No way!

Were you here? 55,000-plus fans can actually say they were at Dodger Stadium last night for history in the making. Not exactly the type of history we want to be making, but a win is a win, right?

It was just the fifth time in the modern era that a team managed to win a game without the benefit of a hit. As you can imagine, our department was looking up interesting tidbits for quite some time, so I’ll post those below.

Now the question for you all is, how many no-hitters have you seen in person? By my count, Vin Scully has seen 20, though I’ll have to check with him to see if perhaps he was off doing a game of the week when one of these took place.

Boston’s Vern Bickford against the Dodgers in 1950.

Two by Carl Erskine 1952 and 1956.

Don Larsen’s World Series perfecto.

Sal Maglie’s in 1956.

Four by Koufax.

Bill Singer in 1970.

John Candelaria in 1976 against the Dodgers.

Jerry Reuss in 1980 at Candlestick.

Nolan Ryan for Houston in 1981 against the Dodgers.

Tom Browning’s perfect game in 1988 against the Dodgers.

Fernando’s on this date in 1990.

Dennis Martinez’s perfect game in 1991.

Kevin Gross the next year.

Kent Mercker in 1994.

Ramon Martinez in 1995.

Hideo Nomo in 1996.

Still, even Vin had never seen what we saw last night. As for me, that’s only the second I’ve ever attended, as I was a fan down the right field line at Dodger Stadium for Mercker’s 1994 gem. How about all of you?

UPDATE: Just spoke to Vin and he missed Browning’s perfect game, but was at Jack Morris’ for a game of the week, so we still think it’s 20!

Here’s today’s lineup:

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P



Last night’s game marked the fifth time since 1900 that a team won a game without the benefit of a hit. The four previous ones:

– April 12, 1992 (first game of a doubleheader) – The Indians beat Boston, 2-1, in Cleveland despite getting no-hit for 8.0 innings by Pasadena-born left-hander Matt Young.

– July 1, 1990 – The White Sox defeat the New York Yankees, 4-0, in Chicago despite facing 8.0 no-hit innings from right-hander Andy Hawkins.

– April 30, 1967 (first game of a doubleheader) – The Tigers defeat the Orioles, 2-1, in Baltimore despite a no-hit effort from Steve Barber (8.2) and Stu Miller (0.1).

– April 23, 1964 – The Reds defeated the Houston Colt 45s, 1-0, in Houston despite 9.0 innings of no-hit ball from Ken Johnson.

The Dodgers were held hitless last night for the first time since April 8, 1994, when Atlanta’s Kent Mercker turned the trick in a 6-0 win at Dodger Stadium…the only other time the Dodgers have been held hitless at Dodger Stadium was July 28, 1991, when Dennis Martinez pitched a perfect game for the Montreal Expos.

The game last night marked the 17th time that the Dodgers did not get a hit in a game, which includes Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series. On two occasions, the Dodgers have been held hitless for nine innings, only to notch a hit in extra innings and go on to win the game:

– April 15, 1909 when the New York Giants’ Leon Ames made his Major League debut and pitched 9.1 hitless innings but lost the game in the 13th inning, 3-0

– July 26, 1991 when the Montreal Expos’ Mark Gardner pitched 9.0 hitless innings but gave up a hit and lost the game in the 10th inning 

There have been 82 players who have played for the Dodgers and Angels in their career and incredibly, six have thrown no-hitters – John Candelaria (8/19/1976), Kevin Gross (8/17.1992), Jerry Reuss (6/27/1980), Bill Singer (7/20/1970), Fernando Valenzuela (6/29/1990), Hoyt Wilhelm (9/20/58).  Though last night’s Angel pitcher Jered Weaver does not fit that category, his older brother, Jeff, does.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of Dodger great Fernando Valenzuela’s no-hitter against St. Louis at Dodger Stadium.  In silencing the Cardinals, 6-0, on June 29, 1990, the southpaw walked three batters and struck out seven.  On that same Friday night, Dave Stewart, a former Dodger, tossed a no-hitter for Oakland at Toronto.  Speaking of no-hitters, tomorrow marks the 46th anniversary of Sandy Koufax’s National League-record fourth no-hitter.  On June 30, 1962, the Hall of Famer recorded 13 strikeouts in no-hitting the New York Mets.

Today’s Dodger starter, Derek Lowe, threw a no-hitter on April 27, 2002 for Boston while facing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Lowe joins Dennis Eckersley as the only two pitchers in Major League history with a 20-win season, a 40-save season and a no-hitter.



    No use talking about Pierre leading off – Torre won’t bend on that until hell freezes over or Furcal comes back, whichever happens first. The encouraging part about last night was that Torre didn’t pinch hit with Sweeney, but used DY instead. Somebody on another forum suggested that Sweeney would make a great hitting coach; seems like an oxymoron, but I’d settle for it if it gets him off the roster.

    Now, GO, DODGERS, and let’s sweep!!! Wouldn’t that be grand for a change.

  2. kpookiemon

    From Mr. Negative’s (Simers) column…

    “But the Dodgers also thought they were getting someone to command respect in the clubhouse, something they believe they had lost with Grady Little on the job. As results go, the Dodgers are worse off so far, and it’s shocking, while refreshingly honest to hear Torre talk about his ineffectiveness to win over the Dodgers’ youngsters so far.”

    Duh. You think playing Pierre ad nauseum after crying publicly has anything to do with it…or constantly shipping the kids in and out of the starting line-up at the expense of worse-producing vets?

  3. cpompe1

    Good morning boys and girls…
    I’m not sure if I would’ve really wanted to see last night’s game. I guess I’ve gotta be glad that we won and won the series against the Angels. Now we can talk about sweep!!! We heard about what happened on the way home and I had to see it on Sportscenter, so we put the TV on ESPN when we got home. That Kemp/Weaver play was some crazy play! Let’s get the sweep!!! I would love that!!! My Angels-loving husband has been quiet all weekend; hmmmm I wonder why?


    how is angel berroa on this team? This better be his last game, he has done absolutely nothing. He could’nt even cut it in KC, the dodgers need to bring back Hu, at least he can play an amazing short stop, berroa sucks on both sides of the ball.


    Torre can win over the kids by playing them the next day when they have a good game and not sitting them on the bench. Until shown otherwise, Dewitt should be playing everyday and Laroche will get his turn possibly at 2nd when Kent retires. Dewitt has earned the right to play everyday.
    Pierre hasn’t earned the right to even carry Delwyn Young’s jockstrap and should be sitting out every game as DY will outhit him everyday of the week.

    We need to sweep today. let’s go Dodgers.


    day game after night game.. and russell and jeff are both in the lineup. and they’re flying to houston for a game tomorrow.. interesting..

  7. cpompe1

    demmotor, I’m afraid we’re stuck with berroa at least until the break. We need to see where Raffy is on his rehab stint to see if he’ll be able to play effectively once he returns. As far as Hu, I think his earlier stint with the Dodgers probably messed the kid up and he needs time in the minors to figure it out. That’s just my opinion. I hear you that berroa has don’t nothing since he’s here. But if Raffy isn’t able to come back after his rehab stint, then I’m sure we’re going to go after a longer-term solution at SS; berroa isn’t doing anything and Hu just isn’t ready yet from the minors… sigh…

  8. bluecrewgirl

    I’d rather have Maza at ss than Berroa. Maza has made some great defensive plays and he’s hit better too.

  9. cpompe1

    sara, I’m not surprised that Martin is in there but I was very surprised to see Kent in there in a day game after a night game…

  10. cpompe1

    yeah bluecrewgirl, I forgot about Maza. You’re right, he has done better in the hitting department than Berroa…


    I think dodger fans should be outraged out how this furcal this has been handled. My personal opinion is he wants to come back to have a solid 2 months just so he could get that a nice new contract after the season, i mean…a sore back? Cal Ripken never had a sore back? Players are babied so much these days, what happened to popping a few motrins and get back in the lineup. I think boras is behind this. Missing this much time for a stiff back is ridiculous.

  12. bluecrewgirl

    Cpompe, I’m sure the Dodgers were hoping that Berroa would come back to form since he was rookie of the year in the American League his first year and he’s not that old, but so far he hasn’t shown much.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Agreed demmotor! and your name’s not familiar, so welcome also!!

    The clue for Ned should’ve been that Berroa COULDN’T EVEN MAKE THE ROYALS but then, it is Ned. I had some hopes for him when Bob Schaefer recommended him (in otherwords, it wasn’t an original Ned thought), but Berroa has far exceeded the worst case scenario I imagined.

  14. cpompe1

    demmotor, I feel your pain and frustration but with a player of Raffy’s caliber, you don’t want to risk hurting him to where he can never come back. I’m sure Boras is having fun seeing his client and himself get paid for doing nothing. But I for one don’t want to see Raffy or anyone else for that matter get hurt so bad by bringing him back too early. If Raffy was 38 years old and this was happening, then I’d agree with you but he’s only 30 years old with a lot his career ahead of him.

  15. ksparkuhl

    demmotor… remember, the Dodgers know how valuable Furcal is to their team. You certainly don’t need to remind them. They have their best doctors all over it.

    As to your comment about a “sore back”, you can’t treat a slipped disc like a minor injury. They can be debilitating and can lead to the end of a career if not treated correctly. They did the right thing in doing “core strengthening” first and getting the area to heal. It’s not something you come back from in only 10 days. Let’s hope he’s okay.


    .293 veteran leadoff hitter on base %
    .696 veteran clean up mans OPS.

    General Manager Ned Colletti is under fire, though, and Manager Joe Torre said again, “it’s still a work in progress” getting through to the team’s young players.

    you get thru to them by showing them you will not put S-H-I-T around them (both bad defensive players as well) every night and then blame them in the press. And then say in the press that as soon as other vets get back we will win again…Chad is 23..does he get it? yes Martin is 23..does he get it? yes…ok so maybe James and Matt and Ethier and DY and the others need a bit more time..but maybe and maybe the numbers do lie…but i dont see it. I see the way Pierre(Not Kent) plays way more selfish than any kid we have.

  17. enchantedbeaver

    I think the problem lies not so much that Ferk has a bad back, which I’m sure he does – he was on fire and well on the way to a fantastic walk year where he could’ve written his own ticket for salary, its how Conte handles the diagnosis (or misdiagnosis in most cases) and rehab. Ferk, Jones, Nomore, Schmidt, Penny, Kuroda… I don’t know what it is that Conte does, but he sure doesn’t keep players healthy, nor does he communicate with management on their conditions.

  18. scurtis1999

    Ok Im back. Haven’t seen the last 2 games. Thank god I didn’t see last nights but nice win nonetheless.

    GO BLUE!

    Snakes up 3-1 in the 8th


    Shoot me.

    Juan Pierre will be everyday LF even AFTER Andruw Jones returns.

    Torre just told us this morning, although he said Rafael Furcal would probably go back into the leadoff spot when he comes back, with Pierre dropping to second.

    “(Pierre) has been that consistent guy for us every day, and he refuses to acknowledge any bumps or bruises, even though you know he has them,” Torre said. “He has been great. Juan is going to be our left fielder, and Andruw will be our center fielder.”

    That means, of course, that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp will compete for playing time in RF. Although Torre wouldn’t acknowledge that was part of the plan, it is apparent that those two benefitted from pushing each other early in the season. Ned Colletti is a big proponent in the value of having players compete, his thinking being that it brings out the best in the players doing the competing.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah jungar, and his overall OBP’s even worse than last year’s – .326 with a humongous .317 slg. pct. Don’t ya wish our management had the cajones to do the right thing with JP an all the rest of the PVLs?

    JP 2009 OBP .300-.310
    JP 2010 OBP .290-.295
    JP 2011 OBP .280-.290

    Thanks Ned!!!

  21. aleeex

    I think I read on a site that last nights game does not qualify as a official ‘no hitter’ because the Dodgers did not bat in the 9th.

    Anyways, still an amazing feat. Lets hope the Dodgers can turn the tables today…but walk out of the game with a win.


    According to Tony Jackson Pierre will remain the LF’er after Andruw comes back to play CF. That will not change unless either Pierre of Andruw play themselves out of the starting lineup. Torre also thinks that Pierre is a great stabilizing influence that he needs in there all the time. So, screw the fans, but he’s the manager, and what are we going to do about it. He obviously likes his veterans, and the youngsters mostly still “don’t get it”, meaning Torre’s system. That’s what we get for having a Torre type of manager. If he takes us to the playoffs, he’ll probably get the credit no matter how he treats the youngsters, or whether he puts the best team on the field or not. I’m wondering whether it’s worth getting into the playoffs, if we’re not going to advance. I’ve totally had it with Torre, and I’ve had it with Ned for the last two years now. So, it will be interesting to see where Frank stands in all of this.
    That probably depends on how much ridicule he can stand from the mainstream press.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    Who do JP and ‘Druw have to compete with for playing time? Answer: No one. What a crock of ****.

  24. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I was hoping Josh would start a new thread, so I could use my phone (once the thread gets past 100, it gets too long ). Blogging from Oakland Coliseum and wearing my “Got Ethier” shirt – life is good 🙂 Have fun watching the Dodgers; I will be cheering from here every step of the way . I will blog you when I get home- GO DODGERS – SWEEP THE ANGELS BACK TO ANAHEIM !!
    CP – hope you had fun at the concert 🙂
    Bluecrewgirl – cool story about the Ethier shirt – the funny thing is I can’t spell “either” correctly anymore – I always have to check to make sure it doesn’t spell “ethier” lol !

  25. bluecrewgirl

    I know, I think a lot of Dodger fans have made that typo since he came onto the team. I’ve done it a few times myself.


    yeah i have so much to say I am overloaded and shutting down. i am over it. lets hope this is Torre’s way of saying ok fine Ned we will play your team this year and see what happens but soon were looking at:



    But I still root for the players o0n the field as they play the game…so nice HAN RAM…Lackey should be tough today and sweeping the angels should be hard.


    Messagebear, I live in St Louis area so watched Torre manage the Cardinals, and I thought he was a terrible manager then and I haven’t changed my mind since. He had a losing record with the Mets and did a lousy job with the Cards


    I believe you, boblee. He did great for those many years with the Yanks, but only because he had all of the best veteran players available with the highest payroll in the game. Even then in the past years he really underachieved, which is why the Yanks needed to make a change. I think Torre was past his prime as a manager in those last years, and he’s clearly out of touch with the younger players’ generation now. That’s really to our detriment, if we’re going to stick with the youth movement.

  30. aeversw

    Well with the news of Pierre being our everyday Left Fielder when Fat *** gets back I think it is time to give up on this team as a whole, especially management.


    well, that was gay. nice job walking gary “no bat speed” matthews, lowe. jesus, something stupid always happens when he pitches.

  32. kpookiemon

    We can only hope the Pierre hype is a precursor to a trade. Otherwise Torre and Ned are buffoons. I mean, they really are. I may be some anonymous blogger, but sorry, Joe, baseball isn’t rocket science. It’s a GAME…a game played by pampered men and “managed” by the same.

  33. enchantedbeaver

    Actually the most frightening thing to me is, is that JoJo actually believes JP (and soon AJ) are the better ballplayers.

  34. ksparkuhl

    kpoookie… we’ve been spewing that “showcasing JP for a trade” crap all season long… and I’m afraid it’s not going to materialize. Colletti and Torre are way out of touch with reality. If not for the justification of the JP contract, there’d be no reason not to sit the “smallest hat size in baseball” and the “hardest worker in baseball”.

  35. enchantedbeaver

    And how can JoJo expect to win when he regularly gives up 10 outs a game between JP, Berroa and the pitcher/pitcher’s spot counting Sweeney? Not to mention batting them back to back to back.


    This certainly doesn’t look like our game today. This team is just not hitting. We need a good hitting coach. Who’s available?

    Berroa isn’t our answer for ss either. Maza is a much better fielder that Berroe. Berroa can’t hit worth S***.

  37. aeversw

    Hu is on the DL in Vegas with blurred vision. He has this problem before and last time it was corrected he went on to hit over .300 in Vegas. It’s not like it matters though. We’ve got 3 guys who are hitting over .400 at Vegas and they won’t even smell a call up because we’ve got Sweeiner.


    Good Morning/Afternoon … The more I watch this years team the more I’m convinced that we’re just one week of consistent hitting away from being a tough team to beat. To date we’ve never been able to hit more than 1 day a week and this stretch of hittingless (sic) is now part of the Dodger mentality.

  39. kpookiemon

    If Arizona hadn’t fallen on their collective faces, the Dodgers would be buried and all this “to-the-rescue” talk of Nomar, Furcal, Andruw, Pierre, Sweeney, et al, would be moot. We’d be playing the all kids with an eye on 2009, allowing them their growing pains without the passive/aggresive glare of Joe. You know, walking into Dodger Stadium last night, buying a $5 hot dog and a $5 coke, looking at the “luxury” boxes that have encroached into the field, I really began to resent McCourt, as well as his two hired hands, Joe and Ned. I may have to change my e-mail address again when they read this, but I have REALLY HAD IT with this regime. Whoever called them the Three Clowns on this blog was a genius.


    I don’t think you have to worry, kpookiemon, about being cut off. By latest count, if they were looking for people on this blog to support this ludicrous management team, they would have no entries, except for maybe joeyp and the cable guy.


    More like the 3 stooges. Joe, Ned and Mc.

    Getting a little sick of this team not hitting. We were hitting much better the first of the year


    Down here I don’t get all the media input that you guys and girls get in your part of the world but if what you report is true that Joe will play JP everyday in LF even after Jones returns shows me that perhaps Joe isn’t the answer to what the Dodger’s need. To sit either Kemp or Ethier slows up their progress and considering how well they’ve been playing (Kemp’s hot & cold hitting excepted) will be a detriment to the Dodgers not a positive. BUT I suppose if Joe and Ned are right then Jones will come back and hit .300 with 20 HR’s, Nomar will catch fire and DeWitt will sit, Furcal will play like he has a contract coming up and Sweeney will have a 7-8 stretch as a PH Plus I’ll wake up to find I’m a multi-millionaire. To be Honest I can’t see any of it happening.


    if berroa is still on the team tomorrow im buring my dodgers gear and picking up an angel hat.


    I know JP has had a lot of hits this year but I can honestly say I’ve never seen him hit the ball hard. His hit just then was nothing more than a mis-hit by anyone else.


    i swear we can put honeycutt up at the plate and he can swing the stick better than berroa.


    i know we all make jokes about why juan never gets injured like other guys.. but you had to feel for the guy right there.. looked nasty when aybar landed on him..


    We suck at hitting. We suck at Home runs. Our pitching is getting much better, Our defense could be a lot better. I still can’t believe we’re 2 games out of first. If we can catch fire with our hitting we can take this division going away…

  48. bluecrewgirl

    I would never wish injury on him or anyone else, regardless of who my favorite players are. Hope he’s okay.


    Me too but he killing me in my fantasy league with his stolen bases and I’m losing 8 to 5 and Pierre have 6 on his own.

  50. ksparkuhl

    After reading Tony Jackson’s blog this morning about Pierre being our everyday left fielder, I said to my dear spouse that I’ve never wished an injury to a Dodger player in my life until today. I feel like crap right about now. Juan Pierre, I hope you’re okay. I want Andre Ethier to kick your butt fair and square… get well quick.


    if lowe’s injured, i hope he’s not making it worse by being hard headed..

  52. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am in Gnat h*ll right now in Oakland, and I think what I have been reading about JP and Andruw taking over in the outfield is in a way a much worse h*ll. I didn’t think things could get much worse than sitting around a bunch of Gnat fans and wearing Dodger blue – LMAO!!! The only reason I am laughing is because Joe and Ned are out of their f*cking minds! The only thing to do is laugh at the idiots if they think Pierre and Andruw are the answers for the outfield. Sorry if I’m being negative – LMAO!!! roland just hit homerun 11-1 giants uugghh!


    This game sucks. Dodgers can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag at this point. Really getting tire of these hitless games.


    i was just catching up on all the things joe said today about pierre and jones and how ethier and kemp will be sharing a spot.. i ask, WHAT IS HE SEEING THAT WE ALL AREN’T??? how can he be so enamored with pierre? even if i try to step back and see it from a different perspective, i can’t. i just don’t see it joe..

    “About half the month of April and right through the month of June he’s been really great, and I can’t ignore what a difference he’s made,” Torre said.

  55. edwcarter

    I feel bad for Pierre. No one deserves to get hurt (besides Andruw), especially someone who is as solid as Pierre. The guy never gets hurt


    i find it ironic, that on the day that joe says pierre will never sit and will have the LF job forever.. he’s forced to remove him due to injury.


    Kemp has no idea how good he’s going to be. If he can just start getting his hits, he’ll be a superstar…

  58. lny4loney

    Idiot quote by Slimers: “ .. the kids still rule here.”
    What a maroon!! If the kids ruled, they’d be playing every day in a consistent lineup with the best hitters in the top part of the lineup. Duh. Obviously, the ruling class is the old guys. The older and more useless, the more favored. JoJo himself is the oldest and most favored. If a young manager was as clueless about his own players as JoJo he would have been fired by now.
    Idiot quote by JoJo/Slimers: “it’s still a work in progress” getting through to the team’s young players.
    No. It’s still a work in progress getting through to JoJo … and the media. More than 200 songs have been written here trying to get through to them, and so far I haven’t seen JoJo try a lineup without Juanpy, or even heard a question asked by the media about that obviously failed strategy.
    The media is almost as pathetic as JoJo and The Nedster.
    Update on Popgun while batting first in the order:
    Batting 1st 49 games, .255 BA, .293 OBP, 20 Runs
    I gotta agree with JoJo; Juan is consistent.


    It’s got to be official now doesn’t it? .. Sweeney is under .100 and still is our No1 PH .. and we were so happy to get the Great Joe as our manager.

  60. dodger 32

    Joe Torre, nice man, wrong manager for this team. If he wants to play Pierre over Andre or Kemp , then either he knows something that all the fans don’t know, or we all live in a bizzaro world where bad is good and good is bad.


    i don’t understand joe at all.. it boggles my mind.. consistently bad is a good thing? yeah juan is consistent, but consistenly bad.. and apparently it’s better to expect 1 or 0 singles a game, than not knowing whether you’d get more from someone else..

  62. enchantedbeaver

    The Dodgers are the only team I know that can give up 1 run in three games and still lose one…

    If JoJo isn’t getting through to the kids, its just more fuel to the fire that he isn’t the right man for the job.

  63. ksparkuhl

    And the pitchers’ spot due to lead off the ninth… oh man. Nothing like having Delwyn Young come in to save the game in the ninth. Now that would be classic.


    Has a team ever been no hit 2 games in a row? It’s amazing how close we came today!! I can’t believe even with losing today, we’re still only 2.5 games back!!

  65. ksparkuhl

    Do you think that maybe the hitting coach needs to be replaced??? I like Mike Easler… great guy… but I never thought of him as a hitting coach even when he was a player. Maybe it’s time for a change.


    Yeah, kss, I think you might be on to something… last year, same players, much different results. It’s interestnig how much we’re like the A’s in the regard that we’ve got no power, but look at the records… We need a power bat like never before.


    kpookie, you’re exactly right. If the D-backs hadn’t fallen flat on their faces, the kids would all be playing and we’d be determining what we have for next year. Now those of us who are hoping for the long-term success of this team are going to have to endure every rumor and half truth regarding every overpriced, worn out, unwanted veteran that may be headed our way up to the trading deadline and praying that the Nedster doesn’t do something unbelievably stupid and bring one or more of them here. Stay strong and stay tuned.


    Things are going south. Great pitching and now we can’t hit at all. Now with JP out, we have no major league experinece on the b paths. What a pitiful bunch of losers. Hitting coach can’t change these morons. The West the weakest and we will probably win it and be wiped out in the first round of hte playoffs. And, most of you will think … oh what a great team. This team would be booed out of PHilly or Boston.

  69. bluecrewgirl

    That was a terrible call on strike three for Ethier. That pitch was definitely out of the strike zone. Screwed up what could have been a good at bat. He was making good contact on the pitches he fouled off.


    no question, ethier got screwed.. changed the whole inning..

    ugh, i HATE k-rod..

    hope jeff takes a good at-bat..

  71. ksparkuhl

    Agreed bluecrew… Ethier gave the ump an earfull on his way back though. That was good to see… a little more assertiveness from a third-year player.


    we could be going into extra inning…. =)

    if Pierre is injured badly and ends up on the DL, we’d have no more songs to do and no more jokes… oh no what are we going to do with our lives now?? haha jk.

    Sitting Andre & Kemp would be the worst mistake Torre is going to make for this team.


    Agreed, a bad call. Good to see Andre giving the ump some attitude for it though.. AH, this ending is so nerve wracking !!!



    at least they showed some fight.. the umpire changed the inning by robbing ethier of his at bat..


    it would have been soo crazy if Loney hit a grand slam homer… haha but that’s okay.. off to houston!! 🙂

  76. bluecrewgirl

    I thought the same thing, Sara. Who knows what the outcome would have been, but I hate to see such a bad call have an impact on a close game.


    We could be involved in another shutout tomorrow night. We draw Roy Oswalt in Houston.


    What a tough one, but we got our chance in the ninth – enough to get my blood pumping. We’ll do better in Houston.

    In the meantime, I’m publishing our list of bloggers and home towns once again. If your name does not carry that information, it would be great if you provide it on your next post.
    enchanted Las Cruces, NM
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    shad Compton, CA
    bluecrewgirl Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    iheartethier LA, CA


    Let’s make songs about how Andre can’t hit.
    Infact i’d rather watch my dog ****
    Oh Where should this leftie be
    Anywhere where we who love the Dodgers can’t see
    Cause He has no clue on how to hit
    So put him on the Bench and you can watch him sit


    nice one Padodgers. too bad your the only person on this site who thinks this way…. : )

  81. enchantedbeaver

    Allow 1 run in three games and you still lose one of the three? Something’s gotta change. Our kids are regressing under Torre/Bowa/Easler, and have been since the beginning of the year when JoJo took full control and wasn’t off galavanting around China. Coaching obviously isn’t getting through to the vets either…

    What isn’t getting through to JoJo The Clown? He exacerbates the issue by calling JP his LF regardless of performance, Kent bats 3-4 regardless of performance, and Sweeney 6 for friggin 61. Yeah Joe, bat for Berroa with Sweeney – WTFs the difference??

    I honestly wish that the Snakes would take off on another run and bury the D’s by the trade deadline so that we can be PVL sellers, not PVL buyers. Let the kids play the rest of the year so they can be properly evaluated, and FIRE NED AND JOJO.

  82. kpookiemon

    Seeing all the starts from the 70s last night made me realize how far this franchise has fallen. Not just wins and losses, but direction, expertise, talent evaluation, even putting product over PR spin and price gouging. Makes it really hard to stay a Dodger fan, though I always will be.


    Oswalt isn’t exactly chopped liver, shad. When you think about it, we’ve faced some pretty good pitchers and teams lately. The Chisoxs and the Angels are 1st place teams in their divisions. Buehrle and Lackey are top of the rotation pitchers and so is Oswalt. Fess up. Before the Freeway Series began, how many of you here, giving into your worst fears, would’ve been willing to bet that we would’ve won only one game or been swept? Think about it. We split with two division leading teams and won the last series. As bad as our offense has been and the level of competition we’ve been playing, it could’ve been a helluva lot worse.

  84. kpookiemon

    “When the center fielder returns after the All-Star break, Torre said Jones will take back his starting spot in center and Juan Pierre will stay in left field, leaving Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier for right field.

    “Torre said the right-field situation will not be a straight platoon between the righty Kemp and lefty Ethier.

    “More likely, it would be who’s playing well or who has a hot bat or who seems to have more life in their body, or something like that,” Torre said. “It’s going to be more a feel thing than just a platoon thing.”

    Guess the Big Dodger in the Sky has other plans, eh Tommy?


    We have fallon on tough times. Earlier somone on this blog compare this team to the 70’s. What a joke. We are one the worst hitting teams in Dodger history. Iheart .. you have no clue on potential. Eithier did show some promise, but he hasn’ passed the test. A 278 prjuected avg, with 14 homeruns is not a keeper. Not on a good Dodger team, and that is what i expect, not average… my money says he doesn’t make it thru next year. and most will forget him


    No **** see I’ve been a fan for 30 yrs but I bet Oswalt won’t get a shutout against us.


    On the postitive… Lowe pitched well! I agree Oswelt won’t get a shutout. In fact, we might explode


    Is not like Oswalt owned us in his career like he does with the Reds. Ouch team batting average is .258 and it going to gone down more. I can’t believe we used to be in the top 5 in hitting. What a joke the Pirate, Rockers and Giants pass us up.

  89. kpookiemon

    Why would anyone with front office talent (Logan White) want to remain in this insane asylum? This USED to be the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thanks to Frank, Ned and Joe I don’t know them anymore…


    Ouch .13 between the Cubs and Cardinals batting average. Damn I wish we had the Cubs power lol.

  91. bluecrewgirl

    I strongly disagree with you PADodger. Ethier was hitting over .300 before Torre started jerking him in and out of the lineup and Grady did the same thing to him last season. I still think he’s going to be a huge star and I hope it will be for the Dodgers. He just needs to play every day. Despite the fact that he’s been in a bit of slump lately, he’s still played stellar defense.


    enchanted, part of me agrees with you and part of me wishes that something like that would’nt be necessary to wake up Nedley and JoJo and bring them back from Oz. But wishing ain’t gonna make it so. If Arizona doesn’t turn it around, we’ve got a few weeks to sweat it out before the trading deadline ends. As I said earlier, stay strong and stay tuned.


    I didn’t guarantee Oswalt would get a shutout, I said it was possible. He’s a top of the rotation level guy and you always run that risk with those type of guys. He’s typical of the level of pitchers we’ve been seeing lately.

  94. bluecrewgirl

    At least Oswalt’s era is a lot higher than Lackey’s. Hopefully, we’ll get back on track tomorrow.


    someone new at lead-off at least tomorrow:

    per tony jackson..

    And hold the phone on what I reported earlier today about Pierre, because he may NOT be the everyday LF. In fact, he may be headed to the DL. Or not. He isn’t flying to Houston with the team tonight, and he will have an MRI tomorrow. If it shows nothing, I’m guessing he’ll fly to Houston on Tuesday and maybe play that night. If it shows something, he’ll probably go on the DL for the first time in his career, and the Dodgers undoubtedly will recall Jason Repko from Vegas and put him in the leadoff spot until Furcal is activated in a week. Torre said after the game that Delwyn Young is the most likely candidate to lead off tomorrow night, when the Dodgers will operate with 24 players, but he didn’t commit to that. Said Matt Kemp is a remote possibility, too. If you didn’t see it, Pierre stole second in the sixth inning, sliding in headfirst as always, and Erick Aybar fell on the back of Pierre’s left knee. Pierre rolled around in agony for a few minutes, then tried to walk it off, then tried to talk Torre into leaving him in the game, but that wasn’t going to happen.


    well, you know, it’s not too bad, we won the series and had a chance to sweep. We shut out the Angels twice and only gave up one run…. This could be the beginning of something big, this is make or break time for us. With some guys coming back, we’ve got a chance to win the division. I don’t agree with the people who say that they want us to lose so that Colletti will be gone. How could you root for your favorite team to lose and call yourself a fan!?!?!? On top of that, in baseball, you get into the playoffs and ANYTHING can happen…. Go Dodgers!

  97. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s face it, ANYONE that pitches against the D’s this year has the potential to throw a shutout, including Grandma Moses and Jacques Cousteau.

    This team is so effed up internally from the top down that there may be no coming back to a place like the 70’s. There’s a reason for that also:

    Owner: Boston – idolizes the Red Sox so much he hired their PR man.
    GM: San Francisco – a PR man from an organization more screwed up than the D’s, and from the Bonds is God era to boot.
    Manager: New York – unable to win except where the owners gave him every elite player money could buy.

    Nothing short of divine intervention will help this team as long as the three stooges run the show.


    Nothing short of divine intervention will help this team as long as the three stooges run the show.

    Our worst hitter getting the teams most at bats, being praised on this very day for getting on at a consistent 29% of the time with 7 extrabase hits and 20 runs scored in 48 games going down and maybe to the DL for the first time in his career. That counts.

  99. lny4loney

    I’m gonna love seeing an outfield of Matt, Andre, and Delwyn. This is what we should have been seeing for the last two months.
    However Delwyn in the leadoff spot doesn’t make a particular lot of sense. I’m high on Delwyn and he may prove to be a very good major leaguer (f JoJo knew how to manage, we’d have a lot better idea by now). But Delwyn’s strength is not his blazing speed or his ability to steal bases. He has one SB in his major league career and a total of 28 in his minor league career. Delwyn’s strength is the extreme hurtin’ he puts on the ball for extra bases. Now certainly, Delwyn is a better lead-off hitter than Juan Pierre, but who isn’t?
    The best choice on this (healthy players only) team is Russell Martin with his .400 OBP and good speed.
    Matt Kemp is an interesting choice for leadoff. He has absolutely blazing speed and could total as many as 40-45 stolen bases this year if left in the leadoff spot. The position might also force him to be a little more selective at the plate and cut down his swing on 2-strike counts. On the other hand, it would be better for the team and for Matt to simply keep him in his natural #3 slot every day for the rest of the year.
    Ethier and Loney would also make more sense in the leadoff position than DY simply because they are proven major league hitters.
    We finally get Juanpy out of the way, and it looks like JoJo is going to screw up the opportunity to get a proven hitter in that crucial spot. Leave it to JoJo.


    Well when he does get on base it seem no one can’t drive him in. Pierre is way better in that 2nd holes where he can get alot of fast ball at 51%. Maybe we need to dropped him down a spot. Damn he does have great numbers against Oswalt.


    I don’t care bring up Repko if he not hurt. Where Martinez been doing in the minor? He did have a tough time last year but can he be call up and I bet he can much better than Berroa. I know this is a silly question but do he have to be on waiver to be call up? I assume is not the same as the reentry waiver.

  102. enchantedbeaver

    Its a start jungar… it’s a start.

    If JP does go on the DL, how much team salary will be there now??

    Hey JoJo – maybe Berroa can lead off now.

  103. enchantedbeaver

    Of course you know jungar, being the trooper he is, JP will be just alright enough to play, but now minus his ONLY asset.


    I’m rooting for Sweeney to move from PH to lead off hitter 🙂 since everyone doesn’t get to the games til the 3rd inning anyways they wouldn’t miss out on much.. haha. Kidding.


    PaDodger- Andre has had a great career so far, when he first got to ASU they told him he’d have a better chance playing at Chandler… he made sucha great comeback and showed he deserved to play for the Sun Devils… playing with the Dodgers in ’06 he’s had a great rookie year… and also in ’07. If Torre gives him a chance and would stop putting so much pressure on these kids about fighting for spots & lose these deadweight vets (who have not led and shown great examples for these kids) he along with the rest of the youngins will be able to prove that they deserve to play everyday.
    There’s obviously conspiracy in the management office up there.. why else would the team be how they are now.. with so much controversy about every aspect.
    I don’t think anyone wants to see their favorite team lose but that’s where Torre, Frank, Ned are leading us towards so we’re only stating the obvious and hoping for a change for the better 🙂


    Furcal, Nomar, Kent..all these vets… have given us great years & great games.. but it’s time to move on and focus on how great the youngins could be for years to come….

  107. ghfgdgdsg

    wow we really need to start dealing if we want to make it to postseason!!!

    the offense is just pathetic and I know Furcal is coming back but we need a serious slugger right now

  108. lny4loney

    I’m going to break this down by headings.
    Pierre has a better average batting second than first … this year … ten games. Lifetime his 2-hole stats are virtually identical to his stats as a leadoff hitter or just generally. See here:

    The Popgun has absolutely NO POWER. And I’m not just talking about homerun power. He doesn’t even have much doubles power (just 9 doubles and 1 triple this year despite his speed). Since everybody knows that Pierre doesn’t have any pop, they can and do play in on him. Therefore Juan his virtually no chance of driving home a runner from first base (12 RBI when the only runner was on first base in 723 lifetime Plate Appearances – that means that the odds of Pierre driving in a guy from first are LESS THAN 2 PERCENT). See same page as above. Similarly, where the only runner was on second, Pierre has driven him in just 15% of the time. Same reference – I’ll let you do the math.
    I don’t know where to find the stats to back this up, but we’ve all seen him bunt. Yes, he has a lot of bunt hits in his career … because he has a lot of attempts. If my eyes are any judge, he is at best an average bunter.

    Number two hitters need to hit to the right side so that runner on first or second can safely move up a base on a groundout. Despite being a left-handed batter, Pierre virtually never hits the ball to the right side.
    Leaving aside for the moment the argument of whether Pierre should start for the Dodgers (or any major league team) at all, the above facts prove to any person with a fundamental understanding of baseball that Pierre should not bat second. To the extent he should be in the lineup at all, he should bat eighth. That way, the one time per game he gets on base, he can steal a base and/or the pitcher can bunt him over, and he can score on a single/sac fly by the leadoff hitter who hopefully will be somebody with a good batting average (ideally Russell Martin).

  109. aeversw

    Josh, where is the Chad Billingsley love? You wrote all that stuff about No-Hitters but didn’t even mention that Bills out pitched a guy who allowed no hits! Come on! Can’t the PR department get their noses out of Nomar, Kent and Pierre’s ***** for one day!?!

    Give Bills some credit!


    AGREED MARTINLONEYKEMP.. too bad TORRE NED FRANK DOESNT THINK THIS WAY 🙂 Maybe they do but hey what do they care? We still support our team.. go to games.. pay for overpriced parking.. pay for overpriced food/drinks… so really why do they care? Money is the root of evil…


    The number don’t lied and he’s batting .432 with an obp .512. He was better in the 2nd hold behind Furcal. What number are you looking at?


    You wasted your team typing all of that. The combo of Furcal/Pierre was working a lot. Maybe he need to do that again with maybe Martin leading off.


    Please explain Loney and Ethier batting lead off. I don’t think any manager wants a 1st baseman with no speed at that lead off spot.


    I’m only going by this year not his career stats and I know he’s not a #2 hitter. It said Pierre obp is .375 in July weird. You do realize I’m only saying that because what he’s was doing in the 2nd hole with only 37 AB’s when Furcal were playing. Why not try someone else to lead and put him back in the 2nd hole or else we can always resigned Lofton and hope to trade Pierre to Colorado lol. I guess we should trade some new. We seen Kent move to the 3rd spots to see better pitches and same goes with Jones. It probably would work and it probably won’t work. Apparently we’re not the GM/Manager and them 2 know everything we doesn’t know.


    I mean I guess we should try something new and longer Pierre is still on this team it won’t change nothing lol. Actually that 2007 really doesn’t count since he was new to the team and need to be confortable first. That why 2007 had nothing to do with this year and since Grady was the manager and Torre is the veteran manager and probably seen it all..

  116. bluecrewgirl

    The recent decision making with the Dodgers reminds me of the following lines from White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane:

    When logic and proportion
    Have fallen sloppy dead
    And the White Knight is talking backwards
    And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”

    It’s like they live in a world that only makes sense to them and logic and common sense have definitely fallen sloppy dead. It’s really sad and frustrating to have to watch as a fan.

  117. lny4loney

    I’m not in favor of Loney or Ethier batting first; it’s just better than Pierre batting first.
    I would agree that ideally you want speed at the top of the order. That’s a no-brainer. The question arises when you have to choose a guy with a lot of speed but a crap OBP versus a guy with little speed but a very good OBP.
    Terry Francona started Kevin Youkillis in the leadoff spot 95 times in 2006. Here are Youk’s stats for those 95 games:
    467 PA, 391 AB, .286 BA, .385 OBP (there’s your key stat), 73 runs (I take it back, there’s your key stat), 47 RBI, 3 Stolen bases, 27 doubles, 1 triple, 9 HRs.
    P.S. The ‘06 Red Sox were 55-40 when Youkillis led off compared to 31-36 when a speedster did.

  118. lny4loney


    I’m trying to show those numbers to Colletti and Torre all the time, as are many other fans on this site and many other Dodger blogs. All they have to do is look here, or actually do a little research themselves. It ain’t that hard.


    Wow they have that those stats in different category. Are you kidding me Hit Trajectory/Location/ Power/Finesse Pitchers/Leverage who ever updated those stats must be really busy.


    I think it’s safe to say that NEVER HAS A TEAM DONE SO LITTLE WITH SO MUCH. The Dodgers are blessed with a wealth of young talent and should be running away with the NL West this year. But Ned and Joe continue to find ways to keep that from happening. Ned has blocked the the paths of the young talent at every turn since he’s been GM. Then he hired a Manager who would play his ridiculous signings so he wouldn’t look bad. Torre has done everything possible to adversely impact the kids psychologically and destroy team chemistry. He is the WORST manager for this type of team. Oh, how different things would be if Dan Evans was still the GM and Dave Collins was the manager. The Dodgers team would now be the envy of baseball instead of the laughing stock.


    $80 million in salaries out of the $113 million total would be on the DL if Juan goes. Soon we might have to get Furcal back and replace Pierre with Ethier. We are so screwed.


    Yeah good site but never really check out the different category in those stats. Who was there lead off guys other than Youlkis?


    Reyes and Furcal would kick butt or maybe Furcal and Utley and we almost had him but he went to college after we drafted him. I still can’t believe we drafted him and Byrnes and heck for god sake we did have David Price that was TB #1 drafted pick. Oh what would had happen if we had those guys in our organization instead of going to college.

  124. enchantedbeaver

    Same as the rest of our young guys shad – fighting for playing time and losing it to Torre’s pet PVLs.

  125. vbd2004

    two games 3 hits one run .enough said ,if ned can’t see this then why even try and win just get Sweeny to play first ,bennet catch and any other has been and we have a Toree team and will until the atendence drops,then maybe something will change

  126. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I guess we should be saying “Be careful what you wish for”. I was at the A’s game and could only tell something went wrong by what I was reading from the comments that you were posting. I was trying to ignore what was happening around me seeing how the gnats were destroying the A’s and I was around alot of gnat fans so that’s why I was reading the posts, and hoping the 1-0 scoreboard would change before too long, but it never did – LOL! What happened specifically to Pierre?


    Once again don’t give Torre any idea of doing that lol. I’m sorry but give credit to the Angels pitching for shut us down for 2 games a in a row.

  128. cpompe1

    hey dnel (Tammy!),
    good to hear from you. Sorry you had to endure the gnats game today; that must have been just brutal. The D’s were back to their old tricks again. They didn’t do anything all game until the 9th inning when they had the bases loaded and Loney grounded out. Well, at least they won the series from the Angels and heck, we even split the season series. As good as the Angels are, one can call that somewhat of a moral victory. Unfortunately, moral victories don’t count for much in this league. Again, the Dodgers couldn’t take advantage of a D’backs loss. Tough loss today. Heck, any loss is tough these days.

    The concert last night was great; thx for asking before! The first half of the concert, Cheap Trick and some special guests sang various Beatles tunes (non Sgt. Pepper songs). After intermission, Cheap Trick sang the Sgt. Pepper album; that was great! I was born but not very old when the Beatles came to the US so I never got to see them in person. I saw Cirque de Soleil’s (is that how you spell it?) Beatles/Love show in Vegas. That was great!

  129. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am commenting on the two articles about Jones and Pierre being in the outfield. I realize Pierre is hurt, and I truly mean no disrespect at this point, but you have got to be kidding me that you are going to allow Kemp and Ethier (and don’t forget DY) to sit with all the potential they have, and play them based on how Torre feels for the day. What kind of manager does this to a team. I am completely floored by reading that article. “It’s a feeling thing” – What in the world is that supposed to mean. I can see it now – Andre or Matt walk into the clubhouse – “Andre your sitting today because you seem a little tired today”. “Matt I’m going to have to sit you today, Andre seems to be in a better mood today.” and then you have poor DY who has to hope both of them come into the clubhouse in crappy moods for him to even get a shot. This is really beyond comprehension that you would sit these two young, talented athletes because of a feeling you might have about them. So, if Andruw comes in all tired and Pierre comes in with attitude, then they will still play based on the fact that they are vets and not how they are performing or feeling. I truly am having a hard time understanding anything this man is doing. Unbelieveable and Unacceptable (permission I’m sure from jhall)

  130. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – I saw the “Love” show too – totally awesome!!! That’s what gave me the idea of doing the Beatles with our classes. That soundtrack was incredible!!! That’s great you had a fun time. Once the game got out of hand, I started paying attention to this blog and my battery died I was using it so much in the last hour of the game. We had great seats on 3rd base side so I thought there would be more A’s fans, but really not the case. However, the A’s fans are alot calmer than our fans and gnat fans. I was very proud to be wearing my Dodger blue. They really left me alone because we are still ahead of them. The A’s fans were hoping we would win obviously to help them out against the Angels. I said “We gave you tw0 . We weren’t expected to do that” The loved the Ethier shirt. They even talked about all of they young players they have let go because of money and stupid trades (sound familiar).
    So, is Pierre really not going to be in lineup tomorrow? I’m trying to wrap my brain around all the comments and articles all at once, and it’s very overwhelming.

  131. cpompe1

    Torre is truly mishandling this situation. He has no clue how much damage he’s doing to the kids. I don’t want to say trade the kids to where they’d be appreciated, but I’m afraid (1) they’ll do it and (2) Ned won’t get anything in value for them.

  132. cpompe1

    No, it looks like JP won’t even make it to Houston, at least for tomorrow. I know what we’ve all said about JP on this blog, but I REALLY didn’t want him to get hurt. I was just hoping that Torre would realize that JP isn’t the best lead-off hitter in the world. All I can hope now is that if JP is really hurt and goes on the DL that DY or Repko (if they do end up bringing him up) shows Torre how much better they would be as a lead-off hitter than JP.

    Do the A’s fans regret not having Ethier any more? I still don’t like Bradley. I don’t care what his BA is right now, but he is a definite cancer in the clubhouse.

  133. enchantedbeaver

    I’m sorry but if it took an injury to get Juan’s pathetic little *** out of the line-up, then so be it.

    Juan plays the game right Joe?? Juan plays the game so pathetically poorly that 29 other GMs didn’t want him on their team. If I was the D’s GM, I’d pay his entire salary and give him away just to inflict him onto another ballclub. Someone said it here in the last few days – if you’re depending on Juan to lead you to the playoffs, you’re in serious trouble.

    I’ve never seen a team so mishandled both in the dugout and in the front office as the Dodgers. With these three boobs at the controls, it’ll be at least another 20 years before we see a penant, let alone a championship.

  134. cpompe1

    oh enchanted, don’t retreat into your cave now. That is unless you’re going in there to write another songwriting gem!!! 🙂

  135. tradejuanpypaperbag

    They have a pretty good core right now, but they do have Emil Brown in RF, and Andre could run circles around him. Travis Buck is Andre’s classmate from ASU and didn’t play today because he is really, really struggling at a .170 average and not even close to the numbers that Andre has put up. Even though we are not happy with how Andre is being treated, I would have to assume that he is happy where he is at. The A’s are very small market team and Andre definitely got the better end of the deal, as long as he gets to stay.
    On the Pierre front – I do feel bad that he got hurt. I do want it to be a fair competition, but he word fair doesn’t seem to have the same definition in Torre’s book that it does for the rest of the world. He says Pierre won the job. What I want to know is when did Andre lose that job- batting .300 at the time wasn’t good enough I guess.
    On the Andruw front – he still has to get through the rehab assignment, and we’ve seen many who haven’t made it out yet so that is a bridge we can cross when and if it actually happens.

  136. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Enchanted – you are so very funny LMAO!!!! I truly can’t believe the things I am reading about this man and how he is treating these poor poor boys – I just want say to him “What the F are you doing?” I really didn’t expect that piano to fall any time soon – Wow!!! If I treated my class the way he is treating this team, I would be fired (well the union would step in first, but I would definitely be written up). UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!

  137. cpompe1

    I’m afraid you’re right about JP and Torre (hey eric, we can always put your “babe” song whenever we like!) But dnel, I do also wonder when did Andre lose his job?

    As the rehab/vet front (not just Druw but everyone), we can speculate all we want but they still have to get thru rehab. And we’ve all heard, “oh, Raffy is ready to come back” and then doesn’t. Makes it so frustrating. Like you said, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  138. colliethec

    Woo Hoo! I made it on!!
    I’m with you nelly. As you know I’ve been a backer of Torre this season. I really felt he had a resume that would help out the Dodgers organization at the point of where they are at this time. I was of the opinion that he deserved the time through May to become familear with the players that are in the organization.
    This should of been done in spring training but I gave him a break due to the all the stupid travel that was planned. So I felt he would be able to figure it out by July. Well…It will be July in a day and by that report he is no longer getting my support. I mean I still like the man, and respect him, but that was just discouraging to me as a Dodger fan.
    I mean I’m so annoyed by that report that I’m having a hard time focusing on just 1 thing to say about it!!! Other than what have you (Joe) been watching the last couple of months?!!!
    I mean in every way Ethier is better than Pierre other than speed.
    Next weekend the Dodgers are up here to play the Giants. I was going to try to get within earshot of Torre to ask him why not try DY in the leadoff spot and sit Pierre. Just once!! Just to ask him why he hasn’t attempted it,as it couldn’t hurt. But now I might not have to.
    So maybe I’ll have to move my question to him as the Sweeney question!
    The Berrora move I understand a little more, but he isn’t working out so time to but a sail on him and blow hard!!!
    I’m sorry that Pierre got hurt. I know what that is like and it stinks. I hope he gets healthy soon! Not that I want him in the everyday lineup. I’m hoping that he has at least a few days off and the team can show what can be done without his skills.
    I’m really hoping that Pierre goes on the DL for a couple of weeks to get healthy, DFA Sweeney & Berrora and then Furcal, Repko, and Jones can come up and make a difference. I’m hoping that Jones has lost weight and that maybe his knee was affecting him. Also that when they say he’s lost weight that it’s not 1 pound, but about 10-15.

  139. cpompe1

    I’m really hoping that Sweeney doesn’t last that long. To say he’s bad, it the understatement of the century. The only thing that I see good coming out of all these injuries (not that some of them haven’t missed by us) is that it forces Torre to make the adjustments to the lineup that should have been made months ago! Our record has gone to pots in the meantime, but it does force Torre to take a hard look at what he has. I still like Torre but he’s gotta face some hard facts. I wish injuries wouldn’t be the way that he faces facts, but at least he’s learning about his team (the hard way.)

  140. cpompe1

    “To say he’s bad, it the understatement of the century.”

    I actually meant “To say he’s bad IS the understatement of the century.” Did I ever say that I hate it when I don’t proofread??? 🙂

  141. colliethec

    Jungar–The last time I was able to be on here we were talking about Sheff & Kemp. I wans’t able to respond because my computer is on it’s last leg!
    I wasn’t saying that Sheff was or Kemp is a bad player. They can do much more than I! But my point was that Sheff had a hard time with sliders away when he started and Kemp does to. I want Kemp in there every day, but I was pointing out that he does have a hard time making contact on those pitches. Kemp in a way reminds me of a younger Sheff minus the bat wiggle. Kemp does well when he goes the other way and doesn’t try to pull everything. Actually when I last posted and was saying that, the next day he doubled and homered to right center.
    Once he learns that and to do that with consistancy he is really going to be tough to deal with.

  142. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – I, too, thought Torre would be a solution to a problem that was very evident last year with clubhouse issues and all, but boy, I certainly didn’t expect it to be worse. It just seems like we have taken a major step backwards. The only other thing that sounds rational is maybe the fact that certain players are being showcased because how can you state that JP is one of the best when everything we read statistically tells us otherwise. Andruw – it just depends on how he comes back. If he comes back healthy and can hit the ball – not a problem!!

  143. colliethec

    Agreed cp!!
    I still think that there is time left in the season to get this turned around. The pitching has been doing well and other than the last few days, we’ve had people on, just not been able to drive them in. That is why I’m hoping Jones can come back a different player.
    By the way, do any of you stat people want to look into how many solo homerus the Dodgers have this season. I’ve been moaning about this to my Wife for a couple of weeks and then Friday Ethier hit his 3 run bomb. Not bad for a guy with “baby arms” I think is the quote.

  144. colliethec

    Nelly-A’s games are fun. I love going to them (Heck I just love going to games) but haven’t been to any this year.
    A few years back I went with my fiance (Now Wife) to a game with my hair dyed blue. I got some grief but not much. The program guy said, “Couldn’t you of just bought a cap?”. I thought that was pretty funny.

  145. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Yes, that would be padodgers that calls him “baby arms”, and yes, I will look that stat up – my guess is alot of solos.

  146. cpompe1

    I like you have not given up on our boys in blue; not by a long shot. But once the vets return (whenever that may be) lets see how they play. A healthy Druw and a healthy Raffy will make a huge difference; I truly believe that. But if these two vets (and anyone else that will be coming off the DL soon) still have issues, I don’t think making a hasty decision (or decisions) to trade for someone by the deadline would be in our best interest. First Ned, except for the Bradley/Ethier trade, hasn’t shown to be that great a judge of talent. I say, bring up more from the farm. Heck, Repko (when he can stay healthy) would be tremendous for us. The one trade I would say that would be in our best interest is for a quality starter. Now, as great a pitcher I know he is, I’m not ready to jump on the CC bandwagon just yet.

  147. northstateblues

    Off work, woohoo!

    Really sad to hear about Pierre’s injury. I’ve never wished he’d get hurt, quite the contrary. With his drive and determination, I was hoping that he’d make all us naysayers eat crow while he became a catalyst like Furcal is. Please get well soon, Juan. There’s still time to prove us wrong.

    So we didn’t sweep, but at least we tied the series, I never would’ve guessed that. Guess L.A. Dominance is up for grabs soon.

    When I had to be outside waving a stupid sign at work (in the hazy smoke), I had the White Album playing on my iPod, wondering how things were going in here, and imagining the things that would be said if the Dodgers were still losing 1-0. I hate the way my job ruins weekend baseball. But that’s work for you.

  148. bluecrewgirl

    I feel sorry for Lowe too. I think his era is under 2.00 for the last 8 or nine games and he doesn’t have much to show for it.

  149. colliethec

    Northstate–If you’re outside alot for work and you can listen to your ipod you should try getting an XM radio. They have one that you can get a car kit for as well as headphones so you can listen outside! They have all the baseball games aired. It is a great option.
    Sorry your “up in smoke” (Cheech & Chong referance). Down here in Marin it has been really smoky as well. Today was the 1st day in a week I saw blue sky.
    CP–No trades!! Give it a few weeks and then if anything, be sellers! I’m a youth guy. I’m not young, but I like the youth. I think it’s good to have a vet here and there, but one that leads!
    Also I’m not big on free agent pitchers. That went bye bye for me after Kevin Brown.
    Oh and hopefully Stults says away from Conte! I saw Conte talking on the TV the other night to Bills and was like OH NO!!!! Don’t hurt him!!! Stan, back away and no one gets hurt!! LOL…
    Go blue!!!!

  150. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins – here are the homerun stats
    1 man on: Martin (2), Kemp, Kent, Loney
    2 men on: Loney, Ethier, Kemp
    3 men on: Kemp
    All others were solos
    Total homeruns – 53
    Martin – 8
    Kent – 8
    Ethier – 7
    Kemp -7
    Loney -6
    DeWitt -5
    Furcal -5
    Jones -2
    bennet, laroche, garciaparra, maza, young – 1

  151. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We were coming home from Oakland today and the valley looks horrible with all the smoke – it looked like LosAngeles -scary and sad 🙂 dcollins – are the Santa Cruz mountains anywhere near being contained yet?

  152. colliethec

    Thanks nelly! So 44 out of 53 homeruns were solo?
    WOW!! If you ask me, that’s a problem!!
    We’ve had some many 10 hit/1 or 2 run games.
    If I was Lowe I would be excited for next year to go to an AL team.
    Although I think by next year we will be much improved.


    today, after the game on dodgertalk.. a caller was talking about mark sweeney.. and ken levine and josh suchon said that based on torre’s comments about sweeney, that it didn’t sound like he’d be leaving anytime soon.. basically, torre still has immense confidence in him, and thinks that he’s just a couple hits away from gaining his swing back.. torre said that good hitters don’t just lose it all like that, and there’s no way that sweeney has lost it..

    to that, i say, SERIOUSLY??? the guy is batting under .100 and is not going to get a couple hits to regain his stroke. he has just been striking out, and it doesn’t look like it will get better anytime soon. how many more times are you going to let him hurt us in a game before you believe he is actually washed up?? are you going to let him bat .075? .050? less than his uniform #? please spare us of more misery..

  154. colliethec

    I haven’t seen the news for the last couple of days so I’m not sure of the status in Santa Cruz. I think they are pretty much contained. The one in Napa was the one that initially made it bad here. The skies have been very sureal. I’ve lived here for years but don’t remember it ever being this way other than if there was a local fire.

  155. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You are welcome – I kind thought that number would be high. It might be interesting too where they were in the batting order. We know all Furcal’s were leadoff, and we now know the rest of the 48 are not from the current leadoff. I will have to look into that – curious now 🙂

  156. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My brother and sister-in-law are headed to Napa tonight for a week’s vacation in time share – hmmm!! They are from Palm Springs – won’t be used to air quality issues. That’s too bad – wineries being affected?

  157. colliethec

    I heard a stat today about Berrora. He is actually batting .500!!! How you might be asking?
    .Well 7 strikeouts in the last 14 at bats!! I knew he had been swinging at air, but that is another WOW!
    Maybe we should sign Billy Crystal! LOL…

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – everytime I think things can’t get much worse, another story breaks that is worse than the ones before. What are these people thinking? Seriously! Don’t you wonder what Russell thinks about all of this? I mean he has such a good relationship with all of the young players, and this issue with vets vs. youth has got to be affecting him, and if he gets screwed up, I don’t want to think about what happens next.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good night dcollins – thanks for leaving us with a funny 🙂
    As for leaving this cult – not a chance – too much fun LOL!!


    I was at the game last night; great to be a part of history…sorta.
    Does anyone other than me compare Joe Torre’s man-crush on Juan Pierre to Christopher Walken screaming “WE NEED MORE COWBELL!” Juan “Cowbell” Pierre, what a nickname that would be. I hate to see a player get injured, but I have to admit that I’m hoping Juan Pierre takes a seat behind Gary Bennett on the DL.

  161. tradejuanpypaperbag

    BigKace – that’s too funny!!! That is one of my favorite SNL skits LOL!!
    I think JP will be back in the lineup by Tuesday, but at least it will give us one day with a better outfield and a chance to see how somebody else will do in the lead off spot.


    yeah, dnelson.. i wonder sometimes if the players think everything is as messed up as we do.. i know they just go about their business, and they know more about the situation than we do.. i don’t really know what they think..

  163. kpookiemon

    I’m pleased to see the majority in here are as pissed off as I am when it comes to Torre. We all figured him to be a savior…but he’s far from it The emperor’s clothes are off as far as I’m concerned. Half a season and all he can surmise is that Pierre is the spark, Sweeney is one or two at-bats away from “finding it,” and that the kids are a bunch of stubborn autobots incapable of discerning or grasping his enlightened “system.” Rather than a mold a future with this team (and be damned thankful for the talent on hand), Torre insists on playing vets whose hourglass is just about spent. Joe says he has nothing to prove, but he seems panicked to win NOW. Why? Ned may be a goofball, but at least in his three years he hasn’t traded AWAY anybody of caliber..his crimes stem from bringing has-beens IN. Of the two, Torre is far more destructive to overall team morale and his win/loss record is no “aberation.” It’s exactly what it is: crap. Sorry, Joe, but your latest quote about Andruw and Juan as your future starters is just too much to stomach, as if these two have earned the right.


    I don’t know why I even get dissappointed when I hear Torre put down the young players & keep them from reaching their full potential… I hope the young players know how much we fans root for them & feel for everything that’s going on…


    Then again why are we surprised about Torre and his decision making? He did work for George Steinbrenner… so you know what that means… 🙂 He must have learned a trick or two… so until he leaves the Dodgers I don’t expect anything with real or good intentions behind anything he does for the team.


    This Berrora at short stop is getting me sick to my stomach.
    Let Maza play short, Berrora sucks. Sweeney sucks asweell how can you hit under .200 and stay on a major leauge level. Where is the Killer Tomatoe.

  167. enchantedbeaver

    JoJo is the biggest freakin idiot of the triad when it comes to messing up this team. He’s taken all of the kids youthful enthusiasm and instead of using that to build upon, he’s totally destroyed their chemistry and spirit. Its also unbelieveable the bullshit that he spews… JP is our spark? His stats are worse than ever and rapidly declining. Yeah, he’s sparked us to be 10-11 games under .500 since he’s been leading off. And we all know his capabilities in the OF. Kent .252 batting 3-4, no range, been making errors lately, and he’s the cream of the crop. Berroa? Really JoJo? Maza’s better than that worthless bile, and he can at least field. And Sweeney – a couple hits away from finding his stroke? If Sweeney got 8 straight hits he’d just be at the Mendoza line. Fat Andruw, who swings like a rusty old gate. Nomore who’s so effing immobile and fragile I doubt he makes it 2 weeks before going down for good. These are our saviors?? Proctor the human gas can?? Can’t pitch for dogturds and JoJo still used him as much as anyone else. Obviously Penny and Kuroda hurt and he doesn’t bother to ask, but still let’s them take their usual turn and blow up repeatedly? Yes, this is a fine manager. HOF? Pathetic and doddering fool is more like it.

    Ah, that feels better! Morning everyone!!

  168. tradejuanpypaperbag
    Some good audio clips of postgame interviews with Torre, Lowe, Park,Loney,Young and Ethier on the game and other developments
    The statement below is from the article referenced above, and for most of us here, you have to appreciate the last line.
    I really do hope Pierre is okay, but this is the opportunity most of us have been waiting for, and without JP trade, we wouldn’t have seen it this year (Young, Kemp, Ethier and Repko in the outfield).
    Early word is that it’s a left knee injury, with an evaluation and a likely MRI coming tomorrow. Pierre and Conte didn’t make themselves available for comment after the game, so that’s about all the specifics I can provide. But should any absence be longer than a day or so, Torre acknowledged that an additional outfielder would absolutely be needed, and most likely, the call up would be Jason Repko. So at least one reader will find a bright side to this development.

  169. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good morning enchanted 🙂
    I see you haven’t forgotten about the events from yesterday. It’s okay, I truly don’t think you are the only one, and hopefully your buddies (jhall and eric) will be on today to help you through. Honestly, enchanted, it’s almost a speechless feeling for me right now because I truly can’t believe the things I am reading and to understand that people actually believe JP and Andruw are the better outfielders is incomprehensible for me right now. And this is just the outfield issues. We still have serious issues at SS and Mr. Sweeney. How can you say at the end of June that this player is going to come out of it someday. It doesn’t leave much hope for Pierre and Jones to sit anytime soon if they fall into a major slump (Andruw still remains to be seen if he comes out of his pre-injury slump).
    UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely feel the frustration.

  170. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans!
    I am not sure what to say other than I have a truly frustrating feeling about the management of this team right now. I feel horrible for all the young players involved in the insanity of this so-called management team and their ridiculous assessments of our wonderful young players compared to most of our PVL’s. This song is hopefully for a brighter future with this could-be young gun dynasty team, but it’s probably, at this point, just a dream.
    Song: “Ooh Fans”
    Original Song: “Ooh Child”
    By: 5 Stairsteps
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Someday Joe’ll put it together and he’ll get it done
    When Joe Torre is fired
    Someday, yeah
    We’ll see the young guns of this Dodger team
    The Dodgers will be better
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Someday Ned’ll put it together and he’ll get it done
    When Ned Colletti is fired
    Someday, yeah
    We’ll see the young guns of this Dodger team
    The Dodgers will be better
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Someday put it together and he’ll get it done
    When Stan Conte is fired
    Someday, yeah
    We’ll see the young guns of this Dodger team
    The Dodgers will be better
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Ooh – oo fans, things are going to get easier
    Ooh – oo fans, things’ll get brighter
    Right now
    We just wait and see how things are gonna be
    Right now

  171. scott_in_arcadia

    I just want to say I’m totally disgusted with Joe Torre after reading his comments about the OF situation when Jones comes back and how “‘great” Pierre has been. Then after Pierre’s injury, the next article saying the Dodgers will be left without a capable lead off hitter.

    I’m sorry, but I hope Pierre goes on the DL for the rest of his Dodger career or at least until Ned and Joe are fired.

    Stupid idiots!!



    I think Dunn could help our team. I know his average is low, but his OBP is excellent. As long as he would hit homers and get on base, I think he could give us the middle of the order bat we need. The obvious question though if we get Dunn though is what would happen to Kemp’s playing time if Ethier was included in the package for Dunn. I think Kemp should be able to play every day in right, with Jones in center and Dunn in right and Pierre a pinch runner. Anyway, I think Dunn is the middle of the lineup presence that would put us over the top. If we don’t get Dunn I think that shows that we are hoping that Jones will find his power stroke again….which is doubtful at best.


    Haha, you guys don’t like any managers. You should have listened to me when I said it wasn’t Grady’s fault last year. lol

  174. scott_in_arcadia

    I think we don’t like the managers because the same inept GM is the one picking them, although Tracy was horrible as well and someone else picked him.

    The MAIN problem is Ned putting crappy players on the roster that no one wants to see play and then hiring managers who think experience trumps talent.


    there is no one capabable of getting on at 29% from leadoff. No one cabable of hitting 7 extra base hits in 49 games out of leadoff and no one capable of scoring 20 runs in 49 games from leadoff yep were ****-ed. just ask our management

    Yep fire Frank McCourt.

  176. ksparkuhl

    Swood, did you hear about the Blue Jays GM, J.P. Ricciardi’s meltdown on radio about Adam Dunn? This was taken from an LA Times article. Interesting stuff… if this is true it might make JD Drew look like Derek Jeter, LOL!

    “If J.P. Ricciardi is not alone in his assessment, Adam Dunn might be in for a rude surprise in free agency this fall. Dunn has hit 40 home runs four years running, the only major leaguer to do so.

    Ricciardi, the Blue Jays’ general manager, has a Wednesday night radio show on Toronto’s the Fan 590. The power-starved Jays are in last place in the AL East, and a caller asked Ricciardi on Wednesday why he had said he would not be interested in trading for Dunn. Keep in mind that the Dodgers’ Ned Colletti and the Angels’ Tony Reagins hear the same suggestion all the time, and not unjustifiably.

    Instead of treading lightly, as most general managers do when asked about a player on another club, Ricciardi challenged the caller.

    Ricciardi: “What do you know about Adam Dunn?”

    Caller: “He’s a great hitter. He’s a power hitter. He’s a …”

    Ricciardi, cutting him off: “He’s a lifetime .230-.240 hitter that strikes out a ton and hits home runs.”

    Caller: “Yes, he hits home runs, which none of the Toronto Blue Jays are doing.”

    Ricciardi: “Do you know the guy doesn’t really like baseball that much? Do you know the guy doesn’t have a passion to play the game that much? . . . I don’t think you’d be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here. I think you’d be one of the guys calling me on Wednesday night complaining about all the deficiencies the guy has. We’ve done our homework on guys like Adam Dunn, and there’s a reason why we don’t want Adam Dunn.”

  177. dodger 32

    Pierre should stay on the DL for the next 3 years. This way he’ll be a big help to the Dodgers. I thought players got playing time based on performance, not who the manager likes. If my memory serves me well , didn’t we finish 4th with Furcal leading off and Pierre batting second last year? Maybe someone forgot to tell this to Joe?

  178. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We also have Conte in the mix. All these statements about Furcal, Jones and Garciaparra coming back are all “I’ll believe it when I see it” issues. How many times have we been told Furcal is coming back next week and then the next day a report comes out about a setback. The classic has been Schmidt, and I believe Garciaparra is just another slight twist, bruise from being back on the DL. Who has seen Jones? There has been no sightings of him, and until he actually completes his rehab assignment, we won’t know if he will be ready to come back. One tweak of the knee can place him back on the DL as well. Then we have Kuroda and Penny as well. Only time will tell on these DL issues. Conte’s head needs to be on the chopping block along with Ned and Joe.

  179. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Today is Chan Ho Park’s b-day. He is 35 today. It was just announced on our local oldies station, and the DJ is NOT a Dodger fan.

  180. scott_in_arcadia

    Funny how Kuroda and Penny are going to be rushed back to bump 2 guys who have thrown up zeros lately. What’s Penny done for me lately? Stay on the DL fatty.

  181. ksparkuhl

    As for Pierre actually being out of the lineup… until I see tonight’s lineup with his name excluded… THEN I’ll believe it. The guy has a way with catching a last-minute flight after being told his knee is sound from a negative MRI and making it to Houston just in time to be inserted into the lineup. This is OUR luck. And do you REALLY think the DL is in this guy’s future??? Come on now!!! Who do we think we’re kidding!!! This is our Lot in life!!!

  182. tradejuanpypaperbag

    kssparkuhl – I am with you on the Pierre thing. We have been saying he is super human all along. Another issue of “I’ll believe it when I see it”. I wouldn’t be surprised if eric has to post his “I Got You Babe” song as all of us go “I knew it was too good to be true”.

  183. scott_in_arcadia

    If JP goes on the DL and the D’s start winning, I wonder if Ned and Joe will figure it out.

    Man, really disappointed in Joe’s senility lately. Time to retire, Joe.

  184. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – something’s got to give. I really didn’t picture this season being worse than last year, and right now, it seems much, much worse. What are these people thinking? obviously, they aren’t.

  185. perumike

    Well, the last piano I programmed got Proctor instead of Pierre. I guess I got it programmed right this time. 🙂

  186. tradejuanpypaperbag

    perumike – the question is now – how big was the piano?
    one day, 15 days or more – hmmmm 🙂

  187. perumike

    See, I’m not sure if it was a toy piano from Toys R Us, or a grand piano. I’m waiting for the incident report.


    I don’t know why we’re surprised by Torre’s actions and opinions. He’s as much of a PVL as all the others that he insists on playing no matter what. His handling and support for Proctor and Sweeney is even more extreme than what he professes regarding Pierre and Jones. The guy is as useless in LA as **** on a bull, but twice as destructive to the winning spirit of what could be a real building of this team. If it weren’t for the letdown that AZ has had, Torre should be getting drummed out of town right along with Ned. I’m not looking for that to happen, because Frank is obviously the most clueless owner in the bigs.

  189. perumike

    So, should we change the piano’s programming to S for Sweeney? My only worry would be that it accidentally gets Saito.


    Brillant Bear. So true. But the dude was a great hitter. He knows…

    “He’s as much of a PVL as all the others that he insists on playing..”

  191. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I really do feel bad for Pierre. I really didn’t want him to get hurt, but it’s just a sad fact that this is the extreme that has to happen in order for Joe/Ned to see their total lack of common sense. We all thought the same thing when Andruw got hurt. We thought that piano falling would be a wake up call, but I guess the wake up call only lasts as long as they are on the DL. I really wanted Andre and Matt to truly have those positions because they outright earned them (which in my opinion they already have), but for whatever reason Joe/Ned see it the exact opposite. This goes for DeWitt too and his soon to be demise when Nomar comes back. It feels like they are being punished for what they are – talented kids, who actually enjoy laughing and having fun while playing a game that we all wish we could do just once.

  192. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! enchanted is down to just one-liners now – LMAO!!! and I didn’t think you could go any deeper into the deep end, hon 🙂


    Andruw is my Moby Dick nomination, unless he comes back under 230 lbs. It’s hard to get a bloated whale to bat its own weight.

  194. cpompe1

    From The Beatles – Fixing a Hole
    I’ve been thinking about this for JP for a while but after getting hurt yesterday, I didn’t feel it was right to use JP’s name (it only makes a cameo appearance at the end). So I inserted Sweeney instead. Just as appropriate.

    I’m fixing a hole where Sweeney comes in
    and stops my mind from wondering
    when will he go?
    I’m filling the cracks where he slithers out of sight
    and kept my mind from wondering
    when will he go?

    And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
    I’m right he belongs DFA’d
    I’m right he belongs DFA’d
    See Sweeney standing there
    who swings and misses and never hits
    and wonders why he can’t get to first base

    I’m painting my room Dodger blue all the way,
    and then my mind goes wondering
    when will he go?

    And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
    I’m right he belongs DFA’d
    I’m right he belongs DFA’d
    Sweeney dreams about running the bases but worries Torre and wonders why he’s not getting to first base

    I’m taking my time to ponder a few things
    like Phew and Druw and Sweeney
    and I still go

    I’m fixing a hole where Sweeney comes in
    and stops my mind from wondering
    when will he go?
    I’m fixing a hole where Sweeney comes in
    and stops my mind from wondering
    when will he go?


    I really didn’t want Pierre to get hurt or anyone else as we need everybody we can get, but now that he’s injured, I hope he can’t come back for 3 months.

    Has Torre got his head so far up his wazoo, he has no idea what’s going on. He claims Pierre has earned the right to play in left field everyday because of his ability to move runners up, (hard to move runners up with pop-ups) and his ability to steal bases and that he has driven in a few runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Has Torre been watching a different team that I have. Everytime a ball is hit to left field, it’s a double unless hit right to Pierre.

    It makes me sick that Kemp and Ethier are going to have to share playing duties in right field, when the resident fat*** comes back to centerfield, while the incompetent Pierre is going to continue to stink it up in left field. That will mean Dy will never get a chance to play, and we all know (except Torre) that DY’s a much better hitter and has a much better arm than Pierre’s noodle arm.

    What the hell has to happen for Torre to realize he is not managing this team. I’m really sick of seeing Torre stand in the dugout with his I will play the vet’s attitude no matter how bad we become. Let’s all pray that Pierre will be out for an extended time.

  196. scott_in_arcadia


    Reporter: So, Joe…Pardon my French, but, the hell are you talking about about when you say Juan Pierre’s been “great”?

  197. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!!! That’s for all the comments!!
    enchanted – it’s okay, we will pull you up when you need to breathe LMAO!!! you truly crack me up if that’s any consolation – LMAO!!!

  198. cpompe1

    thx dnel,
    I’ve been thinking about that one for about a week or so, but it really took hold after this weekend! hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder why???

  199. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I thought of a personal analogy for Pierre and my teaching profession. Pierre is like that kid that really, really drives you crazy day after day after day, but for whatever reason is always the one that gets the Perfect Attendance award at the end of the year. You feel bad for feeling that way, but you just can’t help it. Your hope throughout the entire school year is that she/he would be gone for just one day to give the class and you a day of peace and quiet. That’s how I feel. It’s possible for one day to have outfield be as it should. Notice how I said possible because I am not going to believe it until I see them walk onto the field. I was at an Angels/Dodgers game where the lineup changed 5 minutes before game time.

  200. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – I can’t imagine what enchanted (in his abyss), jhall and eric are coming up with not to mention some of the others that have contributed lately. eric has been known to write a few letters too.

  201. cpompe1

    yeah, I hear you. Anything (good, bad or indifferent) that has to do with the Dodgers and lineups, I too will believe it when I see it. Again, I didn’t want JP to get hurt but if this is what it’ll take to get the outfield the way it should be, then so be it. Lets just see how long it lasts.

  202. enchantedbeaver

    Blub Blub Blub. Down I go…

    Hey look! There’s the Titanic! And right below that, Sweeney’s batting average!! And I thought that was a mythical creature…

  203. scott_in_arcadia

    To our collective horror, what could be even worse than Pierre playing every day, would be a “hurt” Pierre playing ever day, “gutting it out” for good ol’ Joe and Ned. Don’t be surprised.

  204. cpompe1

    yeah, we haven’t heard from them in a while. I’m sure we’re in for some good tunes from them!

  205. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!!! LMAO!!!!! enchanted, please don’t leave us! We need you enchanted!!! Damn, where’s jhall and eric when you need them!!! LMAO!!!
    CP – it’s really sad that is how our thinking has to be. That playing the young players requires some miracle from the Dodger god, and it can’t be just because it’s the right thing to do. I am going to start calling them young players instead of kids. Andre’s going to be a father by the end of the year – he probably isn’t much of a kid anymore LOL!!

  206. cpompe1

    oh, and enchanted, Sweeney really is a mythical creature. He crawls from the black hole that is his BA, smiles at Torre and then steps up to the plate. Where else but in mythology would .098 BAs give you regular PH duties???

  207. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – the thought has definitely crossed my mind. LMAO!! Can you imagine the headlines if that happens. We will definitely be screwed. There will be no end to the Pierre love – very scary scenario 🙂

  208. cpompe1

    You’re right; I’ll stop referring to them as kids too. Like you (and many others – eric, mlk, enchanted, etc) told me before, this forum is just to get my frustrations out. After I vent my frustrations, I go back to my business and root for my Dodgers the way I always do, the way I always will. It just would be nice, for once, to know that someone in the FO is actually reading these comments and doing something about it.

  209. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Totally agree CP – they are still the Dodgers, and it will hurt for a while if any of our young players get traded or don’t play in exchange for a PVL, but after being around gnat fans yesterday, I am still very proud to be a Dodger fan.
    Every Dodger forum is feeling the same frustration. We just happen to be more creative in doing so at times.

  210. cpompe1

    The creative juices in me are a little better than before but I still say they’re lacking compared to the rest of our prolific ITD songwriters (yourself included)! 🙂

  211. enchantedbeaver

    Association – Windy:

    Who’s peeking off the bench from our dugout?
    Calling a name that sounds like Pierre?
    Who’s bending over backwards to play vets?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre.
    Who’s putting up inane daily line-ups,
    Bullshitting everybody he sees?
    Who’s waiting to play him a fatass?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre

    And Torre has Bassett eyes
    And his words are full of lies
    And Torre will pass kids by
    For P V Ls, For P V Ls

    Who’s screwing up the kids like an old fool?
    Smiling at every reporter he sees.
    Who’s bending over backwards for old vets?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre.


    well done Frank, u happy how is this for publicity:

    The Dodgers will need all the help they can get, as no Dodger sits among the top five at his position entering the final week of All Star voting.

    “How can Pierre, let alone future HOF Jeff Kent not be an all star? First Hurdle dosen’t invite me and now this. There is injustice everywhere. But we will turn this thing around -Joe Torre

  213. cpompe1

    Bravo enchanted! I knew you were up to something! jungar, I wonder – what is it going to take for the FO see what we have been seeing all along???

  214. tradejuanpypaperbag

    YEAH!!! Does this mean our enchanted is back? I hope so, we missed the old enchanted – LMAO!!!! FABULOUS JOB LIKE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

  215. scott_in_arcadia

    The team’s leaving on a jet plane
    No Juan this time we’re gonna win
    Oh, Aybar your just in time

  216. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – maybe we should send Aybar thank you letters- lol!
    I’m sorry – that was bad, but had to be said.

  217. lny4loney

    What a JoJo Believes
    Original Artist and Song: The Doobie Brothers, “What a Fool Believes”
    He came from somewhere back in the AL
    Joe Torre the fool don’t see
    Tryin hard to win with Juanpy
    But don’t see his very low OBP

    Media musters a smile
    For his nostalgic tale
    Fans never come near what they really want to say
    Only to keep from
    Getting banned on ITD

    New York had a place in his life
    So much money he never had to think twice
    As Collettt bends to kiss his ***
    Any other GM would surely know
    It’s time to let JoJo go

    But what JoJo believes he sees
    The wise fan has the power to reason away
    Look at the stats he sees
    Sweeney is slightly better than nothin’
    But nothing keeps JoJo from sending him …
    Somewhere back in his long ago
    There was a place for him in the AL
    Soon let’s hope he’ll return
    New York had a place in his life
    He never had to think twice
    He offers no apology
    For damaging Dodgers destiny
    We’re watching him blow

    But what a JoJo believes he sees …
    (Fade Out)

  218. kpookiemon

    I know we’ve inundated this site with tunes, but I’m so angry this morning I thought I’d offer Lennon’s ode to what he must have foreseen coming to Dodgerland. He’s so right on I only changed one word:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing things
    From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth

    I’ve had enough of reading things
    By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed PVLs
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth

    Im sick to death of seeing things
    From tight-lipped, condescending, mama’s little chauvinists
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth now

    I’ve had enough of watching scenes
    Of schizophrenic, ego-centric, paranoiac, prima-donnas
    All I want is the truth now
    Just gimme some truth

    All I want is the truth now
    Just gimme some truth now
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth


    Where are we headed?

    April- played 26 games 132 runs scored. 5.07 runs per game with 1 shut out against us and 6 games scoring only 1 run.
    May- played 28 games 111 runs scored. 3.94 runs per game with 3 shut outs against us and 5 games scoring only 1 run.
    June- played 26 games 80 runs scored. 3.07 runs per game with 5 shut outs against us and 5 games scoring only 1 run.
    We’ve had a total of 25 games where we’ve scored a total of 16 runs. Pretty pathetic to say the least
    At this rate, by September, we may score at least 25 to 30 runs for the month. Makes me Ill. I’m going to go get drunk, so I’ll be happy with tonight’s game no matter we win or lose.

  220. enchantedbeaver

    Appropriate Kahli.

    Bob – I’m sure the run production is entirely the kids fault – can’t be JP getting on at a .290 clip or Kent hitting .252.

  221. vbd2004

    And I thought Frank Mc cort was a baseball fan as well as an owner No owner Fan would watch this club with out firing someone .I blame Giradi he should have come to the dodgers ,or Mattingly”s wife ..only a vet knows how to strike out with class

  222. enchantedbeaver

    Whomever mentioned it up above is right – if the Snakes would’ve even been playing .500 ball, we’d be so buried right now that we maybe could ride JoJo and Ned out of town on a rail. Damn Snakes. And this team doesn’t deserve to be down only 2 1/2.

    Anyone have any stats on just how often JP “does his job” like a professional and actually advances the runner? Kent too?

    So let’s say the PVLs come off the DL to the rescue and win at a .550 clip starting today. That’s 83 wins. A .600 clip is 87 wins. Even if they make the playoffs, does that sound like a WS champ to anyone?

    And what’s Torre’s crap about SOMETIMES Martin “gets it”? He’s a friggin gold glove and silver slugger catcher, and probably the teams only all-star selection this year. Of course if he really “got it” I suppose he’d have to OBP at .290 and barely be able to throw it back to the pitcher.

    I’m in hell…

  223. kpookiemon

    Jack McKeon should be in the Hall of Fame. He took over a sub-.500 Marlins team already into the season, and won a World Championship…and the most incredible part was his centerfielder……………….yep, Slappy! Funny, McKeon didn’t need half a season to “figure things out.” He only HAD half a season. Granted, that Marlins team had more horses than the Dodgers do, but there’s no way Joe could have accomplished that feat. He’d have been platooning Cabrera with Jeff Conine and Lenny Harris.

  224. enchantedbeaver

    And Frank fiddles while Dodger Stadium burns, caring about little and dreaming of next year with $20 parking and $6 Dodger Dogs.

  225. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I was working on that enchanted 🙂 I’m not as fast as eric or westernmost, but I will try. I was working on Pierre first, then I will move on to Kent.


    Actually the one who just “doesn’t get it” is Torre. He’s burried his game thinking a generation or two back – no wonder he can’t relate and get the best results from our younger players. In fact, I believe that he screws them up with his approach to the game. Worst manager possible for this team. It’s not an age thing, it’s too old a mindset, and I’m 72, so I even have a few years on him.

  227. kpookiemon

    And poor Tommy has to preach the company line. He’s probably dying inside watching this mess. Can’t he muster a few investors and buy out these “pretenders” for the sake of the loyal and faithful? Obese One….you’re our only hope!!!!!!!!

  228. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – that Martin comment blew me away. If he thinks like that about Martin, can you imagine how he thinks about the rest of them.

  229. enchantedbeaver

    I tell ya nells, if I was a young guy just drafted by the Ds, I wouldn’t sign. That is of course unless I was a little slap hitter with lots of speed.

  230. aeversw

    Slappy’s going on the DL! Get on your hands and knees now and pray to whatever God you believe in cuz odds are they exist!

  231. scott_in_arcadia

    It’s not nice to say this, but for the good of the team and Torre’s own blindness, I hope that knee injury lasts the rest of his Dodger career. 15 days is not enough.

  232. enchantedbeaver

    ‘Tis divine intervention!!!

    God how I’d love it if the D’s went on an 8-10 game winning streak right now.

  233. aeversw

    Seriously Scott! 3 YEAR DL!!! PLEASE!

    Tony Jackson seems to think Repko will be leading off tonight. More mind blowing then the Pierre news! Repko has been on the DL in Vegas hasn’t played in weeks and he’s coming up to bat lead off for the first time in probably his major league career. All this with Pee Wee Young hitting .289 with a .357 OBP.

  234. tradejuanpypaperbag

    funny thing – song playing in the background when I got text message -“It’s Magic” – how fitting 🙂
    Who would of thought a 15 day piano – it’s a start. Let’s hope this sparks that outfield to come up big in these next 15 days.

  235. enchantedbeaver

    The forbidden love between manager and left fielder wrested away by Erick Aybar…

    Meanwhile back at the Batcave:
    Repko, rebounding from two seasons of injuries, is hitting .277 with six home runs, 57 runs, 29 RBIs and 15 stolen bases. The 27-year-old spent most of the season batting below .230, but has a current six-game hitting streak during which he’s batting .455. Earlier this month he had a 14-game hitting streak, bringing his June average to .375.

  236. aeversw

    I’d really like to see Pee Wee lead off tonight.

    Pee Wee

    should be the lineup tonight!

  237. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Jason – see that guy playing short???

    I’m absolutely giddy – no more rainbows in from left field. No more pop-ups to left. No more bunts back to the pitcher. Nomore crooked hat…

  238. aeversw

    Haha enchanted. At least we don’t hvae to worry about Repko taking out our GOOD shortstop this time.

  239. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted, maybe you could fit those lines into “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper???

    Juan’s OUT for summer!
    Juan’s OUT for EVER!

    No more pop ups
    No more bunt outs
    No more weak throws

    Juan’s OUT for summer!
    Juan’s OUT for EVER!

  240. dodger 32

    Let him stay there for 3 years. Aybar for MVP! To bad Juan can’t take Kent and Sweeney with him.

  241. ghfgdgdsg


    1. FURCAL
    2. Kemp
    3. Martin
    4. Holliday
    5. Kent
    6. Loney
    7. Dewitt
    8. BIG MAN JONES =/

    That is a pretty good lineup and we really need the offense MAKE A MOVE NED!!!!

    Ned is going to do something at the deadline because he is on the hot seat if he doesnt do anything he is gone fired

  242. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s nice to see enchanted happy again – I was getting worried you had lost all his capacity for thought, never to be heard from again- LOL!!! BTW – still working on those stats for you 🙂 So far in the last 28 games – no sacrafice hits and only 7 RBIs. I am trying to do comparisons so I am going back and forth between different players.

  243. kpookiemon

    Repko has NOT been on the DL for weeks. He LEADS the 51s in stolen bases, runs scored, is 2nd on the team in at-bats, 2nd in triples, 3rd in walks, 3rd in HRs, 3rd in doubles, 3rd in games played, and has raised his batting avergae over 160 points in about a month. But he does lead the team in Ks. Oh well, can’t have everrything. AT LEAST HE’S HEALTHY…and a great defensive outfielder. As everyong knows, I LOVE Repko’s game and his hard-nosed Gibby attitude.

  244. tradejuanpypaperbag

    NO HOLLIDAY!!! Can’t do anything outside of Coors!!! He was on DL this year too. DON’T DO THAT!!!

  245. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Repko can do more than run the bases. DY would be good too at lead off, but I think kpookiemon is right about Repko. Repko is a multi-tool player right now. Isn’t this great to be able to talk about the outfield and have all the options sound good. sigh!!!!!

  246. scott_in_arcadia

    Maybe Torre will resign without Juan Pierre available. He probably stayed in L.A. to personally suck the puss out of Juan’s knee. Pathetic.

    Let’s Go Winning Streak!!!!!!

  247. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This is the first time since Furcal went on DL that I can actually say any of those four players in the outfield would be great!!!

  248. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This is the first time since Furcal went on the DL that I can actually say I would be happy to see any of those four outfielders playing tonight.

  249. ksparkuhl

    I’m thinkin’ Delwyn must’ve pissed in JoJo’s Wheaties this morning or something… what else could it be???

  250. ksparkuhl

    But yet… this might be the happiest two weeks of our Dodger lives! If the team wins for two weeks… Pierre comes back and the team goes in the toilet again… do you think JoJo might begin to see “the light through yon window breaks?”

  251. scott_in_arcadia

    Famous Joe Torre quotes:

    “I like Young’s bat off the bench”

    “Sweeney needs to get some more at bats”

    “Russell Martin does well at times”

    “The earth is flat”

    “All you need is a good bleeding”

  252. enchantedbeaver

    That puts every single one of Ned’s high-priced FAs either on the DL or off the team entirely.

    May I be the first to say, Job well done Ned.

  253. scurtis1999

    Dodgers placed outfielder Juan Pierre on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained MCL in his left knee.
    The Dodgers will likely give most of Pierre’s playing time to Delwyn Young for now. Once Andruw Jones comes back, they’ll be able to use their best outfield, with Andre Ethier in left and Matt Kemp in right. Pierre will go right back into the starting lineup when he returns, but the Dodgers don’t lose much without him. Jun. 30 – 5:28 pm et

  254. scurtis1999

    Tonights lineup NO KEMP

    Repko, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Martin, C
    Kent, 2B
    Loney, 1B
    Young, LF
    DeWitt, 3B
    Maza, SS
    Stults, P

  255. enchantedbeaver

    Torre’s mantra:

    I do not like them in the field.
    I do not like the bats they wield.
    I do not like them in my house.
    I’d rather like to play the mouse.
    I do not like them here or there.
    I do not like them anywhere.
    I do not like young bulls and rams.
    I do not like them, Joe-I-am.

  256. scott_in_arcadia

    Well, there you have it. Torre is the ultimate tool. Hehehehe…..Dodger fans think they’re going to have it all now, but not on my watch! I’m going to mix it up every day so that Kemp, Ethier and Young will never start in the outfield together!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! – Joe Torre.

  257. scott_in_arcadia

    The All-Star game is going to rob us of some of this triumph by Juan not having to miss at least 15 games for sure.

  258. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Matt must not have life in him today. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Torre admitted once Andruw came back, he would play Andre and Matt based on his feelings and that if he felt Andre and Matt had life in them or not. LOL!!! I can’t believe Kemp is sitting – that came out of nowhere.

  259. kpookiemon

    “Shawn Chacon cleared waivers and was released Monday by the Houston Astros on Monday, five days after a physical altercation with general manager Ed Wade in the clubhouse. The 30-year-old pitcher was suspended after shoving Wade to the floor before the Astros played Texas last Wednesday. Wade said he had asked Chacon to come into manager Cecil Cooper’s office for a meeting. Chacon refused, and the confrontation ensued.”

    Ned? Any chance you want to sign him? Come on, be a sport…


    It’s official for Pierre!!!
    Can’t wait for Josh’s spin on this SAD news from the Front Office. Now I want to see Conte working with Pierre constantly to get him recovered – that would possibly stretch the DL right out to the end of the season.
    We can always be hopeful!
    Also, send a few kudos to Aybar.
    I do see that we’re at least trying Maza at shortstop; otherwise I would have suggested that Repko play as aggresively as he can when it comes to short popups beyond shortstop.


    Now is a good time to FIRE NED!!!
    Always is a good time to fire Ned!!!
    The sooner the better to FIRE NED!!!

  262. enchantedbeaver

    Unless Kemp is hurt, if you were a GM with some cajones, wouldn’t you trot on down to Joe’s office and say, “Kemp’s our future. PLAY HIM.”

    Of course we are talking about Ned.


    Well, Juan Pierre officially cracked the DL with a sprained MCL. Counting the “Cowbell” that’s upward of 90 mil on the rack isn’t it? The funny thing is, I’d be happy if they all stayed there; all but Furcal that is (Schitt too if he can contribute anything). We finally have the lineup we all wanted. Now it’s up to the players to shove it up Torre’s **** and play “out of this world” baseball from here on out. I mean really, there’s no excuse anymore. I love the young players and it’s time for them to step up and get the job done for a change. I’d like to see how Torre would justify benching a kid, tearing up the league, so Pierre and the Lunch-truck can have their spots back; we all know that that’s exactly what would happen. I know for a fact that “the Kids” don’t respect or like Joe Torre; not even a little bit. It’s time they step up, lay the wood to that old goat and prove that everyone involved with this blog is spot on in regards to the mismanagement of this team.

  264. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Those of you that think Matt Holliday would be a good trade for power, here is some stats that would say otherwise. Don’t trade the young players we have. Let them develop and they will be fine. Holliday has had 30 more PAs than Ethier and their numbers are very similar for these past 28 days.

    ***Matt Holliday – last 28 days
    PA: 109
    R: 8
    HR: 2
    RBI: 13
    10 Homeruns total
    6 at coors
    4 away (Arizona, KC- 2, Petco)
    ***Matt Kemp – last 28 days
    PA: 97
    R: 13
    HR: 4
    RBI: 13
    7 Homeruns total
    6 at Dodger Stadium
    1 away (CIN)
    ***Andre Ethier – last 28 days
    PA: 78
    R: 8
    RBI: 12
    HR: 3
    7 homeruns total
    3 at Dodger Stadium
    4 away (COL, DET, ANA,SD)


    Just out of curiosity, is A-R-S-E considered bad language? I was censored with the asterisks. No worries, you all knew what I meant.

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