Saturday on FOX

Today’s game is a regional telecast on FOX so hopefully you’ll be either here or watching on TV.

Last night’s victory was just what the doctor ordered and the stadium was hopping. Sure, a lot of them are transplanted Cub fans, but that made it even more exciting to see what Kuroda could do.

We are designating Terry Tiffee for assignment this morning and Angel Berroa will be here shortly, if he hasn’t already arrived. Joe Torre said he’d be starting tomorrow. Adding a Dominican named “Angel” made me think of Angel Pena, the former catching prospect, who I believe still plays winter ball down there and does pretty well. That’s not really relevant to anything, but just throwing it out there.

While Berroa will start tomorrow at shortstop, Jason Schmidt will not be starting for the 51s,  as he’s had a little tightness in his shoulder so he’ll take a few more days off before heading to Vegas.

Meanwhile, Jeff Kent was supposed to get today off, but he gave himself last night off when he went off on the umpire, so he’s in there today. Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Hu, SS

Lowe, P


  1. enchantedbeaver

    DFA Tiffee? OK, not in the plans anyway, but why not Sweeney? Past time to get rid of his worthless carcass.


    Terrible Sweeney still here. Oh come on he’s on fire 2/3 hahahaha lol. I think it would make the GM look like an idiot to release hiim after giving up Denker in a trade last year.

  3. leekfink

    Enchanted–DFA does not necessarily mean releasing him. Because we need space on the 40-man roster, we needed to move someone off the 40-man roster. In order to do that, a player has to clear waivers. Tiffee is being designated for assignment, I assume, so that he clears waivers (whcih, I think, takes three days). Then, instead of being released, he can be given an outright assignment to Las Vegas (unless he is claimed off waivers by another team–but I think that’s a relatively low risk). With veterans, who can refuse an outright assignment (and generally do), DFA means release. With guys without much major league experience, like Tiffee, designating for assignment really means that. So Tiffee will probably end up in Las Vegas in a few days.
    (Caveat–the baseball transactions rules are not entirely transparent, as MLB does not publicly publish the rules, so my knowledge is gathered by some articles by Rob Neyer and Keith Law, and they and others say there is no reason not tp publish the rules, but MLB seems to think there is no interest in it–which is wrong.)
    This does mean my prediction of roster moves and line-ups were wrong. While I was right that Tiffee would be the one DFA’d to make room on the 40-man roster, I thought Hu would go down and LaRoche come up too. But, it appears that Berroa may not yet be in the clubhouse, which means that Hu starts at SS (Maza could, but if Berroa is delayed and Maza got hurt, we would still need Hu). Plus, Torre seems to think that Kent got enough time off yesterday, so is comfortable playing him today. So my new prediction is that the Dodgers make the roster move after Wednesday night’s game in San Diego, and option Hu back to AAA, recall Andy LaRoche, and play him at 2B for the day game after a night game on Thursday against the Padres.


    oh the GM should not worry about looking like an idiot when it comes to releasing Sweeny Shad, there are much, much bigger fish in that pond of idiot-ness already.

    That article hardly skimmed the surface of his bad GM’ing.

  5. junkyardjamie

    That article did only skim the surface, but at least it’s a start to something positive happening with publicity for our young players versus all this talk about how our vets are missed in the lineup. That couldn’t be further from the truth with the exception of Furcal, of course.


    Damn Gullien has 3 hit, 2 homerun and 7 rbis’s and is destroying the Yankees. I wish we can have someone to hit like that.

  7. sparkleplenty_1

    This is directly from Wikipedia about our “new” guy – Angel Berroa . . . .

    Following his rookie year, Berroa’s performance went down annually in on-base percentage, runs, slugging percentage, and stolen bases. His fielding statistics included 77 errors in 2003-2005 (24, 28 — leading all Major League shortstops while he had the lowest fielding percentage among shortstops — .955, 25) that were the most among starting American League shortstops in that time span. Berroa has also produced declining walk totals in the years after his Rookie of the Year award. Berroa walked once very 21 plate appearances in 2003, but had fallen to a 36-to-1 PA/BB ratio in 2005. In both 2005 and 2006, he walked only 2.9% of the time, the second-worst and then the worst percentage in Major League Baseball.[2]

    The disappointment in Berroa’s development may be related to being caught up in the “Age-gate” fiasco in early 2002 when many Latin American players, subjected to greater scrutiny by the United States government, turned out to be older than they claimed. Berroa was two years older than thought when he was drafted by Oakland and traded to Kansas City.[1]

    After a disappointing 2007 spring training, the Royals traded for another shortstop, Tony Peña, Jr.. Berroa, having lost his starting shortstop role, spent most of the 2007 season in Triple-A Omaha, appearing in only nine games for the Major League club.[2]

    On June 6, 2008, he was traded along with cash to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Juan Rivera.

    May I say “Ned, you’ve done it again!”

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    In a perfect world LOWE will duplicate Kuroda, at least the innings.
    Sure wish I could see this game, but I can’t because there is no MLB-TV on Saturday afternoon.
    I’ll keep up audio with Charlie Steiner & Steve Lyons.
    GO DODGERS!!!!


    So what your point that he’s upgrade the hitting over Hu but not his defense? Berroa is hitting .290 with 10 homerun and 27 rbi’s in the minor. If he’s capable again to almost put up around those number or have something close to those number and he in formed like his rookie of the year he would be a good pickup.

  10. junkyardjamie

    Hey, PierreEW – nice post you left on Andre’s blog. It will be great to see if he remembers you. It was a great win yesterday, and I am looking forward to a second win today.

  11. junkyardjamie

    Way to get it started – now lets get some runs early!! Go Dodger Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jhallwally

    Hey Nelly, Fox here in Ohio has the Indians and Tigers of course. Watching Grady and listening to the Dodgers. Dam’n I wish we had Sizemore instead of Phew.

  13. junkyardjamie

    LOL!! How’s Grady doing? better than Pierre I am assuming. It would be way too much wishful thinking, but we can always fantasize about having him. At this point, I would be happy wit DY out there.

  14. junkyardjamie

    jhall, Grady may have a .260 average but he has 12 homeruns, 13 doubles, 2 triples and 15 stolen bases. Juan Pierre gets him in stolen bases by 9. I’ll take the home runs over stolen bases for a lead-off hitter any day.
    What the h*ll are these announcers talking about. Blaming the kids again – this is ridiculous!!!!! The vets aren’t doing anything either.

  15. aeversw

    I am really sick of the Dodgers struggles getting blamed on Loney, Kemp and Either. They have only been our 3 most consistent players. This is getting old.

  16. juniorvarsity

    that is why i hate it when fox and espn do dodger games cuz they dont even know them as well as many of us know. they just make **** up most of the time lol. the dodgers would be crazy to trade ethier, kemp, or loney! if they were gonna do it, it would have been during the offseason

  17. junkyardjamie

    Max – I thought I was just imagining what they were saying. Are these people not watching the same games we are? Kemp and Ethier are batting around .300 and James’ is a little low, but he’s getting his hits. All three of them are around the top of every batting category for this team.
    Very nice catch Andre!!!!!!


    If Berroa can do better offensively than Hu, then certainly so can DeJesus, but why do that when another worn-out veteran is available. What a coup, Ned, and KC is picking up the tab. This must be an unofficial payback for old Odalis.

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    Everybody’s guilty of not hitting in the clutch,
    If we could hit with people on base more often we’d be one of the best.
    The pitching has been good except at times.

  20. jhallwally

    Actually Bear, I think we are picking up the tab on Berroa. That’s why we didn’t have to give up a major prospect or two.

  21. leekfink

    Josh–You really have to do something to make sure that the Dodgers are not subjected to the idiocy of the national broadcasters. Between Kenny Albert, Tim McCarver, and Ken Rosenthal, they have a combined IQ of 2. I don’t know if there are three dumber guys in baseball.
    Rosenthal just suggested that they might option out one of our “young guys” because they are not getting it done. And then McCarver excepted DeWitt from that, saying that he was the only one getting it done.
    Apparently, despite being assigned to broadcast the game, they are unaware of the fact that Loney and Kemp co-lead the team in RBI. How, exactly, do those bozos think that leading the team is “not getting it done”? And I don’t think that in the history of the game, the team leader in any major offensive category has ever been optioned out. These guys are an embarrassment. (Rosenthal, actually, has a long and unbroken chain if idiocy–he is the hack that people give false rumors to if they are trying to gin something up. If Rosenthal says it, you can pretty much take the opposite to the bank. I think Rosenthal picked Casino Drive to win the Belmont Stakes.)
    And, while it is bad enough that these bozos embarass themselves and Fox every week, I don’t care about them. But every time we have three of the worst broadcasters imaginable, we are missing out on the opportunity to hear the best broadcaster ever–Vin Scully.
    It’s also well-known that the SUnday Night ESPN broadcasters are awful to the Dodgers. While Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are decent enough, they are such staunch Dodger-haters (Miller being the Giants play-by-play guy, and Joe Morgan being a Dodger-hater since he was with the Reds, and responsible for the single worst moment of my life at the time when I was 7 (and that SOB hit a home run on the last day of the season).
    And for this we miss Vin Scully. Take the frustration you hear when Pierre plays over Matt Kemp, and then multiply it by inifinity, and you know how annoying it is.

  22. junkyardjamie

    That a way Andre!!!! You keep proving yourself!!! Not like you have to for the fans – we know you belong out there every day – “Everyday Dre” (dcollins needs to trademark this name) 🙂

  23. junkyardjamie

    Are they going to mention the vet that just hit into a double play( on a first pitch not less)? – probably not.

  24. junkyardjamie

    I meant to type “no” instead of “not” and yes, max he will probably get blamed for not running fast enough – lol!

  25. leekfink

    Yeah, it’s clear that it’s the kids not hitting in the cluth–not a 40-year-old second baseman who can’t stay out of the double-play.
    PierreEMW is right–no one’s hitting in the clutch. But when Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, DeWitt, Young (Billingsley and Kershaw) are outplaying Kent, Pierre, Jones (and Penny), why are they getting blamed?

  26. aeversw

    Wow! Now McCarver said the reason Kent didn’t beat out the double play was because he got jamed! HOW ABOUT ITS BECAUSE HE’S ******* OLD!

  27. aeversw

    He’s a classic quote…

    Manager Joe Torre said Berroa could play either of the middle infield spots, and that the club has been looking for “a more experienced guy to do what you should have experienced guys do.”

    This has to take the cake. Berroa is 30 and was in Triple-A because he couldn’t even win a bench job on the Royals.

    WHAT THE HELL! Now Lonely is getting blamed for Martin being safe!

  28. oldbrooklynfan

    I look at everything teamwise, I don’t rate them individual to individual.
    We aren’t scoring runs.

  29. junkyardjamie

    PierreEW – most of us know that. I am just frustrated about the young players getting blamed for everything that is wrong with this team right now, and if blame is going to be used, then it needs to be a fair assessment on all players, not just the young players.

  30. jhallwally

    Jeffy’s going to the HOF and Phew has a stinking WS ring. They couldn’t possibly be a part of any problems the team is having. LOL!!

  31. oldbrooklynfan

    I wouldn’t get upset over what people are saying about them.
    I agree The team leans more on veterants and I think a little too much.
    Regardless of how the Kids are doing right now, in time they’ll get better.

  32. oldbrooklynfan

    Right now the inability to score runs is a lot more important than who’s fault it is.
    The Dodgers have to start getting a little more offensive if they want something to happen.
    If they want to get anywhere.


    I’ve been watching Kemp bat on my 60 inch big screen. I slowed down his swings frame by frame and both of his last swinging strikes show him looking straight to center field when the ball reaches the catchers glove. He’s not keeping his head in the last split second and by pulling his eyes from the ball he’s having trouble making contact, especially on breaking balls or sliders.

  34. oldbrooklynfan

    I think the question is:
    Can they do better?
    Are the Dodgers capable of improving their offense.
    Who Knows?
    Only TIME will tell.

  35. junkyardjamie

    I am eating Dodger M&M’s for good luck. Dodgerboy, I hope you are rubbing that Russell Bobblehead – we need the luck, runs – whatever it takes – lol!
    The M&M worked – lol!!! Maybe it’s the bobblehead!

  36. oldbrooklynfan

    Today it’s hard to tell against a pitcher like Zambrano.
    But sometimes they act like they don’t know the difference between a ball and a strike, especially Kemp, not counting Andruw.


    I think Kemp can really be helped if he’ll let them. He needs a good batting coach to work with him. He has the power. He doesn’t always choose the right pitch to go after. I certainly hope against hope he isn’t one they might trade. I think he can eventually become a good hitter. He’s only 23


    why are loney and andre getting the blame is because they are there and shouln’t be. how bout checking out national first base hitters… is loney in the top 5, 10, or 15 answ: no! and how many fans did we bring to the park… guess how many teams more than us.. we deserve the best. even choi was better thaN LONEY.


  39. miguelcab

    Who let the dogs out is right. Hu’s been given the longest leash i’ve ever seen. I don’t wanna see him back up from vegas for a long long time.


    not sure if any one else that is watching the game right now. as martin and kent walked back to the duogout after the homerun was hit, they where passing up the batter’s Looney extend his hand to high five martin. Martin high five looney but kent just ignored him passed him up and left looney hanging. I am convince that Kent is an ******* in the dougout (he is a cancer) to some of the young guys. Those young guys being Kemp and Looney. I can’t wait until kent is on his way out next year.

  41. oldbrooklynfan

    We now have 6 members of the 5 HR club.
    It’s hard to believe Kemp is not a member.


    I am so fed up with Hu that I hope they send him down far enough that we never hear his name again!

  43. miguelcab

    kent may be a cancer but he’s still one of our best three hitters approaching the age of 40. And he’s gonna lead the team in home runs so far. Get rid of him and our lineup looks like a AA team

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    These last 3 games the Dodgers are playing well, I am hoping they can carry it out at least untl the 22th. During that time they have a chance of beating some teams with poor records.

  45. junkyardjamie

    Nice job Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to put that ball in play!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice running Pierre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. oldbrooklynfan

    Right now I still want Kent in the lineup.
    We need his experience, he’s still one of the best hitters in baseball.


    that is what andre can do. he needs to do that more. Kent is the cancer. Loney needs to respect to old guy. when loney can hit better than him than we’ll talk. In the meantime loney is a punk with a big head. tha’s okay is if he can hit. but he’s got alot to prove

  48. enchantedbeaver

    That oughta wipe the smile off Zambrano’s face!!

    I stand corrected – They can score a run today.


    Fox is not carrying our game in my area – just curious, what are the a**h*** announcers saying now about the young crew?

  50. oldbrooklynfan

    We now have 7 members of the at least 5 HR club.
    KENT leads with 8 HRs
    KEMP is now the RBI leader with 35.

  51. ramslover

    Padodger, you are wrong on Loney. He will be a .300 plus lifetime hitter. This is his 1st full year..He will also win a couple of gold gloves. You do not trade him….

    Kemp way to come thru…This team the last 3 or 4 games have shown alot of fight…..Come Broxton shut them down….

    Yes Dnel we have the bobblehead working….

  52. aeversw

    Bear, They have basically blamed all the Dodgers problems on Kemp, Loney and Either. Then, they said the Dodgers were willing to trade one of them or demote them. It was pathetic

  53. junkyardjamie

    The announcers haven’t said anything negative in a while, but that’s about it. It is a very pro Cub’s day for them. I think they are a little deflated to be honest. The seemed to have wanted the Cubs to win.


    Way to go, Brox. You’ve had a rough stretch, buddy. A lot of pitches, but you don’t have to strike them out every time to get the outs.

  55. junkyardjamie

    PierreEW – If the Dodgers aren’t there, I am more than willing to root them on – totally understand. If I had to pick a team out of that division, it would definitely be the Cubs. 🙂

  56. jhallwally

    I agree Nelly. If we don’t go, I will be rooting for the Cubs in the playoffs to go all the way.

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    After 60 years as a fan I’ve seen all of the original 16 teams win a pennant with the exception of the Cubs.

  58. junkyardjamie

    I have favorites in every division – Dodgers are overall my favorite(and then some) –
    NL Central – Cubs
    NL East – Braves
    AL West – A’s/Angels (if not playing the Dodgers)
    AL Central – Twins
    AL East – Rays/Blue Jays this year
    I am going to the A’s/Angels game tomorrow – I really like players on both teams. It’s a day game so I will be home in time to watch the Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball.

  59. junkyardjamie

    I would have to add Cleveland to the AL central list – I have a few fantasy league players from Cleveland this year so I have had a chance to watch them more often. I do like Joe Mauer from the Twins though – great catcher!!

  60. oldbrooklynfan

    A good outing.
    A good feeling.
    It’s great day for those crooked numbers;
    KENT “the old man” has 8.


    Speaking of the Indians I’m glad Renteria hit a grand slam and man this guy been killing me big time.

  62. junkyardjamie

    jhall – Hotdog for sure – I am a tequila sunrise type of girl – not much taste for beer. We make up for it when we go out to lunch/dinner after the game.
    Good interview Matt!! You keep grinding it out boys, just like you said, it will happen.

  63. junkyardjamie

    I have Matt, Andre and Justin Upton in my outfield – not bad lately!! Another reason we need “Everyday Dre” – it’s killing my fantasy points.

  64. junkyardjamie

    The joeyP thing is very cool, jhall!! Did somebody lock them back up in their room? They moved on to the Giants game, hopefully – lol!!


    Now I see why you wanted Ethier in there everyday lol. Yeah Karros that what I want to here if Furcal come back were going to take off.

  66. jhallwally

    That is one truly pathetic and disturbed person. Tequila is cool. Used to like Margarita’s on the rocks with salt. I probably still do. LOL!!


    Great game . My big screen is downstairs and my computer is upstairs. Can’t post while the game is on. Great HR by Kemp.

    Hey joeyp, find a cub post to go to. Or do the Cubs have such a post.
    Kemp kept his head in on that pitch. I was hoping it would clear the fence. We have a chance to get 3 in a row tomorrow

  68. junkyardjamie

    Well, I had Andruw Jones – how stupid was that – lol!. I dropped him to get Justin Upton, and he is on fire!! Andre I took a chance on based on what he did in spring training. Looking at my fantasy team, you would think I was a diamondback fan. Martin and Furcal were taken right away, and with the exception of Loney (which I alternate with Conor Jackson), I wasn’t sure what the rest of the infield was going to look like. I also have Mark Reynolds, Jhonny Peralta, Chris Snyder and Mark Ellis make up my infield. I use Atlanta for pitching. This was my first year doing fantasy, and have learned what to do for next time – this was a learning experience.


    lol Jones after last year number dropped I would had stay away from him. I’m surprise you didnt drafted Pierre hahaha.

  70. junkyardjamie

    I am not doing too bad with pitching. It seems that even when they lose, I am not losing too many points – a lot of low scoring games and strikeouts. Jurrjeans has been great!! This really was just for fun – I wanted to learn more about the American League Teams and I thought this would be a way to get outside of my division. I wouldn’t have been a Grady fan if it weren’t for Peralta. So, when it comes down to Dodgers vs. fantasy it has to be Dodgers for the win, regardless. I am going all American League next year – more home runs and I don’t have to worry about the Dodgers playing my fantasy team (except for interleague and possibly the world series).

  71. junkyardjamie

    I thought Andruw (like most of us) would come out of last years slump – Pierre – no way – lol!!!! I was really banking on Andre getting that spot,and I am still banking on it. Andre has given me some pretty good points considering that benching he got back in April/May. Matt is doing really well for me, and I am doing good with Justin even though he is currently on an enemy team.

  72. enchantedbeaver

    I ever tell you about the time I drank 4 shots of tequila and chased them with 4 7&7s ??

    Explains a lot of things now doesn’t it!!


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  74. junkyardjamie

    I used to dring 7 & 7’s in college, and yes, it does explain alot lol!! just kidding – you are truly remarkable!

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Wasn’t watching the whole game dnel… so Kent snubbed one of the kids after the HR huh? – Shocking!! Kent being a first pitch hack with men on – Shocking!! Kent getting booted yesterday in a selfish snit – Shocking!! I don’t want to hear anymore from any of the management or media about the kids swinging at the first pitch or arguing calls – there’s an awful lot of double standards in both places. I for one will be glad when (if?) he’s gone next year.

    Scary thought: Kent will demand a trade at the deadline to a contender UNLESS Ned extends him another year, and still (probably) being in the hunt and not wanting to have to fill 2B, Ned does it.

    Hard read on Berroa. Considering Bob Schaefer recommended him and it wasn’t a Ned (or JoJo) originated thought, who knows, it could work out for a little while. Of course, the glory days of 2003 are long gone – ask JP.

    Basically my read is we get a dubious SS that strikes out a lot and makes a lot of errors. Don’t be surprised if in a couple weeks we’re crying for Hu.

  76. cpompe1

    Hey, for those of you wanting to know why Tiffee will DFA’d and Hu is still here, below is an excerpt from the article about the Dodgers obtaining Berroa:

    Tiffee was designated for assignment … His departure leaves the Dodgers a little thin for corner infielders, a situation that could be solved by the promotion of Andy LaRoche. That move could accompany the demotion to Triple-A of Chin-lung Hu, whose role is being taken by Berroa.

    Just a little bit of patience; Hu will be out of there soon.

  77. junkyardjamie

    I didn’t make the comment about Kent, but I do know from being around Giant fans, he wasn’t exactly friendly with Giants teammates either, and I am not just talking about his relationship with Bonds. A few weeks back during a rain delay, they had showed an old interview with him, and he made the comment that he really doesn’t even like the game of baseball. It is a job for him. It doesn’t make me dislike him, but it’s hard to enjoy watching him play knowing he really doesn’t even like watching the game of baseball himself. He also made references to how the kids don’t respect the game and the veterans that were there before them. Makes me wonder what the clubhouse is like – hmmm!

  78. junkyardjamie

    carcyn made the comment about Kent snubbing our young players. It’s probably true, and I guess we can go back and look on to see what really happened. It is a little intriguing now that you think about it.

  79. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve always suspected that the clubhouse rift last year was more attributable to Kent and Gonzo than it was the kids. I honestly have never liked Kent. He’s been a decently good 2B for the D’s wile they’ve had him, but much like the Giants haven’t missed Bonds’ circus, I don’t think the D’s will miss Kent in that respect either. I would love to see Ned trade him to the Cubs or somebody at the deadline.

  80. enchantedbeaver

    Not all their oars are in the water that’s for sure. Makes you wonder why they just don’t root for the team(s) they do like and post on those blogs.

  81. enchantedbeaver

    Well, in the baseball world according to JoJo, Kemp’s blast should earn him a trip to the pine tomorrow. Using those same principles, JP’s 2 hits just solidified him remaining at lead-off until Ferk gets back.

    BTW, nice dive by JP out in left… Too bad he was still nowhere near the ball. Fortunately it bounced over the fence or it probably would’ve been an ITP HR.

    Great game up and down today with the exception of Hu. He just looks like a deer in the headlights at the plate right now. Just hope we don’t miss his D when he’s sent down.

  82. junkyardjamie

    Josh, we need those children (the village idiots, joey and PA) banned and sent back to their room never to come out again until they promise to behave themselves, which in their case may be never. Figures after we all invite Andre onto this blog, those idiots decide to crash the party and make jerks out of themselves – what losers!!

  83. selltheteam

    I would like to see Martin & Kemp join the at least 5HR club.

    By on June 7, 2008 1:12 PM
    Wow, PierreEMW, I can’t believe you called it. That’s incredible. How about we wrap up the series with a win tomorrow?

  84. park

    For a transcription of Vin Scully’s 7th inning comments on the anniversary of D-Day during last night’s broadcast, see my blog (Words From The Park – or the Sons Of Steve Garvey blog.

    Dodgers are starting to hit again and starting to win again. If this keeps up, it will be an exciting summer.



    Thanks You, Yourselves PierreEastMeetsWest & DNelson For The Uplift! Let all of US Los Angeles Dodger Fans Continue In Belief And Faith That Is Indestuctabe and We Will See The Glorious Return Of The World Series Championship Won By This Super Formidable Group Of Baseball Players Known To The World As Our Wonderful Beloved Super Los Angeles Dodgers!


    I, too, have seen the Kent interview that dnelson was talking about. Other than giving him a few points for honesty, it does make it hard to really root for a guy who’s so mercenary. I respect what he’s done for the D’s and the game, in general, but I won’t miss him when he’s gone. I’m sure that’s the general attitude of most of the players on every team he’s played on. The Berroa deal is a low-cost gamble. We could catch lightning in a bottle and he could be a useful backup when Ferc gets back. He definitely will give us more offense than Hu. If he tanks, we don’t lose much, player or money-wise. Great game today. There’s a lot of games left to be played. We’ve got a lot of young players still learning how to win. If they keep improving, who knows how far we’ll go? GO BLUE!!


    anyone who makes any comment about trading one of the “kids” that are here in the majors right now, is CRAZY. we should all pay no attention to that nonsense.

  88. junkyardjamie

    Are you talking about on this blog or the broadcast today? The fox commentators even mentioned during today’s game. It was very disturbing even though I knew they didn’t know what they were talking about.

  89. jhallwally

    McCarver and that bunch are bafoons. I was lucky, I watched the Indians and listened to the Dodgers. Steiner and Monday are’nt great but they’re not that bad either. Certainly better than that Fox group.


    Every time we’re on a national Fox broadcast, the standard line is that the D’s are losing because they are playing the kids due to all the veteran injuries. Never mind the fact that Nomar and Jones weren’t producing anyway. Fercal is the only vet we’re missing .I just consider the source and forget about it. We’re playing mostly our young players and we are going to go as far as they can take us. Since that is the way it should be, I can live with the results. IMO, we are only going to get better but it will take time. We’ll all need to fasten our seat belts, at times, because the ride will get bumpy.


    And when we finally win, beers, 7 and7’s, and margaritas for everybody!! LOL

  92. junkyardjamie

    lol!! seesky – probably true
    jhall – he pitches Tuesday. He starts football weight training on Monday morning, and this is the first time since he started playing football as a kid, that he said he rather stick with baseball. Football has always been his favorite until this year because this year he has realized he really is a pitcher. I think he had doubts about if he had what it takes. In football, he was inside linebacker as a freshman, and because he is labeled a pitcher, he won’t be able to bulk up through weight lifting like many linebackers do. I think he has come to that fork in the road so-to-speak. He is going out for two weeks just to make sure he wants to give up football, and if he doesn’t, he will just have to weightlift as if he were a pitcher and not a linebacker – his baseball coaches will make sure of it.

  93. junkyardjamie

    Yes, but he is looking at a different building inside the city. The buildings at the base were either too small or huge. He is going to the bank on Monday to see what kind of loans he can get. He is primarily the money and will run the business, the other partners are the baseball experts. If this goes through, then he will probably close his kitchenware business, but that would be a while away. Thanks for asking 🙂


    We have to take no prisoners when we play the Tigers in Detroit next weekend or I’ll never hear the end of it from my Michigan family members.

  95. jhallwally

    Very cool. Is your son fast? Maybe he could switch to safety or cornerback. Hopefully the baseball people have him doing the exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and keep it flexible.

  96. jhallwally

    Hey Sky, I’m going to the game next Saturday in Detroit. Visiting an old army buddy who lives in Pontiac and he invited me up for a game. Probably catch the Sunday afternoon game as well. Where is your family in Mich?

  97. junkyardjamie

    He says probably a safety, but he’s no Juan Pierre – lol !- more like Kemp, but not as big. See, I actually said something positive about JP lol!

  98. jhallwally

    Yep, safeties are lighter, faster linebackers basically. I was a cornerback because I was real fast. Probably faster than Phew back in the day.

  99. junkyardjamie

    jhall, my husband still plans on using your slogans for the walls. His dad was a Marine and with all the retired Air Force still in town he feels that would be a way to honor his dad and the military in general. The logos for now are red, white and blue.


    jhall– I grew up in Northern Michigan, where most of my family is.I’ve also got a brother who lives in Allen Park, about 10-15 minutes from CoAmerica Park. I usually see a game once or twice a year when I go back there. The ballpark is right downtown. It’s a nice park to watch a game in. When we go, we go past old Tiger Stadium, which is still standing. Since I watched games there as a kid, It’s sad to see it just sitting there and deteriorating.

  101. junkyardjamie

    I actually think he is more like Andre when it comes to speed, but he was standing behind me, and he insisted that he wasn’t that slow – lol!! However, Andre seems to have picked it up a notch in speed, not that he is going to be stealing a whole lot bases real soon but still, not bad. The football coaches really like him so they will do what it takes to keep him on the team.

  102. jhallwally

    I got to see a couple of games at the old park in its last year. Haven’t been to the new one yet. It looks nice on TV. I’m excited to see it and the Dodgers. Also, will hit Cincinnati week after next when the Dodgers play there. About 3 hours to Detroit and 2 to Cincinnati. I used to go watch the Reds and Dodgers alot when it was the Big Red Machine and Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey Dodgers. Now, they had a great rivalry as they were both real good and in the same division. Even played scheduled doubleheaders on Friday’s.


    dnelson, above, i was talking about some of the posters here as well as stupid people in general. while it is quite possible we’d trade one of the guys in the future, if they didn’t grow in their abilities, i believe it is INSANE to think about trading them now, when they are no where near their potential ceilings. they should all be given an actual chance to prove themselves everyday before they are even considered expendable. they are just way too talented, and have way too much potential to be given up on before any real amount of time. i just think that if that were to happen, it would be very possible we would regret it for a long time. so when i hear people say that they feel we should trade any one of “the kids”, it makes me upset. i just don’t feel that any true baseball people could really believe that.

  104. junkyardjamie

    yes, I have pictures – I will try to send them tomorrow or Monday. The disk is at school, and I am leaving town for the game tomorrow. Plus, I am not sure I can do it using this new computer. I am barely learning how to get on line – jk (I’m not that bad – lol) I will also send pictures of my baseball center – its pretty cool and its the only wall I am leaving up over the summer because baseball is still in season when I get back in August.

  105. jhallwally

    The posters that come on here and say that stuff are just trying to start arguements and get a rise out of us. There are a couple of psycho’s that come on here once in a while to try and start crap. We try and ignore them so they don’t get their kicks.


    also, if they all were to reach their actual potential, and were kept together.. the thought of all of them playing together successfully for years makes me giddy..


    i know that jhall, but there are also people, who call themselves fans, who have said it to me too. i just couldn’t disagree more..

  108. jhallwally

    We could have a dynamite young team in a couple of years if these guys all keep developing the way they are and management doesn’t do something stupid.

  109. junkyardjamie

    Very well said Sara. Maybe if we keep saying “play the kids” over and over again somebody will open up their ears and listen for a change. I think you’re right – we will regret it dearly if we try to trade any of this wonderful young talent we have on this ball club.

  110. jhallwally

    Well Sara, some people can’t see the forest for the trees and/or are just not patient enough and want it all right now. Unfortunately, Ned is one of the former and doesn’t have the wherewithal to accomplish the second.

  111. junkyardjamie

    Speaking of young talent- Arizona State just kicked the crap out of Fresno State 12-4, and Stanford beat Cal St. Fullerton. Arizona State has to win one more, and Stanford is going to the college world series.


    The D’s have always been the most sucessful when they’ve relied on homegrown talent. Garvey, Cey, Buckner, Lopes, etc.; the list is endless. We’ve gotten into trouble as a franchise when we’ve gotten away from producing our own players. They used to talk about the “Dodger Way” to play baseball. Long-time Dodger fans are painfully well aware of our history with free agents. As long as we stay the course with these kids and others we’ll develop, we can be sucessful for a long period of time. We need to get back to the “Dodger Way”.

  113. leekfink

    cpompe1–hey, you’re stealing my predictions from this thread and the last. But, it’s OK, since I am thinking of going back on it. Hu might be around until Furcal is off the DL, if he comes off around the 17th, which is when they seem to be saying he’ll be ready (my prediction was LaRoche recalled and Hu demoted next Wednesday). That might only be like 4 days for LaRoche, unless they send Maza back down (and he would, like Tiffee, first have to be DFA’d and then clear waivers). So, I am now less certain about what happens.
    Hopefully, Berroa pans out. Hu has the chance to be a good player, but he’s not there yet.
    Of course, Martin, Loney, Ethier, DeWitt, and Kemp bigt-time today are continuing to prove both that they are ready, and the Fox announcers are an embarrassment. Please, Josh, do something about this (and yes, I heartily recommend, if possible, muting them and turning on Rick and Charley–who are pretty good, and sort of funny–but we still lose out on Vin).
    Have not seen the Kent “snub.” I think we may be reading too much into this. Everyone knows that Kent is not a real clubhouse leader, but I don’t think he’s necessarily a cancer (I mean, his biggest feud has been with Barry Bonds, who everyone hates). I think people just have to accept that he’s not a leader except with his play–and if he turns it back on and produces like he has, I’ll take it. I think when people get used to that, it’s OK. Also, what he has said in an “In His Own Words” interview with Charley Steiner is that he’s not a “fan” of the game–that he does not collect baseball cards or obsess over it the way that, say, we on this board do. In a way, that’s strange to hear because so many fans would like nothing more than to be major league ballplayers. But he says he respects it and he gives it his best effort, and I think that’s right. And in the end, it sort of makes sense. He likes it (it’s hard to imagine someone excelling so much at almost anything if they don’t like it), but there is a distinction. And I think he gets a little too much grief on the point. My upshot on Kent is that he has been pretty much as-advertised on just about everything since he came to the Dodgers, and assuming that his May was just a slump and not a product of age finally ending a career, he’s the one PVL who I am happy to have in there all the time (should he be hitting 3rd? No. 4th or 5th? Maybe not, but whatever).
    ndeschenes–I always like it when you post.

  114. junkyardjamie

    leefink – on the Kent interview – I think seesky is right in that you have to respect his honesty, and to give him credit, he did do a good job in explaining his relationship with Barry Bonds. He was very professional in his answers. Also, he has been doing a great job on the field in this series against the Cubs. I was the one who brought up him grounding into the double play in today’s game, but it was more about a reaction to the whole day of blaming all the problems with our team on the young kids when, us as fans, know that can’t be further from the truth. However, I do have a hard time understanding how you can play at this level in baseball and really not like the game itself all that well. Then again, there are people in my profession (teachers) who are doing it because they think it’s easy and they can have summers off. However, if you are like me, you spend most of your summer planning for the next year to make it even better and are truly doing it because you love it!

  115. dodgereric

    Wow, a hell of a day in the park and on this blog! I spent all day helping my nephew move and working in my yard. I DVR’d the game and finished watching it sans the commercials (nice!), then flipped this thing on to catch up with one of my new favorite things.

    BTW, I went back to Russ’ HR when I started reading about Kent’s snub of Loney. They just showed a long shot from the outfield. It did look like he bypassed Loney, but I’m not so sure that it was something intentional. I wouldn’t read too much into that.

    One of the things I liked best about the Thursday loss was that we battled from behind. We showed heart. Although we weren’t behind on Friday, we did a lot of things right. Today, we came from behind, and then did it again. Really nice to see, and that can build into something. It brings the team together and they start believing. Another thing I liked seeing today was that we actually got some breaks and cashed them in for some runs. We haven’t gotten our share of breaks all year. Pierre was out on that steal attempt. The ump was pointing and about to call him out I think when he saw the loose ball. Fukudome is a fine outfielder but I thought he might have had his glove turned the wrong way. A team that goes all the way has to get their share of the breaks.

    jhall, it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud. You had me almost in tears when you coined that phrase refering to one of our pet maroons! Thanks man! Enchanted is our Mozart but you are our Dangerfield!

    For those of you who are concerned that we haven’t seen the last of PVL Bennett, some encouraging news:
    “Torre said, it isn’t a given that Gary Bennett will be Russell Martin’s backup when he is ready to come off the disabled list.”
    Whole story:,0,912753.story

  116. leekfink

    Dnelson–I agree with most of what you say, and my reaction to the double-play was the same as yours–it happens, but the boneheads on Fox blame the kids while being completely silent when a PVL could not come through in the clutch. It’s the double-standard (worse, really, since the kids ARE performing).
    But, I think you’re misreading what Kent said in his interview. I saw the whole interview and never got the sense that he did not like the game–rather, it seemed to me that he does like the game (maybe even loves it), but it is not his obsession or first passion.
    That’s not uncommon. I’m a lawyer, but the reality is that James Loney has my dream job. So here I am posting on this board because baseball is my passion (or one of them). You’re a teacher, but baseball is clearly your passion.
    And I don’t think it’s just sports, but I think that there are a lot of people who are very successful in thier professions, but put their day jobs aside when they go home and pursue other interests–be it baseball, music, or motorcross, or writing, politics, or anything else. It just seems odd to the baseball fan because so many of us wish we could do what he gets to do everyday (and, even to non-baseball fans, who understand that so few get to do what so many want to do).

  117. dodgereric

    leekfink, as usual I agree with everything you say. It’s amazing how virtually the entire media regurgitates everything with no original thoughts whatsoever. It’s like there is only one writer for every “analyst”, whether it’s radio, TV or the newspapers. They all say the same things. The only ones who are different are the ones I read on the internet sites. A lot of them seem to actually read the statistics and see that our kids are the only ones consistently performing.

    Also, it was nice to see Brox and Sammy do well today for a change. We really need those two.

  118. lny4loney

    Hey gang,

    Just got in a while ago. Bustin’ out that Bar Exam study.
    Great win for the Boys in Blue today. I won’t even attempt to keep up with ndeschenes in the celebratory writing category.
    Anybody notice that the three guys who scored on Kemp’s homerun were, in order, MartinLoneyKemp? Those are my guys!!
    You would think that if you get paid to call a baseball game once a week, you could take the time to find out about the two teams playing that week’s game.

  119. crzblue2

    I like and respect Jeff Kent. I am at the stadium for every game and get to the stadium early. I have gotten autographs from Kent. He also started and hosted the WIN Women’s baseball clinic for the last 3 years. Have you seen his “In my own words” with Charlie Steiner? I respect the way he was brought up by a police officer. He was friendly with me and other fans at Vero Beach and also in Colorado when I went for the 3 game series. My friends that have attended the Women’s baseball clinics for the last 3 years also like him and respect him.
    I also like Loney. He is a little shy but I think he is coming out of his shell. When my friend Erik and I went to the Wednesday day game, we got there early and when Loney and came out of the dugout to go talk with a large group of kids that were sitting in the right field seats taking about 4 full aisles, we started singing the Loney song. He smiled and put started swinging his index fingers like directing our singing. When he got back (Tommy was also there with the kids) heading to the dugout, we asked him to stop to sign autographs, he did. He said “I think I know all the words to the song now…” :-).

    I hope that Kent will invite a few of the kids to participate in this year’s Women’s baseball clinic. Also, I’d like to see Wes Parker there again. Another class act.
    I picked up Kent and D.Lowe on the InsideDodger Fantasy baseball after I saw someone had dropped them. They are doing well for me 🙂 When I joined the league, I did not ended up with any Dodger I had selected. I am doing well so far, hanging on to 1st place but Scott is closing up on me.

  120. dodgereric

    Right on, mlk. I think their research consists of listening to Ned and Joe. I must have seen 4-5 shots of Nomar in the dugout today. When do you take the Bar?

    LaRoche got hit by a pitch in Vegas today. He had another atbat afterward, but then came out of the game. Hope he’s OK. That would be terrible for him to get injured right now.

    Scott Elbert had another relief outing in Jacksonville today. One and 2/3rds, 2 hits, 2Ks, 0 runs. He did allow 2 inherited runners to score though.

    I hope it’s Shiney Penny tomorrow and not Bad Penny. And my take on seeing Angel Berroa in the lineup is………hurry back Raffy!

    Worked by keister off today so I can be a potato tomorrow, er, later today with NASCAR and the Lakers and our Boys all on the tube. Go Jimmie Johnson, Kobe and MLK & Co!

    Good night and God Bless.

  121. leekfink

    crzblue/Emma–Excellent! I know he now knows all the words AND music to the song. On Friday at the Macy’s event, we gave him a framed copy of the words and music.

  122. crzblue2

    I so wanted to go to the Macy’s event but I had committed myself to attending a birthday luncheon
    My take on Berroa is the same as yours. I just hope we are both wrong for the team’s sake. I hope Raffy is back soon nice and healthy.

  123. lny4loney

    Dire Straits:
    Now look at them yo-yos that’s the way you do it
    You call baseball on Fox TV
    That ain’t workin that’s the way you do it
    Money for nothin and chicks for free
    Now that ain’t workin that’s the way you do it
    Lemme tell ya that Kenny Albert is dumb
    Maybe do some prep work on your six days off
    Maybe get a blister on your typing thumb
    We know these young guns
    So do some research please
    We know these young guns
    They’re going to the World Series
    See Tim McCarver with that goofy smile
    Deion Sanders dumped three buckets on his hair
    That Tim McCarver don’t know the rules
    That Tim McCarver he’s a millionaire
    We know these young guns
    So do some research please
    We know these young guns
    They’re going to the World Series

    I shoulda learned to spread false rumors
    I shoulda learned to be a fool
    Look at dorky Ken Rosenthal
    Man he’s an East Coast tool
    And he’s up there, whats that? Hawaiian noises?
    Bangin on his keyboard like a chimpanzee
    That ain’t workin that’s the way you do it
    Get your money for nothin get your chicks for free

    We know these young guns
    So do some research please
    We know these young guns
    They’re going to the World Series

    Now that aint workin thats the way you do it
    You call baseball on Fox TV
    That aint workin thats the way you do it …

  124. kpookiemon

    Ned actually did something good and I salute him. Getting a former Rookie of the Year (“supposedly” younger than Furcal) and having the Royals pick up his $3.5 million is a nice gift. If Barroa tanks, you lose nothing. Hu did tank…and now he’ll probably catch his breath in Vegas…in exchange for LaRoche? Dodgers will win tonight.

  125. junkyardjamie

    MLK – There was a game a week or so back when the bases were loaded – Vin actually said your name. Vin said,” So on the bases we now have Martin, Loney, Kemp.” I thought of you immediately – lol!. BTW – great song using Dire Straights 🙂
    leefink – I do have full respect for Jeff as a player and a person, and he is good at what he does, and for our sake, hope he truly his coming out of his slump. He did come over to the good side, and left the gnats and according to dcollins (via Vin), he will now go to heaven, and for that he is one our better (if not the best) Dodger vets in my opinion. Believe me, Jeff is nowhere near the top of my PVL list (meaning worst). JP has that top spot, and there is a huge gap between him and the rest right now, and most of that is due to how Andre is being benched over him. Andre is the better player right now (and has been in the past) and will still be when and if Andruw comes back.
    Dodgereric – missed you around here yesterday – our village idiots (joey and PA) were back and in rare form as I am sure you read.
    czblue/emma – too cool about the kids singing the James Loney Song. I really like Russell’s scruffy look better, but it’s just probably me getting used to it. Do you think he did it to try anything to get out of his slump? I noticed that Andre is now clean-shaven, too. I have noticed Andre is always clean-shaven after having an “0 for” day, and I am not sure if that is coincidence or not. He’s only had a few “0 for” days in quite some time, but each time, the next day he was clean-shaven. This last time kind of coincided with his taping of the Food Network tv show and his work at the Rescue Mission. I will have to pay attention on this road trip, and see if it happens again (definitely not hoping he has an “0 for” day for goodness sake – lol!)
    MLK/Leefink – It won’t be long before the whole stadium will be singing the “James Loney Song.” I am hoping I am there when that moment happens, or at least when it is in full swing and being done all the time. That will be one very cool day – 🙂


    Great game yesterday everyone. Just finished reading all the posts.
    You people who live in the LA area and get to attend Dodger games and functions going on have no idea how lucky you are. I live in St. Louis area and have been a Dodger fan my entire life, I never had the opportunity to relocate to LA. Family all live here etc. Both sons Cardinal fans. Just wanted to say how lucky and devoted a lot of you are.
    Should be a good game tonight. I hope Kent plays tonight and can take tomorrow off (off day) as we need his bat that seems to be heating up. Would love to see Kemp start connecting more on those hard swings and start climbing up in the HR department. I know it will come.


    dnelson, russell definitely did it to bust out of his slump. i think he was 0-12 before the mustache. he said after the game yesterday that he would keep it for a bit since he’s a team player. apparently joe beimel has grown one in support of russell. he also said that he hopes others might sport their own mustaches, but he said that after seeing his, they don’t want to. haha. i definitely am NOT a fan of the mustache, or even the scruffy. i think he looks best when clean shaven. but he doesn’t sport the clean shaven look very often.. bummer

  128. junkyardjamie

    sara – same here!!!! lol! even Andre (clean-shaven is best)
    enchanted, I knew the guys would think that – sometimes it is about how they look, too – lol!!! Forgive me for thinking that way sometimes, but I think it’s in the wiring. I also pay attention to all their mini routines they go through before and during their at-bats – some players have some pretty quirky things they do.
    I did do a song this morning, and you can tell we have won a couple. I can’t do anything negative. So, here it goes. I watched the “Birdcage” last night and got this song stuck in my head – cheesy but fun!!! 🙂
    Inside Dodgers = I D Family
    “We are Family” – Sister Sledger
    I D Family
    We’ve got all the bloggers to sing
    I D family
    Dodgers are the reason we sing
    Everyone can see were together
    as the day goes by
    (And) ID bloggers are like birds of a feather
    As they sing in rhyme
    (All) All the bloggers around us they say
    Can they be that close
    Just let us say for the record
    We love our Dodgers as our family does
    (chorus X2)
    Dodger life is fun and we’ve just begun
    To get our share of this blogger’s life
    (High) high hopes we have for the future
    And our goal’s insight
    (We) no we don’t get depressed
    Here’s what we call the I.D. rule
    Have faith in the youth and the things they do
    They won’t go wrong
    This is the Dodger Blue
    (Repeat Chorus to Fade)

  129. jhallwally

    ML and Nelly, Super songs. LOL. Good to start the day off with a song and a laugh. Let’s hope Penny brings his A game tonight. If he gets it going, we can think about a serious run.

  130. enchantedbeaver

    Forgot to compliment MLK on his newest!! Good one dnel too!!

    Agreed jhall, the starters have picked it up the last couple rotations so if they can keep that going and the hitting picks up, we’re in business. With Webb though, AZ’s going to be able to avoid prolonged losing streaks so its going to be an uphill battle. Amazing though that we’re this close and playing sub .500 ball.

  131. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning!!
    It’s a beautiful day in California to go to a ballgame – too bad it’s not a Dodger game, but I won’t complain, it will be a great time anyway. I am going to be wearing my “Got Ethier” t-shirt just for fun. I thought it would be appropriate/funny for an A’s game since they gave him up for MB.
    So, I’m off to church and then heading to Oakland to watch the A’s and Angel’s. We have seats behind home plate about 15 rows up in the shade. It’s wonderful to have a friend with great season tickets (so much cheaper than Dodger tickets in the same location – my goodness!!), but then again, it’s the Dodgers, the best show in LA!! Nothing compares to being in Dodger Stadium to watch them live. It’s total jealousy hearing some of you going there on a weekly basis.
    Have a fabulous day, and if I don’t get back before the start of our game – GO DODGER BLUE!!!!! DODGER BLUE THRU AND THRU!!!! 🙂


    dnelson, you don’t have to apologize to enchanted or any of the other guys.. haha.. we are girls, and it doesn’t hurt to notice the cuties =)

    have fun at the A’s game. i’ll be going to the dodgers game tonight.. i feel like i’ve been to all the games this week! it’s funny how it works out that way sometimes. i’m 2-1 so far this week, hopefully i’ll be 3-1 after tonight..


    I hope that all you NoCal & SoCal bloggers know how lucky you are to be able to see the D’s on a somewhat regular basis. Here in Utah, the best we can do is the PCL Salt Lake Bees, the Angels AAA afilliate. That’s why I was rooting for Kershaw to be sent to Vegas at the beginning of the season. Enjoy the games, everyone. The rest of us will be watching on Sunday Night baseball. GO DODGERS!!


    I can’t believe we are gonna start one of the worst defensive SS in baseball today all in the hope he can hit a little. Maybe we should throw Loazia on the Mound, Nomar at 3b, Schmidt in long relife, keep Pierre at leadoff and for the heck of it have tomko as the set up man, henderickson as the lefty specialist and Baez as the closer. Hillenbran can play 1b, mueller can play 3b, Julio Lugo at catcher.

  135. lny4loney

    I don’t know exactly how bad Berroa is — pretty bad I know. But if we’re throwing in the towel on defense at the most important defensive position (except perhaps catcher), why not just bring LaRoche up and let him or Blake play shortstop. Or Delwyn.

  136. jhallwally

    Hey guys. Yep, I’m a bit nervous about this Berroa thing. Luckily we didn’t give up anything to give it a try as far as money or prospects. Sacrificing defense scares the h*ll out of me though. I would have brought up DeJesus for a quick look myself. But hey, what do I know, I would bench Phew and start Young/Kemp/Ethier left to right in the outfield and lead off Martin. How stupid is that?


    It’s not stupid at all, jhall. In fact, it’s exactly what should be done. If we had started the season with that outfield I am confident that we would lead the division today!

  138. jhallwally

    The only way to win this division and strike fear into the hearts of our hated rivals is to play this lineup.
    Phew LF
    Maza 2B
    Nomore 3B
    Jones CF
    Gonzo RF
    Sweeney 1B
    Berroa SS
    Bennett C
    Bloaiza P
    Proctor CP

  139. jhallwally

    LOL. I guess we blew it by letting Gonzo get away and releasing Bloaiza. Dam’n, what could have been.

  140. lny4loney

    DNelly, we are the Dodgers blogging family — extended family relatives on other sites. The crazy uncles and black sheep can be found at the forum. The blogger himself is very funny, but don’t go to that site on your school computer — NSFW.
    Happened to look at the 51’s game in progress — Andy LaRoche not playing. Feel free to speculate.
    I’m mixed about the idea of bringing up DeJesus at this point. Nice prospect. But he’s a 21-year-old in only his second professional season and is hitting well but not tremendously at Double-A. Plus I’m concerned about burning one of his three waiver-wire-free seasons.

  141. enchantedbeaver

    The only thing that gives me some hope about Berroa is that Schaefer recommended him and wasn’t a Ned original thought. Of course being a PVL, I’m sure it wasn’t hard to talk him and JoJo into it.

    Given Berroa’s temperament, it should be an interesting DP combination if you know what I mean.

  142. dodgereric

    Like most of you, I feel that defense is important up the middle. That’s making me very nervous about this Berroa acquisition. I’m really hoping that Ferc will be ready to go soon. I really hate giving up defense at SS, he better hit a ton to make up for his glove. From Wikipedia:

    Following his rookie year, Berroa’s performance went down annually in on-base percentage, runs, slugging percentage, and stolen bases. His fielding statistics included 77 errors in 2003-2005 (24, 28 — leading all Major League shortstops while he had the lowest fielding percentage among shortstops — .955, 25) that were the most among starting American League shortstops in that time span. Berroa has also produced declining walk totals in the years after his Rookie of the Year award. Berroa walked once very 21 plate appearances in 2003, but had fallen to a 36-to-1 PA/BB ratio in 2005. In both 2005 and 2006, he walked only 2.9% of the time, the second-worst and then the worst percentage in Major League Baseball.[2]

    The disappointment in Berroa’s development may be related to being caught up in the “Age-gate” fiasco in early 2002 when many Latin American players, subjected to greater scrutiny by the United States government, turned out to be older than they claimed. Berroa was two years older than thought when he was drafted by Oakland and traded to Kansas City.[1]

    After a disappointing 2007 spring training, the Royals traded for another shortstop, Tony Peña, Jr.. Berroa, having lost his starting shortstop role, spent most of the 2007 season in Triple-A Omaha, appearing in only nine games for the Major League club.[2]


    For a team that struggles on offense, replacing your best defensive player at a premium spot is foolish. But then you know so is playing Pierre everyday so whatever….

    I give this expierement a week tops.


    .240 /.301 /.264 /.565 from our leadoff man in 31 games with 14 runs scored. But hey he broke the .300 barrier and he is a spark who makes things happen. Or so I have been told everyday now for two years while not believing a word of it.


    Berroa is a low-cost gamble. At the least, all I’m expecting him to do is hit a little bit and play adequate defense for about 7-10 days until Raffie gets back. If he tanks, we haven’t lost much. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

  146. dodgereric

    Yeah, the word on Ferc’s return is the 17th, so we’re going to have to keep our fingers crossed.

    Last night I checked out the Vegas game. LaRoche got HBP in his first at bat. He hit again the next time around but he left the game after that. I’ve been trying to find out what his condition is, no luck to this point. If he’s hurt again, he ought to see if he can do something to get that black cloud away from him.

  147. dodgereric

    I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked that we’re not picking up the balance of Berroa’s salary somehow.

  148. biddyboo

    Good afternoon! Always come to this blog to see what everyones take is on our beloved Dodgers! I am hopeful for a great game from Penny even though he has been struggling as of late. I am sure someone has mentioned the fact that he normally starts to lose his heat after the All Star break so perhaps once that time has come and gone he will turn around. 🙂 If the gals in here are going to comment on the appearance of our guys I have to say that ever since Penny chopped his hair he hasn’t done well! Clean cut doesn’t work for him!


    Let’s consider ourselves lucky that we’re not picking up Berroa’s full salary of 3.5 mill. Then, it would’ve been a bad move and we should’ve just stood pat.


    If Penny loses any more heat, he’ll be stone cold. I’m still wondering if there isn’t something physically wrong with him. The other night, he could’nt sustain any power on his fastball for any length of time.


    why on earth do u think Raffy is coming back? Do u really trust what are medical people say and anyone in the dodger orginzation says? They didnt get Berrora and demote HU so Berroa can play for a week. The could live another week with HU’s hitting and defense..but they cant live the rest of the season.

  152. jhallwally

    Welcome BiddyBoo. Certainly have to wonder about Penny. He is no longer overpowering and does seem to have lost a few MPH off his fastball. Still throws 92 but used to hit upper 90’s when he had to. Doesn’t appear to have much stamina either. Top that off with his seeming loss of concentration when something doesn’t go his way. Hope he turns it around starting tonight. We will need him in top form to make a serious run.

  153. leekfink

    In Las Vegas, it looks like LaRoche came in to play 2B in the 4th inning, and is now 1 for 1. So, he is probably fine.
    I too am skeptical about Berroa, but agree that it’s low cost. I was not aware of his bad defense until Jungar pointed it out here, and saw similar bad things on DodgerThoughts. Obviously, Hu has been good defensively, but I still think he needs some work on defense as well as his hitting. Of course, having him sit on the bench in LA doesn’t help with anything. If Furcal is back on June 17, then it’s worth a week of experimenting. But as Jhall points out, if we’re going to gamble defensively, why not get LaRoche up here for 3B situations and pinch-hitting duty?

  154. enchantedbeaver

    From the man that brought you Trigger™, Jason Schidt®, and the Curacao Cow©, new this summer from Nedco Industries where the past is present™ and Back to the Future is more than a movie, its a way of life, meet the Santiago Shat.

    Yes 2003 was a great year for many on this team – JoJo, JP and now Berroa (too bad its 2008…) Why in no time you’ll be seeing shat all over the place. Hijinx and mayhem when this spitfitre is on the field and in the clubhouse – watch the chemistry explode when Jeff Kent has the locker next door. Whoa, looks like JoJo will have to earn his money now!

    Stay tuned – everyday will be a new adventure!

    *Shat not available on most major league teams. Use only as directed by JoJo. Batteries not included. If causes more than 4 hours nausea, please consult a physician.

  155. jhallwally

    I’d love to see what DeWitt could do at 2nd base and also batting in the 2 slot. He takes alot of pitches, is patient, and makes contact. I think he would do well batting 2nd. Especially behind Ferk.

  156. leekfink

    Ughh. Jungar–that idea is too horrible to consider. Why couldn’t you have let me live in ignorant bliss?


    I agree that Lee that Hu needs work, but i’ll take the defense for sure. My main point though is that they are not being forthecoming on the Furcal injury and would advise those of you who think he will return a word of caution.


    sorry guy for some reason since the new blog my posts are not editing right and even though i take out some words they are all in there…


    If that’s the case, jungar, we’ll know soon enough. And, if Raffy is out for the year or any significant fraction of it, what are our replacement options? Dewitt , LaRoche, and Young aren’t shortstops. DeJesus may or may not be ready. Our choices seem to be Berroa or Maza.

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