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Just starting a new thread for everyone to use…had I been able to post, I probably would’ve pointed out the Colletti Q&A by Diamond Leung and the Yahoo Sports story on Kim Ng by Tim Brown…looks like you guys are on top of it.

Great comeback win yesterday…I hope some of you will be dressed in blue in the Bay Area tonight…a big game and a chance to take over the division lead!



  1. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I can’t believe it… I’m first. Let’s go for five in a row!! SWAT DOWN THE GNATS!! GO BLUE!!

  2. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    If anyone reads this Josh, if they trade Matt Kemp i’ll be irate. Unless of course we get Jack Wilson or a pitcher who is fat and will be a free agent next year commanding millions. Kemp is still 4 years from prime and not a kid anymore according to Ned. What a joke. Kemp is 23 and so on. The reality is were never gonna win with this enviornment. Please Frank bring someone in who does not have to openly talk to the press about how he “has” to be patient. But it will be great we can then play JP and Jones and replace them with two other overpriced worthless PVL’s and wish we had a young hitter age 26 (by that time) who can hit for power.

  3. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Please Josh, if you have any power what so ever, please don’t let them touch the core young players (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, DeWitt and LaRoche). They are finally getting the playing time they have deserved for such a long time (Ethier and LaRoche epecially), and they look great out there (win or lose). These players are NOT the supporting characters, they are the stars right here and now.

  4. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Looking towards the future, bring up DeJesus to get an idea whether or not he’s ready. Any big name SS is probably going to cost us more in years, dollars, and current players than we (but maybe not the Nedster) want to give up. The fact that the Nedster is out there primed and ready to make a deal , quite frankly, scares the hell out of me. Trade Lowe for somebody’s top 2-3 prospects, one of which could be a shortstop. If we can stay the course, it will pay off in 2009. In a transitory season, It’s a bonus, IMO, if we make the playoffs.

  5. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls,
    I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday. I’m going to make one more comment about a starting SS and then drop it like a hot potato (I really don’t like the idea of trades but I just understand that it’s part of baseball). I know I’ve been calling to trade for a starting SS (Berroa and Maza aren’t starters and Hu will be, but not now). My hope is that Nomar stays healthy to play (maybe not everyday) but to play SS for most of the rest of the year. What I think is a better way to go is to DFA Berroa (he’s of no use) and bring up DeJesus. Everyone has been talking about him and I’d like to see what DeJesus can actually do in the majors. If by the end of the year (I firmly believe Nomar won’t be resigned) then we can see what we have in DeJesus, Maybe Hu can even make his way back up to the majors to see if there’s any improvement (also take into consideration his health issues while in the minors).

    Yes, I was a little too trade happy earlier to ask for a trade for **** now.

  6. cpompe1

    I must still be asleep. I don’t even remember what that 2nd to the last word I wrote where it would need to be bleeped out???

  7. cpompe1

    oh, now I know. I wrote, “a shortstop” but I used the two letter abbreviation for shortstop. But there’s a space between the two. Oh well…

  8. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Just had to do a song for Andre due to his magnificent play these last five days. I feel like he has really stepped up to the plate once again and has pretty much told Pierre and Torre where they can shove it. He deserves better than this, and needs to go back to being “Everyday ‘Dre” Left field was his job and he never lost it; it was just given away to a sub par PVL.
    Song: Joe Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
    Original Song: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
    by: Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)
    Dre met a man Torre, he gave his job away
    He said he had it comin’ to him
    And Joe wanted Juan to play
    Dre thinks Juan must be good lovin’
    And so Dre played when he could,mmmm
    Oooh, oooh, they looked at Dre in the outfield
    And Dre said..
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    T-T-T-Torre, you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Here’s a home run you’ll never forget, yeah
    T-T-T-Torre, you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    And now Dre’s feeling better cause he found out for sure
    Joe took Juan to his doctor and he told him there’s no cure
    He said, “Dre’s glove is the best glove.”
    So Dre took what he could get, yes
    He took what he could get
    Oooh, and they looked at Dre in the outfield
    And Dre said…
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    T-T-T-Torre you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Here’s some doubles, here’s homeruns
    That you’re never gonna forget
    T-T-T-Torre, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Any play is good play
    So Dre took what he could get, yes
    He took what he could get
    And then, and then, and then
    They looked at Dre in the outfield
    And Dre said…
    You ain’t seen nothing yet
    Torre, you ain’t seen nothing yet
    Here’s more hits, more doubles
    Here’s fielding, Torre, you’re never gonna forget
    T-T-T-Torre, you just ain’t seen nothing yet
    You ain’t been around.
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Dre knows you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Dre knows you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    Torre, Torre, Torre
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  9. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    “We’re more open-minded to who we may have to move,” Colletti said. The problem he continued “is that I am absolutely retarded and have no clue on who were suppossed to get in return” adding with a smile, “you have seen my track record right”?

  10. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That one showed up in my head this morning. I heard the song when I was doing e-mail – LOL!!! And I was still pissed about the comment the Easler made about our young players being a supporting role when they are truly our stars right now. UUGGHHH!! still pissed. How can they refer to Russell, James, Matt and Andre as supporting is beyond disbelief. Did they watch the game yesterday? Maybe they were supporting Andruw from looking like a total idiot LMAO!!!!! Nomar did well, but hasn’t been here all year – LMAO!!! these people are such idiots if they think we believe this crap – Get out Grambo Now!!!!!! LMAO!!!!

  11. messagebear@msn.com

    Great one, jungar – reminds of the Carey movie where he couldn’t help but speak out the truth. That’s how it would come out of Ned’s mouth.

  12. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!! jungar – that’s for you LMAO!!!!! they have to be retarded or something – how do people think like this and expect the rest of us to believe it?- absurd, I tell you!!! LMAO!!!!

  13. bigkace@yahoo.com

    I just had to make a quick comment regarding a comment made earlier by Mike Easler. I don’t generally post a great number of comments, I usually just say what’s on my mind and bounce. That being said, everyone knows my stance on Easler. After stating that the core of the line-up (Kent, Garciaparra, Jones…) can now be surrounded by the complimentary players (Martin, Loney, Kemp Ethier…) is absolutely ludicrous. Does anybody not agree that he needs to go?

  14. enchantedbeaver

    I’m not opposed to getting Sabathia on two conditions: 1. They have a window to sign him to a 3 year deal before the trade consummates, and 2. They flip Lowe for a shortstop. I woudn’t give up LaRoche easily, but Hu, McDonald, May, Wade and DY are certainly tradeable. Some combination of the three are better than the draft picks Cleveland would get.

  15. enchantedbeaver

    Agreed kace. By Ned’s own admission, didn’t he bring in the vets to compliment the kids and fill in holes? There’s a total disconnect and doublespeak to all of Dodger management and coaching.

  16. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Hey everyone, I went onto the MLB website and noticed something in the transactions list. I went as far back as 2001 and we’ve ALWAYS made a deal during July for the past 7 years. So, going out on a limb here and saying we will do SOMETHING, whether it’s good or bad, who knows, but we WILL make a move of some kind of history says anything.

  17. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Also, to put my 2 cents in, I noticed a thread going on ESPN that mentioned that we’re going after JJ Hardy… that’s something that would be great, we could use him for years to come and let Raffy go, I love Raffy, but he is injury prone and also getting older and will want pretty big money…. So if we can make it happen and get Hardy, I’m ok with that. On top of that, I’m starting to feel like Ethier is our best young outfielder, and NOT Kemp… that could obviously change with some coaching for Kemp, but he’s still VERY raw.

  18. cpompe1

    I know it’s almost noon, but good morning dnel!

    After my last post I decided to go back to the June 2008 archives to read some of our pasts comments. It was very funny to relive some of those comments, especially when dnel, jhall and mlk were trying to convince me to do a song parody. Now I’ve done two! wow! A lot of comments were just way too funny then and still are now!!! πŸ™‚

  19. cpompe1

    brandondaughrity, I’m waiting for Kemp. I really don’t know what to say, but I still think Kemp is going to be big for us. But right now, Andre is the better athlete! And no, I’m not just saying that because Dre is my favorite. I’d like to think that Kemp can be taught how to play the game right, but I really don’t think Easler is the guy to show him what to do.

  20. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    As for CC, there is no way Frank will match this $$ let alone the players we would have to trade to get him.

    (He rejected a $72 million, four-year extension)

  21. cpompe1

    oh and dnel,
    I saw your post on Dre’s blog from the other day. Great post! I can’t help but believe that he’s getting encouragement from his fans. Maybe he’s read our ITD comments. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did!

    Dre, if you do read ITD, know everyone (save eduardo) is proud of you and how you’ve been performing on all levels on the field lately!!! Keep it up!!!

  22. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – I was going back into the archives the other day for a different reason, but it is fun to relive what we were thinking, and the funny things is most of what we have been saying in terms of the team haven’t changed. Also, eric’s song list on Dodger Lyrics brings back memories in itself. We really do have to bring back some of those old ones if Andruw doesn’t start becoming the Andruw he is supposed to be, but then it doesn’t look like enchanted is going to run out of any ideas for new songs any time soon. Since he is the reigning leader of the song brigade. LOL!!!
    I am two days away from going to LA, and I can’t wait.

  23. ghfgdgdsg

    why do you guys still want laroche to play everyday dewitt is far better at fielding and at hitting we should trade laroche already dewitt has already taken over

  24. cpompe1

    and brandondaughrity,
    I just saw JJ Hardy’s stats page and you may be right, he would be good for us. Again, like I say with any trade rumor, just don’t give up the farm…

  25. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – I feel it’s a connection that maybe he will read more readily, just because it is shorter in length than any of our threads after the first hour on most days. I would do it daily if he didn’t think I was a raving lunatic already. I am sticking to his ball playing and restaurant topics, though. I refuse to talk like the seem to be little girls on there going crazy for other things then his ability as a ball player. I have mentioned ITD every time though so he knows I am on there as an honest Dodger fan and not just a fan of his, eventhough he is my favorite. I used to have equal affection for Russell and James, but Andre has that underdog appeal now, and I am ready to fight for him no matter what it takes. He is too good of a ball player and a person to lose from this team right now, and I believe he is one of the keys to Russell having good days in general (spirit wise). Russell needs him out in left field so he knows if a throw is needed it’s going to get done.

  26. kssssss


    I agree with you….After reading that article in the Times this morning, I’m already furious….If he gives up Loney, Kemp or Ethier, I will personally go and STRANGLE COLETTI.
    There is no shortstop out there that is good enough to give up the farm…the only one other than the guys in Double A or Triple A that I would consider is LaRoche…but I’m not so sure about that either….Even if the Dodgers would HAPPEN to win the division, they’re not going anywhere…Coletti needs to think ahead a couple of years and not always trade what’s in front of him…unless of course he wants to give away Andruw, Sweeney, Proctor, or any number of other useless players…Every player he has traded away is better than the bench guys we have…Anyone notice what Cody Ross is doing?..I even called Coletti at the time and he gave me some stupid answer as to why he traded him…Wouldn’t you rather have Marlon Anderson than Sweeney….This guy doesn’t get it…We NEED to do everything we can to prevent him giving up one of our good kids….Please DON’T DO IT COLETTI….Listen to the fans that know!!!…
    If Coletti hadn’t made so many mistakes in his off season signings we wouldn’t need an offensive shortstop…We could have had Rowand which would be alot better than Andruw..even if it was a longer contract…That guy can hit and field….we would be far better without the Andruws, Schmidts, and all his other MISTAKES….

  27. redfox@q.com

    I, like most of you, fear that Ned is in another panic mode and will do another stupid trade/signing because he thinks it will get the Dodgers to the playoffs. I say give Nomar a chance to handle SS the rest of the year with some in-house help. DeJesus and Hu have good potential for the long-term, and they don’t need to be blocked like our other young players have been. To trade any of the core young players is SHEER LUNACY. Why is it so hard for our management to realize that there are good reasons why the other teams want this young talent??? We never needed Pierre or Jones, and those signings have been devastating to the Dodgers in blocking the younger players who ARE outperforming those two, let alone the team chemistry problems that they cause. But despite how bad those signings were, perhaps the worst signing that Ned has made was the signing of Joe Torre. He is single-handedly the reason why the Dodgers are not leading the NL West by a wide margin today. With proper coaching and encouragement, along with a consistent batting order and line-up, all our young players would be performing at a much higher level than they are. When you consider what they have accomplished under the dire circumstances of Torre’s regime, it is amazing in itself. It’s time to give credit where credit is due and lay the blame where it belongs. Let’s hope that Ned will refrain from any stupid panic moves and recognize that there is good reason why others want what he has and don’t want what he’s been getting. If he truly wants to improve the team, trade Pierre and Lowe for some young prospects. Andrew should go, too, but nobody would be stupid enough to take him.

  28. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – we are leaving Monday, going to the games Monday thru Wednesday (altanta series) and then going to San Diego for the remainder of the week. Catching the Friday SanDiego/Atlanta game – my girl friend is a Braves fan so since she has to endure Dodger Fans for three days, I will be a Braves fan for the day and cheer on Mark Texiera and company. She is hoping to see Maddux pitch since she won’t be able to see Glavine pitch for Atlanta – she really wanted that. (I see he’s picking on third base now) πŸ™‚

  29. cpompe1

    I hope you and your friend have a great time next week; sounds like fun! Yeah, when you get to SD, you can magically turn into a Braves fan! πŸ™‚

    Well, I’ve gotta go. I’m still in my pj’s (okay, okay, a visual no one needs). I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  30. tradejuanpypaperbag

    drpdedblnd and redfox – very well said – let’s hope somebody is paying attention to these blog sites. They are all saying the same things verbatim in some cases.

  31. jboydstun@bak.rr.com

    Note to Ned:

    If you enter the trade market, be very careful! While I commend you for holding on to our good young players, your recent remarks have scared many of us into thinking you may unload young talent to acquire a veteran like Sabathia or Jack Wilson. We don’t want another Loaiza, Hillenbrand, Schmidt, or Jones situation. We’ve been just fine without Yohan Santana & Dontrelle Willis. Every trade is a gamble, but unfortunately you have lost the confidence of many fans who are afraid you will be taken advantage of because you don’t appear to understand the value of your own merchandise.

    The 1970’s was a great time for Dodger baseball. That era was characterized by a solid core of young players, peppered with a few quality veterans in their prime. I think that’s the formula that most fans appreciate, and that is the foundation that you have a chance to build on. Please don’t damage the foundation as you repair the roof!

    The injury to Furcal has truly been devastating. I understand you probably feel uncomfortable heading towards a pennant race with Maza or Berroa at SS. We are all glad that Nomar is back to man the position, but we know you realize his frailty. So it makes sense to inquire about Jack Wilson to fill that spot, but please don’t let them pick your pocket. They probably want to unload his salary as much as you feel you need him, so be careful what you give them in return. He’s really not worth more than 2 decent minor leaguers IMO…maybe Hu/DeJesus & Santana/May.

    As for Sabathia, one needs look no further than Santana with the Mets, or Bedard with the Mariners. Sure glad you didn’t trade the farm over the winter to get a stud pitcher who has under-performed. Just resist the temptation…unless they offer him on a silver platter.

  32. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    The most difficult part of a GM is trying to see who is of value and who will make your team better. Look, I would love to see Kemp turn into Pujols, and become amazing, I would also love to have Kershaw become the next Koufax, and for every single one of our prospects to become the best of all time at their position. But the facts are that not ALL of them will be, more than likely not even close, we all try to play GM on this site, and well love the Dodgers. The one thing I can guarantee you guys though is that Ned Colletti is not trying to make the Dodgers bad, the man is not trying to lose his job. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute and think about how difficult making some of these decisions must be. If we knew for sure that Pedro Martinez would become Pedro, he’d still be a Dodger, if we knew that Mike Soccia would become a great manager, he’d probably be managing the Dodgers, if we knew that Paul Konerko would be a perennial all star, he’d be playing first base for us right now. The flip side of this is a big word… OPPOURTUNITY… that’s something that is required to show how good a player can be…. it’s hard to balance patience and winning…. and the market that we’re in is all about winning, and not rebuilding or waiting. The key though is oppourtunity, givne the chance Pujols came in and dominated…. I just don’t know for sure that Kemp or some of the other guys are going to be great…. there’s just no telling… if any of you knew for sure, you’d all have won the lottery a long time ago. I live in Vegas, and nothing is guaranteed… I say if it makes us a better team, I’m all for it, if not… no deal. We have got to find out who our core group of players are going to be and build around them. If someone does not fit into those plans, then so be it and move them for someone who can help us win. Sorry for the long post, I just want what’s best for our team, and none of us are in the position to make those calls…. so, lets all just hope for the best.

  33. aeversw

    Don’t look now but the Dodgers have the best record in baseball over the last 10 games. 7-3! They are the only team to win 7 of their last 10 games. We really need to capitalize with Pierre out. This is our only chance!

  34. ramslover

    Alot of great conversation about what Ned should do or not do. I agree with whomever said for Wilson give 2 decent prospects and the Pirates probably want to unload his salary. Ned, do not panic and give up a top prospect for an average SS.

    As for Sabathia, I would love to have him and Frank would have to sign him to a 6 yr extension minimum at 17-18 mil….hell we signed a 34 year with a bad shoulder for 16 mil plus…why not a 27 year old coming off a Cy Young and only should be reaching his prime. He would be the horse to lead Billz and Kersh to the top. Having those 3 power pitchers would be hell to face in a 5 or 7 game playoff…If we have to give up Laroche (I do believe in Dewitt, he has the temperment to handle and adjust,you can see it in his swing and his defense is almost Beltre like), McDonald , and Hu…Do not think twice and throw in another fringe prospect if needed. Although if the Brewers are giving up the kid LaPorta, he is a stud in the making and possibly Escobar an exciting SS we cannot match that package. Although our 3 are more majors ready.

    Lets go, we are playing our most enthusiatic baseball of the season. 4 in a row and Matt has a .409 OB…Ethier is en fuego!!! Nelly is going to see a sweep of the Braves…Damn life cannot get any better than this….

    The team seems to be having more fun right now in the last week. The younguns have more pep in their step!!! Why JoeNed? No more albatross, just a Pillsbury Dough Jones! I hope ole puff and stuff can turn it around and make contact, it was actually painful watching him yesterday. And Joe we know he is still rehabbing as Sweeney was still in ST mode….Sometimes you have to say it like it is….Andruw you were horrible!!! He should have stayed the full 20 days to regain his confidence….He was having success at LV and JoeNed panicked even though Mr Kemp and Ethier were doing fine and we had won 3 straight.

    Nomar I have bashed you this year and wanted JoeNed to cut you but if you can stay healthy and produce like yesterday I want you so JoeNed do not panic and get Wilson.

  35. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    so, i’ve really been thinking about this trading for a shortstop thing.. and i think there’s no doubt we must acquire a shortstop, but one that will be here for more than just the rest of this season. i do not think that there is any shortstop that i would want to trade any of our “kids” for (aside from hanley ramirez as someone mentioned, which will NEVER happen). i think that ned MUST realize what a powerful chip he has in derek lowe. he can get quite a bit for one person, in derek lowe, and fill the hole without touching our future. everyone needs pitching, mainly contenders, and we know we are losing lowe at the end of this year anyway, so there is no sense in hanging on to him. i was talking with a friend, and i would love to see lowe flipped to the cubs for either theriot or fontenot, and some prospects. that way, we would only lose lowe, and gain much more. also, i think renteria is probably available, and he’s under contract for at least a couple years, i believe. he would probably come cheaper than other shortstop options. the point is, USE DEREK LOWE and NOT THE FUTURE to accomplish what we need to.

    also, about the dewitt and laroche debate. i’m not ready to deal away andy like some of you are. he has not been given any kind of chance to prove himself, and just because dewitt went crazy at the beginning of the year, it doesn’t make andy less of a ball player. i think that andy has more power potential, and he should be the third base option, and dewitt should move back to second to take over once kent is done. i love them both, and i think they both can be good for our future.

    lastly, i don’t think we really talked about how much we mis-treated repko last week. he gets off the plane, thrown into the leadoff spot, criticized for choking, then doesn’t play agian.. and then is immediately returned to triple-A for jones who “is rehabbing”. what a joke our management is.

  36. ramslover

    Sara, I am not a fan of giving up LaRoche, but if we could get CC I would. I agree, he has never been given a fair shot at the full time job, but sometimes as Dewitt did, when given the opportunity you have to seize it. I am a fan of LaRoche and I hope he can show us the potential we have all been reading about. It would be great to have Laroche at 3b and Dewitt at 2b, but I really do not think this management team will be that patient. I would rather give up a Laroche than Kemp or Ethier.

  37. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dodgerboy, you really can’t get CC for just laroche, and as much as i love CC, he isn’t going to be cheap. i just don’t see McCourt ponying up to pay for CC’s extension, after all the wasted money on pitching. we don’t need the pitching right now, we need the shortstop. derek lowe must be traded for a decent shortstop option. that should be the top of the list, not CC.

  38. ramslover

    I never said Laroche for CC I have also included what has been reported as Hu, Laroche and Mcdonald…obviously CC is not going to traded for one AAA prospect/borderline ML ready.

    I think we do need pitching. Penny is not dependable. 100 pitches to get thru 5-6 innings is not acceptable. Lowe is on the way out…Kuroda just spent 2 weeks on the DL. Park has won 20 games or so in 6 years and has had an era over 5.00…I am happy that he is doing well (should have never left, thats another story) but I do not like the thought of him throwing every 5 days for the rest of the year. Kershaw did ok, but his command is not ML ready yet….maybe by the end of July with some confidence building starts in AA he will be….CC has pitched into the 7 or 8th inning in 11 of his 20 starts and regularly throws 100-115 pitches…he is a True Ace not a wannabe like the sour puss Penny.

    Lowe I would try to trade to Detroit (they need pitching) for Renteria…a complete SS.

  39. messagebear@msn.com

    I really liked all of your points, sara, and I wish that management would take all of those issues to heart. As far the shortstop goes, I do wish that we had given DeJesus a chance while we were playing that position with Hu, Maza and Berroa. If we do trade for a shortstop, we’ll probably block DeJesus before finding out if he could be our longer term answer. That would be a shame, considering how we tried to plug up that hole when another answer might have been close at hand.

  40. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Dodgerboy – thanks for the confidence that I will bring a sweep of the Braves. I have Braves pitching for my fantasy team, and even though they won last night, they are struggling in the pitching department right now so hopefully the Dodgers can capitalize on that we shouldn’t see too many problems as long as the Dodgers are playing like they are right now. And to comment about the noticeable difference in body language from our young players (Jeff Kent, too, I might add). It has been along time since I have seen Ethier show so much positive emotion during a game. He was truly have fun out there when he hit that go-ahead double, and that is a very good sign that this team is really trying their best to get things done. Win or lose, this is the time we have to cherish the team out there because as soon as JP comes back, it’s back to the bad old times, and that will be a very sad day.

  41. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Ok so when the AB’s are even at least could we then trade top prospects. DeWitt has 242 career ABS and an OPS of .703 and LaRoache has 126 career ABs with a .698 OPS. It’s laughable that either could be judged yet. You all would have traded A-rod by now if it was his first year and a half. He OPS’ed .570

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – maybe that’s why I sit on the fence on this issue. I don’t think I have seen either one of them enough to know which would be more of a benefit. I do, however, like the idea of trying to keep both of them and put DeWitt at 2nd if that becomes a choice.

  43. jboydstun@bak.rr.com

    re: LaRoche/DeWitt

    I like them both. DeWitt has shown a lot this year, but the league has adjusted to him. I think LaRoche has greater upside potential. I’d like to put DeWitt back at 2b next year, and keep LaRoche at 3b. But if we had to trade one of them, I’d want to keep LaRoche.

  44. lny4loney

    I’m glad to say we’re finally maybe getting to the point where we can have the kind of friendly debates on this board that we should have been having all year. Friendly debates about whether Andy or Blake is the better third base prospect; about whether Matt or Andre is our premier outfileder; about whether we should hold on to DLowe for the postseason or unload him now for several top prospects.
    There is only one good thing that has come from the bumbling of JoJo and NedCo so far this season, the plethora of songs written by posters on this board. See here: http://dodgereric.mlblogs.com/
    Now to my takes on the friendly debates.
    Is Andre or Matt our biggest OF stud? I have usually thought that Andre is a solid outfielder on a World Championship caliber team. I have put him on a par with somebody like Jacque Jones (http://www.baseball-reference.com/j/jonesja05.shtml). Andre has occasionally showed me that I might have underestimated him.
    I have always loved Matt’s potential — as high as any young player anywhere right now. The key for Matt was this: After pitchers figured out he couldn’t hit a major league curve in 2006, would he make the adjustment? He answered that question with flying colors in 2007, and there now remains no question that he will be a productive major league starter for many years.
    Now Matt faces a similar challenge. Everybody knows he swings at unhittable pitches low and off the plate. Will he make the adjustment as he did in 2007? If he does, Matt will probably be one of the greatest Dodgers in history. If not, he’ll be Raul Mondesi II.
    Bottom line: Andre, when allowed to play, is already what he’s going to be (unless I’ve once again underestimated him). That is he’ll be a player on a par with a pre-steroid Paul O’Neill. Matt is already as good as Andre and has a huge upside beyond that. I’ll take Matt.
    Blake v. Andy: I love both of these guys. Right now Blake is at a similar point to where Matt was in July of ’06. Almost every succesful young player faces this point; some become long-time major leaguers while others become a flash-in-the-pan. Now that the pitches have adjusted to Blake, can he adjust to the pitchers? Only time will tell.
    Andy, on the other hand, has not yet reached this point (and perhaps never will). Most feel he has a higher upside than Blake. Due to a combination of injury and Grittle/JoJo/Nomar blockage, Andy has never had the opportunity to show what he can do as an everyday starter.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with sending Blake down to refine his game if — and this is a big if considering the way the Dodgers have treated Kershaw and Repko just this week — management communicated to Blake and helped him understand that such a move wasn’t so much a demotion as part of the regular developmental process. Simultaneously, I would give Andy the 3B job with the promise and fulfillment of said promise that he would face all comers every day for at least six weeks.
    Bottom line: It’s a tossup. Ideally, they will play on the same infield with James and the winner of the Hu/DeJesus battle for years to come.
    Should Lowe be traded: Actually, in a sane world this question would not be raised because we would by no means be sellers at the trade deadline, but ten games up in the NL Worst. However, as we all know, JoJo has undermined this team with his vet-love and it is a legitimate question right now.
    I would NOT trade Derek Lowe, although we will probably get some very tempting offers. I want to see this team win THIS YEAR and I know our boys can win if JoJo starts playing the best team and the best batting orders. Derek Lowe is a darn good pitcher, and one we’ll need if we are to win the World Series. Plus he does have something that has been highly overrated in these parts but still does have its place — experience. Specifically he has experience in the one area where it matters most — post-season pitching experience.
    Bottom line: Keep DLowe and bring home a trophy in 2008.

  45. ramslover

    No Jungar, I do not believe anyone wants to trade LaRoche unless it is for the right person. CC is the anchor we need for the pitching staff. This is my opinion and no I would not have traded A rod that is a ludicrous statement. I like the way Dewitt plays the game and he has a long way to go to be a finished product, but he has not looked overwhelmed at the plate or the field, even though he has been struggling. If he hits .260-.275 with 10-15 HR and 60plus RBI, I would be estatic. I believe he has only started to develop.

    As for Laroche he has had alot of injuries and has not developed as quickly as people would like and being a realist we cannot keep all the young guys. For the right deal I would trade him, I feel that he is expendable. Just my opinion!

  46. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I like DeWitt. I like CC. So far from what I see I am not sold on LaRoache at all, however he has been about our only minor leaguer who has hit for power consistently the last 5 years. We don’t have power up here on the big club. IMO, that does not make him expendable whatsoever.

  47. tradejuanpypaperbag

    179. silverwidow
    Kemp, RF
    Ethier, LF
    Martin, 3B
    Kent, 2B
    Jones, CF
    Garciaparra, SS
    Loney, 1B
    Ardoin, C
    Park, P

    This over from Dodger Thoughts

  48. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – I was reading over at DT, and I know you post there too. Who did come up with the name Bison for Kemp?
    #168 was the latest mention of it.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    Nice to see that the only one on the team that doesn’t get it is JoJo. Jones batting 5 again… unbelieveable. I also think if you’re going to rest Marty, then rest him. I believe LaRoche could more than hold his own against Zito.

  50. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It was also just reported on DT that Brad Penny will be out until after the All-Star break

  51. cable30@hotmail.com

    We need to trade The Roach and Kemp for a decent player-both these guys are losers-The Roach more so than Kemp (Mr. Strike Out).

  52. lny4loney

    I thought JoJo said Jones is “rehabbing”. I guess I really don’t have any understanding of baseball at all. I must go to Darth Joe to learn the ways of The Force and of baseball.
    As a mere padwan, I thought that guys who were “rehabbing” and had struck out 4 times the previous day due to the “rehabbing” weren’t supposed to start on major league teams, let alone bat 5th.

  53. cpompe1

    cable30, who is “The Roach”? And I would not say at all that Kemp is a loser…

    Others have said it before but I’m going to repeat it. If Jones is rehabbing, then why isn’t he still in Vegas? But now that he’s back, I have to deal with it. Joe, DON’T BAT HIM 5TH!!!

  54. enchantedbeaver

    I honestly don’t know what JoJo is waiting for guys like Jones and Sweeney to do. Magically go back 3-4 years perhaps. Joe is about as thick headed and tunnel visioned as they come when it comes to vets. Wake up Joe, these are the same kind of vets you had in NY, they’re Ned’s finds off the dung heap. I’d like to see Jones succeed, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

    As far as Penny goes, no problem. He’s about as valuable this year as Bombko and Hendy were last year.

  55. oldbrooklynfan

    Well here we are the day after independence day.
    Just a 1/2 out of first and rarrin’ do go.
    Looks like we got the best team in the division and hoping we get a lot better so we can take on those really tough clubs in those other divisions if we get to the post season.
    I’m really pulling for Nomar to keep Colletti away from seeing what’s out there because as we all know he’s a poor judge of talent.
    I’m also hoping for Kemp to straighten himself out at the plate and learn to be a better judge of the strike zone, because I hate to see him go in a trade.

  56. colliethec

    I just got back from San Fransisco and the Dodgers team hotel. I went to try to get autographs and see the boys. There is a roped off area where they let you stand for autographs. I mainly went for Fernando and Vin as I can’t get these at the stadium here.
    I walked out of the parking lot in my Dodger Blue (Cap & Jersey)and the first guy I see says to me you shure have balls to wear that. I love it when we play the Giants!! As long as people aren’t idiots about it!
    Well I saw most of the team and was able to get Martin’s autograph on my Dodger Helmet I brought to Spring Training. So it is pretty filled up now. I would of liked to of gotten a few more but the guys didn’t seem to happy. Usually they are pretty friendly. I’m wondering if a few of them are a little nervous that they might not be around much longer. I was able to get most of the team to autograph the helmet in Florida so with some of the guys I didn’t ask for a signature I just was told them to go get first place!!
    That was a sweet win yesterday and it’s been fun watching them play with a bit of the lineup most of us wanted at the beginning of the season. Especially “Every Day ‘Dre”!!
    Last night I lay awake in bed reading ITD on my cell & thinking about the trade thing. What I was thinking about was what Enchanted and Dodgerboy have mentioned. I like some of these players but LaRoche & Hu haven’t proven themselves to me yet. They are still prospects. I would love to have Renteria & CC for the rest of this year and the next 4-5. If we were able to keep May and he is as good as billed, maybe in the coming years we could even have Martin move to 3rd and DeMitt (Not a typo!!) move to 2nd.
    I think those moves would be able to keep the core youth we love as well as add to the holes we have. You can never have to much pitching and having a staff of CC, Bills, Penny, Kuroda, and Kershaw would be pretty sweet. I think it would also help Kershaw next year with him not having to be the saviour.
    Almost game time!! I hope we can get another so all the Giants fans will keep quiet for another day! The get so mouthy when they win 1 game. I guess that happens when you’ve never won a championship!
    Also Dnel–I saw a post where you got some cards. I had a good week. I got a 2008 Bowmans Best Ethier autograph card and in a pack of 2008 SPX cards I pulled a Joe Nathan patch card #’d to 50.
    Go Blue–smack the Giants into the cove!

  57. redfox@q.com

    LaRoche hits a HR yesterday and is benched today. We have two good 3B and Martin plays 3B. Jones should be batting 7th or 8th – or better yet in Las Vegas – until be shows he has “recovered” and can hit. The major leagues is no place for rehabbing players. But then Torre doesn’t manage the vets – they manage him. If they say they want to play, they play. If the Dodgers win, it’s despite Torre and not because of him. He is the worst manager the Dodgers have had as long as I’ve been a fan.

  58. tradejuanpypaperbag

    MLK – LOL!! I don’t know what else to say – it’s becoming beyond comprehension to me. I’d be put on disciplinary action plan if I ran a classroom like this.

  59. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – Wow!! great finds on the cards. My recent Ethier cards are 2007 and his number is reversed on both of them(61 instead of 16). My mother got them for me – One is a Bowman’s Best with autograph and the other is a Fleer Ultra – the reversed number is something to look into. Other Dodgers I got this week were Chin Lung Hu’s rookie card and a Matt Kemp I hadn’t had. Other than that, nothing worth much for now, anyway.

  60. colliethec

    Brandon–I also agree with your comments. I don’t think they want to lose. I also think that some of the comments where they are funny and I agree with most of them, I do wish they weren’t so hatefull towards the team. I’m not happy that Jones stinks right now, but I’m not going to call him names.
    I always hated that going to Giants games. They would always boo a player if he wasn’t performing. I always thought that was embarrasing for the team. I’m one that doesn’t think you should boo the home player unless he is being a jerk. Maybe don’t clap for him when he bats, but don’t boo. I’m all for talking about how a player stinks or isn’t getting it done, but just not calling him names. If you want your team to win, booing isn’t going to motivate him or the team. They are usually trying. Remember, baseball is half mental!!
    I know some might think (As I do) that it is annoying when Jones K’s for the umpteenth time and has that little smirk he doesn’t care. I think he does and that is his way of dealing with it. I mean maybe he is being green and doesn’t want to break bats over his leg on a daily basis!! (Tounge in cheek)
    Remember everyone deals with failure differently.

  61. colliethec

    Dnel-I saw that you had a reversed number card. Hold onto it. Those “error” cards hold value.
    By the way what is the weather like there? I’m going to be playing in a softball tourney in Manteca tomorrow.

  62. carcyn@sbcglobal.net

    Roach hits one homerun and we expect him to be in the lineup. That’s crazy. If any one should be there is Dewitt. He has proven himself. As far as kemp and his strikeouts are concerned it sucks to see him k. He has alot of potential.

  63. lagirl27

    Good evening everyone.
    Is anyone is the LA area watching Think Blue TV right now?
    They just ripped Ned for signing Jones and said “Jones will be the death of Ned Coletti”
    Uht oh!!

  64. lny4loney

    It’s been said that a baseball manager by his game tactics can only add three or four wins/yr, but can subtract many more by boneheaded moves.
    I find it almost laughable that Torre complained about us winning a “sloppy” game yesterday when we all know his sloppy tactics almost lost us that game and surely would have if his favorite pinch-hitter had been available.
    The sloppy tactic that JoJo was able to implement — and is repeating today despite his own comments — is batting Fat Andruw fifth.
    The one he wasn’t able to implement — using Mark Sweeney as his #1 pinch-hitter wasn’t available (alleged pulled hamstring) and forced JoJo to use Delwyn Young. We all know that at best Sweeney would have struck out, thus destroying the five-run innning in which DY’s hit was pivotal.
    My conservative estimate is JoJo’s tactical managment has cost us seven games thus far this year over what the average poster on this blog would have accomplished.
    A manager can make a positive difference in two other ways:
    1) Teaching baseball skills
    2) Motivating his players
    As to the first, I don’t know what JoJo has done, but considering he has displayed a shocking lack of knowledge about his own players — diidn’t know anything about his players before Spring Training began and has been repeatedly surprised to find out players have been injured for several weeks, I’m going to guess he ain’t doing much teaching.
    As for motivation, he has depressed rather than motivated his most important players. Hard to gage the exact effect of his negative and very public attitude about his most important players. I’ll guess that it has cost the team another five games.
    Overall then, I beleive Joe Torre as manager has cost this team at least ten games.
    This team managed by the average, reasonably knowledgeable fan with a decent personality, should have a record of 52-34 and be recognized as among baseball’s elite team.
    It is this knowledge and my completely unfournded hope that JoJo will “get it” that keeps me optimistic about the 2008 season.

  65. colliethec

    Kemp just needs to learn to be patient with the down and away pitches, and go with the pitch (Like I ever could!!). He did it on Friday in his 1st at bat and singled past 2nd. If he ever leans this watch out!
    There were many comments yesterday about the Giants anouncers. To steal a team from them, they have “nun” class. Can you imagine Vin interviewing Larry King and during the interview “erasing” his cap? These 2 are Idiots–capital I!! They always complain about the strike zone and calls. It gets old…

  66. ramslover

    dcollins thanks for the heads up I was thinking the game was at 10…the boys look grumpy eh? hopefully that is because they hate being in SF…go kick some gnats butt and keep Nelly from getting razzed…

    Prediction….Andruw will make contact in at least 2 at bats and the post game buffet.

  67. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – my mom had told me about the cards, but I didn’t see them until yesterday – they are very cool!!

  68. colliethec

    Let’s get on Zito early!! He tends to struggle early. If we can get him early, then we get their pen and we saw that wonderfull sight yesterday! Maybe we can even were the pen down today for tomorrow.
    I know wishfull thinking. But I’m a glass half full.

  69. ramslover

    yeah trade one of these guys….they do not get it…it is great to see a leadoff hitter be able to hit the ball out of the infield….Go bison and Ethier….

  70. colliethec

    That is why we call him “Every Day ‘Dre”!!!!
    Also way to go Matty! Another game we score in the first inning. What is that 4 of the last 5? Hasn’t Pierre been out the last 5?

  71. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Zito has started out as Zito – my family is rolling their eyes already – LMAO!!! (quietly of course!!)

  72. colliethec

    To bad Pierre is on the DL.
    With Damon going on the DL maybe we could of spun something with NY.

  73. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – you need to trademark that name for Andre “Everyday ‘Dre” – you came up with it. I use it all the time πŸ™‚

  74. bluecrewgirl

    So Ethier now leads that active roster in slugging percentage, home runs and doubles and hasn’t even started consistently, yet he barely gets a crumb of praise or attention from Torre, Ned or anyone else in the organization, except Tommy. On the other hand, Jones can come into spring training totally out of shape making 18 million a year and take his sub .200 batting average into yesterday’s game and strike out 4 times, and he gets nothing but excuses made for him and bats 5th in the order today. Sad to say that it is all par for the course and normal in Dodgerland.

  75. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    glad we got on the board first.. keep it going boys.. we could take over the division lead today!

  76. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am listening to Vin on audio through mlbtv (with earphones). The only problem with that is it’s delayed so the play happens and the vin tells you what happened. I show my excitement when typing. I do clap on occasion, and the only time I go wild is when Andre does well, which they have all learned to live with even when the Dodgers are not playing the gnats. However, when it’s reversed and the gnats are winning, my son his horrible so I feel I have to set the example and let the game speak for itself.

  77. ramslover

    great at bat by Kemp…I just do not understand why he is so criticized…he saw more pitches that at bat than Pierre will see in 2 at bats.

  78. colliethec

    I wish that Jones didn’t get put in the game yesterday. I actually wish he had stayed in AAA for the full re-hab so there weren’t any excuses.
    But I do think it is good not to bat him in 8 hole as some have said, just so he gets some good pitches. If he was in the 8 hole he wouldn’t see a strike and this year Jones hasn’t seen a ball outside he hasn’t liked! I don’t know if that deserves a LOL or COL (Which is a CRY OUT LOUD).

  79. colliethec

    Well I guess the only thing that can be said of Kemp being picked off is Dre had 2 strikes and will now lead off next inning. Remember I’m a glass half full guy.

  80. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    I just got in from doing some gardening .. thinking the game started an hour later than it did .. but I’m here now. Great start boys .. keep giving Joe a hard time about playing JP as soon as he comes off the DL.

  81. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – I thought the same thing – Andre doesn’t usually do well with an 0-2 count

  82. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    wow, kent!!!

    haha, when he went into the dugout, someone yelled “who is that guy??”

  83. colliethec

    I’m still happy with Kent. I think his defense this year has been pretty good. He is also hitting well. I seem to remember Alex saying to be patient with Kent that he will end up with good numbers and Alex is looking correct!
    I’m 41 and still play softball so I can appreciate what Kent is doing at his age.

  84. ramslover

    the pickoff play was not that upsetting. It is a game of aggression and that is going to happen. Even Jaun got picked off a few times…

    A couple of doinkers for the gnats had me worried but Chan Ho did a great job and Jeff kent is rejuvenated boys!!!!

  85. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    looks like zito might have settled in.. hopefully chanho keeps it together..

  86. ramslover

    Park nice job…that was a very athletic play…he is proving me wrong…what a great story…keep it up Chan Ho!!!

  87. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    well dnelly, at least dre only has one strikeout, not two like russell 😦

  88. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    vinny just talked about ONE foul ball that andruw ripped yesterday that joe loved.. seriously? it’s come to the point where you’ll just take a hard hit foul ball from him?

  89. ramslover

    Andruw actually looks as if he has better balance at the plate. He is not flailing as much…tough pitch by Zito, but Jonesy you have to know it was coming….

  90. bluecrewgirl

    Dodgerboy, he does look like he’s lost some weight since he was on the dl, I will give him that much at this point.

  91. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I know I’m late with these comments but I just got back home. With the type of contract CC is going to want (probably 5 yrs, 100 mill easy) plus the players we would have to give up, I would be against it. I’m really leary about giving long-term contracts to starting pitchers. Case in point: tonight’s Gnats starting pitcher. If we could get a top-shelf SS without giving away the store, I could live with it. Does anybody have any information that Detroit will even deal Renteria? Everyone needs pitching but would they go for a rental like Lowe? I do know that the Tigers cleaned out their farm system in the Cabrera deal so they probably would be looking to reload. Lowe needs to be dealt because there’s almost no chance he’ll be here next year and keeping him is not going to get us deep into the playoffs. I’d like some value for DLowe, not draft picks. I’d like to see a Nomar-DeJesus tag team at SS. It will keep Nomar healthy and give us a chance to see if DeJesus is a keeper.

  92. shad78@yahoo.com

    Who in the heck said Nomar doesn’t have the range of SS? Nomar look good since he came back.

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – it’s okay – he’s still Russell, and it wouldn’t be a game without him πŸ™‚
    dbacks still losing 3-0

  94. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    He might Shad but to me every play he makes is exciting. His sidearm throws will always be interesting. Sorry but we need a real SS. As for Renteria his best playing days are way, way behind him.

  95. ramslover

    Even the announcers for the Gnats mentioned that Andruw definitely lost some weight. We really need him to produce, please get your cofidence…

    Zito is pitching well, that curve has some bite tonight, but so far Cy Park is even better. He looks like a 10 mil pitcher right now.

  96. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – yes, I know – I will allow him to come back down to earth sometime. He got his double, RBI and run today already. He’s been all over the media these past two days – he’s probably not used to it πŸ™‚

  97. joyce65

    Hello everyone. I have been on vacation so I haven’t posted for a few days. I trust everyone had a good 4th of July.

  98. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    russell’s transition to third on his days over there is SO seamless.. he’s very impressive

  99. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I agree, rod. He’d cost way too much, as well. JJ Hardy won’t come cheap, either, assuming the Brewers would even deal him. Is this another flight of fancy or does it have any remote basis in fact?

  100. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i said it earlier, but i’ll say it again.. i think we need to ask the cubs whether theriot or fontenot are available. i would take one of those guys and a couple prospects for derek lowe.. and if anyone wants to load up on pitching for a title run, it should be the cubs. and they have lots of middle infielders.

  101. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i know dnelly, despite the 2 K’s, you always can count on russ to do something impressive.. he’s just an amazing athlete and baseball player

  102. messagebear@msn.com

    Hey, jegiboney – we’re missing you from our list of bloggers with their home town. If you don’t mind and see this message, please let us know where you are located.

  103. tradejuanpypaperbag

    thanks messagebear πŸ™‚ I should be able to work on the map when I get back from So-cal. I should be able to go back into the classroom on the 14th.

  104. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    wow, does zito really only have 3 wins? and he hasn’t won at AT&T all year? he sure isn’t pitching like it today~

  105. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Boy I’m glad we got those couple of runs in the first because Zito has become unhittable.

  106. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I think you could put Russell just about anywhere on the field and he wouldn’t embarrass himself.

  107. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    crap.. the 6th inning is where you really have to pay attention to park.. hold on guys!

  108. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – he is pitching much better than at the beginning of the year- struggling with run support at times now.

  109. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    sara- I did’nt see your comments on a Cub deal but it’s a good idea. It gives us some young talent plus a serviceable SS.

  110. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Great effort by Matty K. The way Zito’s pitching, this lead won’t hold up.

  111. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    sigh.. andy.. at least we’ll be getting into the giants ‘pen now.. and hopefully our pitching can hold on..

  112. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    maybe we won’t be getting into their ‘pen.. i thought they’d pull zito for sure..

  113. joyce65

    Arizona just lost. Ok! guys lets hold this lead. Good defense and good pitching and good and timely hitting make winners.

  114. lagirl27

    I have a technical question. What was the reason for switching Dre to left and putting Matt in Right? I missed that yesterday.
    Thanks in advance.

  115. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    you always put your strongest throwing arm in right field amy, and i think matt’s arm is slightly stronger than dre’s

  116. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Why in heck did Joe use Beimel to face 2 RH hitters?? .. Sometimes his logic totally escapes me.

  117. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    yes he has amy.. he gave up the three run bomb following kershaw in houston..

  118. lagirl27

    haha. Poor Falky. I must have missed that game- oh yeah it was a day game and I was at work.
    I will begin to bite my nails with you πŸ™‚

  119. shad78@yahoo.com

    Ethier is a natural LF and always move to LF when Kemp playted RF. Wow I think we got lucky.

  120. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Bluecrewgirl great post earlier about Ethier. Not only that but he (kids in general) gets ripped on by management. It’s appaling isn’t it? Kemp and Ethier have more HR than Jones and Nomar have RBI. 27 million dollars for 25 runs and 14 rbi.

  121. lagirl27

    CRAP! fine. Sara he has failed us! what is going on.
    dnelly and shad- thanks for the insight. I feel lame sometimes cause even though I’ve been following this team for so long- i’m just getting to know the technical side of things. You guys seem to know so much, so I hope you don’t mind my sometimes “lame” questions. I am trying to learn as much as I can

  122. messagebear@msn.com

    Guess what – Torre’s found his interim replacement for Proctor. Shame to waste the effort by Park.

  123. lagirl27

    omg. this exciting game has suddenly gone down hill.
    Let’s go Blue. We are better than the stinkin Giants!

  124. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    I still don’t get it .. Beimel throws to 2xRH’ers and gets pulled when 3 of the next 4 hitters are LH. There’s no logic in this. Joe is not the smart manager everyone makes him out to be.

  125. ramslover

    Laroche had a bad at bat…2-1 look for your pitch do not reach…come on Beimel…great job Chan Ho!!!

  126. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    crap.. i was hoping that if we got out of it with a tie.. then we could get to their bullpen.. but now, all momentum is with them..

    joe pulling crap strings again..

  127. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Further .. it appears that Falkenborg is higher in the pecking order than Wade .. according to Joe …. and that my American friends has cost us this game.

  128. tradejuanpypaperbag

    remember gnats bullpen – it will be okay πŸ™‚ However, my son is having good time at my expense right now – GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  129. lagirl27

    Cory Wade. what the heck? What is happening to our guys? The Giants are running all over us. not cool.

  130. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    havoc, falkenborg is NOT a rookie.. he’s a journeyman.. he’s been up with the dodgers before

  131. shad78@yahoo.com

    The blame goes to Torre for taken out Beimel and bring in Falkobarg not Wade fault he was in a tough situation.

  132. xuniquexjyx@hotmail.com

    I love how Beimel comes on in relief, and almost always seems to let the first baserunner on.. if Beimel gets the first out and we’d already be in the bottom of the 8th right now

  133. ramslover

    I did not like Beimel starting this inning with a righty, oh well, we have to start hitting the ball…We have 1st place for the taking…lets go boys!!!

  134. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    didn’t feel good about that 2-0 lead.. but zito shut us down..

  135. j-murray

    good lord. what a nightmare. who in their right mind would put the fate of this game in falkenborg’s hands?! seriously! this team just rolled over and died right in front of our eyes.

  136. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    What did Kent say exactly to Falkenborg, u get them to hit a chopper just to my side of the 2nd base bag and i’ll pretend to almost get it. It’s frustrating knowing any other 2b in baseball makes the play. It’s also frustrating cause we need Kent in our lineup.

  137. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    who in their right mind = no one

    joe does not qualify for having a right mind..

  138. tradejuanpypaperbag

    They did it yesterday – they can do it today. We can get to this bullpen – GO DODGERS !! Top of the order and then some!!!

  139. shad78@yahoo.com

    Also blame the offense for not coming throught and sitting back thinking a 2-0 lead was safe.

  140. xuniquexjyx@hotmail.com

    Alright, the Dodgers were given an opportunity and were able to fight back yesterday, so let’s see what they do with the last 6 outs now that Zito is off the mound

  141. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    please don’t tell me we’re just going to roll over and die..

  142. xuniquexjyx@hotmail.com

    HAHAHHAHAH can you believe that Jones is getting a chance like this? I bet in his mind he’s thinking, “Oh sh*t…..”

  143. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am okay – thank you!!! πŸ™‚ I just tell them to look at the standings πŸ™‚

  144. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    it’s as good a chance as any.. come on andruw.. prove your worth..

  145. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    it’s just as much of torre’s fault as andruw’s.. STOP BATTING ANDRUW FIFTH!!!

  146. kpookiemon

    And now introducing…Reasons to Not Like Joe:

    1) Loney bats a zillion in the month of June from the five hole, so naturally Joe’d want to move him to the seven hole for Andruw, becasue Andruw has earned it…

  147. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This was supposed to be the easy day as far as pitching in Zito. Tomorrow is Cain, no piece of cake, but then look what we did with Sanchez – just chalk it up to one of those rivalry games and tomorrow we go and get the series. This was a manager’s loss, not a team loss.

  148. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good morning, good afternoon, and good night. Bad moves by JoJo and Zito shut us down. As Scarlett O’Hara once said. “tomorrow is another day”. We didn’t lose any ground and we can still take the series.

  149. lny4loney

    You got that exactly right, havoc.
    Well, there goes another game lost by management. Two major mistakes tonight.
    1) Starting the “rehabbing” Andruw Jones over Delwyn Young. Surely Delwyn would have done better than grounding in a run, leading off two innings with outs and ending our last threat with an out.
    2) Sending Brian Falkenborg in to hold a one-run lead.
    That’s some pretty “sloppy” managment, JoJo.

  150. lagirl27

    unfortunetly, Scarlett did not get what she wanted in the end. But we’ll go after it tomorrow!!
    Lets go Stults.

  151. kpookiemon

    martinloneykemp, not to mention Loney is now 1 for 9 from his new 7th slot…not that he did anything batting 5th in the month of June…

  152. tradejuanpypaperbag

    MLK – I just really don’t get the rehabbing thing – How can you bring somebody up for this series, in particular, and tell the fans Andruw is still rehabbing. What in the world are they thinking, and how stupid do they think we are? uugghh!!! The giants are always going to be a tough team for us; its just part of the rivalry, and why would Joe compromise this team for a rehabbing player of any age, much less a vet who wasn’t on top of his game before he left. I really do want the real Andruw to be out there, but he isn’t right now, and how can a manager to that to a whole team -what DY must be thinking right now.

  153. swood@rcn.com

    Falkenborg BLOWS!
    Jones BLOWS!
    Ardoin BLOWS!
    Maza BLOWS!
    Berroa BLOWS!
    Sweeney BLOWS!

    Thats a thrid of our roster that freakin sucks

  154. kpookiemon

    Torre’s like a kid who won’t let go of the sides of the swimming pool…the vets, of course, representing those remarkably safe and productive hand holds, the one’s keeping him from drowning. What a crock!

  155. swood@rcn.com

    Jones should not hit 5th EVER until he can string together some good ABs. I don’t think we can win this division without Furcal UNLESS we can find somebody(Kemp,Ethier,Loney, Jones etc.) to start hitting for some power.

  156. kpookiemon

    I don’t care how many times I post it or how redundant I appear, dropping Loney to the 7 hole after an unconscious June for the likes of Andruw Jones and Nomar is beyond stupid. It borders on real stupid.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag

    swood – this isn’t the real you, is it? If it were the real you, you would have known that Sweeney went on the DL yesterday πŸ™‚ There’s rumors on this board that someone has taken the real swood’s name. The real swood doesn’t usually talk like that. Just wondering πŸ™‚

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I don’t care how many times I post it or how redundant I appear, dropping Loney to the 7 hole after an unconscious June for the likes of Andruw Jones and Nomar is beyond stupid. It borders on real stupid.
    kpookiemon – I will repeat it for you too πŸ™‚
    I don’t care how many times I post it or how redundant I appear, dropping Loney to the 7 hole after an unconscious June for the likes of Andruw Jones and Nomar is beyond stupid. It borders on real stupid

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    swood – those you mentioned are hitting for power -Ethier has had 3 HR in the last 4 games, and he is leading the team in HRs right now. All three of them have hit plenty of extra base hits. Your comments aren’t adding up.

  160. tradejuanpypaperbag

    seesky – we can only hope so LOL!!! eduardo showed up this morning for one line about the 3rd base issue, but other than that has been nonexistent. However, Holliday hit another home run tonight so I am sure I will hear about it. However, it seems like our trade focus, if there is going to be one, will be for **** or pitching, not a power hitting outfielder.

  161. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    nelly– everybody’s hitting in Colorado this weekend. I saw the last couple innings of that 18-17 arena baseball classic last night. The humidor must be broken. Kind of takes me back. LOL. I still think we should be trading for the future. People are being swayed by the D-backs’ swandive into thinking that we have a great chance in the playoffs. All we have to do is make that blockbuster deal with (insert whatever club) for (insert whatever player) and we’ll make a Rocky II-like run (pun intended) deep into the playoffs. For frontline pitching, power-hitters, & shortstop, the cost will be too high. Stay the course.

  162. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I totally agree – it’s just we hope those that make the decisions agree too. That’s the scary part. LOL

  163. redfox@q.com

    Ned and Joe, SHAME ON YOU! There is absolutely no worthwhile reason for cutting short Jones’ rehab. Just because he wants to join the club early doesn’t mean it is a good move. Where is your baseball judgment and common sense? It’s time you STOP GIVING IN to the veterans and do what is in the best interest of the team and the fans. Jones should not have been called up until after the All Star break. He needs to prove that he is well and able to hit before you jepordize the team’s season. There is no question that with an outfield of Young, Kemp, and Ethier playing regularly the Dodgers would hold a comfortable lead in the NL West. Management is the only reason that isn’t so, and it’s time that Ned and Joe are HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. I’m tired of the blame always going to the younger players while the vets are excused when they do the same or worse. But when management is the REAL PROBLEM, there is a constant effort to divert attention from their own inadequacies. Certainly Joe can take full credit for tonight’s loss. His pitching decisions were again as bad as his idiotic lineups.

  164. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Yeah, we’ve got only 20-some days to walk on eggshells hoping the Nedster doesn’t panic.

  165. shad78@yahoo.com

    Come on Eduardo I bet someone is waiting for you. Jones took one for the team calling them 2 saying he was ready to come back but apparently he’s not. I guess Nomar need to bat 3rd move Martin to 5th and Loney 6nd or flip Loney to 5th and Martin 6th and leave Jones at 7th.

  166. lny4loney

    Obviously, dropping Loney to the 7-hole was a move only a JoJo could love.
    I will admit, though, that Zito absolutely had James’ number. I can’t remember another pitcher who has been so tough for Loney to hit.

  167. tradejuanpypaperbag

    MLK – do you think James’ ineffictiveness tonight had anything to do with where he was in the lineup? He has been in that 5-hole for so long, and other than these last two games, when else was he in the 7 hole? (I guess I will have to go look that up). We’ve been thinking that with Ethier being moved all around the lineup. Maybe it’s having some effect on James as well. Before Friday, those first 7 batters were nobody to mess with, now it’s changed when you have Andruw breaking up that possible power surge. I had my doubts about Nomar, but he seems to be doing well for now.

  168. tradejuanpypaperbag

    James has only had 4 games in the 7 hole with 18 PAs, and he has had 46 games in the 5 hole with 192 PAs. Well, it will be interesting to see what he does with the lineup tomorrow without Andruw and Nomar in the lineup. We should see a lineup that we saw in Houston, maybe less Kent (however, he likes to get the gnat fans all riled up)

  169. lny4loney

    Nah, nelly. I don’t think that is what affected him tonight. Zito still has an outstanding curve, and James looked pretty clueless against it.
    I’m not particularly surprised about Nomar. His history for the last several years — even pre-Dodger — is to play very well … for a while. Then he either gets injured or goes in the tank. The key for us, sadly, unless JoJo “gets it”, is for him to get injured again before he starts stinking it up.

  170. lny4loney

    A quote from JoJo: “”I always watch the scoreboard,” Torre said. “What else do you do when you’re sitting between innings?”

  171. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    well we know that torre said that andruw and nomar would be given days off on sunday. so i expect a different lineup tomorrow, one that we used in houston. but then again, it’s joe. so who even knows..

  172. tradejuanpypaperbag

    okay- thanks, this whole lineup issue really has me bugged that James got moved so far down in the order to make room for Andruw knowing his track record. Zito has been improving, and I kind of expected some of our lefties to have trouble with him. It will be headlines in every paper in northern California, no doubt about it. That game was a big deal to him, and as far as gnats are concerned, he is a pretty good guy. I just wish he would’ve stayed with the A’s. My co-workers brother does the landscaping for his house, and he says he is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

  173. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    haha dnelly, i didn’t even read your post before typing mine.. and it looks like i just ended up repeating what you said. πŸ™‚

  174. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – both of our boys struck out twice tonight – so unusual for them πŸ™‚ Matt only struck out once, unusual for him too lol!!!

  175. kpookiemon

    I don’t care how many times I post it or how redundant I appear, dropping Loney to the 7 hole after an unconscious June for the likes of Andruw Jones and Nomar is beyond stupid. It borders on real stupid

  176. kpookiemon

    OK…got that out of the way. If Torre persisits in playing Andruw, bat him 8th. Wake me when Andruw hits a ball to the right side.

  177. lny4loney

    Matt Kemp’s numbers as leadoff hitter:
    5 Games
    22 At-bats
    27 Plate Appearances
    .272 Average
    .407 OBP
    .500 Slugging Percentage
    .907 OPS
    3 Runs
    6 Hits
    3 Doubles
    1 Triple
    5 Walks
    10 Strikeouts
    2 Stolen Bases
    1 Caught stealing
    1 RBI
    By comparison, I cherrypicked Juan Pierre’s best 5 consecutive games in June which turned out to be June 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12:
    5 Games
    22 At-bats
    22 Plate Appearances
    .363 Average
    .363 On-base Percentage
    .409 Slugging Percentage
    .772 OPS
    8 Hits
    1 Double
    0 Triples
    0 Walks
    0 Strikeouts
    4 Stolen Bases
    0 Caught Stealing
    0 RBI
    So you see my friends, if you are sufficiently selective you can make Juan Pierre look about as good as Matt Kemp.

  178. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Based on those numbers, keep Matt as lead off and get rid of Pierre. I’ll take my chances that Matt will hit a few more HRs than Pierre (considering Pierre won’t hit any) and the number of xtra base hits will more than make up for a few extra steals that Pierre may get over Matt now being in that role to steal more often.

  179. kpookiemon

    Joe, you know you deserve a little whip a** for that 7th inning of yours. You ended up pitching to 10 men. Beimal, your probable All Star guy, gets a ******** two batters. Falkenborg and Wade EACH get four batters. Very nice. And Beimal, your lefty, faces a righty and a switch hitter. Hind being 20/20 I’ll stop. But I’m not so sure I even WANT the Dodgers in first place. Why reward the efforts of Joe and Ned and their 42-45 record?

  180. lny4loney

    Just read p-e article, nelly. I found this snippet particularly intersting: “When you have some $80 million worth of personnel on your disabled list, as the Dodgers had last week, the trainer may be the initial scapegoat. But the responsibility eventually is laid at the feet of the general manager who negotiated those contracts.”
    Yeah, especially when the GM is the guy who brought the POS trainer with him.

  181. prepress@affordableoffset.com

    the dodgers have about 14 less wins then this time last year. is it the hitting, pitching, coaching or all the above?

    i do know that i honestly cannot tell the difference between a “Torre” team and a “Grady” team. true, Joe wants the team to take more pitches and he does want to be more aggressive on the base paths, but his lineup juggling and bullpen calls have been unbearable at best.

    my hope is that he can only get better after spending a half season with the team – my fear is that he is going to run this team into the ground with “proven veterans” like Jones and Sweeney and Pierre while punishing/banishing real producers like Eithier and Loney and DYoung.

    what i really like to know is how much influence the coaching staff has on the lineup?

  182. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Why does Jones need a day off. Put him in the 8 hole and let him work his way back up to being a #5 hitter behind Kent. There must be a big buffet somewhere for him to take a day off. It certainly isn’t due to overwork or running the bases that he needs the time off. He was off for 4 weeks doing nothing. What a pampered baby. Hey Flubber, suck it on and be a baseball player, as that’s what you’re getting paid for. If I had the opportunity and the skill to be in your position, there would never be a situation that I wouldn’t be at the ballpark every minute trying to correct my mistakes and earn the 18 million you’re getting paid to be an over the hill failure.

  183. enchantedbeaver

    I know that he isn’t the one throwing the pitches, but yet its still another “JoJo doesn’t get it” moment. I liked that comment that Joe found his new Proctor in Faulkenborg. And did someone say they read a quote that JoJo said he liked the FOUL ball that Jones hit Friday? For godsake you’re really clutching at straws when you have to praise your $18 mil outfielder for a foul ball. That’s right up there with saying you like the way JP is hitting the ball right at people. Also the second time he’s sat LaRoche the day after he hit a HR – way to build confidence Joe! – a hearty, “Well Done.”

    And this quote that MLK cited: “”I always watch the scoreboard,” Torre said. “What else do you do when you’re sitting between innings?”

    Gee Joe, do you think maybe fire up the team? Maybe give a little sage advice on what the young hitter might have to watch for with this pitcher or maybe where to position himself for a certain opposing batter? Oh I’m sorry, that’s what a real manager would do, my mistake.

    The only conclusion I can come up with that makes anykind of sense is that JoJo is completely senile. Give me Grady any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s. Torre’s old, hates youth, still doesn’t know his team, puts vets above youth regardless of merit, makes out inane line-ups, won’t play the best players, and probably couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

    You want to know why the D’s aren’t in first by a comfortable margin, look no further than JoJo The Clown. Unbelieveably, Frank was actually able to make a worse choice for manager than he did for GM.

    Morning everyone!!

  184. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good morning enchanted,
    Not such a great game yesterday. I blame the manager for that one. Andruw shouldn’t be here if he is still has rehab to do, batting James 7th has been a mistake for the last two days, and taking out Beimel too early only to let Folkenberg take over, and I guess all along all Joe is doing is watching the score board. However, I have to give Zito credit, that definitely wasn’t expected and all the papers up here are saying the same thing. My family even had their doubts pretty much throughout the game about him, ready for him to fall apart as usual and he didn’t. We should have a much better game just in the fact that DY will be in today instead of Andruw, and Cain is a right-handed pitcher which will give our poor lefties a break today.

  185. ramslover

    That artice hits the nail on the head. It states that only Ned had to do is ask Conte in reference to signing Schmidt, this is trying to lead us to believe that Conte was not consulted before he was signed. I remember reading Conte saying he was comfortable with Schmidt medical reports. If I am wrong I apologize, but I find it hard to believe that Ned did not consult with Conte. Now if it said Stan Johnston I could believe that.

    As for the Jones signing the comments Ned makes just shows how clueless he is…Did his last 2-3 years show a decline…duh yes you …..I would love to have seen the advanced scouts reports on Andruw. They could not have been glowing.

    The Loiaza claim was enough to send me over the deep end. I only watch from afar and I knew he was toast. Frank has been very patient and I find it hard to believe that an astute businessman like Frank would be as patient as he has been with Neds bad decisions, if the Dodgers did not already have 3 mil plus in ticket sales. This is all about the greenbacks and not about performance on the field. I have met Frank at ST and he is a true salesman. He can charm anyone, I implore you Frank to wake up and see the Gm is not the man for the job. I do not know that DePodesta was not the man for the job, if his biggest fault was he was not good with the media, that is why you have the great and talented Josh as VP of PR.

    Frank before you let Ned make a colossal error and trade one of the 25 man roster players, unless it is Penny/Lowe, replace him with Kim Ng or Logan White. Ned can go back and wear his Gnats ring and go back to the club with all the history of losing that he is used to. He is not a Dodger and never will be. Look at his history of picking up also ran vets just like the Gnats did for many years. I do not want to hear, well he has not traded any of the kids so far, I have to believe that he has been having his hand held by Frank up to this point. Because based on what I have seen him give up young talent for the Hendricksons, Baeys, Lugos, Sweeneys, he would have made a trade.

    What scares me is JoeNed is getting in Franks ear that these kids are not listening and are unwilling to learn. Maybe we do not have the right ones to teach. Its funny you never here Scioscia complain about injuries or young players being on the job learning. That is because he and his staff (ex Dodgers) are communicators and can relate to the younger players.

    To hear Torre complain after a win that it was an ugly win, hey Joe a win is a win and you had 4 straight with these young kids. Shut up and manage…communicate, it is your job as manage to adapt, that is the beauty of managing. Reaching players in a way that they are receptive!

    Sorry for the long posts but my wife and kids left for Florida to visit the in laws for a month and I am very depressed!!! And very frustrated with JoeNed!!!

  186. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Unbelieveably, Frank was actually able to make a worse choice for manager than he did for GM.


    depends on how you look at it. Not one media member has yet to question Torre.

  187. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Were gonna have a hard time winning today without Jones and Nomar in the line up. At least thats what I have been conditioned to think.

  188. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Andruw Jones reported feeling some soreness after the game. “It’s different when you play nine innings,” he said.

  189. enchantedbeaver

    Ah but jungar, the media was charmed by Ned for awhile too. Torre’s only a year or so behind the criticism – if/when Ned goes, JoJo will get hit hard with it, and rightfully so. Ned may be the architect, but JoJo’s interpreting the plans, using the wrong materials in the wrong places… and neither of them have a clue as to what it is they’re trying to erect.

  190. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    did you guys read the latimes piece on how matt and james expect to hear their names in trade rumors again, like last year? must be great to come to work knowing that you aren’t appreciated and that other teams must love you more since they’re asking for you.. the best quote came at the end from james:

    Loney said he doesn’t want to see any of the young Dodgers traded. And he doesn’t see why any of them should be.

    “As far as the way I’m looking at it, we already have the pieces,” Loney said. “As long as we keep playing hard and working hard, what we have here is a great team.”

    i agree with you james!! too bad you and i don’t have a vote.. the only people who have votes, are the idiots!

  191. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    loney also said:

    “We have a lot of good young talent and people usually want that in trades.”

    gee, what a novel concept! teams ask for players that have value?? hmm.. that means i shouldn’t recognize the value of my own players, right ned?

  192. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Alright James!! You tell them – sara – maybe there’s a chance they will listen to an actual player – yeah right! LOL

  193. lagirl27

    Good morning!
    ok the all star show just came on. Lets hope Russy gets his place on the team cause no one can do it better.
    And with Nomar and Jones out lets have our kids blow the giants away and prove that they can get the job done and don’t need to get traded. The fact that Matt and James are up or consideration is beyond rediculous. All they have done is contribute to this team offensively and defensively.

  194. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Meaning Enchanted that you cant possibly question the dodgers wanting to win they signed Joe Freaking Torre. for 4 million bucks. Meaning also that you cant blame the manager and it must be the players. or lack of players. its about perception.

  195. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Very interesting Times article. James isn’t saying anything that most of the rest of us haven’t been saying for months. The article also quotes Aaron Rowand as saying that the D’s contacted his agent before the Gnats did and set up a meeting. It never took place because we signed Andruw. Haste and panic makes waste. Apparently, we’ve also made inquiries on Wilson and Sabathia. No, no on CC!! He’ll cost way too much money-wise and player-wise. Somebody earlier said he’s already turned down a 4-year extension for 72 million. Most of the SS on the block are free agents at the end of the year and can be had for a lot less cost later than right now.

  196. messagebear@msn.com

    “With Pierre out, this group needs veteran leadership in the outfield. This is what Jones provides.”
    That is a direct quote from the most recent Sarah’s Take article published in the Dodgers Pages. It’s beyond ludicrous for anybody on this forum, but just goes to show the thinking that all Dodger management levels seem to profess. Once in a while I do enjoy reading Sarah’s comments, and I empathize with her courageous personal story in many ways, but is there any wonder why our management has selected her columns to appear alongside their official publications. What pure garbage!!!

  197. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    well, the NL reserves and pitchers are about the be announced.. we shall see~

  198. tradejuanpypaperbag

    messagebear – I saw that article, too. I was the one asking questions about sarah last time, and didn’t want to go there again, but boy that statement took alot for me to not say anything, so I am glad you did. Thank you!!!! How can anybody say that is beyond me, truly now!!!!!!

  199. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i love how clint hurdle says that being in our division is like getting a mulligan.. haha

  200. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Has anybody heard if any of our boys are in the Futures Game? I heard the Gnats have four in the game.

  201. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah bear, Pierre himself was providing such leadership we were 10-12 games under .500 with his guidance.

    Perhaps Ned and JoJo are so insistant that we accept the veterans because they do plan on trading away the future for somemore high priced garbage of former marque names. Hell, why not dig up Ty, Babe and Lou while we’re at it, they were big names too once.

    This team is like the circus big top, except the feak shows are in with the main acts, and JoJo the Clown and Ned are the ringmasters. Oh yeah yeah that’s the trapeze artist and that’s the lion tamer, but behold Jumbo The Hitless Wonder…

    These idiots trade away any of the core youngsters and I’m through – The Angels will have won another one.

  202. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    hey, dioner navarro made the all-star game too.. maybe he’ll tell russell he stole his job.. haha.. at least it turned out great for both of them, and for us

  203. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! good one, too seesky!!! The first one was for enchanted LOL!! I am trying to behave – I need to save all my energy for the game LOL!!! Last night was not fun!!!

  204. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    This is from the 20/20 Hindsight Dept.: Think where we might be if we’d kept Navarro and moved Russell to 3rd ?

  205. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    wouldn’t have happened seesky.. one of them might have been traded by now.. and i’m scared it would have been russell if navarro had never broken his wrist and had continued to progress.. i shudder to think of this team without russell.. needless to say, i’m glad things turned out the way they did..

  206. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Never say never, sara. With a little foresight, you just never know. Wait a minute, foresight and our management is an oxymoron. LOL. Talented players have a way of finding a place somewhere, as Navarro has proven. It’s just too bad it couldn’t have been in our lineup. I, too, am happy with the way things turned out. Just idle speculation on a hot Sunday afternnon.

  207. lagirl27

    Tuesday is the on-line chat with Matt. I’ve never participated in one of these before. I am looking forward to it very much, especially since Matthew is my favorite player.
    What’s the protocall like? Do you have to get there really early to sign in? Are there a lot of people, does the website slow down?
    Do they do a good job answering most everyone’s questions?

  208. ramslover

    The Dodgers choose Martin over Navarro because they did not like Navarros work ethic. They thought he was taking his talent for granted. I was not as upset with Navarro leaving because Martin was the chosen one. I just wish we would have gotten some talent for him.

    Just imagine if we had signed Beltre, we would have a power home grown bat…and great defense….that is the signing that did not happen that still chaps my butt!!!

    It kind of sounds like what they are saying now about some of the boys….might we be giving up another future all star?

  209. tradejuanpypaperbag

    amy – It’s just like asking questions here. However, recently the only one from here that’s gotten through has been Dodgereric, and my thinking is your question has to be one he is willing to answer and you probably have to be pretty quick in getting it in. I am sure it he will get flooded with questions just because it’s Matt Kemp.

  210. lagirl27

    That’s too bad. I was just reading the Russell Martin chat and there was someone who got two questions answered by Russy.
    how long does it generally run? 1/2 hr? 1hr?

  211. cpompe1

    Today’s lineup courtesy of Dodger Thoughts:

    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    Martin C
    Loney 1B
    DeWitt 3B
    Young LF
    LaRoche 2B
    Berroa SS
    Stults P

  212. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    dodgerboy–Therein lies the danger. If you trade some of our core youngsters for short-term fixes, It can come back to bite you. Fortunately, in Navarro’s case, he’s in the other league. I don’t share your opinion re: Beltre. IMO, he’s a good defensive player with average power numbers who had the good fortune to have a career year in his walk year. He parlayed that into a big contract and hasn’t approached those 2004 numbers before or since. Anybody with power numbers like his would be considered above average only on the D’s.

  213. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Andy playing 2nd could be a good thing – hmmm!! This lineup could work today – not bad
    enchanted – I’ve got a good song going right now – LOL!!

  214. lagirl27

    that kinda sucks! We spend so much time devoted to these players and we can’t get through to them. Good luck, maybe he’ll answer more than “what’s your favorite color?”
    no Jones today, lets go Kids!! we can do it today and prove your worth again!
    Stults, lets go 3-0, do it for ‘your’ kids!
    thanks dnelly.

  215. lagirl27

    Good to see Andy back in action. But Berroa? blah! Like the guy said last night “Berroa can’t even hit his weight”
    Maza can do better.

  216. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    seesky.. exactly.. foresight and our management do not go hand in hand..

    i like the lineup today.. minus berroa playing over maza.. but at least he’s batting 8th..

    cpompe, she was saying andy is playing 2nd base.. not batting 2nd..

  217. lagirl27

    When I look at Berroa he reminds me of a 70’s disco singer. All he needs is one of the sequenced sparkly tight unitard things, afro with a matching headband and one of those really old microphones.- can anyone else picture that????
    not the picture of **** for our team. that’s for sure.

  218. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    amy.. i think it sees a shortstop.. the abbreviation.. as *A*S*S*

  219. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!
    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  220. lagirl27

    Andre is that man. No doubt!
    Ok. that makes sense. This system is sensitive.
    and again. it’s sooo good to see Loney at the top of the lineup. Sad to see Kent gone today thought.
    It’s ok Loney- that was awesome anyway. Playing aggressive, I like it πŸ™‚

  221. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    what happened? i was watching federer/nadal and i missed james’ at bat..

  222. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Great at-bat by Loney. Spoiling the 0-2 pitch and making the next one pay off. That’s one for the good guys!!

  223. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    nevermind.. gamecast told me.. i guess james tried to advance on the throw..

  224. enchantedbeaver

    That’s 5 out of 6 games they score in the first without JP the outmaker leading off. Not that Kemp got on, but I just think its a confidence they have now that they didn’t have with JP in the line-up.

  225. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Dewitt, Young and Laroche. 3 young guys in a row. I would like to see 3 straight hits from the young ones.

  226. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, y’all know what’s going to happen today don’t you? Torre will put Jones in to PH in a critical situation and he’ll strike out. Since he doesn’t have Sweeney, he’ll use the next best thing.

  227. ramslover

    seesky…I beg to differ on Beltre. I did not ever think he was a 48n hr guy, but look at his numbers since he has left LA…He has averaged 23 hrs and 85 plus RBI and he plays gold glove defense….Tell me that you would not want to be able to write that in for 3B for the last 3 years….

    Maybe just maybe we would not have Pillsbury Dough Jones if we still had Beltre….Just my opinion on Beltre…I love Dewitt.

    Laroche had the same AB yesterday, diving out to hit an off speed pitch and a weak gb to 2B….come on Stults…

  228. boblee14@yahoo.com

    Come on guys. Stults has a chance to further his career today and he’s blowing it. Just throw it by them…

  229. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    If he doesn’t become more economical with his pitches, Stultz isn’t long for this game. A day for long man Kuo.

  230. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    .423obp is Kemp as leadoff. We have scored in the first 5 of 6 with him in that role. Too small a sample size sure, so I propose we keep it that way till the end of the year to see how it goes.

  231. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    yeah matty! use your speed!!

    the giants are disheveled right now~

  232. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Can you tell I’m trying to keep the rally going πŸ™‚

  233. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    You make some good points, dodgerboy. In light of what we’ve had since he left, those numbers from 3b would be great. Your’re probably right in that we wouldn’t have Buffet Man.If he hadn’t had the big year, his value wouldn’t have been as high and he might still be here. I, too, like Dewitt.

  234. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i guess we paid them back.. lewis and durham were struck out by stults with runners on, so delwyn was struck out by cain with the bases juiced.. at least we got a couple..

  235. bluecrewgirl

    Amy, I’ll still take DY over Jones any day. I wish our outfield could be Kemp, Ethier and DY for the rest of the season. I hope Andre can keep it up so there’s no way they can justify taking him out when Pierre comes back.

  236. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – there was no justification the first time they sat Andre over JP. He was batting 300+ back then, and had team stats in the top 5 of every category except stolen bases. He didn’t deserve to be sat the first time. Can you imagine where he would be today if Torre allowed him to play instead of JP (pre-Furcal and Jones on DL)? He didn’t start to struggle until Joe put JP in the lead off spot.

  237. bluecrewgirl

    Agreed, DNelly. I think it really shook his confidence for a while, but he seems to be having more fun lately.

  238. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    They don’t need justification for anything they do. The less sense a move makes, the better they like it.

  239. enchantedbeaver

    I’d say Kemp has a nice OBP for a leadoff man, not that anyone in management will notice or care.

  240. lagirl27

    Matthew and Dre- freakin awesome.
    How dare they ever whisper trade rumors.
    I still think we should have a pierre, kemp, either outfield for the rest of the season. but those are our differences πŸ™‚

  241. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!
    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  242. swood@rcn.com

    It seems like russell does not hit well w/RISP, particularly with a runner at 3rd and less than 2 outs. I would bat Russ further down in the order and bat Loney 3rd every day.

  243. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i’m glad loney picked up russell.. he had a terrible at bat.. but he’d be the first to tell you that..

  244. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Is it me guys, or does this seem like a team that is starting to “get” it? This is the team that we all expected to see, and perform the way we expected. We’ll be eating ice cream in a few days if not today.

  245. lagirl27

    Hey I like DY too. I have no problem with him in the outfield. He can’t be any worse than Tubby. Maybe there can be a young/ Pierre switch off. Juan can bat somewhere lower in the order, I will defend JP, but just not in the lead off spot. I still haven
    t made up my mind on DY yet if he’s everyday material.
    however, this Kemp Either 1 and 2 has been so helpful for us gettng on base and scoring runs, it’s good to see us producing for a change. It hurts my heart when we can’t reach second or third in an entire game.

  246. bluecrewgirl

    I hope everyone has a great rest of the day. I am going to have to listen to the rest of the game in the car on my way home. Hope they hang on for the victory.

  247. tradejuanpypaperbag

    amy – we can only hope for a pierre/jones platoon (everybody on this panel would love it), but history has not been kind to Ethier and Kemp. They will be the ones to platoon and DY will be the odd man out. It’s how Joe wants it for now – maybe he’ll change, but he hasn’t yet or he wouldn’t have brought up Jones early.

  248. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    augh, joe’s doing it again! stop with the nonsensical pitching changes!

  249. lagirl27

    dnelly- It’s like, what else does Kemp and Either have to do to prove their excellence? It’s getting so old that the ones producing are the ones getting shunned. Who the heck cares about paychecks. How about Kemp gets the multimillions and Jones gets 400K a year. That would change history for the better.

  250. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Brandon – Wouldn’t this be great if Torre would open his eyes and just see how well they are performing without the vets in there. Win or lose, this team out there is trying their best to get it done.
    Not him!!!!!!!!!!! why him?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring in somebody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Good morning from Down Under .. I’m slow .. I just worked out how to spell Proctor .. It’s Falkenborg. Joe certainly is a man of habit.

  252. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    stults only made 78 pitches.. and doesn’t even qualify for a win.. torre is crap.. he better hope falkenborg doesn’t give up the lead.. AUGH

  253. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – it’s like Torre doesn’t want the team out there to win – why isn’t he bringing in Kuo?

  254. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    the same reason he didn’t want to leave stults out there.. he wanted a righty to face bengie.. he should of let stults handle his own jam..

    wow, you can see runners really respect ethier’s arm now.. it’s GREAT to see πŸ™‚

  255. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i also think joe loves kuo to start innings clean, not pick up someone else’s mess..

  256. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    thanks for saving the day falkenborg.. i’ll give you a pass today.. but i still think torre should have left stults in

  257. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    the giants hitters really helped out there.. talk about eager at the plate..

  258. tradejuanpypaperbag

    What can I say – INCREDIBLE ANDRE!!!!!!

  259. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Ethier is absolutely insane right now… he’s got consistent written all over his face!

  260. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    andre is on a TEAR right now!

    russell, unfortunately, is NOT.. he’s so frustrated.. it’s sad..

  261. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I am sorry, but like I said yesterday – it isn’t a Dodger game without him in there. We need Russell in there, period, hitting or not πŸ™‚

  262. messagebear@msn.com

    It may be that Russell does need an occasional day of rest, not just playing third base for an off day.

  263. tradejuanpypaperbag

    brandon – it still brings to mind where Ethier would be right now if not blocked by Pierre once Joe insisted he be lead off.

  264. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelly, i agree completely.. i never said russell should be out.. i was just saying he looks so frustrated.. i am the last person in the world who would want russell sitting out of a game..

  265. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wow!!!!! Andruw got a hit – yeah!!! Ok, enchanted – he is officially better than Sweeney for now. LOL!!

  266. enchantedbeaver

    Just a guess rodmky, but I’d say because he’s an idiot.

    Seesky – that line’s just too easy πŸ™‚

  267. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I wouldn’t doubt that at all. Andruw will probably get credit for the entire game if Joe could – he might πŸ™‚

  268. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    hahaha, funny enchanted… but really, any hit Jones gets, I hope it helps his timing and he gets going.

  269. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Nelly, great point about Ethier earlier… he really does deserve to be a starter, this guys could easily lead the team in every offensive category if given the chance. Plus his glove and arm are both above avg.

  270. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    oh well… looks like we’re staying .5 game back…. We’ve got the Braves coming into town, and they’re horrible on the road, hopefully we can take 2 out of 3… sweep would be great, but we just need to keep winning series

  271. maliceinthepalace

    Jack wilson has a career on base % of .313 and was out for all of may with a strained calf. While i’m sure he’s better than Berroa I don’t think he is “the solution.”

    My ok to trade list:
    Lowe(would be a 15 game winner elsewhere)

  272. redfox@q.com

    Joe’s pride would not let the kids win one on their own. He has to get some veterans in there, because we all know that the veterans are the key to success.

  273. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    I don’t get any post game stuff down here but I’ll be interested to hear what Joe says in the post game interview. Call me cynical but I too believe he’ll try and give credit to someone other than one of our young stars.

  274. oldbrooklynfan

    Been around since the bottom of the 5th so I didn’t catch any of the scoring.
    But I cought the most important thing, WE WON.

  275. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    I think he’ll give credit to Ethier, to Stults for keeping us in the game, and doing what he should do. Also give credit to Loney for driving in those all important runs, as well as the bullpen doing a great job.

  276. northstateblues

    That oughta shut ’em up for a while. Way to take it to those Jints!

    When the lights go down in the city
    And the sun shines on the bay
    They ask “Who put the liiiiiiights out in my city? Ohhh noooo!”
    The-uuuh-uuhhh Dodger Blue!!

  277. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues – FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing – Journey – right on!!!!!!

  278. enchantedbeaver

    Torre after the game: Q. What do you think about the kids now? A. “Well fellas, I thought Jones looked awfully good in his at bat today and it was really good to see him come through. Nomar drawing a walk was also a veteran at bat yada yada yada…”

    Moral – when you don’t see them, they don’t exist – just ask an osterich.

  279. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    With the way the D-Backs are playing, we’re in 1st by the break… On top of that, we get to play them head to head first series right after the break!! Should be good…. I honestly cannot believe that we’re in this thing.

  280. tradejuanpypaperbag

    where’s shad today?
    swood made a brief showing today- hmmmm!! I tried again last night, and the person went away again.

  281. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    We’ll work on “Sammy Says” for Atlanta. Have a safe trip and a great time in LA, nelly. You can be our good luck charm.

  282. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    So, who do we go after? Jack Wilson, JJ Hardy, a pitcher, starter, reliever? I’m really hoping we go after JJ Hardy, but I really don’t see us getting him. Jack Wilson is not all that bad, but do we really think that he’s the best that we can come up with?

  283. tradejuanpypaperbag

    seesky – Thank you- I should be able to post once a day – hopefully we win – can’t wait to see Kuroda and Billz pitch – and of course, Andre, Russell and James.
    LOL!! for you enchanted πŸ™‚

  284. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Super Phenomenal Down To Earth To 5-3 Victory By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the San Francisco Giants! Super Hero World Series Championship Pitchers Include Eric Stults, Brian Falkenborg,Hong-Chih Kuo, Jonathan Broxton & Takashi Saito. What Super Managing Buy Our Super Hero Manager Joe Torre and Comeback By Brian Falkenborg!Up with our Dodgers! Nobody gets down on each other! We all have to be like Super Hero Tommy Lasorda, The Greatest Los Angeles Dodger Encourager Of All Time! Super Skipper Joe Torre Gives the Ball to Brian Falkenborg even though He Had struggled lately, and says Brian, We are going to win the World Series, and Brian shows His True Dodger Colors and Pitches in World Series Championship Victory Form and Gets The Victory! Absolutlely Dodger Incredible Guys! What can you say about Super Hero Andre Ethier! Andre You’re play Has Been Super Focused and Determined! Great Day again, going 3 for 5 at the plate, 2 Important Runs Scored, and RBI! Absolutely World Series Victory Performance Andre! Speaking Of World Series Victory Performance, Our Tower Of Power, James Loney always comes to mind! Another Super Phenomenal Kryptonite Busting Performance James, With 2 Smacking Doubles and 3 Important RBI’S! James,You are a Super Leader And Always By Example! Speaking of Super Heroes, The Amazing Matt Kemp Comes up Big Again with His Super Slick Grab, Going 1 for 4 with 1 Run Scored and RBI! Matt,Your Los Angeles Dodger Presence Is Always Needed! All of our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes Today! All of us Los Angeles Dodger Fans, Management, and Players Once Again Join in Unison, Believe & Have Faith in Each Other, Become like Super Skipper Joe Torre & Tommy Lasorda, and see the Indestructable,Man Of Steel, Our very own, Superman,Mr. Los Angeles Dodger(You Too Tommy!) Jeff Kent with the rest of his Super Teammates all call Kryptonite a lie & Crowned World Series Champions in This Majestic Jubilee 50th Anniversary Of Our Super Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers In Los Angeles Dodgers This Amazing Wonderful Year 2008 A.D.!

  285. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    CC Sabathia just got dealt to the Brewers… the deal included the highly touted AA outfielder Laporta from the Brewers. Sounds kind of like a Matt Kemp to me… Well, I guess we’re for sure going after ****…. Hope it’s one who can handle the bat and field both.

  286. northstateblues

    I was shocked to see that Cleveland let Sabathia go for three minor leaguers. I have the feeling that our price would’ve involved young players who have a bit more experience than Double AA. The Brewers either burnt their kids for a rental, or they’re planning to pay him Zito money. Great pitcher, but that’s a hell of a gamble.

  287. ramslover

    Well CC is gone and LaPorta is a potential stud but if we offered Hu, McDonald and LaRoche our offer was better…because they are supposedly giving up 2 lower prospects. Maybe we can sign him in the offseason without giving up our top prospects.

    Mow do not give up these guys for a player like Wilson. We have won 5 0f 6 with addition by subtraction. Ride out the wave Ned do not feel panicked and end up with a Loiza type pick up and look like the sucker you have in the past…

    GMs must salivate when they see Neds number come up on caller id…

    Hello this is Ned of the Dodgers what do you want for Wilson?

    Pirates Gm…I will take laroche and stults

    Ned…No I will offer Kemp and Mcdonald…you are not smarter than I am.

    I hope he does not panic!!! Kemp was on base 2 times today…Ethier had another good game….I am worried about our starting pitching….we need Kershaw to have a couple of good outings and get back up here.

  288. bluecrewgirl

    I got a little nervous at the end of the game. I’m glad I was already off the freeway by then because there are quite a few places where it’s a long drop down into a ravine going through the Cajon Pass, lol. It would be great if they could take both the series before the All Star break.

  289. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening ndeschenes – It is a wonderful to hear from you as we take the series from the Giants. It was a spectacular weekend, and you did a fabulous job in your assessment of today’s game. I will be heading down to LA to see our beloved Dodgers in the series against the Braves, and I hope to see this phenomenal play we saw today. I hope to bring some Northern California luck their way, but if they play the way they have been, they won’t need any luck. They have been playing ball like we knew they could all along, and that is a wonderful thing. Have a wonderful evening and a spectacular tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  290. enchantedbeaver

    The “Dodger premium” that other teams require to make a trade is another reason to get rid of Ned. I’m sure if he goes the tariff would be lifted.

    HOWEVER, its possible that this tariff being so high is actually forcing Ned to do the right thing, which is nothing at all.

  291. bluecrewgirl

    Let’s hope he does nothing, enchanted. I’ll feel much better if the trading deadline is over and we still have all the young talent intact. I really hope that Nomar can stay healthy and hold down the fort at shortstop.

  292. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Jack Wilson’s career numbers… and what he’s averaged over his career… 2004 by far his best year, I just don’t know that we can get by with him in the lineup unless we get to keep our guys like Kemp, Ethier, or anyone who might have any power at all… we need a power bat, and Jack Wilson would not fill it, and in getting him we could actually lose some power…. Decisions, decisions…

    2001 Pit 108 390 44 87 17 1 3 25 16 70 1 3 .223 .255 .295 .550
    2002 Pit 147 527 77 133 22 4 4 47 37 74 5 2 .252 .306 .332 .638
    2003 Pit 150 558 58 143 21 3 9 62 36 74 5 5 .256 .303 .353 .656
    2004 Pit 157 652 82 201 41 12 11 59 26 71 8 4 .308 .335 .459 .794
    2005 Pit 158 587 60 151 24 7 8 52 31 58 7 3 .257 .299 .363 .662
    2006 Pit 142 543 70 148 27 1 8 35 33 65 4 3 .273 .316 .370 .686
    2007 Pit 135 477 67 141 29 2 12 56 38 46 2 5 .296 .350 .440 .790
    2008 Pit 38 144 11 44 6 1 0 11 6 11 2 2 .306 .348 .361 .709
    Total — 1035 3878 469 1048 187 31 55 347 223 469 34 27 .270 .313 .377 .690

  293. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl and enchanted – I want the young talent to stay intact. This team is so promising right now – why mess with it?

  294. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    JJ Hardy’s career numbers…. What do you guys think it’d take to get him?

    2005 Mil 124 372 46 92 22 1 9 50 44 48 0 0 .247 .327 .384 .711
    2006 Mil 35 128 13 31 5 0 5 14 10 23 1 1 .242 .295 .398 .693
    2007 Mil 151 592 89 164 30 1 26 80 40 73 2 3 .277 .323 .463 .786
    2008 Mil 76 281 37 83 20 0 12 38 30 40 2 1 .295 .362 .495 .857
    Total — 386 1373 185 370 77 2 52 182 124 184 5 5 .269 .330 .442 .772

  295. bluecrewgirl

    I agree DNelly, they’re going to be as good or better than anyone we would get. There really isn’t any need to panic now. There’s a lot of baseball left to play.

  296. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    What do you guys think of Hardy or Wilson? If you had a choice.. and Hardy is 25 to Wilson being 30… I did not realize that Jack Wilson was already that old.

  297. gsutton5000@aol.com

    wilson doesnt impress me…id rather have nomar out there and see if we can resign furcal at an injury discount

  298. tradejuanpypaperbag

    brandon – I would hope we could stay from within, but if a trade is necessary, then I say go for Hardy, but without giving up any core young players (Loney, Kemp, Ethier) I am assuming Martin is an untouchable so that is why I didn’t put him with the other three. Also, I am still on the fence with LaRoche and DeWitt, and with those two, best case is for one to play 2nd and the other 3rd. I know Lowe has been mentioned, and I would actually be okay with that assuming he would be out of here at the end of the year anyway.
    BTW – How’s that Vegas weather?

  299. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    It’s pretty freakin’ hot!! I’d be ok with shipping Lowe out also… I just have never felt like he’s been that great. I know he’s not gotten any run support, but something about him just makes me uneasy whenever he goes on the hill. I think the problem that we face is that the league is very aware of how badly we need a shortstop… so… we might get screwed.

  300. bluecrewgirl

    I personally don’t want anyone that we would have to give up Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Bills or Dewitt for. I don’t include Martin on that list because he is untouchable. Normar has been doing okay so far in the 2 games he has played in since coming back and I hope his health can hold up. I think Maza is a decent backup. He has a good glove and I think he would have hit better over time if he wasn’t sharing time with Barroa. Hu is going to be good but he gave us no offense when he was up recently, he’s just not ready yet. He needs to stay in the minors for now. I would hope we could get through this season with Normar starting most of the time and Maza spelling him and then deal with a decision on shortstop in the off season based upon where Furcal is at.

  301. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    yeah, it’s a tough call…. What we need is someone with some power… how, or where we’re going to find that, I have no idea.

  302. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    I read on the LA Times website that Aaron Rowand said his agent was contacted by the Dodgers in the off season, and that he would have loved to come to LA, but they decided to sign Andruw Jones instead…. someone has got to be putting their foot in their mouths for that one!!!! I so wanted them to sign Rowand… oh well

  303. bluecrewgirl

    I think that Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin are all going to hit for more power in the 2nd half. Ethier has already been showing more power now that he’s playing consistently. And who knows, Jones might surprise us all and come around in the 2nd half. I also think Dewitt will come out of his slump soon too. LaRoche can hit for power and so can Nomar when he’s on his game. Kent has plenty of power and has been playing much better lately, so we could be fine with what we have if everyone stays healthy and plays to their potential. There’s no guarantee that someone from another organization will be the golden ticket. We’ve been burned plenty of times in recent years in that regard.

  304. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – I am mostly worried about the burn factor – just look at our DL now, players who have been DFAed and now the few vets that are on the current roster are really just blocking young players now. I really wanted to see Andruw do well, but ‘m being realistic too. We all think the same thing about Nomar – a few weeks down the road he will be back on the DL, and Kent seems to be the only one who is actually starting to live up to his veteran status.

  305. bluecrewgirl

    I agree about the durability factor with Nomar and some others and I definitely don’t want to see Jones block Ethier or Kemp from playing every day. I just hope everyone can stay healthy and that when Pierre comes back they can somehow work a trade for him so we won’t have the issue of playing time in the outfield. I know some disagree, and they definitely have the right to their opinion, I just don’t think Pierre is a fit for the Dodgers.

  306. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls,
    Great win today! And get this, we’ve won the last THREE SERIES in a row!!! That is great!!! Loney, back in a familiar spot in the lineup did very well today. And what can I say about my Dre – and yes, I know there are plenty of ladies on this blog that like him too!!! I promise, I’ll share!!! πŸ™‚ It’s not so amazing to us that the young players thrive when PVLs aren’t there to stink things up. I REALLY hope and pray that management takes a real good look at what they can do when they get regular playing time!!!

    I know you’re going on your trip to LA tomorrow; I wanted to get to talk to you before you leave. Not sure if you’re going to be able to sign onto ITD while you’re in LA and SD.

  307. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey CP- I am here – just have family here so I am kind of going in and out. I will be able to keep in touch. I am planning on taking my laptop with me because I will have some morning hours to sign on to ITD.
    It was a great game – our boys did wonderful!!!!!!!

  308. cpompe1

    Great to hear from you dnel! I hope you have a great time with your family tonight. Glad to hear that we’ll still be able to hear from you while your “on the road!” Well, I’ve got things to do here. Not sure if I’ll stay signed in for much longer but if I don’t get a chance to say it, HAVE A GREAT VACATION!!! πŸ™‚

  309. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP/Bluecrewgirl – thanks for the well wishes. We have pretty good seats so I’m excited – behind home plate, behind the dugout clug (couldnt’ afford those). I have always been in the outfield, not really being able to see pitching and batting so this will be a much different perspective. So, I will get to cheer on all the players and hopefully be able to sing the James Loney song in person. I do have to behave to a point – I am attending the games with a Braves fan.

  310. ghfgdgdsg

    Ken Rothensal said that the dodgers gave an offer to cleveland wich was CHIN LUNG HU, ANDY LAROCHE AND JAMES MACCDONALD but the dodgers didnt want to rent him for three months WHY NOT MAN COMMON!!!!


  311. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!! – Where’s the article? You have yet to provide us with an article stating these things you are claiming.

  312. ghfgdgdsg


    Sabathia, 6-5 with a 2.16 ERA in his past 14 starts, is scheduled to pitch twice more before the All-Star break. His next start is Tuesday, but several baseball people expect he will be traded before then.

    While the Dodgers might not offer a prospect better than Brewers Class AA left fielder Matt LaPorta, their proposal for Sabathia would include three players, sources say.

    Class AA right-hander James McDonald, Class AAA shortstop Chin-Lung Hu and third baseman Andy LaRoche are among the Dodgers’ prospects likely drawing consideration form the Indians.

  313. cpompe1

    dodgerdude, now that is what I call having real backup to yours (or anyone else’s) assertions. Yes, I mentioned a possible SS trade earlier but I think you’re right that we need to see what DeJesus can do in the majors before we make any hasty decisions. Perhaps have DeJesus/Nomar for the rest of the year. If nothing worthwhile, then possible trade talk after the season. I still think Nomar won’t be resigned…

  314. cpompe1

    eduardo, thx for the article; we’ve seen it before. Ned is also in the market for a starting SS. That throws a monkey-wrench into the CC plans…

  315. ghfgdgdsg

    nah i dont think we need a shortstop jack wilson sucks completely i would only want the dodgers if the got a short stop to get JJ. Hardy from the brewers he’s the best shortstop on the block right now but we really need a big bat

  316. tradejuanpypaperbag

    First of all, why are we listening to something Rosenthal has to say? second – the Sabathia deal is done so who cares now – he’s Miluakee’s problem. 3rd – Maybe Cleveland can take Holliday now – they need the power – we don’t.

  317. ghfgdgdsg

    hahahahahahaha thats the funniest thing I have ever heard holliday to cleveland did you know cleveland is 14 games back there not even contenders and matt holliday is a free agent after this year so what makes you think they would get him i’m sorry if i’m being harsh and hey i would like the dodgers to get him

  318. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Also, as far as the shortstop position, I think we should try to do this from within with DeJesus – It’s worth a shot, and a whole lot less money too. This way, the current team stays intact.

  319. cpompe1

    eduardo, what makes you think that the Brewers would part with JJ Hardy? They’re not shopping him. They are buyers in this trading market, not sellers. They are well poised to take the top spot in the NL Central from the Cubs. I’m not saying they’re going to do it but now that they have CC, they very well might. They’re on top of the Wild Card race right now. No, they are not going to part with JJ Hardy.

    And what makes you think that the Dodgers don’t need a starting SS? Sorry, but Berroa and Maza are not the answers. But like I said before, I would give Ivan DeJesus from the minors a chance before I go out and trade for a starting SS.

  320. ghfgdgdsg

    ok nomar is staring now

    and dejesus is batting 302 in double A DOUBLE A NOT TRIPPLE A OR THE BIG LEAGUES DOUBLE A so wat makes you think he will come up and hit about 310 if thats what your hoping for look at laroche he was a great double a and tripple a player and he hasnt done anything in the majors let dejesus grow in the minors i think he will be ready in another 2 years but right now is not the answer

  321. cpompe1

    Just keep telling yourself over and over and over again: I AM going to have a great time on vacation next week!!! πŸ™‚

  322. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think Holliday is a fabulous player, but don’t you wonder why Colorado isn’t trying to keep him – something is not right, and we should be learning that lesson from all the other mistakes sitting on the DL or are on our current PVL list. This is nothing against Holliday, it’s just I don’t think that is where our focus needs to be – we have an outfield that is producing and will produce as much as he does if given the chance to play everyday. He is not going to come onto to this team and take Pierre’s spot (if you have forgotten Joe has that spot in left field reserved for when Pierre gets back) – Ethier’s already figured that out. So the only other place for him would be right field and there is no way in hell I would want Kemp or Ethier traded for that, nor would I expect Matt Holliday to accept that either.

  323. ghfgdgdsg

    yea i just wish we could get this outfield kemp ethier and holliday best in the majors right there

  324. cpompe1

    eduardo, you do make a valid point that DeJesus is in AA right now. Perhaps he’s not the answer right now. But (1) how do we know unless we try him and (2) who knows, he could be our next Blake DeWitt (who also hailed from AA). Bottom line, I don’t want the Dodgers to sell the farm to get someone that may or may not help us this year.

    Now, I am getting tired. I’ll catch up with y’all later. dnel, again, have a great time next week!!!

  325. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eduardo – That would be great, but it will not happen with Torre as Manager – he likes his vets too much, and it’s wishful thinking. He is not going to sit Pierre and Jones both.

  326. leekfink

    If we had a rule listing like Dodger Thoughts, I think the first one would be to never quote a Ken Rosenthal article as reliable information.
    But, given what Milwaukee gave for Sabathia, we could have pulled a deal excluding who should be our untouchales (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, Kershaw) (most of the others are people don’t want to trad, but in some situations would). And, I was not afraid of the price for CC–back up the brinks truck for that guy. That is a type of player you save up for. Not sure we need him, per se, but he’s good.
    What we need, however, is a shortstop. No chance of getting JJ Hardy–the Brewers are playing to win, as is obvious by going for Sabathia.
    I like Jack Wilson, and he plays ball the right way. But, he is overpaid (which does not really worry me–I don’t mind it if the team overpays [in money, not players] for a player who still is our best option at that position. But my concern is that the reason he is overpaid is because for all of his all-out hustle, he may not be as good of a hitter as we would like, and if you add the fall-off that nearly every free agent who comes to LA deals with, would he really be our best option. Moreover, as long as Nomar is healthy, Torre is going to give him starting time–so it might be that we are trading DeWitt/LaRoche’s bat for Jack Wilson’s, while Nomar mans third base. I don’t see that as a beneficial move. And, Hu and/or DeJesus and/or Preston Mattingly may be ready next year. I would probably rather go with Jack Wilson over any o those three, but if Wilson falls off , it’s sketchy.
    The other alternaive is, I believe, Christian Guzman, who was just named to the All-Star team with the Nationals. I’m not like a big Guzman fan–I know very little about him but some numbers, but he seem to be the right profile to fill the hole we have.
    My hope is tha Nomar continues to play well enough, but I worry he will fall off or fall apart.
    Also, do not trade Derek Lowe. I know we are likely to lose him, but 2008 is far from a lost season. We are a 1/2 game out, and starting to play well. The NL West is winnable. And, here’s the key–our team of young guys is going to come into its own sooner or later. So many of us rightly expect that if we keep the young core intact, 2009 will be a great season. True. But that yong core could really start doing it the second half of this year. If things start gelling, we don’t need to win 100 games in 2008, we just need to win the division, and take that play into the post-season. It’s like politics–organize, organize, organize, and get hot at the end. See The 2007 Colorado Rockies.
    Anyway, if we do that, D-Lowe brings good experiece, and post-season experience. Putting it all on Bills and Kershaw to bring us a championship is hard. So let’s win with him.
    Then, if he opts for Free Agency, as he almost certainly will (and I am mixed over whether we would really want to re-sign him, but hey), he is likely t a Type A Fre Agent (according the Elias Sports bureau, he would have been last year). That means we get a first round pick from whomever signs him and a supplemental first round pick. In other words, our options for Derek Lowe are: 1) trade him for whomever Ned Colletti can get in exchange (guys like Lugo and Proctor); or 2) keep him for another half-season and playoff run, and get two first-round picks chosen by Logan White (guys like Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, and James Loney). This is a no brainer in my book.

  327. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks leefink – I am sure you are the one who said never to listen to Rosenthal,and I am taking that to heart now. Also, I am reminded of the Rockies end of the year last year too, and this division is wide open for any team to do what they did last year, and there’s still alot of baseball to go.

  328. lny4loney

    Aaron Rowand v. Andruw Jones (Torii Hunter too)
    I’m the first to say that Andruw has been an absolute bust. And I admit I enthusiastically supported going after Andruw. I would have done almost exactly what Ned did, although I think he could have gotten the same two years for a little less money. I hold out hope that somehow Andruw will return to his former self. Although, obviously, he has no business in the 5-hole at this time.
    That said, I think that the Aaron Rowand signing will prove to be a much worse one than the Jones signing. Rowand got a 5-year, $60 million contract. If, and only if, Rowand matches his career year of 2007 for all of the five years of that contract will the contract pay off, and even then it’s a close call.
    Here are Rowand’s stats from his 2007 career year:
    Age: 29
    612 ABs, 189 Hits, 105 Runs, 27 HRs, 89 RBI, .309 BA, .374 OBP, 45 Doubles, 0 Triples, 6 Stolen Bases.
    Those numbers merit $12 million for a year.
    Unfortunately for the Giants, Rowand has already slipped somewhat from his 2007 heights. He’s having a very nice year — certainly a heck of a lot better than Andruw, but not as good as his own last year — BA and OBP slightly down, Homeruns way down (8 as of today). One could make an argument that the fair market value of his performance is $12 million and that the Gnats are getting their money’s worth — I personally would say that his production thus far is worth more like $10 million.
    The main point is that when a guy doesnt’ have an outstanding year until he’s 29, that guy is not likely to have more than 2 or 3 more such years. And when one one of that guy’s key tools is speed (in Rowand’s case more defensive than offensive speed), the decline is likely to be even more rapid.
    I think that in a couple of years, Gnats fans will find themselves very unhappy about Aaron Rowand. Well, maybe not since they’ve grown accustomed to a team his home address is Uncle Brian’s Home for the Aging.
    Torii Hunter has had a far better career than Rowand, but is not worth anywhere near $18 million/year right now and is already 32. Angels fans are going to find themselves very unhappy with Torii in a couple of years with a mediocre centerfielder eating up $18 million per year for five years.
    By the time the Giants and Angels finish regretting the severe overpayments to Rowand and Hunter, the Andruw Jones L.A. experiment will have been over for three years at much less expense in both dollars and fan frustration.

  329. leekfink

    Two more things:
    Matt Kemp has been the lead-off hitter in the Dodgers last 6 games. He has a 6-game hitting streak, has an OB% of .419, SLG of .440, and OPS of .859, and the Dodgers are 5-1. It’s not a coincidence.
    (BTW–I still think Kemp could be doing better, particularly with power, but no K’s today, and he was even quoted as saying “We’re getting runners on base and Andre and Loney are doing a great job of driving in a lot of runs. II’m just trying to get on base for them.” THat’s a team attitude. Anyway, on the Andre/Kemp debate, Andre is the slightly better player right now, and potential All-Star [like Eric Karros]–and deserves much of the credit for our current run. Kemp longer term is potentialy the second coming of Willie Mays.)
    Second, you people all think you’re funny, funny with your mock headlines about the veterans, but here’s the actual headline from the LA Times: “Dodgers are paying attention and it’s paying off: Joe Torre’s methods appear to be sinking in as L.A. completes 5-2 trip with win over Giants to stay within a half-game of Arizona.” Jhall–do you work for the Tribune company as a headline writer, and thought you would joke around? It couldn’t possibly be that Torre has finally been forced to play the best players everyday and put a guy in the lead-off spot who gets on base?
    Anyway, I should not be complaining, becaue things are starting to look up.

  330. leekfink

    OK–two more things (it was going to be one, but) MartinLoneyKemp is right about Rowand and Hunter (I almost said Rowand and Martin, another comedy team)–we will be the best off of those three signings.
    Second, we hold our own destiny tomorrow night. The D-Backs have the day off, so if we win, we’ll be in first place (tied, but there).

  331. lny4loney

    Lee, I was just about to post about that same article and the same sub-headline. Ditto your sentiments. The Dodgers are not winning BECAUSE of Torre, but DESPITE Torre.

  332. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Leefink and MLK – It’s amazing you both are thinking alike, but then again, you are brothers. Can’t wait to sing the James Loney Song in person Monday thru Wednesday – it’s going to be great!!
    Thanks for all the great comments – always good things to think about from both of you πŸ™‚

  333. kpookiemon

    I don’t want the Dodgers trading for ANY player who will block one of our young guns. That said, the only positions that seem to be in future doubt are shortstop and second base…with maybe one more outfield spot. But that hinges on Joe and Ned realizing that Pierre and Jones are yesterday’s news and Kemp and Ethier are today’s and tomorrow’s. And that’s a very rusty hinge, to say the least. Whoever runs the show in 2009, the Dodgers need to address their middle infield. The old adage, strong up the middle, is so true. Especially in a pitcher’s park like Dodger Stadium. And I still think the future at 3rd base is DeWitt, not LaRoche.

    As for CC, I was NOT impressed with his showing in the playoffs. I don’t have the stats, but he was a big bummer for the Indians. If he pitches like they “expected,” they’re in the World Series.

  334. enchantedbeaver

    Have fun in L.A. nells – sorry I wasn’t there last night to help circle the wagons.

    Of course JoJo’s gonna take the credit for the team “turning the corner” – he has to justify his existance. Funny when you put your best players on the field that good things happen. Mark my words, we’ll be 3-4 games up when JPs ready to play again, JoJo will put him right back atop the line-up, and you’ll see our offense (and season) go in the tank. Of course it’ll all get blamed on the kids folding under pressure.

    If JoJo had put his best players out there from day 1, we’d be 8-12 games up right now. Sad that only through attrition has he been FORCED to do the right thing. There isn’t one manager in the bigs that I wouldn’t rather have than Joe.

    That said, isn’t it exciting to see what can happen without The Anchorβ„’ at the top of the order? 6 of 7 games scoring in the first. 5-1 with Kemp at the top. Hey, it might not be a bad place to bat him until he developes his power stroke a little more. Nice to see Ethier relaxing and playing to his ability rather than looking over his shoulder. If Ned would just cut his losses and be rid of the dead weight so that JoJo can’t use them, this team might be able to go places.

  335. jhallwally

    Good Morning Dodger Fans. Another extremely busy weekend with the holiday. Nelly, hope you have a great trip and see lots of Dodger victories. You and CP were up to the task. LOL!! Three series wins in a row. Keep winning those series and good things will happen. Life without Phew is refreshing.

  336. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good morning, enchanted!!!
    Last night, there was a good trade conversation going on and the Bam!! He shows up. I think CP and I handled it pretty well. The comment about us not understanding who a good manager is really got me going. I would take Gerardi over Torre any day. Torre can go back to NY for all I care. Of course the Yankee Fans hate Gerardi right now; they are never happy when the Yankees are not winning. Then the whole Holliday thing came up again, like Torre is ever going to just get Holliday without trading the farm and where are you going to put him – left field I believe belongs to JP.
    The comment to you and jhall was just part of the fun I was having.
    It’s amazing how this wonderful attitude and new found life in this Dodger team (that all 30 articles I read clearly points out) coincides with JP’s departure onto the DL. Does anybody every think about that? It will definitely be interesting when he comes back what happens to the outfield and the team in general. Like you said – he will march himself right back to the front of that lineup, and then what? We wait and watch some other team come up from behind once again, like the Rox did last year.
    Anyhow – Thanks for the well wishes on my trip – you have a great trip yourself this week. I will be able to read and post to ITD during my trip. My friend I am going with is not a morning person like I am so I will have time in the morning to read and post. The song I was working on during the game is half done – (it’s great!), but I had family show up during the 5th inning of the game and I was having a hard time multi-tasking. I will finish it on the trip and get it posted in the next couple of days.
    Have a fabulous day πŸ™‚

  337. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks nells – ought to be fun. 13-14 hour drive tomorrow, 11-12 hour drive back Wednesday 😐

    Bought my wife another corgi puppy and its in the northwest corner of Kansas. Don’t want to pay to have it sent down here, nor traumatize the poor thing, so we’re driving up instead. Guess if I can drive from Cheyenne to Cruces in a day, I can do Kansas and back in two.

    Atlanta’s always tough on the D’s, so if you can get us a couple wins while you’re there it will be greatly appreciated!!

    Mornin’ jhall !!

  338. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good morning, jhall – yes, cp and I were able to manage through without you – thanks! I’m hope you had fun during your busy weekend. I am getting ready to leave and do some morning errands before heading down to LA. Since I am going with a girlfriend instead of family this time, it will be much different – she doesn’t hate the Dodgers so I can actually enjoy a game without somebody sitting next to me in gnats attire while attending a Dodger game. She is going for the Braves, but she won’t be all in my face about if we happen to be losing like my son would have been – LOL!! Have a great week, and like I said, I will be able to read and post in the mornings – Jill is NOT a morning person – thank heavens the games are all night games _LOL!!

  339. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bye boys!! And behave yourselves – unless of course Grambo is needed, then it obviously will be well derserved, as was last night’s issue. LOL!! πŸ™‚

  340. ramslover

    Leefink…i agree with most of what you said, but Mattingly is no where near being major league ready. I saw him in person for 3 days in a row and he is lost at the plate. He has struck out 80 plus times in 70 games at low A ball that he is repeating and personally I do not think he will be a second baseman. It is all mental with him at the plate, he gets strike one and he starts lunging out over the plate…I can send pictures to prove it…I hope he develops because he is a nice kid and has the physical tools, just not the mental strength yet.

    I also agree with whomever said JJ Hardy will not be traded. If you trade for CC why would you give up a 25 year old power hitting shortstop…Does not make sense.

    Also I just read the Plaschke artice the Dodgers vs the The Angels…Bill with all due respect Scioscia is a better manager than Torre hands down. Torre, I will give him credit for his run in NY. Just putting up with George, but look at the talent he had. I am not saying anyone could have one, but it did not hurt. As for Scioscia he has won year in and year out with young, old, injuries and you do not hear him talking about his players in the media. As for Torre saying the Dodgers fans are more amatuer…Well Joe NY is only 3ooo miles away and a plane, train, or bus leaves everyday.

    Mr Plaschke, I also would hope that this week you may quit kissing managements butt and write about how loose and fun the team is doing now. Kemp and Ethier do not have to look over there shoulders every time they make an out or do not advance a runner. The dodgers have had problems with this all year with Pierre, jones, Nomar or whatever vet or young player was at the plate. I am sure if we check JoeNeds butts we will find your lips on them…You are a writer so report the truth…..Torre is not the right manager, Ned has been horrible and Scioscia is the man that should be at the helm. Since he is perfectly happy in Anaheim, hire Steve Yeager. He was Dodger bred and was a great defensive catcher who learned under Tommy and he knows the young kids and can relate to them. Sounds alot like Scioscia.

    As for Neds quote in Bills artice that the Angels have good ballplayers that get it, well knucklehead you are the one who has been acquiring all the overpaid, brokendown talent. They talk about the players looking in the mirror, well management it is about time that you do.

    We have won 3 straight series, we have scored first in 4 or so games and Kemp is getting on base and yes he strikes out, but pitchers are a little more careful with Kemp than Pierre, who they basically would throw fastballs down the middle to and say hit it Juan…Ethier is in a tear and I guess he gets it now huh Bowa/Joe….

    It is amazing that Torre just cannot say the kids are playing great, he has to mention how big a win it was without Nomar and Andruw…because they have been such contributors this year? Joe it seems is a glass half full guy! I have been a Torre supporter and try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he needs to change not the players.

  341. enchantedbeaver

    I didn’t read the article because I don’t like to read tripe and get upset, but if JoJo really did say the LA fans are more amateur, then I guess that’s why ‘Druw can dis them too – two peas in a pod. If all JoJo talks about is NY this and NY that and we’re stupid fans, go back to friggin NY where you belong because you sure aren’t anykind of manager.

    Also nice to see that Ned dis’s our young players too when all he’s done is bring in worthless pieces of crap.

    Wake up and pull your head out Frank – these two morons are ruining your franchise.

  342. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls,
    Yeah, you can read from last night, dnel and I had our hands full, but I think “for girls” we did well to stave off eduardo. I just think he likes to stir up trouble and feels that with dnel and I that since we’re girls that he can really get under our skins. He has another thing coming! πŸ™‚ The one thing about eduardo and anyone like him, he just says things like Holliday or CC or Hardy or whoever else is tickling his fancy and speaks before he thinks. If someone has a thought about some aspect of Dodger baseball (or baseball in general) well, then plan to back it up! Someone, somewhere is not going to agree with you and you’re going to look like a fool for saying something totally nonsensical!

    leefink/mlk, thx for coming in when you did last night!!!

    dodgerboy, you asked about who said that JJ Hardy will not be traded. That was me. I really does gall me that eduardo thinks that now that the Brewers have CC that the Brewers would want to give up on Hardy – you’re right, it does not make sense.

    Well, again, great win by our boys in blue yesterday!!! The Braves are coming in after a very long flight after a very long game last night! Let’s hit and score off them hard and often!!! πŸ™‚

  343. jhallwally

    Way to go CP. There is a whole group of bloggers out there that just like to stir up crap. Best just to ignore them. It is difficult at times. Brewers are going for the whole enchilada, why would they trade Hardy? Idiocy!!!

  344. jhallwally

    Hey, maybe the Brew Crew is looking for a speedy one dimensional outfielder. LOL!!!!! If Ned is not shopping Phew right now he is crazy. Obviously, our team performs better without him. Unload him now Ned.

  345. jhallwally

    Unfortunately, with Phew being injured, it makes it even harder or impossible to move him until he returns. Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!

  346. cpompe1

    thx jhall…

    In the past when eduardo comes in and makes his statements about Holliday or CC or Hardy (or, like I said whoever else is tickling his fancy), I try to ignore them and not say anything other than, “eduardo, is your caps lock on again???” I am non confrontational by nature, but sometimes he eggs me on. And yes, sometimes I get sucked into the debate. But I read his comments on this blog and I hear similar, stupid comments on the radio – especially after a Dodger loss – and I just want to puke. But yes, you’re right it is best to ignore him and people like him…

  347. cpompe1

    well, gotta go – got things to do. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

    Hey Josh, a new thread by the next time I sign in???? πŸ™‚

  348. jhallwally

    Agreed CP. I don’t mind a differing opinion but when it is presented in a derogatory or confrontational manner it doesn’t sit well. Our best hope right now is for Nomar to stay healthy. He won’t be great defensively but is certainly a better offensive option if he is healthy. Plus it may stave off another stupid Ned panic move.

  349. leekfink

    Dodgerboy–thanks for the scouting report on Preston Mattingly. I may be giving him too much credit just based on hs lineage. Though, he may still pan out.
    I still hold that Hu and DeJesus are reasonable possibilities, though. We’ll see how they come along. I am by no mean ready to give up on Hu because of an uninspriing first couple of months getting intermittent big league play.

  350. enchantedbeaver

    If the right trade were to come along, I’d consider trading Hu. We’re gonna have problems anyway if Hu and DeJesus are ready at the same time, and I don’t see one moving to 2B without power. It would have to be an equitable trade though, not one of Ned’s usual blunders.

    The thing that worries me is that Nerd will trade for a shortstop, then idiot Joe will move Nomar back to 3B. I also bet JoJo can’t wait to have JP and Sweeney back for the stretch run where the vets can “lead the way.” Of course they’ll lead the way back down. What a moron.

    BTW, have I ever mentioned that we should FIRE JOE. FIRE NED.

  351. enchantedbeaver

    I see JP is walking around without crutches already. Anyone know Tonya Harding? I hear she’s good with knees…

    Just kidding.

    Or am I? Ahhhahahahahahahaha

  352. kpookiemon

    Enchanted, maybe the best thing for this franchise would be for the Dodgers to go belly-up down the stretch in the β€œcapable” hands of Joe’s legion of vets. I really don’t think 2008 is a championship year, maybe a division-winning year, but certainly not a championship year. Dodgers will need a more seasoned Kershaw for that little trick. The only problem with my scenario would be if the three-headed beast, known as FrankNedJoJo, trade a piece or two from the stable of young guns. But they couldn’t be THAT stupid, could they???

  353. cpompe1

    One wouldn’t think that they’re that stupid, but we are talking about the Dodgers FO, aren’t we??? And I have no idea how JP became Torre’s teacher’s pet. Very frustrating.

  354. enchantedbeaver

    pookie – “But they couldn’t be THAT stupid, could they???”

    Pierre, Andruw, Loaiza, Schmidt, Baez, Carter, Nomore II, Bennett, Hall, Martinez, Gonzo, Proctor, Hendy, Clark, Hillenbrand, Berroa…

    I rest my case.

  355. enchantedbeaver

    Pierre seemed to become teacher’s pet when his Mama called Ned.

    What can we do when we have a senile old fool for a manager, and a horsesass for a GM, neither of which will admit a mistake nor see what’s right in front of their noses?

  356. enchantedbeaver

    And I agree, I don’t see this as a championship year. Even if they win the division I don’t see them getting out of the first round with more than a win. Be great experience for “The Core” though.

  357. ghfgdgdsg

    Pirates may trade Wilson to Dodgers
    Body: The Los Angeles Dodgers have zeroed in on Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson as their primary trade target now that the Milwaukee Brewers have a deal in place to acquire left-hander C.C. Sabathia from the Cleveland Indians.

    Multiple baseball sources said Sunday that the Dodgers and Pirates are in serious talks about a trade that would ship Wilson west. Wilson, who grew up and lives in the Los Angeles area, has the longest-running tenure of any Pirates player at the major-league level as he made his debut in 2001.

    The Dodgers pulled out of trade talks with the Indians about Sabathia on Sunday and are looking for a shortstop after Rafael Furcal underwent back surgery last week that will sideline him until at least September and perhaps for the rest of the season.

    The stumbling block appears to be what the Dodgers are willing to give up in return. Two sources indicated the Pirates are having a hard determining exactly which players Los Angeles would give up in a trade.

    A Dodgers source indicated that Los Angeles might be willing to deal center fielder Matt Kemp. The 23-year-old right-handed hitter, who has both power and speed, is considered a potential superstar.

    Kemp is hitting .283 with seven home runs, 45 RBIs and 18 stolen bases in 82 games this season.

    The Pirates envision a long-term outfield that would include Kemp and Nate McLouth, who was selected to his first All-Star Game on Sunday, on the corners, flanking center fielder Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates’ top prospect, who is playing at Class AAA Indianapolis.

    If the Pirates are unable to pry Kemp away, they are also said to be willing to consider a deal in which they would acquire a pair of prospects: right-hander James McDonald and shortstop Chin-Lung Hu

  358. messagebear@msn.com

    A couple of playoff games would indeed be good experience for our younger guys for the future. Unfortunately making the playoffs will save Ned’s neck, which probably is on the block otherwise, and it will only encourage JoJo to continue his style of management with another two years of likely disaster. So, pick what you wish for.

  359. messagebear@msn.com

    Including Matt Kemp in a deal for Jack Wilson would be beyond ludicrous and would only happen if management has decided for their own reasons that they simply no longer want Kemp on the team. If that were the case, I would think that Kemp would be a bigger trading chip than what you need to get Wilson. If it comes down to McDonald and Hu for Wilson, that’s a more reasonable answer, although I think that the Pirates really want to divest of Wilson’s bigger contract regardless of what they get in return. Let’s use that leverage, because I’m not aware of many other contenders for Wilson’s services.

  360. scott_in_arcadia

    I have to believe that eduardo here is full of it. Jack frickin’ Wilson isn’t better than anyone who’s on the roster now. Of course that wouldn’t stop Ned’s veteran myopia.

  361. ghfgdgdsg

    I didnt right that it came from a sports site it wasnt me i just got the link i think it is complete ludacris

  362. enchantedbeaver

    You didn’t trade Kemp for Sabathia. You didn’t trade Kemp for Santana. There sure a s hell isn’t any way you’re going to trade Kemp for Wilson. That sounds like more back east BS and dreaming. I might go Wilson for Hu and a lower prospect or two. That’s about what he’s worth.

  363. enchantedbeaver

    If they ever would trade Kemp and get nothing better than a Wilson in return, I’m completely through with this franchise, and the Angels will have won another fan.

  364. ramslover

    Kemp and Wilson do not belong in the same sentence…whoever came up with that one is a moron and should be fired…no wait it is Ned!!!! I told you he called up and they asked for 2 minor leaguers and he says …NO nO you are not tricking me…take Kemp all he does is hit .342 in 80 or so games and he can only get on base at .417 as a leadoff guy and has 19 steals…He is no Juan Pierre, take him instead……

    Never doubt the Nedster…

  365. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, does anybody think Milwaukee has a prayer of signing Sabathia after the season? I know they’re going for it this year, but 4 prospects is a heavy price to pay for a rental.

  366. ramslover

    no enchanted, but I have to give them credit for going for it….they will lose Sheets and CC in 3 mos…ouch…alot of draft picks will be coming their way

  367. lny4loney

    Perhaps nobody in Southern California outside of his family, personal friends and Pirates fans is a bigger Jack Wilson than me. And even I know that Kemp-for-Wilson talk is just silly.
    eduardo, if (and I doubt this) you want to be taken seriously around here, then don’t post wild imaginings from “a sports site”. If the “sports site” is an actual reporter (even if it’s one as dumb and ill-informed as Ken Rosenthal) go ahead, but wild-eyed Pirates fans do not merit being repeated here.

  368. jhallwally

    Eduardo, if you cite a rumor or link where you derive your information, it is a good idea to copy the shortcut to that link and post it with your comment. Otherwise it just looks like you are pulling it out of your a**.

  369. scott_in_arcadia

    We’re better off with Nomar at SS and DeWitt/LaRoche at 3B.

    Jack Wilson: 144 AB’s, 0 HR. – Ned’s type of player I see.

  370. jhallwally

    By the way, if anyone is digging around and pulling things out of their a**es, don’t be surprised to find Frank, Ned, and JoJo’s heads. Please return them ASAP in care of The Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, Chavez Ravine. I’ll pay the postage.

  371. lny4loney

    scott, I agree that we are better off with Nomar at short and DeRoche at third. But the possibility of a Nomar injury looms large.

  372. jhallwally

    Jack Wilson is certainly not the answer nor better than our in-house options. Just gotta hope Nomar stays healthy. Big if, but it averts Ned freaking out and making another bonehead move. He resigned Nomar and Kent, and acquired Jones. They’re all there now, its time to see what they can do. Ned has made his moves as far as I’m concerned.

  373. scott_in_arcadia


    Yes, valid point regarding Nomar. Now, would I trade a couple ok prospects to have JW as an insurance policy? Sure.

    Kemp or Ethier? I’m with “enchanted” & switching to an Angels fan.

  374. enchantedbeaver

    Now if we go though this season and know that Ferk isn’t worth resigning to a 1-year incentive laden contract, and if Milwaukee had their shot and have no real hopes of 2009 being anything but grim without Sheets and CC, then I’d seriously entertain going after Hardy. That might offer you up a DeWitt/LaRoche package.

    Read the “/” as “or’.

  375. enchantedbeaver

    I see DeJesus has been named to the Futures Game world roster. There’s also 7 Jax players named to the all-star team. Looks like Logan’s been doing his job.

    Where’s that power hitting kid from Texas we drafted playing? Can’t remember his name but I’m sure we signed him.

  376. jhallwally

    CC and Sheets will be available as FA’s this off season and we don’t have to give up anything for them except draft picks. By then we can evaluate what we have. I don’t see any one position player out there presently that will put us over the top. We’re just not that close right now. We could win the pathetic NL West, but I don’t see us going very deep into the playoffs. Holliday, Wilson, or whomever else is on our roster. Ned made his moves and got Jones and resigned Nomar and Kent to get us to the WS. Let it play out.

  377. scott_in_arcadia

    Most years, I’d be screaming for a trade at this time of year to help my team, but I just don’t trust ol’ Ned at the wheel.

    BTW… GO KIDS!!!!! 5-1 in their last 6 games!!!!

    Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier!!!!!!!

  378. ramslover

    Kyle Russell is his name Enchanted and he is at Ogden…putting up good numbers…I hope they send him to Great Lakes to help Busty with his offense!!!
    Kyle Russell OF 17 59 16 18 5 1 4 13 37 14 18 0 0 .442 .627 .305 1.069 0

  379. ramslover

    My question for Dejon Watson and Logan White…Where is Chris Withrow…he is not on any roster…is he hurt or what? He was our number 1 pick last year and we never hear or see anything about him!!!

  380. kpookiemon

    Seeing as how shortstop is first and foremost a DEFENSIVE position, I took a look at some stats. Jack Wilson has a higher career fielding percentage than Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez (starting 2008 All Stars), as well as Furcal, Izturis, and Bill Russell. Remarkably Wilson’s career FP is .977 compared to Ozzie Smith, who finished at .978. So at least if Ned DOES pull the trigger, he’s getting a glove man. But as said here earlier, if Kemp is even mentioned in the same breath as Jack Wilson, something is terribly wrong.

  381. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks DB! Looks like he’s tearing it up in rookie ball – seems kind of a low starting point for a college kid from a major U. I’d have thought he’d start at high A or double A.

  382. ramslover

    Only one draftee is starting outside of rookie ball and that is Josh Linblom the second pick out of Purdue…I hope they move Russell to Great Lakes…they need someone that can hit….

    Unless we can get Jack Wilson for lesser prospects do not do it…I do not see anyone knocking on the Pirates door to get a .313 OB % SS….do not deal in desperation Ned it has gotten yours balls cut off the last 2 years…we are on a roll and lets ride with it for 2-3 more weeks and see if the boys can sustain it….

  383. carcyn@sbcglobal.net

    Im listening on the Radio on station 710AM. And they are discussing who is the worst signing; Andrew Jones or Jason Smith?
    Dodgers have a long history of bad signings.
    A few that come to mind are Kevin Brown, Darryl Strawberry, Eric Davis.
    Can any one here think of others.

  384. enchantedbeaver

    I think we ought to start our own rumor mill…

    How ’bout Pierre and Jones for A-Rod?? Lowe and Berroa for Santana??

    You know, looking at the Bucs roster, there’s NO ONE I’d give up more than a couple of fair minor leaguers for.

  385. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    I suppose the one thing, in realation to trade rumours, that I can never understand is that the Dodgers will give up X,Y & Z for player A. Why should we sell the farm for a mediocre player that another team wants to unload – eg Jack Wilson.

    If we have an opportunity to get a valuable, long term player then trade an equal amount of talent for him not some of those far fetched deals you see proposed all the time.

  386. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Just to take that one step further why trade for Wilson at all? If we want a solid defensive SS with no current power then bring back Hu don’t send him to the Pirates before he has a couple of more seasons to show if he can really hit ML pitching or not.

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