Tonight's game

Spent the morning at a Public Relations Society of America event where I was on a panel with my counterparts from the Lakers, Clippers, Angels, Sparks, Avengers, Ducks and Chivas USA. Pretty cool event that was held at Angel Stadium, where one of my mentors, Tim Mead was the host.  It’s always cool to hear best practices from the other leagues and learn a little something from people who have been in sports for a long time.

Here’s tonight’s lineup in St. Louis:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ozuna, 2B

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P


Wow – Is Torre “getting it” finally?

Good line up šŸ™‚ I wish we had Furcal back in the SS spot!
xoxoxo- good to know. Meeting Matt an Russell is the bonus, I will take what I can get. The whole day sounds fun so there will be no disappointment there. Are you going to be there??

enchanted, I think he is! Took long enough. I do think Manny should move up to #3 with Russell batting behind him. Manny would get to bat in the first inning & with Matt or Andre on base or perhaps both of them — Wow.

One could hope he is enchanted! One could hope!

lol- it’s funny how the line up includes everyone’s last name, except for “Manny”. I guess he is on a first name basis only.

dodge – that would be great, only if the opportunity arises. Don’t go out of your way to do that. You need to just have being with him. I know he’s cute an all, but I really do admire him for all the things he does. He plays baseball (my favorite sport) and for the Dodgers, he works with the rescue mission (I work with a similar organization here) and his food blog (that is/was my husband’s line of work). Plus, I have followed ASU baseball for a while now (not knowing he was part of it at the time). At least Andre will know he has one friend at AT&T park. I always think about the poor outfielders from the opposing teams because of all the verbal h*ll they go through out there.

Hey Josh ! It was nice seeing you today !


Hey enchanted!!! Wally has missed you something awful!! We may have a new songwriter amongst us. Dodgersrule/Rose is very intrigued about everyone on here and all the crazy things we do around here to pass the time. It’s funny how your name comes up quite often (which is a very good thing, BTW) šŸ™‚ Great lineup tonight!! Let’s hope all the bats work at the same time tonight.


Manny’s the MAN!!! I hope he don’t cutt his hair, but if he does I want a dred=)!! LETS GO BLUE!!!


What is Manny’s last name??? LOL.

And to all the pips here at the ITD that will be attending a Dodger’s event …have fun and share those pics.

Wow! Somebody pinch me before I wake up! Pretty obvious that this is Kent’s last year the way he’s missing such important games these days.

Go Ethier!!!

Josh ~ sounds like you had a wonderful time šŸ™‚

Nelly, Indians blew the game in the 9th but Peralta was 5 for 5!!!!

Told ya he missed you – LOL!!!
trublue44 – Wow! I am having a hard time believing Andre’s in the lineup two games in a row.

5 for 5 – Wow!!! some good points there!! I will have to look that up. It must be bullpen troubles šŸ™‚

I totally agree Tru. Hope Loney has a better go of it tonight.

Can you imagine when they do Manny’s bobblehead w/ dred’s I’m so getting one?

Talking about there an Ethier one?

And last but not least, who is enchanted?

Yep, Indians bullpen is terrible.

C’mon Ned, send Procto and Brazobahn to the Indians for Grady. LOL!!!!!!

dnelly, I know! It must have been all of our good thoughts and of course, they way JP has been acting lately propably didn’t help him. Remember, JP, ther’s no crying in baseball!

jhall – I was just reading the Sports Illustrated. They did a different cover page for each team – Ohio State’s is silver.

Snakes lost, so lets gain some ground 2nite!

Sorry about my spelling. Sometimes my brain is faster than my clumsy fingers.

Cool Nelly, I’ll look for it next time I’m out. Sure it won’t be hard to find around here. HaHa.

jhall ~ If Sizemore came – then JP would really cry because he would never see the green grass field again because Grady can do all things – LOL

LOL!! Yep, it is a complete dream and impossibility, but Jones, Phew, and Andre would be history.

I think I will have to excuse myself after O(ctober. I am sorry, but I have absolutely zero interest in football. See, I do have a flaw. haha.

jhall – I just read they did each cover for it’s region so you will be blessed with alot of silver covers having Ohio State going across the middle – lol!!

jhall – I would love for Grady to play for the Dodgers, even if it meant the other to happen. Would you take Grady over Manny, though? I would in a heartbeat. He just turned 26 last Saturday and probably has very similar season numbers if not higher than Manny’s now, and he is just beginning. Ethier/Sizemore/Kemp – best outfield offensively and defensively in dreamland, of course – lol!!

In a heartbeat Nelly!!!!! That would be the best outfield in baseball for many years.

from tony jackson:

For the second day in a row, Torre is fielding the lineup you have all been clamoring for, the one that DOES include Andre Ethier and DOESN’T include Juan Pierre. Asked Torre point blank before the game if this has anything to do with the strangely timed comments JP made after Sunday’s game about the Dodgers “sticking it” to him, and he said no.
“I liked what I saw last night with Andre, and that’s why he is in there again tonight,” Torre said. “He had some good at-bats, and when the game sped up, he stayed right there. He has come a long way for me over the last month or three weeks.”
This COULD be the beginning of a long-term alignment of ManRam/Kemp/Ethier. Then again, it might not be.
“I’m not sure you can ever figure it out,” Torre said. “We have Ethier, we have Juan, and we certainly have Andruw (Jones). The way Matty (Kemp) has been playing and progressing, and Manny of course is Manny and has to be an everyday player because he has shown he can make a difference.
“I can give you an explanation for why somebody should e playing, but it’s tough to come up with why they shouldn’t be playing.”

btw, brandon, i know you were just as worried about brox last night as me.. i hope you read this morning’s posts to know that apparently brox is available, torre was just hoping for a save situation to bring him in (which i think was stupid). but oh well.. at least it sounds like broxton’s arm is fine~

Hey Mom, Wally!!! Been busy something awful today. The fort is almost done though!!

Welcome Rose!! “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

rose, do i owe you tickets? haha šŸ™‚

amy, that’s a good plan. so as soon as i’m confirmed for the tuesday tickets i will let you know..

I don’t have any interest in football either and to think I used to be a big fan back when L.A. used to have a profesional team.
You should join us at the WIN. I can’t remember the lady in pink in the picrures that is next to Kent but she lives in Chicago! She is a big Dodger fan that makes a couple of trips a year to Dodger Stadium.
Is Kent OK? I don’t mind if it is only giving the old man a day off. Tomorrow is an early game.
did I mention I am going to the game on Saturday? I was trying to sell the tickets but since I could not, I will be going.
Sara, Do you know Allyson? She sits or used to sit close to your sit. I saw her on the big screen Sunday when she caught a foul ball during the game.

Beav !! As long as you weren’t getting into trouble, and I am glad you had a busy, successful day – That’s swell!!

Enchanted thanks for the beautiful poetic verse…let me guess are you one of the Dodger’s song writer? And it was nice to meet you ENCHANTEDSUNSET….just lovely! So are we singing TONIGHT! Go Dodger’s an hour away from the game and I’m still working….wait let me reprase that…I’m still work, obviously not working!

sara – you know the best part about all these articles, whether Andre gets his playing time or not, it’s the fact that they see the same things we are and for a change are starting to ask the questions about it. Up until these past few weeks, it’s been about how great the vets are and how the kids just don’t “get it”. It’s great to see the media start asking the questions we have been asking all along.

Hey Rose, you don’t have two sisters named Hyacinth and Daisy do you?

Let’s see if the D’s can put us in the singing mood tonight. Without JP as my inspiration, I’m lost.

SARA….oh no I was just joking around….but hey if you got them….LOL! Nuh right now I’m in a tough situation that I will be watching the game from a tv…unless my friends give me their season tickets…I have 2 true friends…the best.

I want to know how a guy that works as many pitches as Ethier has all year is only “getting it” the last 3-4 weeks in JoJo’s eyes.

ENCHANTED…my sisters are Lily, Daisy & Petunia….LOL! So are you giving me the Rookie initiation!

Manny Ramirez = GREAT DEALCasey Blake for Carlos Santana = Not so great dealSantana will be a 15 year Big Leaguer with 20-30 HR’s each season and 100 RBI’s.Yes he is lazy and NOT a catcher but you guys made a mistake with this one!!John
rose – enchanted is “Mr. Songwriter” – he is the one who got this whole craze started, and we love him dearly around here šŸ™‚
The link above is to a website that has all the songs posted. Dodgereric is the keeper of the songs,and you will meet him sometime this weekend. He is with his son on a at a scout camp.

ENCHANTED I believe since we ALMOST lost ETHIER, this whole drama with Ethier playing or not playing have opens the eyes of the media and a bunch of other people is baseball world. And they are realizing how important Ethier is to the Dodger’s and how great he actually is as a player.

hey Sara,
Did you see my post on the last thread??? I got the tickets in the field box 44!! Thank you for helping me find them!!

I don’t know enchanted, it seems like Ethier has gotten it all year ( a little struggle in June). He certainly had a hot July until JP and Andruw came off the DL.

Is Enchanted & Enchanted Sunset the same guy?

Sara- I look forward to it šŸ™‚ Thank you. It will be great to see a game with you!
Crzblue- I’m glad we are on the same page. I can watch and follow football- but like I said, it does not interest me in the slightest. My parents are huge Patriot fans. We are from New England originally.
I hope Ethier gets what he deserves. We need him on this team!

yes, maam!! one and the same – enchanted is also known as Beav (when Leave it to Beaver people are around)

emma, i totally wish i could join you guys at WIN.. you should have read me agonizing on the blog yesterday about how i can’t go.. i have a vegas trip planned with a friend for that weekend, and i just can’t bail on her.. i’d feel SO bad.. which seats are you referring to as my seats? i do not think i know allyson..

dnelly, exactly!! i’m so glad that they’re asking joe the “hard questions” now and analyzing things the way we do! šŸ™‚

rose, i was just kidding.. haha.. i know you know that i didn’t give jnv seats.. i just provided him with a discount.. if i had seats to give away, i would give everyone seats. i promise.

jnv.. i saw!! yay!! what row are you? 44 will be nice.. not too far down the line.. you’ll be right next to matty or dre šŸ™‚

yup amy. it will be fun. it’s also joe beimel bobblehead night. haha.

Sara…SO HOOK ME W/ A DISCOUNT… j/K but hey my husband b-day is coming and he wants to during Bieamel Bobble head night….LOL…haaa haaaa. Do you work for the stadium???

btw, amy.. i’m almost positive i’ll be able to get on the list.. unless it’s a sell out, which i doubt on a tuesday night. but i don’t want to say 100% until i hear a confirmation.

YEA. I am sooo happy. I get to meet Sara, and then Emma in the same week.
Emma- I’m still counting on you to be my WIN friend šŸ™‚ we can stare at Russy and Matty šŸ™‚

rose, i work at USC, not for dodgers. i do know some people who work for dodgers.. i want to work for the dodgers eventually, but right now, i’m happy at USC.

No Rose. The initiation hazing is provided by JoJo when he makes us watch Phew, Sweeney and Andruw.

ooh our bestest friend is back with a new email addy šŸ˜›

And Proctor, and Falkenborg, and Berroa, and…

I am soo on Dodger overload. This has been the best season of my entire life. Maybe that’s why none of the players make me mad.. lol. good theory!

enchanted.. that list could take you a REALLY~ long time.. we get the point šŸ™‚

alright friends.. i must go.. happy hour with coworkers, and then i have a softball playoff game tonight.. see ya’ll later!

Beav – here we go again!!!

night Sara šŸ™‚ Thanks again!

rose – every once in a while we get what we call “a village idiot” . Remember I explained the language issue we had a while back – well joeyp is that issue šŸ™‚

Good Night sara and good luck with your game!!!

I’ts good to see Ethier out there again, two nights in a row.
I hope we take advantage of this struggling Joel Pineiro.
and gain some ground on today’s losing D-Backs.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Hey PierreEW – How are you? Yes, we are happy to see Ethier in the lineup again tonight. Let’s hope the Dodgers win won for Boblee!!

one last thing.. and i’m gone for real.. diamond leung says that kent is out tonight so he can play tomorrow when russell is out.. i think emma or someone was worried about kent being out..

I have to go myself too….It is DODGER TIME… Well I’ll be listening to radio until I go home…

It was nice to meet ya’ll out there. You should all be AT THE GAME…and share that energy ya’ll have….

Checking Out: Rose

I feel a big inning early!

or not

You got that right nells!!!

I’ll check back in in awhile.

yeah scurtis for the cards

jnv – I heard that you got tickets to the game in section 44 What row are you in? I have sat in section 38 row A and they are good seats. You see the opposing team warm up and when some one comes in from the bullpen the walk right in front of you.
Have fun.

That was a wild inning.
Only one run though.

manny hit it out!!!!!


M A N N Y!!!!!!!!!

and he makes it look SOOO EASY>

The rest of the Dodgers look like children hitting compared to Manny!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Andre in the lineup again tonight. At first I thought it was the lineup from last night until l saw Lowe’s name at the bottom. Did anyone see Beimel’s bobblehead commercial a few minutes ago? Andre has a cameo appearance in it. Beimel cracks me up.

2 – 1


Wow impressive Berroa.

Finally some production from the bottom of the lineup.

A nice 6-3-2 out at homeplate on Felipo Lopez.

you know what? I miss my ‘little cesar” he used to be my favorite Dodger when I was in college!
he’s be a great ss for us…but we need Raffy back!!!

Is Steiner the worst announcer or what?

Lil Cesar!

Nice 2b by Kemp and way to get him over Dre. Now good pitch selection here Russ!

Get Russ out of the 3 hole!!!

Too bad Matty couldn’t got that triple or inside the park homerun!! Good job bison šŸ™‚
do you miss him too scurtis?
yea, steiner- not my favorite. i like steve, he’s a nice guy in person šŸ™‚

I always liked him when he played for the Dodgers too Amy.


Yeah Amy I loved his glove work at SS. He was $$$ defensively.

MAN RAM again with a hit! nice rbi single. LaRussa is such an arrogant piece of crap. Why even pitch to him there?

Manny will RBI here…sorry joey

MANNY is unbelievable

of course you did bluecrewgirl šŸ™‚ you have good taste!
man, I really wish russy will figure it out soon. we need his batt!

Manny is something. He makes it look so easy, like it’s no effort at all.

Good Lord Lowe

Emmmmm……I almost forgot we were playing the Cardinals.

Rough inning for Lowe there. Pitch count is up for this early in the game. Hope he settles down here, and serves up some donuts the next few innings.

Time to get Lowe some run support. GO DODGERS!

WTF is up with this dumb St Louis view from the side?

Joe Torre continues to befuddle me. Why has Ozuna going up there bunting. Does Joe realize who is hitting behind him? Why give up an out when you know the next two batters are easy outs. Let Ozuna try and hit because with Berroa and Lowe on deck he’s our best hope.

Lowe is just not the same pitcher on the road.

Even with the sacks full, I’d still walk Pujos. A 1 run lead can be overcome the way Pineros is pitching and given the Cards bullpen, but a 4 run lead? I don’t know.

You had to have know that was going to happen.

D’OH!!! šŸ˜¦

I seems Lowe pitches much better WITHOUT run support.

Lowe blows tonight!!! You can’t serve up a cookie right down the middle to Pujols!!!

Is there any doubt that Lowe is a bum? I kept asking the Dodgers to trade him before the deadline, but here he is fattening up his ERA.

Can Manny pitch?

St Louis will always own us. Just a better team.

Well that second HR sure made my earlier point moot!

manny must be thiking do i really want to stay with this team

There is a fine line between not getting enough run support and not pitching well in close games. Lowe just hasn’t been pitching well in close games and Steve Lyons actually had the balls to use the word Ace to describe him. Give Bills those 3 runs and the game is over, we win. Give Lowe those and he blows it and the offense gets blamed.

hahahahahahaha….lowe just handed the cards the lube right there. classic.

Not to pile on…but Mr. Derek Lowe, in his 4th year as a Dodger, is 2 games over .500…soon to be 1 game over .500, and has had only one winning season. The glorious Manny can’t make up for the Dodgers’ continuing black holes at short and second (yes, Kent included), spotty starting pitching, and lack of clutch hitting (Manny and Blake excused). I still say the Dodgers can make a REAL move in 2009, and that’s why signing Manny should be a priority.

Im out, see ya all for the 3 game sweep tomorrow.

I guess Lowe couldn’t keep it down.
Looks like we’ll have to try to climb back in again tonight.
Good thing D-Backs lost.
Can’t wait to get out of here.

so much for the “run support”, heh. I hate the Redbirds.

Someone should tell Steiner that a come from behind victory by the Dodgers won’t have any effect on lowering Lowe’s ERA. Man, the things he says sometimes…

How do you beat this team?????

By not pitching to Pujos or Ludwick with RISP.

Playing the Cardinals always sucks. I agree they should not sign Lowe after the season. Granted, he doesn’t always get run support, but he’s erratic as well. He would want too much money for what they would get out of him.

Pineiro, whose been struggling lately, as we were told, must be glad to see us.

Hope to win the Division Title this year but after that I think it will be just going through the motions.

This is all on Torre. Sure Lowe is gased. We all saw it, but him apparently

3 innings left to try to get to get to Pineiro.
Maybe he’ll make some mistakes.

Nice of Matt to end the run drought!

Kemp has hit the ball hard all night.

Any news about the 90’s luncheon? Any idea who may attend? Feels good to be in BLUE

Pineiro looked a little more hitable in the 7th.
Only 4 runs back.
HAVE HOPE Think positive in a losing cause.

Martin seems to have trouble scoring men from third with less than 2 outs…I would put Loney(even though he has been cold lately) in the third spot and move Martin down in the order.

I think the thing is to get out of St. Louis, not too far behind Arizona.

I agree Pierreeast

I have a non baseball grievance to air…why does charlie stiener say the same thing over and over again? if i hear “these are two of the best right hand hitters in the game” anymore i think my head might explode like Lowes ERA tonight.
He did the same thing during the Kurodu perfect game bid…every out he would say he was another out closer. EVERYONE KNOWS!! not only is it a cardinal baseball sin to jynx a perfect game but its deathly annoying…god forbid scully retires

Either is out again. I do not want to be negative but this guy is needs to be moved to 7th or 8th in the line-up. He should be wacking the ball in the 2 position. He is not producing. Either he is in a major slump or we have seen the best he has in past. Jp is going to beat him out and he should if Andre can only hit 270. I thought he was a contact hitter with a little hr power twice a month. Now, it looks he been signing too many autographs.
Juan Pierre needs to take a few lessons from Andre on how to approach the lack of playing time. I really didn’t think I could be anymore impressed by Andre, but I get more impressed everyday.

Wasn’t that a little too weird – intentional walk to Izturis to pitch to a lefthander batting .300? What’s Torre’s thinking?

Yes, lets get out of St Louis! But , the bottom line is if we can’t beat Philly, Cards, Mets, Brewers,… we will be a 500 team that wins the Mild West and that’s not worth bragging. Good night!

Padodger – you never say anything positive so what’s the difference than any other day šŸ™‚

LET’S GO YA BUMS get at their bullpen.

Great article, DNelly. I think he’s going to have a big role in the stretch run. I was just telling my dad on the phone he needs to watch Manny and how relaxed he is at the plate and just let his swing work for him. Andre has one of the best pure swings in the game, it gets commented upon freqently by announcers too. I think his only problem is that he gets too down on himself when he has a few disappointing at bats. Of course, playing every day would solve a lot of that. When he’s gotten the chance too he yp around the .300 range. He needs to just trust his swing and relax like Manny does and I know he will learn to do that. As a fan, I am trying not to get so worked up and just think positive for him too.

That’s right Padodger!!!!
But you got to keep trying and one day we’ll have a contender.
Improvement,,,Improvement,,,,& experience
And now we got MANNY

Nice going LONEY just keep playing hard.


OK ….B L A K E Y

Blake was hustlin’! way 2 go!

Never say die!

I have been very impressed by Blake..both offensively and defensively.

Swood, Blake has been great so far.

bluecrewgirl – the good thing about Andre right now, is he hasn’t struck out on ethier day so far (knock on wood), and he is moving runners over and he is making great defensive plays. Also, I hate to keep bring Sizemore up, but he’s only batting .173 and has 27 home runs. If Andre were playing everyday and got into a groove, he could have between 15 and 20 by now. He’s only 2 away from last year’s total of 13. You are right, he will be a big factor in the home stretch if he keeps watching Manny like he says he is. šŸ™‚

They need Judge Judy to intervene and kick some butt, lol.

It looks like Torre screwed up someplace.
I can’t wait to find out what happened.

a protest?

kent should throw his bat down and start arguing
and what is a protest in baseball terms?

Last chance. C’mon Dodgers!

The Dodgers are putting up a good fight.

Let’s win this game!

I just jinxed him – bad me!!!

Ho hum…under .500…..again….and again….and again….and………………….sure am glad Torre is a difference maker.

That was another good game against a contender.
These Cardinal games will get our young players the opportunity to get good experience.

I hope the Dodgers can salvage at least one win in this series tomorrow. It’s a shame even with all the run support they still can’t scrape out a win in this series. Here’s hoping Kershaw pitches a gem tomorrow. Last thing this team needs is to be swept!!

pierreEW – thanks for putting this game into a positive light. You are right – they are getting good experience that will only make them better in home stretch. šŸ™‚

Hi Amy. No, I’m not going to the Saturday event. I don’t do all the extra stuff. I try to go to all the games I can since I have the season ticket but unfortunately I have to work. If I go to the baseball clinic, then I will end up spending 15 hours+ at Dodger Stadium. Too many hours for me. I spend much of my spare time going to all these games. Besides it’s fireworks night so it makes for an extremely long day!!
JNV..the best place to buy tickets is Stub Hub. The worst is probably ticketmaster since you really don’t have a choice as far as seating. Actually the best place is to go directly to the Dodger ticket counter. I usually go to Stub Hub if I decide I want to sit somewhere other than my season ticket seat. I like to sit in Section 39 which is my mini season ticket seat. It has a great view of homeplate. Sometimes I start the game in one seat and end the game in my other seat. Can’t make up my mind which is better. Definite pluses for different areas of the stadium. I like sitting in the Dugout section but I would be too fat with the great buffet that comes with the seat if I do it too often. Baseline seats are nice but too expensive for what you get. Wherever I sit, I like the aisle seat. Makes life a lot easier. Amy, I also have great friends who are part of the staff, ie security and ushers but try not to take advantage of their kindness because they could lose their jobs getting you into the dugout section. Those who jump over that concrete wall are ejected from the game. šŸ˜¦ Save up your money and buy a seat there. It’s great. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket but the Dodger higher ups may be reading this blog. They’re pretty strict with their rules. Anyway, have fun at the clinic. Hope you get to talk to Matt and Russell. They’re fun.

I think one of the biggest things that the young Dodgers can take from Manny is his mental approach to the game. Aside from his physical talent, that is what makes him the great hitter he is. A lot of guys have physical skills, but not many have the mental approach to the game mastered. When he walks up to the plate, you wouldn’t know if he’s hitless in the game or 5 for 5. You also wouldn’t know if his team is winning or losing. He approaches it like it’s business and if he strikes out, it’s immediately forgotten and he moves on to the next at bat. He doesn’t go over it in his mind again and again and beat himself up about it. I can definitely see the frustration on the young guys faces when they come to the plate or walk back to the dugout when they’re having a rough game. I know it’s much easier said than done, but they need to learn to move on to the next at bat and just let go of what happened on the one before. Physical attributes are important, but I think the majority of the players that have risen to the elite level are the ones that not only have top talent, but have mastered the mental part of the game.

I found this out about protests in baseball-

I think the dodgers are protesting-

In baseball, a protest is a formal complaint over a field ruling during a game which seeks a reversal of the ruling by the league which has authorized the game in question. When an umpire makes a decision that a manager feels is incorrect, the manager may decide to protest the decision.

When a manager decides to protest, he must inform the umpire of the decision immediately, before the next pitch is made. He must explain that his team is now playing the game under protest. A manager may only protest when he feels the umpire’s interpretation of the rules is in error. Judgment calls, such as ball or strike, foul or fair, out or safe, interference or obstruction may not be protested. Protests also may not be lodged over issues that do not directly affect the game (such as ejection) or on scoring decisions.

A protested game is continued as normal. If the protesting team wins, the protest is dropped. Otherwise, the decision is reviewed by the president of the league. If it is determined that the umpire was in error, and that the decision adversely affected the outcome of the game for the protesting team, then the protest is upheld. The game must be replayed from the point of protest as soon as possible for both teams. All results of the old game beginning from the point of the protest are discarded. Otherwise, the protest is thrown out and the game stands.

it’s so heartbreaking when we can’t put together wins. PierreEW is right. look at us, we are hitting and producing runs. Earlier in the season, 6 runs was a HUGE deal for us. We would even have games where none of our guys even touched seond or third base, let along home. We have grow and learned manny lessons along the way. The guys have made adjustments in their own way and we are playing better baseball. It’s just nights like these where we come together as a team and in the end we can’t get the W. good job guys nonetheless šŸ™‚

xoxo- i do not take advantage. I pay for my games and I respect everyone. I really really hope that you don’t see me as a crazy person, because I think you do. I am nothing but respectful and adult. The one time i got into the dugout club was cause it was the 11th inning and the guy was nice. i would NEVER do anything to jepordize or to take advantage of the organization. Everything i do is legit.

a lot of fortunate things have happend to me this year and I have very thankful. I come here on this blog to have fun and talk with others who are as passionate about the dodgers as I am. but I feel a lot of what I say sits badly with you. That is not what I want at all. Please know that.

No worries, Amy. You have never said anything offensive to anyone. I don’t happen to agree with you about Pierre, but that’s cool. We all have our favorites.

bluecrewgirl – very well said ~ there’s no doubt that most of what happening is mental. But like PierreEW, it’s games like these where the young players will probably learn the most. Manny will be very good for them in that respect just like what Andre said in the article about Manny’s approach from before he even leaves the dugout. However, I guess we have to hope Torre makes it into a learning process as well. It really seems like the young players like him alot, and if he can get them to do half of what he is doing, then we will be in for a very good August and September. I think alot of these three games is a combination of just being in St.Louis, who they never do well against, and kind of coming down to earth a little bit after being home with the mannymania. However, Lowe really didn’t help at all. Take out the grand slam and it’s a tie game. Tonight’s game was more about Lowe’s pitching than a rough night of hitting.

Thanks bluecrewgirl. I just feel that she has problems with how i feel all the time.

Yes, DNelly, that is what I hope Torre finally gets and that he lets them just go out and make their mistakes and learn and not worry they will ride the pine for weeks because of a bad stretch. I know there’s an unwritten rule that the young players have to earn that, but the double standard bugs me. The money you make buys a lot more suck time, lol.

I know – look at Sweeney- lol!! Did anybody find out specifically what the protest was for? – I know it involved Sweeney, but Charlie didn’t know specifics at the time it happened.

I just got back from the game. First I want to tell you how much I hate the F****** Cardinals. I was one of the very few Dodger fans there. Lowe worked from behind in the count and it cost him tonight. Very disappointed in tonight’s game,

I am so sorry, Boblee – I knew Lowe was going to pitch to Pujols for a grand slam. The writing was on the wall. Sucks anyway, I know!!

I know, Boblee, I think I hate the Cardinals even more than the Pads. At least the Dodgers win some of the games against them.

ST. LOUIS — Andre Ethier hasn’t liked losing playing time because of the Manny Ramirez acquisition any more than Juan Pierre or Andruw Jones, but he’s determined to make the most of it.
Ethier hasn’t complained and said he’s focused on turning a negative into a positive, which might help explain why manager Joe Torre started Ethier over Pierre on Wednesday night, after saying a day earlier that Pierre would start.

“I liked what I saw last night, and that’s why he’s in there,” Torre said of Ethier, who singled in the ninth and 10th innings of an 11-inning loss. “When the game sped up, he stayed right there. He’s come a long way for me in the last month or three weeks.”

Torre feels that way even though Ethier is hitting only .224 since the All-Star break. Ethier admits it’s unsettling not knowing each day whether he’s playing.

“When I get the chance, I’ll be happy with it, and when I don’t I’ll be happy anyway,” said Ethier. “This is a chance for me to also learn by watching a guy like Manny play and watch his approach in the game and in the environment we’re in of a playoff run. I’m not saying I’d rather sit. I’d rather play. But if this is it, I’ll take a positive out of it.”

So, what positives has he taken from watching Ramirez’s first four games as a Dodger?

“Just about everything,” said Ethier. “His approach as a hitter, and it starts [from] in the dugout to when he gets on deck and in the box. The presence he commands, the attention from everybody on the field and in the stands. It’s because of the numbers he’s put up, but also from the way he carries himself. You don’t realize how important that is.

“I see the way he gets locked in before he even gets to the plate. There’s not a lot of jabbering from him when he’s about to hit. There’s a certain preparation needed to get to that level, and I might not have picked all of this up if I had been playing every game. Sometimes you get caught up in your preparation and outcome and results. I could sit in the dugout and say, ‘Why me?’ I’ve decided to get something out of it, and it can make me better in the long run.”

Torre’s lineup had Russell Martin catching and second baseman Jeff Kent resting, replaced by Pablo Ozuna. For Wednesday’s day game, Martin will not start and Kent will return to the lineup.

The lineup also again had Ramirez sandwiched by young hitters Martin batting third and James Loney batting fifth. Torre said he spoke to Martin after Tuesday night’s loss, particularly about his 10th-inning strikeout with one out, runners on first and third and Ramirez on deck.

“I told Russell after the game, ‘You go up with the knowledge that the pitcher has to pitch to you, but you still have to do a little work,'” said Torre. “You have to show the pitcher he still has to throw you strikes.

“A big part of [Ramirez’s] protection [in Boston] came from the guys ahead of him. If he hits without runners on base, there’s no guarantee what his average will be, or his patience. Guys at the top of the order, it’s important for them to get on base to get him the pitch to hit.”

Torre said he’s seen no sign that Ramirez will change his approach having gone from the protection of veterans David Ortiz and Mike Lowell to Martin and Loney, with Kent dropped to sixth against right-handed pitching.

“Manny will be what he is,” said Torre. “He laid off tough pitches last night on that ninth-inning walk. He’s got great baseball instincts.”


Everything we hit tonight was right at someone and the Cards hit had eyes. They play very good at home. I still hate them. I was surrounded by Cards fans.
Very cute young couple in front of me a couple of rows. They had 2 boys. The father had on a Dodger jersey and the wife a Card jersey. The boys were about 3 and 4 and one had a Dodger shirt and the other a Card shirt. Very cool

iheartethier – I posted the same article – isn’t it the best!! I think Andre can teach Mr. Pierre a few things about attitude in a tough situation, don’t you think?
Boblee – Other than the couple, did you enjoy any of the game? You describe perfectly how I feel at Giants games at AT&T park – lol!!

I think it was that the PA announcer said Sweeney’s name so Larussa said let me bring in a a lefty to face sweeney but kent was standing in the on deck circle and Larussa had alredy put in the lefty thinking that Sweeney was going to bat but when he saw kent in the on deck circle he wanted a righty and the the were arguing.

I think thats what happened .
anybody else know what happened.

I have an earlier post on what a protest is-
In baseball, a protest is a formal complaint over a field ruling during a game which seeks a reversal of the ruling by the league which has authorized the game in question. When an umpire makes a decision that a manager feels is incorrect, the manager may decide to protest the decision.

When a manager decides to protest, he must inform the umpire of the decision immediately, before the next pitch is made. He must explain that his team is now playing the game under protest. A manager may only protest when he feels the umpire’s interpretation of the rules is in error. Judgment calls, such as ball or strike, foul or fair, out or safe, interference or obstruction may not be protested. Protests also may not be lodged over issues that do not directly affect the game (such as ejection) or on scoring decisions.

A protested game is continued as normal. If the protesting team wins, the protest is dropped. Otherwise, the decision is reviewed by the president of the league. If it is determined that the umpire was in error, and that the decision adversely affected the outcome of the game for the protesting team, then the protest is upheld. The game must be replayed from the point of protest as soon as possible for both teams. All results of the old game beginning from the point of the protest are discarded. Otherwise, the protest is thrown out and the game stands.

So, Boblee – how are the Cowboys doing? Maybe that question will cheer you up – lol!! šŸ™‚

I think Martin and Loney should switch places in the batting order. I would rather see Loney batting third and possibly Martin batting 6th after Kent.

Ajay, I got the same thing from what they said, that the protest was related to the hitter vs. pitcher matchup and that it got messed up for the Dodgers so to speak by what happened.

ajay – thanks!!! I saw your earlier post, but I thought maybe somebody even earlier posted what the protest was. Thanks for finding out šŸ™‚

Can’t wait till the cowboys play their first game nelly. Maybe when the season starts will take some of the tension off baseball. I told my son tonight that the Dodgers have a better chance than the Cards making the playoffs. I don’t think the Cards can overcome the Brewers for the wild card. The Cards pitching is terrible except when they face us, then we make them look like all stars.

dnelly, yes! i agree JP really should learn to take it like a man about his playing time if Andre had said some of the things JP has about his playing time I think Dre woulda been traded by now or just became best friends with the bench for the rest of the season. I see no reason for JP complaining he knows Torre favors him ne waise .. but then again i think the more he complains the more playing time Andre gets so JP keep talking to the media šŸ™‚ jk.

The umpire in tonight’s game announced a pinch hitter for the Dodgers before Torre announced it to the Umpire. That’s what the beef was about. Torre had not notated to the Ump on the hitter and the umpire assumed who was pinch hitting before Torre made it official.

boblee – isn’t that the truth about the Cardinals pitching against us. I am a little excited about football, both NCAA and the NFL. It will make for some fun conversations too say the least.

The Dodgers protested the game but it won’t do any good as the outcome wouldn’t have changed

hey did someone create a ITD for facebook??

iheartethier – Andre will be a crucial part of this homestretch to hopefully the playoffs, whether in the starting lineup or off the bench to pinch hit. If he is watching Manny like he says he is, then he will have some very big games ahead. From what I have read, and now seen about him, he is doing just that. Andre is taking every ounce of knowledge Manny has for the game, and he will apply it to his own swing, which like bluecrewgirl said, is one of the best left-handed swings in the game.

jungar created facebook for ITD šŸ™‚

whats the profiles name on facebook

Ajay ~ I think I just went to groups and typed in “Inside the Dodgers”. I will go look too šŸ™‚

ajay – do a search and type “inside the Dodgers” – you should see a picture of jungar’s son.

is he wearing a hat

yes, he is šŸ™‚ I got on and had to post – lol!!!

I haven’t been to facebook since it was created…So i’ll start going there and adding cool stuff.
I am a huge fan of Ethier now. After seeing that behind the bigs and the way he has handled himself I hope my son turns out just like him, I really do.
And I hope Torre moves Manny to the three hole. I hope Martin is moved down. Blake should be moved up to clean up to protect Manny. And I hope he lives by these words. (He does not say get hits.)
“A big part of [Ramirez’s] protection [in Boston] came from the guys ahead of him. If he hits without runners on base, there’s no guarantee what his average will be, or his patience. Guys at the top of the order, it’s important for them to get on base to get him the pitch to hit.

I might try this..

And finally..thought on this should be nice to read tommorrow: (LA Times)

While Rafael Furcal continues to rehabilitate his back in Arizona and aims for a September comeback, his agent said he is hoping for the Dodgers and the shortstop to come to a quick agreement on a new contract this winter.

“They’re definitely the No. 1 choice,” Paul Kinzer said.

i just added the group to my facebook… which I never use haha…

Amy, I am a little protective of our Dodgers. Everyone has told me that. I know you aren’t crazy, just passionate about certain of our guys. I also am a little protective of our Dodger stadium staff. I have made friends with many of them because I am at so many games. The parking staff even knows me and waves when I drive by…it probably helps that I drive a Dodger blue car with Dodger license plate frames. They are so nice that it wouldn’t take much to ask for favors. And they would go ahead and help you out although I know it could get them into trouble. I apologize to you if you thought I was down on you. You are young and have a lot of dreams which I hope you continue. We all have one common interest here on this blog and it is the Dodgers. I used to post here a lot more than a year ago but pretty much got chased away by the negativity. I couldn’t understand why everyone was so horrible even when the Dodgers would win a game. And there always was a scapegoat. Who says that the players don’t read this blog? What if Pierre and Andruw happened to read the stuff that people write here about them? I try to stay positive because I love the Dodgers. I am not a fair weather fan. I bought my season tickets long before Manny arrived on scene. I take something positive away from every game. I love baseball. I love Andre, Russell, James, Matt, Chan Ho, and all the guys. Go Dodgers.

xoxo, I know how you feel about the negativity. I’ve only been posted here a couple of weeks because I love the Dodgers and enjoy talking about them. I too have been a fan for many, many years and sometimes it is difficult to read what some people say about the team, especially when they come on just to bash the boys in blue. I can understand some criticism, because we want the team to be the best it can. I for onr welcome you back!

sorry about the typo I meant one (not onr)

Well, I’m not able to go to the game today. Was sure a disappointing loss last night and the fans around me never let me forget who was winning.
Hope Kershaw can right the ship today.
What’s wrong with Loney. He’s hitting everything into the ground. He’s hardly hitting any balls out of the infield.
We need this win today and the D’backs to lose a half dozen in a row.

boblee, I too hope we will win today. I think Kershaw has developed a little more confidence since he has started a few games, and by putting together a few timely hits, we should be able to pull this game out.

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!
boblee – here’s hoping the Dodgers win today for your sake!! And thanks for explaining the protest last night, I forgot you were there.

To bad for last nights lost. And to bad that Lowe got hammered yesterday. If Lowe would of pitch different it would of been a different game. Dodgers are a much better offensive team with Manny now. The only change that i would like to see in the lineup would be to hit Blake in front of Manny. Martin is putting to much pressure on himself to make something happened. Blake is hitting very well, he is a veteran and would have a better aproach hitting third. And also put Kent behind Manny. Kent is still in my oppinion a power hitter.

Morning All!!

Halfway kept track of the game last night but when Lowe blew up for the umpteenth time this season, suddenly TV got a whole lot more interesting.

I was hoping JoJo was finally getting it, but when he gets it on one level, he loses it on another. How do you leave a pitcher in there long enough to give up 13 hits and 8 runs? Now that they’ve got a batting order that can score, the pitching goes south. I just hope they aren’t stupid enough to sign Lowe again. When his sinker doesn’t sink, he’s awful, and his sinker hasn’t sunk a lot this year.

Its obvious that Manny can hit when he’s motivated, and he has demonstrated what a heavy hitting bat can do in the middle of the line-up. I just have a hard time with resigning a 36 year old to a long term contract. That I believe is exactly why Boras instructed Manny to get the parties to drop the option years – it takes away the clubs ability to decide when Manny’s through, and forces them to roll the dice with a 4-Yr contract. What you’re paying him then is either $100M for one good year, $50M for two, and $33M for three.

As far as the pinch hitting thing last night, what possible difference does it make? Sweeney can’t hit anyway, and the guy Joe wanted to PH did. But why is it that LaRussa knows the rules and old sage Joe doesn’t? JoJo’s failed this team in so many ways, not that this one mattered one iota, but it just demonstrates a lacking in yet another area.

Marty seems to be pressing in the three hole. He might benefit moving down in the order. Kemp’s on a tear, and I think we’re catching glimpses of what a monster he can turn out to be in another 2-3 seasons.

Well, one more chance at the Cards today, so let’s get young Mr. Kershaw another win!

enchanted, I couldn’t agree with you more! I too kept asking why in the world is Lowe still in there. We could have had a chance to win that game last night if he took Lowe out sooner.

xoxrussell ~
I understand where you are coming from when it comes to the employees that work for Dodger Stadium. It is important to follow rules, etc as to not put any of them in a situation where they have a fear of losing their job.
I, too, have been a Dodger fan for quite a while, but certainly not as long as some, and I in the past several years have become extremely more passionate about it. I think the combination of living with Giants fans and my new and improved passion for the Dodgers is what lead me here.
I also understand where you are coming from in terms of some of us being negative at times,and I am only speaking for myself, but I think it’s because we are so passionate about this team. Some of the negatively strictly comes from being protective of the players who deserve to be playing more than once a week (ie ~ Ethier, Pierre, Jones, DeWitt, LaRoche), and it’s the open forum for debate that makes this blog that Josh has created so great. Most of us here are very respectful of everyone’s opinions and concerns for the team.
As for players reading this blog, there is not anything that hasn’t been said on here that is any worse than what they have heard or read in the media or any other blog (Dodger blog or otherwise) and recently or in some cases, (Andruw and Sweeney) at the ballpark when half the stadium is booing, or in JP’s case, where it is pretty much silent when he comes up to bat. I think most of us agree that once we step into the ballpark, we are fans for whoever Joe puts in the lineup, and I don’t think any of us would boo any of them (at least not out loud) However, I am talking about the regulars on here, and not the occasional person (joeyp, etc) that come on here strictly to bash the Dodgers in general and usually have the extremely inappropriate language to go along with it. Plus, they (Andruw and Pierre) still have their fans on here who will fight for them every single day. Once again, that’s what makes this blog so great.
However, if you flip it around and talk about all the positive things that have been said about this team. Andre is all over this blog and for good reason. Many, many of us are pulling for him and many of us think he should be the third outfielder. Our other young players (Russell, James, and Matt) are always looked upon in the highest regard. Eventhough many of us were sad to see Andy LaRoche move to Pittsburgh and Blake to go down to AAA, we are very pleased with how Casey Blake is doing and are certainly glad he is here now. Then there is no question how most people feel about Manny being here, but there are some sticking to their convictions about not wanting him here as well, which again is why this board is so great. All of those opinions are respected as well.
So, I see this ITD family as a healthy balance between positive and negative, along with all the fun that happens on this board in between games (alot of laughing, songs, meeting new ITDers, speaking foreign languages and role playing).
BTW, it is great to see you back on this board. You bring a wonderful perspective that many of us only wish we could have.

Good morning everyone. LOL!! It wasn’t too hard to see the Pujols slam coming. I agree Beav. Hope to god we don’t resign Lowe. Alot of us here thought they should have traded him before the deadline. That money can be much more wisely spent. With Lowe, Nomar, and Kent gone, that frees up $27.5M. Unfortunately, Ned will probably waste it.

Good Morning, enchanted and trublue44!!
All I have to say about last night’s game is Lowe, Lowe, Lowe. Last night’s game had nothing to do with a rough night of batting for some – this was all pitching. Yes, we could of scored 5 more runs, but that expecting a little much. All players had a role in getting those 5 runs, even the ones that had “0 for” days. (Andre moving Matt over into scoring position for one), and the bottom of the order finally comes through for the Dodgers, and what happens, Lowe’s pitching. However, today is another day, and hopefully a win with Kershaw pitching.

Last nights game was a “Lowe Blow”.

jhall, I don’t think Ned likes to spend money. Peter Gammons on ESPN said yesterday we were so close to signing Maddux, but it came down to Ned wanting the Padres to pick up the balance of his salary. Of course, they said no. I don’t think it was a tremendous amount, I think we could have afforded it.

bonjour, jhall!!
Boy!! the cretins were out last night in a big way šŸ™‚

Bonjour Nelle’!! Yep, I saw that. That and the Lowe meltdown made TV much more interesting as Beav pointed out.

Ned just likes to spend his money on worthless vets instead, and I agree with enchanted, Ned needs to be careful about signing Manny to a long-term contract. As much as I like what he is doing now, is it going to be like this in 2-3 years? Our money would be better spent on a similar player who is 8-10 years younger.

I see most everyone did a good job of ignoring JoeyP. That is the best way to make him stay away.

The only thing I did was explain to Rose what was happening because she was asking about the “leave it to beaver”stuff and he was part of why that started. Also, my mom texted me and asked, but I just called and told her. I think everybody is understanding where this dude is coming from and it’s not planet earth – lol!!!

I saw Joey the P on last night, but Lowe blew up so early I didn’t get to see the rest. Hope it wasn’t too bad.

This team gets to be disappointing on so many levels. Pitching no hitting. Hitting no pitching. No managing whatsoever. I guess it is what it is this year – a .500 team.

I know there have been lots of [phantom?] injuries this year, but how many different line-ups has JoJo used so far? How hard can it be to slot somebody and hit them there consistantly? Sure there are little adjustments to make along the way, but I still think this team would’ve benefited greatly from defined rolls throughout the year.

I’ll say with Lowe, the Nedster was between a rock and a hard place. Penny down, a kid pitching every fifth day, Johnson a starter, you’ve a chance to take the division, and no one better than Lowe out on the market that wouldn’t cost you all of your farm. He really couldn’t justify trading him unless he was going to throw in the towel and play for next year. HOWEVER, the chances we’re slim we’d take the division, and the Manny deal was at the last second, so an argument could be made there was no reason to keep him other than that slim chance. Trouble is, I don’t know if Lowes good anough to be a Type A free agent this year, which means we might not get two draft picks.

enchanted ~ He wasn’t too bad, not like the “infamous” night. Kind of that repeating thing again about Weisman over at DT and few remarks about Manny even. He did disappear fairly quickly, but like jhall said, he was being ignored. Padodger made his daily bash of Ethier by starting his bashing off by saying “I hate to be negative”. I did respond to that because when is he ever positive?

Padodger should never use the word Dodger in his name — he certainly doesn’t act like a fan at all. Just a negative, spiteful, angry man!

I’ve been looking at DeWitt with Las Vegas, and he’s having a letdown the last six games – like 2 for 25, but he’s strictly playing 3rd base. We all know he can do that, but I thought the idea was to get him playing second again. That’s where we will have a serious hole next season, barring Ned trying to sign Kent for another year, and I hope that does not happen. I could see merit in signing Casey Blake for a 2 year contract the way that he has performed, but if that happens, 3rd base is blocked for DeWitt. The remaining time at Vegas would have been perfect to give him renewed second base experience, but nobody seems to be thinking that far ahead.

Well I still haven’t lost my HOPE…GO DODGERS!

Through rain & shine…I will NOT whine (PADODGERS…hint hint!)….GO DODGERS!

When we loose I will still stick with you….BOYS IN BLUE….GO DODGER!

well hello to all the ITD bloggers!

I haven’t been on in a while! i’ve been camping down in malibu so i have to catch up on all the games i’ve missed!! it sucks to come back and find out we arnt doing to good but i’m still gunna watch all the games i recorded!!

DeWitt just seems to have a hard time making adjustments once pitchers have adjusted to him. Another year at AAA may be in order. Blake is definitely an option at third, and as to why they don’t have DeWitt at least splitting time between third and second, ???.

The way things are shaping up, next year’s going to be a lot of “ifs” also. 2B, 3B, SS, LF/CF, SP… Some money’s going to HAVE to be spent for FAs somewhere. Maybe you can plug a hole or two with DeWitt/Hu/DeJesus/McDonald, but there’s still more to fill, and given Ned’s track record with FAs, its a little scary.

a little – LOL!!!

Good morning all!

Great article on Andre Ethier’s positive approach on

Also, how many times have you seen this happen with our current pitching coach:

Pitching coach Rick Honeycutt went to the mound to strategize with Lowe to induce a double-play grounder out of Pujols, who instead launched the first pitch 417 feet.

The real trouble’s going to be, if Frank has a limited budget and he blows it all on Manny, which at this point from a mere marketing standpoint I can see why he’d do that, they’re going to have to fill the other holes via trades, and that would mean giving up the likes of DY, Dre and some of the higher prospects like Hu, McDonald, etc. because NO ONE will ever take Phew and Druw and give anyking of value in return.

Good Morning, Rose – glad to see you back today – that means we didn’t scare you off – good!!
Good Morning, Acardona – camping in Malibu – what fun that must have been, and I am glad you are back as well.
Good Morning, scott ~ yes, that was a fabulous article about Andre ~ It makes him even more impressive as a player and individual, and it will be exciting see what he takes from Manny.

scott- yeah it was a great article! it’s so awsome how he makes being benched a positive and a learning experience instead of sitting there being upset that he didn’t get to play! Andre really is an awsome guy and a great team player!

Agreed that this will be a very dicey off-season; therefore, all the more reason that Ned shouldn’t be around to do anything. He may know the public relations value of certain PVL’s, but as for talent on the field, CRAPPOLA!

messagebear – you have a wonderful way with words – LOL!!!

enchanted- man it’s scary to think that we could lose someone like Andre (especially) or DY and get stuck with JP and andruw!!

dnel- thanks! i’m glad to be back! i’m actually going back out there tonight i just had to come home today to take care of some things.. so how’s our boy doing? (Andre that is lol) i’d say pretty good by reading that article!

Acardona ~He had a great game on Tuesday, and yesterday, not great batting wise (0-5 with a strikeout), but he did have a productive out that was responsible for Matt scoring. He just hit right to people, but many players were doing the same thing.

Sorry to put a damper on things, but notice the murderer’s row of hitters 7,8,9,1 in today’s lineup.( via Dodger Thoughts)

Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Kent, 2B
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Berroa, SS
Ardoin, C
Kershaw, P

Thanks for the news scott – yeah!! LOL!!

scott- haha!! wow yeah thats gunna get messy!

dnel- oh ok yeah some days things just dont go the players way but he’s still great in my book šŸ˜‰ thanks for the info! i’ve missed a lot of games so i’m trying to catch up before i have to leave (starting with sundays game which i heard was great!)

I hope we win 10-0 and Pierre goes 0-10 with 5 ground outs and 5 pop ups.

Guess we could see that coming with an 0 for 5 from Andre. But I for one would rather see what Andruw’s got to give.

We know what Pierre’s got to give…

This is what bothers me and it gets misread, like I am mad at Pierre or Kent and I don’t support them. I do. When they come up I want them to do well every time. But I am also so sick of Torre and sick of dodger officals in general saying one thing and then the very next day doing the opposite

2008 OB%
Pierre .325 (.294 from leadoff)
Kent .306 (.278 hitting 3rd)

“A big part of [Ramirez’s] protection [in Boston] came from the guys ahead of him. If he hits without runners on base, there’s no guarantee what his average will be, or his patience. Guys at the top of the order, it’s important for them to get on base to get him the pitch to hit.
2008 OB%
Pierre .325 (.294 from leadoff)
Kent .306 (.278 hitting 3rd)

Good stuff everyone. Enjoy reading your opines. I for one am just ready to let it play out. Whomever Joe decides to play, I hope they do well and get the job done. It’s crunch time. Whoever is out there needs to get it done or we go home. Regardless of what I think about each player and their performance. The impetus is on Joe to put a team out there to win ballgames and make the playoff. From here on out, its on you Joe.

very well said jhall!

jhall, is that you? Hey, man, I get where you’re coming from. The real best case for the Dodgers at this point would be for Jones to suddenly turn it on and start hitting bombs. It wouldn’t be great for Ethier, but it would settle the OF situation especially if Furcal makes it back which would eliminate Pierre’s “knowing how to lead off” ability.

Poor Kershaw. With support like that in half of the lineup, he might feel like in AAA.

absolument!!! jhall!!! absolutely!!! very well said!!!

Interesting. If you look at the standings, the D’s are 4 games over .500 in the NL.

Bottom line is WIN!!!! DB’s pitching is starting to really kick in and they are going to be tough to catch and pass. I look for the Rocks to make a serious run and you know the G’nats and Puds will be especially tough as their seasons are in the tank and they would like nothing better than to derail us.

I think you are right scott. If Furcal comes, back Pierre’s role is finished. Joe keeps stating that over and over again about how JP is the person to lead off with Furcal gone. And “IF” Jones gets his swing back, I can certainly see an outfield of Ramirez, Jones, Kemp and Ethier coming off the bench, which is awesome compared to Sweeney.

jhall- yup absolutely!! we have a great team (with a couple ticks sucking the life out of us) but overall the dodgers are a great team!! its just when our pitching is up our bats are down and when our bats are on fire the pitching is down.. once they are both on the same page it’ll be great!!!

yes, jhall ~ be thankful we don’t have to face Linsecum this weekend – 8 inning game yesterday and a win – the kid looks awesome right now.

dnelly- i couldn’t have said it better myself!!

Hey Dnel I am going to the Dodgers/Gnats game on Saturday!! What day are you going?

Really need to salvage a game in StL and get out of town.
Looking forward to seeing Kersh and hoping for a big win today!!!

I agree with Jungar and the others here you think that Torre should have Manny hit in the #3 spot. He’ll see many more ABs with RISP this way. Can you imagine his productivity in September with a healthy Raffy and Kemp batting ahead of him? I also think Loney and Martin are pressing a bit, but as someone else posted last night, both the Dodgers playing against .500 plus winning teams can only benefit the team and help them gain valuable experience for the stretch run. …. btw, I see JP is starting today, and I was just reading an article about him on ESPN that I’ll post. Also I think I’ll work on a special tribute song for him. šŸ™‚ GO KERSHAW!! GO KEMP!! GO MANNY!! GO MARTIN!! GO LONEY!!! GO DODGERS!!!

Hey Joe, don’t let Pujols and Ludwick beat you!!! Make the other guys do it. Really got to keep guys off the bases in front of those two.

I am not going – šŸ˜¦ Too much to do around here with my kids starting school on Wednesday. We have to go shopping for backpacks, supplies, etc. and then I have to be back to school on Monday, officially, as well, not like I am already there doing my bulletin boards and such. I definitely will be thinking of you there, though. Dodge16 is going this weekend, too, and he gets to spend time with Mr. Ethier himself – how cool is that!!

dnel- ok i am officially jealous of dodge16!! haha!!

jhall ~ Pujols got top points in my fantasy league last night with 15, Peralta was 2nd with 14.

acardona – they went to ASU together šŸ™‚

LOL!! I was curious about how many points you got with Peralta yesterday. Merci!!

Ten guys who could slip through waiver wireby Tracy Ringolsby


OF Juan Pierre, Los Angeles Dodgers
Contract situation: Roughly $2 million remaining on $8 million contract for 2008 plus $10 million guaranteed in 2009 and 2010, and $8.5 million guaranteed in 2011.

In a perfect world, the Dodgers would probably prefer to unload Andruw Jones, who is guaranteed $15 million next year, but a team would really have to gamble on a free-agent push by Jones to be willing to take a chance on him considering his frightening physical condition and diminished production this year. Pierre is Pierre. He outworks and outhustles, but will never show power, plate patience or a strong arm, and that was known before the Dodgers gave him a five-year, $44 million deal. If the Dodgers would pick up half the salary that remains, Pierre could be of interest to several teams, even non-contenders this year who would like his persona in their building effort the next couple of years.

OK were is Dodge16, My wife and I need to go with him so we can meet Andre!!!!!

If the Dodgers would pick up half the salary that remains, Pierre could be of interest to several teams, even non-contenders this year who would like his persona in their building effort the next couple of years.

There is the rub. Were talking about McCourt here. He would rather give up prospects than money.

You are so right jungar, however, I think JP is playing a lot & Torre is singing his praises because they want someone to take him.

obi – that is really good news – yes? Maybe that’s why Joe keeps telling Ethier to be patient.
jnv – LOL!!

Love the name Obi-wen…My son’s name is Ben. I’m a star wars fan, but not a fanatic. But he was named after Ben, his middle name is lucas (luke) LOL!! But really he is also named after Ben Franklin my favorite US History guy. Anyhow…Original Trilogy only though. Bits and peaces from 1/2 were decent and 3 was solid, although in general I don’t like how it all played out with Anakin. I tolerate the new stuff. The clone war cartoon looks cool. I hope it’s good.

Thanks, obi!

jnv- haha!!! i know!!

dnelly- oh i see.. lucky him!! lol

And why Pierre said what he said…?

jnv – Does this mean you are not going to the Dodger game on Sept. 6

Yea, I still think something is up, don’t you?

I happen to think alot of stuff is engineered. Pierre’s agent knows Ned dosen’t want to bruise his own ego by doing that, but if he tells his client to stir the pot a little…

I totally agee with you jungar. Like dnelly said though, Torre did tell Andre to be patient.

hmmmm!! – things are sounding pretty interesting right now, don’t you think?

ajay, yes I am still going to the game on the 6th. We got really good tickets for Saturday (cheap) and we couldn’t pass them up.

Now were is dodge16????????
dodge dodge dodge dodge!!!! LOL

jungar/obi – no joke – we had a student at our school who’s name was Lucas Sky Walker – no kidding. I worked with his dad in my early teaching days, and I remember them naming him, and then he showed up on a co-workers class list one day – he was a very cool, great kid, too.

jnv – the last time Dodge posted was the end of yesterday’s thread where he said he would get something signed for me – HA!!! no, I told him not to do anything but have a good time with him.


Thanks everyone for the welcome back..esp. Dnelly and Trublue44. Very kind words. I promise I won’t be scared away so easily. I consider myself very lucky that I can actually go to so many games. There’s nothing like seeing our Dodgers in person. Nothing like the emotion of the game. I have been able to see many of the players in person and have had a chance to talk to them. I know that Derek Lowe is a cut up. He is funny. As I’ve said many times, and I know Dnelly will be glad to know, Andre is wonderful. He always appreciates everyone who is cheering him on. We have all told him that we are 100% behind him. And he is grateful for that. Matt is and always has been a gentleman. One of my favorite stories from last year involved my great love of autographs. I have a book about Vero Beach that I bought for a friend of mine who lives in Canada, a diehard Dodger fan. I was trying to get it autographed by as many Dodger greats, past and present, as I could. Matt Kemp was signing so I went running over to get an autograph for the book. My Dodger pen went over the padding and fell onto the field. My heart sank since it was my favorite Dodger pen. Someone told me to kiss the pen good bye. Matt looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his and told me not to worry. He bent over, got that red dirt all over his knees to pick up my pen. Then he signed my book after giving me one of those slow sexy smiles. What a guy. When he was playing that day, I kept thinking that red dirt on his knee was from being kind to me!! I thought I would share this story with you girls. Anyway, I know I’ll have fun sharing some of the unique moments I’ve had with our guys. You’ll soon understand why I love our guys!! Go Dodgers.

OH thank you SCOTT, guess I got my time zones mixed up.
I see it.

Agree with you Enchanted that with Penny in limbo, a kid in the rotation and Johnson that not trading D.Lowe was justifiable. That being said I was so mad at D.Lowe yesterday that I wanted to dump his behind from my fantasy teams.
PierreEMW: LOL, yes, D.Lowe pitches better WITHOUT any run support. He does not know what to do if he has runs.
Amy, We will have fun at the baseball clinic. Last year I did not win anything but the year before I won an autograph baseball from D.Lowe. Other prices are Dodger merchandise, Amtrak tickets, autograph baseballs and I forget what else was there.
The only event where you got to sit with the players was the 60’s luncheon. It was a smaller crowd and the seats were not reserved. The 60’s was held in the Loge picnic area, the 70’s in the 1st level Left side restaurant which it ended up being too small to accomodate everyone. The 80’s was in the club level restaurant and the boys’ tables were reserved. A lo more people there for the 80’s so long lines to get autographs (only one autograph allowed per person) and one long, long line in the hallway. It was very hot there waiting. People brought small and big things to have them signed.
Yes, it is going to be a long day/night on 8/16 with the fireworks at the end and then come back the following day for the game but I rather be there at our Heaven on Earth.
Amy, will you be asking a question to Kemp? You should! I probably direct my question to Torre or Mattingly. Is so much fun attempting to play on the field where our boys play. I keep attending these clinics but I am still horrible.
Just noticed that there will another sleepover at the stadium on 8/29 when the Dodgers are in AZ. I did not go last time they had that. I am not into camping. I need a real bed to sleep in.
Go Kershy!!
p.s. My brother ran into someone in the Dodger trolley bus talking bad about Kent. He told him “Kent is a very nice guy, have you ever met him?” The guy said no so my brother told him if you do, you will see what a nice guy he is”. My brother also believed what he read but after meeting him, changed his mind about him.

xoxo, I am truly looking forward to your wonderful stories. I wish I were close enough to LA to see more games. I envy you for being so close to so many of the players. Must be great!

Let’s play “Star Wars or Juan Pierre?”

“This R2 unit has a bad motivator.”

“I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year.”

I agree with Derek Lowe when he says his time here has been a failure. “Any time you sign up for something, you want to finish it. I’ve said this numerous times, that I consider my tenure here a failure. We haven’t won one playoff game. I would love to get the opportunity to win a couple of series and get to the World Series.” He has been nothing more than a .500 pitcher his whole time here. Good one week, awful the next. Let’s spend the money on someone else and let him go after this year. I hate his demeanor on the mound too. Sorry, just needed to vent.

On Derek Lowe:

You know, I’ve never gotten attached to Lowe. Decent pitcher, can be great at times, but also terrible at times like yesterday. I’d rather have more consistency. Same problem with Kuroda, but in his defense, he could be adjusting to MLB still in his first season. Billz has been the most consistent the past two years just off the top of my head.

You are right that D.Lowe is a funny guy! Not sure if I told this story before. at Vero Beach I asked him if I should pick him up in my fantasy baseball team, he emphatically said “No, no, I am not good with stats”. I ended up with him without picking him so at the Coliseum game, I yelled to him from the stands “D.Lowe: I got you in my baseball fantasy team”. He yelled back “I told you not to pick me!” We were laughing at that. I should have yelled back that “I did not picked you, I got stuck with you”.
Last year while the pitchers were warming up, I yelled happy bday to Broxton. D.Lowe said “is it really his bday?”. I said yes, but JB kept saying no. Then D.Lowe said “sing to him, he is shy”. After singing JB came closer to me to me to tell me it was not his birthday. He was right, I was off by a week! That was Hollywood Star night last year.
One day, he threw me the baseball he was warming up with during his in between starts in the pen. Clumpsy that I am, I did not catch it but I still got it.

emma, thanks for the “Up Close and Personal” stories you bring here!

I know what you mean with D.Lowe. At the beginning of the season, I left him on the bench in my teams and also when he had that start in Colorado. I learned from last year. But still the run support he gets is lowe, lowe, lowe.

It’s some kind of cruel game with Lowe. No runs, pitches great. A bunch of runs, pitches poor. Go figure!

1 – 0 Dodgers

theres a new thread to post on guys

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