After a long absence…

Please forgive the absence…the MLBlogs system has been going through lots of changes and I haven’t been able to post for several days. I’m still trying to figure out all the nuances, but I think I’ve figured out how to post so I wanted to pass along to you all what I know as of this morning.

The following players have been reassigned to minor league camp – Brian Falkenborg, Mike Koplove, Greg Jones, Clayton Kershaw, Chan Ho Park, Rene Rivera, Danny Ardoin and Ramon Martinez.

Going on the DL officially are Andy LaRoche, Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Schmidt.

I’m sure more moves will be made prior to first pitch tomorrow, but that’s what we’ve got for now. I plan to post later tonight if there’s time, but obviously things are a little busy getting ready for Opening Day…




    Well it looks like we all got what we wanted, Ethier starting in LF on Opening Day. Let’s hope he takes advantage of it and let’s also hope that JP is ready if Joe needs him. One day left……

    GO BLUE!!!

  2. junkyardjamie

    Nice job Andre!!!
    Thanks Joe for making the right decision. Ethier worked his behind off this spring and deserved the start.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow seeing how I live up in Giant country. Having baseball day in the classroom where all the activities/curriculum focus on the sport of baseball. I am sure to have a few Giant fans in the classroom, but I will try to be nice.

  3. eslabels

    I kinda like having Ethier hit #3 while he’s hot. Insert Jones in the line-up tomorrow and that’s a pretty solid line-up top to bottom.

  4. eslabels

    Anybody read the tripe Ned put out on the Pierre decision?

    From Gurnicks column…

    General manager Ned Colletti, who signed Pierre, downplayed the significance of Torre’s decision.

    “Is he a bench player or is he not starting tomorrow?” Colletti asked. “It’s a long season. You’ve got to compete, you’ve got to play. I understand the build-up to Opening Day. But you look at a lot of Opening Day rosters and there are players you can’t even recognize. It changes day by day.”

    Is it me or is it now Ned that’s in denial?


    Relieved to see that Big E got the nod. I still though am concerned about Loaiza and I really hope Saito can come through like he did his first two years. If Loaiza and Saito aren’t productive, we could be in some trouble! GO DODGERS!!! I am SOOOO excited for opening day!

  6. jhallwally

    I think Ned is trying to soften the blow. To Pierre and himself. Probably the best thing to do for the moment.


    So… Today has been an awesome day!! Ethier wins the starting job, and Kuroda just destroys the defending champs one day before opening day!! NICE!


    Now that this whole Ethier and Pierre situation is resolved for opening day the last thing I want to see is a platoon. Let Ethier start for the whole month of April. Maybe give any of the three outfielders a game off and get Pierre 3-6 starts for the month. Pinch run him late in games. Seems like his biggest problem is getting on base so let someone else do it for him. If Ethier slumps big time in April then maybe we can platoon a bit. Give him a month at least without any interference. Let’s just hope everyone stays healthy.

  9. eslabels

    For some reason swood I get the feeling that Loaiza’s going to be OK this year – not great, but OK.

    The whole staff has to be breathing a sigh of reflief today knowing that there will be some D behind them in the outfield this year.


    I bet the Nats and the Marlins have to be scared to death in a year when their Opening Day starters are Odalis and Lurch. Uggghhhh……

  11. shepherd96

    Ethier and Pierre are both lefties. There will be no platooning of the two of them.

    Let’s hope that no one thinks it is a good idea to platoon Kemp and anyone!

  12. shepherd96

    Don’t forget that there are more right-handed pitchers than left-handed pitchers. Therefore, batters that hit lefty will hit more often in a platoon system.

    Platooning Kemp or Jones would be foolish, until they prove incapable of contibuting. Hopefully, they will play up to their past ability all year.

  13. jhallwally

    If Loaiza tanks, Kuo looks ready. I hope he stays healthy. He is filthy and I’d like to see him in the starting rotation if not this year, next.

  14. dodgereric

    No TV in LA today. How does the Kid look so far. The boxscore looks great – 2 IN, 0 hits, 0Bb, 1 K.


    Maybe I used the term “spot start” instead of a platoon. I would never want Kemp or Jones “platooned” I wouldn’t want Ethier platooned for either. Just hoping that Ned and Joe don’t panic with Ethier after 6 weeks or so. Then again if Andre is hitting .320 it’s cake.

  16. shepherd96

    Opening day lineup is posted.









    Those of you who laughed at me for saying that NL managers liked to alternate R and L hitters: Torre has done just that. Ethier, Loney, and DeWitt bat left. Furcal switches, and Martin, Jones, Kemp, and Hu bat R. This is no coincidence. When late innings come, it is good to mess up the opposing manager’s RP plans.

  17. jhallwally

    Yep, they’ve made the decision, now stick with it. Kemp and Ethier are the future. Jones and Pierre are stopgaps.

  18. shepherd96

    Horrors! Kuroda allowed one whole BB. Bench him! 🙂

    Zero hits in 7 innings for Kuroda and Kershaw!

    As I have written before, pitching wins championships. May we have one this year.

  19. ksparkuhl

    Lowe the starting pitcher??? I think that’s a typo for sure. Penny was given the nod several days ago.


    where did you guys find the lineup? Also… if Kuroda and Kershaw no hit the Sox… I mean, I know it’s still technically spring training.. but it is there full line up!! well, for the most part


    Well, I guess that’s the end of the no no bid then… Oh well, not like it would have counted for anything. But man were Kuroda and Kershaw awesome today!! We’ve got a ton depth at pitching right now… Just hope everyone stays healthy.


    I believe what you are looking at is some reporter’s guess as to what the Dodgers’ line-up will be on Monday. I think (but admittedly don’t know) that the page has been on the mlb web site for quite a while; possible since before Penny was named as opening day starter.
    More importantly, the Dodgers are doing everything they can to avoid putting Dewitt on the 40-man since they think he will be sent back down this year but with the clock starting on their control of him one year earlier than they planned. They don’t think that is worth what might be only a few weeks of major league playing time.

  23. gnorm

    Kent will start tomorrow.
    Park gets sent down. Does this mean Loiaza is the 5th starter? Someone help us. He’s worthless. Park deserved it. Should have sent Esteban to Vegas or Mexico or anywhere else.

  24. jhallwally

    Loaiza has the big contract and he pitched well enough not to lose the 5th spot for now. I think he will be on a short leash however with Kuo and Park looking good.

  25. gnorm

    Pierre has a big contract, but Ethier beat him out. Both Kuo and Park outpitched Loaiza. ****, even DJ Houlton outpitched him.


    For some reason swood I get the feeling that Loaiza’s going to be OK this year – not great, but OK.

    The whole staff has to be breathing a sigh of reflief today knowing that there will be some D behind them in the outfield this year.

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    If Loaiza is OK (has an era in the mid 4’s) I can almost guarentee the D’s will contend throughout the season.


    Tonight is a big night for baseball fans in Washington. The new stadium is near my house. Some people I know are very unhappy about ‘their new neighbors’. I for one, am extatic about the new stadium because I hear its supposed to be beautiful also. Although, anything is better than RFK.

  28. jhallwally

    Yep, he doesn’t have to be great. Like I said, I bet he is on a short leash. He stinks it up in his first couple of starts and they’ll plug in Park or Kuo.


    “Opening day lineup is posted.”

    Where did you get this lineup from? Can you show me the link…


    swood, On the Dodgers’ home page, click on 2 on the picture then on Complete Dodgers Opening Day.

  31. dodgerzona

    From Tony Jackson’s blog

    Kuroda/Kershaw flirted with a no-hitter before Clayton ultimately gave up a one-out single to Bobby Kielty in the eighth, but Kuroda, Kershaw and Falkenborg ultimately combined one a one-hitter, and the Dodgers finished the spring 11-18-4. … It LOOKS LIKE Angel Chavez has made the team. He is a non-roster infielder about whom I don’t believe I have written a single word this spring. He is 26, from Panam and spend his entire career in the Giants chain until the past two years, when he logged time with the Phillies, Orioles and Yankees affiliates. He has 10 major-league games, all in 2005 with the Giants. … Jason Repko was optioned to Las Vegas after the game, so the Dodgers now have a 24-man roster plus Chavez and DeWitt, and the final move won’t be made until Ned is sure he isn’t making a trade. Tony Abreu will be DL’d, and I’m guessing Jason Schmidt will be placed on the 60-day DL, which will clear a second 40-man spot (Rudy Seanez’s release on Wed. cleared the first one), so the club can purchase the contracts of both Chavez and DeWitt. … Interesting subplot of tomorrow’s pitching matchup: both Barry Zito and Brad Penny are ex-boyfriends of Alyssa Milano. Wonder for whom she’ll be rooting. I guess whichever breakup was the least messy.


    swood, On the Dodgers’ home page click on 2 on the picture then on Complete Dodgers Opening Day.

  33. dodger 32

    Torre made the right decision for left field. Now I can honestly say he’s better than Grittle was. Pierre best pinch runner in the game. Also the most expensive!

  34. jhallwally

    I am psyched for opening day tomorrow. Thanks Joe and Ned for putting the best team on the field. I have faith now that you want to win and not coddle players. Let’s light Zito up!! GO DODGERS!!


    Getting back to our Los Angeles Dodgers great 3 to 1 victory
    over The Boston Red Sox. Way to go Chad Billingsley for showing your true championship form. Always great to see Superman, Mr.Clutch,Jeff Kent in the line up and always contributing with a base hit and RBI. Jonathan Broxton, way to go. This Team is going to show us great things! Here’s to bringing back the glory like it was in the early sixties!

  36. eslabels

    Disappointed to hear Repko didn’t make the roster – thought he earned it this spring… Angel Chavez – soon to be this years Ramon Martinez no doubt.

    Kuroda looks like he’ll be able to give use some quality innings in the 4 slot this year. That alone is better than the Bombko/Hendy tandem, so ANYTHING Loaiza gives us beyond that is a plus. I don’t forsee Esteban becomming an ace by any means, but if he’s anywhere around the 4.50 he put up in spring, he ought to be good for 4-5 wins before Kersh is called up.

    And now that Ethier’s starting, I’m beginning to get a whole better outlook on this season…

  37. marc.h

    Thanks for the update.

    But, I think you made a poor decision with Kershaw. He’s one of the most-talented pitchers on the Dodgers’ roster.

  38. momoracci

    I was at the game…both Kuroda and Kershaw were AMAZING. Clayton was just dominant and had a sick curve once again. He struck out 6 (box score on is wrong).

  39. dodgerzona

    Got this from….Why would the Dodgers want Ellis?

    Dodgers Scouting Ellis For 2009?

    According to sources, the Dodgers are already looking for a second baseman for 2009. I am a little hesitant to believe this because the Dodgers have several young options in the infield, but maybe they are looking for someone more established. I have heard they are scouting scouting Mark Ellis, along with Joe Blanton of the Athletics, but talks about Blanton ended weeks ago. Ellis would be an upgrade over Kent, and it makes sense for him to stay on the West coast. Ellis had a career year last year, but he may slow down again. Still, a lineup with Ellis in it would be a lot better next year when some of the prospects are more experienced:

    C Russell Martin
    1B James Loney
    2B Mark Ellis
    3B Andy LaRoche
    SS Chin-Lung Hu (assuming Furcal walks)
    LF Andre Ethier
    CF Andruw Jones
    RF Matt Kemp

    Wow. Assuming those prospects continue to perform, that lineup puts them right in contention with the Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Padres. And don’t forget about a rotation that should include Clayton Kershaw. I think the one thing holding them back this year is that there young guys do not have much experience and some of their older guys are starting to fade. I have them finishing fourth, but I could be way off.


    Bummed that Repko was sent down. This roster still needs tweaking, especially when Nomar and LaRoche get healthy…make that IF they get healthy. Chavez?????? Doubt he’ll stick by tomorrow. With Edmonds on the DL why don’t the Padres just take Pierre and be done with it. Kershaw is fine at AA. Just say Kerry Woods and Mark Prior over and over again. As for batting order, still don’t want to see Kemp behind Loney; that negates Kemp’s speed.


    I like Mark Ellis alot. I think that the Dodgers are sick of Abreu and his “issues” and is no longer the heir at second. Justified or not, I understand that.

  42. gizmocosmo

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why we would start Dewitt over Hu at third. I know Hu is a natural shortstop but he has done well at second and third in spring training and appears much further along as a hitter.

  43. alex41592

    From Kevin Pearson at

    Here is what Monday’s lineup will look like…

    Furcal, SS
    Ethier, LF
    Kemp, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Jones, CF
    Martin, C
    Loney, 1B
    TBA, 3B
    Penny, P

    The Dodgers will activate and use Blake DeWitt at 3B if no trade is made. Otherwise, it will be the newly acquired player.


    Where’s my props? I called Torre’s decision and gave the reason for it.
    I knew he would come through – that’s what good managers — make the HOF managers do to win!

    Of course, Ehtier made it easy for him to make that decision – GRETA SPRING ANDRE!! Phew made it an even easier decision.
    BTW, what else was Ned going to say? He had a lot riding on the decision, including his job!


    For all you who said be patient that Torre will do the right thing…you were right and I am so happy I was wrong. I am stoked finally to be a dodger fan again. Torre is the man for doing the right thing and now if Ned can trade Pierre for a 3b stop gap I’d be stoked to have Repko up in his place. Plus it would be best for Pierre.

    I like his lineup. Maybe Loney switches up higher vs righties. But I won’t question it.


    Very dissapointed to here about Repko. I love to watch him play. I had the oppurtunity to speak to him briefly at the coliseum and he seemed like a real nice guy. He earned a sot on the squad, I hope we see him up soon.


    Torre has restored my faith in the Dodgers. Thank you, Joe! After reading Ned’s comments and seeing that he’s not willing to face reality and acknowledge his mistake, I understand the difficult position that Joe was in. It’s not easy to make a decision that shows that your boss made a huge mistake in judging baseball talent. What other team has a player with the size and length of Pierre’s contract sitting on the bench? I do feel for Pierre, however. No doubt he was given assurances and the expectation that he would be an everyday player for several years. I do hope for his sake that he is traded to a team that can use him. If that doesn’t happen soon, I hope that he will accept his role for the good of the team and not become a serious distraction. I, too, was sorry to see Repko sent down. He deserves to be on the team, which is all the more reason to trade Pierre and create a spot for him. Go Dodgers!!

  48. gagne85

    Loney is 0 for 9 against Zito, Kemp is 6 for 12 against Zito, that’s why they are hitting where they are hitting tomorrow.

  49. gagne85

    Typical Coletti, he’s probably mad that Joe chose Ethier to start so now he has to ruin the fun by making a trade to ensure that DeWitt doesn’t make the team! I’m not saying a trade was made already but I have a feeling we won’t see DeWitt in the lineup tomorrow. But I’m trying to think positive!! My brain just won’t let me.

  50. momoracci

    Ned was cryptic in his interview during the game when talking about 3rd base. When asked if DeWitt would be starting, he said that was very unofficial. Seems to me like something may happen tomorrow.

    Oh, and Kershaw…19 Ks/3 BB in 14 IP. UN-BE-LIEVABLE.


    Ned’s comments simply confirm that even if we have a manager who makes the right decision, we are still far better off without him as GM. And yes, considering what is available, we should go with an inhouse option at third until the wounded return. No one we pick up will be much better. I do think the Pierre situaiton will linger. He is not happy and I fear Torre starting him often to sooth him.

  52. messagebear

    My previous two posts on this new format did not get published; instead I saw the notation saying that they were subject to being reviewed by the blog owner. There was nothing offensive in those, but I will just try again to see if I’m being blocked from this log.


    I think it is a surprise that Repko was sent down leaving an roster spot open. It may be to get him playing time until a trade is made with Pierre.
    The reason Loaiza was made the 5th starter is due to Park accepting a minor league position. Don’t believe it has to due with actual performance.
    It is very interesting that we will have Hu and DeWitt as starters on opening day. Don’t believe many would have been able to predict that lineup. Future looks promising!

  54. messagebear

    My posts aren’t being accepted in this new format. Yesterday it said that comments need to be approved by blog owner before being published. I’m just trying here to see if I can still use this new format.

  55. messagebear

    Well, apparently I’m back with you all for better or worse.
    Delighted to see that Ethier “made it”. Obviously Ned seems to take some exception to what that means. Probably also trying hard to get some veteran on board to play third base, I would imagine he’s also got to be miffed by the fact that Joe sent his man Martinez down to the farm. We have all too many young guys in this lineup to suit Ned.


    Not sure if everyone else read a comment regarding Ethier. He has been taking ground balls at 1st base. Not sure what Torre is planning with that move. Ethier is a much better outfielder than Pierre so I am not sure putting him at 1st base makes us a better team.

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