Guess which helmet is Manny's

manny helmet.jpg

The Giants will be doing their 50th anniversary celebration at tonight’s game and rumor has it, Barry Bonds will be on hand for, what I imagine will be, the loudest ovation we’ve heard in a long time.

Our season-long celebration of the 50th continues next weekend with the 90s luncheon and for anyone that went to the first three luncheons, these have been very well received. For more information, email

I’ve also noticed a lot of women posting here of late and in case you didn’t know, there’s a WIN event on that same day as the 90s luncheon, August 16. A clinic in the morning and luncheon in the afternoon and among the many Dodgers who will be on hand for one or the other are Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, Jeff Kent, Russell Martin and Matt Kemp. For more information, check this page out.

For those who follow our prospects, check out what Justin Miller did last night for the Loons.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already heard, you can catch up with Larry Bowa on Tuesday in a web chat at 2 p.m. PT Log in early to get your questions at the top so they’re easier to find.

Finally, a win tonight would tie Joe Torre with Joe McCarthy for seventh place all-time on the Major League wins list. Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Kuroda, P


Did I win???

You won!

Andre’s playing – yeah!!!!! yes, you won!!! Damn!!!!

I have no complaints with this line-up OR batting order.

Did hell just freeze over???


enchanted- haha!!! i completely agree!!! i am VERY happy with this line up!!

Just a random thought… Ardoin joins the long list of players this season that hit a home run the day/night before and find themselves sitting back on the bench the next game.

there’s the outfield we’ve all been dying to see!!

Finally a lineup that I can totally agree with, even including Berroa the way he’s been hitting lately. What’s happening? Torre’s obviously a slow learner to come to this point. I just hope that now that he seems to have learned our ballclub, he’ll stick with this lineup.

As for Ned, I still say FIRE HIS SORRY A**!!!

A lineup that nobody can complain about? What is going on here?

Great Lineup tonight! I expect to score some runs tonight and a win. GO DODGERS!!!

enchanted i didn’t even notice! i was so excited about Andre (especially) Matty, and ManRam being the starting OF!

I also think this is a great lineup. He should leave it this way for a while and see if we can go on a winning streak with it — would be fun to win more than 2 in a row.

Juan misses another start after his “sticking it to me” interview. Coinkidink or not?

LMAO Ibirken!!

i would gush about how good the lineup is.. but i think you all have taken care of that for me.. it is about as good as you can get right now..

I think Juan is going to be gone!

atta boy, torre. atta boy.

it’s also funny josh would post that picture just after everyone started talking about just how dirty manram’s helmet is.. i think it wasn’t as noticeable in boston because they wear black helmets, but his logo was always less readable than the others.. but now.. it’s all over the blue.. what can anyone say? the man uses lots of pinetar~

JOE!!! Tell that darn Ramirez to clean his helmet!!! I want a very “proper” .500 team representing the City of Angels!

Now that would be a sad day Tru – I’d lose all my motivation for songwriting.

Although I’d still have Ned…

I have two versions of this song in my head. This one is Joe’s version. I am happy with how most of our veterans are playing right now, except for two, and you know who they are. I just want them benched for the rest of the season. They really aren’t needed, and I wish Joe would realize that. Ned and Frank are making enough money off of Manny right now, where Joe should be able to let JP and Andruw be the bench players and not have to worry about the money sitting on the bench. Andre needs to be “Everyday ‘Dre” (IMO, of course) GO DODGERS!!!!
Song: Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Joe’s Version)
Original Song: Wouldn’t It Be Nice
by: The Beach Boys
Wouldn’t it be nice if my team was older
Then I wouldn’t have to play the young
And wouldn’t it be nice to bench the young guns
In the kind of world where I belong
I know it’s gonna make it that much better
When I can say play Juan intead of Ethier
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after playing all the vets together
Hold back the young guns the whole night through
Happy times together I’ve been spending
I wish that every vet was always playing
Wouldn’t it be nice
Maybe if I think and wish and hope and play i
It might come true
Then there wouldn’t be a single thing I couldn’t do
I could play slappy
And then I’d be happy
Wouldn’t it be nice
You know it seems the more I talk about it
It only makes it worse to play without them
But let’s talk about it
Wouldn’t it be nice

Joe Torre should become a school principal…


Great Lineup, BTW – I am very happy to see that outfield. I just wish it could stay that way – please Joe!!!

Thank you, enchanted ~ let’s hope Joe doesn’t get his wish and we lose a very valueable part of our outfield. That would be a very sad day, indeed, especially if it means 3 more years with JP.

I don’t see Manny’s helmut in the picture. The one I saw Manny wearing on TV completely obliterated the “LA” logo. Also, I see some numbers on these helmuts that belong to players not currently on the active roster, such as #3 & #33.

lbirken, i bet that picture was taken at home before the road trip because they wouldn’t take all those helmets on the road, ie #5, #33.. so basically that’s the mess it was after 3 games, and now it’s in even worse condition.. which you saw last night..

Kahli – LOL!!! Please, not at my school – LOL!!!

It’s nice to have a lineup without THE BLACK HOLE at the top of the order. We keep playing this lineup everyday and we’ll win the west.h

dnelly, can your principal get this team over .500? Call it an even swap.

speaking of helmets – has anyone heard about DY, our sixth outfielder? I am assuming he is just being hidden away, and maybe never to be seen again.

Max – I agree with you about leaving the line-up this way. We can pass the Dbacks and let them chase us for a while!

Then Manny’s helmut will be all black quite soon. Yikes!

With Nomar due back and DY probably close to filing a “what’s up?” grievance against Ned and Joe, the Dodgers will have to move two human beings. My guess is one pitcher (Troncoso or Johnson) and one extrememly underachieving left-handed pinch hitter.

You are probably right about the two players who would go. Andruw would have to stay because he’s trying to set the record for a seasons all time low batting average, which was held by Bob Ueker (not sure of the spelling) but Jones is a close second.

Kahli ~ our school just got over the 800 mark in the API scores, so yes, she would definitely be over .500 by now. We have a really good mix of young and veteran teachers, and all of our veteran teachers are proven veteran teachers.

Oh no!!!

Just ignore it.

Every village has one.

We are!!

LMAO!!!!!! way to go Beav!!!!
lbirken – nice article πŸ™‚

Did I see in one of the articles on the home page that Bennett is actually trying to get back for September? Being as how he’s on the 60-Day DL and not taking a 40 man roster spot, what poor sap would have to be DFA’d for that to happen?

wow, enchanted, I didn’t see that item about Bennett. This is going to get very wierd, with Noamar, Furcal and now maybe Bennett coming back — a little crowded, wouldn’t you say.

Oh, I forgot — Saito too!

Don’t think Bennet will be back on this team any time soon. Got to go; enjoy the game and let’s take it to the Gnats.

Of course, after September 1 there is no problem. Still, I can’t imagine the Dodgers would want Bennet back.

I think a few pianos are going to have to fall for that to happen. I think a piano or two are going to have to fall to make room for Nomar and DY, too. I guess Berroa or Ozuna are expendable for Nomar, but then there’s DY and now Bennett – Wow!!! decisions, decisions, and who do we have in charge – Ned and Joe – what fun that will be.

LMAO gang!!! Great songs!!!
Gee, I sure hope dad/Ward makes it back tonight!!

Hey Wally!!!
Love the line up tonight!!!

I’m guessing DY will magically heal when the rosters expand in Sept. Being on the 15-Day, he’s already on the 40 man as is Nomar. If Berroa can keep it up a little while longer, I wouldn’t expect Nomar to play again until Sept. either.

Yeah Nelly!! Encouraging!!

Hope the extra rest helps Kuroda.

Hey, jhall ~ there’s a little league team playing to go to the LLWS – are they from around you? Also, Grady 0-5 today, glad to see he’s human, too – LOL!!

I really like Kent hitting in front of Manny. Two RBI machines back to back. Torre is finally starting to figure out the lineup…hopefully not too late though.

I don’t know Nelly, I’ll have to check on the LL team. Peralta still getting you points. LOL!!!
Sure would like to see Andre splash one tonight.

I hope so too, jhall, I hope so too. He’s got jnv and dodge16 there cheering him on, so hopefully they will bring him some much deserved good wishes.

We’re going to win tonight. I can feel it. This teams starting a push for the west division crown and we’re going to leave the D’backs in the dust.

Quick 2 spot for the Braves in the first.

Nelly, the team from Ohio is from Mt Vernon. About 40 minutes northeast of me.

That’s great!! They said about 90 miles from Cleveland, but you are actually in Columbus, right?
That’s good news, enchanted!!
Boblee – Go Redskins!!!! They are playing pretty well right now ~ Jason’s looking pretty good out there!! LOL!!!

Yep Nelly!! Thanks for letting me know about it.

Things are getting interesting and I think we have a team that thinks a lot of itself.
Here’s hoping Kuroda can give us one of his better games.
With the addition of Blake & Manny I feel we have changed the dynamics of this team.
The possibilities are unlimited.
If HAPPY DAYS aren’t back yet, then they’re not far off.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………YA BUMS.

Good evening,PierreEW!!!
This lineup is looking pretty good. There isn’t anything to complain about tonight, yet anyway – lol!!

boblee and dnelly, I’ve been a Dallas fan since they lost the Ice Bowl in ’67. As a kid, I liked their uniforms! Hey, where did joey, the vampire bat, go????????

As soon as DY is ready the Dodgers should turn him loose and if he’s not picked up by another team sent him back to Las Vegas. I think they can do that as long as nobody else makes a move.
If he’s claimed by another team, all well and good since there is no room in our outfield.
Unless they want him to replace Ozuna or Berroa.

jhall ~ you are welcome!
Kahli ~ Boblee will like you then – LOL!!!

Even though I live in Texas, and not a native s**tkicker. My two favorite NFL teams are the Raiders, and whoever plays the Dallas Cowgirls that day. I realize they’ve been on hard times the past few years. They are still my team. I’m not a ‘fair weather’ fan. I go back to when I was a kid watching the ‘Mad Bomber’ Lamonica at QB for the Silver & Black. I’m hoping McFadden has a big breakout year, and Russell comes into his own. Where I grew up, everyone else was a Dallas fan. It drove me crazy when football season rolled around each year.

Back to the lineup. I like it alot! Hope it works well, and stays this way for a while. GO DODGERS!!!

pierreEW – can DY play SS position?

No need to bring DY off the disabled list until Sept. when the rosters expand. That way you don’t lose him. My guess is unless they trade him over the winter, they keep him around as insurance until they see what becomes of Manny and JP.

DY can hit, that we all know, his fielding has a lot more to be disired although at times he can be suprizing.
He can play the infield but I don’t recall him at SS.

DY played well at 2B in spring training. Could be an option there next year.

jjriley ~ so that means twice a year you are a Redskins fan – good!! I’m not a Raiders fan, but don’t dislike them like I do the Giants. My daughter is a Raiders fan.

jjriley – Giants baseball, not football. I actually like the Giants football team – I wanted them to win the superbowl when it was down to just the two teams.

I’m feeling a lot better my appetite and body functions have been normal and me and my very close buddy VAC should have no trouble getting through this game tonight.

That’s great to hear PierreEW!!

Glad to hear it PierreEW.

Does anybody watching MLB Extra Innings not have the game on yet?

I am very proud of all Dodger Fans at the game. I didn’t hear any boos when Barry was annouced – Dodger fans are awesome!!!!

dnelly I’m a true blue Dodger fan. I despise the baseball Giants. It’s in my DNA from my Dads side. He grew up in the Bronx, where everyone else in his youth were Yankee fans. He was always a Dodger fan, and passed his fanaticism on to me. I was ecstatic when the Football Giants beat the heavily favored Patriots in the last Super Bowl. I haven’t forgiven the Patriots for the fumble called an incomplete pass in the AFC championship game some years back. They are a bunch of over rated cheaters.
And I will NEVER forget, or forgive the Steelers ‘Immaculate Reception’ going waaay back! LMAO!

Swood – They just finished doing the reunion of all the Giant oulfielders — including Mays & Bonds — game next.

OK cool, its on now…thanks

What is wrong with KCAL? I have always hated watching Dodger games on it. The channel is either blacked out of the picture keeps flickering off and on.

I don’t know how everyone else feels about it but it was nice to see Barry Bonds(not in uniform) mention that the Dodger are right here. He said he beat us before and will beat us again.
Personally I hope it’s NOT as a Giant.

Great songs Kahli and DNelly! Okay love the line-up tonight. So in tribute to Juan Pierre and his coming diatribe of complaint in tomorrow’s papers, I present to you, the ITD crew, a song on Juan, as sung from Juan, to Juan. πŸ™‚

“JUAN ON JUAN” [aka “ONE ON ONE” – Hall & Oates]

I’m tired of playing on this team

It seems that I don’t get to start anymore

That could change if my OBP was erased

And you forget I rarely score

Oh oh I can feel the magic of Juan’s touch

And when Juan pops to left a little bit means so much

Ooh yeah, you’ve got to understand Torre

Being Juan is what I’m here for

Juan on Juan I wanna play this game tonight

Juan on Juan I know I wanna play that

Juan on Juan I wanna play this game tonight

Dre and Druw are so slow

You can’t tell me you don’t miss me Joe

I think I might know you too well

Wonder what Mom would say if she knew that I wasn’t starting tonight

[Want to? ] I want to start can’t you tell?

Juan on Juan I wanna play the game tonight

Juan on Juan I know I wanna play this

Juan on Juan I wanna play the game tonight

Dre and Druw are so slow

That’s all you need to know now

‘Cause if my Mom’s really right there’s no Juan else

One on one I want to play that game tonight…

Juan on Juan I wanna play the game tonight

Juan on Juan I know I wanna play this

Juan on Juan I wanna play the game tonight

jjriley ~ The Giants issue – same here – it’s in the DNA to bleed Dodger Blue
PierreEW – the Giants don’t want anything to do with Barry, and if they do, they are not letting anybody know about it. They have pretty much eliminated all things that relate to Barry except for one plack at AT&T park. So, he’s not coming back as a Giant any time soon.

Hi all, back from a few days up in northern California, where it was absolutely beautiful. I was at Lake Sabrina, at about 9000 feet, near Bishop, CA. Glad to see our boys have won their last two, and that they are right on the heels of the Snakes. Go Blue!

perumike ~ It’s great to hear you had a good time up there in the Sierra’s. Glad you are back!!

Even though I despise the Giants, I have the utmost admiration, and respect for Willie Mays. He’s the best all around player I’ve ever seen. He did it cleanly, and with class. Bonds could raise a pimple on his Godfathers behind.

Good sign – Marty didn’t bite this time on those pitches off the plate.

Hopefully Kuroda gets those same low strikes the ump called against Loney.

Good goin’ K U R O D A nice hit.

Cool! Kuroda helps himself!

Good inning with a hit by Kuroda!!

Andre did good!! I hope Joe is watching πŸ™‚

Obi ~ I didn’t see the song up there ~ ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!!

Hey everyone. I was happy to see Andre in the lineup tonight. I missed the first 2 innings, but from what Vin said when he came up to bat in the top of the third, he could easily be 2 for 2. I would say he has a good chance to start again tomorrow since he hits Cain very well. I know Torre said that Pierre’s recent comments have not affected his decisions on who starts, but it sure seems like it has since Pierre has only started like one game since then. May it stay that way. lol.

Braves- 8
D’backs- 3
6th inning

Braves- 9
D’Backs -3

bottom of the 6th

bluecrewgirl – he did very well the first at bat, too. It was just a good play by the second baseman.
obi ~ orlando hudson looks to be out for a while. He went out of the game, with looked like to be a broken wrist/hand. It was a missed play by the dbacks, that’s the reason for the score.

Dnelly: Truly sorry to hear the bad news about the O-Dog. I like him as a player, and I never want to see anyone get seriously hurt. Aren’t you proud of Dre’s performance so far tonight, Dnelly? He easily could be 3 for 3!

yeah Andre!!! beautiful triple!!

orlando alwayls gets hurt in the final weeks last year he go hurt and i beleive he didnt play in the playoffs

Andre appears to be dialed in on Correia.


Yes, Andre!! Way to show Joe who should be starting. Too bad we can’t play the Giants in their park even more than we do being in the same division.

haha nelly our boy is on fire!!


Obi ~ Andre’s doing great, and yes, I like Orlando, too, that’s why I said what happened. As individuals I like many of the dbacks players. I just wish they weren’t our competition. I have many of them on my fantasy team.

lets go MANNY!!!!

THAT was ugly~

strike ’em out, throw ’em out

That was a wasted opportunity.

WOW!!! what a waste of a great triple!

1 run. we should have 3 or 4 even 5 runs right now

Okay ~ that was not good.

That sucked.

i can’t believe Kent went!!

why is the color of beimel’s facial hair on his bobblehead SO much lighter than his hair color? that commercial still cracks me up though..

I love the commercial for Beimel’s bobblehead with Beimel, Russ, Andre and Loney. They just showed it again.

Nice job Max!!!

sara – i know there bobble head commercials are great!

I was wondering why he went too, Acardona, considering he’s the slowest runner on the team and we would have still had a chance to cash a run in with only 2 outs.

i guess kent didn’t trust loney to produce..

or he thought manny would double him up..

nice throw matty!!!

KEMP nailed him!

Nice throw Kempster!!!


exactly bluecrewgirl! that was just…… a bad move!

wow, that was a dead-on throw~
and of course russ did a great job blocking the plate as always..



That’s exactly why Juan Pierre does not need to be out in the outfield. NICE JOB MATTHEW!!!! Are you watching Joe?

Love that throw by K E M P

btw, i think that play with manny and kent was a busted hit and run play.

That was a great play, Sara. That’s another reason I like Andre and Matt both in the lineup. Good defense can be just as important and exciting as good offense.

yeah dnelly, if pierre was playing in CF today, that out just now never could have happened. i love andre and matty’s outfield assists too much, which is another reason i don’t like pierre playing..

Torre was trying to stay out of the ground ball double play on the three two count by sending the runner and hoping Manny would either make contact or walk.

Dnel- haha! he must be shinning his shoes during the game cause he seems to think JP and Andruw are great!!

maybe obi, or at least kent thought it was a hit and run. no way that manram checks his swing on a hit and run. if it was a hit and run, he didn’t do much of a job to make contact.

SEE!!! if kent would have stayed on first we would have gotten Andre in!!!

sara ~ this is the reason why Andre and Matt (and even Andruw on occasion) need to be playing everyday. It’s things like that in close games that are going to make the difference rather than a possible stolen base by JP.

yup bluecrewgirl, exciting defense is SO fantastic. i love great defensive players.. it’s a very important part of the game..

i know dnelly, JP supporters and joe just don’t seem to grasp that concept. a great defensive play can change the game just as much as a stolen base, if not more.


sheesh~ joe is just running EVERYONE today.. almost another strike ’em out, throw ’em out

Please Joe stop calling hit and runs on 3-2 counts.

“Juan Pierre could have made that kind of throw, if Juan Pierre was given the chance tostart tonight and play in Centerfield”—-thought bubble that momentarily appeared over the head of Juan Pierre. [Thought Bubble is a registered trademark of Juan Pierre Enterprises, KCAL-TV and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and is available only to subscribers of the “Juan being Juan” fanclub. Available only in the contiguous United States. Outlawed in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela]

ALMOST is the key work sara! lol

i don’t really know about this joe testing molina’s arm thing..

Nice slide by Loney. I don’t like how Torre always trys to stay out of the ground ball double play on full counts by sending the runner and hoping the hitter makes contact. I always feel theres a better chance of a strike him out throw him out DP than a Ground Ball DP.

haha obi. you’re just classic. so funny πŸ™‚

yeah swood, agreed. especially with loney and kent. two of our slowest runners..

LMAO, obi. At first I thought you were saying you thought he could have made that throw, then realized you were joking. Too funny.

LMAO!!! obi ~ too,too funny!!!!!!

wow, i never thought berroa would get two IBBs in the same season..

didn’t they see kuroda drive in the only run of the game!! haha

What does LMAO mean???

haha!! bluecrewgirl i thought the same thing! LOL

Wow, Berroa looked safe to me.

swood – Laugh My A** Off = LMAO

ok thanks

those were quite possibly the two worst hit and run calls made back to back! but at least SOMETHING came out of it!! (something= a bad throw)

Correia seemed somewhat wild but Dodgers couldn’t seem to make much contact on pitches near the strike zone.
It looked like to me.

“I would have been safe on that play because no umpire is going to call Juan Pierre, a player who has stolen over 100 bases for three different teams, out on a play like that- it just ain’t gonna happen” – 7: 57pm “Thought Bubble” of Juan Pierre

no problem swood!

LOL obi!!!

wow that sucked!

Dnel- i read earlier that you said your family is Gnats fans.. my dad was telling me after i got Andre’s autograph that my grandma used to take him to Giant games (he lived in antioch) and he waited for hours at a game when he was young to get a picture with Mays and he did but he lost the picture..

What the Heck was Berroa doing on that play???

Maybe we’ll have better luck against the bullpen.
D’Backs losing 11-4 bottom of ninth.

Great story acardona πŸ™‚
obi ~ keep it up!! They are great!!
Giants bullpen – Let’s Go Dodgers!!!

“Juan can’t spell Kemp without a ‘K’ ” – 8: 21pm “Thought Bubble” of Juan Pierre

MAN!! Andre had my heart pounding for a couple seconds!! lol

That was close to at least a double for Andre. Bummer. He’s hit the ball well every time tonight.

“Manny wears number 99 because he wishes he was twice as good as Juan Pierre!” -8: 21pm “Thought Bubble” of Juan Pierre [now outlawed in Oklahoma and Arizona]

LMAO!!!!! keep ’em coming obi!!

Good to see it’s over in Arizona and they lost.
Makes you beath better doesn’t it.

The Giants announcers said the Ethier is a scary hitter. That he looks like he plays here everyday. Good compliment, but scary thought of him playing in a Giants uniform.

LMAO!! obi πŸ™‚

wow matty!! another one!!

HAHA!! i can’t believe he tested Matty!!! LETS GO BOYS!!! i want a cd! lol

I think Omar forgot that it wasn’t Pierre out there again. That’s twice now that they have tried to throw on Matt’s arm. Joe, are you watching?

What is going on tonight? This line-up should be killing SF. It always seems this is what happens when Joe finally gets a good line-up in there – they don’t score, which leads him to believe they have to have JP in there to make things go.

Good bit on the thought bubble Obi!! Good song too!!!

Thank you Vizquel.
Another nice throw out by KEMP.

tried to “run” not “throw” – sorry

pierreEW – sure does!


Dnel- i’m gunna have nightmares if i picture that!! very scary thought!!

enchanted – too many bad decisions by Torre is the problem.

wow poor Russy! his bat isn’t so hot.. what happend?

“Better start flapping my right arm so Joe will know that Juan Pierre is ready to go into the game and make things HAPPEN!” – 8:35pm “Thought Bubble” of Juan Pierre

Ned’s thought bubble 24/7 – ?????????????????

Russ’ funk continues!

LMAO enchanted!!!

Its a good thing the Giants aren’t this good against the rest of the league because they’d be much higher in the standings.
I guess they’re more relaxed against us.
Its been like this for many years.

LMAO!! obi and enchanted πŸ™‚
acardona – it’s bad enough I think about him being traded, but the thought of him playing for “that” team would just be crushing.

i missed the first out of the inning… i’m watching the UFC fights, posting on here, putting away my camping stuff, and watching the game!! talk about multi-tasking! lol

“Juan Pierre’s speed would have let him caught that ball” – 8:40pm Jean Pierre “Thought Bubble”

Imagine how differently this game would have played out if Slappy was in center tonight. It’s safe to say we’d be losing.

heart breaking dnel!

nice throw Casey!!!

“I hate it when Jean Pierre try to take over my mind, she’s so flaky” – 8:41 pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

Kuroda’s in trouble. We should be hitting the cover off tonight. Russ not hitting. Loney not himself. What gives?

LOL- Enchanted!

are you awake joe!? i think kuroda has had enough tonight don’t you!?

We just don’t seem to want first place. D’backs keep giving us the opportunity and we say, no thanks.

Put in Kuo NOW! I don’t care about lefty vs righty. PUT IN KUO NOW!

Matt Kemp saves the game again.

that’s it! they’re scared of kemp now~

Ok Joe now put in Kuo!

Kemp’s arm has really helped us tonight!

haha took them long enough huh sara? lol

“Wow, the Giants are really sticking it to me by hitting all the balls to Kemp and making him look like he has a great arm, by running slow! It’s not fair! ” – 8: 46pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

yeah kuroda!!!

I hope your watching Matt out there Joe. JP can’t throw like that, and Matt has saved us 2-3 runs tonight. Are you watching Joe?

Tough pitching by Kuroda!

seriously acardona

Played Rowand perfectly on that one.


Helluva job by Kuroda to get out of that jam!!

Whew!! very stressful here you know πŸ™‚ Come on Dodgers – get some runs for us, please!!!

Yeah, now lets get some runs and quit horsing around. Kemp’s done his job tonight.

obi i could sit here all night just to see JP’s “thought bubble” lol!!

when andre or matty have a rough night with the bat, they can still contribute on defense, like matty is tonight.. but when juan has a rough night at the plate.. there’s no making up for that

I said it before and I’ll say it again.
The Dodgers are a hard team to pitch for.
K U R O D A can’t possibly pitch much better.
This is a Gem win or lose.

“Flap the left arm, flap the left arm…! – 8:50 pm Juan Pierre Thought Bubble

surprise surprise.. weak grounder

c’mon boys!!! no OT!!! LETS FINISH THIS!!!

Pierre and Sweeney. Nothing like a one, two power punch, lol.

Juan being Juan πŸ™‚

Good job Juan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“MOMMY!!!!!!!!- 8:51 pm Juan Pierre Thought Bubble

wow, pierre then sweeney. joe is really trying to scare the giants~

Matt Kemp guns out two guys tonight and saves another run by not even throwing the ball and Juan Pierre hits a crappy little ground out to short. Not to mention Ethier has been raking. What a great night! More nights like this and we will hopefully rid ourselves of Slappy.

Out #2 coming up………

Nice Job Sweeney..Come on Kempster!

WTF?! I thought Kuroda was done. Joe’s part timers is flaring up again I guess…….

How about a big hit, Matthew

Kemp got a break there on that non call.

lets go matty!!! no surprise from JP and marky mark

Looks like Sweeney is going for the Jones line.

Good AB by Ethier, no matter what the result is.

what? that was fair.

That was on the line!


“Whew! That one lands fair and I’ll never start again! – 9:02pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

“Andre being Andre” LETS GO ANDRE!!!

What the hell was that Ump looking at????

Thats BS, that ball was clearly fair.

Even the Giants announcers called that a fair ball – that sucks!!!!

whatever that was a great AB

Andre has been ripped of for 2 hit extra hits tonight, one on a good play and one on a bad call.

” Can I go in as a defensive replacement for Dre, Joe? Please? Please!!- 9:05pmJuan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

it certainly looked like it hit the chalk.. BUT the ump was right~ there.. so he definitely had a good view to make the determination

Great AB by ETHIER and he was robbed.
Even Roberts looked like he knew it.

Beautiful at-bat Andre!!!

YUP!!! pierreEW he ran after it after it landed!! he saw it was fair!!

KUO time!!!!!!!!!

haha “he ran after it, after it landed”

3 up 3 down lets do it KUO!!!

bluecrewgirl – I really hope Joe saw what everyone else saw tonight with Andre’s at-bats. All of them were excellent, whether out or not. Even the Giants announcers are praising him, and that’s not normal for them to do that over and over again.

ok boys lets get the job done!!! GO DODGERS!!!

Kuo has been spectacular this year.

Another Quick KUO inning.

Now can we get a couple of runs??!!!

“I bet Joe’s been listening to those people on ITD again, and that’s why Juan Pierre is not in the game. I know it, in fact, Josh is against Juan Pierre too because Juan Pierre’s batting helmet slot was EMPTY!!! I would go to the clubhouse and call Mom about it but Matt Kemp might put a Prince Fielder beatdown on Juan Pierre. Juan Pierre no like Pain” – 9:07pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

everyone seems to see it Dnelly… everyone but joe! i don’t care if he was forced out that was what a 13 pitch AB!? crazy!



gotta love that giants pen

HAHA!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! GO JEFF!!!!!

Yeah, Kent!!! He was overdue for one. DNelly, one can only hope Torre notices how well Andre has stroked the ball tonight. After all, he is a big fan of quality at bats, right?

Nice of Kent to show up his former team!

Jeff just made Nelly’s house very, very quiet – ha!!!
Go Dodgers!!!!

K E N T I felt it coming.
Ole Reliable

On the Giant’s 50th anniversary celebration, how appropriate was that homer? Way to go, Jeff!!

Obi ~ you are absolutely crazy!!! LMAO!!!!

LMAO seeksy!!!!

whats with the hit and run plays with slow runners and struggling hitters tonight?

We really need an insurance run.

Obi, you’re on a roll tonight!! LOL!!

Drumroll please…

awsome obi!! keep it going keep it going!! lol

uh oh

” Hmmm… well it’s a 1 PM game tomorrow, so I think try and get here by 6AM for a workout and batting practice. Of course, if Fatty gets a hit then I’ll just sleep here in the clubhouse tonight. -9:21pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

TA-DA !!!

And it looks like Andruw is chasing the Sweeney line.

no surprise there… alright boys!!! lets go dodgers!!!

This is it AGAIN

Here’s Johnny!!!!!!

Hopefully, we’ll have another Johnny B moment.

obi i don’t even have to say anything you know i’m laughing!!

He nelly, I take back what I said about Jones. He looks no better that he did before. Cowboys losing, Oh that’s right, is preseason HAhaha…

“I got to remind mom to ask Ned to ask Willie Mays, not to call Juan Pierre “Charlie Brown Head” in front of the Barry Bonds –9:29pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

lets go Johnny boy 1 9er nothin finer!!! am i alone when i say i miss saito!? lol

Brox isn’t fooling anyone tonight.

“Could Dave Roberts be trying to be more like Juan Pierre than even Juan Pierre? Oh my god, now my head hurts.. And why is Willie Mays staring at me?” -9:30pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”


What the hell’s with Broxton. I’m telling you, we can’t buy first place.

Wow, if Brox blows this one I’ll be PO’d.

wow.. this couldn’t be uglier


Brox is great when he’s on, but he’s just not cosistent enough. This sucks.

“Joe got 99 problems and Juan Pierre ain’t one, if you’re having defensive problems I feel bad for you Joe, you got 99 problems but Juan Pierre ain’t one…-9:34pm Juan Pierre Thought Bubble

ok that was just sad…

********, It’s over

I have way more faith in Kuo right now than I do Brox.



So typical of this team. They just can’t get over the hump.

geez I miss Sammy Saito. Brox is falling apart.

Aaaand it goes from bad to worse……

this is absolutely ridiculous!!! TAKE HIM OUT JOE!!! ARE YOU BLIND!!! HE DOESNT HAVE IT TONIGHT!!!

He’s getting ahead but he can’t seem to put people away.

Boblee – LOL!! I, too, don’t buy much into preseason. We’ll see, we’ll see πŸ™‚ and yes, andruw being andruw

“Juan says,’ I’m sick of Broxio, he pitches like a rag doll'” 9:39pm Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

we need TK Saito!!!

okae, 1 batter at a time.. if brox could get out of this jam..

This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the few missed scoring opportunites with runners on 3rd base earlier in the game. Joe/Bowa were making horrible decisions in base running earlier.

yeah, dnelly, i agree. they should have been up by more..

Why not try Kuo closing? He has been so spectacular this year and every chance Brox has been given has either been barely saved or been a disaster.

absolutely dnelly!

WOW! I feel horrible for Kent, I know he wanted that one =(

Sammy Says, Aw S**t!!!!!!!!!!

“Kuo should be closing” – 9:43 Juan Pierre “Thought Bubble”

Why was the infield in?

swood, i think you’re exaggerating because you’re angry right now. brox has not been nearly that bad.. and this is his first blown save since he took over for saito

Oh well ~ sigh – This was another mis-managed game in my opinion.

Brox better be careful cuz he’s gonna be at the Sweeney/Pierre/Andruw level soon!

Damn!!! Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

that’s what i’m wondering max.. it would seem that they could have at least attempted to get a DP

You nailed it Dnelly…bad mistakes by Joe and Company. Now the sad thing is he’ll change this line-up tomorrow thinking it was the players and not the poor choice of decision made by him and his staff.

wow… we practically had first place handed to us tonight and couldn’t deliver… pretty disappointing to say the absolute least

What a pathetic way we find to lose a game. Our best line-up and we didn’t do Crap. Philadelphia will grind us up.

Good by first place . We never knew ya.

That’s good jhall!!!!

I know I am exaggerating and I’m sorry because I am furious right now. I also know this is his first blown save but the ones he has converted have been shaky at best.

but you just compared one of our best relief pitchers to our worst position players. that’s ridiculous..

I guess it just wasn’t Broxton’s night. Can’t save them all. He has done pretty good since Saito went on the DL, but I think Saito would have done better. Brox is a good setup man, but not the stopper this club needs now. Get well soon Saito-san!

i agree dnelly- GREAT line-up!! bad managing!!

obi- yup a beautiful line-up is gunna be thrown down the drain cause joe wont realize how bad his choices were tonight!! running jeff kent!? my little nephew could have done better! lol

obi ~ this was his best lineup. Everything was working but the base running, and twice that was screwed up.

I felt that the game was over after Robert’s lead off double.
Broxton has been getting by lately but I guess sooner or later he was due to blow one.
I was hoping his luck would hold out.
The good news is we don’t lose grown on the D’Backs.
Over all this was a typical Dodger Giant game which makes this the gratest rivalry of all time.
The standings never matter between these two teams.

very well said jjr!

This may be an unpopular opinion here…but I think Broxton sucks in the closing role. I’ve seen him blow way too many games this season. This game reminded me of the cold game in Chicago he blew. I don’t like him as a closer.

Then again, obi, if it weren’t for Matt’s defense tonight instead of JP’s, we would have never been in the game to begin with. He may have not got his hits tonight, but he sure was on fire defensively.

Right on dnelly! Andre as well!

max, my same thought…WHY WAS THE INFIELD IN? Right-handed batter, average speed. Oh well, Broxton can claim all he want that the 8th inning is no different from the 9th, but he seems to get the yips in that final inning that’s just like the 8th?!?!?!?!

I have a funny feeling that we won’t be seeing this lineup again for a long while. Joe won’t give it a chance to work.

PierreEW ~ very well said.

I like Brox a lot, but I like him better as the set up man too. Too bad Wade doesn’t throw a little harder because I think he’s got the closer’s mentality.

Why is Torre playing the infield in with 1 out and bases full? Why not play the infield for a DP? That was a terrible call on his end. Broxton blew it yes, but we could have gone 2-2 and into extra innings where I think we had the advantage with the line up. BAD CALL TORRE! Infield in? I manage little league and softball better than he does!

anyboby notice how bad manny played defense out in left?? prolly not, but he let TWO flyballs fall right in front of him, including one in that last inning. ive said this before and ill say it again. manny is not the answer and we will not win with him…i hope he goes to new york next year. he doesnt play dodger baseball…THE DODGER WAY..and we wont win unless we go back to that. its been 20 YEARS!! and we have had sooo many big hitters on our teams piazza, karros, shef, green, beltre, kent, drew, strawberry, eric davis, eddie murray…and we havent won anything with any of them. not to metion all the big name pitchers we have had. some one a couple posts up said that we cant buy first place??? no we cant, and we have been trying for 20 YEARS!!

dont worry tho…only 1 1/2 more months of this publicity stunt

alright everyone i’m out of here… its always a pleasure chatting with you all! GREAT JOB MATTY!!! GREAT JOB ANDRE!!! LETS PUT THIS LOSS BEHIND US AND GET THE WIN TOMORROW!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

As long as we’re throwing Broxton to the wolves, he seems to lack the composure of a closer, that icy steely focus–at least for now. Hitting a guy 0-2 and throwing the ball away on a play at the plate speaks of jitters. Sorry, Jonathon, but you either believe you’re a closer or you don’t.

Yes, Matt was on point defensively tonight, almost had 3 OF assists. That’s why I think Kemp and Ethier should play 99% of the games in the OF, even if they don’t get a hit, their defensive skills help keep you in the game.

ok so I left right after kents homerun because I knew this stupid crap would happen… typical… I saw that az lost and knew somehow we would lose… I was right, this is on torre. infield in? play for a double play your stupid idiot.

Thanks Acardona. It was fun!

We’re the Not Ready For Prime Time Players right now but we will get there. A bad call at a crucial moment plus bad management decisions, poor pitching by Broxton, and poor hitting with RISP. In other words, a team loss.

Brox could eventually learn to be a better stopper. He’s just not there right now. Some teams just seem to have his fastball, and slider movement dialed in. (See the Cubs & Astros) I think he relies too much on his fastball. If he could develop a good changeup to go along with his fastball, and slider, he would be much more effective in the closing role. He needs to work on another pitch.

I’ll take Manny Ramirez every day and twice on Sunday. I don’t feel he could have caught either of those hits to left field tonight. Hate Manny if you want, but he played those balls to the best of his ability.

Now that I’m done crying over a terrible loss — I can honestly say that more than ever, JP and Jones are totally useless to this team. The line-up should be kept the same, because for the most part, it works. Matt & Andre should be in the outfield everyday — I don’t care if it’s a righty or leftty pitching — they can adjust. Kent always plays righty or lefty.
We did have chances to win this game, but Broxton blew this one — it’s his job to SAVE the game!

haha i look forward to hearing JP’s thoughts tomorrow obi!!!

joey_rock – This is some people’s fear, especially when you have Manny and JP both out there. Your defense if really weakened.

Agree TrueBlue44, the lineup tonight is the one we should go with and Andre and Matt should be the every day starters.

We’ll get them tomorrow!

LOL— if it means that JP will sit on the bench and Dre will start I will happily relate his thoughts to the ITD

I forgot to mention the ball Andre hit that was ruled foul — big turning point in the game — we could have blown it wide open and maybe not make it so tough on Broxton.

obi – it’s getting Joe to buy into the fact that Andre and Matt need to be out there because right now he thinks JP’s speed is more important than defense. BTW – you were hilarious tonight!!!

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Believe me, Manny in LF vs JP in LF is the lesser of the two defensive evils. Juan was not going to get to those balls, nor was he going to be deterrent to anyone trying to take a base.

yea everyone will take manny cuz of his stats..all you have to do is look down the free way and see a REAL TEAM with REAL BALLPLAYERS. torii hunter, anderson, now tex, even vlad plays the game right. and all those keys ballplayers with a lot LESS talent than the DODGER YOUNG GUYS…but they play better. not manny tho. and mike is down there managing the DODGER WAY. and those guys are buying in.
did any of you see juan rivera take a base off of a rod and jeter?? they were talking and rivera was heads up and took the base. they are ahead buy more than 10 games in the middle of august and they still have guys over there keepin their heads in the game and taking every little thing they can….that used to be our way. will it ever be again?

dre got screwed even the giants fans knew it was fair… that stupid ump was ridiculous… oh well I get to hang out with him tomorrow

I’m not sure Manny’s balls could have been caught anyway but, by the same token, nobody’s ever accused him of being any more than an average defender, either. You take the great with the not so good.

dnelly — I think Joe’s beginning to see that our two guys belong in the outfield — Andre had 12 pitch at bat — which should have resulted in a hit — and JP speed means nothing if he can’t get on base — lol

Somebody’s been on Dodger lyrics today that means Dodgereric is back somewhere – πŸ™‚ Wally and Beav – your father should be coming home shortly – lol!!

dodge16 ~ Andre had a fabulous night. Even his outs were wonderful at-bats!!
trublue44 ~ Let’s hope so πŸ™‚

See! I told you he was back!!! Welcome back Dodgereric/Ward/Dear – LOL!!!

Thanks dnelly, just trying to make folks laugh. Really wish we had won the game. Btw, I think JP Enterprises just tried to serve me with a “cease and desist” order, but the delivery guy couldn’t throw the envelope over my fence. πŸ™‚

dodge16 – even Kruk thought that ball was fair, and they had wonderful things to say about Andre all night. He even said he was a scary hitter because he bats like he plays in this park everyday. It brought chills down my back thinking of Andre wearing orange and black – yikes!!!

I leave you all with this.
We got the pitching but our hitters have to score more runs, it’s going to be hard on our pitchers if the offense don’t give them enough runs for breathing room.

Even the Giant announcers love Andre, they way he approaches every at bat. They were very impressed — said he just loves to play at AT & T Park

LOL!!! obi πŸ™‚

Where’s Amy?

Good night PierreEW – it’s late back in New York – get some sleep πŸ™‚

OK…I hate to play manager, but before Broxton came in to pitch the 10th, I said I would have left in Kuo….He’s our most consistent pitcher in the bullpen and the Giants had several left handers, including Roberts who was hitting the ball well tonight….For some reason Broxton has not been as good as he has been in the past, even though he has 7 saves….He was much better during the year last year, and not so good at the end if I remember correctly…..He used to be unhittable, but now he just isn’t….Kuo can set em down in a hurry…..Anybody have any thoughts about this?
Disappointing loss because we could have been in 1st place…We just can’t seem to win 3 in a row…..We have such a difficult homestand coming up, I thought a sweep was pretty necessary here in SF…..oh well,….and what has happened to Martin?…poor guy isn’t hitting lately….we need to get him started….What can you say about Kemp in center…without him we would have lost this game alot earlier….Andrew or Pierre would never have made those 2 great throws that Kemp did…Manny, Matty, and Andre should be our outfield…PERIOD!!!!!

Sorry to repeat what you said about the Giant crew loving Andre, dnelly. I didn’t see it. But I picked up on it too.

drpdedblnd ~ I think 99.9% of us feel the same way about who should be manning the outfield.
obi – not sure where Amy is πŸ™‚

drpdedblnd — I totally agree with your take on the game. Maybe we should apply for the manager’s job! All it takes is a little common sense.

trublue44 ~ we think alike – lol!!! Did you see Phelps break the World Record today for his first race – Wow!!! That’s his hardest one, too.

joey, you’re talking about the team with the best record in baseball. If you’re down on Manny, so be it. Free country. But if you want this team to play the game “right,” that starts in Spring Training…not after a trade dealine deal for a Hall of Famer. Now if you want to knock Joe, hey, I’ll play!

dnelly, Yes I saw Phelps win — he’s on his way to 8 medals. Dara Torres got a silver — pretty good for a 40 year old and she has been added to the relay team.

By the way, the Angels may have the best record in baseball and everyone thinks they are the best team. But, something always happens to them when the playoffs come around. They a total no-show, especially Guerrero. Can’t seem to stand the spotlight.


I have been wanting to write McCourt for 2 years…Seriously I could have done a much better job than Coletti the last 2 years without wasting so much of McCourt’s $$$$$$……The mistakes that Coletti has made I knew would be mistakes before he signed the guys that he did……I would NEVER have signed Andrew, Schmidt, traded for Proctor, acquired Sweeney, and so many others that I can’t think of now…Imagine if Coletti had signed Torii Hunter, which is what I would have done…( this is before Andrew was signed)….Torii even said he was willing to come to the Dodgers, but the Angels were quicker to get him signed….To me, the signing of Andrew Jones, last year’s signing of Schmidt, Proctor, and probably Pierre, have doomed this team to more mediocrity….I love Manny and Casey, and at least we have a little buzz around the team, but any team that wants to go to the playoffs, that can’t win 3 games in a row, isn’t very good…I hope things work out well, but I’m not too encouraged even if somehow we find a way to win the division…which still seems difficult to do…..oh..not to mention the guys Coletti has given away….like Marlon Anderson and Cody Ross among others…wouldn’t you rather have these guys on the bench, than the ones we do have???….And I’m not sold on Torre either…..If TruBlue and I knew that we should have left in Kuo, why didn’t Joe????

did you guys see barroids make those stupid remarks to torre… what a jackass… I booed him from my seat, made alot of giants fans mad

trublue44 ~ I haven’t heard an opposing announcer yet not talk about how Andre always takes good at-bats, whether they are outs or not. He is either (ethier) hitting the ball or has had an excellent pitch count, but to hear Giants announcers say that, it sounds pretty great!!
and yes, I saw Dara’s race, too.

Dodge16 ~ of course we did, and then we had to listen to him repeat it a few times up in the broadcast booth with Kruk, and then after Barry left they kept showing is famous homerun over and over and over again and of course, it was always when the Dodgers were up to bat. We didn’t hear too many boos from listening on tv. Did you ever find jnv?


The Dbacks have Webb going tomorrow…..I hope you’re right, but he has been the ace…..We needed this one tonight…..and we have such a difficult homestand coming up….4 with the Phils, 3 with the Brewers and 3 with the Rockies….Next week will be a sign of our season I think….

To blame this loss on Manny is ridiculous. I agree that Manny doesn’t play the best defensive left field, but his bat more than makes up for a few fly balls that drop in here or there against him. The fault of tonight’s game goes to Broxton and his inconsistency.

Can’t wait to hear Joe’s spin on the infield being in…

drpdedblnd — you are so right!! I’ve said that all along. Every time I see highlights on ESPN and someone hits a home run I say “former Dodger” and cry. I really don’t think being a manager is that hard. Most of the time they outhink themselves and make dumb mistakes. You just put your best players out there and let them PLAY THE GAME!

I feel the loss goes to management on this one. Too many issues with base running tonight, and then he should have left Kuo in the game.

D-Backs have lost 6 of 7 and Torre STILL can’t get this team over .500 or into 1st place. And for all the evil fans, Orlando Hudson broke his wrist tonight in Arizona’s loss.

kpookimon ~ I like Orlando, even though he’s a dback ~ I saw it happen and it looked painful.

samjones ~ I agree with that play, too, but it all goes back to management throughout the game, not just the last inning.

swood, you can keep blaming broxton.. but the fact is it never should have gotten to that point. a one run game in the bottom of the 10th. correia was pitching tonight, and the dodgers should have had more runs. it comes down to the fact that the dodgers only scored 2 runs on 10 hits.. not just broxton’s blown save

for sure that was a DP samjones. torre’s fault.

I can’t wait until Manny gets another crack at Mr. “fist pump” Sadler. He’ll be Sadler but wiser after Manny tees off low and hard up the middle…

joey i completely agree on manram’s shortcomings as a fielder. it’s one of the reasons i despise the guy.. he runs awful routes and even he even makes routine catches look like an adventure. maybe someone better catches those two balls today, but as much as i hate manram, i don’t think those two dink hits cost the game. they should have scored more runs..

yes sam, that was definitely a critical moment in this game

samjones – and that was a great triple wasted, too!!

it IS that bad sam.. he has always been known as a great bat and terrible fielder

sam ~ I can live with his fielding, but not him and JP both out there, then we are just asking for trouble for anything that goes into the gap between them. I figure with Manny, at least we are trading a bat for defense, with JP we are trading nothing for nothing.

What’s with the Manny haters tonight? He’s done nothing but lift this team up. Tell Broxton to get some nad or Joe to get some brains if you’re angry.

With the way Bills has been pitching lately, I think we have a good chance tomorrow to take the game, that is if Torre fields the same lineup as today. Hopefully he will.

dnelly, AMEN !!!!!

Tough loss tonight. None of it Manny’s fault. Bad luck with that K that got away. Not to put it on Russ, but if he keeps that in front of him, he gets the out at first and we don’t even go to the tenth.

I agree with Sara too. We should have scored more runs. Every time we didn’t score & should have, my husband said that was going to come back and bite us in the , you know what, and it sure did!

From Tony Jackson:

“If this were a real division race — the kind in which two really good teams fight each other for the lead — this would be the kind of loss that could prove devastating for the Dodgers. But this is the N.L. West, where mediocrity ultimately will reign… This race is like a couple of 102-year-old guys who are trying to see who can go the longest without dying.”

Sam, I didn’t think Penny was that great last night either. He was lucky we were playing the Giants. I don’t see him making it through the end of the season.

I’ve questioned Penny’s physical fitness all season. The last time he looked really good was the first half of last season and he was about 20 pounds lighter and looked in much better shape too.

Hey eric!!! Welcome back dear!! I hope your trip was fun and successful. The boys will be glad you are back. They did a wonderful job while you were away. They didn’t get into too much trouble. We are glad you are back safe and sound, but I am sure you are tired. Glad you are back, though πŸ™‚

I have a friend over from out of town, huge Giants fan. None of us mentioned the game tonight, though I kept checking it on my DS browser while watching the olympics. She never once mentioned the game.

Giants fans REALLY don’t care anymore.

I don’t know if anyone posted this before, but it could reflect on the Ds’ “race” in the division with the Dbacks:

“Orlando Hudson could miss the rest of the year with a dislocated left wrist suffered Saturday against the Braves.

It’d be a major blow to Arizona’s hopes. “(It’s) not great, dislocation, fracture of a bone in his wrist, and we’re not 100 percent sure whether he has to have surgery,” manager Bob Melvin said. “Probably a pretty good chance, but we will know in the morning. If he has the surgery, he’s out for the rest of the year, and if he doesn’t, there’s still a chance he could be out for the rest of the year.”

out of curiousity, what was it that Barry said about Torre? Asking if Clemen’s syringe needle was bigger than his?

But seriously, what did Barry say?

Eric, delly made a point of telling me about Hudson, hey, we’ll take any kind of help we can!

Clemens’ *

kpookiemon, i’ve never been a manram supporter.. but in no way did i blame him for this loss. someone happened to make a comment about his defense and i chimed in my thoughts.. that isn’t exactly all the manny haters coming out of the woodwork. sorry we’re not allowed to post our actual opinions because everyone is so enamored with the guy..

Eric ~ I saw it happen, and it looked awful. Whoever was sliding (I think McCann) fell right on his wrist, similar to what happened to JP and his knee. I actually like Orlando, but yes, it does hurt their team alot because he is a huge bat in their lineup, with speed.

oh i was totally going to post tony jackson’s analysis of our situation.. but kpookiemon beat me to it. it was a good analogy by TJ.

Barry told Torre he’d take him on and beat him. Said it felt weird being at a game against the Dodgers and not playing. Said he is not retired and told us, as if we cared, that he wants to and still can play.

Thanks June darlin’! Yep, more or less successful. The kids got their share of merit badges and quite a few suprised themselves as to what they could accomplish. That happens every year and it’s always a great thing to see.

north, hear you are:

“I want to thank the Giants for inviting all these great guys,” Bonds said. “It’s weird for me not to be in uniform with the Dodgers right there. You heard me Torre, I beat you before and I can beat you again. I haven’t retired. Thank you.”,4670,BBNGiantsBonds,00.html

Northstateblues – he told Torre “I have beaten you once and I’m going to beat you again” He also made reference to the fact that this is the first time he was at AT&T park without a uniform and the Dodgers were in the house.

I know, Sara, kind of sad, but true. Still, I’ll take it. We would never still be in the race otherwise.

I’m guessing that Bonds beat Torre back when he was managing NL teams. I hope Torre waved to him with all four rings on his hands. Bonds would have no answer for that.

yeah bluecrewgirl.. a critical loss in another division can kill.. but in our division.. it’s just one more day off the calendar.. you’re always still in the race in the NL Worst

That’s wonderful eric!!!

surpassing the A’s in anything hasn’t been too hard these days. They have lost 11/12 games straight. They are on a very steep downhill slide right now.

Well samjones, 1988 proved that you just never know until you play the games, didn’t it?

sorry ~ the A’s won yesterday snapping the 10 game losing streak, but then lost today to the tigers 10-2.

LOL!!! Well, I can see you haven’t lost your sense of humor while you were gone. πŸ™‚

nelly, I really missed this stuff. While I was cruising around in the archives of the past seven days looking for songs, I saw some new posters. Are they still posting?

Yes, there are a few new posters. Umm – dodgersrule/rose is new a couple of days. Loves what we are doing with songs, etc, and will definitely be around. She sounds like she wants to write songs as well. Ummm – who else – ajay may be new to you, but has been around most of the week. ummm – xoxrussell was on a while ago, and has recently come back. Those are three I can think of at the top of my head.

Ummm, cool……. πŸ™‚ The more the merrier, I say. It’s always nice to get different opinions. Well, there are an exception or two I suppose.

Dylan Hernandez says that Bowa is going to do a chat on Tuesday:,0,7224876.story

There was one JP supporter where we spent the whole day in a debate with that person. We haven’t seen that poster since that day. We tried to make that poster feel like his/her opinion counted (I believe Amy was in on that conversation as well), but most of us were pretty bent out of shape over the treatment of Andre. I am assuming you have read all of what JP has been saying to the media. That had most of us livid, but very happy with how Andre is handling the situation. As you can tell by the songs and obi’s JP bubbles tonight, JP has been the topic of conversation around here. He deserves it this time, though.

our village idiot has found a way back on the site,but the damage has been minimal so far – it’s just ignored for now, and it seems to take care of the problem.

Well, I think JP has always deserved it, but he didn’t make his life easier by saying he thinks the Dodgers are sticking it to him and not giving him enough playing time. Well he hasn’t played in 3 out of the last 4 games, so maybe Torre finally is seeing something.

It’s funny how you can go back to spring training in the archives and see the same conversations.

I don’t quite understand how people can get upset when they take up an insupportable position and then get proven wrong. Personally, I would like it if Pierre would take up a team-first attitude. I did check that link to his problems. It would appear from the time stamps that he was complaining about being treated unfairly while he was getting the starts over Ethier. Is that correct? If so, it’s hard to understand that.

yes, and on the flip side of that Andre was all about team first, and saying how he loved having Manny around because he can see him learning so much from him even sitting on the bench. This is the first time the media pretty muched nailed JP, and saying how he can complain about playing time when it’s Ethier is the one that should have the grip.

As far as our VFI (village you-know idiot), it takes all of my will power to stop responding to him. But since that’s exactly what he wants, we just can’t do it.

I know, I know, I know – the other ones, too.

Yes, it looks to me that Ethier is doing everything the right way, the “old-school” way, if you will. It should get him the respect from the vets and vet-lovers that seems to be necessary to start for this team.

I’m really tired from a long day and looking at another one tomorrow. I’ll talk later, kay?

Good night ~ glad you’re back!!! See you tomorrow – enchanted and jhall will be glad you are back,too πŸ™‚

there’s a 28 helmet but there’s no 28 after laroche’s departure

“Juan Says” [aka “Jane Says” –Jane’s Addiction ]

Juan says
I’m done with Ned and Joe
Say I throw just like a ragdoll
Joe hides

His face away

Says I don’t show him nothing,

But if Dre sits out again

Tell Joe, sit Druw down for me

Or just

Let me play tomorrow

I’m wanna play tomorrow

Gonna play tomorrow

Juan says

Have you seen my bat around?

I feel naked without it

He knows

They all want him to go

But that’s O.K. man

He don’t like them anyway

Juan says

He’s goin away to the A’s

When he makes it through the waive

I’m wanna start tomorrow

I’m gonna start tomorrow

Gonna start tomorrow

Juan gets mad

Starts to cry

He takes a swing but

he cant hit

He don’t mean no harm

He just don’t know

What else to do about it

Juan goes

To Stadium Way at 8

He walk up from Elysian

He waits

And sees the lineup card

He puts his pride

In his pocket

Juan says

I’ve never been Gold Glove

I don’t know what it is

Only knows if some team wants him

I want them if they want me

I only know they want me

He gets mad

And he starts to cry

He takes a swing man

He cant hit!

He don’t mean no harm

He just dont know

What else to do about it

Juan says

Juan says

To highlight how average this team really is, the Dodgers have a better record than 8 NL teams, but a worse record than 7 of them. The mighty Texas Rangers have a better record than the Dodgers. So I ask, what grade shall we give Joe’s get for his first 4 1/2 months work? How about a C, a nice average C. Joe, you done the best you could, but it turned out pretty average. 2009 will be a much finer vintage with you and Logan White finally figuring it out.

Hey Beav, dad is home!!! Gee, good to have you back. How was your trip?

Good Morning, ITD readers and writers!!
You did it again obi – TERRIFIC SONG!!
Good Morning, Wallly/jhall ~ It is great to have your father home. He will be very glad to see you and your brother.

Hey mom!! Tough loss last night. We managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Nice song Obi, and fun play with the thought bubbles. LOL!!!

Good morning. dnelly did your group at home give you a hard time over our loss last night?

jhall ~ The Dodgers had many opportunities to put the game away. I am not sure what Joe/Larry were thinking on some of their decision making last night, both in baserunning and the last inning with not bringing the infield in for a possible dp. Leaving Ethier stranded after that triple with no outs really hurt.
eric was caught up on most of what happened. He was really tired. It sounds like he read many of the articles posted and such. And, he also noticed some of the new ITDers, so I told him what I knew.

trublue ~ not too bad, really. They know Andre’s ball was fair, and they knew that could’ve been the game right there. Like the Giants announcers said, they were able to benefit from a bad call, and they were able to capitilize on that mistake in the 10th. If you think, Andre and Ozuna are both on base, with Jeff and Manny coming up. It really did change the momentum in the ball game. Even Michael knew it was fair ball so, he knows it should have been our game.

You do have to wonder about Bowa’s abilities as a third base coach. Even before last night, he has made some odd decisions.

I’m still bothered by that call on Andre’s “hit”. The idiot umpire was standing right there and blew it! I think they should fine umpires for making calls that decide the outcome of a game. Yea, sure! However, calls like that one could cost us a division title.

Good morning Tru. Failing to score Andre from 3rd with no outs is flat out unacceptable. And that bad call was just a darn shame and inexcusable.
The article has the information right, but in the picture, look he they say is catching – too funny!! It’s the Padre reporters, so what are we to expect.

Jhall, you are so right about not scoring Andre from third. I just hope Torre uses the same players today. I think, if given the chance to play everday, they will do a good job.

No doubt Tru!!!

Okay ~ there was another picture with the caption as having Andre Ethier as our catcher. That article was out of the SF area – that would be something – a left-handing catcher. I have seen it, but it’s very rare.

Loney, Martin, and Blake a collective 1 for 13 with 11 left on base is the real bottom line of why we lost this game. That just isn’t going to get it done.

Plus an 0’fer from Kemp. Against a mediocre pitcher. The offense failed miserably. Should not have come down to Brox in extra innings. However, they did manage to eke out an apparent victory, and Brox gave it away. Brox still needs some seasoning to be an effective closer. More growing pains I guess.
As an aside, Bonds sounded like the boob he really is at the pre-game ceremonies.

jhall, you are right about the trio, let’s hope it’s better today. Good grief, we are only playing the Giants!

Yep, it is imperitive that we beat up on the inferior non contending teams if we want to take this division. After the G’nats we’ve got 2 real good teams to play and then the Rocks. Could be a make or break stretch for us. At least it is at home.

jhall ~ I am not a Bonds fan by any means, but the Giants organization has been treating him terribly. They have pretty much eliminated any thing that resembles Bonds at AT&T park, in which he was the reason they built the park in the first place. Then the Giants organization asked him knowing he was not able to come (He was on vacation with his family) He changed his plans in order to be there. Then to ruin it, he had to make those stupid comments,and then we (those of us living in nor-cal) had to listen to it over and over again, not to mention his famous record-breaking homerun. I kept leaving the room when they would start talking about that stuff because it was always when we were batting. Plus, the on the field announcers kept talking to the outfielders who were being honored (which is great), but they kept doing while we were batting. It was not fun watching the game as a Dodger fan. It was Giant fan overload. LOL!!

You are right about a make or break series of games. I want Manny to hit one out today so Kuip & Krukow can say “Boy he crushed that one”! Not that getting singles is bad, but I love for our guys to hit home runs at AT&T!

Not to mention I really, really hate the “Beat LA” chant, not that any of us do. It seemed especially bad last night. It will be interesting to see what jnv thought. Dodge16 checked in last night. He said he left after Jeff hit his homerun because he knew it wouldn’t end good, knowing who was coming up to bat for the Giants.

dnelly, I know what you mean about the Bonds thing. And, he was so nice and personable when he was in the booth, did like Manny though — probably wants us to sign him — lol

That would take the cake — another outfielder who can’t throw!

Bonds is a bum. If I were a G’nat fan, his little spiel would have embarassed me.

Yes, Bonds was doing a good job with Kruk and Kuip, but how much of that was marketing himself so somebody will want him on their team.

Jhall, I agree that Bonds is a bum. But, the G’nat fans are not really baseball savvy, they boo Jeff Kent every time he bats — they let him go. All they know is how to boo, chant beat LA, when were are at bat, can’t beat us unless they are batting, and throw things at whoever is in the outfield. Very uncool, indeed.

I know, dnelly — he wants to be a Dodger!

LOL Tru!! And so true. Bonds would have come off much better had he just doffed his cap to the fans and thanked them and the G’nat for having him there and all their (misplaced IMO) support. Instead he had to go and toot his own overblown horn.

jhall ~ that’s exactly what he did! It will interesting to hear what the radio talk show hosts have to say in the next few days. They have been especially hard on him thinking he wasn’t going to show up.

You see, Bonds was talking to Joe last night, and Torre is thinking, hey we can use him as a pinch hitter to replace Sweeney — doesn’t Joe like the old guys?

trublue ~ not funny πŸ™‚ That’s as bad as picturing Andre in orange and black last night – yuck!!!

I know, but you know he lives in LA and I think he’s always wanted to be a Dodger. Or, maybe they’ll hire him to be Andruw’s hitting instructor — didn’t he say that when he retired, he wanted to help at the college level — already showed up at UCLA to help their team.

Yes, he did say all those things, but I hope he stays with UCLA. I was glad to hear he wasn’t helping ASU. I guess those were his before bad Barry days, though, so maybe that’s where he should be – at the collegiate level, if they will have him.

Hopefully Kemp’s 2 assists convinces Joe that Jp doesn’t belong in center field on this team.

Mistake to take Kuo out after only 8 pitches in 9th.

Notice how deep Manny plays to mask defensive shortcomings. Gave up catchable fly in ninth.

Generally, both he and Kent should come out late when leading. Bring in the defensive closers too.

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