Happy Father's Day

By now, you probably already have the lineups as the game is scoreless in the early innings and the skies have opened up over Detroit.

To all the dads out there, including my own and all the dads in the Dodger organization, thanks for everything you do for your children. I hope that some of you will enjoy the sunshine here in Southern California and go have a catch at Dodger Stadium anytime until 2 p.m. today. If not, enjoy the day with your family…


  1. ksparkuhl

    Probably why LaRoche is sitting this one out. From Tony Jackson:
    “LaRoche got hit in the face by a bad-hop grounder during BP and had a severe nosebleed, but he’s fine.”

  2. junkyardjamie

    I reposted enchanted’s comment because it needed to be reposted.
    The team record with JP leading off speaks for itself 14-23. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that it ain’t workin’.


    And really – Maza over LaRoche at 2B? DY on the bench after going 3 for 4?

    I honestly believe that ANY other manager has this team at .500 worst, and a reverse of the current record at best. Torre hasn’t instilled winning, he’s instilled entitlement of veterans to play when nothing suggests that they warrant it, and what’s worse, he’s taken once enthusiastic kids and broken their spirit so that we have unsure ballplayers who are probably afraid of their own shadow for fear that Torre would play their shadow over them – he does it all the time playing veterans who are a shadow of their former selves.
    By enchantedsunset@hotmail.com on June 15, 2008 11:36 AM

  3. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – this is just so wrong!!
    When I read the article last night about Martin and Ethier being asked to speak at the team meeting yesterday, that said it all. There is nobody for the young players to look up to, and so they are taking it upon themselves to be the leaders when all they should have to worry about at this point is playing ball and becoming the veteran major leaguers that will make a difference. This veteran group we have here is seriously pathetic – they really deserve the name they are given by this board – PVL – Pathetic Veteran Loser.
    to use jhall’s words – UNACCEPTABLE ™!!!!

  4. ksparkuhl

    Why can’t Delwyn Young play second base? They played him there during Spring Training quite a lot… and especially if LaRoche got his nose bloodied up today. Why is Joe Sticking with Luis Maza and his LOW LOW BA???

  5. junkyardjamie

    This is a pretty good pitcher’s game so far. So far (knock, knock) neither team is really getting a lot of hits.

  6. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    I’m at a loss for words with this team. I asked yesterday, but did not get an answer… Anyone remember a more frustrating year?

  7. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    So we see ANY light at the end of the tunnel for this year? What big bat can we go after? And at what cost?

  8. jhallwally

    Hey everyone. Made it back from Detroit. Lots of fun even though we lost. I predicted Penny’s meltdown in the 4th as we drove to the park. They were impressed with my knowledge of our team. Geez. Figures he is injured. You knew something was not right. Seeing the kids play well was great. Ethiers bomb was cool and the Detroit people were very impressed with him. Not only his offense but the way he plays the outfield. Beautiful ball park up there and the fans are very friendly. Kershaw looked good. I listened to alot of it on the way home. Getting ready to go see dad. Hope everyone is having a great Father’s Day. Great songs and comments everyone. Sure would like to pull out at least one win this weekend.

  9. enchantedbeaver

    The only light we’re going to see at the end of the tunnel with Ned and JoJo running the show is the headlight of the oncomming train.

  10. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    well, we’ve been outscored 34-8 over the last 4 and a half games…. and this one’s not over… That seems a little lopsided to me. I love the article on Penny that says he’s hurt… NO ****!! how does he keep sending himself out there if he’s hurt, and doing nothing at all to help the team…. IT MUST BE GLOBAL WARMING!!!

  11. junkyardjamie

    no brandon, this is pretty frustrating since they REFUSE TO PLAY THE BEST!!.
    Today, however, we may not be hitting the ball, but once again, Park is not making it any easier. This was a pretty good pitching game up until the rain delay. I think this was said yesterday, but our boys in the outfield can’t jump the walls. I’m sure Matt and Andre would if they could.

  12. jhallwally

    Well crap, wheels coming off again. Gonna be a long summer. Only consolation is that Ned will most likely lose his job. I vote for dismissing him immediately.

  13. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    It’s sad I don’t even care enough anymore to care about the score. I am not even inspired to write anything negative.

  14. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Maybe next year for Spring Training we can go to Mongolia, and leave half of the team there with the Yellow Fever…

  15. enchantedbeaver

    This was my last post on the previous thread, but I feel like repeating myself:

    This is also what happens when you have two PR guys (McCourt and Ned) making PR moves. Oh look I got the highest priced FAs. Oh look I got a HOF manager. Is not about what the team needs – I doubt either of these two boobs have a concept of that. Its all photo ops and PR to get 4 million butts in the seats. Oh, we’re losing? Well let’s go out and get another big name so we don’t lose out on any ticket sales. Meanwhile the future of this franchise is regressing and it won’t be long until people like Logan White and Kim Ng leave for greener pastures. Then we’ll see if Ned can put together a winner with no upside veterans and no farm either.

    By enchantedsunset@hotmail.com on June 15, 2008 11:53 AM

  16. junkyardjamie

    The funny thing is jhall, we laugh and make fun of JP through our songs, etc, but it’s becoming not so funny any more how he seems to walk on water. Then again, maybe he can walk on water – lol!!

  17. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    again, I propse to you guys… given the right trade to make THIS year, do we do it or leave things alone so that we can suck a whole lot of *** for the rest of the year to MAYBE be good next year?

  18. selltheteam

    Josh – Constructive feedback poll says fire Ned:
    12 votes for immediately
    1 vote for this afternoon or even sooner
    1 vote for bottom of 5th inning today
    1 vote for pre-All Star break or mid-game today
    1 vote for pre-All Star break or sooner
    1 vote for after WS or sooner
    zero votes for keep Ned
    Get your votes in – Josh wants feedback!
    Vote early and vote often.

  19. junkyardjamie

    brandon – if it means losing any of our core young players, then I say leave it alone. Some of them obviously are becoming the leaders anyway, so let’s let them develop and see what happens. I think if anything, we dump PVLs any way we can. They, along with a manager who thinks they can do no wrong, are the ones holding the team back – just like we have all said at one time or another.

  20. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Don’t you guys just love hearing about other teams too… like when you watch our games, the hero of the other team being interviewed, or during our games hearing about someone on the other team hitting a homerun, or on espn, seeing highlights of the other team kicking our ***… This is getting insanely old… and with basketball season coming to a close soon, it’s going to be an awfully long summer.

  21. jhallwally

    Sad and frustrating about Penny. Now we can’t even deal him for good prospects. Not that Ned would get anything of value for him.

  22. jhallwally

    Need to fire Ned this evening. Make Logan White the GM and unload, Phew, Lowe, and Kant. DFA Sweeney and Bennett. Get the rebuilding started now……

  23. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Who’s taking bets on us being shut out AGAIN…. I’ve got to say the odds are really good. I almost want to see if we can start setting some records for being terrible.

  24. junkyardjamie

    I guess we need to hope that the Tigers do the same to the gnats as they did to us. However, game not over until it’s over , as PierreEW would say. Then again, he hasn’t been so positive lately either. 🙂

  25. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Jhall, I like your thinking… call this season donezo… and go ahead and move on to looking at next year. That’s really the only way that we’re going to get any better…. Ned is great at making moves that look good at first, but he has NOTHING to show for them.

  26. redfox@q.com

    I am sick and tired of watching Torre ruin our team and the season. Young should be playing everyday. We need his bat. And unless LaRoche is seriously hurt, he should be playing today, too. Torre has tried his way for weeks and IT IS NOT WORKING. Stop blaming the kids and their inexperience. The blame can be stated in two words: Ned, Joe. The Dodgers have the most/best young talent of any team. That’s what other team’s baseball people are saying. Yet between Ned’s acquistions that block these players and Torre’s insistance on playing vets whose presence in the lineup is not producing, the team continues to struggle. Since your way has proven NOT to work, Joe, humor us to show us how wrong we are. Play Young, Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney, LaRoche, DeWitt, and your pick for a week and see if the results are any different. And stop trying to break the kid’s spirit and trying building up their confidence for a change.

  27. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    We’re in last place soon…. But definetly by the end of the season…. A couple of years ago when we won 19 out of 20… that team had the ability and moxie to do that… this team has no heart or backbone, they just collapse under pressure. I get more and more angry watching them, and then watching teams that give a damn…. Look at our record, and the Tigers record… it’s similar, but look at the team and the heart and ability to go with it…. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

  28. enchantedbeaver

    Brandon – this team won’t even be able to win for losing – 1962 Mets 40-120. We can’t even suck right (don’t go there jhall!!)

  29. enchantedbeaver

    You’d think they’d get mad about losing all the time, but just like JoJo, they seem to just accept it.

  30. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    You say that Enchanted… but if we don’t get Raffy back, and things stay the same… we may not win 9 more games this year!! haha

  31. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Only 2 more innings… So close… Come on Detroit… We need to be shut out again! I don’t want us to score 1 or 2 runs and get even a little bit of hope, just for the game, series, and season to come crashing down!

  32. enchantedbeaver

    OK, you’re giving Martin the day off by letting him DH and having Ardoin catch. You’re down by 5 in the 8th. What’s the point of having Mr. PVL .118 hit for Ardoin? Now Martin has to put on the gear.

  33. messagebear@msn.com

    Are we sure Sweeney is getting enough at bats? Torre is obviously still evaluating the team and can’t make up his mind about Sweeney’s effectiveness. If he would only listen to us. I don’t know how many times we’ve told him already.

  34. enchantedbeaver

    If you’re an opposing pitcher, do you ever fear throwing it over the plate to Berroa, Ardoin/Sweeney, Pierre and Maza? If I was an opposing manager and my guy walked any of those four/five, I’d have you tarred and feathered.

  35. jhallwally

    Freaking ridiculous E. But that is what we have come to expect from JoJo. Seriously overrated manager.

  36. miguelcab

    We’ve always had questionable offenses over the past 10 years, but I can honestly say this is the worst one I’ve ever seen. If I was a pitcher I wouldn’t be afraid to throw to one guy on our roster

  37. junkyardjamie

    This game started out so promising with Kershaw pitching, and I think the storm just screwed us up because we have just fallen apart. We can’t even get a storm to be on our side because if the storm was on our side, it would have produced a timely lightening strike on a particular PVL – that would have made it a more positive outcome to this game, win or lose. Damn!! – even Mother Nature is showing my favorite PVL the love. He must have everyone on some magical spell that won’t be lifted until 2011.

  38. scurtis1999

    Everyone on this team is tradeable except for Martin.

    Kemp is annoying me. I can’t wait to see him gone. Along with about 10 more.

  39. miguelcab

    Make that kemp billingsley and kershaw. everyone else is fair game. I used to think all of our young guys were future all-stars. But now…not so much

  40. kpookiemon

    Agree redfox. The Dodgers brass is kidding themselves. This is NOT a contending team. There are only seven teams in all of baseball with a worse record, and three of them are in the pathetic NL West. Who really cares whether the Dodgers lose 80, 90, or 100 games? There is no prize for finishing “respectable.” What’s the point of trotting Pierre out there every day when we need to see if Young, Kemp and ethier are the real deal? Why continue the part-time charade of Kent when we need to find out about LaRoche and DeWitt? Sweeney? Maza? Berroa? Are these guys the future? Are they even a part of 2009? Of this September? Anybody with a brain knows the answer. Looks like a call-up to take Penny’s spot. Good move. Like I’ve been saying for weeks, let’s just “do it” and play all the kids.

  41. miguelcab

    Oh I meant to say Martin Bills and Kersh. I think Kemp is too. I’m just not seeing that raw power we were promised, and he’s striking out as much as or more than Dunn. Loney’s been a huge disappointment also. If we can get a real deal power hitter for Kemp and Loney I’m down

  42. kpookiemon

    scurtis and jjj, have faith in Logan White’s harvest. It’s Joe’s watering can that’s stunting the crops.

  43. scurtis1999

    Yup Im down too. I think this will happen pretty soon too as management is getting fed up and I bet Joe is letting the front office have a piece of his mind.

  44. miguelcab

    I’m in favor of keeping the majority of White’s gems, I just think we need to acquire a power bat at the deadline to have any chance this year. Or in the off-season to have a chance next year. We can’t be sure that any of our young guys are even ever gonna hit 25 homers. Anyone know if their are any power hitting FA’s next year that hopefully someone other than ned will have the chance to sign?

  45. jhallwally

    Well we made it interesting. Slappy to the rescue. McPopup deluxe. Happy Father’s Day everyone and have a great afternoon/evening.

  46. lny4loney

    If the ball left the stadium on the wild pitch shouldn’t Kent have been awarded third base. Where was JoJo to argue for that????!!!!! Maybe if Kent is on third, Popgun doesn’t try to put power — something he doesn’t possess — behind that swing and singles to drive in Kent.

  47. lny4loney

    scurtis, trading Kemp could and almost surely would be one of the worst trades in Dodger history. Altough I won’t quite go as far as my brother leekfink in comparing him to Willie Mays, I have no problem predicting that he will be in a class with Dave Winfield and Andre Dawson.
    Yes, Kemp’s personality isn’t as pleasing as that of some of the other youngsters. So what? He’s not a troublemaker (except possibly in the meaningless opinions of Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez).

  48. junkyardjamie

    MLK – who isn’t a troublemaker according to Kent? LOL!! He really doesn’t seem to like any of our young players.

  49. lny4loney

    Checking the rulebook, Alex is correct. A wild pitch that goes out of play gets each baserunner one base. advancement.

  50. messagebear@msn.com

    Watch what you wish for. Consider that Ned will do the negotiating and trading, and any other GM is bound to take advantage of him.

  51. ksparkuhl

    Pierre swings at ball four… an uppercut swing at that… room-service Slappy McPopUp to end the game. Can’t the team fine Pierre $500 for every pop fly he hits??? At what point is suicide a viable option for me? I can’t take it anymore!! Really… I shouldn’t joke about suicide. People have far worse problems than my fascination with a stupid baseball team… but this really isn’t fun to watch any more. Who stole my Dodgers!!??!! I want them back!!

  52. lny4loney

    In a truly long-sense term, the biggest loss would be Russell Martin. That is because it is clear even now that Russell should manage this team someday, maybe even as a player-manager.
    But in terms of who will be the best offensive player of any of the current Dodgers, I would give 4-1 odds that it will be Kemp.

  53. messagebear@msn.com

    “Who stole my Dodgers?” A good question.
    You could start with Frank McCourt with the complicity of Major League Baseball for allowing this hallowed franchise to transcend to a self-promoter who has no knowlege of baseball and who didn’t have any serious equity investment available for the purchase of that franchise. Small wonder that he placed his wife as president of the organization and made equally dubious choices as his GM’s. The commissioner simply gave him the printing press to make money at the fans’ expense, and that is where we are today. Anybody who believes a word that McCourt says, and the same goes for his delegate Colletti, deserves the disappoinment that is quick to come. A good GM might save the situation, but that move is unlikely until we really hit rock bottom and even McCourt can’t stand the resulting media flap and ridicule cast upon him and his organization. Maybe that rock bottom is approaching. I know this team’s management is beyond my disgust after fifty some years as a Dodger fan.

  54. junkyardjamie

    I realize the article about Pierre is just “Sarah’s Take”, and I understand it probably won’t go too much beyond our fan base. So, I’m not taking it too terribly serious. However she mentions his leadership skills and his work ethic once again. I frankly rather he stay in bed the extra couple hours – maybe that will improve his game. It’s not the young players fault that they have a life outside of baseball. I want a ball player that is well-rounded with a good personality, has fun when he is off, and is still having fun playing the game (I realize they probably aren’t having a whole lot of fun playing right now). I could care less that a ball player is on the field at 6 in the morning. It’s not like him showing up early is helping the things she claims he is improving on. Yes, I can appreciate his speed (don’t we all), but like we have said time and time again, he needs to be on base in the first place. The stats she is referring to are career stats. Well, has she looked at his 2008 stats? We could say the same things about Jones and Kent too based on career stats. And yes, he did have a pretty good day today for him, but how often does that happen, and just like today, though, even the Tiger announcers said he is a slap hitter and what did he do to end the game – slap hit.

  55. junkyardjamie

    When I was referring to the young ball players, I forgot to mention that they are all valuable to this team for their abilities, but I like that they have personality and for the most part seem to have fun playing together. That’s what I meant by well-rounded. I want them to be successful on the ball field , obviously that is what they are there for. Sorry, when I reread it, it made my statement seem like all I cared about was their personality.

  56. messagebear@msn.com

    I will yield that Pierre may not be the worst of our problems this season, and he certainly is not the only problem. Would we be better off if he had not been signed and we had to find another solution for our outfield and for a leadoff batter – I think invariable almost all of us would say yes, probably even Sarah. Is there anybody knocking on our door looking to take Pierre off our hands – not that I’ve heard. Any other questions?

  57. selltheteam

    Josh – Here is some constructive feedback about the latest “Sarah’s Take”: I just want to throw up.

  58. ghfgdgdsg

    we need to trade for a slugger already we need the runs NED COMMON!!!!

    I want to trade Eithier, Laroche and a prospect for either Matt Holliday or Jason Bay common our offense sucks imagine this line up when Furcal comes back

    1. FURCAL
    2. KEMP
    3. Martin
    4. Holliday or Bay
    5. Kent
    6. Dewitt
    7. Loney
    8. Pierre or Jones they both suck =/

    that would be a pretty good lineup we need to trade already Our offense is terrible common NED PULL THE TRIGGER ALREADY

  59. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    What difference is it going to make if we have a 500 million dollar refurbished silk purse and place a sow’s ear of a ballclub in it? Maybe Frank figures the new retail stores will distract the fans from the product on the field. The upcoming trading period is crucial. I don’t have any confidence that Ned will make the moves necessary to get this team on the right track. If my vote wasn’t tallied from my comments yesterday, here’s my vote, Ned needs to go and the sooner the better.

  60. ghfgdgdsg

    I wish some one like Arte Moreno or Mark Cuban could own the dodgers. They are owners who care about the product on the field and who will do anything to win. All I here from The dodgers orgniztion is excuses. Every year is the same thing, if a player gets hurt the blame the entire season on the players injury. Look at the Angels they started the season with out their two best pitchers Escobar and Lackey, they have lost Figgins and Kendrick at times to injuries but they don’t make excuses, and it all starts from their manager Mike Scocia who by the way used to be a dodger and learn under Lasorda. His dream job was the Dodger job but they didn’t give him a chance now look at him, he is a way better manager than Joe Torre. I just wish MLB would step in and make Frank McCourt who has no idea on how to run a franchise and make him sell the team. We don’t want no Dodger Land, we want a World Series.

  61. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Well put Eduardo!! I like this guys thinking, we without a doubt have to have some sort of power bat, whether it’s now or whenever… We have not had any kind of power threat in years!!

  62. j-murray

    you guys are all underestimating the ability of ned coletti. sure, he signed guys like juan pierre, jason schmidt, luis gonzalez and andruw jones to insane contracts, but by signing them to these deals, he has set the dodgers up for future success. once you can understand coletti’s thought process, it’s a no-brainer as to why he signed these guys. that is: more losses over a season = better position in the upcoming draft. the mediocrity of last year has already netted us a solid prospect in ethan martin, and next year we will probably have an even better pick. if ned is really on him game, we will have a #1 overall pick by 2010!……………with that said, ned coletti deserves to be kicked in the groin repeatedly for saddling this once admirable franchise with “unforeseeable” failures such as schmidt, jones, pierre, gonzalez, wolf, etc. go cripple some other team with worthless signings that make you the laughing stock of major league baseball. jerk.

  63. kssssss

    I was going to write McCourt, but it takes alot of effort to do that…What I would say is before the off season last year, I could have made the Dodgers a better team than Coletti has or ever will…..Before the awful signings of Schmidt, Jones, Pierre ( not as bad as the others), Proctor, Sweeney…the list goes on and on…and resigning Kent and Nomar, oh and Bomko…and some awful trades….I would never have signed any of them…before they proved to be injury prone or just awful…..I knew it beforehand…why doesn’t the Dodger management or anyone in the front office?…I’m a sports fan and a long time Dodger fan and I KNOW more than them?…How is that possible?…..I cannot watch this team anymore…It’s so pathetic that they’re unwatchable….Imagine we were better last year with Gonzalez…at least he can hit a bit…..There is no excuse for this junior varsity team year after year….We will not be any good this year so play the kids and let them get experience…and don’t change it day after day….

    This could be the WORST run organization in baseball other than Seattle…we may challenge them for the worst record…and now the Pads are playing better and have some good hitters….Who thinks we end up last or 2nd to last in the Nat League West?

    I would rather spend less money like the Marlins…look at them on around $28million salary for the whole team…Money makes some GM’s dangerous, like Coletti…he doesn’t know how to spend it!!!!!!

  64. enchantedbeaver

    Its a good thing that I had to run out for a few hours because Juan’s last at bat seriously would’ve made me projectile vomit all over my pc.

    My take on “Sarah’s take” is that she too is entitiled to her opinion no matter how misguided and assinine it may be.

    To all that think a Jason Bay or a Holiday is going to turn things around this year, this season’s far beyond what any one or two hitters could possibly turn around. Trading youth for somebody elses PVLs not only creates new holes, Ned’s been there, done that and we’ve seen the results.

    In a game like today’s when you carry 12 pitchers you never have enough bats off the bench. This is why I have never been an advocate of the 12 man staff. Back when pitchers were men, you only carried 10. And MLK’s right, when your game, your SEASON is up to Slappy McPopup, you’re in a helluva lot more hurt than one or two people can fix. Matt Kemp also has too much upside to trade him for the tripe Ned would get. People, he’s only 23, and he already leads the team in RBI. If JoJo would stick him in the 3-hole and leave him there, I’d bet he gets to 100.

    No the blame for this season falls squarely on the three stooges running the show. Frank, Neddy and JoJo The Clown. And that’s in reverse order of who’s doing the most damage.

  65. juniorvarsity

    the curse of al campanis….it will live on until a TRUE DODGER becomes a major part in the organization

  66. messagebear@msn.com

    I’ve got a great publicity gimmick for Frank. Seeing as how much we’re losing these days anyway, why not turn the daily game management over to the fans – like manager of the day. I submit that most of the bloggers here could make out a better lineup than Torre and make better game decisions. Why not give it a shot for an upcoming home series. We might even turn things around. We wouldn’t make Slappy happy, and I’d personally send Sweeney to clean up the clubhouse bathrooms during the game. Kent would be another favorite of mine – I might lock him in his locker with a few of his favorite biker magazines. I’d send Proctor to help Sweeney. Wanta bet we win the game?
    What do you really have to lose, Frank. Let a few die-hard fans have a little fun, and it might catch on with the team.
    Give Torre a few days off – it might let him lighten up.

    Well, it’s the end of Father’s Day, and I’ve had a few brews.
    I’m down to either cussing everybody out or trying to take the lighter side. They won’t listen to me when I ask them to FIRE NED; maybe a new approach, Frank. What’s to lose? Remember old Veeck in the St. Louis Browns days? He’d go for something like that. Let’s get creative, Frank.

  67. junkyardjamie

    enchanted/or anybody who knows the answer – who is sarah, anyway? Does she work for the Dodger Organization in some capacity, a fan, or is she just a writer that happens to write about the Dodgers? It says at the bottom of the story that she is editor to Sarah’s Dodger Place, but what does that mean? Just curious as to why her stories are on the Dodger’s home page.
    BTW – enchanted, thanks for always putting things in perspective, and messagebear – letting the fans manage for a day is a fabulous idea.

  68. cpompe1

    I don’t know who Sarah is but I read her Pierre article in its entirety (before, I just read the first couple paragraphs and stopped reading). I get it; Pierre has a little value (big emphasis on the word little) in that he does have speed and he does make pitchers change their plans when he’s on base but he’s got to get on base first for his speed advantage to kick in! I still say the best lead-off hitter the Dodgers have had, say, in the last 20 years or so is Brett Butler. I loved his play, I loved his hustle. Pierre doesn’t come close. Again, I don’t know who Sarah is but I sure hope she doesn’t have some sort of “pull” with management where she says, “keep Pierre a Dodger!”

  69. enchantedbeaver

    Unfortunately cpomp, its the outrageous contract Ned gave Pierre that’s going to keep him a Dodger.

  70. ghfgdgdsg

    Ever since Frank McCourt came into offense this team has just been a joke the first thing he did was signed the worst GM EVER Paul Depodesta who thought he could get something out of HE SAP CHOI wat ever happened to that guy he sucked and they gave away there best set up man Guillermo Mota and also Paul Laduca in there playoff strech i think that was the worst deal I have ever seen in my life then Frank tries to do something right he fires Depodesta and he fires Jim Tracy because in 05 they had the worst season EVER!! and then hires Colleti and Little oh yea thats world championchip right there common they both ruined the dodgers they tried to do the right things but always failed overpaying veterens who never even play because they always get hurt and the thing that i dont like about Frank is that I think he is greedy he got a new parking structure that sucks and you have to pay 5 more dollors to park thats just crazy and then he renovates the already beautiful dodgers stadium and raised ticket prices wat happened to the 10 dollar pavilion and 5 dollars for kids what happened to the good old days they have passed now and I dont think we are getting that back for a long time 500 dollors to sit behind home plate thats just crazy and all that money is going to Jones, Pierre, Garciaparra and other veterens who do not contribute to the club i’m just really frustrated in how this franchise is going I will still bleed dodger blue but right now its not really the same anymore I just really want the dodgers to win one already i have waited so long I just hope they can turn it around

  71. junkyardjamie

    enchanted and CP – Well whoever Sarah is, I hope this article she wrote haunts her in 2010-11 when PIERRE IS STILL WITH THE DODGERS and still keeping the young kids from playing. By then, he will no longer have his speed, which is his ONLY ASSET, and then to add on top of that his weak-a** arm, which is only going to decline in the coming years. The only upside is perhaps in 2010, we may have a new GM and manager, who might actually sit his butt down like should have been done this year.

  72. cpompe1

    I’m sorry enchanted. I wasn’t even looking when I said dnel on my response to you. See what happens when the wrong players play and the right players sit??? My head turns to mush!!! 🙂

  73. junkyardjamie

    CP – BTW, we will probably have to hope for some devine intervention for Pierre to go anywhere. Like I said during the game, mother nature isn’t even on the Dodger’s side right now because when I heard it was a thunderstorm, all I kept thinking was lightening. Also, the storm really screwed up our momentum for that game. Kershaw was pitching really well, and it played a big factor in the outcome of that game because the way he was pitching, he was good for another couple of innings, and the Tigers wouldn’t have had those runs. It should have been a pitcher’s dual, and until the rain, it was.
    Also – Brett Butler – one of my favorties!

  74. junkyardjamie

    CP – enchanted tends to mess with your mind too on occasion – lol!!! (jk)- enchanted, you are way too cool:)

  75. cpompe1

    see dnel, we do think alike; we must be kindred sisters!!! I still love Brett Butler; he was a good guy to have around!!! Well, gotta go…

    Goodnight all… Remember, tomorrow’s an off day…

  76. junkyardjamie

    CP – It’s fortunately an off day for me too – it’s summer vacation. However, with two teenagers in the house, school is not a bad place to be – lol!!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!! 🙂

  77. selltheteam

    This season has really gotten ugly. Other than the loser teams in our division below us, the only other teams with fewer wins are: Kansas City, Washington, and Seattle. That is U-G-L-Y.
    Who gets the blame? #1 McCourt – bought a team with a great farm system then hired a loser GM to fill in the needed veterans that would help the kids get an early championship. #2 Colletti – the only veterans he can come up with are brittle. With the exception of Slappy McPopup, who can be counted on for a .340 OBP and a popup at the worst of times.

  78. lath19@gmail.com

    I’d complain about how bad the Dodgers are except that I decided to bet against them a few weeks ago and have profited nicely from it. I say keep Pierre at lead off, let Kemp keep striking out at balls in the dirt, and bring in Proctor every game!

  79. lath19@gmail.com

    #3 Logan White. Colletti should have traded some of these over-hyped prospects for good young talent when he could have. Kemp is a football player trying to play baseball, Ethier is a 4th outfielder on most teams, Martin is solid, LaRoche has proven nothing (potential doesn’t matter on the DL), Broxton has regressed, C-Bill is good, Loney is average, DeWitt has been a nice story for 2 months.

    This is supposed to be the core, look at the splits.

    Martin: .311/.409/.434
    Kemp: .297/.341/.441
    Loney: .295/.350/.441
    Ethier: .281/.346/.433

    Only Martin has really contributed. The others get a C- at best.

    Can Colleti, don’t promote Logan White, and bring in a GM who knows how to build a winner.

  80. redfox@q.com

    For those who are clamoring for trading some of the kids, here is something to consider AB/RBI:

    Matt Kemp 236/39,
    Jason Bay 250/36,
    James Loney 254/32,
    Matt Holiday 209/29,
    Kosuke Fukudome 242/29,
    Andre Ethier 217/26.

    I’d say our kids are more than holding their own, especially after considering the stress and lack of confidence they face daily with Torre and his changing lineups and benching tactics.

  81. dodgereric

    People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ’bout my young Dodgers)
    Just because we say you’re clowns (Talkin’ ’bout my young Dodgers)
    Things you do look awful dumb (Talkin’ ’bout my young Dodgers)
    I hope Ned goes before my brain’s numb (Talkin’ ’bout my young Dodgers)

    These are my Dodgers
    These are my Dodgers, baby

    Ned, why don’t you just f-fade away (Talkin’ ’bout your PVLs)
    Before you sign more bums and say they can play (Bennett, Sweeney and Berroa)
    Your vets ain’t caused no big s-s-sensation (Talkin’ ’bout that fat Andruw)
    Just talkin’ ’bout the new g-g-g-generation (Talkin’ ’bout my young Dodgers)

    These are my Dodgers
    These are my Dodgers, baby

    Why don’t you all f-fade away (Talkin’ ’bout you Frank and Jamie)
    ‘Cause you can’t d-dig what we all s-s-say (Hirin’ all those NoCal lamies)
    You’re just trying to be some media darling (Using Torre’s just not working)
    You can’t even fix the Stadium parking (It’s our tails you seem to be jerking)

    These are my Dodgers
    These are my Dodgers, baby

    People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ’bout that Noodle Arm guy)
    When you say white and we see brown (We see your stories and your lies)
    You say Pierre was born to lead off (We didn’t fall off no dumb ol’ turnip truck)
    Next thing we know you’ll sign Dave Hasselhoff (Get out of town you great big stupid *^$#)

    These are my Dodgers
    These are my Dodgers, baby

  82. junkyardjamie

    Well, well, well, if it isn’t Dodgereric with a song, and a great one at that. FABULOUS!!! I am sitting here watching television, trying to work on a song for the morning, and reading articles and stats on our Beloved Dodgers. How are you doing? Did you have a good Father’s Day?
    Redfox – thanks for the info – it’s great when people back up their viewpoints with statistics, isn’t it?

  83. immelmon@earthlink.net

    I have two thing to say.

    One: I am sooooo happy that I didn’t renew my overpriced season tickets.

    Two: Go Lakers! At least we have one winner in town.

  84. immelmon@earthlink.net

    I have two thing to say.

    One: I am sooooo happy that I didn’t renew my overpriced season tickets.

    Two: Go Lakers! At least we have one winner in town.

  85. bigkace@yahoo.com

    I felt a rant coming on all day, and here it comes. I’m sick and tired of this team and I hate the fact that I love them so much. I’m so disappointed on so many different levels. Rafael Furcal goes down with “a little stiffness in the back” and was on a day to day basis. Two months later we learn that it’s going to be another month before he can even think of beginning a rehab assignment. He’s got a bulging disc. Was his disc not bulging two months ago or did it get worse sitting in the dugout? Now Penny admits to pain in his shoulder, pain he’s been “dealing with” all season. Uh…yuh-think? Everyone on this board knew he was hurt a month ago. Now he’s going to get an MRI. Hell, if we’d have DL’d him back when he first started having problems, we would have at least had a shot in the abortions he’s performed over the past month and a half. Not only that but he’d most likely be healed by now. I can see Nedly panicking and packaging LaRoache and Ethier for Jaime Moyer or Tom Glavine or some other predictable horse (bleep) move. Stan Conte Needs to be fired immediately. I mean look at the list of glue factory bound players ot his credit—Jason Schmidt, Nomar Garciaparra, Andruw Jones, Rafael Furcal, Brad Penny, Tony Abreu—I know there’s more, but that’s a pretty impressive list collecting dust in the corner of the Dodgers woodshed. Ned, stay away from the phone, please.
    Also, I was thinking…remember that rumored trade that would have sent LaRoache and Kemp to Florida for Miguel Cabrerra? Does anyone have any doubt that Kemp would have 15 home runs while batting .330, maybe 40 or 50 RBI right now? LaRoache certainly wouldn’t have gotten hurt and would be putting up huge numbers there, I have no doubt about it. So why isn’t it happening here? It’s coaching. They aren’t being taught how to get any better. Kemp’s been striking out on the same pitches all year long; up and over the plate or low and outside. Everybody knows how to pitch to him. It’s no wonder he strikes out so much, he swings at the same unhittable pitches every single time. Loney’s a nice player too, but he’s taken a step backward. He’s finally starting to come around lately thank god. Somebody, please somebody tell me, since when can’t Ethier hit lefties? Since this year, that’s when. The two previous years he did just fine. Chin Lung Hu came up as a fast, slick-fielding contact hitting shortstop. Remember him in that short stint last year? He was nails. HUGE step backward this year. Now he can’t hit the toilet while sitting on it. I think Easler needs to be fired. He can’t teach these guys how to combat their weaknesses; weaknesses the opposition exploits continually. Oh yeah, and he can take Honeycutt with him on his way out. What has he done anyway? The longer a pitcher works with him the worse they get. I would love to see Leo Mazzone as our pitching coach. He has a proven track record, and a proven track record with young stud pitchers to boot.
    It’s up to the manager to see that each player gets the coaching that he needs. The Dodgers play terrible fundamental baseball. That’s coaching. The Dodgers keep making the same mistakes continually. That’s coaching. The Dodgers make awful strategic decisions, leaving us unprepared to capitalize on opportunities late in the game. That’s coaching. These guys need teachers, not managers. They need someone who will teach them how to wait on an inside curve. They don’t need someone to constantly jostle their position in the line-up to give the illusion that they’re actually doing something managerial. We need to fire the managers and hire us some coaches. It’s no coincidence that everyone who left the Dodgers during the off-season has improved this year with a different team. Think about it. Oh, I have so much more to say but I’m getting tired of talking about this to be quite honest. I want a team that I can root for, not question.

  86. dodgereric

    It’s hard to imagine finding a job where you can be paid an incredible salary only to drive your product into the ground and not get kicked out of the door with your boss yelling, “Into the mud, scum queen!” A buffalo nickel to the first one to place that movie line.

    Seriously, I’m finding it difficult to decide which of our two village idiots have done to poorer job.

    Ned Coletti has to envy Pierre’s lousy OBP. If only he had hit on one in three of his deals. I won’t bother to catalog the crap he’s put in Dodger uniforms. We’ve written about those PVLs (and thanks to jhall for coining that one) so much that they’re in our nightmares.

    Joe Torre must be doing what our friend lath up there has been doing. I can only hope that eventually someone will catch him betting against the team so we can properly tar and feather him and get him on that 4 x 4 out of town. Nothing he does works. Do you realize that Furcal STILL leads the team in runs scored? “Pierre makes things happen?” Really? WHEN? Where are the rebukes for stealing third with 2 outs not once but TWICE in consecutive games? What takes so long for a “premire base stealer” to get running? Our record with him hitting leadoff is horrid. Furcal had five 3-hit games in the 32 he played. Pierre has 4 of them in his 60. Furcal had 19 walks. Pierre has 17. Three of those came in one game. So he doesn’t strike out often. Big deal. If I was the other team, I’d play my outfielders like it was a softball game we let one of the kids bat.

    When is Torre going to stop talking about pitch counts and let our guys do what got them to the majors – being agressive at the plate! ATTACK! I’m sick and tired of 3/4 of our at bats starting with an 0-2 count. When will our pitchers stop walking batters after they manage to get their own 0 -2 count? “Oh, you get ahead and make them hit balls out of the strike zone.” Well, not if that’s what they know you’re trying to do EVERY TIME! When is Torre going to realize that Sweeney is not just in a slump, he’s DONE!! And last but not least, Joe:

    FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT’S DODGER BLUE, STOP BENCHING PLAYERS AFTER THEY HAVE A GOOD GAME! I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE DO THAT ONCE, LET ALONE AS OFTEN AS YOU HAVE! I’ve lost count how many times a good offensive game has earned one of the kids a seat on the bench for the next game.

    So Penny says, “I was hurt, but if I didn’t go out there, I’d leave the team in a bad position” or something to that effect. Well, congratulations big man, you gutted it out and left the team in a bad position anyway, down early again. Stop trying to save your precious free agent year at the cost of ours.

    Sweeney’s done.
    Bennett’s done. (Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of reading about his “progress”? Who cares? If anyone on this roster can claim to be the worst PVL more than Sweeney, it’s Bennett)
    Schmidt’s done. (See Bennett)
    Berroa’s done.
    Nomar’s done.
    Get whatever you can for Kent and Penny and DFA the rest. Call up DeJesus and Meloan and anybody else who’s close. Don’t tell me that they’re “not ready”. Who else thought the same thing about DeWitt?
    Dump Coletti.
    Dump Torre.
    Dump McCourt.
    Hire leekfink, enchanted, jhall, bear, mlk, dnel and another half-dozen others I’m too upset to remember this late.

    The sun will come up tomorrow. Say, that reminds me of another song……………

  87. dodgereric

    Ten more seconds and I have to hit the sack.

    Nellie, I had a fine Father’s Day, thank you very much. A very busy weekend, but I’ve read every word here.

    Kace, I’d also hire you in a heartbeat for the Ds. You hit every nail square on the head whenever you write here.

    Good night and God Bless.

  88. junkyardjamie

    Nice write up bigkace – you should find a way to get that published. Like eric said, you hit every point this board has been trying to make right on the head.
    Good night all – blog you in the morning 🙂

  89. junkyardjamie

    eric – I know you went to bed, but I just read your write up, too and it’s incredible. At this point any of us could do a better job managing this team (Well, except Joey and Co.), and at least we would have the stats to back up our decisions, unlike our management who is just allowing the PVLs to play because of some unknown reason that is beyond comprehension and totally unjustified. These veterans have not proved anything for this year yet.
    🙂 goodnight again! 🙂

  90. enchantedbeaver

    Great commments eveyone!

    And a fantabulous sone Eric!!!

    This should prove to be an interesting off day here on the board.

  91. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning Dodger Fans!!!
    It is morning music time, and JP is the focus once again, along with Dre’. Young can be inserted as well(Young works better than Delwynn). He is also one of the misfortunate ones who suffers because of Joes/Neds inability to see that JP is just an average (at best) player and certainly doesn’t deserve all the attention he is getting. My wishful thinking is that all this positive attention JP is getting is hopefully showcasing him for another team. Another possibility is the chance that he will be placed on the DL sometime in the near future (not that I would want anybody to get seriously hurt such as Furcal, but I would settle for a 15 day just to see Ethier, Kemp and Delwynn out there for a change, and have the chance to see somebody elso lead off). Even though these scenarios are highly doubtful, I am still holding out that hope until July. However, until then, he will continue to be a well used topic on this board. I do realize Ethier is getting his fair share of play time, but this will all change when/if Andruw comes back, and when he comes back, we will be really screwed.
    Original Song:
    “When Will I Be Loved” : Linda Ronstadt
    “Why is Juan so Loved?”
    Dre’s been cheated
    Been mistreated
    Why is Juan so loved?
    Dre’s been kept down
    Even when so sound
    Why is Juan so loved?
    Joe plays this weak man
    That he wants to shine
    He usually grounds the ball to two (catcher position)
    When batting everytime
    Fans are so blue
    Dre’s been lied to
    Why is Juan so loved?
    ***musical interlude***
    Our Dre’s a good man
    That we want to shine
    He always tries to go for two (meaning doubles)
    He tries it everytime
    Oh, Dre’s been cheated
    Been mistreated
    Why is Juan so loved?
    Why is Juan so loved?
    Tell me, Why is Juan so loved?

  92. junkyardjamie

    Good morning enchanted 🙂
    Yes, you are probably right, this will prove to be a very interesting day, and probably pretty creative as most off days usually are.

  93. dodgereric

    Good morning Inside the Dodgers!

    Thank you nellie and e, goodness knows what joys we’re in for today. I’ll be cheating my employer from time to time today in the best Dodger management tradition as I check into our progress.

    Going back a ways to our song list, I intentionally left off The Loney Song as I was going to try and find the original appearance of that historic verse. And enchanted, I thought that as we went back we were going to find that you were the only one doing these songs at the start. You were the lonely voice crying in the wilderness. 🙂

  94. messagebear@msn.com

    Outstanding summaries, or rants, kace and eric. Wish you could get those to the newspapers in LA. Somebody needs to publish to show the total displeasure the fans have with their obtuse management. Why can’t McCourt see what’s happening and take some charge of this situation run by incompetents. Actually Torre may be the very worst of the PVL’s for what he is doing to screw up this team. I hope the fans will eventually boo him right out of town with their displeasure. His only success was with the Yankees, and that’s what he’s revered about. What other team has he managed successfully?

  95. enchantedbeaver

    Nells is off to a flying start this morning!! Good one 🙂 Ronstadt was always one of my favorites.

    Surely there has to be one L.A. sportswriter that doesn’t toe the company line. We need to find him/her and flood their inbox with comments (or just send the link to our blog.) The only way this crap is going to change is if McCourt’s publicly embarrassed (like he shouldn’t be already.)

  96. junkyardjamie

    Thank you enchanted ~ It’s funny how songs just come to you like that. I don’t listen to songs the same way anymore thanks to you, jhall, eric and others, and my family thinks I have totally lost my mind, but then again, they are gnats fans so they should be talking, right? – lol!! They do, however, find the songs very entertaining when all said and done. I am still very impressed with Bohemian Rhapsody. That is one of my favorite classics, and it is hard just hear/sing normally, much less you changing it to fit into a song about the Dodgers. That was just too priceless.

  97. dodgereric

    I’ll occasionally send letters to the Times. I seem to have a 50/50 success rate. Maybe 40/60. The one I sent last week regarding the Helene Elliot story didn’t make it. At least I think it was Elliot. I’ve sent so many I can’t remember. Her article was another in the long line outlining the shortcomings of the kids without mentioning the vets.

    They print letters blasting the Dodgers all the time, so it’s not a matter of them being Dodger honks or anything. I think Kent got blasted by someone this week. Sometimes someone else will say the same thing as me, only better. Sometimes it’s a matter of space. They only allot so much room for their letters and they’re only on Saturday. The last one of mine that they printed was May 31. Arte Moreno was being hypocritical and I’m still mad about their ridiculous name. The guy in charge of going through the letters actually sent me a response email saying I wasn’t exactly correct when I told Moreno to remove the LA from their uniforms and hats. I could have sworn that they did, but not watching them much, I didn’t know for sure. I edited my letter and he printed it. I said it once in this blog a while back, but my wife says that Pierre must have some people out looking for me.

    Hey, maybe a song next time………..

  98. enchantedbeaver

    That was weird, I didn’t even hit submit… This blog has some serious issues.


    Martin 235 34 73 6 31
    Loney 254 33 75 5 32
    Kemp 236 30 70 5 39
    Ethier 217 31 61 6 26
    DeWitt 201 25 56 5 29

    Top 5 Proven Veteran Leaders:

    Kent 210 23 51 8 30
    Pierre 223 27 62 0 19
    Furcal 134 34 49 5 16
    Jones 133 18 22 2 7
    Sweeney 52 1 6 0 3

    Now tell me JoJo and the rest of management, here’s the simplest line stats of all, who isn’t performing?

  99. junkyardjamie

    eric – That’s why I was asking about “Sarah’s Take” yesterday. Why are her opinions so valued that she gets a headline on the home page? I am going to start sending letters too, I think. I think they need to hear from other fans that do not live in the so-cal area. I am tired of writers stating opinions with out any facts/statistics to back them up. That’s what was so infuriating about Sarah’s article yesterday is that you could make any vet look good if you are using their career stats, but she never once said anything about what JP is doing now statistically other than improving (improving on what – he isn’t throwing any better from left field and he is still hitting way too many ground balls that aren’t leaving the infield). His current stats aren’t too terribly bad, but they are terrible if you are comparing them to any National League lead off hitter. We know we have better players that can fill that role, and why the management doesn’t at least try is just pure tunnel vision. We are not asking for it to be permanent – just try it. It can’t be much worse – right?
    enchanted – love the name of that group “young guns”
    Also, just so you know every time I post an entry on Andre’s Blog (I’m trying to limit myself – lol!), I mention our blog so maybe he will eventually take a look and share with the other players and at least the “young guns” will know we are looking out for them. Sara, emma and cpompe have also mentioned our blog in recent entries, along with eric and jhall. PierreEW has even posted on there a couple of times.

  100. junkyardjamie

    Way to go enchanted!!! It seems like we spend more time looking at stats than they do, and that is just sad. I guess they just make decisions based on how they are feeling or there is some serious black mail going on – like you said, there must be pictures out there – lol!!!!

  101. junkyardjamie

    Hey enchanted – I was listening to the radio, and they said today is Jack Albertson’s birthday. I didn’t catch how old he was, but if they mention it again, I will let you know – lol!!

  102. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Awesome article by Kurt Streeter in the LA TIMES:

    Kurt Streeter:
    Pleading to the Big Dodger in the Sky
    With no playoff series victories since 1988, one wonders why the baseball gods have forsaken the franchise.
    June 15, 2008

    Oh Great God of Baseball, redeemer of Clemens and Cobb, a heavy burden roils my soul and leads me to this prayer.

    I’ve grown weary, Great One, beaten down by a long succession of painful seasons. The Dodgers are an ugly 31 and 37 this year and I can no longer steel myself against the steady tides of misery.

    I have questions — questions pondered by the Dodgers’ multitudes for at least a generation now. Holy Spirit of Balls and Strikes, what in the name of Don Drysdale have you done to the Dodgers?

    Why have you cursed them so? Will you hear prayers for their redemption?

    As you know, like so many others who call L.A. home, I did not become a fan of your game in this sun-spotted land. It was you who strengthened my youthful soul during the long nights spent in the baseball Babylon that was Seattle’s dreary Kingdome.

    In those long ago days you gave me hope, showed me that there was a better way — the Dodgers Way. I watched from afar, a lump of envy in my throat, the teams of Garvey and Lopes, Cey and Baker, Fernando and Sax.

    There were signs everywhere back then that you’d put your firm hand on the Dodgers, and that you’d done so since their days in Brooklyn. What else but providence could explain the guts and grace of Jackie Robinson and the World Series win of 1955?

    Through all of those years, the Dodgers had owners who were confident, patient and smart. The success of the field manager was measured not season to season, but decade to decade. Those who played for the O’Malleys were part of teams stuffed with strong arms, speed, and resourcefulness, teams backed by a farm system that shuttled in nobodies and made them stars. How we long for another Maury Wills, near a decade in the minor leagues before bursting through our doors.

    So what was it, Jehovah of the Double Play, that caused you to banish this team to the wilderness?

    Did it start in 1987, when Al Campanis turned his back on one of your commandments: Do not put foot in thy mouth and act a fool?

    If so, then how do we explain 1988, the World Series, Gibson and his home run miracle?

    Was this last spasm of winning a tease meant to torment? One last taste before the long drought?

    What shall we make of the suffering we’ve witnessed since Gibson’s fall night? It has been two decades and there’s been nary a playoff series win. The ’90s came and this team was plagued by malcontents — Darryl Strawberry, Kevin Brown and their kind — who swarmed like hungry locusts.

    Back then, shortly after I moved a few miles north of Dodger Stadium, a new, blustery general manager came to the team, announcing he was the “new sheriff in town.” Clearly, we’d been forsaken.

    Was it Campanis? The rising cost of Dodger Dogs? Pedro Martinez for Delino DeShields?

    Now it is 2008 and Dodger Stadium is less a ballpark than a well-attended graveyard, haunted by the past. In days gone by we could rely on season after season of wonderful baseball. Now we are lucky to get greatness two games in a row.

    The new manager? Torre the Yank, the one man everyone thought would be able to bring stability, is so far proving no better than last year’s manager, or the man who steered the Dodgers five years back, or the one who led the team 10 years ago.

    Ownership? The McCourts of Boston are fine enough folks, but their moves are too often skittish and uncertain and they’ve yet to convince fans that they’re in this for a whole lot more than self-promotion. The McCourts need a sure hand. Their team needs redemption.

    And so, Yahweh of the Sacrifice Fly, in the name of weary Dodgers fans everywhere, please hear this prayer. Please make our team fun to watch again. Give this team, once more, season upon season of line drives and Gold Gloves. Replace their sense of doom and churlishness with quiet calm.

    Give Jeff Kent a smile and good manners.

    Have his teammates comfort him with a group hug.

    Heal the downtrodden arms and aching backs.

    Grant Andruw Jones 1 1/2 more good seasons before seeing him off to a purgatory filled with beef brisket he cannot eat.


    “Kurt my son, this is He, the Lord of No-Hitters.

    “I send this message to you and the multitudes in this time of Dodgers woes: Trust in me, for I have already created the team you are praying for. I have laden them with the dew of heavenly baseball skills and aptly named them to spread the good news. They are . . . the Angels.”

  103. jhallwally

    There’s a GM who knows,
    All that glitters is old,
    And he’s buying a stairway,
    To last place,

    When he gets there he knows,
    If the pitchers can’t throw,
    With a spin he can say,
    We will soon win.

    And It Makes Me Wonder!

    (Instrumental break, guitar solo)

    And as we wind on down the road,
    Our payroll way out of control,
    There stands a GM we all loathe,
    Who spins glib words and wants to show,
    How he wisely spends the dough,
    But if he listened very hard,
    The truth would come to him at last,
    When he is done and all are old,
    We’ve got a team that just won’t roll.

    And he’s buying a stairway, to last place!!

  104. dodgereric

    Thanks for the article, brandon. The whining was nice, but it would be nice to see some CONSTRUCTIVE critizism from our media friends regarding the disappointing vets along with it.

    jhall, aces my friend! A LOL Classic for sure! Did you see our song catalog? The sheer volume might stun you, and it’s not complete (yet). Go back to near the end of the “New Thread” thread around 2:30 am. I was on A Mission From God. (Blues Brothers reference, Blasphemy not intended) 🙂

  105. jhallwally

    Thanks Eric. I did see it. Again thanks for compiling it and it is one h*ll of an effort. Alot of good stuff in there.

  106. enchantedbeaver

    This has got to be the most idiotic statement of “Sarah’s Take”:

    “Although Juan Pierre doesn’t have the most God-given talent on the Dodgers, he gets the most out of what he has. I would rather have nine Juan Pierres on the team than nine players who have more talent, but don’t care how the team does.”

    I couldn’t stand it, so I wrote her an email.

    Greetings Sarah,
    I don’t generally respond to written articles, but have to take umbrage with this comment regarding Juan Pierre:
    “Although Juan Pierre doesn’t have the most God-given talent on the Dodgers, he gets the most out of what he has. I would rather have nine Juan Pierres on the team than nine players who have more talent, but don’t care how the team does.”
    Wouldn’t that be a fun team to watch!! If I’m a turtle, I get the most out of my speed, but that doesn’t make me a track star. Sarah please wake up and smell the coffee… look at his stat line, then reread your statement:
    223AB 27R 62H 82B 03B 0HR 19RBI 70TB 17BB 11SO 26SB 6CS .337OBP .314Slg .278Avg
    This IS the best of his ability. Please don’t cherry pick your stats and include career numbers. The team is 14-24 with JP leading-off. In those 38 games, he still hasn’t scored as many runs as Furcal did in 89 less at bats. He’s a hard worker and a great guy, but he’s just not a very good everyday ballplayer. And I believe I speak for 90% of the people on the ITD blog.
    All The Best,

    OK, I was easy on her, but you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. And besides, she can’t help she’s misguided. Its our job to show her the errors in her ways. Perhaps a few more of us could email her as well???

  107. cpompe1

    Good morning boys and girls…
    I wish I was talented to write a song, but I’m not, so I’m not going to try. Kudos to all that do; these songs keep this blog very entertaining!
    Hey, a few days ago some of us were kicking around the idea of putting dnel’s/messagebear’s cities/states of our bloggers online so we can all see. Did anything happen to that? Did I just miss it?

  108. cpompe1

    enchanted, that was a great e-mail. Let us know if you get any kind of response back from her. You may have pissed her off (but, does that matter?) but it was a great e-mail nonetheless. My favorite statement of yours in your e-mail was, “If I’m a turtle, I get the most out of my speed, but that doesn’t make me a track star.” Classic enchanted!!!

  109. junkyardjamie

    CP – yes, I believe messagebear sent out an updated list of where all the bloggers live a few days ago, and it is my job to put them on the map. I was putting Dodger Blue push pins on the map I have in the classroom. Unfortunately, my classroom is being deep cleaned this week (possible next) so I will not be able to go back into the classroom probably until the last week in June. As soon as I can get back in, I will finish places pins on the map (now it’s maps because our friend down under), and then using your email addresses below your comments, I will be able to send picture via e-mail. I will let everyone know when to expect it because some may have Spam blockers like I do (at school anyway). By then, too, we may have more to add to the list. It seems like this group is growing more and more everyday.

  110. junkyardjamie

    By the way we write on this blog, we should all be sending e-mails/letters into the idiots who are writing these articles. Probably sending a song or two couldn’t hurt either – lol!!!

  111. messagebear@msn.com

    For cp:
    I did post the list of addresses a couple of days ago, and I’m repeating that list below. As always, anybody that was missed on the list, please just provide your information at your convenience, and I’ll try to catch and update for the future.

    enchanted Las Cruces, NM
    dodgerboy LaPlata, MD
    dnelson Merced, CA
    dodgereric Temecula, CA
    jhall Columbus, OH
    mlk Irvine, CA
    pierreEW Brooklyn, NY
    messagebear Wenatchee, WA
    perumike Tujunga, CA
    crzblue El Monte, CA
    crash24now Ventura, CA
    boblee Waterloo, IL
    jungar San Juan Capistrano, CA
    max_power Bakersfield, CA
    leekfink Redondo Beach, CA
    dcollins Novato, CA
    kpookiemon Aliso Viejo, CA
    scurtis Chicago, IL
    bigkace La Habra, CA
    Alex West LA, CA
    westernmost… LA, CA
    manfromchina Lompoc, CA
    northstateblues Marysville, CA
    saralovesrussell Toluca Lake, CA
    fliegel Pocono Mountains, PA
    seeskybout Salt Lake City, UT
    scott Arcadia, CA
    dodge16 Santa Cruz, CA
    jnv Roseville, CA
    ccompe Ventura, CA
    lbirken Northridge, CA
    kssparkuhl Nampa, ID
    rodmky Mackay, Queensland, Australia
    swood Fairfax, VA

  112. scott_in_arcadia

    I know this has probably been discussed, but the only game LaRoche started was when they sat DeWitt as well. What is with these freaking lineups?????

    Maza?? Ardoin?? Sweeney??

    You have got to be kidding!!!

    I bet if Fred, Velma, Daphne & good ol’ Scooby Doo were around, they’d pull that mask off of Joe Torre to reveal none other than Grady Little himself!

    “And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their dog!”

  113. jhallwally

    Great E-mail E. Let us know if you get any response. Sarah is basically a harmless homer. She has a website where she puts out her opinion and for some reason the Dodgers like to promote it. Probably because her “Takes” are pretty much with management and sugar coated. Phew is like the little Japanese cars with 4 cylinders that the people put a loud muffler and spoiler on and think they have a race car. Geez. Its still a little econobox under the skin. It will get you by, but nothing special.
    CP, you should give the song thing a try. The more the merrier, unless you’re talking Pathetic Veteran Loser’s.

  114. enchantedbeaver

    JHALL’s BACK !!! Good one!!

    Thanks cpomp & nells. We need some writers on our side for a change, not that my email will do anything, but maybe bit by bit we can change some hearts and minds.

    Either that or I’ll get kicked off the MLB blogs for inciting a revolution…

  115. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    messagebear, I’m in Las Vegas, NV if that matters at all… By the way, yeah, I agree with you dodgereric about the article… it was good, but it needs to be more harsh on the people who we’re supposedly counting on. Scott, also awesome comment, very true, it’s amazing what a difference an owner can have on a manager.. I’m not the biggest fan of Steinbrenner, but he sure likes to win, and will do it at all costs, litterally. You can see what impact he had on Torre.

  116. jhallwally

    Had a great evening with dad and family. Thanks for asking Nelly. Sure wish Chan Ho hadn’t melted down on us yesterday. I guess he was due for a bad outing. You’ve got the figure we are running on duct tape, rubber bands, and coat hangers with him. LOL!!!

  117. scott_in_arcadia

    That article by Sarah is borderline propaganda. The Dodgers have zero integrity allowing such a bogus puff piece on their site.

    Sarah, thanks for being a nice fan, but keep your articles to yourself please.

  118. jhallwally

    I quit reading her articles months ago. They are just Dodger front office spin fluffed up like Scott pointed out.

  119. junkyardjamie

    Brandon – I used to live in Las Vegas – my husband went to school at UNLV. We go there twice a year (July and February) to visit friends still and can’t believe how much it has grown, and I don’t mean hotels, which BTW are getting bigger and bigger. Do you like living there? I lived there back in late 80’s early 90’s and Green Valley was the big development back then, and now – Wow, houses everywhere! It must be pretty hot there right now, too. I will place your pin on the map when I get back into the classroom – thanks 🙂

  120. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    BTW, what does John Lindesy have to do to get a freaking chance!?!?!?!? The guy’s not getting any younger, but he just keeps hitting homeruns for Vegas. He could at the very least replace Sweeney as a pinch hit specialist, and he’d add power right away.

  121. cpompe1

    jhall, thx but no thanks (about writing a song). I REALLY don’t like embarrassing myself; I’m not that good and I don’t have much imagination!!! 🙂 I’ll keep the song-writing to the experts here!!!

  122. messagebear@msn.com

    Sarah, if you read this at all – next time try justifying Ned’s moves as a GM. That ought to take all the creativity of making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but it should be good for a lot of laughs on an otherwise dull off-day.

  123. cpompe1

    oh, and brandon, I too am not a fan of Steinbrenner. Yes, he sure likes to win, and will do it at all costs but you’ve gotta have a competent sidekick (GM) to help make it happen. I really don’t think the McCourts are the biggest problem here; Ned is the biggest problem here. Either Ned shapes up in a hurry and makes the right deals he needs to make or there will be a revolt!!!

  124. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    dnelson, I’m out in the northwest, it’s great, my fiance is a native, born and raised. Her family has been her a really long time, I’ve been out here for the last 15 years or so. I like it, I could really move somewhere with some green and be happy though. It’s 107 for the high here today!! UPDATE… JUST READ THAT LAST NIGHT JOHN LINDSEY HIT HIS 14TH… YEAH 14TH HOMER FOR the 51’s last night!!

  125. jhallwally

    Cool CP, just hum our little tunes when your feeling downright disgusted with Ned and Joe. It helps to get a laugh out of a hopeless situation. Hopeless until they fire Ned and get rid of Phew and the faking veteran bunch.

  126. scott_in_arcadia

    On the bright side, maybe the Dodgers stinking it up can lead to Pierre and other road block “vets” to finally be traded out of here soon.

    What about Penny saying his shoulder’s been bothering him all season? Thanks for toughing it out Brad and giving us Tomko like numbers for half a season. Jerk.

    What is Stan Conte doing anyhow???

  127. cpompe1

    thx jhall… I hum yours and everyone else’s tunes quite often; my favorite song, btw, is The Loney Song. I just can’t get that one out of my head (and yes, I would love to see that t-shirt selling at the stadium!!! dnel, your “If I Only Had a Brain” song is great!!!

  128. junkyardjamie

    CP – Unless he makes a deal that unloads PVLs and keeps the kids, Ned should be toast 🙂 burned preferrably – lol!!!
    Also CP, – you need to try – come on – if anything, it’s good therapy. I bet you would surprise yourself – I did. Just try one verse at a time. Seriously, it is pretty good therapy and it makes me realize how good our “young guns” are (thanks enchanted – probably needs a ™). I try to write positive songs every once in a while for them. They need to, hopefully, hear that we think they are the future of this team, and that is what the real fans want and we don’t want to lose them to more future PVLs, which with Ned’s track record, they will be.

  129. jhallwally

    I agree Scott. It is sad to say, but if we continue to tank badly, they will have to fire Ned and hopefully unload all the crappy players he has brought in. Ironically, it would be a great PR move. LOL!!

  130. cpompe1

    oh, and in line with what scott has to say, I’ve heard off and on that perhaps, Pierre, Kent and all those that are playing (and really shouldn’t be) is to showcase them for other teams. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful outcome to playing those that shouldn’t be playing!!! Like I ranted yesterday, I knew that Penny was pitching hurt; there is no way he pitches like that for such a long time without something being wrong with him. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so (maybe not so much those here on the blog, but to family members, they’ve been hearing me say this for a long time!!!)

  131. enchantedbeaver

    Here’s one somebody can run with – Dude Hits/Throws Like A Lady to Aerosmith. Got too much going here today to put enough thought into it.

  132. cpompe1

    okay, I’ll think about it (writing a song). It takes me a while to think of anything like that, but I will try. But please, don’t wait for me!!! This’ll take me a while… 🙂

  133. cpompe1

    plus, can anyone tell me how you guys put line breaks in between paragraphs on this blog? I can’t seem to do it myself?

  134. junkyardjamie

    We used to live in Henderson (Green Valley), but I know where your are, and it is growing big time out there too. Our friends moved from that area (Rainbow area) and now they are closer to the strip off Sahara. It must be great to see the 51’s. We try to go in July/August if they are at home.

  135. junkyardjamie

    CP – just a warning – you won’t listen to songs the same way again – LOL!!!
    About the paragraph breaks, everyone does it differently. I found the best way for me is to put a period in between each paragraph. Some are able to space 3 times, but it may depend on your computer (it doesn’t work for me for some reason). I have learned so many non-baseball things by doing this (thanks to eric, jhall and enchanted), it’s truly is amazing.

  136. cpompe1

    yeah, I know that. Like I said, I can’t sing the Oscar Mayer bologna song without singing Loney’s song on top of it!!!

  137. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I don’t read the comments or post very often any more because the content is a given. Songs no less.
    I agree with Sarah’s article, and just for the record, here is one vote to keep Ned.

  138. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Dnelson, I’m on Cheyenne and Durango. I have only been to a few 51’s games this year. The guys that look good are Lindsey, Tiffee, really hard to grade pitching for the 51’s because vegas is a launching pad. But I really think we’d be good to give Lindsey a shot at being the pinch hitter. The guy can hit ’em. Hopefully he gets a shot sometime… he deserves it.

  139. junkyardjamie

    CP – Speaking of learning new things, I am totally into the Baseball Reference website page with all the stats thanks to dodgereric. It is truly amazing all the information you can find out for a particular player. I have started keeping daily stats on all the players for a couple weeks now, and I am currently going back to April and May and those daily stats. My goal is to work on batting average based on position in line up. I have current numbers from the last couple of weeks, but I am working on season stats. I am starting with Andre (duh!!! – lol!), and I will work on the rest. Eric (Mr. stats – lol) will probably beat me too it, but it’s fun anyway.

    I find my song writing is better late at night. I listen to songs all day,and then write down songs that would possibly work, and then during the game is usually when I start working on a song. I have even started them during my son’s games,(it helps in the whole nervousness issue when he is pitching or batting).

  140. dodgereric

    To each his/her own, knouffbrock. That’s what makes this country great! Opinions are like belly buttons (and other things).

    Triple-spacing seems to work for me, but not always.

    cpompe1, give it a shot. I used to think I had no talent to do the songs. OK, I still have no talent, but I can do them anyway.

    jhall, glad to hear you had a good time with your pops!

    enchanted, you’re inspirational as always. But instead of emailing Sarah, I went to the one sportswriter in LA who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions or back down from anyone: TJ Simers. I just sent this off:

    Dear TJ,

    First, I’d like to congratulate you on your evening with Vin and John. What a wonderful idea, and may God Bless you for having it and carrying it through.

    Second, (and my intention with the first is not to kiss your butt), I am one of those incessant blogger idiots on Inside the Dodgers who are in constant criticism of the Dodger (mis)management. The question was brought up by one of my pals over there that, and I quote, “Surely there has to be one L.A. sportswriter that doesn’t toe the company line.” I, being a regular reader of the Times for many years, naturally thought of you.

    The bulk of the media have focused on the fact that the Dodgers have a lot of very young and raw talent on the big league club and they are prone to mistakes. This, they claim, is the major reason that the Dodgers are mired in their horrendous slump. Article after article and quote after quote claim that they are inexperienced, impatient, uncaring and selfish. But no one has the guts to stand up and tell them the truth. That truth is that the young players are the only ones performing at all. The great veteran players that Joe Torre constantly trudges out there (at least the ones who manage to stay off the disabled list) are the ones that are letting the team down.

    Rafael Furcal would be the one exception, except that he’s missed 30 games with no real hope of returning this season or ever.

    Juan Pierre is constantly listed as a major force, but in reality he is one of the poorest leadoff hitters in the majors. His on-base percentage is horrible. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me. Yet Torre insists on running him out there every game without even considering the possibility of replacing him, even for one game.

    Jeff Kent is Hall-Of-Fame bound, but his 5-year wait for that honor probably should have started at the end of last season. Yet he is also there day after day in the 3 or 4 slot, halting rally after rally.

    Andruw Jones, well, you know.

    Nomar Garciaparra was finished somewhere in 2007, to be kind about it. Someone should tell him.

    Mark Sweeney has the 2nd-most pinch hits in history. That is what he is, history. It’s ridiculous that Torre sent him up to bat for Danny Ardoin yesterday. Ardoin’s average of .167 is 50 points better than Sweeney’s. Look it up.

    As poor as Ardoin’s average is, I’m praying that he remains the backup catcher for the rest of the year because I don’t ever want to see Gary Bennett trying to throw again.

    What do all of these impressive individuals have in common? Four, mainly. One, they are veterans counted on by the Dodgers to mix with the kids and make a serious run for the playoffs. Two, they are having miserable seasons. Three, those miserable seasons are being ignored by sportswriters and broadcasters as being the BIGGEST problem the team has. And four, almost every one was brought here or resigned by Ned Coletti.

    I know that you’ve been busy following the Lakers during their playoff run and preparing for the Vin and John show. But now that the show is done and the Lakers are nearly done one way or another, could you PLEASE bring your considerable talents to bear on Dodger management and their failures. I am a faithful 50 year fan of the Dodgers and used to be very proud of it, even in their down years. Now, not so much. I’m excited for the future, but afraid that the horrid job that McCourt and Coletti and Torre is doing with the youth is wrecking that future.

    Help us, TJ Simers. You’re our only hope.



    We’ll see………….

  141. junkyardjamie

    We have another joey on the block 🙂
    Brandon – I know where Durango and Cheyenne is. It was great to live there because even though we stay in one of the hotels, we are able to go to out away from the strip and do normal things because we know where to go. We always pick a different hotel (for the kids really), and then venture out to our usual spots when with our friends.

  142. lny4loney

    More great songs. I hate to mention particular songs because I’ve yet to see one I didn’t like — although I will admit that I have no clue as to the tunes of some of the more modern ones. (To a large degree, I’m stuck in the ’70s and ’80s musically.) Plus the songs are coming so fast and furious that it’s hard to keep up. The creativity of this board is prolific!!! Let’s just say I’m having a lot of fun!
    “Phew is like the little Japanese cars with 4 cylinders that the people put a loud muffler and spoiler on and think they have a race car.” — jhail. LMAO!!
    I hope our kids can take advantage of that bandbox in Cincinatti to hit a few homers. It kind of irks me that guys like Joey Votto, Edwin Encarnacion, and Chase Utley get credit for their power when they have hit the vast majority of their homeruns in Great American Park and Citizens Bank Park.
    I won’t hold this against Adam Dunn or Ryan Howard who would hit a ton of homeruns anywhere.
    It behooves us to take a lot of pitches in this series. Cincy’s starters for this series — Cueto, Arroyo, and Harang — are decent and have generally been pitching pretty well lately. On the other hand their bullpen is quite poor, and once you get past their top four relievers it’s HORRIBLE. We need to get into that bullpen, and we can do it by driving up the pitch count.

  143. cpompe1

    that was great eric. I think I can safely say for all of us bloggers on ITD, THX A BUNCH!!!

    Gotta go. Our house has plumbing probs and the plumber is on his way. Talk to ya later!!!

  144. lny4loney

    Although a couple of our songwriters are truly brilliant, it really doesn’t take much talent to do a halfway-decent song parody. The original songwriters already did most of the work writing the tunes and creating the beats … I don’t even know what I’m talking about here as I’m clueless about the vocabulary of music. If you give me two or three chances, I have a 90% chance of finding Middle C on a piano and I bought a violin a year ago that I can make less-than-horrible noise on, but that’s about the extent of my musical talent and knowledge.
    Really, these songs are just right there for the taking. I’m glad you like the James Loney Song so much. And as a co-writer, along with my brother leekfink, I can tell you it wasn’t that hard to write. It was practically begging to be written.
    I would suggest you try something real short for your first song. We can’t all write “Bohemian Dodger Rhapsody”. It doesn’t even have to be a song. Nursery rhymes would work. Or maybe part of a Dr. Seuss book. Whatever you like. Or if you chose something long, you don’t have to write the whole song. One or two verses is great.
    I hope to see you in the loony bin with the rest of us soon. Enjoy!

  145. jhallwally

    Good job Eric. Hope we get some response. Yep Nelly, There’s nothing common about common sense. LOL

  146. enchantedbeaver

    Funny, I see someone’s writing songs on Baseball Toaster now.

    Great letter Eric! Let’s hope he listens.

    knouffs OK. Many of us may not agree with his last post but they’re always welcome if we haven’t scared him off.

    Joey what’s-his-name on the otherhand is a complete loon who obviously only comes on when he’s off his medication.

  147. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    in an article about penny’s MRI and who might be the 5th starter, it said that park was battling his own arm issues lately. and yet, joe said it probably wasn’t a big deal and that he could still pitch. well joe, i think yesterday proved that little nagging injuries probably need to have more attention paid to them. he throws park out there and he gets shelled. obviously, it could be a freak coincidence that the ONE game he gets shelled this year is following their admission that his arm has been bothering him.. but then again, maybe they’re all just idiots..

  148. junkyardjamie

    MLK – it is good to hear from you. That James Loney song is still a hit. It will be around for a real long time, hopefully so will James. I bet you we see a song from CP in the next couple of days. I think we have all given her the itch to try, so to speak.
    Speaking of hard songs – there’s always “Hotel California” – hmmm!! However, jhall’s version of Stairway to Heaven is up there in the more difficult songs to work with, and I believe enchanted put a song from Aerosmith as a possibility for someone to try.
    Also, I hope the Dodgers can take advantage of the Reds, too. I am a little concerned about the pitch count issue, and if this isn’t one of the things that has got some of them appearing to be so screwed up on some ABs.

  149. junkyardjamie

    sara – I’m really trying not to believe they can all be idiots, but it is really getting hard to ignore. These things that just keep happening are really starting to make me wonder what in the world they are doing to this Could-Be dynamite team, and these young players are sitting right in the middle of it probably saying “What the **** is going on!” (feel free to add any four letter word of your choice)

  150. enchantedbeaver

    Is Plaschke capable of writing a complete paragraph?

    I don’t think so.

    I find his “style” so annoying…

    that I couldn’t even finish the whole article.

  151. junkyardjamie

    Okay songwriters,
    I few weeks (maybe a month ago), somebody mentioned Dr. Demento and all of his crazy songs that he used to play. Well, for whatever reason our oldies station is playing one. It is called “There Coming To Take Me Away Hah! Hah!.” It made me think of this group (well alot of songs make me think of this group now). I think if the Dodgers don’t start turning things around, at least in terms of management, they might be taking us away for the insanity that this board displays at times – lol!!! Too much fun!!! 🙂

  152. enchantedbeaver

    They’re coming to take Ned away
    haha hoho hehe huhu
    To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
    and basket weaver’s who sit and twiddle they’re thumbs
    and they’re coming to take Ned AWAY!!!!

    Nice thought anyway.

  153. jhallwally

    I would be ecstatic to see those nice young men in their clean white coats carting Ned and the PVL’s away. Hee-hee, ha-ha, ho-ho!!!!!

  154. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! I knew you would think of something – incredible!!!
    As far as JP, anything to put him on DL just for 15 days to see what would happen. It’s the only way Joe’s going to open his eyes (maybe). LMAO!!! Good visual once again ~ LMAO!!!

  155. scott_in_arcadia

    I’m still hoping for someone to put together “Dude Throws Like A Lady”. No offense to the fine women on this blog who throw better than Pierre.

  156. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!! – I wouldn’t doubt enchanted is working on that one, but I could see this going to jhall or dodgereric, and then again, I’m not sure where Dodge16 is, but that song might be one for him as well.
    BTW – no offense taken – I probably can throw better than he can – lol!!!!

  157. enchantedbeaver

    Here’s the chorus:

    Phew throws like a lady
    Phew throws like a lady
    Phew throws like a lady
    Phew throws like a lady

  158. messagebear@msn.com

    I remember posts from knouffbrock from some time ago, and I thought that his positions were well reasoned at the time. Since he projects a different point of view in his remarks earlier in this thread, I for one would be interested to hear what his take is on the problems with our team and what he would suggest as the remedy. I’m not trying to be cute here, but I would be genuinely interested.

  159. messagebear@msn.com

    The Seattle Mariners just fired their GM as a result of their dismal record. The time is right to do the same in LA. Let’s not wait until our record becomes more dismal. Ousting Ned will send a clear message that overall changes are underway.

  160. swood@rcn.com

    I said it since his start in Colorado in mid May, I think there is something physically wrong with Penny. Hopefully he can get it corrected and he the first half pitcher he was last year for the second half of this year. FIRE NED!!! FIRE TORRE!!! David Forst for GM!!! Dave Duncan for Skipper!!!

  161. jhallwally

    Willie Randolph will get the axe soon also. Now’s the time Frank, Pull the Trigger and fire Ned. It’s a great PR move. LOL!!!!

  162. swood@rcn.com

    Yes bear, we should fire ned and hire David Forst for GM. He has been Billy Beane’s personal assistant for 9 years and he would bring in the type of offensive players we need. He wouldn’t block the young players and hopefully hire a manager who preeched OBP

  163. scott_in_arcadia

    Gotta hope for the domino effect, with Ned being the next domino and then Joe if he doesn’t shape up either!

  164. dodgereric

    I don’t think Ned is blocking the youngsters. He’s been trying to fill the roster for needs while the kids have been arriving. He’s just done a horrible job doing it.

    It’s Torre who is doing his best to block the kids, unless he’s being directed by Ned to do so.

  165. junkyardjamie

    To comment on David Forst for GM. The A’s are doing wonderful things up here. The fans were not too happy when Swisher and Kotsay were traded, but at the game a couple weekends ago, we were talking to the manager for one of the A’s retail stores, and he said they are sticking with the youth movement. I’m not sure what that means for Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez in the future, but the Dodgers organization really needs to look at the other teams in California alone. Right now the A’s and the Giants have similar team make ups with vets and young players and they are making it work. Then again, to be honest, our veterans are not even close to the calibur of veterans such as Mark Ellis, Omar Viscal and Benji Molina. If our vets were playing like them, we wouldn’t be having these conversations. Ned needs to be fired and someone needs to take over and continue this youth movement. If something isn’t done, we might lose many of our kids to teams who are going to value their playing abilities. Obviously this entire staff values them very little, and then, we will be forced to watch our young players on other teams kicking our a**.

  166. dodgereric

    I had a friend was a big baseball player back in high school
    He could throw that speedball by you, make you look like a fool boy
    Saw him the other night at this roadside bar, I was walking in, he was walking out
    We went back inside, sat down, had a few drinks, but all he kept talking about was

    Joe Torre
    What an i-di-ot, Joe Torre
    Never let me succeed, Joe Torre
    Joe Torre


    Well, when they called on ……me to play, up for the big league club
    I thought that I would get a chance to show ‘em what I could do, I was excited, bub.
    But Joe and his buddy, his name’s Larry, well, they took me aside now
    We sat down on the bench, Joe says, “Son, I know you think so but you’re not ready.”
    And all he kept talking about was

    They know how to play, vet-er-ans
    Don’t think you can do what they do
    Vet-er-ans, Vet-er-ans

    There came a day when one of them had a problem with rheumatism
    Joe said, “Head on out there son, and show me some athleticism”
    Well, let me tell you, I took the field and went 4-for-5
    But the next day I was back pullin’ all those splinters outta my hide

    Yeah they’ll pass you by, vet-er-ans
    In the wink of an an agent’s eye, vet-er-ans

  167. junkyardjamie

    My comment about losing some of our young players is in response to all the trade rumors that I have been reading lately. I am aware they are just rumors, but that doesn’t make it any more scary.

  168. jhallwally

    Phew Throws Like A Lady©

    Cruised into Dodger Stadium at the ravine.
    Phew starting in left and batting in the lead.
    Not a hit or good throw in sight.
    Joe, you know its wrong, just sit his a** tonight.
    Can’t you see the light.
    Ned has set the stage with vets in decline.
    Pathetic vets Joe will always play.
    Forgive him when he sits the kids.
    He thinks Phew’s a lead off king.
    Just because he’s got a ring.

    Phew throws like a lady.
    Phew hits like a lady.
    Phew throws like a lady.
    Phew hits like a lady.

    So never budge your lineup, you pathetic vet lover.
    Or maybe play a kid, that Logan White discovered.
    The bloggers are very wise, to this left fielder in disguise.
    He has no bat that will lead us.
    When he gets a hit it’s a big surprise.

    Phew throws like a lady.
    Phew hits like a lady.
    Playing him is crazy.
    Phew throws like a lady.

    It’s a joke when he is playing.
    Ned blew it, blew it, blew it, blew it.
    The team is fading.
    Maybe you need to sit him down.
    Sit him for a week, Joe.
    Don’t be Ned’s clown.
    Do it, do it, do it every night.
    Don’t be Ned’s clown.
    Play the kids this year.
    Don’t be Ned’s clown.
    Do it, do it, do it……..

    Phew throws like a lady.
    Phew hits like a lady.
    Phew throws like a lady.
    Phew hits like a lady.

  169. junkyardjamie

    scott, thanks ~ meant to say less scary 🙂
    Dodgereric – you continue to impress – job well done A+ 🙂

  170. junkyardjamie

    jhall gets an A+ for continuing to impress as well ~ 🙂
    You know enchanted is next, right? LOL!!

  171. dodgereric

    Thanks, nellie and back atcha, jhall! I’m sorry, but whenever I hear that tune, all I can think of is Robin Williams vacuuming floors in that body suit!

  172. junkyardjamie

    You three (enchanted, eric and jhall) need a name – how about “The Three Dodgerteers”? or if anyone else has a suggestion. The three of you are usually within minutes of putting out a song so you must have the same brain waves. We have proof in the past with enchanted and jhall putting out the same song. That will go done in this board’s history books because it will always be remembered. LOL!

  173. carcyn@sbcglobal.net

    Haven’t logged on for days.
    But i was at a BBQ yesterday with my family and two of my uncles told me that they saw a rumor on ESPN that the Dodgers might trade Russel Marting to the Yankees.
    How true is this? Anyone.

  174. junkyardjamie

    See scott, more scary rumors – yikes!!
    carcyn – I have asked and have been told these trade rumors are just rumors, but like I said, it doesn’t make it any less scary 🙂 That would hurt something awful for the Dodgers without Russell.

  175. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    as much as i think ned & co. are idiots.. no one can be so stupid as to trade russell when he isn’t even close to free agency

  176. jhallwally

    That would be a tragic day Carcyn. I can’t ever see that happening. The only thing they have to offer for Martin is A-Rod. Other than that, they don’t have anything to offer that we need or want. Must have been a slow baseball day at ESPN or your uncle’s are pulling your chain.

  177. enchantedbeaver

    Sorry guys, *** deep in aligators today. Good ones though eric and jhall!!

    Martin to the Yankees sounds like somebody’s pipe dream in NY.

  178. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    btw, i’m not insulted about the song about pierre throwing like a girl.. he probably throws better than me anyway.. because i DO NOT have a strong arm.. it’s the weakest part of my game.. but at least i have the sense to play 2nd base or 1st base so that my arm doesn’t jeopardize my softball teams =)

  179. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    that said, i have definitely played with girls who do throw better than juan. no doubt.

  180. scott_in_arcadia

    The Dodgers without Russell Martin would be like the Dodgers without Scott and his family…

  181. jhallwally

    Getting A-Rod and plugging him in at short would certainly help our team. Not sure I would give up Marty for him though. They need pitching very badly. Before Penny came up lame I thought they would be a good target for him. Plus they’ve got Posada.

  182. scott_in_arcadia

    Sara, if you can promise me that you’ll show up early to the park every day and leave after everyone else and get 200 hits, I’ll bat you lead off and play you in center.



  183. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    ned (scott),
    i promise to be the hardest worker.. but once i earn the reputation of being the hardest worker, i will fail to meet expectations, but you can NEVER take away my spot. because my past achievements (or perceptions of achievements) have earned me the right to never lose my job. and the 9 mil per year you give me dictates that i should play. don’t you know that i have a world series ring? it was all me and my incredible hard working speed. but i don’t have to remind you of that, you already know and will never forget.

  184. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    oh, and my OBP will hover below .350 but that’s alright. because you knew that when you signed me.

  185. junkyardjamie

    Okay, since Sara is being honest, I don’t play baseball or softball, and I played water polo in highschool, so I can’t honestly say that Pierre throws a baseball worse than I do, but then again, he is getting paid “how much money?” to throw, catch and hit the damn ball. It’s all about the facts boys and girls. Pierre can run the bases (if he gets on), and he is an earlier riser because he goes to the ballpark at 6 in the morning – big deal!!

  186. dodgereric

    The Dodgers without Russell Martin would be like the Giants without Willie Mays. Wait…………….

  187. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    random conversation from tony jackson’s blog:

    someone asks:

    Tony… not being a smart-alec here, I’d really like to know what your opinion is on this; why is it on Kent’s off days, the Luis Maza experiment at second base continues, when:

    a) Delwyn Young played the position during Spring Training and did pretty well there, and…

    b) Andy LaRoche was just called up to be the right-side/3B utility relief man???

    Both of these players are such an upgrade, especially at the plate where this team needs the most help right now. Is Torre that blind to the fact Maza isn’t hitting the ball???

    Also, IMO, it’s time to rest Juan Pierre in favor of Delwyn Young. Pierre’s OBP suffers the need at the top of the lineup, where it is imperative a man gets on base in order to use speed in the first place. The adage, “you can’t steal first base” has never rung more true with Pierre.

    While Delwyn Young won’t win any stolen base awards, he will steal his share and, will have a much higher OBP than Pierre will ever dream of. Young will hit the power alleys and drive in more runs later in the games and will do a much better impersonation of Rafael Furcal at the plate than that of a Juan Pierre can ever try to do.

    I’m only trying to infuse more offense into this ballclub of ours, and it only takes the guts to sit the big bucks of Pierre for a couple of weeks to see what Delwyn Young can really do for the Dodgers. How much worse can it get anyway at this point really?

    I’m just frustrated to watch my beloved team being so mismanaged the way they are. Thank you for letting me vent Tony. I hope it gets better before it gets worse.

    Any thoughts on your end as to how this team can improve itself?

    tony jackson’s response:

    As for Maza, I think Joe just wants to keep everybody as involved as possible, which is what you kind of have to do in the National League. As far as Pierre/Young, Joe says he needs a Pierre-type player with speed at the top, and Pierre is the only Pierre-type player on the team right now with Furcal on the DL.

  188. jhallwally

    Isn’t it funny (actually very sad), no other team needs or wants a Pierre type of player at the top or anywhere else.

  189. dodgereric

    “Harumph, harumph, harumph! I didn’t get a ‘harumph’ out of that guy!”


    “You watch your &%$!!!”

  190. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah, speed at the top has gone 14-24.

    So Maza, a true utilityman in every sense of the word, needs to be involved, but LaRoche, a power hitter, doesn’t?

    This is the kind of tripe we’re being shovel fed everyday by management and parrotted by sportwriters. None of anything Torre does makes any sense, baseball-wise or if you’re a man from Mars. Does Maza have a future with the Ds? Does Berroa? Does Sweeney? Does Kent? Its incredible to me that a supposed HOF manager can’t even determine who his best players are and play them. IMO, Torre, even moreso than Ned, is responsible for this sinking/stinking ship.

  191. dodgereric

    Yeah, just think how bad we’d be without Juan’s incredible contributions at the top of the lineup.

  192. scott_in_arcadia

    Joe Torre has been a disappointment. I’d rather see Kent and Kemp duke it out in the clubhouse and take my chances with a different manager with less “people skills”.

  193. enchantedbeaver

    Hands out in front
    stick out your touche
    Hands on your hips
    Give them a push
    Don’t be surprised we’re paying for Ned’s mistakes

    Had to follow-up on Eric’s Blazing Saddles reference.

  194. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!! statiscally, Pierre’s the worst lead off hitter in the entire National League – I did the work, and figured that out. I will do American League so we will be able to say Pierre’s the worst lead off hitter in the whole MLB.

  195. dodgereric

    I mentioned a few weeks ago (on Mother’s Day, come to think of it) that I was watching the game with my 84-year-old-Dodger-fanatic mother. She turned to me when we saw the lineup and asked, “Eric, can you please tell me why Torre doesn’t play the best players? Isn’t the goal to win?” I don’t remember what I said, I just know I didn’t cuss because she hasn’t spanked me since 1962.

  196. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelson, even without your efforts, we are all positive that’s already true. there is no doubt pierre is the worst lead off hitter in the majors..

  197. porklinks

    I’m surprised none of you know Sarah D. Morris’s (Sarah’s Take) story. I know it’s a Plaschke article, but it is a “human interest” story, which is better for him (since it doesn’t require critical analysis). I, too, frequently disagree with her “Takes”, but her story is, without qualification, inspirational.

  198. scott_in_arcadia

    I have no problem with Sarah Morris loving the Dodgers, or her personal struggles, but her articles are soft and amateurish to say the least. I guess she can write for the Times though.

    Torre loves to refer to Pierre “”beating” his Yankees in the WS, but JP, despite going 7-21 in the lead off spot, still only scored 2 runs in 6 games with 1 SB. Nothing special. Torre is senile.

  199. porklinks

    Miss Debbie – Liked your comment about which players are actually seeing more pitchers. If I might make one suggestion, you should divide by Plate Appearances (PA) rather than At-Bats, since the total pitch counts includes the pitches seen for PAs that are not ABs (e.g., walks, sacrifices).

  200. junkyardjamie

    Thanks westernmost – will do. I am currently working on AL lead off hitters – so far Pierre still sucks, but like most of you said, we knew that – lol!!!

  201. dodgereric

    I think someone put that link here earlier but I didn’t have time to check it then. You’re right, her story is inspirational. And, as I said to knouffbrock up yonder a ways, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just because we might disagree around here on some things we are, with very few exceptions, Dodger fans. Our disagreements are basis for our discussions. One of the reasons I settled on this site is that there isn’t a lot of juvenile name-calling. OK, maybe a little, but not a lot. When I gathered the nerve to start posting, you long-timers made me feel welcome. I hope that Sarah might visit us here one day.

  202. scott_in_arcadia

    I think I might be coming across a little harsh on Sarah Morris here and that wasn’t my intention, so Sarah, if you read this blog, my apologies, since you have had to work harder than most of us I’m sure.

    I just don’t agree with the timing or content of that article.

  203. enchantedbeaver

    I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull *****, train robbers, bank robbers, ***-kickers, ****-kickers and Methodists!

  204. junkyardjamie

    I was the one asking who sarah was because I wasn’t sure if she worked with the Dodger organization, she was just a fan, or an outside writer writing about the Dodgers. I was wondering why her articles were on the Dodger’s homepage. Thank you for the link to her story dkpenrod. It answered a lot of my questions. 🙂

  205. dodgrdad14

    Did anyone see the rumor from the NY Post?? It has Carlos Beltran coming to the Dodgers for Kemp and Bills.

  206. messagebear@msn.com

    Hey, E – I’d take any of them on your list, as long as they can hit, or pitch, and provided they’re not Ned’s PVL’s.

  207. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    all these rumors are ABSURD!

    and while rumors and rumors, it’s still scary because rumors would only be started if the kids were actually being offered to begin with.. so i guess this means ned is doing worse than sitting on his a**, he is entertaining offers!


  208. dodgereric

    Location: LA manager Joe Torre’s office in the visitor’s clubhouse in Detroit
    Time: 15 minutes after the Dodger’s latest loss
    Occasion: Press conference

    Moron reporter (apology for the redundancy): “Joe, can you tell us why Juan Pierre is still in the lineup every day?”

    Torre: “Well, this team needs a Pierre-type player with speed at the top, and Pierre is the only Pierre-type player on the team right now with Furcal on the DL.”

    Moron reporter: “Well said, chief! I was just asking because my wife is always reading Inside the Dodgers.”

    Press conference over, Torre pulls back to the privacy of his office in the visitors’ clubhouse. Once alone, he crosses his arms and gives himself a hug, saying, “Oh baby, you are sooooo beautiful. And they are SO DUMB!”

  209. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    note to ned:

    if these teams are willing to offer these “big names” for the kids.. it means they value the kids to their true worth, and they know they are worth more than what they are giving you in return. you are not outsmarting anyone. do not be a fool. or i mean, do not be more of a fool than you have already become.

  210. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    a useful way to pass time on an off-day.. reading someone else’s blog! this one was entertaining:


    oh, and i would like to throw out that i really wish that tattoo on russell’s arm wasn’t there. i don’t think i’ve ever seen it before, and he doesn’t always wear sleeves.. that said, you can’t really tell what it is, but i’m sure i wouldn’t like it..

  211. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i wonder if the blog belongs to one of our posters.. seems to echo our similar sentiments.. but then again, i’m sure most real dodger fans do..

  212. lbirken@aol.com

    Thanks, westernmost, you beat me to the punch about why Sarah’s Takes gets the attention it does. She is a courageous women and I think it is great the Dodgers give her a forum but I too seldom read her columns anymore because she has no more insight into the Dodger organization than anyone on this blog and frankly, most of the participants on this blog are more entertaining. That being said, her comments are as much open to criticism as anyone else’s.

    I am disturbed at the talk about this year’s team having the worst record of any Dodger team in recent memory and until some of you brought it up I never thought about it. I just cannot accept this thought and hope the players cannot accept it either. I might even be so bold as to suggest this is not just about “PVL’s” as it is about a teamwide or roster wide failure to execute. Someone mentioned the Angels and I think that is a great point. They have injuries but they plug along and find ways to win. Where is that trait on this Dodger club? Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Martin and DeWitt approach the game but I see too many lost opportunities.

    By the way, I agree that the decline of the Dodgers began the day Al Campanis was fired and was sealed the day O’Malley decided to sell the team. The diehard fan in me still cannot accept McCourt is satisfied with losing as long as there are bodies in the seats and I am hopeful he will return the Dodgers into the elite organization it once was.

  213. porklinks

    Did anyone see the rumor from the NY Post?? It has Carlos Beltran coming to the Dodgers for Kemp and Bills.
    By jnv828@sbcglobal.net on June 16, 2008 4:04 PM
    Smells like bovine by-product to me. That’s < $1M in contracts for Beltran’s mega-contract. Don’t think that’s in NedCo’s budget.

  214. dodgereric

    That Beltran rumor is disturbing only because it’s something that Ned would do: It’s a panic move. Beltran is 31, has all of 8 HRs, an average of .271 and an OBP of .373. He has a gazillion-dollar contract and we’d give up on someone that every other team wants in their outfield and a starter just coming into his own, potentially a #1 for the next 10 years.

  215. dodger 32

    Another day,another Pierre discussion. One of the reasons that Pierre is no good in left field is that it goes against all baseball logic. Left field is said to be a power position, and by putting Pierre in left you’re going against that. When you go against baseball logic you end up where we are now. How good could this same team be without Pierre and with a power hitter in left along with Kemp ,Ethier and or DY in the outfield. Why don’t they get rid of Kemp and Ethier and put 2 more slap hitters in the outfield, that way they can make sure they lose every game. Pierre isn’t the only problem this team has, management is a bigger problem. This team will never win with an automatic out in left.

  216. dodgereric

    Nedi Von Shtupp: [singing]
    Here I stand, the GM of desire
    Set fans on fire
    I have this powah.
    Morning, noon, and night, it’s dwink and dancing
    Some quick womancing
    And then a showah.

  217. dodgrdad14

    Eric and Old Fogey,
    You are right it is something Nerd would do and that is the only reason I brought it up, (also to make Debbie freak out!! LOL)

    But Seriously this is the kind of thing we have been talking about with Nerd, he will sign (or trade) for a “Veteran” past his prime (the one year he had) and say something like “We felt we needed another “veteran” in the field to help the kids!”

    The other reason I brought it up is that it would make the 3rd Center fielder in 2 years!!!

  218. dodgereric

    Bowa: “How ’bout more beans, Mr. Torre?”
    Torre: [fans his cap in the air] “I’d say you had enough!”

  219. dodgereric

    Last one, I swear……….

    Frank: “Order, order. Dammit, I said ‘order’. ”
    Ned: “Y’know, Nietzsche says: ‘Out of chaos comes order.'”
    Frank: “Oh, blow it out your *#@, Ned.”

  220. enchantedbeaver

    What in the wide wide world a sports is agoin’ on here?

    Sad thing is, the Beltran rumor is one you know that JoJo would endorse.

  221. porklinks

    Perhaps I was unclear. There is no way I believe a Beltran for Kemp/Bills rumor. I doubt McCourt is looking to up payroll that much. Beltran is owed the remainder of his $18.5M this season and that same figure for the three seasons after that; Kemp/Bills make $0.921 combined. If this was exactly halfway through the season, that’s $63.829M on YET ANOTHER CENTERFIELDER? No way Frank goes for that.

  222. enchantedbeaver

    No way either fogey that with Penny already down, no chance of Jason ever amounting to Schidt, and Lowe gone shortly, would they trade Billz.

  223. dodgereric

    Ned: “I’ve traded Kemp and Billz to the Mets for Beltran.”
    Frank: “Are you crazy? They’ll never go for it. Then again, maybe they will…..little blue devils…….”

    OK, I lied.

  224. porklinks

    Gurnick thinks that Penny’s loss means we have no ace and that “nobody else has stepped up (yet)”. Yet check out one of starters numbers since Penny last won on May 2 and is 0-7 since:
    3-3, 8 starts, 50 IP (6.25 IP/start – compare 2007 Johan Santana 6.63), 2.88 ERA, 1.240 WHIP, 5 starts allowing 2 runs or less, batters hitting .223 .304 .359 .663 against him (compare Juan Pierre since Furcal went down: .257 .307 .283 .590),.
    I think 23-year old Chad Billingsley IS stepping up. (The team scored a total of 2 runs in his three losses.)

  225. enchantedbeaver

    Frank: Carlos Beltran? Now what’ll that ******* think of next? Does anybody have a dime? Somebody has to go back and get a shitload of dimes.

    Couldn’t resist eric!!

  226. porklinks

    DeWitt is slumping. Over the last seven series, going back to St. Louis at home, DeWitt has 86 PA and has hit .205 .279 .256 .535.
    Russell Martin, during DeWitt’s slump: 85 PA, .325 .388 .506 .894
    One series later, starting at Chicago, James Loney started heating up; in 75 PA: .348 .400 .449 .849.

  227. junkyardjamie

    LMAO still!! If any of these trade rumors comes true with New York then we seriously need to consider jnv wife’s theory that Torre/Ned are part of some conspiracy to totally destroy this Dodger franchise, and I would have to consider those pictures enchanted has been talking about. It’s better to think that way than to think they are truly idiots.

  228. northstateblues

    I get no kick from the kids (aah aah aaahhh)
    Mere prospect ball doesn’t thrill me at all
    So tell me why it must be true…
    (looks at newly released pitcher Ponson)
    That I get a BELT outta you…

  229. porklinks

    The last game Rafael Furcal played was on May 5. Since then:
    Pierre: .257 .307 .283 .590
    Kent : .205 .233 .348 .581
    Martin: .323 .386 .441 .827
    Loney: .318 .371 .470 .841
    Kemp : .268 .331 .370 .701
    Ethier: .263 .304 .407 .711
    DeWitt: .268 .323 .390 .713
    Shortstops: big black hole
    Kemp, Ethier and DeWitt have slumped to varying degrees, but check out how the PVLs Pierre and Kent have stepped up.

  230. enchantedbeaver

    Is it any wonder why we won’t be able to move Pierre at all at the trade deadline? Yes Ned, other teams actually look at stats.

    Best we’ll get for Kent is a middle prospect or two.

  231. junkyardjamie

    AL lead off hitters for the game played 6-15-08. This doesn’t mean the player is lead off everyday, but that is not a bad thing. That is telling us the other managers are trying different things. I also included our own core young Dodgers* who we think could fill the role of lead off hitter. I have the other stats too, but these are the ones that I believe are more important for a lead off batter.
    sorry for the long list, but this is a better visual. BTW our young guys are fairing pretty well against these hitters, which are pretty good on their own respective teams. It also proves the point that our young boys could easily be lead off, even if it’s for a day. BTW – jhall – SIZEMORE ROCKS!!
    ****Runs scored
    KINSLER (TEX) 59
    SUZUKI (SEA) 47
    DAMON (NYY) 43
    GOMEZ (MIN) 41
    CABRERA (CWS) 39
    RIOS (TOR) 38
    IWAMURA (TB) 37
    ELLIS (OAK) 34
    *MARTIN (LAD) 34
    *LONEY (LAD) 33
    *ETHIER (LAD) 31
    *KEMP (LAD) 30
    DEJESUS (KC) 28
    *DEWITT (LAD) 25
    FIGGINS (LAA) 20 (ONLY 134 ABS)
    KINSLER (TEX) 89
    DAMON (NYY) 85
    SUZUKI (SEA) 84
    IWAMURA (TB) 77
    *LONEY (LAD) 75
    GOMEZ (MIN) 75
    RIOS (TOR) 75
    ROBERTS (BAL) 75
    CABRERA (CWS) 75
    *MARTIN (LAD) 73
    *KEMP (LAD) 70
    DEJESUS (KC) 65
    *PIERRE (LAD) 62
    *ETHIER (LAD) 61
    ELLIS (OAK) 60
    *DEWITT (LAD)56
    FIGGINS (LAA) 41

    ****extra base hits
    KINSLER (TEX) 31
    DAMON (NYY) 29
    *LONEY (LAD) 23
    *KEMP (LAD) 22
    ELLIS (OAK) 22
    *ETHIER (LAD) 21
    RIOS (TOR) 21
    GOMES (MIN) 19
    *MARTIN (LAD) 17
    DEJESUS (KC)17
    IWAMURA (TB) 17
    SUZUKI (SEA) 17
    CABRERA (CWS) 16
    *DEWITT (LAD) 14
    FIGGINS (LAA) 6 – ONLY 134 ABS

    KINSLER (TEX) 10
    DEJESUS (KC) 7
    *ETHIER (LAD) 6
    *MARTIN (LAD) 6
    ELLIS (OAK) 6
    DAMON (NYY) 6
    *DEWITT (LAD) 5
    *KEMP (LAD) 5
    *LONEY (LAD) 5
    GOMEZ (MIN) 5
    IWAMURA (TB) 4
    RIOS (TOR) 3
    SUZUKI (SEA) 3
    *PIERRE (LAD) 0

    KINSLER (TEX) 42
    *KEMP (LAD) 39
    DEJESUS (KC) 33
    *LONEY (LAD) 32
    *MARTIN (LAD) 31
    DAMON(NYY) 31
    *DEWITT (LAD) 29
    ROBERTS ( BAL) 29
    *ETHIER (LAD) 26
    RIOS (TOR) 26
    ELLIS (OAK) 24
    GOMES (MIN) 24
    CABRERA (CWS) 23
    *PIERRE (LAD) 19
    SUZUKI (SEA) 18
    IWAMURA (TB) 18

    ****stolen bases (only listing top 10)
    SUZUKI (SEA) 29
    *PIERRE (LAD) 26
    ROBERTS (BAL) 19
    GOMEZ (MIN) 18
    KINSLER (TEX) 17
    *KEMP (LAD) 12
    DAMON (NYY) 12

  232. junkyardjamie

    I forgot to mention that all the batters except for Figgins with the Angels has had a minimum of 200 ABs.

  233. porklinks

    Here’s another way to look at it. This is the BA/OBP/Slg/OPS for the production each National League team has received from the #1 spot in the batting order. The vast majority of this would be from the normal team leadoff hitters. This list is sorted by OPS. For comparision, I’ve included Juan Pierre’s numbers for this year as a leadoff hitter, and his 2007 overall numbers.
    Avg. OBP. Slg% OPS. Team/Player
    .274 .349 .495 .844 Florida
    .287 .363 .468 .830 Pittsburgh
    .288 .351 .469 .820 New York
    .284 .360 .455 .815 San Diego (!!!)
    .301 .367 .419 .785 Dodgers (Furcal + Pierre)
    .257 .310 .463 .774 Chicago
    .254 .333 .437 .771 Frisco
    .282 .352 .410 .762 St. Louis
    .290 .331 .410 .742 Washington
    .271 .348 .392 .740 Atlanta
    .271 .332 .406 .739 Philadelphia
    .208 .320 .376 .696 Milwaukee (at least they walk!)
    .256 .316 .372 .688 Cincinnati (dampened by Dusty’s Corey Patterson infatuation)
    .293 .331 .353 .684 Juan Pierre 2007 overall (64 SB, 15 CS)
    .215 .295 .357 .652 Arizona (9 HR, 4th best in NL)
    .278 .337 .314 .651 Juan Pierre 2008 overall (26 SB, 6 CS)
    .228 .274 .329 .603 Houston (yeech)
    .257 .307 .283 .590 Juan Pierre 2008 leadoff (16 SB, 5CS)
    .223 .283 .291 .574 Colorado (34 SB, only 2 CS!)
    No matter how you slice it, JP at his best provides a middle-of-the-road OBP and a far below average OPS from the leadoff spot, and much worse since taking over for Furcal. That does not sound like the leadoff hitter for a contender. (When JP won his ring in 2003, his .361 OBP would be third on this list, even though his .734 OPS would be 12th.)

  234. porklinks

    Oh – Belated Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that post here and particularly to our host, Josh Rawitch. Did anyone have a catch with his/her dad (or a dad with his child) at Dodger Stadium Sunday?
    -the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

  235. junkyardjamie

    very cool westernmost!! What more information do they need to prove that we need to try somebody else at lead off? He doesn’t match up to anybody in the MLB picture. I guess, according to Dodger management, as long as you show up to the ballpark between 6 and 9 am, it really doesn’t matter how you perform in a game that is 10-13 hours later for most games. It’s not like this great work ethic is helping any. You would think with all that extra practice, he would be batting 3 for 4 minimum per game and could actually throw the ball past third base (and I’m being generous in the throwing).

  236. cpompe1

    hi all…
    yes, I am trying to write a song 🙂 Not ready yet; not even close but I’m trying.

    Hey, has anyone heard about Penny the results of his MRI?

    Also, to chime in for a bit on NY trades, that Beltran trade is ridiculous. I also heard from my husband that the Yanks are looking to trade for Penny and/or Lowe. I know the Yanks need pitching, but I can’t believe they’d take Penny, after admitting he’s been pitching hurt for a while (still burns me up.) I don’t know what they would give up in return, but I believe that when Torre was going thru his last NY contract problem, there were some players that didn’t want to see him leave. Something to ponder.

  237. messagebear@msn.com

    Well, whoever the Yankees want to give up, don’t take Betemit unless the Yankees take Proctor back as well.

  238. porklinks

    cpompe1 – Tony Jackson didn’t think there would be news until Tuesday, but this just went up on his blog within the hour.
    “Dr. ElAttrache found no structural damage in Brad Penny’s shoulder, just some mild inflammation and some mild tendinitis. He won’t pitch on Friday, but he WILL throw on Friday. No word yet on whether he is headed to the DL, but it’s probably a safe bet at this point. … Nomar Garciaparra also saw Dr. ElAttrache today and was cleared to begin his minor-league rehab assignment tomorrow night with Triple-A Las Vegas. … Chin-lung Hu saw the eye doctor, who told him there is nothing wrong with his eyes. He’ll return to action immediately.”

  239. junkyardjamie

    jhall – this team has the potential to be great right now if they would just let the kids play everyday without fear of when they screw up, they will get benched. I would just like to see Joe try it for one week and give all the vets a weeks off just to see what happens. I just feel this young group has the determination to take over and be a winning team, but they are not being allowed to accomplish it because of the so-called rights/ privledges (whatever you want to call it) of the veteran players. I realize right now most of the ones we are talking about are playing. However, they are playing because of injuries, and when Andruw and Nomar come back, it’s going to be back to the same story as it was before, and it’s only going to make matters worse. Well, I guess the upside to all this is we have plenty to write songs about.
    CP – I knew you would try it!!! LOL!! 🙂
    just remember – have fun!!
    I am actually working on a song too!!

  240. porklinks

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record (how long before no one knows what that means), Derek Lowe is likely to be a type-A free agent, which means if the Dodger offer him arbitration (duh – he’s getting a contract from someone), when another teams signs him, LA gets a supplemental pick (between rounds 1 and 2) and the other teams #1 (if it’s 16 – 30 overall) or their #2 otherwise. So the prospects you’d want at a deadline deal would have to be better that the kids Logan White would draft.

  241. cpompe1

    thx for the update westernmost. I was just kinda surprised that it wasn’t on the Dodgers’ home page. I mean, if there was no structural damage, why wait until Tuesday. Oh, well, if he does go on the DL, they’ve gotta make arrangements to bring someone up before they send Penny to the DL… thx again westernmost…

  242. cpompe1

    well, just as I made my last statement, there is now an update on Penny. Again, thx for the update westernmost…

  243. junkyardjamie

    giants 1 – tigers 1, bottom of the third. I guess I can cheer on the tigers today. BTW, I didn’t get to watch the games on tv on Friday and Saturday, but during Sunday’s game, I didn’t mind the Detroit announcers too much. For the most part, they were very complimentary to the Dodgers unlike other announcers have been in the last few series we have been in. I guess in some ways they know how our team feels because they were expected to be winning a few more than they have so far, too.

  244. junkyardjamie

    jhall, my daughter just came into the room, and she asked me if I have heard of Led Zepplin and the song “Stairway to Heaven. I told told her what version – lol!!!

  245. cpompe1

    see that’s the problem with the Dodgers and Arizona losing at the same time. It’s the teams from behind us that are creeping up fast!!! Don’t look now but the last place Rockies are only 3 games behind the Dodgers…

  246. junkyardjamie

    believe it or not, there is a new thread. Josh is up late working too.
    Hey I want the tigers to win, for sure. I usually enjoy watching them play when they are not playing us.

  247. jhallwally

    I agree Nelly. This team has alot of potential if they will go ahead and submit to the fact that this is for all intents and purposes a rebuilding/change of direction year. Get the kids in there and let them learn. We’re not going anywhere this year. Fire Ned. Get what you can for Lowe and hopefully Penny. Unload Phew at any cost.
    That is great about your daughter. LOL. What a great song. Can’t go wrong with Zep and the classic rock from the mid 60’s thru late 70’s. Put on Zep 4 and you guys can rock.

  248. bigkace@yahoo.com

    The Dodgers are closer to last place than first. In fact, if we lose tonight and SF and SD wins, we’ll be in 5th. Way to go. Maybe if they tank enough games we can shed Colletti like Seattle did to Bavasi. By the way, if Colletti signs Sidney Ponson (who was just released by the Rangers for being a clubhouse cancer) I’ll personally piss on his camp fire.

  249. bigkace@yahoo.com

    Maybe we can get a new post this week. I’m tired of scrolling for three days to get to the last post.

  250. dodgereric

    Hey Kace, there IS a new link. It’s disguised as “Draft and minor league updates…plus medical updates”

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