Tonight's Lineup

Kemp, RF (chat with him tomorrow at at 2 p.m. PT)

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Nomar, SS

DeWitt, 3B

Kuroda, P




    finally. it only took a few days for coach to figure out the lineup we’ve all been screaming about for what seems like ever. sigh.

    and to think, 4 of the first 5 batters are those that ‘don’t get it’.

    let’s leave matty in the 1 spot (with or without JP in the future) and have our own version of alf soriano.
    next year. remove kent, slide the others up one spot… and fill them other holes. kemp/ethier/martin/loney/jones/dewitt/laroche/dejesus/p.
    sign SHEETS as a FA and trade lowe this year for prospects.

  2. kikiblue

    Nice line-up, but then any line-up w/out Pierre is nice!!! Let’s just hope that it can live up to the hype. It seems like every time we get excited about the line-up or the team being hot, they let us down. I hope they realize that first place is there to be had tonite, and who’d of thought that 10 days ago? Any ways, let’s go blue, get it done, and keep the heat on the DBacks, they will break!!!!

  3. lagirl27

    I agree. What a great line up we got today. Great way to start off this series!
    Let’s go boys!!

  4. kpookiemon

    Do my eyes deceive me? Torre actually has Loney ahead of Jones and Nomar? What a true genius.


    It seems that suggestions we make on this blog, Torre puts some of them (with the exception of taking out Pierre) in to effect a few days later and if its good, he takes credit for it.

    Fire Torre, Fire the person responsible for hiring Torre, Fire the person responsible for hiring the person responsible for hiring Torre,

    Oh, make sure to fire Ned along with Torre……


    Ethan Martin? Won’t be the first time that management lets Logan draft a player whom Ned can’t sign.

  7. scott_in_arcadia

    Kiper, You are SO right! I love this lineup and it’s the RIGHT lineup, but watch them go out and get shutout with 2 hits or something and then back to the “vets” lineup next game with these impatient idiots. I hope not!

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    I don’t expect to see any compaints about this lineup because at this point in time it couldn’t be bettered.
    Well we’re facing an eastern division team tonight. Not the best they have but if we beat them I think it’s time to put a feather in our caps, because it hasn’t been an easy task in the recent past.
    Jorge Campillo will be tossing up the pill, lets hope it don’t look like one.
    The offense is looking better lately so we should get some runs in support of Kuroda.

  9. enchantedbeaver

    I have to agree with the concensus – best line-up we could hope for. Need to kick some Brave butt tonight!

  10. dodgrdad14

    I like the line up for the most part, I guess I just don’t get the whole Jones batting in the middle when he should be batting 8th until he proves he can still hit, and once he does that then put him in at 4th, 5th whatever I don’t care as long as it is earned.


    “Give Torre credit for making the best with what he’s given and making everybody feel important.”

    I can’t believe the spin that is being put on the success of the kids, as one example above illustrates. After stubbornly refusing to play his best players and insisting that Juan Pierre had to play because he was so important, he now explains their success by saying that the kids are starting to get it. What a bunch of baloney! The question is, “Are YOU starting to get it, Joe?” You certainly HAVE NOT made the best with what you’ve been given so far until injuries forced your hand, and since when is constantly criticizing and picking on the kids “making everybody feel important”? If Joe would have gotten it from Day 1, the Dodgers would have a large lead by now. How he handles the team in the future, especially when JP returns, will clearly show if he has finally gotten it. And yes, Joe, if you must save face go ahead and put your spin on it but PLAY THE KIDS!!!

  12. lagirl27

    lets hope that jones doesn’t strike out 5 times and actually produce. I’m still skeptical though.
    When is the trade deadline for baseball? how long do they have to decide these things? If any of my young friends get traded my little Dodger heart will be broken!

  13. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Greetings from LA! Hope all is well with my fellow Dodger fans! We are leaving for the game shortly. Just wanted to check in and say “hi” GO DODGER BLUE!!
    Tony Jackson just stated on tv that colletti was not ruling out a trade for Kemp for a short stop – Are you kidding me!! talk amongst yourselves, I’m going to the game πŸ™‚

  14. lagirl27

    Have fun dnelly. I wanted to tell you I convinced my co- worker to pick up Andre for his fantasy team. I thought of you!
    I’ll be at the stadium Thursday and Sat this week, Have a good time tonight. Represent!
    Go blue!

  15. enchantedbeaver

    If Ned trades Kemp for a shortstop, it damn well better be A-Rod, Anything less and the Angels have themselves another fan.

  16. dodgrdad14

    Enchanted, I’ll do one better, if NERD trades Kemp for anyone less than an allstar, I will start rooting for the Giants!!!!

  17. lagirl27

    If Kemp is gone I will die from a broken heart. It should not even be considered!! no way!!!
    like I asked before- when does trading end for baseball? how long is our window before we will know for sure?

  18. enchantedbeaver

    Amy – Trading deadline for non-waiver transactions is midnight July 31st I believe. After that a player has to clear waivers before they can be dealt which is why you don’t see any big deals go down. That’s when Ned usually gets us such wonderful talent as Loaiza, Hillenbrand and Wells.

  19. leekfink

    Ned did not rule out trading Kemp last July or over the winter. but he did not do it. I think any sober mind would easily see that no shortstop possibly available is worth Matt Kemp (is Jose Reyes? is Hanley Ramirez? I would say “no,” but could at least understand the contrary view, but they are not available).
    I don’t know the source of the rumor that Kemp is actively trade bait for Jack Wilson, but I doubt it. Highly. I have not agreed with Ned’s contracts or acquisitions, but I have not really disagreed with people he has cut loose. So while I don’t have a lot of faith in acquiring the right guys, I don’t think that he’ll screw up by trading the wrong guys.
    Please, Ned, don’t make a fool of me.
    As for tonight’s line-up, I probably would not make out the same line-up card, but there sure would be similarities, and I cannot quibble with it.
    A win tonight and we’re tied for first place. If we get three in a row (counting yesterday), we’re back to .500.

  20. scurtis1999

    Kemp has an attitude problem and Ive heard he doesn’t listen to the coaching staff very well. A lot of talent? heck yeah, but mentally I believe he is weak. His base running is still awful.

    But if he is traded, it better be one hell of a player they get back.

  21. leekfink

    Enchanted–That non-waiver deadline is a pretty interesting point. None of our young talent could clear waivers, but we might luck into something decent in the waiver period.
    Hillenbrand, Wells, and Loazia were not very good, but Hillenbrand and Wells both actually filled some holes competently for a short period. And if not for the large dollars, Loazia might have. I actually think that Ned used the waiver period better than anything else he’s done, and I hope that he keeps that in mind–there is not an urgency to make a deal before July 31 so long as Nomar is OK, as we can still potentially pick someone up on the cheap in August if he goes down.

  22. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t imagine Reggie Jackson was a joy to coach either, but if Kemp’s going to be the straw that stirs our drink, he can be Barry Freakin’ Bonds for all I care. He’s easily the most dynamic player the D’s have produced in a long time.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly leek, that’s what I’d prefer they do – ride the Nomar horse until if/when it collapses, then deal with it with Hu, DeJesus (particularly if Nomar makes it to Sept.), Maza or (hack choke) Berroa.

    Decent shortstops are virtually non-existant in the coming FA market, but perhaps by that time a viable in house solution may arise or a trade that makes sense.


    I would venture to say that even Ned wouldn’t trade Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson. I don’t think that would be allowed. Even Juan Pierre would be like hey what the **** are you doing. I don’t get here at 4:45 Am so u can trade Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson.

  25. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
    Y’all are right – far and away the best lineup we’ve seen!!! It’s nice (and that is a complete understatement!) to see Nomar and Druw behind Loney and not the other way around!!! It does make you wonder if Torre reads this blog or gets a report about it and makes adjustments. We can only hope that he does get it!!!

    I just hope that Ned doesn’t make any stupid trades before the deadline. Kemp for Wilson would not work at all!!! Don’t do it Ned!!!

  26. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know jungar, that’s probably JoJo’s dream duo leading off – JP & Wilson. LOL


    So I want to offically say no matter who we trade Wilson for it’s a bad idea. after we do it and we have another guy who hits like Pierre we can all shoot ourselves. and if it really is for Kemp, well then…let’s just not go there.


    Many of us have the opinion that Ned is not only dumb but a fool. If he traded Matt for Wilson, I think that would make him certifiable even outside of these blogger ranks. Besides, unless Frank is certifiable himself, he would never allow it.

  29. perumike

    Hi all, hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m heading out to work out, but will be back around the start of the game to watch our boys in blue move into a tie for first!


    D-Nelβ€”Unless it’s Hanley Ramirez, I can’t think of another shortstop I’d trade Kemp for straight up, much less as part of a package. A rhetorical question; why would Colletti publicly distract key players on a team that’s doing it’s best to scratch itself into mediocrity (let’s face it, anything under .500 is mediocre at best). We are playing our best baseball of the year (which really doesn’t say much for the year) and for Ned Colletti to come out and publicly make it known that Kemp’s to be had for a bleeping shortstop is ridiculous. We have a shortstop; Christ, it seems like we have nothing but shortstops. Too bad they’re either all hurt or suck hog. If we get rid of Kemp for a shortstop, we’re digging a ten year hole to fill a “two months left in the season” type of hole. Let’s say it how it is, we have two legit outfielders; Kemp and Ethier. Both will only get better. Delwyn Young has a decent stick, but he’s best off the bench. Andruw Jones is a product of the steroid era, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s no coincidence that his numbers plummeted the day they started testing. They’ve declined ever since. Juan Pierre is the worst position player in baseball. He’s a one tool player, and that one tool is starting to rust. If Colletti needs to find another “past his prime,” over paid PVL with 3 years left on an albatross contract, use Penny or Lowe to do it. At least there are off season options if, and when, he F’s that one up. Lowe isn’t coming back next year. Sheets and Sabathia are free-agents. We maybe able to sign China Doll Furcal to an incentive laden short term deal, given his inability to stay healthy. This division; this sorry, sucky National League West division, can be won with what we have; as long as were playing our best team. The best strategy for now, and our future, is to leave it the F alone and put the best starting 5 on the field every night!

  31. enchantedbeaver

    Ned’s best moves have always been to do nothing.

    Its still my belief that Beane thought he was putting one over on Ned when he traded Ethier for Bradley and whats-his-name. On paper it probably was one-sided. It just happened to be one of the rare times when Ned fell bassackwards into clover rather than face first into Schidt.

  32. jhallwally

    LOL!!! Good evening true believers. Kemp’s not going anywhere. Rumors are like b*ttholes at this time. Everybody’s got one.

  33. lny4loney

    I guess I’ll repeat what I wrote on the last thread. Only family, friends and Pirates fans are bigger Jack Wilson fans than me. And even I know that the Matt Kemp-for-Jack Wilson is just plain silly. It can be easily ignored without any loss of sleep.
    I would love to pick up Jack Wilson because:
    1) He provides insurance at shortstop when Nomar goes down. Great? No. Better than Berraiza? Much, much better.
    2) He is signed thru next year. This is exactly how much time we need a shortstop for. Hu/DeJesus will be ready to take over the job full-time no sooner than next year and no later than the year after that. While I like the idea of giving DeJesus a shot this year, the time for that has now passed between Nomar’s current health and a looming trade deadline.
    Back to studies.


    It’s going to be one of those days … for the like of me I just can’t seem to be able to log on to MLB.TV..


    MLB.TV is up and running down under .. got it just in time to see Andruw ground out …. sigh ….


    Yes .. winter in Australia .. but where I live it’s always nice .. our weather here in Nth Queensland is a lot like Haiwaii


    Took me 35 minutes to get on to MLB.TV tonight. What was the problem?

    No hits for Braves. Way to go Kuroda……….


    I guess I’m the lucky one; I’ve got MLB…. a reminder as to reasons why these SS are on the market: 1) they make too much money, 2) They’re past their prime, or 3) they’re in their walk year or 4) any combination of the above. I, too, would ride the Nomar horse as long as possible rather than waste Lowe, our best bargaining chip, on some rental or overpaid PVL SS . Better yet, bring up DeJesus and alternate him with Nomar in order not to wear Nomar out and let DeJesus work his way in slowly. If DeJesus doesn’t pan out, we’ve still got time to get a FA shortstop at much less cost. I was surprised that the Indians let Sabathia go this early for as little as they got. If they had waited, they probably would’ve gotten more.


    I’m sorry, any line up with Andruw Jones in it is not the correct line up. I think D Young should be playing over Jones until if/when he EVER starts to produce again. No matter where he bats he makes that number in the line up a black hole. No racial slur intended here, by that I mean nothing comes out of that spot.

    On the flip side, if he starts to produce, then I love him. It is all about production. Penny, Sweeny and Jones have all been horrific this season. Berroa also. I’ve referred to Garciaparra as “Nomar the Clown” before, but if he can continue to bring life to the SS position, then I love him!

    Also, where can I find info on the Dodgers minor leaguers? I have heard of Dejesus, but I would love to see some stats.

    I’ve been bleeding blue since 1981 and I have to say this season ranks up there in the frustration level of a few years back when our pitching was a dream, and our hitting was a nightmare.


    I don’t want to be a “Nomar Knocker” .. but I can’t see him as even a fill-in SS. Every play and throw he makes is an adventure.


    True, any lineup with Jones in it is definitely not our best. But, unfortunately, that’s our reality.

  42. enchantedbeaver

    ck – most if not all of the minor league teams have websites, but you can also go to and access them through that site.

  43. enchantedbeaver

    Rod – IMO if Nomar can give us enough through the trade deadline to keep Ned from doing something stupid, then he’s done his job. Any offense and defense he can provide is a plus/plus.

  44. perumike

    Wow, just as I read enchanted say “if Nomar can give us enough”, I hear Vin say that he launched a homerun. I guess he has done enough, at least for today.


    Enchanted, you are freaking right on with 99% of your posts. (Nomar HR as I type!) I love how you are so candid. About a month ago, I told a friend of mine that Ned may need to go. Aside from the Ethier trade, I cannot think of a signing or trade that has worked out for us. The current crop of players has nothing to do with him, it was Dan Evans and company.

    I am a JP fan. We got from him EXACTLY what he does. Ned has rambled on about if we don’t sign Andrum, who do we sign? Well, anyone see what Cody Ross is doing in South Fla? How about we save 38 million dollars and keep him? An OF of Ethier, Kemp (who I really, really like) and Ross sounds pretty good to me. That would also have kept us from signing JP. So, keeping Cody Ross concievably could have saved the Dodgers 83 MILLION dollars!!!!!! I may have just gotten the Nedster canned. I have PLENTY more to say, but I’ll break it up, lol.

  46. enchantedbeaver

    I think a Ding-Dong befuddles Ned jhall – he’s still trying to figure out how they get the creamy filling inside.


    Sorry for my noobishnees here, but I can’t find the minor league sites on Anyone have some directions please?


    ck- if you click on the roster heading on the Dodger home page, you get minor league affiliates on the drop down menu.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    Knowing Ned, he’d need help with a Ho…ho.

    We all know that Andruw doesn’t however.


    So, is Arkansas a nice place to visit but you would’nt want to live there?


    PLEASE, don’t anybody say anything about Kuroda – I’m superstitious. Just that he’s terrific is OK.

  52. enchantedbeaver

    Good night for Andruw – hit the ball twice and walked.

    (You just don’t get as much as you used to for $18 mil.)

  53. edog07

    I like Jones’ at bats lately. Not just swinging away, taking pitches making contact. Maybe the knee was the real issue with him. Too early to tell.

  54. joyce65

    Don’t worry I am no way a D-backs fan. I never have been and I never will be. I used to get grief from my family because of that.

  55. edog07

    You gotta remember he was supposed to be in rehab for 2 more weeks. He is still not 100%. I am giving him 1 more chance incase you did not pick that up.


    WoW, great to see Blake hitting again, and nice freakin play in the field. Thank you, Enchanted, I did do MILB and it worked great! I want DeJesus up too, lol.


    Can anyone think of a more terrible pinch hitter then Mark Sweeny? This guy completely last it. If you were to give him just 5 more hits, which still would have been barely over .100 average, we would have won 5 more games. He should not get another AB in Dodger Blue.

    Heck, I am really missing Olmeado right now.


    Anybody having trouble with MLB.TV tonight. The screen has closed out on me 4 times now and I did have trouble earlier getting on.


    I’ve been bloggind during Kuroda’s no hit bid, so I’m going to just sit here and keep typing stuff. Also really miss Marlon Anderson, another Ned blunder.


    Ahh darn it!!!!!! He threw a gem anyways, nice job Hiroki! Maybe you can be Ned’s best signing???

  61. vl4ecc

    Oh well! So much for the no-no. He’s still pitching a helluva game. Hope he gets a complete game shutout.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    erik – that would fit right in – most of Ned’s acquisitions can’t get a hit. LOL

  63. edog07

    Anyone think we see a during the season switch of closers for the dodgers? Siato has not been himself.


    LoL, stadium gun clocked Hiroki at 96…no way. Also, in SF, had Broxton several pitches in a row at 100. I’m thinking both guns over about 4 mph.


    my goodness.. i was SO nervous.. i didn’t want to move or be online.. but now.. darn texiera..

    but seriously, 7 PERFECT. hiroki has been amazing~


    Although Saito has not been as studly as last season, his overall stats rank right up there. Compare all numbers except saves to Paplebon and you will see what I mean. He just needs more chances.


    Kemp backs away from pitches that are inside strikes like a little leaguer thats scared of the ball.

  68. vl4ecc

    K-Rod got his 35th save tonight vs the Rangers. He’s only had 2 blown saves for the year so far.


    I finally got mlb tv and tuned in during the 6th inning. WOW, what a game. Kuroda is the best move Ned has made.

    GO BLUE!!!


    Great play by Berroa!! Didn’t know he had it in him….Another great performance by Kiroda. DeWitt, as well.

  71. oldbrooklynfan

    K U R O D A
    What a way to move into first place.
    And joined the Snakes.
    Also glad to see Nomar hit one out.
    More of that and we can forget about a new shortstop.


    nice, we have a share of 1st place!! πŸ™‚

    feels great

    kuroda was seriously INCREDIBLE

  73. vl4ecc

    Here’s hoping the Dodgers put the rest of the NL West in their rear view mirror next game, and keep them there for the rest of the season.

  74. oldbrooklynfan

    Saw everything but the top of the first.
    I had a problem getting unto MLB.TV
    But what I saw was enough.


    Kuroda has pitched 16 scoreless innings since coming off the DL. Whatever they did for him, it must have worked…guess the Indians got a lot more for Sabathia than I thought. Originally, I heard they got only 2 players.

  76. lny4loney

    Original Song: Theme song from β€œH.R. Puff’n’Stuff
    H.K. Hardstuff
    Who’s your friend when things get rough?
    H.K. Hardstuff
    Can do a little and he can do enough.
    Once upon a summertime
    Just a dream from yesterday
    Martin and his magic Golden Glove
    Heard a boat from Tokyo bay
    “Come and throw to me, Hiroki
    Come and play with me.
    And I will take you on a trip
    To the World Series
    But the boat belonged to crazy Bobby Cox
    Who had in mind Hiroki’s pitch to snitch
    From his dugout third base side
    He hoped his plan would materialize
    Batters waved their wands
    But the perfect game went on
    Blanco tried to bunt
    DeWitt foiled that puff
    And the boat sailed on and on and on and on and on and on.
    But Teixeira was watching too
    And knew exactly what to do
    He hit the ball to right field
    And the perfect game did yield
    Hiroki called his rescue racer crew
    As often they’d rehearsed
    And off to save Takashi flew
    But who would get there first?
    And now the Braves were on the floor
    Saito arrived to save the day
    Which made the Braves so mad and sore
    Cox shook his first and screamed away.
    H.K. Hardstuff,
    Who’s your friend when things get rough?
    H.K. Hardstuff
    Can do a little and he can do enough.
    H.K. Hardstuff,
    Who’s your friend when things get rough?
    H.K. Hardstuff
    ‘he’s your friend when things get rough..’

  77. leekfink

    Wow. I am in Denver (for reasons Alex would appreciate–where is that guy?), and saw the beginning of the game and, at a little over 10 PM MT loged on and thought I would catch the last three innings–instead, I caught the last out.
    Great outing by Kuroda. It’s a present to Dnelly for going to the game.
    Also, a note–Matt Kemp as a lead-off hitter–7 games, Dodgers 6-1, Kemp with a 7-game hit streak. It’s important to point this out to remind people a) that a good lead-off hitter matters; and b) Jack Wilson for Matt Kemp (or really, anyone for Matt Kemp–and I mean anyone short of a reincarnated Babe Ruth) is a bad idea. I did not see it, so I am curious if Kemp was trying to draw the throw, or how that play developed. I imagine we will hear some people complain that Matt Kemp made a base-running blunder, but there are a bunch of good reasons (draw the throw the assure the run, trying to advance on a ball going through, etc.) for that to happen.
    A final note–Nomar! Wow. I hope he can keep it up. Give us 6 or 7 innings and then let Maza or Berroa take over. Then all this trade talk is moot.

  78. northstateblues

    Omedetou Kuroda-san! That was an awesome game. dnel got an instant classic already.

    I have a feeling what the folks who work at the Ravine are doing right now… as Bill Cosby said on his “Wonderfulness” comedy album:

  79. edwcarter

    Now that, my friends, may have been the best game I have seen all year. The boys were playing with some heart tonight as Kuroda was dealing on the mound. This is why it is fun to be a Dodger!

  80. northstateblues

    MLK, great song! Now I’m in the mood to watch some Kroft puppets, heh.

    And Nomar rawked tonight. That’s the kinda vet I wanna see! Hopefully he stays healthy at least long enough for Ned not to trade Kemp for Kwame Brown, Jarvais Crittenton, Aaron McKie, Marc Gasol and change. When Nomar’s hot, he’s hot.


    Super Wow!Super Wow! Super Wow! Super Surging Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Win 3 to 0 over the Atlanta Braves! Super Hero Hiroki Kuroda’s Amazing & Brilliant 1 Hit Shutout and 6 Strikeouts Was Definitely A Perfect World Series Performance Kryptonite Buster Victory! Hiroki, You are A True Champion! Super Hero Nomar Garciaparra’s 2 Run Home Run Blast, And Run Scored Was Super Key and Clutch! Just Super Nomar! Super Hero Blake Dewitt, showed His True Dodger Colors with His 3 For 3 At the Plate and Run Scored! You are a Super Dodger, Blake! All the Rest of our Dodgers were Super Heroes! Super World Series Victory is our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Destiny in this Exciting,Glorious & Spectacular Year 2008 A.D.!

  82. leekfink

    Ice cream. Ah yes.
    Everyone should read this from Tony Jackson:
    I don’t know whether to be relieved that McCourt nixed this deal, or scared to death that we even considered it. Apparently, the Tribe is trying to salary dump, and was trying to pawn off third baseman Casey Blake (as if we need another third baseman between DeWitt, LaRoche, and potentially Nomar) and Jamey Carroll, a 34-year-old utility infielder who has NOT played shortstop this year (as if we need more over-the-hill part-time players who can’t play shortstop), as well as Sabathia (with Bills, Lowe, Kuroda, Stults, Park, and eventually supposedly, Penny, Schmidt, and Kershaw, it’s not like we need another starter, but that’s an OK luxury). And while it might be one thing to give up a few prospects (prospects–NOT established major leaguers who are leading the club) for Sabathia, why would we even be talking to these people? And what makes it worse is that the Tribe is searching for a Matt Kemp-type player. If the Daily News found out about this, the response from Ned and Frank should have been “we were so insulted by their offer that we told them to go f*** off, p*** up a tree, and die.”
    I just defended Ned, and now feel that if people are even approaching him with these kinds of offers, it’s because he has no credibility with his peers, who think that they can sucker him into anything, and it took Frank McCourt to come in and veto this insanity. And if that’s what is going on, he needs to be gone immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, leave everything, never show up at Dodger Stadium even if you have a ticket, do not clean out your desk, we’ll ship your personal effects to you, preferably on another continent.
    Josh, it is really important that Ned respond to this news and let us know that this was nothing ever considered.

  83. leekfink

    You know, I hate having posted this negative post right after ndeschenes posted, because the only reason I was staying logged on was waiting to see his post, because I knew it would be particularly good, but this has me mortified. I mean, if any guy on the 25-man roster (except like Berroa), and really if anyone on the 40-man roster, and even most of the prospects, were involved, this could easily have been worse than that awful trade on May 15, 1998–and terribly similar–the Dodgers being spiteful to their best player and taking a salary dump from another team and acquiring players they didn’t need and wouldn’t do anything for them.
    Actually, it would have been worse, because at least once the truth came out, we found out Fox did it simply to get broadcast rights to the Marlins–and while basically criminal (MaartinLoneyKemp–do you think there is a class action to be had there), at least you could understand the sick perverted mind that would unleash such hell. Unless Frank is trying to produce a revival of “No, No, Nannette” there is zero logic.
    Josh–Ned must tell us if this trade was ever seriously considered and why he did not immediately challenge the Indians GM to a duel for the offense (or better, yet, just knocked him on his “a shortstop.”


    Great game tonight. Unbelievable pitching and clutch hitting by Nomar and Kemp. After enjoying the success that the Dodgers are experiencing with Kemp leading off and Ethier batting second, I was horrified to see the trade that was considered. THANK YOU FRANK for nixing it. That would have been a terrible move. The Dodgers have the talent on their roster to start a dynasty. PLEASE DON’T TRADE IT AWAY. Ride out the year with what you have, unless you can trade Pierre and/or Lowe. Nomar is doing a good job at SS and can be supported adequately in-house. You DON”T NEED to make any move, so please Frank, put a tight reign on Ned before he creates another disaster.

  85. kpookiemon

    ndeschenes, you are the sparkling light.

    Torre should ride this line-up until it breaks down; Pierre, takes a seat. If the Dodgers make the post season, which three starting pitchers do you hand the ball to? Billingsley. Lowe. Kuroda. Kuroda looked big and strong on the postgame show. Kershaw was kind of like a goony cousin. A bit more time. Lowe I don’t trade. In a short series, he keeps the ball down and he succeeds. I think we’d all storm the Bastille if Ned, Joe and Frank conspired to trade any of our core young guns. I mean, as fans, it’s our property, too, isn’t it?

  86. tradejuanpypaperbag

    All I have to say is WOW!!! First of all, We had the best seats I’ve ever had at Dodger Stadium. We sat about 14 rows back directly behind home plate and Russell Martin. On top of having amazing seats, we also were sitting next to the scouts from the marlins,astros, giants, and even one from the Dodgers. The astros scout was sitting right next to me and the Gnat scout was sitting in front of me with a radar gun- They were amazed as we were with kuroda’s pitching – 9th inning he was still throwing 90 mph fastballs.
    Also, from where we were sitting, we had great views into the dugout and the on deck circle which made for great picture taking. I did see JP in the dugout. He wasn’t on crutches, but he was limping pretty good. At one point during the game Andre and he looked like they were having a nice conversation.
    Overall the game was fantastic – Nomar’s homerun was nice rocket out to left field and Dewitt was awesome tonight. Berroa’s play was spectacular, and everyone else did their part, too.
    jhall/enchanted – loved the ho ho bit lol!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for thinking about me during the game – at one point Andruw was up to bat, and the person behind me yelled “It’s time to pull the trigger” I immediately started laughing and I thought of the two of you. I must admit, Andruw didn’t look too bad and he didn’t strike out, which I thought that was a definite plus.
    **enchanted – have a safe trip to Kansas
    MLK – awesome song! another kid’s classic done well
    To all the girls – the boys even look better close up – my,my we have a good looking team πŸ™‚
    leefink – tonight’s game was a gift πŸ™‚ Hopefully Billz brings his stuff tomorrow – can’t wait to see him
    ndeschenes – always great to hear from you πŸ™‚
    good night for now, and I will blog you in the morning πŸ™‚


    leefink.. i saw that link and i was immediately going to post it. but i see you already got it up. it is BEYOND ludicrous to think that this trade was ever considered. and i truly thank frank mccourt at this moment for veto-ing the deal (if it was that close). it bothers me that mccourt may have only veto-ed the trade due to monetary reasons, but a hopeful part of me does want to believe that he didn’t want to give away the “youngsters” because he realizes their true value (even if ned doesn’t).

    the press enterprise blog has posted that the jack wilson deal doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. and i want to believe that better be true. WHY would we want jack wilson?? why?? i know that people like jack wilson, but he’s more of a guy that i like to support on someone else’s team for being a decent ballplayer, rather than my own. he’s just not good enough (and definitely not for the players being mentioned in trades).

    i can’t tell whether our guys (mainly kemp) are being mentioned in all these trades because they are all seriously being considered, or if it’s wishful thinking rumors by the other teams.. i really shouldn’t be this worried because the kids’ talent and upsides should really speak for themselves and protect all them.. and yet, i don’t trust ned a lick. so i will continue to worry, and panic, every moment until the trading deadline.. it is SO unfair.



    oh, and btw, i know that we all realize how amazing kuo has been for us this year.. but, when you see this, it might be more incredible that you thought..

    Hong-Chih Kuo, with two scoreless innings Sunday, lowered his ERA to 1.79. He has 60 strikeouts in 50 1/3 innings.


    from the la times:

    Although Matt Kemp’s statistics as a leadoff hitter before Monday compared favorably to those of the injured Juan Pierre, Torre described Kemp’s patience batting atop the order as “a mixed bag.” The manager cited one game on last week’s trip in which Kemp reached base in his first two at-bats by working counts, before back-to-back strikeouts. “At times you see the patience there and at other times the anxiousness returns,” Torre said. “Hopefully, the good stuff will outnumber the other stuff.” Before Monday, Kemp was hitting .286 with a .423 on-base percentage in the leadoff spot, an improvement on Pierre’s .256 and .294 figures. . .

    don’t forget the most important of all numbers joe.. the fact that we are 6-1 with kemp in the leadoff spot..


    a funny, funny quote from russell in the la times blog about the incredible play dewitt made on the bunt attempt:

    DeWitt really had to hustle to make the grab in time, which led to a fast throw and a stretch by Loney to snare the out. The rookie even earned props (albeit of the facetiously immodest variety) from Martin, his “backup” of sorts. “Tremendous play. He looked like me out there.”

    oh russell, you slay me πŸ˜‰


    Morning everyone, Great game last night. Our pitching is going great. If Penny can come back with renewed vigor and win a few games, we are looking good. I think we should not make a trade and stick with what we have and possibly bring up DeJesus if **** is needed.
    We can take over first place and go from there.
    If Ned gets a wild hair and trades Kemp for anyone less that A-Rod, I, living in the St Louis area will consider becoming a Cards fan even though I have been a Dodger fan for over 50 years. Ned doesn’t seen to realize Kemp is going to be a star for years to come.


    I have the uneasy feeling that this management, probably mostly Torre and his coaching staff, don’t want Kemp and would like to see him departed. He’s probably a bit too cocky for them, and they don’t know how to handle him. That is really a shame, and it just may be a generation gap. With Kemp’s potential you would think that they would get somebody on the coaching staff that can relate to him, coach him and develop him.

    Don’t let it happen, Frank. You may feel beholden to Torre and Ned now that in spite of themselves they’ve “managed” the team to a first place tie. Leave this team alone the rest of the year, and just get rid of the Sweeneys and Berroas, and they’ll do just fine.

  93. kikiblue

    I see that Matt Kemp has a lot of fans on the outside, but apparentely not a lot of fans on the inside( i.e. Torre, Colleti)
    As much as i agree with the majority of you on the fact that this team is now playing well, and maybe finally hitting it’s stride, I don’t see what Kemp has done to this point that would make so worthy of our praise. I know that he has all the talent in the world and that we as fans want to see him become a superstar in a Dodger uniform, but if he continues his ways of blowing off coaches, teammates, poor base running and strikeouts, at what point is his .300 avg and his 10 to 15 HR’s that valuable that he CAN”T be traded? I am not saying to trade him for just anybody, but if he’s the missing link in a trade for a CC Sabathia or for a Rich Harden, just examples, shouldn’t the Dodgers consider it? I think he’s a hell of a talent and may someday be a superstar, but if the D’s are looking to win now, there has to be a price to pay…

  94. cpompe1

    kpookiemon – Earlier you were looking at a possible post season rotation of Billingsley, Lowe and Kuroda. I think that would work in the first round of the playoffs. But if we happen to get beyond that and get into the seven game series, don’t forget Stults. He’s been looking good the times he’s been out there.

    leekfink – you’re right, that article was scary. Thank you Frank for nixing the deal. I don’t want to part with Kemp. Again, I don’t want to see him become a superstar on any other team other than the Dodgers.

    kiper – You said the Dodgers are looking to win now and that there has to be a price to pay. Yes they are looking to win now but they are trying to preserve our young nucleus core to build for the future. Matt Kemp is the centerpiece of that future. Why do you think that every other team wants him – he is that good. He may have coachability issues but he’s still very young (he’s only 23); I believe he will come around. Besides when you said that he’s blowing off coaches and teammates, what is your source? As far as rounding first yesterday and getting picked off, I see that more that he wanted to make sure the run scored and wanted to make sure that the ball was thrown to 1B instead of home. I’ll give you that he has a lot of strikeouts but I think he will make adjustments this year like he’s done before. Yes, it’s hard to see so many strikeouts but, again, I think that’ll work itself out eventually.

  95. ghfgdgdsg

    hey dodger fans check this out more of a reason to hate FRANK MACCOURT DAM I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!

    Shortly after the Milwaukee Brewers finalized a trade for reigning American League Cy Young Award winner CC Sabathia on Monday, the Daily News learned that sometime in the days leading up to that deal, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt nixed a trade that would have brought Sabathia to Los Angeles, along with Indians third baseman Casey Blake and utility man Jamey Carroll. McCourt’s reason was financial, according to multiple industry sources. But that is a charge McCourt flatly denied. “It’s just totally false,” he said. “The players didn’t match up, and that’s just the way it was.” All three players are potential free agents in the fall, although Carroll’s contract includes a club option for next season. The 2008 base salaries of Sabathia ($9 million), Blake ($6.1 million) and Carroll ($2.15 million) total $17.25 million, a figure that drops to somewhere between $8 million and $9 million with more than half the season already gone. Carroll also has a $150,000 buyout on his $2.5 million option for 2009. It is unclear which players the Dodgers would have given up to acquire the trio. But with the defending AL Central champion Indians presently in last place and holding out little hope of getting back into contention, it is a reasonable assumption that package would have consisted of young players not making much more than the major-league minimum of $390,000. — LA Daily News

  96. kikiblue

    cpompe- Agreed!! Every team wants Kemp, and as a Dodger fan, I want him to stay as much as you do. My point was, is, that if you have the opportunity to trade for a player who is going to make an immediate impact on your team, and get you over the hump, it has to be considered. Now, whether it’s Kemp, Loney, Ethier, whoever, you have to explore the possibilities. If the Dodgers don’t trade Kemp and in 2 years he is a 30+ HR guy and a 100+ RBI guy then Colleti is a genius, right? But, if Kemp is still the “potential” superstar, hitting .300 with 10 – 15 HR and driving in 80 – 85 runs, then who wins? I believe Kemp will be a star, I just wanted to make a point that at some point, winning now, is going to cost the Dodgers something or someone or two.


    Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the Pirates want to keep Jack Wilson because there is no readily apparent player to fill SS. The interest of the Los Angeles Dodgers is mentioned with AA RHP James MacDonald and AAA SS Chin-Lung Hu mentioned as the potential offer. It is noted that the Dodgers have better prospects but they do not appear available for Wilson.

    If Wilson could be counted on to repeat last season’s 296/350/440, then I can see the Pirates’ reluctance, but his efforts in 2008 (304/346/358) seem to point towards a sub-700 OPS which is in line with the vast majoirty of Wilson’s career (5 of seven seasons). Why don’t the Pirates ask the Blue Jays what it feels like to have a 30+ year-old, sub-700 under contract?

  98. scott_in_arcadia

    Kemp is going to drive in 80 + runs this year without being a polished player yet. He’s still just 23. What does that tell you?


    You know, I like Tony Jackson overall and make a point of reading his columns and views about the team. However, let’s not forget that he’s a reporter, and reporters like to publish and sometimes create “big news”, way beyond the day to day game action and player interactions. The report about Sabathia and others sounds like creating a bit of a splash where maybe only a drop of reality existed. If anything, I take encouragement from the fact that McCourt is involved to some degree in the bigger decisions. Then you have to think that he’s at least aware of the millions squandered by Ned so far and probably holding him on a short leash. I personally wish he’d just cut the leash alltogether and send Ned right to the dog pound – pardon the expression, dogs and dog lovers, as I really like dogs, except for Ned.

  100. ghfgdgdsg

    I see it this way we are not going to win the world series as long as we have frank maccourt as our owner why couldnt he have just bought the red sox he was bidding for the red sox back in 04 but the red sox were smart and they didnt sell the team to him you know what frank maccourt was gonna do he was gonna reck fenway park and move the stadium I thought he was going to do the same with dodgers stadium but he did renevations on the stadium to raise ticket prices and raise parking prises he is just the worst owner in baseball nobody respects the guy i mean common please sell the team he is just there for then money thats all he cares about sell the team frank please I dont want you in the organization anymore and one more stupid thing you did you moved the best spring training complex dodgertown i loved going there but it is all gone now


    Coletti would win Kiper if he kept Kemp and didnt sign a guy who has 8 rbis for 36 million to get us over th top. Thats the problem, not how fast a 23 year old dosen’t develop. Kemp in 2 years will still be making 500k and still 2 years from prime and instead of having to replace Kemps .300 15 85 he can spend 10 million a season to do that with the next Nomar, Jones, Mueller etc.

    That thinking is exactly why we have lost 20 year running

  102. cpompe1

    I hear you kiper. All I want is IF Kemp gets traded (and I, personally don’t want that to happen now) I want a severely equitable trade for someone else just as talented. I still say Kemp has a lot of upside and if we did trade him now for whomever, I think that it’s going to cost us later down the line.


    Kiper let me digress and say that if we were only i player away from getting over the top i’d say do it.

  104. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans!!
    From what I saw last night, Frank and Ned need to stay away from trading any our core young players that were on the field last night. They are phenomenal, and they are truly out there to win every day. Even the veterans that were out on the field last nigth were playing like they want to be there, and it is noticeable. Not everyone got their hits last night like they wanted, but they were in it to win as a team and that showed throught their defense as well. I am hoping, like the rest of you, that this trade talk is just talk, and I hope Ned and Frank are seeing just how valuable this team is right now and they don’t do a damn thing to change it.
    jungar – you were talking a couple/few weeks ago about marketing and how the casual fan that goes doesn’t really know about our young core players as well and the only thing they know is Nomar – well, that place went wild everytime is name was mentioned (of course the homerun didn’t help) but it made me think about what you said. All of us on the board know how important our young core players are, but the casual fan can really care less who’s on the field or the importance of why they are there. I am Nomar fan too (to a point), but I see so much potential from our young players and the energy they bring to the game, and to think that the other 30,000 + fans in the stands could really care less if they were traded away a young player for just another name is kind of scary.

  105. cpompe1

    good morning dnel,
    You saw a great game last night! You know what this means, don’t you? You need to get season seats and sit in the seats you sat in yesterday and never leave!!! That way you’ll always bring them good luck and they’ll never lose!!! πŸ™‚

    Are you sitting in the same seats tonight or are you elsewhere?

  106. cpompe1

    Bills is pitching tonight. I’m going to the game on Sunday afternoon (the 13th) and if the rotation remains, then I should see Bills on Sunday afternoon! Great!

  107. cpompe1

    You know jhall, I know I started a while ago saying that we DO need to trade for a starting SS. (You know what I started to do there, I wasn’t going to put the work starting – you know what the filter would have done with it!) But anyways, the more and more I think about it and seeing the names that I’ve been seeing as possible trade rumors, I don’t think that that would be the best course of action in regards to SS. The one move I would make is not a trade with another team, just DFA Berroa or option Maza back to the minors and bring DeJesus up. I want to see what he can do in the majors. A tag team of Nomar and DeJesus might just work for the rest of the year.

  108. lagirl27

    You went to an mazing game. I am jealous that you got to see parachuter’s before the game. I’ve been going to that stadium for 20 years and have never seen that!
    I also agree with you that the fans don’t know much about the players. I was there at the last homestand and my mom and I figured out who was going ot be leading off for us in the next inning based off of who batted in the previous inning. The two men beside me were amazed that I knew that lineup and the players. It was kinda sad.
    I’m glad that our boys are getting back on track! Winning is a wonderful feeling. I can’t wait til I get to go on Thursday and Saturday!!!

  109. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, CP – yes, we are sitting in the same section but a few a rows lower – great picture spot!! I got some great shots of all the players in their on-deck circle, and it was awesome. The hardest one was Russell because I was trying to watch Andre bat, so my plan is to get more of him today.
    jhall- thanks for all the thoughts last night – it really was funny seeing you and enchanted doing your usual – it’s nothing like laughing at midnight and trying to stay quiet.
    well, I gotta go – shopping and all!! I hope to see Billz do as well as Kuroda did last night – still amazing!! I also want to see our boys get their hits – a walk wasn’t enough, but it’s okay – he had great ABs and worked the count real well.

  110. scott_in_arcadia

    We’re on a roll right now. Let’s see if Nomar can hold up and stave off any stupid trades that will only put DeWitt or LaRoche on the bench so Nomar can play 3B. Would Nomar have made that awesome play last night on that bunt like DeWitt? Stay calm, Ned. Stay calm.

  111. cpompe1

    no, Nomar probably wouldn’t have made DeWitt’s play last night on the bunt. But as long as Torre gives him the rest he needs, then I think he’ll be okay at SS.

  112. cpompe1

    or else scott, Nomar would’ve tried that exact throw that DeWitt did and would’ve wound up back on the DL…

  113. scott_in_arcadia

    I have no problem with Nomar playing SS with Furcal out. Berroa is fine just playing a couple of innings like last night. But, I also wouldn’t mind seeing DeJesus get a shot at the SS reserve role either.

  114. cpompe1

    and scott, who knows, if we do bring up DeJesus like we want, who knows, we might find our future starting SS!!! πŸ™‚

  115. jhallwally

    I’m with you on the shortstop issue CP. There’s no need to panic. We can win this division with what we’ve got. We do need Nomar to stay healthy. Ned got the vets to bridge the gap and keep us competitive. Now it is time for them to get it done. Except for Phew. He is expendable and does not help this team. Andruw hasn’t helped either but his defense is at least acceptable and we sure can’t be carrying two dead weight outfielders in the lineup everyday.


    eduardo, you’ve put something together that I can agree with, and I’ve also expressed my concern about the McCourt ownership of this team. Unfortunately there’s really nothing that we fans can do about it. Selig is the one that made McCourt’s ownership happen, especially letting it happen without any real money being invested. The Dodgers is just a franchise allowed to print money for McCourt, and Dodger Stadium will be his wanted real estate investment opportunity. Why would he want to get out of it at any price? Maybe he’ll get smart one of these days and get a real baseball person to run it as president and as a general manager. Only then are we likely to see baseball interests dominate and make the right decisions. Getting rid of Colletti would be a step in the right direction.


    I am pretty excited guys. If Jones can just start hitting a little (he makes our whole OF better) and Nomar can stay on the field and they don’t F with Ethier/Kemp for the rest of the year, I like our chances alot.

  118. cpompe1

    jhall – I’ve always loved Druw as a defensive CFer. And yes, I’ve had to eat a lot of crow for his offensive problems (especially to my husband who, as you know, is an Angels fan and thinks that his team got the better CFer.) I said to myself before that I’ll give Druw a week or so off the DL before I come down too hard on him offensively. That’ll take it to the FL series before the break. I’ll reserve judgment until then. But I still would love it if JP was gone. He does nothing in the lineup when he is there and he has a noodle for an arm in LF. No, if anyone should be shopped , it should be him. I doubt the Dodgers would get much for him straight up, but get what you can. I don’t think he’s a good fit for the team.

  119. jhallwally

    We don’t need to get anything for Phew. Just making the stench go away will make the team better. Addition by subtraction. Interesting that the players we have been clamoring for management to get rid of are not playing now and we are performing better. Phew, Sweeney, Proctor, and Bennett. Coincidence? I think not!!

  120. elf2

    Hi all. I was at the game last night and it was electric. in the stands from the 5th inning on. not only that, my prognostication skills were working well. When Kemp knocked in DeWill and i saw the throw coming in from the outfield, I told my friend to watch because the throw was going to be cut off and Kemp was going to get tagged out. That’s exactly what happened, follwed by Kemp walkling off the field with Mariano Duncan’s arm around his shoulder.

    My question is this: Did Duncan give Kemp the sign to continue on to second or did Duncan try to hold Kemp but he ran through the sign once again?

    I even Tivo’d the 11pm rebroadcast but to squeeze the whole game in the skipped showing the bottom of the fifth and missed all of the scoring in the game. (Seriously, what genius is in charge of editing the game for rebroadcast?)


    The problem with Phew is that he is such a good fit with both Ned and now Torre. So, what do you think will happen when he’s ready to return? I bet he’ll be back in leadoff and every day. Those two have a mindset that no amount of fan input or displeasure will affect. Sorry, but whether we’re in first place or fourth, I can’t stand either Ned or Torre. At least Ned should be gone if we don’t get to the playoffs or possibly do much once we get there.

  122. jhallwally

    Good for you Elf. It was a very well executed cutoff and those things are going to happen. Most of the time that throw goes thru to the plate and Kemper is standing on 2nd.
    I’m with you Bear. Phew will come back and play everyday and leadoff. It will be a serious shame and sham. The problem does go much deeper than the players. Ned should be gone, yesterday..


    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.
    Fire Ned, and then fire Torre. They are both worthless. Yuk.

    Don’t trade Kemp. I mean it.

  124. lny4loney

    “.300 avg and his 10 to 15 HR’s that valuable that he CAN”T be traded?” — kiper at 8:10 a.m. on this thread
    You got the .300 average exactly right …. Not so accurate on the 10-15 HRs per year.
    Kemp has somewhat more than one year of actual playing time as of now — 757 ABs. 600 ABs per year is about normal for a full-time starter. 600 dived by 757 is about 80%. So I’m going to take Kemp’s major league totals and multiply them by 80%. Here we go:
    600 ABs
    .300 BA
    .341 OBP
    181 Hits
    19 Homeruns
    31 Doubles
    7 Triples
    89 RBI
    95 Runs
    28 Stolen Bases
    170 Strikeouts (Not hiding the bad)
    The above is essentially the rookie year of Matt Kemp (Full-time Version). That is one hell of a rookie year!!!
    And he did it hitting all over the lineup and with managers constantly messing with his head.
    The ONLY guy who I would conceivably trade Kemp straight up for is Hanley Ramirez. I might not go into a state of total Dodgers rebellion if Kemp were traded for David Wright. Nobody — and I mean nobody — else is worth Matt Kemp.

  125. lny4loney

    RE: H.K. Hardstuff
    For some reason I thought Saito closed the game rather than Kuroda pitching a complete game so the song is inaccurate. I will fix it. Probably substitute Berroa’s great play for a Saito save. Sorry.
    dodgereric, please don’t post it to the lyrics site yet.

  126. lny4loney

    I probably won’t have time to fix H.K. Hardstuff today so if any of you wants to co-author and fix it for me, I would love it!!

  127. lny4loney

    Great article ripping Plaschke entitled “Mike Scioscia Exhales Carbon …” over at

  128. leekfink

    eduardo and messagebear–I have to disagree on the ownership. I am very thankful that McCourt stepped in to stop the trade. Hopefully, it was not just money, but about saying that we just can’t make that move (yes, valuing our young players is financially better too).
    Overall, we’re in our fifth season of the McCourt ownership, and we’ve been competitive in 4 seasons. We have not had 4 of 5 seasons where we have been in the hunt since 1979-1983. And McCourt has decided to invest in the stadium, not try to build condos or blackmail the city into building a new publicly financed facility. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he’s far better than Fox and I think due at least the benefit of the doubt.
    Kiper–I think MartinLoneyKemp’s breakdown of Matt Kemp’s “rookie year” shows why he is untouchable. That’s easily a rookie of the year season–easily–and he’s 21-23. There is every reason to expect he will be a superstar. That superstardom may come in 2 years, may come in 4 years. but it may just start this year. If his numbers over the last 7 games hold for the season, he’s the team MVP (he’s already either first or second in RBI [with Loney]). And he’s under the Dodgers control for four more years!
    Because they are so good now, and because they are likely to be much better in the years to come, and because they get paid peanuts for several years, Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Broxton, Billingsley, and Kershaw should be absolutely untouchable. They should not be traded for anyone unless he is literally the reincarnation of Babe Ruth (not figuratively, like the “modern-day” version, whomever that is, but I mean God Almighty using his divine power to resurrect the Bambino and return him from the heavens to the Earth).


    this is from tony jackson:

    I was told this morning, by a source completely separate from the ones from which I got the earlier story, that Matt Kemp WAS involved in the aborted trade for Sabathia, Blake and Carroll, and that either Jon Meloan or James McDonald also was involved. My source wasn’t sure which one. Can’t imagine Sabathia would have been much better than Kuroda was last night. If Kuroda can keep this up — he has now thrown 16 scoreless in two starts since coming off the DL — that’s a pretty big presence in the rotation.

    so for those of us who thought they’d never actually consider trading kemp, or that he’s untouchable, etc.. clearly in the eyes of ned and co. he’s NOT. bleh~

  130. scurtis1999

    Sweet he answered!

    4:57 pm Hey Matt, who do you usually hang out with on the team during off days or after games?

    4:58 pm We’re around each other all day, so when the game’s over, a lot of times we do our own things. I’ll go to the mall and hang out. Or just hanging out at the house and watch TV until the next game.


    If it is true that Kemp was involved in the aborted trade for Sabathia, then it clearly shows that Ned is way over his head in understanding what the Dodgers have in their kids, and he needs to be REMOVED as GM ASAP before he can do any further damage. Both he and Torre seem to be in another world of baseball smarts that will keep the Dodgers from the Series for years to come as they are unable to figure out what kind of players they need to win. As long as they are willing to trade players that everybody wants and are contented to play vets that nobody else wants, the Dodgers are doomed to failure.

  132. dodger 32

    The only guy I would trade Kemp for is Hanley Ramirez. Otherwise it would be best to play Nomar, and or Maza, or try Dejesus. After this year sign Raffy for 1 year to prove he’s healthy. Anything else involving Kemp is a mistake. Try to trade the pinch runner and see if anyone else thinks he’s an asset other than Ned.

  133. lagirl27

    scurtis- you are lucky. It seemed like a fun chat. I had a meeting that was scheduled and I even had them move it up an hour- but it ran over and I missed the whole thing.
    I was able to submit a question at the end, but it was too late.
    . 😦 sadness

  134. scurtis1999

    Aww sorry Amy. Bad luck! Nice try moving the meeting up an hour! I like your thinking.

    Yup that was the first time I have had a question answered on there.

  135. lagirl27

    and it sucks worse cause I love Matt, he’ s my favorite.
    Congrats to you!
    I like what he answered- Matt seems like such a cool everyday kind of guy with excellent baseball skills.

  136. scurtis1999

    Yeah Id like to throw some football with him and DY on the beach during the All Star break lol

  137. lagirl27

    lol. that’s cute. I’d allow that for you, if I could o on a date with Matt afterwards- hey he has no gf, right? πŸ™‚
    we’re the same age-dodger fans, and the same ethnicity- meant to be:) .
    haha. I live in a delusional world.


    I think that Kemp and Ethier’s performance is going to make Torre’s planned platooning of them when Pierre returns look so ridiculous that it will be hard to defend it. So the only solution for Ned and Joe now is to get rid of Kemp or Ethier so they can justify playing Pierre everyday even though it weakens the lineup. This is a dangerous time for true Dodger fans, as Ned is definitely a loose canon and will undoubtedly do something stupid before the trading deadline unless Frank steps in again.

  139. scurtis1999

    Aww cute Amy. Yup no GF! But here in Chicago, this Cub fan kept telling him he had a nice butt and her BF was mad lol

    I wonder if any of the players have some hot sisters I could date? HA

    My favorite player is Martin and then Furcal.

  140. lagirl27

    hahah. I like it Curtis, keeping the dream alive!!
    maybe YOU have a sister that can date a ball player- then you can get in with the guys then meet one of their sisters πŸ™‚
    you gotta think big somtimes!
    I loved Martin with all my heart, but when we had fan Photo day he blew everyone off that was screaming at him and had 4 bodyguards. Matthew stopped and met every single person that was there. I met Matt- I touched him- he is a real man. After that, Russy was gone and Matt was in!!!!

  141. scurtis1999

    Wow Russ probably just had a bad day.

    Nah no sisters here just 2 bros! ha

    Im not sure how I feel about this season and getting to the playoffs. I think any team outside the NL West would destroy us in a short or long series. I hope Druw gets his power stroke going soon and Nomar can stay healthy.

  142. lagirl27

    I don’t know, Russy was soo unapproachable. He wouldn’t even stop to let us take a picture of him. Sadly, Furcal wasn’t there- that would have been nice!
    I will agree with what steve lyons said last night. A team’s worth is how they play once they get to the post season. There is pleanty of time to improve, especially how we’ve been playing, we have to first win the west. That might be easy task this year. He used the rockies as an example. They were a terrible team that rallied together late in the season, won the west and made it to the playoffs,then the world series. The Dodgers have the ability to take the west and show what they got in the fall.
    I’m gonna hold on to that as we head into the second half of the season.

  143. kpookiemon

    Heading out to Blue Heaven in about half an hour. But I’ll pass on the $5 Dodger Dogs and treat myself to taquitos at Olvera Street.

    What’s wrong with Torre? The same line-up yet again???? Wonders never cease…

  144. scurtis1999

    Wow Cubs just traded for Rich Harden and Chad Guadin. Looks like Gallagher, Murton and Eric Patterson.

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