Hungry? For a win, maybe…

It’s been quite a day, starting with the early morning taping of Chef Jeff, which was attended by Andre Ethier, Sweet Lou Johnson and Tommy Davis. Once we know details of when it will air, we’ll pass them along.

By 10:30, we were on the road to the Union Rescue Mission, where Andre wanted to spend some time volunteering to help feed the homeless. They had a rooftop barbecue with a view of the downtown skyline that rivals that of the Standard Hotel. Of course, served at the BBQ was Dodger Dogs, many of which were grilled up by Mr. Ethier himself.  A photo gallery should be on the front of the site relatively soon.

This was all part of his personal community initiative that kicked off today, as did the launch of his new blog, Dining with ‘Dre. I know he had intended to post his first real entry today, but some technical difficulties have us backlogged by a day or so. Let’s just say that he’s been typing the whole thing out on his phone, so we’re getting there. Still, you can check out the site and see what will be coming – a review of Shabu Hachi in Los Angeles.  

Back at the ballpark, we’ve made a trade for former AL ROY Angel Berroa for minor leaguer Juan Rivera. Berroa is not currently on the 25-man roster or 40-man roster, but seems like a nice reinforcement up the middle until Raffy gets healthy, provided he does make it to the big leagues with us.

Speaking of Raffy, Joe Torre said he feels better in general and will come with the team to SD, then likely go on rehab after that series for three or four games. Jason Schmidt will be pitching for Vegas this Sunday.

Meanwhile, when we were at the shelter earlier today, we ran into a choir of kids who are in town from Georgia, if I remember correctly, and I told them they could come see Andre play tonight. Turns out, I was wrong, as he’s not in the lineup in favor of DY against the southpaw. My bad. Russell is out, too, as Joe would prefer not to have both him and Jeff out of the lineup on the same day and Jeff will be out tomorrow in the day game after tonight’s night game.

Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Young, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Ardoin, C

Hu, SS

Kuroda, P

P.S. There is an insane amount of media here right now because we have about seven sumo wrestlers taking part in pregame ceremonies, including one who will throw out the first pitch. Combine that with Saito, Kuroda pitching and Fukudome and we’ve got quite the contingent of Japanese media on site.



    Hey Josh, I have a question. Do you know if Andruw might have taken an interest and maybe try to shed 15 pounds or more while he’s on the DL. Would be nice to see him take an interest in what the fans want and an interest in the Dodger team. Just a thought, and he might come back a better hitter….

  2. scurtis1999

    Last time I checked Sean Gallagher was a right-hander. Why no Dre?

    This lineup is pathetic. 7-8-9 = 1,2,3 automatic outs!


    Either should not be on the bench unless the Cubs have changed their starting pitcher. Gallagher is right handed. Sit Pierre or Kemp.

  4. scurtis1999

    I wonder what lefty they have going? Hill or Marshall? Hell, I don’t even think they are on the roster. I think J Leiber is the emergency 5th or 6th starter.


    Again, I have to ask the question, Why out best hitter in spring training and would be in the regular season if he played every day is sitting on the bench tonight. It’s time to sit Pierre’s a** down and let a player that will hit home runs and drive in runs and hit the ball out of the infield play everyday. Can Torre not see this , He certainly is not the manager I think the Dodgers need and he’s never going to take this team anywhere, just like he did the Cardinals,,,

  6. jhallwally

    Andre gets screwed again. Play the pop gun and sit the cannon. Total BS. Joe has cranio-rectal inversion.

  7. scurtis1999

    How about play DY tomorrow at 2nd instead of playing him in the OF tonight. Just throw him breaking balls and he’s an automatic out. I bet the Cubs are laughing at this lineup. Compare our lineup to the Cubs. Its like the 27 Yankees vs 08 Vegas 51s.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t know who the beat writer is for the D’s on the fox website, but they came up with this gem:

    “Kemp has now struck out 57 times in 227 plate appearances this season, an alarming average of once every four times he steps into the batter’s box.”

    Let’s see, Andruw struck out 45 in 154 PAs (29.2%) and posted a lofty .165 average (vs. Kemp’s .303.) and is alarmingly overweight. Kemp’s also tied for the team lead in RBI.

    What is it with a lot of writers (and seemingly our own management) that have it in for Kemp, Ethier, et al.??


    It is a believable the way Andre is being treated. Matt, Juan and Jones will be back next year so there is no letup in sight. This is worse than water torture for such a talented player. He should demand to be traded to a team where he will play every day. This really sucks.

  10. alex41592

    Lets be honest the whole team isn’t very good right now, I go in expecting to lose. Not good.


    If I see Pierre pop up again in the first inning tonight I’m going to puke. He makes me sick. Does he know what a line drive consists of? He makes me sick,He makes me sick, He makes me sick,He makes me sick,He makes me sick, He makes me sick,He makes me sick, He makes me sick, He makes me sick, He makes me sick, I’m going to barf……………………

  12. maliceinthepalace

    I’m about to leave for the stadium but after seeing this lineup i’m regretting buying tickets in advance. Ethier was 2 for 3 his last game against Gallagher yet he sits. Bull****. Pierre is hitting .239 in the leadoff spot, has no bunting skills, can’t draw a walk and costs us runs with his little-league arm.
    Another one of Ned’s gems.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Its like Torre’s saying, “See. I can’t win with these kids. What we need are somemore proven veterans like Pierre Ned.” Now we’re paying for Franks publicity gimick.

    Too bad we can’t storm the Dodger bastille and lop some management heads on the guillotine.

    Good one carcyn!

  14. scurtis1999

    Ha nice one carcyn!

    Dre should have skipped his community thingy today if he knew he was gonna be out of the lineup.

  15. oldbrooklynfan

    Well another night.
    Great to post on Andre’s blog.
    We’re still a struggling team but that was quite a game last night.
    Say JOSH, let me repeat: Why don’t the Dodgers wear their blue uniforms? It might change their luck.
    Jeff Kent’s still the man but the rest have to follow his lead.
    The Cubs are a darn good club, another example to follow.
    A suggestion, I may be wrong but some, like Kemp, are trying to win the game all by themselves instead of thinking as a team.
    GO TEAM!!!!

  16. ramslover

    well my son and I rubbed Russells bobblehead for good luck. Tonight is the night….DY please hit sme line drives….Ethier I feel your pain, hang in there and stay positive, you deserve better.

    Pierre please hit the ball out of the infield….


    Pierre please hit the ball out of the infield….

    why? then its an out for sure. His last 29 games: Boy is he the anchor to the sinking ship or what?

    .239 /.299 /.265 /.564

  18. jhallwally

    Jungar, that just about says it all. Throw (pun intended) in that weak arm and it is a freaking joke. Especially when your benching a .300 hitter that plays really good defense.

  19. alex41592

    It’s easy to get frustrated with this team but the last time we played our best lineup was April 30th. Furcal, Ethier, Kemp, Kent, Martin, Loney, Jones, DeWitt. THAT is the best team we can field this season. And we scored 13 runs in that game. That lineup has played together seven times this season. That’s it. That’s why we are where we are and until that day comes again we are merely a shell of a team. But the good news is that Furcal might be back on the 17th according to Tony Jackson.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Does anybody see a fundimental flaw to the team when your dependent on JP to bat lead-off and 40 year old Kent to be your RBI man?

    Oh the follies we can have if/when Nomore and Bennett get back…

  21. alex41592

    BTW with that lineup we were 5-2 for whatever that’s worth. Playing your best players means you can win. I hate injuries. Furcal was our leader.


    In 34 out of 50 games this year Kent has failed to get an RBI. So thats not gonna get it done when he is in the heart of your lineup.

    In 34 out of 52 games this year Pierre has failed to score a run.

    So by their own admissions its what they are paid to do and they have not delivered. I have faith in Kent (but were going NOWHERE if ANYONE thinks he is our middle order bat.) to get it going, but Pierre is just the same as always.


    Torre is completely UNACCEPTABLE as the manager of the Dodgers. I am totally sick of how he treats Ethier. No matter how bad Pierre plays he is ALWAYS in the lineup, yet Ethier is outplaying him and sits on the bench. What a waste of talent that is and what a waste of money Torre’s salary is.

  24. ghfgdgdsg

    we should get matt holiday trade eithier sit pierre down every game until jones comes back and we have Young for insurence in the outfield I also think it is time to trade Laroche he is a big dissapointment so far in the minors we need Holliday in that lineup we are desprete for runs and power he will give it to us I hope Ned goes out and gets him that would be a great deal we need the offense right now it just flat out sucks…

  25. scurtis1999

    Im not comfy with any lineup that doesn’t include Furcal. He’s the MVP and sets the tone.

  26. colliethec

    Another night and another lineup I don’t like to see. I’ve been a supporter of Torre this whole time, but I’m starting to go to the dark side!!! LOL
    I haven’t posted in awhile as I’m still in the need for a new computer, as mine locks up when I try to post.
    I do read daily and enjoy all of your posts. They often bring a smile to my face!
    My moves I wish Torre/Ned would make are wish Hu sent down and LaRoche brought up. DFA Sweeney. Bring up Repko. Then Rotate Repko & Pierre. If Repko isn’t brought up (And even if he is!) why not try Young in a leadoff position and sit Pierre.
    As I mentioned before I’ve been a supporter of Torre until he had enough time to see the team and learn a bit about the players. I haven’t disagreed with all of his moves/lineups, etc, but I think he needs to get a clue when it comes to Pierre. Pierre hasn’t done bad in left, I just wish Torre would “tinker” with that position instead of the others. Also I think he now has had enough time.
    Kent isn’t as bad as some have said and last night shows he isn’t washed up. I think it’s good to have a couple of vets on the team with all of our youth.
    When was the last time we had a 3 run home run. Is it me or does it seem like most of them are all solo.
    As far as Jones is concerned I thought he was a good pickup (Although I wanted Hunter more). Even if he hit 250 but had 30 bombs I would of been happy. After my knee surgery my rehab was riding a bike. Hopefully he is doing the same and is losing the weight. He has to look at himself and see when he started to hit poorly and see that it was when he started putting on the pounds. Not the muscle ones, but the Krispy Kreme ones!
    Last but not least after making that hustle play last night I really would of liked to see Andre rewarded with a start tonight but maybe he might be banged up a little.
    They have to win tonight! I wore my POLO Blue cologne today! It’s a slumpbuster. So far this year we are 2-1 when I wear it. I only wear it when I feel we really need a win (Realistically I know My cologne doesn’t do a thing but it worked last year until the September collapse!). So between Dodgerboy & his Son rubbing Martin’s bobblehead and my POLO Blue, maybe we might get one!! LOL

  27. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Alex – Ferks going down was the worst thing that could’ve happened to this team. Not only did it take away our best offensive player, but it allowed Torre to play his dream lead-off man in Pierre night after night. If Joe’s waiting for Trigger to get it going, he’s got a very very long wait.

    Nice BTW to have the three main anchors with us again next year and beyond:

    2009 – JP, Torre, Andruw
    2010 – JP, Torre
    2011 – JP

    Plus whatever other PVLs Ned goes out and gets us.


    Red I am very dissapointed in Torre as well, but then I didn’t think there was gonna be any difference between him and Grady.

    AS of this second I prefer Grady. At least he got all red and started stuttering while we were loosing 11 of 14 games. At least Gradys team came from behind and could beat winning teams.

  29. ghfgdgdsg

    hey repko and laroche arent doing so good in the minors so i dont think that would be such a good idea we need to go out and trade for a power hitter


    Holiday would be awesome. agreed. but it will cost Billingsley or Kershaw. Thats an MVP you’re talking about, within the division. Oh BTW, I’d trade anyone on the roster for Holliday.

  31. alex41592

    Well, Holliday isn’t going anywhere right now he’s playing as much as Furcal. And they would NEVER trade him within the division. IF they were to trade him at all.

  32. leekfink

    Enchanted–yes, there is a flaw with the idea of a line-up dependent on JP and JK as the on-base/RBI guys (though, in Kent’s defense, he produced pretty well at 39 when healthy, and could do the same at 40). But–given the personnel in the organization, what change would we make? Play Ethier in Right and DY at 2B? Call up LaRoche and play him and DeWitt? These may not be bad moves, but they are still small moves. And, what worries me is that the more likely reaction is not these, but a panic move to get more PVL. I think the guys will start coming through this season, but I would rather suffer this season for the promise of the future. I think you’re with me on that (and most people are).
    To be the optimist, we dropped 13 of 14 in 1996 before going on a tear to turn it around in late July. There is a lot of hope left.
    BTW–I was at Macy’s today, and on behalf of my brother and I, presented James Loney a framed edition of the James Loney Song, lyrics and music. Loney is a musician and said he could read the music too, so maybe he will play it. He also signed several copies, and a friend of mine (and his son) were there and sung the Loney Song to reporters. We were told it would air on the KCAL pre-game show, but KCAL is not airing a game for some time. I also told him we want the shirts.
    Finally, I was at the game last night and have no problem with Kemp swinging at that 2-0 pitch. There should never be a red light on anything but a 3-0 count unless there is a straight steal play on (and even then, I don’t like it). Kemp might get a walk, but the goal in being selective for him is not to “work” walks, but to “draw” walks because they pitch around him. (Pierre “worked” a walk by fouling off pitches and staying alive–Bonds, would draw walks because pitchers were afraid of him). So, knowing that’s the type of hitter he is–and will be even more so in years to come–the goal in being selective is to get a good pitch to hit. The pitch was right where he likes it–fastball, middle of the plate, and up. Was it out of the zone? Sure, but very hittable. It’s not like he chased a breaking pitch off the plate. If tyou leave a fastball up and middle-in to Matt Kemp, as a pitcher, you have just made a huge mistake. Kemp’s problem was that power beat power in that at-bat, and Kerry Wood got away with it. Hopefully, Kemp improves and connects on that pitch, or connects later, but I have no problem with him being aggressive on that one.

  33. enchantedbeaver

    Let’s face it, Ned’s solution will be to sign Adam Dunn this fall without trading or DFAing any of the other OFers. Afterall, 5 outfielders is a good problem to have…

  34. colliethec

    No, they aren’t doing well in the minors so maybe a change in location might help. Give them a chance now and then trade them at the deadline if they still aren’t doing well.
    I don’t want trades done until then. I don’t trust the trade route as buyers, only as sellers. As of yet we aren’t sellers.
    Maybe in a month we could be sellers. I still want to see what happens when Furcal gets back and maybe even Jones. We are still only 4 back.

  35. ghfgdgdsg

    Adum Dunn is a great player but he stickes out waaaaaaaayyyy to much matt holliday hits for avarage and power and hardly ever strikes out I just hope its a possibility


    Hello , just dropped say my usual fire ned. Yes with this payroll and farm system and these results, he ought to be gone by nowePromote White or Ng, or anyone with an actual clue. Also, trade pierre, as always. He contributes less than nothing.

  37. alex41592

    Leekfink, I have the most respect for you and you are arguably the best poster on this site. That pitch last night was above his head.

  38. jhallwally

    Start puking Bob, there’s the leadoff 1st inning weak pop up by Phew. He makes me sick also.

  39. colliethec

    Leefink–I agree as always with your post!
    There is still time and patience is what baseball is all about.
    Even if it is for this season. We might take our lumps now but hopefully with adversity comes growth. And that growth will mean we are better next year.
    The only players I would be looking at moving would be the PVL’ers and maybe Laroche & Repko if they come up and don’t show anything.

  40. colliethec

    Kent almost cranked another one! 1-0 blue.
    I’ve got to get my wife more vocal! Last night she said, “Don’t worry honey. Kent is going to hit a second home run tonight”. Next pitch…gone!
    Earlier in the year Furcal is at bat and she says, “Furcal is going to hit one out”. A few pitches later…gone! (I don’t remember which game but it was his first of the year right handed.)
    Then we were on vacation in down there and in Laguna Beach. We are watching the Dodgers get handed a defeat by the Puds. She sees the glum look on my face and says, “They are going to come back and win this game!!!” There was no doubt in her statement. 4 straight homeruns and then a Nomar tater and she was right!!!
    Those are the only 3 predictions she has made and they were right on.
    So with that being said, I need to listen to her and eat HER dinner!!!
    Go Blue!


    Regarding LaRoche and Repko, I think there are psychological impacts that are affecting their performance at Las Vegas. The way both were treated by the Dodgers has got to have an affect on them. Both played very well before their injuries and then they were unjustifiably banished to the minors and then other players are called up, bypassing them. That has got to be a real letdown. Remember last year when Ned unjustifiably sent Loney to the minors and it affected his play there. As far as Kim Ng goes, she was there before Ned and would have actually been a far better choice for GM. Being an assistant to Ned has nothing to do with her abilities. It must be pretty hard for her to watch what is going on and know that she could do a much better job. Likewise for Logan White.

  42. enchantedbeaver

    OK, time for Berroa. Hu got hosed on that strike call, but totally chased a bad pitch to K. Nice battling from Kuroda in that AB, but if he walked, does anyone think that JP was going to do anything?

  43. dodge1612

    kent got robbed… that was ball four… good for him to stick up for himself… that ump is a real idiot…

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Bad call for sure, but nice “veteran leadership” when you’re the only slugger in the line-up to get kicked out.


    Kemp pulls his head at the last instant when he swings. Can’t the hitting coach see this. Watch him in slow motion some time.

    Way for Kent to go. Lousy call Ump.


    We get runners on and nobody to drive them in. we are playing with 6 players tonight. Hu totally has no idea what he’s doing here. lousy at bats for Hu.

    Well 2 on 1 out, This inning is over S***…………


    Man, good to see we’re holding a lead. Only downer is that absolutely no one is driving the ball with the exception of Kent, and that we’re leading at least partly because of a gracious first base umpire. I guess the Dodgers will take it during this slump though!

  48. jhallwally

    Agreed E. He’s totally out of his league. Plays good defense though. Let’s check out DeJesus.


    Oh yeah, forgot to give props to the best pitcher on our staff right now: Hiroki Kuroda!!

  50. jhallwally

    I used to be very confident taking a lead into the 8th with Brox and Sammy, but I’m now on pins and needles. Send Kuroda back out in the 8th. He’s only thrown 88 pitches so far. 59 for strikes.

  51. enchantedbeaver

    Actually xuni with some better relief pitching and a run or two here and there, Kuroda could easily be our winningest pitcher. He’s lost or ND’d at least 3-4 games he should’ve won.


    In Japan, Kuroda was used to throwing 125 to 130 pitches a game. Leave him in for complete game

  53. joyce65

    I think that Hu needs to be in the minors. He needs to learn plate discipline and pitch recognition. He is to easy an out. I hope that Berora can provide some offensive support for us. That’s good news on Furcal. It’s good to see that we have the lead.


    Kemp needs a lot of work. He swings at bad pitches and he needs a lot more discipline.


    i let Kuroda finish off the game.
    Let the bullpen rest.
    He probably doesn’t trust the bullpen, especially saito.


    lol pierre I was about to say the same thing, but it’s a night that should be focused on Kuroda’s brilliance

  57. northstateblues

    kono yakyu no geimu wa totemo yoshii dayo!

    translation: This baseball game is very good!!


  58. oldbrooklynfan

    This is the second time KURODA has gone through 8 innings, only him & Derek Lowe has done that.
    No one has gone further.


    I guess scurtis eating those word now calling this lineup pathetic. Do you understand he wanted to get Young some ab’s?


    Interesting news. I hope it’s true about LaRoche.

    “Presumably, if Berroa regains his rookie form, he could become an alternative with Furcal eligible for free agency after this season.

    Colletti said Dodgers bench coach Bob Schaefer, familiar with Berroa from his days in Kansas City, pushed for the acquisition, which could soon be followed by a promotion of Andy LaRoche, who is adding second-base and first-base experience to his resume while at Las Vegas.

    “He could be called up any time,” said manager Joe Torre. “He is close.”


    Did anyone watch the Mercury/Sparks game? I can’t believe they gave up 30+ pts in the 4th and lose in there 1st home game with Parker. The Sparks couldn’t make a shot in that quarter and Phoenix was making there and it funny they were shooting under 30% the 1st 3 quarter. How do you blow a 16 pts lead? lol 32-10 for Phoenix in that 4th.

  62. dodgereric

    This game should be the poster child for TAKING THAT PITCH COUNT AND TOSSING IT IN THE TRASH CAN! Well, maybe not keep it in the can, necessarily. Keep it as a guideline. “Maybe we better keep an eye on him.” Vin was shocked that Saito didn’t come in for the ninth. I always think, what are they hoping for in the other dugout? In a game like this, it’s “man, I wish they’d get Kuroda outta there. He’s on it tonight. Whoever they bring in can’t be any harder on us.”


    Just something to mention, does anyone remember the last suicide squeeze that the Dodgers weren’t able to successfully pull off? Good to see the fundamentals working out in that area of the game.. especially because we need it with the way our hitting’s been lately haha


    redfox please why are you upset with Torre because of Ethier? He just wanted Young to get some playing time and I bet most people want that to happen. At least Torre not putting Sweeney in the OF’s and shirt Pierre to CF’s.


    Absolutely Sparking 3 To 0 Win By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Over The Chicago Cubs! What an amazing Performance by Our Very Own Hiroki Kuroda with A Four Hit, 11 Strikeout Complete Game Shutout Victory!Superbly Fantastic, Hiroki! Good to see Always Super Hero Matt Kemp With a Base Hit and his Super Talents On Display! You will never cease to amaze us, Matt! The Tower of Power, Super Hero James Loney with His Always Dangerous Presence comes Through With His Clutch 2 Runs Scored And Base Hit! Phenemonal, James! And Of Course, Superman, Himself, The Man Of Steel, Jeff Kent For His 2 Outer Space Blasts Last Night And His Double Tonight, Because All That Matters To Superman Jeff Kent IS That We won Tonight! Selfless Superman Jeff Kent Always Does IT ALL FOR HIS TEAMMATES AND FANS! And For This We Will Be Rewarded By The World Series Championship!After All, He Does Possess Super Powers Just Like The Rest Of Our Super Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers!


    Very good performance from our starting pitcher.
    I still beleive that he has had the best stuff all year.
    He has had the bullpen blown him a few wins, and other games where the offense did not show up.
    I still am not to thrill with the offensive performance tonight, Kuroda kept them in the game. Offense had there share of oppourtunites to break the game oppen but did not come through. Lets hope our offense is alot better tommorow against Zembrano.
    And i agree with some one else here that commented on Kemp not being disapline in the plate. He is alot better hitter then what he is showing right now.
    I want to see the kemp that i saw in spring training where he was hitting lazers to straight away center and right field.

  67. colliethec

    Woo hoo…a win for the Blue! Pretty well played game. I also would of liked Kent to not get tossed. Maybe he could of said to the ump, “Bad call. Check the replay and you can apologize tomorrow!”. I like to see someone get fired up, but not there.
    I’m okay with DY playing. I’m actually happy with it. I would like to see him in there and Pierre sit for a few games. It would be interesting to see what the offense could muster with that lineup.
    That game was all about small ball. We were fortunate that Kuroda was really on. That was one of the best pitched games I’ve seen by a Dodger in awhile. 11 so, no walks, 4 singles, 1 runner to 3rd and that runner was the only one to 2nd (Although the Cubs were robbed a run on that double play).
    For me I want Ethier (AKA Every day dre) in there every day.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


    An outfields of Ethier, Kemp and Young. I know I want to see that happen with Repko being our 4th if we didn’t have Jones and Pierre.

  69. junkyardjamie

    Great game tonight!!! I have to admit like most of you, I was not happy that Andre was not playing, but I was hoping that it was because of his collision with the wall. That’s what I told myself to think, anyway. He did come in for defense in the 8th so all was right with the world again – lol!. I guess we should be thankful we didn’t need Pierre tonight, not like we count on him for anything other than his sickening pop-ups these days. This is so incomprehesible to me. I watched the Indians play today, and Grady Sizemore leads off, and he has power, plus he is good at drawing walks. I don’t know why Joe won’t try anybody else just for a day, just to see what would happen. Watching Young tonight, you would think he could handle lead-off – it couldn’t be much worse than Pierre right now. Pierre needs a day off 🙂
    Anyhow – fabulous game tonight Dodger Blue. We stayed right where we are just behind the dbacks and looking down on the Giants. I was worried – Giants won big tonight, Limsecum is hot right now – be thankful we don’t have to hit against him for a few more weeks. 🙂


    it was an amazing game tonight, glad i was able to be there. kuroda pitched an absolute GEM. everyone was SO happy torre let him stay in for the 9th. there were a lot of cubs fans, as usual, but they didn’t have much to cheer about.. kuroda dominated.

    when i got back, i read about the angel berroa acquisition. sounds like a typical ned move, to get a guy who the royals have left in the minors despite paying him nearly 5 mil. i guess he’s THAT useless to them.. but he hardly could be any worse than Hu or Maza, and it didn’t cost personnel to acquire him, so it’s worth a shot. just until raffy is back, which sounds like it could be a little over a week or so (jump for joy!). i guess berroa will be up tomorrow, Hu will be sent to vegas, and we have to wait to see how they make room on the 40-man roster.


    Maybe they should make a t-shirt of everyday Kemp and Ethier hahaha like they have the beat LA shirt in Boston. Too bad we don’t have the Beat Celtics shirt in LA


    Berroa hitting in Omaha at .290, 10 homerun’s and 27 rbi’s good move imho over Hu offense anyday of the week but we do lose Hu defense because Berroa defense is bad. He’s a fomer rookie of the year in 2003.


    thanks dnelson. i was sitting behind homeplate, and kuroda was right around the plate all day long. he was making the cubs hitters look foolish up there. and they’re supposed to be the best offensive team in baseball.

  74. colliethec

    dnelson-Thanks for the welcome back! Also I saw you got a new computer. What kind did you get? I want to get an APPLE. We need to somehow get the “every day dre” to Torre. Enjoy summer vacation. I know it doesn’t last long these days. When I was younger it went from June to Labor Day. Now it often starts in August! I was sitting in traffic this morning with 1 eye open & 1 closed, thinking that 23 years ago today I was sleeping in after graduating from high school. I was missing it!!! Summer vacation was the best!
    sara- It is only AAA but the report says Berroa does have 10 HR’s so far. So lets hope!!!

  75. ksparkuhl

    “Normally on the telecast we talk about this day in baseball.

    I don’t mean to sound grumpy or grouchy but, I can’t believe what I didn’t hear. I listened to the news on the radio this morning for about an hour and fifteen minutes today… did not hear one word about what this day really means.

    June the sixth, nineteen forty-four. Do the names Omaha, or Utah, Gold, Juno, Sword… do they mean anything? They’re the beaches at Normandy.

    Sure, today was D-Day; the invasion of Europe, when thousands of soldiers gave their lives so that we could be free. I’ll be darned if I saw any real publicity about it at all.

    Please don’t let that happen again next year. Please.

    Yeah… this day. Let’s go back.”

    Vin Scully, beginning of the seventh inning, 6 June, 2008

  76. junkyardjamie

    That’s definitely a positive we needed. He has been pitching well, and to finally get him a win is just awesome~

  77. leekfink

    Great outing by Kuroda. Just a joy to watch tonight.
    Alex–re Kemp last night. I thought even at the time that it was out of the zone, but still in a good hitting area for him. It looked shoulder high to me–but I was in Aisle 28 of the Reserved Deck. I was hoping to catch it on TiVo, but I did not pick it up. If you saw it on TV and say it was over his head, I trust you, and then it’s bad. But I would have been fine with him swinging shoulder high.
    I want to agree and disagree slightly on comments about Chin Lung Hu–it’s been said that he’s having bad at-bats, and I think he’s actually battling pretty well. But, Vinny mentioned it on the telecast tonight, he’ll fight off pitches and work the at-bat, but it often ends with him getting overpowered. So I agree with the sentiment that he’s overmatched right now. Some more time down in AAA will give him a chance to have some more success. he has some good prospects, but he was rushed and is not ready. He was not supposed to be here to start the season, and certainly did not figure to be starting at shortstop for so long. Tony Abreu was going to fill the role he’s been in, and of course Furcal was not supposed to be out so long. Hopefully, he’ll get that experience down in Vegas.
    I like that LaRoche looks like he’s coming back up. Unfortunately, there is no room at the inn for him right now, but if he’s been working at second base, then he could play those day-after-night games which Torre has decreed Kent won’t play in. If Tony Jackson is right that the acquisition of Angel Berroa portends paves the way for LaRoche (and, I don’t quite get that logic–if Hu goes down for Berroa, who goes down for La Roche?–Maza? Tiffee? Is Berrroa more versatile? Is Berroa simply THE shortstop until Furcal comes back, so there is no platooning Maza and Hu?), I hope he comes up tomorrow, because Kent will, persumably, be out of the line-up. BTW–LaRoche went 2-4, with 1 HR and 3 RBI while playing 2B for the 51’s tonight. They’re in Las Vegas, so he could easily make it to Dodger Stadium by the morning.
    pierreseastmeetswest–I agree that I like that Kent seems to be starting to swing the bat well. He’s the one PVL that I think can still really produce (offensively–Lowe can still pitch, and I don’t know if Furcal or Penny count as PVL). You asked about Loney and Kemp’s at-bats where they struck out. I thought Loney had a decent at-bat, and got fooled on a good pitch. Kemp looked a little worse, and someone here mentioned that he may be pulling his head off a little. I haven’t noticed that, but would not be surprised. Kemp still had good at-bats and bad at-bats, but he continues to improve. I would like to see him back in the 3-hole, and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that he produced well in that spot and the Dodgers played well when he was in that spot. That’s why the call him the Bison.

  78. colliethec

    Great point Sara! Isn’t it nice to see a game where the pitcher throws strikes?! I’m so frustrated watching Penny & Lowe get to a count with 2 strikes and then try to paint the corner and miss or get fouled off, only to throw 10 pitches to the batter and walk them. Then have that walk come around and score.
    Tonight we had 2 runs score off walks. I heard a stat the other day that was very interesting I can’t remember if it was 40% or 60% of leadoff walks score. But either way that is a huge percentage.
    Lowe & Penny have the stuff and they need to trust it and stop trying to be cute with their pitches when they get 2 strikes. That is what Bills was having trouble with going back to last year and since he has figured it out he has done better.
    I love watching a game where the pitcher pounds the strike zone. Once in a while going outside is good. But they seem to watse so many pitches!!! If your 0-2, okay go up high around the eyes with a fast ball. But then don’t throw the next 2 a foot off the plate because then it is 3-2 and all evened up.
    Pound the zone, trust your stuff & your defense.

  79. junkyardjamie

    I got a gateway laptop mid-range price. My brother and sister-in-law love the apples, but my brother is a graphic designer and the apples have better programs for what he does. And yes, vacation isn’t what it used to be. We go back August 8th, but we also have weeks that we didn’t have when I was in highschool. We get an entire week for Thanksgiving instead of the just the three days and a week in February for the week of President’s Day. So, it balances out in the end.

  80. colliethec

    I like gateway. I was thinking of getting one of them. I want to combine a couple of things I like and that’s why I want an APPLE. I love baseball, collecting baseball cards, and photography. So I want to become a photographer of baseball cards. I think that would be a great job for when I retire. My friend manages an APPLE store and from all I’ve seed they are the best for photography.
    An entire week for Thanksgiving is pretty sweet. The whole retail thing was mentioned earlier. Well that’s what I do & have done for the last 15 years. I would so love to have the day off after Thanksgiving! Haven’t had one for 15 years. The first year I get one there is no way I will be at a store early for the blow outs!

  81. junkyardjamie

    Yes, I totally agree on the pitching issue. My son is a young pitcher, and he is being taught not to be afraid to throw strikes and trust your defense, which in highschool is not always an easy thing.

  82. leekfink

    kssparkuhl–thanks for re-posting that. After Vinny said that, I realized I had not heard or seen anything ll day either, and felt bad about it. It’s certainly a day to remember.

  83. colliethec

    spark-I love Vin. What a class act. I’ve had to listen to the clowns up here in Northern California for years and the last two I was able to get MLB Extra Innings and it is a joy to listen to Vin. It reminds me of when I was little guy in Inglewood.
    My Wife is from up here and was a Giants fan. I would get angry listening to their games as I just think they don’t have class. She has now become a Dodger fan and much of that goes to Vin. I really hope he is passing some of his style down to a younger anouncer to carry his tradition and the old school tradition.
    He has some fun little sayings and doesn’t make fun of a player or humiliate him. He doesn’t make fun of fans. Tonight was the closest I’ve heard him make fun of a play and that was when Kemp took a horrible swing and tried to hold up & get out of the way and fell off balance across the plate. He described it as “Kemp just looked like he threw a shoe”.
    That was good stuff.

  84. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – that is a great way to combine those three passions. I took over my son’s baseball card collection. My teacher friend who is a baseball fan like me was a photo journalist for her first career. When she was attending the University of Georgia, she took some awesome pictures of the Braves, especially Glavine, Smoltz and Mulder. I have one on my baseball wall at school. Now she does the same thing when she goes to A’s games. We will be at the Braves/Dodgers series together so she is supposed to get some good pictures of the Dodgers for me, plus she is hoping to see Glavine pitch. She has followed his whole career and is going to Cooperstown when he is inducted.

  85. perumike

    I was at the game and Kuroda was DEALING! I was on the field level behind the visitor dugout, as was Larry King. It was a great game, glad to see small ball working. I was a little angry at neither Martin or Ethier not being in the lineup, but I do understand Martin not being in there. Ardoin did a great job catching and on that squeeze. Overall a great evening.

  86. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – I can’t get my family to convert from Giants to Dodgers. Thank heavens for direct tv extra innings and, or I would be living with Giants announcers forever. However, I must say, they are much better than those Cubs announcers last night and the ESPN announcers we have had in the series against the cubs and mets. Jon Miller and gang have been much more complimentary to their opponents then the treatment the Dodgers have gotten lately. Now, that doesn’t mean it will be the same when the Dodgers play them.

  87. colliethec

    Can we imagine what the world might of been without D-Day. It is one of those things that sometimes I find myself moaning that starbucks didn’t make my coffee the way I like it. Then I think about D-Day. I think about the movie Saving Private Ryan. Wow that really showed sacrifice. Or about the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. That coffee suddenly tastes pretty great & I feel lucky and a little stupid!

  88. junkyardjamie

    perumike – many Inside Dodger Bloggers were at the game tonight. All of you said the same thing – Kuroda was awesome. That is such a good feeling to know that maybe pitching and hitting are finally starting to come together for this could-be incredible Dodger Blue Team.

  89. perumike

    Yeah dnel, it was a nice feeling at the stadium, and we all spent the 9th on our feet, when Kuroda mowed down the last three batters.

  90. colliethec

    DNelson-What do the Cubs announcers have in common with the Giants? Bob Brenly. He was irking me last night as well. He does some of the same things as Krukow & Kiper. Miller I’m okay with. Also Joe Morgan is an ex-Giant and Chris Berman is a big Giant fan. They are his favorite baseball team.
    I just don’t get Krukow & Kiper. They complain about every call whether it’s balls/strikes or plays on the basepaths. They also make it like the Giants are and have been World Champions for decades! They make fun of fans from other teams and players when they make a bad play or strike out. I could go on but I’m sure you’ve had to listen to them and know what I’m talking about.
    As far as your family not converting, it’s not over! You can still bring them over. As Lasorda says, don’t they want to get into Heaven??? LOL

  91. junkyardjamie

    I was home and I was standing up – it was pretty exciting even at home. It’s been a while since we have seen something like that from our pitching staff. Hopefully it is a first in many more to come 🙂

  92. junkyardjamie

    You are right – Krukow and Kiper do act like the Giants are the best thing since sliced bread. However, I do like it when they rip on Zito (what a disaster that is turning out to be). As far as my family converting – they will just have to go to H*ll – it’s not happening anytime soon, especially my son – lol! As for my daughter, she just torments me with her excitement over seeing Juan Pierre bat. I consider it a form of torture at times, especially when he manages to get on base every other game or so. Are you going to Giants/Dodgers series at the beginning of July?

  93. junkyardjamie

    are you working on a song? I am listening to XM radio, but my mind is stuck on the james loney song still – crazy! Also, I like the name dcollins gave Andre – “everyday dre”. It has a nice ring to it.

  94. dodgereric

    Got in late, fired up the game on the DVR and watched it happen. I actually saw the last inning live, so I knew the outcome. I guess that’s one of the signs of having gone ’round the bend.

  95. leekfink

    Yo know, if they call up Berroa tomorrow, and send Hu back to Las Vegas, there are only a few roster moves that would make much sense to create space on the 40-man roster:
    1) Remove Tiffee or Maza from the 40-man roster. Neither started the year on the 40-man roster. They would, however, have to clear waivers, and they seem to be the best candidates on which to bet that they would clear waivers, since both are in their late-20’s and are sort of journeymen/career minor leaguers. This, of course, would necessitate sending them down to AAA, thus opening a spot up on the 25-man roster. Maybe that would explain why the move to call up Berroa would “pave the way” for LaRoche to be recalled, since doing so would require optioning Hu (who the Dodgers would NOT dare to expose to the waiver wire) and putting Tiffee or Maza on waivers. (BTW–I think it would be Tiffee, since he is thought of as a corner infielder and maybe outfielder, and Maza has been used, while Tiffee has seen almost no playing time.)
    2) Remove Ramon Troncoso from the 40-man roster by putting him on waivers. Basically the same as the above, except this does not create a majore league roster spot for LaRoche. Also, Troncoso had a bad stint in the majors, and has not been doing much better in AAA. The other pitchers in the minors who are also on the 40-man roster are all names that are pretty familiar, and so would not be exposed to waivers (except for Justin Orenduff, who I have not heard much of in Las vegas, but who appears to be a decent starting prospect). But, pitching is always a highly sought after asset, and I don’t know that the Dodgers would want to expose to waivers any pitcher with major league experience.
    3) Put Andruw on the 60-day DL. The problem is that right now, his return is estimated to take 4-6 weeks from the May 27 surgery, or back around July 8 on the end of that. The 60-day DL keeps him away until July 22. Plus, it just postpones the other decisions.
    4) DFA Sweeney. I actually don’t think this will happen, but I know a bunch of people here would call for it.
    At this point, I think that we may have Berroa and Andy LaRoche here tomorrow (i.e. later today Saturday).

  96. dodgereric

    LOL! Yeah, right now I have SIRIUS radio on the tube on the Elvis channel trying to get inspired.

  97. junkyardjamie

    OMG!! this is crazy!!! We are going to be the jhall and enchanted of the west coast. That was way too funny today with the two of them coming up with the song.

  98. leekfink

    Careful Dnelson–many people I know find themselves with the James Loney Song stuck in their head.
    Of course, I consider it a good thing.

  99. dodgereric

    I would be SHOCKED if they DFA’d Sweeney now. He’s 2 for his last 3 and has his average up to .130! This is what Joe has been telling us would happen.

  100. junkyardjamie

    The James Loney Song is very good thing – it’s my family that thinks I’m crazy because I go around the house singing it like I am at school. I put a copy on the refrigerator next to a picture of James. We need a song for Dre so he can have a song next to his name, too lol!

  101. junkyardjamie

    This Andruw and Pierre thing is big issue for Matt and Andre. I am all for Andruw on 60 day DL. Then there is DY in the mix, too.

  102. dodgereric

    I can’t stop playing you.
    So I’ve made up my mind
    to live with poor results.
    I think .130’s just fine.

    I can’t stop wanting you
    to flail away
    at pitches I’ve never seen
    struck at quite that way.

    Those happy days
    That we once knew
    Though long ago,
    They’ll still come true

    They all make fun, but
    You’ll be just fine
    long as your av’rage’s
    ‘Bove the Sweeney line

  103. leekfink

    Dnelson–exactly. Maza rides the pine or comes in as a late-inning defenisve replacement for Kent or LaRoche, and maybe gets a start here and there at short until Furcal is back.
    In fact, I logged back on before going to bed because I decided to go out a little bit on a limb and predict that before the game tomorrow, the Dodgers would make the following roster moves:
    1) Purchase the Contract of Angel Berroa;
    2) Option Chin-Lung Hu to AAA Las Vegas;
    3) Designate Terry Tiffee for Assignment (for the purpose of placing him on waivers and, once he clears, giving him an outright assignment to AAA Las Vegas);
    4) Recall Andy La Roche.
    And, what the heck, while I am making completely baseless predictions, here is tomorrow’s starting line-up:
    Juan Pierre – LF
    Matt Kemp – CF
    Andre Ethier – LF
    Russell Martin – C
    James Loney – 1B
    Andy LaRoche – 2B
    Blake DeWitt – 3B
    Angel Berroa – SS
    Derek Lowe – P
    Note–Although these are the roster moves that I am predicting will occur (and, would suggest under the circumstances [i.e. that Berroa is going to be the stopgap for Furcal and that Kent is going to rest day games after night]), this is not necessarily the line-up that I would make out if I were the manager–just my prediction of the line-up card that Torre will put together tomorrow.
    And, with those predictions, Good Night, and Good Luck.

  104. junkyardjamie

    Well, Leefink, with the exeption of Pierre, it looks like we might have some power in that lineup. I hope it is a fantasy that becomes reality very, very soon – tomorrow would be fantastic!

  105. dodgereric

    How’s this for 2am? Breakfast with the Beatles

    Angel Berroa, Rookie of the Year
    Just how did you manage to end up here?
    Who finds the money to pay your salary?
    R.O.Y. to minors, was that easy?

    Saturday morning arrives and you’re at Chavez
    Sunday morning shagging infield flies
    Monday you’re still trying to hit that curveball
    Our GM lies……

    Angel Berroa, Rookie of the Year
    Ned can really find ‘em, just never fear.

    Saxophone Instrumental
    Ba, ba, ba, ba…bababababa….babababa, bababababababa
    Babababa, bababababa,
    Can you still run?

    Angel Berroa, Rookie of the Year
    You’re just so damned lucky to end up here

    JoJo’s patience is really never ending
    You’ll never be accused of doing wrong
    You see, you’re a Major League vet-er-an.
    Even if you can’t run.

    Angel Berroa, what happened to you, man
    How come you in that old garbage can?

  106. dodgereric

    Grrrr. Last line should be, “How come you’re in that old garbage can?”

    Helping my nephew move in a few hours.

    Great game tonight! Um, last night.

    Good night and God Bless!

  107. junkyardjamie

    How about some Eric Clapton at 2:30 am
    “It’s in the way that You use Him”

    It’s in the way that you use him
    Dre comes and he goes
    It’s in the way that you use him,
    Joe don’t you know.
    And if he rides pine he will lose it,
    Feelings will show.
    Joe, why don’t you use him?
    Don’t let him go.
    You think you’re right, but we think you’re wrong
    Pierre is weak, but Andre is strong
    Pierre gets lucky, Andre goes long
    Outfield is lonely when Andre is gone
    Repeat First Chorus
    Repeat First Chorus
    Repeat Second Chorus
    We’ve seen bright skies, never like this
    Vets walking on thin ice, never like this
    Fans don’t want white lies, never like this
    Please lay Andre, never to miss
    Repeat First Chorus

  108. junkyardjamie

    Good job for, eric – 2 songs after midnight, definitely burning the midnight oil.
    Good night all!! See you in a few hours when the sun comes up on the west coast.


    Lee I love that lineup and the L and R platoon but I think Dewitt is going to move to 2nd bases and LaRoche take 3rd base but you couldn’t go wrong since LaRoche has played some 2nd base. If Dewitt or LaRoche need a day off without Kent. You probably could put Martin at 3rd, Dewitt or LaRoche at 2nd, Andoin behind the plate and have Young, Kent, Dewitt or LaRoche I hope Sweeney get send down and we keep Tiffee but I don’t think it going to happen and screw Hu. Are bench would be so scary.


    Let’s be honest we want this lineup

    Russel Martin – C
    Andre Ethier – LF
    Matt Kemp – CF
    James Loney – 1B
    Russell Martin – C
    Blake DeWitt – 3B
    Andy LaRoche – 2B
    Delmon Young – RF
    Angel Berroa – SS
    Derek Lowe – P


    Russell Martin – C
    Andre Ethier – LF
    Matt Kemp – CF
    James Loney – 1B
    Andy LaRoche – 2B
    Blake DeWitt – 3B
    Angel Berroa – SS
    Juan Pierre – LF
    Derek Lowe – P


    I still think it silly to have Martin in the lead off spot just like what the Nats did last year and the Cubs did this year with Soriano.

  112. northstateblues

    I hate Krukow and Kuiper, the moment I knew they were hacks was when they did their “Elimante” bit with the telestrator. Glad I have Gameday Audio when they play the Giants, or else I’d probably put the SAP on and try to listen in Spanish.

  113. junkyardjamie

    nsb – I forgot about that with Krukow and Kuiper. That was soooo annoying, and I hated when they did that, and it didn’t matter what team they were playing. I must not be paying attention to the games as much this season because I haven’t seen them do it. I am mostly listening to them on the radio/ Are they still doing that? I can’t believe I forgot about that – man I hated that. That really had no class and what an abuse of good technology. Thanks for getting me started this morning – lol!!
    Rise and shine 🙂
    It’s nice to wake up and know our beloved Dodgers did so well last night. Hopefully we have the same outcome this afternoon.


    I was really happy with yesterday’s performance. I hope Lowe can continue that today. Is a nationally televised game in the midwest today. Kent should be able to play today as he never played a full game yesterday. That’s what we need to get started, A vet like Kemp getting hot and getting some spark after that terrible third strike call.

    Let’s win today

  115. junkyardjamie

    Here is my song for the day. Well I did two – one was at 2:30 in the morning so technically, it’s two for today. Eric had me on a roll early this morning – lol!!
    Dodgers Team : ABBA’s Dancing Queen
    You can chant, you can sing, having the time of your life
    See those hits, watch those throws, diggin’ this Dodgers team
    Friday night and the boys are home
    Looking out for the place to go
    Where they play the right players, getting in the swing
    You come into Chavez Ravine
    Everybody could come on by
    Night is young and the music’s high
    With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
    You’re in the mood for a chant
    And when you get the chance…
    This is our Dodgers team, young and sweet, you should see
    Our Dodgers team feel the beat from the Ravine
    See those hits, watch those throws, diggin’ this Dodgers team
    Vin’s our speaker, tales go on
    Keeps us learning, and then he’s gone,
    Looking out for our players, no one else will do
    We’re in the mood for a chant
    And when you get the chance…
    This is our Dodgers team, young and sweet, you should see
    Our Dodgers team feel the beat from the Ravine
    You can chant, you can sing, having the time of your life
    See those hits, watch those throws, diggin’ this Dodgers team

  116. jhallwally

    Good morning Nelly. Sweet win last night. Great songs by you and Eric. Nice to start the day with a song and Dodger win.


    shad, Young’s playing time is way overdue! I agree that he should be in the lineup frequently, but not at the expense of Ethier. Pierre is the one that should sit. Ethier won the LF position fair and square in ST and has outperformed Pierre thoughtout the season. There is NO reason to sit Ethier and play Pierre. Torre is being grossly unfair to Ethier and the team and the fans when he arrogantly plays his favorite despite common sense and logic.

  118. junkyardjamie

    good morning, jhall – thanks for the kudos! It was late, but fun – that is still too funny what happened to you and enchanted yesterday. Eric and I were both listening to music late last night, but not as comical as your’s and enchanted’s song – incredible!
    shad – redfox is so on the money with this one – Ethier needs to play everyday. Like dcollins said last night he needs to be “Everyday Dre”. He’s got too much talent to be sitting right now. He is not slumping, even with lefties (Pierre’s not hitting against anybody), and eric pointed out a few days ago that he has performed the best since Furcal went on the DL. He is still in the top in most hitting categories both in team and in some cases the NL.
    I also think DY should be playing, but not at the expense of Andre. Andre has put his time in, and his time to play everyday is now. He looks great out there, and unless, he was hurting last night, there is no reason he shouldn’t have started. I do realize he went in for defense in the 8th inning, and I guess since we won, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s the fairness of it all that is bugging most of us. Andre earned the LF job, and it shouldn’t have been taken away unless he lost it, and there is no evidence/statistic that says he lost it. Pierre hasn’t even come close to what he has done on the field this season so far (really since he became a Dodger). Sorry for the long post, but this is one topic I am passionate about. I have waited 2 and half years for Andre to get here, and he is getting the shaft again.

  119. enchantedbeaver

    Great songs everyone!

    How ’bout some Kinks:

    The Ned man’s spendin’all Frank’s dough
    And his acquisitions blow
    Losin’ on a sunny afternoon
    The ballclub’s all but gone to pot
    And Delwyn Young just sits and rots
    All I’ve got’s this funny little tune

    Save me, save me, save me from Ned please
    We got a big fat Andruw with a wounded knee
    And the games end so unpleasantly
    Frank’s up in his box of luxury
    Losin’ on a sunny afternoon
    In the summertime

    Schmidt’s arm went and Penny’s too
    And Brazo is a tub of goo
    All that leaves is JP and a some newbies
    Now I’m sittin’ here
    Ain’t Joe Torre’s line-up *****?
    Losin’ on a sunny afternoon

    Help Ned, help Ned, help Ned go away
    Well give me two good reasons why he oughta stay
    ‘Cause we lose games so unpleasantly
    Frank pays the tax of luxury
    Losin’ on a sunny afternoon
    In the summertime

    Ah, save me, save me, save me from Ned please
    We got an old man Jeffy trying to bat clean
    And our season’s gone unpleasantly
    Why can’t our GM be
    Anyone but Ned Col-let-ti?
    We’re in bummertime

    Actually was saving that one for after another loss, but what the heck. Well, gotta bathe the dogs now. They’ve been at the Doggie Dude Ranch (and Cat Farm), and they smell like doggie dudes.

  120. ramslover

    Great game last night….I unfortunately only saw about 3 innings but I loved the agressiveness that Kuroda showed…Pound the strike zone and let your stuff work for you…..

    DY had a good at bat to walk and had another hit….Joe do you not get it the kid knows offensive baseball…Sit Pierre, he has to be tired swinging that heavy bat of his…At least the way he swings it, it looks heavy.

    Berroa is a stretch, he has a reputation for having a bad attititude and not working hard. Maybe he will appreciate another opportunity and he is an upgrade over Hu and Maza at this point….AT least offensively.

    Lets go Dodgers, my son and I will be rubbing Russells bobblehead again today for luck…..

  121. junkyardjamie

    You go Dodgerboy!! Rubbing the bobblehead must have worked for the team eventhough Russell didn’t play.
    Enchanted – Thanks, but like I have said, I am learning from the Masters of creative song (you, jhall and eric). Your songs are incredible – every single one. It’s like you can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. That in itself is fun – the waiting part because I never know what’s coming next – lol!

  122. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I thought you did that. So, if they don’t like what you have said, they will put an * in its place? I didn’t know that.

  123. juniorvarsity

    i dont know why everyone seems to be mad at torre for playing pierre. i think he knows what he is doing so if ethier sits then so be it. i trust torre’s logic more than anyone else’s on here or “common sense” as redfox put it. if it was all just “common sense” then we could all be mlb coaches.


    Torre’s time as a major league manager was over, as evidenced by the Yankees’ decision, and they obviously knew what they were doing. Frank, who doesn’t know Schidt about baseball thought this was a grand opportunity to hire a legend. Well, almost every team in the other two divisions of our league, even the Pirates, has a better record than the Dodgers – so what does that say about Torre? What it says about Ned most of us knew a year ago.


    Andre is probably one of the most consistent good players on our ballclub, right along with Martin – day in and day out better than Kemp and Loney. What other manager would chose to alternate him with less AB’s in the bargain and yet play Pierre every day. Only a manager who doesn’t care whether we win or lose.

  126. junkyardjamie

    baffling, isn’t it messagebear? and very discouraging!! and as jhall would say “unacceptable” {tm}


    Too bad Pierre is still on this team and Furcal is still out. You know you can sub Pierre for Young in that 2nd lineup. You don’t need to tell me Ethier need to played everyday because I know but it won’t happen.


    No messagebear is wasn’t the Yankee decision it was Torr decision for decline that one year offered from them.

  129. enchantedbeaver

    I wasn’t paying much attention when Ethier came in to play right last night. Did he come in as a defensive replacement for Pierre and DY moved to left? Or did he replace DY?


    Shad’s technically right about the Yanks/Torre decision, but I prefer to read it as an intended insult by the Yankees to offer Torre what they did – kind of like spitting in his face to see if he wipes it off.

  131. junkyardjamie

    Awesome article jungar – it’s about time they wrote something positive about our young players. Let’s just hope Torre/Ned feel the same way when Furcal and Jones come back.

  132. junkyardjamie

    Enchanted, according to the box score, Ethier came into right field for DY, but Pierre stayed in left. I didn’t realize he was even in until the end of the game when he came off the field to meet Kuroda. I must have missed the announcement. I looked back to see when he went in and the play by play said the 8th.

  133. enchantedbeaver

    I agree bear, if the Yanks really wanted Torre back, money obviously would’ve been no object.

    Unfortunately because Frank wanted publicity, photo ops and the appearance of trying to win, now we’re saddled with this relic for three years.


    Dodgers manager Joe Torre wishes he could do more for utility player Delwyn Young.

    Making just his fourth start of the season, Young’s walk came just before Jeff Kent’s booming double to center field, and Young scored the Dodgers’ first run Friday night against the Chicago Cubs. He added a double later in the game.

    Officially, Young is listed as an outfielder, but the job description sounds so limited.

    “What I do know for sure is this kid is trying to make himself necessary by putting on the catcher’s equipment, going down to the bullpen, playing second base,” Torre said. “He just does it with the same personality, and I just like his determination and the fact that he just wants to stay here and try to help the best he can.

    “We’ll get him some games here and see if he can get somewhat comfortable.”

    you can play him over the guy who has given you this line of stats for the last 30 games as the dodger leadoff hitter on a struggling offense . .233/.298 /.258 /.556 13 runs in 30 games.

    and yes Josh, Frank, bloggers, Joe i’ll repeat these ****** stats every ******* day you play him.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOh how you wish you could do something for the kid, but there is this rule in dodger baseball that forbids it. Just ask Andre.

  135. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks dnel – yet another brilliant in game decision by our fearless (lifeless/brainless/clueless – you choose) field leader JoJo the Clown.

  136. leekfink

    Shad–yeah, you’re right–Ethier should be in RF, and Pierre in LF–not 2 left fielders.
    Not sure exactly what line-up I WANT. In some ways, I have given up on the particulars of the order, espescially with Jones out and I (would seemingly know) the 9 guys who are in there day-in-and-day-out. Though now it’s strange that Ethier is sitting so often. Should DY play over Pierre? Maybe, but I am not going to get hot over it for now. Just a note on your lineups–if DY, Kemp, and Ethier play–and that’s not bad at all–DY should be in left. Kemp and Ethier are plus defenders, DY is something of a liability.
    Nice songs last night, everyone!


    “Basically, whenever I get my turn to get out there and play, I have to show (something), I have to make them keep me out there every day.”

    some say this is good. Some say (me) it’s the reason our team sucks.

  138. jhallwally

    Super Kinks takeoff E. Amen Jungar. Sitting Andre for Phew is simply absurd. It makes no sense what so ever and the numbers certainly bear that out. It is very obvious that we haven’t been at all successful with Phew playing everyday and batting leadoff. Why it continues is beyond reason and is downright ignorant.

  139. junkyardjamie

    Why can’t manage see this? This is so frickin’ ridiculous!! It makes my head spin. Play the kids, Joe – Pierre’s done!

  140. junkyardjamie

    jungar – if you weren’t the one asking, I would have assumed you as well – lol! Boy, nothing like seeing Ned’s failures on one very full page.


    That is an awesome article in the Sporting News. It hits the nail right on the head. Why can’t Joe see it???? Excerpts:
    “Because with Jones and his .165 batting average on the disabled list, the Dodgers have no choice but to play fast-emerging Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp every day — not just a lot of the time. Kemp and Ethier “have to play five, six days a week,” a major league scout says. “The only way you get better is by playing.” The numbers certainly bear that out. Ethier batted .329 in April after playing regularly as a corner outfielder. Then, after slumping in early May while being platooned to create playing time for Kemp and Juan Pierre (who has become the main guy in left), Ethier became a lineup fixture again on May 15. In late May, he had four consecutive multihit games and was batting .303 entering the week. Kemp, who is settling in as Jones’ replacement after being used in center and right, is hitting .301 and is tied for second on the club in RBIs with 29. He is tied for second in the majors with seven”outfield assists.” “Kemp has a chance to be an above-average big league player,” the scout says. “And Ethier’s a young guy who can really hit and is a solid outfielder. To me, they are two of the best young guys in baseball. All they need is a chance.”


    lee well is nice for Torre to give Young some playing time but I would like to see what Ethier Kemp and Young could do in the same lineup with Pierre bench for like 2 to 3 days in a row. I seriously think we can scored more run than Pierre in there.

  143. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks for the link jungar. Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t go onto page 2, lest we forget Baez and Carter, Wells and Proctor, Hernandez, Hamulak…


    I’m think that messagerbear wrote that. lol at that one comment that Pierre never walk of course he never walk but is it fair to say he never walk with more than 10 walks.

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