Draft and minor league updates…plus medical updates

A few of you have asked about updates on which guys have signed and information about our new draftees and minor league prospects.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) you can ask the men who are in charge of this area, as Logan White, De Jon Watson and Tim Hallgren are hosting a live web chat at dodgers.com.

They are all around the country, so they’ll be calling into the offices to take your questions and answer them online.

As for medical updates, Nomar is heading to Vegas tomorrow to start his rehab assignment. Penny’s MRI showed no structural damage but did show some tendonitis, so we’ll have to see where we go from there. We should have a better prognosis tomorrow.

Let’s hope the day off in Cincinnati got the team back on track…



I agree Nelly. This team has alot of potential if they will go ahead and submit to the fact that this is for all intents and purposes a rebuilding/change of direction year. Get the kids in there and let them learn. We’re not going anywhere this year. Fire Ned. Get what you can for Lowe and hopefully Penny. Unload Phew at any cost.
That is great about your daughter. LOL. What a great song. Can’t go wrong with Zep and the classic rock from the mid 60’s thru late 70’s. Put on Zep 4 and you guys can rock.

LOL!!! I guess this boy she likes plays guitar and likes the classics. I’ll take that over hip hop any day.

Good god yes. Hip hop is bogus crap. LOL. Start pumping her up with Zep, early Aerosmith, The Who, Beatles, Stones, Rush, Boston, early Queen, early/mid Styx, etc… Go with the Cars for the 80’s.

All the stuff that Eric and E can’t get into. LMAO!!!!!!!

Early Kiss was good also.

LMAO!!! I try to like that stuff (hip hop), but I can’t stand it. It ‘s really not music at all. We play all those you mentioned all the time, plus we are big AC/DC fans along with the Eagles. Love STYX- have all their albums – same with Queen and Van Halen (old of course), and that is to name a few.
working on AC/DC song now – lol!!! My husband wanted me to try one, so we’ll see. Mariya won’t like it because Pierre’s in it of course – lol!!

AC/DC was great stuff. Saw them at a small venue near Ohio State back in 76 or so just after they released High Voltage. Back when Bon Scott was alive. It was high energy to say the least.

Original Van Halen kicked.

Ted Nugent and Bob Seager were darn good as well. We also listened to alot of Fleetwood Mac.

Love Kiss too!!! Have all their albums, but I mostly listen to the greatest hits cds. Like the band YES, too.

Forgot about Yes and Jethro Tull. Lots of great memories.

Tom Petty, Kansas, Steve Miller Band, ELO and BTO all great too.

Yep, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

I liked the Guess Who and Grass Roots alot also. As well as Three Dog Night. Lot of good material for some future song parodies. LOL.

YES was one of my first rock concerts, and they were fantastic. Since then, I have seen many, but that one is one of my favorites of all time. That’s the difference between that music and the music of today. The music of today is only a couple weeks old and it goes away. The classic rock music is still here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Dust in the Wind” definitely has potential, and not many of the words would have to be changed – LMAO!!

All we are is vets on the DL. LOL!!!


And all Frank’s money won’t a pennant buy.

You need to do that one Nelly.

Here’s a line from “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You”,
– For all the vets that suck, we don’t need you! I have first verse and chorus and working on second and third verses.

I will try it after I finish current one. Cars has good potential – I will have to look into their songs.

This giants/tigers game is too close for comfort. 4-3 tigers in the bottom of the 8th.

Go get’em Nelly!!!!

I felt that Joe should have the 1st two months (Until June 1)to tinker with this team and figure out what he had. Since he was new to the organization, the trip to China and the moon, etc…
It is now June 16. I gave him an extra 2 weeks to figure it out. I’ve been a supportive of his the whole time, but now I feel he is proving me wrong. I’m all about patience, but we are falling back and don’t seem to be improving from the start of the season. As sort of stated in a movie, I’ve come to vent and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum!
RISP continues to be an issue.
Heck forget it, as everything is an issue. The day we need Park to hold the fort… kaboom. When we need Saito to hold the fort…kaboom. When we need Brox to hold the fort, kaboom. When they hold the fort, the offense is non-existent.
It is up to Joe to get this team to perform and he hasn’t done it. I don’t want a mid-season change with Joe, but I’m dissapointed with his handling of the Pierre situation. And now the LaRoche situation.
Sit Pierre down and show him his numbers and tell him he is sitting. If we can get the numbers I’m sure they have the numbers! If Pierre is such a great guy, and team player, he can use the days off to lift a weight and practice some swinging off a T! If he is unhappy then bummer. If any of us don’t perform at work that is what is done with us. If my crew doesn’t perform at work, I move them out. Play D-Young for Pierre for a week and see how we do. Use Pierre for a late inning pinch runner in a close game.
Next DFA Sweeney and bring up John Lindsey for Pinch Hitting and DH.
Next, let LaRoche play second on the day games for Kent and fill in the other games for Dewitt.
If there are trades out there (As SELLERS only!!) then goodbye to Lowe, Penny, Kent, Pierre (Hopefully Sweeney is already DFA’d).
I’ve liked Lowe, Penny, and Kent. They have played well for this organization for the most part. But we aren’t looking like this is our year. The youth movement is here and let’s continue it by building up some of our farm. Unless as metioned by westernmost we keep Lowe because we can’t get what we could get through the draft.
There are other moves to make, but I don’t want my computer to freeze up after all my typing! Maybe #1 should actually be bye bye to Stan Conte. I wonder what he broke when he was a child? His parents must of had to leave him out of the houseware section in Macy’s.
Josh you mentioned that these posts were read by some from the upper management. Well are they just reading them? Or do they actually care. I can’t believe that some of these things are so obvious to the faithfull bloggers here and on a couple of other Dodger sites, but seem to be so lost to those who should be making decisions as part of their job to bring a World Championship to the great city of LA?!!! I mean seriously. How can that be??? How can Pierre play evvveerrry sinngglle daaaaay with the same results? Is Frank serious that he wants to win? Or is that just lip service? It seems to be the latter. I know he’s spent money and continue to spends money, but some moves have to be made. This is a crucial time for this organization. The decisions made now can have a huge impact now and for years to come in a positive way if they are made correctly. If they aren’t well I guess in 20 more years we’ll be like how the Giants are now. Losers with a nice ballpark.

Well said DCollins. First thing to go should be Ned.

jhall, Mariya comes in with two of my cds and asks “Ronnie says I have to listen to these” She shows me “Who’s Last”, Rush’s “Presto”, REM “Out of Time” and Van Halen – how funny!!
gnats just went ahead 6-4 with homerun in the bottom of the 8th.

meant to type “4” cds

Great stuff. Have fun!!!!

very well said, dcollins, very well said. 🙂

It is now 6-4 Giants over Detroit. Hard to believe that the Giants have a better offense than do the Boys in Blue.
As others have said, it’s to bad that we couldn’t have Scioscia as our Manager with Hersh as our Pitching Coach, Gibby as the Hitting Coach, and Terry Collins (No relation to me). as the Bench Coach. I think the bridges have been burned in every one of those aspects.
I also like the idea of Steve Yeager in the future.

7-4 gnats 😦

very well said DCollins!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Hate to say it, but it’s now 8-4 gnats… 😦

Hey nellie, ever try out The Boss on those teens?

dcollins – The gnats vets are better than our vets. They have Aaron Rowand, we have Andruw Jones, They have Omar Viscal, we have Jeff Kent, They have Benji Molina, we have Juan Pierre. Which vet would you rather have? Not that I would ever give up Russell Martin; I was just matching up vet to vet – lol!!

We have him too!!! I will definitely have to show her those – thanks!!!

Hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to. It can be hard to understand the lyrics if you’re unfamiliar with the songs, but you can’t beat the music, IMHO.

dodgereric – one of my son’s favorite songs is “Hotel California” They listened to it on the way to a football game, and he’s been hooked on it ever since. I think they tend to listen to the hip hop more because it’s what their friends listen to, but they are starting to appreciate our music a little more and understanding that it’s real music – lol!!

I’m sure it was a great concert and I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

Thanks jhall and dnel. I’m fuming as I type this and listening to the Giants game on the radio.
There just isn’t much of anything to get excited about when watching the Dodgers play. They should be exciting to watch as they have so much potential, but they are so flat everywhere. I know they want to win. Anyone who competes at that level must whant to. I wish they had a true veteren leader. But they don’t.
I really think that they are trying to hard as often happens when someone is new. On my softball team we have this young new guy. He tries to hit homeruns with every swing and throw every one out. Last week I overheard him saying to his friend (Who has been on the team and brought him to us), “I just want to hit and prove myself to these guys.”. Then later in the game we are up 15-5 in the last inning. Runner on first and 1 out. There is a base hit to him in right center and the runner from first advances to 3rd. He tries to throw him out. There was no way he could physically make that play and yet he tries. This allows the batter to advance to second taking away the double play. Now with a huge lead late it may seem safe, but not in this league. It is slowpitch softball and large innings are not out of the norm.
My point to this is I see it with the Dodgers. They are all pressing which you can’t do in Baseball. You have to play within yourself and rely on your teamates.
By the way the next batter singled in 2 and then we had a double play grounder to short.
And yes jhall I’m agreeing with you regarding Ned. Unless he makes the changes in the next couple of weeks that most of us have described all year long.
We’re doing this for free because we love this team and love the game. Ned is getting paid and doesn’t seem to be able to make sound decisions.
That being said, I liked the Kuroda and Jones moves (I actually wanted Hunter first but we didn’t get him). I didn’t think Jones would be so overweight. That was really dissapointing to see. I figured he was a good stop gap for 2 years until The Bison could take over. I aslo figured he would come in shape wanting to prove himself, with only a 2 year contract and having a poor season last year. I was even fine with a 2.30-2.50 average as long as he had 30 or so pops from him. But that isn’t what were getting at all. Also I wanted that move to be made with a follow up move that wasn’t made…Pierre traded. I still think Pierre there is a trade market for Pierre. Maybe they are pumping him up from the beat writers & others to add to his trade value.
And that is why they need to start playing Young at leadoff & in LF. To see what they have in him.

Isn’t this “song-writing” (and I use the term EXTREMELY LOOSELY) interesting? If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be doing this, I’d have told you to check yourself in to a serious shrink. I spent most of the weekend re-doing my front yard landscaping and was listening to a radio. I caught myself laughing several times at lyrics jumping into (and out of) my head.

Omar Viscal just made a fabulous out to end the game – gnats win 8-6. Talk about a great vet!!!

LMAO!! Ever since I started this, I think the radio is playing 24/7 and I go around writing songs down on paper so I will remember to look the lyrics up later. How funny!!

Dnel- yup. Their vets are good leaders. I like Kent but I don’t see him as a leader. Maybe I don’t know what I’m typing about because I’m not in their clubhouse but it seems that way.

Totally with you Nelly, Colly, and Eric.

Another week of Joe and the vet’s futility and we’ll be in 4th place. I won’t mind finishing in 4th if we are getting the kids valuable experience and playing time. However, circling the drain with the PVL’s is UNACCEPTABLE!!™

dcollins, there’s not a lot of ‘give up’ in me, but I’ve given up on the idea that we’re playing Pierre so much to increase his trade value.

nellie, The Eagles have also been one of my favorites. I saw them at Anaheim Stadium with Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Toots and the Maytals. I thought the grandstands were going to fall down from all the rockin’! You could see them swaying back and forth. The scoreboard was pleading for everyone to stop it. As jhall said, don’t stop exposing your kids to this music. My son loves music from my era and his. That’s M-U-S-I-C. With notes and melodies. I’m also into country/western. We’ve made it traditional to listen to Garth Brooks and Trace Atkins and Toby Keith on the way to his hockey games. He tells me about girls who like it, too.

dcollins – I am hoping for the same thing with Pierre – a showcasing attempt. They can’t possibly think he is better than Andre or Delwyn in left, and as for lead off, try anybody at this point. For the game Saturday, they tried socks up, changed Ethier’s spot and Dewitt’s spots in the lineup so why not try somebody else in the lead off spot. You went to all that trouble to try and change some things, when all the fans really wanted was a change in the lead off position. It goes back to the same question over and over again. Are they really that stupid? or do they think we are stupid enough to fall for this stuff?

Cool Eric.

Yup! I’ve said that over and over jhall. I don’t mind losing if there’s hope for the future. What future includes the PVLs? Other than a poor one, that is?

I’m so bummed. I’m from SLC and I missed Nomar’s minor league stint by 1 day. Would have been fun to see him compete on a minor league level.

From what I saw tonight, the farm team looked pretty good against the Angels farm team. Tiff hit a bomb that easily went 450, so that was impressive. Repko didn’t look great.

It is rather simple when it comes right down to it.

I think I’ve also given up on Torre ever willingly taking Pierre out of the #1 slot. I think he had blinders surgically implanted in his head. Of course, something had to go to make room for the supports for the blinders, so they took out his common sense. He wasn’t using it anyway.

Yep, they should DFA Sweeney and get Tiff or Lindsey up to the show.

Thought the same thing Jhall. Tiff’s got a great bat, and the last person we want to be sending up in DH is grandpa “Swingey”

And Bennett taking up roster space is incredibly absurd.

Agreed Ed. Sweeney’s had his day but it is long gone.

I have seen many country acts when I lived back in Tennessee – Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alabama, Diamond Rio, Mark Chestnutt, Tracy Lawerence, Reba, Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn. I also got to see Elton John and Billy Joel perform together when I lived there – awesome. I haven’t listened to as much country since moving back to California – I tend to stick to the classic channels for the 50’s thru 70’s and early 80’s.
We do listen to a great deal of contemporary christian rock music too – Third Day, Hawk Nelson, Newsboys, Kutless to name a few.

H*ll, Dave Hansen could probably still pinch hit better than Sweeney. LOL!!

I agree Eric with regards to Pierre. That is just the last glimmer of hope and optimism that is remaining in me. He actually has done better this year in left than last year in center. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t want him in the Dodger Blue. Don’t the Cubs need an outfielder and want him back???;) Pleaaaase??!!!
Also with Pierre working so hard why doesn’t he once in awhile try doing the square to bunt and pull the bat back and swing. That was done more in the old days and he does have that type of game. It would put a little something in the back of the minds of 1st & 3d basemen. He should work at that.

I will say this much. After the pathetic series in Detroit, I’ve piled on the last shovel of dirt on this team. They are dead when it comes to competing for anything. So what baffles me is the way the team is being run. The only deals Neddie should make are the removal of vets (Kent, Nomar, Lowe, maybe Penny, JP) and give guys a chance to develop.
By the way, Hu was riding the bench tonight in SLC…that guy needs as much time as he can get in the minors. I wonder if Joe made that call?

Phew works hard but evidently not on the right things. Whatever he does all that time ain’t helping.

LOL!! dodgereric – blinders are definitely what he is wearing. Maybe Pierre’s mom put them there. Andre and Delwyn’s mom need to go and put the stat sheet right in front of his face. One mom can hold his head and the other mom can hold the stat sheet. LOL!!!

Sure hope Hu can get his head and bat together down there.

LOL Nelly.

As much as I like Phew’s hustle, I am amazed that he can’t get the ball out of the infield. Have you seen how OF’s have been playing him lately? I feel like I’m watching a little league game.

maybe he needs weight training to work on his arm strength. LOL!!!

Allright dnel–I love 3rd Day, Newsboys, Toby Mac. Ever heard of the 77’s? They are from Sactown. I used to go there in the 80’s, when I was in highschool to see them in concert. They were great. I also love U2.

We (myself included) too often forget to bit*h about one of the major villians of this organization, who came with Ned from the Gnats. So, now we have a song about him.
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Conte’s Crappy Workouts
Jones available
Passed Stan Conte’s physical
Ned didn’t care.
Wanted another centerfielder,
Why, with Kemp here.
Gnats’ Stanley Conte,
Really is an oddity,
Calls him on the phone.
Can I talk you into some doughnuts,
But, as he’s getting ready to go,
A knock comes on the door.
Bang! Bang!
Conte’s crappy workouts came down upon his knee.
Clang! Clang!
Conte’s crappy workouts made sure he goes DL
Back in show again,
Conte plays the fool again
Jason gets annoyed.
Wishing for lots of
Millions from Ned-ed-ed-ed.
He tells Stan to stay
So, he waits behind.
Working fifteen years
With the Gnats now he comes down here.
But, when Schit turns his back on the man,
He’s a creeper all the time.
Bang! Bang!
Conte’s crappy workout came down upon his arm.
Clang! Clang!
Conte’s crappy workout made sure it was lukewarm.
Penny Thirty-One
Said, “We’ve caught a dirty one.”
Conte stands alone.
Designing poor regimens for him,
Crap, crap, crap, crap.
Abreu, Nomore, Furcal
Screaming from middle infield,
Say he must go home
Bennett does not agree
And he tells them so-o-o-o.
But, as the ball is leaving his hand,
A noise comes from behind.
Bang! Bang!
Conte’s crappy workouts came down upon their heads.
Clang! Clang!
Conte’s crappy workouts made sure that they were dead.

From what I saw Hu was DL’d with an eye issue. He checked out ok but what I think I read was that he was still DL’d.

No joke jhall. Thats the main reason I went to the game tonight. I wanted to see Hu’s progress so far. Ramon Troncoso looked great…the gun had him up at 95 regularly.

No Hu’s active. He played in the other games of the series in Salt Lake.

We’ve got the talent, now they just have to develope it and quit mismanaging it.

dcollins – saw Toby mac and third day together at great america – awesome!!!
U2 is great too, and I was just reminded behind me about Cheap Trick.

Outstanding Crash!! LOL!!

A+ for you crash – talk about a hard song to match up – fabulous!!!!

This is posted on the Dodgers site by Ken C. tonight at 7:29 p.t.
Also, Triple-A infielder Chin-lung Hu received a clean bill of health after an eye exam. He was placed on the disabled list over the weekend complaining of blurred vision.
That was on the report of Penny’s MRI.

Sorry, I don’t know how to do the link thing.

My bad. No wonder he didn’t take the field! Thanks for the correction.

Well, is anybody keeping track of how many different topics we are discussing at the same time – music, song writing, pierre, conte, ned, management, vets, young players, giants, tigers – oh my! – lol!!! multi- tasking at it’s best – lol!!! 🙂

How bout them Lakers????

Isn’t the weather great???

Boy gas has gone up!!!

Does anyone know the meaning of life???

LMAO!!! too funny dcollins 🙂

I’m just adding to the multi-tasking that dnel was talking about. LOL

Sure hope they can pull it through. I hate the eastern conference. If they play like they did against my Jazz, Boston will have their hands full.

By the way, where is Ishii??

socks showing, socks not showing? LOL!!!

Joking about Ishii makes me think of Garvey. Maybe Garvey could do some personal training with Pierre to strengthen his forearms? They were huge!!!

Baggy or tight?

Cap pulled sraight or to the side?

Anyone seen Iron Man?

Sorry it’s late and I’m getting punchy.
Maybe it wasn’t because how Garvey worked out. Maybe it was because, “I eats me spinach.”!
That’s it! Feed him spinach!

Iron Man was great! Really a fun movie.

I used to buy Iron Man comics when I was a kid for 12 cents. Then they went up to 15 and then 20 cents in the early 70’s. LOL!! Now a comic book is 3 to 5 bucks. Geez!!!

Goodnight everybody. You can all be thankfull that my wife is home from work so it’s time to see how her day went!!
Take care and go BLUE!!!!

I thought it was really good.

G’Nite Colly.

LMAO!!! spinach – lol!!! He needs something!!! Now I’m visualizing again – not good!! lol!!

Yep, and they should administer it rectally to Ned, Joe, and Phew.

Then again, JP is more like Olive Oil but shorter – lol!! Whines and complains all the time – lol!


Pierre is like Peter Parker before the spider bit him………..

LMAO!!! Here we go again!!! lol!!! The guy gets no breaks does he? No breaks literally either – lol!!!

With no power comes a low OPS.

good night jhall and eric and whoever else is still up reading this blog. Thanks for the laughs in between all the serious talk. I am going to finish my song and then try to get some sleep since there is no game so there won’t be much reading tonight and no stats to check. jhall needs to go to bed – it’s almost 1:30 in the morning where he is (right?). Those of us on the west coast still have a few hours until it’s considered too late. Blog you all in the morning with a song. Sleep tight!!! 🙂

With genuine and sincere apologies to one of the greats, Stan Lee:

Juan Pierre, Juan Pierre,
Can’t get the ball to the outfielders
Steals third base with two outs,
Never walks or strikes out
Look Out!
Here comes that Juan Pierre.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He’s got hemophiliac blood.
Can he throw to the plate
Only if he can tempt fate
Hey, there
There goes that Juan Pierre.

In the chill of night
At the end of the ninth
Like a streak of light
He grounds out just in time.

Juan Pierre, Juan Pierre
Friendly, hard-working Juan Pierre
Wealth and fame
He’s cashed in
Boy, isn’t he really thin?
Look Out!
Here comes that Juan Pierre.

I knew you were working on a song – wow!!! 🙂
awesome, dodgereric, totally awesome!!

I was actually working on my fantasy NASCAR league. I’m The Commish™! The Spider-Man song came to me in the middle of my ranting in my newsletter for some reason. I am a Renaissance Man, you know. Baseball, comics, hot rods, rock music – hmmmm, do you think I stopped growing in 1973?

LOL!! I am up finishing my song done to AC/DC and watching some show my daughter is watching. I am starting to watch more and more NASCAR now a days. My dream when I was a little kids was to go to the Indianapolis 500 – loved the drivers back then – AJ foyt and the Andretti family of course.

Hot rods? That must be fun!!! My husband eventually wants to start showing his mustang. My dad used to have classic cars, but I think I have mentioned that before.

The Boys are racing up there this weekend, you know. Sort of. Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. It’s a road course, so they turn right and EVERYTHING!

Yes, it’s a very big deal up here. I know a lot of people that go. We used to bowl with some friends who were avid racing fans and went every year, along with other races. They had actually gone to Daytona a few times, and last year they went to Vegas (and no, we don’t bowl anymore – too many kid things during the week and on weekends).

Who are your favorites? I tend to root for the Gibbs racing teams seeing how I am a redskins fan and all. Kyle Busch is one of my current favorites, but I do follow tony stewart and a few others.

We have a big Rod Run down here in Temecula in the spring, and a somewhat scaled-down one in the fall. I’ve been to a few and usually get a stiff neck from all the craning – “look at that one, no, that one…….”

Regarding Chin-Lung Hu and playing in Vegas [discussed above] Diamond Leung sheds light on his blog. Hu is on the minor league DL:
“Shortstop Chin-lung Hu (eye) has also been cleared to play for Las Vegas once he is activated from the seven-day disabled list.”
He is also reporting Penny to the DL and Stults up to start as more or less definite:
“Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny is expected to be placed on the disabled list after an MRI exam conducted on his right shoulder Monday revealed inflammation in the bursa and mild tendinitis.
“The Dodgers plan to recall Eric Stults from Class AAA Las Vegas to replace Penny in the rotation and start Friday’s game, as the left-hander will join the team in Cincinnati today.”
The only argument for 28-year old Stults (18 career MLB appearances) over Kuo (60 games) is that Stults has been starting in AAA and is already stretched out and ready to throw a starter’s load of pitches; Kuo would probably be limited to something like 75. Time to get Kuo stretched out if Penny is out longer; he is more talented.
Kuo 2008: 40 1/3 IP, 1.017 WHIP, 2.01 ERA, 47 K, 10 BB.

Wow – that sounds fun!! I remember being a kid and doing Poker Runs with the classic cars. We usually did them on a way to a show. Is that similar?

There are a lot of drivers that I admire. Most of them seem to be very nice people and not very jaded as a lot of people are in sports. I was drawn to Jimmie Johnson pretty quickly. He’s from down here, but that’s not really it. I can’t really put my finger on it. I could list several reasons, but honestly they would apply to a lot of the drivers. I have a ridiculous amount of his gear. Two jackets, 3 hats, stickers on my truck, a license plate frame, glasses, coffee mugs. Most of them are gifts, but I love it.

Forgot the link. Diamond Leung’s Press-Enterprise blog:

Thanks for the info westernmost – I guess this means you are still up too – duh!!

The Rod Run is a weekend thing. There’s classic cars all over town the whole time. They meet on Saturday morning and park in the ‘historic’ Old Town area, which is sealed off from driving any ordinary vehicles. Everyone walks around checking out the cars. They used to run the cars uncorked down Front St in an old fashioned cruise. They’ve incorporated the Pechanga casino in the whole thing now, too. At least I think that’s how it still is. I haven’t taken one in for that past few years, but now that I bought that ’72 Chevelle, I might be honor-bound to start going again.

Wow!! My mom likes Jimmy. I remember you and another blogger talking about a few drivers and there personalities. Race car drivers remind me alot of country music singers – they seem really down to earth. I only know them from interviews, but they seem genuine even then.

You definitely should!!! It sounds like a blast!!

Yeah, I think it was scott, but I’m not sure. I got to meet Johnson once, and by wearing a Lowes jacket around town I bump into relatives and friends of his a lot. It’s a kick wearing it into Home Depot! I’ve taken it so far as to donate money to his Jimmie Johnson Foundation. They do a lot of stuff for kids, so it goes to a great cause.

Here’s a link to the Rod Run. It has a video that’s pretty cool. Shows some good cars and the Old Town area.

It’s late, I need to hit the sack. 5:20 rolls around quickly enough. I wanna see that song when I get to work!

BTW, Lil’ Shrub (Kyle Busch) is one of my drivers along with Denny Hamlin (another Gibbs guy) and Brian Vickers. So when Shrub does well, so do I. 🙂


sounds great, dodgereric – goodnight! I will definitely cheer on kyle for you.

Greetings from Laconia, NH.
I was very busy here yesterday so I have not been around. We had a big turnout in Pasadena for the blood drive. That location we had more Dodger fans than Angel fans donating. The Scully Wooden event was awesome! Wish we could have called them back for more like is done in concerts. It was very emotional having to listen to both of them in person. I got to talked to Sweet Lou Johnson and Josh after the event.
the first thing I heard this morning here in NH when the radio woke me up was that Lamar was out partying late Sunday night. Looking forward to watching the Lakers tonight.
Hope Billz can stir us in the right direction tonight.!
Everyone have a great day!
Hey, I noticed I dropped to second place in the Inside Dodger league. Scott is in first place with Roncey right in our heels.

Willie Randolph fired 3 am this morning, after defeating the Angels in LA. Makes you wonder what comes next -hmmmmmmmm!!!

crzblue/emma – that is great that the blood drive was so successful. I could imagine how wonderful the scully wooden concert was – sounds great!
I, too, hope Billz can turn this Dodger team around. Boy! they sure do need a positive outcome in a game. The games on Saturday and Sunday were just very unfortunate – Penny pitching hurt for Saturday’s game and then the rain delay really being a factor in Sunday’s game (Kershaw was pitching so well, I think the outcome would have been different if it hadn’t rained).
I will have to get involved in the Inside Dodgers fantasy league next year. I remember it being mentioned during spring training, but I was a new blogger back then – it really seems like a long time since then – wow! We definitely had a different mind set about the Dodgers back then – didn’t we? Well, with the right moves, there is still time to turn this team around, even if it means a fabulous 2009 team, like many of the bloggers on here believe.
Have a great day emma 🙂

Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans,
It’s morning music time! Pierre continues to be the focus of my songs – it just happens, I guess. However, I did manage to get Andruw into the mix as well. I was in a hard rock mood last night so I chose AC/DC. It was a request by my husband. Even though he is a gnat fan, he does share my pain (mostly by laughing) in our ventures with JP.
Done to the song by AC/DC
“For Those About to Rock, We Salute You”

Six a.m. he goes downtown
Just because he wants Joe to believe
He is a player
And gives them everything they need
Bye Bye to the good times
Cause Juan has got the right of way
He ain’t no legend, ain’t no cause
He’s just livin for today
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
He stops at dawn at the food court
Like a bolt right out of the blue
Andruw’s taking another bite
He will keep the bulge tonight
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
We want youth
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
oooh, youth!!
oooh, oooh, yeah!
***guitar solo***
The kids are guns for hire with an awesome fire
Ready to play for Blue
Joe, get some balls and load up with cannons
From our Dodger “young guns” in blue
To the vets who really suck – fire
****We don’t need you
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you
****Vets who really suck – fire
We don’t need you
We don’t need you
Come on, whooa
To the vets who really suck, we don’t need you (x4)
Youth, Youth (x2)
To vets who hurt
To vets who tank
To vets who stink
To vets on the take
We don’t need you
We don’t need you (x3)

Dnel, you sure get up very early!
Is Biker week here in this part of NH. When I question why bikers don’t wear helmets, someone said “well, you know how our state motto is “Live free or die”. i am so used to seeing bikers with their helmets on back in California. I wish it was a law in every state. It has been raining here off and on so some roads are slippery. they say there will be more bikers by Friday but we are staying in Boston thursday night as our flight leaves Friday morning at 6:30 so I’ll be at the game Friday night.
A couple from Ohio is driving to LA for the Cleveland/Dodger series. I met them at Vero Beach. She used to be a school teacher. As a matter of fact she used to teach in the same school that Chad attended. Hopefully she gets to talk to Chad. I believe she will make it in time so see the Dodgers getting a star in the Hollywood Walk of fame. I don’t think I can make it for that but I’ll see them at the game.

I like watching Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN, and in order to watch it here on the west coast, you need to watch at 3 am, so I try to get up by 6 so I can watch the last hour. That’s when I heard about Randolph – everyone calling to Mike and Mike are really upset with how the front office handled his firing – 3 am, after a win, after a press conference, and also after being home over the weekend. On top of that, the GM was no where to be found for comment. They are calling what the front office did as being one of the most disgraceful ways of firing a manager probably in recent history. I would have to agree. As much as we want our GM fired, I would hope the Dodger organization shows some class when doing it.

crzblue – We were trying to get tickets to at least one Cleveland/Dodger game, but we decided to go to the entire Braves/Dodgers series instead. My friend (who’s a Braves fan) wanted to see Tom Glavine pitch so we bought tickets to the entire series. However, Glavine is hurt now and is on DL until all-star break, and now, we wish we would have gotten some tickets for the cleveland series. We really wanted to see Grady Sizemore play in person again. Even though I would have cheered on my Dodgers, I do like watching Grady Sizemore play. What a fantastic center fielder he is. I also have jhonny peralta on my fantasy team.

good morning nellie!

Years ago the Dodgers used to have a little golf cart that they used to ferry the pitchers from their bullpen to the mound. I think it had a Dodger cap on it, but I could be wrong. How about we give ol’ Ned a ride out to the Stadium gate in it?

AC/DC – Good one nells!! You’ve inspired me:


When we need a sluggin’ left field man
Who can hit it on the screws
Some power numbers are what we wanna see
And its givin’ us the blues
Pick up the phone
He’s always home
Just call NedCo
ring ring
36 24 36 hey
He’ll get us someone who’ll blow
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
They’re Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap
You got your problems out in center field
Just ain’t knockin’ in the runs
You need a hitter who can cover ground too
To replace ‘ol speedy buns
Pick up the phone
He’s there alone
Or make a social call
Come right in
Forget about him
He’ll get us tubby and take a $30 million fall
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
They’re Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap (yeah)
Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap
When we need a pitcher showin’ us the way
But we ain’t got the stuff
Want a stopper that’ll win every fifth day
Not just another cream puff
Pick up the phone
And leave Ned alone
He’ll get the very best man
For a fee
We’ll be happy you’ll see
But he got us Schidt can
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
Neddy’s Deeds Don’t Come Cheap
They’re Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap (Ohhhh)
Neddy’s Deeds and they Don’t Come Cheap
Bennett, Nomar, Tomko
Not Done Cheap
Kuroda, Gonzo, Sweeney
Not Done Cheap

WOW!!! two AC/DC this early in the morning – get ready for a classic rock and roll day. One of the many topics last night was about different rock and roll singers/groups.
Enchanted – you continue to impress!!!!! and inspire 🙂

LOL!! eric – that would be funny!! I think I remember that cart 🙂

Well done nellie and e! My throat hurts a little this morning trying to sing those two!

lol!! With all the music that was discussed last night, it has got my head spinning thinking of more songs.

Well then, let’s go back to Mr Springsteen.

Think “Hungry Heart”

Got a leadoff man can’t get on base
And one in center can’t stop feeding his face
Got a pinch hitter that’ll make you laugh
And another with a pain in his calf

You know we really need to fire Ned
You know we really need to fire Ned
We paid him money, he won’t do his part
I guess that he’s just not ve-ve-very smart


He came in here from up in NoCal way
He liked that livin’ up there by the bay
We should have known not to hire a Gnat
Let’s ride him out of town upon a bat

You know we really need to fire Ned
You know we really need to fire Ned
We paid him money, he won’t do his part
I guess that he’s just not ve-ve-very smart

La la la la la la
Ohhh yeah
La la la la la la

Let’s get him out of here while we still can
A monkey’ll do better than that man
If he’s gone we’ll write a diff’rent story
We’ll start to work on Mr Joseph Torre

Hey yeah hey

You know we really need to fire Ned
You know we really need to fire Ned
Let’s kick his butt out and see if there’s lead
You know we really need to f-f-fire Ned

Speaking of Styx, how about someone write “Come Flail Away”?

Do you think the Mets would consider a Torre-for-Randolph trade?


Too late, Randolph was fired already. But Torre for Randolph’s uniform would be ok with me.

Not to change the subject, but I am watching the bizarre food guy on the travel channel and he is at a place where he is eating gourmet foods made with bugs. He is eating banana canapes covered in maggots and teriyaki cockroaches – yuck!! I wonder if Andre would try a place like that – lol!!
rudolph for torre – not a bad idea eric 🙂
scott – I’m thinking about STYX. I did Renegade earlier in my song writing ventures, so that group is always one I consider.

BTW – Zimmer – the bizarre food guy, is in New York so it’s not like he is out in the middle of some third world country like he sometimes is.

Outstanding gang!!!! All the songs are great. What a way to start the day. LMAO!!!!

Great one, eric!
Thinking of Ned, wouldn’t it be great to wake up one morning (hopefully very soon) and hear that Ned was FIRED?

my bad – I put rudolph instead of randolph – LMAO!!! sorry 🙂
good morning jhall!!! thanks – that one was fun!!

How appropriate – emails I receive from dodgers.com get filtered into the junk folder.

Good one nells!! Go for it scott – its got great potential!

How many want to bet that Penny’s injury goes from maybe he’ll miss a start, to he’s on the DL, to he’s had a setback, to he’s out for the season? Seems to be the Stan Conte/management blowing smoke up our nether regions way.

When’s Frank going to wake-up and smell the morning air and finally realize that those aren’t roses he smelling?

Fire Ned!!! Immediately if not sooner. Hire Nelly with E and Eric as special advisors.

good morning enchanted 🙂
I am still laughing over the whole rudolph/randolph thing – LMAO!!
Like any of our players other than Pierre being lead off, most everybody on the board can be an advisor ( we know who the exceptions are)

Ugggg…….that ain’t eating, nellie, that’s EATING FOR SURVIVAL. Not my cup of tea………

We were talking about foul balls a few days ago. This is a sobering article:


Then again, rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer probably could do better than torre at this point – LMAO!!! Another bad visual 🙂

Stan Conte….Is he the poster boy for a useless trainer or what? Talk about addition by subtraction! We need to get rid of this bozo.

jhall, I’d take an early retirement to do that. How would you like to work out of your house? 🙂

jhall, we would definitely be the most creative group they would have in the Dodger Organization, but you would have be part of the advisory team. 🙂
enchanted – you must be a marked man, my dodger e-mails are coming through just fine – lol!! just got two

Sounds great Eric. LOL. I’ll be a roving scout. Good article. Need to pay attention at the ballyard.

Eric – great article – a little scary too. I am sure every player has one of those images, and if you think about it, most players do look away from the ball when it goes foul. I will pay more attention to that now.

moved to the food channel – stick buns are much better than yucky bugs. 🙂

But, I bet those yucky bugs get 200 hits and steal 50 bases.

They say that things happen in threes… Bavasi, Randolph… Ned/JoJo?


I remember being at a game, (it might even have been an Opening Day) sitting in the Loge deck, wrapped around the left field foul pole. Steve Garvey was way early on one and crushed a line drive into the Field Boxes. I can still see this guy stand up, face the ball, and cup both hands right in front of his face, thinking he was going to catch it. That ball was screaming. It tore through his hands, bounced off his head and landed in the second deck. He was carried out by four people. I always wondered what happened to him. According to that article, he didn’t die. But I’ll bet he still has “Spalding” imprinted backwards on his head.

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