre said.
    –Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season, Torre said.
    –Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season, Torre said.
    –Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season, Torre said.
    –Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season, Torre said.


    That’s just beautiful above if you say it in a French accent for fun or maybe South African. Or Russian. Easter bloc….I don’t know go with what you feel.

    “Getting Pierre or Jones into the lineup isn’t a priority at this stage in the season”

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think jungar likes that statement – What do you think? lol!! jhall can get it translated for you into latin and french, and eric can probably get it translated into Volcan if you wish – lol!


    I was reading some of the comments and maybe I didnt read where I might be missing some information but what is this about Pierres comments? I might be a little confused but I believe Pierre made some comments? Can anyone say anything on this?

    Also I heard a rumor that Pierre and Jones can be moved to another team if we (Dodgers) take the majority of their contract. Any truth to this or is this rumor just a bad joke? I would like to see both of them gone.

  114. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jrscll ~ I am in the process of looking for the specific articles that state exactly what JP said, but in a nut shell, he admitted he was upset about the amount of playing time he was getting, and this was when Ethier was doing the sitting, not him. He also made the comment that he thinks the organization is trying to “stick it to him” and that all he is trying to do is be Juan Pierre. Well, that didn’t sit well with anybody, media and fans. He isn’t exactly thinking of the team when he says things like that. Andre, on the other hand, has been doing the exact opposite. He’s been keeping his mouth shut about his feelings and turning everything into a positive.
    As far as JP and Jones on the waiver wire – it’s still a rumor, I believe, nothing solid to say if it’s true or not. At this point even if they are, who will want them is the biggest question. Anyhow, with your comment about wanting JP and Jones gone, you are with the majority on this board.
    I will look for the specific article, but eric might be finding it as I type, or anyone else who happens to be up.

  115. kpookiemon

    jrscll, last weekend Pierre said this was his toughest season, after the Dodgers had the nerve to move him from centerfield to leftfield late in the game:

    “I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, but they put me in a difficult position,” Pierre said. “I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s been difficult. You go on the bench, and then you work your way back in the lineup and possibly going back to the bench. All I’ve ever done is be Juan Pierre when I wear this jersey. They’re sticking it to me this year for whatever reason.”

    He retracted later, saying he wasn’t talking about the team but himself. There’s no doubt Jones and Pierre were put on waivers and no doubt cleared waivers. And true, if the Dodgers were willing to eat their salaries, they’d be gone!

  116. kpookiemon

    og109, you might be on to something with Martin. Maybe he is gassed. This might be a good time to give Ardoin a few more starts and let Martin clear his head…and body. It’s not like Russell is banging the ball all over the yard.

  117. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ? Kahli and eric ~ are you just storing the articles in some secret place in order to retrieve the information later, or are you just remembering where they were posted?

  118. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I can assume that with you because of all the baseball knowledge you know and off hand – Wow!!! You continue to impress 🙂

  119. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I recall we had a lot to say about that article. We were applauding TJ, which doesn’t happen too often around here.

  120. dodgereric

    nelly, I can recall that Ty Cobb hit .401 in 1922 when he was 35 years old (and he didn’t even win the batting title that year), but I can’t remember where I put my shoes last night.

    And for the record, I like TJ. He’s rude and crude, but he doesn’t kiss anyone’s kiesters.

  121. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I don’t have an opinion of TJ one way or another, really. I just read articles to read articles, mostly, and if I’m am not sure of the source, I will usually ask those of you that live down in so-Cal.
    Baseball is more important than shoes, you know 🙂

  122. dodgereric

    OK, don’t tell anyone, but the Times sports section has links on the left column. Click on the Dodger’s link and the stories are usually archived there for the past month or so.

  123. tradejuanpypaperbag

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — If the San Francisco Giants can’t be a part of the race for the division title in the NL West a pair of come-from-behind wins against their rival Dodgers will have to do.

    This is why games against the Giants will never be easy, regardless of where they are in the standings.

  124. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh okay – just like they are here. I use the one here all the time to go back and read DT, AK and BK articles, etc. I didn’t think about the same thing being on there – thanks 🙂

  125. dodgereric

    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in my experience, and generally speaking, (wow, want any more qualifying statements?) Dodger fans are satisfied with nothing less than World Series titles and Giant fans are satisfied if they finish ahead of the Dodgers.

  126. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Okay ~ I went and did it myself. I am an auditory and visual learner mostly. I can’t listen to you, so I went and looked for myself – lol!!!

  127. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – I got my class list on Friday, and as usual I have more boys than girls. It’s never a shock anymore, and I usually enjoy those years more. However, I am getting the worst kid from kindergarten last year, and his name is Steve – LOL!!!. The rumor is he never sits still, and is always getting into trouble – LOL!!! It’s going to be a great year!!!!

  128. tradejuanpypaperbag

    hey ~ don’t knock syncronized swimming! One of my best friends in highschool did that – talk about lung power!! LOL!!! Hey bring back tug of war – that would be hilarious!!!!

  129. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I could never do syncronized swimming – I have this need to be able to breath while I swim – LOL!!!! I will take butterfly over syncronized swimming any day – LOL!!!

  130. bluecrewgirl

    Did anyone just see the 4 x 100 men’s relay swimming race?It was pretty cool. We came from second place at the very end to win the gold.

  131. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Yes, I did!!! This is my favorite time when the Olympics are on. It’s the only time I get to see swimming and water polo televised like it is during the Olympics. Usually, it’s just the NCAA finals and such. Phelps is phenomenal!!!

  132. dodgereric

    Did I say synchonized swimming? I meant to say rhythmic gymnastics.

    Crochet was also an Olympic sport once.

    Is this Steve going to have a secret nickname? It sounds to me as if they might be related……….

  133. bluecrewgirl

    They were talkng earlier in the day about how one of the French swimmers was saying they were going to crush us. Talking smack before you deliver the goods is never a good idea, lol.

  134. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I didn’t even think of the name until I was typing it – LOL!! That was the name that stuck out on the list the most because I heard about this kid all last year, and how horrible he was. I always get those kids because I am the patient one, and will allow for boys to have the wiggles – LOL!!! I guess we will have to see how creative he is or if he has a distinctive personality – the nickname will have to be earned, I think 🙂

  135. kpookiemon

    dnelly, I use a nifty little item called Google when I’m looking for stuff. Now when it comes to the Dodgers, I have probably listened to every game since 1969 (unless I was out of the country, out of L.A., or having to participate in some family affair.) So I remember a lot. I recall taking my radio to Disneyland once and my brother wanted to kill me. I took my radio to the movies. I’m older now, but games like this weekend absolutely killed me back in the day. I don’t lose sleep anymore. And with Kemp needing that HR for the cycle today, I can tell you I was listening to that game in 1970 when Wes Parker did it.

  136. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks Kahli!! I even have google alerts – scary. I have just recently hit the addictive stage of Dodger baseball. It’s a combination of wanting to incorporate baseball into the classroom and my own personal knowledge. So, I have been reading alot lately about the baseball history in general. I mostly remember the late 70’s and beyond, so I have been doing a lot of reading about the early days. Eric has helped in that department by suggesting books and such.

  137. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I heard that too, bluecrewgirl ~ Actions speak louder than words, and that relay was nothing but action. The women’s 400 free should be good tomorrow, too. Janet Evan’s Olympic record was broken twice in the prelims. I got to see Janet throw out the first pitch at the Atlanta series. I was swimming the same event she was back then. However, I did 500 yards where hers was 400 meters. I swam distance and butterfly in highschool and JC.

  138. dodgereric

    bluecrew, I was also watching that event and Rowdy Gates was saying (paraphrasing) , “remember I said that the French guy was tightening up……” What a crock. He also was saying that the US didn’t have a shot just before the last turn.

    I realize that I’m a Vin-Scully-spoiled product of non-homerism, and also that these guys are broadcasting to the US, but still………….

    kahli, isn’t Google simply amazing? And referring to listening to Dodger games, I was taking a night electronics class at MSAC in Walnut during Reggie Jackson’s 3-homer game and was listening to it on a transistor radio with the earphone cord running down my sleeve. And I’m with you on the dying thing. That stuff used to stay with me forever.

  139. kpookiemon

    1969 was a great year. It was baseball’s first year of divisions, two 6-team divisions in each league. That was when “Wild Wild West” was first used. Dodgers were young, just like now. I remember a Sports Illustrated cover with Alston and his “Hot Young Dodgers.” So I found it on-line:
    Amazing to look back and see which kids went on to become world champions.

  140. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very cool Kahli ~ I have been doing this Dodger trivia game on my facebook, and I have had to answer alot of questions about that group in the photograph. I have managed to have a lot of lucky guesses. They do ask questions about the times I remember so it makes up for the early 70’s and below – lol

  141. kpookiemon

    I remember thinking in 1976 that Walt Alston was no longer winning and that he’d become “out of touch,” whatever that means. I really wanted Tommy to be manager, even then. I look at Joe and I see Alston. Trouble is, the Dodgers don’t have anybody better, no young Tommy.

  142. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ last Saturday, I sat next to a 10 year old little boy that reminded me of you (and now Kahli). He knew everything there is to know about the Dodgers. It was the 80’s night, and he new all this information about every player from the 80’s, and then I added what I knew. He was a remarkable little boy. I told this story back a ways, but you were gone at the time. You would have been proud about all the things I added to expand his knowledge, plus all the little tidbits I gave him about our current team. His favorite 80’s player was Fernando.

  143. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli ~ It will be very interesting to see what happens through the rest of this season, and then into the off season. There will be alot of decisions to be made on players and hopefully non players (Ned).

  144. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The Dodgers now have a losing record (4-5) with Ramirez, although you can’t blame him or the other two Dodgers outfielders. In addition to Ramirez’s two RBIs, they got three hits, two runs and a stolen base from Matt Kemp and two hits, two runs and an RBI from Andre Ethier, who has supplanted Juan Pierre as the third starter.
    I love the word “supplanted” – it certainly makes it sound permanent.

  145. dodgereric

    nelly, if that little boy was keeping score in an official scorebook, it was me for sure. But I was never fortunate enough to sit next to someone really friendly. I always sat next to a fan of the other team or someone smoking a big cigar.

    I agree that the off-season will be very interesting. More than usual.

    I also agree that you cannot pin the losing record on the current outfield. But I’m afraid that the only permanent thing on the team is Torre’s inconsistancy. Just when you think he’s settled on something, he goes and changes again.

  146. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, jhall ~ Yes, Wally, a very tough loss, but I’m thinking positive about this upcoming homestand, and yes, this will probably make or break the season for us. 🙂

  147. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall ~ you need to go up a few comments and read about the new student I am getting in my classroom this year. Too funny!!!! Sounds like someone we know – LOL!

  148. trublu4ever

    Good morning dnelly & jhall — maybe the 2 losses over the weekend will be our wake-up call. Good to see Joe will be sticking with Andre. Andruw seems to have a slight injury (yea I bet) and poor Juan is sitting the pine. We have to tighten up our defensive play and will be okay.

  149. trublu4ever

    It sure does sound like a sudden injury. But, that’s the way we wanted it. We have to win our games and not worry about the Dbacks, and who they are playing. If we win we will put the pressure on them. Torre also says that Park may not be available. Darn.

  150. thinkingblue

    Glad to hear that Andre is playing more games….yeah he was great yesterday. How is Martin Doing? That looked very painful.

    QUESTIONS: Does anybody know how are the kids chosen to run up to a Dodger and ask for autograph at the beginning of each Dodger’s Home game?

  151. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am heading out to school. Today is my official last day of summer vacation. The students start the 18th. I will check in from time to time. I am interested in hearing from jnv about Saturday’s game and Dodge16 about yesterday’s game, not to mention all the fun times around here.
    Have a terrific day ITD writers and readers!!

  152. tradejuanpypaperbag

    okay ~ I walk into my classroom, and other teacher I work next door to (not my A’s/braves friend) is a Giants fan and she walks in and the first thing she says is “Interesting game yesterday” – uuugghhhh!!!!

  153. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Have I ever told you I really hate the Giants. The first thing I hear when walking on campus is “What happened?” “Interesting game yesterday”. uugghh!! No, they are really nice people. I just wish they weren’t Giants fans 🙂

  154. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I already have!!!! It just gives them so much joy to beat the Dodgers you know. The mentality they have they rather lose to dbacks and the rox on purpose just to keep the Dodgers from going anywhere.

  155. dodgereric

    That will work, TruBlue! Here are some more:

    “Hey, just exactly how long is this rebuilding program supposed to take?”

    “Talk to me when you win a World Series in my lifetime.”

    Or you could just send them this link. I prefer to call it, “How It Feels To Be A Giants Fan”.

  156. trublu4ever

    You are so right. They have done that for many years (losing on purpose) and it shows what they are all about. They used to play all of their backups for the teams ahead of us but when we played them it was always first stringers.

  157. scott_in_arcadia

    Good morning ITD!

    Well, I’m obviously happy with the latest OF developments and those 2 losses were more fluky than anything else. Kemp and Ethier provide a great 1-2 punch at the top of the order. All the Dodgers need to do is win 3 or 4 in a row to take the lead.

  158. trublu4ever

    You’ve got that right, Scott. Joe likes what he sees in the outfield. Now, we just have to tighten up our defense and we will be just fine. Seems like we play better against teams that are close to leading their divisions.

  159. trublu4ever

    Our game is going to be on ESPN2 tonight — wow, the Dodgers get some prime time airing. They probably want to see Manny. I’m still in shock ESPN isn’t showing the Yankees or Red Sox. You’d think they were the only 2 teams in MLB

  160. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! Thank you eric – I needed that, and I forgot about that video ~ thanks!!! 🙂
    Good Morning, scott – It is great to see that outfield. Just imagine where we could be if Joe would’ve “gotten it” just a little earlier, but all we can do is go forward, and at least he “has it” for now.

  161. trublu4ever

    Yea but why now? Have only had us on a couple of times all year. It’s either Manny or because we are playing the Phillies and they are supposed to be so good. We’re going to kick their butts!

  162. kpookiemon

    The biggest threat to the Dodgers is not Dunn, it’s themselves. How’s the old saying go, “we have met the enemy and it is us…” Countless slobs out there could have this team playing under .500 in mid August. I expected more from our “Hall-of-Fame” manager. Nice job so far, Joe.

  163. dodgereric

    kahli, I suspect that if the Dodgers had NO manager at all, they would have a better record than they have today. The players could just arm-wrestle for playing time. That would have settled the outfield right away………..

  164. kpookiemon

    Dear Ned. The Reds, somehow, just unloaded Adam Dunn, albeit for basically nothing. Could you please give Walt Jocketty a call and figure out how to move highly-paid, left-handed hitters?

  165. kpookiemon

    I like the arm wrestling idea, but can Ethier take Jones one-on-one? There’s a lot of dense inertia on Andruw’s side.

  166. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ Thanks for the article ~ Makes me even be that more impressed with him. I really hope the Dodgers hold on to him. He is an asset both on and off the field. BTW – love the name – “ethieroaholics”

  167. tradejuanpypaperbag

    “ethieraholics” I group of fans (mostly women) who are obsessed with Dodgers Right Fielder, Andre Ethier, to the point where help is needed at times. LOL!!!

  168. selltheteam

    Outfield Mayhem
    Sung to “Creeque Valley” by The Mamas and the Papas
    Joe and Donnie were gettin’ kind of heady
    Just to leave the Diamondbacks behind
    Ned and Conte spendin’ all the money
    Tryin’ to get a PVL on the line
    In the Fenway Park Mannyram sheds
    And after every series they’d scratch their heads
    Vladi and Torii just a-movin’ higher
    In L.A., you know where that’s at
    And no one’s gettin’ fat except Andruw Jones
    Andre said “Juanpy, you know there aren’t many”
    “Who can steal a base the way that you do, let’s go south”
    Juanpy said “Andre, hey, don’t you think that I wish”
    “I could play right field like you”
    Juan and Andruw Jones sat
    (on the pine bench)
    And after every series they’d doff their hat
    Vladi and Torii still a-gettin higher
    In L.A., you know where that’s at
    And no one’s gettin’ fat except Andruw Jones
    When Dre was a sophomore, planned to go to Oakland
    But he changed his mind one day
    Standin’ in the outfield, traded for a Bradley
    “Take me to LA right away”
    When Manram met Matt he gave him chest bumps
    Called Dre and Joe and that was the outfield
    Vladi and Torii still a-gettin higher
    In L.A., you know where that’s at
    And no one’s gettin’ fat except Andruw Jones
    Chest bumps, high bumps, long slumps, all bums
    Don’t you work as hard as you play
    Make up, break up, everyone is f**ked up
    Guess it’s under .500 all the way
    MannyRam Dre and Matt formed the outfield
    Casey and Angel screwin up the infield
    Vladi and Torii just a-catchin’ fire
    In L.A., you know where that’s at
    And everybody’s gettin’ fat except Andruw Jones
    Di-di-di-dit dit dit di-di-di-dit, who-o-oa
    Lost, busted, disgusted, Boras can’t be trusted
    And Andruw wants to go to the buffet
    Nomar can’t make it, he says we’ll have to fake it
    We knew he’d break any day
    You’re easin’ on Frank and Jamie’s credit
    Kids are low rent, but keeping Ned’s hand out is hard
    Manny’s good vibrations and our imaginations
    Can’t go on indefinitely
    And is a Freeway Series a dream or reality?

  169. think16blu

    good afternoon everyone! now that i’m done crying after yesterdays terrible loss i decided to come chat for a little bit… lol i’m going to get myself a joe beimel bobble head tuesday and cheer our boys on!! anyone else going to the game tuesday? i’m also gunna make a sign (i havent decided what its gunna say) so hopefully i’ll get on the big screen!! or even TV! haha

  170. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ too funny, and thanks!!! 🙂
    trueblu ~ definitely !
    Good afternoon acardona!

  171. tradejuanpypaperbag

    EA = Ethieraholics Anonymous ~ meetings are held every day during home games in the Right Field Pavillion – LOL!!!

  172. dodgereric

    TruBlue, I absolutely agree that Ramirez should hit third. It should be your best hitter, and he is that, hands-down. Kent needs to be shoved down the lineup as well.

    Slugging %
    Manny .838 (as a Dodger)
    Blake .500 (ditto)
    Kemp .465
    Ethier .446
    Loney .446
    Kent .413
    Martin .406

    Move him down.

  173. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Possible lineup with Manny batting 3rd. If Joe thinks Jeff is still a power guy, you have twice where the table can be set and then a batter to clean up. Then if Jeff can’t do it, then Blake might.


  174. dodgereric

    Manny .459 (as a Dodger)
    Kemp .294
    Loney .294
    Blake .286 (ditto)
    Martin .286
    Ethier .276
    Kent .262

    Move him down.

  175. think16blu

    trublue- haha!! that would be awsome!!

    really nelly? hmm… i’ll find a way… i’m a dodger fan!! lol!!


    acardona, amy and i are going to be at the game tomorrow.. let me know where you’re sitting!

  177. dodgereric

    Manny .512 (as a Dodger)
    Martin .383
    Loney .351
    Kemp .345
    Ethier .340
    Blake .328 (ditto)
    Kent .313

    Move him down.

  178. think16blu

    sara- cool! i’ll be sitting at the 3rd base line! i’m really gunna try to bring a sign in so i’ll let you know later what it’s gunna say then you’ll know its me! lol i’ll also be wearing my Andre Ethier shirt!


    acardona, i’m not sure where we’re sitting yet.. my friend put me on dodgers will call, so we won’t see the tickets until tomorrow. we’ll probably be on the 3rd baseline of the loge. we thought it would be fun to go to a game together so we planned this. we will look out for a sign held by a girl in an ethier shirt!

    eric, i will tell amy hi for you 🙂

  180. think16blu

    eric- if i see her i’ll let her know you say hi!

    thats what my sign will say!!

    meetings held at ITD land!

  181. think16blu

    sara- yeah we’ll be in the loge section too! haha sounds good! i hope we all get to meet!!

    well my visit today is short but i have to take care of some things at home… i was camping for a week so everything is backed up! lol i’ll try to come back on later tonight!! bye everyone!! GO DODGERS!!!

  182. think16blu

    haha dnelly!! awsome!! i think i’m gunna put that on my sign i’ll let you know a little later tonight!

  183. tradejuanpypaperbag

    correction :
    Ethieraholics Anonymous –
    Times: as often as possible
    Where: ITD Blog Site
    Subject: Andre, of course!!!
    eric ~ hourly may not be enough for some – LMAO!!!!

  184. tradejuanpypaperbag

    trueblu ~ 12 steps are not needed because there is no cure – LOL!!! (unless he gets traded to that team we hate who wears black and orange – the thought is just waaaay to scary to think about it)

  185. scurtis1999

    Torre also indicated that Andre Ethier will remain in the starting outfield along with Matt Kemp in center and Manny Ramirez in left. Torre said Andruw Jones’ surgically repaired right knee is tender again and his availability even as a defensive replacement is day-to-day.

    Meanwhile, Juan Pierre is really the odd man out. Although Torre initially indicated after the acquistion of Ramirez that Pierre would get the bulk of playing time ahead of Ethier, it hasn’t worked out that way. Ethier came into Sunday’s game 11-for-19 lifetime against Matt Cain, then went 2-for-3 against him with a triple, RBI and two runs scored.

    “He’s seeing the ball really well right now and he has a little more pop [than Pierre],” Torre said. “As long as he looks comfortable, it’s easy to watch right now.”

  186. trublu4ever

    sam ~ I agree kent has power, I just think it would help the team if Manny were 3rd & Jeff was maybe 5th or 6th

  187. selltheteam

    The twelve steps for Ethieraholics Anonymous. I think I will likely burn in hell for this.
    1. We admit we are powerless to our everlasting enthusiasm (ladies, insert your own word here) for Andre Ethier
    2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could convince Joe to play Dre Every Day
    3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to ITD to convince Joe to play Dre
    4. Made a searching inventory of center fielders to get in ‘Dre’s way
    5. Admitted to Joe, Ned, and Frank the exact nature of their wrongs
    6. Were entirely ready to have God drop pianos on all defective players in Dre’s way
    7. Humbly asked Him to remove those players with shortcomings
    8. Made a list of all players we wished to be harmed
    9. Apologized to such players as Juanpy, Nomar, and Sweeney when they were harmed and placed on the DL (okay, maybe not Sweeney)
    10. Continued to keep up the stats and when we were wrong (not often) promptly admitted it
    11. Sought through songs and Leave it to Beaver analogies to improve our chances of getting Dre to play every day

  188. selltheteam

    It would help if I included the twelfth step…
    12. Having a spiritual awakening that Dre is better than Juan, we carried this message to any Joeys that stumbled into the ITD

  189. dodgereric

    In the hopes that I’m not pissing off anyone that holds the 12 steps of AA in such high regard that this borders on sacrilege…….

    The 12 Steps for ETHIERanonymous

    1. We admitted we were powerless over our schoolgirl-like attraction to Andre—that our lives had become unmanageable.
    2. Came to believe that no power could restore us to sanity.
    3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to understanding Andre.
    4. Made a searching of the internet for information of Andre.
    5. Admitted to ourselves, and to our husbands/boyfriends the exact nature of our cravings.
    6. Were not entirely ready to admit to defects of character.
    7. Asked Ned in no uncertain terms to never, ever trade Andre, especially to the Giants.
    8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all, except Juanpy and JoJo.
    9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would include Juanpy and JoJo.
    10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it, except when to do so would include Juanpy and JoJo..
    11. Sought through deep, personal introspection to improve our contact with Andre, mostly through his personal appearances, and the power to carry that out.
    12. Having had a wonderful experience as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to fellow ETHIERalcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs (pun not intended).

  190. dodgereric

    aaaaWWWWW CRAP!!! I hate it when I’m not only not original, but INFERIOR!!! AND SLOWER!!!!

    I like yours better, crash!

  191. trublu4ever

    Crash& Eric ~ That was terrific. I knew someone could come up with a 12 step program & you both answered the challenge

  192. thinkingblue

    Hello my name is Rose and I am an ETHIERaholics!

    Ethier got me even more interested in DODGER…well Martin had a little help too.

    But thanks to ETHIER a lot of females have learned to LOVE THE SPORT OF BASEBALL AND THE DODGERS….


  193. selltheteam

    Twelve steps that I would prefer over either (Ethier) my 12 or Eric’s 12:
    Step 1 – Every Day through September 28 – play Ethier, Kemp, and Manny in the outfield.
    Steps 2-4 – Three wins in the division playoffs
    Steps 5-8 – Four wins in the NLCS
    Steps 9-12 – Four wins in the World Series

  194. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You got that right Crash!!
    eric/crash ~ they both are phenomenal!!!
    dodgersrule ~ once an Ethieraholic always an Ethieraholic
    see eric ~ what you started!! More fun!!!

  195. trublu4ever

    Okay, guys, we have our 12 step programs in place. Now, let’s see how we can arrange it so we never have to see Pierre or Jones in the dugout, period. A kidnapping? Perhaps pay one of the visiting teams pitchers to throw a little inside?

  196. northstateblues

    Speaking of going to hell, I might just do that for spoofing this song. In honor of the newest D-Bag:

    My Name is Adam Dunn
    (to the tune of Carol of the Bells)

    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na

    My name is Adam Dunn
    I am overrated, I wear D-Bags hat
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn

    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run

    I’m supposed to lead the D-Bags to October
    Like I didn’t with the Reds
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Where is the ball?
    Wait for the ball
    Uh-oh, I fall
    Where is the ball?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn

    My name is Adam Dunn
    Half as good as ManRam, I wear D-Bags hat
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, season done.


    Just feel that we should make fun of the other guys’ players once in a while.

  197. tradejuanpypaperbag

    northstateblue ~ wonderful!!!! We may have to move on to other teams and their players. Right now things are looking pretty good with Joe putting Andre in the lineup consistently.
    Maybe we can do one for Manny for his old team that he doesn’t want to talk about.

  198. northstateblues

    And if we’re making fun of other teams… here’s one for the lamest and the tamest of them all.

    I Hate the Bay
    (to the tune of “I Love LA”)

    Rolling down the Nimitz Freeway,
    A big nasty skyline looms outside
    The Delta breeze smells like feet and blue cheese
    Like a skunk just died

    Roll up the windows, put up the top
    Til I cross the Bay Bridge, I ain’t gonna stop
    I’ll be driving til the Big Coca-Cola sign shines

    From the alleys to the trolleys
    From the East Bay to the South Bay
    Everybody’s really crabby
    ‘Cause the Giants are always done by July

    Looks like another wasted day
    I hate the bay
    I hate the bay

    Look at those piers, look at those streets
    Look at those bums downtown, all 2,003
    Take a whiff of that sea stink
    Ain’t nuthin’ like it nowhere

    The Embarcadero… WE HATE IT!
    Telegraph Hill… WE HATE IT!!
    Mission Bay… WE HATE IT!!!
    Lombard Street… WE HATE IT
    I HATE THE BAY!!!!

    I hate the bay
    WE HATE IT!!
    I hate the bay
    WE HATE IT!!
    I hate the bay!!!!…


    I actually like the city of San Francisco a lot… but after last night, they had it coming.

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