Time to salvage a victory…

A win today in St. Louis would be big, needless to say. Been pretty busy lately and hadn’t had the chance to post much in depth, but will try to post more this weekend from SF.

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Ardoin, C

Kershaw, P


OK, Dodgers – let’s take one, no matter what the lineup!

Playing a team like the Cardinals should be the best experience we can get.
It’s a real test.
Let’s go Kershaw give it all you got.
These guys are tough but the Dodgers have put up a game fight so far.
We’re going to make it.
It’s good to have MANNY.


Go Kersh!! Go Dodgers!!!

Nice start L O N E Y


My Loney has a first name…

Sweet Pierre is playing!

dnelly- haha!! its J A M E S

alright boys lets take this one!!! GO KERSHAW!! GO MATTY!! GO LONEY BOLOGNA!!! (thats what my sister calls him lol) GO MANNY!! GO DODGERS!!!

acardona – very good! lol!!! 🙂

If I had to face Pujols, Ludwick & Glaus I’d be a little wild too.

I can’t wait to see Jason Schmidt pitch for us.

HAHA lol

Can’t say Kershaw & Pierre weren’t trying.
It seems while Kershaw is staying away from the Cards.
Lohse Is coming right at us.

I think we need to move Blake up in the lineup. He should be our number 2 hitter. He is a good contact hitter, uses the whole field. He battles in every one of his at-bats and really makes the opposing pitcher work; gives the rest of the lineup see what the pitcher has.

my perfect lineup:
CF Kemp (torre’s need for speed)
3B Blake
RF Ethier (another guy that makes the pitcher work)
LF Manny (we can people stop calling him ManRam)
C Martin (LA’s next best hitter can protect Manny)
1B Loney
2B Kent
SS Berroa

one more thing: Can we stop calling Manny, “ManRam”, it’s an awful nickname; a nickname is suppose to sound better than the real name, and “ManRam” sucks when compared to just calling him simply Manny. All in agreement?

nice 8 pitch inning.

og109 – I like your lineup and welcome!! I have not seen your name on here before 🙂

It looks like we got another gem coming up the minor league ranks: James McDonald struck out ten in his Triple-A debut.
Billingsley, Kershaw, McDonald. NICE, very NICE!

Manny hit it out again

Og, I am in agreement.

Kershaw’s pitch count seems a little high but Bills started his career pretty much the same way and look where he is now. Bills had more experience than Clayton by the time Bills reached the big league club so I agree the Dodger’s starting pitching has a bright future if these guys stay healthy.

2 for 2 for Kent.!
Manny another one!

dnelly, thanks for the welcome.
Been reading the blog comments for a couple of months, but never commented. After some of Torre’s recent moves, and you guys Ethier-Pierre conversations, I had to jump in.



[sung to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”]


I’m bringing Slappy Back (yeah!)

These other Dodgers don’t know how to bat (yeah!)

I think I’m special, who else got my back?

So sit Dre down and I’ll pick up the slack.

Take ’em to the bridge!


Torre babe

You see my OBP

Ain’t high as Dre’s

I’ll know you’ll bench me if I misbehave

I don’t know why I’m not the ITD fave

Take ’em to the chorus


Get your slappy on

Go ahead, get your slappy on
[Repeat 6 times]


I’m bringing slappy back

Yo Dre & Kemp watch how I attack

If Amy’s your girl you better watch your back

Cause she’ll burn it up for me and that’s a fact

Repeat Chorus

Manny is A Dodger God. I knew he’s been great for a long time, but watching everyday is a whole other thing, he has pitch-perfect mechanics. Absolutely perfect balance, he can stay back on the ball for so long and still drive it out. WOWWY WOW WOW.

INCREDIBLE!! Manny makes it look sooooo easy!!!
PierreEW – you are awake!!! 🙂

This MANNY is completely unbelievable.
I know that’s Hollywood but….

obi ~ FANTASTIC JOB!!! on that song.

So I guess this Manny guy can hit.

Nice job Obi!!

OBI_WEN Love that song… HAAHAA..


I can’t see the game….WORKING BOO HOO HOO…but I keep checking the score…

I know I am all Late, but go MANNY!

Can this Manny thing last forever? Hopefully the rest of the guys can get on base for him. The day off for Martin came at the right time. If Russell gets his form back and starts hitting, look out!

Dnelly …I can’t believe the start he’s having.
I can’t recall any Dodger debut like this in my years.

Great play by Loney!!….. Thanks D’nelly!!……. btw I like the nickname Jim Rome gave Manny aka ManRam, but as long as #99 keeps hitting like like he does, you can call him Shirley for I all care!

dodgers suk

I like Kent hitting infront of Manny cause he is the kind of guy who won’t feel pressure and will take advantage of hitting in front of Manny.

Thx everyone! GO DODGERS!!!

You know when I asked Kershaw to sign my baseball on the sweet spot, he said “I’ll leave that for more establish guys”. i am very impressed when I hear him on interviews. He knows how to handle himself.

Don’t call me Shirley!haha

P I E R R E being P I E R R E

Nice Triple JP!!! 🙂

4-0!! sweet

that was not me!!!! my son did that – sorry!! I left the room – what can you expect from gnat fans!!

Good job, Pierre! You’re more tradable with every triple you hit.

Good thinking scott!!!

I like the way Kershaw looks on the mound as well. He does not seem to get flustered when things are not going well and he acts like he belongs.

By the way, for those of you who are watching, did an outfielder fall down on the ball that JP hit? Or did he actually hit a gap.

Nelly, do all Giants fans not know how to spell?

It was the real deal – he hit into the right field corner 🙂

I like the way Kershaw stood far away from Pujols, this inning BUT came right at Ludwick and Glaus.
His curve working nicely.

LOL!!!! lbirken ~ they all spell that way!! I feel absolutely horrible!! Can Josh get that off? LOL!!

I’m going to admit I was wrong. Kershaw IS better off gaining experience in the big leagues. His learning to pitch against guys like Puhols and Ludwick is much more valuable than AA or AAA.

enchanted – it’s okay – you can’t be perfect all the time 🙂

M. Ramirez is a strange site in his oversize baggy uniform.
I don’t think shortening his hair will improve this wild look.
If he does cut it I hope he’s not Samson.

Good for JP for pulling a ball. That was the last thing the Cards were expecting.

JP HITTING the ball was the last thing the Cards expected.

Me too!! LOL

Does any other manager hit his pitcher in the 8 spot the way La Russa does? Any opinions on why most other managers do not try this once in a while?

I’m guessing Honeycutt visited Kershaw leading to that wild pitch…

What is with all the wild pitches these past few games?

Oh enchanted, ye cynical one.

I don’t know how the rest of you feel but that nubber up the 3rd base line by Miles looked to me like it might’ve stayed FAIR anyway.


If we can manage to pull this out.
And it looks like it’s up to Clayton, who looks pretty good at the moment, we can give the D’Backs something to think about tonight.
Got to stay away from Pujols.

OMG! I just realize that Martin is not playing…both my BABIES ARE OUT (Ethier & Martin)…it’s all cool we are still doing GOOD!…KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!

Cory Wade warming up in the pen

PH – Sweeney or Ethier?- hmmmm!!!

Kershaw’s doing a good job he’s very careful with big guys but coming right at the rest.

Kershaw did a great job today keeping the big boys off the bases. I am not a big fan of pitch counts but I think I would tell him he did a great job and he is finished for the day.

We do need to improve on Kersh’s hitting though.

I guess I was wrong – Kershaw still in. Charlie thought it would be PH, too – I guess we can’t go by what he thinks 🙂

But of course I might let him hit and stay in the game. Silly me.

Pierre being Pierre again = Juan for 4 🙂

Kershaw is doing an INCREDIBLE job today!!!
Get some insurance runs boys!!!

No matter what happens next Clayton has pitched a gem, today.

Great solid outing by Kersh!

This Kersh kid may have a future.

Shows us how much we know. Most of us would have taken Kershaw out but things worked out.

KENT should be back to .260 by now.

Kent is hitting .261

PierreEW -Kent is at .261

enchanted – Kersh is looking pretty good 🙂

ok i’m out of here! going back to malibu… GO DODGERS!!!!!

Even the great Pujols is human.

KUO BOY!!!!!!!
He did it again.

Nice inning by Kuo!!! Will we see Brox today? or I may guess they will stick with Kuo depending on how the inning goes offensively.

acardona – have fun in Malibu!!!

I thought so, Thanks Dnelly


Come on Broxton, do your stuff!

LET’S GO BROXTON!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!! it’s Brox!!! come on Jonathon!!

Another wild pitch from a Dodger pitcher? What is going on?

That’s better. We can win in St. Louis! That was fun, not got to back to concentrating on the work day.

Whew!!! That was close for Brox, but he got it done – Wow!!!

I mean got to go back to work.


dnelly, DITTO!

And what does Jonathan say???

That was a wonderful performance by Clayton Kershaw.

Good job, Brox, striking out the 2 pinch hitters to end the game!

Fu Qy’all!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Great job by Kershaw, Manny, Loney, JP, The Ox and the rest of the Dodgers! Now let’s go sweep the series from the Gnats!


Teacher’s are more fun now than in my day!!

Kershaw had a fabulous outing today!!!!!

I don’t think Brox has a blown save since he took over as closer.

LOL!!! enchanted ~ you can’t bet even some first graders can say things like that now, and it doesn’t even phase some parents. Meanwhile, I can’t even say shut up in the classroom because it’s not the nice way to say be quiet.

I wonder what JP thinks about being yanked for defensive purposes in the 9th?

enchanted – he hasn’t, at least that’s what Charlie said.

Gee, that was swell.

scott – “They’re sticking it to me again”

That’s all you have to say is swell – 🙂

“can” not “can’t” enchanted – yikes!!!

Great win for the Dodgers. Kershaw did a wonderful job allowing only one run. Kuo also did well. Hooray for Juan for that triple with rbi. Can’t take that away from him. I wonder whether it would be better to have Jeff batting in front of Manny? I think it would be better to let Russell have more days off so he won’t be worn out by playoff time. Danny did fine. And it was good to finally see Big Jon. That’s just IMO. Go Dodgers. Can’t wait until they’re back home. I miss them. 😦

LOL Nelly!! Kershaw did the talking today!!!!

Great pitching by Kersh today! It was really good to see him take it to the vaunted Cards and their good hitters. I’m looking for him to take us right into the stretch run. I think he can finish strong.

Huge win. Now we need to stick it to the G’nats!!!!

Ever notice how they’re not so in a hurry to rush Bennett back from the DL?? Why is that? LMAO

jhall – just giving you a bad time- you made it short but sweet!! 🙂

Manny certainly doesn’t have to say much ethier – his bat definitely speaks for him – impressive!!! Andre ~ keep watching!!
xoxrussell – thanks for the comments on the previous thread. I have always thought Andre was great, and the things that have been happening to him lately and how he is reacting to them are making his fans very, very proud of him. I am glad he knows that 🙂

While things may be looking up, let’s not forget to
FIRE COLLETTI for the boondongle he’s created in center field – also indications are that Schmidt is now shutting down for the season (Surprise?). I’m not forgetting what a horse’s a** Ned is – get rid of him!!!

LOL…no amount of time on the DL could cure Bennett of his habitual “hop, skip and a jump” throws back to the pitcher.

jungar posted the other night about Furcal wanting to re-sign and not test free agency. Furcal will only be 31 next season. I’d like to see the Dodgers lock him up if 1) the doctors feel he can resume his level of play 2) the contract is for two years max, like Jones. I’d really like to see the Dodgers give Ramirez his final contract (3-4 year). He’s obviously a difference maker, and like Maddux with pitchers, seems to help hitters become better just being around him (Kemp and Jones). And he brings a MUCH-NEEDED loosness to this uptight club. If the Dodgers DO resign both player, Logan White must trade Pierre, however creative that task might be. Oh, did I say Logan White? You bet!

JAMIE CRYIN’ [ tribute song to Jamie McCourt and her dealings with Ned Colletti]

She saw the look in Frank’s eyes
N’ she knew better

He wanted Manny tonight

And it was now or never

Ned made her feel so sad

Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie’s cryin’

Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie’s cryin’

Now Jamie wouldn’t say “Ned’s right!”

She knew how that’d cost her

N’ so she said “Soon one night,

Oh, and he’ll be gone forever”

She wants to send Ned a letter, uh yeah yeah

Uh, just to try to make herself feel better

It said “With Manny, (You got lucky this time)”

But she knows what that’ll get her

Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie’s cryin’
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie’s cryin’

I think Kent should bat in front of Manny as he’s a great fastball hitter and would more than likely see more of those that Russell. Also Kent won’t feel the pressure that I’m sure Russell is feeling to get on base in front of Manny. Think Russell and/or Loney should hit behind Manny, Russell specifically since he’s not as prone to a double-play as Loney is

heres a fact on pierre and eithier. the last 3 games pierre has started we won all 3 games. the last 2 games eithier has started we lost both games. so i say play the winning team.

i agree, angelnoda

magic, that’s very strange reasoning, seeing as how the pitching staff gave up 15 runs in the two games Ethier started…

Wow, obi!!! two for two today!!! FABULOUS SONG ONCE AGAIN!!!

Thank you, Kahli – it was all pitching yesterday!! You can’t expect them to score 10 runs every game to make up for poor pitching. It’s hard to defend a grand slam or the multiple base hits up the middle.

From Tony Jackson:
“Jeff Kent was 3 for 4 with a double and two runs scored hitting in front of Manny. Look for him there again tomorrow night. Torre said he is moving Russell Martin to a different spot in the order, but he hasn’t made up his mind which one.”

I’m all for JP playing everyday if the end result is he’s gone by the end of the season (IMO) 🙂

If JP plays everyday, he will cost us in the long run. Why do you think Torre puts in a replacement for him in the late innings — no arm, which could be fatal. Andre does his job by moving runners, or whatever is asked of him. A poor pitching performance does not mean a lineup is good or bad.

So, ideally the lineup should be:

dnelly, You’ve got it right!!! Much more balance.

“Torre said he and the coaching staff have considered Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s preference for batting his best slugger, Albert Pujols, third, the pitcher eighth and putting a speedster, in St. Louis’ case former Dodgers shortstop Cesar Izturis, ninth. That way, Pujols bats in the first inning and in subsequent at-bats he is preceded by three position hitters.”

“We’re flirting with a number of things, even moving Manny to third,” said Torre. “The nine-hole hitter gives you three guys to get on. We would have [Juan] Pierre batting ninth. We haven’t gone there yet.”

I think batting Pierre ninth sounds reasonable. The other night I suggested he bat 8th but thought if that were to happen, he’s throw a fit, like it was a slap in the face.

Oh, by the way, has Manny ever played third?

At the end of the season Obi, I want that to be Jamie’s Got A Gun (and is going after Ned!) Another great job!!

I agree nells, anytime you score six you really should win, not lose by three. And JP had his AB in the OT loss the other night and as I recall, bunted right back to the pitcher. Its just JP’s overall game vs. Ethier’s, of which E’s is superior in more than 50% of the criteria for who should start. If you want to break it down to such a small sample size, they’re only 3-3 with Manny. And they’re 57-57 with everybody, which is to say that nobody’s making much of a difference one way or another, and is why we are where we are.

Hopefully that will improve with Manny’s bat these last 9 weeks.

You made some good points enchanted, especially about nobody making a huge difference — and I too much prefer Andre playing. I think Manny will help the team be a little bit looser and more productive.

Mama, they’re going to try and stick it to me again…

Oooh doz bada boysa. Dat Meester Joe isa makin’ mea mada.

Meester Naid!! Meester Naid!!

very well said, enchanted 🙂 How about taking into account all the games won when JP was on the DL. Everybody seems to forget about what the boys were doing without him. Our young guns (and Jeff) were tearing it up back then, and then if you get the same young players going again with Manny – alot of great things can happen.

LMAO!!!! Is his mama calling again?

That’s been the trouble all year Tru. The impact bat turned into the sorriest excuse for a ballplayer ever, Penny flopped, Kuroda and Lowe have been soso, Furcal get’s hurt (that was the killer), none of the rest of the vets or kids really stepped it up to carry the team forward… Its just been another one of those years of the team spinning its wheels. There’s been some good, but just enough to offset the bad. This team needs to take the next step forward, but I really don’t think that Ned & JoJo are the ones that are going to get them there.

I know, enchanted. I keep thinking we are going to get on a winning streak, like the Rockies did last year, but we win one or two then lose. Maybe, he will get a lineup that looks pretty good and stick with it for a while. I think the players would do a better job if they know they’re going to play everyday.

I just can’t fathom any “team” player who starts a majority of the time can say that they’re sticking it to him. The ONLY guy on the whole team that has a right to say that is Ethier.

Totally agree Tru. If they’d have done that from the start, I think we’d be better than .500 right now.

Yeah nells, can’t you picture Juan’s mama leaning out and yelling for Meester Naid from her third story window?

You are so right! That’s why I wonder if JP or Andruw are on the waiver wire. It seems like more players are picked up everday, I think 2 or 3 even today.

You got that right, enchanted!!! However, Andre is going to take in all this wonderful knowledge that Manny has to give, and his going to stick it to JP, too (using his bat instead of his mouth). Andre was so happy when Manny hit that homerun today. I really do think Andre is going to take this for what it’s worth and make the best of it. JP’s demeanor still has “poor pitiful me” written all over it.

yes, I can picture his mama!! LOL!!!

“Mama, they’re going to try and stick it to me again…
Oooh doz bada boysa. Dat Meester Joe isa makin’ mea mada.
Meester Naid!! Meester Naid!!”
By enchantedsunset@hotmail.com
Enchanted. I know you guys play around with Juan Pierre and his mom and the pouting and stuff. But comments like the one above really go verge on racism. I’m not saying that your intensions are bad or racist- but please don’t say things like that. Her language sounds like the sterotypical way black people were depicted in the old days. I do take offense to stuff like that. Juan is American, I’m pretty sure his family is- i could be wrong I don’t think his mom sounds like an ignorant black lady. It’s how I feel, and it’s a serious subject.
That’s all I am going to say. Have a good night everyone.

Amy ~ There is really no difference in what enchanted is doing than what you are doing. As much as you may disagree with what enchanted is saying, there are probably many people on here who are not exactly thrilled with you trying to find a way to meet Matt. Most of us take these things as fun (songs, role playing, theatrics, arguments, and girl talk, and it’s been going on for a long time now), but if you are going to become the person who is always calling people for the things they say on here, then you need to think about the things you are saying as well.
This is just my opinion 🙂

Amy – Juan’s mama’s Italian from the old world, always has been.

I think that once Furcal gets better and starts playing and Manny and of course if Andre is playing….WE CAN DO’IT!

Ya’ll did excellent today, BOYS IN BLUE.

Good luck on the next game and MARTIN & ETHIER better be in…they just make the game more FUN to watch.


Well said enchanted & dnelly

rose – Andre was having fun in the dugout when they showed him (especially when Manny hit his homerun), and also when Manny hit into that double play, Matt went and gave Manny a hug – so very cute and fun to watch.

rose ~ Matt was probably thinking, thank goodness! The man is human after all – LOL!!!

Ethier is just a great person…love him more and more each day. He knows how to have fun. I wish I had seen the game…I know they will air it again…today sometimes….I’ll be watching

Hey lucky Manny got a hug from Martin…oh man…wait Matt Kemp gave him the hug or Martin…he is still lucky…I want a hug from them…where is my Ethierbear?

At least we took one of the games with the Cards. We’ve played the Giants well in recent years, especially in their ballpark, so hopefully we can sweep. DNelly, I am hoping that Andre will at least get the start against Cain since he hits him so well. Of course, we’d like him to start every game, but it would be great to see him get back on track against a pitcher he’s done well against. Where is Young of the Pads when you need him? I hope next time we play them he’s the starter in one of the games. Andre owns him.

Am I mistaken or did I read that trueblue44 is your mom?

bluecrewgirl ~ Yes, she is my mom 🙂

The Dodgers have 48 games remaining. I don’t know if this is good news or bad news, but of those 48, 18 are versus the Pods and Gnats, nine each. Those teams may be dogs, but they have nice starting pitching…including Peavy who the Dodgers just don’t beat.

Cool. At least you have one person in your family on the Dodger side of the fence.

And, yes, bluecrewgirl ~ I hope Andre gets in a game or two this weekend. Many of our ITD buddies will be there, so hopefully they will bring the Dodgers luck. 🙂

dnelly, i think it’s funny that your son tried to make you look bad on our blog.. haha

That side of my family are all Dodger fans – it’s the other side that are gnats fans.

Sara, I saw that when I was checking the blog during my lunch break at work. Too funny. I know from having two nephews boys love to do things like that.

I am glad you find pleasure in that sara – it certainly wasn’t funny at the time, but at least now I can laugh about it. I was just glad it was mostly the usuals on at the time that know I wouldn’t say something like that normally – LOL!!

dnelly, I thought you were giving up on the Dodgers whan I read that – lol

A quote from Jeff Kent (He gives Andre a nice compliment):

You expect that of the kids with the opportunities they’ve had,” he said. “You look at Matt [Kemp], he’s swinging the bat well after being an easy out at the beginning of the year. He’s become more patient. Andre Ethier is a solid hitter. Instead of the two rookie third basemen, we’ve added Blake. And Russell [Martin] is holding his own and done a good job. Everybody has gained some experience and that’s what you hope will happen as you get close to the end of the season.”

I almost fell over when I saw your son’s post – thought to myself, nah, it JUST can’t be! Someone is impersonating Mom!

i’m pretty sure NO ONE would take that seriously, dnelly. even if you hadn’t cleared up the misunderstanding.. first of all, you’re a teacher and you would never type “suk” and second of all, everyone knows you on this blog and there’s no way anyone would think you would type that. you’re the mom! mom’s don’t say things like that.. haha

ajay ~ I’m glad I cleared that up for you. This is what I live with everyday from my son. Eventhough we have won a WS, and we are currently ahead of them in the standings, he does things like that to me all the time. I think that is why I use my classroom as kind of my Dodger sanctuary because all Dodger things are safe there. 🙂

bluecrewgirl ~ It’s good to see things written like that from a veteran about the young players.
sara/sparkle – thanks!! I told him he didn’t represent his Giants fans really well because know they think Giants fans can’t spell. Actually, he knows how to spell very well, it’s just teenagers and their text spelling they use.

LOL!! Yes indeed, that would be great! The Aerosmith catalog is ripe for the pickin’. I can’t wait to see what you do with that one, Enchanted If Joe keeps reading this board and following the suggestions he just might help guid this team to the playoffs and beyond.

Amy I’m not sure if you ever heard of the comedian Don Novello aka Father Guido Sarducci, who was a regular on the old Saturday Night Live shows of the late ’70’s and early 80’s but I think you got to read what Enchanted wrote with his kind of voice inflection as channeled through an old lady…at least that’s what makes it sound hilarious to me.

The Rox lost both games in there double header today – that’s a good thing. Now we need to kick the Giants down a few notches, so we will be able to just concentrate on catching the dbacks.

it’s not only teenagers who text dnelly! i’m a texting fiend! i hardly ever want to call people anymore, i just send texts 🙂

I am too, sara, I am too, but I still have a hard time spelling words wrong on purpose so it tends to slow me down a bit, but I love it none the less 🙂

Going to dinner with my Giants fan family. I will catch up to you all later – 🙂
boys, behave – lol!!!

Dnelly..you are very welcome. I will always be the first to say that Andre is absolutely a team player. He knows that we fans are 100% behind him and I will tell him that everytime I have the opportunity to speak to him. I will ask him if he remembers the Ethier bear.
Amy..I really don’t think that enchanted meant anything bad by that post. I too get upset about things that seem to be racial in nature when I am at the game. Some of the fans are a bit over the top especially to the Japanese players on the enemy teams. I remember some “Dodger fans” being insulting to Fukudome. They kept yelling horrible things to him. I finally turned around and blew up at them telling them..”Go ahead, say what you want but he doesn’t understand anything you’re saying. In fact, he thinks you’re saying something nice!!” They looked at me and stopped heckling him. Ha ha. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping quiet. There were some enemy fans who spoke about Russell in derogatory terms saying that he meant to miss that Brad Penny pitch when the umpire got hit in the face by the ball. I told that fan to take it back or else. He hemmed and hawed and apologized. I can get very very protective of our guys, as I’ve said before. But Amy, everyone on this blog have one common interest..the Dodgers. We approach this common thread in different ways as Dnelly said. But we all like each other, I’m sure. I am beginning to really like everyone with their different personalities. We are passionate. We care. We have the same goal. WE WANT OUR DODGERS TO WIN. 🙂

I was at the Cards game wednesday nite and the fans there booed Manny everytime he came to the plate. My son says the fans dislike him as Boston beat the Cards 4 games to nothing in the World series. I was the only one in my section cheering when he hit the home run. Then he hit another one today. We need to sign Manny to a new contract ASAP…

Clarification guys: All I said was that I thought that it was borderline. I also said that I know it was NOT what enchanted meant. I wasn’t coming down on him. i just don’t play when people are made fun os along racial lines. I just don’t like that stuff.
I did not tear him apart, or fly off the handle. I just am not into saying things like that.

dnelly- I am always calling people out? really? yesterday I was just defending myself becuase it seems that I am always being called out. And today i just calmly shared an opinion. you can see that I didn’t use bad language or sound irrational. I love the Dodgers and NEVER have a bad thing to say. If you read all my posts i have never refered to myself as “mrs. kemp” i have never said that I plan on marrying him. Other people here say those things. All I’ve ever said was that he’s a young man in LA and I am a young woman in LA so i don’t see that it’s impossible to meet him or even know him. I am educated, I’m an adult and matt kemp is not my whole world. he is my favoirte dodger and that’s that. yes i would love to meet him.
I just feel that there has been all these feelings coming towards me this week and I don’t know where they are coming from.

Wow we have a 20 year old who has given up 1 run in 19 IP and you guys are harping on Amy for being a groupie. LOL just kidding Amy. You should try to marry Kemp if u got the game.

But wow on Kershaw. And wow on Billingsley. Good times ahead.

Amy ~ mostly I wasn’t sure of the timing of why you said what you said. Enchanted,jhall,eric and I have been doing Pierre’s mama thing for months now, ever since the first time he complained to his agent (just like he is doing with the media now), and I am not sure why you chose, enchanted to pick on first of all, and why you chose now to say something when the four of us, including scott and others on occasion, have been doing this all along. It’s part of our release and truly, it’s all in fun. Just like obi said, it’s comedy, just like the songs and “Leave it to Beaver.” All the songs, etc have been written for a reason, to get out frustration, to rejoice that they are doing well (not all songs are negative in nature), and sometimes just to have fun in between games. When we talk girl talk it’s the same thing (all in fun), and we have to remember that most of this audience is of the opposite sex. I guess when I saw that it was enchanted you were speaking to, my protectiveness of him came out, and I just wanted to point out that all of us are saying things just for fun, not just enchanted. Amy, I really like having you on this board, and I hope you understand where I am coming from. Like xoxrussell, and many others have said, we are all here for one purpose – our passion for Dodger baseball.
xoxrussell – I even had a birthday party in my classroom on Andre’s Birthday. We had Dodger blue cupcakes and I made him a poster and we sent it to him along with a picture of my class with the cupcakes. It was a last minute thing, so next year I will plan to do it for all the Dodgers who have a birthdays within the school year and baseball season. I had a classroom full of 6 and 7 years olds who loved Andre, Russell, Matt and James by the end of the school year.

jungar – LOL!! I would love nothing better for Amy to meet Matt and marry him someday, and yes, Kershaw was awesome today, not to mention another Manny homerun – talk about another Wow!!!

Oh and cause it always needs to be said:

Batting Ethier anyplace in the line-up is better than batting Pierre ninth.

6-0 Braves in top of 8th…

This is very good news – the Braves are not only beating the dbacks, but Atlanta pitching is finally coming through for my fantasy team – this is a win, win situation for me 🙂

Ummmmmmmmmm…6-4 going to the ninth….

Red sox just claimed Brian Giles off waivers from the Padres
One could only hope what might happen to the Dodgers.

Super Great 4-1 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the St.Louis Cardinals! Super Hero Manny Ramirez does it again! All our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heros! The Absolute Kryptonite Busting Super Best is ahead as we always believe in the World Series Championship Victory By this Wonderful Team that goes by the name of The Los Angeles Dodgers!

Peace, Sonny…

“We never had a slugger
We hardly knew home runs
We’ve been fans for 20 years
And you’re the only one who gets it done.

Manny please stay,
Don’t say you’ll be back some day.

Manny don’t go
Pretty Manny please don’t go
We love you so, pretty Manny
Please don’t go.”

Dnelly. I love the way you are teaching Dodger tradition to children. Dodger baseball has always been good clean fun. I sat next to the smartest seven year old when I was in the Dugout section. He knew stats, the Dodger players, everything. It was a joy. I would mention a name and he would tell me about the player. I was totally amazed. When Sweeney was up to pinch hit, he just commented that Sweeney sat on the bench a lot which was the reason for his low batting average. Of course, his Dad told me he also did well in school. 🙂
Amy. I try not to take any of the blogs personally. I don’t think that ITD especially means any harm. The whole face of this blog has changed so that the mood is different. It has a much more positive ring to it. I too agree that we are happier since we obtained two great hitters: Manny and Casey. We have a chance to win the division. Clayton is coming into his own and Chad is becoming the Ace. Matt is becoming more patient at bat. Berroa is hitting much better. Penny will be back tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that he will be lights out. I am more interested in the great games that our Dodgers have had. I love our guys but our main goal here is to WIN. I am lucky enough to have talked to the players and have had personal contact with many of them. I have to admit the best hug I have ever had was the one Sweet Lou Johnson gave me. He is the most wonderful kind man. Second was Jamie Fox which is another story. I try to balance my personal feelings for the guys with the fact that I am a Dodger fan and I want them to go to the World Series again. That is first and foremost. Just keep dreaming the dream, Amy, all of us do. GO DODGERS!! Beat the evil Giants. Beat Zito.

xoxrussell~ A six year old boy in my classroom is how this whole baseball thing got started in my classroom, and also why Andre is my favorite. I also explained this on Andre’s blog as well.
Anyhow, 3 years ago I had a little boy in my class who loved the Oakland A’s, and much like the boy you sat next to, knew everything about them from stats to personal information. He also was a very smart kid, but had a hard time sitting in his seat, at times to where he had his own spot in the classroom.
About two months into the school year, I was looking up schedules for the Dodgers and he noticed and he asked me to look up the A’s schedule. That’s when I found out how much he knew. As spring training started, I would look up scores and highlights on a daily basis for him in exchange for sitting with his group and getting his work done.
Skipping a couple months, the student comes in one day and tells me that Milton Bradley just got traded for Andre Ethier, and the rest is history on why Andre has become my favorite. Anyhow, the little boy will be in 4th grade this year, and he still comes and sees me at least once a week during the school year, and his parents, grandma and I always talk baseball afterschool. His mom is a giants fan, his dad is a Tigers fan and his grandma is A’s/Dodgers fan. So, I kind of attribute my success in bringing baseball into the classroom to him, and two years now, I have managed to incorporate more and more baseball knowledge into the classroom.
For this year, however, many ideas have been sparked because of conversations I have had on this board (dodgereric, jhall, and enchanted especially) and another person who sparked an idea was Steve Garvey himself. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago at one of his signings and I actual got to sit and talk to him for about 15 minutes. During the conversation, he gave me the idea of taking my class on field trips using the imagination to all the ballparks in the major leagues. Sorry for the long post, but the little boy you mentioned sounds just like the little boy I know now. 🙂

Thanks Dnelly. You are an awesome teacher. I love that story. Go Dodgers. 🙂

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!
The Dodgers are only a couple of hours away from here, and hopefully they are ready to give the Giants the sweeping they deserve. GO DODGERS!!
xoxrussell – Thanks and I love hearing/reading your stories, too. 🙂

Sigh. Dnelly. I’m so glad that they’re back in California. I miss them when they’re away. Joe Bobblehead night coming up. What a cute bobblehead. This one I keep. 🙂 I usually give my stadium giveaways to my Dad but I love Joe Beimel.

Good morning everyone. I am looking forward to seeing our Dodgers beat the Giants. We usually do well in their park. Seems there are more & more Dodger fans in attendance every time we play there. I would like to comment on yesterdays attacking of enchanted & dnelly, thinking they were close to being racist when commenting on Juan Pierre. Anyone reading the comments by most of the bloggers, have to realize that they poke fun at everyone and it is not done in a malicious way. We all have our opinions and feelings for certain players, that’s what makes this so much fun and interesting. We can’t take things personally. And, please be nice or this Grandma will spank you!

Kpookimon ~ I just noticed you post!!! Very nice!!!!
trublue44 – thanks, and good morning!!!!

I don’t think I have seen him do it since he’s been a Dodger, but it would be nice for Manny to hit one opposite field into McCovey Cove this weekend “The Splash Zone!!”

Thanks. I’ve only been with you guys a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it very much. I think a lot of you are very humorous and factual. The songs are great, the jokes are too and we all want the same thing — for our DODGERS to do well.

Talofa Mom I and Mom II !!

Gee whiz you all are sure nice to a fella! My apologies to Amy if my humor offended – Juan’s mama is a caricature of the quintessential overprotective Italian mama from Brooklyn around the teens and twenties of the 20th century.

I sure hope Mr. Penny’s got something in the tank tonight because his rehab start was unimpressive. At least now we have the firepower to allow him a little leeway if he’s not lights out.

enchanted, I think by the end of the night Amy understood you, I sure did and I’m a rookie at this! Everyone, including obi, tried to set her straight.

Good Morning, enchanted!!!
Keep doing what you are doing because we love it! Your name says it all. We wouldn’t expect anything different from a name such as yours – enchantedsunset. You are one of a kind, and you need to keep it that way 🙂
~ mom

Hey Beav!! Yep, I am anxious to see what Pennys’ got!!!

LOL!! We like the Beav being Beav!!!!

See, enchanted, we all love you! Well almost everyone, but the majority does. And, after all, aren’t we the ones that count! LOL

Good Morning, jhall!! Wally needs to keep being Wally, too!! You are one of a kind also, and then with dodgereric mixed in there, it makes for a wonderful trio of fun with alot of laughing, which is good for your health, too!!!

Morning Wally! Didn’t see you come in.

Speaking of Obi. The Jaime song got me thinking of Aerosmith’s Jaime’s Got A Gun, which got me to thinking of some of their other songs, and well, this one just seemed like a natural.
Aerosmith – Rag Doll.

Rag arm, JoJo thinks you’re groovy
5 words, and now you’ve got the cooties
He’ll whine, any you’ll see him poutin’ in the dugout man
Ground outs and poppin’ up is easy
Joe says, its his speed that makes him please me
Rag arm, you won’t playin’ left
Like you done before
Juan’s feelin’ like a sad boy
Complainin’ and he’s mad boy
Still servin’ up a rag arm, now he’s just Torre’s old toy
Now they’re cheering up for ManRam
Swingin’ club just like ‘ol BamBam
Juan’s sellin’ up on an old dream
Same version made us all scream
Talking pity on the grapevine
Shufflin’ on and off the old pine
Old Joe’s dizzy, thinks you’re still a whizzie
Give it all ya got until you’re put out of our misery
Rag arm, JoJo thinks you’re groovy
5 words, and now you’ve got the cooties
He’ll whine, any you’ll see him poutin’ in the dugout man
Ground outs and poppin’ up is easy
Joe says, its his speed that makes him please me
Rag arm, you won’t playin’ left
Like you done before
Yes you’re running, just not gunnin’
Playin’ center and you still whine
Taking over Andre’s play time.
Yes you’re running, just not gunnin’
Old Joe’s dizzy, thinks you’re still a whizzie
Give it all ya got until you’re put out of our misery
Rag arm, JoJo thinks you’re groovy
5 words, and now you’ve got the cooties
He’ll whine, any you’ll see him poutin’ in the dugout man
Ground outs and poppin’ up is easy
Joe says, its his speed that makes him please me
Rag arm, you won’t playin’ left
Like you done before
Yes you’re running, just not gunnin’
Takin’ all of Andre’s play time
In the daylight and the moonshine
Yes you’re running, just not gunnin’
Old Joe’s whizzie, but you’ve lost you fizzy
Give it all you got until you’re put out of our misery
Rag arm, JoJo thinks you’re groovy
5 words, and now you’ve got the cooties
He’ll whine, any you’ll see him poutin’ in the dugout man
Ground outs and poppin’ up is easy
Joe says, its his speed that makes him please me
Rag arm, you won’t playin’ left
Like you done before
Rag arm, JoJo thinks you’re groovy
5 words, and now you’ve got the cooties
He’ll whine, any you’ll see him poutin’ in the dugout man
Ground outs and poppin’ up is easy
Joe says, its his speed that makes him please me
Rag arm, you won’t playin’ left
Like you done before – whoo whoo…

LOL, enchanted!!!

Bravo Beav!!!! LOL!!!
Merci Nelle’!!


jhall, You are one of my favorites too. You were one of the first to welcome me to this wonderful site and I appreciate it very much. It’s kind of like being a new kid in a different school.

Do you guys know how hard it is to eat breakfast and type at the same time! I don’t dare go to the restroom or I’ll miss out on something fabulous!

Thanks Tru!!

enchanted – obi’s going to love that song 🙂
votre accueil! jhall 🙂

LOL!! Oh my!!! LOL!!!

LOL!!!! Yep, its a giggle a minute around here in the morning.

It’s breakfast with “Leave It To Beaver ~ Dodger style ” LOL!!!

Ou est le papier hygienique?

dnelly, you are so right! What a way to get a morning started. Makes one happy for the rest of the day.

Okay – I got “where” and “paper” – I’m not sure what the question is – lol!!!

Just thinking how difficult it will be tonight for the Dodgers at AT&T park — coming from the humidity of St. Louis to the freaking cold in SF and poor ManRam having to be in left field with all the beer throwers and verbally abusive fans.

Where is the toilet paper.. LOL!!!

LMAO!!! Thanks for the clarification ~ LMAO!!

Don’t worry Mom II, we’re gonna kick some serious Gnat butt this weekend.

I am listening to ESPN radio and they were talking about the Dodgers and acquiring Manny. They mentioned that it was a good thing as the Dodgers have been a non entity/factor/story for the last 10-15 years in the second largest market.

trueblu44 ~ Andre calls them a violent crowd – scary place to be for an outfielder at AT&T.

I know we are, enchanted. It’s just going to be quite an experience for Manny — hearing the chant BEAT LA all night long. They are so stupid, they even do the chant when they are losing by 10 runs. No clue as to what is going on in the game!

Did you see my post last night about Brian Giles being taken by the RedSox on waivers from the Padres? Wouldn’t you love to know what’s happening on our end?

SF has no clue about a lot of things Tru. Its a world unto itself.

I saw that Nelly. I just keep hoping someone will claim Phew and/or the Cow. Says alot when a team will take BGiles over Phew. LOL!!!!!

I know – the Giants are 10 1/2 games back, and they are still telling me (and typing now) the Dodgers suck!! Have they checked a standings board or a scoreboard lately? duh!!!!

See, dnelly, I think something is up. I bet there are a lot of players on the waiver wire, and you know some of them are ours — hopefully 2 we all know & love.

LOL!! Kind of threw us a curveball when your son snuck in his post yesterday. I thought your computer did something funny and cut you off in mid post.. LOL!!!

I’m fairly certain Cow and Phew are on waivers as someone posted it a couple of days ago. No one wants them. The best hope we have is for a contender to have a serious injury to an outfielder. Not wishing for anyone to get hurt. Just stating a fact and injuries do happen in sports.

DING! DING! DING!! THE WINNER AND STILL UNDEFEATED CHAMPION….. ENCHANTED!! WE’RE NOT WORTHY!! WE’RE NOT WORTHY….LOL …. I really should know better than to try and drink coffee and read this blog, because now I think I need a new monitor, LOL Great song, my new favorite !!

I agree jhall. Someone, however, may want Phew, because they hear Torre raving about how good he is.

jhall ~ There was an article I read last night where JP was proud of his triple by stating that “I usually don’t get guys scored from first”. Well, duh! You only have 25 RBI’s – Andre has almost double that at 46 and hasn’t played in all but two games since Manny came to town.
jhall ~ normally, when I walk away from my computer, I usually put a lock on the keys, but he had a friend here, so I thought it was safe, but I guess I thought wrong. Giants fans – go figure!!!

Obi, I know what you mean about the coffee! I must admit, you are pretty close to enchanted as far as entertainment value. You had us laughing all the way to LA last weekend, made the long ride so enjoyable.

see, enchanted!! I told you Obi would love it!!
Good Morning, Obi!!! Welcome to the land of enchantedsunset – lol!!!

So true, so ture!!!

I hope so Tru. We can hope.
Bet you won’t do that again Nelly. LOL!!!

Man I hate these long threads, I’m afraid I’ll get figeritis from scrolling down.
Just sitting her with my pal Vac whose closing this hole in my belly. I take him where ever I go.
Just thinking about our MANRAM
He sure can lift a team. If he keeps this up no telling how far this team is going to go.

Not a chance!!! LOL!! This is why I really don’t like going to Giants/Dodgers games. I would only go if the Dodgers could guarantee me a win. If the Dodgers lose, it’s a two-hour drive home of pure verbal torture from my son. I will gladly let jnv and Dodge16 go on my behalf. I really like AT&T park, but I have a better time if they are not playing the Dodgers.

Morning/Afternoon Obi and PierresEW.

Pierres, a trick dodgereric taught us – use the “end” key and it drops straight to the bottom without scrolling.

Thanks Obi! It was a labor of love.

It’s actually pretty scary when the Giants come to town to play the Dodgers in the Ravine. They are an evil club. There are always fights, especially in left field pavilion. Sometimes I think twice about coming to the games and then I end up sucking it up and enjoying the Giants get slaughtered. You’re right, the Giants supporters don’t have a clue!!

xoxo, you are right about the Giants being evil. It’s more about their fans, because most of the players are so young now, they don’t really understand the so called rivalry. I think the Padres are more of our rival now than the Giants. Nobody really cares about the Giants anymore — not even their own fans!

yes, I was at the games at the beginning of the season against the Padres, and they were pretty horrible, too. However, there were some Dodger fans that weren’t so great ethier to Hairston in left field.

TruBlue & xox I’ve attended dodgers vs Giants games and yes they are just too many fights among fans. Which is sad since there is soooo many kids all around and other fans wanting to enjoy the game. They just know how to ruin it. One time is was so sad cause it was Dodgers’ fan vs Dodger’s fan…Come on… I don’t think it’s the clubs fault but yes the not-to-smart-fans…Giants aren’t evil…Bond ain’t there anymore!D LOL. I am not a big fan of Bond…

I am checking out for a little while. I need to go get blue fabric for my “Flat Stanley/Map” bulletin board, and I need to go to school to finish that wall, plus change all the standings on the baseball wall. Alot of changes in the standings since I left at the beginning of June. I will check in later at school. Have a wonderful day, and for some TGIF!!!

Catch you later Nelly!!

Have fun shopping DNelly…think blue!

Thank You Enchanted….and Dodgereric.
We learn something new everyday…..Thanks again.
Now I’ll take the bandade of my index & middle fingers
Just kidding…. thanks again for the lesson.

I think 85 wins can take our division. We would have to go 28-20 the rest of the way to get 85 wins. Thats .583 ball the rest of the way. Certainly within reason. Pretty much comes down to winning series the rest of the way. One good hot streak of 7 out of 10 and we’re in business. Once we get to the playoffs, a couple of hot pitchers and hitters can do some damage.

Good morning ITD boys and girls,
I know, I know, it’s been a while since I was here last. Great win yesterday! Kersh did a great job! It’s just great to see his progress, everyday he steps on the mound!!! 🙂

Hey, you guys want to see something? Check out this link and scroll towards the bottom and in the many 15 rankings, you’ll see my name!!! I’ve been playing this “Beat the Streak” for a while, and this is the best I’ve ever done!!! Don’t know how long it’ll last, but it’s fun!!!

Awesome CP!!

thx enchanted!!! 🙂

So, those statisticians on this board, you can tell me what you think of my following picks. All I need to do is to pick the Dodger that will get at least one hit in the game. Tell me what y’all think:

8/08 Matt Kemp vs. Barry Zito (SF)
8/09 Casey Blake vs. Kevin Correia (SF)
8/10 Andre Ethier vs. Matt Cain (SF)
8/11 James Loney vs. Kyle Kendrick (PHI)
8/12 Manny Ramirez vs. Cole Hamels (PHI)

And yes, I am quite sure that Dre will play against Cain!!! He kills him!!! 🙂

okay, if any of our statisticians say something, just post it. I’ll get it later. I’ve gotta go. It’s Ventura County Fair time!!! 🙂

Sources say Maddux has cleared waivers. Are the Dodgers OK with Penny, Lowe, Kuroda, Billingsley and Kershaw? Or would they be better served to get Maddux, as well? I say, GET HIM!

I’m with you Kahli. Penny’s no lock to be good and I want Maddux teaching Kersh and Billz.

To me Maddux has more value as a quality guy than Penny does anytime. Penny went 0-7 taking pain pills while knowingly suffering pain in his pitching arm arm seemingly hiding his injury to the detriment of the team. I have little respect for him and hope he’s done with our team after this season.

Let’s see how Penny does tonight. As crazy as it sounds I think Kent hitting in front of Manny might be a good idea. I mean those were the best swings Kent has had all season last night.

Knowing Lowe’s gone after this season, and there’s no hope of Schmidt ever pitching again, Maddux isn’t a bad sign for next year either.

I still think Schmidt will pitch in 2009…but I like Maddux, if for no other reason that to take Honeycutt’s spot!!!!!

Brian Giles blocked the trade to Boston. Kevin Towers must feel like Ned Colletti, you know, kind of inept??!!?! Speaking of Colletti, I sure hope Manny’s onslaught doesn’t deter the inevitable promotion of Logan White.

kahli I like you’re thinking about Maddux replacing Honeycutt!

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Juan Pierre has been claimed off waivers by the Toledo Mud Hens. There is some confusion on whether or not Toledo must trade real minor leaguers for Pierre or trade actual mud hens to the Dodgers. The Dodgers are expected to accept either form of barter.

holy crap Scott!!! I read the first sentence and thought woo hoo Slappy is gone!!! and then I realized you were messing around.


That’s cold Scott. LOL!!! I think to have any chance of unloading Phew we would have to throw in a huge batch of Martin, Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Kershaw, Billz, and Brox rookie cards.

sorry jim!

Hey does anyone else trust that Colletti still isn’t a Gnat at heart? I think as soon as he arrives at AT&T Park, he strips down and rolls around in naked bliss in the outfield grass.

SF claims Sabean hasn’t been the same since Colletti left. I know we hate the Gnats, but couldn’t we be big about this and do Sabean a great big favor and return his lost compadre?


Ned is to GM’s as Phew is to players. No one wants them!!!!

Is there a waiver wire for GM’s?

They need to take one of Neds cowboy boots and use it to put his G’nat ring where the sun don’t shine as they are showing him the door.

Scott ~ That was mean 🙂
Hello ITD writers and readers!!
Hey CP – Where have you been? I am the Dodgers give the Giants a butt kicking tonight!!

Was thinking about Pierre just now, so I looked up his career stats. He was drafted in 1998 in the 13th round by Colorado (390th overall), right behind Lazaro Gutierrez, Benjamin Levesque, and Gerard McCall. Believe it or not, he finished 10th in the MVP voting in 2003 and 16th in 2004, losing out both times to some guy named Bonds. Quiz: Who finished 2nd to Bonds in the 2004 NL MVP vote. No peeking, now…


Quiz hint: the player finished ahead of three Cardinals occupying the 3-5 slots…Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds.

scott…did you peek???????????????????

Scott is the stat kink Kahli….

I didn’t peek, but it took me a minute. Also, the “Stat King” is “jungar” by a mile. I was very upset that Beltre did not win over the cartoon character Bonds.

I’m impressed, scott. So who won the 2003 NL Cy Young, and who finished 2nd?

That was supposed to be *king* LOL

wasn’t that the Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling year?

Yikes! I told you I’m not the stat king!!! LOL

LMAO Scott!!!

Hi boys ~ I see were are taking quizzes now. Good, your keeping your brains refreshed and focused 🙂

2003 NL Cy Young……………………Mr. Gagne, followed by our DL poster boy, Schmidt!

Here’s another quiz:

What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I was off a year or 2!! LOL I peeked…. Damn I should have known that one.

kahli, that was a good one. Funny how we’ve forgotten about Gagne already.

shut up Scott!!! LMAO 🙂

African or European???

The air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow is 28.36 mph.

shut up for the funny question that is. Not about forgetting Gagne.

Quiz: what is the air-speed velocity of a Juan Pierre whine exiting his trap?

24 miles an hour according to the Strouhal equation for cruising flight !! 🙂

supersonic Kahli….

In realizing Gagne and Schmidt finished 1-2 in the 2003 Cy Young vote…and in realizing they’re both shadows of what they used to be due to chronic injury…and in realizing that Gagne has been linked to performance enhancers…ummmmmmmmmmmmmm

jnv – where are you sitting at AT&T?
The KNBR (gnats radio station) crew was talking about Manny all morning, and many fans are looking forward to Manny hitting a homerun tonight as long as the gnats win. Also, some fans were calling in and saying all the mean things they do to Dodger fans, which some of the things were not too funny, if I say so myself. So, jnv, be safe out there, I will be thinking about you and Dodge16.

Damn scott, if only you’d asked about a LADEN swallow…

My whole day is ruined now. And I didn’t see jnv raise his hand.

Mrs. Nelson!!!!

Got it, jim!

Quiz #2:

What’s your favorite color?

Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You

Well I don’t know why I attended tonight
I’ve got the feelin’whosa playin’ ain’t right
I’m so scared in case he gotta make throw
And I don’t think that I can it no ’mo
Kemp to the left of him
Manny to his right, here we are
Stuck in the middle with Phew.
Yes we’re stuck in the middle with Phew
And I’m wonderin’ what it is that he do
Its so hard to keep this frown from my face
With his throws that go all over the place
Kemp to the left of him
Manny to his right, here we are
Stuck in the middle with Phew.
Well you started out in Colly
But was proud to be an L.A. man
And then JoJo came a callin’
Sticks it to you bad and say,
Jay-a-ay-e-e… P-a-e-e-e-e…
Try to make some sense of it all
But it’s Joe so it makes no sense at all
Its not cool to play whoever he feel
Cause last year you sign a lucrative deal
Kemp to the left of him
Manny to his right, here we are
Stuck in the middle with Phew.
Well you started out in April
And it found you sitting on your can
And then Mama came a callin’
Got Ned on the Phone and say,
Play-a-ay-ay JP, Play-a-ay-ay JP
Well I don’t know why I attended tonight
I’ve got the feelin’whosa playin’ ain’t right
I’m so scared in case he gotta make throw
And I don’t think that I can it no ’mo
Kemp to the left of him
Manny to his right, here we are
Stuck in the middle with Phew.
Yes we’re, stuck in the middle with Phew
Stuck in the middle with Phew.

LMAO!!!! enchanted ~ are you the kid that always has something to say? Never mind, yes you are. – LMAO!!! enchanted ~ you can be in my class any day 🙂


very good enchanted!

Way to go Beav!!!! Super!!! LMAO!!!!

I’m just diggin a deeper hole!!

Dad’s sure gonna be busy when he gets back.

It’s okay Beav, We will keep pulling you back up because you are so swell.
Good Afternoon, jhall!!!!

LOL!! Well, at least your Phew bashing is not misplaced. It is very deserved and justifiable.


Hey Nelly!! Mama’s reaching for the wooden spoon. LOL!!!!

LMAO!!!! Wally, we just have to keep a close eye on Beav until your father returns. We don’t want mama coming after Beav for no good reason. Well, there’s a reason, just not a good one.

Enchanted, excellent song!
Kahli, I haven’t found evidence of what you said, but here is JP’s response.
Joe is thinking of batting JP ninth. All JP can say is:
I push my head into my size five hat
And wait Joe to lead me off
But now Joe wants to bat me ninth
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These young kids won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me
Well, I met a man from the Dominican
I ain’t naming names
He pushed me back out of left field
He was mean like Andruw Jones
Joe really worked me over good
He was a discredit to my mother
He’s put me through some changes, Lord
Sort of like a Waring blender
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These young kids won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me
Well, I met Andre when I came to LA
I asked him to sit on the bench
He showed Joe how he could hit and all
I don’t want to talk about it
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These young kids won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me
(Well, I met a Ned from the Mustache King
Down in Yokahama
Ned picked me up and Joe let me sit
I said, “Where’s my Mama”
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These young kids won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me

Gee whiz, I already got it with the spatula.

Wow!!! crash – that’s AWESOME!!!

Good one Crash!

Whatever will we do if they trade JP? I’m sure he’s a swell guy and all. Its just that what he says and does lends itself so well to parody.

We’d have to spend more time on Sweeney and Schmidt and the rest of the hospitalized crew.

I am sure somebody will come along to replace him – LOL!! There is always Andruw, too 🙂

Good one Crash!! LOL!!!

Dnel I am sitting in section 105 by the visitors (Dodgers) dugout.

Enchanted sorry I didn’t raise my hand, My mouth usually goes faster than anything else!! 🙂

Scott my favorite color is Dodger blue baby!!!!!

Jnv ~ Have a great time!!!! Hopefully, Manny will hit one out for you. Then, again, maybe Matt, Russell,Jeff, James,Blake or Andre, will hit one out too. I would put JP on that list, but we all know better – LOL!!!

I hope they all hit one out!!!! and I hope slappy isn’t playing. I want to see Andre in Right and the Bison in Center. I wish I could have seen Billz pitch instead of Kuroda but I got to see him pitch last time I went to AT&T park last year.

did anyone else catch Around the Horn today? They said MLB is going to investigate whether Manny shut down for the Red Sox in the two weeks before the trade, on account of his stellar performance his first week.

1.) Maybe he was just extra motivated to show Boston and their fans their mistake for letting him go. (With Papi’s clicking wrist, I’m sure Boston fans are sad now, but I won’t talk American [Little] League T-Ba… I mean baseball in a Big League blog).

2.) Holy Hell, is the Commisioner’s office that bored on the 1-year Anniversary of Barry’s 1st day as HR Leader? Maybe they should investigate why Bud Selig has single-handedly destroyed baseball since since he owned the Seattle Pilots (Ball Four, anyone? Great book, but that was the end of an era, and I doubt Walter O’Malley would’ve ignored a player with a chip on his shoulder writting in a notebook).

As for the investigation, as Peter Griffin said, “They can kiss the fattest part of my ____!!!”

jnv – Even though Andre hits well against Zito, he is a lefty, and that will be excuse enough to play JP, but I always hold out hope. Andre did awesome last time his was at AT&T so maybe that will help his case a bit.

I won’t be there tonight when zito pitches I am going tomorrow when Correia pitches. I can’t remember if he is lefty or righty??

sorry ~ I am thinking it’s already Saturday – 🙂 He’s right-handed, which makes the chances much better – yeah!!

I’ve got a feeling Jones is going to get at least one start this weekend, likely against a lefty.

hey jnv where are you sitting ill be at the games all weekend. im sitting in section 113…

I’ll be in section 105 Saturday nights game, you won’t be able to miss me I’ll be the only guy with long hair and all the Dodgers gear with the big camera!!! LOL

Dodge16 ~ jnv’s in section 105. He mentioned it up a ways.
Have a great time this weekend. Bring some luck for our team!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!!

well jnv ill be there in my ethier jersey and dressed in blue…

Okay ~ Now I’m jealous!!! 🙂

I hope Pouty McGroundout is on the bench this series with that big outfield to cover.

Plus the fact that I am 6’4″ and about 240lbs and my wife has long blonde hair should help in the locating department!! LOL I will keep my eye out for you, and you do the same.

why are you jealous Dnel???? you could have gone to the game.

jnv ~ I know ~ but do you know how much money I have spent on ballgames in the last 30 days (ALOT!!). My first trip with my girlfriend, I spent money for behind home plate tickets at DS, plus an Ethier Jersey, which isn’t cheap because I couldn’t do a replica you know, and this past one trip with my mom, not as expensive, but still. Add in hotel and food and on the previous trip, San Diego, and a family trip to Las Vegas. I really wish I could go, but the combination of money and time, is not working to my advantage right now. Anyhow, I hope you have a fabulous time, I really do!!!!

I have to laugh a bit at Giants fans because while the Giants have given the Dodgers a lot of trouble over the years and have won some huge games, overall the history and success of the two clubs does not even come close. The last Giants World Series win is 1954 meaning there have been no parades in San Francisco. Even the Brooklyn Dodgers have won a World Series since then. To be fair, the Giants have been in two World Series since the Dodgers last played in the series which means the Giants have won more playoff games than the Dodgers since 1988 but at least the Gianst lost those series. So other than Barry Bonds, the most Giants fans have had to cheer about is beating the Dodgers. I must admit, it would be nice to be able to come up with a retort to the “Beat L.A.” chants other than Giants Suck.

Speaking of little kids and baseball, I recall taking my son to one of his first games at Dodger Stadium when he was five years old. His favorite player was Steve Garvey and my son got into a conversation with another fan who was being critical of Garvey. My son held his ground and gave a well thought out and accurate defense of Garvey. I taught him well.

To funny lbirken!!! Love the story of your son.

Dnel, I know you have been going to a lot of games lately, I was just giving you a hard time. I will be thinking of all the ITD gang while flying the Dodger blue at the stinky black and orange house!!!

Nice story ibirken!!
jnv ~ I know you are 🙂 When I was at the games against the dbacks, all I thought about was the ITD family and what they must be thinking, especially when it comes to JP, Andruw and Sweeney. You could hear the comments in your head – too funny!!!

New thread.

alrighty my dodgers friends im headed to the game soon so im going to sign off… have a great time… I know I will… GO DODGERS!!!!

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