Youth is served

It’s pretty amazing that we’ve lost four in a row and haven’t managed to lose a game in the standings. Guess we should just say thanks and not wonder why.

Here’s the lineup tonight, which has six guys age 26 or less.

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

DeWitt, 3B

Maza, SS

Kershaw, P


  1. alex41592

    Finally Torre changed things around! Same people, new places. I like it. Kemp should be batting no lower than third. Though, nothing is going to change Pierre from leadoff except Furcal. GO KERSHAW!


    .225 /.281 /.236 /.517 with 9 runs scored in 22 games from our “veteran” leadoff guy and .252 /.291 /.400 /.691 with 5 hr in 44 games from our “veteran” clean up hitter but when we loose tonight it will be the 6 kids fault, isn’t that right Ned, Joe, Larry? Josh?********* sick of it.

  3. scott_in_arcadia

    Thanks Jason.

    I’ve been wondering what JP’s stats were since he took over for Furcal in the leadoff and I suspected right.

    JP stinks in the leadoff spot. Hurry back Raffy!!!!!!


    Moving Kent out of the cleanup slot is akin to breaking Pierre’s consecutive game streak at the beginning of the season. It may not produce much in itself, but is at least a positive sign that maybe Torre’s beginning to THINK. Who knows what that may bring on – maybe even letting go of Sweeney and eventually remembering that there’s a guy called DY around here someplace.

  5. dodgrdad14

    I am just curious, is Torre as dumb as he is acting or what? Pierre was a much better hitter in the #8 or #2 spot than he is in the lead off spot. Yet he gets stuck in there every game no matter what??
    I just don’t get it!!!

  6. scott_in_arcadia

    jnv, Right!

    Why can’t Martin or Ethier lead off until Raffy comes back? Enough of this prototypical lead off man with speed crap!!

  7. dodgrdad14

    It’s been said here before, Slappy can’t steal 1st base!! So unless he gets on base – Not often enough- His so called speed is a waste!!

  8. dodger 32

    Why does Joe give our worst player the most ABs? Does he really think playing JP over DY and batting him lead off gives us the best chance to win? Hasn’t he seen the results since Furcal went out and JPs been leading off? If somethings not working mister hall of fame manager why not try to change it?

  9. dodgrdad14

    It must be an ego thing, He can’t admit to himself and all the loyal Dodger fans that he doesn’t know what the HELL he is doing!

  10. scott_in_arcadia

    To top it off, it seems like every tv announcer just can’t wait to give props to Pierre like he’s the one shining example of greatness on this team. What on earth???

    Is it so important to bat him lead off EVERY SINGLE GAME????

    If he’s not getting on base, then it wouldn’t matter even if Sweeney was batting lead off, right?

    Joe Torre: American League HOF manager.

    Joe Torre: National League managing flop.

    If the kids had been fed any confidence in the beginning instead of everyone in management worried about Pierre’s EGO, maybe they’d be playing like they belong instead of swinging for the fences worried about sitting out in favor of Terry Tiffee.

  11. kpookiemon

    Game in, game out, DeWitt gives the Dodgers more quality at-bats than anyone except maybe Martin. I can see him as a #2 hitter…very patient (as in letting a base stealer steal a base). Can he bunt? Don’t know. But who can on this team?????????

  12. alex41592

    Blake DeWitt has been hands down the best player on this team in the month of May. And it’s not even close. I think batting him second and Kemp third is a good, no great idea.

  13. scurtis1999

    Nice lineup. We will get a W tonight!

    Dbacks struggling just as well.

    Wow, Colorado blew a 8-0 lead today and lost 10-9 to Cubs!

  14. jhallwally

    You’ve got to be kidding. I gave up on the Cubbies today when it was 7-0 in the middle of the game. Geez!! They are hot..

  15. dodgereric

    Pierre’s 2008 splits (via

    Leadoff (97 PAs) .225 .281 .236 .517
    Batting 2nd (45 PAs) .432 .512 .486 .998
    Batting 8th (22 PAs) .263 .364 .368 .732
    Batting 9th (6 PAs) .333 .333 .333 .667

    A definite leadoff machine. It’s no real secret that he thrives on a fastball diet when they’re worried about Raffy.

    Newsflash – Joe Torre shakes up the Dodger lineup by hitting Kent 3rd!

    Reaction – yeah, get him more at bats.

    Anyone know the last team with .300 hitters in the 5, 6, 7 & 8 slots?


    i don’t care where everyone is tonight, all i care is that he finally tried to shake it up a bit.. i HATE seeing pierre lead off every single game.. ugh.. but at least somethings changed.. hopefully kershaw will shut the mets down and we can fight for that much needed W..


    btw, josh is right.. it’s amazing we could lose 4 in a row and not lose a game in the standings.. but that also just means that we could easily be in first or at least, less games back if we had won a couple.. sigh =\

  18. dodgereric

    Lineups, lineups, lineups. Here’s my own starting lineup for tonight. It’s Torre’s starting 8, rearranged using a certain rule. Can you figure it out? It’s really a decent order. You could even sell it to Kent, saying that he’s 2nd cleanup.

    DeWitt, 3B .293 .366 .463 .829
    Kemp, CF .305 .359 .441 .800
    Loney, 1B .276 .329 .427 .756
    Martin, C .311 .420 .404 .824
    Ethier, RF .306 .372 .447 .819
    Maza, SS .321 .367 .429 .796
    Pierre, LF .276 .343 .308 .651
    Kent, 2B .248 .292 .395 .687

    Give up? Birthdays, youngest to oldest:

    DeWitt, 3B 08/20/85
    Kemp, CF 09/23/84
    Loney, 1B 05/07/84
    Martin, C 02/15/83
    Ethier, RF 04/10/82
    Maza, SS 06/22/80
    Pierre, LF 08/14/77
    Kent, 2B 03/07/68

  19. jhallwally

    Yep Sara, If we had won some games we would be neck and neck with the DB’s. Missed opportunity. But, fortunately we didn’t lose any ground.
    I’m anxious to hear how Nelly’s Beatles show went today. I’ll bet it was killer. Also anxious to see how Kersh does today/tonight. I believe he will keep us in the game. Unlike Panty last night.

  20. jhallwally

    I like it Eric. Kant cen’t argue with that. LOL
    Alphabetically works out well also.

  21. dodgereric

    I don’t care much for first names:

    Andre Eithier
    Blake DeWitt
    James Loney
    Jeff Kent
    Juan Pierre
    Luis Maza
    Matt Kemp
    Russell Martin

    Wait…….I got an idea.

    Andre Eithier
    Blake DeWitt
    Buff Matt Kemp
    Captain Russell Martin
    James Loney
    Jeff Kent
    Juan Pierre
    Luis Maza

    It just got better!

  22. oldbrooklynfan

    I like the lineup with the exception of the missing Furcal.
    As far as the unchanging 3 1/2 games I think it shows that the D’backs are proving they are not much better than the other teams in this division.
    I was suprise of the slow starts of both the Rockies & the Padres , I really thought we’d be in a fight with the Giants for 4th place. Everything seems to be coming back to normal. Probably in a few weeks the Snakes will be just like the rest of us, trying to stay above .500
    Good luck to Kershaw, I hope he adds to Kuo & Dewitt as players Met fans remember.
    Good luck to our offense especially when Kershaw is doing well. It has a tendency to come alive when our starters are being tagged. GO DODGERS!!!!!

  23. junkyardjamie

    Nice line up!!!! I am assuming you guys have already addressed the Pierre lead-off issue – so I won’t go there. Let’s get a win tonight boys!!!
    BTW – those of you following my Beatles from Beagles program – PACKED HOUSE WITH A STANDING OVATION- They were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. dodgereric

    Congrats on the program, dnellie! I’m bookin’ home to try and catch the start on the tube!

    No pressure, Krusher Kershaw, but the stopper job is open……………

    Go DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. oldbrooklynfan

    I don’t know where Ken Gunick got his info from but he wrote that DeWitt is tied with Ethier with team HR lead with 5.
    Ethier has 4.
    DeWitt is tied with Furcal, Loney, & Kent with 5 according to me.

  26. junkyardjamie

    By jersey #

    james #7
    pierre #9
    jeff #12
    andre #16
    matt #27
    dewitt #33
    russell #55
    luis #57


    I really like this line-up. Would be great if Raffy was in there and Pierre was watching thru the dug-out posts. Let’s stick with this line-up a few days to see what can happen. Maybe, just maybe, throw DY in there for a few games. I know this kid will hit. No doubt about it. We’ll probably trade him and be reading in 3 months where he’s batting .350 with 35 to 50 RBI’S for another team………Hope not.

  28. ramslover

    Kemp has to get the runner over….Ethier or Martin are better in the 2 spot, even Dewitt, they are less likely to strike out….DDFSDFADF!

  29. ramslover

    The kids just do not get it….What the heck are they doing knocking in runs? Bowa is probably fuming! Anyway great job kids…show the whiney vets how it is done!!!

  30. ucscslug

    great sequence to Wright right there. Come back strong after a 2-run HR. That showed me a lot about Kershaw.

  31. junkyardjamie

    He changed it to 22 just a few days ago and Sweeney is now 21 I believe. He changed it to 22 because Will Clark was his favorite player.


    Let’s get those 2 runs back and make Maine work even harder this inning and maybe let him throw 20 more pitches that he has oin the 1st.


    Gosh how did the Cubs win that game at losing 8-0 in the 4th. Oh yeah because they so good at home. I bet if we had that score we could’ve won.


    Hey bob I’m not sure if you see my comment the other day when you told me no problem when I got confused when you say I didn’t have Kent batting 2nd.

  35. junkyardjamie

    The mets announcers are totally wrong – Pierre didn’t have a great start – He started on the bench, if I recall, and then cried to mama.

  36. oldbrooklynfan

    Kemp, although he flied out, he had a good AB, taking two balls that just missed the outside corner, that’s what we want to see.


    I really like Kemp batting 2nd or third. I think he looks at pitches better and will go deeper into the count. He will still strike out a lot but will get more chances to show his power. It will eventually come.


    I really dont like Kemp batting that high in the order.. I’d prefer Ethier and Martin in the 2nd and 3rd spots. Kemp for me works better at the five spot.


    I didn’t thing 3 runs would hold up. Good to see the kid get out of that inning. His fast ball is heating up to 94/95 now. We need some long balls again tonight…

  40. selltheteam

    This is a gut-test for the kids (who are now the team). Do they have what it takes to do whatever is needed to win?


    Where’s Kershaw’s strike out pitch?? Not good for his morale to get getting in trouble…


    Nah Bob I was talking about this comment I made when you left to go to bed. Well I guess you were talking about past history when he was the manager of the Cardinals, Mets and Braves. Oh you’re from St Louis so I guess that why you don’t like him. I would give him at least the end of the year too see how far we get before I make judgement on him.

    I see your other posted where you listed the record of all the team he’s manage. So I guess you do have a point.

    Gosh damn they had 2 hits and now 3 hits in this inning. The Mets are getting lucky the last 2 inning.


    If Torre stays with the kids and they start to win, i’ll eat my words gladly. We just need to explode out of this funk and blow some teams away.

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s a pipe dream to think the Dodgers could impress the Mets*******Not Lately.
    It’s N.Y. and Kersh just couldn’t find it.
    He’ll be alright.

  45. joyce65

    Kershaw just needs more experience at this level. They will work with him before his next start and hopefully he will do better next time.

  46. selltheteam

    Martin’s OBP is .427 and that’s just not what we want in a leadoff hitter. We want speed (and a floppy arm)


    I don’t like the way this game is shaping up. We need to get 4 or 5 runs up on these guys.

    Come on team.
    the 8th will be our inning.


    I am almost lead to believe that team management wants this team to lose… I bet someone in the Mets dugout must be thinking, “thank goodness they are not using Kuo.”

  49. oldbrooklynfan

    Boy PARK pitched his A– off in the 7th
    Nice job.
    I think it would have been a close play if DeWitt went home.


    Oh man.. definitely have to give props to Park for steadying the game there for us. 1 run over 3 innings kept us within shooting distance for sure

    Lucky call on Pierre there! We needed a break like that

  51. oldbrooklynfan

    I knew it….
    Heilman was due for a bad outing he has a lot of them.
    A good chance for our guys to do some scoring.
    Nice to see some hitting for a change.


    Well, Heilman’s heading for the showers. It’s about time we put a hurt on somebody. Keep it going!!


    BIG BAD JOHN…. The Met announcers just had to bring up the Martinez trade.

  54. oldbrooklynfan

    Good Win***Still learning, Still struggling but it was great to see the scoring and no RLISP.
    Well I’ll be there tomorrow & Sunday night.
    I’m going to see if I can catch some of team after the game.


    Interesting to note that the two VETERANS in the starting lineup tonight, Kent and Pierre, have the LOWEST batting averages of that lineup. Yes, experience sure does help. And of course experience really makes Sweeney a better pinch hitter, so it entirely understandable why Young wastes away on the bench even though he has a career MLB average of .313. I guess it takes an experienced manager to see the sense of that.

  56. kpookiemon

    “The Dodgers are aggressively looking for middle infield help, not only to find an upgrade for replacing Furcal but for a player who also has second base skills and thus would allow for more frequent resting of the 40-year-old Jeff Kent.”

    Ned, before you do something really crazy, try DeWitt at second, LaRoche at third and see if Hu’s head is back on straight after sitting. Hu is a bonafide major leaguer. It’s not like the Western Division is going anywhere. Visions of Pedro for DeShields still haunts me. The best course is to find middle infielders in house. Play the kids…

  57. selltheteam

    Now we move on to The Who as JoJo realizes The Kids Are Alright:
    I don’t mind, young guys getting to play ball,
    That’s fine, I’m getting to know them well.
    And I know sometimes I must sit the vets all night.
    Better leave them behind,
    When the kids are alright.
    The kids are alright.
    Sometimes, I gotta get out of the way.
    This time, I know I gotta get away.
    And I know sometimes I must sit the vets all night.
    Better leave them behind,
    When the kids are alright
    The kids are alright.
    I know if Ned goes things would be a lot better for Blue.
    Ned had things planned but the DL saved the Blue.
    That’s fine, vets won’t get well.
    And I know sometimes I must sit the vets all night.
    Better leave them behind
    When the kids are alright
    The kids are alright.
    Sometimes, I gotta get out of the way.
    This time, I know I gotta get away.
    And I know sometimes I must sit the vets all night.
    Better leave them behind,
    When the kids are alright.
    The kids are alright.
    The kids are alright.
    The kids are alright.


    Wonderfully Important 9 to 5 Victory By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over The New York Mets! Amazing Super Hero Russel Martin Does It Again With His Explosive 4 For 4 Day at the Plate, with 3 Runs Scored and Three RBI’S, And Almost Hitting For The Cycle! Absolutely Exciting & Fantastic Russel! Super Hero and Tower of Power, James Loney deserves Honorable Super Hero Status with His 2 For 4 Performance at the plate, 2 Runs Scored and 1 RBI. Magnificent, James! All the Rest Of Our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes! Coincidence, Great Eighth in the Year 2008. I think not, For This Is The Year Of The Glorious Return Of The World Series Championship by Our Super, Beloved, Indestructable And Full Of Integrity Los Angeles Dodgers!

  59. kpookiemon

    ndeschenes…you are without a doubt the tonic we all need to remember just who we are–DODGER FANS!!!!

  60. ramslover

    Great win last night. Kershaw is having a few growing pains, no reason to worry.

    Martin is the leader of this team, his grit and his ability will lead the younger ones on the right path. He is a natural leader.

    Chan Ho Park is a wonderful story. I would love to see him continue it, ex Dodgers coming home is a wonderful thing.

    Ned do not make a panic move with Furcal out. We are hanging tough without him. This injury wipes out any chance of signing him again. I cannot envision any scenario that the Dodgers will invest another 3-4 yrs 39-50 mil on an older Furcal with back issues now. Although we do have Schmidt. I hope Schmidt comes back and gives us something but if he does not have it, please retire.

    Lets go Dodgers make Joe Pierre proud to sit in that stink of a baseball field and watch his beloved Dodgers play.


    MLK, I saw your post from a couple of days ago about the universities. If I get into USC I will go there, 2nd choice would be Pepperdine and 3rd would be San Diego. Now as for the Dodgers, DFA Sweeney, bring up Rep from AAA, put him in center with Kemp in right and Ethier in left and bat Rep leadoff until Furcal gets back.


    just as 3B was a major concern coming our spring training that was later resolved inhouse – i think 2B should be done the same way. besides, i believe dan uggla of the marlins will be a FA next year, or at least i understand he is wondering why he is not getting a long-term deal like h. ramierez.

    let furcal rest and rehab until the all-star break. if the D’s can stay at .500 until then, maybe they can finish with a healthy furcal, and somewhat usefal nomar and schmidt – and whatever kershaw can bring the table.

    speaking of our phenom, why is r . martin or torre or honeycutt making him pitch outside. geeeeeeez. the boy has 97 mph heat and a 75 mph curve and he not busting the guys inside…


    I agree with questioning the pitching style of our guys who can throw heat. They all seem to primarily nibble at the outside corners, when the old fashioned way would have been to throw some of that on the inside and even play some chin music. The only thing that I can attribute it to is that Honeycutt didn’t have that kind of heat and had to finnesse around the plate. Certainly Penny, Bills and now Kershaw should stop nibbling at the corners and put it in there to challenge batters, especially if they can throw a curve or changeup to mix up the pace. Of course, I don’t think that Honeycutt is any kind of coach, and I don’t know why they kept him when the rest of Grady’s staff is gone.


    In follow-up to my previous, look at the changed results in Kuo’s performance this season. Instead of pitching everywhere but over the plate, which caused him to walk everybody, this season he is much more effective by going right after the batters. If we could build up his stamina, I think he would now be ready to become a premier starting pitcher.


    I agree with bear’s comments on the pitching situation. Penny looks like a completely different pitcher from a year ago. He does nothing but nibble with his curveball and does not challenge hitters with his fastball. I’m not sure if this is due to philosophical or a physical problem. Either way, it needs to be addressed.


    Thanks for the Uplift Yourselves kpookiemon & martinloney kemp!. Indeed, There is a Tremendous Chemistry mixed With Pure Talent, Desire and Super Leadership With Fantastic Coaching And Honest Dedication by Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti to bring home the World Series Championship back to Los Angeles DodgerTown, and With All of Us Dodger Fans United in Super Belief, Then We are going to Go All the way and Win Our Seventh World Series Championship on Our 50th Anniversary in Los Angeles in The Wonderul Year Of 2008!

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