Lineup at Maryvale

The finale on the road…after thousands of miles, thousands of swings and thousands of pitches, the team heads home tonight. Here’s the lineup for today:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Kemp, RF

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Martin, C

Abreu, 2B

DeWitt, 3B

Penny, P



    Switch furcal to leadoff and put Whinner on the bench and replace with the real LF’er and that is a pretty good line up.


    Ethier goes 2 for 3 yesterday (almost 3-3 if it wasn’t for Gathright) with a HR. Shame on You Ethier! Because Andre has more power, a better OBP, and a better arm in the outfield, he is better suited for the bench. How on earth can anyone use those tools on the bench!! Maybe Andre needs to sulk and moan, just like Slappy so he can start. PLEASE TRADE PIERRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it for the fans Ned!! The fans want it, the fans need it!! NO MORE PIERRE, NO MORE PIERRE! SI SE PUEDE!


    Hopefully this is the last time Pierre is starting or in the leadoff spot. Not only is Pierre playing rob the team of Ethier, but maybe more importantly, it robs the team of a very nice leadoff man in Furcal who has been nothing short of brilliant this spring as he is finally healthy.

    Back to the bayou Pierre!


    Why should I, as a paying customer, support a team that doesn’t put its best players on the field?

    I will not buy a ticket, merchandise, food, or anything else the Dodgers sell until this happens. I know, in the grand scheme of things, losing one customer doesn’t mean much, but the message that managment is sending is just plain disgusting.


    Question for Ned:

    Hi Ned,

    Lost in all this talk about “Rookies vs. Veterans” is perhaps one of the most important moves the club will have to make in the next couple of years–replacing Vin Scully when he retires. I do not have the person in mind, I just really hope you will give a young guy a shot, just like it was given to a young Vin, to be the voice of the Dodgers for the next generation. Nothing against Charley, Steve or Rick, but you must agree they are not the answer. Hopefully there is a young guy out there somewhere earning his stripes, someone who will grow with the young players that are the next generation of Dodger stars. We really deserve that as fans. Please don’t go to the talking heads in a box model so many teams–including the Dodgers on non-Vin days–have embraced. We need a BROADCASTER, someone who can paint the picture, someone who can talk to us, not to the ex-jock in the booth. Please, please, please please make the right decision on this. Nothing about the future of the team causes me more anxiety, and I know I’m not alone.


    The idea that Ethier would be a better player off the bench is elementary. Of course Ethier is better suited coming off the bench than Pierre. The hole in that logic is that Ethier is better suited than Pierre to do anything, whether it’s LF, pinch hitting, taking a ****, you name it.

    Pierre is a pinch runner or pinch bunter at best.

    Don’t let us down Joe! You can do it!

    Ned: Pick up 1/2 of Pierre’s salary and trade him and pretend you’re paying a nice young solid player in Andre Ethier 5 million.

    Not a bad deal, huh?


    james_guss’s questions on broadcasters reminds me – Russ Langer, who does play-by-play for the Las Vegas AAA team, did a couple of the Dodger broadcasts this spring and sounded pretty good. He seems to have a higher ceiling than the veterans (Steiner, Monday, Lyons), each of whose track record would seem to indicate a continuation of the competent, non-distinguished skills they bring.


    “Ethier and Kemp are talented, but you don’t know what the 600-at-bat result is,” Torre said. “You don’t have a history of what it will be.”

    Would somebody please tell Mr. Torre that Andre Ethier has 946 CAREER PLATE APPEARANCES!! This “unproven” label on Ethier has got to go away! He is a bona-fide Major Leaguer and it’s time to let Ethier soar…


    It looks like even Gurnick is seeing the light. If this was posted before, I apologize:

    “SURPRISE, Ariz. — If Joe Torre decides not to start Andre Ethier in the outfield on Opening Day, wouldn’t you want to eavesdrop as the Dodgers manager explains to Ethier why?

    With Juan Pierre watching from the bench on Monday night — and refusing to speak about it afterward — Ethier fortified his credentials for a starting job with a team-high sixth home run this spring, along with a perfectly executed hit-and-run single and two walks. He was also robbed of extra bases by a spectacular Joey Gathright catch of a hard-hit liner. Ethier has 15 RBIs and, perhaps more impressive, 12 walks and only three strikeouts.

    So this spring, he’s got a .359 average, a .481 on-base percentage and a .672 slugging percentage. He’s played all three outfield positions without an error. He’s shown patience and power and versatility. He hangs in there against lefties (the home run was off left-hander Jorge De La Rosa).

    “He’s playing his tail off,” said Torre. “He’s playing really well.”

    Whether that means Ethier will get the nod over Pierre and/or Matt Kemp, Torre isn’t yet saying. But Ethier said he’s getting used to proving his value.

    “This is how my career has been,” said Ethier, who was acquired from Oakland for Milton Bradley two years ago. “Oakland didn’t think I could help them out. I came here and did it. I know I can play every day and help. They must not believe it, that’s just the way I see it.

    “I see plenty of teams out there giving guys a chance. I understand Los Angeles is a whole different market. There are expectations. So, the last two years I’ve had to open eyes enough for them to believe I’m capable. I know I had to have a big spring — they told me I had to have a big spring — to play every day. Sometimes you need a kick in the butt or a chip on your shoulder to bring out the best in you.”

    As for Pierre, he made the bus trip and not only didn’t start, but never appeared in the game. Pierre declined to comment, and Torre spent time talking with Pierre in the outfield during batting practice.

    “He doesn’t like not playing,” said Torre. “I’m sensitive to that. In my situation, I’m trying to find out as much as I can. Not starting doesn’t mean he’s not going to play. I’ll go talk to him. When I had the four outfielders together, I didn’t expect them to be happy about the situation. I just hope they understand what I’m doing.”

    Torre said the appropriate situation didn’t present itself for Pierre to be used off the bench early in the game, and he didn’t want to get Pierre off the bench late in the game when temperatures cooled.”

    You have to like the way Ethier’s handling it all so far.


    i agree. ethier and his ability to get on base, hit for power, and throw guys out on the base paths is way better suited for the bench. why would anybody in their right mind want to see that on an everyday basis? ethier’s homers and OF assists are repulsive, and should be relegated to a sub role. here’s to giving juan pierre 700+ at-bats this year.


    That Baxter quote you all jumped on (justifiably) is a hoot. Just substitute a different but relevant name for Ethier and see just how dumb it sounds: simply ridiculous –

    But ANDRUW JONES, nearly 31, has more power, a better arm and will drive in more runs [than Pierre], tools that would make him more valuable off the bench. And that fact, ironically, could wind up costing him the starting job.


    There is no explanation for Pierre starting over Ethier at this point in time and certainly not on Opening Day. GM’s and Managers constantly say that money isn’t a factor when determining roster spots and lineup cards but by playing Pierre, Torre and Coletti’s actions speak louder than their words. You made a mistake in signing Pierre. Just move on!!! Don’t continue to play him in an attempt to justify your folly. Please!


    Major League Baseball Players Association credits Pierre with the smallest hat size among active players (5 and a quarter).

    5 and a Quarter??? 5 1/4″??? How is that even possible???


    kssparkuhl – right on about Ethier’s experience. Last season Ethier had 505 Plate Appearances (and I believe Torre is using “at-bats” euphemistically for PAs), which qualified him for the batting title. That’s about 83.3% of the 600 PAs Torre mentions. Should give you a pretty darn good idea what a full-time Ethier provides, plus he is reaching peak age.


    Whats ridiculous is that Ethier sulking will get him traded and Pierre sulking will get him more playing time.


    At least Gurnick told his story from Ethier’s perspective, which is how ALL the stories should be written, since he’s the youngster playing great and the job hasn’t been given to him as promised. THERE’S YOUR STORY! Nobody cares about a one tool player making 9 million dollars who has had a terrible spring and must now watch three other men do what he can’t.

    Also, I’ll know the Dodgers are serious about winning when the consecutive games streak ends for Pierre. Until then it’s all talk and no action. He needs to sit and watch his streak go up in flames and when that game is over say to the press and his teammates he understands it was for the better of the team, NOT what’s best for him, because that’s not what’s most important.


    Fogey’s right. Langer is pretty good and will hopefully get a shot.

    And “undistinguished” is perfect to broadly summarize the others.


    You know… I have absolutely no problem with Ethier sitting this one out. He’s obviously earned some time off before the season starts.

    I will however have a major problem if I turn on my HD-Projector Monday afternoon (here in Idaho) and see that Juan Pierre is starting the season just because he’s a veteran!


    As for the broadcasters, would it kill Steiner or Monday to give the freaking score or ball and strike count? That’s something that Vinny still does, he’s right on top of things other than getting a player mixed up from time to time.



    Right, we’re just making sure that dead horse doesn’t try and get up.

    Down, Trigger!


    James Guss’ question for Ned is a fantastic one, and something that I’ve been pondering for a while now myself. Whoever takes hold of that microphone is going to have incredibly big shoes to fill…it’s almost not even fair given the unmatchable comparisons they will be subjected to.

    Still, the Dodgers need to look to the future. I for one do not have a significant problem with Charlie, and he is the official heir apparent, right?

    Any other good candidates out there? Love what the Lakers have done with young Spero Dedes and would like to see the Dodgers find the next great voice, just like they did with Vin. This could make things a little rough in the first season of a transition, but it would pay off in the long run.

    What do you guys think? I hate to even comment on this, but I’ve read that Vin’s contract is up after this season and I believe he’s turning 81. Could he be headed for an EVP position ala Tommy?



    Andre Ethier doesn’t have to prove anything to us, them or anybody else. He IS our left fielder. He’s the people’s choice and the people’s left fielder.


    Hey Chris,

    I agree that Spiro is very good. What about that depressing Joel Myers? Any hope for us Laker fans that Spiro could simulcast like Chicky Baby used to do?


    “”He needs to sit and watch his streak go up in flames and when that game is over say to the press and his teammates he understands it was for the better of the team, NOT what’s best for him, because that’s not what’s most important.””

    You know Alex… I just don’t think Slappy has it in him to be THAT kind of a team-player. It would shock me to no end to hear him say anything to that effect…

    I think the “crybaby” label is spot-on.


    I bet Joe Torre thought that when he left the Yankees he was going into a team where he would be allow to make the decisions on the field not the owner or GM like in New York. But if Pierre starts over Either the decision is coming from McCourt and Colleti not Torre. Hey guys let Torre decide who starts that’s why you pay him the big bucks. In the spring Eithier has a .359 batting average with 6 home runs while Pierre is hitting .188 with a .253 OBP. Besides you can’t throw any one out from the dugout.


    It is pretty obvious what should and needs to be done to give our team the best chance of success. If they don’t do it, it will just be a huge mockery of baseball and the fans.


    The P.R department needs to remedy this situation fast. Or Pierre is going to be booed mercifully. What I suggest is having a press conference Friday morning in the Dugout Club with Torre, McCourt, Coletti, Lasorda, Pierre and Ethier among others. They need to announce their opening day lineup that day and have Ethier in the starting lineup in left field. Pierre needs to stand up there like a man and talk about his frustrations, but tell us he trusts Joe Torre and the Dodgers to make the right decision. He’ll do whatever he can to help the team win whether it’s in the lineup or not. That will end this ‘controversy’. Guaranteed!


    I’m getting some “Dump Colletti Now!!!” signs made up to hopefully disperse through the Dodger Stadium crowds to have them pop up in the stands every time that Pierre comes to the plate.


    Dream on, Alex!

    Slappy thinks he is an everyday player whose game “just isn’t appreciated” by us non-hard-working fans. The dude is in outer space right next to Ned I’m afraid.

    Also, check this out, a little scary…Looks like good old Maury was nothing more than a JP clone, although in his time and on those teams maybe .330 OBP wasn’t so bad?



    We need to all go to a game together sometime this season, and bring those banners with us. It will get the message to McCourt.


    The best players should start, and that means that on opening day, the starting LF should be Andre Ethier.


    BTW, and if Mr. Slappy Pop-up McDribble gets the starting job I will not attend any home games.(FYI, I’m a season tix holder)


    I know I’m dreaming but this is going to be a nightmare not just on the field, but off of it. They need to fix this fast and if Pierre starts opening day it’s going to get really bad. I said months ago this is the biggest decision for this organization and of course with 6 days until Opening Day, it’s just now getting significant press time. I myself will not boo Pierre (I go to half the home games), but there will be plenty who will share my inner feelings and express them outwardly and I fully support them if the Dodgers don’t fix this now.


    I think Pierre will on;y be happy if he starts somewhere else. This loyalty **** about Ned promising him stuff is just that – ****!

    He has to go before this year starts looking like last year again.

    If he starts – trouble. If he sits – trouble. It’s a no win situation.


    I can’t wait to be at the stadium on Friday! I have season tickets and last year the only games I missed were when I had to take a business trip to Toronto. I got to see the Blue Jays and Red Sox for a game so that is a stadium I can marked off.

    As you probably know there are no signs allowed at the stadium.

    God willing Vin will be with us a little longer at least like he said in his speech at Vero. Here is part of what he said “..and like I say over there and God willing, I will be saying it a little longer at least, “is Time for Dodger Baseball!”. Let me tell you, I got chills when I heard him at Dodgertown. – emma


    I can’t wait till I go to the game on Saturday, I will be in the right field stands and I will be booing JD Drew the whole game, he is the game’s most overrated player of all time. I hated when the dodgers signed him, they should have wasted that money on Beltre at least we would have a third baseman.


    Yep. What a shocker! From

    TOKYO — Just a few minutes before the first pitch of the 2008 season, Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew was scratched from the lineup due to tightness in his lower back.

    Rookie Brandon Moss took Drew’s sixth spot in the batting order and replaced him in right field.

    Drew had been Boston’s hottest hitter during its stay in Tokyo, belting two homers and driving in seven runs in the two exhibition games against Japanese professional teams.

    It is unknown if Drew will be able to play the second game of this series on Wednesday. Following the two games against Oakland, the Red Sox will travel to Los Angeles and resume exhibition play with a three-game set against the Dodgers.


    I for one would rather have Princess Drew on the team than JP – at least Drew can sit out a game without complaining. lol


    Let Pierre play today and go 0 for 4 or 5 and just add another nail to his coffin. It’s only spring training and I know Ethier will start the season in left. I think Torre is giving Pierre enough rope to hang himself out in left field. I hope there’s a tall tree somewhere close by


    yeah, what a shock about Drew. I actually made a bet at Vero with a Red Sox fan. I said Drew will be on the D.L. he said Nomah. Unfortunately he will probably call me first. Another surprise is Scott Rolen on the D.L.

    Ericmonson, don’t forget to call 323-224-1507 if you are taking the shuttle.


    Does it shock any of you guys that Torre would platoon his leadoff hitter? I don’t think he will.



    Yeah, I really can’t see Furcal getting mixed up in this and having to go from 1 to 2 and back again all the time.

    Solution: If/When Pierre plays, he bats 8th! Or if Penny is pitching, Penny 8th, Pierre 9th.


    Dodgers vs. Brewers Play by Play Coming Up! The last Arizona spring training game and the last spring play by play of the season!

    Brad Penny vs. Carlos Villanueva

    Pierre, Furcal, Kemp, Loney, Jones, Martin, Abreu, DeWitt, Penny

    Weeks, Gwynn Jr., Fielder, Braun, Hall, Hart, Counsell, Rivera, Villanueva


    Ok guys, it’s game time. Let’s win this one blue!! Here’s to Juan Pierre going 0-5.


    I agree with who posted at 11:21 AM that he will not support a team who does not play the best players.

    I will wait until opening day but if Ethier is not one of our starting OF’er along with Kemp and Jones then I will not support the team with my money in any way until the situation is rectified. This means I will not go to any Dodger games, buy any Dodger merchandise, watch them on TV or listen to them on the radio. I will not even visit this blog or the site because of the advertising dollars that could generate. I will keep up to date with the team from the newspaper only. I know that I am only one fan but if enough people do this then it could send a message to management that they owe the fans to put the best team on the field.


    I agree with Momo also, I might even go as far as to watch the Gnats or D’backs :-)instead, and spend my money on something other than baseball. That would make my wife happy.



    You are right.

    Also, McCourt is constantly trying to improve his image and if there is a fan uprising over this it can only reflect poorly on him.


    Top 1: Dodgers Batting: Carlos Villanueva Pitching:
    Juan Pierre rolls over to second

    Rafael Furcal doubles to right

    Matt Kemp grounds to short, Furcal to third

    James Loney singles to right, Furcal scores, 1-0 Dodgers

    Loney steals second

    Andruw Jones on full count strikes out swinging

    1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 1/2 inning 1-0 Dodgers


    Hey, all you Brooklyners! Wasn’t Dixie Walker “The People’s Cherce” or something? I think Alex was on to something when he called Andre the people’s left fielder earlier.

    Andre Ethier – The People’s Choice! (Let’s leave Cherce to Brooklyn).


    When Ive been mad at the Dodgers “moves” before, I still go to some games but wear my Cards hat. Its kind of my own personal protest. If I don’t go the Dodgers won’t know and won’t care what I think.


    Bottom 1: Brewers Batting: Brad Penny Pitching:
    Rickie Weeks grounds to DeWitt at third

    Tony Gwynn Jr. walks

    Prince Fielder pops to Furcal

    Ryan Braun flies to Jones in center

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 1-0 Dodgers


    Ethier as a starter, as a ticket taker, or peanut vendor is ALWAYS going to be better than JP period. So of course he’s going to be better off the bench. What kind of argument is that?

    It’d be like in nuclear physics, “my 3rd grader is going to start on the problem, and in about 2 1/2 hours we’re going to let the genius take over.”



    I like the way Penny has been pitching lately. I hope he has really put it all together and has a cy young year!!


    Top 2: Dodgers Batting: Villanueva Pitching:
    Russell Martin grounds to short

    Tony Abreu strikes out swinging

    Blake DeWitt flies to right

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 1/2 1-0 Dodgers


    At least Dodgers not name Pierre that are struggling this spring have taken their share of walks.


    Anybody here concerned about the Dodgers lack of power already?..or is Andruw Jones as bad as he was last year already?..I have only watched 2 games, but boy I’m not loving what I see so far…Andruw looks awful…and no left handers in the starting rotation is a big PROBLEM to me…I know we have Kershaw who is great, but I don’t think they will start him at least the beginning of the year…You just can’t be successful without at least one left hander…Hopefully Mike Myers won’t be part of this team…he’s done..


    You know, if Pierre plays everyday, the Dodgers only have 23 outs to work with most of the time. It is HARD to win like that. REALLY HARD.


    I’m not worried about the power. If Ethier plays 90 % of the season he will hit over 20 home runs. I think we can see 20 from Loney and 20 to 25 from Kemp and at least 30 from Jones Kent is good for 20 if he plays as he did last year. I think martin is good for 15. I see more power than last year.











    Everyone of these guys is good for somewhere in the 15-35 range I believe.

    I wasn’t counting Pierre’s zero.


    I believe the Dodgers lead the N.L in home runs this spring, or at least they did. If they play the right players, power is up and down the lineup. Each player could hit at least 15 home runs.


    Bottom 2: Brewers Batting: Penny Pitching: Penny will only pitch 3 innings today while Kershaw will also pitch 3 innings today, which unfortunately means he won’t pitch in the Coliseum game:
    Bill Hall walks on four pitches

    Hall to second on a wild pitch

    Corey Hart flies to Kemp in right

    Craig Counsell on a full count walks

    Mike Rivera strikes out swinging

    Carlos Villanueva singles to center (Penny threw him a breaking ball and it got whacked), Hall scores, Counsell to second, 1-1 Tie

    Weeks strikes out swinging

    1 Run 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 2 1-1 Tie


    Penny is a little off today. Probably trying to keep these guys from doubling to shallow left field.


    Top 3: Dodgers Batting: Villanueva Pitching:
    Brad Penny singles to left when Braun loses the ball in the sun

    Pierre lines to third, Penny doubled off at first

    Furcal flies to center

    0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 2 1/2 1-1 Tie


    Great, now Pierre is not only getting himself out, but Penny too! Drag him off the field before he causes any more outs!


    ok, now it’s just funny. it’s just spring training, and i don’t know how much pressure a ‘veteran’ feels, but it sure is comical to watch JP *fail* on every sequential at bat.











    Bottom 3: Brewers Batting: Penny Pitching: On this getaway day, Hu is in for Furcal, most regulars will only get two/three at bats:
    Gwynn lines to Abreu at second

    Fielder strikes out swinging

    Braun walks

    Hall on a full count walks, Braun to second

    Hart flies to Jones in center

    0 Runs 0 Hits 2 LOB End of 3 1-1 Tie


    He definitely is feeling the pressure. I figured Slappy would be able to slap a couple bloop singles per game at least, but he has been grounding to 1st and 2nd just about every at bat.

    If you’re an opposing infielder and up comes JP, you’re thinking here comes a nice easy bouncy one for me!


    Hey for anyone not in the Vegas area. The new owners of the AAA team are going to change the name of the team from 51’s to something else. The public is going to vote on it. Also, if they do not build a new stadium the Dodgers will not renew their affiliation with Vegas. That would **** seeing as how I live in Vegas, and it’s nice to get to see our prospects play…. especially on dollar beer night.


    I bet Pierre gets another 5 at bats today, getaway day or not.

    What a piece of **** he is.


    Top 4: Dodgers Batting: Villanueva Pitching:
    Kemp flies to right

    Loney flies to left

    Jones strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 1-1 Tie


    This whole situation with Pierre is making me angry. The Dodgers should be playing their regulars now so they can jell as a team. Furcal is our best lead-off hitter. Ethier is our best LF. They should both be playing in those positions now. I’m tried of all the nonsense about competition and Torre still making up his mind. The answer is obvious to everybody. By any logical standard Pierre doesn’t belong in the starting line-up, and with his attitude, doesn’t belong on the team. Yet, the fans have to put up with management’s lack of action. The Dodgers have been crying for more power for years, then when Ethier shows he can provide the needed power management can’t decide whether he should play. Give me a break! How dumb is that?

    The worst decision McCourt has made was not sticking with the GM that he inherited. Dan Evans was turning the team around and understood the value to growing your own players. His two replacements have made horrendous personnel decisions. If Evans were still the GM, I bet the Dodgers post season record would have been much better. Now because Colletti refuses to correct his huge blunder by trading or dumping Pierre we are losing the edge that is needed to win in the NL West. Unless things changes, it looks like another long season.


    Pierre ST #s update

    .183 .247 .225 .472 (OPS)

    Ethier’s OBP .481 is higher than JP’s OPS .472….enough said!


    Bottom 4: Brewers Batting: Clayton Kershaw Pitching: Kemp, Loney and Jones all replaced by Young, Martinez and Repko:
    Counsell pops to Pierre

    Rivera doubles down the right field line

    Villanueva strikes out looking

    Weeks strikes out swinging on “Public Enemy #1” (Steiner screamed)

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 4 1-1 Tie


    Charris, stats like OBP and OPS are foreign to Colletti. You need to show stats like, “What time does the player come out in the morning to practice” or “How much more is the incumbent player paid than the up and comer” Shame on You Charris, you should know better!


    Yeah, you’d think at this point in the spring we’d be playing our regulars all the time. When is Torre announcing his starting lineup?


    You just can’t be successful without at least one left hander…
    Posted by: | March 25, 2008 01:33 PM


    The 2004 Red Sox and the 2006 Cardinals both won the World Series with almost no contribution from LH starters. The Sox had ONE start from a LH (the unforgettable Abe Alvarez), and the Cards had 17 from Mark Mulder who was lit up brighter than a gaudy Christmas tree (7.14 ERA).


    Steiner and Monday do seem to have a problem giving the score, count and baserunner status often enough – which is especially important on radio because are tuning in all the time, while on TV you can see the situation on the screen – but my biggest problem with Steiner is that his perception on fly balls is simply AWFUL. How often have you heard him get excited on a ball that ends up not even reaching the warning track, or surprised on a ball that carries out? Answer: too often.


    In the World According to Ned, let’s not forget Nedism #10 – Pierre’s not to blame, the other players aren’t making him look better.


    Alex is right, before today the Dodgers had 33 HRs total, tied for 3rd in the majors, and 1st in the NL (4 more than the Astros).


    Top 5: Dodgers Batting: Villanueva Pitching:
    Martin doubles to right center

    Abreu lines to Counsell who drops the ball and throws Abreu out

    DeWitt foul pops to third

    Delwyn Young strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 4 1/2 1-1 Tie


    I hear that since Arod is a better player than Betemit, Arod will come off of the bench and Betemit will start.:-)


    Maybe when the Dodgers break for L.A. after the game they can leave little Slappy-go-lightly in AZ. Tell him there’s a double header or something.


    Does anyone find DY’s strike outs perplexing? I know he is trying to show what he can do, but he hasn’t shown that he belongs in the majors and he is going to block someone else like Repko that is playing a lot better than him…….


    Bottom 5: Brewers Batting: Kershaw Pitching: (Martin lobbied to stay in the game to catch Kershaw)
    Gabe Kapler grounds to DeWitt at third

    Fielder strikes out swinging

    Braun grounds to Hu at short

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 5 1-1 Tie


    Ned, I don’t always agree with your decisions but I have to say you and the Dodgers are class acts for answering the fans questions. My question is , It seems to us fans that whenever a trade rumor pops up involving the Dodgers, it seems like other teams want so much more from the Dodgers for their player than they ask for and sometimes get from other teams. Is this a true statement, and if it is why do you think it’s like that?


    I remember Jerry calling a game where Willie Crawford “slid into third with a stand-up double!”

    God rest him…….


    oh wow pierre gotta hit OMG!

    that’s the only way he ever gets basehits off those little dribblers when can you actually hit a ball out of the infield JUAN!!


    I liked Betemit. He was such a streaky power hitter. He had the power but couldn’t connect enough to make a difference


    Top 6: Dodgers Batting: Villanueva Pitching:
    Pierre drag bunts to the right side toward Munson and Weeks it goes between them and Pierre goes to second on a bunt double (double you tee eff)

    Hu sacrifice bunts to the catcher, Pierre to third

    Repko singles to left, Pierre scores, 2-1 Dodgers

    Ramon Martinez 6-4-3 Double Play

    1 Run 2 Hits 0 LOB End of 5 1/2 2-1 Dodgers


    I don’t know about you guys but I think this thing between Either and Pierre should already end I mean its such a clear disision. Just play Ethier. I think the problem that there having with Pierre is his salary and I think they don’t want to pay him that much to sit down. I really dissagree with that shouldn’t we just do what’s best for the time and stop worrying about the bucks. Pierre will not help us get a ring. But I know if he starts every dodger fan will be angry about it. I kinda feel sorry for the guy if he gets to start he’ll get booed out of L.A.


    MLB sure is a funny game. Repko absolutley deserves to make the club, while Young doesn’t. But circumstances beyond performance dictate such decisions. If Dodgers DL the gimp twins, I feel there’s still room for Repko and DY come Opening Day. And playing hop-scotch with the DL all season may just assure Repko stays. Of course a trade might help, too. Trouble is JP is a GREAT fit for the Padres–they need a lead-off hitter and OF. But you just know he’d win an MVP with the Pods. Like I said, MLB sure is a funny game…


    Bottom 6: Brewers Batting: Kershaw Pitching:
    Hall strikes out swinging (Strikeout #4)

    Hart walks on a full count (Kershaw overthrew the fastball, he’s upset with himself, Martin goes out to talk to him)

    Counsell strikes out swinging (Strikeout #5)

    Kershaw picks off Hart but Martinez dropped the ball at first, Hart to second on the error

    Rivera strikes out swinging on a full count (6 Strikeouts in 3 innings)

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 6 2-1 Dodgers


    Perhaps you all have become to accustomed to the rational thought process that is often displayed here, but remember that in the very recent poll on, Juan Pierre was splitting the poll vote nearly 50/50 with Furcal when the question was “who should hit leadoff?”, with the choices Pierre, Furcal, other. If Pierre were booed at Dodger Stadium, I think there would still be a significant counter-cheer, though the potential strength of that may be dwindling.


    Koufax felt like that, but not when he was barely 20. He had trouble hitting the broad side of a barn from the inside with the doors shut. But once he learned control, hoo-boy! With this kid, I’m remembering Magic!


    Top 7: Dodgers Batting: Dave Bush Pitching (Bushed!):
    Gary Bennett pinch hitting for Kershaw singles to left

    Martin on a full count walks, Bennett to second

    With Abreu squaring to bunt Bennett is picked off

    Martin steals second, uncontested

    Abreu strikes out swinging

    DeWitt grounds to short

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 6 1/2 2-1 Dodgers


    Ayiyi, I just can’t get excited for the start of a season that includes Pierre in the leadoff spot and left field.

    I tried, but I can’t.

    Incidentally, it is interesting to see how Pierre’s glowing “He’s such a great guy” reputation is getting belied a little by his surliness over the possibility that he won’t start every day. Seems that, like most people, he’s only a “great guy” when things goes his way. Real character comes in when you can take it on the chin when it doesn’t go your way.

    And it is not like he’s got unfair competition. Except for his speed, he is being outdone in everything by Ethier. Outdone by a lot, too, not a little. Pierre’s speed is great to watch, but his stupid little bunt pop outs, weakling outfield flies and jabbed grounders to the infield isn’t.


    Does anyone here remember one time last year that Pierre really made a huge impact and made a big contribution to the team winning a game. I can think of several times where Ethier made HUGE impacts on games.


    Kershaw has to be the 5th starter. It makes so much sense. We have no lefty, and we have no strikeout pitcher. I think their afraid to use him this year, because of what happened to Edwin Jackson. What happened to Jackson should have nothing to do with Kershaw. I would rather have Kershaw than Loaiza.


    Charley Steiner is perhaps the worst announcer in dodgers history.Preaching and gloating to fans when he has never played a game in his life. A pathetic attempt to paint a picture for Dodger fans.


    It has nothing to do with them wanting him, he is young and has never thrown anything close to 200 innings (which a major leaguer does) If the Dodgers increase his innings by more than 15-20% a year that is when they risk shoulder and elbow issues.


    Can’t hold the lead again. I think Rudy should go and Repko stays. We don’t need Rudy, He ***** big time.


    Bottom 7: Brewers Batting: Rudy Seanez Pitching:
    Gabe Gross doubles to center with Repko losing it in the sun

    Weeks singles to center, Gross scores, 2-2 Tie

    Weeks steals second on a pitch out, Weeks steals third, uncontested

    Kapler walks on a full count

    Eric Munson pops to Hu at short

    Kapler steals second

    Joe Dillon grounds to Abreu at second, Weeks scores, Kapler to third, 3-2 Brewers

    (Proctor relieves Seanez)

    Steve Chapman flies to Pierre in left

    2 Runs 2 Hits (though one was lost in the sun) 1 LOB End of 7 3-2 Brewers


    He was in Rookie league to start off and then went to A ball and if I remember right he only pitched about 90-100 innings.


    havoc159 – Vin preaches to the fans and has never played the game either. (I’m not saying that Charley is Vin quality; he’s not, but most of the great announcers were not ex-players: Vin, Jack (not Joe) Buck, Ernie Harwell, etc.


    Look at Peeair on defense. He takes horrible routes to the ball and has no arm. Why would you want someone in left with that arm. A runner on 3rd will score at will when a ball is popped to left. Him showing up early to practice is grat.


    They could bring him out of the pen like they did Bills last year to build up his innings. And let him start later in the year.


    Rickcindy, 122 innings.

    Hi everyone, first-time poster here. Been following the blog for over a year now but decided to chime in for the first time just now.


    I agree. Steiner is the worst announcer I’ve ever heard. His reaction times to the events on the field are so slow, It is painful to listen to him. You know when he was a kid he was the one who was never picked to play on anyone’s team.
    Rather than sending people to jail, they should make them listen to Steiner voice. I guarantee you they’ll never commit another crime.


    Kershaw pitched 122 innings in the minors last year. Most advocates of limiting IP for youngsters would limit the increase to 30% at most, which would be 158 IP this year.


    Top 8: Dodgers Batting: Bush Pitching:
    Young doubles to deep center

    Pierre (who missed twice on bunt attempts) grounds to first, Young to third (productive out)

    Hu grounds to short (infield playing in)

    Repko strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 7 1/2 3-2 Brewers


    Charley Steiner is NOT the worse announcer I’ve ever heard. The Padres team of Matt Vasgersian and Mark Grant makes me want to vomit.


    fogey, aren’t you the poster with season seats in LF? If so are you going to make any anti-Pierre posters if he starts?


    You guys crack me up, how do you get to the stats so quick? It’s hard for me considering I am at work and trying not to get caught!! haha πŸ™‚


    He should have 25 starts this year with the Dodgers. Which is usually what a #5 starter gets. 25 starts is about 160 innings. I would rather have 25 starts from Kershaw rather than from Loaiza or Kuo.


    “Pierre (who missed twice on bunt attempts) grounds to first, Young to third (productive out)”

    Man, I HATE this approach. In the top of the 8th especially, you don’t BUNT the runner to third, you hit the right-side hoping TO GET A HIT, but willing to SETTLE for a productive out. JP (and/or Torre) tried to sacrifice from the get-go, without ever trying to get a hit. Even JP had a 28 – 29% chance (typically) to score that run with a single AND be the tying run on base.


    fogey, obviously you’ve never heard the Pads own Ted Leitner call a game, the guy is beyond a homer. He makes comments like “If their are 2 things I hate in life, its alimoni and the Dodgers.” Thankfully he rarely does games anymore but I lived in San Diego County for almost 20 years and to put up with that idiot for the majority of them.


    Bottom 8: Brewers Batting: Proctor Pitching:
    Ozzie Chavez flies to Pierre in left

    Alcides Escobar flies to Young in right

    Dave Bush grounds to Hu at short

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 3-2 Brewers


    jnv, Google skills. πŸ™‚ I was in class about an hour and a half ago and got caught reading this blog, had to shut down for a while.


    charris – nope that’s not me.

    I also don’t boo players. Bad karma, not good for the chi, blocks the seventh shakra. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I think the only thing I’ve ever booed is a really bad call by the ump. Otherwise the risk of spilling my beer is too great to bother.


    I hope I don’t get caught here at work! I did just google kershaw and he was in single A and AA last year. I would have bet money it was Rookie league (GCL) and single A. I better google more!


    Yeah, he was lights out in single A and dominant, though less so, in double. That’s the argument for keeping him in the minors a bit longer.


    charris – Nope, fortunately I’ve been spared the Ted Leitner experience.

    Growing up in L.A., I’ve been fortunate to have Vin, Chick, and **** Enberg (for the Rams and UCLA football). Spoiled I am.


    I remember that, but look at what he is doing to major leaguer’s in spring training. 2 innings and 6 strike outs.


    Sorry, pierre is decent for hits with 700 at bats. He cannot walk or hit a home run. He has no arm in left field.


    Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see Kershaw sooner than later. But you’ve gotta protect long-term interests, too.


    For all of us that never got to see Koufax pitch we are in for a treat when Kershaw finally arrives for good.


    back to work guys thanks for helping me kill the afternoon, and thanks again Alex for the PBP.


    havoc – a .250 hitter is decent for hits with 700 ABs (175 hits.) What’s indecent about Pierre is the 500 outs.

    The rest I agree with 150%.


    Well Kershaw is gonna pitch about 160 innings this year, I’d rather have those 160 innings be at the major league level. That would be a solid 20-25 starts


    Top 9: Dodgers Batting: Bush Pitching:
    Martinez singles up the middle

    Bennett strikes out swinging

    Andre Ethier pinch hitting for Proctor singles to left (see this is why we should waste 8 innings of his play so he can pinch hit, right?), Martinez to second

    Abreu singles to left, bases loaded

    DeWitt sacrifice flies to center on an 0-2 pitch, Martinez scores, Ethier to third, 3-3 Tie

    Young grounds to first

    1 Run 3 Hits 2 LOB End of 8 1/2 3-3 Tie


    Man, if Kershaw has to be Koufax to live up to our expectations, we are quite likely to be disappointed. Since Koufax’s time, only Pedro has had a run of dominance close to comparable to Koufax’s. I’ll settle for Kershaw being really, really good. πŸ˜‰


    And with that PH, Torre and Ned are sitting there thinking, “see, we’re right. Ethier is better off the bench than Pierre.”


    My oh my… I just saw Kershaw’s line for today. 3 IP, 1 Hit, 1 BB, 6 Ks. He’s gonna be a good one.


    Bottom 9: Brewers Batting: Ramon Trancoso Pitching: (This will be the final inning in Arizona)
    Gross lines to Hu at short (HUUUU!)

    Abraham Nunez grounds to first

    Kapler walks on four pitches

    (Myers relieves Trancoso)

    Munson strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB


    3 11 0


    3 4 0

    Time of Game: 2:51

    Thanks to everybody for all the kind words, I hope you all enjoyed the play by play this spring. It’s almost time for Dodger Baseball!

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”


    charris – yeah Maddux ’92 – ’98 with ’94 – ’95 being otherworldly. Pedro ’97 – ’03 is stronger IMO, ’97, ’99, ’00, ’02 are all ridiculous.

    They are all first-ballot HOFers, I believe. I’m willing to settle for Kershaw to be a little less than that and still consider him a success. πŸ˜‰


    “This organization will be the laughingstock of baseball if Ethier doesn’t start.” I disagree for two reasons. If you wanted to cite egregious problems with the Dodgers, you could think of things like trading Mike Piazza or Pedro Martinez, but while dumb, benching Pierre for Ethier would put the Dodgers in foolish territory, but not in laughingstock.

    Secondly, how do you beat out the Houston Astros? They traded 5 players for Miguel Tejada a day before the Mitchell Report. They gave Carlos Lee a 6 year, $100m deal. Their guy represented the Phillies and ruined arbitration. If anyone’s the laughingstock of baseball, it’s Houston.


    Maddux from ’92-’98

    92: 20-11, 2.18 ERA, 199 K, 1.01 WHIP

    93: 20-12, 2.36 ERA, 197 K, 1.05 WHIP

    94: 16-6, 1.56 ERA, 156 K, .90 WHIP

    95: 19-2, 1.63 ERA, 181 K, .81 WHIP

    96: 15-11, 2.72 ERA, 172 K, 1.03 WHIP

    97: 19-4, 2.21 ERA, 177 K, .95 WHIP

    98: 18-9, 2.22 ERA, 204 K, .98 WHIP

    Thats not strike you all out dominant but its pretty amazing considering it was during the “juiced” era.


    charris – absolutely.
    Pedro ’97 -’03 same stats:

    97- 17-8 1.90 305 0.93

    98- 19-7 2.89 251 1.09

    99- 23-4 2.07 313 0.92

    00- 18-6 1.74 284 0.74

    01- 7-3 2.39 163 0.93

    02- 20-4 2.26 239 0.92

    03- 14-4 2.22 206 1.04

    Studs man, absolute studs.


    Thats a good one alex, but my favorite was always: “the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.”

    And more true words have never been said….

    Kershaw gives me the chills as well– maybe something else too…. lol…. All jokes aside, the kid has the making of something truly special. I know we all cringed when Andre got that PH late in the game— its starting to get pretty f’ ridiculous..

    Go Dodgers


    those pedro stats are amazing— 1000+ K in 4 seasons…. I always liked to watch Maddux pitch more though, plus i never had to deal with the fact that he should have been in blue.

    Probably most impressive though is such a consistent WHIP for so long..

    Both amazing pitchers. I really believe Kersh WILL be as good, if not better


    I totally agree, those 2 might be the most dominant players of that 90s thru early 2000’s era. Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens were close but when you look at WHIP/ERA and ignore Ks they are a distant third.


    ewk, the Unit had 1,083 Ks in 3 seasons (99-01) and had 5 straight 300+K years (98-02). Still though ERA and WHIP separate the legends from the other greats in comparison.


    Anybody worried about Andruw Jones?…So far he seems as bad as last year…Hopefully not another Coletti bust…Anyone have opinions?


    Even if he duplicates his ’07 numbers, he will improve our team with defense and the occasional pop. I think Andruw is really streaky and he never hit that hot streak last year because of the elbow injury. Even still, I would expect a .250-.270 BA with 25-35 HR, not great by any stretch but with that glove and arm in center, he’ll earn his $$$.


    I am worried about Jones as well. Overweight, a lot of K’s. When a stock breaks through its moving average trend, it’s a sell. When a player’s stats are heading South, it’s seems to be the time to buy for the Dodgers.


    Jones’ OPS is .864 this spring, if he does anything near that during the season it’ll be a great season for Andruw Jones and us.


    Plus our other options were Hunter and Rowand who were both commanding long term deals. They are both overrated IMO and will end up handicapping their respective franchises towards the tail end of their contracts.


    Andrew will be an acceptable player only if he’s flanked by Ethier and Kemp. Put Pierre in there, and it’ll be a combination even worse than last year.


    jungar, I would only agree with that if Pierre plays over Ethier, but an OF of Jones, Kemp, Ethier is pretty imposing vs. the alternative.


    The current logic of starting P. air over Andre now circulating comes right a chapter of Catch-22 or from your local asylum. It goes something like this: Andre may be the better everyday player, but since Jp would be a poor role player, JP should start.
    I suspect the Dodgers are giving JP some face time, talking up his value, so they can peddle him.


    From the Dodger Thoughts comments section. Jon Heyman is essentially an east coast guy. Even they know:

    2008-03-25 16:51:26

    310. bhsportsguy

    Jon Heyman of CNNSI is saying on the radio right now (on Petros and Money) that he has not spoken to any scout who thinks Pierre is a better player than Ethier and that Ethier needs to start.

    He also says how JP is a good guy, blah blah, makes a lot of money but in the end, Ethier will help you win more games.


    Bottom line is that we will win more games with Ferk leading off and a starting outfield of Ethier/Jones/Kemp.
    Phewerre starting ahead of Ethier is a crime, but having her lead off instead of Ferk is also right up there on the stupid list.


    Hey, its Ned’s job. If he wants to hang his career on Phew, then he needs to be ready to accept the consequences. Probably a 4th or 5th place finish and his firing.


    I still don’t understand why Martin is starting at catcher when he would obviously be more valuable late in the game as a pinch hitter/defensive replacement since he is a better hitter with more power and plays better defense. Same with Loney, start Sweeney and save Loney for later.


    Hey, I think I will get up super early and show up at the ballpark so Ned will see me and think I’m wonderful. HaHa, I’ve got these baffoons figured out. LOL
    If that doesn’t work, I’ll pout and put on the puppy dog face. HehHeh.


    well yeah charris thats what i meant. otherwise is Jones 36 million dollars better over ethier over the next two seasons, doubtful.


    It’s good to hear Jon Heyman chime in with his opinion about Ethier being the better player. Most of us on this forum have been voicing that all through Spring Training if not before. Why are we paying Torre his five million or whatever a year if he has such a difficult decision with it? That is just so much BS. I know he’s a smarter baseball man than that. Just have the guts to do what’s right and tell Ned that it’s his problem to find what to do with Pierre. If Pierre gets the playing time, and we wind up third or fourth in the division, there is just no excuse to keep Ned around for another season, and I will have lost all respect for Torre as well.


    It is ironic that we have Princess Drew to blame for most of this calamity. Ned panicked. Had he signed Lofton for 1 year to play center, and started Kemp and Ethier, we would have been much better off last year and for the future. Most of us bloggers were of that opinion when it was occurring as I recall. So it is not hindsight. It is sound baseball sense that seems to have escaped Ned.


    The to the problem is simple:
    The Dodgers Opening Day game will be on ESPN. If Pierre starts over Ethier everyone who claims to have voted for Pierre over Ethier and is attending the game get a blue shirt with the words BENCH/TRADE/DUMP PIERRE! WE WANT ETHIER! I bet that would get some attention if say…a couple thousand true fans pull that off! McCourt would hate it!! ha ha!! GO ETHIER!


    How can we start Ferk at SS. He is much more valuable coming off the bench late in the game because he is a better hitter and fielder than Abreau or Hu.


    I agree somewhat with jhall that Ned overreacted from the Drew deal. Further compounded with the signing of A. Jones. Yikes, what a waste (waist)?

    I would rather went with Eithier, Pierre and Kemp and went hard to get Cabrerra from the Marlins (Kershaw, LaRoche, D.Young?). Paying a 24 yr old triple crown threat makes more sense than paying a fading Jones, 18.5 mil.


    You’ve got the right idea Calistang. The fans in the seats can have a huge impact.
    I am in Ohio so I cannot be there to voice my displeasure in person. I would have a hard time paying my hard earned money to attend games when I know they are not putting the best team on the field day in and day out because of hurt feelings and stupid contracts.


    Hey, I think I’ll paint the seats in pastels, have an all you can eat left field and raise prices. That way, they won’t notice that we are mired in 4th place because I don’t start the best team.


    Torre could delay his decision one day by surprising everyone and starting the right-handed bat of Delwyn Young in LF against the left-handed Barry Zito. Remember, on the last day of the season Zito dominated the Dodgers but Young hit a Zito hanger for a monster PH homer halfway up the left-field bleachers.

    Won’t happen, but would be funny.


    Secret tape of the 14-minute outfield conversation between Joe and Juan:
    Joe: “You know I’m gonna to have to start Ethier, don’t you?”

    Juan: “Yeah, but it still hurts. I was brought here to be a table-setting center fielder and somehow I’ve devolved into this hated symbol of Dodger ineptness.”

    Joe: “Not your fault. Blame Ned. I mean, who wouldn’t have taken the money, right?”

    Juan: “I guess, but I don’t deserve this.”

    Joe: “Hey like Clint said in ‘Unforgiven,’ ‘deserves got nothing to do with it.'”

    Juan: “I never saw that movie.”

    Joe: “Did you see ‘Pulp Fiction’?”

    Juan: “Uh huh.”

    Next 13 minutes are spent comparing movies…


    Well Enchanted, when I was about 7 years old I started playing Little League baseball. That was in 1964. It opened me up to baseball and at that time, you could only get one game per week at 1:00 on Saturday. Game Of The Week. Most of the time they had the Yankees, Dodgers, or Cardinals on. I watched and became endthralled with Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. I am very fortunate to have seen them pitch. It was amazing. It didn’t hurt that they were winning and I saw them in the World Series in 65 and 66. That was my team from then on and I stayed with them. Reading about the old Brooklyn Dodgers and their roots just cemented my alligience. The Big Red Machine was awesome to see and I saw it many times against the Garvey/Lopes/Russell/Cey teams. We acquitted ourselves well against them and it was a great rivalry. I just hope we can get back to those better days.


    PHOENIX — Joe Torre is far and away the highest-paid manager in Dodgers history and it looks like they’ll make him earn it.

    He wrapped up the Cactus League portion of a vagabond Spring Training on Tuesday, heading home with more issues to resolve than he had when it started.

    He hasn’t succeeded in dividing four outfielders into three positions, or at least hasn’t revealed his solution, as observers figure the best alignment won’t include veteran Juan Pierre, who signed a five-year contract expecting to be the every-day center fielder.

    With the acquisition of Andruw Jones, Pierre not only isn’t the center fielder, he might not be an everyday player anymore, either. He hasn’t talked about it, but Pierre’s body language and the numerous meetings he’s had with Torre indicate it’s a simmering problem.


    I’m sure alot of you remember only 3 channels and getting up to change the station or volume. Black and White as well. LOL with great memories.


    jhall – Dude, you are OLDER than ME and look what I call myself! (I was 3 for most of 1964; my earliest Dodger memories are from 1968.)


    Well they have been saying things to the effect that he is not going to be starting and to try and let her down easy. I am praying they do the right thing. Pierre’s feelings are not more important than the team’s success.


    Wow Jhall. I thought you were alot younger for some reason. Not that you are old, but you know. I am very envious… my earliest memories are of the Karros/Piazza Dodgers. There hasn’t been alot of good Dodger baseball played since then. I am impressed that you are such a knowledgeable out of town fan.


    The internet must be a godsend for non-local fans. Just imagine the old days of waiting for the newspaper to get a one-paragraph blurb and a tiny boxscore. Maybe waiting for the The Sporting News to come in the mail.


    Hey Fogey, me too. 1961. I was more of a football fan until 1974 when the Ds caught my attention. Remember the good old days when you could sit down on field level pretty darn cheap?

    I also remember conning ballclubs out of media guides during the 70’s by writing to them and telling them I was doing a (mythical) term paper. Even had the one from the Reds when they had Vida Blue in it.

    Don’t think that paper ever got written…


    Did you guys keep composite stats on notebook paper and keep erasing everyday until you wore a hole in the paper just so you wouldn’t have to copy down the names too often?


    It was fun to go to school and come home to find the paper and see what your favorite team/player did the night before and see the standings.


    enchantedsunset, I’m a late 1960 so I am older than you. The first baseball poster to grace my bedroom wall was #28 Wes Parker. Strangely enough, the poster was an action photo of him batting (lefty) when he biggest rep was for fielding. Big Rams fan, late 60s until Georgia F. ruined it. The Fearsome Foursome! The great O-line of Mack, Cowan, Iman, Scibelli, et al. Those darned Vikes and Cowgirls knocking the Rams out of the playoffs!


    I even taught my mom how to keep score so when I was out she’d listen to the game on radio and keep track for me.

    I’d forgotten that.


    jhall – it was fun to get the Sunday paper with the stats for ALL the players in both leagues (min X ABs and min Y IP).


    Most kids then had their favorite players and they would memorize their stats. We were too occupied actually out in the back yard playing baseball. Most of the stat talk as it was, was on the school bus the next morning.


    Probably only a month or so Fogey – Jan. 30th.

    I remember the Rams coming to my sister’s high school and playing donkey basketball. Yeah – Roman Gabriel, Hadl to Jackson, Laurence McCutcheon. The old white uniforms…


    McCutheon was my dad’s favorite ram. I was like 4-8 years old (not sure). So he was my favorite Ram.


    I wish I had those cards now. Boxes of them and I guess mom threw them away. They just disappeared.


    Kershaw might be ready now. His Spring ERA is 0.90, the lowest of any Dodger with at least 10 innings. He’s allowed one run on seven hits in 10 innings with 13 strikeouts and three walks.



    Other than hockey, L.A. had some pretty memorable sports figures back then. From Wilt Chamberlain’s finger rolls and Happy Hairston “missed the lay-up!” to all the D’s to the Rams BF (before Frontandreary.) Pretty cool place to grow up in retrospect.

    My dad always told me a story of how he had a big batch of baseball cards that he left in a trunk when he moved to CA from IN, but when he went back a few years later, they were gone. My dad was a kid in the 30’s…


    I recall having to get every Steve Garvey Card in mint. I got them all but 1973. For some reason the 73 Garvey was rare and worth alot more than others. But like you jhall that stuff was thrown out with all my Star Wars stuff. If I had all that stuff and all my cards and it was on e-bay I would be rich.


    enchanted – two months, Dec. 2.

    Harold Jackson was my favorite – little guy, receiver. I was little and could catch (but slow as heck). My handmade “jersey” (plain white T, markers) was # 29. I actually had a blue and white Ram helmet. Roman used to throw to Jack Snow and Wendell Tucker, handoff to **** Bass. McCutcheon was solid. Willie Ellison ran wild one day. Those were great times.

    And baseball cards were to be read, handled and traded. Soaked up those stats on the back.


    enchanted – the figures and the announcers. As I noted at the top, we (always) had Vin for the Dodgers, Chick for the Lakers, **** Enberg for the Rams, Angels and Bruins – all top notch. Perhaps the golden era of LA sports radio.


    Fortunately jungar, my mom saw fit to squirrel away my Lesney Matchbox and Redline Hot Wheels. Still have those in the closet somewhere.

    Believe it or not, my mother-in-law (a packrat) had a bunch of vintage Star Wars characters still MOC that she had packed away in her garage, that she gave to me a few years ago. Have no idea why she have them, but I wasn’t going to look that gift horse in the mouth.


    We were lucky fogey. Sports might not have impacted us so much if lesser men did the broadcasting.

    I still remember Chick doing roller derby… Oh those Thunderbirds!!!


    Most of the batters Kershaw faces are Brewers regulars and they are a good-hitting club. That is a great experience for him. 20 year old – man, am I jealous.


    How do you guys see the JP saga playing out? I know we biatch and moan, but what do you think will really happen?


    I found this written on a yankee blog just now by total chance. I was linked there as I was looking for pictures..The article was about possible replecements for Bernie Willliams and was written in March 2005

    “Juan Pierre(2005 OPS+:84 , Career OPS+:87, Career Rate as a CF:97) Please, just say no. He’s a one tool speed player with no pop who gets almost all his value from infield hits. He also seems to rate as a below average defender, and is at an age where he can be expected to start losing his one tool”


    interesting response from ESPN’s Keith Law on a question about LaRoche and Hu.

    Jon (Laguna Beach, CA) : Hey Keith, is Andy Laroche still eligible for rookie of the year if he plays enough? Also what is the outlook on Chin-lung Hu?

    Keith Law: Both are still eligible. Hu could only win if none of the good rookie bats hits – defensive players almost never win. Weiss may have been the last one. LaRoche’s chances are probably toast – he’ll miss too much playing time, and we all know the Dodgers are just looking for excuses to not play him.


    jungar – it seems like the entire baseball world knew/knows about one-dimentional Juan. Everyone that is except Ned. Whether he panicked or whether he thought he was one-upping the Gnats, it still showed poor judgement. But 5 years?? That’s malpractice.

    If we’re stuck with Juan, why did Ned go out and get another CFer? OK, power bat, but there were other avenues. And as mbear stated, Andruw only works if he’s flanked by E and Kemp.

    The biggest problem is that there’s no clear plan for the D’s from Cap’n Frank on down. Even Torre’s merely a PR move to make it look like there’s something going on. If it weren’t for Logan White, I think Ned disdains the young guys and would rather we resemble the broken down aging Gnats. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


    What blows my mind about Kershaw is that the kid is my age and he’s striking out major league pitching. I have a lot of respect for him as a peer.


    There will be a lot of Red Sox fans at the Coliseum game. Imagine all 115,000 thousand people booing J.D. Drew! (If he shows.)


    Sure was entertaining reading all the memory lane stuff just now while Janice Joplin was playing on VH1.

    ****, I feel old. I’m older than old fogey. At least I’m younger than PierreEMW.

    I can remember running to kindergarden one morning being all excited that the Ds had won the Series in ’59. Been bleeding blue ever since.


    enchanted, I doubt even Ned could have predicted just how bad Juan’s defense would become…though he should have. That’s his JOB. Dodgers were right in getting 10-time gold glove to patrol the ocean-cooled Chavez Ravine outfield, where balls go to die on the warning track. But that’s all hindsight. I have faith that Ethier’s playing time will eclipse Pierre’s. Even if there’s an injury to an outfielder, Repko would seem a more suitable replacement. At the end of the day Pierre just does too little. But that’s ALWAYS been his game. I’m as amazed as you are–and all Dodger fans for that matter–that Ned shelled out a 5-year deal. Five years is a long time. Just ask W.


    Kevin Baxter again:

    PHOENIX — Joe Torre promised earlier this week the Dodgers wouldn’t make any roster moves while the team was in Arizona. But the manager didn’t say how long he’d wait once they had returned to Southern California.

    Turns out the wait wasn’t long, with the team announcing it had released reliever Rudy Seanez shortly after touching down in Los Angeles.

    Marcus Giles, a player the Dodgers have expressed interest in, could become available soon because the Colorado Rockies are planning on releasing him. But the Dodgers have doubts about his ability to play third, a position he played only nine times in the majors.


    Seanez would have made some good guaranteed money if he made the club, so this move might be part economic. Also may be a sign that the pitching staff will be 11 players; you’d think Rudy would make a 12-man group.

    Or maybe he his pitches just look old and slow.


    Actually it’s “only” a $150K opening day bonus, and he probably wouldn’t have reached some of his incentives, so maybe $750K “saved”.


    Funny, I’m really excited by Kershaw, but part of me wants him to go to AA for a little while. I guess I’m scared that they’re going to rush him.


    Good point on the 12-man staff…or lack there of. I favor the 11-man satff, with loser of the Park/Loiaza starter derby as one arm, along with Saito, Broxton, Beimal, Proctor and Kuo. Seanez took the loss yesterday when he gave up two in the seventh…even if Dodgers went with 12 pitchers I’d rather see, well in a fantasy world, Kershaw. But I’m not sure they want to funk with his arm.











    That’s 10. Who’s left?

    Park, Kershaw, the NRIs (Koplove, Myers, Jones, Falkenborg), Troncoso, Yhency (on the Florida fat farm)


    I’m all for not rushing Kershaw and pacing him in AA. But as far as I’m concerned, there’s no need for him to see Vegas.

    I guess Chan-Ho’s speed and stuff looked better than Rudy’s? Hard to believe given how crappy Park’s been for several years, including being terrible in AAA last year. AAA!


    There was a kid back in the ’70s, David Clyde, that Texas drafted out of high school. A pitcher, I think he was a southpaw. They rushed him and burned his arm out. Texas needed him to boost attendance.


    Spring Training trivia for the bored. Name the two Dodger pitchers this Spring with an era under 1.00…and pitched at least 10 innings? Answer: Penny (.095) and Kershaw (0.90). Which pitcher has MORE walks than strikeouts? Not Kershaw; he’s 3 BB and 13K. Next best…Loiza, 3/12. Then Lowe, 6/17. Answer…suprisingly, Penny. 10 walks, 9 strikeouts in 19 innings.


    OK, I’m still bored. Which batter has scored the most runs this Spring? Which batter has the most hits? Hint…it’s the same player. Raffy. RBIs? Kemp with 18. Raffy just three behind, tied with Ethier. Furcal looks like the Dodger leadoff hitter to me.


    With Rudy gone, I think this clears the way for both Loaiza and Park to make the team, with one being stashed in the ‘pen. Both guys are pitching too well to leave the team, and neither will clear waivers and make it back to AAA.

    Kershaw is obviously a pitching gem, but it’s going to take one (or both) of these guys to falter first before there will be room in LA. Just my humble opinion.

    BTW, who’s going to the game Saturday? Maybe we should arrange a little “Inside the Dodgers” blog tailgate before the game! I’d say we should invite Josh, but we know he’ll be running around making sure the media are happy and getting everything they need.



    Thanks for all the great conversation once again. It is great to come home after an entire day of highschool baseball to see how the fans are doing before, during and after the game. I wasn’t surprised Andre didn’t play. I kind of felt there was a pattern going on, but I was hoping it wasn’t so. Ethier has busted his butt this spring and deserves this opening day start. He has done everything that was asked of him this spring and the two years prior to it.
    Thanks for the play by play alex. I try to follow the game via my phone, but it doesn’t have all the extra detail that you provide. Those of you talking about the old Dodger days, I was raised in a Dodger household that at the time was all about Steve garvey, Ron Cey and Mike Scoscia to name a few. My brother is the one who gets to make all the money on the cards (he has them), eventhough I was the one who had all the stats memorized. Once again, thanks for all the great conversation.

    Dodgers, have a great day off, and Andre, keep doing what you are doing, Babe – you are our starting Left-fielder, whether management thinks so or not. I’m hoping they see the light!!


    I believe that if Loaiza was waived and went unclaimed, he could (and probably would) elect to be a free agent, at which time the Dodgers would have to eat his contract and someone picks him up cheap.

    Park’s contract is actually a minor-league contract. If he makes the majors he has a $500K salary; if not, he goes to the minors and can opt out on May 15 and become an FA.


    I’d like to join the rest in thanking Alex for the PBP in ST. It’s been great to look in every now and then during work and catching up to our boys in blue.

    How about some late-night trivia?

    Before the jacka$$ Bonds wrecked it in ’93, there were exactly 9 players in history to win consecutive MVPs – one for each position on the field. See how many you can dig up before resorting to the Net or the Baseball Almanac.


    ericmonson – MLB or one of the leagues. I thought there were two CFs, only one of whom is in the HOF.


    old fogey,

    Well, two of the three OFs played center. But one of them did play a lot of LF. So it’s a little skewed, but really kind of fascinating.


    Thursday or Friday when we’re ready to announce the final team roster, we should also announce the opening game’s starting lineup. So, let’s stop screwing around with the obvious, and name Ethier, Jones, Kemp for the outfield. My preference for the infield would be Hu, Furcal, Abreu, and Loney – only because we’re facing a lefthander; otherwise I’d like DeWitt, Furcal, Hu and Loney. Let’s get Pierre asking for a trade and get that situation on the table. Actually Repko would be a better substitute outfielder than Pierre.

    I’m also encouraged by the fact that we released Seanez. He was useful last year, but we may want to get a younger arm in the bullpen in place of him. Now, if we only release Martinez as well, I’ll be satisfied with the indicator that old veterans are no longer a lock with the Dodgers under Torre.


    I was one of the advocates to resign Seanez, but I must say I’m not surprised to see him go. Kinda tough after giving up two runs that weren’t his fault, but I’m sure the writing was on the wall before that.

    Park has probably earned a spot, but I’m almost hoping Myers makes it. Not that he’s any good anymore, but I have no particular liking for Biemel as the situational lefty. Maybe in a couple months we bring in Kershaw to that roll to get his feet wet before inserting him as a starter.


    Speaking of pitchers, we sure didn’t give McDonald much of a look (1G, 1IP.) Is it because he’s strictly a starter? or has he fallen out of favor on the depth ctart?



    I gave my Star Wars figures and x-wing fighter to my son – not MIB I’m afraid!


    I love the old LA Rams talk, keep it up! McCutcheon was my favorite player growing up!

    …and Youngblood, Olsen, James Harris, Dennis Harrah, Isiah Robertson…Elmendorf…

    HATED: Chuck Foreman!


    Tentative 25 Man Roster as of March 26th:

    Pitchers (11): Beimel, Billingsley, Broxton, Kuo, Kuroda, Loaiza, Lowe, Park, Penny, Proctor, Saito

    Catchers (2): Bennett, Martin

    Infielders (7): Abreu, Furcal, Hu, Kent, Loney, Sweeney, Young

    Outfielders (5): Ethier, Jones, Kemp, Pierre, Repko

    If Kent opens on the DL, it opens a potential spot for Ramon Martinez. Or we could open with 12 pitchers and Mike Myers could get a spot. Releasing Seanez was a good move.


    John Capalletti (I know I just killed his name) Fred Dryer…

    Yup – bowling for dollars. Had to roll two strikes in a row and win the pot (maybe $200-$300.) Of course $200-$300 back then was a decent amount of money.


    Jack Youngblood with his broken leg…Hacksaw Reynolds…Wendell (oops!)Tyler…Jack Snow…Eddie Meador…Eric (Renegotiate that contract every year) Dickerson…..


    Think I was even listening to the Ellison game where he set the single game rushing record (at least for the Rams) and the Hadl to Jackson 4 TD game.


    Sorry for all the Ram talk, but there’s a lot of us frustrated Ram fans around.

    I’ll never forgive that b**ch.


    Sorry to see Seanez go. Hope he catches on somewhere and regains form. In the American League.

    First time I saw the Rams Norm Van Brocklin was QB. They

    had Crazy Legs Hirsch, Tank Younger and Les Richter. Jon Arnett was the favorite.

    We got anyone who saw Waterfield?

    Looks to me that there is no way to keep Ethier on the bench. I really don’t get all this criticism of JP. He didn’t make this situation. But there it is none-the-less.

    The season is long with twists and turns, and I think we’ll need him before it’s over, but everything considered, it may be time to eat some salary and find him a place he’ll be more needed and appreciated.


    JP is somewhat caught in the middle here, but he is also starting to pout too much which is an insult to a legitimately better player in Ethier. He definitely needs to go where he’s appreciated. How about France?


    I am very concerned about JP’s behavior and his ability to help the Dodgers going forward. After he was told he was not going to be in the starting lineup on Monday, he sat in the locker room staring into space. Two coaches had to go in and talk to him. Then Torre spoke with him for about 15 minutes in the outfield. This happen because he was told he was not going to start in an exhibition game.

    Baseball is clearly his whole life and he is taking this very hard. It’s obvious that he will not be a happy camper as a role player, so I expect him to be traded to a place where he can play every day. Remember, Brady Clark and Jason Werth found starting positions with contenders, in fact teams more likely to make the playoffs than the Dodgers. I wish him luck elsewhere.

    But to me, virtually every sports writer and blogger can’t be wrong. He shouldn’t start, because he is not the best player. Sitting out Andre or Matt in games to assuage his hurt feelings is not in the best interest of the team. Last time I felt this way was when my high school coach sat out the best player to start his son.


    Competition in the outfield is good. the real problem is the infield. Both Normar and LaRoc are accident prone. Fucal is leaving. If Loney doesn’t produce move him to the bench and the two oldies Kent and Normar can rotate. We be lucky the both combined get 15-20 homers. And why keep Young? Also i not fond of Bennet. Send him packing.


    Most of the animosity towards Pierre is due to his apparant lack of a “team first” outlook. It would appear to most of us fans that he’s being told that Ethier has played his way into the starting lineup (hopefully) and he’s not taking it well.

    The previous critizism has been a combination of well-placed darts at Coletti for creating the problem in the first place and not remedying the problem by finding a new home for Pierre to play.

    Pierre has been lauded here by most everyone for his positive qualities, even by his harshest critics. But the moping around has brought down the thunder.

    I agree that it’s a long season and that we’ll need his particular talents, but he doesn’t appear to be willing to accept a substitute roll right now, unlike the attitude that Nomar has generally taken.

    I think that if he were to step back and admit that Ethier deserves to play and that he’ll do whatever the team needs to succeed, you’ll see just about everyone here support him. We’re only interested in seeing the Dodgers return to being the consistantly competitive team that they’ve always been throughout the last 60 years and grabbing the occasional World Series Championship.


    Listen to guys. No, JP is not a star but we know what we have. The kids may be really good, but we don’t know. We are banking on them being great like during the legnedary 70’s guys. Let’s be real..we have a week infield. They are slow, accident prone and untested. If Fucal gets hurt we won’t even be competiive. Loney has to produce or need a FB.


    Looks like the team in Anaheim will be looking for pitching:

    TEMPE, Ariz. — Pitcher Kelvim Escobar, an 18-game winner last season, revealed this morning that he has a tear in his shoulder, an injury that could require season-ending surgery and, possibly, end his career.

    “I’m concerned, I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to pitch again,” said Escobar, who, just a week into his throwing program, was shut down Sunday because of shoulder pain.


    Well I don’t buy what anyone in the press says because they are all part of the dodger PR machine.

    So Pierre being a great guy etc is just hogwash. Ethier is a great guy and a hard worker too.

    I guess anyone who thinks this type of good problem to have didnt watch last year as we fell apart internally and came in 4th place out of 5 teams.

    Kent, Nomar, Pierre, (Jones even), Schmidt, Loazia, Park… these guys, with the talent the dodgers have should be nowhere near our roster anymore. It’s time to start playing for 2009, 2010, 2011 and if our young guys nut up and do what AZ and Col did last year then even better, if not they will all have much more confidence and chemistry together.

    Were on the verge of greatness if The Colettis of the world would just step aside and let the kids go loose.


    pa what we have is someone who *****. let it go. Pierre *****. u know he *****. baseball knows he *****.

    ethier, the last two years of not knowing what we have or whatever your hogwash is has been better than Pierre. Numbers are factual.



    The sooner Nomar and Kent are not full time in the infield the better we will be defensively, but questioning Loney is crazy. Where does the unbelief come from? Hitting .330? How many of our beloved 70s guys did that ?


    names like Jack Youngblood, Fred Dryer and Merlin Olsen bring back the days when I used to follow the Rams. When they left that was it for me and Baseball took over. Can’t believe that back then I used to argue that Football was better than baseball.

    Anyway, I was checking my team and others in the FB and noticed someone has JP in their team πŸ™‚ -Emma


    wow jungar and scotty coming with some heat, I like it! padodgers, everybody of course is entitled to their own opinion but after what Martin, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Billingsley and Broxton have shown us these past few seasons, how can you still question them? It’s not like our team would be more competitive if we played all the “veterans” on the roster. So its low risk, high reward to see what we’ve got in our youth movement (which by the way has shown us flashes of stardom). Where would we be if we went out and got somebody like Pudge to catch and never let Russell play? Their is a reason that baseball analysts across the board say we have great talent (both in MLB and the minors) in our own farm system. With the “go get the proven veteran player” approach, how far have we gone in the past 20 years?
    Most of those seasons we had one of the highest payrolls in baseball. Getting the Kevin Browns, Gary Sheffields, Shawn Greens, Jeff Kents and Nomar Garciaparras have brought us 0 playoff series victories. I think its obvious what we need to do, look at Colorado, Arizona and Cleveland. How have they fared when they allowed their youth to perform? I’d say that they have done significantly better than we have. Oakland and Minnesota follow the same model and have had far more success than us recently. Even big money franchises (New York, Boston) have started to follow suit. So I think you need to have a little more faith in our youth, we some of them fail to meet our expectations? Sure but at least their careers are progressing as opposed to the washed up vets that are sitting on fat contracts for what they did in the late ’90’s (and who will probably fail to meet your expectations as well).


    Hey, i am a Andre fan. I think the kid has the potential we want. But, we can use JP.
    As for the 70’s – the entire infield were allstars. Both Smith and Baker were also. i rememember one year. 4 guys hit at least 30 HRs when hitting 30 was like todays 40 something. And they were in LA.

    There are two kinds of good FBman. One that fields like Wes Parker, and other that hits HRs and RBI’s like Steve G. If Loney is one of them – good. If not, package him, Young, Repko,the likes for a decent 3B and move Normar back to 1b.


    Uh, pa…Hasn’t Loney shown to possess both of those qualities?

    Yes, we can use JP. But does JP want to be used as we see fit?

    And don’t get me wrong, I loved those 70’s teams – that’s who I identify with – and that’s why I’m rooting for a bunch of OUR guys to come up through our system and stay together for a while.


    Phewerre will only create problems as a part time role player. We just need to unload him for his as well as the teams good. I won’t even grace your Loney accessment with a response.


    Add me to the list of older fans who has been watching Dodger baseball since they came to L.A. in 1958 when I was 10 years old. I have seen Koufax, Drysdale, Wills and all the Dodger greats (and opponents) and learned baseball from Vinny and I have many good memories. By the way, I still have my baseball cards. Kudos to all of you who back up what you say with stats and analysis and for doing it without some of the personal attacks we saw last season on this blog. I also get a kick out of the humor, but what I admire most is the passion we have for our Dodgers.

    I have to add that I also hope all this negative JP stuff does not morph into negative Andrew Jones stuff.


    In 96 games and 344 ABs last season, Loney hit:
    .331 with 15 HR and 67 RBI along with a .381 OBP and .538 SLG.


    9 errors in 795 total chances for a .989 fielding percentage

    I’d say he’s already proven himself. If he played a full season at that pace and got 700 PAs:

    .331 with 31 HRs and 136 RBI.

    I’d definitely say that those numbers are all-star worthy.



    I think Andruw Jones would have to play like complete **** to get any flack, don’t you? I’m not expecting 50 bombs playing 1/2 your games at Dodger Stadium, but a decent season with good defense and timely power.


    pa – trouble is with JP that there’s a difference from him being useful, and JP WANTING to be useful. All indications are that if he doesn’t start, he going to be a sulky salty guy – another Gonzo if you will. Sure there will be situations when he’d be the man to call on, but he doesn’t want that role. So much for the “team first” good guy persona he’s projected (again much like Gonzo.)

    It’s doubtful Nomore is going to contribute much this year – happened to breakdown a lot sooner than I anticipated though. I think we’re in pretty good shape with LaRoche and DeWitt for the future. Certainly better than the likes of Crede and Inge. Acquiring Miggy was just too high a price to pay – can you imagine giving Kershaw away?

    Kent’s got more usefulness on the field than most 40 year olds, but he’s clubhouse poison, and I for one am glad this is his last season with the Ds. Hu will do nicely, and if you resign Furcal to another contract, that should be a pretty nice DP combo.

    In Loney, I think you have both Wes Parker AND Steve Garvey – a slick fielder and someone that I expect to possibly hit .360 some year – and he hits from the left side. Might lack a tad of the power Garvey had, but he should make up for that in average.

    Ethier (as jhall so nicely compared him to) is the current Dusty Baker. Not going to put up spectacular numbers, but certainly solid to above average ones, and is above average in the field.

    Matt Kemp could turn out to be a Dave Winfield type (or Reggie Smith sans the switch hitting aspect.)

    As far as this season goes, if Martin goes down, we’re in big trouble. Pitching’s always a concern, so if they falter it’ll get dicey as well.

    BTW, glad to have ALL the new posters with us. Everyone’s contributions should make for an entertaining blog and great debate.

    Even in the heat of battle, let’s everyone remember NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Too many of those in other blogs I’ve seen.


    lbirken, even if Andruw stays as bad as he was last year, he will be much more servicable to our team than Pierre. Defense doesn’t slump for the most part and he’ll at the very least hit a decent amount of HRs.


    Loney’s stats are good numbers for a partial season. Will he make the allstar team. Well, time will tell. He had better be productive, cause that is the only position he can play.
    By the way, i like the Jones deal Ned made. By the end of next year, we will know who is going to win the outfield positions. By then there will be lots of changes. I would bet no more than three to four starters from this years first game starting will be here.


    Actually, the outfield was decided after last year, it’s just that Ned didn’t realize it yet. Dodger fans are not going to sit through another year of musical outfielders like last year. If someone gets hurt, then Pierre can play, but I say trade him. It’s not like you can’t replace him. Let’s get real. 4 outfielders my eye.


    The 2009 team very well could look alot different than our opening 2008 team. Kent and Nomar will be gone. I look for Lowe to also be gone. He is going to want too much money for too long for a 35 year old pitcher. I am not sure about Raffy. If he stays healthy and plays like 06 I would like him back but he could also be very expensive. Hopefully Phew will also be gone somehow. Loaiza is not likely to be resigned, at least I hope not. I could live with a starting lineup of:








    Rotation of:






    This also leaves us with lots of payroll flexibility to fix any glaring weaknesses should they arise. Signing overpaid, overage, broken down, injury prone, crybaby veterans has not accomplishe anything but dissent the past 10-15 years and no championships or even playoff series wins. If it is not working, change it!


    Scott & Charris, I hope Andruw gives us all a reason to be happy and I agree that even a modest season by his past standards should do that.


    If you’ve seen the list of free agents for next year, it is pathetic. We need to develope the young guys now.


    I am looking for/hopeful for Andruw to give us .250/26-33 bombs/90-110 ribbies. With his defense, that will be acceptable.


    I thought the one question to Ned somewhere up in this thread was a very good one regarding why other GMs ask so much from us and settle for much less elsewhere. Seems like they all think they can **** our farm system.

    The future strength of the D’s is going to depend in large part on an intimate quantitative knowledge of each and every prospect, what they project to bring to the table and when they project to be ready. Only then can you make the right trade choices and for what prospects, and how long to sign a FA for.

    Obviously when that isn’t taken into consideration, you get things like the OF situation we have now.


    I still think that our season’s successes hinge on the production we get out of our #4 and 5 starters. If Kuroda and Loaiza/Kuo/Kershaw/McDonald can give us a slightly better than .500 performance I really like our chances (barring any big injuries). The Pierre/Ethier fiasco as bad as it is pails in comparison IMO. I would even go as far as to say that 2nd and 3rd base are scarier than our LF situation. If Abreu and Hu can’t hit respectably at the big league level, we’ll have a lot of dead weight at the bottom of our order.


    The good part is that all of that talent should be starting for the Dodgers this year and our next tier of talent coming up will be what they have to ask for. We will be in a much better position to use our minor league talent for trading as we won’t neccessarily need them at the major league level like the present bunch.


    All the more reason we need to start Ethier and his potent bat and good defense Charris. If we’re not getting the power out of 2nd and 3rd, we need it from left even more.



    Scott Elbert hopefully can come back strong as he was on his way to a late season call up before injury last year.


    Got to thinking last night…

    Ned’s best trade was Bradley and whatshisname for Ethier. Do you guys think that Beane actually asked a lot for someone with no ML experience and it just happened to work out in Ned’s favor by pure chance? In otherwords, did Beane pull off a fast one that backfired?


    That 4th and 5th spot in our starting rotation was certainly a black hole last year after Wolf went down. Probably cost us the playoffs more than any one other thing.


    Not one of Beane’s finer moments for sure. I believe he underestimated Ethier’s ability and overestimated Bradley’s mental and physical health.


    Kinda my thought jhall – Ned landed bassackwards in clover instead of falling face first in Schmidt.


    I don’t care much for the Braves, but you do have to admire their player developement and evaluation. They’re not afraid to trust their scouting and evaluation of young players and ship out the older guys. And they are most often right.


    Who was that guy that got traded with Bradley? Seems like he was someone that had a chance at one time to be a big leaguer?


    Can’t stand any team that has the audacity to call themselves “America’s Team.” They weren’t mine that’s for sure.

    The D’s should be so fortunate as to have the kind of run the Braves had though.

    BTW, are we on Martinez watch now?


    If Joe hands the starting left field job to Phew the Pouter, is this blog going to go Meltin’ Bradley or what? LOL


    Does anyone here find it amusing that Odalis and Timber are going to be the opening day starters for their respective teams? Doesn’t bode well for the Nats and Marlins.


    Mostly 2B and 3B with a few games **** and 1 in left, 1 DH. Hit .297 in 259 ABs. Hit .102 for Oakland in 2006.

    Jayson Werth also had 11 SBs in 2005.


    I’m really not expecting much from the Nomar/Kent duo. It would, of course, be great if Kent could somehow match his numbers of last season for his final year, and if Nomar could replicate his early 2006 performance. I don’t see it in the cards, however, because age is catching up to them, and Kent is at best a defensive liability even at 100%. What I fear most is that they both will want to play even though they’re less than 100% healthy, figuring that even in that condition they’re better than the youngsters we have. If we wind up playing Abreu, Hu, and even DeWitt, I for one would have the patience this season to see them develop into major leaguers with the promise of really having a super team for years to come. You never know what the results might be, like AZ found out last year.

    As for Andruw, as I’ve said before, his value to me is in replacing Pierre, both defensively as well as adding some power. If he winds up mostly replacing Ethier, then the whole thing is at best a wash, and the whole thing becomes inexcusable from a management standpoint. A good defense in CF, plus even 20 HR’s with a BA of say .250 would be a big swing for us in the right direction.


    This is what I’m talking about when i say the Dodgers need to hand the reigns over to a young upstart and give him a chance once Vin hangs up the mic:


    “Scully is the tall, slim, red-haired native of New York City who has been broadcasting Los Angeles Dodger games ever since there has been a team called the Los Angeles Dodgers and who, for eight seasons before that, did the play-by-play of Dodger games back in Brooklyn. This year, at 36, he is in his 15th season of broadcasting major league games, a statistic that is bound to startle anyone who ever heard Red Barber turn the mike over to Scully in the old Ebbets Field days with a cheery, “O.K., young fella. It’s all yours.”





    Here’s something good for a laugh: the Giants are currently losing to their AAA MINOR LEAGUE team in the 9th inning, 4-3.


    the reason bean traded Ethier to us was because andre wanted to make the major league team and bean didnt think he had the tools to be a major league player. dre asked to be traded and the rest is now history…


    Hey JamesGuss – that Scully article was fantastic! Looking forward to sharing that with some friends and family tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing.



    The Fresno Grizzlies beat the Giants. I live up here, and they just did the report on the news. Zito was pitching, but that isn’t a surprise. The sports talk radio shows were having bets on whether he would have 5 or more runs. The bay area radio stations are having just as much fun with this as we are.


    Well, I already broke my promise — I bought tickets to Sunday’s game. HOWEVER, it’s simply because there is no TV and I want to see Kershaw pitch.


    I just looked at the box score,for the Giants game, and they actually played their starters (Molina, Durham, etc)so it’s not like Fresno beat a 2nd string team. I live with Giant fans, and they are laughing on the outside, but definitely crying on the inside. Okay, just to update the so-cal people – The giant loss to their AAA counterparts just made the 11:00 headline news – How sad but so hilarious as well. The sports reporter just said that Zito had a rough outing – no ****! lol


    Looking forward to the season. A few comments:

    1) – that is a great story about Vin Scully. 1964 and he was already a legend–2 years before he called Sandy Koufax’s perfect game; 11 years before I was born, 24 years before he called Gibson’s home run.

    Hopefully, everyone going to the Coliseum game is bringing a radio. I always do, and the game is just much better for it. But it would be a nice throwback to when it was a constant.

    (And BTW–when did this stop? I remember as a kid that when I did not bring my radio, it wasn’t a big deal because someone close by had one. But today, it’s rare.)

    Really, his replacement is not Ned’s department, but Josh’s (I think)–but that’s a decision that will be made by Frank McCourt. And even then it does not seem like enough. Charley and Rick are fine (better than almost anyone I have heard–including Joe Buck, frankly), and I only heard Russ Langer briefly while I was in Vegas tuning in to a couple of 51’s games. But the reality is that I simply cannot imagine Dodger baseball without Vin Scully (and I may have to hate you forever james_guss for making me think of it). It’s a privilege to listen to him, and I hope we get to for at least a few more years.

    2) Pierre–I don’t think he should start, but for people who say they won’t watch the team if he starts, let’s not go overboard. If you watched the Dodgers after Garvey was not re-signed, after Fernando was released, and after Piazza was traded, I think you can suffer through some Pierre time. I sincerely hope Ethier is starting opening day, but I still don’t think that if he’s not that he won’t be there soon.

    3) Someone compared Maury Wills’s numbers to Pierre–actually, .330 OBP was good–ERA’s were MUCH lower in the 1960’s, and in Wills’s prime years (around ’62), he was close to .350–and of course 104 stolen bases. And a good fielding shortstop, not a weak-armed outfielder in a position meant for power hitters.

    4) Alex–I think you may have the roster dead-on. When Nomar is back, Hu probably returns to starting every day in Vegas, and it becomes decision-time on Repko/Young when LaRoche is back. I am a little concerned that all of both of our long men are starters (Kuo and Park), but we may still experiment with that fifth spot.

    5) Which leads me to Kershaw. Wow. But, let’s not build him up too high–he may turn out to be just very good, and not the reincarnation of Sandy Koufax. But while I usually am in favor of young position players, I think you have to be slower with pitchers–they are still learning their pitches (though, Public Enemy Number 1 seems good from him–but Bills is still working on a change-up), and you don’t want to rush them to the big leagues without building up their arm. 2 years ago he was in high school and pitched once a week for like three months. Give him time–he’ll be a Dodger by year’s end.

    6) Loney–sorry, padodgers, and I know everyone is saying it to you, but the notion that Loney should sit if he does not produce immediately is insane. I think it’s moot, because Loney might right now be the best hitter on the club. But clearly he (with Martin, Kemp, Broxton, Bills, Ethier) have earned it. And of course, I love to watch Loney every day, and if you ask me why, I’ll say:

    ‘Cause James Loney has a way

    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!


    leefink, would you believe that I was once asked to turn my radio down at the Stadium about 9 years ago? jerks.


    With these nagging injuries to several key players, JP’s place on the team may be the least of our worries.


    My take on the JP situation:
    If it was JUST his lack of power hitting that was the problem, I’d be fine with having him play. 60 stolen bases really does disrupt the game, he scores runs, and he’s REALLY annoying out there. I mean, if he could play defense at all he’d be comparable to Ichiro IMO. However, his poor throwing cost us at least 3 games last year that I can think of right off the top of my head, he runs in first on balls hit at/over his head, and he doesn’t really control his body all that well in the field. That makes him a liability. All in all, I’d estimate that his defense cost us upwards of 10 games last year. In a division where we finished 8 games back, that’s a lot.


    It amazes me to hear people say that they will not root for the Dodgers if a certain player is playing. Then you are not a true fan. I have been a Dodger fan since I was born. My dad brainwashed me as I am with my son. I have stuck with them in the good and bad times. The Pierre bashing is what it is, but as I stated in earlier blasts that in the long run Torre will make the right decision.

    It is obvious that Ethier is the right choice and I believe it is only a matter of time before Pierre is jettisoned out of LA.

    I am concerned with how Spring Training went. I do not feel the team has developed proper chemistry. With the logistics it has been a sloppy camp and the pitching has been worrisome to say the least. Beimel is scary, hopefully he will snap out of it. Saito has to get healthy or the whole BP will be in a state of chaos. Winning in ST is overrated but I feel you need to play sound fundamental BB, moving runners over, turning the DP when given the opportunity.

    I hope that they can pull it together and get off to a good start, if they do not then the China trip may prove to be good for the pockets but bad for the team.

    I saw some posts about not having their BB cards from their childhood. I was fortunate, I have had mine with every move I have made since I got out of college…I have about 40000 baseball, football, and basketball cards….

    Anyway have a blast at the collesium. I remember a conversation with Carl Erskine about pitching the first game and he said what he remembered the most was the amount of people. It was amazing to him.

    Lets go Dodgers!!!


    I agree with you Dodgerboy. I’ve been a fan since 1952 and I bleed DodgerBlue.

    I want the team to get off to a terrific start but I was a little disappointed that they never instilled winning and playing good fundamental baseball, as a Dodger fan, I always want them to win no matter what.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game.


    hey leekfink,

    I was the one who posted Wills’ numbers compared to Pierre. One of those misleading stats I realized myself as Wills played in a pitcher’s era and was also a gold glove SS. My bad.

  280.’s not really about a specific player..(great post dualtone)

    Its about what Dualtone says and what we have said a zillion times…

    THE JP situation is about putting the best dodger team out there to win. If JP was one of the best 3 OFers then I’d want him to play.

    The dodgers have not won anything in 20 years while we have all supported them. One playoff win in 20 years are you serious??

    So don’t say were not fans, if anything I would say the opposite; any dodger fan who wants Pierre to play didn’t watch enough games last year to realize if he plays 162 games as he thinks he will we will come nowhere close to winning the division and for the dodgers to do that simply over money or to keep Pierre happy is not the Dodgers we grew up with. That’s the type of thing that makes in 21 years.


    My earliest Dodger memory was of them winning the ’59 Series. I was 6. I’ve also stuck with them through thick and thin. The last two owners have been a challenge. Murdock was hugely disappointing because he has all the money in the world and couldn’t do anything right. I’ll never forgive them for letting Piazza go. I know that they offered him serious money, but the way the trade went down, it was obvious that there was something behind the scenes that tore things apart.

    I was very upset that McCourt bought them with no real money, but he’s earned a little time with me now. He seems to want to do things the right way.

    The only times I’ve boycotted was after the strike in ’94 (I didn’t watch any baseball for 2 years) and when the Lakers signed Rodman. I never watched a game with him in a Laker uniform.

    If Pierre is named the starter in left, I won’t be happy. It sends a horrible message to every kid in the system that whatever you do, they’ll play the guy with the big contract. I’ll feel badly for Andre and I will write on this blog and I will write more letters to the LA Times Saturday letters column and I will hope that Andre takes the high road that Pierre apparantly has trouble taking. But I will cheer the boys on as I always have because I can’t change the fact that I also Bleed Blue. I’ve booed a lot of umpires and Lord knows I’ve booed the Giants in general and Bonds in particular. I’ve never booed a Dodger in uniform and I never will. As long as Pierre wears the colors, I won’t boo him either.

    As far as team chemistry goes, I agree with a lot of my fellow bloggers that the China trip was poorly timed and a huge distraction to a team that already had enough to deal with – such as leaving Vero early. But winning is the best builder of chemistry.

    Wow, I just previewed this post and I apologize for the length.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!


    Speaking of booing…

    Anyone here remember Charlie Hough getting booed every time he came out of the pen? Nothing new at Dodger Stadium.

    I think it’s ok to boo, but I don’t like personal insults yelled from the stands. A simple boo will suffice.


    Booing ????
    I can say I have never booed any Dodger, Rams or Lakers player. But in the Dodgers’ case … I’m still booing the Piazza trade and have never forgiven the O’Malley’s for letting Steve Garvey go to the hated Padres (who we couldn’t beat back then, too!)

    I won’t boo Pierre … but I have total faith in TORRE and am convinced that Ethier will be the everyday Left Fielder because Torre has said over and over … we will play the person that gives us the best chance to win. Right now it is Ethier!


    I was at Anaheim Stadium watching the Rams when Pat Haden broke his thumb on the helmet of a D lineman. The crowd cheered. I was horrified.

    If you buy a ticket to watch a game, I am all for your right to boo. I can’t boo my team.

    I was at a game back in ’71. It was the second to last game of the regular season. The boys were a game back and the leader (Giants) had already lost in San Diego. A win gives us a shot at a playoff. We fell behind big and early to the Astros and lost 11-0. I didn’t boo, I left. It was the only time in my life that I left a game before the last out.


    I boo the other team’s players, I honestly don’t recall booing any particular Dodger, although I’ve said some not so nice things to the tv when Tomko was pitching or Grady was managing.

    I’ve only left early once and that was a game where Duncan or Offerman made 3 errors in one inning and the Dodgers were trailing the Cardinals 11-0 after 5 or 6 innings. I’m thinking it must have been in the mid 80s?


    I live 150 miles away from Chavez Ravine, so to drive 300 miles round-trip and catch the Dodgers is a treat for my sons and I. Because of this, I have never left a game early.
    But when talking about leaving early, my wife asks me all the time (when it’s a blowout game either way) why I’m still watching the game … I say because it is the Dodgers and if something happens I will be there to say I saw it on the TV.

    Just as Scully says time and again, “It can only happen to the Dodgers.”

    BTW, I remember that Haden game, what an atrocious fan reaction! Hope that NEVER happens in DS!



    Pat Haden didn’t play for the Rams until 1976…he was still on USC for the 1975 Rose Bowl.

    Are you thinking about Hadl, or just have the year mixed up?


    Just to clarify, I boo the TV ALL THE TIME! I yell at the umpires, yell at the Ds managers for crappy pitching moves, yell at a player for failing to execute a bunt or to hit to the right to move a runner over, etc etc.

    I used to live 25 miles away in West Covina and went to 30 – 40 games a year. A buck to park and $1.50 to sit in the left field bleachers. Those were the days. I live in Temecula now, so it’s not often I get to go anymore. But when I do, I always support my team.



    The ’71 game I referred to was a Dodger game. The Ram/Haden game was, as you say, considerably later.


    Rams – Haden – Hurt Thumb
    Even though eric monson never gave the year – it was the NFC championship game on January 7, 1979 against Dallas at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

    “Pat Haden’s throwing hand hit Randy White’s helmet, breaking his thumb and knocking him out of the game. On the Rams’ next drive, Vince Ferragamo took over.”


    I have no problem with the home team/players getting booed – its the only way to show your displeasure while at the game, but I’m with you scott, hurling personal insults is taboo. That goes for the opposing team as well on that issue.


    New thought –

    If you’re certain that you’ll be calling Kershaw up around the all-star break, IF Loaiza is having a good year do you flip him at the trade deadline for something you need or prospects? or do you stay with Loaiza and keep Kersh in the pen as a situational lefty? Keep in mind this is also Esteban’s walk year.


    I don’t think Kershaw should be used in any type of situational system. IF he is recalled it should be because a current starter is not cutting the mustard AND he should only be used in a starters role. CB was able to do that, but CK is a much better prospect!
    Don’t forget … LOWE is in his walk year also!


    The game that I went to wasn’t that one. It wasn’t at the Coliseum and it wasn’t the NFC Championship game.

    It had to be ’80 or ’81, I guess. They moved to Anaheim for the ’80 season and his last year with the Rams was ’81. I’m sure that he broke his hand/thumb/finger more than once.


    Back to baseball. Spring training is virtually over. The Dodgers are home. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to answer the roster questions now and play the final games with the starters?


    I’ve always been in favor of developing a winning attitude … winning begets winning … but iremember the Dodgers having 19 or 20-win springs and not doing much during the season.
    I say, lets see the lineup tonight for 7 innings and the rest of the weekend and see what we have to play with.


    Here are some ST standings that you can use for a reference:
    2001: 13-15 86-76 3rd

    2003: 14-14 85-77 2nd

    2004: 12-21 93-69 1st

    2005: 13-15 71-91 4th

    2006: 15-14 88-74 1st (tie)

    2007: 17-16 82-80 4th

    2008: 9-17 ???? ???


    I can’t see anything to be learned during the weekend that we don’t already know. The questions have been hanging there all spring. Answer them tonight before they take the field for BP and let them play the games without wondering where they all stand.


    I think the injuries to Kent and Nomar actually bode well for Ethier starting. Without them we will need the more potent bat in the lineup. He should start no matter what because he gives us a better chance to win than Phew and it should not come down to lack of power at other positions. Bug, hey, maybe that will make it easier for Ned and Joe to “pull the trigger”, so to speak.


    I will not support a decision to start Phew ahead of Ethier or bat her leadoff instead of Furcal. However, I will support our Dodgers thru thick and thin. I am optimistic that Joe will do the right thing for the good of the team.


    eric – I agree on the OF – if that situation isn’t resolved by now it never will be.

    3B I’d still like to see how DeWitt handles major league pitching right up through Sunday’s game before I make a decision there. Hu or Abreu would be adequate if he just isn’t ready. If Kent can’t go, then I think Hu plays second regardless.

    No one’s ever steped up to claim the last spot in the BP either, so unless they give it to Park, they’ll be a few looks these next 4 games there as well.

    I do think the roster should’ve been pared down before now though, but that China trip cost Torre some valuable time in evaluating some of these guys and now it appears he has to see things for himself rather than rely on the coaches he left back in FL.


    We have been loyal and supportive for many years and deserve the best product they can put on the field day in and day out. Make it so, Joe.


    Do we know if the Dodgers are planning on pitching Kershaw at all over the weekend? I have been following this kid for a while and would like to see him in person finally.


    I wonder how quickly someone can make up about 1000 T-shirts that say “PULL THE TRIGGER!”

    And maybe another 1000 with “MY LINEUP WITH ANDRE” on the front and









    on the back.


    i would get a guaranteed 5 of those shirts, and baby sized one for my year old daughter who also agrees with this whole best team first situation


    From the “What have you done for me lately” Dept:

    “SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Giants have now removed prominent tributes in the stadium to Barry Bonds, who has steroid allegations and perjury charges hanging over his head.

    Take a good look: The left-field wall at AT&T Park will look much different this season than it did in 2007.

    The left-field wall no longer bears an image of Bonds chasing Hank Aaron for the home run crown, nor elsewhere is the number of Bonds’ home runs in relation to Aaron posted.

    There are no “756” signs — signifying the home run he hit to break Aaron’s record — anywhere in the park, in fact. A team spokeswoman said the Giants would put up a plaque to note where he had hit his last homer with the team.”


    The Gints need a new idol – the anti-Bonds. One with absolutely no power, but lots of speed. Shows up early and has a great work ethic.

    Let me think on this a few minutes and see if I can help them out…


    Seems to me that the Giants pulling all references to Bonds “accomplishments” is tantamount to their organization admitting that they knew he was on steroids.

    Does anyone consider his homerun record legit?


    Does anyone know if we’ll still be able to get Dodger games on the radio in Las Vegas? I know they’re on KABC now, but I don’t know if that means no more signal in Vegas… and that would not be cool at all!!


    There was an article in Sports Illustrated a couple of weeks ago that comments on the remarkable change in their locker room this year.

    Remember how the Munchkins reacted after the house fell on the wicked witch?


    good question brandon. I live in the high desert area, and on my way home from work, i used to listen to the las vegas station because i was getting any good signal from kfwb. I hope the vegas station ( i think it’s 1140) gets signal.


    I live in the High (high) Desert 90 miles above Lancaster (Ridgecrest) and we can listen to the games on KAVL 610 AM. I have in the past been able to catch Dodger games on KDWN 720 out of Vegas, but it has been awhile! If you are in the Bakersfield area it is 1560 AM!

    I travel alot!


    Eric –
    I would pefer to see this lineup, which is much like yours …









    Mine …


    Martin better protection

    Kemp best hitter should be #3








    Trade UPDATE!!!!

    Anyone want to make some preseason trades in the fantasy league?

    (Sorry for the tease for all you others out there!)


    What’s up deadhorsemen

    Tracy Rigolsby, had this on article overthere at foxsports:

    “Dodger general manager Ned Colletti is on thin ice. The McCourts have not shown patience with upper management since they bought the Dodgers. And there is concern that not only has the team struggled, but there’s a lot of money being spent on the likes of Juan Pierre, who finds himself the odd man out in the Dodgers outfield, and Jason Schmidt, whose physical breakdown came as no surprise to the folks in San Francisco. The biggest shock is that the Giants former trainer, Stan Conte, is now with the Dodgers along with Colletti, the Giants former assistant GM.”

    Pull the Trigger


    Maybe someone can start a chant at the coliseum PULL THE TRIGGER PULL THE TRIGGER. Be pretty cool to have 115,000 people yelling it.


    I do hope that the foxsports article cited by thunderbolt is right. I can’t imagine an owner like McCourt not getting fed up with some of Ned’s costly moves. Like I said, “If Ned gets fired, can anybody imagine that another organization would pick him as GM?” The man had no qualifications for that position to begin with, and his track record STINKS.
    Logan White in 2009!!!


    bear – I would love to see Logan White have a shot at GM. Obviously the man can spot talent, and one of my major qualifications for a GM would be an intimate quantitative knowledge of the farm system. Maybe that can be on the back of the T-Shirts – W’09.

    And Frank – no more Gnats on the Dodgers.


    enchanted, that would be great.

    Imagine that, as Juan Pierre comes to the plate, after going 0-3,115,000 people stand up on their feet. The crowd erupts in a thunderousthunderbolt507 chant, “PULL THE TRIGGER! PULL THE TRIGGER! PULL THE TRIGGER!” Joe calls back Pierre as Pierre puts down the Sand paper after sanding his bat, and Andre Ethier takes a few warm up swings and comes to the plate. The crowd cheers with delight. Meanwhile, Pierre sits down on the bench and stares at the dugout ceiling, visibly upset. Matt “The Bison” Kemp, goes up to Pierre, and pats him in the back, only to be shunned away by Pierre. Pierre grabs his bats and walks to the clubhouse with his headdown and his hat to the side. Yes, fellow deadhorsemen, the Trigger has been pulled.



    Just love beating a deadhorse around here!
    Tracy Rigolsby’s article (I should check the date) is nothing we haven’t already said about NC, Phew, Brokeback Schmidt. We know you want Logan White (STILL), but what are his credentials as a GM???? Great young talent finder, but can he wheel and deal?

    Give the job to Ng and be innovative!


    Logan White would be a fabulous GM. In fact, I named my son Logan in honor of our next GM!


    Of course, if 115,000 people yell out PULL THE TRIGGER several times, I’m sure SWAT and the FBI, oh yeah and Homeland security would be there in an instant!


    Kim Ng definitely doesn’t back down at those arbitration hearings. She’s got more nad than Ned.

    New slogan:

    “More Nad than Ned”?


    I didnt’ see the article but I bet it dosent even mention another 18 million starting on the DL in Kent/Nomar.


    Well said about Nomar/Kent, nor will the start of the season be the only time that the pair will be be afflicted with something. Presumably we brought Conte over to prevent stuff like that. I wonder if Conte can recognize an ingrown toenail.


    McCourt has no one to blame but himself. First of all, you just bought the Dodgers. Why in the world would you hire anyone from the Gnats, you’re most hated rivals. Secondly, if that is not enough, what kind of track record do the Gnots have. It is terrible. Anyone could have seen this all coming. Pull the trigger Frank. On all these losers.


    Not only does Ned hail from the hated Gnats, but he also comes from the perennially victorious Chicago Cubs.

    Funny thing is, one of his best moves – Bradley for Ethier – is not fully realized because of the stupid Pierre & Gonzo signings.


    Don’t forget the fact that one of the first things Ned did was bless us with Bombko, another Gnot castoff.


    Anyone here listened to the new Dodger Talk this year? I got a couple minutes the other day and it sounded like Josh was being interviewed, but the host seemed to be kissing up big time playing down the negative Pierre talk and everything was just rosey!


    Bringing Stan Conte on board was a pretty big clue that Ned was a “veteran” guy. Look at the OLD team Conte had to take care of in Frisco, then look at ours: Kent, No More, Long Gone, Schidt. Duct tape and glue and a slap on the *** is about all he does. Conditioning? Nah – that’s for the young guys.

    If it weren’t for Logan White, we’d probably have a line-up like the current Gints.


    Yea, they have been trying to put a positive spin on the Phew stench since October. Head’s up Ned, it isn’t working. People will have alot more respect for you if you just admit the mistake and do something to allieviate it now rather than let if fester and become even worse. PULL THE TRIGGER, Ned.


    If I were Ned and I read these recent posts, I’d feel like a scolded dog, a scolded dog with my tail between my legs.


    Well, no game yesterday, and with these later starts compared to Vero, it’s easy to forget about the blog…


    Doesnt suprise me at all that they’ve hired a Ned mouthpiece to host Dodger Talk after last year.


    Hey Frank, either install Ng or White as the GM or if you go outside the organization, look at the Braves or Indians people.


    “We the people of Dodger Nation, in order to form a more perfect team declare, that all ball players are not created equal. They are endowed by their creaters with unalterable baseball talents. When in the course of team events, it becomes evident that these talents are substandard and no longer appropriate for the future, it is time to make a change.


    Eric, don’t you remember when Tommy was GM for a short time and he traded away Konerko and he traded for Perez from the Expos!


    He was also instrumental in the Pedro for Delino trade. Good manager, not necessarily a good judge of talent.


    Interesting that at the time, Delino was another Phew. Wore the uniform the same, played the same crummy game, and stunk.


    Guys, I find this board so much more refreshing. I used to preach the same messages about getting rid of Colleti and bringing in Logan White in the Dodgers messgage board, only to get rebuked over and over again. Anyways, I really enjoy your views guys, especially those of jhall, enchanted, pierreemw, scott, ericmunson, jungar. In otherwords, all the Deadhorseman.



    It just goes to show, being a GM isn’t so easy. Don’t get me wrong Ned is still a *******! πŸ™‚


    When are we getting a new thread? This one is getting too long. What is the longest thread we’ve had here? Where is the lineup for tonight?


    How about giving up Konerko? I hated it when he was traded. The D’s have made some really bad deals and signings.


    Guys, I find this board so much more refreshing. I used to preach the same messages about getting rid of Colleti and bringing in Logan White in the Dodgers messgage board, only to get rebuked over and over again. Anyways, I really enjoy your views guys, especially those of jhall, enchanted, pierreemw, scott, ericmunson, jungar. In otherwords, all the Deadhorseman.




    TOMMY FOR GM was an attempt at some humor. I guess a poor one.

    I remember the events above only too well. “Pedro’s too short. He’ll break down.” Right.


    HAHA I remember that one Eric, he wasn’t as durable as his big brother.
    Sorry for the confusion on the humor. I did laugh though when I read it.


    Happy Birthday PierreEMW!! Today is your birthday, right? I had written it on my Dodger calendar.


    Guys, I find this board so much more refreshing. I used to preach the same messages about getting rid of Colleti and bringing in Logan White in the Dodgers messgage board, only to get rebuked over and over again. Anyways, I really enjoy your views guys, especially those of jhall, enchanted, pierreemw, scott, ericmunson, jungar. In otherwords, all the Deadhorseman.



    jahll I think you are right. I don’t think any of us will feel better until Sunday when Joe gives out his starting line up.

    I would also like to say happy birthday to pierreemw!!


    Thoughts and prayers to Preston Gomez, 84, who was seriously injured yesterday at a gas station in Blythe, CA. -Emma


    I for one am thankful that you will all be there to offer me words of condolence and support if management screws us. I will need it. Thanks in advance.


    Sorry guys I gotta give credit where credit is due. The original deadhorsemen were the guys that were on here last year that blasted the Pierre pick-up as soon as it happened. jungar, oldfogey, max_power(I think there were a few more so sorry for forgetting) were in the minority when they started telling overly-optimistic posters that it was a bad move (at first I was kinda neutral, I didn’t think it was a great move but didn’t hate it either). Wait for the regular season to start, a lot more of the “veteran” πŸ™‚ posters will come out of the woodwork more often.

    P.S. max_power where are you buddy??? This blog isn’t as funny when you’re not posting.


    You are correct Charris. The Four Horsemen of the Phewpocalyse; Jungar, Fogey, MaxPower, Charris. We will faithfully follow your insight.


    Yes it is Enchanted,I have an aunt that lives out there, I visited her once about 10 years ago. Never again!!

    Hey Charris, do you recall anyone that actually liked the Slappy signing?


    I’m not saying that I was an original…I did come around and see the light before most but it took a good argument between jungar, max, oldfogey and I where I was stating that Pierre is a decent player. Those 3 didn’t even allow me to say that without bringing up “low OBP”, “no power”, “no arm”, “bad routes” etc. So I caved in and joined the cause (and never regretted it) :).


    JNV, No. Most everyone in Dodger Nation did not like the Phew signing. I have a very good friend that is from Indiana and is a huge Cubs fan. When we signed Phew, he didn’t even laugh at us, he moaned.


    jnv, the vast majority of posters here we’re defending the Pierre signing like it was going to put us over the top and we were gonna win the WS. Most of them were reciting the spin that Coletti put on the signing, “he’s good for 200 hits a year”, “he’ll steal 50+ bases”, “He’ll score 100+ runs”, “speed doesn’t slump” etc. It got downright nasty at times in here last year.


    jhall, all my friends up here in nocal laughed their ### off and said good luck. Then I pointed out that the gnats had signed dave roberts to a big contract and they stopped laughing.


    Now that you mention it Charris, I do remember coming over here and reading once in a while and I vaguely remember a heated argument over his “stats” vs. his “game”.


    you know, I always thought Dan Evans got a rotten deal, if my memory is right I think he’s the one who brought in Kim Ng and Logan White, I wonder how he’s doing.


    Dave Roberts for a year or two is looking real good right now. I am glad that someone is laughing.


    yeah I guess you’re right but I think it happened before he got here??? but I also remember him as never wanting to trade our future, even when it cost him his.


    Enchanted, I was encouraged. Either they do the right thing or we are rid of Ned. Who would you hand your future on? LOL


    That is true CH, he was the one who brought in NG from the Yankees and White and took a farm system that was raked 28th to 2nd by 2004. He also had a deal with Vlad Guerero in 2004 and McCourt shot it down then fired him.


    We either see a winner or we see Ned twist in the wind. I prefer the former, but, I will enjoy the latter.


    you guys are funny.

    we gotta all go to a game if possible…

    It will be cool to finally see a good CF (arm and range) ..When was the last good one besides Bradley (say what you want about him, he played a great CF)

    Who do you all think was the best Dodger CF..I totally have no idea and I have been a fan awhile. There have been some pretty good ones, but no one jumps out other than Butler for me (and I know his arm wasn’t great)


    Maybe if Ned is fired we could promote Ms. Ng and she could bring back Evans as her assistant. what comes around goes around.


    Jungar, I would have to say Butler also, I just liked the way he played. and that was about the time I really started to pay attention to stats and players. I have been a Dodger fan since about 75′ I grew up on the Garvey, Lopes, Cey infield.


    Butler got good jumps on balls. He had instincts. His arm was not great but he could make the the throws. At least league average. Not nearly as inept as Phew. Butler made the players around him better. He was a leader and class individual/player. He truly cared about the team.


    CH, that would be funny to see things come full circle. But McCourt already fired him once and he wasn’t a part of the Giants so I doubt it will happen!! πŸ™‚


    Hey everyone, I am off to baseball practice, thanks again for a great afternoon of talking baseball with some of the best fans around!!!
    Go Dodgers


    Brett Butler was one of the best things that ever happened to the Dodgers. We could use a personna like his now.


    Anyone remember Billy North briefly patrolling center for the Ds? No hit, no power, but even he posted a better OBP than Pierre.


    The best Dodger CF? Man, that’s one position that we really haven’t had too many great ones. I loved Butler’s game. But the best we ever had was Duke Snider.


    I am not as upset over the Pierre situation as some of you seem to be. I think our team can still win if he and Ethier split the time evenly. A bigger concern for me right now is 3B and the 5th starters spot. I’m sorry but I have absolutely no faith in Loaiza. I know DeWitt is inexperienced, but I really like his stroke. I really wish LaRoche hadn’t gotten hurt this would have been a great opportunity for him. Ethier is no doubt better but I’m not going to stop being a fan if they split time. GO DODGERS!!! (just don’t platoon Ethier and Kemp in right…)


    “Dan Evans traded Piazza. If I am not mistaken.” No, it wasn’t Dan. The following tells of two of the worst trades in Dodgers history:

    Trading Mike Piazza

    May 15, 1998… a day that will live in infamy. After rejecting the Dodgers’ $84 million contract offer, Piazza was traded to the Marlins along with Todd Zeile for Gary Sheffield, Charles Johnson, Bobby Bonilla, and Tourettes-inflicted Jim Eisenreich. While Sheffield has certainly paid dividends for the Dodgers, putting up solid numbers for three straight years, the Piazza trade marked the beginning of the end of Dodger tradition. It was Fox’s first major move, and it showed how much they knew about baseball: nothing. The move was engineered by two TV guys, Peter Chernin and Chase Carey. Fred Claire, as lousy as he was, would never have made such a move–trading a certain Hall of Famer in his prime, the cornerstone of the organization, a guy loved by fans. It still makes us sick to think about it.

    > Trading Paul Konerko and Dennis Reyes for Jeff Shaw

    Getting rid of fat Dennis Reyes was a good thing. Losing Paul Konerko was not. This was Tommy Lasorda’s biggest move in his short time as general manger, and odds are even he’d admit that he didn’t know what he was doing. As it turned out, Shaw had an out clause in his contract he could have exercised, and the Dodgers could have easily been left with nothing. Luckily, for Lasorda’s sake, the Dodgers managed to convince Shaw to stay. Dodger fans weren’t so lucky, though, witnessing Shaw’s countless blown saves and close scares. Konerko, who was only 22 at the time and considered the best hitting prospect in the Dodgers organization, has gone on to hit more than 200 home runs and become one of the best hitters in baseball.


    Well, time to call it quits at work for the day and no lineup 😦 Tomorrow is back to Dodger Stadium! I am going to the Rat house tonight.


    JNV, No. Most everyone in Dodger Nation did not like the Phew signing. I have a very good friend that is from Indiana and is a huge Cubs fan. When we signed Phew, he didn’t even laugh at us, he moaned.

    Posted by: | March 27, 2008 04:11 PM

    You would be surprised to see how many people on this blog defended it throughout the season!


    On overall balance, with a significant nod to his power numbers, I’d have to pick the Duke. I also enjoyed Willie Davis a great deal over the years, and he had all of the speed that Pierre has, but a number of other attributes. For several years back in the sixties I also enjoyed a guy named Don Demeter – don’t remember what happened to him. Butler was my own favorite in the more recent past. Each of them brought something different to the game, but none were as controversial or as weak as Pierre.


    Honestly, I liked DePo better than Ned. I know you guys don’t agree with me, but the disasterous 05 was not DePo’s fault. He had a **** manager, and more injuries than anyone else in the league. That Penny-LoDuca trade didn’t turn out so bad after all I guess… Anyway, as long as the Pads have Kevin Towers its hard to count them out.


    I think that DePo was a whole lot better than Ned also. He didn’t saddle us with $45 million on the shelf in Schidt, nor the $45 million (if only you could steal first base) Pierre. Who’s to say what his longer term results would have been, but they couldn’t have been worse than what Ned brought us with his Giants heritage.


    If you take a step back, its interesting to see how the anger and frustration is starting to shift from JP to Ned.

    Its like the fuse has been lit… its just a matter of time before something goes BOOM.


    Well then the focus is being lost. Shift back to Pierre, that’s where it needs to be. Ned has had a very good off season in my opinion. A good GM fixes his mistakes. All GM’s make mistakes, it’s up to Ned to fix one that is in his control. We all know that mistake.


    Can we get election signs made that say, “Logan White 2009” along with the “Pull The Trigger” shirts? Should be a good look for Opening Day.


    Where does Juan Pierre rate on the “Most Frustrating Dodgers Of All Time List”? Right up there with Delino DeShields, Brett Tomko, and Billy Ashley is my guess.


    If Ethier starts in left field and this team doesn’t get the job done. You can’t really blame Ned, the blame has to fall with the players. You could blame Ned and Grady for last year at times. But this year’s team is considerably better than last year. We don’t have Tomko on the team in any capacity and Pierre won’t start every game (I hope, I hope) that alone should net us 5-7 games. But, as much as some would like to peg our potential failures on Pierre’s playing time, it’ll come down to pitching and our bullpen. If they falter we won’t win. It’s that simple. We had a ridiculous record leading after 7 innings last season if you remember. Pitching is crucial and if Saito is hurt or the bullpen cracks, we’re in trouble. Not everything falls on the playing time of Pierre, but that one issue can be controlled before the game begins.


    And Tony Abreu is hurt AGAIN and is going on the DL, apparently he hurt his right groin in his game against the Brewers according to Tony Jackson. This unbelievably means Blake DeWitt could be the starting third baseman for the Dodgers. What a tremendous opportunity for DeWitt if they don’t sign a stopgap like Marcus Giles who isn’t a third baseman. But, Tony Abreu is just becoming a major disappointment.


    Ok, who had Chin-Lung Hu and Blake DeWitt as starting second baseman and third baseman on Opening Day in their pools?


    Can’t really blame Conte… Abreu is injury prone, Nomar and LaRoche suffered freak injuries, and Kent is ancient. How they recover from those injuries and how quickly they are pushed, that we can blame on Conte.


    I see Juan’s in his usual out making position leading off.

    Scene in the clubhouse before Joe made out the line-up:

    Whaah Whaah Whaah I wanna play I wanna play I wanna playyyyyy!!!!!


    I find it curious/disturbing that we are a few days away from opening day and we still dont know who’s starting in the outfield.


    we really have not made a whole lot of any kind of announcements Jspelk. I’m really hoping that Lowe can look like seasonal form tonight. He has had a pretty bad spring.


    Speak of the devil…. Lowe has not looked good at all. Is anyone concerned about that!?!? The way last year went, and it’s a contract year. Hopefully he does not press to much this year and have a really bad season.


    I’ve not ever really been a huge Derek Lowe fan to be honest. Very rarely has he looked dominant. I mean, a few starts here and there looked really good, but I’ve never felt like he’s been all THAT great.


    Speaking of screw ups and trades, signings and what not… How about a brutal NON SIGNING. Vlad would look amazing in BLUE, not RED!!


    Shocking – Furcal got a hit, Ethier got a hit. Pierre made out.

    Everything you’ve ever wanted in a leadoff man – and less.


    Watching Pierre’s lame little short-armed swing end in a meek fly out doesn’t really stoke me for the season!


    Its unbelievable to me that they still bat the guy lead-off after a whole spring of futility. Criminy, Martinez hits better than JP. If he has to play, bat him 9th where he belongs.

    Of course if he was really where he belongs, he wouldn’t be a Dodger.


    Yep, this is the prelude to the ineptness that is the last 20 years. Thanks Ned, Joe, and Frank.


    Its gotten embarrassing. For God’s sake just DFA the guy, eat the **** contract and invite Lombard back for awhile.

    JPs making ME salty!


    i dunno the line up isnt to bad…the three best outfielders are in the line up and seeing as how we rnt even out of spring training so i still want to give joe the benifit of the doubt so…go dodgers…


    Happy Birthday PierresEW!

    Was getting worried about you – hadn’t seen a post in 2-3 days.


    jnv – live box score on the Ds home page.

    Saito’s thrown an inning and allowed a hit. Still 2-1 Angels after 4 1/2.

    Of course JPs 0 for 3.


    Kuo is almost un-hittable when he has his stuff under control and of course when he doesn’t have shoulder surgeries every year.


    You guys are making me jealous, I can’t wait for the season to start, Then I will get to see every game on MLB Xtra innings. Until then I am stuck with reading the box score!


    Mike Napoli’s got a nice peg to 2nd to throw out Furcal.
    That first one in the 3rd inning was a high throw and Furcal missed the bag.


    We’re playing like we did the last 10 games last year. Where is our spark? I sure hope Monday is a different ballgame. I don’t like to be negative but I’m sick of seeing Pierre out there.


    Somebody said this a few days ago and I’ll paraphrase: It’s hard to compete when you only have 23 outs to play with and the other team has 27.

    But, regardless it’s still a meaningless game.


    Pierre needs to go!! Maybe they can send him up north. The Gnats need all the help they can get(not that I want to give them any help).


    that was almost a great play by dewitt. i have a bad feeling bemeil will be a disaster this year. middle relievers are so unreliable.


    Good gawd, Martinez is hitting 44 points higher than our left fielder. If that doesn’t say DFA, what does?

    Loney – Mr. Clutch.


    ANDRE ETHIER! JUST GIVE HIM THE JOB ALREADY! And Beimel faced nothing but righties that inning, he’s just getting work in.


    well, we all know Pierre could not make that play Ethier just made from anywhere on the field. What a throw.


    yeah, didn’t someone just say something about Ethier’s arm? That was AWESOME!!! But I’m sure JP would say he could make the throw…


    I like the play by Dewitt and Ethier can play anywhere in the outfield. He’s O.K.


    J.P will get real good at throwing sunflower seeds in the trash can when he’s sitting on the bench and Martin knows that ball should be in the bullpen right now


    wouldnt this be the best time to have jp come off the bench to pinch run for us? I think so. let Ethier drive him in and show him how the dodgers left fielder should do it.


    hey, look at that – bases loaded, 2 outsin the ninth, and all that little twig can do is slap another weak fly ball…


    O’Day & Thompson pitched terrible but AS USUAL we couldn’t take advantage of it.


    Had this been the regular season, I’d have been rooting for him, but being ST and I want him off the team, I have to admit, I was hoping he’d make out.


    How many more looks can they possibly give this guy before they just sit his butt on the bench for good?



    I was wrong

    I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong.I was wrong. I was wrong. … And no, I did NOT come to this conclusion after watching the left fielder foul out to left field to end the inning on a 1-0 pitch after the previous two hitters had just worked walks on a combined 13 pitches to load the bases, in the ninth inning of a 2-2 game, thus capping an 0-for-5 night for said left fielder. Nor did I come to this conclusion after watching Andre Ethier save the game by cutting down Brandon Wood at the plate to end the eighth inning. I actually came to this conclusion a few days ago. I just thought this would be the perfect occasion in which to finally deliver my long-overdue mea culpa. OK? Is everybody satisfied?


    I saw the faithful souls of the slain,
    Crying under the altar, blood stained,

    Crying with a loud voice, not in vain,

    How long, O Lord, till we’re vindicated?



    Game Ends in a 2-2 Tie

    Red Sox-Dodgers Tomorrow Night at the Ravine and I’ll be there to see it. My home away from home: Dodger Stadium.


    Hear the thunder reaching fever pitch? Let now the righteous ones tend the fields and those unworthy of the title be vanquished.


    peace out ladies and gents. it’s 1 o’clock in the morning here and i have to get up at 530, but i wanted to watch the game on gameday and chat with you all …

    P.S. I was in on the Pierre bashing on this blog when that signing was first made.


    dualtone, you’re a gentleman fine judge of baseball talent and we bid you a fond goodnight.


    From our newest member of the Dead Horsemen:

    Dodgers 2, Angels 2

    The Dodgers played the Angels and DIDN’T LOSE!!!!!!! Andre Ethier, playing RF, impersonated Dave Parker in the 1979 All-Star Game (look THAT ONE up) and threw out two runners on the basepaths, including his Vlad-ness trying to stretch a single in the sixth inning and Brandon Wood trying to score on a would-be sac fly in the eighth. Blake DeWitt took another step toward being the opening-day 3B by making a game-saving stop of a ball hit by Maicer Izturis in the eighth that would have gone up the LF line, turning it instead into a harmless infield single. DeWitt then worked a six-pitch walk with two outs in the ninth to load the bases, only to have Juan Pierre fly out two pitches later, leaving the bases loaded and leaving Pierre’s average for the spring at a ro(bust) .179.

    After the game, Joe Torre still wouldn’t shed any light on the OF situation.

    “I’ll let you know when I know,” he said.

    In other words, he’ll let us know when he figures out how to break the news to JP. That’s why Joe gets paid what he gets paid. As for why JP gets paid what he gets paid, well, that isn’t entirely clear.

    Dodgers go to 9-17-4 for the spring. As Ned Colletti pointed out in Joe’s office, they become the first team in the history of baseball to play to a tie in Florida, Arizona, China and California, all in the same spring. Woo-hooooooo!!!!


    When JP does sub(fine start maybe) for Ethier in LF do you think guys will try and tag and go from 2nd to 3rd on deep flys to left?

    Seriously, not trying to be an ***** with that question..


    I will be reveling in Ned’s demise. Unfortunately, the team will come down first. Wake up Frank. You have surrounded youself with m0r0ns.


    What on earth is going on? We are supposed to have a future Hall of Fame manager and he says “I’ll let you know when I know” regarding the four outfielders? If he doesn’t know who to play by now, why is he being paid so much money. The decision is obvious to even the casual baseball fan. Why does it take Dodger management so long to state the obvious? The Dodgers will be the laughing stock in baseball if this keeps up!!


    Also, Torre’s lineup tonight probably cost a victory as well. Pierre has NO business batting first. Furcal should be leading off and Either batting second. That order would be much more productive than what we are currently getting.


    I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.


    Maybe he is stating the obvious by not stating the obvious. It would be so much easier to just say Pierre is starting if it were true.


    First off, Happy (belated on the East Coast) Birthday to Pierreeastmeetswest. My girlfriend shares your b-day, and we’re celebrating Saturday too. Hope you had a good one.

    As more time goes on, DePo looks a heck of a lot better than he did at the time (especially after reading the Mitchell Report). We’re going to be loaded for a long time thanks to him.

    I have a question about Conte. What the heck was wrong with Stan Johnson?!! I mean, he didn’t seem too happy the first year Conte came on, and he was bumped down a notch. So far, I can’t trust a word that comes out of Conte’s mouth. I could see him as a tour manager for Spinal Tap: “Don’t worry, guys, this drummer looks fine and non-conbustable. We’ll just take it slow, and see what happens…” :: BOOM :: .

    Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that the Dodgers can make like that Big Blue New York football team and wipe that annoying, god-awful smirk off Boston’s face.


    I won’t quote it here, but the last two sentences in the March 27th news post had me laughing for 2 minutes straight. oldie but goodie.


    At March 27, 2008 09:26 PM wrote, “J.P will get real good at throwing sunflower seeds in the trash can when he’s sitting on the bench…”



    Until Matt Kemp moves that trash can.


    It should be noted that after the pitcher demonstrated wildness, even walking young Blake DeWitt, JP ended the game by fouling out on a 1-0 pitch. That’s the true ugliness of JP’s game; with his skill set at 1-0 he should be looking for dead red down the middle and taking otherwise, if not taking all the way in this situation. The guy doesn’t strike out much – heck doesn’t swing and miss much – and should not fear 1-1 counts.


    Trouble is fogey, even if JP waits and gets dead red down the middle, he still can’t do anything with it.

    You’re right though – a true ballplayer after seeing him walk the last two batters, works the count on the pitcher, not hack away as usual.

    Two other guys that would’ve done the same thing though – Nomore and Kent. Kemp probably does as well, but he’s still learning the art of hitting and I can somewhat understand that.

    JP on the otherhand can’t learn anything. Can’t learn to work the count, can’t learn to hit to the left side, can’t learn to keep it on the ground, can’t learn how to move runners up… the list goes on and on.

    By gawd if I was Frank I’d give the dude his walking papers right along with Ned for taking $100M+ of my money and throwing it away.

    Note to Frank: Promote Logan and Ng. Time to get some people in there that know what they’re doing.

    I now yield the floor to the next distinguished dead horseman while I try and lower my bp.


    Absolutely right, enchanted. The difficulty in making the right decision about Pierre is the reflection it casts on Ned. How do you just sit another $36 million or so on the shelf, when you already have Schidt there. The legacy of Ned will be the utterly huge millions of dollars that are lost to this team in terms of real players. Don’t forget that Nomore and Kent are here this year also courtesy of Ned, and I contend that they won’t be playing or contributing most of the year either.

    I do look forward to Ned being gone, but unfortunately it will take another unsuccessful season by the Dodgers to get him out of here. Should have sacked him at the same time as Grady, Frank.

    LOGAN WHITE in 2009!!!


    Last year when the rumors were flying about possible Dodger pick ups, I stated right here “JUST SAY NO TO PIERRE”. I’m not happy I was right, I wish Ned would correct his mistake. I’ve said this over and over Pierre is a pinch runner and nothing more. He shouldn’t even be the 4th outfielder, we have better. I don’t know about you people, but I’m starting to worry about this season as the Dodgers don’t look ready at all.


    The pitching sure doesn’t look ready fliegel. Think we can attribute that to China and AZ. Simulated games aren’t going to help much.

    Nothing’s in rythem either, which I think you can attibute to having JP in there most of the time. Ferk should be leading off, and with a little fine tuning here and there to the rest of the order, those guys should be playing together as a unit. They still have no clue about advancing the runner and situational hitting. Those things should’ve been hammered at hard with the set line-up this last week of games. but…

    Why Torre insists on putting JP at the top game after game after game is beyond me. ****, the guy might’ve even stood a chance if he batted him 8 or 9 where he belongs.

    These last three games they need to play their opening day line-up and let them go 7-8 innings. If they can’t move JP, then Torre needs to try him in game situations as both a PR and lead-off PH. If the guy wants to pout, release his butt.

    Unfortunately by the time I see this team actually comming together, we’ll be in June.


    Realistically I don’t look for anything other than a third or fourth place finish, AGAIN. I don’t think that we can expect resurgent production from Kent or Nomore, whenever they can return at full strength. It would be unusual to have a breakout year from Hu and DeWitt, although I think both would develop well at the major league level. Our starting pitching should be an improvement, but there could be some concerns with the bullpen that we did not experience until late into last season. If we have to juggle Pierre in the outfield situation, there go a few lost games unnecessarily and only to placate the little whiner and the big manager up in the owner’s booth. Too many things will have to align just right for us to win the division. At the end of the season, having Torre on board may prove to be just another public relations ploy rather than a meaningful improvement.


    If Torre proves to be just that bear – a PR move, there goes another few million down the drain.


    I still have hope and good expectations with Torre, and anything would be an improvement to the unmitigated disaster that Grady performed on our club last season. Let’s not forget, however, that Grady was Ned’s boy. I am frustrated with Torre so far, because he seems to be leaving thing in a flux for too long, as we’re now approaching opening day. You would expect that the positions outside of second and third base, where you have injury considerations, would have been settled by now, so that the selected team could play together for a few games without further experimentation. That means that Furcal should be able to lead off and adjust his style to that position. The same, of course, with the outfield, so that they can get used to playing together. Instead, it seems like Torre is juggling the lineup like we were still in the first few weeks of Spring Training.


    Grady was an idiot. Torre has to be an improvement. Arizona and Colorado finished last for a couple of years until their young players developed. I’m just glad we have the Gnats in our division,this way we don’t have to worry about last place. You never know ,I still have hopes if management can correct their mistakes,and play the right people,anything is possible.


    I’m sorry I missed out on those Grady was an idiot discussions last season – I’ve NEVER seen a manager with that kind of schitzoid line-ups day in and day out.


    I don’t think that the Dodgers will finish behind Colorado or Arizona this year personally.
    Colorado has a very suspect rotation, great offense but no pitching depth–thats gonna kill them over the course of 162. You’ve got Francis then a bunch of ???

    Arizona has an above average 1-2 punch sure but I think Haren is overrated, remember whats happened to every studly SP that Beane has pawned off–Hudson stunk for awhile, Mulder disappeared and well Zito…enough said. I fully expect Haren to be servicable but his numbers this season won’t match last year’s. After the top two then who??? The Unit, who’ll probably start 15-20 games this year and visit the DL regularly? Micah “I should be a DH” Owings? Doug “I can only beat the Dodgers” Davis? Their offense wasn’t good last year, and even though they are young and developing, our kids are better.

    San Diego is the still our biggest threat IMO. Peavy, Young and Maddux will gobble up innings and keep them competitive. Their offense is bad but they always find a way to squeak out the close ones. Their offensive pieces know their roles and for the most pat, do the job when situations call for it. I know they look bad on paper but they do every year, and every year they compete.

    Dont get me wrong, this is a highly competitive division but with our SP depth and quality coupled with full seasons from some of our young studs, I fully believe that we’ll be in this thing. It wasn’t an accident that Torre qualified for the playoff 10 straight years, I have faith in him. Those early Yankees teams weren’t loaded but he found a way to put the right pieces in place, I think he’ll make the right decisions here too. With the quality of 4 teams in our division though, we’ll probably have to win the West to make the postseason. As bad as the Giants are, they have 2 pitchers that are capable of throwing gems on any given night, that could play a bigger factor in this division than most people think. Just my thoughts…but I’d like to hear some other people’s takes.

    Final Standings:

    Dodgers 93-69

    Padres 91-71

    Rockies 88-74

    D-Backs 84-78

    Giants 60-102


    Hey guys, just remember, Either’s power, hitting, and ESPECIALLY HIS LOVELY THROWING ARM is much, much, MUCH more valuable OFF THE BENCH than in the starting lineup!

    Geesh, with ideas like that being dreamt up by management, is anybody surprised that this team flounders year after year? Here’s to another year of ineptness. Third place finish would be doing well.

    charris – I don’t see the Dodgers winning more than, maybe, 84. Let’s hope at least two teams in the NL West wins less, and I’ll have my third place finish πŸ˜‰

    I also don’t believe the Giants will lose more than 100 games. They have good starting pitching. Although that lineup is bad, bad, bad. They’ll probably lose somewhere in the 90s with their team as it is now. Your predicted win totals for the Rockies and D-Backs looks about right. I don’t see the Padres winning more than 90 either!


    You’re right griffon, I’m probably giving the D’s too much and the Giants not enough. The Padres have some big holes offensively but I think it improves over last season, Kouzmanoff, Gonzalez, Greene and Headley should get them a couple more Ws this year (not to mention Iguchi over M. Giles). I just don’t see a rotation in our division that has the consistency we have. Sure the aces on Arizona and San Diego are better but when I look at the 4 and 5 guys around the league, I’m not impressed. This is where Kuroda and Loaiza/Kuo/Kershaw/McDonald will give us a lot more than Bomko/Hendy/Wells/Loaiza did last season IMO.


    So far Torre is a big disappointment as the manager the Dodgers need. He appears to be another Colletti flunkey instead of someone who will stand up and do what’s right. And if he still doesn’t know what is right, he shouldn’t even be managing a minor league team.


    Revised standings:

    Dodgers 91-71

    Padres 91-71

    Rockies 88-74

    D-Backs 84-78

    Giants 68-94

    *Uh Oh!!! We better be able to bring our A game against Peavy in a 1 game playoff.



    Make the D’s 96-66 for the 5 games Ethier is going to save with his arm in LEFT FIELD!

    I used to call JP Juan for 4, but I don’t have anything clever for 0-5…


    scott –

    0 for Juan

    0 for Juan

    0 for Juan

    0 for Juan

    0 for Juan

    Add it all up. That’s 0 for 5…


    I just want to throw in my two cents. I have notice that the lineup changes around a bit every game. Last night Looney batted 3r,Kemp 4th, and Jones 5th. Looney doesn’t seem to be doing that well this spring. I wonder if he is putting alot of pressure on himself batting that high up in the lineup. And as far as Kemp he did not look so good batting 4th. He had 2 strikeouts. I wonder if Joe Torre is experimenting with this lineup to see how the kids react to pressure.
    As far as Either goes he look great last night, his defense really showed up and well his offensive numbers speak for itself. We obviously know who is the best player for left field.









    Pitcher spot

    hopefully Kent comes back soon.


    Looks to me like the Boys are not ready. Too many injuries and distractions, what with trips to China, then AZ, and now the coliseum game. Hope I’m wrong. Everybody on here realizes the consequences of falling very far behind in a tough division. They seem flat.


    knouff, Many times when Josh takes an extended break from posting, their is MAJOR news coming our way. Like Little resigning etc. I wonder if he is about to drop the opening day starting line-up and roster on us?


    How in the HECK can anyone judge Torre’s performance without even playing a regular season game?
    If I remember correctly, one of the chief reasons to bring him on was because of his ability to work with players and stroke their egos (which BTW is what he is doing with JP) inside the clubhouse!

    How many of you have been in that clubhouse this year? For that matter, how many have you have eber been in the Dodger clubhouse?

    I have been there at least 100 times as a sports writer, and I can tell you that the best MGR in the business was Tommy and Torre comes with rave reviews.

    Can’t most of you see that JP is auditioning for the White Sox or Orioles?

    Before we judge Torre, let’s see how he handles the kids and the vets and REAL GAME situations before we blow him off with Phew, Ned and everyone else that goes 0-for-15 top start the season or somewhere in between.



    I had a glorious dream that Ned trade Phew.

    Only bad part is that we got another crappy cf for him…



    You are right about waiting and probably right about Torre’s delay tactics meant to keep JP from destructing the team.

    I hope JP is on his way out. There’s plenty of fast guys that can bunt or learn how to bunt that make good enough reserves.

    I’m surprised that Pierre hasn’t been practicing batting 8th, because Torre isn’t going to be screwing with Furcal back and forth from lead off to 2nd is he?


    The good part is, we don’t have to get anyone for Phew. Bad part is we will have to eat alot of his salary or take another teams salary dump. I also hope you are right Ceorsmithrc.


    I despised the Yanks when Torre was there! But one consistent was his lineups (depending on injuries, of course).
    Gone are the Dodger days of having six different lineups in seven days, or 145 differnt in 162 games.

    Once he settles in on a lineup, we can expect that day in and day out.

    That is the only way to be consistent and strike fear into other teams’ pitching staff.

    I would hope that everyone on this board believes that Torre isn’t going to all of a sudden change after 12 years under STEINBRENNER just because he works for Ned!

    Please give the man some credit … he handled Steinbrenner, the NY media, and the pressure of having to win EVERYDAY.

    They are unforgiving in NYC. If his team was 52-1 then lost, the media would rip him because he lost game #2!


    Who cares if we eat salary or not with parking and ticket prices doubling since Frank bought the team. There should be plenty of money to throw away the whole 44 million or whatever is left.

    Top deck was $6 a couple years ago and now is $12, right? Parking, $15?

    Pierre doesn’t belong for those prices.

    Schmidt might be damaged goods, but at least he WAS a top pitcher at one point and not some silly one dimensional over rated base stealer.


    I don’t blame Ned as much for the Schmidt signing as I do the Pierre one. Atleast there was a chance of Schmidt becoming an ace if he stayed healthy… the JP signing never had a chance of working out. Remember last season Scott when some people on this blog tried defending the Pierre signing. Where are those people now…?


    I see where Abreau was put on the DL. Don’t panic Ned. Start DeWitt at 3rd and Hu at 2nd. It is only short term. I don’t want the Inge rumors to start again. The only way I would take Inge, is if they take Phew straight up for him.


    Pierre will not go to the Orioles. They are in a youth movement and already have a leadoff man. Our best hope is that the White Sox start out well and decide they need a CF…


    Yes jhall, but you know Ned. He doesn’t like to just “hand the job” to young players… even if its only for a week.


    I guess in retrospect, we should have kept Beltre. He would have been overpaid at the beginning of the contract, but now his salary would be reasonable. He puts up Ron Cey like numbers each year and is better defensively. Oh well. I guess they used that money for Driefort. LOL.


    Well Swood, unfortunate, but I would hope he has learned from his past panic mistakes and has more patience and confidence in the farm system.


    Someday, in Dodger heaven, we the meek shall inherit an all star 3rd baseman for 5-8 years. Oh wait, we did, in the 70’s.


    It makes me really look back at Mike Schmidt in amazement. Those Phillies fans didn’t know how well they had it. Or, maybe they did. Geez, you couldn’t pay that guy enough now. Wright is the only thing close.


    Maybe its just me and my selective memory, but I don’t recall players back 30-40 years ago getting injured so much. Seems to me that all these better trained and conditioned athletes of today are much more brittle.


    FYI-listening to sports talk in NY and SI writer John Heyman said he likes the Indians to win the WS and when asked about Torre and the Dodgers said they could be right there (ws) and emphatically said that Ethier needs to play, not Pierre.


    Cool Tbooklv. Most people with the exception of Plaschke have come around to that very obvious conclusion. Plaschke is a dope.


    Ok guys….Anyone besides me worried about this team?…I know spring training scores aren’t supposed to mean alot, but I don’t think this team looks impressive at all…with a few exceptions..Ethier, Loney, Kershaw,Furcal and a few others….but I’m worried about Kemp and Jones striking out too much and not sure our pitchers are good enough…and if we don’t have a left hander in our starting rotation, I think we are not going to be as good as we need to be…I hope things change when the season opens, but from watching the Dodgers pre season the little that I have, I see the same ‘ol problem…LACK OF POWER….and since Pierre has taken a real dive…no real speed other than Furcal and maybe Russell….I’m worried…Anyone else?

    By the way, if Ethier doesn’t get the left field job there is something REALLY wrong…Bases loaded last night..pop fly from Pierre…big surpise, eh?..and

    0 for 3 or 4 to boot…great…



    Agree with you about Beltre, but I’ve thought that all along…He was a great 3rd baseman and I think he would have had a better career if he hadn’t changed leagues too…oh well…


    Just curious – Does anyone think that JP could hit one out to left in the coliseum (201 ft.) WITHOUT the 62-foot high fence?



    That would still mean JP would have to go opposite field…lol!

    A little unfair advantage tomorrow to the chowder heads who are used to hitting it over the Green Monster.


    Ned said that Pierre is a complimentary player. What does he compliment, the offense? The defense?


    I think they said yesturday Dodgers have most HR of spring.

    What do you guys think of Morgan ensberg if the Yankees release him today. Would let Nomar be the super utility man and maybe stay healthy. It would force martinez off the roster.

    Lineup something like this:









    Then re-aline when kent returns. Yankees are only paying about a million for one year. Maybe a similar deal cloud be reached.


    Didn’t Tommy once say that Kurt Bevacua couldn’t hit $#^$^ water if he fell out of a $%#$% boat?


    Everyone has said that Slappy is a “veteran” and a “professional” and to that I say, what kind of professional goes 0 for spring training and also gets up in the 9th with the bases loaded only to slap a pop up to end the game? I wouldn’t call him a professional at all.
    Go sit on the bench and cry slappy.

    sorry, getting frustrated over all this.


    I think we are going to be in one heck of a dog fight for the NL West. I think Arizona has the inside track with us, the Puds, and Rockies right on their heels. All the more reason that we must put our best team on the field everyday. Not just offense, but defense as well. In close games, it is imperitive to have great defense. I think that the team looked good when they batted Ferk leadoff and Ethier in the 2 hole. Otherwise, no, they haven’t looked impressive. Especially when Phew starts in left and leads off.


    Oh, that’s right, it may have hurt her feelings. So sorry. Since it is only an exhibition game, and doesn’t count, it really doesn’t matter except ot underline the fact that Phew suuucks. In the regular season, I would have pinch hit for Phew.


    Of course, if we had Ferk leading off and Andre batting 2nd, we probably are not in that situation.


    My guess is JP out tonight, in tomorrow, unless Joe breaks the news to him today and he subsequently jumps off suicide bridge before we get to tomorrow.


    so i had a dream last night…and it was bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, pierre up and he hit a walk off grandslam. it was really wierd, people were unsure if they should cheer. the players met him at the plate but were only lik ekinda jumping up and down…….no joke real dream last night.
    you knoe its a big problem when you are having dreams about it.


    I really hope Torre is putting her in to boost her trade value, only problem is she is KILLING it! Nobody but Ned wants a fast out machine.


    Ok guys….Anyone besides me worried about this team?…I know spring training scores aren’t supposed to mean alot, but I don’t think this team looks impressive at all…with a few exceptions..Ethier, Loney, Kershaw,Furcal and a few others….but I’m worried about Kemp and Jones striking out too much and not sure our pitchers are good enough…and if we don’t have a left hander in our starting rotation, I think we are not going to be as good as we need to be…I hope things change when the season opens, but from watching the Dodgers pre season the little that I have, I see the same ‘ol problem…LACK OF POWER….and since Pierre has taken a real dive…no real speed other than Furcal and maybe Russell….I’m worried…Anyone else?
    Posted by: | March 28, 2008 01:51 PM

    You’re not the only one man. I have much of the same concern. I know alot of the experts are picking the D’s to win the division but I’m still not sure. I think right now its kind of a toss up. I mean the pads have towers so they will be contenders. The Rox have a great young offense and you know the baby backs will probably be even better this year with another year of experience under their belt. Every little problem(LF, 3B, 5th starter) could be huge.


    If Joe doesn’t bat Ferk leadoff and start Ethier in left tonight, he is an idiot. Phew needs to nut up and deal with the fact that he suuuucks and is not our best option. Just ask for a trade you limp armed spineless piece of Schmidt.


    Honestly, I hope there is a DH tonight I want to see the Red Sox lineup at its best, including Big Papi. With it being an exhibition both teams have the right to use the DH. Last year the DH was used at Dodger Stadium, so I actually think it will be tonight and the next three games. We’ll see though.

    I will repeat, power will not be an issue if the right people are played. Pitching can and will always be an issue on any team if they don’t do their jobs. All teams should be worried, this game isn’t easy.


    Yea, you showcase the piece of **** and it just diminishes her value. Oh, wait. Nothing from nothing is still nothing.


    swood, I too am worried. My main concern is LF, 3rd and the bullpen. I think our SP are going to be fine. I am also worried what this spring has done to the team chemistry. I hope we are all worried for nothing. Time will tell.


    If it looks like Schmidt, and plays like Schmidt, and smells like Schmidt. Guess what, it is Pierre.


    Starting JP won’t do a thing for team chemistry. The last thing we need is Kemp and Ethier fighting for playing time. Gawd, that sounds just like last year.


    We can only hope that there is another GM out there that buys into Phews past history and can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t think there is another one out there but Ned. No one in baseball was interested in Phew last year except the Gnots. Same with Schidt.


    I’ve been gone a couple hours and have been catching up on the posts…

    why are you guys holding back? – tell us how you really feel!! ****


    Gonzo and Pierre, two reputed “nice guys” were unveiled over the past year — they’re both jerks.


    Momo, they are nice guys…
    just as long as you played the way they wanted to play. Otherwise they are going to take their ball and run crying all the way down the street to mommy.


    It will be interesting to follow this year how Gonzo acts in FL.

    Will he accept his fate as washed up ex-roid user?


    OK, so 2006 we had an overachieving team, but Drew bolted (lack of character evidently), so Ned got us the 2007 “character” team of Long Gone, Nomore, and PU. Of course, we already had Captain Jerk (Kent.) If you were to eliminate these last three, don’t you think this team would come together as a cohesive unit pretty quickly?


    It’s already obvious to me that the Jacksonville guys love playing with each other and Ethier seems to fit right in with them. Chest bumping, high fives, etc. All Kent offers is his stoic “baseball is a $hitty job but someone has to do it” approach.


    Doug Davis of the D’Backs has thyroid cancer, he’s going to pitch for the next three weeks and then have surgery. I wish him nothing but the best and wish him a speedy recovery. Thyroid cancer has a 97% cure rate and our thoughts are with him and his family.


    Good point enchanted, however I do like Kent (call me crazy). I would love to see all the kids play together and see what they could do. Much like the D’backs last year. I think they would be pretty d/a/m/n good ball club.
    Like Scott pointed out the Jacksonville guys played great together.


    I’d really have to take a hard look near the trade deadline and truely assess the chances of the D’s making a run at the playoffs. If the odds were less than 50/50, I’d seriously consider trading Kent, Nomore, and Loaiza (if he’s still around by then) to bring in a few more prospects, and if we were REALLY out of it, Lowe as well. Not going to get anything out of the first three, and only a draft pick out of Lowe. Better off to rearm and reload.


    I actually like Lowe and wouldn’t mind him in the rotation for a couple of more years if Kershaw isn’t ready for the majors. I don’t think Elbert is going to be ready for a couple of years either.


    Yep Enchanted, I look forward to next year when Kent, Nomore, Loaiza, and hopefully Phew are gone. I believe the team will become more cohesive as a unit.
    That proven veteran leadership, great clubhouse guy stuff is bunk. They are only that way when they get their way. They are overpaid and set in their ways. And, they suuuuck.


    My prediction for the 2009 rotation:

    1. Penny

    2. Billz

    3. Sheets

    4. Kersh

    5. Kuroda

    Unless Lowe gives a hometown discount and takes a 2 year deal (not likely with Boras), I wouldn’t give a 3-4 year deal to a 34/35 year old pitcher (see Schmidt, J.)

    Sheets (if he’s healthy) you could possibly go three years with, and he’s one of the few FAs next year worth looking at.

    Of course we all know the D’s track record with FA pitchers…


    Lowe is going to want too much money for too long for too old an arm. I would steer clear of him.


    I wouldn’t go after Sheets, he seems to be on the DL a lot. And like you said enchanted, the D’s don’t have a very good track record with signing SP’s.


    I agree jhall, which is why I said for a couple of years. Which like you said, Boras will not allow it.


    Precisely why if we’re out of it by the trade deadline, let’s get something for him. As I said many threads ago, I’d like to see us get rid of excess baggage at the trade deadline rather than take more on like we usually do… NED ARE YOU LISTENING???


    I think Schidt is another sunk cost, like Phew. If we get anything from Schidt in the second half of 08 and 09 I will be amazed and pleasantly surprised. I am not holding my breath.


    I wouldn’t hold my breath with schidt. I would be surprised if he ever gets back. Just like Driefort.


    Speaking of Ned, nothing like timely answers to our questions, huh?

    2 freaking games left in ST and a lot of our questions are going to be answered by themselves.

    I’m assuming Josh is busy with the Coliseum stuff?


    I agree with a previous poster about Nomore also. His injury has Werth written all over it. Course, we all knew that extending Nomia was a mistake when Ned did it. Hurry back LaRoche.


    Takes alot of time to put a positive spin on Phew. I imagine we will get the same regurgitated ****.


    Hey, everybody have a nice weekend as I mainly post from work!

    And Beat Those CHOWDS!!



    Did I leave anyone out on account of irrelevance??


    Poor Josh, he has to go along with the Phew spin and Schidt ****. He sounds like a bright guy and I am sure he is. He must have to gag sometimes when he is told/asked to defend an untenable position. However, it is a great gig, I could eat some **** to keep it.


    Josh does a great job and I would love to know what he really thinks about the Phew situation.


    No lineup yesterday, no lineup today. I know they must be busy, so close to Opening Day and all, but how long does it take to post a lineup? Too long I guess.


    I can’t wait to see tonights lineup. I am confident that Joe has seen enough of Phew leading off and playing left. It is time to take a look at our best lineup.









    If DeWitt flops, LaRoche will be back at the end of May. I don’t think we will see much of Nomia this year. I hope I am wrong but his injury sounds worse than they are letting on.


    It’s not that his injury is worse than they are letting on, it’s Nomar being brittle and worthless.


    I could live with it JNV. I think if nothing else, it is great defensively. I hate giving up extra outs. I am a firm believer in sound defense. I makes the pitching staff better and gives them more confidence. Pitch to contact. Let your defense make the plays. You don’t have to pitch from fear.


    That is it jhall. Pitching and defense will win more games than offense. At least in the NL.


    Well, I agree that Nomia is old and brittle, but this injury was just a bad break. Being hit by a pitch is part of the pitfalls of the game. Could have happened to anyone with the same result, young, old, brittle, or elsewise. Players constantly getting injured running bases or swinging bats(Kent)are more annoying.


    I know it is a bad break (no pun intended!) but I can’t imagine a fracture so small they can’t see it with an x-ray keeping someone out this long. It just seems that Nomore is always getting hurt this way.
    And you are right, the annoying inuries are the running to first and pulled a hammy or I was swinging the bat and pulled my groin (abreu). Those kind of injuries kill me.


    This is why I would love to see performance based contracts. I know we never will. But just imagine how competitive all the teams would be. No one would have to worry about signing a pitcher to a 6 or 7 year contract and then watch him go down the first year like Mike Hampton. I think it would make the players play harder and not complain that they hurt their pinky finger and can’t throw for 2 months.


    Hands are truly miraculous things. Very complicated. Small fractures are often more of a problem than a big break. Much like high ankle sprains. It is probably better for it to just break. Most people recover more quickly from a broken ankle than a very severly sprained ankle. Bones heal better and faster than ligaments and tendons.


    Back in the day, that is how they used to do it. Year by year. You suuucked last year, you got a pay cut or were gone.


    Ligaments and tendons do not grow back. Once they are torn they are torn. I have torn my knee ligaments (miniscus and colateral) and stretched my acl and pcl and the doctor told me they (acl and pcl) will never heal themselves. I will just have to live with it. They did surgery to fix my ligaments though.


    Reminds me of when Koufax and Drysdale held out in the 60’s. They both had great years and demanded more money. They got it. 1965 off season, I believe.


    Not that your statement was wrong jhall, you are right, small things can be hard to recover from more so than a clean brake. A clean brake is actually the best thing that can happen (healing wise).


    You know they made more in a year in 1964 than I make now in 2008!!! It just isn’t right!! LOL


    Got a question:

    Who do you serve up as sacraficial lambs in Saturday’s game? I mean, with the boppers the Bosox have its likely they’ll be hitting the net in LF all night. think I’d have kept Myers and Saenez around until then so we don’t hurt the psyche of any of our regular season staff. Faulkenberg maybe? Who else is left?


    About the D-Lowe and Boras comments, I don’t know if Boras can afford to be as pompous as he was before. After all, he had to eat a lot of crow after the A-Rod “free” agency debacle and was fired by at least one high-profile client. He’s going to have to wait a while to build his profile back up, which is why he happily gave us a short-term contract with Andruw Jones, instead of the silent treatment after Coletti’s comments during Drew’s opt-out (btw, plug your noses). I don’t think it’d be out of the question for him to do a short, semi-sweet deal with the D’s again, if we can get Lowe some wins this year, which I don’t have a doubt about, as long as he keeps his pitches down.


    Yes they were worth it jhall, not only great pitchers but class acts as well!
    Good question enchanted, I could only guess at the thinking. Maybe he wants to see how the pitchers react to adversity or wants to see if the pitchers will bear down and keep thier pitches away from the hitters so the can’t go to left?

    Just guesses obviously.


    When you looked forward to Koufax and Drysdale every 4th day, you were never very far out of it. I miss those days.


    I am not completely convinced the Boras and Arod break up wasn’t fabricated at least a little bit. Can you imagine for a moment Arod not knowing what his agent is doing? I can see this happening with a lesser know player and agent but not the superstud player and super agent together. It just was a little bit fishy to me. I might be giving to much credit to them both.


    I miss those types of games. I absolutely love a picthers dual! that is what baseball is supposed to be. I remember when 30 home runs a year was great. I was at AT&T park 2 years ago when Jeff Weaver went against Schidt and the D’s lost 2-1 and they both went deep into the game. It ****** that the D’s lost but I was enjoying the game because of the dual.


    One of the best games I saw was Fernando against Tom Seaver at Riverfront in Cincinnati back in the early/mid 80’s. Both went 8 or 9 innings and it was tied at 0-0 or 1-1 at the end of 9. Ron Oester hit a HR in the 10th or 11th the cleared the right field wall by about 9 inches. We lost, but it was a great experience.


    I look for Josh to post a new thread with the lineup shortly. If not, well, we’ll go over 1,000 and set a record for blogging.


    Thats what I am talking about! Back then the pitching wasn’t so diluted and the hitters weren’t juicing and parks weren’t designed to be hitters parks. the anticipation of the strikeout or the double play or the catch at the warning track to get out of a jam. just plain beautiful!!


    Also the anticipation of the seeing eye single or the booted line drive ot the best ever….. the bottom of the ninth walk off home run to win the game 1-0!!
    I think I am smiling from ear to ear jhall!


    It was pure baseball. I am biased because I grew up with it. We will not see the likes of Koufax, Drysdale, Mickey, Ted Williams, or Stan Musial again. Darn shame.


    JNV, good for you. I am also smiling thinking about the old days. That is what the steroid era has tainted. The accomplishments of the guys that did it clean. As far as I’m concerned, Maris and 61 is the true record. Aaron is still the home run king..


    Not only were they talented, but they also had great attitudes. I remember seeing an HBO speacial about the Brooklyn Dodgers and how the whole team lived in the neighborhood and walked to Ebbets field with all the kids. Those were special times that will never come back.
    We can count on whinners and crybabies and boys (that should be men) that don’t want to be idolized and have stories told about them for the next 50-60 years. They just want thier paycheck and maybe sign a couple of autgraphs.


    Interesting that you bring that up JNV. In the off season, some of the ballplayers painted houses to get extra money in Brooklyn. I am sure PierreEW can shed some light on this. They were just everyday guys. Not whining overpaid crybabies.


    well jhall, I can honestly say it has been a pleasure walking down memory lane with you, but It is time for me to leave work and go home. I will talk to you later!


    You dreamt of one day being just like Mick or throwing a no-hitter like Koufax. But nowadays kids think about how much money they will cash in.