That 70s game…

Believe it or not, back when Fox used to own the team and I was starting out here full-time, we had a day at Dodger Stadium to launch something called “That 70s Show.” It was really one of the first times the Dodgers had tried something so unique – most of the time we just had cap night or baseball night (which was ended after the debacle of ’95 when I was an intern).

I never thought in a million years that the show would have an eight-year run on TV or be in syndication around the world, but I guess it just goes to show the love that Americans have for that decade. So, it should come as no surprise that the luncheon we held today for the 70s reunion of Dodger players was an overwhelming success. In fact, so many people came we might have to move the 1980s one to the Stadium Club for more room, but if you’re interested in attending that one on Aug. 2, email


Three-fourth of the record-setting infield were in attendance today, as were countless others like Tommy Lasorda, Rick Monday, Jerry Reuss, Tom Paciorek, Lee Lacy, Billy Grabarkewitz, Bobby Castillo, Kenny Landreaux, and many more. It’s very cool to have a history like that to celebrate and now we just need to start winning in the 2000s so that the kids growing up this decade know what it’s like to have a World Championship. Of course, we didn’t win any titles in the 1970s, but we were in the Fall Classic three times, which I’d certainly settle for in ’08, ’09 and 2010.

But, before we start thinking about championships, we have to be able to get to the postseason and beat some of the best teams in baseball and the Angels’ record would seemingly put them in that group. Here’s tonight’s lineup against them, with a pregame ceremony to honor the 70s players, so come on down if you’ve got no plans yet for tonight.

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS




    hey! andre gets a start on a day after hitting a homerun! haha.. gotta love facing righty pitchers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – you beat me! Damn – I wanted to be first ๐Ÿ™‚
    How are you doing? System hasn’t been working well this afternoon – same with you?

  3. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I went on the dodgerblues site – I thought we were bad – funny stuff though, and the Andre thing wasn’t too bad – I was thinking worse ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
    Boy, I’ve been trying to log on all morning; with no luck until now! Well, can’t stay long but that was a heck of a game last night! Let’s just keep it going! Nice to see Ethier in the 2nd spot tonight!

    Not sure what to make of dodgerblues site. Odd.

    Well, anyways, lets get ’em tonight Dodgers! It’d be nice to at least win a series from the Angels! If you do that, then we can work on the sweep tomorrow!!! (Did I just say sweep of the Angels??? Okay, okay, one game at a time.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey CP – the system has been slow all day. I was trying to respond to people all day and it would post 15-20 minutes later, and then I started seeing double postings so I figured it was them and not me(I thought I had been kicked off again) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – everybody on the starting team could outplay Aw Hell Berroa if given the chance, possibly even JP considering he wouldn’t have to throw as far. LOL!!

  7. cpompe1

    yeah dnel, I saw all of the double-postings this morning. Well, I’ve gotta go. Tonight my husband and I are at the Hollywood Bowl for that Sgt. Peppers…Revisited. Catch y’all later…

  8. aeversw

    Going into this series I thought we were going to get swept. But we won last night and we’ve got our ACE going tonight. We could steal this series!


    dnelly, andre had some great comments after the game tomorrow on the latimes blog. have you been listening to the music in the background during all their postgame interviews? they listen to a wide variety of music, that’s for sure. i’m pretty sure i had heard russell was the DJ for the clubhouse, so i guess he’s making sure everyone’s favorites are in there.. haha

    the dodgerblues site is about as negative as it can get.. that’s for sure.. it’s very weird and intense sometimes, but also very funny other times.. just another huge fan who is trying to share a certain view of the franchise and team..

    oh no, sweeney is being interviewed on FOX right now after the chicago game.. they really couldn’t interview anyone else??

  10. ksparkuhl

    Hi Josh… could you answer this for us?

    Why is Davey Lopes such an obvious omission to all the recent Dodger celebrations of recent years. I know he’s employed with the Phillies, but certainly he would be able to schedule in some time to be honored when the Phillies were in town. What gives?


    btw, i feel really good about today. bills vs weaver. i am optimistic. hopefully we can put together some consistency.. should be a good game..

  12. tradejuanpypaperbag

    In two seasons platooning in the outfield, Ethier combined to hit .294 with 24 homers and 119 RBIs in 843 at-bats.
    This season, heโ€™s had the chance to play more regularly after a knee injury to Andruw Jones cleared up a logjammed outfield.
    Once Jones gets back, the outfield shuffle will resume, but Ethier wonโ€™t complain.
    โ€œIโ€™m happy to be where Iโ€™m at,โ€ he said. โ€œYou have to put your time in and youโ€™re better for it in the long run.โ€
    This came from an article out of an Arizona newspaper which featured 3 other teammates Ethier played with who are in the majors (Pedroia, Buck and Larish). The link is below if you want to read more.

  13. dodgereric

    Pierre, LF

    Ethier, RF

    Martin, C

    Kent, 2B

    Loney, 1B

    Kemp, CF

    DeWitt, 3B

    Berroa, SS


    Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
    Anything good about walks or OBP.
    Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you
    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
    But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
    Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
    as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
    Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around
    Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
    ‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
    Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got you to write my name
    Joe: I got you to lead the game
    Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
    Joe: I got you to take me on walks

    Both: I got you babe

  14. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I listened to the audio postgame interviews from yesterday -I agree both Andre and Russell had some great things to say.

  15. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I was trying to listen to the music too. It always is intriguing what they like and don’t like. I actually haven’t heard Andre speak much so it was just nice to hear his voice – LOL!!

  16. dodgereric

    You’re welcome nels. Gotta show ’em that I’m just as stubborn as Joe.

    If Billz can come up big for us tonight, we can take the series. That would be great! Then I can stuff it into the faces of the Angel idiots at my work.

    C’mon, LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. enchantedbeaver

    Eric – thanks for posting that very uplifting (not!) interview with our fearless leader Ned last night.

    Be interesting to see what happens if/when CCยฎ returns to CF and Ferk to SS. If memory serves we were scoring quite a few runs with that duo playing, and Trigger was the 4th OF and rode the pine as much as he played. Unfortunately too with DeWitt slumping a bit and LaRoche not asserting himself, if Ferk can play short I’m certain that Nomore will be back at third.


    I would not be surprised if Bill Russell could give Berroa a run for his money. Of that entire infield Russell was the most athletic.

  19. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I guess we will find out how important Pierre is when Andruw comes back. It’s a dreadful thought to think that Kemp, Ethier and Young will have to possibly share rightfield. My hope is that they give Andruw a very short leash if he doesn’t come back a different Andruw.


    This thing not working too well today. Anyway, I have to ask everyone to pull a bit harder for the Dodgers since I will be out of the country the next two weeks. Keep up the songs and the positive thoughts and I will check on things as I can.

  21. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken – I don’t think the songs are going away anytime soon, especially with enchanted leading the way. LOL!!! Have a great trip and be safe ๐Ÿ™‚


    I got called into work & sitting here miserable bekus I had to give away my tickets ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and Andre’s starting today too… I still can’t get over his homer last night…

    with the exception of our Pierre boy leading off I think tonights lineup looks pretty good : ) I’m guna hold my breath & hope they win tonights game!… I hope we can sweep the Angels.. wouldn’t that be sucha great feeling???? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dodgerblues… its sarcastic cynical humor but I’ve seen some other teams websites and some of the stuff the fans have to say are horrible… what we say on here isn’t even bad.. it’s the truth & hoping for some change..
    can’t wait til the game starts even though I have to watch it on TV & can’t be there tonight… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    ANDDDD didn’t someone mention that when sweeney hits the .100 line we’re having a party?? WELL, where we celebrating? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope our boys in blue have a good night & everyone enjoys the game!!


    “It’s very cool to have a history like that to celebrate and now we just need to start winning in the 2000s so that the kids growing up this decade know what it’s like to have a World Championship.”

    wouldn’t we ALL LOVE THAT ๐Ÿ™‚ so HELLO TORRE? make it happen, stop being so dissappointing & show us what your made of…. LOVE L.A…. ur never going back to NY so just accept that & bleed blue =)


    dnelly- I have great pictures of Andre ๐Ÿ™‚ from every game I go to.. HAHA.. I can’t help it… lemme know if you want me to email you some.. he’s already soo good to look at on TV.. imagine how handsome he is in person!.. Oh and of Russell too.. and Kemp.. and all our favvsss =)

  25. tradejuanpypaperbag

    iheartaethier – I have file folders full of pictures of many dodgers, past and present, and I am always looking for more, and yes I have my share of Ethier pictures as well – LOL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. bluecrewgirl

    Good to see Ethier starting tonight. I figured Andre would be in the lineup tonight with a righty. Weaver has been pretty mediocre so far this season, so I think we have a good chance to win if Bills brings his A game.

    Nelly, Dodger Blues can be really funny at times but they can also be pretty mean sometimes. I thought Andre did a good job on his blog. He said up front he wasn’t a food expert or critic and his grammar, attention to detail and spelling were good }: I hope he doesn’t read that and think people aren’t interested in his blog. It would be cool if he added a little bit of an inside look at life on the road or in the clubhouse in additional to the restaurant reviews. When I first read that “honor” had been bestowed upon him I was wondering what he could have said or done. I never imagined it was related to his blog, lol.

  27. oldbrooklynfan

    Strange -I always considered N.L. Championships as titles.
    It’s sad when only a World Championship makes people happy.
    We won in ’74, ’77, & ’78 and nobody can take them away from us. I’m very happy for those titles to go along with 18 others.
    Tonight we should only concentrate on beating your other LA team in this so called Freeway Series.
    Let’s get after Jered Weaver like we did Joe Saunders last night, give Bilzy some support and keep the streak going.

  28. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – Andre is just an all-around class act, as many of our young Dodgers are and I think that is why I feel so adament about wanting that core group of young players to stay together. I think if Torre and co. let’s them develop as they should, they will be a dynasty for years to come ๐Ÿ™‚


    nelly, I’ve been hearing about the fires in NOCal, specifically Big Sur, and the smoke everywhere. Not completely sure of all the geography, but I do hope that you & all the other ITD faithful up there are safe & secure….with a nod to the last thread, Ozzie Smith, Bill Russell, or any other retiree shortstops could outplay Berroa today. And……IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!! GO BLUE!!!

  30. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, I know you don’t get Fox Prime where you are, but last night after the game on Dodgers Live they were saying how Andre wasn’t happy about not starting every day and Eric Karros just mentioned it too on the Channel 9 KCAL pregame show, though I know that Eric likes Andre because he has complimented him before. They should be happy he wants to play every day because they need more players that have that fire. I’m not a big fan of Pierre’s game and I have nothing against him personally, but it really bugs me that when he wasn’t happy not to be playing every day earlier in the season, he made no secret of it to the media and he was sitting at the end of the dugout pouting every game, but the media all felt sorry for him. Though Andre may not be happy to not be playing every day, he is always professional about it when the media asks him about it and often when the camera pans into the dugout, he will be smiling and chatting with someone on the team. It really bugs me how the media makes it out like the younger players have no right to be unhappy about not playing every day when they have earned to do so, but they all felt sorry for Pierre when he wasn’t. What a double standard.


    on the thinkblue tv pregame show.. the host was talking about how it’s time to let mark sweeney go, and was listing all his numbers and how painful they were.. and eric karros defended mark sweeney! he was saying how he still likes him as a pinch hitter and that he wouldn’t want a young guy coming off the bench in clutch situations and that a young guy is the only alternative. is karros crazy? i would trust any young guy over mark sweeney! at least with a young guy you might get lucky.. with sweeney, it’s become an automatic out! =P

  32. bluecrewgirl

    Sara, I was listening to that too. Karros was one of my favorites when he played, but I have to beg to differ with him on Sweeney. It is definitely time for him to retire, though he might make a better hitting coach than what the Dodgers have had in recently times. Just because he no longer has the physical skills to hit like he used to, he was a great pinch hitter in his day and he still knows mentally what it takes to hit consistently.

  33. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – thanks for that info – It sometimes sucks being the good guy! enchanted thinks it’s Pierre’s mama who’s pulling all the strings – LOL!!!


    I’m sure jhall remembers this better than I do but I always liked how the 90’s Indians identified key young players, signed them to long-term deals, and kept that team competitive for a number of years. I can only hope that the D’s management is smart enough to do the same. How the Dodger management handles Russell Martin will be a bellweather for the rest of our young team. Signing him to a lucrative, long-term deal and making him captain would send a strong message to the others that management respects their contributions and is not afraid to show it.


    I just went to ch 13 forgot who the announce other than Rex but they said Weaver dream was pitching for the Dodgers and now they wanted him to beat us.

  36. tradejuanpypaperbag

    seesky – the fires are in the mountains on both sides of the valley- santa cruz mountains and sierra nevada. right now here it’s very smoky, and we are firefighters central location – there are about 50 firetrucks that have been around town all day – most of the names are from so-cal.

  37. oldbrooklynfan

    Even though we didn’t score they were nice AB by Ethier, Martin & Kent.
    The hit & run plays were just grand.
    We getting there.


    I like the Bills I’m seeing today .. to often this year the “other” Bills shows up – the one who throws too many pitches and is gone by the 6th.

  39. bluecrewgirl

    Even though I live in So Cal, we have actually had smoke from the fires in Northern California in the area I live in. I thought it was smog or the marine layer we get in June, but my sister told me they said on the news it was smoke from the fires. I hope the fires in No Cal are gone soon. Fire season is the one thing that really sucks about the summers and fall here.


    nelly– I knew that most of the ITD names were down in SOCal but I knew you were up north for sure. Being from a state that also has fire issues from time to time, I’m a bit sensitive to situations like that.


    dnelly–You got it right about the NEGITIVE crap on this NEGITIVE blog site. Everyone after Pierre, etc., w/those stupid “songs-poems”.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a day (just one) w/positive stuff, but w/all the “experts” on this sight it won’t happen.
    They’re only “EXPERT” in what’s NEGITIVE. What a way to go thru life!!!

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – Now we know how you guys feel down there when the Santa Ana winds start doing their damage, and up here we still haven’t forgotten about the fires down in San Diego.
    seesky – I am not sure about jnv (roseville) and northstateblues (Marysville) – they are further north so I’m not sure what’s happening up there, but knowing their location, they should be okay (I hope).

  43. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Where in the hell did that comment come from? – I haven’t been negative all night – I have been talking about Andre and fires – fires are negative, I will agree with you there. Andre is playing – nothing negative there. Where’s jhall when you need him LOL!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    He might have been reading another blog Nelly or perhaps like me he just doesn’t understand American … LOL!

  45. bluecrewgirl

    Having opinions about things isn’t negative. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything the Dodgers do. It’s no different than being a fan of a band. You don’t have to like all of their music to be a fan.

  46. northstateblues

    cable30: I agree that there should be more postive elements to the posts on this site, but the commenter’s opinions on this blog are a mirror of the performance of the team. If you’re satisfied with this record, with the best players (Young OR Old) riding pine while we’re trotting out people with .102 batting averages, with a trainer in Stan Conte who seems to be funnelling players to the DL while telling management and the media that the player’s “doing fine” and there’s “nothing to worry about”, then I guess you see a different team than I do.

    I want to see us reach October 3 times with Torre, I want Ned Colletti to put together a reasonabe, blockbuster trade that will help us for years to come, I want the day the New Dodger Staduim opens to be the 4 year anniversary of the Dodger’s last WS win as well as the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium’s opening. I want to see Jeff Kent as a strong team leader. I want to see Juan Pierre become the second coming of Brett Butler at 3x the speed. I want to see Jason Schmidt come back and obliterate the other offenses of the NL and AL.

    Unfortunately, some of the people in control of the team don’t seem to want it as bad as the fans are. After all, if 3 million fans are gonna pay the parking fees and ticket fees year-in, year-out regardless of what product is on the field, what incentive do they have to change the product on the field to compete not just in October, but in November?

    What’s to stop them from raising parking fees and ticket fees just to funnel that money into another Proven Veteran Leader just to have Conte tell us they’re doing fine, one week before they land on the 60 day DL?

    What incentive does a GM on the ropes have to keep together a youth movement similar to what L.A. had in the 70’s according to Garvey (except these kids are “bigger, stronger and faster” according to Garv) if he needs to make a big splash just to keep his job, making McCourt forget about the $100 million he’s blown on DL regulars?

    If you’ve made it this far, cable30, I sincerely hope that you’d understand that all the “negative” people are long-time fans of this team who are frustrated with the product on the field, not thinly-veiled Giants fans hoping to avenge Horace Stoneham for being duped by O’Malley into setting up shop in windblown Candlestick Park for 4 decades.

    Of course, cable30, you can be like Mahatma Ghandi (a favorite of Branch Rickey’s), and be the change you want to see in the world. Post positive posts. Debate. Just don’t get down on us for trying to make the changes we want to see in the team.


    I could’nt figure out where that comment from cable30 came from, either. Has he been on here before? I noticed he wasn’t very complimentary about the songs so he’s, obviously, been paying attention. There’s criticism and then there’s negativity. You know what they say about opinions?

  48. dodger 32 on Your absolutely right, as long as you like to have a pinch runner in a power position. One that also has no arm I might add, and allows base runners to take extra bases on everything hit to left. What do you value most about him, his offense or defense?


    Amen, northstate. It’s been 20 years since our last WS win. That says it all, IMO.

  50. bluecrewgirl

    I completely agree with you fliegel. Pierre would be perfect on a team like the Red Sox that has a lot of power and could use some speed. He’s just not a fit for the Dodgers.

  51. tradejuanpypaperbag

    seesky – the funny thing is that this is a very calm and quiet day – so, if you’ve been reading, then why pick today to bring up negativity?

  52. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – I wasn’t going to be the teacher on that one LMAO!!! Why pick on me? I, honestly, have been very good today, even my song was about Andre (never a negative) LOL!! Thank you!!!


    Yeah, nelly, this has been a quiet day. That comment was a real shot out of left field. If cable30 wanted to see hardcore negativity on this blog, he ought to be on here when the D’s are on a losing streak.

  54. dodger 32

    bluecrewgirl@gmail Pierre is probably a nice person, but he was never a fit on this team. On the Red Sox he wouldn’t even be noticed, bad or good, but the Dodgers need a power hitting left fielder, one that can throw, 2 things Pierre is not. We only want the best people we have to play, which improves our chances of winning. Unfortunately Pierre is not one of them.

  55. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am positive that Matt Kemp and Blake DeWitt are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!

  56. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s nice that Pierre hit that ball so well that it went right to the 2nd baseman – how wonderful!! LOL!! Is that positive enough? LOL!!!


    I’m counting the worst at bats being by Kent, Pierre and Berroa. If they showed any patience at all, Weaver should be at 100 pitches even though he’s kept us hitless.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    Funny thing is nells, I like hearing differing opinions – seeing things from a different angle than others broadens the field of vision and perhaps gets one to thinking in a new light. And not everyone is in favor of the youth movement or losing now to win later. If anyone wants to come on and say this is what I think and what my reasons are for thinking that way, that’s more than cool. But a negative attack about not being positive is the pot calling the kettle black, and defeats the purpose.

    I think I can safely say that positives aren’t generally polarizing. Hey Andre had a 3 run shot yesterday, hey that was great. Next blogger: Yeah it was. Next blogger: I thought so too. Now let’s discuss how a .100 hitter is used over and over again, or how a weak armed left fielder let another two runs score. It’s NORMAL to point out the negatives, especially when there are clearly better alternatives.

    Anyway, just my opinion.

    Now back to the regularly scheduled blogging…


    What a great throw from Ethier. It’s a shame that he along with Kemp will sit periodically when Jones returns and Pierre won’t.

  60. northstateblues

    Sorry, I was out for a while grabbing dinner. Worked earlier, a little headachy from celebrating last night’s win with Henry Weinhard and his Private Reserve.

    dnel, it’s smoky up here, and the sun’s been setting red for the last week. Looks like someone hotboxed the Valley, heh.

    Haven’t even checked the score yet… YAY! We’re up by one run! That positively kicks ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am positive Andre is a fabulous outfielder and is much better than Pierre ๐Ÿ™‚ What a throw Andre!!!

  62. bluecrewgirl

    seeskybout2rain, I competely agree. That’s the difference between Ethier and Kemp and Pierre. They both have great arms and he doesn’t. His skill sets would be better served as an infielder.

  63. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues – just very smoky. There were so many firetrucks in town because we are one of the main routes toward Yosemite; it’s very strange. They say the smoke up there is so bad that they have to use headlights at times.


    As a kid, I actually saw a Tigers-Orioles game in which a pitcher lost a no-hitter by a 2-1 score.


    like I said before…

    if cable 30 thinks this is “negative” he should check out some other teams and the real “negativity” their fans have to say…. we’re speaking the truth and hoping for improvement for our team, nothing wrong with that….

    i’m thinking a homerun from Andre, Russell, or Kemp tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ yay! so happy about Andre’s play … they highlighted it a lot too…


    or there is alot more than just arms. Specifically the last time Juan Pierre hit a 3 run home run in his 9 seasons of baseball was never. Ethier in 2 games has made it perfectly clear who the bettter player is.

  67. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – I hear ya – I’m just playin’ now ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL!!! I was just curious – why me?


    We just have to try to swallow the fact that Torre loves his vets.. maybe he relates better to people who are closer to his age? HAH. jk. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t think about when he was a rookie & the passion & power a rookie has to play & be out on that field everyday…
    Andruw will come back from DL, hurt himself again & then go back to DL until seasons over ๐Ÿ™‚
    BERROA .. *sigh* what can we say about this guy… & I think I just saw Weaver retrieve back to the clubhouse.. ooohhhh lala ..

  69. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – you mean it takes more than speed to be a great left fielder. One would think you would need to hit the ball, on occasion out of the park, and possibly be able to throw the ball past mid-field – Pierre’s the exception to that way of thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aw Hell is at it again ๐Ÿ™‚


    Now I realise that there was a lot written about Hu and his inability to hit ML pitching but you can’t tell me that he was worse than Berooa and his glove/arm is miles better. I guess I might have missed a lot of what was written as I’m not privy to any written media over there.

  71. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I didn’t post much either – system was messed up plus I was at baseball – only thing I really did was post a song this morning about Andre and talk to the girls about the boys. so like seesky said – totally out of left field – LOL!!!
    It was just very strange timing because we were in the middle of talking about Andre and the fires here.


    I’m a little worried about who is going to pitch next… =/ hopefully the game is ours tonight ๐Ÿ™‚


    dnelly – yeah we’ll always have those random people who will come in here & put in their two cents about us fans who actually care & speak what we think.. it’s okay, you know everybody enjoys our comments & especially these songs you guys come up with.. HAHA.. makes my day…..
    Aww DeWitt ๐Ÿ˜ฆ that coulda been a walk… then again Berroa coulda made an easy double play but sucks at 2nd base ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  74. dodge1612

    i want the dodgers to get no hit tonight and win the game wouldnt that be crazy…. has that ever happened?




    WHERE R WE CELEBRATING??… omg omg omg I’m going to bite my lip & not say anyything “negative”…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. tradejuanpypaperbag

    iheartaethier – I know, and if you think about it, the person hasn’t been back ๐Ÿ™‚


    omg .. we have too much dead weight on the team… ahck. Broxton bettur not screw this one up for us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  78. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That would be pretty to win a game without a hit – that would probably be something this team could do LOL!!!


    okay wheres Juan’s speed now??? Can’t catch a ball for a million bux… actually make that 8. UGH -__-


    Guess I stirred things up–that’s good! I guess since someone didn’t like my spelling I should go thru everyone’s writing on this blog a hammer them-yea the spelling for alot of people is bad, but only a knit picker would choose that.
    Or add “I’m Positive I don’t Like Pierre”–that’s the BS I’m taking about. It’s gotten so wierd on this blog-and who cares what the other team blogs are like. What is it anyway, “Monkey see, monkey do”! A REAL Dodger fan has a right to critize-but this stuff is just name calling because someone else does it or someone thinks “it’s funny”. And yes I’ve been on this site before, I’m just not remembered because I don’t join the “Crowd” in making fun of of the team. I back them up-I don’t constantly tear it or the players down (not all are singled out on this blog-just the ones that don’t live up to the Blog Managers expectations.)


    it’s not just the outs, it’s not even stats. all his outs are the same for a reason. he is not smart enough to figure out another way and he is overmatched. strike 1. ball 1. swinging strike 2. then grounder to 2b or fly ball to shallow lf/cf-or a hit..90 hits are .

    I can’t watch Berrora anymore as well.

  82. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think this is the first night in a long, long time, that Vin has talked about Ethier more than Pierre – I do realize the game is not over, but he has not stopped talking about Andre’s defensive plays tonight ๐Ÿ™‚


    cable we all think it is cute that you have enjoyed 20 years of not winning a playoff game as well as being a below .500 team over the last 2 seasons. So don’t give yourself to much credit.

  84. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We will definitely be headlines. The game is now on ESPN because the Angel’s might lose without a hit. LOL!!! Leave it to the Dodgers for something like that to happen – how cool would that be ?


    I don’t mind a good debate cable but please give us the data you base your assumptions on. e.g. Do you have something that shows Pierre is a better OF than either Kemp or Ethier or perhaps why you think he should play everyday even when Jones returns.


    Saito may be coming in to save the game.. & hopefully he does ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, Vin has been talking about Andre tonight! yay…


    Obviously if we weren’t hardcore Dodger fans we wouldnt come and post on this site numerous times a day.. We care but since it doesn’t matter what we think bekus obviously Torre & them are going to do whatever they think is best for the team.. people leave some good entertainment here with songs & everything else… Yeah who cares what other team sites are saying then why care about what we are saying? then again everybody has a right to post whatever they think and want to so go ahead ๐Ÿ™‚ make our day. These non favored players.. Pierre, Sweeney, Proctor, Maza, Berroa, etc.. get some good one liners from us since they dont get much of anything else… ex. AB, H, HR…


    We’re so close ๐Ÿ™‚ game is almost ours!!! GO BLUE!!


    I’m already totally grey .. what’s the next step .. grey hair all over the floor??


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY!!! BOYS IN BLUE ๐Ÿ™‚ OMG. WHAT A GAME. wow =)


    I’ll sweep up the hair .. open a bottle of wine and start on tonight’s Yum Cha .. WOW!!! a 2 game win streak.


    So, clue me in-how has this blog improved the REAL team, other than the team you dream about, but isn’t even close to reality? How has this blog changed the line up and brought us a winning team? You guys were down on signing the “has been” Park (who could be Come Back Player of The Year). Complain, complain–it only matters on this blog and no where else. If you are the “expert”, why don’t you have your own sports column or manage a pro team-could it be that a REAL expert wouldn’t listen to all the whining?


    That was a game saving play by Maza as it turned out. Subbing him in the ninth for Kent was one smart move by Torre. I’ll give him credit when it’s due.

    WHAT A WIN!!!


    I think it’s that time of the month for cabel .. Heck if a 60 year old male can have a “change of life” .. ??????




    did that really just happen??

    unbelievable.. that’s all i have to say

  95. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This game was all about defense. Andre, Maza and Loney all had fabulous plays tonight, and then the pitching obviously had a big part as well, which always leads back to Russell too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. bluecrewgirl

    I’ll take a defensive victory. Reminds me of 1988, great pitching and not much offense. I give Bills the player of the game and Ethier honorable mention for two great defensive plays. Lets hope for a sweep tomorrow!

  97. oldbrooklynfan

    I always say a typical Dodger game is great pitching and very little offense.
    This was the most typical Dodger game I’ve ever seen.
    I always hate to be no-hitted but it’s O.K.


    I think i’ll go buy a lottery ticket after that game. I think that error Weaver made should have been ruled a hit by Kemp.

  99. enchantedbeaver

    cable, we don’t claim to be able to change the real team. Trust me, if we could, we would. We’re just a bunch of Dodger fans fed up with 20 years of nothing.

    By the same token though cable, complaining about complaining isn’t going to change this blog either. Come on over though with some views on the team and we’ll debate the facts.

  100. dodger 32 It’s a fans right to complain about things we see that could be changed for the better. If management is so right about everything how come they haven’t produced a winner in 20 years? Maybe if they would listen to some of the fans they might figure out how to produce a winning club, something that’s eluded them for quite some time. All they do in their ultimate wisdom is raise ticket and parking prices while putting an inferior product on the field.

  101. vl4ecc

    I’m still in amazement! The Angels have pretty much owned the Dodgers in interleague play till this series. I hope they get out the brooms for the sweep tomorrow.
    The Dodger pitching staff has been phenominal. Now if the offense could show something, they could make a move in the standings.


    there were some amazing defensive plays today.. led by andre! the maza play was great too!


    A win is a win is a win is a win!!! We won’t forget this one soon!! As Vin said , only the Dodgers.

  104. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Even the post game show is all about Andre and his defensive plays – how cool is that!! Seriously, they are talking about everybody’s defensive plays – very nice boys!!

  105. bluecrewgirl

    Maybe this game will turn out to be a good omen since we won the World Series in 88 with great pitching.

  106. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Rodmky ~ Thanks for clearing that up LOL!!! This has been the strangest night between this blog and the game. Funny how things happen like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. enchantedbeaver

    Maybe this game will get the young guys believing they can do anything now, even win without getting a hit – though I wouldn’t want to make it a habit.


    If it’s any consolation for us, it technically wasn’t a no-hitter because the Dodgers did not get a chance to bat in the ninth.

  109. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Matt’s talking on the radio and he is giving kudos to his outfield mate, Andre and his arm, and he gave kudos to Blake for the sac fly.

  110. tradejuanpypaperbag

    No, enchanted – we don’t want that to be a habit. This team is stressful enough without too many games like that -lol!!


    These last 2 games are a glimpse of what the future could hold: consistent, excellent play. Let’s hope it’s the start of something big.

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – where have you been!! You missed all the excitement around here.
    sara – I’m in shock too LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. enchantedbeaver

    AND we’ve actually taken a series from the Angels. I wouldn’t have given too good of odds for that. Simply fantastic pitching…

  114. oldbrooklynfan

    According to me after 80 games:


    i hope we sweep tomorrow and then we will have taken the season series against the hated angels.. that would really make me happy..

    also, after seeing pierre flail away at the plate again today.. i was just thinking how awful his numbers are against righties.. his numbers are pathetic in general, but even worse against right handed pitching.. so i say, SIT PIERRE AGAINST RHPs!! if you’re going to sit ethier against lefties, you can sit pierre against righties! starting with tomorrow against lackey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am going to the A’s/Giants game tomorrow, so can I post my songs in the morning before I leave tomorrrow? LOL!!!!
    jhall – That’s twice now I’ve been singled out – hmmmm!!! and both times I really wasn’t being that bad – makes you wonder sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!! Evidently lots of jerkoffs with unresolved issues from their childhood out there. Cable if your listening/reading, seek help. You need counseling.


    btw, dnelly, i LOVE how you full name andre when you get excited! it’s always ANDRE EVERETT ETHIER!!

    i thought about doing that when i’m excited about russell.. but it’s so much harder to say RUSSELL NATHAN JEANSON COLTRANE MARTIN JR.!!

  119. jhallwally

    Pretty amazing to get a win with no hits. Billz and the bullpen sans Proctor is awesome. Thank god JoJo didn’t have Procto. He would have screwed it up.


    yup jhall.. the bullpen has really been lights out since proctor has gone out of the picture..

  121. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – so true LOL!! Matthew Ryan Kemp isn’t too bad either, but yeah I would have to agree with russell’s – BTW – russell’s looking pretty good these days ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Then there’s James Anthony and Blake Robert – still easier than Russell’s – LOL!!! I didn’t realize he had more than just Nathan – lol!!


    Extra! Extra! Let’s All Read About It! Our Super Beloved Surging Los Angeles Dodgers deliver a Flawless World Series Championship Performance With a Thrilling 1 – 0 Victory over the L.A.Angels! Sorry Josh, I have to disagree with your statement! Our Team is going to win the 2008 World Series Championship, not out of arrogance, but This Team plays with Baseball Humility!.Just look at Superman Jeff Kent and the rest of the our Dodgers how they play and our wonderful Skipper Joe Torre! C’mon Josh,jump on the Bandwagon! What can you say about Super Hero World Seres Championship Performances by Chad Billingsley,Jonathan Broxton and Takashi Saito! You Guys were and are definitely Kryptonite Busters! Kryptonite Fears You! You Guys wear your Dodger uniform with the Royalty it Deserves! What can you say about Super Hero,Tower Of Power, James Loney’s Stab at first base and Andre Ethier’s Incredible Throw at Second Base! You Guys just gave new meanng to the Word Magnificent! Super Hero Blake Dewitt’s Sacrifice Fly was Phenomenal as Blake Dewitt always Sacrifices Himself For His Beloved Teammates! Super Hero Matt Kemp always comes though by scoring the Game Winning Run! You are always Clutch, Matt!This is amazing! This is Truly Astonishing! Has any Other Team won with no Hits! These Dodgers of ours are playing Super True Dodger Baseball and Have Super Powers meaning all our Dodgers were Simply Better Super Heroes Tonight!Let’s all Of us Dodgers Fans ,including you Josh, All around the World, Dodger Players and Management Join in Belief, not out of arrogance and Disrespect, But of Super Faith that our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers will be crowned World Series Champions, Getting Future Hall Of Famer, The Best Second Baseman Of All Time, Superman Himself,Jeff Kent His So well Deserved World Series Ring, And Destroy Kryptonite Forever, In This Super, Glorious, Majestic, Jubilee 50th Anniversy Of Our Beloved Dodgers in Los Angeles This Wonderful Los Angeles Dodger Fulfilled Destiny Year Of 2008 A.D.!

  124. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Like the name jhall – Dam’n Lousy!!!! LMAO!!! careful now – too much negativity LMAO!!!!!!!
    How about DL = Delicate Leftovers (more positive) LMAO!!!!

  125. enchantedbeaver

    Right JH!!!

    I do feel like ndeschenes fabulously positive posts absolve us though of our posting sins.

  126. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ndeschenes – Wow! You outdid yourself once again – wonderful to hear from you on a second consecutive day and against the Angels no-less. It makes it even sweeter! I guess you are definitely one of the positives that we will always keep in our minds when we go on our tangents. Thank you again, and WE WILL hear from you tomorrow after we sweep the Angels back to Anaheim where they belong. Take care and have a wonderful evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I do too! ndeschenes says all the positives in one statement that would take us all day. So, it should balance out – right?
    ndeschenes and PierreEW = the rest of the board
    Positive and Negative looks pretty balanced to me LMAO!!!!

  128. tradejuanpypaperbag

    iheartaethier – audio usually shows up at the bottom of an LA times article. I haven’t looked yet, but will ๐Ÿ™‚


    Enchanted Sunset and Dnelly, Thank-you For your Compliments! This Los Angeles Dodger Ride is a Super Great One, And I know we all Agree, The Absolute Super Best is Yet to Come!


    yeah dnelly, it’s a LONG name.. haha.. i like matthew ryan kemp, and andre everett ethier, and james anthony loney.. all good names to say.. juan d’vaughn? haha..

    iheartethier.. i haven’t seen any clips yet, but there are a couple quotes on the press enterprise blog..

  131. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Somebody asked if a game was won without a hit before. It’s only happened 5 times since 1900.


    “It just comes down to winning,” Russell Martin said. “It doesn’t matter how you win. It’s amazing what happens when you do little things right.”

    “I wanted to go out there with extra hype because this was a special game without a no-hitter on our side,” Takashi Saito said through an interpreter. “One pitch could have decided it.”

    “I’ve witnessed some other stuff, but this is pretty bizarre,” Joe Torre said.

    “No hits,” said Matt Kemp, breathing a sigh of relief. “As long as we score more runs than the other team.

    “I’m pretty excited. It’s like we’re going to the playoffs or something.”


    “The Dodgers kids remain in their own world, happy to be in the big leagues and secure in the knowledge that time is on their collective side no matter who is the manager.

    Several of them are doing just fine, too, if you ask them — failing to take into account only one detail, the team’s overall horrible record. What’s the rush with so many years in front of them?

    And so they progress at their own pace, the older players here not much help to date. There might not be a team in baseball right now with a group of veterans counted on less by management, and living up to just that.”

    just a cut out from the newest tj simers article.. here’s the link:,0,4422018,full.column

  134. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know -Matt knows that whoever scores more runs wins – somebody taught him well ๐Ÿ™‚ Who cares how it’s done as long as it’s done. LA papers should be fun tomorrow with the way this one ended.

  135. tradejuanpypaperbag

    very intesting article sara – it seems at least some people are stating to see the veterans as not much help. However, I’m not sure what to think about why Torre is not connecting with the kids – could it be the dumb *** decisions being made in order to coddle the veterans that really don’t deserve playing time (one being JP).

  136. enchantedbeaver

    I actually liked this quote better from Simers:

    “THE DODGERS had Hiroki Kuroda pitch to Andruw Jones before the game, a brilliant move — obviously to bolster Kuroda’s confidence.”


    Well, 6:30 comes early on a Sunday, so I’ll beg out of the insanity for the remainder of the evening and catch you all again tomorrow.

  137. perumike

    How can we be considered negative for ndeschenes? He more than accounts for all our negativity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Here’s some positives: Martin,Loney,DeWitt,Kemp,Ethier,Billz,Broxton,Stults, Kershaw (our young gun dynasty – 9 big positives!) and let’s add Sammy and make it an even 10 positives to 3 negatives (PVLs, DL’s and Ned)

  139. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Torre has long-term view
    Dodgers manager Joe Torre straddled the fence when asked if he was confident chairman Frank McCourt and general manager Ned Colletti would make a deadline trade to win this year if it meant trading away part of the club’s future. Torre said he didn’t think winning a World Series one year was worth compromising the building of a contender for multiple years, but he also said he thinks management is “willing to do what they need to do to compete here.” — Ken Gurnick
    Posted on June 28, 2008 at 8:08 PMPermalinkComments (1)

  140. kpookiemon

    Was out at Blue Heaven tonight and that was very weird to say the least! Two Dodgers got four at-bats: Pierre and Ethier. That’s why Juan should bat 8th. I can think of a few other hitters I’d rather see take that extra whack.

    Was trying to think of a headline for tomorrow’s paper. Came up with “Dodgers no hit, Angels no win.” Not very good, though. Suggestions?

    With everybody running around trying to figure the cuts when the cavalry arrives, I say don’t count your chickens, etc. Saying Nomar is coming means nothing…I HOPE Furcal can make it…and Jones is just a knee-swelling away from a set back. But no matter what, Torre has to be an idiot not to have Ethier and Kemp out there everyday, if for nothing else than their defense.

    Sorry to be negative. But I take no solace in getting no-hit and squeaking by 1-0.

  141. kpookiemon

    I REALLY miss listening to Vinny at the ball game. Even the first the three innings would be a gift…but KABC is at least 5 seconds behind, if not worse…there’s no way I can sit there and listen to Vinny broadcast what I’ve already seen. How could McCourt mess that up? I can understand needing that 5-second delay should Vinny wax pornographic and obscene… As they saying goes, we can put a man on the moon–you’d think McCourt could broadcast Vinny in real time at the stadium like the good old days. Sorry, I’m being negative again.


    Torre said he didn’t think winning a World Series one year was worth compromising the building of a contender for multiple years

    –yet he will play JP over Ethier. Or soon, Nomar over LaRoache/DeWitt.

  143. aeversw

    The big thing about tonight was that Chad Billingsley pitched well enough to beat a team that allowed no hits! That is crazy if you think about it. I hope tonight put to bed all the trade rumors surrounding his name. He’s our best pitcher and arguably better then anything we can get on the trade market.

  144. dodgereric

    I got in late but had the game on the DVR. Watched the whole thing and just had to have a look to see what was being said about such a unique game. I wasn’t going to post since it looks like everyone’s done the sensible thing and gone to bed. But I didn’t want to miss a chance to speak to what cable said. North and enchanted both had great responses, but I’d like to add my two cents.

    It’s amusing that you take people to task for their “monkey see/monkey do” posts on the negative slants, when that’s what you apparently want everyone to do, only on the other side. What could be more boring than a bunch of posts declaring how great everyone is when it’s obvious that the Dodgers need help. I have a couple of friends that are Raider fans and they talk like that all the time. Oh, they’re great. Oh, Al Davis is still a genius. Oh, the Raider mystique is still there. Etc, etc. Backing your team is one thing, but what you wish everyone to do is just plain ignorant, to be blunt about it. If you have been reading what’s been said around here, you’d know that most all of the negativity revolves around one basic truth – Joe Torre refuses to consistently put the best starting 8 on the field. Our arguments are constantly supported by statistics, not the drivel given to the press from Torre and then regurgitated by the reporters.

    We live in a great country. I live and work with people that I have many disagreements with every day in religion and money and politics as well as something so relatively unimportant as sports. Yet we love and respect each other nonetheless. There’s no reason to have the same negativity towards us that you don’t want us to speak of regarding the Dodgers. As enchanted and rod said earlier, bring out your arguments and let’s talk about them like adults. Don’t just hit-and-run with snide, pseudo-intelligent comments. I suspect that you don’t have any arguments at all, and no other comments than, “Don’t be negative.” Don’t EVER think that we don’t support this team. Every single blogger who takes the time and effort to write here has the Dodger Blue blood that Tommy has been preaching about for 30+ years.

    If you don’t want to discuss anything, you can just find something else to look at. Surely you have better things to do than spend hours and hours reading things that are bringing you down.

    Of course, perhaps you’re just a complete and total idiot like joeyp, with absolutely nothing intelligent to say and only a desire to “stir the pot” and then run away after ringing the doorbell. In that case you too can be totally ignored.

    To quote you, “What a way to go thru life!!!”

  145. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I would like to respond to cable now that I have gathered information to back up my so-called negativity. It has been said time and time again on this board that all we want is for Joe, Ned, (or whoever is really in charge) to put the best players on the field. We are willing to live with growing pains, if that’s what people want to call them. The frustration (or negativity if that’s what you want to call it) comes from the fact that this management refuses to put the best team on the field on a consistent basis, and we feel that if this were happening from day one, then we would be #1 in this division and then some. So, here’s information on the current 4 outfielders and I don’t see one reason(statistic) why Juan Pierre should be playing over any of these other three, and may I remind you to look at how many AB’s Young has had compared to the others and what he has accomplished in those AB’s. Kemp and Ethier’s stats speak for themselves.
    ***For the rest of you, Pierre has only 2 extra base hits since the last time I posted these numbers, which I believe was somewhere in the middle of June.

    AB 279 247 271 75
    R 38 34 30 5
    H 80 68 75 21
    XBH 27 24 10 7
    SB 16 2 35 0
    HR 7 7 0 1
    RBI 43 32 24 4
    OBS .334 .338 .326 .349
    SLG .441 .429 .317 .400
    SF 2 5 0 0
    SH 1 1 3 3


    A 8 5 1 6
    E 1 1 2 0

  146. enchantedbeaver

    Yup nells, the numbers speak for themselves. And these don’t even address Kent and Berroa.

    And good morning!!

  147. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The last time I did these stats was on June 15, and Pierre’s stats were as follows:
    R: 27, H: 62, XBH: 8, HR:0, RBI: 19, SB: 26

  148. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans!!
    Once again, it’s great to wake up with another Dodger win, regardless of how bizarre that game was. We were in every highlight reel – very good PR -LOL!!! I guess last night’s game came down to a lot of great defense, including some stellar pitching once again. It’s great to have the series already won, but a sweep would make it icing on the cake – GO DODGERS!!!
    Song: “Blog Around the Clock”
    Original Song: “Rock Around the Clock”
    by Bill Haley and His Comets
    Dedicated to eric, jhall and enchanted for the hours of continuous entertainment and laughter. Laughing and having fun are always positives ๐Ÿ™‚
    One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, blog
    Five,six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock, blog
    Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock, blo
    We’re gonna blog around the clock tonight
    Get your blue notes out and join us, hon
    We’ll talk baseball when the clock strikes one
    We’re gonna blog around teh clock tonight
    It’s Dodger baseball every night
    We’re gonna blog, gonna blog, around the clock tonight
    When the clock strikes two, three and four
    If jhall slows down, we’ll yell for more
    We’re gonna blog around the clock tonight
    It’s Dodger baseball every night
    We’re gonna blog, gonna blog, around the clock tonight
    When the chimes ring, five, six and seven
    We’ll be in “enchanted’s” heaven
    We’re gonna blog around the clock tonight
    It’s Dodger baseball every night
    We’re gonna blog, gonna blog, around the clock tonight
    When it’s eight, nine, ten, eleven too
    Eric’ll be going strong for me and you
    We’re gonna blog around the clock tonight
    It’s Dodger baseball every night
    We’re gonna blog, gonna blog, around the clock tonight
    When the clock strikes twelve, we’ll
    Start bloggin’ round the clock again
    We’re gonna blog around the clock tonight
    Dodger baseball every night
    We’re gonna blog, gonna blog, around the clock tonight

  149. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – wonderful post ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t see you up there – you were up late I see, or early depending on thinking.

  150. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like the only thing JP’s done with any proficiency since your last post is steal bases (9), and as I recall, 2 of those times he was probably in reality, out.

    Like I said, if cable would like to come on here and offer his/her view and discuss the facts, I’m all for it. But I don’t know what compels some of these people to come from literally out of nowhere to snipe. I can understand, we’re not everyone’s cup of tea – that’s why I never post on Dodger Thoughts – they’re not mine, but I don’t begrudge them for enjoying themselves on that blog. I also Know of no blog that’s all sunshine and happiness either – would be pretty dull if there were. I also have no idea why you were singled out either – another mystery known only in the mind of the poster.


    I am getting ready to leave but after such an exciting win last night, I had to share this little tidbit with you. I attended an event last night that included a silent auction. Among the sports memorabilia were two baseballs. One was signed by Blake DeWitt and included two tickets on the loge level. This ball went for $140.00. The other ball had three signatures on it: Juan Pierre, Luis Gonzales and Andre Ethier. No one bid on this ball. Had Andre’s been the only signature, I am sure someone would have bit on it.

  152. enchantedbeaver

    Doesn’t surprise me birken – and I know you’re right about an “Ethier only” signature. Have a safe trip!


    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but last night’s game reminded me of the story when Don Drysdale, who had flown ahead of the team, heard Koufax had pitched a no hitter. He replied, “great, but did he win?”

  154. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken – I have a ball signed by Ethier and it cost me a pretty penny – also have rookie card with him in an A’s uniform no-less. Also, my mother got me an Ethier card that has his number transposed – 61 instead of 16 (trying to figure out why). Have a great trip!!!

  155. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks enchanted – that one was easy compared to some. I have 3 notebooks filled with songs and notes – incredible what you, eric and jhall have started – amazing! I should be taking a creative writing class and getting credits towards more salary – definitely something to look into for fall semester. This venture has definitely made me think outside the box ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hold on to that Ethier card. It is what the baseball card companies call an error card. Catch up with everyone in two weeks.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks lbirken – I will definitely hold on to all of them. That’s just one of many that will be of value someday (have many already)

  158. enchantedbeaver

    My dad had some baseball cards when he was a kid, which means the late 1920s to 1930s. He didn’t bring them out west with him in ’39 – had them in a trunk that was at his Aunt’s farm. When the Aunt died, he went back to get them (among other things), but of course the trunk was gone. I’ve always wondered who’s cards might’ve been in there. I know Gabby Hartnett was his favorite player.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am heading off to Oakland to hopefully see the A’s bring some whoop a** on our real rivals, the gnats. Never fear about my loyalties. I am wearing an A’s jersey (opened) and my “got ethier?” shirt underneath with a Dodger pin on the outside of the jersey. There will be no question where my loyalties stand. I figure Andre has connections to the A’s, and the A’s fans are already okay with it (I do it every time), but it’s more to spite my son, who is decked out in gnats attire. I will be cheering on my Dodgers as we are playing at the same time as the A’s/gnats are playing. Have fun on Super Song Sunday – I will try and get a song done before the end of the day – blog you all later!!

  160. bluecrewgirl

    A friend of mine went to a game in Vero Beach during spring training and when he and his brother were leaving after the game, they were behind a man that had on an Ethier
    t-shirt, but his last name was spelled Either. My friend asked the guy if he realized that the last name was spelled wrong. He said he hadn’t noticed it and that his son had gotten the shirt for him. My friend told him that he should try and get Andre to sign the shirt and have him write in the correct letters.

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